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dawdlegag - To move amazingly slowly. A combined form of dawdle and lollygag.

e.g., We're already late, so don't dawdlegag.

submitted by Prolix Footle

dawg - A salutation teenage boys use with each other--inappropriate if used otherwise.

e.g., John: Hey, Dawg, what's up? Dawg (Lee, in this case): Nothin', J-man. Just toolin'.

submitted by Amy

dawgette - A female dog.

e.g., Mrs. West has a dawgette.

submitted by brittany

dawgnosin' - To go haphazardly but with intention, in the manner of your dog -- nose to ground, intent on getting there, but in your own time.

e.g., There is a direct route to Dalkey Island, but I prefer to go dawgnosin' over, taking in the Muglins on the way and maybe with some fishin' thrown in for good measure. Thanks to Adam Nicholson in 'Sea Room' for the illumination, if not the word. "There's nothing the dog disdains on his way, nevertheless he/ keeps moving, changing/ pace and approach but / not direction -- 'every step an arrival.'" Denise Levertov (US) "Over to the Islands"

submitted by Patrick Tynan

dawn patrol - Programmers who remain at their terminals throughout the night, working right into the next business day.

e.g., I'm exhausted. I was on dawn patrol last night.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

dawson's creek moment - A moment that is so sappy, romantic, or cheesy that it belongs on teeny-bopper TV, with bad pop music ballads playing in the background.

e.g., Heather and I had a Dawson's Creek moment last night.

submitted by Cuggy - (www)

day for night - Expression meaning someone has her sleeping and waking patterns mixed up; sleeping all day instead of at night. Originally from movies, where the film crew would often shoot a scene in the day depicting night, and vice versa.

e.g., I slept 'til two this afternoon. I am definitely day for night these days.

submitted by Paul

dayan ha’emet - (die-ON HA-em-ET; n.) Hebrew: "The True Judge" or "Judge of Truth." One of the titles of God, used here to mean "well, believe what you like, but ultimately, God will decide which of us has it right." It's a phrase used (carefully, so as not to inadvertently violate Commandment three) to mean you are giving up on an argument, but not conceding the point at issue. [This phrase comes from the Hebrew blessing recited by mourners at funerals: "Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha’olam dayan ha’emet" ('blessed art thou, Lord God, King of the Universe, the True Judge').]

e.g., Some people think it would be foolish, even dangerous to admit Puerto Rico as a state to the United States; others argue, vociferously, that it is not a good idea, but imperative. I say dayan ha'emet, however: let the people do as they will, and leave the results in the hands of God.

submitted by scott ellsworth

daycare - Behaving in a juvenile, scatalogical or stupid way as though you were in daycare with no home training.

e.g., Chris was ogling girls at the Death Cab show, so I told him to quit acting daycare.

submitted by Nick Jones

daycation - (n.) A day off, especially one involving a day trip. It may include an overnight stay, but only one day of work can be skipped. (Friday and Monday make the best daycations.)

e.g., Six straight 18-hour days is just too many for both actors and crew, so I've decided to give everyone Wednesday off as a daycation.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

daygogear - All the must-have stuff to get through to the end of the day. At home most of it goes missing overnight: cell phone, personal organiser, glasses, Kleenex, keys, office security tag. Daygogear hunting is a popular but stressful early morning pursuit.

e.g., It's 8.00am, I'm late, and of course, the daygogear picks that moment to go walkabout.

submitted by Patrick Tynan

daylights - The often bothersome phenomenon which occurs when a person is driving a car on a moderately wooded highway during the hours when the sun is rising or setting, causing a blinding flicker effect that makes driving even more difficult.

e.g., You've awakened early after a long night somewhere strange and you must return to your home. The emerging sun shines brightly through the cracks in the trees. Your eyes alternate between dilating and constricting. . . . You are experiencing daylights.

submitted by Naziel

daymare - A nightmare that is lived out in the light of day; a bad dream come true.

e.g., His daymare about her turned out to be far worse than any nightmare he could dream up.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

dayurnal - Occurring or active during the day.

e.g., Being dayurnal, I am usually most active during the daylight hours.

submitted by Ed Reynolds

daz - A zebra crossed (or mixeed) with a dog and a cat.

e.g., "OMG! That's the only Daz in the world!" said Zoe.

submitted by Me7676

dazlious - An exclamation of beauty and awe.

e.g., The dazlious golden-red sunshine poured in through the glass

submitted by Ryan Pendleton - (www)

dazyriffic - (adj.): to increase in quality and refinement over time.

e.g., Like a fine wine, the young congresswoman proved to be dazyriffic.

