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voisterous - Loud. Voiceterous?

e.g., The movie was spoiled for me by a crowd that was too voisterous. That's the last time I'll go to a kids' movie on opening day.

submitted by Sundog

vokuhila - Noun, German. Mullet, bi-level hairstyle. Billy Ray Cyrus, Vo-Vor-Front, Ku-Kurz-Short, Hi-Hinter-Back, La-Lang-Long.

e.g., Check out the Vokuhila on Billy Ray. That is the hairstyle of the gods.

submitted by Katie Anderson

volginterious - Childish.

e.g., Chris is volginterious. He just picks up his toys and goes home--after he hits you while someone is holding you down.

submitted by Seprina

volley-lobbers - A toned-down version of beach volleyball as is expected to de-emphasise rougher aspects in favour of "clean, wholesome fun." (Allusion is to an episode of Rocket Power entitled "Welcome to the Club," where Otto somehow gets a free trial membership to the Ocean Shores Beach Club in spite of his extreme youth.)

e.g., Volley-lobbers . . . not exactly beach volleyball, but you have to live with it.

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed

vollue - To tell someone about their apparent emotional state.

e.g., "You seem to be in a good mood today," she vollued.

submitted by Brendan

volmenutitus - A disease characterized by confusion, irrational panic, and lawlessness. It was first identified at the University of Tennessee. Note: Volmenutitus made its debut in the spring of '06 when an aggressive advertising campaign was underway. There was some confusion about the pronunciation of the word, which was mistaken to be one word rather than two, resulting in some rumor about "volmenÅ­s" and an irrational panic about its being a disease. Anyway, it was later recoined as Volmenutitus, which is recognized by the WHO.

e.g., Don' gimme yo' Volmenutitus.

submitted by The Berkinator

voluminous - A book that glows in the dark.

e.g., A voluminous is handy for reading in bed.

submitted by Bev Handley

volumptuous - Large and sexy woman. Like voluptuous, only more so.

e.g., Manet generally used volumptuous women as models for his paintings. | What a volumptuous vision you are, my dear.

submitted by Anneke

volunchoose - To volunteer the service, aid, or help of other persons on their behalf, and not necessarily with their consent.

e.g., I am volunchoosing you to help Renate with her physics homework.

submitted by Ryft - (www)

voluntold - When someone else volunteers you for something. Its an order disquised as a suggestion.

e.g., Ive been voluntold to shovel the driveway.

submitted by Jen - (www)

volupturess - A voluptuous temptress, a vixen.

e.g., That Anna Nicole Smith is a real volupturess. She'll be rolling in that old guy's money for years.

submitted by dan

volupumious - Voluminous + voluptuous. On the heavy side of voluptuous.

e.g., I don't mind a bit of meat on me bird's bones, but I draw the line at volupumious.

submitted by [Eustace] - (www)

volvo'd - For when a Volvo driver causes you to crash your car or nearly have an accident with her bad driving.

e.g., I've just been Volvo'd today. That bloody Volvo driver cut me off at an intersection nearly collecting my car.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

vomic - Vomiting because you are so disgusted.

e.g., Senior guys dating freshman girls makes me want to vomic.

submitted by katie

vomick - To vomit through the nose (often used by pediatricians).

e.g., The little girl was so sick, she was vomicking.

submitted by Jeff Baker

vomished - The opposite of famished.

e.g., I ate too much. Now I feel vomished.

submitted by The Queen - (www)

vomit comet - "Vomit Comet is a nickname for any fixed-wing aircraft that briefly provides a nearly weightless environment in which to train astronauts, conduct research, and film motion pictures."

e.g., Have you ever ridden a vomit comit? They can be a great ride . . . if you don't upchuck your breakfast.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

vomitious - Of or like vomit; disgusting.

e.g., I was walking the dog in bare feet last night and stepped on a roach so big my foot slid. It was vomitious.

submitted by Brad Gorczyca

vomitismal - Of the way you feel as a new word editor when some fool sends you ten,twelve, fifteen or more new words to consider in a single day.

e.g., Does this Steve Z. have nothing better to do with his time than make me vomitismal with this incessant stream of new verbal tripe?

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

vomitocious - Descriptive of anything distasteful -- anything nauseating.

e.g., Her sense of style was vomitocious.

submitted by Bev Meier

vomitose - In the state of vomiting.

e.g., Jerry's had 14 beers, and now he's vomitose.

submitted by Neil Goodman

vomitov cocktail - A highly noxious combination of substances -- ingested, partially digested, and expelled in a highly forceful manner.

e.g., Quoted verbatim from some guy in the pub: "So after we went to this bloody Mexican restaurant we went to the local bar. I had three tequila shots, four or five beers, and then half a bottle of Irish Cream at a mate's house afterwards. I get home and me girlfriend cops a Vomitov Cocktail in the face."

submitted by Ochre Orientis - (www)

vomitraumatic - Something that is very traumatic, to the point that it may cause you to vomit.

e.g., _Hannibal_ was a very vomitraumatic movie for me.

submitted by amber

vomitrocious - Atrocious enough to induce vomiting.

