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w's, the - The Internet. Refers to the www prefix to most Internet addresses. Ws.

e.g., Look up the movie listings on the W's. I think there might be something good showing tonight.

submitted by Jim

w'sup - What's Up?

e.g., W'sup man?

submitted by Michael - (www)

w00t - Common spelling of "woot".

e.g., Thanks, "Mattie."

submitted by Mattie - (www)

wa - (n.) the topic of a conversation, lesson, book, movie, etc. (from Japanese wa the grammatical ‘topic particle’).

e.g., “You’re late, man. You’ve missed the whole beginning of the movie.” “Rats. So what’s the wa?”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

waaaaaaaal - The over use of the same letter in a word.

e.g., Waaaaaaaal.

submitted by Squackle! - (www)

wabalaba - A greeting, like hello or aloha.

e.g., Wabalaba.

submitted by Delisa Sexton

wabi-sabi - Finding beauty in the imperfections, an acceptance of the cycle of life and death, in Japanese

e.g., Those on Death Row have the ultimate sense of wabi-sabi in their final days.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

wack - Really sucks.

e.g., They forgot to give me my garlic fries. That is wack.

submitted by stained_oj - (www)

wackadoo - A person who is a step beyond "crazy."

e.g., Watch out for the one with the funny look in her eye, I hear she's a wackadoo.

submitted by Sharkmike - (www)

wackaloon - A person on the brink of a mental breakdown, exhibiting signs of insanity, irrational behavior, foaming of the mouth, and embarrassing facial twitches.

e.g., She turned into a wackaloon after we got married.

submitted by ex husband of wackaloon

wackamolian - Tending to have another problem or compulsion pop up each time one problem or compulsion is seemingly resolved.

e.g., As soon as Max stopped smoking, his wackamolian nature led him right into compulsive shopping.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

wackbasket - Seemingly insane person, or insane idea.

e.g., Did you hear that guy talking about beanbag geckos only being available in Madagascar? He's a wackbasket.

submitted by John Burton - (www)

wackberry - A defective, malfunctioning Blackberry.

e.g., I didn't receive your text message because my wackberry has been powering off all day.

submitted by KJelene Holmes

wacked - Crazy, messed up, stupid, or just doesn't make any sense. Usually when you say "wacked," you are completely shocked by what you have just seen or experienced.

e.g., Did you see that? He just chugged a gallon of eggnog. That is wacked.

submitted by Trey Peiffer - (www)

wacken - A lot of.

e.g., That's a wacken amount of dirt your dog has piled up there. Don't think Mr. Wallaby's gonna be happy.

submitted by Aymster

wacker - This is a person who hacks into a system and wacks at it until it's no longer usable.

e.g., He is no longer just a hacker, he has moved on to the wacking peoples systems to bits.

submitted by Cat - (www)

wackigasted - Wacky and flabbergasted.

e.g., Sshopping for mail-order Russian brides has me completely wackigasted,

submitted by Dylon Whyte

wacko - Someone who is a crazy psycho, or acts like one.

e.g., My brother's a wacko: he wants me to eat spinach.

submitted by Roman Lee - (www)

wacktacular - Something really great or spectacular.

e.g., That Beatles tribute band was wacktacular.

submitted by Layla

wacktastic - Really odd, but nonetheless neat.

e.g., That ghost movie was really wacktastic.

submitted by Chelsea Aceheart

wacktitude - A mental, psychological, or emotional condition that prevents the understanding of that which is obvious.

e.g., Schlackel needed a reason for his institutionalization that didn't imply his wacktitude.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

wactas - Scattered but in a group.

e.g., We went to Northbridge, got wactas then met again later.

submitted by ant

wad - Working As Designed. Used when trying to avoid making code modifications to software when you just don't feel like it.

e.g., A: Is this program meant to overcharge customers 500% per bill? B: Yeah, thats WAD.

submitted by wnpxnff

wadata - What I tell ya.

e.g., Q. You going to the party tonight? A. Wadata.

submitted by jessica

waddage - A cottony formation of saliva in your mouth.

e.g., My mouth is filled with waddage.

submitted by lindsey eller

waddle - To walk with a group of friends

e.g., Kelly said, "Let's waddle."

submitted by Human Nature Freak

waddy - A one-and-a-half inch diameter piece of black polyethyene pipe approximately three-and-a-half feet in length. Used to persuade cattle to move along.

e.g., He won't move, go and get the waddy.

submitted by Joe McQuillan

waddy - A piece of Kleenex, wet and wadded up, thrown at a surface to see if it will stick.

e.g., We spent our lunch hour in school throwing waddies at the ceiling. I scored two out of eight.

submitted by Terry

wadge - A bundle of money.

e.g., I'll just take some cash from my wadge in the cupboard.

submitted by dave

waex - All of the different kinds of wall textures.

e.g., We have the waex called "Knockdown."

submitted by Brooke 7th English

wafer wars - A term used to refer to the "debate" as to whether or not Catholics who take issue with fundamental tenets of Catholicism (especially unwavering opposition to abortion) should partake of communion. Some Catholics object to the term. See communion police.

e.g., "[Wafer wars] is an offensive term to anyone who believes that a consecrated communion host is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ our Lord." | Democrats seem determined to keep putting up pro-abortion Catholics for the highest political offices in the land. Every time they do that, they restart the wafer wars. | One thing I've come to count on every quadrennial election year is a resurrection of the wafer wars.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

waffle - To hit with a car and leave the waffled imprint of your tire on the animal

e.g., Oops, I really waffled that squirrel back there.

submitted by James

waffleisation - A waffleisation is an extreme exaggeration or unlikely flight of fantasy.

e.g., I think it was a waffleisation when he said he was late for work due to his train being delayed by aardvarks on the line.

submitted by DAVID FLETT

waffy - Used to describe fanfiction that has has a abundance of "warm and fuzzy feeling" scenes. Especially when the source material is the opposite in nature.

e.g., That Street Fighter story was way to waffy for me.

submitted by Shona_SoF - (www)

wafi - Wind Assisted Fucking Idiots -- nautical term used by skippers of motor boats to describe sailors.

e.g., We would have been here sooner but some WAFI had to be rescued.

submitted by Fiona - (www)

wafish - Way-fish. To look as if withering away, losing weight or decreasing in size, usually in reference to a person. Not dissimilar to waifish.

e.g., Andrew was beginning to look wafish after a few weeks of eating only noodles.

submitted by nine fish

wafro - A white girl Afro or an unmanageable head of curly hair on a Caucasian.

e.g., Aww . . . look. Heidi's wafro is mad out of control today.| C'mon, son, you better pic your wafro. It's flat on one side.

submitted by heidi groth

waftilicious - An olfactory treat, such as might come from living downwind from a gourmet bakery. The down-side of living down-wind, of course, is that the seductive aromas inevitably win and pull you over to the bakery.

e.g., hurry and shut the window! The waftilicious aroma of fresh bear claws is about to pull me out the door. Look at me already! If you don't keep that window shut, I'm going to like Mr. Goodyear Blimp!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

wag - Wise-Ass Geezer. Not that dissimilar to WAG for Wild-Ass Guess or SWAG for Scientific Wild-Ass Guess. Also not far removed from the definition given for "wag" in Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006: "a person given to droll, roguish, or mischievous humor; wit."

e.g., Me to Robin, the customer service clerk: Are you in a better mood than you were yesterday. Robin: I wasn't here yesterday. Me: Neither was I. Robin: Then why did you ask me that? Me: I was just being a wag.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wag - To wag (like a puppy) at something good, special. or worth getting excited about. The expression may or may not be accompanied by physically wagging ones body.

e.g., I'm wagging for that new dress I bought. |Did you see our neighbour's new car? It wags. |I didn't know you were going to cook tonight. You wagger. | Complain at me if you will that Torrie gets more attention from me than you do, but if you greeted me at the door wagging your tail thew ay she does, you might be suprised at how attentive I'd be.

submitted by Tabby

wagbulance - a amublance that is a station wagon.

e.g., The wagbulance transported the injured person to the hospital.

submitted by Michael Ericksen

wagfurters - Sausage manufactured from the tails of boxer puppies.

e.g., "What a nice litter of puppies!" she exclaimed while examining the litter of boxers. "There'll be wagfurters for dinner in a few days."

submitted by Ty Evans

waggler - A tee shot in golf made from the men's box that stops short of the ladies tee box. Requires presentation of one's manhood to prove masculinity.

e.g., Walt: "How was golf yesterday?" Skip: "Great, except Gally had a waggler on a par 3."

submitted by ScottG

waggot - A waggot is the name given to someone who really annoys you.

e.g., Maurice, you are a complete waggot.

submitted by David Hamilton - (www)

wagnerbabe - A woman prone to dramatic expressions.

e.g., Whats with the hoolabaloo ? Oh, the wagnerbabe broke her pen.

submitted by A Bergman

wah kazoo - The playing of a kazoo through a wah-wah pedal.

e.g., Hey, Mike, dig that krazy wah kazoo sound.

submitted by hugo - (www)

wah! - Same as "What the hell?" for polite company. To ask a question in an exclamatory way.

e.g., John said, "Wah!" when he saw his new gas bill was double that of last month.

submitted by Mack

wahbam - Sound of hitting something really hard--also used to make a point or express your superiority.

