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ipswitch - Multipurpose word.

e.g., Oh, ipswitch. Where the ipswitch did I put my hat?

submitted by RAO

iq - (Pronounced: Itch) An itch anywhere on the tongue. Plural: Iqes

e.g., I always find it strange when I scratch the iq on my tongue.

submitted by Jeff

ira! ira! - Say it when you're annoying or frustrated. One of the many Japanese onomatopoeia.

e.g., Windows locks up your computer: "Ira! Ira!"

submitted by Mike Jump

iral - (n.) (EYE-ral) A page of a printed memorandum or document showing dates for important events in a corporation or general community. (Etymology: None. This word came to me during a dream last night, and I have no idea where it was from or why I remembered it.)

e.g., Clarence tore up his company's newsletter after reading in the iral that on the day of the Halloween office party he would have to go to the dentist.

submitted by Mirakle B.

irantecedents - What you find in Persian history, or your grandpa's angry speeches.

e.g., What you need to do is go to your irantecedents.

submitted by nbm - (www)

iraqnophobia - Fear that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, close ties to Al Qaeda, or plans to rule the world.

e.g., After losing the Iran-Iraq War and the Gulf War--and with UN sanctions--why all the Iraqnophobia?

submitted by Danny Middleton

irascissimusia - Comes from the Latin for angry. A phobia for even the remotest signs of anger. Symptoms are hallucinations, fainting, and regular sneezing -- the time gap between sneezes will be precisely 2 minutes 43.27 seconds.

e.g., The only reason our teacher doesn't get angry with our class is because the boy in the back corner suffers from irascissimusia.

submitted by Tom

irection - Abbreviated version of "I reckon." Said in mid-conversation to agree with a previous staement or question. Be careful, however, innocent by-standers may think that you said "erection."

e.g., Enrico and Bruce are out walking. Enrico sees a beautiful and busty woman walking in the distance. Enrico: Wow, see that babe, she's beautiful. Bruce: Irection. Bruce has just agreed with Enrico's comment.

submitted by Sammmy

irgomat - Arrogant, self centered.

e.g., Chris is always an irgomat.

submitted by Lukas Friga

iridium - An expression, usually spoken by women after they've parted with a male partner.

e.g., "Suzie, are you still with that bum?" "No. Iridium."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

irie ites - Jamaican or Rastafarian equivalent of "It's all good." Good feelings all around. Sometimes can be shortened just to "ites."

e.g., Plinthe: So how was Ziggy Marley? Decca: Oh, ites, mon. Irie ites for sure.

submitted by Paul

irish bull - "A statement containing an incongruity or a logical absurdity, usually unbeknown to the speaker."

e.g., "She's dangerous when she's mad. Last night she came after me fully armed -- with a pistol in each hand and a carving knife in the other." "Hmmm, that sounds like a bit of Irish bull to me."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

irk. - Instead of using the text language ikr, for "I know right?," why not use IRK? It's simple, easy to remember, and a great way to get someone's attention. Soon, all your friends will want to know what the heck "IRK." means, and you'll feel like a more mysterious person. Go ahead and try it! IRK. away!

e.g., friend: wow i gtg but we totes have to hang sumtime! you: IRK. bye!!

submitted by Mira

iron knee - A situation created when an expected outcome unexpectedly turns out to be completely opposite. Based on American Indian folklore. The word is pronounced as if there were no space between iron and knee: eyer-un-ee.

e.g., All the birds were going to have an endurance flying contest. Wonderful prizes would be awarded. Crow knew that he would earn a prize because of his strength and perseverance. However, he was not happy with winning his prize, he wanted to have a bigger and better one. Every day for a month, he went to the salt marshes and stood for hours in them until his feet became stiff and heavy as stone. He then flew to Eagle's nest. "Hello, Eagle," Crow said. "Will you fly in the contest?" "Of course," said Eagle, "I will win a great prize." "Look," said Crow, "There is a succulent young rabbit hopping down there in the arroyo." As Eagle turned to look, Crow swiftly raised his foot and kicked at the center of Eagle's leg. However, Crow did not know that Eagle had lost that leg in a hunting accident and that Raccoon had fashioned him a leg cast of iron. The result was that Crow not only did not get Eagle's prize, he broke his foot, was not able to enter the contest, and won no prize at all. Thus the condition called "iron knee" entered the World.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

iron law of bureaucracy - Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy: Iron Law of Bureaucracy In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely. Or, restated: . . . in any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher, including the most incompetent. The Iron Law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization and will always write the rules under which the organization functions.

