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workation - A period of days or weeks devoted wholly to a particular project or undertaking. (From "work" plus "vacation.")

e.g., I just couldn't seem to get to that one big project, so I set aside two weeks in August as a workation.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

workbench - Code word used by "experienced" men, usually when women are present, to describe a "well-used" bed. In use a minimum for forty years.

e.g., After I take her out for a few drinks, I'll take her to the workbench. | Where do you want us to put your workbench?

submitted by george kursar

workie - A low-wage worker.

e.g., I'm working as a janitor, so I'm a workie.

submitted by antonio

working blue - Used to describe a stand-up comic's act, an act made up entirely or excessively of sexual material. More expansively, describes overuse of foul language or discussion of sexual or taboo subjects.

e.g., Andrew Dice Clay has painted his career into a corner because of his habit of working blue. You barely hear of "The Dice Man" anymore. | I had a bunch of friends over at my house and my mom got upset because we were working blue.

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

workmare - When you've spent your entire day at work on an excruciatingly detailed project, only to go home, go to bed and dream about said project -- thus leaving you exhausted and stressed upon waking up.

e.g., Just when I thought that county directory couldn't get any worse, I had a workmare about it last night. When will the vicious cycle end?

submitted by Thea

workoon - A "work-cocoon." The shell into which one retreats when one's workload exceeds twelve hours a day.

e.g., Sorry I didn't call you back, I've been in a workoon.

submitted by Doug Langdale

workshopped - Description for somebody who attended one or usually more workshops.

e.g., Three times workshopped.

submitted by Lindita Tahiri

worktribe - A social group comprised of persons who associate with one-another while performing separate jobs or activities.

e.g., The afternoon worktribes from the office building next door filled the restaurant.

submitted by Antoine

world serious - A collection of baseball games, generally played in October, often viewed by aficionados in a light similar to religious ritual. Term first coined in the 1950s by the inimitable Walt Kelly, cartoonist, humorist, and linguist extraordinaire. ("We have met the enemy and he is us.")

e.g., 2001 was the first year the World Serious lasted into November.

submitted by Lunch

world, the - To do something very completely or very well, often in a competition.

e.g., 1. When playing Bond multiplayer on the N64, John would devastate the world. 2. His car was so fast that he could smoke all competitors right off the world.

submitted by Tristan

worldwide web will o' the wisp - A person whose Internet connection is so bad as to appear to be constantly logging on and off in AIM buddy lists. These people also cannot reply to your IMs due to their connection, making it seem as if they don't exist.

e.g., Talking to a digital wraith. An apparition dancing in the buddy list. Opening and closing doors. Trying not to be giving up the ghost. It logs on and off. Like a difficult game of Frogger. The yellow man taunts me. Peeking in the door, then slamming it in my face. I just want to talk to my love. But she's a worldwide web will o' the wisp.

submitted by BigAssFries

worm jerky - Dried earthworms.

e.g., While waiting for the bus Colin satisfied his hunger with a few pieces of worm jerky.

submitted by Ty Evans

worndwig - This word is for people who try to act smart in an argument by googling the meaning of words and take themselves very seriously, writing as if they are writing a novel.

e.g., Chris is a worndwig. He spent twenty minutes writing that, even though nobody cares at all.

submitted by P Diddy - (www)

worrymindit - Preceded by the word "don't," it means not to be concerned if something can't be done.

e.g., My three-year-old daughter said, "Dad, don't worrymindit if we can't go to the movies today."

submitted by Bookminer

worsest - Used when describing something that you did not like.

e.g., This may be the worsest word ever acpted here.

submitted by Sean P

worship the tax god - To do your taxes.

e.g., Meghan hasn't worshipped the tax god this year and will almost certainly be smote with fines.

submitted by undeadx2

worshiptorium - An auditorium used for worship.

e.g., We'll be going to the service of songs held at the worshiptorium Monday night.