e.g., I was -- like, "Shut up or I'll beat your face in. Wahbam."

submitted by tyler kellen - (www)

wahey - Exclamation.

e.g., Wahey! We're winning the game!

submitted by Sarah

wahhhhhhhmbulance - Taken from a Bruce Willis' movie, _The Kid_. To be used when someone is whining obnoxiously and profusely.

e.g., Wahhhhh, wahhhh, wahhhhh. if you don't shut up, I'm gonna have to call a wahhhhhmbulance.

submitted by Lisa O

wahmbulance - A comeback word used when an adult or child is throwing a fit, crying, bawling, etc. very loudly, when they are upset.

e.g., A child is bawling loudly in the car. "Somebody call the wahmbulance!" Taken from Disney's movie _The Kid_.

submitted by Stormy

wahoo! - To show extreme excitement.

e.g., I just won a million dollars. Wahoo!

submitted by Aaron - (www)

wahoop - To laugh uncontrollably while simultaneously cackling hysterically.

e.g., When I read Chris's definition of re-booking anomaly, I was could not stop wahooping.

submitted by Colin Taffel

wail - To attack physically or verbally. (ED. There may be some confusion between "wale" and "wail.")

e.g., You should have seen how those two guys were wailing on each other.

submitted by Jennifer H.

wailer - Siren. Not original.

e.g., Hit the wailer, partner, and let's stop that sucker. He must be going 90.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

waist disposal - Elimination of excess fat on the midriff -- the love handles -- and other body parts.

e.g., In order for waist disposal to work, sometimes you've got to cut out all the garbage.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

waist management - Cutting another hole in your belt.

e.g., Waist management is a less drastic form of tummy tuck. A far simpler method is a well-known exercise: simply pushing away from the table.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wait-a-minute moment - (n.) 1. The sudden realization that something you hadn't really noticed before is the answer to some question you never thought to ask; 2. The brief lull, still and silent, before the cry of "Eureka!" 3. The post-event statement that you suddenly realize you haven't really bettered anything after all. (cf. "rellama.") [From the fact that, as someone put it, great moments of discovery are never heralded by someone yelling "eureka!"; they are normally preceded by quiet, brow-furrowing murmurs of 'that's funny,' 'okay, what just happened?,' and, of course, 'wait a minute...']

e.g., "So, I've got this hidden door---see it there on the plans?---and I've managed to disguise the hinges, but I can't seem to figure out how to disguise the door knob." "Does the door have a key?" "Yes, a key and a keyhole. Both are cleverly concealed." "Well, then, why do you need a doorknob?" "Why do I need a doorknob?! ... I have to have a way to---... wait: Do I really even need a doorknob?" "Well, a perfect wait-a-minute moment." "What?" "Nothing. You were saying?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

waitcher - Someone who hangs around, expecting a coming event. Often used to describe a person in futile anticipation, when everyone else knows it's not going to happen. Another idiom of the quaint patois of Eugene, Oregon.

e.g., There were half a dozen waitchers at the bus stop, all expecting they'd get to work on time.

submitted by Steve McDonald

waitron - A gender-neutral term for a waiter or waitress. Usually used ironically to poke fun at PC-speak.

e.g., Where the hell is the waitron? I want my egg salad sandwich now!

submitted by nanokermit

waive - Not the same as "wave."

e.g., "I am just thankful to God that we had a man, George W. Bush, with unwaivering faith in our God to lead our country during those dark days."

submitted by Miss Speller

wajabofu - We Are Just A Bunch Of Fuckups.

e.g., We printed the wrong phone number on 200,000 business cards? WAJABOFU.

submitted by someone - (www)

wake 'n shake - "Self-gratification," performed mainly by men, as the first act of the day.

e.g., They say you're not at your best without a good breakfast, but nothing beats a good wake 'n shake.

submitted by captainminus

wakkie - The little bit of liquid left at the bottom of a drink.

e.g., Oh, my God, she left a wakkie.

submitted by Jenny Snyders

wal-mortification - The slow death of a town's economy due to the appearance of big box stores.

e.g., As a small business owner, I fear Wal-mortification will destroy my business.

submitted by Laurie Boese - (www)

wala3ofee - Wala3ofee is the term used to describe a frequent condition among Lebanese people, characterized by spontaneous and impulsive excitement, unexpected enthusiastic reactions, and "losing oneself's" momentarily.

e.g., When Wassim goes fishing, his Wala3ofee kicks in, and he always ends up jumping after the fish out of impatience.

submitted by OhLaLaLaTempête - (www)

waldo - A being that should have been a Greek god.

e.g., That waldo is huge.

submitted by dave peek

walken - A disquietingly creepy person or situation. From Christopher Walken characters.

e.g., There's Franco over by the bar. He sure can walkenize a room.

submitted by Beer

walkie-hogging - Overlong retention of a walkie-talkie used by others in a company.

e.g., Q: All right, where's the walkie-talkie? A: Chris has been walkie-hogging for the last hour.

submitted by Jeffrey C. Apparius - (www)

walking school bus - (n.) 1. A group of young (i.e., elementary-school-aged) children walking together under the supervision of an adult (or several adults); 2. such a group of young children walking together to or from school under adult supervision; 3. a group of school children walking to a given location (such as a mall or the zoo) under adult supervision. [A very recent coinage, I'm told, appearing on the internet in a number of newspages and blogs.]

e.g., The walking school bus approach is healthier, happier, and better at ensuring attendance than the mechanical school bus. Perhaps we should try it in more elementary school districts.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

walking wires - (n., also Latin 'ambulaviere') 1. Earphone wires, connected to a digital music player; 2. By extension, the digital music player itself (accompanied by the wires, of course).

e.g., "Are you coming with? or not?" "Yeah, yeah. I just gotta find my walkin' wires .... Aha! got 'em! Okay, let's go."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

walkman syndrome - A condition in which you have to listen to music all of the time by plugging two earphones into your ears, thereby missing such necessities as listening to outside sounds or other people. Common in the 1980's with the Sony Walkman and today with more music machines such as MP3, iPod, etc.

e.g., Vanna would have heard the nice young man ask her out if it wasn't for her Walkman Syndrome.

submitted by SilverCoyote

wall - A circle of people meant to keep someone out.

e.g., Our group made a wall because Pasty was coming.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

wall fly - When a group excludes one unliked member by forming a tight circle and the person doesn't get the idea and leave.

e.g., Look at Pasty, he's nothing but a wall fly.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

wall jumper - An unwanted person who breaks into a group's conversation.

e.g., Pasty is bugging us again, the wall jumper. No wonder no one ever wants to talk to him.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

walla walla food - Commonly mistaken for the humble jelly bean, Walla Walla food is distinguished in that it never is licorice-flavored and is more fun to say.

e.g., President Reagan was famous for the large jar of Walla Walla food he kept on his desk in the Oval Office.

submitted by sam - (www)

wallaby - Someone aspiring to be a kangaroo.

e.g., The man in the costume with the huge feet and the pouch was a wallaby.

submitted by Robin Armstrong

wallace and grommit - To vomit.

e.g., Where's Pete? He's out back having a good Wallace and Grommit.

submitted by Swad

walldering - That lateral movement of overweight people as they swing their thighs around each other and make it impossible to pass around them without making three right angles.

e.g., He was trapped, trying to exit the mall but blocked by the walldering bulk of the middle-aged man in front of him.

submitted by Obis

waller buddy - A southern slurring of the word "wallow" to create a term that describes a person with whom one shares no relationship beyond an intimate physical encounter.

e.g., I'm not trying to get my MRS degree; I just want a waller buddy right now.

submitted by Michaela Rose

wallet-screw - The situation of reassuring a customer of the value of his or her purchase by charging as much for it as possible. The customers are filled with a warm afterglow and are sure it must be good because it was expensive. Mutually rewarding in different ways for all parties.

e.g., Rather than shop for a bargain, Chris would go to one of the big stores and get a good wallet-screw.

submitted by mike_capriman - (www)

wallop - To devour ravenously.

e.g., The duck rice at Four Seasons is really great. I walloped about three plates of it, much to the horror and consternation of my friends.

submitted by nyarlahotep

wallungunder - ('wall-uhn-'gun-dr (rhymes with 'mall-un-'thun-der); n.) The supermassive black hole in the center of the milky way, around which the galaxy spins, and which keeps it rotating. [From the chief deity of the Australian aboriginal wandjina---said to be the creators of the world during the dreamtime.] See ginnunga.

e.g., I have dubbed the supermassive black hole "wallungunder," afer the leader of the Australian wandjina, who, according to aboriginal belief, came down from the Milky Way to form the world in the dreamtime. Of course, I also call it "Charybdis" sometimes and "Kolob" when I'm feeling serious (although that's just speculation on my part). But I think "wallungunder" is a fun name that might actually catch on (especially if you pronounce it in the original strine: 'wael-in-'gen-da (with a hard "g"; to rhyme with pal-in-ben-duh)).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

wally - Stupid, clumsy, with perhaps a hint of naivete. From the Leave it to Beaver character. | Michael Quinion: "Relatively recent English slang term for a silly or inept person." {ED. Have been unable to confirm the origin as being the American situation comedy.}

e.g., What a wally -- he poured iced tea in the radiator.

