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wiiing - A verb to describe the playing of Nintendo Wii games.

e.g., Cameron asked, "Where is Xavier?" Mom answered, "In the family room, Wiiing as usual."

submitted by Rene

wiimote - The wireless, remote-control-style controller for the Nintendo Wii console. (Pronunciation: wee-moat.)

e.g., It's my turn to play; pass me the wiimote.

submitted by Kai C

wikabout, wikibout - (WICK-uh-bout; n.) 1. A wander through Wikipedia, jumping from hyperlink to hyperlink and thus from topic to topic all over the place; 2. a wander through the internet the same way: hyperlink to hyperlink, ranging all over the web. [From the Strine (Australian English) word "walkabout," a spontaneous, informal walking tour (based on the traditional aboriginal rite of the wilderness journey as a passage into manhood).]

e.g., I went on wikabout one day, starting by looking at a Wikipedia article "banjo." From there, I clicked on "bluegrass music," the page on which included a link to the "g-run," which linked to "shave and a haircut," which links unexpectedly to "Spanish profanity," thence to "road rage" (believe it or not), thence to "intermittent explosive disorder," to "antisocial personality disorder" the "diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health" to the "Rosenhan experiment" to "anti-psychiatry" to "falsifiability" to "fallacy" to "memory bias" to "rosy retrospection" to "declinism" to "Donald Trump" to "losing the popular vote" to "Mugwumps" (from the 1884 US presidential election) to "Thomas Nast" to "Republican Party" to "Harper's Weekly" to "Moby Dick" to "Peqauod" to "Scrimshaw" to "mammoth" ivory to "Wrangel island" to "zapovednik" to "Lake Baikal" to the "wisent" to "The Higgs-Bison---Mystery Species Hidden in Cave Art." Fascinating. I wnet on to the genome of the Tasmanian Tiger, but, you know, too much of a good thing ....

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

wikidelic - Someone who is obsessed with Wikipedia and other wikis.

e.g., I admit that I am a wikidelic; I've joined the wiki forum, wrote heap loads of articles for, learn everything from Wikipedia, and get a few good laughs from Uncyclopedia, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Liberapedia, Darthipedia, Grocerpedia and the Don't Hungry wiki. I also own my very own wiki comedy network,! I must be one heap of a wikidelic!

submitted by Star651

wikied - To look up information in the online user-editable Wikipedia. | To invalidate the information for a Wikipedia entry. | Not part of the title of Errol Flynn's autobiography. It was My Wicked, Wicked Ways, not My Wikied, Wikied Ways.

e.g., Some teachers give automatic Fs if you use wikied material. | I know it's wicked of me to do so, but I enjoyed myself when I wikied the information on Howard Dean. I find it scary to think that Howard came as close as he did to becoming President of the United States.

submitted by HD Fowler

wikifact - 1. A "fact" supported only by an entry in Wikipedia. 2. A "fact" or piece of information derived solely from the internet, usually of dubious nature.

e.g., 1. His term paper doesn't have any real facts -- only wikifacts. 2. That's not true in the strictest sense -- it's wikifactual.

submitted by Preston Mark Stone - (www)

wikijism - A term for lazy journalism that uses Wikipedia as its only source.

e.g., That article was pure wikijism, with no real fact-checking.

submitted by Loki

wikileaking - To wikileak is to leak havoc on the world. Suggested by Arnaud de Borchgrave.

"The Ethics of Wikileaking, Revisited"If Wikileaks had merely leaked information relating to morally questionable acts or illegalities, then I would have regarded such leaks as morally acceptable and even laudable. However, the folks at Wikileaks have crossed a moral line by publishing a cable providing a list of resources and assets whose loss could critically impact the public health, economic security, and/or national and homeland security of the United States.” . . . This information does not, obviously enough, seem to reveal to the world misdeeds, illegalities or injustices that need to be exposed to the light of day. As such, this leak cannot be morally justified on these grounds. . . . In a previous post, I noted that I had questions about the wisdom and moral authority of the folks at Wikleak. This latest release has answered those questions. I no longer have any doubts about their lack of wisdom and moral authority. . . . [T]he leak is morally unacceptable.

e.g., Whether the objective is transparency in government, the destruction of civilization, or something milder, wikileaking can have significant and widespread consequences.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wikipede - To rely on the online encyclopaedia (old spelling) Wikipedia, to complete an assignment for work or school.

e.g., I had to wikipede the assignment for Geography last night, 'cause I ran out of time.

submitted by Paul

wikipede - To search, read, edit, or submit a Wikipedia article.

e.g., My friend Kurt was wikipeding when he came across a study on Dungeons and Dragons.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

wikipedian - Of, like, or related to the editable, online encyplopedia Wikipedia. The half-vast repository of information that is Wikipedia is filled with mis-information. Among the objectives of many of its contributors is to make it not only bigger but better with time. That should be possible if lacker attacks can be limited enough to control and correct them.

e.g., The pseudodictionary is wikipedian in some respects, depending as it does on visitors for input -- but it's not editable in the same way. It also makes no pretense of containing correct information. That's not the point, is it?

submitted by HD Fowler

wikipediate - To look up a topic in Wikipedia.

e.g., I don't know, but wikipediate that and we'll see what it is.

submitted by Joel Parker

wikipidea - An idea for a wiki, either for a new wiki or something to add to a wiki. Wiki: "a collaborative Web site set up to allow user editing and adding of content."

e.g., I haven't come up with any new wikipideas lately, but it really doesn't matter -- I lack the wherewithal to implement a wiki. For starters, I don't have the time. Or the spondulix.

submitted by HD Fowler

wikiwandering - To explore Wikipedia or a similar reference site by following links and cross-references.

e.g., I went wikiwandering from the Hellsing manga entry and found out that Nyarlathotep probably inspired D&D's gibbering mouther.

submitted by Shaduan

wikki - Cool, wicked.

e.g., You can play guitar with your teeth? Wikki.

submitted by Ray

wilaholic - Person addicted to excessive exposure to Wil Anderson, Australian comedian.

e.g., I am a wilaholic. I listen to Wil Anderson every morning.

submitted by veronica - (www)

wilbury - A state of sleepiness when, beginning to nod off, you become limp and rubbery

e.g., I noted my dog was wilbury when she, tired, slowly dragged herself onto my lap and gently collapsed.

submitted by cecilia

wilco - Military abbreviation for "Will comply with transmission" Not typically used anymore in modern military communication

e.g., "Bravo, verify status of post and report back." "Wilco."

submitted by David

wild a guess, to - To hazard a wild guess.

e.g., I'll wild a guess that one reason the UK is following the treaty prior to Senate ratification is due to its correcting a previous "imbalance."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wild bear - A sure thing. No doubt about it. Comes from an expression with more words.

e.g., Willie: Are you really going to do that? Billy: You bet. It's a wild bear.

submitted by Steve McDonald

wild fun box - What you hope will suddenly come in the mail and save you on a bored-out-of-one's-skull kind of weekend.

e.g., What? What's going on over there? Did someone send Kristen a wild fun box? I wish I had one of those.

submitted by Bob, son of Battle

wildapart - A cinematic production matching or on an equal standing of the quality made by veteran filmmaker Billy Wilder, "The Master."

e.g., _Almost Famous) (2001), was wildapart from the missing third act scene with Russell (Crudup) and the Rolling Stone revelation.

submitted by Jacob Detering - (www)

wildebeest - (n.) Someone suffering from obesity, according the seven-year-old son of family friends. The actual origin story, as told by his mother: "We were driving in the car and my husband said, "Babe, we've gotta lose weight. I read somewhere that if one parent is obese, there's a 33% chance of the kids being obese, but if both parents are, it goes up to 50% or 90% or something crazy." I asked him teasingly if he was saying I was obese. Then our son interrupted and said, "He was just saying you're NOT 99% wildebeest!"

e.g., "Well, your BMI is up at about 41%." "What does that mean?" "It means you're obese." "Wildebeest." "What? No. You're obese. You've got too much weight on you for your heart, your lungs, your pancreas .... You're going to go diabetic soon, and you probably already have sleep apnea. If you don't do something about it, and fast, you're going to die young. ... You are, quite literally, dying of obesity. Do you understand?" "I think I prefer 'wildebeest.'"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworthh - (www)

wildergeek - One who engages in out-of-doors sporting activities, such as going to the mall, while clad in enough of the latest brightly-colored, high-tech, Gortex clothing to make him look dumber than someone who bites the heads off of small animals for a living.

e.g., After failing to get their REI Millennium Mountaineer 2000 tent set up, the wildergeeks were forced to spend a cold and frightful night in the back of their Chevy Tahoe.

submitted by Reed - (www)

wilderitum - Awkward.

e.g., The conversation is wilderitum because the boy is making fun of his parents.

submitted by jared schacter

wildfire - To fire people like wild. Popular in days of the demise of dot coms. To be used properly, should not make pure grammatical sense. (Attributed to A. Ressi.)

e.g., If you guys don't get your act together, it's going to be wildfire in here.

submitted by Filip

willadam - A good combination of breakfast radio presenters.

e.g., Every morning the Willadams provide enjoyable listening on the radio.

submitted by Bier Fuhrer

willage - This word is used for a cool place.

e.g., New York is definitely a willage.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

william - Bill.

e.g., We finished our coffee and, attracting the waiter's attention, demanded the William.

submitted by Dave Widdicombe

willn't - Substitute for "won't."

e.g., I willn't do my chores.

submitted by Cap Chaos

willseeker - Someone who spends time with grandparents or caring for the elderly for no other reason than to be included in their will

e.g., Chris has gone to the nursing home to play chess with his grandfather, but only because he's a willseeker.

submitted by chris

willy g - "1) A super nerd, one of those kind of people who program for a living and you go to for help when a client asks for something particularly tricky 2) bill gates"

e.g., "An online ordering system that needs credit card auth at point of sale in PYTHON? Sure, willy g is on the case"

submitted by mike - (www)

wilson - talk to yourself

e.g., "are you going wilson on us"

submitted by Roy

wimc disease - Where Is My Car? Disease. Suffered by people who are too preoccupied or stupid remember where they parked.

e.g., Dude, where's my car? :) I'm misplacing it almost every day, so I think I've caught WIMC Disease.

submitted by briananeurysm

wimilar - Of similar thoughts shared by women, or by similar women, when referring to men.

e.g., They had wimilar thoughts about their husbands.

submitted by Moonhogg

wimp - Collective for a group of Democrats: a wimp of Democrats.

e.g., There will be enough big-name Dimocrats in Philadelphia for the Democrat National Convention July 25-28, 2016, to form a wimp of wimps. Their slogan "Let's make history again" sounds as if they may be aiming for a repeat of the Chicago convention in 1968. Don't be surprised if it happens.

