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yellow-shafted flicker - A grave insult.

e.g., You did WHAT with my wife? Get out of my house, you yellow-shafted flicker.

submitted by Goldie

yelpful - The state in which an individual is insistently anxious to help with a task or project, but is so unskilled or inept that the doer is ready to scream and yell in frustration.

e.g., My handyman neighbor George has told me, in no uncertain terms, that intricate repairs, like replacing my wristwatch main spring and resetting the temperature calibration on my old freezer, absolutely do not allow for my yelpful assistance.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

yence - To screw something up really bad

e.g., I yenced the answer on the last essay question.

submitted by Gretchen

yengyo - (yeng-yo) Agreeable to all parties concerned, totally acceptable, thoroughly in accord -- everyone is happy with that which is said or decided or done or considered.

e.g., In spite of deep divisions in the trembling mass of jelly beings, the masters of Mars were entirely yengyo to include and inject into their society the better aspects of alien human consciousness.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

yentalator - Any method or device that mechanically assists or replaces spontaneous gossiping.

e.g., I hadn't been in the loop for so long that I would have died from a lack of juicy gossip -- had I not been hooked up to the yentalator

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

yento - A busybody man who often tries to play matchmaker (usually found in Southern regions); a male yenta.

e.g., Just because I'm single, Jason tries to fix me up with every new employee. He's a yento.

submitted by c mccarthy

yep - A word that is said when nothing else can be said, during moments of extreme boredom. Can be used as an explanation, a statement, and an affirmative. Most often used by my friends to indicate just HOW bored they are. Also can be used in an extremely sarcastic tone to mock someone who thinks that a very abnormal activity is, in fact, quite normal.

e.g., 1. So I had no job. And I was just at home for 3 months, sitting at my computer and being like "Yep. Here I am." 2. "So Chuck and I finally got done arguing, and just decided to have a knife fight." "Umm. Yep!"

submitted by Dragonnas

yepindeedy - A variation on "yes" or "yep." Can be also said as "yepindeedy-do" if your mood is particulary perky.

e.g., Guy 1. Is that red shirt comfortable? Guy 2. Yepindeedy.

submitted by Katrina

yeppa - "Yep," in a non-English dialect -- due to foreign languages lacking the final stops in English.

e.g., "Yeppa, I don't like that word," Cletus said xenophobically.

submitted by thomas fontaine

yeppers - Yes.

e.g., Yeppers, that's right.

submitted by Joy

yeppir - To respond in agreement. Short way to say, "You got it."

e.g., Yeppir, it is hot.

submitted by Adam Freeman

yepples - Yep or yes.

e.g., Donaville asks, "Do you like peaches?" Jamie's response, "Yepples!"

submitted by Jamie - (www)

yer number one - Short for "fuck you." Can be accompanied with the middle finger.

e.g., Jeff derided Sam, "You're such a hick." Sam flipped him off and rolled his eyes, "Yer number one."

submitted by Stace-Bird

yerf - A nerd with a trendless haircut.

e.g., "Check out the president of the chess club. Aa total yerf. I bet he's just gonna sit there staring at the inside of his glasses all day. Yerfs get to me. Punch him, Carl." "No. You're an asshole, Chris."

submitted by Chris-in-pants - (www)

yerite - One who likes to tell tall stories; someone who deserves our disbelief.

e.g., I saw Cardoso's column the other day--the guy's a yerite.

submitted by Nuno Guedes

yerk - A negative yearning.

e.g., The chain smoker had a yerk for a cigarette after trying to quit.

submitted by Mrs. Pietz's 7th English Class - (www)

yerno - Not quite "yes" and not quite "no," it's "yerno."

e.g., 1: I've had a great time tonight, would you like to come up and see my bedroom. 2: Yerno.

submitted by Chris Russell

yerns - New Orleans slang for the word "yours." Plural is "yernses."

e.g., You better get yerns before they run out.

submitted by lthrbls - (www)

yerp - A response you would get asking a doe-de-doher a question and he meant yes.

e.g., "Hey, Billybob, do ya know what you're doing there?" "Yerp."

submitted by John

yert - A word to indicate that the preceding statement is a lie.

e.g., McDonald's makes great hamburgers, yert.

submitted by Edi Winkler - (www)

yertlism - (Pronounced to rhyme with "turtle-ism"; n.) 1. The philosophy espoused by Dr. Seuss's Yertle the Turtle: self-aggrandizement by reducing everyone around you to involuntary servitude, peonage, slavery, or pawnery (q.v.); 2. The practice or advocacy of Yertlism; 3a. The delusion that you can actually rule "all you can see"; 3b. A (far less maniacal) delusion in which the sufferer comes to believe that he or she can (and indeed, must) control everything going on (a kind of och, perhaps); 4. a fabliau created to vilify or lampoon an enemy by attacking the philosophy he espouses.

e.g., Yertle the Turtle, by Dr. Seuss, is the seminal Yertlism from which the concept encapsulated by the term derives. Originally, Yertle wore a little, hitleresque (I do not capitalize people I don't like) mustache---something impossible upon the face of a reptile (Yertle or hitler, take your pick). | "Hey, George, what's with the boss today?" "Yeah, I know, right?---micromanagement gone mad." "Microscopic micromanagement." "Yertlism." "With Fries."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

yes'um - Yes, but usually intended to be funny.

e.g., Alex: Hey, Ruth, wanna' go to the nudie bar with me? It's 25 cent wing and breast night. Ruth: Yes'um.

submitted by ruth papoff

yes-no - Popularized by the spoonerizing villain character Don Karnage from Disney's TaleSpin TV-series; playful term meant to indicate uncertainty, ask for attention or demand polite interest. (Replaces "Correct?" or "Am I right?" or "Isn't it true?")

e.g., You were about to go shopping without me, yes-no?

submitted by Schroeder

yesbody - someone; antonym of nobody

e.g., Knock knock. A. Who's there? B Yesbody.

submitted by Hunter Williams

yesgad - Exclamation. Expressed vivaciously when excited about something. Taken from "Yes, God."

e.g., Yesgad, that was some amazing ice cream.

submitted by Easter Bradford

yesh - Slang for "yes."

e.g., We gonna go see him today? Yesh, indeed.

submitted by Radeo

yesh - Used instead of "yes." Derived from "yosh," used in Japanese as a "cool" replacment, but also has sexual roots in it. Whatever.

e.g., Yesh,...that's right.

submitted by Kevin Medeiros - (www)

yeshki - Himalayan mouse, the main staple of the yeti.

e.g., We found tiny yeshki tracks at 28,000 feet, but our quest to capture one of the elusive creatures went unfulfilled again.

submitted by Ty Evans

yesm - Used in conversation over time, made as a positive agreement when you want to say more than just "yes." This is "Yes, I agree" or "Yes, madame," if you happen to be talking with a lady; or "Yes," as a more cheerful way of saying yes -- like yes with a smile; or cute-like, said with a sheepish grin to the girl of your dreams. A flirtatious yes. Can replace yes in most instances in informal talk in typing.

e.g., His demeanor was one of flirtation and sheepish grin, as he agreed to accompany her to her room. "Are you coming up with me tonight?" she asked. "Yesm," was all he replied, fervently hoping she had in mind more than a cuppa.

submitted by Steve Ramshaw

yessing - Saying yes to.

e.g., "Why didn't you answer me?" "I was too busy yessing Lauryn's question."

submitted by lauryn

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