submitted by m. level - (www)

wally martinez - South Texas-Rio Grande Valley for Wal-Mart.

e.g., I'm headin' to the Wally Martinez, need anything?

submitted by M Cruse

wally period, the - Period of seven days after you're handed an assignment. Never do actual work on it during this time -- most problems usually solve or sort themselves out in a week, and with better results than if you meddle or care. (Dilbert)

e.g., PHB: We've just been served notice of a $100M lawsuit. Should I call our attorney? TOG: Nah, just apply the Wally Period. (Result: Chapter 11.)

submitted by the_other_giuliani

wally shakespeare - An adult who is overenthusiastic and naive, stuck in a room full of teenagers. First used to describe a substitute teacher who changed his name to William and who looks and acts like Shakespeare.

e.g., You actually did some work? Why didn't you just sign the attendance sheet, wave bye to Wally Shakespeare and then eat Quaaludes with us?

submitted by Nicholas - (www)

wally stringer - A 33-cent stringer you can find at Wal-Mart that holds fish very badly.

e.g., Wally Stringer let my 5 trout go! (Throws 33-cent piece of crap on the ground.)

submitted by G-Dogg

wally world - Well-known discount department store development by Sam Walton.

e.g., I'm going to Wally World to get some stuff, What anything?

submitted by pat

wallybobber - A wallybobber is a fishing rig (large bobber, hook and large minnow) used for catching Northern Pike and Muskie.

e.g., John caught a nice pike using a rig he calls his wallybobber.

submitted by John Harschutz

wallydoodle - A name you call someone (especially a child) when it has done something silly.

e.g., Rachel trips over her shoelace. "Oh, Rachel, you're a wallydoodle."

submitted by Rachel Stuart

walmaholic - Anyone addicted to Wal-Mart; has trouble spending less than $25 in a Wal-Mart.

e.g., Mom! You already bought two whole new wardrobes, a 30" TV, six yards of fabric, an extra car battery, and a mini-microwave for everyone in your extended family. You're a walmaholic.

submitted by Abstruse - (www)

walmart - Inexpensive and readily available but often sub-standard.

e.g., I bought that thing last week at three in the morning and it's broken already; it's so walmart.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

walmartian - A person who buys everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) from Wal-mart. To this person, there is no other store, and watch out when a Wal-mart Superstore opens nearby. These people live for the day that the "Waldisson" hotel chain opens for business.

e.g., The Walmartian was googly eyed as she said, "I better go to Wal-mart to get a new rubber tree and some celery soda!"

submitted by Larry C.

walrus - A person sho is horrible at something or everything, yet thinks he is great at everything.

e.g., Chris is a right walrus when it comes to dancing.

submitted by JustSomeGuy

walter - Waltered, to walter. To curse, swear, rant or rave in a completely unintelligible manner--as in Walter Matthau.

e.g., You, upon dropping a hammer on your foot: GAB HOOPER! NABBAFRAk-A-BIT! Muzst Carn SHEEBAN-A-FLABBIT! Friend: Just chill out. Stop waltering and get some ice.

submitted by mark

waltoning - To announce that you are leaving, or signing off from a public chat, and then spend time saying goodbye\goodnight to each person and waiting for their reply. From the end sequence of "The Waltons", whereby each member would say good night to the other. {ED. Nice to see you back after all thiis time.}

e.g., She said she had to leave to catch a bus, but spent so much time waltoning, she missed it.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

waltonville - Any small, rural town in which the downtown has been eviscerated by the presence of a nearby big-box store such as Wal-Mart. Named for the late Sam Walton, founder of said chain.

e.g., As we drove through the Waltonvilles of Eastern Washington, I wondered what they'd been like when people actually lived, shopped, and ate there.

submitted by Hal Colombo

waltzy - Lacking coordination, clumsy.

e.g., He looks waltzy just walking down the street.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

wambly - Sort of all-purpose word. developed in my high school theatre class some 20 years ago. Something that is unstable or difficult; something that isn't quite right; something that shows signs of tipping over and whacking you on the head, or that might nail your shoe to the floor, either physically or metaphorically.

e.g., That shelf is all wambly.

submitted by Sherri - (www)

wambulance - An ambilance for whiners.

e.g., Mr. Sites told Nikki to wait one second, he was going to call the wambulance.

submitted by Kayan

wamp - To take all of someone's money at a gambling casino run by native Americans.

e.g., The cowboy looked stricken as he left the gaming table. "Thank you, Earth Mother," the American Indian said under his breath, "The white man may have taken our land, but now we wamp 'um."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

wampeter - An object around which the lives of of otherwise unrelated people may revolve.

e.g., The hordes of questing disparate crusaders were brought together in their quest for the wampeter of their times, the Holy Grail. -- Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

wandy - A drink, like a shandy but using red wine and coke.

e.g., I've been awake for three days--someone give me a wandy.

submitted by Tova

wang - To hit or smash something, as a body part, into a wall or door.

e.g., I wanged my head on the doorframe getting out of your car.

submitted by jeff

wang, wangy - Objectionable taste in food or drink.

e.g., I think this tea is old. It's got a wang to it.

submitted by Ben Morehead

wang-chung - Acting wild, acting wild at a party. From Wang-Chung's song "Everybody Wang-Chung Tonight."

e.g., Murlin wang-chunged at Connie's party.

submitted by murlin - (www)

wanger - Anything that you can't put a name to at the moment.

e.g., Jason, hand me that wanger over there.

submitted by tommy

wangosev - Do you want to go to 7-11 (the store)?

e.g., Wangosev?

submitted by tman and chow chow

wangster - A white person who is trying to act black, but cannot pull it off.

e.g., All wangsters need re-educating.

submitted by Cody

wangulate - To make the sound of an object oscillating back and forth at an accelerating pace until it stops.

e.g., The pan you just placed on the counter is wangulating.

submitted by Donald Clink

wanker - Australian: A person who has no idea. An idiot.

e.g., Don't listen to that wanker.

submitted by mick

wanklore - Damn, that sucks.

e.g., I wrecked my car. Wanklore.

submitted by Littlej

wanksta - Someone who tries very hard to look like or act like a "gangsta," but fails miserably.

e.g., Look at Chris with his Avirex hoodie. Definitely a wanksta. Truth is though, he really is a Dixie Mafia gangster. Odd, isn't it.

submitted by rick

wanktastic - something that purports to be good, but is in fact worthless.

e.g., Everything Bungle suggested was wanktastic.

submitted by Raymondo

wanky - Crazy, odd, unique, and interesting female

e.g., Vanessa, you are wanky.

submitted by Chris

wanna - A simple way of saying "want to."

e.g., I wanna go to the movies on Friday.

submitted by Heather:)

wanna hump that - To like something immensely.

e.g., Ooohh, that car's hot. I wanna hump that.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

wanna-f - This resembles the more common "wannabe," but refers to someone who enjoys things like watching football, going fishing, ordering fries, fresh kisses, and the like.

e.g., My boyfriend is a devoted wanna-f; I can hardly get anything else in edgewise.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wannapreneur - A wanna-be who has never found the courage to actually "entre" the market.

e.g., I am teaching a business course for a bunch of wannapreneurs who don't have a clue.

submitted by Brau

wap-dazzled - To be stunned or obsessed with cell phones, Palm Pilots, and other mobile technology. From Wireless Application Protocol + dazzle.

e.g., Ever since Jon got that fancy new cell phone, he's been wap-dazzled. He even checks his e-mail when he's driving.

submitted by Preston Mark Stone - (www)

waper - The desktop background picture, the wallpaper.

e.g., Hey, guys, look at all these cool wapers.

submitted by linda

wapham - 1. The noise made when a person collides into a flat object, with a great amount of force. | The noise of two flat objects colliding into each other.

e.g., Mary just went wapham when she crashed into her lockerl.

submitted by Mary

waplash - Backlash against WAP technology that was oversold to consumers

e.g., After the WAPlash, people are questioning all forms of mobile connectivity

submitted by Fiachra Ó Marcaigh - (www)

wappler - you say this to some special sort of looser in Austria

e.g., du wappler

submitted by wolfgang - (www)

wapsite - WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-enabled site that can be accessed from mobiles.

e.g., Now, moving over to M-commerce (Mobile-commerce), we require a huge bandwidth to support WAPsite.

submitted by Pratik Kothari - (www)

warblebottom - A repugnant know-it-all. A loathsome smartypants.

e.g., Neil: That fathead always thinks she knows everything. Roger: Yeah, I agree. She's a warblebottom.

submitted by Emlyn - (www)

warchalking - Warchalking is adding a simple symbol (presumably in chalk) to the sidewalk or wall near where a wireless 802.11 signal is available. The symbol denotes what sort of Internet access is available and whether or not WEP or other security is used to protect the wireless network. The warchalking idea is based on the hobo sign languages of the early 20th century in the USA. (This word was sent out by Paul McFedries.)

e.g., Calvin has been busy warchalking the wireless nodes, the hotspots, all over the city.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

warden - nickname for the parents

e.g., No partying at the house tonight, the warden's home.

submitted by sarah

warehouse - A phrase, usually spoken in a stilted manner,asking the location of a domicile.

e.g., "Warehouse?" he asked. "Therehouse," she answered.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

warewolf - Not to be confused with "werewolf," a warewolf is a peddler of warez (pirated or cracked software). Plural: warewolvez.

