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dead cow's bottom - Rump steak.

e.g., I would like the dead cow's bottom, medium to well done, please, with a jacketed potato and salad.

submitted by Colin Taffel

dead man's hand - A poker hand of a full house with aces and eights, full either way. Named after the hand held by John Wesley Harding after he was murdered at a poker game in El Paso, 1909. (ED. Joel later wrote to say, "The original dead man's hand was from Wm Butler 'Wild Bill' Hickock: two pairs, aces & 8s, Deadwood, South Dakota, not John Wesley Hardin.")

e.g., Jim might win this one because he's holding a dead man's hand and nobody else can beat his full boat.

submitted by Joel Parker

dead presidents - Money, in bills.

e.g., The bank holds a lot of dead presidents.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

dead-cat bounce - Wallstreet expression describing the phenomenon of a stock bottoming out to near-nil and then recovering with a sharp buying spree from bargin hunters. The notion being that even a dead-cat will bounce if dropped from a high enough point.

e.g., Enron stocks continue to experience a dead-cat bounce long after financial pundits considered the conglomerate a moribound interest.

submitted by Stephen Mize

deadbeef - Four-byte hexadecimal pattern indicating uninitialized or out-of-bounds condition.

e.g., See, when you dereference the pointer, all you get is deadbeef.

submitted by Gregory Bloom - (www)

deadcheck, the - A check to verify that someone is dead. The term could be applied to the check physicians perform following a execution.

e.g., 1. No, I have no interest at all in being one of the physicians who does the dead check. 2. "Sgt. Hutchins shot Mr. Awad with a three-round burst to the head to do the dead check," Thomas said.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

deadfall - A seedy drinking establishment, one of low repute.

e.g., Let's stop in this deadfall for a beer.

submitted by Loren Keeling

deadhorsing it - Flogging a joke, long past the point where any laughs remain.

e.g., Her joke about the priest and the rabbi was funny, but now she's deadhorsing it.

submitted by jessica

deadification - (n.) 1. Any reference to someone's having died, spoken as pompously as possible: generally reserved for comic effect; 2. The death of somebody (again, from long ago or in a movie or something; the word is never to be used to ridicule or deride someone's grief); 3. The astoundingly costly and cumbersome process of having one's body cut, cleaned, closed, coiffed, and coffined for viewing and burial, emphasizing the self-contradiction of the bereaved's feeling as though they have to go through the merciless expense of a wholly unnecessary tradition. [Sometimes, I think the obituaries should include a statement like "In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to cover the colossal cost of the funeral.]

e.g., "Okay, is this the part where the bad guy gets deadificated?" | "Hold up, everybody. Lissy: Nobody will be able to read your sign. And ... what does it say, anyway?" "Oh, it says 'CEASE THIS DIABOLICAL DEADIFICATION OF CETACEANS INFLATED OR EENSIE.' And on the other side, I put 'A SAPIENT HUMAN RATIONS THE CETACEANS.'" "Wow. Lissy ... I, um ..." "You don't like it? Sandy!: I worked on it for hours! I looked up all the words on that thesaurus page you showed me!" "No! No, Lissy: I think it's just great. Everyone is gonna remember this protest." "Really?" "Absolutely ... (Mike!)" "Sandy: what do you need? Are we ready?" "Um, yes and no: take some really clear shots of Lissy and her sign. Both sides. And take them to the_Daily Chronicle_office." "On it." "Well, at least we'll get some press." | "TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!" "It may go higher than that, depending on the cemetery costs." "ARE YOU MAD?: Where am I going to get $12,000?!! For a deadification?! It'd be cheaper to build a time machine and have him mummified!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

deadlion - Too late, expired, overdue.

e.g., Honey, I think that my library books are deadlion. | Would you pick me up a tin of truffles at the meat shop if the coupon isn't deadlion?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

deadphone, monophone - Headphones which have died due to internal cable breakage. Monophones have sound coming out of only one speaker.

e.g., I haven't listened to my CD player in a while because all I have are deadphones.

submitted by Mike Sacco

deafacacatated - Hearing loss caused by verbal nonsense -- BS, in other words.

e.g., After five minutes of Chris's opening remarks, Carol became deafacacatated.

submitted by Susan

deafecation - Teacher's reponse to one too many kindergartner's hand-raisings.

e.g., Practising deafecation, the teacher said, "WHAT, again? I won't HEAR of it!"

