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zoop - Skeleton, bag of bones -- what's in the closet.

e.g., On Halloween, my two-year-old exclaimed, "Mommy, mommy there's a zoop hanging there!"

submitted by C. Henry

zooted - 1. To be incapacitated beyond the ability to function on any level. 2. To be disciplined, taken advantage of, or treated unfairly by an individual, group, or institution.

e.g., 1. He was really zooted at the party last night. 2. Although I was about to put a coin in the meter, the officer zooted me anyway. 3. The judges zooted the Canadian skaters.

submitted by David Sanford

zoowallaby - An Australian marsupial that takes well to being locked up and pampered.

e.g., Down at the animal park they have three new zoowallabies. Let's have a looksee.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

zorch - One who wears entirely too much makeup, especially eyeliner.

e.g., That zorch used a putty knife to apply her makeup.

submitted by Ron

zorch - To zap or be zapped with static electricity.

e.g., I always manage to zorch myself when I go into the library.

submitted by Carla Rosenfiedl

zorph - A smurf holding a big piece of zinc. Zorf, as well.

e.g., The zorph ran away when she saw me coming through the window.

submitted by Chet 7th English

zot! - The sound used in smiting someone or something.

e.g., *point left index finger at target* "Zot!"

submitted by Kopyk@

zounds - An expression used to convey amazement or wonder. Similar to "Wow!" Often used by Pinkey of Pinkey and the Brain.

e.g., "Zounds, Brain! That's brilliant!"

submitted by Liz

zowie - What you say when you hit your thumb with a hammer really hard.

e.g., Zowie! That hurt.

submitted by Gary

zows - To fake being amazed by someone, to mock in an evil way.

e.g., John Hughes aced his calculus test? Zows, Matt, zows.

submitted by Mike

zquinex - Mountain summit.

e.g., We climbed to the zquinex of Mt. Everest.

submitted by Harry Sullivan

zrbrt - To place one's mouth, slightly open, against another person's body and blow, making a raspberry sound.

e.g., *pppbbbbttttt* "Hey, you zrbrted me!"

submitted by Eleri

zubenelgenubians - (, pronounced zoo-ben-el-ge-NOO-bee-unz) 1. hypothetical beings from (a planet circling) the star Zubenelgenubi (Alpha^2 Librae); 2. Any space alien of unknown provenance, especially those you fear will come here and abduct you; 3. A space alien as opposed to an immigrant sans papiers; 4. the make-believe creatures responsible for tickling or peek-a-booing infants and toddlers (as in, "here come the Zubenelgenubians!"). (the name comes from the old Arabic az-zuban al-jan¨±biyy "southern claw [of Scorpio]" -- the Arab astronomers saw Libra as an extension of Scorpio).

e.g., The Star Wars Cantina is a melange of Zubenelgenubians. | "I'm hunting for aliens." "Okay, wait: do you mean, like, undocumented migrants? or Zubenelgenubians?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zug - A person who is fanatically obsessed with a geeky hobby to the point of being socially clueless -- poor hygeine, rude behavior, moronic sense of humor, arrogance despite obvious foolishness. Common subcategories include comic book zugs, gaming zugs, Star Trek zugs ("trekkers," the people who are so into it they can't let themselves be called "trekkies"), rennaizugs (idiots with sticks wearing sheets, socially clueless people who live at the Rennaissance festivals and fairs), Rocky Horror zugs (way too late, way too lame), Vampire zugs ("fangtards"), anime zugs, etc. This is not a term for the general fans of these hobbies, but for a specifically severe type. To my knowledge this was originally a comic book or game shop insider term as early as the 80s, but it has not been shared with the fan base, instead being supplanted by the less derogatory and more gender-specific "fanboy."

e.g., "We'd better get the subscribers comics out of the shipment before the hordes of slobbering zugs come through the door." "That guy seems to think he's cool, but he's just a zug. You should see how many toys he has in his living room."

submitted by George Edward Purdy

zug-lover - Michael Jackson fan.

e.g., Nothing like a new child molestating allegation to bring out the zug-lovers.

submitted by mike

zugatron - Any hi-tech gadget.

e.g., He has 8 megs on his zugatron.

submitted by Maty

zugzwang - A board game position from where any other moves are worse or disadvantaged.

e.g., An essential part of existentialism is the despair derived from the zugzwang experienced by urban dwellers in the game of life.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

zulloed - Bamboozled, tricked, bored to death by pointless conversation.

e.g., Chris had no idea how to set up a Linux server, so she zulloed me to convince me she knew what she was doing.

submitted by tardi

zullofied - Overdefensive, especially in regards to a job you are not qualified to do. Typified by a stuttering, ramblingness to conversation that is only partially related to the topic. Misdiagnosis of a technical problem, typically done in a bassackwards-fashion.

e.g., JZ took down the office network because he didnt know what he was doing. Talked in circles because he couldn't get our network back on line. Our network was zullofied.

submitted by tardi

zunkie - Person who takes her kids to see the pygmy elephants at the zoo a little too often. Addicted to the zoo experience.

e.g., In the school holidays, my grandmother becomes a zunkie. We've seen the pygmy elephants five times in the past week.

submitted by Dodgy Kransky

zunneker - 'zun·nek·er (< Du. Brabant dial. zunneke < zo eentje, dim. of zo een):  ~Look! Usage: Always a single-word reply. Always in reply to someone’s inquiry as to the nature of thingys. Esp. in reply to “Hooneker?”

e.g., Bob: "I made a nice thingy today." Alice: "Hooneker?" Bob (holding the thingy up): "Zunneker."

submitted by René

zup - An unknown state of being, oft-times questioned.

e.g., Wha' zup?

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

zuphomeez - A greeting for addressing friends.

e.g., Friends: Yo. Bob: Zuphomeez, my brothers.

submitted by Kagi Gifford - (www)

zurker - Zurker: A new social network. Zurkers: People who use Zurker. Zurk: To zurk is to express appreciation for something, similar to Facebook "like, except it makes more sense. For example, if someone posts about a disaster in which hundreds of people die, it doesn't make sense to "like" it. So, zurk it. Zen: Digital currency from Zurker.

e.g., "I thought you were coming to the play last weekend." "I had planned to, but I got engrossed in zurking and forgot about it. Sorry."

submitted by Manoj Mezhuveli - (www)

zuzzy - Worse than bad.

e.g., Wycco has a zuzzy haircut.

submitted by Wycco

zwa - Exclamation used when you are caught completely by surprise.

e.g., A. Jack, we hit the Lotto! Jack: Zwa?

submitted by CJ

zwag - A line that has curbs and zigzags and sprials in the middle.

e.g., This line is a zwag and it is artistic.

submitted by Fox

zword - Sci fi term for a laser sword.

e.g., His zword sliced clean through the alien flesh, killing the beastly menace, even before its body hit the ground.

submitted by jon brown

zxoghmn - A four-fingered playful jab to the belly.

e.g., Whoa, I just got zxoghmned. . . . Do it again.

submitted by bob

zxxtergin - Author Jolie du Pre introduces the term "Zxxtergin" in the horror/paranormal novella Litria. An Zxxtergin is a monster who looks human. It has a life-span of 1,000 years, and it feeds on human blood and tissue. Zxxtergins have fangs and claws that emerge during killing and feeding. A human will become an Zxxtergin if bitten in the neck by an Zxxtergin. Zxxtergins are also produced when a female Zxxtergin mates with a male Zxxtergin. An Zxxtergin will die either by a gunshot to the head or of old age.

e.g., Litria is an 18-year-old Zxxtergin.

submitted by Jolie du Pre - (www)

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