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x fascination - The predisposition of certain cultures, backgrounds, or languages to be obsessed with words containing the letter X.

e.g., My X fascination keeps me learning new words all the time, and sometimes I have to make up new ones.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

x to the z ydog - Used to describe a mondo best friend.

e.g., What up my x to the z ydog?

submitted by Matt

x-mas - Christmas-related comedy that is "x-rated," meaning that it contains explicit, graphic sexual language.

e.g., Slicker: I heard that nine years ago, they discontinued an album called Rated X-mas. Lady: Does that x-mas comedy have a clean version? Slicker: No. Lady: Darn it. Darn the socks.

submitted by star651

x-phile - Someone who is obssesed with the X-Files.

e.g., He watches the X-Files everyday? What an X-phile. Me? I'm an ex-X-phile.

submitted by carolyn

x-tan - The tan you get from the bathing suits that make weird shapes on your back.

e.g., Her x-tan was so bad she spent a hundred dollars at a tanning salon.

submitted by Kitty Almasy - (www)

x-treme synchro - Synchronized swimming done to industrial music such as Bloodhound Gang. Includes scantily clad or naked swimmers and blacklights. Judged based on costume design, originality, and overall x-tremeness.

e.g., If we did a routine to Sisters of Mercy, that would be x-treme synchro.

submitted by Dina

x2 - A notation added to the end of a word to denote a double meaning. Note: This is typically a written (as opposed to spoken) expression, and it is usually contained within parentheses.

e.g., Sally: "On Friday I went to the store to pick up something to eat (x2)." In this case, Sally did indeed get something to eat while at the store, but she also had ulterior motives--perhaps she has a thing for one of the cashiers at the store?

submitted by katie

x@ly - Almost exactly.

e.g., 99 percent is no x@ly bad.

submitted by Hercolena

xactight - Pronounced "ex-AK-ti." Also speled "X-actight." A person who is sharp, precise, unyielding; as in a government official who requires ridiculously unimportant information before processing your claim. The etymology of this word is believed to be from the trademarked disposable cutter.

e.g., Standing in the express check-out line, Linda discovered that the woman behind her was an xactight who counted everyone else's items aloud with a running sub-vocalized commentary. "Three over the limit, and the cheap brand of indigestion tablets that don't work so good, either."

submitted by Judith - (www)

xactly - Terrible breath.

e.g., Did you smell his breath? Yeah, it was xactly.

submitted by Dria Jackson

xan - Xan is someone who unknowingly wears jorts (jean shorts) on the golf course

e.g., Look at the Xan on number 10 tee. He needs to be thrown off the course

submitted by minor

xanthopulous - That which pertains to or promotes social armageddon.

e.g., Justin wondered silently to himself if the people's reliance on technology was xanthopulous enough to bring it all crashing down.

submitted by Justin Voorhees

xanthor - The coolest person to walk the earth.

e.g., Check out that xanthor. I wanna be just like him.

submitted by Jo Mama

xantippe - A shrewish wife. From Xantippe, the wife of Socrates, who said "By all means marry. If you get a good wife you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher."

e.g., Amazing how fast a new wife turns into a xantippe as soon as the honeymoon is over.

submitted by Joel Parker

xav - Zôv. 1. Interesting. 2. Excellent; satisfactory. 3. Fun; enjoyable. 4. Amazing.

e.g., That's really xav. That was such a xav band. Oh, I see you xav'ed your hair this evening.

submitted by Claudia - (www)

xcore - Times a million.

e.g., I saw Lord of the Rings Friday and it was really lamexcore.

submitted by Sonita Moss

xeep - Sheep -- used used for someone who follows and imitates others.

e.g., Joe keeps doing the same things I do, including buying the same clothes. The xeep is well beyond the point of being just a minor annoyance. He's become a real pain in the ass.

submitted by Jeff

xenacate - To utterly destroy a fictional character so as to prevent anyone, anytime, anywhere, from resurrecting that character in any media.

e.g., I lost my job on the soap-opera because the xenacated my character.

submitted by Kathryn Fullerton

xenariffic - Adj. (zee-nuh-ryff-ik) A woman who is of amazonian stature or prone to wearing tight leather is Xenariffic.

e.g., "Britney Spears is xenariffic in that red suit in her video."

