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upstoors - Directly above you. Combination of next-door and upstairs.

e.g., The guy that lives upstoors dances with Dr. Martens on.

submitted by Adam

upta, upter - Bad, no good.

e.g., "How you doing?" "Upta."

submitted by Joyce D

uptil - up until

e.g., from 1902 uptil the beginning of WWII

submitted by Sabrina

ur - The lazy Internet freak's way of writing the word "you're." This word is as annoying as its brothers "thx" and "plz." Used by teenage girls who think it looks cutesy and cool. (See "hawt" and "seckzi.")

e.g., ur liek so hawt and seckzi, omg! LOL!

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

ur - Prefix meaning earliest, first, original, prototypical. From the biblical city of Ur, whence came Abraham.

e.g., ENIAC was groundbraking, but Babbage's analytic engine is still the ur-computer.

submitted by al - (www)

urada - (oo-RAH-da, n.) 1. a person killed by a robot. 2. the victim of a violent robot attack (usually, although not necessarily, fatal). (v., sometimes "uradicide" oo-RAH-di-side) 3. to kill by means of [a] robot[s]. 4. to practice uradaree (q.v.). [After Kenji Urada, 37-year-old maintenance worker at a Kawasaki factory in Japan, usually considered "the first person to be killed by a robot."]

e.g., "So, Lieutenant, what have we got here?" "It's an uradicide, Captain: no prints, surgical precision -- just like the others." "But what's an urada doing here outside the Bot Zone?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

uradaree - (oo-RAH-dah-ree; n.) 1. the practice of killing (especially of killing people) by means of [a] robot[s]; 2. a particular case of killing by means of [a] robot[s]. [after Kenji Urada, often called "the first human to be killed by a robot" (at a Kawasaki plant back in 1981), although the claim is sometimes disputed by those who champion Robert Williams (d. 1979), although why anyone would want to fight for the title of "first one killed by a robot" is beyond me.]

e.g., "You know, the Terminator and the Phantom Menace seem to be little more than two or three hours of uradaree." "Perhaps, but if you watched the bombing footage from the Gulf Wars, you'd know that most everything these days is little more than uradaree." "Scary thought." "Mm."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

uranomania - "The delusion that one is of heavenly descent." From The Grandiloquent Dictionary. The Big Dictionary defines the word this way: "Religious mania with exaltation." From The Phronistery: "obsession with the idea of divinity." Ouranophobia or uranophobia is the fear of heaven.

e.g., Are many of us uromaniacs -- or Euromaniacs for that matter?

submitted by HD Fowler

uranus (yuh ran us) - Here is a proposed pronunciation for the planet which is more neutral and 'inoffensive' than other pronunciations, perhaps. (Yuh RAIN us sounds too much like "your ANUS," while YUR uh niss sounds a lot like "urinous," "resembling urine." What a coincidence.)

Yuh RAN us is bold and fresh and new, and just what we need, another alternative pronunciation to a familiar word.

e.g., They discovered at the planetarium that young people responded best to the pronunciation yuh RAN us for Uranus, over your ANUS or urinous. Comedians seemed to prefer your anus. {ED. Clever enough that I'll let it slide, comedian. Incidentally, this is your 799th entry. Thanks for your loyalty.}

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

urb - A nonfix used in many words.

e.g., At the time of this pseudo-submittal, "urb" is a nonfix in 197 words of the pseudodictionary.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

urballution - Pollution created by urbanisation, mainly because of overpopulation and the resultant improper disposal of human and household waste.

e.g., At Cochin, people are suffering from the ill effects of urballution.

submitted by B. Sudhir

urban assault vehicle - UAV. SUVs driven by people who don't go camping.

e.g., Chris bought the biggest urban assault vehicle he could almost afford.

submitted by ak - (www)

urban dictionary - A website similar to pseudodictionary, except that the pseudodictonary is a lot cleaner, because pd is PG-rated compared to the X-rated language of some of Urban Dictionary's definitions. (ED. PD and UD aim for different audiences. Each has its uses.)

e.g., Sometimes, I wonder if Urban Dictionary and Pseudodictionary are competing, even though the virtual thickness of Urban Dictionary would probably reach the top of your local library compared to Pseudodictionary, which is a little bit smaller than a regular dictionary. (ED. Bringing up that eternal question: Does size matter?)