submitted by taiyewo

worstashire sauce - A culinary term describing the situation where a meal is acceptable until the diner learns that a repugnant ingredient is used in the recipe.

e.g., Glen: Mmm. This sandwich is tasty -- what is it? Jen: Breaded lamb's brains. Isn't it delicious? Glen: Ugh. Next time say what it is first and spare me the worstashire sauce.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

worthlittle - Not completely worthless, but virtually devoid of any value; approaching total ineffectiveness. I've always used this to describe myself the day after a long night, especially involving excessive alcohol consumption.

e.g., We were out pretty late last night. I slept about two hours and I'm feeling pretty worthlittle.

submitted by Mel Homik

worthwhility - Worthwhile-ness.

e.g., I sincerely doubt the worthwhility of the exercise.

submitted by Toby Thain - (www)

wos - the acronym for "walk of shame." going to work in the clothes you were wearing the previous day due to excessive partying or sleeping somewhere you didn't expect to.

e.g., "where's paul?" "oh, he'll be coming through the door and taking the wos to the coffee machine any minute now."

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

wossaname - What's her name | what's his name | what's the name of the person, place, or thing.

e.g., P.I. Winston Prescott: "Have you ever felt more displaced than a particle, P, which travels at velocity x m/s for t seconds? I have never felt less. Thus it was that when a woman swept into my office-scratch . . . wearing far more than the white bikini that wossaname wears so well in Doctor No, I didn't even inform her that a private detective could solve many of her problems."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wossname - What's his name. Can be applied to either sex.

e.g., I got the bucket off wossname.

submitted by balrog

wotcha - Colloquial English for "Hello."

e.g., Wotcha, how are you today?

submitted by Val Beaumont

would you like some cheese - A snappy retort to be used against someone who keeps interrupting in an annoying way.

e.g., Them: Oh, can't we just stop here? My feet are getting all hot and I think I'm getting blisters. You: Aw, look at the poor little baby? Would he like some cheese with his whine?

submitted by DrewT

wouldn't i - I don't know how.

e.g., "Do you still love me?" "Yeah i do, why wouldn't I?"

submitted by dheng

woun't - "Wouldn't," as it is often pronounced.

e.g., I woun't do that if I wuz you. | The problem with that -- I woun't have an archive containing what I've sent to you. What to do, what to do?

submitted by HD Fowler

wounded soldier - A partially-finished can or bottle of beer that can still be consumed.

e.g., Ed: I can't find any more beer anywhere. Ted: Here, take this wounded soldier off me.

submitted by ditnis

woused - Past tense of wise.

e.g., After a bout of stupidity I finally woused up.

submitted by Mark A. Granowski

wowchow - Something very good to eat.

e.g., Your mom's cooking is wowchow.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wowcohol - An alcoholic beverage that's so superior in terms of taste and effect that it makes the drinker say, "Wow!" {ED. This might make a good brand name for a line of alcoholic beverages.}

e.g., The proliferation of flavored vodkas practically guarantees that everyone will find her own personal wowcohol.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

wowie zowie - A term used when one wants to seem sarcastically happy, taken from a Mothers of Invention song.

e.g., "Hey Cathy, I just bought a set of encyclopedias!" "Wowie zowie."

submitted by Cat Stanley

wowsers - Dizty version of "wow." | Australian and New Zealand slang for excessively puritanical persons.

e.g., You got new shoes? Wowsers! | I'd say it's a cinch wowsers are not going to be sympathetic to the Occupy Wall Street protesters -- twinklers?

submitted by tyler kellen | HD Fowler - (www)

wowzer-trousers - Pants that people like looking at. These range from pants with Spiderman on them to those "painted-on" pants teenage girls are prone to wear.

e.g., Did you see those wowzer-trousers Chuck was wearing?

submitted by Mike Sacco

woxymoron - An active, actual oxymoron.

e.g., That lady selling smokes while dragging her oxygen machine is a woxymoron.

