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youguysarefucccckingbiters - eww you guys are copying urban dictionary. like exactly (ED. OOOOhhh. Bad timing, "christine." Lillith is on duty today. Lillith's reaction. By the way, we're almost certain we predated UrbanDictionary. . . . Update: Yes, we did, by exactly nine months and six days, from Whois records.)

e.g., urban dictionary even has this example thing omg you guys are gay

submitted by christine hsieh - (www)

youkstetter - A traditional Cumbrian (NW England: Lake District, Beartrix Potter country), word for a butcher's shop.

e.g., Eh up our Denis, will thee [you] just tek [take] this shilling down to youkstetter and fetch us up some [blood] pudding, tripe and pigs trotters for us [our] supper. There's a bonny [fine] wee [young/small] lad.

submitted by David Ford

young - A piece of clothing that is way to small for the person wearing it.

e.g., My cousin Robert's shirt was a little to young for him.

submitted by Chris Butler

young'n - A word used to describe a person that is youthful, often used in the South. I've heard this alot where I live. Youngin.

e.g., You young'ns dont get into too much trouble now, ya hear?

submitted by The Muffin Man's Wife

youngin' - Southern slang popularized by "The Beverly Hillbillies" to refer to offspring.

e.g., Granny: "Jed, I'm gonna take a switch to that youngin' if he don't start mindin' me!"

submitted by Mike Laurie

youngonce - A euphemism for elderly people, senior citizens -- which constructions themselves are euphemisms.    ED. The site's Senior Editor is also the most senior in age. He often asks, "Do you have a geezer discount?" And then revels in the frequent opportunity to enlighten the young whippersnappers who have no idea what "geezer" means. If they visited the PseudoDictonary, they would know.

e.g., The youngonce are no longer young in age, but they were once young.    ED. Many remain young at heart. I don't get it. Why do the youngonce get all the discounts they do? They've already used up far more than their share of the earth's resources.

submitted by James Seah

younker - A young man. From elementary school CAT tests.

e.g., All right, can anyone explain to me how I managed to get a class of all younkers?

submitted by poster nutbag

youns - A derivative of "You ones" or "You-uns" a two syllable phrase shortened to a one syllable version. Commonly noted as Western Pennsylvanian slang. You'uns, you-uns. (ED. Growing up in Arkansas in the 1940s and 1950s, this construction was shunned by anyone who had any concept of "correct English." When I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the 1960s, I found it in common use by college-educated Western Pennsylvanians -- several of whom had a nasty habit of making fun of my twangy Arkansas accent. Anyone who has ever known me probably has a good idea how I responded to being looked down on.)

e.g., Are youns ready?

submitted by Dennis V. DiGennaro

younses - Also you'unses. Plural of you'uns, which is prounounced approximately as "yuns" around Pittsburgh, PA.

e.g., Younses are my best friends.

submitted by chrisbarefootdoly

youple - "You all" or "Y'all" for Northerners.

e.g., Charlie saw some friends from Binghamton and immediately cried out, "Hi, youple."

submitted by K Julin

your - Used by pseudo-intelligent web posters to mean "you are." It is used so extensively by the new dropout generation that it might as well be an official word.

e.g., "Your so dumb you don't even know how to spell." "Your welcome."

submitted by RG

your guyses - Belonging to a group of people.

e.g., Hey, are these your guyses dogs in my backyard?

submitted by Ronda - (www)

your other left - You say it when someone goes to the right, after you tell them to go left. See Neo's last chase scene in The Matrix. just before he gets shot.

e.g., A. Go through the door on your left. B. This one? A. No, your other left.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

your pills? - Said to someone when she is kicking off or going hyper about something, in an attempt to calm her down. Taken from the film _Wayne's World_.

e.g., "Oh, my God. I can't believe that assignment is due in two weeks. What am I going to do? There's just no time. I'm going to...." "Er, your pills?"

submitted by Monkey Pants

yourmom - Fast and easy retaliation to virtually any insult hurled at you.

e.g., Insult: Elvin, you don't know sh¡t from Shinola. Response: Yeah? Yourmom.

submitted by elvin

yourn't - A contraction for "you are not."

e.g., Yourn't tall enough to ride the rollercoaster. You have to wait until you're tall enough.