submitted by star651

urban fourbying - Criminally driving your 4X4 through people's lawns and gardens, trashing them.

e.g., We went urban fourbying, and the cops caught us with a mailbox stuck in the bush bumper.

submitted by DJ Baker

urban inching - Moving alphabetically through Urban Dictionary, a slang site. Pseudo-inching applies to this site.

e.g., I was urban inching for so long, I got sick.

submitted by star651 - (www)

urban myrth - Apocrypha that is just laughable.

e.g., The stories of Hattie's untimely demise were apocryphal to the point of being urban myrth.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

urban oddity - A person or thing living or found downtown that looks strangely out of place, as if it belonged in the country. A hayseed.

e.g., Janna's an urban oddity. She wears calico dresses, prefers to walk rather than take a car, and shops only at weekend farmers' markets.

submitted by natalie63

urban outdoorsman - A less pejorative term for the homeless.

e.g., In the three blocks between the parking garage and the restaurant, I was approached by three urban outdoorsmen cadging change.

submitted by Steve - (www)

urban youth - PC for African-American youth. Earlier term might have been "black kid from the city" or "black kid from the ghetto."

e.g., Urban youth 1: See you later. Urban youth 2: 5000.

submitted by HD Fowler

urban-tumbleweed - The various bits of trash that blow by you in the city on a windy day.

e.g., You should’ve seen all the urban-tumbleweeds in the storm yesterday.

submitted by ThyPentacle - (www)

urbandectomy - Removing words from www.urbandictionary,com.

e.g., Did you notice that they now perform urbandectomies at Good idea for removing some of the unfortunate entries.

submitted by HD Fowler

urbane guerrilla - Guerrilla who uses wit to overcome opposition.

e.g., Fifteen urbane guerrillas stormed Parliament and overcame the chamber using superior wordpower and overwhelming debating skills.

submitted by Jason Smith

urbanomically correct - For someone who is wearing an urban style of clothing from head to toe. To be correct, all articles of clothing must have an urban flair.

e.g., Chris is wearing white Reeboks with his Fubu jacket. Isn't that urbanomically incorrect?

submitted by vincent - (www)

urbanonymity - The strange feeling of anonymity that results from living in a large, densely populated city.

e.g., Urbanonymity makes people do things in public that they would never think of doing in a small town, such as dressing in drag.

submitted by Stephen Mize

urbany - (ER-buh-nee; adj.) 1. of or pertaining to cities; 2. city-like or having the appearance or feel of a city; 3. similar to or evoking the skill set of someone who lives or has lived in a city, i.e., "street smart"; 4. cocky and condescending toward those unfamiliar with city life; 5. (disparaging) unable to function outside of a city, i.e., an "urban bumpkin."

e.g., Disney's "Oliver," an adaptation of Dickens' "Oliver Twist," presents Oliver as a lone cat befriended by a gang of urbany dogs. | "Ooooh, I hate that urbany sneer on his face when he says there's nothing to do here." "Yeah, well, check out his urbany agoraphobia: without skyscrapers around him, he can hardly function."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

urbonics - That certain group of words and wording associated with the individual dialect of every city or region of cities.

e.g., Detroit urbonics dictate you're going to the "laundromat" or "launderette" to wash your clothes, whereas in Shreveport it's the "washateria." In Boston or New York or Pittsburgh you're likely to hear, "yous guys,"; on the other hand, Nwollins Looziana urbonics might include "fellas" "boudreaux," or "brothas."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

urbytale - (ER-bee-tail, n.) 1. an urban legend [on analogy with "fairytale"].

e.g., The story of the hook-handed killer and the hitchhiking ghost are very popular urbytales.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

urched - The state of being so far behind that yesterday is actually tomorrow.

e.g., I'd love to attend your function, but I'm currently urched.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

urglyburglies - That feeling in your stomach when you don't know if you're anxious or hungry or what.

e.g., Leave me alone. I've got a bad case of the urglyburglies.

submitted by Delisa Sexton

uri geller - To needlessly damage or destroy useful household objects, ostensibly with the mind.

e.g., Hey, who Uri Gellered my watch?