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

xenesthemia - Xenesthemia: experiencing an unknown emotion. Xenesthemic -- noun: someone who experiences an unknown emotion; adjective: pertaining to an unknown emotion. To xenestheme -- to experience or appear to be experiencing an unknown emotion.

e.g., He went to the psychiatrist because he was scared by having a xenesthemia. | The serial killer's confession was totally xenesthemic.

submitted by Gludge - (www)

xeno - Someone who is afraid of meeting new people, especially foreign people.

e.g., Bobby quit being such a xeno and come out here.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

xeno evil - The pereption that terrorist cells exist, consisting of hostile foreigners living, working, and playing undercover as everyday, mild-mannered Americans until called on to wreak havoc at some future time.

e.g., Aunt Tillie is convinced that dozens of terrorists have infiltrated her home town of Duluth, MN. When told that there is absolutely no basis to support that conclusion, she counters with, "Of course. They're out there running around and getting ready while they got the whole community to xeno evil." Does Aunt Tillie speak for America?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

xenocentrism - (n.) 1. belief that every other nation is somehow superior to one's own; 2. belief that the well-being of foreigners is more important than the well-being of one's own compatriots.

e.g., "If you ask me, I think we have entirely too many elected representatives inside the Beltway who are xenocentrists." "Umm, you mean like. . . ." "Yeah, the President. And more than half the Senate."

submitted by Karl Jahn - (www)

xenocide - The obliteration of an entire foreign species, generally of extraterrestrial origin. One who has committed such an act.

e.g., "That's Ender Wiggin, the xenocide." "How can he live with himself?"

submitted by PMT - (www)

xenophoric - Opposite of xenophobic. Taking pleasure or delight in difference.

e.g., I like the fact that we are all different...I take xenophoric pleasure from it.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

xeroxdict - A person who doesn't write anything down. One who prefers xeroxing than writing things down. See high school cheater.

e.g., Matt sure is a xeroxdict, isn't he? I've never seen his hand touch a pencil.

submitted by Stephen Free - (www)

xeroxhero - A copycat. A design thief or plagarist.

e.g., Eminem is a certified xeroxhero. He's trying to be a white Dre.

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

xgs - X-Girlfriend Syndrome. When someone bothers you like a ex-girlfriend would after you break up.

e.g., Jim: Bob called me like 5 times asking where we were going tonight. Jeff: "Does he have XGS or something?

submitted by Quigs

xiao! - Crazy. Used in Singapore.

e.g., "Oh my goodness, what does he think he's doing? XIAO!"

submitted by Becky Farrah

xid - (pronounced eks-eye-dee; n.) 1. a secret identity; 2. an alias; 3. a web identity or pen-name.

e.g., We seem to be fascinated with xids: Clark Kent, Don Diego de la Vega, Diana Prince, Peter Parker . . . George Sand -- you get the idea.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

xinglish - Xinglish refers to English with obvious mistakes -- e.g. spelling errors, incorrect grammar etc., authored or written by Chinese or in China, mainly on official signs, etc.

e.g., "Builf" instead of "built," as the Chinese writer has problems differentiating a "t" from an "f" as both have the same number of strokes, is an example of Xinglish. Expressions with word by word translations that lead to quite unexpected meanings: "Caution, drop down" instead of "Beware of falling."

submitted by Joachim

xingxong - (sing-song) A term used to describe a song which is overplayed.

e.g., I hate those xingxongs on z100.

submitted by Jeff

xinnet - An infintessimal amount of something. Iota.

e.g., Not one xinnet after I called you, I found what I'd lost. OR "You only left one xinnet of milk in the carton!" OR "I found out that our beach house is one xinnet from where you'll be staying!"

submitted by Kent

xiphtoham - A ham made from the wavelengths emitted from a cathode ray tube.