submitted by randy

woyaha! - A general, catch-all friendly greeting often used by cats.

e.g., "Woyaha!" chirrupped Oliver the stripy tabby to his brother Trevor when they met to dig up the newly planted flowerbeds.

submitted by Claire

wrage - A woman’s rage. The almost indescribable anger exhibited by a woman when she is caught in adultery, theft, etc.

e.g., Her wrage was so great she busted out all the windows and doors of his house, and then took everything of value.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

wrangell point - (n.) as far to the (political) left or into “liberal” territory someone is willing or able to go. (After Cape Wrangell at the western end of Attu Island in the Aleutian archipelago -- as far west (left, facing north) as you can get)).

e.g., I can go as far as partially socializing medicine, but that's my wrangell point.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

wrank - Rank. Used to describe an unpleasant taste or stench, usually from people food or or objects.

e.g., Jesus, Murphy, she smelled wrank. That food was total wrank.

submitted by ChemicalB - (www)

wrankled - Wrinkled at the ankles.

e.g., I'm getting so old I'm wrankled.

submitted by Miss Speller

wrape - The process whereby a woman falsely accuses a spouse, boyfriend, or lover of domestic or sexual abuse in order to obtain possession orcontrol of a child, property, or money….or to destroy the man. The wrathful rape of a man. A common practice of the hysterical personality type. ORIGIN OF WORD: Combining parts of the words wrathful and rape.

e.g., She said she was going to wrape him until he had nothing left, including sanity.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

wrapper - One who eats a sort of sandwich made of a soft flatbread rolled around a filling whil(e)(st) speaking or chanting rhyming lyrics in time to a beat.

e.g., The wrapper had to struggle mightily not to spray his masticated wrap during his rap recording session. However, he succeeded and it was a wrap. [Ooh - I LIKE this one but had to rely heavily on Wikipedia to figure out how to "describe the word" for his gem!]

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wrarble - A warped marble.

e.g., Check out this wrarble.

submitted by shade

wras - Through physical or psychological means, imposing one's will on another; the violation of another physically or mentally, through threats or actions.

e.g., The wras she suffered at his hands was so extreme it made her teeth bleed.

submitted by Sam

wreck havoc - Wreak havoc. More a misunderstanding than a misspelling. Perhaps «reak» havoc and «reek» havoc should be added, too? | "To devastate, wreak havoc, cause extensive damage." The usage is now common enough (since ~1990) that it would hardly be surprising if it eventually becomes acceptable.



e.g., "There are oh so many things that the simple spell checker cannot catch (whore) but which wreck havoc with the limited understanding and sub-par intelligence of the folks that waste their time reading this list. Oh, happy day -- thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you for contributing to the signal and helping quash the noise induced by 2-character ytpos." |

He murmured, Are these shifting images harmless or actual adversaries creeping up toward my patrol car to wreck havoc on me? He jumped, wide-eyed, as a raccoon bounded up on the polished hood of his cruiser.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

wreck havoc - "To devastate, wreak havoc, cause extensive damage." The usage is now common enough (since ~1990) that it would hardly be surprising if it eventually becomes acceptable.




e.g., He murmured, Are these shifting images harmless or actual adversaries creeping up toward my patrol car to wreck havoc on me? He jumped, wide-eyed, as a raccoon bounded up on the polished hood of his cruiser.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

wreck one's shop - To defeat devastatingly.

e.g., I wrecked Bill's shop today on the basketball court.

submitted by ditnis

wreckonomy - The passionate belief that the way to create wealth is simple: print money -- lots of money.

e.g., If you lay a million economists end to end, they will not reach a conclusion; but some of them will dream up weird ideas like "wreckonomy" -- print more money to fix the economy real good.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

wredge - Where tiny chips or wear usually appear on the lip of drinking glasses or raised edges of glass ashtrays, for example.

e.g., Check the wredges of your wine glasses to make sure there aren't any stress-chips or cracks.