e.g., On "Six Feet Under," Brenda refers to her parents' vow renewal ceremony as "vomitrocious."

submitted by Robert

vomituous - The feeling of sickness, or wanting to throw up.

e.g., This sea cruise is making me vomituous.

submitted by Joshua Munro

von trapp - When you break out into song in a public place. From The Sound of Music.

e.g., Doug pulled a von trapp in Burger King, causing the customers to cover their ears.

submitted by reese danger epstein

von trapp family - A large number of something, usually children.

e.g., Did you see that? They had a Von Trapp family of kids in that car.

submitted by Renfield

vonbilderauss - Attitude. Charisma. The ability to "own the room" upon entering. From the movie Barfly where Faye Dunaway's character describes Mickey O'Rourke's character as having "'vonbilderauss."

e.g., When I saw that dude walk into the bar, I thought, "Vonbilderauss. Gotta meet him." (ED. Who would have thought a three-year-old could exhibit such vonbilderauss? One of life's favorite moments for me was Andy walking into Casa Bonita for his birthday party. What a strut he had.)

submitted by Paul

vonic - Vodka & tonic.

e.g., Ned: I think you've had enough to drink. Chris: Gaaah. Vonic.

submitted by wnpxnff

vont - Advancing by vaulting qualitatively over obstacles or competitors. Vault to the top, catapult, leapfrog -- to an exponentially better qualitative result. A large jump facilitated through progressive qualitative increments or continual improvement. A term originally used in sports (from "vault") that literally means a qualitative jump to the top or "way over the top" or "suddenly the first postion."

e.g., The company still believes the chip is a vont in integration and design and will pay huge dividends.

submitted by Mark Beale - (www)

voobigs - A contagious disease which disintegrates only arms and legs leaving the torso.

e.g., I'm sorry miss, but Ii couldn't do my homework because of a case of voobigs.

submitted by Jon

voodoo beef - Beef used to torment the souls of dead cows.

e.g., Random hick: I reckon that gave farmer Joe a big scare. Hick's mother: Didn't I tell you to stop poking the voodoo beef?

submitted by Adam Dachis - (www)

voody - Extremely hyper or wound up, usually provoked by (and subsequently focused on) an object or entity inspiring intense emotion, but sometimes without provocation or focus and simply to release pent-up energy. Cuteness and smallness are common triggers.

e.g., Babies make me voody. I want to pinch their cheeks.

submitted by Dorie

vorchyphero - (Adjective): Vor-sif-er-o. A description of a fart that neither makes a noise nor smells.

e.g., Bob was lucky on his first date as he passed only vorchyphero and got away with it.

submitted by A.J. Hunter - (www)

vordee hats - Things that guys wish they were wearing when they were having a "Happy Birthday." (PS — It's felt hat with flashing lights on it.)

e.g., Veijfer, catching sight of Jodekka's lovely Spral's-dress was filled with custard (or joy) and simply couldn't help but wish he hadn't lost his previous vordee hat — Jodekka had something more abstiferous in mind.

submitted by Josip Klankestyne

vore - Rhymes with "snore." To eat. Taken from the words omnivore, herbivore, carnivore.

e.g., I'm starved. You got anything to vore?

submitted by The Puffin

vorpal - Vorpal sword, bunny, etc. Originally a made-up word used in the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll to describe a sword that decapitates in one swing (and goes: snicker-snack). Now used extensively in Dungeons & Dragons for a weapon that decapitates on a roll of "natural 20" on a 20-sided polyhedral die. Also used to describe the bunny rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

e.g., PC: OK, I attack with my Vorpal club +4 ... Cool, natural 20. DM: You take his head cleeeeean off.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

vortext - When you think you are entering text into a field that's not selected; typing text into an non-existent space.

e.g., Thought I entered the URL, but it was vortext.

submitted by geith - (www)

vote for - Choose, prefer, would rather. My grandfather when presented with a choice of alternative things to do or have, would sometimes say "I vote for (this thing, or that thing)."

e.g., If it's between going to, meeting, or riding over to my brother's place, I vote for seeing my brother.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

vote maybe - At last, a new choice whose time may have come (and gone), gone missing. Now instead of voting yes or no, you can express your indecision or lack of real commitment to any of the choices: your guess is as good as mine, more or less.

e.g., With a vote of maybe, half your vote goes to yes, the other half goes to no. Really. And all your half-votes are tallied along with all the whole votes. This could result in more interesting elections.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

voter-freud - When political pundits attempt to use polling data to "psychoanalyze" the electorate, with varying degrees of success. The use of polling data, as if it were a crystal ball, to predict election results, is more art than science.

e.g., "At last, the presidential election is here. Thank God we'll be experiencing much less voter-Freud." "'Much less"? Won't it all go away today?" "Are you kidding? The political pundits need something to argue about. Polls show the President's popularity is at an all time low."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

voteworking - Using social networking to reach a political constituency.

e.g., The candidate had no new ideas but hoped to gain votes through voteworking on Facebook and MySpace.

submitted by Jay Gonzales

vowel movement - You become so rattled that you can't speak properly, spewing mostly only consonants.

