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irrestible - Irresistible. Just a typo.

e.g., MP3 files are copied illegally because the music is irrestible.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

irri-tator - One who annoys a potato.

e.g., Relentlessly mocking his neighbor in the supermarket's vegetable aisle, the carrot was an irri-tator.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

irrigance - Supreme arrogance combined with ignorance.

e.g., Most politicians' speeches and attitudes are irrigant.

submitted by Ian Purcell

irritaining - Extremely irritating yet still entertaining.

e.g., SpongeBob SquarePants is irritaining. The SpongeBob SquarePants TV series is irritainment at its best ... or is that worst?

submitted by John Lemon

irritainment - An especially lame movie, television show, or performance, especially if you spent a lot of time and money to get to it -- anything by Meatloaf or Pauly Shore, the slightest glimpse of Paris Hilton, one syllable of The View.

e.g., Nothing at the movies this summer but irritainment. I'll be damned if they'll get a nickel out of me until September.

submitted by Michael Nemiroff - (www)

irritati - An obnoxious or irritating group of people. | Irritating people.

e.g., I'd go downtown tonight, but I'm sure I'd be stuck standing around amongst the irritati if I did.

submitted by Nick Bielli

irriterate - To expound, as in "irriterate on a subject."

e.g., Mia irriterated on the qualities of her grandmother's mashed potatoes.

submitted by Mary Ellem McCann

irrits - A case of irritation.

e.g., Stop it, you're giving me the irrits.

submitted by Sara

irvine-vision - Similar to a Monet, Irvine-vision is used for a person who looks good from a distance, but whose good looks diminish the closer you get to her. From the city of Irvine, California, where this phenomenon was first experienced.

e.g., I thought she was good looking, but it was just Irvine-vision.

submitted by Mike Sperry

is - Adjective for describing how one feels. The meaning changes depending on emphasis.

e.g., Wil: How are you feeling today? Bil: It depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

submitted by HD Fowler

is it in yet? - Kiwi: Has the mail arrived?

e.g., Is it in yet?

submitted by HD Fowler

is such a - Ambiguous, inappropriate, inept, lame, overused, and weak phrase. All right to use in sentences such as "Anyone who objects to the use of the phrase 'is such a' is such a jerk." | "Anyone who objects to the use of the phrase 'is such a' must be an English teacher -- either that or she's some kind of editor. Anyhow, only a really anal-retentive type person should have any objections." Otherwise, should be replaced by something more interesting or by something more enlightening, entertaining, or exciting. Possibly by something clever or coy or cute. For that matter, a pedantic, phlegmatic, or prosaic example would usually be an improvement over one's using "is such a."

e.g., That one old lady editor is, like, such a total curmudgeon -- or whatever you call a lady curmudgeon. A biatch? Beech? Bich? Chib? Bioch? She must be really old -- maybe even 30! OMIGAWD!!! Could she be even older than that????? THAT'S IT!!!!!!! That's why she wants us to use the shift key and use standard capitalization, punctuation, spaces, and spelling. iTma KeSIteZIeEr fORHeRto REeD wHAtWEROte. She even expects us to use an occasional adjective or adverb in our examples. Thinks it'll make her job easier, faster, and more fun. I'll bet she thinks the visitors who browse through the words will enjoy them more if we give a little more thought to our examples, not just to the words we submit. She is such a jerk. Like, totally. EEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!

submitted by HD Fowler

is when - Occurs when. "Is when" often appears in submittals, either in the description or example. Given that I'm a prescriptivist fuddy duddy who thinks we're generally going to hell in a handbasket -- even worse in that regard than HillsDale -- I make an effort to change all such occurrences in submittals to something else. That may seem like a strange thing to do for a site that exists primarily as a way to publicize folks' made-up words and phrases, but our interest in change is largely limited to new words, not new "rules" of grammar -- or throwing away useful old "rules."     

e.g., "Clicktivism is when political or social activists use online communication, largely social media such as Twitter, Facebook etc, to galvanize protests."

submitted by Lillith - (www)

ischnot - Is not. Use while you are in debate or argument. The opposite of isstew.

e.g., 1. Katy's behavior ischnot acceptable to Joe. 2. That ischnot the right answer.

submitted by Cris

ish - Issues.

e.g., That guy has major ish!

submitted by zak

ish, the ish - Something not cool, aAything that isn't with today's trends.

e.g., Failing grades are the ish. "Get that Honda ish away from me."