e.g., I was suckered into unwittingly buying a pirated copy of Adobe Acrobat by some nefarious warewolvez.

submitted by Magnificat

warez - Illegal copy of copyrighted software. Usually acquired from pseudounderground piracy groups.

e.g., Ted downloaded that game without paying? He's using warez.

submitted by Anthony

warez-puppy - A young child who is obsessed with pirating software.

e.g., Look at all the appz this warez-puppy has.

submitted by John A.T. Slaughter

wargullo - (wore-GOO-yo; n.) 1. Violence undertaken to protect or avenge one's pride; 2. Pride so great, so overbearing, that it results or calls for violence, or even war, when it is insulted. [From "war" + "orgullo," Spanish for "pride."]

e.g., The Trojan War, the result of Menelaus feeling insulted because Helen ran off with Paris, is the archetypal wargullo.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

warhol - To make unreal the real, to abstract any situation. Another meaning: to sieze a moment of steal the show momentarily. Could be used for something good or bad, usually bad.

e.g., He really made a warhol out of the whole situation. OR The show was great until somebody had to get in there and pull a warhol--and he wasn't even funny.

submitted by Devorahmuse

wark - Word filler when you don't know what to say.

e.g., Aquila: Aw, Jon, you've got such great legs. Jon: Wark.

submitted by Aquila

warlock - A peace initiative. | A fiendish means of punishing horny hags.

e.g., Putting warlocks on warheads keeps them from going off in a puff. | Welding warlocks on warlocks is a wonderful way to warn warm-blooded witches.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

warm - Slightly turned on, slightly horny.

e.g., I'm not sure I love her, but she surely makes me warm.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

warm hand trick - A favorite Army prank. If you find a buddy sleeping soundly and carefully lift his hand and put it in a pan of warm water, he will wet himself and wake up, wondering what has just happened. If you don't believe this, try it some time, on your best friend.

e.g., We were bored one night, so a drunk corporal became the victim of our warm hand trick.

submitted by Steve McDonald

warmfy - A combination of warm and comfy. Nestled and comfortable.

e.g., Yeah, they were sitting by the fire, all warmfy, sipping scorpions.

submitted by sam provencher

warpcool - Someone or something so cool it changes the world in the same way Star Trek warpdrive technology bends space to move the ship.

e.g., Wow, the new iMac is warpcool.

submitted by Alan Morrison

warphonage - A place for children whose parents were killed in a war.

e.g., Ten children were added to the warphonage after the last bombing of the city's center.

submitted by Adam Chapa

warpig - A very ugly person.

e.g., Take at look at the warpig over there.

submitted by ChemicalB - (www)

warsh - to wash something without soap

e.g., ewww I cant believe u warshed that cup

submitted by Lesah

warticle - The smallest particle of water in any phase, solid, liquid, or vapor, that can chemically be considered H2O. | The small initial phase of a wart.

e.g., By the damp feeling in the air, the white cat Popeye knew there were warticles around, even though he couldn't actually see any water.

submitted by Dave Violette

was not speaking the truth - Long talk for saying someone is lying. Not just that what she (i.e., the person) is saying is false, but that she knows it's false. She knows what she's saying is untrue; ergo, she's lying, not merely telling (or propogating) a falsehood. Some (many?) would argue that this construct does not necessarily mean any more than that The Speaker is uttering a falsehood -- that she doesn't necessarily know what she's saying isn't true. For those for whom comity is a high priority, that's not an unreasonable interpretation. However, knuckledragger HD has no qualms about telling it straight.

e.g., Karl Rove said, "Pelosi was not speaking the truth" when she said she was unaware that harsh interrogation techniques were actually being used at Gitmo. What are we to believe? That she thought they were being used as a threat that wouldn't be carried out? -- such as telling your daughter you'll ground her for life if she tries to date a guy with tattoos, especially one with a smiley face tattoed on his. . . .

submitted by HD Fowler

wasabi - Contraction of the phrase, "What's Up?"

e.g., Phil walked up to Mary and asked wasabi.

submitted by Benjamin Nelson - (www)

wasband - Ex-husband. More often used as an insult.

e.g., Q. Did you divorce that jerk yet? B. Yes, he has now attained the rank of wasband.

submitted by Keith

wasgonna nation - Anybody from this group of persons who practice the voicing of intentions just to hear themselves talk or to momentarily make the recipient feel like a beneficiary of an upcoming good intention. Because there are so many who practice this, they have become a nation unto themselves.

e.g., Not one of your intentions ever bore fruit, all of which identifies you as a bonafide member of the Wasgonna Nation.

submitted by Frederick Mundle - (www)

wash one's vegetables - To do something considered unacceptable.

e.g., Steve wouldn't stop washing his vegetables so we had to ditch him.

submitted by ditnis

washerette - Laundromat, in the South.

e.g., Time to take my clothes to the washerette.

submitted by jim guest

waste of tome - Since I tend to write tomes. . . .

e.g., If I took the time to take issue with all those I have a grumble with, it would be a waste of tome. Theirs and mine.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

waste photons - When stargazing, to look down at the ground, completely missing the experience. By doing so, you allow photons to fall to the ground undetected by your eyes.

e.g., John, look up. We only have two hours out here to watch the meteors and you're wasting photons.

submitted by Aurora

waste watcher - A visually-active garbage hound.

e.g., There were always a few waste watchers hanging around the sewer outfall.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

wastecase - Total failure in life, degenerate loser, utter malcontent.

e.g., That kid ended up being another wastecase from my 8th grade class.

submitted by Dominic Tassone

wasted lightning - (n.) The forces of nature, perceived as divine power which the speaker wishes God would aim at persons whom the speaker either (a) intensely dislikes or (b) believes the world would be better off without. (From Act IV Scene ii of _The Revenger's Tragedy_ (usually attributed to Thomas Middleton), wherein Vindici, the Revenger, cries out "Has not heaven an ear? Is all lightning wasted?")

e.g., "Did you hear about that meteor that hit the Benson's barn last night? Burned it right down after punching a hole right through his fattest pig." "More wasted lightning...why couldn't it have hit a cabinet minister or a political analyst or something?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

waster - "Wasp" as pronouned by Southerners, especially those from East Tennessee.

e.g., I sen them wasters up in that thar gum tree.

submitted by jim barclay

wasteside - Wayside. Found this great misspelling in the IMDb write-up for Lina Basquette, a silent and then talkies film actress. Halr-sister of the great dancing stare Marge Champion -- who seems to still be kicking up her heels after a fashion at age ninety-seven. Your parents might have recognized the name if you're as old as I am. You can read about her at the link provided. Probably as interesting a biography as any I've ever run across at Reading about her life going to the dogs caused me to think of one of my best friends -- because she has four dogs which, shall we say, make her life interesting. Check the link for more about Lina Basquette.

e.g., "More marriages came and fell by the wasteside and at least one of her later unions lost out to an either/or ultimatum with her Great Danes."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

wasup - 1. A general greeting. 2. A way of saying hey, hi, or hello.

e.g., Wasup!

submitted by Danica - (www)

watch the scenes - To watch the whole movie. The opposite of watching a movie on DVD you've already seen, where you skip to the cool parts.

e.g., Ernie: Just skip ahead to the car chase. Bert: No way, I want to watch the scenes.

submitted by Tristan

watchamacallit - Word used when you don't know or can't think of what it's called

e.g., Can you hand me that watchamacallit please?

submitted by Lauren

watchbird - A military droid, soon used for domestic law enforcement, as imagined by Robert Scheckley in his 1953 short story of the same title. Sheckley's tale (set in 2003) of technology gone wrong can be read in its entirety at the link provided.    "'Watchbird' postulates a scenario where scientists, working for a private sector corporation, have perfected a technique to invade the human mind (in essence to become telepathic) to such an intimate degree that the computer-programmed, miniaturized components the corporation can produce to literally read our very thoughts are narrowed to such a fine-tuned degree that they are able to determine when anyone is about to commit murder (can human thought be reduced to bits and bytes?). The military (with the approval of congress) gets hold of the device and installs it in drone-like 'watchbirds' that scour the skies and are equipped with the capability to neutralize any potential murderer with what Sheckley calls 'electrical immobilizers' (think powerful tasers from the skies). First, there is one watchbird, who [who?] tests successfully. Before long, the skies are filled with thousands of them . . . and then something goes horribly wrong. Sheckley's story not only adds a What if? reductio ad absurdum twist to the 'Big Brother Is Watching' theme so chillingly portrayed by George Orwell's 1984, but takes it another frightening step and in a different direction that is perhaps more relevant today than ever before. 'Watchbird' is a quintessential example of the cautionary SF story."    What do watchbirds watch? They watch you.    Then there are the less lethal (but still troubling?) watchbirds of "children's book author and illustrator Munro Leaf." "The Watchbirds may be a bit Big Brother for 2011 (they are particularly intimidating when found on adult-targeted brochures, like the one Leaf decorated for the Better Citizens Booth of the League of Women Voters), but Leaf's captions and absurdist drawings soften the nagging. And if you're interested in other ways Leaf endeavored to humorously indoctrinate children into good behavior, you might enjoy. . . ."

