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u - (n.) In traditional logic, a statement some condition applies ONLY if another condition applies.

e.g., Traditional logic used "A" for positive generalizations, "E" for negative generalizations, "I" for positive particulars, and "O" for negative particulars, thus: A: Everyone who was invited came to the party. E: No one who was invited came to the party. I: Some of those who were invited came to the party. O: Some of those who were invited did not come to the party. A "U" statement would thus be something like this: U: Only those who were invited came to the party.

submitted by Scott M.Ellsworth

u-hand-turn - A u-turn.

e.g., I made an illegal u-hand-turn but did not get a ticket.

submitted by Robin

u-ie - A U-turn.

e.g., Hey, he just did a U-ie.

submitted by Cami

u-pay - Not from eBay or similar website on the net, but at a regular store where you pay cash on the head.

e.g., I didn't win it at an auction on the net, but at u-Pay -- no waiting, no spending extra for shipping and handling. (ED. How people have become convinced that they "win" something in an auction rather than buy it escapes me.)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

u.p.i. - Unidentified Party Injury. When you wake up the morning after partying only to find a bruise or cut for which you cannot remember the origin.

e.g., George woke up and noticed in bewilderment a massive UPI on his knee.

submitted by tara

ub - A small word.

e.g., It, is, an, and I are all ubs.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

uba - Pronounced uhbuh. Ultra Bad Ass, sarcastic.

e.g., So you think you're UBA because you downloaded music illegally. Let me introduce you to some real thugs, guys who literally know where bodies are buried in Osage County

submitted by rush Morris

ubachung - A minature purple chicken that gives birth to equally small humans.

e.g., Farmer: My ubachung layed about a dozen people yesterday. Salesman. Yeah, and your daughter laid about a dozen guys, too. The first being me.

submitted by Praneel Ram - (www)

ubba dubba - An idiot, a moron, or a fool.

e.g., You were an ubba dubba the time you forgot to tie down the Christmas tree to the roof of our car.

submitted by Paul

ubegone - An explanation of what I would like after you have visited me for 3 days.

e.g., Uben here 4 three days, & now I want UBEGONE.

submitted by Bud

uber - meaning "really" or a "lot of." it's used by geeks everywhere, and it's german. i have no idea who started it in its geeky context in north america, though. it can be used as a prefix to almost any descriptive word.

e.g., that k10k site is uberpixelly-smooth. | burgerking whoppers are uberyummy.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

uber-dork - 1. The king of the dorks. 2. To take dorkiness to the next level. 3. To dork where no one has dorked before. 4. Super dork.

e.g., Chris dressed up and brought his plastic light-saber to Revenge of the Sith. Once again, he showed that he's the uber-dork.

submitted by Jen

uberbunny - A female with a perfect body. Uses the German "uber" with the Playboy "bunny."

e.g., _Playboy_ uses computer photo editing to try to create an uberbunny.

submitted by Ian

ubercafe - Designation for high-profile multi-national coffee proprietors, such as Starbucks.

e.g., Starbucks worldwide reach has made it into a ubercafe for coffee fanatics.

submitted by Diane Firstman

uberclempt - Exceedingly moved, choked up

e.g., I was uberclempt when he serenaded me from the lawn.

submitted by pudders - (www)

uberclutch - Beyond the realm of cool, awesome, or great. Something absolutley fantastic.

e.g., Oh, my God! I won the lottery. This is the most uberclutch thing that's ever happened to me.

submitted by Jess

ubercrush - The person you had a crush on through all of high school (or college, or for a very long time). Generally, you never dated this person (often "out of your league" -- or you think so) -- or else you wouldn't have crushed on her for so long.

e.g., I would have given anything to go out with Jim -- he was my ubercrush until the day we graduated.

submitted by Genevieve - (www)

ubercute - So cute you want to die.

e.g., Desiree is so ubercute I want to slap her in the face.

submitted by Dina - (www)

uberdelish - Something that is so delicous and tasty that it transcends both super and delicious

e.g., Hey, that pineapple-onion-pepperoni-anchovy pizza was uberdelish.

submitted by punkstar amy

uberdrool - Pronounced "ubah-drool." A word used when something is so enticing that it causes you to want it more than anything else at the moment -- enough to make you drop your jaw and drool over it the way a dog drools.

