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slavic - (SLAVE-ick; adj.) Of or pertaining to slaves or slavery.

e.g., Slavic punishments, throughout the history of slavery, have ranged from the rare mild rebuke at one end to the far more common imprisonment, beating, and torture at the other. | Slavic history is fairly horrible.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

titanical - (tie-TAN-ick-al; adj.) Of or pertaining to the Titanic (RMS Titanic, sank 2:20 am on 15 April 1912).

e.g., The Titanical cemetery is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. | The Titanical disaster was titanic, claiming over 1500 lives.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

pretendian - A person who pretends to be an Indian, that is, a Native American. Found in a comment to an article regarding the fuss about events that took place at the Lincoln Memorial on January 17. Activist Nathan Phillips confronted a student from a Covington, Kentucky, Catholic high schoool.

e.g., Like Liz "Pocahontas" Warren and Ward Churchill ... this dude is as likely as not, just another pretendian.

submitted by [PoliTech] - (www)

"quarantine-like" - "quarantine-like"

e.g., "quarantine-like"

submitted by "quarantine-like" - (www)

clinton's legacy - A society in which ten- to sixteen-year-olds (pre-adolescents and adolescents, children all) engage in all kinds of sexual activities and say what they are doing isn't sex.

e.g., Mom, what I'm doing is OK. It's part of Clinton's Legacy.

submitted by Lillith - (www)

sight - Site. A misspelling in an e-mail I received. Also, I presume, a fairly common misspelling for "cite."

e.g., "Is there a way to search the sight?"

submitted by Miss Speller

jewish lightning - An insurance fire -- i.e., a fire set deliberately in order to be able to collect insurance. Not at all as uncommon as you might like to think. Used by owners of failing business to bail themselves out of financial trouble.

e.g., "Yes, as small as the town was we had two movie theaters. Both prospered until the early 1950s when many residents got TVs. ... And both mysteriously burned down in the 1960s, corresponding with a further decline in theater goers. More than a few people thought the fires were instances of Jewish lightning.

submitted by Jewish lightning - (www)

dadabase - Suggested by a ytpoe for database. A dadabase is a database holding the names of men who might be the defendant in a paternity suit filed by a promiscuous woman who isn't sure which of several men is the father of her daughter. ... It's hard to find a non-pejorative term for a promiscuous woman, but nowhere near as difficult to find one for a promiscuous man. Several such terms can be found at the linked site. Most of them are words or terms I've never heard before.

e.g., Donna, are any of the men in your dadabase rich? Professional athletes? Rock stars? I think we should concentrate on them before throwing a wider net. No more than three, though.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

cusstormer - A customer so irate she starts cussing up a storm.

e.g., "Any music you choose to play while cusstormers are on hold is likely to piss off some of them, given the state of mind they're in. All I want to know when I'm put on hold (for a long time) is that the line hasn't gone dead. White noise will suffice for that, perhaps in the 55 - 60 dB range."

submitted by Magic Mike - (www)

tv - Television, of course. Usually capitalized: TV. One of the very few instances where your erstwhile Editrix Extraordinaire (aka LGB) is willing to give up the old ways of capitalizing abbreviations -- and side with the chat room and texting crowd and go with all lower case. "show us you can muster the energy to reach the shift key. text in all lowercase is hard for us to read; text in all uppercase will be rejected."

e.g., "From all the indignant noises I'm at least hearing emanating from the halls of Congress and the, hitherto 'Give Peace a Chance' crowd on cable tv I should think that heck, for all I know Congress could in a day or so round up enough votes to declare war on, not just the usual suspects of the Middle East but the whole world if that's so important."

submitted by Lillith Gordonna Bennett

pseudo-email - Also pseudoemail, pseudoe-mail, and pseudo-e-mail. E-mails sent to a mobile device via MMS or SMS gateways appear to be an e-mail to the sender and a text message to the receiver. Replies appear to be text messages to the mobile device user and e-mails on the other end. Some people are e-mailers while others are texters. Texters typically use so-called smartphones, while e-mailers use "computer" and … say, flip phones. Luddites use corded landlines

e.g., Please reply to confirm receipt. If you save, a future reply sends pseudo-email. Text to you; e-mail to me. Lets me save texts with images.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

talko - A "typo" is an error when typing; therefore, an error in voice recognition software should be called a "talko"...a nd for added amusement it resembles the word "taco." Maybe in the future the emoji of an actual 🌮 will be used in place of the word.

e.g., I could hardly understand what she was saying in her text because it had so many tacos.

submitted by Brian Kruschwitz - (www)

enneadocracy - (ee-nee-add-DOCK-crass-ee; n.) 1. Literally, "rule of nine", that is, investing government in a council of nine people; 2. control of the United States by its Supreme Court, a group of nine judges, which was never given power to determine constitutionality of anything, but awarded it to itself in Marbury vs. Madison (1803). One who celebrates or champions control by the Supreme Court is an "enneadocrat" (ee-nee-ADD-oh-crat). The Latin form is nonarchy"rule (by) nine" (nona- "nine" + archy "rule"), which can also be interpreted "out of control" (non- "not," "without" + archy "rule," "governance," "control")---just a thought. Cf. "Nazgul" herein. [From Greek εννεαδος enneados “a group of nine” + κρατια kratia “power,” on analogy with democracy “people power" (to whom the power really ought to be returned)]

e.g., The Constitution never envisioned the Supreme Court's usurpation of the legislative and executive powers and its establishment of an enneadocracy.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

notagonna - Not going to. It's only a three-character savings, but I need them to save newsprint.

e.g., " I realize that I must be obsessive-compulse -- neurotic? -- for doing that, but that's notagonna stop me."

submitted by Lillith - (www)

linkaholic - A person addicted to sending links.

e.g., I admit to being a linkaholic -- even though I realize people rarely take links in e-mails. Of course, as my son said to me in the noughts, "You could blog."

submitted by HD Fowler

step-hell - (n.) The world from the point of view of us leg amputees, where every house has multiple levels, and every front door has stairs leading up to it, hard to navigate on the best days, even in a prosthetic leg, and impossible in a wheelchair.

e.g., I live in step-hell: no one builds ramps; everyone has to have stairs ... everywhere.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

countical - (adj.) Concretely countable; of or pertaining to a set of discretely enumerable things.

e.g., Factories usually turn out (literal) tons of countical goods. | Dogs and trucks are countical; jello and milk are not, unless packed in separate, countical containers.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

gthese - These. The g is silent. Created to accommodate ytpos -- my own, in particular. In general, the prefix g can be added to the spelling of any word without affecting the way the word is pronounced. Works particularly well with words that already start with g.

e.g., gthese

submitted by Miss Speller. - (www)

acidulicious - (a-SID-yu-LISH-us; adj.) Tasty and tangy like an orange: slightly sour but delicious. [From acidulous "slightly sour" + delicious.]

e.g., Wow, this lemonade is acidulicious. Truly.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

arboromorphic - (AR-bor-o-MOR-fik; adj.) 1. Shaped like a tree; 2. reminiscent of a tree. [From Latin arbor "tree" + Greek morphe "shape."]

e.g., From space, river deltas are arboromorphic: they have a trunk and branches and everything. | Broccoli is oddly arboromorphic; in fact, some have used it to fill in for trees in miniature landscapes. | I have heard it said that the ents in the Lord of the Rings movies are not anthropomorphic trees; that makes them, I guess, arboromorphic ... trees.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fict - (v.) To make something up, especially a lengthy, detailed something. [From "fiction."]

e.g., As a young father, I ficted hours of stories for my children about an evil, backward Superman called Nam Repus. | It's sad, but some kids tend to excuse themselves by lying, ficting alibis to escape parental punishment.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nidiculous - A misspelling of the real word 'nidicolous." | From Wikipedia: "A nidicolous animal is an animal that stays at its birthplace for a long time because it depends on its parents for food, protection, and the learning of survival skills. They are the opposite of nidifugous species, which leave their parents more quickly and survive independently." (Will change Wikipedia wording to match.)

e.g., Some of my friends have gone from being nidiculous to being ridiculous.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

cordeal - (core-DEAL; intr. v.) 1. To speak the truth despite its having devastating, even catastrophic consequences; 2. to remain loyal or loving despite monstrous betrayal; 3. to return to assist someone who has turned from you or betrayed you purely out of loyalty; 4. to be brutally honest, even if it hurts the speaker or the hearer. [From Shakespeare's King Lear, who demands that his three daughters (Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia) vie to declare which loves him best. Cordelia refuses, and Lear disowns and banishes her; she nevertheless returns and attempts to save her father after Goneril and Regan rebel and usurp the royal authority.] (cf. "Learize," "Gonerillify," and "Reganate.")

e.g., If you read the whole of Perrault's Cinderella, you discover that Cinderella cordeals amazingly, finding wealthy husbands for her cruel stepsisters and taking no vengeance on he evil stepmother.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

stumthing - A cross between stuff and something. This word is used to describe something vague that can't quite be remembered or readily identified.

e.g., There is stumthing I really like about this place ... I'm not sure what it is, but it's stumthing. | I have stumthing caught in my throat. | There is stumthing on my windshield and I can't get it off.

submitted by Chris Moran - (www)

bumblethumb - When you superlike on Tinder by accident after spending a day on Bumble.

e.g., Damn, I bumblethumbed. I swiped up and superliked someone when I was just trying to see her pics. I wasn't even interested, not really.