e.g., "This etext was produced from Galaxy Science Fiction February 1953. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed. Minor spelling and typographical errors have been corrected without note."    Gelsen entered, he saw that the rest of the watchbird manufacturers were already present. There were six of them, not counting himself, and the room was blue with expensive cigar smoke. "Hi, Charlie," one of them called as he came in. The rest broke off conversation long enough to wave a casual greeting at him. As a watchbird manufacturer, he was a member manufacturer of salvation, he reminded himself wryly. Very exclusive. You must have a certified government contract if you want to save the human race. "The government representative isn't here yet," one of the men told him. "He's due any minute." "We're getting the green light," another said. "Fine." Gelsen found a chair near the door and looked around the room. It was like a convention, or a Boy Scout rally. The six men made up for their lack of numbers by sheer volume. The president of Southern Consolidated was talking at the top of his lungs about watchbird's enormous durability. The two presidents he was talking at were grinning, nodding, one trying to interrupt with the results of a test he had run on watchbird's resourcefulness, the other talking about the new recharging apparatus. The other three men were in their own little group, delivering what sounded like a panegyric to watchbird. Gelsen noticed that all of them stood straight and tall, like the saviors they felt they were. He didn't find it funny. Up to a few days ago he had felt that way himself. He had considered himself a pot-bellied, slightly balding saint. . . . Thousands of watchbirds, trying to stop countless millions of murders — a hopeless task. But the watchbirds didn't hope. Without consciousness, they experienced no sense of accomplishment, no fear of failure. Patiently they went about their jobs, obeying each stimulus as it came. They couldn't be everywhere at the same time, but it wasn't necessary to be. People learned quickly what the watchbirds didn't like and refrained from doing it. It just wasn't safe. With their high speed and superfast senses, the watchbirds got around quickly. And now they meant business. In their original directives there had been a provision made for killing a murderer, if all other means failed. Why spare a murderer? | "Despite being published in mainstream magazines like Playboy (which, in the past, took its fiction very seriously), Sheckley has usually been relegated to the genre ghetto, even if at an exalted level, and, yes, new readers will find, on occasion, genre tropes and clichés that will tempt a dismissal. Characters are mostly just moving parts in the idea machine, distinguished solely by rudimentary emotions (eagerness, trepidation, fear), and at this point in your reading life, you may not savor overripe expressions like 'the cauldrons in which wars were brewed,' or need to be informed, as when a watchbird inexplicably appears to thwart an execution, that 'Prisons are large and strong, with many locked doors.' But banalities like these occur rarely, and as the reader progresses through the riotous absurdities, stunning moments of pathos, and some of the most compassionate tales of lost innocents (and innocence) to be found in science fiction, any complaints become merely quibbles. There's a thrilling cumulative effect as the worlds continue to deepen and elements cohere more seamlessly, and by the time we get to the superb final stories, terribly funny and moving tales of loneliness and desire, you can understand why Sheckley has often been compared to Voltaire."    Wednesday, September 22, 2010 The Watchbird When I was a little boy in the forties, the cartoon "The Watchbird" appeared in The Ladies Home Journal, a magazine to which my mother subscribed. The cartoon always featured a bad boy being observed by the Watchbird. The cartoonist would draw and describe the naughty, or whiney, or stingy bad boy being surveilled by the Watchbird, drawn in profile, the boy caught in the sinful act, and then the clincher would come. "This is the Watchbird watching a Sneaky." Named and shamed by his sin. A second bird would be drawn, facing the young reader. The heading read, "This is the Watchbird watching YOU!" Pediatric ethics 101 at the foot of The Ladies Home Journal. What was always most interesting was the naughty activity, which provided the young reader a certain vicarious pleasure. The Watchbird was a simple line-drawn, fat little cartoon bird, peering at the offender and then at me. The assumption that we all bore close scrutiny at six or eight for our dirty little secrets was never really challenged in those days. My mother told me she occasionally spanked me with the hairbrush for no definable reason other than the gut feeling that I deserved it. She was probably right. She was a stay at home mum and probably knew far more than the Watchbird. I don't think the cartoon had any lasting ethical benefit because even in those days, naughty was more interesting to watch than goody-two shoes. I guess it wasn't the enlightened child raising that we see today, but there was never a feeling that I was short changed in the love game. We are still under scrutiny today by Watchbirds of a different name. Posted by jim at 2010-09-22 7:44 PM

submitted by [Robert Sheckley] - (www)

watchutalkinbout - Word started by Gary Coleman (Arnold Jackson) to be a fast, effective way of saying "what are you talking about."

e.g., Ex- Whatchutalkinbout Willis?

submitted by G-Dogg

waterfall effect - 1. Used to describe how the sound of running water induces you to pee. 2. May also be used to describe how when a girl has to go to the bathroom, every other girl has to go as well.

e.g., God, that table has all the cute guys. Let’s go over there and talk about white-water rafting. Ramona, you make the appropriate noises. When they experience the waterfall effect, we’ll steal the boys.

submitted by nitag - (www)

waterneck - A redneck who likes going fishing, swimming and beer-drinking in the same day.

e.g., If you have a fish on your lap and spill your beer on it, you might be a waterneck!

submitted by star651 - (www)

waterpark resort - A destination-esque resort which will include an indoor waterpark complex, as may include waterslides and water-play areas; may or may not include a wavepool among its distractions. Originated in Wisconsin Dells, circa 1990, which happens to have 16 such.

e.g., How about we spend the teachers' convention weekend at that new waterpark resort everybody's talking about?

submitted by Kahuna Accidentale of the Dells

watershedness - (n.) the quality or state of being a significant milestone in history, usually applicable only to things that rivet millions to television sets or internet news sites, or that can only be responded to by slack-jawed astonishment.

e.g., the watershedness of the moon landings in 1969 is unquestionable: it was right up there with the Kennedy assassination, the toppling of the Berlin Wall, and Luther's 95 Theses ... but 9-11 had a rather grim, stark watershedness that was unique unto itself.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

watson - (n.) a sidekick or associate included to be the audience's eyes and ears: the uninformed, uninitiated, or skeptical character to whom the sleuth, scientist, or whatever can believably explain matters (for the benefit of the audience) that they would otherwise leave unspoken.

e.g., Dana Scully was the watson---skeptical but smart---to whom Fox Mulder explained all the obscure fringe business in the X-Files. that brings back memories, doesn't it?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

wattage - Brainpower.

e.g., Is there any way we can improve Chris's wattage? He's holding the hold project back.

submitted by Joe Baressi

wattscompton - A very large posterior.

e.g., We walked into the club and there was this chick with a wattscompton out on the dance floor.

submitted by Schliz

wave-tank - A large belly that tends to ripple when touched.

e.g., When kicked in the gut, Kevin's wave-tank went crazy.

submitted by Hank

wavular - A technical term used by educated people to descibe the shape of graphs, etc. Akin to wavy, but only for use by technical-minded individuals.

e.g., Woah, that sine graph is very wavular.

submitted by Paul Sowden - (www)

wawongwiju - The words "what's wrong with you?" said very fast and with a heavy Chinese accent.

e.g., You paid him fifty dollars for a sheet of paper?Wawongwiju?

submitted by Jeff

wax patrol - An aimless and often circuitous walk or ride with no known destination or purpose.

e.g., Often, when I'm feeling lonely or sad, I tend to go on wax patrol.

submitted by Richard Hempen

waxadaisical - The leaning of the mood a person is tricked into just before his or her first waxing (rarely applies to women or girls).

e.g., Just keep talking to Chris about grilling and football and such, and he'll be waxadaisical before you know it -- just be sure to get all that upper back hair in one run.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

waxatope - A waxatope is someone who has an overload of ear wax.

e.g., Chris was not accepted into the group because he was a waxatope.

submitted by Sam Wolfson

way - Questioning the truth of something. Also confirming the truth of something. Can be substituted for "really."

e.g., "I got with Veronica Vaughn last night." "No way." "Way."

submitted by Herb

way - Cool, awesome.

e.g., Wow, Emily. That hat of yours is way.

submitted by Maria Staudigel

way much - alot

e.g., Ice cream tastes way much better than sewage.

submitted by donavon - (www)

way*mart - Combination of Wal-Mart and K-mart.

e.g., I want them to build a Way*mart because it would have a variety of stuff.

submitted by Jaz

wayback - Another in the "Catch you later" family. Emphasis on way.

e.g., Gotta go Henry, I'll catch you on the wayback.

submitted by Mikey Mo

waybacker - an individual who stops WAY BACK of the car in front of them at a traffic light.

e.g., I got stuck behind a waybacker and had to sit through the light twice.

submitted by Barry

waybomber - The ultimate in bomb-proof or solid.

e.g., The climbing pro is waybomber

submitted by Frank Dobrushken

waylayed - Sidetracked, held up, kidnapped, beatup. . . .

e.g., I got waylayed last night at Glendora's party. . . . No, I didn't get laid.

submitted by Ray Patterson - (www)

wayne - Someone with no friends.

e.g., Tom is a wayne.

submitted by wayne d

waynefort scale - An alternative to the Beaufort Scale in which the desirability of a boat trip increases in direct proportion to the strength of the storm. Force 1 = not worth getting out of bed. Force 10 = don sou'wester and run to harbour forthwith.

