ovarian beamacide - Legal term for the vaporizing of a male spouse by the female spouse utilizing her Ovarian Beam-O-Death. It is a particle beam emitted from the female's forehead with the force of 99 gazillion atmospheres delivered on the target male at six times the speed of a teenager answering a telephone. Usually happens when a noisy male tries to sneak into the couple's abode too late. No female has ever been prosecuted for this. Only known prevention of Ovarian Beamacide is for the male to have his genitals removed and thrown into the Mariana Trench. The Ovarian Beam-O-Death is only active for the five days leading up to the onset of menses.

e.g., Ken is missing and Lisa is suspected of Ovarian Beamacide. Only his Hiroshima blast shadow was left on the kitchen wall.

submitted by Mark C

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