submitted by Patrick Dorn - (www)

bellet - An art form combining the moves of ballet and the belly dance. Capitalization recommended as a proper name.

e.g., Let's go to the Bellet tonight.

submitted by Wade Hodges - (www)

graycade, greycade - The period, corresponding approximately with the 2010s, characterized by gray paint and other materials in architecture and interior design.

e.g., In this decade we've seen gray everything (cars, kitchens, etc.) and also too many annoying blended words like "staycation." Thus it might as well be remembered as the graycade.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon - (www)

tv - Television, lower-cased abbreviation. In general, I'm opposed to the way the English language is being diminished by the use of chat room talk and texting. However, I'm ready to make my first disgruntled and hesitant step into the 21st century and its obsession with so-called smart devices. You must admit that, for a typist whose skills are rapidly waning, not having to use the shift key is, indeed convenient.

e.g., "Even though ads on tv claim that one in five 'relationships' start on the Internet today, the probablilty that that will ever happen with me is infinitesimally small -- virtually zero. Perhaps slightly greater -- maybe close to the probability that matter will escape a black hole. Do you realize that eventually, over time, a black hole will disappear?" "Dad, doesn't time cease to exist in a black hole? If it does, I'm a bit puzzled by the notion of a black hole 'disappearing over time.' Aren't you?" "Well, now that you mention it, son, I guess I am. ... Back to the drawing board." "Dad, I think there's a TED talk on this very subject." "Ted the Bear? I didn't know he was still around. Or that he could talk. Wonder of wonders."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-link - A link to the pseudodictionary, especially a link to a word in the lexicon.

e.g., The link given for this entry is a pseudo-link.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

trendsnob - /trend-snob, trenz-nob/ n.: a person who holds in contempt styles that are no longer in fashion and looks condescendingly on those who do not follow current trends.

e.g., I saw my childhood home listed on a real-estate website, and cried because some trendsnob ruined it with so-called updates.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

gemus - People who must complete or finish any game that they started playing.

e.g., Ethan isn't just a boy who loves video games but he's such a gemu sometimes that he doesn't even sleep or eat because of his obsession.

submitted by Micah

redogulous - A descriptive word for times when your dog is being ridiculous.

e.g., Jett Washington being redogulous when she wanted my attention while I was on the phone.

submitted by TerryLynn Johnson

mickey mouse's adventure is playing out with trump's hollywood s - Mickey Mouse's adventure is playing out with Trump's Hollywood star. Trump-haters, using a pickaxe, rather than Mickey's axe, destroyed Trump's star, only to have it multiply. Bigly.

e.g., Mickey Mouse's adventure is playing out with Trump's Hollywood star. Trump-haters, using a pickaxe, rather than Mickey's axe, destroyed Trump's star, only to have it multiply. Bigly.

submitted by Mickey Mouse's adventure is playing out

inciteful - Insightful.

e.g., "Your mini op ed is shockingly inciteful!" [John Dawson]

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

vehicularly disinclined - Abhorrence of or for automotive work/repairs.

e.g., Steve is vehicularly disinclined. He throws wrenches in the street while cussing profusely as he changes a tire.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

eclecstacy - The satiation felt when things from all over come together.

e.g., The furnishings of this room give me great eclecstasy.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

absolute insanity - Any speech or actions you can't understand at all.

e.g., My childrens' absolute insanity may be due to a generation gap.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

isolatude - The quiet you get inside your head when you obey your reclusive behavior. Isolitude.{Duplicate}

e.g., I like the islolatude I get when I stay the hell away from people.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

fractofragmentannoyance - The desperation you feel inside your head after a while of obeying your reclusive behavior.

e.g., After a few weeks of solitude, my fractofragmentannoyance starts to eat at my soul.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

crumbage - Where all the extra flavospice hides in a bag of chips, box of cookies, etc. What's left in the bottom of the container.

e.g., I like the crumbage; it's most tasty.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

overspiceage grandioso - Something like adding 3/4 cup of cumin to your two lbs. of potato salad.

e.g., When I put the 15 habaneros in my salsa I had no idea it would be overspiceage grandioso.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)


submitted by

beh - A filler word like "ummm." Curiously, today is the blogger's 35th birthday. The example is an exact replication of what was blogged some 17 years ago, with the exception of the quotation marks. Trying to read something written like that gives me a headache. {Duplicate.} {ED. Note: Have lost the ability to write paragraphs separated by a blank line. Didn't need to for this example -- the writer ran everything together just the way it appears here.}

e.g., "Monday, July 02, 2001Song: A Place For My Head (Linkin Park) Heh a Linkin Park day today!!! My friends think it's weird I like them cause I don't look like the kind of person that would be listening to them....but oh well!! I listen to all kinds of music..well sorta...I listen to music if I like the way it sounds...hell I even listen to rap if it sounds good, like Missy Elliot's new single...beh I can't remember the name of the song. Hmmm anyways...I got my comic up!! yay!!!...I think I'm getting some what none in the world of the online artist....but that's ok I'm on the level I enjoy being somewhat unknown..beh I got used to it in high school...I speak of it as if it was soo long ago it was only a month ago I graduated lol. Oh yeah the other day some one thought I was a foreigner beh...I left out words when I was was an accident I was too hyper.....they thought I was japanese just because I don't have an american accent when I speak japanese....they asked 'are you hakujin??' ,me 'no I'm american'" ,them' no no hakujin!! kokujin to nihonjin no mix!!' ,me 'chigau!!!! americanjin!!! kokujin to turkishjin!!' ,them' ..............Nihongo umai jan!! nihonjin mitai dana' , me *shin~~~~* thinks 'shiteru zo!! mou shijiranai!!' 'domo'.....beh it was soo weird lol heh sometimes I wish that would happen more often so I could pratice japanese more..but ther arent' many japanese people in the city I live in..... "

submitted by Lillith - (www)

buttface - Having the phone in your pocket accidentally FaceTime someone without your being aware of it. Similar to butt dialing, but more tech savvy stylistically.

e.g., Fred: Hang on for a minute, Ted. I have to take this call. ... Crap, there's no one there -- or it's someone in a cave. Ted: "Who called?" Fred: "Our old friend Jim." Ted: "Ah so. I call him Jim the Luddite. It's not just that he didn't come along with us into the 21st century; he regressed to the 19th century. He just buttfaced you, Fred. He does that to me all the time. We were better off when all he had was an analog phone line with a long cord."

submitted by Andy - (www)

testymony - Testimony given grudgingly by someone who shows how annoyed she is for having been called to testify. People who testyfy instead of testifying are not only hard to get along with, they're also hard to believe."

e.g., "Did you watch Peter Strzok when he testified before that congressional committee last week?" "I watched maybe thirty seconds of it, then went back to streaming a movie. I could tell watching would just piss me off." "You missed a doozy. What Strzok did was testyfy rather than testify. I've never seen anyone act the way he did after swearing to tell the truth. I hope I'm not around to see something like that happen again."

submitted by testymony

nextopia - Not the same as utopia -- a utopia being a society where everything is in harmony and ideologically well-structured. Nextopia differs from utopia because all we ever get to is the next quick fix.

e.g., Our government never seems to make any progress towards coming up with long-term solutions for society's major problems. The best we ever get are changes that put us on the road to nextopia.

submitted by anonymous

political hacknostics - Politicians who have no belief in America or the American political system but are involved in public office strictly for personal gain and aggrandizement.

e.g., You see them in the House. They're in the Senate. They're the political hacknostics with no faith in America and no desire in passing legislation that improves and benefits Democracy. They blindly vote their party line, while currying favors to gain seats on more powerful committees. Their dedicated goal is to be reelected,for the power, prestige and personal benefits of office are great indeed. To that end, they keep a public image of constituent support and effectiveness, greeting all with hand shakes and smiles, while privately they wear their cynicism on their sleeves. The beliefs they do own are for the two pillars of politics: Patronage and Perks. They are the shame of America.

submitted by Chaflie Lesko - (www)

voice vandalizer - The name for the voice analyzing software of any smart phone that misunderstands what you have said while texting which absolutely necessitates that you proofread before sending.

e.g., While dictating a text message I said, "evidently," and the voice vandalizer came back with "ever Denteley." I 'd look like an idiot if I didn't realize that before I sent the text.