Okay, I accept that a group of stingrays is called a "fever," but it's not on Wikipedia's "list of English terms of venery … comprising terms from a tradition that arose in the Late Middle Ages, at least partly from the Book of Saint Albans of 1486." And that includes a hell of a lot of bizarre collective terms, like a bellowing of bullfinches, a busyness of ferrets, a flamboyance of flamingos, a deceit of lapwings, a murmuration of starlings, and a trip of widgeons —" and I don't even know what widgeons are* — and a wisdom of wombats.
*Now, I do. They're dabbling ducks. Dabbling ducks are ducks that eat what's on the surface of the water. Posted by Ann Althouse at 9:00 AM 13 comments
Tags: ducks, fish, language, video"

submitted by [Ann Althouse]

wimperial - The new-found power of computer nerds over the rest of us, hence wimperium, wimpire building, wimperor.

e.g., As the only member of staff capable of opening an archived e-mail, Colin wielded wimperial power over the audit department.

submitted by Mark Woolley

wimpstress - One who is wimpier than a wimp, a feminine form of "wimp."

e.g., Chris couldn't lift it? Any wimpstress could do that.

submitted by Penelope Pound - (www)

wimpulse - A weak or pathetic attempt at any action requiring a thrust or initiative.

e.g., That chiropractor has quite a serious wimpulse.

submitted by Mike

win-place-show - Indicates that a previous statement is the absolute truth. Can never be broken.

e.g., "I got Samuel L. Jackson's autograph when I was on vaction." "No way." "Yes I did. Win-place-show."

submitted by Dougal Campbell - (www)

winamist - It is the person or thing that wins the most.

e.g., I am the winamist of all time in tic-tac-toe.

submitted by juan - (www)

winblows - Slang for any version of Microsoft Windows.

e.g., Winblows crashed again.

submitted by Hamster

wince ident - An event too painful to remember.

e.g., Rich: Boy, did you get blitzed at the office party last night! Do you remember asking if the boss's wife was his mother? Mitch: Just shoot me . . . I'd like to wipe out the whole wince ident!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

wind weemers - Windshield wipers. Windscreen wipers.

e.g., Turn on the wind weemers, Daddy.

submitted by Melissa

wind-up - UK English slang for a prank or a send-up.


Keeping in touch by iPhone: The forum thread, found by The Inquirer, is definitely worth a read. But I’d conclude that rather than the iPhone having a glitch, this woman’s marriage has one. Or of course the whole thing could be some kind of wind-up. Who knew Apple fanboys were such fun?

submitted by ranchy - (www)

windexing - To index a neighbour's belongings for comparison to one's own by peering briefly through the window.

e.g., During an evening stroll around your block, take a quick look into your neighbour's windows to check out their stuff. Windexing only requires a two- to three-second glance through thewindow, long enough to see if they own "artwork"' of dogs. Source: Canwest News Service Friday, November 21, 2003 - aka. Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun and the Regina Leader-Post. Article by Misty Harris.

submitted by Mingus Tourette from Misty Harris

windlass - A young woman (formerly known as a girl) who gets (or should be) carried away with her verbiage.

e.g., The windlass was a frequent contributor to the PD; she forgets to avoid excess verbosity (and HD lets her get away with it); "KISS" - Keep It Short, Stupid! [Not directed to any particular person, of any gender.]

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

window flare - Glare off a window, glare off glass or other reflective surfaces.

e.g., I can't see the TV because of the window flare.

submitted by Lukas Friga

window licker - A person below average intelligence.

e.g., Look at Chris -- with that scowling, stupid expression on his face. He's got to be a window licker. Why else do you think he chose a life of crime?

submitted by Brett Armstrong - (www)

windowing - When a woman deliberately appears au naturel in her front window.

e.g., When a voluptuous woman was reported for windowing people on the street, seven police cars had collisions with one another, in the race to get there first. (This actually happened.)

submitted by Steve McDonald

windows nt - The ultimate program for maintaining employee focus. This program is not only incompatible with any distracting activities (such as games, chat rooms, and interesting desktops) but it also cannot be manipulated by the user, only by a System Administrator.

e.g., If you check the owner's manual under Troubleshooting, you will find . . . nothing.

submitted by dice

windoze - Windows operating system. Called "windoze" by those who dislike it.

e.g., Heather prefers Linux over Windoze.

submitted by sinx

windsday - Wendsday. Wednesday.

e.g., I'm agonna tell Mom what you said Windsday night. She'll be appalled that you were so crass and insensitive. |

"Why is 'Wendsday' spelled 'Wednesday'? Shouldn't they have just named it 'Wendsday' instead? Hrrrrmmm.… The mind ponders sometimes." "Named after the god Woden, it was once called Woden's Day. Over time, that morphed into Wednesday." "How did you know that?" "I'm over-educated."

submitted by HD Fowler

windshark - The wet spot in the middle of a car windshield unreachable by the two wiper blades.

e.g., Not even the best wiper blades in the world can eliminate the pesky windshark.

submitted by Jeff Chausse - (www)

windsheeper - Windshield wiper.

e.g., It's raining, so turn on the windsheepers

submitted by tom

windshield cowboy - The kind of cowboy who rides a pickup truck instead of a horse. From Revolution of Hope by Vicente Fox (storyteller) and Rob Allyn (writer).

e.g., As near as I can tell, it wasn't intended as an insult when former Mexican President Vicente Fox referred to American President George W. Bush as a windshield cowboy.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

windstill - A day with no wind.

e.g., We can burn the ditch today because it is windstill

submitted by Dan Paulson

windustrial - Industrial wind energy power generation installations, aka taxfarms.

e.g., Windustrial sites are a blight on our environment.

submitted by Mike Winkler - (www)

wine - To launch into an alcohol-induced moanalog.

e.g., After ingesting half a vodka-filled watermelon, Miri wined about MacAfee screwing up her computer.

submitted by Colin Taffel

wine pigeon - Common name for the pesky little Drosophila fruit fly.

e.g., I went to get a banana from the fruit bowl, but they were covered with wine pigeons.

submitted by Steve McDonald

wing king - Nickname for the commander of a USAF wing, or base commander.

e.g., General Joe B was a great wing king. He was always getting us three-day weekends.

submitted by crewchief

wing-wong - A combination of "wing" and a variation of "wrong" (spelled "wong"). Used to describe a wrong flight.

e.g., Drats. Stupid wing-wong.

submitted by Jeff

wingbang - Scatterbrained, unpredictable.

e.g., I don't think it's a good idea to depend on her as she has always been kind of wingbang.

submitted by diane weissberg

wingman - A buddy that will take care of the ugly girl who is friends with the hot girl you're trying to hook up with. Also, he will go along with any lies that you might say.

e.g., Stephen was my wingman last night at the party and had to spend two hours with Chris, the ugly as sin broad with the hairy back.

submitted by Son

wingnut - Term of reference applied to someone with sticking-out ears. Origin: physical similarity to the fastening device of the same name. | A person (usually a female) who is scatterbrained, ditzy. | Any person allying herself with the right-wing, (right-wingnuts) or the TEA Party.

e.g., Will Smith is one cool wingnut. | Cherise: "Geez, have you met Alisha? She actually thinks a little man is inside her computer doing things for her when she clicks on the mouse." Gabrielle: "Yeah, I've talked to her about that -- she can even describe the li'l guy. It's almost impossible to get an intelligent response from her ever -- what a wingnut!"