submitted by Cori

wrench wench - A woman plumber. Thought of when I saw a Vaughan Alden Bass drawing (OK, pin-up) of a young woman with a wrench repairing a leaking water pipe. Far from original, though, given the Wrench Wench TV trope at the link -- from which the example is taken. For a visual almost Technicolor treat, tear yourself away from the overly graphic images of today and look up some of the great pin-up art of the past. Days on the way out as soon as the first Playboy magazine with Marilyn Monroe as its centerfold hit the stands in December 1953. To get you started, here are the names of some of the great pin-up artists, in no particular order: Alberto Vargas, Art Frahm, Gil Elvgren, Peter Driben, Zoe Mozert, Virginia Welles, Duane Bryers, Earl Moran.... A Drop of the Hard Stuff.

e.g., "Mechanical inclinations have, for various reasons, traditionally been the forte of men. The Wrench Wench is a girl who sets out to change all that. This can sometimes extend to pure electronic devices, but a Wrench Wench is more likely to be found with a blowtorch and ratchet set. She will always be confident about her own work, but because she's technically an enormous geek she sometimes has trouble with other things. She might also have Machine Empathy and can diagnose problems just by listening to the motor. She has been known to be Curious as a Monkey in the presence of new and interesting machines -- or Constantly Curious, if inspection is impossible."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wrinkle ranch - Nursing home, senior citizen estates, geezer village, and so forth.

e.g., It's about time to move Grandma to the wrinkle ranch.

submitted by The Icon

wrinklies - old people (plural)

e.g., Hey, the wrinklies are coming over for tea - boil some water.

submitted by Jacqui

wrinkular - skin that is overly wrinkled

e.g., did you see the back of my elbows - they've gone completely wrinkular!

submitted by Barbara C.

wristophobia - Fear of wrists, or simply being repulsed by them. Often related to the fact that veins are so prominent in this area. {ED. Reminding your … favorite editor that she needs to get back to work on her canonical list of phobias, terms of venery, etc.}

e.g., I have serious wristophobia; seeing wrists makes me feel ill.

submitted by wordgoat

write - Right. A homonym confusion made by some ESL learners.

e.g., If you can show me where that's said in the Constitution, I'll gladly acknowledge that you are write.

submitted by Miss Speller

write the three musketeers - To do something profoundly stupid; to be a dumb-ass. Also, "Alexandre." From a corruption of "Alexandre Dumas" (dumb-ass), author of The Three Musketeers.

e.g., You told the cop to what? You wrote The Three Musketeers, didn't you? | "The keyboard was dirty, so I put it in the dishwasher." "Nice one, Alexandre."

submitted by Qev - (www)

write-only - Unreadable or indecipherable. Something of sufficient complexity that it is incomprehensible. Often applied to someone else's style of writing software. (ED. Also a kind of memory. A block of wood with one wire going in and one going out -- symmetrically, of course. From the long-defunct computer magazine Datamation.)

e.g., I've spent an hour trying to figure out what your freaking write-only PERL script does. Learn to use some comments for a change.

submitted by kurland - (www)

writer - A practitionar of graffiti.

e.g., The local writers in this area united as one and formed the 893 UNIT.

submitted by .:DASH:. - (www)

writetitus - A disease afflicting, mainly, sedentary people of words.

e.g., Every time she woke up she felt the dreaded writetitus coming on; it did not go away until she collapsed from exhaustion into her bed -- though even in her dreams, it still afflicted her.

submitted by Aimee Lamb

writhered - Skin that is both wrinkled and withered.

e.g., The old woman had writhered skin and needed a lift, so I picked her up and took her to a specialist for de-writhering.

submitted by Earl Egdall - (www)

wronf - The state of being incorrect, not wrong but not right.

e.g., I was not wronf, just slightly mistaken.