submitted by Adam Leslie

uriel - Uriel is the canonical Archangel of Purity in Judeo-Christian myth, and was recalled to the Higher Heavens following the Crusades, which took place under his orders. A Urielite would be someone who sees herself as a crusader, with moralistic overtones.

e.g., Damn Urielites and their NO SMOKING signs. | Whoa, whoa, he said it was an honest mistake, don't go all Uriel on him.

submitted by Felix

urinal cakes - An all-purpose expletive.

e.g., Urinal cakes, I'm late with my child support.

submitted by dan

urination waltz - Older folk frequently get the urge to urinate and motion with a dance helps.

e.g., Pardon me dear. The urge is here again.

submitted by Frank Mandriota

urindi - A fusion of the Urdu-Hindi language.

e.g., One could say that (s)he speaks Urindi instead of Urdu or Hindi. Urindi is more appropriate as both Urdu and Hindi are virtually indistinguishable when spoken. Additionally, the term Urindi is more secular as it would not only remove the religious implication of Urdu (Muslims) and Hindi (Hindus) languages but also unite many Indian Muslims and Hindus especially when they have a shared culture and heritage. The word Urindi bears the potential to deliver what the Indian politicians have failed to do over the past century or so.

submitted by Amjad Farooq - (www)

urine - Redneck talk, used in a statement declaring the predicament of another.

e.g., The nearest rest stop is 1500 miles away, so if you have to go potty, urine trouble.

submitted by Chris - (www)

urjokinarntya - Said by someone who doesn't believe what you're saying.

e.g., Urjokinarntya? Did you really buy that car?

submitted by Stephen

urlless - Not having a URL.

e.g., I do not have a URL. Yes, I am urlless.

submitted by timothy roy sanderson - (www)

urnal - A big electric pot for making coffee.

e.g., Go over to the urnal and get me a cup of coffee.

submitted by Val

urocentric - Being obsessed with one's bladder.

e.g., She was urocentric and so had a piss-poor view of the world!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

urographist - Michael Quinion's readers have suggested that this existing word should refer to a person who writes on lavatory walls. Others suggested it be used for what I shall refer to as a snow writer.

e.g., Don't eat the yellow snow. I think maybe a urographist came by earlier.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

urpie - The body's gag reflex that is more than a hiccup but less than vomiting.

e.g., When I noticed that Chris had a slug in his mouth, I felt an urpie coming on.

submitted by kelly r

urpy - Nauseated -- feeling sick or under the weather.

e.g., I ate liver with whipped cream, so I'm feeling a little urpy.

submitted by Stephanie

ursulus - (ER-suh-lus (rhymes with FUR-the-bus), aka the "Baby Bear Zone"; n.) The "habitable zone" around a star; that is, an area far enough from a star for a planet to have liquid water and a gaseous atmosphere, but not so far out that the water freezes and the gases solidify---the ideal zone (i.e., "just right") for the presence of life. (Often called the "Goldilocks Zone.")  
[From Ursus, Latin for "Bear" + suffix -ulus "small."]  
The term is taken from the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, in which Goldilocks, a self-serving interloper, surreptitiously enters the bears' house, unlawfully samples the bears' food and furnishings, finding only Baby Bear's "just right." In so doing, Goldilocks destroys Baby Bear's chair and devours Baby Bear's porridge, topping off her delinquent escapade by falling asleep in Baby Bear's bed. It is to be noted that the "just right-ness" is Baby Bear's, not Goldilocks's. Why should we employ such a bad example as a label for a potentially living planet? I prefer to call the life-zone the "Baby Bear zone."

e.g., The recently discovered planet, Kepler 452b, sits right in the ursulus of its star, Kepler 452.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ursum equo - (ER-sum-EK-wo; n.) 1. A dangling or misplaced modifier, especially when the mistake results in a funny phrase or sentence. (adj.) 2. of or pertaining to a dangling or misplaced modifier. [from the Latin "a bear from [my] horse," part of the line "Yesterday, I shot a bear from my horse. I have no idea why he was on my horse." Sort of an homage to Groucho Marx's line that he had "shot an elephant in his pajamas," but had no idea how it had gotten into his pajamas.]

e.g., "Look at these grades. And I don't even understand the introduction to this dissertation of his. It's like the guy has a brain bigger than Albert Einstein!" "You mean, of course, 'bigger than Albert Einstein's BRAIN,' right?" "Oh, yes, of course: Einstein could never fit into someone's head -- just his brain. . . . Wait."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

urusai - The Japanese word for "shut up."