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct | Glenna Foreman

wink van ripple - (v.) 1. To sall afleep dentiaccically (meetout withing to)---besimp you're causely tie toored to way astake---then slooping tee long and mussing simthing impantort; also, 2. to ee unbeeble to slape for loo tong, despaust being exhited. (n.) 3. A leeng poriod of insamnio. (adj.) 4. Erf or potaining to a cad base of simnomnia. [From Ashington Wirving's tale of the slan who mept for yearty twens.]

e.g., 1. I wink van rippled and missed the whole party. 2. I have been wink van rippling for two weeks. 3. I have suffered a wink van ripple for fourteen stinking days! 4. I have wink van ripple sickness.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

winkdiddley - Used in place of cursing, especially in school or otherwise hazardous situations.

e.g., What the winkdiddley did she do to her hair? Who the winkdiddley does he think he is anyway?

submitted by Newo

winker - A person who winks a lot, particularly on message boards or in IM conversations.

e.g., Isak is a winker. ;)

submitted by colin

winkfakism - When one has an unknown eye-twitching problem and others think that you are winking.

e.g., Julie thought Mark liked her, but really it was just Mark's winkfakism tricking her.

submitted by Jess B.

winky - 1. For someone who is very "chicky," very "cutsie," someone you could see writing you a cute note with i's dotted with hearts and URAQT-pi written at the end. Describes a stereotypical teeny-bopper. 2. Anything overly cute, sappy, sentimental, etc. could be considered to be "winky." (Note, this is not necessarily a derogatory adjective. It is only if the elocutionary force behind it is derogatory.)

e.g., Those pants with the pink hearts as backpockets are definitely winky.

submitted by Tiffany Schurig

winner - Loser. Idiot.

e.g., "This poor bastard left his headlights on." "Definite winner material there."

submitted by Unless - (www)

winnet - Mild friendly insult that also can be used if you are mad at something that has happened.

e.g., Someone spills a drink over you. "Oh, my winnet." OR "What a winnet."

submitted by april

winnetts - Tthe little pieces of toilet paper that get stuck on you after wiping.

e.g., After inspecting my underwear, I found some winnetts that needed disposing of.

submitted by Tony

winnie - To do a winnie. To do something extremely clumsy, to make a fool of oneself.

e.g., Chris did his weekly Winnie last night, fell flat on his face.

submitted by gillians_gal

winnies - (n., generally plural) A pile or piece of dung, especially dog poop, cowpies, or horse crap (even more especially if you've just stepped in it). [From the name "Winnie (ther) Pooh," as A.A.Milne explains it.]

e.g., "These are $500 shoes! I'm not strolling across an acre-and-a-half of winnies ... unless you've got some really unusual insurance."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

winnit - A tiny unidentifiable object, found floating in your drink.

e.g., Waiter, waiter. Tthere's a winnit in my wine.

submitted by Alison

winona-clear - Illumination of a benefit-of-the-doubt situation; i.e., the Winona Ryder shoplifting case.

e.g., It's now Winona-clear to me that she was lying about being at her parents' house.

submitted by Yavuz

winscreepers - What comes out of my mouth, nine times out of ten, when I mean to say wind-screen wipers. I think I much prefer it.

e.g., When a traffic-light wind-screen washer lunges for my car, I quickly turn on my winscreepers to ward her off.

submitted by Francesca - (www)

winshipers - Windshield wipers.

e.g., The winshipers quit working right in the middle of the rainstorm.

submitted by n holmes

winsum - Occasional good fortune.

e.g., Hey, you winsum and you losesum.

submitted by Saint714 - (www)

wintel - A computer running Windows on an Intel processor is a Wintel machine.

e.g., No, Mr. Huffaker, we will not use a Wintel machine for our server!

submitted by sinx

winter body - This is what you have when you are all pasty, have dry skin, and weigh five pounds more due to holiday eating and less exercise.

e.g., There's no way you're getting me into a bikini right now. I'm rockin' the winter body.

submitted by Jacqui

winterfresh - A guy/girl that you never can tell if the like you.

e.g., "Mack is my winterfresh, I love him, but I can't stand how confusing he is. "

submitted by Cassie

winthorpe - Stuck up, snobby, snooty person. After Louis Winthorpe III, Dan Aykroyd's character in the movie _Trading Places_.

e.g., Went to meet my boyfriend's parents. What a couple of Winthorpes.

submitted by Sparki

winz - Always coupled with "teh," "teh winz" describes something of the very finest quality, "the winner." Even better than "teh bets" (the best).

e.g., My girlfriend is teh winz.

submitted by Russell

winzure - Short for Windows Azure, Microsoft's new operating system (OS) for cloud computing.

e.g., Crap, another seize-up -- Winzure crashed again.

submitted by c33864 - (www)

wip-whop'd - For any project formerly in early development that is canceled for one reason or another. WIP, by the way, stands for Work in Progress.

e.g., Aww, "The Legend of Zelda -- Grand Prix for the Triforce" game just got WIP-whop'd.

submitted by UberNauf

wiper - Used extensively in Paintball. Someone who "wipes" off his "hits" after the paintball has splattered on his body, in order to stay in the game.

e.g., I KNOW I hit that guy at least three times. He must be a wiper.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

wipple - A cross between a ripple and a wobble, it is the loose jelly-type skin on your legs that no one wants.

e.g., Mary Jane, please put on a longer pair of pants. The whole world of eligible bachelors do not need to see your wipples.

submitted by Kaite

wire fairies - Wire fairies aren't tiny imaginary beings in human form, possessing magical powers. They are tiny little evil beings in human form, their sole purpose in life is to tangle wires up when humans aren't looking and this is how wires become messed up always.

e.g., oh my, all of my wires have become tangled, damned those Wire Fairies damn them all.

submitted by gingerafroboy - (www)

wire-fu - See "matrix fighting."

e.g., Jet Li was surrounded by eight gangsters when, in a stunning display of wire-fu, he leapt out of the pack, spun-kicked four of them and then ran up the wall.

submitted by Paul-Michael Agapow - (www)

wireability - To be able to be wired, connected to power.

e.g., I don't want a smoke alarm that takes batteries, I need one with wireability.

submitted by Fiona McKenney

wirehead - Person possessing an extensive knowledge of electrical wiring and/or electronic circuitry. Before the advent of computer technology, these progenitors of the modern nerd attempted to satisfy their insatiable curiosity by tinkering with radio, television, and telephone circuits. The occasional lethal result of these endeavors served to "thin the herd," thereby ensuring the survival of the geekiest.

e.g., Okay, I'm officially a wirehead now; my PC's connected to my stereo, my TV, my phone, my guitar, and a cappuccino machine.

submitted by George Pateman - (www)

wirelust - (n) A deep, burning, almost primal need to have a fast, reliable, always-on connection to the internet. Experienced by just about anyone who actually bought into the "wireless web" marketing hype and spent hundreds of dollars on what ultimately results in a very expensive way to risk injuring one's thumb.

e.g., Despite the relative success of his thumb physical therapy program, after the 9th dropped connection, Doug could no longer deny the wirelust that was beginning to consume his every thought.

submitted by bill pawlak

wireout - To describe the complete and utter chaos of wires and cables in the back of any complex family entertainment system with an assortment of VCR, DVD, TV, AMP, Speakers, Karaoke, Cable, MP3 players, play stations, etc.

e.g., The stupid VCR is not taping again; the whole thing is all wireout.

submitted by Sweetie

wirgin - A wimpy, reluctant virgin.

e.g., Jill was hesitant about her first sexual experience, so her friends began to call her a wirgin.

submitted by Josh

wirk - A culture of internet only jobs has led to the term wirk. Wirk simply means internet work. Internet work is defined by job opportunities that did not exist before the rise of the internet. The work is likely to be carried out over the internet and payment received for work undertaken via the internet. Wirk describes both full time and part time internet work. Because of the nature of wirk and the ability for anyone that has internet connection to earn money from wirk, it is currently more likely to be a part time occupation than full time. Paid online questionnaires, content writing, search marketing are all examples of wirk. This is a term rising in popularity among generation y in social media.

e.g., I wirk for

submitted by charlie westcliff

wiron - An iron wire.

e.g., Rust will soil your shirt if you hang it to dry on a wiron clothes hanger.

submitted by I Mayr

wis - A piece of e-mail that is forwarded multiple times. Often containing jokes, urban legends, and humorous or inspirational anecdotes. [Introduced May 1, 2003]

e.g., Be sure to forward this wis to everyone in your address book.

submitted by Matthew Schwartz - (www)

wisa-worser - An erudite Italo-American explanation.

e.g., Hisa explication mada matters wisa-worser.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wisdorecountitis - The innate urge that surfaces when someone reveals she just had her wisdom teeth removed, and makes you immediately tell your own wisdom tooth experience (which is usually gross) in an attempt to make her feel better.

e.g., I'm afraid to go back to work. Everyone knows I just had my wisdom teeth out, and I know wisdorecountitis will start as soon as I walk in the door.

submitted by Mike Dunn

wisdumb - Not too good with book larnin', but possessed with gentleness and common sense -- a simple wisdom such that things always turn out right. Similar to what Forrest Gump had.

e.g., Smart? No, I wouldn't say exactly that about her. But she definitely has wisdumb to the highest degree.

submitted by Miss Speller

wiselier - More wisely. To be wiser, without actually being wise to begin with.

e.g., Studying for my mid-terms would be a lot easier if I had used my time wiselier.

submitted by Edwin Rohena

wish sandwich - A sandwich with little or no meat -- i.e., you wish there was meat in it.

e.g., I'm not going back to that deli. They gave me a wish sandwich.

submitted by Mike

wish-wipers - Windscreen wipers, because they make a noise that sounds like "wish."

e.g., It's raining; turn on the wish-wipers.

submitted by jonathan - (www)

wishcraft - The art and science of wishing, which may result in wishes actually coming true.

e.g., If you wish real hard it may come true. Try wishing on a star or two, it's what you should do. You can wish out loud for others to hear, get your wish within the year, or sooner. The elements of successful wishcraft lie in psychology, talent, emotional manipulation, good luck, and, perhaps, a bit of magic.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wishdasher - A kitchen appliance that does not live up to the salesman's promise or the householder's expectations.

e.g., Muriel was furious that her crystal dinner service was still dirty even after a full cycle in her new wishdasher.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

wishmo dishmo - Variant of wisher disher, itself a variant of dish washer.

e.g., Djoo put th dishes in the wishmo dishmo n run it fo y come d bed?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

wishwash - Indecision, inability to make up one's mind .