submitted by Nick Racanelli - (www)

wrong way to eat a reese's - A phrase said when some one makes either a very big mistake, or any mistake one would think impossible. Comes from the Reese's (c) ad slogan "there's no wrong way to eat a reese's (c)"

e.g., "I spilled wine on my date's dress, and then almost set her on fire" "Whoa! Wrong way to eat a reese's (c)"

submitted by Hobohemian

wrong-side-of-the-road movie - A movie made in a country where drivers drive on the left side of the road.

e.g., Watched the 1969 version of The Italian Job (#16) Saturday. Three Mini-Coopers, of course, but I think its inclusion on the list of movies with great car chases is a mistake. Amazes me that anyone would bother with a remake of such an ok-at-best-wrong-side-of-the-road movie. Fortunately, the high concept held up and the remake as a straight action-thriller was a lot more fun than the original allegedly-comic caper film.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wrongevity - The condition where the person most wrongly qualified to do a job keeps that job regardless of how badly she screws things up.

e.g., Chris's 3-year employment record displays a stunning amount of wrongevity considering how often he screws projects up.

submitted by Mark - (www)

wrongsideofthedooritis - Some dogs are afflicted with this ailment. When the dog is on the inside of the house, it scratches at the door to get outside. Once the dog is on the outside it scratches to get inside.

e.g., My dog Daisy kept me awake all night as she was afflicted with a bad case of wrongsideofthedooritis.

submitted by Frederick Hathaway

wrongwing - The left wing.

e.g., When is the rightwing a wrongwing? When you're some kind of radical leftwing, I suppose.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wroughten - Made outside the home, not made on the homestead. By various artisans and craftsman.

e.g., I know that you've acquired some nice things from Scandinavia, but is anything wroughten in Denmark?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wrunkled - A face aged by life.

e.g., If you're lucky, you'll live long enough to get a very wrunkled face.

submitted by Barry Bowers

wry otter - An otter with a dry sense of humor. Or, just a person with a droll take. Provoked by a scroll at the bottom of a newscast screen in which "rioters" appeared as "rye otters."

e.g., Whatever else you have to say about him, his comments indicate that he's a rather wry otter.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

wta - Weight-Thrower-Arounder. A bully, especially a lightweight JAP who takes on moderator duties on internet forums primarily to be able to bully those who lack her moderator status. These particular JAPs (JAFUs in their real lives or previous incarnations? No one who's ever had real authority, power, status, or success has any need for forum power trips.) can be particularly annoying to anyone with either half-a-brain or a well-developed sense of fair play. WTAs make transparent claims that they take on moderator duties because they want to be of service to the [fill-in-the-blanks] forum community or their fellow [fill-in-the-blanks]. Yes, many of these assholes folks have the annoying habit of referring to themselves as members of some leftist leftwing progressive community or other: environmental, gay, GLBT, global, international, undocumented migrant illegal alien . . . whatever. In certain circles, jerks, WTA is no more than a synonym for someone in the forum administration chain of command, anywhere from the bottom of the food chain to the top. For forums where chain-of-command terminology is emphasized, the WTA's only redeeming quality is likely to be that she is serving in or has served in the U.S. military.

e.g., Can it be that mr-mod-god-i-make-no-apologies himself has left the building? Should I feign the slightest bit of remorse if he's taken his leave? Nah, I' m not gonna do that. Any place I've ever been has always improved with the departure of a WTA.

submitted by HD Fowler

wtf - Acronym for demanding a logical answer to something confusing or absurd.

e.g., Bungie jump out of an airplane . . . WTF were you thinking?

submitted by Tim

wtg - Way To Go.

e.g., WTG Bill, that was a great demonstration.

submitted by Darrell

wtmi - Way too much information.

e.g., You and your husband are no longer physically involved? OK! WTMI!

submitted by Ken

wubbering - The peculiar quavering certain singers experience whilst singing high-frequency lyrics, resulting in the distortion of certain syllables. Derived from "Wubbering, wubbering heights." Can also occur when one is crying and speech is in the form of a wobbly sob--think "blubbering."