e.g., My Cyclo-emberthasm has recently been injected with a xiphtoham.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

xitlacuacan - (pronounced SHEET-la-COO-ah-kahn (sometimes simply "cuacan," n.) Aztec food we moderns love to eat: chocolate (xocolatl), tomatoes (tomatl), tacos (tlaco), vel.cet. (from the Nahuatl (Aztec) command form "Eat!")

e.g., "So, what do you want tonight? Chinese? Italian? French?" "Xitlacuacan!" "What?" "Aztec!" "Aren't they the ones who cut everyone's hearts out?" "Yes, but aside from that, their food was miraculous! Tomato sauce, chocolate, tacos ... Let's go get tacos and chocolate ice cream!" "Okay. Sounds good. How do you say 'good' in Aztec?" "About food?: huelic." "Okay, sounds ... huelic."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

xivilization - Civilization. Specificially used to describe extraterrestial or civilizations or societies that are fictional.

e.g., The Hundred Worlds of Orson Scott Card's Ender series is a xivilization.

submitted by Jeff

xizorfied - When you are so sick, your skin turns green like Prince Xizor from _Star Wars_.

e.g., Before I puked, my face went from zero to Xizorfied in about five seconds.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

xl-dragon - A bombastic, brash, fast-talking, fiery, flat-footed, heavy-handed, in-your-face, self-righteous, globe-trotting peacekeeper for hire that has outgrown his usefulness as a household pet.

e.g., “If you don’t let me sit in your lap, I’ll blow your wig off,” said the mild-mannered, smooth-scaled XL-Dragon as he peered down at the completely logical, breathtakingly boring, not to mention incessantly burbling robot from AATGASOLITU (The Academy of All Things Great And Small Or Lost In The Universe).

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

xmas - Commercialized version of Christmas. Capable of being celebrated by for any religion or belief, much like Valentine's Day, or the Macy's Big One Day Sale.

e.g., I don't believe in Jesus, so I celebrate Xmas instead of Christmas.

submitted by Robert Savoie

xobile - 1. Transmitting or receiving adult content over wireless devices. 2. Surfing for adult images or videos on a wireless device.

e.g., 1. I found a really sexy pic and xobiled it to a friend. 2. I was xobiling for chicks with bigguns and came across the perfect web site.

submitted by Michelle - (www)

xoklyam - To make an incredibly obvious observation such as, "You're wearing a sweater today."

e.g., I have earned the nickname "Dr. Obvious" for making frequent xoklyams.

submitted by Kelly

xoll - One who has acquired a vast quantity of useless knowledge, a near facsimile of a sage, only useless.

e.g., That Zihlavsky boy sure turned out to be quite a xoll.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

xoxo - "Kisses, kisses!"

e.g., xoxo Lucy Lu

submitted by El Grecco loco

xoxo - (Pronounced keh-socks-oh; interj.) 1. "hello" or "farewell"; (n.) 2. an affectionate greeting or valediction, 3. kisses and hugs. [From x "kiss" and o "hug" shorthand at the end of written messages.] {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Goodbye! Goodbye! xoxo!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

xq - A written abbreviation for "Thank you" (from the Roman numeral "X" for "ten" and the letter "Q": hence, "ten-kyu").

e.g., On a note from a neighbor: "Could you watch my dog for the weekend? I have to go out of town for a deposition. XQ."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

xsorb - Intense human input-output. To xsorb is to be deeply involved in a subject to the extent of not being fully aware of other "externalities." While input (abSORBtion) may easily be viewed as the primary "phraction," by definition, the output (eXhalation) is a requirement.

e.g., He got so xsorbed in the game he didn't even spot me -- only drooled and cursed a few times. | You shoulda specked tha' chick. I couldn't move -- had to xsorb her aura. I could only groan like a puppy. | He spat out words like fire during the inquiry. He was so xsorbed on the scrutiny, they did not stand a chance.

submitted by Anton Rykheer

xtra- - A prefix meant to increase the importance of the word, either good or bad. (See "-a-licious," "-tastic," and "-arific.")

e.g., Here's your password. It's xtra-important that you remember it.