e.g., Wishwash is not a good quality, particularly if you're a surgeon in my hospital.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wishywashy - A do-it-yourself car wash (common in western Pennsylvania).

e.g., My car is filthy. I gotta take it down to the Wishywashy.

submitted by Rebecca Baker

wisim - A piece of wisdom that is on the silly side. A combination of "wisdom" and "whimsy."

e.g., My dad is full of delightful wisims.

submitted by Louise

witch - A pet nickname for a woman who can get you to do anything she wants by twitching her … nose or some other part of here anatomy. From Elizabeth Montgomery's character Samantha in the 1960s tv series Bewitched.

e.g., Witch and I watched Bewitched almost every week. The series started shortly after we got married. | Witch resumed chemotherapy for her multiple myeloma the first week in March.

submitted by HD Fowler. - (www)

witch's bane - (Sometimes simply "witch bane"; n.) 1. a mobile home, especially a residence in a trailer park; 2. any house or outbuilding situated in the middle of a (more or less) flat farm; 3. any building which has been constructed swiftly, appearing to have simply fallen out of the sky. [An allusion to the Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy Gale's little farmhouse falls out of the sky, landing on, and squashing, the Wicked Witch of the East.]

e.g., Have you ever seen a tornado pick up a witch's bane and chuck it across a parking lot? It's terrifying. | "Trailer park, huh? How many witches we talking here?" " Well, we're up to 283 witch banes, with another 160 almost ready to go." | "Wow. How big is this farm?" "From the county road back there all the way out to those bluffs." "Wow...again." "It's about 3200 acres. And that little witch's bane out there under the oaks is my headquarters: I run it all from there."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

witch's tit - It's an old wives' tale that the mammary gland of a female, magic-practicing individual can be used to gauge cold temperatures. "Cold as a witch's tit" means freezing or slightly above freezing. Any temperature below freezing is "colder than a witch's tit." (See "balls.")

e.g., It was very windy and snowing, almost a blizzard. It was colder than a witch's tit, and we were miserable.

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

witcha - A request for something, particularly a cup of tea or coffee, especially if the person to whom the request is made is walking by the kettle, coffee machine, etc. From "If you are making a drink, I'll have one with you." Originates from one C (K) Leong.

e.g., Person sees other person walking into the kitchen, calls out "Witcha!"

submitted by Brenda Midson

witchdoctor - A pejorative term for a clergyman of a modern, socially accepted religion, intended to illustrate the fundamental similarity between his theology and the widely discredited mystical beliefs of primitive men.

e.g., Are you two getting married at the courthouse or are you going to a witchdoctor?

submitted by Reed

witches - Shortened version of "Drier than a witches tit." Implies general dehydration or pastiness. Or in need of a beer.

e.g., "Thirsty?" "Yeah, witches."

submitted by bob

with a pound of morton's iodized - More than a grain of salt; for verbal garbage that needs a little extra seasoning to make it palatable.

e.g., Joe: I've never known him to be a violent guy. Which is why I have to take these stories about his sudden rage explosions with a pound of Morton's iodized. Don: You're obviously not talking about Chris.

submitted by Dar

with fries - Emphatic agreement: "And then some," "You said it," "Amen, in spades."

e.g., "Wow, she's hot." "With fries."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

with-a-hay-nonnie-nonnie-and-a-ho-ho-ho - A phrase expressing extreme jubilation.

e.g., Teacher: Billy, you got an A on your spelling test. Billy: With-a-hay-nonnie-nonnie-and-a-ho-ho-ho.

submitted by willie

withdrawal - Suffering from missing somone you dearly love and comparing it to withdrawal from an addiction.

e.g., I was gone for month without my girl, so I was getting some major withdrawal.

submitted by tom

withdrawl - A misspelling of "withdrawal." Let's say "speaking withdrawl" refers to speaking with a drawl.

e.g., You can't be serious, Chris. No one is that dumb. Whatever gave you the idea that coitus interruptus as a birth control method had anything to do with a Texas accent? Speaking withdrawl is not going to work at all -- what you have to do is withdraw. It's "withdrawal," bonehead, not "withdrawl." You have to pull out before you reach the critical moment, not try to sweet talk your way out of it. {ED. If any adolescents reading this think "pulling-out" is going to be an effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancies, go back to your sex education class for a refresher course. It. Does. Not. Work. Doesn't work for preventing the transmission of STDs or STIs either.}

submitted by Miss Speller

withdrool - A medical condition, common among those with a spitting habit, when their saliva supply is interrupted.

e.g., Dry mouth is the primary symptom of the condition called "withdrool."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

withdrouwral - An act or process of withdrawing: retreat, removal, or detachment, when said by Cat Morgan.

e.g., I hate it when I'm reading something coming and then see the word withdrouwral coming.

submitted by Andy - (www)

withe - This word is short hand writting and typing for the words "with" and "the"

e.g., I went to the store withe car i got last week.

submitted by trup

withhandle - (v., trans. and intr.) To withstand handling, i.e., rough or repeated use. [From _withstand_ and _handle_.]

e.g., This fabric is designed to withhandle everything a survival course can throw at it. | This looks like a balsa wood kite frame -- but you say it can withhandle?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

withstain - To sustain and withstand all in one.

e.g., You have been talking so long and I'm trying to withstain -- but my patience is growing thin.

submitted by Becky

witlag - The amount of time that transpires between the telling of a joke and the comprehension of the listener. May be applied as a factor of ignorance.

e.g., "In the middle of dinner my date bursts out laughing, "Chunks is the dog! I get it!" she said to me. She's obviously suffering from major witlag because I told the joke in the car on the way to the restaurant. OR He may be good at laying pipe, but he's a witlag to the third degree. I mean, He thought Tchaikovsky was a Korean dish made from dogs."

submitted by Gregory Pegher

witless protection program - The protection program in which man-made climate change proponents who fail to keep or can't produce adequate records of the data that led to their conclusions should be placed.

e.g., "Perhaps [AGW proponent Professor Phil Jones] should live out his humiliating days as a charter member of the witless protection program."

submitted by [Rachel Peepers] - (www)

witlings - "People who think they're funny but aren't."

e.g., And now I, too, am one of the witlings who submit their unfunny words to this site.

submitted by [Paul McFedries]

wittical - Pertaining to the charisma of someone who is very witty. Also can be attached to an object or animal that can be perceived in a witty way, or to an object that looks as if, by virtue of its movement, it's attempting to be witty.

e.g., That signpost is really wittical. Look at the way it's leaning.

submitted by Gav - (www)

wittle - White trash women.

e.g., My sister in Alabama is a wittle.

submitted by Brandonovich Duchamre

wivvy - Something or someone that is dumb, strange, or funny.

e.g., Your new shirt is wivvy.

submitted by Stephanie

wix - wicked (as in good) but far cooler

e.g., We found this wix new restaurant down on Queen Street...

submitted by I Have A Secret - (www)

wixed mords - A phrase used after you accidentally mess up 2 words in what you just said.

e.g., Sorry. I wixed up my mords.

submitted by Sarver

wlw - Weasel Licking Worm. Description consistently used to describe the submitter. Other descriptions include little weenie, wuss bag, sissy, freakoid, boot licker, and various others.

e.g., Why yes, our office WLW will take care of that for you.

submitted by tom

wmi - Weapon of Mass Instruction. From Scott in Conway, TX. Used for Rush Limbaugh, "master instructor" in conservatism.

e.g., If he'd only listen and pay attention to our WMI, then maybe he'd understand why we're conservatives.

submitted by HD Fowler

wo - Women . . . without "men."

e.g., Eliminate all the middle men women wos and just go with an omnipotent judiciary.

submitted by HD Fowler

woahment - The period of time between when you are awakened from sleep with an oncoming charlie horse and you actually feel the pain. Usually accompanied by a feeling of drespair (see additional entry). Slightly longer than an ohnoment (see additional entry).

e.g., He zipped out of bed and onto his feet in that woahment in order to be able to walk off the pain once the charlie horse kicked in.

submitted by Robb Glunt

wobbelisk - A wobbly obelisk

e.g., Come away from that wobbelisk before it falls on you junior.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

wobbly - Temper tantrum. Childish fit of rage.

e.g., Derek lost the game and proceeded to throw a wobbly till Jill could be persuaded to a re-match.

submitted by kethra - (www)

wobbly pop - Another word for a bottle of beer. Used when you want to emphasize that it contains alcohol.

e.g., I'm feeling a little under the weather..I had one too many wobbly pops.

submitted by Miggs

wobby - Fat and annoying, particularly of children.

e.g., I wanted to use the Internet cafe, but some mother's wobby kids were using all the terminals.

submitted by rayg

woc - Woman of Character.

e.g., His life would have been so very much better if he’d picked a woc.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

wock - An all-round champion, or "top bloke."

e.g., Carl was a wock.

submitted by Carl

wock - "I cannot be bothered to answer that question." In this short, compressed form it is to be taken as a polite way of expressing fatigue at the particular question or line of questioning it responds to, but not in any way to be taken as rebuttal or undermining of the quality of the question, nor should it be taken as an insult to the questioner.

e.g., Mother: Do you remember if you left those shoelaces in the back cupboard of your bedroom? Son: Wock.

submitted by Simon Gordon - (www)

wocka - Crazy, not normal.

e.g., The girl was very wocka.

submitted by September 7th English

woday - Homie, friend. Often heard in rap lyrics. Alternate spelling of "whodie", but also pronounced differently (whoa-DAY, as opposed to WHOA-dee).

e.g., Woday, wusup? You heard that new Juvenile song?