e.g., She was really wubbering a hell of a lot after she got smacked in the face by that door.

submitted by Drew T.

wubsmeed - Imbercile, fool, moron, etc.

e.g., Are you a complete wubsmeed?

submitted by Alex Sisson

wuby - A fuzzy minded artist.

e.g., This wuby is full of new ideas. Too bad he forgot to close the door.

submitted by Mari-Ann

wuccas - Australian slang. Abbreviation for the spoonerism "wucking furries."

e.g., Bruce: "Thanks for the lift." Mick: "No wuccas, mate."

submitted by Purple Martin

wuch - (rhymes with 'butch'; n.) 1. a signature action (style, idiom, vel cet.) by which a person is known to those who see or experience it. 2. The particular cast of face or form that makes somebody recognizable as themselves and no one else. 3. a person's character seen as the sum total of their actions. 4. A one-word substitute for "by their fruits ye shall know them" (Matt. 7:16, 3 Ne. 14:20). ['Wuch' is the Mayan word for both 'face' and 'fruit.']

e.g., "That man is a stuck-up, self-righteous pig. Look at him! with his Lamborghini and his Armani suits." "Actually, he's so generous with his (admittedly enormous) wealth. His good deeds sort of eclipse his little personal perks, at least, to my eyes....Wuch."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

wuckers - Aussie for worries or problems.

e.g., No wuckers, mate.

submitted by Denise - (www)

wudelphreignjyuur - Wood-elf ranger. Someone who is extremely knowledgable about wildlife and lives in a woodland area.

e.g., The hermit who produces herbal medicines in the mountains is a wudelphreignjur

submitted by Jeff

wufuffle - noun. Derogatory term to describe anything on a menu which you would not choose as your last meal should you be waiting on death row for a post-lunch appointment with the executioner and offered a reprieve in exchange. Derived from a drunken mistranslation of a menu item which looked like it was called Lupus Frattaglie (Wolf Offal) but was in fact Lupo Tagliatelle. Once ordered and consumed it was proven to be as disgusting as if it were Wolf Offal. When applied to desserts it is Wufwaffle.

e.g., The description of the Chicken Caesar salad on the menu sounded heavenly, but unfortunately when it arrived it proved to be wufuffle.

submitted by Charley Parlez

wug - A completely sporadic combination of walking, running, and jogging. Most often demonstrated by particularly obese people on a treadmill.

e.g., I'm permanently scarred from seeing some plus-size model wearin' spandex wuggin' it at the gym today

submitted by Amanda Gilbert

wuh-wuh-wuh - "WWW" when spoken in an internet address. Much easier than saying "double-you double-you double-you."

e.g., The Drudge Report is located on the web at wuh-wuh-wuh dot drudgereport dot com.

submitted by c-squared - (www)

wujju - A typo made by accidentally shifting the position of your hand over a key or keys. (From a real typo of "wikki," a word my friends and I often use to mean "cool.")

e.g., You're very movr. Sorry, that was a wujju. I meant "nice."

submitted by Ray

wumbo - Large.

e.g., That's one wumbo sandwich. I hope you'll have room for dessert.

submitted by Ian Faynik

wumbo - Large, giant, big, fat, or anything close to those.

e.g., That pimple is so wumbo it's almost a blimple.

submitted by Kelly

wumbo-jumbo - Something which appears to be ridiculous, made up, or implausible, but actually contains an unexpected element of truth or genius.

e.g., I thought that Wumbology was a pseudo-science, but when it correctly predicted that my cat would be run over by a steamroller, I realized that it was wumbo-jumbo.

submitted by Ben Peters - (www)

wumper - A jumper worn solely during the winter months.

e.g., Wow, it isn't half chilly outside this cold winter day, I'll have to put on my wumper.

submitted by Liam Smith - (www)

wumzif - What happens if.

