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yolo - (Abbreviated interjective or adverbial phrase) "you only live once."

e.g., "I'm gonna skydive from orbit!" "Why?" "Hey, yolo dude: yolo." | Yes, it's okay to write abbreviations without using periods; take a chance: YOLO!

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

yomit - The inability to hold back a yawn while trying to concentrate on a one-on-one conversation with someone. Typically executed right in front of one's conversation partner.

e.g., After 20 minutes of listening to Joe drone on about his career successes, incredible investment acumen and wonderful life, I could not hold back my yomit.

submitted by Jonathan Glaser

yon mon - Used by the population of Warrington, England, to describe a person from the county of Lancashire.

e.g., Hello, yon mon.

submitted by Xnoybis

yon ~ nigh - The word "yon" pronounced backward is "nigh." The interesting thing is, that they are also opposite in meaning! "Yon means far or distant, while "nigh" means near or nearby. How about that.

e.g., Yon neighbor has a lovely daughter, methinks I'll draw nigh to request her hand (and the rest of her) in marriage (-:

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

yonder - Place other than in front of you.

e.g., Go over yonder and keep your mouth shut.

submitted by charles

yonks - A long time or a very long time. Donkey's years -- which could possibly be its origin. It could also come from years, months, weeks, as an initialism. A long time ago.

e.g., Little Johnny waited for the train for yonks.

submitted by Catherine

yoof - Kid, hooligan, punk, troublemaker, whipper-snapper--youth.

e.g., You yoofs get outta my yard!

submitted by Wilma - (www)

yoogie - Yoogie is the anatomical word for an empty head or skull that doesn't bleed.

e.g., Mom, Gabe bonked his yoogie on the coffee table and his brains didn't fall out.

submitted by Renee

yoop - "The upper peninsula of the state of Michigan. Yoop may be from the sound of the initials (u. p.) 'you-p' or may be from typical sounds made by natives of the region, or may be a contraction of yooperland usually preceded by 'the.' Yoopconsin is the western half of yooperland plus the state of Wisconsin."

e.g., Yep, I'm from yoop. You got a problem with that, we can take it outside.

submitted by HD Fowler

yooper - One from the upper peninsula of Michigan.

e.g., She's from Houghton, Michigan; she's a yooper.

submitted by Emily

yoozer - in the unix o.s. (and unix based spinoffs), you have several standard directories, like DEV, BIN, and of course, USR. the 'yoozer' is a friendlier form (because most newbies find UNIX quite a hostile environment) and it can be used as a nick. (warning, nick is already taken, guess what, by ME. thank you.)

e.g., "Yoozer is a looser! (about the most stupid form of insult that you can get on IRC. it means less tight.)"

submitted by Rob - (www)

yop - "I am here" or "we are here." Yop can be used two ways. First, as an interjection to announce the presence of one or more people. Second, to stress the fact that the person has been in a given place, but that no one has been listening to her and she needs to announce herself in order to be heard, be it over other noise, or conspicuous silence. First used by Dr. Suess in "Horton Hears a Who," and on numerous blog since then.

e.g., Needing to get the chairman's attention before the meeting was adjourned, she called out, "Yop."

submitted by Sid

yope - "A combination of yes and nope, meaning maybe. (Can also be used when you dont feel like giving a clear answer to a question)"

e.g., Question:"Can I borrow some cash?" Response:"Yope."

submitted by Austin Turner - (www)

yorely - Long ago (as in "days of yore"), really or figuratively.

e.g., "Now that is a yorely car. What is it?" "That's my Stutz Bearcat--1914." | The teacher was so yorely. He must have been, like 40 or something.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

yost - The substance found on the outside of food, especially fruit, that is not harmful and can easily be removed with your fingers.

e.g., there is always white yost on my greengages

submitted by alan

yot - Yacht, spelled how the word from Dutch is pronounced.    "Yacht is a word straight from Dutch, the spelling of which is at complete odds to the English pronunciation, as short-story writer Anthony Armstrong illustrates: 'As one experienced in the best of all summer sports, I feel well-qualified to say a few words about yatching - I mean, yahcting -- dammit, yotting.'"

e.g., "Do you suppose Willard Mitt Romney owns a yot, ala John Kerry?" "Possibly, even probably. But you can safely bet you're not going to see him out yotting during the presidential campaign. He got enough flak for riding on a jet ski." "You're right. As John Edwards showed us in 2004, you get less flak for rutting than you would for yotting."

submitted by HD Fowler

you a cat! - Informal congratulations for stellar achievement. Similar to "You da man."

e.g., Congratulations on that promotion. You a cat!

submitted by Jaime

you are the weakest link - Everyone in the UK is using this phrase just now. Basically, if someone is annoying you and you want them to get lost, you just say the six magic words. Drives them nuts.

e.g., You ARE the weakest link. Go.

submitted by Brit

you beaut! - An okkerism (Australian slang). Great!

e.g., Blue: "Hey, Digger, looks like the weather's gonna hold for the barbee." "You beaut!" comes the reply.

submitted by Ants Pants - (www)

you betcha - Yes, sure, all right, OK -- with emphasis. Used in Minnesota and other of the United States.

e.g., Hey. could you pick up some milk on your way home? You betcha.

submitted by Dane

you got me twisted - "You've mistaken me for someone else" or "It wasn't me." A response to a teacher or classmate when they blame something on you and you know you didn't do it.

e.g., Teacher: "Why did you do that?" Student: "You got me twisted."

submitted by Roashanda - (www)

you need not say more - A word for gay people that my mate made up. (Need I say more?)

e.g., Thanks, Joe, but no thanks. You need not say more. Read the guidelines.

submitted by Joe

you slay me - Alternate version of "You kill me" as a response to a humorous person, sometimes used sarcastically.

e.g., Bert: Hey, I got a joke for you. Why didn't the chicken cross the road? Because he was already on the other side. Ernie: You just slay me.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

you're a ______ - Fill in the blank for _____. Taken from the "Clerks" cartoons. "You're a cigarette."

e.g., Nick: I hate this dorm. Merricat: You're a dorm.

submitted by Merricat - (www)

you're bobsledding on thin ice - Used instead of the term, "You're skating on thin ice." It gives a more threatening threat - you're more likely to fall through if you're bobsledding than simply skating on the ice.

e.g., "You're bobsledding on thin ice, mate. I'd watch it."

submitted by hughie

you're overcookin' my grits, - When a person is playing devil's advocate with your complaints, or whenever someone is bothering you with her total lack of enthusiasm.

e.g., Guy: Let's go out for some drinks. Girl: Okay, but where should we go? Guy makes several suggestions. Girl turns them all down for various reasons. Guy in response to the last turn down, "Let's just forget it. You're overcookin' my grits, Jenn."

submitted by Jenn Atkins

you're the (blank) - A non sequitur conversational gambit that increases in quality the less sense it makes. To be said loudly and followed by loud laughter like it's the best joke ever.

e.g., Peter: So we were swimming in the lake yesterday. . . . Jim: YOU'RE the lake. Whahaha ha ha.

submitted by duncan

you, this - A response when there is no comeback to a putdown. Derives from a person sticking his middle finger up at somebody, and using his other hand he points at the middle finger in a demonstrative manner, and says "You, this."

e.g., Sally said to Bobby, "Your breath stinks." To which Bobby replied, "You, this."

submitted by Eleyn

youall - refering to a group

e.g., Hey youall.

submitted by James May

youg - The state of being obese or fat.

e.g., That little terrier in the animal shelter was a bit youg, but he was so sweet we took him home and adopted him anyway.

submitted by Paul

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