e.g., Kid Brother: This is the song that doesn't end. Yes, it goes on and on my friend. (Big Sister crushing can and turns red.) Kid Brother: ... started singing it not knowing what is was.... (Big Sister snaps.) Big Sister: URUSAI!

submitted by JC

usan - (n.) 1. a person from the United States of America; (adj.) 2. of or pertaining to the United States of America. (from U.S.A., this is a 'translation' of the Spanish _Estadounidense_ 'United-Statesian'.)

e.g., The Usan flag is red and white striped with a blue canton in chief full of 50 stars. | "And where are you from, m'lad?" "Chicago." "Ah! and Usan."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

use and abuse - This is when you go out with someone, to get something out of them -- money, information, etc. Once this much wanted thing is obtained the someone is then abused by being dumped and never talked to again.

e.g., Kerem: Hey, Sam, you still going out with Lizzie? Sam: Nuh mate, I used and abused her.

submitted by Sammmy

use ta could - Once was able to. Southern slang.

e.g., I use ta could dance a little bit, but not anymore. I have trouble enough walking.

submitted by HD Fowler

useful idiot - "Someone whose activity provides aid and comfort to the enemy.: The term has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin -- but Lenin never said it. See They Never Said It: a Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions, authored by Paul F. Boller Jr. and John George, published by Oxford University Press in 1989. The Wikipedia entry at useful idiot notes that Library of Congress senior reference librarian Grant Harris in 1987 said, "We have not been able to identify this phrase among [Lenin's] published works." Wikipedia defines the term this way: "term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause."


The first paragraph of the description comes from a 2004 essay by Loren Bliss, the best short commentary I've ever read about useful idiots: "Truth and Lies: John Kerry as a Useful Idiot." Bliss was discharged from the Army in 1965. He became a Vietnam War protester five years later, in 1970. In his last two paragraphs, Bliss wrote

"It is one thing to protest a war, quite another to officially denounce your nation as a genocidal tyranny. I did not equate American soldiers with the murderous savages who obeyed a homicidal overlord named Genghis Kahn. I did not repeat the malicious John Kerry/Hanoi Jane Fonda slander that our soldiers in Vietnam were committing 'war crimes on a day-to-day basis.' I did not thereby help lay the groundwork for all the subsequent denunciations of 'Amerika' as the new Nazi Germany -- embodiment of all earthly evil.

"But John Kerry did all these things, which as far as I am concerned invalidates his war record as surely as if a court-martial had convicted him of the 'useful idiocy' of treason. John Kerry's 1971 Congressional calumnies gave aid and comfort to the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese enemies and thus betrayed U.S. soldiers still in the midst of battle, and just as other falsehoods have acquired the aura of truth, so did John Kerry's lies became one of the cornerstones of a Greater Lie that has given aid and comfort to all the enemies of America ever since. And I do not believe -- especially now that Islam has renewed its 1300-year war against civilization -- we dare allow such a 'useful idiot' to occupy the White House."

| I can confirm that I didn't vote for useful idiot John Kerry in the 2004 election.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