submitted by Lenny - (www)

woddles and toddles - describes that you are leaving. Often used instead of "goodbye"

e.g., I was leaving my date but before i drove off we both yelled, "Woddles and Toddles".

submitted by matt c

wodie - The word comes from New Orleans, which is divided into sections called wards. Wodie is like "homeboy" except that instead of it being a neighborhood thing, it's a ward thing.

e.g., You know Charlse, don't you? He's my wodie.

submitted by Lori

woeman - Woe to mankind, man's burden, the thorn in man's side, his worse half, etc

e.g., Despite her unisex name, with her constant bickering there's no doubt that Chris is a woman.

submitted by Stanislaus Moss

woftam - accr. for "waste of friggen time and money"

e.g., Any repair on this toaster is a woftam

submitted by blackmtn

wog - A combination of walk and jog.

e.g., Jason and I hate to wog around the track during gym.

submitted by Marissa

woids - for some years now I have been inventing words for use in cyberspace religion discussion groups. Interested? I'd have to send you a file. They're generally held to be fun.

e.g., The generic term for the whole lexicon is WOIDS. Send a URL.

submitted by max

wok - Lopsided, awkward, strange.

e.g., Your eyebrows are wok.

submitted by anna

woking - Standing in a room and wondering what you went there for.

e.g., I walked into Marks and Spencers and wokked. I left and got halfway down the High St. before I realesed why I went there.

submitted by Ali Goodacre

woksoghel - The residue that builds up on glasses.

e.g., I don't like letting other people try on my glasses because I am embarrassed bythe woksoghel.

submitted by dr. marjorie bailey - (www)

wolf tickets - Bad news.

e.g., John was handing out wolf tickets.

submitted by George

wolfblitzkrieg - A news event warranting the frequent on-air time of a national televison network's most senior or recognizable reporter.

e.g., CNN really wolfblitzkrieged the viewers with that story on corruption in the government.

submitted by [Paul Hoffman]

wolfdancing - (n.) 1. A story revolving around an evil, wealthy, industrial megalomaniac (suspiciously similar to a modern Estadounidense or European) attempting to subjugate, at gunpoint, a peaceful, "primitive (i.e., nonindustrial)," usually tribal people. At the end of such a story, the protagonist generally joins the "primitives" in opposing the meglomaniacal bad-guy[s] in battle. [from the movie title "Dancing with Wolves."]

e.g., Dances with Wolves, Avatar, the Last Samurai, heck, even King Kong in some ways, are all wolfdances. It would be nice if someone employed a different story for an epic ... the dance is getting old.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

wolven - Of or relating to wolves as a whole, just as the word "elven" is to "elves." Why is "wolven" not an official word? (ED. It's official enough now.)

e.g., Hunting in packs, rather than alone, is a typical wolven characteristic.

submitted by Neal Murphy

wom - The female equivalent of "guy," somewhere between girl and woman.

e.g., There's a bunch of cute woms over by the pool today.

submitted by Cemil

womagnet, homagnet - A man who attracts lots of women.

e.g., At a party you can always rely on Tristan being the homagnet.

submitted by Greg

womanatomy - [wuh-muh-NAT-uh-me; n.) (n.) The characteristics of female body structure not shared by the male: e.g., absence of external genitalia; breasts upon a more slender rib cage; thinner, tapering limbs and fingers; smoother, rounder skulls; broader pelvises, etc.)---especially in the context of art, where a male artist (especially a novice) experiences difficulty with accurate depiction.

e.g., Womanatomy can be very difficult for the novice male artist, who does not have, and therefore cannot intuit, the structure of the female breast, nor women's rounder faces, hip structures, and tapering limbs. In fact, womanatomy seems to have escaped even some of the most gifted artists of the Renaissance, whose depictions of women sometimes look like men wearing coconut shells: shoulders too broad, faces too thin, hips too narrow, arms and legs too muscley, and fingers too blocky. It's actually rather disquieting---and sometimes positively alarming---to see womanatomy so badly copied, and to compare these blotchy ostentations with the harmonious reality.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

womancott - Like a boycott, but only effective one week a month, every month.

e.g., Those college students don't really have their act together. The best effort they've been able to do is a measly little womancott.

submitted by BigAssFries

womanipulated - getting manipulated by a woman

e.g., you just got womanipulated by her

submitted by Neeraj Ghai

womanner - Womanish manner of behavior, in contrast with man-ner.

e.g., Her manners are so subtle and delicate that it would be more appropriate to call them womanners.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

womanoeuvre - Verb or noun (woman + manoeuvre) -- to act in a female way, to use feminine tactics for achieving one's goals.

e.g., Womanoeuvre is a strategy to convert your weaknesses into advantages. He tried to outmanoeuvre her but was helpless against womanoeuvring.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein

womb raider - Inevitable pornographic movie staring a buxom female who travels around fighting and copulating with other similar specimens.

e.g., Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider -- I can hardly wait to see what tattooed, overinflated, loudmouthed bimbo stars in Womb Raider. | Whaddaya wanna bet the star of Womb Raider has a whore's tattoo?

submitted by Jeff - (www)

wombat - Code word indicating it's safe to put the garbage truck in reverse and step on the gas. Popular among garbage men in the South. | Waste Of Money Brains And Time.

e.g., Wombat. You got six feet 'til you hit the Benz. | Any time spent with Chis is strictly a WOMBAT.

submitted by Rich | - (www)

womble - To gamble on a woman.

e.g., He should have known not to marry her, because over half of those who womble lose--the odds were not in his favor.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

womble - A pensioner in possession of a free bus pass. Named after 1970s song recorded by the Wombles, the chorus of which went "Underground , overground, wombling free. . . . "

e.g., The first bus after 9 AM was always full of wombles.

submitted by david flett - (www)

wombman - A human female in her reproductive capacity. Or, rarely, a human male with constructed artificial ability to carry a developing fetus to caesarian delivery.

e.g., Without wombman where would we be? Nowhere, that's where. She holdeth the life of humankind in her hands, or more precisely in her belly, a womb with a view to perpetuate the whole human race. Make room, the planet can accommodate even more, until the point of no return perchance

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wombs for rent - Surrogate mothers.

e.g., For the moment there are no wombs for rent. Would you consider sharing?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wombsical - Nostalgia for old TV programmes.

e.g., Unfortunately, the dinner party got entangled in a wombsical discussion.

submitted by Hammerton - (www)

womenopause - The loss of male sexual drive and function later in life.

e.g., Cute blondes no longer had the same effect on Sean after he went through womenopause in his nineties.

submitted by Sean Timpa

womf - A meaningless expression used by a speaker who can't or won't decide on a word to express his emotional state.

e.g., "It's 3 pm already. When are you getting out of bed?" "Womf." "OK. I'll go watch TV or something for a while, then." "What do you wanna do?" "Womf." "C'mon, we can't just sit here all day."

submitted by NatalieD

womperjawed - Out of whack; off kilter; just plain messed up.

e.g., That table has been womperjawed ever since we had to bolt the leg back on. OR Everything you build is gonna be womperjawed until you learn to use a level.

submitted by Steve Bird

wompom - "[It] is not really an animal, but it's certainly more than a mere vegetable." A being from which you can get materials that have every desirable property you can possibly think of.

e.g., So we make what we like from the Wompom,
And that proves very useful indeed.
From streets full of houses
To the buttons on your trousers
With a Wompom you have everything you need.

submitted by Jens Hovmoller - (www)

womps - A bad or unfavorable situation, when something goes wrong.

e.g., We can't get into "The Matrix"? That womps.

submitted by Joey

wonce - To win once and once only.

e.g., John Doe finally wonce a tennis match and retired.

submitted by Marcelo Villacres

wonderbad - The opposite of good, great, fantastic, and wonderful.

e.g., The banana pie was so gross it was wonderbad.

submitted by lizzy ha

wonderful, wonderful - Despite its appearing to be a repeated adjective, "wonderful, wonderful" is an adjective-noun combination: wonderful e-mail. It's used to refer to an e-mail you wrote but accidentally deleted before you sent it. An e-mail lost without a trace can be anything you want it to be, hence you can get away with referring to it as a wonderful, wonderful e-mail -- or "wonderful, wonderful" for short. . . . Come to think of it, a "wonderful, wonderful" can be anything that "got away" before anyone saw it but you.