e.g., WJB twirled with excitement at the thought of a voyage to Calais today. It must have been at least a 10 on the Waynefort Sscale.

submitted by David Flett

wayngo - A greeting that people use when their friends enter the room.

e.g., Joel enters the living room. Joel: Hey everybody. Joel's friends: Wayngo!

submitted by Scott

wazoo - Crazy person. (For another meaning, check "out the wazoo.")

e.g., Ej is wazoo. It must be from the Elmer's Glue.

submitted by Patty McFatty

wazoozal - An expression of happiness or delight.

e.g., Tim shouted "wazoozal" when he won the lottery.

submitted by Johny

wazzard - Portmanteau of "hazard" and "warning." So much more than the sum of its parts. Useful if you're not sure exactly what's going on, which is usually the case in situations of wazzard.

e.g., There's some wazzard lights up ahead--must have been an accident.

submitted by p-pop

wazzle - To give someone a dirty look.

e.g., Did she just wazzle me? If she did, I'll scratch her eyes out. Or ask the ACLU to sponsor my lawsuit.

submitted by sandra

wazzzup! - Expressing your infiltration into the cult of mindless TV addicts.

e.g., Lurch: Wazzzzap! Bob: Wazzaaaaaaaap!

submitted by ozren - (www)

wb13 - A bad television program. WB from Warner Broothers and 13 from the UPN affiliate in Los Angeles,

e.g., Have you seen "The Weakest Link"? That thing is WB13.

submitted by Kurt Dusek - (www)

wdip - Will Do In a Pinch. Usually used in describing someone who you may not want to marry or even spend too much time with, just use for passing the time.

e.g., Christine's definitely a WDIP as far as I'm concerned.

submitted by Mike

we the purple - (plural n.) Those of us who find party politics a bit too confining---requiring acquiescence to various notions, positions, doctrines, and dogmas outside of our comfort zones---despite some overlap between our beliefs and party lines. [From the opening line of the Constitution of the United States, and (somewhat more whimsically), the mixture of "red" republicans and "blue" democrats, although the word is meant to distinguish among any established party.]

e.g., So, for example, We the Purple are not "Green," "Libertarian," or whatever, even though we may have some ideas in common with them, and with the Big Two (Reps and Dems). Nor do We the Purple necessarily adhere to any common party line, but are often as different from one another as watermelon is from Mongolian grammar. | If someone is one of We the Purple, he or she is not affiliated with any established party, believing that elections ought to be about current issues rather than party lines. | Oh, and by the way, We the Purple's purple is not gay pink. Many of We the Purple do not agree with the current notion of homosexual cultural revision. We the Purple's purple is much darker (HSL 188, 180, 123).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

we're gonna need a bigger boat - An informal declaration that one suddenly realizes he is in a situation requiring much greater resources than he has---much, much greater. [From Spielberg's 1975 blockbuster "Jaws," in which Police Chief Brody, stunned by the immensity of the great white shark that he and only two other men are hunting off a vessel the shark actually rivals in size, staggers back and into the cabin, stammering out to Captain Quint, "We're gonna need a bigger boat."]

e.g., "Why aren't you cooking?" | "I don't have a gig." | "But what about the party?!" | "What party?" | "For your brother!" | "Mother said that was only family---five or six people." | "No, no. That's Sunday; I'm talking about the SURPRISE party this evening!" | "This evening?!!" | "Yes! 40 or 50 people!" | "Holy crap. I'm gonna need a bigger boat." | "Yeah, you are---wait: what?" "A bigger boat. You know: _Jaws_?" | "Jaws?" | "Never mind."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

weak - To describe anything that is not good

e.g., is AOL ever fricken WEAK

submitted by trust - (www)

weak-sauce - Disappointing, lame, a major let-down.

e.g., "I can't believe he actually puked on the cop." "Ya, two years in prison is weak-sauce."

submitted by Thomas Mc...

weaksauce - Likely to fail under pressure, stress, or strain; lacking resistance in sauce form.

e.g., Chris is weaksauce. Without his minions, he's nothing to fear -- as long as you watch your back.

submitted by Ryan Wakem

weaksaus - Unsatisfactory product or service.

e.g., Britney's new album was so smothered in weaksaus, I had to stop listening. If you can't see her, you may as well forget about it.

submitted by Jon Carlson

wealthon - 1. A person who is very wealthy. 2. An heir to a large sum of money, property, or goods.

e.g., 1. The wealthon owned a mansion, a Porsche, a yacht, and many jewels. 2. The 18-year-old wealthon was ecstatic and elated when he learned of the fortune left to him by his grandfather.

submitted by Ellie

wealthware - Practically useless but very expensive items such as old books, antique furniture , paintings, crystal, etc. that the wealthy buy primarily to show off.

e.g., Soon I was led into a huge drawing room filled with wealthware.

submitted by M A Jan

weans - Young children, toddlers.

e.g., I'm looking after my sister's weans today.

submitted by Heidi

weaponage - (WEP-un-ij (also sometimes, sillily(?), WEE-pun-ij); n.) 1. One's weapons; 2. The sum total of the ships, boats, submarines, hovercraft, tanks, helicopters, howitzers, mortars, missiles, rockets, trebuchets, ballistas, rifles, pistols, cannon, rounds, grenades, mines, bayonets, flintlocks, wheel-locks, blunderbusses, pikes, halberds, swords, assegais, macahuitls, koas, daggers (flint, obsidian, or steel), sgian dubhs, tomahawks, shuriken, axes, cleavers, spears, bows, arrows, crossbows, bolts, atl-atls, quarterstaffs, shillelaghs, clubs, mauls, sjamboks, brass knuckles, ass jawbones, boomerangs, yo-yos, bolos, blow guns, bagpipes, and other ordnance in one's possession and available for deployment

e.g., I walked into his armory and gawked at his weaponage. | "This is gonna be a hard one, guys. What's your weaponage?" "I brought a rock." "Shut up, Burt."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

weaponsofmassdestruction - From The Macmillan Dictionary: "weapons that can kill very large numbers of people."

e.g., ". . . when it was learned he [Saddam Hussein] didn't have any nuclear capability, we began to hear a term used so often it became one word, weaponsofmassdestruction." (Cincinnati Post, 7th March 2003)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

wear shoes on one's nose - To have done something legendarily dumb. In use, often prefixed with "dur dur dur."

e.g., Oh, bah. I've been going to school all week, wondering why no one else was there, and it turns out I'm on spring break. Dur dur dur, I wear shoes on my nose.

submitted by Dithat

wearing his hat - Start with "left = not right." Almost left . . . mentally a bit off . . . not right. From a late-night conversation about "another Chris." "His suitcase is packed." "He's waiting for the bus."

e.g., He's not left, but he's wearing his hat.

submitted by HD Fowler

wearing the cheese - To move slowly or to do something slowly.

e.g., Bob is really wearing the cheese.

submitted by Twinge

wears jean shorts - A phrase to attach to the mascot of a rival football team. Implies that their fans all wear those heinous, super short, ragged cut-off jean shorts, therefore making them a bit fruity.

e.g., Gators wear jean shorts.

submitted by jenn

wearware - Computers and other electronic devices built into clothing.

e.g., With my wearware jacket I have my office on my back.

submitted by Wayne R Pethrick - (www)

weasel words - Saw at the linked Wikipedia article for Irish McCalla: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. WP's Manual of Style entry cautions contributors to avoid weasel words. {Duplicate.}

e.g., McCalla was a member of Woman Artists of the American West, and her work has reportedly [weasel words] been displayed at the Los Angeles Museum of Arts and Sciences. She made personal appearances at autograph conventions, appearing as late as 1996 in a faux-leopard Sheena costume. [citation needed]" || Weasel words "have no place in Wikipedia articles." (Opinions and original research also have no place in Wikepedia articles.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

weaselcheese - To wrangle or warp a situation to suit your needs. Can have either a positive or negative connotation.

e.g., 1. The computer program wouldn't let me complete the process I needed, so I weaselcheesed it to make it work. 2. I don't know how he did it, but he sure found a way to weaselcheese out of paying.

submitted by lilu

weaselishious - Shrewd or sly, with "weaselishiousness" being a tendency to be shrewd or sly.

e.g., When it came time to face the music, Chris thought he had the courage but his weaselishiousness told him to call in sick that day.

submitted by Joel Parker

weasels - The alternative saying for M&Ms in upper Montana.

e.g., Please put some weasels on my ice cream.

submitted by Jason

weather porn - Reality-type video TV program featuring home video of tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Related to "cop porn."

e.g., Are you watching weather porn again? If you've seen one tornado, you've seen them all.

submitted by Stee Pinkston

weather wimp - A person who avoids or dislikes foul or extreme weather.

e.g., Being the weather wimp that I am, I would never consider moving to Fargo, Yuma, or Seattle.

submitted by Jim Cosgrove

weavered - I knew a guy when I was growing up named Weaver. He learned when he was young not to tell lies -- mostly because he got bad results lying. He couldn't get away with telling lies -- and always got in trouble for doing so. What he found he could do instead was tell the truth in such a way that those listening to him thought he was lying. I call what he did "weavering."

e.g., Did he dissemble? I think he did, because he was concealing the real nature of what he had done or what he thought -- which was exactly what he said -- by giving his listeners the impression that he did or thought something different. Oh, what a tangled web he weavered.