useful idiots - To be a useful idiot is to see what you want to see and refuse to believe your lying eyes. |  
"Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin reportedly considered Communist sympathizers in the West 'useful idiots.' Today the term is used to describe naive people who are 'perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.'" |  
BBC World Service | Documentaries | "Useful Idiots": "Useful idiots, in a broader sense, refers to Western journalists, travellers and intellectuals who gave their blessing -– often with evangelistic fervour -– to tyrannies and tyrants, thereby convincing politicians and public that utopias rather than Belsens thrived. . . . 'I was taken around and shown things as a useful idiot . . . that's what my role was. I can't understand why I was so gullible.' . . . How can intellectual curiosity transform into active promotion of a dangerous lie? Why so many 'useful idiots'?" |  
Paul Roebling | "Why Are Liberals Called Useful Idiots?" "'Useful Idiots' is a pejorative term that was used by the Soviets to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries and in the United States in particular. It is thought that the Soviet leader Lenin was the first to use the term and it was used by the Soviets for many years to ridicule misguided Americans who were willing to take the Soviet/Marxist side against their own country. Some say that today the term 'useful idiots' can be used to describe those who support a malignant cause which they naïvely believe to be a force for good. This is an attempt on the part of liberals to deflect the label of 'useful idiots' from themselves. Thus we have hippie/Marxist liberals saying that the term 'useful idiots' was used by the Soviets to refer to American capitalists and not the hippie/Marxist liberal supporters of communism. Well, American liberals operate under the rules provided by the Marxist Saul Alinsky, who said that any means were justified to bring about Marxism in the United States. So, if the hippie/Marxist liberals say that capitalists were the 'useful idiots' to which the Soviets referred, then this lie is justified, and the more often the lie is repeated, the greater the number of weak-minded and uninformed individuals that will believe the lie." |  
There's more than a little doubt that Lenin ever used the term, the following perhaps being as close as he came: "Nowhere has the Versailles Treaty been analyzed so well as in the book by Keynes, a British representative at Versailles. In his book Keynes ridicules Wilson and the part he played in the Treaty of Versailles. Here, Wilson proved to be an utter simpleton, whom Clemenceau and Lloyd George twisted round their little fingers." |  
William Safire | On Language | April 12, 1987: "Here is what Mr. Annenkov claims he copied from notes in Lenin's handwriting, italics in the original: 'To speak the truth is a petit-bourgeois habit. To lie, on the contrary, is often justified by the lie's aim. The whole world's capitalists and their governments, as they pant to win the Soviet market, will close their eyes to the above-mentioned reality and will thus transform themselves into men who are deaf, dumb and blind. They will give us credits . . . they will toil to prepare their own suicide.'  
"Look, I know it's a little farfetched. I would be a lot happier with a photocopy of the original Lenin notes, but such proof is not readily available, and no explosion of glasnost in Moscow is going to allow Western scholars on-site inspection of all of Lenin's notes. However, this gives us one clue about the source of the 'sell us the rope' attribution, and the 'deaf, dumb, and blind' phrase may be one of the phrases that helped start the 'useful idiots,' whether or not originally by Lenin. This investigation needs more work, and we can hope it will be put on the agenda of the next summit."