submitted by Muffin

xtspeak - Xtra-Terrestial Speak: an outer space literal rendering of intergalactic language

e.g., hE [human English]: The man is tall.. XTS: Adult human male relatively higher than average specimen. | hE: The cat does not have a screwdriver. XTS: Small feline is lacking tool device for screwing, unscrewing.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

xujum jaujiil - (pron. khoozh-um zhow-zheel) Biggest volcano on Mars, it means "huge mountain."

e.g., Mars' humongousest volcano Xujum Jaujiil at its base is wide as United States on Earth.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

xuxerin - Sshu-sheh-rin. Used in the place of "sucks to be me."

e.g., "Oh, no! Xuxerin!" "What?" "I forgot my textbook."

submitted by Jeff

xuxoren - A word used in the place of "that sucks."

e.g., "Shoot, I forgot my wallet at home. If only we weren't so far away. . . ." "Xuxoren."

submitted by Jeff

xxmyzllwth - (Pronounced Ex-mizzle-width) A word that is either unpronounceable or uncomfortable to say.

e.g., Sesquipedalian is an xxmyzllwth, so most doctors recommend using the word "long" instead.

submitted by Ben Peters

xxxclamation mark - Xxxclamation point. Exclamation points, the number of which indicates how lurid the pornographic material you're considering buying or renting is. The more !'s the more x's implied. X-rated is definitely unsuitable for children. I'm not sure whether it's the case these days, but xxx-rated used to indicate explicit genital exposure and coitus or equivalent. It would hardly surprise me to learn that genital exposure for masturbation is no longer considered xxx-rated. The xxx rating may be reserved for when the sex acts involve bizarre fetishes, pedophilia, violence, and more than one person -- possibly a chick and a chickadee?

e.g., With as many xxxclamation marks as were used on the box, I thought it might be too sensational and shocking even for my jaded palate. I figured I'd end up with an adult case of crazy eye, for which there's no known cure. Treatable, but incurable.

submitted by HD Fowler

xxxmas - The day set aside for giving pornography as gifts.

e.g., You better watch out. You better not pout. You better not cry, I'm telling you why. You won't get any xxxmas stocking stuffers if you do.

submitted by HD Fowler

xxxxx - £ £ £ pound sterling sign

e.g., £ £ £ pound sterling sign

submitted by HD Fowler

xylotripsy - (Rhymes with SIGH-no-GRIP-see; n.) The act or process of rubbing two sticks together to make fire. [From the Greek ξυλο xylo "wood" + τριψις tripsis "rubbing, friction."]

e.g., In reality, xylotripsy is rather more complicated than just "rubbing two sticks together." It actually, ideally requires a notched softwood fireboard, a spindle drill (of the same wood, if possible), a bow, a cord, a socket cap (of hardwood or stone), something to catch the coal when it's ready, a tinder bundle, and some handy pieces of firewood (of increasing size---twigs to sticks to logs) to feed the fire as it grows.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

xyz - For eXamine Your Zipper.

e.g., Chris came into the classroom with his pants unzipped, so I discreetly said "XYZ."

submitted by huff

xyzlacatosis - Noticing, suddenly, that there is a lack of words that start with x, y, or z.

e.g., While proofreading the dictionary enteries, Paul and Garret were both struck with xyzlacatosis.

submitted by Sam - (www)

xyzomegagas - /zy zo meg uh gas/: A powerful new fuel, the latest thing in automotive propulsion and energy, now available to the general public at a competitive price. Xyzomegagas is a highly developed and refined form of multiorganic fuel stuff that easily outshines and outperforms the very best of all previous fuels. Use it, don't lose out to similar but inferior contending products.

e.g., Fill 'er up. Yes, xyzomegagas. Whaddaya mean you don't carry it?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

xyzzy - XYZZY is the universal computer magic word. Comes from the classic interactive fiction game Adventure that causes players to magically teleport to a central location in the game.

e.g., To cheat in Minesweeper, type "xyzzy" hit *Enter* and *Left Shift*. If your mouse pointer is over a mine, the upper-left pixel on your screen will be black. Otherwise, it will be white.

submitted by John

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