submitted by HD Fowler

weaverized - To weave or twist in such a fashion to suit the weaver.

e.g., The truth was weaverized to the liking of all.

submitted by Tom Weaver

web food stamps - Web-only gift certificates; particularly those sent by Amazon for 15% off on your wishlist.

e.g., I can't buy any books until I can get into my e-mail to use the web food stamps Amazon keeps sending me.

submitted by Tara Shea

web skater - When one tries to surf the web, but realizes she has no idea what she is doing.

e.g., My grandma watched me surf the web today. When she tried it for the first time, she couldn't grasp the concept of a URL. She's definitely a webskater.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

web wand - If some magical force has to intervene to get a large project complete in an insufficient amount of time, the web wand is waved. Poof. The project is done.

e.g., The BKVi marketing team was swamped with so much design work that they had to wave the web wand.

submitted by Lindsay Rinehart - (www)

web-wife - Synonomous with mail-order bride.

e.g., He typed in and had a web-wife in less than three weeks.

submitted by Stephen Mize

webberwok - Noun: Fictional dragon-like monster ala the book "Through the Looking Glass" called Jabberwok.

e.g., I got on-line and immediately found a horrible webberwok confronting me, hypnotizing me into submission.

submitted by Emanuel Galas - (www)

webbescope - An eponym for the James Webb Space Telescope.

e.g., The Webbescope will see further into space than the Hubble Space Telescope that preceded it.

submitted by Fred Carraher - (www)

webbiage - Web + suffix iage, as in verbiage. Excessive use of web tools and design beyond those needed to present a certain content or achieve a certain goal.

e.g., Why do you need all this webbiage? Simplify, simplify!

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

webbiatric - Very elderly internet user, usually who objects to being referred to as a "silver surfer."

e.g., Alice was one of an increasing number of webbiatrics logging on to the home delivery grocery shopping site.

submitted by Rachel Phillips

webbie addict - someone addicted to the internet

e.g., The webbie addict surfed the net for hours every day.

submitted by Sue Clark

webbot - Ordered online. Pronounced "webbit."

e.g., My new blouse? I webbot from Penney's.

submitted by Gussie

webcomicreader's block - Whatever happens whenever anyone usually reads many webcomics at once, then for some reason has reader's block.

e.g., After Stu read so many PVP, he suddenly had WebComicReader's Block.

submitted by SilverCoyote

webfare - Income from a job or a job working online, usually from home.

e.g., John's on webfare now. I'm doing webfare.

submitted by John Horvath - (www)

webfoot - An Oregonian who has mutated to handle the heavy rainfall.

e.g., Webfoots like it when the ballfield is covered with water.

submitted by Steve McDonald

webfuscation - The art of using greater and greater numbers of URLs to reinforce your point on any discussion forum, with the express aim of masking the fact that you have no point at all.

e.g., Posting four consecutive URLs, linking to US trade surplus figures from 1935-1938, during the great artechnica discussion on the ethical standpoint of Bush's war on terrorism was classic webfuscation.

submitted by Andreas The Great

webify - Placing content online. Currently, to state that something needs to be published on the Internet, or an Intranet, multiple words are required. The word "webify" can reduce the number of words required to describe this action.

e.g., Let's webify this project plan. OR Please webify this diagram.

submitted by Phillip Jones

webigrate - To make or integrate existing technology and legacy systems to web interfaces.

e.g., The developers neeeded to webigrate their product with the finance department.

submitted by Vib - (www)

webislature - A complex web application of the future allowing structured formal debate.

e.g., I am tired of BBS flames and the echo chambers of blogs. I want someone to build a webislature so strangers can actually debate and develop ideas.

submitted by Alan McLeod - (www)

webisode - A short and separate part of a serialized web broadcast; which, when viewed together, create the whole story -- similar to chapters or acts in a novel or play.

e.g., Time and Entertainment weekly have hired us to create a nine webisode comedy for their on-line content.

submitted by Eric - (www)

webland - The vast hypertext system known as the World Wide Web and all those those that exist virtually in it. Similar to the term "TV land" -- in both meaning and usage.

e.g., Found an interesting site out in webland that I wanted to mention, but I (sadly) cannot recall its location.

submitted by Jonathan Horak - (www)

weblicate - A complete and exact online duplicate of a book, magazine, or other printed material.

e.g., Several library reference books have free weblicates, including the CIA World Factbook and the Merck Manual.

submitted by Amy

weblication - What you get when you cross software/application development and a Web site.

e.g., My company builds weblications for consumers to use.

submitted by Charlie Campbell - (www)

weblish - The language of abbreviations and terms used on the web, such as 'BTW', 'A/S/L' etc, Other forms include Textish/Txtish for use with mobile phones, noteish/notish when used as abbreviated short hand.

e.g., I can't understand these people, they're all speaking in weblish!

submitted by sctld

webmation - Animation or animated content created for the web or viewed via the web.

e.g., The site displays cutting edge webmation.

submitted by Clark Canavan

webmonkey - Web developers or programmers, the tireless production workers who slave away behind the scenes coding corporate websites. Idea from

e.g., I just got a new job as a webmonkey for Naomi's Widget Barn.

submitted by naomi

webol - Friends. Also webolations.

e.g., I am going to the skating rink with my webol.

submitted by Jar_Jeezy

webonics - Internet slang. See "Weblish."

e.g., I didn't understand half of her e-mail. It was almost entirely in webonics.

submitted by Lester

webscuttle - The action you must take when you find out that someone else has already built the website you were building.

e.g., I had to webscuttle my new pages because this site beat me to it.

submitted by Sebastian Melmoth - (www)

websight - A debilitating disease of the optic nerve that limits sight to the Internet.

e.g., Hindsight and foresight are better than websight.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

websneuper - A dutch-Dialect word for "webserver."

e.g., The websneuper was down the other day.

submitted by Mr.WeaseL

webspin - The sort of flipped over feeling you get when you're on a website (like this one) and accidentally come across your own stuff. Or better … Someone LIKING it.

e.g., I hit the randomerizor button and would you believe it? Man, that sent me into a webspin. (Wow, Dejanym, I'm stunned. Tell me it wasn't coincidence.)

submitted by Daydreamer

webstart - Any interesting website which happens to link to numerous other interesting and worthwhile sites when linking is not its primary function (such as a typical "portal").

e.g., I found to be a great webstart; it links to tons of interesting sites.

submitted by Anne Mathewson - (www)

webtrail - Any line of urls (links) one follows getting from site to site.

e.g., I followed a webtrail yesterday that took me to the gateway musiczone, a terrific site.

submitted by Anne Mathewson - (www)

webucate - To provide with knowledge or training through the Internet.

e.g., This site is designed to webucate beginners in the techniques of rock climbing.

submitted by Wallace White

webucated - Having acquired knowledge or training through the Internet.

e.g., Josh never had much schooling, but he’s a highly webucated person.

submitted by Wallace White

webutante - Someone new to the intricacies and nuances of the worldwide web.

e.g., My wife can't even Google. That's OK, though. She's a webutante.

submitted by jeff

weby - Someone who hangs on the internet 24/7. Webby.

e.g., "Do you know how to find dictionary webpages?" "No, but let's ask Thomas, he's a weby." (More correct, "The Weby.")

submitted by Thomas Skavhellen - (www)

weby - Not matching.

e.g., Your blouse and shoes are weby. The color combination makes my hair hurt. Change one or the other.

submitted by princesess

wed right and brew - Perfect formula for a regular guy's wedding: wipe the suds off your lips, honey.

e.g., At first it was wed right and brew, followed by drink, drank, and drunk.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wedensday - Wednesday. Or perhaps Weddensday: for a pronunciation in which the "d" is pronounced: WED-inz-day. In years gone by I've heard two different Canadian newscasters pronounce Wednesday this way, with the"d." It turns out that some Scots also pronounce the "d," but I don't know how many in Canada may do so.

e.g., "When is my next doctor's appointment? Wedensday?" "No, it's Monday."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

wedg-ucation - The process of learning (usually from first-hand experience) about having had one's pants or underwear pulled up (usually as a prank). The result? Having one's clothing stuck between the buttocks.

e.g., When I was sent to sleep-away camp, little did I know that I would be attending a "school," where the smaller, gentler, weaker, meeker, and "different" were subject to cruel "pranks" at the hands of their "cool" bunk-mates. Thank God that, even though I wasn't a "prankster," I did not receive a "wedg-ucation!"