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

redpill - From the movie _The Matrix_: "The pills represent a choice we have to make between accepting the truth of reality (red pill), which could be harsh and difficult, and maintaining our blissful ignorance of the world (blue pill), which is way more comfortable."

e.g., "And lately some of those channels have become rallying points for white nationalists and white supremacists looking to redpill users in discussions around contentious, already-politicized news events."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

illegaler - More illegal. A variant of the comparative form of the base word.

e.g., "Illegal guns have always been with us. A moment's thought should clarify that new laws won't change that. (If criminals get their guns illegally now, is a new law supposed to make them even illegaller?)"

submitted by [Daniel Schwartz] - (www)

demobbed - Demobilized from active duty in the military. {Duplicate}

e.g., "After being demobbed, he then completed his training at the Central School of Speech and Drama."

submitted by [Richard Vernon] - (www)

pac-man - Pac-man: To reduce a large task, job or mission into small and manageable bite-sized pieces. These small bite-sized pieces of a project can later be assembled to form a completed task, job or mission.

e.g., Mr. Chivo Expiatorio knew that the many illegal charges laid against him would require him to adopt a pac-man approach in researching, reading, and understanding the legal process. Bite by researched bite, digested pieces by reading pieces, his fueling would come from his consumed power pellets that would drive his understanding of the legal process.

submitted by Albert D. Pereira - (www)

demwit - A Democrat who is, by definition, a dimwit.

e.g., Like most demwits, you have no logical inference skills.

submitted by [NicolasBourbaki] - (www)

covfefe - Coverage.

e.g., President Trump tweeted, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe...."

submitted by [President Donald Trump] - (www)

adult - Verb: to behave like an adult; to take care of yourself and your own affairs. ... I'm not sure Henry Watson Fowler had in mind going this far when he said, "After all, it is an ancient and valuable right of the English people to turn their nouns into verbs when they are so minded."

e.g., "With student loans, exams, and having to start adulting, no wonder college kids need a good cry every once in a while."

submitted by [Christina Flygstad] - (www)

chicken escamilla - Stolen chicken. Specifically, chicken stolen in Cameron County, Texas, over a nine-year period.

e.g., "Gilberto Escamilla said, 'It started small and got bigger and out of control. ... The total value of the fajitas, which were stolen during a nine-year period, was $1,251,578. That figure does not include the brisket, pork chops, sausage, and various types of chicken Escamilla also admitted to stealing, court testimony revealed.'"

submitted by HD - (www)

smackular degeneration - The decline in societal good behavior by the generations whose parents "spared the rod and spoiled the child."

e.g., Have you noticed that young adults have no respect for their elders, for polite discourse. for tradition and common values? With the abolishment of a parent's hand applied firmly against a stubborn, rebellious, non-sensible young child's backside, we've lost the educational power of parental discipline. Young adults have grown up to believe that they know everything. Is the new employee who now works next to you, stubborn, disrespectful, and a real "wise ass?" Blame "smackular degeneration!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

different's - Difference.

e.g., "Had Hillary just stayed in the woods, Comey coming out about her two weeks before the election made no different's."

submitted by [thattheticket] - (www)

ad hok - Ad hoc: Unplanned, for one specific case.

e.g., Dag • 16 hours ago Clearly there is no justice in America at least not the famous one with the blind lady justice statue. In this Banana Republic with its partisan corrupt law enforcement the are no laws protecting those who are not affiliated with the left and there are wide discretionary ad hok rules specifically made up to protect the left. There are kangaroo courts with judges that make up laws and apply them to whomever they do not like as they see is approaching the biblical Sodom.

submitted by [Dag] - (www)

cuck - Short for cuckold, a man whose wife has sex with other men. Apparently there are many men who encourage the behavior, so it's not always right to call it cheating. A woman whose husband has sex with other women is know as a cuckquean.

e.g., "[Hillary Clinton's] only qualifications for public office were her genitals and the fact that she didn't divorce Bill Clinton, no matter how many times he cheated on her, and it wasn't enough. Her decades of lies and duplicity and power-hungry striving brought her just short of the finish line. That's a continuing source of relief, even for a cuck RINO #NeverTrump traitor like me. ... The Dems backed a candidate who was so awful that she lost to THAT guy, and they just can't seem to accept that they did this to themselves." || You-know-who is not only the first woman to make a serious challenge in a run for President of the United States, she's also the first cuckquean to do so.

submitted by Lillith - (www)

coonspiracy - A conspiracy, as carried out by raccoons. Heard about the Halloween prank of outhouse-tipping from my grandparents. They had a concrete walk going to their outhouse -- still there until I was about eight years old, but no longer used. They had a concrete cistern to collect rainwater for indoor use in the days before city water was piped in. The cistern was a cylinder about ten feet tall and ten feet in diameter. Its walls were about six to eight inches thick. In later years a door was blasted in it and shelves were built so it could be used to store home-grown potatoes. It doubled as a tornado shelter in case one was ever needed.

e.g., "Given the way outhouses in my neighborhood have been getting tipped over lately, I have no doubt that it's the result of a coonspiracy that started last Halloween."

submitted by Miss Speller

mathermatics - Arithmetic as practiced by hip-hop stylist Marshall Mather aka Eminem.

e.g., "Slamming President Trump is very popular with my fans. According to my mathermatics, my new album should sell 6 million copies."

submitted by Miss Speller

hipocracy - Government by hipsters, the hip.

e.g., "The hipocracy and projection are stunning."

submitted by HD - (www)

tone policing - "Tone policing is a term used in the social justice warrior set for a 'silencing;'tactic the privileged use on the oppressed. A tone-policing exchange might go something like this:"

e.g., "Campus Feminist: I am pretty darn fired up about the lack of sculpture from a feminist perspective in the student union. It makes me want to smash things. | Campus Bro: Hey, lets keep it calm so we can have a productive conversation. Youd catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar." | Campus Feminist: Stop tone policing me, dude.

submitted by HD - (www)

lawndry - Time consuming, repetitive outdoor work.

e.g., Like "doing the laundry," which requires collecting the dirty clothes, sorting, then putting each load in the washing machine; transferring the wash to the drier; then folding the clean clothes and putting them away, each and every week(!), the "lawndry" entails the same, dull, repetitive, time killing chores for the outdoors of a homeowner. Maybe it's time to move to an apartment or a condo?

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

lonvici - When you think a place is long away from here but it is not quite. Vici, - from the Latin near.

e.g., I thought coming to your house would be lonvici, but that's not the case as I found it to be very near.

submitted by Rocco Di Matteo - (www)

amigal - (uh-MEE-gull; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to friendship; 2. friendly. [From Spanish amigo "friend" + -al adjectival ending.]

e.g., It is best to maintain amigal relations with your peers. | At the pet store, I bought an amigal beagle as a companion.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

imp pact - The venerable ancient agreement that allows those irksome little denizens of the Nether World to inflict, for their amusement, stupid but embarrassing pranks on Humankind. Examples: spilling coffee all over the front of one's shirt, or finding your trouser fly unzipped at work.

e.g., "Okay, Steve, your hands and arms waving at me are intended to get my attention and tell me something so serious that it's worth interrupting my important presentation to these 300 hundred top engineers of our company. So...what is it?" "Imp pact barn what?" "Barn door, what?" "Oh...Barn door, open???...Oh...OHH...OHHHH!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

ignoranouse - Ignoranus.

e.g., "I don't like supporting uninsured ignoranouses because of stupid choices they make in life."

submitted by [D Mason] - (www)

om inous - A feeling of doom that persists even while doing your Yoga exercises and your self calming morning chanting.

e.g., Driving to work, Homer had his second om inous episode as he saw the truck bearing down on him.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

modeluscious - Used to refer to a luscious model -- of the female variety.

e.g., "Columnist Jimmie Fiedler reports: 'commercial photographer Paul Hesse and modeluscious Elyse Knox are engaged...'"

submitted by HD - (www)

scrumalilcious - Scrumptious and delicious.

e.g., Your lemon meringue pie was scrumalicious.

submitted by Judii Evans - (www)

expediate - Expedite. Heard the example this morning.

e.g., "Kansas congressman Kevin Yoder 'expediated the process' of getting a visa for a Nigerian woman so she could come to San Antonio to watch her son play in the Final Four."

submitted by Miss Speller

prog dog - Unkindly: a progressive son-of-a-bitch. More kindly: someone on the left end of the political spectrum -- who could aptly be referred to as barking mad or barking at the moon.

e.g., "A lot of this can be reversed, of course, but, for now, the Trump Caravan moves on even as the assorted prog dogs grow hoarse from barking."

submitted by [W. Lewis Amselem] - (www)

virtue signaling - Show and blow about making things better while actually doing nothing -- or actually making things worse.

e.g., "In a post written long, long ago (March 12, 2012), I noted that under the late and unlamented Obama/Clinton foreign affairs team, 'There is no foreign policy coming from the White House, except a default position of apology, appeasement, and accommodation.' It was all just show, what now would be called 'virtue signaling.' Not all of that, of course, was the fault of Obama or Clinton or her even more despicable successor, John 'Christmas in Cambodia' Kerry. There is a culture at State which I described as revolving around public displays of affection for the Secretary; more than that, it is based upon open adoration of the Secretary, who quickly becomes an almost mythical figure possessed of unbounded wisdom and insight. What we have, in other words, is a diluted version of North Korea. You go to staff meetings, and they ring with statements, such as 'the Secretary has said,' 'the Secretary wants,' and 'the Secretary was right on point this morning.' You have not seen grown people -- mostly men -- try to outdo themselves praising the Dear Leader until you have gone to a morning meeting at State chaired by somebody who just attended a prior staff meeting chaired by the Secretary. As the kids say, 'OMG!' People you thought reasonable lose all reason, all critical faculties as they rush to appear the Most Loyal Servant of the Secretary. These are supposed to be Americans, defenders of the Great Republic, but you expect them to break into Anna's song, absent the irony, 'Yes, Your Majesty; no, Your Majesty.Tell us how low to go, Your Majesty; make some more decrees, Your Majesty; don't let us up off our knees, Your Majesty. Give us a kick, if you please, Your Majesty. Give us a kick, if you would, Your Majesty Oh, That was good, Your Majesty!'"

submitted by [W. Lewis Amselem]

leadership - The ship leading the convoy.

e.g., "Which ship will the President be on?" "The leadership, of course."