e.g., Twitchy headline: "Bill Richardson and Eric Schmidt visit North Korea; Sen. John McCain calls them 'useful idiots.'" |  
"The Mental Illness Of Useful Idiots": "So there you have it: 'The common interest before self-interest.' That is the spirit of Hitler's program.  
"Doesn't this sound like the high moral ground that international socialists continue to claim? It's the morality of collectivism that unites world's useful idiots -- the lazy, the helpless, and the useless -- against the smart, the productive, the self-sustaining. This morality doesn't have to be rational, just, or sustainable -- as long as it warms your heart with feel-good notions and boosts your adrenaline, turning you into a self-righteous zealot convinced that the end justifies the means." |  
Hernando Today: "Vladimir Lenin is reputed to have coined the phrase 'useful idiots' to describe those in the West who acted as apologists for the political brutality and economic failure of Soviet Communism. The phrase kept coming to mind as I watched the so-called 'occupiers' marching in various cities across the country." |  
Mark Alexander | "Populist Socialism on the Rise": "The intellectually challenged Occupy morons have built their movement around the errant assertion that if the assets of the 1 Percent were redistributed, everyone would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, what the 35 Percenters really want is 'redistributive justice,' Obama's euphemism for socialism, which would actually require the redistribution of income from the other 65 percent of American families who live on earned income, so that everyone could be equally impoverished.  
"However, there's a problem with liquidating the assets of the 1 Percent (comprised of more celebs and pro athletes than Wall Street bankers), or even the top 25 percent of income earners: Most of their assets are on paper, and the rest of that 'wealth' is in the form of small businesses and real property that support the jobs of tens of millions of Americans who, unlike the Occupy crowd, actually work for a living -- and take pride in their occupations." |  
Islam's Useful Idiots: "This new generation of useful idiots also live in liberal democracies, but serve the cause of Islamofascism -- another virulent form of totalitarian ideology." |  
Doug Patton | Tuesday, October 18, 2011: "Vladimir Lenin is reputed to have coined the phrase 'useful idiots' to describe those in the West who acted as apologists for the political brutality and economic failure of Soviet Communism. The phrase kept coming to mind as I watched the so-called 'occupiers' marching in various cities across the country.  
"Direct references to Lenin’s use of the term are scarce, the most authoritative being lawyer, newspaperman, and author Ernest Cuneo, who wrote in 1969 that Lenin, in his farewell to his followers, said: 'Take your example from the good housewife who finds use for even a broken shoestring. A good Communist finds use for everything, and nothing is more useful than a useful idiot.'  
"Cueno went on to opine: 'The number of useful idiots who have unwittingly served the Communist cause since then speaks well for the diligence of Lenin’s disciples.'" |  
Metapedia: "Useful idiots are usually afraid to think for themselves or question anything outside of the line parroted in the controlled media.  
"The phrase was first used by Jewish mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. His useful idiots were going to help him conquer the world, but illness and death caught up with him first. In the event Joseph Stalin carried on where he left off. Uncle Joe was not an idiot but he was very effective as a mass murderer.  
"There are people and sources who claim that Lenin did not originate the expression. The Wikipedia is one such. However Wikiquote gives a series of Lenin quotes which tell us of an unrelenting savagery which makes it seem entirely likely." | "Useful idiots is a name that no group of people would like to be called. It is however, what most Americans are relied upon to be by the powers that be. When the voting segment of our country fails to vote to stay free and instead allows itself to fall for the same old word games and mind manipulation, they sadly earn the title of useful idiots. In contemporary America, too many Americans are naive about their political "system" and its politicians. Therefore, we are as a people, where we are, because we allow it. You see, America is a land of plenty, plenty of food, plenty of money, plenty of gods, plenty of corrupt politicians and alas, plenty of useful idiots that repetively vote for them.  
"America is also a land of plenty of mindless indifference towards the useful idiots and where their misguided votes are taking all of us. If this was of no consequence to the rest of America we could laugh at the idiocy; however, much in every way, we are impacted. Therefore, this site was created to identify the idiocy, explain it and seek to end it. We hope we can awaken some people to their errant ways by challenging them to see how arrogant politicians exploit their inadvertent "idiocy" and as a result, motivate them to reject the idiot's role once and for all.  
"We have observed that the conversion of the public consensus from dependency on God, self and family to dependency upon socialism is accomplished through incrementally rearranging how Americans view themselves and their place in the world. This systematic approach succeeds as long as it is done step by step via skillful propaganda in conjunction with an effectual dumbing down of the American people; these changes are accepted when done slowly.  
"While we are not necessarily conspiracy adherents, we can't help but see obvious patterns emerging to some of our government's focus and draw logical conclusions. Toward that end, our main purpose is to reveal the motive and process of these changes and to cause the alarm and healthy rational fear and skepticism needed to stop the socialism and the corrosive thinking behind it before it ruins our country."

submitted by HD Fowler

useless factory - Someone who is full of useless facts and will try to divulge them by any means necessary.

e.g., The guy sitting over there, while he may seem quiet, is just a useless factory.

submitted by Evan

uselessability - The exact opposite of usability, often used when discussing the usability, or extreme lack of, usability in the interfaces to computer systems, web-services, etc.

e.g., The uselessability of this interface is simply unbelievable.

submitted by Robin Nilsson - (www)

user friendly - Used to describe a person who is "easy," or slutty.

e.g., I'm guaranteed to get some tonight, because that girl looks very user friendly.

submitted by reen - (www)

user friendly earth - An ideal sought by some.

e.g., In the not too distant future we must aim for a User Friendly, Not For Profit, Earth. This is a worthy goal, where nothing will depend on price or cost or affordability. If it's needed, it will be provided; in a world of plenty all will be made available to all, just ax and you will get it chop chop, your cooperation is essential to the success of this great endeavor which shall not fail.| A few of the Ministries in User Friendly Earth will be Ministry of Wisdom, Ministry of Provision, Ministry of Enhancement, and Ministry of Science.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

user loving - "User Friendly" is software that is simple to use. "User Loving" applies to anything that the you love to use!

e.g., In order to compete in the on-line gaming industry, you must have software that is better than "User Friendly, it really has to be "User Loving!"

submitted by Tom Day - (www)

userglish - Technical directions must be translated into this language so that it is understandable by the average government worker.