I had written a wonderful, wonderful for you to make up for shortchanging you this morning. Alas, I managed to delete it without saving it. How I hate to have lost it forever. Woe is me. Etc. | Sorry I don't have anything to give you for Valentine's Day, but the wonderful, wonderful I bought for you was stolen from my car when I went into the Quick Stop. The good stores were closed by then, and I thought I'd be better off showing up empty-handed than with something second-rate -- like a corndog on a stick. Sorry, honey. . . . We can still . . . uhhh, you know? Can't we? Pretty please. With sugar on it. . . . No? Well, then, what's for dinner?  . . . Corndogs again, huh? | Jack and I were out walking in the woods behind his house early this morning when what should appear before our amazed eyes but a herd of wonderful, wonderfuls. I wish I'd had a camera with me -- or my cell phone.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wonderiferous - Overly superlative-adverbiously wonderful. Hybrid of wonderful, terrific, and stupendous.

e.g., Baba wawa's twee anawogy was wondewiferous.

submitted by Robert

wonderiffic - Extremely wonderful and terrific.

e.g., Ice cream is wonderiffic.

submitted by Chelsea Aceheart

wonderific fantasgreat - Wonderful, terrific, great, and fantastic.

e.g., Anna Begins by Counting Crows is wonderific fantasgreat.

submitted by Karen Paddle

wonderlust - Sexual desire based on curiosity rather than passion.

e.g., Andrew? He's seriously hot for Rollergirl, but with Bjork it's just wonderlust.

submitted by marc kevin hall - (www)

wonderment - Miracle, something out of the ordinary, extraordinary, unbelievable, cool, awesome, neat.

e.g., Saw a guy person rip a 4" thick phonebook apart. It was a wonderment.

submitted by jeff brown - (www)

wondermos - Most wonderful

e.g., It is a wondermos day!

submitted by Jay Kuivinen

wondermous - Beyond wonderful and fabulous put together.

e.g., I won the lottery today and it feels wondermous.

submitted by Pam

wonderosity - full of wonderful things.

e.g., the people from this website fill my days with wonderosity

submitted by Jeremy

wonderwear - Support (bodysculpting) underwear to reshape the out-of-shape. Wonderwear ranges from rear-padded boxers for men who want "more junk in the trunk" to "wonder bras" for women who want their forward assets pushed up and out.

e.g., No, dear, I'm declining your offer to buy me wonderwear for Christmas. If I were vain enough to want a bubble butt, I'd also be wearing a toupeé -- and probably a codpiece and a mirdle (men's girdle) as well. If I go for anything along those lines, it's going to be something for the moobs (man boobs) I'll be growing while I'm on hormone therapy, taking anti-androgen drugs. I understand the result can be not only unsightly for a man, but also mildly painful. … Crap. It just occurred to me that larger breasts may also mean an increase in my chances of developing breast cancer. Double crap. Is my voice going to change? I wish someone had told me when I was younger that any male is subject to getting prostate cancer even if there's no family history of the disease. It never once occurred to me that I might end up as a moobster going though the equivalent of menopause because of taking female hormones -- effectively, anti-testosterone drugs. Guys, if you're getting close to or are past forty, develop the habit of having your PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) checked regularly. If you're younger, have it checked anyway. Repeat the checks as often as your doctor says you should. Maybe even more often. Catch the disease early enough and you may be able to avoid some of the more radical measures to halt its progression -- and even put off getting man-boobs for several years.

submitted by Mark Yacoub - (www)

wonderwhy - A woman who wistfully watches the world whiz by as she gazes out her window.

e.g., The Internet transformed the wonderwhy, as she moved from the window to her computer where she now cruises the information superhighway in her red Camaro.

submitted by Cam - (www)

wonderwoman - A girl who is stuck on herself. < studk Can't remember how to spell the other word myself.>

e.g., Sarah thinks she is really wonderwoman.

submitted by Joanie

wong - A really annoying, snobby, or other similar type person.

e.g., Chris is a wong.

submitted by Greven il-vec

wongull - What has happened to your clothing when it has been stretched for some reason.

e.g., The last time I let you borrow my shirt, it got all wongulled.

submitted by Serena A.

wonk - To cut a person's bangs so short that she appears far younger and more alarmed than she actually is.

e.g., My friend was giving me a haircut and she wonked it.

submitted by batty

wonkabe - An aspiring expert in any field. Merges the word "wonk" with "wannabe." "Wonkrastination" combines "wonk" and "procrastination."

e.g., 1. There's way too many policy wonkabes in this grad school. 2. All that extra research money seems to be fueling government's entrenched system of wonkrastination. I'm a blogosphere wonkabe who's bad with people skills but good at refining search terms.

submitted by Will Carey

wonkified - In the state of being wonky; a tad deformed.

e.g., Stella has a pretty face except her nose is a bit wonkified.

submitted by Rochelle

wonkwards - 1. To travel diagonally 2. An object which is crooked

e.g., 1. I walked wonkwards along the path as it twisted like a snake. 2. The leaning tower of Pisa is wonkwards.

submitted by Claire Young

wonky - Messed-up, gone wrong, esp. in reference to technology.

e.g., The server went all wonky and I couldn't get my e-mail.

submitted by sarah - (www)

wonky - When your body has an unusual random reaction that inhibits normal human function.

e.g., Both my kneecaps are facing to the left for no reason. How wonky is that?

submitted by Jillian Ripple

wonkygon - A polygon that is "not drawn to scale," as on a standardized test.

e.g., "In the xy-coordinate plane, ABCDE is a wonkygon." Although ABCDE may look like a regular pentagon, nothing can be assumed unless explicitly stated in the problem. Hence, it is a wonkygon.

submitted by George Levy

wonth - A strong driving desire or motivation to succeed, come out ahead, or win.

e.g., He will never win the tournament because he doesn't have wonth.

submitted by Carlos V. Climent

wonthy - Extremely intelligent person and the highest class availible.

e.g., Mr. Climent is a very wonthy person.

submitted by Carlos D. Perez

wonton devastation - The devastation that results when industrial-sized vats of wonton soup spill over. Variant: wonton destruction.

e.g., "Oh, the humanity. How many lives have been ruined as a result of this wonton devastation? The mind boggles." "Yeah, you're right. There was enough soup to feed Coxey's Army."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

wontonamera - Cuban protest song.

e.g., Thousands of Cubans sang "Wontonamera" to protest outsourcing of U.S. Guantanamo Bay operations to the Chinese.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wontonamo bay - American prison in Cuba run by China.

e.g., The new name of the U.S. prison in Cuba outsourced to the Chinese.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wontsom - Describing desire or questioning need.

e.g., I wontsom cream in my coffee. Do you wontsom cream in your coffee?

submitted by Steve Walker - (www)

woo - Great, yes! Abbreviation of woohoo, usually typed with an exclamation mark symbolising something good.

e.g., Edna: I love you. Ed: Woo! I love you, too.

submitted by melanie

woo woo - Any type of vehicle, car, machine that rolls, moves or transports. Derived from trains because they go "WOO WOO" aka "CHOO CHOO"

e.g., Honey, look at that woo woo. | "Where'd my purse go babe?" "Oh, it's over there in the woo woo."

submitted by Kendra

woo-ee diaper - Really dirty diapers that make you say, "Woo-ee!"

e.g., Momma, the baby has a woo-ee diaper.

submitted by Heather

woo-la - The point when a person is up in the middle of the night, cannot think right, and is all giggly about everything.

e.g., Yeah, we were sitting up about three a.m. I don't remember what she said because I was all woo-la.

submitted by Julie - (www)

woo-woo - An expression of joy and elation at a situation or prospect, or a coming event. Similar to "woo-hoo," although "woo-woo" is often accompanied by an arm gesture similar to pulling a cord for a train's steam whistle or sounding an eighteen-wheeler's horn.

e.g., And we're having pizza for dinner, woo-woo.

submitted by The Feline Punk - (www)

woob - Sound one can make in a questioning tone when surprised or confused.

e.g., "Woob?" she uttered, not fully hearing what Allyen just said.

submitted by vicky

woobie - A fleece jacket or shirt. Can be used as an adjective to describe an item made of fleece.

e.g., 1. Mary is wearing a lovely orange woobie today. I bet it's warm. 2. I love my new woobie footie pajamas, Mom. That woobie purse is cute!

submitted by Leslie

woobie - A favorite blanket, usually very soft and cuddly.

e.g., Megan refused to go to sleep until she had her woobie wrapped around her.

submitted by Megan H.

woobie - An old stuffed animal or plush toy used as a dog toy.

e.g., Spot tore the stuffing out of his woobie.

submitted by Mose

woobie - A blanket, throw, or being used outside the bedroom to keep warm with.

e.g., Jarod, come over here and sit beside me--my feet need a woobie.

submitted by Helen R.

woobly - Problematic, odd, or of questionable stability.

e.g., When I compiled and ran it, my program went all woobly and started spitting out data locations interspersed with random ASCII characters.

submitted by inpheaux

wooch - (Rhymes with "Butch"; n.) a word for something in one language which is the same as the word for it in another, completely unrelated language. ["wooch" is Cakchiquel Mayan for both "face" and "fruit"; that is, how you tell one tree (or person (or langauge)) from another . . . I don't remember why my mind uses "wooch" for this notion, but it seems to fit.]

e.g., "Can you give me an example of a woodh?" "I think so. English, an Indo-European language, calls a pit in the ground a "hole"; Cakchiquel, which is a Mayan language, calls a hole a /hol/. There aren't very many of these -- and I've had to stretch a point to find some. As another example, the Japanese particle 'ni' means 'in' (just backwards). If you can think of others, send'em my way."

submitted by Scott M.Ellsworth

wood-pusher - A professional chess player. Wood-puscher, to honor the late Bobby Fischer.

e.g., Bobby Fischer was the greatest American wood-puscher ever.

submitted by Stephen Mize

wood-shampoo - N.Y.P.D. To beat an unruly suspect about the head and shoulders with a policeman's baton. A beating administered with a copper's baton.

e.g., The perp took a swing at me when I was cuffing her, so I gave her a wood-shampoo to help adjust her attitude.

submitted by Stephen Mize - (www)

woodcharles - A blue-blooded woodchuck.

e.g., "Chauncey?" "Yes, madam." "Please, go shoot the woodcharles about my daffodils." "Yes, madam."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

wooden kimono - A coffin. Also, "wooden coat."

e.g., They fit the dead man with a wooden kimono.

submitted by Marshall Burns

wooden nickel - A form of currency used in the United States in the 1930s after banks failed, also used for civic celebrations such as centennials. "Binghamton, NY, was one of first places to embrace this concept." Wooden nickels and other wooden money usually came with an expiration date. Wooden nickels couldn't be redeemed for their face value after the expiration date -- which could well be what led to the saying, "Don't take any wooden nickels." Since wooden nickels were used in nineteenth century promotions, it's more than possible the saying came into use earlier than the Blaine, Washington, wooden nickels of 1933. Absent the existence of money made out of wood, it's not unlikely that the expression was used before the 1930s as a warning to "country boys" not to be taken in by "city slickers." (My personal experience has been that a so-called city slicker is every bit as likely to be taken in by a country boy as vice versa. It's probably made easier by city slickers' notion that anyone who lives in flyover country is a rube, a naif -- i.e., unsophisticated and thus easily fooled.) Don't take any wooden nickels ~ don't let yourself be cheated, fooled, or ripped of.