e.g., She was so beautiful I tried to speak to her but instead I had a vowel movement.

submitted by Kim Gordon - (www)

vowelhella - Mythical residence of Scrabble players who have only vowels in their rack. Based on Valhalla, the Norse Hall of the Slain.

e.g., AAAIIEO? Damn, I am in Vowelhella again.

submitted by Jim Edgar - (www)

vox peep - Slang for "vox populi," or "voice of the people."

e.g., Tim: Two-thirds of the picnic steering commitee voted for barbecued chicken over hot dogs and hamburgers, so BBQ chicken it is. Betsy: Vox peep.

submitted by Paul

voxel - Out of fashion.

e.g., You're glasses are so voxel they're saying, "I met you in 1989."

submitted by angaragbhuyan

vpl - Visible Panty Line. (ED. Variation: VTL, for Visible Tanga | Thong Line, for varieties of lower body underwear still being checked out.)

e.g., Hey, check out the VPL on her.

submitted by tim dunk

vplhb - Visible Panty Line with Hungry Bum.

e.g., Never, never, never wear too tight pants over darker-coloured undies or you may end up with VPLHB.

submitted by Sharyn K

vpun - Virtual Private Unwanted Network. What happens when a person or company wants to keep information from the internet. Many people collect and trade the information, as it is perceived as valuable, whether or not it has any actual value.

e.g., Gerry tried to commit virtual suicide, but he didn't count on the VPUN keeping him alive.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

vug - To take something entirely promising and make a mess out of it. Currently becoming popular amongst gamers. Comes from the gross mismanagement of a certain game publisher's inability to support anything they do, yet insist on buying out every developer they can get their hooks into.

e.g., The Tribe's franchise has been so badly vugged up that no one will ever touch the property again.

submitted by BitRaiser

vuja de - That weird feeling that you don't EVER want to be in this place again.

e.g., "When the cops busted the party and took us all downtown, I went through some serious vuja de!"

submitted by Charlie

vuja de - The feeling that you are doing (or seeing or hearing) something familiar for the first time (again).

e.g., My kids saw Star Wars for the first time last night. Watching with them gave me an amazing sense of vuja de.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

vulcanize - To reduce something to meaninglessness by over-analysis and logical argumentation. From the native planet of the too-logical Mr. Spock on Star Trek.

e.g., If we continue this debate any longer it will vulcanize the subject.

submitted by Joel Parker

vulcanize - A very well-known existing word--of mild interest, if only in contrast with the more recent definition added here. To vulcanize something is to put it through the process of vulcanization, whereby a material (usually rubber) is made more useful by adding sulphur or a similar substance under heat or pressure. It's also the name of a little Perl program which converts LaTeX files to HTML.

e.g., Charles Goodyear was the first person to discover how to vulcanize rubber, and used it to make more resilient shoe soles, amongst other things.

submitted by Drew T.

vulgarian - 1. A person who resides in Vulgaria, a region of south-central Indiana. 2. To display rude or vulgar behavior.

e.g., I'm really getting sick and tired of your Vulgarian attitude.

submitted by Zeeterman - (www)

vulgocity - The violently rapid speed in which the vulgarity of a situation reaches its climax.

e.g., He spewed those words with such vulgocity, the natural reaction of the crowd was to gasp in horror.

submitted by Jon Daillak

vulgocracy - Rule of or by the base, common, and uneducated.

e.g., Before social media, persons of means or wit rose to the top. Now the rabble of the vulgocracy rampage thither and yon on social media.

submitted by Mr. Noah Tall - (www)

vulmon - A person waiting for another to die so that he can get to the money or property; a vulture of money; a money-vulture. ORIGIN of WORD: Combination of parts of the words vulture, and money.

e.g., I must be dying, because the vulmons are gathering and already fighting over who gets my money and stuff.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

vultch - That which a vulture does. To loiter around impatiently expecting something.

e.g., Quit vultching, I'll be through in a minute.

submitted by Evan

vunrable - When one could not be bothered to pronounce the word "vulnerable."

e.g., That cow's vunrable with no weapons to protect herself from the wolves. Give her a bow and arrow.

submitted by Hughie

vurp - Vomit-burp, that special burp accompanied by a meal or last night's beverages.

e.g., I had Mexican for lunch which means I can expect to vurp anytime now.

submitted by jc3

vurp - A vomit burp combination. When one burps and experiences the sensation of a very very mild acid reflux or regurgitation of food into the back of the throat.

e.g., While walking towards the car after dinner I vurped.

submitted by Paul Taillefer

vus - Very Unsafe Sedan.

e.g., I'm the only one in the neigborhood that still owns a VUS. SUVs are everywhere.

submitted by herman tempelman

vvb - Very, Very Back. The cargo area of a station wagon.

e.g., Car's full. Looks like you're going to have to ride with the dogs in the VVB.

submitted by Theron Warlick

vvvt - Unit of measurement equal to the amount of space remaining when the tips of your thumb and index finger are as close to each other without actually touching.

e.g., That dart missed the bulls-eye by a "vvvt".

submitted by Phil Safkow

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