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zyentinephymosisly - A word used to describe the playful characteristics of zebras.

e.g., The zebra was jumping zyentinephymosisly.

submitted by Holly Harford

zyxatch - Concept. The word has no official meaning. It is merely the most horribly offensive thing to say to someone. It's the type of word that in other languages and countries would get you knocked about.

e.g., Chris was being such ... such a *lowers voice* zyxatch. Why am I whispering? Everyone knows he's vermin.

submitted by Swaniey

zzentry - The final entry in a dictionary.

e.g., Typically, many dictionaries will have the word 'zebra' as the Zzentry, but that's all in the past now.

submitted by David Mock - (www)

zzub - (n.) 1. the absence of the "buzz of conversation." 2. the absence of the noise normally masking conversation, which, in turn, leads to a cessation of conversation. (v.) 3. the vanishing of familiar sounds, often undetected for some time. 4. (by extension) the absence or vanishing of a particular person, place, or thing, especially if the absence is not noted at first.

e.g., "And then we --" "And then you what? Why has everyone stopped talking?" "The bus's air conditioning turned off and everybody can you." "So." "I don't know . . . it's embarrassing somehow." | "Whoa, do you hear that?" "I don't hear anything." "Yeah, what's the zzub? Where are Mike's Beethoven?" "I don't know . . . we better check: he may be dead or something." | "Well, here we are again in Kilifi . . . another five years gone." "Yeah, but the zzub is just too much for me." "What zzub?" "How do we celebrate without Mama Jomo? Without the old lady, it's just not the same."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zzxjoanw - A Maori drum, among other things.

e.g., "Do you play a musical instrument, Betsy?" "Well, I'm not very good, but I've had lessons on the zzxjoanw."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zzz austenlamaliciousdocious - To fall over a baby seal and then get hit in the head by a giraffe.

e.g., "Let's go to the zoo." "But we might austenlamaliciousdocious."

submitted by Taylor Kelly - (www)

zzz-mail - An e-mail that is taking forever to send. From the comic book notation for sleeping or snoring.

e.g., This ain't e-mail, this is zzz-mail.

submitted by chimx - (www)

zzzzolch - To laze around and barely do anything.

e.g., I hope you're not planning to zzzzolch all day because you have homework, Tong.

submitted by Tong

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