submitted by HD

sound byte - Sound bite. The example comes from "How Lexicological Inventionaryism Became So Popularish (Hint: It was Almostly Subliminable)" in EastWesterly Review. {Duplicate.}

e.g., "No one ever accused English of not accepting new words, but three speakers have certainly tried to stretch the language to the breaking. James Joyce, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and George W. Bush have all done their part to make the invention of new words an acceptable art form. Yet the potential for misunderstanding increases with each creation and, depending on one's position, that misinterpretation could be deadly. | "The proclivity towards linguistic innovation is nothing revolutionary, but it does seem to be indulged in more often these days. Part of this is likely due to the arrival of the sound byte, and grammatical and lexical mistakes by figureheads are often replayed constantly in a show of media superiority. New words thus enter the collective unconscious and, instead of being mocked as errors, eventually gain credibility simply by public acceptance and familiarity."

submitted by [Hillary Hardcore] - (www)

lass reunion - What you have when the class members from an all-girls school get together for a reunion. ... Or, a class reunion that occurs after all the males in the class have died.

e.g., MB: "Jay, do you think you'll be coming to our 70th anniversary class reunion next year?" Jay: "Not if you-know-who will be there. Ugh, he really turned into a creep, didn't he?" MB: "No, he didn't. You're wrong about that." Jay: "C'mon. Surely you're not going to tell me you don't agree with me that he's a creep." MB: "Oh, he's a creep all right. But he didn't 'turn into a creep.' He's always been a creep. You just didn't notice it before." Jay: "Ah, I see your point." MB: "You do realize, don't you that he's somehow managed to outlive all the other boys in our class. Hard to believe, given all the things he had wrong with him at our 60th: two widowmaker heart attacks, diabetes, prostate cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer--" Jay: "He has colon cancer? I didn't know that. When was he diagnosed with it?" MB: "Sometime between when we saw him in October and Thanksgiving." Jay: "He didn't tell me." MB: "Well, he didn't tell _me_ until mid-March, right before our Easter weekend reunion. He said he tried to tell you several times, but you wouldn't talk to him anymore. Not after he sent me that stupid gag e-mail, the one that made me think you were seriously ill. I was ready to kill him when he told me 'dasypygal' meant having hair-covered buttocks. ... I wouldn't have found out either, but there was no one else he could talk to. And he made me swear on a Bible -- he actually insisted that I use my family Bible -- that I wouldn't tell you until after he was dead -- or until our 70th reunion. I think we're close enough now that he won't get mad at me. ... You do realize that after he dies, what we'll be having is lass reunions?

submitted by Walter Dejanym - (www)

snoop latin - Yet Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre protégé, reached millions more. His lexical stylings remind one more of a language than simply word creation. What I call "Snoop Latin" involves inserting "-izz" or "-izzay" into previously established (often monosyllable) words. Thus a profanity dealing with excretion becomes shiznit, drive becomes drizzive, and fake becomes fizzake. Snoop Latin can be used in a similar method as Pig Latin: profanities can slip by censors when coded into a foreign language. Bizznatch, another Dogg concoction, works on multiple levels not unlike the multitudinous examples from Finnegan's Wake, indicating both bitch and snatch in an unified word using "-izz" as glue between the two ideas. Again, the word slips by the censors.

e.g., "Yet Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre protege, reached millions more. His lexical stylings remind one more of a language than simply word creation. What I call 'Snoop Latin'' involves inserting '-izz' or '-izzay' into previously established (often monosyllable) words. Thus a profanity dealing with excretion becomes shiznit, drive becomes drizzive, and fake becomes fizzake. Snoop Latin can be used in a similar method as Pig Latin: profanities can slip by censors when coded into a foreign language. Bizznatch, another Dogg concoction, works on multiple levels not unlike the multitudinous examples from Finnegan's Wake, indicating both bitch and snatch in an unified word using '-izz' as glue between the two ideas. Again, the word slips by the censors."

submitted by [Hillary Hardcore] - (www)

quandry - Quandary: "state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options."

e.g., A fundamental tenet of a sane legal system has to be that people caught breaking the law do not benefit from their crimes. Corollary: Children who come to the United States with their illegal alien parents should not benefit from their parents' crime(s). At the same time, justice demands that children not be punished for what their parents do. It's a quandry, isn't it?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

tick - Tic.

e.g., "In _The Silence of the Lambs_, Anthony Hopkins gave his character, Hannibal Lecter, several unscripted ticks that ended up becoming integral to the film."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

forded - The time in a man's life when, either through having a family and needing more room, or because of aging and losing vital reaction time, the man is forced to give up his beloved sports car and buy a Ford station wagon.

e.g., Goodbye zero to sixty in five seconds. Goodbye racing around twisting mountain roads at 85 mph. Goodbye leaving Pinsky, our snooty neighbor and his Pinto way back in the dust at our local traffic light. Goodbye forever, Elsa, my gorgeous sweetheart German BMW. My doctors and family have gotten together and insist that I'm too old for that type of driving. I've been Forded!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

sleepy hide - As you grow older, the increasing skin and body twitches that signal it's late and time for you to go to bed.

e.g., My eyes and face may not show it, but there's a nerve dancing behind my ear, and a persistent throbbing in my left calf. They're my sleepy hide warnings that it's after 10:00 p.m. Good night!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

gaudiophemia - (n.) 1. a. Repeated expressions of joy; b. a series of ecstatic outbursts; 2, a tendency to use jubilant interjections in one's speech.

e.g., "Wow! Yes! Hooah!" "I know you're glad you aced the test, Scott, but save the gaudiophemia until after class."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

suckless - (adj.) 1. Not bad (as in "it does not suck"); 2. satisfactory; not suffering from obvious flaws or failures; 3. (facetious) good.

e.g., "What did you think of my performance?" "Suckless." "Gee, thanks."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

fur stration - The emotional turmoil an owner of a long haired cat or dog has, in dealing with his pet's loose strands.

e.g., It's worse in the Spring. I walk into my house, and Butter's soft, golden hair is starting to cover everything --- the furniture, the rug, the sport jacket I just brought back from the cleaners. Those floating strands are wafting slowly in the air around me and are landing on my head, on my face, in my eyes, achoo! On the terrible fur stration of a long haired pet owner!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

begrizzled - What he is when a man is sick and in the hospital and cannot shave: begrizzled.

e.g., The begrizzled one is still sick.

submitted by yvonne harris - (www)

himit - Gender specific appellation for a male recluse, ae opposed to the female, hermit.

e.g., To be honest, the sex of a himmit, or a hermit, isn't normally socially significant.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

anti-misogynistic - The feeling a guy gets towards his girl when he's obviously screwing something up and she is pointing it out to him. Humility is the remedy for this problem.

e.g., When Steven's girlfriend is pointing out obvious flaws in his personality, he doesn't like it and so he gets frustrated pretty quickly ... and becomes misogynistic. Steven could stand a big dose of an anti-misogynistic syrup.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky - (www)

anti-romance - The things you do as a guy that really piss your girl off: e.g. telling her what to do or how to do something.

e.g., Stephen likes to tell his girlfriend what to do and how to do it but then, maybe there's a word equivalent to anti-romance for girlfriends with their boyfriend. {ED. Steve, I think the word may be anti-rowomance.}

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky - (www)

all-go-rhythms - A simple, convenient explanation for the workings of complex, modern technology when you don't know the answer.

e.g., "Grandson, you're asking me how Amazon's Alexa was able to play my request for Blind Willie Anderson's old, obscure blues song without one little bit of hesitation? It's very simple: it's because of today's technical use of all-go-rhythms!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

acusstic - Combining the word "cuss" and "acoustic" -- audible swearing.

e.g., The President is known for his accustic meetings. Swearing to release stress and tension is something we all do.

submitted by Danny Kostyshin - (www)

farked up - A variant of the f-word, suitable for use when discussing the humor site for teenage ne'er-do-wells and wannabes:

e.g., If you visit and then try to get any work done, what you do will invariably be all farked up.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

racka-racka - A term used to describe any stereotypical voodoo character in pop culture

e.g., "Who's your favourite SF character?" "Dhalsim. He's such a Racka-Racka."

submitted by Mac

apologizt - Apologist, for those Americans who are spelling snobs and insist that British Commonwealth spellings are superior to American spellings.

e.g., Sandbox Jim may be my longest-surviving friend, but of late he's become a spelling snob to complement his being a pronunciation snob. I recently told him he has become an apologizt for all things American.

submitted by apologizt - (www)

menstral - Slang (physiology): of or relating to menstruation or menses. Word has evolved from menstrual to ease the tongue/lip/mouth motion involved with multiple vowel vocalizations.

e.g., She went all menstral on me when I asked her where my supper was.

submitted by Don Bethune

fivedayitis - The inability of an employee to complete a full work week

e.g., I can't believe she's taken another day off. It's a classic case of fivedayitis. I don't think she's ever done a full week's work.

submitted by Saqib Khan - (www)

convent shun all - The common and many locations where groups of nuns live and work, in retreat from the world.

e.g., See that building with grape arbors and working fields? Don't bother going there -- it's convent shun all.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

oh! bese - An individual's condition of weight and girth of such size as to elicit a comment (whether voiced aloud, or not).

e.g., "Well, hello there!" (Oh! bese. My God, he must weigh 600 pounds! His immense weight on the sofa he's sitting on makes him an immutable part of that furniture!). "No, don't bother trying to get up to shake my hand, just sit back!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

snoodle - Verb, pronounced "snoodle" or schnoodle." A combination of snuggle, cuddle, and coo. Most often done to calm, console, or bond with a child or small animal. A snoodler is one who really enjoy or often engages in snoodling.

e.g., "What are you doing inside the playpen?" "The baby had a nightmare. I'm snoodling him until he goes back to sleep." | The brown kitten is my favorite. He's such a snoodler.

submitted by Deborah Cech - (www)

consent tration - The act of a person who focuses his mind and will on convincing another person to agree with him or to do his bidding.

e.g., Okay, Sweetie, close your eyes and listen to me. Let's get our minds involved with consent tration. Even though I'm ugly and you say you hate me, our minds keep telling us that you love me. It's true, isn't it Sweetie? You really love me, don't you, Sweetie? Your mind keeps telling you that you do love me,doesn't it, Sweetie? Sweetie?