e.g., Reform is impossible once the Iron Law of Bureaucracy is in effect.

submitted by [Jerry Pournelle]

iron-box - Slang for a virgin.

e.g., We can't call Sally iron-box anymore.

submitted by Brandon - (www)

ironeous - Filled with irony. Similar to ferroneous: filled with iron. (ED. Found on the internet as a misspelling of erroneous. The Rice University Neologisms Database: "Not being an acceptable use of the word irony or ironic. Formed by blending.")

e.g., Having the Star Spangled Banner led by Lola and the Kinks would be ironeous.

submitted by Fenix - (www)

ironoclast - Someone who is well known for being ironic. A prince of irony, if you will. (ED. From Langmaker: "ironoclast (i-ron-o-clast) n. [Blend of irony + iconoclast.] One who uses wit to attack traditional or popular ideas or institutions.")

e.g., I think Steven Colbert might be a bigger ironoclast than Jon Stewart, don't you?

submitted by Hal Colombo - (www)

ironosphere - The great field of sarcastic irony thath surrounds the earth beyond the ionosphere. Thought to be responsible for most of the world's irony.

e.g., Some think we should brutally subdue the natives to secure the peace, but I think it's just a storm in the ironosphere.

submitted by Hal Colombo - (www)

ironsherpa - In triathlon training and racing, the friends and family members who support the racers are commonly referred to as "sherpas." An IronSherpa is specifically a person who assists an athlete completing the full IronMan distance triathlon.

e.g., Mary has been on Jill's support team for many triathlons, but recently became an IronSherpa when she assisted Jill at the full Ironman Wisconsin race.

submitted by Diane Shelton

irony - When something is made of iron or has iron characteristics.

e.g., This place sure has a lot of irony.

submitted by Pat Ward

irony slap - When irony is presented most vividly in front of one's face -- when what expected does not occur.

e.g., I expected to get an A in chemistry, but then I got an F on my report card. That was an irony slap. | Chris, did you get accepted into that college you boasted about getting accepted for sure? No, I got irony slapped instead. All colleges I applied for rejected me.

submitted by Daniel Lee

irrationale - A worthless or misguided justification for a project or task, often handed down by Pointy-Haired-Bosses.

e.g., The project was so flawed I couldn't believe anyone could have thought it would work, until I found out the irrationale had come from the Marketing Department. Just what you should expect from Marketing, eh?

submitted by Adam Deslauriers

irreciperrous - /eer-reh-sip-ur-us/ Making no difference.

e.g., It is irreciperrous to me which restaurant we visit tonight.

submitted by Nebuul

irrefixable - Damaged or broken beyond repair.

e.g., I think that motor is irrefixable.

submitted by tony

irregardless - People use this to stress the meaning of regardless. | Used to dismiss a valid point or issue. To continue in spite of the facts.   Nota bene: Don't use finding this entry in the PseudoDictionary as an excuse for using irregardless. Irregardless is not a word; the PseudoDictionary is not a dictionary.

e.g., You will follow the policy, irregardless of your feelings. | Abe: Your decisions have resulted in a loss in excess of $2.2 billion. Zeb: Irregardless. We still need to address our employees excessive smoke breaks.

submitted by James Turk | J Mealey - (www)

irrelephant - In an argument or a debate, an attempt by one party to obscure, or ignore, a very, very large issue.

e.g., "Now, honey. Didn't I get you that diamond necklace you always wanted, AND that beautiful bouquet of red roses AND a box of your favorite chocolates? Isn't that most important? The fact that I came home at 4:00 a.m. with lipstick on my collar and my clothes in a mess the day before the gifts is completely irrelephant!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

irrelevate - To make something or someone irrelevant or moot.

e.g., The existence of a backdoor in the program irrelevated the logon security.

submitted by Bryan

irrespellsible - Of one who types a word without regard for correct spelling, even when a spell checker is available.

e.g., Spool chuckers are used against irrespellsible persons, no?

submitted by Gary Sumners

irresponsibility - Responsibility.

e.g., I refuse to accept irresponsibility for my actions.

submitted by Jeremy Richards

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