submitted by Aaron Marquis

ishatalef - (ee-shah'-ta-leff; n.) 1. a solution that is obvious when finally revealed or thought of (but not before); 2. a group of people acting in concert as one person, usually in order to provide alibis for one another; 3. a confederate tasked with providing an alibi. [From the Hebrew isha 'woman' and atalef 'bat'; alluding to the anime 'Mystery of the Batwoman,' in which three different women don the identity of Batwoman in order to give one another alibis so as to accomplish various goals.]

e.g., Various theories attribute the several Shakespeare plays to Francis Bacon; Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford; William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby; Christopher Marlowe; and even Miguel de Cervantes. Derek Jacobi, the famed English actor, believes in what is called the "group theory"---an ishatalef approach that allows for a group working together to write these famous plays.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ishe tray - An ice cube tray employed as an ash tray

e.g., Please don't spit in the ishe tray. That's disgusting. It is strictly for cigarette ashes.

submitted by Matt

ishi - A nauseatingly ugly garment, usually in some combination of light tan, gold, red, or brown.

e.g., I would not leave the house in something that ishi.

submitted by t&l

ishkababble - Nonsensical talk, gibberish.

e.g., Stop speaking ishkababble; otherwise, I'll have to forcibly quiet you!.

submitted by Ankur

ishkabibal - freakish term of endearment

e.g., "hey ishkabibal whats for dinner?"

submitted by Matt - (www)

ishmas - Pronounced as "its-mas." Basically, its a comedic idea full of irony, a funnier principle.

e.g., I don't care that you let peeps in on the secret, just remember it's the ishmas that matters.

submitted by Adam L. Glover - (www)

ishtar - Random stuff.

e.g., I got all kinds of ishtar in my room.

submitted by ditnis

ishu bashu - Shorter way of saying "I love you."

e.g., "Ishu bashu," she told me as I left.

submitted by ceana

ishy - Gross and icky.

e.g., Serving big parties at the restaurant is pretty cool when they tip well, but they usually leave the tables so ishy that it's hard to clean up after them.

submitted by Paul

iskadil - (rhymes with hiss-the-'bill; n.) The "men in black" to whom is ascribed the maintenance of the secrecy about the alien presence on Earth. [From the mescalero [?] apache iskle+dilhkih "black leggings"---note: Roswell, New Mexico (center of the main UFO tales of the 20th century), lies in what was Mescalero Apache territory.]

e.g., The iskadil have been around a lot longer than operation bluebook. The legend of these "black legs" predates Columbus by centuries. so how long have the aliens been coming here?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

islamogration - Moslem immigration. Islamigration.

e.g., Will Sharia be the law after ten more years of Islamogration?

submitted by JMcD - (www)

islamophobiaphobia - Greg Gutfeld claims to have invented the word, as Islamophobia-phobia: "fear of being labeled Islamophobic." I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and not look for a use earlier than August 29, 2010.

e.g., The further to the right you are in the American political spectrum, the less likely you are to be an islamophobiaphobic and the more likely you are to be islamophobic.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

islandic - This is a shorter version for Pacif(ic) (Island)er that my Filipino friend and I came up with.

e.g., Look at that group of "b" boys. Most of them look islandic. Am I racial profiling when I say that?

submitted by bobby mcmillian

ismist - (Pronounced to rhyme with LIZ-m-fist; n.) Any one of us who believes, at any given moment, in the reality of one or a group of the various lines and labels (national, racial, religious, philosophical, vel cet.) that we use to separate people into different groups (us vs. them) as justification, rationalization, or excuse for our dismissal, distrust, dislike, and destruction of one another. (I'm using '-ist,' although you could just as well use '-er,' '-ite,' '-ist,' '-an,' -al,' '-ic,' '-ian', or a host of others.)

e.g., Ironically, calling someone an ismist can sometimes itself be ismism (pronounced to rhyme with LIZ-miz-m. Ismism is actually an imbalance rather than a prejudice. It is not so much condemnation of others' beliefs as it is misusing them to justify some kind of an attack (philosophical, physical) ... although the attacks, for some reason, usually end up killing people, not beliefs. The reality of ismism, however, does not call for, not can it justify, the rejection of all beliefs or of any particular belief (since such a rejection would be just as groundless as uncritical acceptance); so labeling someone an ismist (especially falsely), will often simply (a) curtail rational debate (like people need a reason to abandon rationality), as well as, far worse, (b) preclude human kindness (the very rarest of commodities) in a situation that really needs it. [So, if you think this term helpful in defining the hierarchy of belief-and-practice with which humans deal every minute of every day, great. But please: think about the word and discuss it carefully with others before you ever use it---give it at least a week before you push the red 'ismist' button.]

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

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