e.g., "Theories of particle interactions hypothesizing the existence of additional spatial dimensions suggest that the strength of gravity will depart from Newton's famous inverse-square formulation." Translated into Userglish: "Your password must include a number with alpha characters."

submitted by DSW

usetacould - Past tense, to have been able to. Taken from Jeff Foxworthy's material.

e.g., Jeff: "Hey, Jim, can you dance?" Jim: "Usetacould."

submitted by Thomas Smith

usetakood - Indication of a former ability.

e.g., I can't tap dance any more, but I usetakood.

submitted by carrie day

ush - (v.) to lead or direct people through a building, tour, event, or whatever. (It's a back-formation from "usher.")

e.g., "Man! I about got lost in there: aircraft carriers are HUGE!" "Didn't somebody ush you through it?" "Well, yeah, but he went too fast and I kinda got left behind."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

usonian - U.S. resident, to avoid mix up with all the other people living in North America and South America. (ED. Given that the United States of America is the only country in the world that has "America" as part of its name, mixups are unlikely.)

e.g., The USonians are leading the statistics.

submitted by Henric Jensen - (www)

uspiquitweek - You-Speak-We-Tweek. The presence of sketchy, incomprehensible chatter and nonsense speech that is found to be ubiquitous.

e.g., The mayor's party ended several days ago, but the uspiquitweek lingered well into the following weekend.

submitted by Xian

usrael - A made-up word that captures the essence of the political economic and military merger of Israel and the United States.

e.g., Iran views its geopolitical struggle as a conflict with Usrael.

submitted by Norman Elliott - (www)

usseparation - A type of independence that happens within various countries that have many territories or have many peoples that want to be independent from one another, such as the USSR and Yugoslavia.

e.g., Once again, Yugoslavia is undergoing another USSeparation, with Kosovo this time..

submitted by SilverCoyote

ust! - Date 1999, pronounced "ouost." Noun, interjection, colloquialism, adjective. 1. Literal: short for usted -- you, in Spanish -- which is a short version of the phrase "You stop it!" 2. Noun: Post facto expression to describe effeminism, saucy, swishy, or swashbuckling. 3. Interjection: Ust! An expression of the previous definition. When somebody says something such as "Is this shirt too pink on me?" you reply, "Ust!"

e.g., "Is this shirt too pink on me?" "Ust!"

submitted by Leonard

usta-could - Usta-could: Used to be able to do something but can't now. Possibly from the Midwest or the South, both my parents used this expression and Dad was from MN & Mom from MI.

e.g., I usta-could play guitar JUST like Hendrix but since I lost my pinkie in that bandsaw accident, I can't anymore.

submitted by Glenna Foreman

ustable - Use[d] to be able to. (ED. Are there any words other than adjustable that end in -ustable? Inquiring minds want to know.)

e.g., Ustable smoke in pubs, dammit. The world is being taken over by pussies wusses.

submitted by Neil Carter

ustacould - southern expression for a lost ability.

e.g., Since I broke my leg, I can't dance...but I ustacould.

submitted by Steve

ustanot - Something you did not previously like, do, see, etc.

e.g., I ustanot like mustard, but I do now.

submitted by Aimee Easton

usual oy - Yiddish term for a regularly occurring event of somewhat mild interest.

e.g., After dinner, Uncle Herman had one of his usual oy gastric attacks.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko

usurposis - A disorder causing the sufferer to always have to top or "one up" what anyone else has said or done.

e.g., So I showed Joe this cool rock I found, and of course he replied usurposisly,"My dad's got a rock collection in the attic that has every kind of rock, gem, and mineral in the world."

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

usweasm - The mystical state where I and you and we and us all mush together and we are now communicating in a different way.

e.g., Out in the usweasm again, huh?

submitted by Diana - (www)

utang - (pronounced OO-tang, n.) 1. Someone who is bankrupt or penniless; 2. Someone who cannot pay his debts; 3. A person with too many commitments. 4. (interj.) An expletive describing a situation in which one does not possess the wherewithal to meet their obligations. [from the English word _orangoutang_ (the Dutch word derived from the Malay _ourang_ 'man' + _hutan_ 'forest')---in Malaysian, however, while _hutan_ means 'forest,' _utang_ apparently means 'debts.' Thus, instead of "man of the forest" (_ourangutan_), we often call these primates "men of debts" (_ourangutang_).]