e.g., Wumzif we can't get home in time to let the dogs out?

submitted by Melissa Coney

wunch - A collective noun for a group of bank employees.

e.g., This is a spoonerism: They are all a wunch of bankers.

submitted by Peter Fripp

wunny - Combination of the words "weird" and "funny."

e.g., You're so cool and wunny, Kelly. I think I love you.

submitted by Kelly

wuppie - web yuppie

submitted by alice

wurlerp - The sound omitted from a vehicles tires while driving over a cattle guard or warning grooves in the road.

e.g., The wurlerp abruptly awoke me from my daze just in time for me to veer back into my lane.

submitted by Matt Samaritoni

wurr - A soft sound of contentment, sounding like a cross between a purr and a sigh.

e.g., Stephanie wurred dreamily when she found out she could adopt the kitten.

submitted by Rebecca - (www)

wuss - One who freaks out at even the smallest bit of unpleasantness.

e.g., Chris is a complete wuss.

submitted by Sin - (www)

wuss-rock - music that males (mostly "boy-bands") make that's very sappy and cheesy in nature. it's usually listened to by teen-aged girls, who think there are males out there that actually talk like that.

e.g., are you the guy who started the wuss-rock band down the street?

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

wutda - Basically the slurred form of "what the?"

e.g., " . . . and so what do you think?" "Wutda?"

submitted by JegStar

wuttling - Extraction and disposing of the essence and replacing it with something else.

e.g., Another example of wuttling: you know the animutations, where they "interpret" the Japanese words into English? That's wuttling.

submitted by utna

wuz whin - Phonetic spelling of "was when," used to indicate something that is passe.

e.g., Amy: Remember "Hammer Time?" Rick: Wuz whin.

submitted by Paul

wuzzat - A mysterious miniature animal, seen only momentarily (if at all).

e.g., The Wuzzat is believed to have originated as a species of homunculi; nearly extinct a few years ago, Wuzzats now frequent many environments, though they are rarely glimpsed by mortal eyes (from The Five Wits, q.v.).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wuzzgoinon - To babble incoherently when you are awakened by an alarm clock or a person calling your name. (From Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.)

e.g., After being called down to breakfast while still asleep, I could only wuzzgoinon. I didn't even know where I was.

submitted by Duncan

wuzzle - To mix. From elementary school CAT tests. (See younker.)

e.g., I wuzzled my adjectives and adverbs and failed the test.

submitted by poster nutbag

www - The ideal of being autonomous and being able to make universal connections with those of the same goals or ideals.

e.g., The www is for poets and pickers to flourish although it can consume both their time and energy.

submitted by bard462

wwwristocrats - A class of nobility created by acquiring a title over the Internet.

e.g., Lord Jonathan of Loch Borralan is a real wwwristocrat.

submitted by Alan March-Maddams

wwwzipitdotcom - Shut your mouth.

e.g., Wwwzipitdotcom, G. You are being rude.

submitted by Gordito

wyj - The space on the windsheild not covered by the window wipers. Wij.

e.g., I didn't see the car coming because it was hidden behind the wyj of my windsheild.

submitted by Tyler

wyldewhistlerwish - The feeling of inadequacy when engaged in a battle of wits and every riposte one comes up with has already just been delivered by your nemesis.

e.g., The speed and genius of Alan's repartee could only give Jonty yet another wyldewhistlerwish feeling of inadequacy.

submitted by Alan March - Maddams

wyrm - From the Olde Engish word for serpent or dragon. (See root words of worm in the dictionary) (See Silkwyrm.)

e.g., Any SciFi Fan knows that the words Dragon and Wyrm are synonyms.

submitted by Tom Day - (www)

wysawyg - Pronounced why-za-wig. What You See Ain't What You Get! The opposite of WYSIWYG.

e.g., I hate WYSAWYG websites. I like such "user loving" sites such as this one.

submitted by Tom Day - (www)

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