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yestalgia - Sickness caused by prolongated presence in one's country or home.

e.g., I'm suffering from yestalgia, and ought to take a trip .

submitted by emilio

yestergeek - Things which once held sway among the computer and fannish types of the world, but quite recently no longer do.

e.g., Pokemon? That is so yestergeek. Its all about Card Captor Sakura now.

submitted by Jennifer Grant - (www)

yestermorn - Yesterday morning. In the hours before noon, yesterday. May be used poetically, as desired.

e.g., 'Twas just before the setting of the moon yestermorn that all the clans did assemble twixt the verdant ills by the river to select a new Hero to champion the causes of all the Folk who dwelt in that region and beyond. ((-:

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

yesternight - It didn't happen today. It didn't happen tonight. It didn't happen yesterday. It happened "yesternight."

e.g., Makes perfectly good sense to me, and to my youngest son, Justin, when he was three. As in "I saw E.T. yesternight."

submitted by Corky

yesternight - Last night. the late evening or nighttime hours of yesterday. may be used in place of other words to lend an archaic look to a text. {Duplicate.)

e.g., The townsfolk have all been quite atwitter since the mayoral rally yesternight. Half were staunch Roundheads, and the rest stubborn Blockheads. | The goings-on lasted much too long yesternight; no one could make up my mind.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

yestersol - Yesterday. © Michael Quinion -- 28 February 2004 Newsletter: The Martian day is some 39 minutes longer than ours, and has been officially named the "sol" (the Latin for sun, which is also the official astronomical name for our star). NASA workers on the various Mars spacecraft projects have coined "yestersol" for the sol before the current one.

e.g., "Yestersol, all my troubles seemed so far away.…" © Michael Quinion -- 6 March 2004 Newsletter: My inadequate attempt at rewriting the old Beatles lyric last week provoked several people into improving it. My favourite is this from Michael O'Sullivan: Yestersol, all my troubles seemed negligibol. Now my Martian Lander's gone AWOL, Oh I believe in yestersol.

submitted by HD Fowler

yesterweek - A simple way of saying "last week," used when mistaking yesterday for last week.

e.g., Didn't you wear those pants yesterweek?

submitted by Anthony

yesteryonder - A day that seems like yesterday but was actually a long time ago.

e.g., Back yesteryonder, I dang near died from drinkin' too much beer.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

yestoday - An affirmation of the present, living in the moment.

e.g., Let yesterday stay in the past, and choose instead to say yestoday.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski

yestrum, bop - Northern Irish Philosopher 1845-1887, inventor of "The Scmindie," a gender-weakening device designed to turn alpha males into jibbering fanzine reading pseudos. Also gave his name to the wet spot left on the front of one's jeans when one doesn't shake one's winky with sufficient vigour post-urination.

e.g., I left the toilet in a hurry and now I've got this big Bop Yestrum down the front of me strides.

submitted by James Buick

yet yet? - The way that we refined southerners ask a friend if he has already dined.

e.g., Yet yet?

submitted by bob keith

yeyes - An ostensibly visible yes.

e.g., Yeyes, sure you can, ma'am.

submitted by Hercolena

yibada - Craziness.

e.g., Nine-year olds say to each other on the playground "You're full of yibida."

submitted by keller

yichalal - Meaning: Anything is possible. It is used as a word to encourage, to urge someone on -- possibly a combination of "just do it" and "may the force be with you".

e.g., Go forth with fire in your heart, and remember, yichalal.

submitted by Ally Summers - (www)

yick - (v) Combination of "yuck" and "ick." Used when "yuck" isn't strong enough. Extremely gross or vulgar.

e.g., The odor of that garbage really yicks me out.

submitted by Fredo Alvarez - (www)

yidy-yit - Idiot, or real jerk. Used in the presence of young, impressionable children in the car when the other driver makes a boneheaded move.

e.g., Look at that yidy-yit, he must be doin' a hundred.

submitted by Andy Malleck

yillbe - A large weighty piece of wood, metal or any other blunt object that may cause bodily harm when swung about the head.

e.g., You'll be sorry when I hit you with a yillbe.

submitted by MO'C

yim - A hole in a salt or pepper shaker.

e.g., The salt poured out of the yims when I salted my popcorn.

submitted by Tyson 7th English

yink - A hairy woman.

e.g., Oh, my God! She has inch-long hair on her back. She's a yink.

submitted by Serena

yinz - You, as used in the greater Pittsburgh area.

e.g., Are yinz goin' to the Pirates games this weekend?

submitted by entropyXL

yinzer - A longtime resident of the Pittsburgh area, characterized by his or her accent, use of local classless slang, and fanatical devotion to the Steelers and bad beer.

e.g., The yinzer wouldn't stop talking about "Hines Ward an the Stillers," but did mention he was "goin' dahntahn for some Arn City.

submitted by Greg Heller-LaBelle

yip - When you are overly excited and you have already used up all of the other "excited" words.

e.g., I got front row seats to see 'N SYNC! Ahhh! Oh, my God! I can't believe it. Yip!

submitted by Sammi - (www)

yipindeedy - Like yes and indeed, only better.

e.g., "So, you saw him?" "Yipindeedy"

submitted by tallinia - (www)

yippies - Young women who find it necessary to scream each others' names at high decibels -- repeatedly.

e.g., Those yippies are hurting my eardrums.

submitted by froggegyrl

ymehcla - (n., ee-MEK-la) 1. Alchemy in reverse: turning gold into base metal. 2. Turning anything good into something worthless, useless, or pointless. 3. The unhappy talent some people have of bringing everyone else down, no matter how happy they are. (Ymehclast [EE-mek-lust]: a person gifted with ymehcla, much to the dismay of everyone around.)

e.g., "Over time, uranium turns into lead naturally. It's ymehcla." | "They said their hotel would 'improve' the beach. I say it's ymehcla: no one can swim there anymore." | "Don't be sad you're 40; just think about how much older you'll be at 50." "You're a closet ymehclast, aren't you?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ymmv - Your Mileage May Vary. Common Internet abbreviation.

e.g., When I went to see the professor, he seemed okay. YMMV.

submitted by Felix

yner - Expression from those who are ambivalent--combination of "yes," "no," and "er."

e.g., When asked if he wanted whiskey on his fries, the man hesitated, then replied, "Yner."

submitted by John Howard Oxley

yo - A short street slang greeting to someone you know.

e.g., Yo, how you livin', man?

submitted by T-Dogg - (www)

yo yo ma - 1. Something that is said in response to an exciting comment. Not unlike saying "sweet as" or "awesome." Has a very wide range of uses. (Kramerism) 2. A famous cellist named Yo Yo Ma.

e.g., Dan says, "I got the keys to the benzito tonight." Jesse responds, "Yo yo ma."

submitted by Jesse - (www)

yo' del - The act of exchanging pleasantries when meeting old friends by chance or at a favorite hang out.

e.g., I would have been home earlier but I stopped to yo' del with a group of my golfing buddies when I ran into them in the parking lot after work.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

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