e.g., Call me or write to me when you can, errand girl. Meanwhile, don't take any wooden nickels.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

woodfragger - Refers to the person who enjoys making short boards out of perfectly good long boards: a woodworker.

e.g., I'm going out in the garage to do a little woodfragging on that desk.

submitted by Richard

woodie - Par or better on a golf hole whenever one of the shots hits a tree.

e.g., Dougie hooked his tee shot into the trees, but he scrambled to make a nice woodie.

submitted by Ty Evans

woodkicker - One who kicks a plank of wood, a skateboarder.

e.g., Woodkickers are more extreme than fruitbooters.

submitted by brandon - (www)

woodpusher - An old chessplayer who's just killing time.

e.g., So this is how it ends -- just a lonely woodpusher wasting afternoons in Central Park.

submitted by Ty Evans

woodsbuck - A buck harvested by any family continuously harvesting animals with low standards of trophy value. Accidental harvesting of trophy animals may occur but still qualify as woodsbucks.

e.g., My woodsbuck was taken in the same area as many woodsbucks were taken. My younger sister shot one near here utilizing a guard rail.

submitted by Jon Larson

wooftie - 1. Ugly, doglike 2. Feeling ugly and doglike.

e.g., 1. I think I'm coming down with the flu. I'm feelin' all wooftie. 2. She looks so wooftie I can't believe he likes her.

submitted by acidspork

woofy - acronym for Well Off Older Folks

e.g., "ie, conversation with sales help in a garden shop: "Do you have any more of those cute special-edition gnomes?" "No, those woofies driving off in the silver caddy bought us out!""

submitted by Gilly

woogie - A dog that makes a strange yowling noise, especially when it yawns. From "doggie" and "Wookie" from Star Wars. (The Chris Elliott character from There's Something About Mary -- wasn't his name "Woogie"?)

e.g., I thought the next door neighbors had a walrus living with them until I saw them walking their woogie.

submitted by Milt

woogie, woogy - It is something you give yourself, kind of like a hug right below the ribs. And when you give yourself the hug you squish your face up into a funny little smile and say, "Woogy woogy" really fast and it will make you smile . . . guaranteed. And then gather yourself and say very softly, "and then I found 20 dollars" as if you are finishing a story . . . except you weren't really telling one. Get it?

e.g., That was so special. I have to give myself a woogie.

submitted by Leanne

woogie-woo - A word used to give something ordinary a magic quality, or in place of "big deal."

e.g., "How'd you know that?" (smile) "Woogie-Woo?" OR "Did you see my penny collection?" "Woogie-Woo. No one really cares."

submitted by Liz

woogly - Something that curls, criss-crosses, and sticks up in all directions.

e.g., My son says that I have woogly hair.

submitted by Stephanie

woohoo - A word with multiple meanings. Meanings are given by tone or the way it is pronounced 1. Happiness or excitement when said loud and fast. 2. Sarcastic happiness or excitement when said slowly.

e.g., Woohoo. I got two dollars off a cup of Starbucks frappuccino.

submitted by DeBuG

woohooters - Interjection. Used to express joy on your way to Hooters for some chicken.

e.g., Woohooters, I can't wait to get some hot wings.

submitted by Port - (www)

woojy - An adjective used to mock the child-like behavior or whining of another person. Can be emphasized by using twice and tickling in a baby like fashion.

e.g., "Ow, I just hurt my pancreas." "Aww, woojy woojy."

submitted by Hamish

wooling - To beat up or wrestle, usually in a playful, non-violent manner; typically involves tickling and headlocks.

e.g., If you don't settle down, I'll have to come over there and lay a wooling on you.

submitted by mike

woombygoomby bird - A highly-specialized and rare Adirondack bird, rapidly approaching extinction.

e.g., The Woombygoomby bird can be found in the High Peaks area of the Adirondack mountains, flying around in ever-decreasing circles until it flies up its own arse. Once again, this is true; I was told about it by mountain men back ca. 1940.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

woonut - A friendly term when a loved one is owning up to an unusual mistake or action.

e.g., The toaster kept burning the toast even on the first setting so I threw it out the window. "Oh, you woonut!"

submitted by Melissa

woop - Window Of OPportunity.

e.g., Jan 1, 2008 to April 15, 2009 is your WOOP to contribute to tax saving accounts.

submitted by Vidyalankar

woop (2) - Steep gliding raptorial flight.

e.g., I live near the Middlesex Fells, just north of Boston; osprey and other raptors pass over regularly and, when they see prey, stoop rapidly to the kill in what is known locally as a Fells woop. (See also "foop.")

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

woop woop - Aussie. In the middle of nowhere.

e.g., Where'd I get that? Oh, Woop Woop.

submitted by Jeroen P.

wooped - Getting beat horribly.

e.g., You just got wooped, Chris.

submitted by Dusty Raatz

woops drink - A hot beverage, such as hot choclate or coffee. , Unsafe to have in small crowded areas, because of the danger of spilling it on someone and burning her.

e.g., Ian: Shanika, why did you order the hot chocolate. This stadium is packed, it's too dangerous to have a woops drink like that. Shanika: Cause it's cold out. And talking about foolish, look at yourself. You ordered ice cold water.

submitted by Ian Faynik

wooza - Weird loser--used jokingly around friends.

e.g., Stop being a wooza. When you stick cheeze up your nose I fear for your furure.

submitted by sara

woozah - To let your eyes go over text without gaining any understanding of the content. I am a middle school teacher and my students often tell me they "read" their homework, but have no idea what it was about. I tell them, "You didn't read, because reading takes energy and effort to gain understanding. You did something else." Finally we came up with a word for just looking over words and not knowing what it was about.

e.g., On a reading quiz a student might write, "I woozahed pages 340-345. I will read it tonight."

submitted by Nancy Gottschalk

wop - WithOut papers. Reference to persons without legal documents, making their presence in a country illegal.

e.g., The first time I heard about being WOP was probably in the movie Casablanca.

submitted by Andrew Beal - (www)

wope - Past tense of the word "wipe."

e.g., I wope down the table after dinner.

submitted by Dennis Tresca

woperchild - Politically correct term for "women." Etymology: "Women" contains the word "men," which is sexist. Thus, "Wo(person)" a word that expresses equality. However, it was noted that "person" contains the word "son" and is thus sexist. So I created "Wo(per(child))."

e.g., Shut up and go bake me a pie, woperchild.

submitted by virgio

woperdaughter - A word to create equality between the sexes, through the removal of male ownership in words relating to womyn.

e.g., She always knew she would be the daughter of her parents, but the moment she left the family home she finally felt like an independent woperdaughter.

submitted by John Dennison Clarke

woplens - A fictional game character defining a special race of aliens.

e.g., The Woplen emperor defeated the little village.

submitted by Scott Gast - (www)

wopnin - What's happening?

e.g., Hey, wopnin?

submitted by jeff smallwood - (www)

wopperjawed - To be in a state of disarray, or shambles.

e.g., After the accident, his car was completely wopperjawed.

submitted by Steve Murphy

wopple - The process that produces unwelcome folds and creases in things.

e.g., His tossing and turning in the night caused the undersheet to wopple, resulting in great discomfort for him. They could not put the picnic blanket flat on the ground as every time they tried the strong wind caused it to wopple. The wind caused the side of the tent to wopple in the night and the sound kept them awake. She was squashed on the tiny seat on the airplane and when she got off her clothes were severely woppled.

submitted by David Ford

worcation - A period of time when you work long hours without any guilt because your family is on vacation elsewhere.

e.g., Because my wife is going to Florida with the kids next week, I'll have a solid week of worcation ahead of me.

submitted by Matt Stein

word - I agree.

e.g., "As I see it, not many politicians are altruistic." "Word."

submitted by Alison

word foundry - A person or group which comes up with new words on an almost industrial basis. Analogous to Korean semiconductor chip foundries.

e.g., Heh, that Alan Morrison is a real word foundry! ;-)

submitted by Alan Morrison

word of mouse - The way news and rumors spread across the internet via message boards and IRC servers. (Someone coined this a long time ago... just did not see it listed and thought it should be.)

e.g., If word of mouth and work of mouth don't do it for you, try word of mouse and work of mouse.

submitted by VoR

word on the street - The rumor or the consensus.

e.g., Ed: The word on the street is that you hate Mexican food. Ted: What street is that word on? It's wrong.

submitted by ditnis

word salad - String together phrases in seemingly random order with no discernible meaning.

e.g., Nice word salad there? Any point?

submitted by [soccermom] - (www)

word shavings - When a woodcarver practices her craft, she trims (or "shaves") wood from what she started with -- the trimmed bits are called wood shavings. When she edits what she has written, a writer trims words -- the trimmed words are word shavings.

e.g., Please excuse the mess. When I write, I leave an inordinate amount of word shavings.

submitted by «Scott» - (www)

word sore ses - Word descriptions of ancient physical acts of anger that have ameliorated today into those of mere verbal activity.