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

wednesday, having a - Descriptive of the third day of an (typically) annual sporting holiday such as skiing, scuba diving, climbing, etc., when absolutely everything goes wrong and all skills evaporate. The first day is spent remembering how to do it, the second day is spent trying to impress your friends how good you were last year, and the third day is spent recovering from the first two. Unsuccessful holidays are those which do not survive through such a Wednesday.

e.g., Well, I thought I'd try the red run I did last year, but I was having a Wednesday and snowplowed right into a tree.

submitted by Alien Burrito

wee hill - A hill that you go over when you are driving that makes you go wee.

e.g., The wee hill made my stomach go up into my throat.

submitted by Dustin Krause

wee naif - Pronounced "wee nyaf." Scots slang for an impudent child.

e.g., Come back here with my shawl and slippers, you wee naif!

submitted by Adam Leslie

wee tender - An overly sensitive man in need of constant emotional coddling.

e.g., All he ever talks about are his ex-girlfriend and his latest poem about his ex-girlfriend. The man's a wee tender if I've ever seen one.

submitted by Nuklehed

wee wee'd up - When a person or group gets riled up or anxious before a large event. (ED. Used by President Obama, ~August 20, 2009. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs either beat around the bush or fumbled an explanation of what it was intended to mean, but this description should come close. My impression was that there's a connection with bedwetting: i.e., that those who get "wee wee'd up" are bedwetters. My bet is that President Obama's use of "wee wee'd up" to knock those who disagree with his still-unformed health care reform plan is something he'll live to regret. This superfluous comment will be «invisibled» eventually.)

e.g., The kids are all wee wee'd up the week before school starts.

submitted by Matthew Pace

wee-mail - A very short e-mail.

e.g., This will just be a wee-mail, as I'm very busy.

submitted by Niall Mitchell

wee-wip - An anatomical term that describes the space between your nose and top lip.

e.g., That is not a real mustache. You can still see his wee-wip.

submitted by Renee

wee-woe - Feeling attached to NOT be allowed to swim in the Red River, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Wee-woe mean "river" and "disappointed."

e.g., Alas! Wee-woe is me. The Red is brown and stinky today.

submitted by Renee

weeble - To be indecisive about something, since weebles tend to wobble.

e.g., He weebled all day about what to say to his boss in the big meeting.

submitted by Mike

weebo - Used to descibe something that is sarcastically neat.

e.g., "Guess what?" "What?" "My dog harfed up this nasty lookin' fuzz this morning!" "Weebo."

submitted by Nicky Ubben

weebro - Waist-band-rollover: someone's gut or sides rolling over the top of her pants waist-band, causing it to fold over. Commonly comes with a muffin-top.

e.g., I ate so much, I got a weebro.

submitted by miko

weech - a sandwich

submitted by trust

weeco - A word used for a weird and creepy person.

e.g., Chris is acting like a weeco . . . again. I'm very, very tired of him and of seeing her name so many times on PseudoDictionary.

submitted by lewis

weed factor - (also _weed paradox_; n.) the increase in strength, intensity, number, intelligence, cunning, invasiveness, vel cet., resulting from human attack, i.e., weeding, trapping, culling, hunting, and so forth. In practice, our weeding and hunting tends to remove from the gene pool those individuals that we humans do not like, or that stand out, or are weak or sick or foolish. The result, of course, is weeds that grow ever stronger and more pernicious, as they learn to grow in places we can't reach or have root systems we cannot easily get to. Applied to animals, we create mouse traps that ultimately create faster, smarter mice; rat poisons that leave only cautious, more intelligent rats; deer hunts that leave us with the best camouflaged, cleverest, hardest-to-kill dear; bear hunts that give us stronger, smarter, more wily bears. Of course, where the weed factor is not high enough, we get overhunting, endangerment, and extinction. Where it's too high, we get kudzu.

e.g., These germs that don't die when doused in antibiotics are the result of a runaway weed factor.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

weeded - To be in a drunken state. To be drunk.

e.g., I could tell Mildred was getting pretty weeded, so I cut her off after her fifth gin and tonic.

submitted by Paul

weedle - To use up time at other people's expenses.

e.g., Business had to be done, but Gus was weedling around.

submitted by Justin

weedscape - (v.) 1. The appearance and/or composition of an area that has gone to weed; that is, an area that has once been landscaped, but which is now left to its own devices (or, of course, those of the weeds (cf. weed factor)); 2. Generally (and rather less accurately), any area occupied by a thriving colony of weeds; 3. The identification and classification of weed species in a given area; 4. The natural flora of a particular region when one has to either pass through or homestead that same region; 5. The opposite of weeding. Derived forms: weedscaping, weedscaped, weedscaper. [On analogy with "Landscape."]

e.g., "Wow, do you remember when this roundabout had that nifty shrubbery in the middle?" "Yeah, but now ..." "Yes, it has been weedscaped. We should complain."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

weefreaks - The very short kids at the concert.

e.g., Yeah, I had a great view. I was standing behind a bunch of weefreaks.

submitted by girrl88

weegalia - Dress up clothes for toddlers.

e.g., The best part of Halloween is seeing the little ones in their exotic weegalia.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

weegers - Group of losers, jackasses.

e.g., One of those stupid weegers just shot a rubber band at me.

submitted by Kurtis - (www)

weegify - If someone Weegifies a person, or if she is Weegified, she or the person will turn into the internet meme Weegee.

e.g., Help. Weegee just Weegified my friend. What can I do?

submitted by Ethan Williams

weegy - Extremely hideous or ugly in every way and so much so that it makes all who look upon it vomit.

e.g., Didja ever see anyone more weegy than Chris? I thought not.

submitted by Adam

weejee - Something that is fun to squeeze.

e.g., This balloon is weejee.

submitted by Stacey Hickey

weekdaily - Something which comes out every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Usually refers to a publication, but could be used in other ways.

e.g., I love Scott Shaw's weekdaily column on Oddball Comics. I wish it came out on Saturday and Sunday, too.

submitted by Bill Jennings - (www)

weekend warrior - Barbarians from the north that invade South Jersey usually beginning around 4-5:30 P.M. on Friday afternoon, and departing around the same time on Sunday afternoon of the same weekend. They are typified by their loud, obnoxious, and often drunken behavior, and their odd regalia, eg: Hawian style shirts, bug-eyed sunglasses, sandals, large gold chains, boombase cars, etc. Also, they are known to come blazing down the Navesink River in an easterly direction in their high-powered very expensive boats and then crash into the old submerged rock dyke extending nortward from the point of an island where the Shrewsbury River splits off. One must attribute their multiple sinkings to a lack of nautical knowledge relative to coastal waterway Aids To Navigation (buoys). See also: "Bennies."

e.g., Sweet suffering Lord, here come the weekend warriors!

submitted by george Kelly

weekover - (n.) a planning meeting held once a week to inform everyone involved about each such person's schedule, assignments, status, plans, and so forth, so as to make the workweek flow more smoothly.

e.g., "Well, good thing we had the weekover Saturday evening: I would never have known you needed the car; but now I just drop you off and pick you back up on the way home." "Yeah, but what about Andi?" "Andi? What about her?" "She's hunting at Eldridge's. We're supposed to get her, too." "That's 20 miles! And more if they're way back in the forest! Why didn't anyone tell me about it?" "Because she went hunting Saturday morning and wasn't at the weekover." "Oh, well, somebody must've known." "Nope." "We found out she didn't have a ride home only this morning." "Hm. Maybe we should start having dayovers."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

weekstart - In the US, calendars start the week on Sunday, therefore Sunday is the weekstart. Saturday is the weekend. Sometimes the term weekend is used to describe Saturday and Sunday.

e.g., I'll see you at church next weekstart.

submitted by Matthew McLaughlin - (www)

weeman - A man who is small, a dwarf or midget.

e.g., The weeman was dressed impeccably in a classic worsted suit and complementary tie. Small but impeccable.

submitted by Wilz

weemblywombly - Something that is wavy, crooked; not straight.

e.g., I was thinking of buying that car, but one side was weemblywombly.

submitted by Renee

ween - Good looking girl.

e.g., Demi Moore was a ween until she had her facelift. Eeeewww.

submitted by Chrissy Gorman

weenis - Someone who lacks courage; a wuss.

e.g., Tim, quit being a weenis and go talk to her.

submitted by Tim

weenus - The stretchy skin on your elbow when your arm is stretched out straight

e.g., I've been leaning on my desk so much my weenuses have developed calluses.

submitted by charlie - (www)

weeple - Collective term describing all those vertically challenged.

submitted by Jack - (www)

weerie - Combination of "weird" and "eerie." Something that is just too bizarre or coincidental for words.

e.g., You like too? And you're my long lost twin brother? Weerie.

submitted by Renee

weetales - Details that are a story in themselves and, in hindsight, made all the difference in an endeavor's success.

e.g., A good biography exposes the reader to the weetales that all add together to reveal the totality of the one story.

submitted by MrHobbit

weewaw - Crooked, having a definite slant.

e.g., I gotta fix that. I can't have a picture hung so weewaw.

submitted by Christa

weeza - A negative word, to imply something or someone is boring or distastful, mostly to make aware of your distaste for something or someone.

e.g., Oh, no, you look weeza in that dress. It doesn't look good at all. | It was such a weeza day I just stayed at home all day sick.

submitted by Robert Mercado

weeze - To take something from another without permission.

e.g., Claire weezed the last of the bagels.

submitted by Troy Temke

weezer - A person who has asthma or who coughs constantly.

e.g., When Rivers Cuomo grew up with asthma he was nicknamed "Weezer" because of his coughing.

submitted by David Gli.

weezin - To obtain something through abnormal actions; to take without one's permission or knowledge.

e.g., Here's the plan: you distract him, and I'll be weezin on his girlfriend.

submitted by Darin - (www)

weibed - Getting seriously reprimanded, going above the mere trivial.

e.g., I'm seriously late returning to the hospital. Shelby is going to weib me.

submitted by William

weighty - Cool, heavy, etc.

e.g., The tune for our school alma mater is weighty, but the words aren't.

submitted by Vicky

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