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duplicate - Would it be possible to remove my name from this word? I'm trying to clean up my online presence if potential employers google me. Thanks!

e.g., It’s been about three years since I’ve been able to do this sort of thing, but now it’s finally done. Only your given name appeared online, so I doubt that any prospective employer would have made the connection. You have two other words in our lexicon, Do you want your name removed from those entries as well? If you’ve forgotten what they are, go to the /search/ page, enter your nams, put a check mark in the /search submitter’s/ box and Bob’s yer Uncle. Lillith.

submitted by Anonymous

caint - Shortened of /cannot/. Spelling is a combined from from /can't/ and /ain't/, absent the apostrophe.

e.g., "i am so dipressed I caint even write in here and make sense, I lost my job at license beureu and my favorite fish and am still gainning weight by leaps and bounds. Something has to get better. My hubby has no work soon we will be broke yet again. NO flowers,again this spring no nothing if things dont get better. I am so sick of things going in the same damn circle over and over again!!!"

submitted by Frank Abbandando - (www)

memerizing - Memorizing. Alternative spelling: momerizing.

e.g., "I received an etude from a band instructor today because I did so well on momerizing the music we played that he 'wanted to give me a challenge.' I figured 'why not just look up some Tuba solos to see where I could be if I practice?...' After seeing this video, I effng quit.

submitted by Wrecker Jones - (www)

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