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

identocracy - A political system in which identity is the primary criterion

e.g., The final stage of the former United States of America was its fracturing into Identocracy.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

idiosyncracy - Idiosyncrasy. A word I'm misspelled so many times I can't count 'em. The link to Google Books Ngram Viewer shows that both spellings were once used about equally.

e.g., For future reference -- an idiosyncracy of mine: If you "reply" to an e-mail I've sent, please don't use the Reply button. Use Forward instead: Forward includes the original e-mail in its entirety, including attachments and headers. That way I can strip off Fwd when I save your reply, overwriting the earlier version and saving the entire "conversation" in one file. This might not work well for people in business or government, but it serves my mundane purposes very well. Thanks for your consideration.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

nsfd - Not Safe for Democrats. A label or tag used to indicate that a site being linked to is likely to have material that will offend (highly partisan) Democrats. The final letter can be varied: R for Republicans, L for liberals, C for conservatives, P for politicians, etc. The convention is especially useful for sending short links to family and friends.

e.g., "Dammit, HD, what the hell were you thinking of when you sent me a short link to a polemic at The least you could have done was label it NSFD." "Sorry, Lillith, I got you mixed up with your sister Lilith."

submitted by HD Fowler

bona fido - (BOW-na FIE-doh (rhymes with OWN-a-PIE-dough (In actual Latin OWN-a-FEE-dough)); n.) 1. Pseudo-Latin for "good dog." (Actually, "fido" is Latin for "I trust," but it's commonly thought of as a dog's name: educated dog-owners named their watchdogs "fido" as in "faithful" or "trustworthy.") Also, facetiously, 2. a dog bone (as in "bone of dog").

e.g., "This is Gus. He's a mastiff. He's my bona fido." | "Let's give him a hambone as a bona fido."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ontalgia - (on-TAL-gee-uh; n.) 1. The existential pain of being; 2. suffering as a result of existence; 3. the pain of the human condition. [From Greek ontos "being" + algein "to feel pain."]

e.g., The melancholy in such pieces as Byron's "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" is a manifestation of the universal ontalgia.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

oroneiro - (oh-row-NAY-row; n.) 1. A dream about a mountain, traditionally interpreted as an image of facing or of overcoming great difficulty; 2. Something (or somebody) representing or embodying either a significant difficulty or its solution. [From the Greek oros "mountain" + oneiros "dream."]

e.g., I've been having an oroneiro over and over again this last month: I think it's the upcoming bar exam. | Your hatred of your boss seems to be an oroneiro: he's the obstacle in your mind to a promotion.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

procrasstinator - An individual who not only delays completion of tasks and projects, but who acts uncivilly when admonished for it.

e.g., Listen! I've reminded you five times in a row that you are way over due to finish the report, but the fact that you have a "Professional Procrasstinator" sign on your desk doesn't allow you to shout, swear, throw your coffee mug against the wall, and run out the room each time we remind you that the project's overdue!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

existant - Common misspelling of "existent." So common that Google turns up over 20 million hits for it -- as opposed to 198,000,000 for "existent." Given that I've seen some pretty smart fellows misspell the word, I'll jump the gun and say it's now an acceptable alternative spelling of "existent." || It's used often enough to show up with Google Books Ngram Viewer, too Click on the link below and to your right. If you're a word lover, be sure to save the link as a favorite. GBNV is a great tool for pseudo-dictionararists -- and pseudo-linguists, as well. Especially for those who learn how to use the advanced features explained on the About page. (You can thank me later.)

e.g., Regardless of whether or not I have an effect on anyone else, pounding my keyboard keeps my brain synapses firing and, hopefully, delays a bit the day when I become a vegetable -- or I'm turned into fertilizer and become part of the scenery. Will I know it when I'm dead? Or will I cease to exist and become non-existant? Inquiring minds want to know.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

doobie features - Double features at the drive-in you went to on Friday and Saturday nights with your buds when you were a teenager -- your main objective being to be where you could smoke a joint or two more or less in peace.

e.g., "Hey, Jay, wanna go to a doobie feature with me this comin' Saturday night? I'll drive." "My girl and I have plans for Saturday night, big guy. If we can make it for Friday, I'm in." "Done, my buddy. You're bringin' the fixin's this time -- you owe me big time." "Rats ... but you're right. I do. I'll have to push Pops for another advance on my allowance, though. I've already tapped him through the end of next year. Might as well get started on the twenties."

submitted by HD Fowler

rotonned - Adding the concept of weight to a one word description of a person.

e.g., Let me put it this way. When I say, "that person is rotonned," you get the idea that the subject of the sentence is more round than angular. But when I say, "she's really 'ro tonned!' you get the 'heft' of what I mean!

submitted by Charles Lesko - (www)

lecherette - A woman with strong sexual desires. A female counterpart to a lecher, used to refer to a man. We tend to think of lechers has having this meaning: "If you describe a man as a lecher, you disapprove of him because you think he behaves towards women in a way which shows he is only interested in them sexually. ... Synonyms: womanizer, seducer, rake, Don Juan." But some dictionaries settle for defining a lecher simply as a "man with strong sexual desires." Which not necessarily a bad thing. {Duplicate.} {ED. Previously entered from the back-end using me editor's account. Inverted the name and word fields. Corrected here.} (ED

e.g., If you're a lecher, you're fortunate if you've managed to find a lecherette to be your significant other. Lechers should all be so lucky.

submitted by lillith

389 - Suggested by Scott Elsworth's creditable entry for 983, 389 is essentially the opposite. Click on the www link below and to the right of the screen. Takes you to the his 983 entry: "(nine eighty three; adj.) 1. Absolutely confidential, sacrosanct; 2. Most secret, top secret, eyes only. ...." || (three eighty nine; adj. & noun) Information that is 389 is public knowledge. It's as far from secret as you can get, the polar opposite of 983. || A person referred to as a 389 (three eight nine) can't be trusted to keep anything you tell her to herself. In terms of social media, she's the sort who uses Twitter the way Donald Trump does -- to tell the world at large anything and everything, without holding any thing back. Especially what you've told her in confidence. {Duplicate.}

e.g., Ted: "Ed, you know Jay pretty well, don't you? If I tell her something in confidence, she'll keep it to herself, won't she?" || Ed: "Yeah right. For maybe as long as 15 or 20 seconds. At most. Then she'll broadcast it to the world at large. She even has voice recognition on her smartphone so she doesn't have to key things in -- too slow a way for her to tell everyone your deepest and darkest secrets--." || Ted: "Then I probably shouldn't tell her about my dominatrix experiences with hookers, eh?" || Ed: "Let me put it this way -- Jay's a three eighty nine -- a 3-8-9. Me, I wouldn't trust her with my zip code." || Ted: "Thanks, buddy. I cudda ended up in a world of hurt, couldn't I?" || Ed. "In traction."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

lillith - A woman with strong sexual desires. A female counterpart to a lecher, used to refer to a man. We tend to think of lechers has having this meaning: "If you describe a man as a lecher, you disapprove of him because you think he behaves towards women in a way which shows he is only interested in them sexually. ... Synonyms: womanizer, seducer, rake, Don Juan." But some dictionaries settle for defining a lecher simply as a "man with strong sexual desires." Which not necessarily a bad thing.

e.g., If you're a lecher, you're fortunate if you've managed to find a lecherette to be your significant other. Lechers should all be so lucky.

submitted by lecherette

jecm - Jim-Evans-Compatible-Mode: Plain text messages. Nothing you couldn't do on a manual typewriter in the 1940s. Not even backspacing and underscoring. {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Dammit, HD, quit using all that fancy-schmancy typography when you write, rabidation I think you call it. You know I'm a Luddite and don't have anything that prevents it from showing up as garbled characters." ... "What! No, I'm not talking about the way it displays on my smartphone. You know I don't have a smartphone." ... "No, bonehead, I don't have a computer either. You know that. Well, I do have one, but you're aware that I use it as big paperweight. I'm a Luddite, dammit. You are one stupid ... fellow." ... "All right, I've gotta admit that I've advanced to the last quarter of the 19th century -- because I have a telephone, a landline with a fifty-foot cord."

submitted by [HD Fowler for Jim Evans] - (www)

sociopat - Someone who has a habit of fondling or patting women's buttocks, but doesn't necessarily go any further than that. The act can also be called a sociopat.