e.g., You may not know this, but there are many words in English that are directly based on ancient violence. For example, our word, "castigate." (You may see this one coming). As nomadic tribes turned into agrarians, fences were erected to define land ownership. In disputes with neighbors, the brutish nature of early Man was often expressed with the act of virtually tearing out a fence gate and throwing it on the unfortunate neighbor, thereby inflicting great bodily harm. Today the word merely means,"to critize severely." It would behoove (another one -- now meaning, "in one's best interest"; then, "you better run your ass off before your pissed off neighbor on horseback tramples you to death") word historians to expend more energy investigating the true word sore ses of our modern, "tamed down" vocabulary.

submitted by charlie lesko`

word spam - A spam entry that makes it into the pseudodictionary. Up to dozens of spam entries reach the input queue daily. It's almost inevitable that Add will get clicked occasionally instead of Del, the virtual buttons being as close together as they are. Spam word, spam pseudo-word, spam pseudoword, spam word.

e.g., When you see a blank for a recent entry, chances are you're looking at what replaced a spam word. | This pseudodictionary entry is a replacement for a spam word. | This pseudodictionary entry is not a spam word.

submitted by [Stephen S.] - (www)

word to you and your mothers! - A hip and cool way to say "Sup, homies?" Thought up by everybody's favorite Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle.

e.g., When Kurt was lost in New York City and needed directions, he saw two homies. To get their attention he exclaimed, "Word to you and your mothers!"

submitted by Jacob Saxon

word up - Spawned before "Wassup?" and with the same meaning.

e.g., Michael: Word up? Shaun: Not much.

submitted by Joshua - (www)

word whore - One who gets a thrill out of new words and the twists and evolution of the English language. A linguistics fetishist.

e.g., I spend a lot of time on 'cause I'm a word whore.

submitted by Brandee A.

word'em up - 1.Give praise to. 2.Be thankful for

submitted by peter - (www)

word-hole - Mouth area where words come out.

e.g., Shut your word-hole.

submitted by Zacahry D Manprin

word-is-bond - A term describing the divine importance to keep a promise. My word is my bond.

e.g., I'll pay you back tomorrow. Word-is-Bond.

submitted by Wilk

word-nazi - 1. Person who only accepts words that she feels meet the site's guidelines. 2. Asshole editor.

e.g., These rules aren't in place because we're hardass word-nazis, but because we want to make this site enjoyable for everyone.

submitted by Ricky Pope - (www)

word-nerd - One who uses words without knowing the definitons.

e.g., That word nerd Chris doesn't know what he's talking about -- as usual.

submitted by Deone

word-to-yer-motha - Phrase used by the whitest of white in so-called "rap," Vanilla Ice.

e.g., Yo! Word-to-yer-motha! (Making a fist and pressing it to the camera.)

submitted by creativetim

word-to-your-mother - Said when a friend leaves your house -- like goodbye -- and also like "Say hello to your mother for me" in some circles.

e.g., Tom: "See ya." Peter: "Yep, word-to-your-mother."

submitted by pogboy

wordable - (adj.) 1. Of sufficient relevance and comprehensibility to be added to a culture's sign system or communication array (i.e., semiotically viable: a word); 2. Acceptable to the editors of a dictionary of terms as yet unknown to the speaker (or writers) of such a meaning network; 3. Any idea, notion, statement of values, or what have you which is of sufficient import that somebody may express open approbation by use of the positive interjection "Word!"

e.g., "How in the world did 'spaghettification' get into the dictionary?!" "Well, it's actually not in all of them yet, but that's because it's so esoteric." "Esoteric?! What does it mean?" "It means 'the process of being stretched long thin--" "That's not esoteric!" "--by a black hole." "A black hole?!" "Yes: it's from astrophyics....I think you're going to find spaghettification quite wordable." | Art: He's very ... um ... bug ... phobic? Is that even a word? Bart: If not, it's certainly wordable. They certainly worry me. Chet: Hey, guys: it's entomophobic "afraid of insects." Art: Not insects; listening devices. Chet: "Oh." | "What a speech!" "Yeah!" "Aren't you going to shout 'WORD' like you do all the time? You agree with him don't you? Wasn't it wordable?" "Yeah!" "Well then .... Say it!" "WORD!" "Okay, now things feel right."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

wordaholic - An individual who is obsessed with the form, shape, sound and meaning of words. A major purpose of his or her life is to carefully analyze common words and phrases, dissect and rearrange their components into new meanings, and then sit back and gloat at the results. Don't knock it until you try it!

e.g., "Yes, I do think you heard me right. I said, 'HALF A NICE DAY!' I'm a wordaholic, and that was to voice the fact that your lame, vacuous, half-hearted 'Have a nice day," after your rang up my purchase, absolutely ruined half my day!" "Wake up and join Life, you pimple-faced twit!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

wordchuck - Someone who wastes time by thinking up useless words and submitting them to pseudodictionary.

e.g., How many words could a wordchuck chuck if a wordchuck could chuck words?

submitted by Chris

worderbeast - A person addicted to the thought and creation of new words

e.g., All she thinks about is creating new words to post on, worderbeast that she is.

submitted by Michelle S

wordgoat - This word refers to the curiosity of goats. So, a wordgoat is someone who is always curious to learn new, interesting words.

e.g., My friend is such a wordgoat. She can't read a word she doesn't know without instantly wanting to know its meaning, its etymology, its antonyms, and synonyms -- in a word: everything.

submitted by wordgoat - (www)

wordhumping - 1. The process of fixating on a specific, isolated word when one is speaking to you, interrupting the conversation, repeating the word obsessively for minutes/hours/days (in any and every context) until it renedered almost meaningless, then discarding it until it has some useful purpose again (i.e., in an actual sentence.) (2) Taking a word out of context and enjoying it simply for the sound.

e.g., Bert: So my great-great-great aunt had the bubonic plague and.... Ernie, wordhumping: Wait, stop. You said, "bubonic." Bert: Yeah, and so.... Ernie: Bubonic. Bubonic. Boo. Bonic. Boo-bonic. Ernie, next week on the phone to Bernice: I was at that party the other night and it was so bubonic I couldn't stand it.

submitted by Jessica Piazza

wordify - modifying the interent html text into a word document for handier use by using the explorer edit with microsoft word icon

e.g., If you wordify the text, we wil be able to work on it easier

submitted by Ege

wordiots - Word idiots, those who have no understanding whatsoever of the correct use of words.

e.g., What site has cornered the market on wordiots? Not this one, that's for sure.

submitted by HD Fowler

wordisbawn - When someone comes up with a new idea or news, this is what she'll say.

e.g., I just came up from L.A. and there was mad shots goin' down. Wordisbawn.

submitted by matt - (www)

wordism - A made up word or phrase.

e.g., This site contains a lot of wordisms.

submitted by dylan

wordjitsu - A verbal battle requiring quick wits and a whole lotta sass.

e.g., After some wordjitsu, I managed to get my evil stepmother to allow me to go to the ball. Little did she know my life was about to change forever.

submitted by cinderella

wordjoneses - A combination of the term "wordsmith" and the phrase "keeping up with the joneses," used to describe people with the desire to coin new words.

e.g., This site is full of wordjoneses.

submitted by Neal Williamson

wordler - A person obsessed with words.

e.g., Steve is a chronic wordler.

submitted by tammy zihlavsky

wordlet - Abbreviation as used online--either within a blog, chatroom, or a mobile phone text message. More than a TLA (three-letter acronym), yet not enough to be a "real" word.

e.g., "Blog" is a great example of a wordlet.

submitted by Davey Winder - (www)

wordporn - The genre of literature written for the purpose of titillation.

e.g., My grandmother's collection of wordporn is so extensive that she owns every paperback Fabio ever appeared on.

submitted by Aaron Inverse - (www)

wordsmith - Someone who is good at using words, especially in written communication.

e.g., You should have that letter checked by a wordsmith before you send it. Here, let me help.

submitted by Wayne Hagood

wordster - Someone who has a passion for words, their origins and meanings, and works tirelessly to improve her vocabulary.

e.g., My sister has her nose in a dictionary at least an hour a day and likes to show off her power vocabulary; no wonder the kids at school call her a wordster.

submitted by Natalie

wordylicious - Words that are used to describe provocative and suggestive meanings or of one who uses too much verbiage.

e.g., Michelle is so wordylicious we no longer talk to her.

submitted by Donna W.

work chill factor - How long it feels you have been at a particular job.

e.g., I've been working here for 5 years, but the Work Chill Factor is 10.

submitted by Hunter

work goggles - A phenomenon that impairs one's ability to accurately judge the attractiveness of the opposite sex due to being restricted to a vicinity containing a limited number of women or men. Typically occurring at the workplace, the result is that those being surveyed are now regarded as far more attractive than they would be outside the area. Suggested by "beer goggles."

e.g., It must have been the work goggles. I could have sworn she was hot the other day at the office.

submitted by natenichols - (www)

work of mouth™ - Forget about "word of mouth" — this is the real way you let people know about you, your products, and your services.

e.g., Want some more customers or visitors to your site? Try work of mouth.

submitted by HD Fowler

work the biscuit - This phrase was originally used in the context of a guy hitting on a girl or vice-versa. Since its conception, however, the phrase has been extended to include many other forms of action not necessarily related to dating rituals.

e.g., Check out Dave talking to Kelly. He's really working the biscuit.

submitted by spork - (www)

work work - The work you do for pay, as contrasted to other work.

e.g., You can do work work on the job (at work) or you can do work work at home. | How many times did I take work home when I worked in the corporate world? Hundreds, I'm sure. How many times did I actually manage to get any work work done at home? Possibly a few dozen -- at most. The main reason I didn't get any work work done at home was my wife. Why would a smart guy do work work when he could play with his wife instead?

submitted by HD Fowler

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