e.g., "Hey, Ed, can you lend me 50 bucks? I'm taking Ellen out and I'm broke." "Sorry, man: utang." "

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

utensili - Plural for the non-food stuff you need to have a pot luck meal like plates, cups, forks, etc.

e.g., We are are asking everyone to bring extra food and utensili to accommodate about a dozen additional hungry men.

submitted by Ed O'Neil

utilisgastrohood - The state of participating in good use of one's gastrointestinal tract, or having exceptionally good taste in various elements of gastronomy.

e.g., Having annihilated two dozen oysters, Bertleshire and I embraced in utilisgastrohood.

submitted by Gnats

utleast - Of the least, smallest, or lowest degree or quantity; may be used pejoratively to describe compliance, effort, or result.

e.g., 1. Thanks to reduced pay, longer hours, and constant micromanagement, the desk clerks made their utleast efforts to please the guests. 2. I see that the party in power is doing its utleast to help, as usual. 3. In mathematical analysis, an epsilon may be considered the utleast interval of linear measure for purposes of discussion.

submitted by Dana Paxson - (www)

utlegate - Legal process by which someone is outlawed.  

Utlegation :

If you're familiar with Samuel Butler's "Hudibras," then you will surely know the word utlegation. It appears in the following passage:

"Unless, to punish them the worse,
You put them in the secular powers
And pass their souls, as some demise
The same estate in mortgage twice;
When to a legal utlegation
You turn your excommunication
And, for a groat unpaid that's due,
Distrain on soul and body too."

Butler is, of course, highlighting the dichotomy between religious crime and punishment and secular crime and punishment. Utlegation means outlawing, and in his humble opinion, if you excommunicate someone, then making them an outlaw at the same time is hardly fair. If Butler had not used this word, then the odds are that it would have turned up its toes and died. Aside from mentions in truly comprehensive dictionaries, that poem and this posting may be the only two published mentions of the word in 400 years (according to Googleus, the Greek God of search).

This is a truly hybrid word because the prefix 'ut' is Friesian or Germanic, but the 'legation' part is unashamedly Latin. "Exlegation" would make more sense, but it doesn't exist.

Now it does: Legal process by which someone or something is outlawed. To exlegate: to outlaw. See utlegation. The example for exlegate uses what was considered the only proper way to use reverend when I was learning English: Always precede reverend with the. The rules of grammar have eased considerably since then, almost to the point that people make up their own rules. . . . Oh, that's the sort of thing we might be found doing here, isn't it?

e.g., The Lone Ranger was utlegated on grounds of having made

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

utopiary - From Utopia, where all is perfect and topiary, the art of cutting hedges. For a state of slightly mundane perfection in a middle-class housing estate gardening sense.

e.g., Mrs. Gibbs at number 32 is achieving utopiary -- she's in the front garden trimming her bush with the shears right now. I hope she's very careful and doesn't cut herself.

submitted by martibabes

utopify - To make something into a utopia, that is, an idealistic world. Antonym: dystopify.

e.g., World leaders should work together to utopify our planet.

submitted by wordgoat - (www)

uttar - Hindi for "total," "complete".

e.g., After the storm had hit, the northern Indian states were in uttar pradesh (complete disarray).

submitted by kai

utterleast - This word describes the absolute minimum effort a perniciously lazy person has calculated that he needs to expend and yet extract the maximum creature comforts from his existence.

e.g., Good grief, Bryan! Don't overtax yourself tonight popping bon-bons into your face while reclining channel-surfing your life away! You are stretching yourself to the utterleast!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

uuvalex - Any part of your digestive system betwixt throat and batty, whatever a batty is.

e.g., Ooh, I've got a nasty stabbing pain right here, in my uuvalex.

submitted by austin - (www)

uz - Southern pronunciation for "was." In parts of the South, an initial "w" sound is often dropped: "young ones" becomes "young-uns" as noted in the linked entry at YourDictionary. The example shows how "She was here last night" would be pronounced by a Southerner. The example would ordinarily be written as "She's here last night" -- which could hardly be mistaken to mean "She is here last night." Some Southerners may have an affinity for certain aspects of antebellum days, but few are seriously anachronistically challenged.

e.g., She uz here last night.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

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