submitted by Ethan Williams

yous - Plural of "you," widely used in Philadelphia. Youse. "Yous guys" or "youse guys." | Direct horizontal transmission from Gaelic into the dialect of English spoken in northwest England. The plural of "you." Peculiar to Liverpool, England, and some Gaelic speaking communities in Ireland. | Rather than "youse," this should be the plural of you. Yeh, I know, and joyously acknowledge, some of yous guys from Philadelphia already use yous rather than you or youse as a plural of you. The example is taken from one of those blogs that used up a good name for a blog and then went fallow, underconstriction.    Words containing "yous": youse, bayous, joyous, poyous, joyously, joyousness, joyousnesses. What the hell's a poyou?* That's South American armadillo.    The letter w can be represented as a word "doubleyou." The plural would be "doubleyous."    * I've now created the excuse I've been waiting for to tell one of my favorite old jokes -- in the form of a limerick, from    Ethnologists up with the Sioux  Wired home for two punts, one canoe.  The answer next day  Said, "Girls on the way,  But what the hell's a 'panoe'?"   Rationale of the Dirty Joke: An Analysis of Sexual Humor says the joke originated in Pennsylvania in 1935. (In case it's not as obvious as I think it is, parents and guardians of minor children, and others who might be bothered by rude language, this is one of those links where you're likely to be led to coarse stuff.)

e.g., Hey. Any of yous wanna go out tonight? | Yous better be putting those fireworks in next door's letterbox and not mine. | "This time next year I will no longer be in the country and most of yous would know that it is highly likely for me to get out of here as my rent finishes, in March."

submitted by Frank | Robert the one minute king | - (www)

yous guys, youse guys - You guys. Seems not to be specific to any one area or nation. In Rhode Island, considered proper usage. So popluar in the area it appears regularly in the print media.

e.g., Stop throwing snowballs at me. Hey, youse guys, cut it out.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

youse - Plural of "you."

e.g., Youse have louses; see youse later.

submitted by george l. kelly

youth ionizing - Euthanizing.

e.g., "Starting in 1996 the Democrat National Committee has been debating whether or note youth ionizing a nine-month-child is abortion."

submitted by Miss Speller

youthanasia - The practice of routinely discounting opinions of the young simply because of their age.

e.g., Although her demands were valid, youthanasia allowed him the comfort to ignore his daughter with impunity.

submitted by David Szabo

youthing - The opposite of aging.

e.g., When she looked in the mirror, her new vitality and joie de vivre gave her the impression she was youthing.

submitted by Michelle

youthy - a way to describe something as being targeted to or preoccupied with young people

e.g., John hated shopping at Gap because all the clothes were too youthy.

submitted by Jack Kear - (www)

youz - Collective noun for two or more people.

e.g., Hey, youz, how's it going?

submitted by adj

yowler - A feline used by spelunkers and cavers to determine the depth of a chasm. See dropcat. | A cat that yowls.

e.g., Took two yowlers to measure that hole. Too much echo. | The yowler was in a big fight.

submitted by GDC | Collin 7th English

yowsie - Young Obnoxious Whining Self-Impressed Egotist, or the Gen X equivalent to yuppie.

e.g., I'd go to the record store but I don't want to be lectured on my tastes in music by the yowsie behind the counter.

submitted by CRM114

yowza - In common use in advertising and on the net, often in same sense as "Wow!" or "Yeah!" For some reason in a number of web ads regarding cross country biking. Try doing a deep search on the web to find this word. I've looked for days with no joy. Thought it might be from southern minstrel days--exaggerated slave speak. Does anyone actually have a reference or etymology on this real expression? Thanks.

e.g., Yowza! New Cross country race will be awesome.

submitted by Frank Adelmano

yozen frogurt - I give credit to my camp pal Erica for this word. It's frozen yogurt, just mixed up.

e.g., We went to Baskin Robbins and got some chocolate yozen frogurt.

submitted by Renee

yr - I can't believe this hasn't been submitted. "Yr" is an "indie" contraction for "your," popularized by the band Sonic Youth and others It can also be used as a contraction for "you're." Less common, but equally lazy.

e.g., I need a ride to the Sleater-Kinney Show at the Middle East. Can we take yr car?

submitted by Ryan McManus - (www)

ysihf situation - It stands for "Your Shovel In His Face," from the movie Mystery Men. It refers to any situation in which one person places the blame on someone else, who then places the blame on a third person. Sometimes can go full circle, in which the third person blames the first person.

e.g., I tripped on a toy in my sister's room and blamed her for it. She then blamed Mom not cleaning up her room. Mom blamed me for not watching where I step. It was a real YSIHF situation.

submitted by PPM - (www)

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