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idmalformity - A broken id.

e.g., My idmalformity makes me feel different than other people . . . and animals . . . and plants . . . and planets . . . and other stuff three.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

idnit - "Isn't it?" A phrase used to indicate consensus on an idea or thought. Agreement.

e.g., This website is cool, idnit?

submitted by Mark Clardy

idollartree - A worship of very cheap merchandise -- almost 100% made in China.

e.g., Like most good American girls, Annie was brought up with a real legion of retail department stores. But then she fell into Idollartree.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

ids - Imminent Death Syndrome; when you feel compelled to be really nice to someone because she's dying (or maybe just sick).

e.g., I had to watch TV with Bill all day because he's got I.D.S.

submitted by ditnis

idt - I don't think. {ED. Three words that you're extremely unlikely to ever hear me use in that order. (Almost wrote "juxtaposed that way," which is what I thought of first.)}

e.g., Idt that I'm going to buy a new keyboard.

submitted by Ali - (www)

idustration - An illustrated idea, a visualization of a concept that doesn't exist.

e.g., I don't know what you mean. Can you draw me an idustration?

submitted by Andrew

idwhotihasco - From idea whose time has come. Pronounced "id-woti-asko" and rhymes with "fiasco." Not to be confused with idwhotihasneco, which is an idea whose time has nearly come (like, say, on-demand streaming movies to the home, flying cars, or one device that's a media player, digital camera, PDA, and phone.)

e.g., Steve Jobs is too scared of his own bad taste to mix and match his clothes. In many ways he's a deeply dysfunctional individual. But a side-effect of his dysfunction is an uncanny knack for spotting idwhotihascos, be they desktop publishing, digital photography, or, more recently, personal music players.

submitted by alan - (www)

iff - "If and only if." Used in math and logic to state necessary and sufficient conditions for something to occur or exist.

e.g., "Iff you ask me out, then I will go out with you."

submitted by mike sedita

iffect - Can be used as a substitute for either effect or affect

e.g., Edward had a large iffect on the world.

submitted by Justin OVercash

iffied - To waste money on something that just fizzles out or was not worth the effort

e.g., The International Film Festival of India at Goa (IFFI) was iffied.

submitted by John

iffin, iffen - A form of the word "if"; used in direct address when the speaker wants to persuade an audience by being cutesy. Inspired by the Irish.

e.g., We could all meet at Julie's apartment iffin you'd like.

submitted by Carla Curtsinger

iffits - Unidentified food. "If we've got it, you can have it -- if we haven't, you can't."

e.g., Q.What's for tea, Mum? A. Bread and iffits.

submitted by Alison

iffteen - A word used when you don't know how much the amount actually is

e.g., "Hey Jim, how much is this vase?" "Oh, I don't know, maybe iffteen bucks."

submitted by Arch3r

ifnik - Someone whose life, habits, and thinking are constructed conditionally.

e.g., Don't ask him what he's going to do. A typical ifnik, he will give you a dozen of "ifs."

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

ig-moe - Idiot, moron, dumber then the rest of us.

e.g., That guy -- whatsisname? Dudley? is not only a dud, he's also an ig-moe.

submitted by jennifer nix - (www)

iggifoy - I've gotta get in front of you -- for a driver who insists on passing everyone. Often used in combination with expletives.

e.g., Driving to work would be a pleasant experience . . . if it weren't for all the damned iggifoys.

submitted by Steve

iggins, the - Typing error typified by misplacement of the letter "g"' in words ending in '"-ing." Also igns.

e.g., Did you say somethign? Whoops, got the iggins tonight.

submitted by BigAssFries

ight - Another way to say "all right." Slang, short version.

e.g., I got this. Ight.

submitted by nina

igloom - Unilluminated igloo. Igloo + gloom.

e.g., The iglooms were barely visible in the snowmobile headlight's glare due to the intensifying snowstorm.

submitted by Scott Secord - (www)

ignant - Ignorant.

e.g., I can't believe she could be so ignant.

submitted by Mike Singson

ignert - Ignorant. Hick pronunciation, although usually used humorously or sarcastically.

e.g., You ignert savage. Don't you know stripes don't go with plaid.

submitted by EggieChan

ignertate - Said of a person who is so ignorant she is irritating.

e.g., The drivers in this state are so ignertating.

submitted by Staford J. Young

igniparous - Bringing forth fire.

e.g., "We were all amazed at Mr. Copperfield's act until we discovered a box of matches up his sleeve."

submitted by HD Fowler

ignis flatus - Flaming fart. An existing fart-related construction that meets the PseudoDictionary's high standards for acceptance of fart synonyms -- blah, blah, blah. Useful as an erudite flame for some message boards where its meaning could be discerned.

e.g., I've heard that the methane gas in human flatus can be ignited to produce a blue flame, but I've never seen it myself. Caution: Experiments with ignis flatii should be tried only at home -- or in a dorm room. Please.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ignobubble - The virtual space of ignorance in which one keeps herself enclosed.

e.g., She strolled through that year, secure in her ignobubble, never facing her friend's not-so-subtle hints and the very real signals coming from her boyfriend.

submitted by Barb Eales

ignominite - Ignominite ĭg-nō'-mĭn-īt - n. A mineral, soluble in alcohol. (Derived from "ignominy.") When ingested, attenuates operation of judgment centers instrumental in mediating common ssense, generosity, altruism, and cooperation, causing ascendance of cynicism, greed, and cruelty.

e.g., Public health officials in Washington, DC, report an increase in Ignominite consumption, beginning in 2000.

submitted by Robert DiGrazia

ignoral - A deliberate snub.

e.g., My boyfriend's old girlfriend gave me an ignoral when we saw her at the party.

submitted by ann

ignoranceum - Total package of being ignorant

e.g., He displays his ignoranceum when it comes to shopping.

submitted by nemrac senoirb

ignoranimus - A somewhat illiteragitimate rabbits' term for an idiot.

e.g., What a maroon, what a simpleton, what an ignoranimus.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky(credit to Bugs Bunny-or

ignoranouse - Ignoranus.

e.g., "I don't like supporting uninsured ignoranouses because of stupid choices they make in life."

submitted by [D Mason] - (www)

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