e.g., "I saw what you did, Donald Trump, you grabbed that woman by her ... by her crotch. You're a creep and a lecher and--" | "She's a groupie, Maxine. She came on to me -- walked right up to me and said she'd have sex with me if I was interested. Instead, all I did was give her a crumb she could use to impress her girlfiends. Get it now? It's not sexual assault if it's what they want you to do. At worst, all I am is a sociopat -- and a rich, friendly billionaire who loves the common man and the common woman." | "Oh, Donald, I think I'm falling in love with you."

submitted by sociopat

crap and flap - What we get out of bureaucrats and politicians, especially those inside The Beltway: flapping their gums and crapping on Average Jo American and Average Joe American. They flap and they crap. {Description.}

e.g., Ted: "Ed, tell me, since you're well-informed about the 'istory of politics in these United States of America, what's the most significant change you're aware of in the nature of the crap and flap flowing out of Washington?" Ed. "Ted, since you're a recent immigrant from Zimbabwe, I'll start with a little bit of information for you -- about what the US has become in the 240 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed. Referring to the country as "'these' United States of America" was pretty much on its way out following the Civil War. Afterwards, States became states. As we became more and more united as a nation of one people, we started to identify with the United States as a country rather than with the States we live in. You might move from Kansas to Colorado and go from identifying as a Kansan to identifying as a Coloradan, but you'd still be an American. So, the US is now referred to as "_the_ United States of America." Not unlike your using a plural verb for a board of directors where native American speakers would use a singular verb. || As far as the crap and flap coming out of Washington, politics remains politics. There's been no particular increase in the amount of mudslinging that goes on, even though you might think that. Not on average -- just more people slinging it as our population increases. Not a heckuva lot has changed from the good ole days. Any changes mostly boil down to two things: 1) The pile of crap just keeps getting bigger and bigger; and 2) The flapping gets communicated faster and faster. Anyone except a hermit living under a rock will hear the flapping in a matter of minutes. At most. Even residents of distant countries know.... || Oh, and a third change -- the major change, in fact -- is that we now have a POTUS who uses social media to get his crap out faster than ever, bypassing the media nearly effortlessly and almost entirely. Whether you approve of or like what he does or not, ya gotta admit that he tweets to great effect.

submitted by Lillith

home teem - Conflict and discord domestically, or in a local sports group.

e.g., A husband and wife battling continually, or members of a local baseball franchise arguing and shouting, does NOT make for a home teem advantage.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

intergluteal cleft - More commonly know as your ass-crack -- a term I'd be unlikely to use in mixed company. Yes, I AM that old ... and also that old-fashioned.

e.g., Next time I see my doctor, I'm going to ask him if he knows why geezers start perspiring more at the top of their intergluteal clefts than they did when they were younger. ... I'll also make a note to remind myself to check with my sister-in-law, Lillith, to see if she's noticed a similar increase in perspiring around that part of her anatomy. Maybe not -- because Lillith is dasypygal, a bit unusual for a woman. The only other woman I know who is dasypygal is my lifelong friend Jay, short for....

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

assy nine - Denoting a stupid ass you are stuck sitting next to (examples: in an airplane, at a dinner party, in a sports arena) who says or does something ridiculous, and, worse, repeats it at least nine times.

e.g., Dear God! I'm here at this basketball game and the assy nine jerk next to me throws his elbow into my ribs, and says, "Aain't this great!" every time his team scores! (Thank you, Miss Speller).

submitted by Charlie Lesko

texter - A texter is someone who both sends and receives text messages using a mobile phone, one or more. If you send text messages to cell phones from an e-mail account and get replies to that e-mail account, doing so does not make you a texter. You're still an e-mailer, not a texter -- unless you do something else that makes you a texter. {Duplicate.}

e.g., If you're still someone who goes on dates and you communicate with your date when ze is sitting in the same room you are by texting, you're neither a texter nor an e-mailer: You're an idiot. | Sandbox Jim says, "If you text while you're driving, guess what: You're an idiot." || (If you get notified by the canned e-mail message that "texter" was added to the pd lexicon, you know who wants you to call her. Please do. Thanks.)

submitted by [Sandbox Jim] - (www)

cakilexophile - (Rhymes with tacky-EX-o-file; n.) A lover of dirty language: profanity, vulgarity, blasphemy, swearing, etc. [From Greek κακός kakós "bad" + λέξη lexi "word" + -phile "lover of."]

e.g., Whoever wrote this movie must be a cakilexophile: nobody swears that much in real life, but these characters use vulgarities as punctuation.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

backal - (Rhymes with "Jackal"; adj.) The converse of "frontal"; i.e., of, from, or to the back.

e.g., The movie didn't have any full frontal nudity, but it sure had a lot of full backal nudity. || We snuck around behind them for a backal assault.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

dox - From Merriam-Webster: "Search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent." {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Getting doxxed by alt-right loons is a horrifying experience no one should have to endure."

submitted by HD Fowler

deciept - Deceit. Remember: i before e, except after c. Not always, but most of the time. (Why does receipt have a silent p and not deceit?) {Duplicate.} || [ED. With this entry, I'm switching to Fowler Style with respect to the use of quotation marks for words used as words: no quotation marks. Using the style of putting them in quotation marks takes too much of my precious remaining time on this mortal coil. My grammar school days when I did my very best to follow "the rules" are long behind me. As you should realize by now, I've been making up my own rules for years now: Fowler Style & Machiavellean Standards. | Not saying I'll be consistent with the change, though. I have the same excuse for that as California Senator Dianne Feinstein had the other day -- after she single-handedly released a transcript of testimony taken behind closed doors by the Senate Judiciary Committee: I have a cold and my thinking may be clouded.]

e.g., "If you mistakenly get caught in this web of deciept (an almost invisible web) you won't know about it until after you've been bilked out of at least one outlandish payment."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

snoop site - One of the many, many Internet search sites that help you track down "old friends" -- and enemies, too. You may have to pay a fee to get details such as e-mail address, snail mail address, and telephone number, but the information is out there for most people. Rest assured that someone other than an old friend is checking up on you. (No claim of originality.)

e.g., "Send me any text and I'll take that to be your way of saying, 'Don't bother me again.' I may take you off my distribution list as a result; I may not. If you don't want to hear from me again, change your e-mail address and your telephone number and don't tell me. (Even then I may track you down using one of the Internet snoop sites.)"

submitted by Lillith Gordonna Bennett - (www)

que - Common misspelling for queue. I have to check myself to make sure I use the correct spelling. No doubt the day is coming when it will have the meaning a lot of people think it does. Que; is an abbreviation and the word que in Spanish means what. || Until I checked, I thought "que" had the meaning "pigtail," but it doesn't. It's now obsolete, but the 1913 Webster's defines que as "a half farthing." {Duplicate.}

e.g., "The great timing referred to was seeing 'presster' in the pseudodictionary input que, submitted by Mitchell Yerzy."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

tentative agreement - Not an agreement. Possibly an agreement, even probably an agreement -- but not an agreement.

e.g., Bill: "So we have a tentative agreement?" Ted: "Sure. I'll run it by the boss and get back to you." ... [Later, when Bill and Ted meet again.] Bill: "Well, did you run it by your boss?" Ted: "Sure did." Bill: "Well, what did he have to say?" Ted: "He said no." Bill: "What? He said no? You're kidding. We had a deal. He's backing out? WTF?" Ted: "No, he's _not_ backing out. You can't back out of a deal unless you _have_ a deal. And we never had a deal. All we had was a proposed deal -- which you chose to refer to as a "tentative agreement." You knew at the time that only my boss could make a deal. I was just being a general dogsbody for him, sparing him from the negotiating details and the time it took. That's my job. Ultimately, he rejected what we came up with -- which sort of surprised me, to tell you the truth. Guess it shouldn't have, though. That's why he's the boss and I'm working for him, not the other way around. He always makes better deals than I do. ... You do realize, don't you, that he wrote a best-selling book called _The Art of the Deal_, don't you?" Bill: "You're right. I do. Should have known better. Unfortunately for me I told my boss we had reached an agreement and would be signing on the dotted line right after this meeting. ... I'll probably end up getting fired." Ted: "Too bad. But surely you know not count your chickens before they're hatched." Bill: Yeah right. I also know that oral agreements aren't worth the paper they're written on.

submitted by HD Fowler

assinine - Hao asinine should be spelled: "complacently or inanely foolish." {Duplicate.}

e.g., "If he says anything else, you know what will be coming out of his mouth, don't you?" "Sure, another assinine remark. What else can you expect from such an ass?"

submitted by Miss Speller

rth - Radio Talking Head.

e.g., Laura Ingraham is my favorite RTH. I used to like Rush Limbaugh best, but listening to him eventually got old. It's the difference between a one-man show and an ensemble.

submitted by That's Mister Dinosaur to you.

golden globes - Gilded female mammary appendages.

