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advocacy journalism - Propaganda.

e.g., Lillith: HD, did you read about the three CNN journalists who resigned after a Russia-Trump story was retracted? HD: Heard about it, but haven't read anything yet. My guess is that they were advocacy journalists who went too far trying to prop up their negative stories about the President. Lillith: Hard to imagine anyone going too far in that direction for CNN. HD: Yeah, that sounds about right. But apparently it's possible that CNN has a few shreds of integrity left.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

upper-crushed - What the upper crust become when they fail. {Duplicate.} {Lillith. Inadvertently hit ADD without finishing my example.}

e.g., Headline: Upper Crust Become Upper-Crushed. Subhead: Denizens of Redneck America take great pleasure watching the upper-crushed fail in their efforts to stop President Trump. (Will their laughter be short-lived? The Shadow knows.)

submitted by Lillith

upper-crushed - What the upper crust become when they fail.

e.g., Headline: Upper Crust Become Upper-Crushed. Subhead: Denizens of Redneck America take great pleasure watching the upper crust fail as it fails to stop President Trump.

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antoniennui - Not your run-of-the-mill boredom, but nonetheless boredom: ennui. Coined by film critic Andrew Sarris for the sort of boredom shown in (or induced by?) a Michelangelo Antonioni movie -- shown as upper-crust boredom much better by Federico Fellini in _La Dolce Vita_. That film's Italian title translates as "the good life," but what was shown was anything but: upper crust is still crust. || The example and the notion for this description come from Gus Reed's reiview of _Zabriskie Point_, posted Dec 11, 2012. || I've seen no mention of it elsewhere, but there are plot and visual similarities between ZP and more successful apocalyptic movies. The Mad Max franchise comes to mind. The isolated airport scene reminded me of _Fandango_, the "road-trip odyssey" in which Kevin Costner first made an impression. His playing a corpse in _The Big Chill_ didn't.

e.g., Regardless of the appropriateness of adjectives such as lackadaisical and lackluster for describing _Zabriskie Point_ and its Antoniennui, it's hard not to see the film's cinematogaphy as a visual homage to Ansel Adams' Zabriskie Point photography. || "Antonioni’s characters are often criticized as passive and bored. He was categorically interested in people who didn’t know where they were going, who couldn’t articulate what exactly they wanted. Andrew Sarris coined the term 'Antoniennui' as shorthand for this then-fashionable, and quickly caricatured brand of malaise, and there’s as much Antoniennui here as in any of his films, though these broke American adolescents wear their discontent differently than the cosmopolitan and oh-so-effete upper crust of Rome and Verona. If you don’t enjoy Antonioni’s films, _Zabriskie Point_ probably won’t be the one to win you over, but give it the chance [anyway], and if you’ve never ventured into Antonioni-world, it’s as good a point of departure as any. And, if for no other reason, give _Zabriskie Point_ a chance to [watch] Daria driving into the distance to the strains of John Fahey’s 'Dance of Death,' or Roy Orbison crooning 'So Young' as Antonioni zeroes into a blood-red sunset." || Despite a lack

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seshie - A musician who enjoys sessions. Can refer to either a professional studio musician or a jam session enthusiast.

e.g., I'm a seshie, always trying to make it to as many jam sessions as possible, and I hope to be a professional seshie one day, just like that Wrecking Crew!

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sherade - Charade. || The example comes from the IMDb plot summary for _The Girl of the Golden West_ (1938). Jeanette MacDonald stars as Mary Robins aka Golden Hair and Nelson Eddy as Ramirez/Lieutenant Johnson. || The film was remade in Italy three years later. {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Mary Robbins is a moderately educated, beautiful, young woman who owns the saloon called 'The Poker.' She is the only woman in the town of Couldee-making her the fancy of all the men there, especially to Sheriff Jack Rance. On the way to Monterey to sing at a mass officiated by Father Sienna, her stagecoach is held up by the infamous masked bandit, Ramerez. He too takes a fancy to Mary, and decides to secretly follow her, taking on the identity of an officer named, Lieutenant Johnson. While in Monterey, he dances, sings and courts Mary, who has now fallen in love with him. He then has to make a quick getaway. In the mean-time, Sheriff Jack has set up a trap to catch Ramerez at 'The Poker.' When Ramerez does arrive he soon discovers that Mary is the owner, and quickly changes to the identity of Lieutenant Johnson. How long can this sherade last?" - Written by Kelly

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