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zolaxed - To be in a zone of relaxation where you experience complete harmony and peace within. Often accompanied by periods of either thought-free, extremely calm, trance-like states; or alternatively, deep emotional connection with others within the same zone.

e.g., They blissed out in their hammocks, completely at peace with the world, enveloped by warmth and their own philosophical thoughts, sharing deep moments of emotional connection, feeling zolaxed by the harmony of the moment. Of course, they were Liberals. They had to be to be in that state of mind.

submitted by Sam + Simon

zombie - To be turned into a zombie: "One who looks or behaves like an automaton."

e.g., "Either he was interested in money or was under threat of death regularly and later probably he was zombied," Apiyev said.

submitted by HD Fowler

zombie rule - "* A zombie rule, a term originated by Arnold Zwicky of Language Log fame, is a misguided rule that cannot be killed, no matter how many times it is shot through the heart with bullets of logic." | A rule of prescriptivist English usage that just won't stay dead no matter how many times modern grammarians and linguists try to kill it. | "So there’s a rule in English, except it’s not a rule, but some people think it is, and others who know it’s not a rule obey it in case it bothers the people who think it is, even though it can cloud or change the meaning of their prose" -- it's a zombie rule.

e.g., A zombie rule is a member of the set Not a Real Rule -- a rule that has no basis in the grammar of English. | I spent years and years in school learning to write using zombie rules. I cling to them the way a kidnap victim clings to her kidnappers in a Stockholm Syndrome sort of way. (Or is it Copenhagen Syndrome? I'm typical of denizens of Flyover Country in that all those Scandinavian cities and countries are the same to me.) This entry may be expanded by the editors as they run across zombie rules. Sometimes, it may be worthwhile to follow them -- the chief reason being clarity. 1. 2. 3. No Initial Coordinators (NIC): Never start a sentence with and or but. "Lie #3: You can’t start a sentence with a conjunction. This zombie rule* has been thoroughly debunked by many reputable sources (the Merriam-Webster Dictionary of English Usage and Paul Brians, to name but two). If half of your sentences start with and or but, you probably need to take another look at your writing and clean it up. But, an occasional sentence-leading conjunction is perfectly acceptable." 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zombie strip - A comic strip, usually found in newspapers of record, that has outlived its original intended audience, and often its creator and its cultural relevance.

e.g., _Brenda Starr_ disappeared from the list of zombie strips in the _Post-Standard_ to make way for more advertising space.

submitted by Reynard

zombie-moment - An instance of one's brain becoming sidetracked through a series of often but not always related leaps in thinking, enough that one finds herself standing silently, eyes out of focus, unaware of her surroundings -- including, especially, other people's speech. A brief state of thoughtlessness comparable to zombiehood. The telltale signs of the cessation of a zombie-moment are the phrases "I'm sorry, what did you just say?" or "I forgot what I was just doing," often accompanied by rapid blinking and head-shaking. CAUTION: Trying to re-trace the logical sequence of thoughts that led from alertness and lucidity to the zombie-moment can often cause another zombie-moment.

e.g., The movie was good . . . I think . . . at least the plot was tight enough that a zombie-moment will wreck your trying to follow the story. I know that first-hand, because right in the middle of a scene I had a zombie-moment. After that I had no clue why the people on screen were doing whatever it was they were doing. (The special effects were great, though.)

submitted by töff - (www)

zombielicious - Something so good it turns you into a wide-eyed slab of enjoyment.

e.g., Mike's party was zombielicious.

submitted by jinxmonger2002

zombocom - A website, game, or movie that is all hype and no content.

e.g., The movie Tomb Raider was nothing but zombocom.

submitted by Tim - (www)

zombose - 66.6 - 100 nights without substantial sleep. Mind and body begin to not care about rest and don't mind working long hours. Food too seems uninteresting and only the self-perpetuating sleeplessness matters.

e.g., Seven days a week. What does an uninterrupted hour of slumber even seem like. Who cares . . . this delightful zombose ride is exquisite.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zombot - (noun) (1) A corpse reanimated by means of technology rather than magic, sometimes called a "revenant" or "haberman" (after the creatures in Cordwainer Smith's "Scanners" ); (2) someone who relies on technology to an unhealthy extent (sometimes called a "borg," after the Star Trek villains); (3) anyone functioning on caffeine or other stimulants unobtainable except through a mechanical or electronic intermediary (such as an coffee urn or drug company).

e.g., Technically, Frankenstein's monster is a zombot, not a zombie. | "Look at him: he's got a hands-free phone one each ear; he can't go anywhere without a padd and his mega-memory ipod—he doesn't even know how they work—he can’t even read a book unless it’s on-line. He’s nothing but a zombot." | "Okay, are we ready for the meeting?" "Yup: I've got some fruit salad, some bagels, even coffee and tea for the zombots."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zomg - A variation of OMG . . . Oh My God. Used to show enthusiasm and sarcasm for the normal word.    (ED. Added at least temporarily because I have absolutely no idea of what the example means -- other than the "hawt" part. Bringing to mind, why in hell not just text "hot" rather than "hawt"? Yeah, yeah -- I can see that "a" is the first letter of "abc" and "w" is the first letter of "wxyz." Meaning, ostensibly, that only two key strokes are needed rather than three. Do you have to pause between the "a" and the "w"? If so, that would mean it might require fewer key strokes, but it would be perhaps only nominally faster. When you take into consideration that keying too fast would cause the intended "aw" to be taken as "b" and the "wt" as "x," I'll bet it takes longer on average to "hawt" than to "hot." What would hawt couture be?)