submitted by Andrew Pschirrer - (www)

dbc - Don't Be Cheap. Exclamation used when someone is being cheap...and you want to tell her not to be, but don't feel like spelling it out to them. Instead you use this acronym that she is clueless over and she wonders what you mean.

e.g., Situation: Chris drank your last beer and won't even offer to buy more when you mention that you are out of it. You: Ahh, I'm out of beer. Chris: That sucks. You: DBC!

submitted by penguin22 - (www)

dbs - Dumb Bitch Syndrome.

e.g., Your mom stole my liquor. She must suffer from DBS.

submitted by Eric

dcit - An acronym that stands for "don't call it that"; a running joke in the acclaimed TV series _Arrested Development_, first used by Michael Bluth to reprimand George Sr. for referring to Orange County as the "O.C." in the episode "For British Eyes Only." He does it again, only to GOB in "Making a Stand," and then again to Tobias in "S.O.B.s." It's now used to reprimand anyone who tries to coin an acronym or occasionally a turn of phrase that's unlikely to be widely adopted. In rare cases of abstraction, it is even used to reprimand someone who misapplies or misuses a term.

e.g., "Well, I saw it first in the "FBEO" episode." "What does FBEO mean?" "For British Eyes Only." "DCIT." {ED. Now do you understand what it means to use your new word, etc. in an example?}

submitted by L. J. Swingrover - (www)

ddr - Acronym for the dancing game by Konami, Dance Dance Revolution, which has been extended into a number of terms related to the game.

e.g., California has many good DDRtists, but Japan has the best. After dinner, we all went DDRing. Let's DDR.

submitted by Reynard

de bris - What's discarded after a ritual circumcision.

e.g., If debris makes you squeamish, I'd skip de bris if I were you.

submitted by wogerdodger

de minimis solis curat taguomo - (Pronounced to rhyme with "day-PIN-ih-miss-SOUL-kiss-BOO-not-cog-SLOW-mo"; Phrase) 1. Literally, "of trifles alone cares the taxman"---more colloquially, "The taxman cares only about [bureaucratic] minutiae"; 2. Metaphorically, a declaration that somebody is really being a seriously picky bean counter. [From the Latin _de_minimis_solis_curat_Lex_ "the law does not care about trifles." The word _taguomo_ is a conflation of _tagum_ (plural genetive of "tax" (had "tax" been of the same sort as "lex" and "rex")) and _homo_ (singular nominative Latin for "man." A _taguomo_, then, is the "taxman" from the Beatles' song "Sum ego Taguomo."]

e.g., "This itemization schedule is crazy! How am I ever gonna get through this? They want to know every single food purchase I bought on the company's dime! I don't remember that!" "Let me see ... Wow, you're right: 'de minimis solis curat taguomo.'" "What?" "I guess some people at the IRS are more anal than others."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

de-dirtify - Cleaning

e.g., Amanda de-dirtified the greasy surface.

submitted by Cat Bryant

de-funked - A way to describe something that was once in fashion, but now is not -- a now defunct trend, if you will.

e.g., Norma: What's happened to your Tamagotchi? Norman: I threw it out. Tamagotchis are de-funked now.

submitted by Sokky McSok

de-hottify - To go from extremely attractive, hot, and sexy to . . . to RoseAnne -- largely through gaining weight.

e.g., I was a babe in high school, but I thoroughly de-hottified when I had my baby.

submitted by ambyrle - (www)

de-mean - (v.) 1. To mitigate the hostility or nastiness in a given situation; 2. To temper the harshness in a document, e.g., a letter, a contract, vel cet.; 3. To ameliorate the attitude of one habitually cruel or hostile. Noun "de-meanor," Adjective "de-meaning" (ha ha) [An ironic re-use of the word "demean," the meaning of which is radically different from my "de-mean."]

e.g., I was so angry when I wrote that one legal opinion, another attorney had to de-mean it. | Dickens' A Christmas Carol is serious piece of de-meanor.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

de-nudulating - putting clothes on.

e.g., (On the phone)"...could you hold the line? I'm just de-nudulating myself..."

submitted by Aleezia

de-structions - Descriptions + instructions.

e.g., Read all destructions before assembling.

submitted by ReneeSkolar

deacon bluesit - To deliberately slur words when singing a song, because you don't know the correct lyrics. From Steely Dan's song Deacon Blues. Steely Dan's lyrics are often hard to understand at first listen.

e.g., If you don't have the 4th verse memorized by tomorrow nights gig, just Deacon Bluesit, and no one will know the difference.

submitted by Paul

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