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

deafinition - A perceived meaning of a word, without regard for its true meaning.

e.g., According to his deafinition, “penultimate” means final since he always referred to the last of anything as the “penultimate.”

submitted by Nonesuch

dealiemashindig - Dealie-ma-shindig. A medium size festive gathering of friends who haven't seen each other in a while.

e.g., We gotta have a dealiemashindig before school starts up again.

submitted by Dan

dealy - For a word you can't remember.

e.g., Marge, where's that metal dealy you use to dig food?

submitted by Steve

dealy-bopper - A special thing, the right thing, just what you need to do the job.

e.g., This little dealy-bopper here cost me plenty, but I'll be an ace with it in my hands.

submitted by Steve McDonald

dealywompus - Like thingamajig and dooflinkie. Just a goofy word for something that you are struggling to explain. You can see yourself waving your hands around struggling to spit out the word that you can't think of so you use "dealywompus" out of frustration.

e.g., I had to use the . . . the . . . the . . . friggin' dealywompus to fix the damn doorknob.

submitted by gkel

deaned - Being discovered misbehaving by a dean at school, subsequently being punished and sad.

e.g., Sssshhh, guys, or we'll get deaned.

submitted by Rachel Olivecrona

deanificate - Holding forth as a dean.

e.g., Dennis was deanificated when he was told that if he didn't stop his practical jokes he would have to tend bar weekends at the dean's receptions.

submitted by Frank Mandriota

death polka - The leftover electrical impulses in the body after death cause the arms and legs to flail about. Most often seen in gruesome action flicks.

e.g., I watched in horror as Ramon's body did the death polka.

submitted by Arik9

death rattle - smoker's cough

submitted by Greg

death- - Prefix used before food item to imply that the item is spicy to the degree that you are unable to eat it

e.g., My roommate cooked me up a death-omelet and I thought it was a real waste of food.

submitted by ditnis

deathiversary - the anniversary of a death.

e.g., It's the deathiversary of my grandfather tomorrow.

submitted by Zoe

deathquest - A search for a product (usually trivial) that becomes difficult and aggravating, thus more important. The implication being that one will search without rest until successful, or until death.

e.g., We had a hard time agreeing which video to rent. It became a deathquest.

submitted by Scott Marchus

deathritis - Pain from arthritis so bad you want to die

e.g., Gladys barely made it to the meeting with her deathritis keeping her down until 9.

submitted by Treesbarc

deathstarity - Acrobatic ability to fire off looks that kill from most any position in nearly any situation.

e.g., Glowering over her shoulder while simultaneously eating an ice cream cone and combing the poodle, Amanda's exhibited deathstarity that left Heathcliff pale and whimpering.

submitted by wogerdodger

deathstyle - Like a lifestyle, but with a focus on the potential negative consequences of a pattern of behavior.

e.g., I used to be a smoker, but then I decided I needed a change of deathstyle.

submitted by Purple Martin

debasement - Mafia term for "cellar."

e.g., "Yo, Chooch -- remember the 'Prof' who got Guido very, very angry?" "He said he would never lower himself to such a manner of debasement." "Hey -- now he's there anyway!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

debatolatry - (Rhymes with key-state-ALL-a-tree; n.) The astoundingly shallow belief that watching a timed and televised debate somehow reveals (a) which candidate is better for the job of President or Vice-President (or Governor, or Senator, or Custodian, vel cet.); (b) the intricacies of the plans each candidate has for foreign policy and the economy in a way Jack and Jill Average can comprehend; (c) which candidate can analyze, weigh, and determine a safe course through deep philosophical differences with other nations and various factions within the United States. In reality, of course, such a debate accomplishes practically nothing with fence-sitters, panders to each candidate's already supporters, allows each side to create or avoid soundbites for informal campaign slogans, arms pompous pundits, and fives the political cartoonists pencil-fodder for a couple of weeks (sadly, the cartoonists are, for the most part, as firmly entrenched in their chosen parties as most of the voters, and the cartoons---one of the greatest (and most dangerous) tools of political commentary in history---are little more than the-other-guy-is-going-to-make-everything-worse eyebites).

e.g., Modern debatolatry began, perhaps, with the Kennedy vs Nixon debate in 1960. That business should have taught us something: when later polled, those who heard it on the radio said that Nixon had clearly won; those who saw the debate on television, however, said Kennedy had won. Political office should not be granted based on who looks better than the other; if so, Marilyn Monroe should have been in the audience while John Kennedy sang HER "Happy Birthday." Thinking on your feet is a great skill, much to be desired in a leader; knowing when it's time to pause and really think something through before reacting is an even better skill, especially when an issue requires deep reflection. But with a nation full of people who want everything done for them in a predictable little chunk of attention-span, you're ALWAYS gonna get de Neuvillette, not de Bergerac. You've just got to hope for a halfway decent support staff and a tolerable cabinet. Come to think of it, maybe we should really be voting for a Chief-of-Staff.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

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