e.g., I never was awarded Golden Globes and would rather not discuss how that might be accomplished. (I get embarrassed easily.)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

victorious secret - Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

e.g., On the morning after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the World woke, mouth agape -- Donald Trump elected? What happened? || Hillary was expected to win. The American media covered her campaign in full detail, while Donald Trump was almost an irritant. His meetings with potential voters were rife with conflict and discord. His political theme, "Make America Great Again" was pooh-poohed as political hogwash. Trump's campaign issues were largely ignored by the Press. || Can you picture Donald Trump in skimpy lingerie, posed with a "come hither" look, like the gorgeous Victoria's Secret models on TV? I can't either! || Yet to American Rural voters, sick of politicians and fake promises, Donald Trump's messages, as overlooked by the media as they were, were especially alluring and believable. And so, to almost everyone's surprise, Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign became, a Victorious Secret.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

socialights - A more apt designation for the lightweights who call themselves "social scientists." Suggested by the linked article: "For students in Internet Age, no shame in copy and paste." {Duplicate.}

e.g., Wow, what a big surprise that is. Just another in a long line of examples of the decline in ethics and morals. My opinion is that it started with the so-called sexual revolution and general rebellion of the sixties -- but I'm not a social scientist. Face it: no one is a social scientist. The word scientist should be reserved for the physical and natural sciences and for those who genuinely practice the scientific method. Rather than call these folks social scientists, let's call them socialights.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

risk-free - We've all seen those "risk-free-shipping-charges only" deals on the Internet, right? Here's what "risk-free" means in those ads: _not_ risk free.* || Somewhere on the page inviting you to give the advertiser your credit card number to pay the shipping charges will be a link to the terms and conditions of your "risk-free trial" -- if you can find the link. Believe me, they're easy to miss. If you read the Ts&Cs, you'll find that you have only 14 days to notify the altruistic advertiser that you don't want to receive any more shipments of the product. If you don't "cancel your subscription" within the allotted time, you'll soon find another shipment in your mailbox. And you'll also find that your credit card has been billed $169.95 for next month's supply of the miracle product. It's not the efficacy of the product that's the problem, it's what you sign up for. Read the fine print: RTfFP. || Go ahead, call your credit card company to complain. The best you'll get is for the CCC to assist you in making a conference call to the supplier, a call in which you'll probably be able to succeed in stopping future shipments and being billed. You will _not_ get a refund. As far as I know, the Federal Trade Commission has no objections to this abhorrent practice. Well, I do -- and so should you. Risk-free, my ass. ||| * For instance, how can a guy pass up a virtually free sample of Garcinia Cambogia. After all, it's been touted as a weight loss miracle by Dr. Oz. Would Dr. Oz lie to us or mislead us?* I dunno. I'm not a follower of DOZ. Check the title link for more information about GC and judge for yourself whether or not it's some kind of miracle cure. Is it possible it could be worth a try for someone who needs to lose weight, say, someone with Type 2 diabetes? If you want to lose weight without changing your diet or reducing caloric intake, or increasing the amount of exercise you get, could it be worth a try? I dunno. But I'll tell you what I think: fat chance.

e.g., Did you get an e-mail from Amazon* recently? One in which you were told that if you completed a survey you'd be able to have your choice of several "rewards" for spending the time answering the questions. I did. Then I dutifully completed the survey, anxious to get to the part where I'd get something for free -- or almost free. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow turned out to be my choice of several risk-free offers. No thank you very much. I have no desire to be separated from my hard-earned cash by paying five to twenty times as much for some product that I could easily pick up at a nearby supermarket, || * Didn't pay any attention to the URL of the site I was taken to when I clicked on the link in the e-mail. Probability that it was connected in any way with Zero.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

re choir - The steps needed to get back into a special singing group.

e.g., After an arduous, but successful total sex change, Richard, now Rene', sat contemplating the many nuances of her new life. She had enjoyed singing in the bass section of several local singing groups. "What would it re choir," she thought to herself with a smile, " for me to hook up again with our Bloomington Community Hallelujah Tunesmiths, but ... as a soprano?"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

meg atropolis - A large city in which all the women are called a variation of "Margaret."

e.g., I'm here in Meg atopolis and would like a date for the evening. Who should I call? Marge? Midge? Molly? Peggy? Greta? Hmmm... Shirley? No, she lives in another town.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

intruesive - The act of "butting in," but for a good cause.

e.g., "Sorry to be intruesive, Buddy, but there's a fly in your drink!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

happynooyear - Annual occasion for great gratitude.

e.g., This is the first of my (renewed) annual celebrations of acceptance of more of my PD entries, for which I thank the editors on the occasion of their occasioning the Happynooyear. (Pardon the Noo Yawkism.)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudict - Past tense of "pseudick."

e.g., Having been pseudict means not having really been screwed but only sort of screwed.

submitted by S. Berlner, III - (www)

fourgot - Losing track of four submittals/submissions in a row.

e.g., I just fourgot four more fab (natch) PD entries I meant to post.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

cardinal sin - Evil deed by a prince of the Church.

e.g., Concealing misdeeds by priests is a cardinal sin.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

foop - An all-encompassing action

e.g., She cleared her desk and all her open e-mails in one swell foop. [See also "woop" (2).]

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

woop (2) - Steep gliding raptorial flight.

e.g., I live near the Middlesex Fells, just north of Boston; osprey and other raptors pass over regularly and, when they see prey, stoop rapidly to the kill in what is known locally as a Fells woop. (See also "foop.")

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

kudo - (n) kudos: "Acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. 'Kudos' is one of those words like congeries that look like plurals but are etymologically singular. But 'kudos' has often been treated as a plural, especially in the popular press.... This plural use has given rise to the singular form 'kudo." With that as prologue, 'kudo' for this entry will be a verb: to praise....

e.g., "Kush & Wizdom. It's not uncommon to see posts there with hundreds of thousands of notes -- upvotes if you will. Saw one with over 400,000, and it may well not be the one that's been kudoed the most."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

-traxi - (Or -traxy; rhymes with "taxi"; noun suffix) When appended to a noun, means "the pulling of dragging of something." Similarly to how "-tripsy" means "crushing" (lithotripsy means "crushing stone"), -traxi means "dragging (or pulling)." So lithotraxi means "dragging stone." [From Latin tractus "a pulling," from trahere "to pull, draw," from Indo-European *tragh- "to draw, drag, move."]

e.g., Barotraxi "dragging weight"; Podiatraxi "dragging [one's] feet"; Kosmotraxi "dragging the [whole] world [to the brink of disaster]"; Igrammitraxi "dragging the line" (the "i" at the beginning means "the").

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

poliphane - (Rhymes with MOLLy-pain; adj.) Having the appearance of a city or town. [From Greek polis "city" + -phane "having the appearance of."]

e.g., The Burning Man festival, seen from space is highly poliphane despite its evanescence. Indeed, any pattern of repeating rectangles, especially when lit up at night, is poliphane. Minimalist poliphane scenery requires only a set of continuous building silhouette with some properly spaced lights.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

municiparous - (Rhymes with few-miss-ZIPPer-us; adj.) 1. Causing or giving rise to the establishment of cities, towns, or other settlements; 2. inviting long-term settlement: hamlets, villages, or other communities. [From municipal "of or relating to a city or town" + Latin -parous "bearing, producing."]

e.g., Historically, human migration is naturally municiparous. | Any village in a decent location is itself inherently municiparous, leading to additional settlement. | A beautiful, fertile valley, defensible and provided with river access to both the interior and the sea: it is paradigmatically municiparous.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

mashedonian potatoes - The whole genre of dried, flaked potatoes packaged in a box. No amount of butter, milk, cream or frenzied whipping can make them edible. Obviously, they're all imported from an obscure country, far from the U.S., outside our legal jurisdiction.

e.g., Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, except for the mashedonian potatoes!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

ssefuge - The opposite of refuge.

e.g., I feel like the U.S. government is making refugees settle for sefuge in their war-torn countries. {Duplicate.} {ED. Informational note. I've checked to see if the United States is legally obliged under international law or treaty to grant refugee status to those who come to the United States seeking asylum. To date, I've been unable to find any such obligation. However, even illegal aliens who seek asylum here are permitted to remain in the country _until_ their refugee claims can be verified -- _provided_ they report to US immigration authorities as soon as they entery the country to start the asylum-seeking process.}

submitted by Jedi Master

wordaholic - An individual who is obsessed with the form, shape, sound and meaning of words. A major purpose of his or her life is to carefully analyze common words and phrases, dissect and rearrange their components into new meanings, and then sit back and gloat at the results. Don't knock it until you try it!

e.g., "Yes, I do think you heard me right. I said, 'HALF A NICE DAY!' I'm a wordaholic, and that was to voice the fact that your lame, vacuous, half-hearted 'Have a nice day," after your rang up my purchase, absolutely ruined half my day!" "Wake up and join Life, you pimple-faced twit!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

proberbly - Probably.

e.g., "You proberbly heard of the 'Bible Codes'?"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

wikabout, wikibout - (WICK-uh-bout; n.) 1. A wander through Wikipedia, jumping from hyperlink to hyperlink and thus from topic to topic all over the place; 2. a wander through the internet the same way: hyperlink to hyperlink, ranging all over the web. [From the Strine (Australian English) word "walkabout," a spontaneous, informal walking tour (based on the traditional aboriginal rite of the wilderness journey as a passage into manhood).]

e.g., I went on wikabout one day, starting by looking at a Wikipedia article "banjo." From there, I clicked on "bluegrass music," the page on which included a link to the "g-run," which linked to "shave and a haircut," which links unexpectedly to "Spanish profanity," thence to "road rage" (believe it or not), thence to "intermittent explosive disorder," to "antisocial personality disorder" the "diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health" to the "Rosenhan experiment" to "anti-psychiatry" to "falsifiability" to "fallacy" to "memory bias" to "rosy retrospection" to "declinism" to "Donald Trump" to "losing the popular vote" to "Mugwumps" (from the 1884 US presidential election) to "Thomas Nast" to "Republican Party" to "Harper's Weekly" to "Moby Dick" to "Peqauod" to "Scrimshaw" to "mammoth" ivory to "Wrangel island" to "zapovednik" to "Lake Baikal" to the "wisent" to "The Higgs-Bison---Mystery Species Hidden in Cave Art." Fascinating. I wnet on to the genome of the Tasmanian Tiger, but, you know, too much of a good thing ....

