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isness - Being or existence.

e.g., Marco: The other day I heard about this rap artist.... Marcello: "Rap Artist"? No, sorry guy, that's a contradiction in terms. No such thing could ever even come into isness.

submitted by Jonathan Charles Wright

iso - Used in the corporate world in reference to quality assurance standards (International Standards Organization), but in my office (process engineering) it's used for "I'm so. . . ."

e.g., The hooch wants me to complete this task by tomorrow, but iso covered up with this quality assurance thing I'll never get it done by then.

submitted by Dugg

isolatericostudy - Isolatericostudiousity. What is often done by students preparing for a test|quiz|finals where all life is blocked out but the cramming of info. Often accompanies persons suffering from Zihlavskitis.

e.g., I don't mind helping you with your test prep, but I really do better with isolatericostudy.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

isolatude - The quiet you get inside your head when you obey your reclusive behavior. Isolitude.{Duplicate}

e.g., I like the islolatude I get when I stay the hell away from people.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

isoscent - Filled with oneself.

e.g., I first thought Veda was innocent, and then I thought maybe she is ignorant. But then I realized she was neither, but a queer -- isoscent -- steeped with herself.

submitted by Vedapushpa

isoscrat - A contour on a map illustrating a line of constant density of muscrats. ("Muskrats" in the United States.)

e.g., Comparison of isoscrats on the two maps shows clearly the spread of muscrats in Transylvania over the past century since their introduction.

submitted by Tom White

issue - personal problems

e.g., "He's not coming tonight. He's got issues. Or Try another printer, this one's got issues."

submitted by Andy

issuematic - Substitute for problematic; extremely bad or stupid.

e.g., If you use Veg-O-Matic, you got automatic issuematic with what's for dinner.

submitted by Alisha

issuing - Having issues.

e.g., What's up with her? She's been issuing a lot lately.

submitted by Shireen

isth't - "It was thought to be a simple contraction of 'is' and 'that'. But when it began creeping into the language, it was noted that it is invariably preceeded BY 'is'."

e.g., The thing is isth't she went to the store and didn't tell me.

submitted by Matt

it makes me want to staple bagels to my face. - When something really annoys you or something horrible just happened...first used by Mo.

e.g., ARRRGH! Chris is so annoying. He makes me want to staple bagels to my face.

submitted by Maggie

it rivals my head - For something that is great, astounding, and ultimately superior in its class.

e.g., Susan: How did you like the new art opening at the Met? Jake: It's great. It rivals my head.

submitted by Paul

it'll be fun - As good a reason to do anything.

e.g., Come on, light the fuse already. It'll be fun!

submitted by Paul

it's all jesus - A phrase used to indicate something is all good.

e.g., Jane and I got in a fight, but we made up and now it's all Jesus.

submitted by Doc - (www)

it's not 1983 - A comment made when something is not cool, hip, fresh, or in anymore.

e.g., Get that coat off. It's not 1983. | "Your glasses look as if you met them in 1983. It's not 1983. You need to update your accessories." "My glasses are not accessories. I need them to see. . . . But I'll get a new pair to make you happy."

submitted by hughie - (www)

it's, its, its' - Some of these are words, some are not. "Its" is the possessive of the pronoun "it." "It's" is a contraction for "it is." "Its'" is not a word at all. I've convinced myself that many instances of using "it's" incorrectly for "its" come about because the writer is in a hurry and simply isn't paying attention to what she's doing.

e.g., It's too bad her cat lost its toy. | Why Can’t Government Actually DO Anything? (Because it’s Government Stupid.) : Is it any wonder the Minerals Management Service (MMS) had no contingency plans in place when the Deep Water Horizon rig blew up? Is it any wonder Secretary of Interior Salazar was caught flat-footed? Not to me. MMS is one of no less than eight – count ‘em, eight – operationally independent bureaus falling under the Department of Interior (DOI). Each one has an organizational identity all its’ own. And a congressional budget all its’ own. DOI cannot be managed by anyone, period. | The Conservative Treehouse has a lengthy post about the recreational drug, it’s effects and side effects, and alleged screen captures of Trayvon Martin’s social media sites discussing his fondness for the concoction. | "Why would anyone continue going to medical school with its’ concomitant costs of hundreds of thousand dollar loan requirements with zerocare limited income potential?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

it'sn't - It is not. It's not. It isn't... Therefore we come up with "it'sn't."

e.g., Baseball. It'sn't a bad sport. It's a good sport.

submitted by Yakir - (www)

itaglish - Italian-English, a combination of two very different languages typical of the Italian diaspora. Prevalent in the US, Canada, Australia, and -- of course -- the UK.

e.g., Nonna was speaking Itaglish, so they couldn't tell what she meant.

submitted by thedom - (www)

itch - An edgy description of something that's seems indescribable. Can be interpreted as positive or negative at the same time by two different parties, making it a non-partisan, agreeable descriptor.

e.g., Rumsfeld's last news conference was itch.

submitted by Duane



submitted by ROBERT

ited - A state of disunity, separateness, disorganization, fragmentation.

e.g., The 13 Colonies were the Ited States until they adopted the Constitution and became the Un-ited States, and so did the Ited Nations, which finally got together at Lake Success and became the Un-ited Nations (how did this one ever get by all these years?). Ited we we fall, un-ited we stand. Workers of the word (sic) -- un-ite.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

iterate - what you do before you reiterate

e.g., John iterated the subject..then he reiterated

submitted by Lesah

itiots - Useless I.T. people who are supposed to assist you on the phone with your computer problems, but cannot speak regular English, only technical lingo that you don't understand.

e.g., I hope I don't get one of those itiots on the phone when I call computer repair again.

submitted by Celeste Simmons - (www)

itis - The feeling of a sleepiness after a big meal.

e.g., I've contracted the itis.

submitted by Colin

itits - 1. Breasts requiring an I cup bra size. 2. I cup boobies.

e.g., Just think how interesting the Super Bowl halftime show would have been if Janet Jackson had itits rather than ctits. Tempest in a pop tit, it was. | Yeah, the Janet Jackson brouhaha was big, but it would have been even bigger if she'd had itits.

submitted by HD Fowler

ito - Act of judicial incompetence.

e.g., He was guilty as hell. How could there possibly have been any resonable doubt? He got off only because the judge pulled an ito.

submitted by Alexander T. - (www)

itsa - Used in improper English. The slurred version of "it's a. . . ."

e.g., Itsa duck I tell ya. A duck

submitted by Kimberly Peterson

itsposed ~ it's'posed - The way we say the words in "The way it's supposed to be." Given this new word, you won't have to figure out whether or not an apostrophe is needed. You can see from the link that I make no claim to originality. It's'posed, itsaposed. Itsposed is used for search purposes.

e.g., The truth: I'm too idiosyncratic to be a true grammar snob. I'm not particularly interested in being a grammar nazi either. . . . But I'd damned sure like to be The Grammar Czar. At my age I can't afford to be pissing away my time arguing about grammar. What I want is to be able to tell you the way it's'posed to be. That's just what I intend to do at grammar czar.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

itup - A suffix that converts almost any word into a verb.

e.g., We were out golfing itup today at the local green. We went to a kegger and beer'd itup.

submitted by Nathan

iwonic - Winning a contest or a prize for which the entry or the winner is unsuited. Getting a promotion for which one isn't competent.

e.g., That blind guy winning the set of historical silent movie videos was about as iwonic as Elmer Fudd winning an elocution contest.

submitted by Richard Factor - (www)

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