e.g., xkillerxcorex:"Liek, ZOMG!11one!1 He's so hawt!1!

submitted by Kaylee

zone - Zone out. A way of floating out and not realizing passage of time or anything else around you. Can happen intentionally or unintentionally.

e.g., Unintentional: I don't know what happened after that. I just sorta zoned out. Intentionally: I was really zonin' till my girlfriend came along and started yelling at me.

submitted by Dylan

zone, the - The circumstance created when a green light changes to yellow and you can neither stop nor go through the light without feeling you have done something wrong. (ED. A popular problem in mechanics is to show that at certain speeds and certain distances from an intersection, once the light turns yellow one can neither stop before reaching the intersection nor get through the intersection before the light turns red.)

e.g., "Why did you run that light?" "I was in the zone. There was nothing I could do."

submitted by zak

zonee - Zoney, zonie. A native of Arizona.

e.g., He's a zonee, the sun got to his brains.

submitted by Sean - (www)

zonemorph - An individual whose mind works in far-fetched and incomprehensible ways, whose eyes look funny, and utters unintelligible speech more than anything.

e.g., That Zihlavsky's a zonemorph -- what he says doesn't make much sense.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

zoning - Contraction of "zoning-out." A lack of the ability to concentrate, or just a lack of all-togetherness -- e.g., falling asleep, not being able to think coherently, speak cleary, etc.

e.g., 1. I don't know if this happened to you guys during that chemistry lecture, but during the last half hour, I was completely zoning. 2. This commercial is so boring, I'm begining to zone.

submitted by ramsey

zonos funbuco cagaschr - (Rhymes with KROnos bun-LUco ka-ga-SHEER, but itself abbreviable to "zono"; adv.) A measure of degree of "dead" -- something that refuses either to stay dead or to "cross over." [An abbreviation of the words comprising the spectrum from ZOmbie-NOSFeratu-UNfinished BUsiness-COma-CAtatonia-As Good As [dead]-SCHRodinger's cat.]

e.g., "I have no idea why this car still runs: the engine's completely shot. It's amazing." "When you say 'shot,' just how zono are we talking?" "Well, it's obviously running . . . somehow. . . still: I'd say it's nosferatu -- it'll probably suck all the motor oil out of your truck if you leave 'em both in the same garage overnight."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

zont - Sluggish, non-participative.

e.g., You're being unusually zont, K. Why's that?

submitted by Kody

zoobaz - Term used to address a European or Canadian film student with a uniquely painted car.

e.g., Hey, zoobaz, what shakes?

submitted by David

zoobulation - The joy felt from a visit to a zoo.

e.g., His spirit was filled with zoobulation while visiting the San Diego Wildlife park.

submitted by Bob

zoochosis - According to PETA, a form of mental anguish caused by the impoverished environment (of zoos).

e.g., PETA may seem extremely weird at times; however, their claim that elephants and other large animals put in zoos suffer zoochosis seems to have some merit.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

zoodled - You've had way too much alcohol in a particular outing.

e.g., She's puking -- must be zoodled.

submitted by Biffer

zoodles - Lots of.

e.g., Thanks, Mum, for giving me zoodles of spaghetti.

submitted by Emily

zook - Regurgitate, puke, throw up.

e.g., I think I'm gonna zook if I see any more synonyms for throw up.

submitted by jeff brown - (www)

zoolander - A guy who looks and dresses like a male model. Someone who wears lots of turtlenecks, pocketless clothes. It's derived from a sketch Ben Stiller did for the VH1 Awards in '96 where he was Derek Zoolander, male model.

e.g., Hey zoolander, it's time for some fud.

submitted by pinder - (www)

zoolphoose - 1. Someone who is acting slow ornot paying attention. 2. Someone who is in a band but doesn't actually play a musical instrument. 3. Fool.

e.g., Rob: Ryan, why is Chris in our band? All he does is wave a plank around in the air during our performances. Ryan: He's our zoolphoose; that's his job.

submitted by Emrobin

zoom-zooms and wham-whams - Inadequate compensations for jobs well done -- as opposed to, say, cash or promotions.

e.g., Scott saved our butts with his Powerpoint presentation. Of course, he only got zoom-zooms and wham-whams for his efforts.

submitted by tom johnson

zoomba - A xylophonic device or instrument from South Africa.

e.g., George plays the zoomba.

submitted by George Clemmin

zoombie - The driving dead, from Gary Larson's Far Side.

e.g., Just when you thought the streets were safe. Coming to a theatre near you is The Night of the Zoombies. This time they're not just parallel parking.

submitted by Ian Faynik

zoomie - Member of the United States Air Force. To West Point cadets a zoomie is an Air Force Academy cadet.

e.g., I'm not sure. I think he's a retired zoomie. An actual pilot.

submitted by HD Fowler

zoomout-moment - When you are suddenly exposed to the full complexity or size of something you thought you knew a lot about, but obviously didn't -- thus making you feel like an idiot.

e.g., I thought I understood the storyline of the TV show, but then Colin exposed me to all the different episode stringsand I had a zoomout-moment.

submitted by ryan

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