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

victoria's secret - Something very confidential among two or a few people. The person who has told the secret is Victoria and that's his secret.

e.g., Did you know that James is dating Samantha? Don't tell anyone as this is a Victoria's secret.

submitted by Irfan - (www)

bubbling (bubbling) - Feeling happy.

e.g., Steve: Hey dawg, what's up? Jay: I'm bubbalin or (bubbling) mate.

submitted by Irfan - (www)

set in the future, in a very dry, hot, unspecified place, it is - Set in the future, in a very dry, hot, unspecified place, it is a post-apocalyptic world where it is everyone for themselves.

e.g., "Set in the future, in a very dry, hot, unspecified place, it is a post-apocalyptic world where it is everyone for themselves."

submitted by HD Fowler

propostrophe - The proposterous use of the apostrophe.

e.g., A number of official township signs affixed to pilings across the New Jersey portion of the inland waterway advising: "No Wake Area-This includes Jet Ski's." Jet Ski's *what*? (The plural, of course, would be Jet Skis. The phrase Jet Ski's would, um, be the possessive which screams for a word or words to modify it.) Sadly more than a few Americans in charge of official signage seem to have failed that most important portion of the English language.

submitted by John C. Fuhr - (www)

craptacular - It is an adjective denoting something impressively disappointing -- something spectacularly crappy. {Duplicate.}

e.g., That concert last night was nothing short of craptacular. With this craptacular hand, I think I'll fold.

submitted by Deborah Cech - (www)

verbalocity - The speed of speech.

e.g., Listening to the lecture was difficult because the professor had very high verbalocity.

submitted by Earl Egdall - (www)

65 roses - (n.) The heartbreakingly innocent name for "cystic fibrosis," coined by very young sufferers of the disease, the prognosis of which includes a lifespan of only about 37 years.

e.g., The resilient cheerfulness of kids with 65 roses is inspiring, but watching them play is heart-rending. | We should spend more on 65 roses research.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

stilts - (n.) 1. The body, viewed as elevated transportation for the brain. 2. One's legs.

e.g., What's important lies behind your forehead; your stilts are just stilts.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ladygauge - (n.) Someone (usually a woman) to whom a man goes for advice in matters of appearance, activities, gifts, and the like, in order to appeal to his female friends (or to a particular female friend). The male counterpart is a "guygauge," although women don't seem to need advice about men's tastes.

e.g., He's a widower and has no sense of style, but he has a grown daughter as a ladygauge, so he generally manages to impress the ladies anyway.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

benben - benben - (n.) 1. The top stone of a pyramid (also called a pyramidion, and pyramid-shaped itself); 2. a pyramid or pyramid shape; 3. the (pointy) top of an obelisk; 4. The first pyramid. (Facetiously) 5. the first building in a particular project; 5. the first stone in a building, a cornerstone or foundation. [From the Ancient Egyptian name for the mound of earth that first arose from the primordial ocean, and which pyramids were supposed to represent.] {Duplicate.}

e.g., e.g., The professor was a famous Egyptologist. He loved ancient Egypt so much that he was buried under a benben. | I see they've laid in the new skyrise's benben; when do they begin the superstructure?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

carminamoris - carminamoris - (car-MEAN-uh-MORE-iss; n.) 1. The love-song genre; 2. love songs in general; 3. a love song. [From the Latin carmina "songs" + amoris "of love." The actual singular would technically be carmenamoris "a song of love," but the other sounds better.] {Duplicate.}

e.g., e.g., It is a curious fact that most popular songs fall within the carminamoris genre. || Famous carminamorises: "I Love You Always Forever," "I Will Always Love You," "Miserlu," "The Power of Love," "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling," "I Just Called to Say I Love You," "Somebody to Love," "Send my Love," and "Shape of You."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

dasypygal - Having hairy buttocks. Other words with -pygal endings: steatopygal=having buttocks with an excessive amount of fat; callipygal: having beautiful buttocks. Callipygia, dasypygia, steatopygia.

e.g., Whaddayathink? Are the women accusing Senator Al Franken of taking inappropriate actions with regard to their ... buttocks, unbeknownst to the senator, dasypygal?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

behoove - "[T]o be necessary or proper for, as for moral or ethical considerations; be incumbent on: It behooves the court to weigh evidence impartially. | [T]o be worthwhile to, as for personal profit or advantage: It would behoove you to be nicer to those who could help you." | One of those words we learned when we were young that isn't used nearly enough these days. Can you think of a way to use /behoove/ in a sentence that, if taken to heart, could make the world a better place? I can. Easily.

e.g., Never paid much attention to it before, but I've noticed that most actors and actresses overact. It would behoove them to remember that their job is to act, not to overact.

submitted by Erle W Machiavellean - (www)

harridan - "A decayed strumpet."

e.g., You'll hardly be surprised to learn my opinion of women politicians: Many, if not most, are harridans.

submitted by [Samuel Johnson] - (www)

reservoir hogs - "Municipalities that stake an undue claim on a large body of drinking water." {Duplicate.} {ED. Submitted on behalf of Dawn Eden, of the linked site. From a private e-mail dated Wednesday, October 29, 2003 12:38 PM. Sent to one of my Internet nom de plumes, one of many. (Erle W Machiavellean}

e.g., Which state do you think has the most reservoir hogs?

submitted by [Dawn Eden, Petite Powerhouse] - (www)

benben - (n.) 1. The top stone of a pyramid (also called a pyramidion, and pyramid-shaped itself); 2. a pyramid or pyramid shape; 3. the (pointy) top of an obelisk; 4. tThe first pyramid (facetiously) 5. the first building in a particular project; 5. the first stone in a building, a cornerstone or foundation. [From the Ancinet Egyptian name for the mound of earth that first arose from the primordial ocean, and which pyramids were supposed to represent.]

e.g., The professor was a famous Egyptologist. He loved ancient Egypt so much that he was buried under a benben. | I see they've laid in the new skyrise's benben; when do they begin the superstructure?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

carminamoris - (car-MEAN-uh-MORE-iss; n.) 1. The long-song genre; 2. love songs in general; 3. a love song. [From the Latin carmina "songs" + amoris "of love." The actual singular would technically be carmenamoris "a song of love," but the other sounds better.]

e.g., It is a curious fact that most popular songs fall within the carminamoris genre. || Famous carminamorises: "I Love You Always Forever," "I Will Always Love You," "Miserlu," "The Power of Love," "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling," "I Just Called to Say I Love You," "Somebody to Love," "Send my Love," and "Shape of You."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

lois - (n.) 1. A character in a superhero story who, despite its being obvious, somehow doesn't realize that Clark Kent is Superman, that Diana Prince is Wonder Woman, that Britt Reid is the Green Hornet, that Peter Parker is Spiderman, that Selina Kyle is Catwoman, or that Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the Ladybug; 2. someone so "galactically stupid" (in the words of "Lois and Clark") that they can't see something right in front of them. (adj.) 3. of or pertaining to an astonishing obliviousness (or willful ignorance) of the painfully obvious; 4. unbelievably obtuse or galactically stupid. [From Lois Lane, Superman's girlfriend, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and oblivious bonehead.]

e.g., Batman can't tell that Barbara Gordon is Batgirl. He is such a lois. || "When did the War of 1812 begin?!" "Seriously? You are such a lois."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

egad itarialism - The principle of being shocked and angry by the actions certain individuals, who are considered "equal" and are considered to deserve equal opportunity, are capable of doing.

e.g., Want to get "fired up" with the principle of Egad itarialism? Just watch the political news on CNN for a week!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

incel - Someone who wishes she were in a romantic relationship but whose romantic overtures are usually unreciprocated.

e.g., She tried to put herself out there but she nonetheless remains an incel

submitted by Bill

deogeny - The source, development, and ontological history of the One God. (Contrasted with "theogeny," the history of the gods in general.)

e.g., Rabbi Weinbaum and Bishop Muniz were able to agree on several points regarding the issue of deogeny, but not regarding messianic issues.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

claus trophobic - A seasonal psychological condition, beginning each November, when a "Santa Claus," a giver of Christmas gifts, begins growing increasingly anxious about this year's decisions.

e.g., Drill Sargeant's roll call: | | Sarge: "Brown." | Brown: "Present." || Sarge: "Caldwell." | Caldwell: "Present." || Sarge: "Harpur." | Harpur: "Present." || Sarge: "Lesko." Lesko: "DON'T BUG ME!!! "DON'T BUG ME!!! | I'm claus trophobic!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

blabbocrat - Politician.

e.g., "'We have to find out what happened'? They STILL can't figure it out?! The thought that the lives of millions are in the hands of self-righteous blabbocrats, like De Blasio, who live in uber-protected ivory towers, fills me with impotent rage."

submitted by [Clorinda] - (www)

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