e.g., Look at the double-fudge ice cream with whipped cream and caramel syrup on top . . . uberdrool.

submitted by Firestorm

ubergoober - An extreme geek, twit, or nerd. More often a male with the emotional intelligence and dating skills of a sloth. In males, it is questionable whether the ubergoober even has testosterone. Can be a female, but this would best be referred to as an "ubergooberess."

e.g., The proof that Dave was an ubergoober was immediately evident to Jessica when, while he was standing on the sidelines at the football tryouts, he answered "glockenspiel" when the coach asked him what he played.

submitted by Dave Violette

uberly rufus - Extremely cool.

e.g., Brianna's shoes are uberly rufus.

submitted by uberity

ubermarker - The best whiteboard marker available.

e.g., He's obviously not using the ubermarker because I can't read what he's writing.

submitted by Ian Turner

uberperv - Corrupted form of German to describe a serial porn addict.

e.g., Chris, you are the uberperv.

submitted by Xnoybis

uberpredictable - Beyond easy to predict, implies a lack of creativity in the subject matter.

e.g., Oh, so I bet the next part of this movie is where the girl who hates the guy falls in love with him. Uberpredictable.

submitted by Felix

uberschmoop - Someone you are absolutely crazy about.

e.g., Liz, you are, without a doubt, my uberschmoop.

submitted by Stefczo!

ubiquilamp - That halogen torchiere floor lamp that everybody has.

e.g., The new apartment didn't have overhead lighting, so we got a ubiquilamp.

submitted by chey - (www)

ubiquitoast - A foodstuff as common (and as invisible) as air.

e.g., The hungry, if they could but see them, would dine each day on slender slices of ubiquitoast.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

ubmittal - To submit something small or insignificant.

e.g., My ubmittal to the local art contest will obviously not win any awards -- unless, of course, quite a few judges are fascinated with minimalists.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ubstickquitous - Sticky everywhere, as in "ubiquitously sticky."

e.g., My honey-spread toast is ubstickquitous.

submitted by Gualala Chuck

ubta - Unprovable (or Unproven) But True Anyway. This is the case with many things. With the passage of time, various things pass from this category to provable (or proved) and known (pak).

e.g., At one time that the sun was the center of our solar system was ubta. But eventually this simple fact became quite pak.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ucerpt - Usurp.

e.g., "But Bob Corker and the swamp flipped that on its head, ucerpting the law|constitution."

submitted by Miss Speller

uchronia - uchronia, n. (Gr. ou, not + Gr. khronos, time; literally "no time"; cf. utopia, "no place) a historical period when "nothing happens," a time of stagnation.

e.g., As soon as utopia finds its fulfilment in history, it turns into uchronia, a disruption of history itself.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

udaman - A phrase to express supreme delight in a job well done; praise; recognition; attaboy; kudos. Usually given with great apropos and delight (at times coupled with high-fives and hoots/hollers).

e.g., Great job, Bruce! UDAMAN!

submitted by Bryan - (www)

ufb - Acronym for WAY beyond unbelievable -- all the way to unfuckinbelievable.

e.g., The 2000 Florida Presidential Election was ufb. Idiots.

submitted by Bob Timon - (www)

ufc - Unregistered Fat Chick. A bitchy overweight girl. Any nice fat girl would have her Registered Fat Chick license.

e.g., Chris is a real UFC.

submitted by David Mershon

uff da - This is another Norwegian word used in ND, and I think it's used in Minnesota too. It's just an exclamation, like '"wow," for surprise, shock, awe, etc.

e.g., A 10,000 lb. pancake? (whistles) Uff da.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

uffle dust - The fluff you find after emptying your pants pockets.

e.g., Turn pockets inside out before washing pants to avoid uffle dust.

submitted by Harry A. Mize

ufidgepoo - For a name or word that is on the tip of the tounge.

e.g., What was that guy's name again? We'll just say ufidgepoo.

submitted by Andy

ufiliated - to be associated with or having a tie to

e.g., the doctor didn't tell me he was ufiliated with the local hospital

submitted by August Busso

ufo - Acronym used in real estate terminology for "You fucking own it," an unwanted item that will not void the deal already made because the deal is done. Especially applicable to dubious used car sales.

e.g., Buyer: I don't want it; take it back. Seller: I can't take it back. It's a UFO situation.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

ufoers - People who cannot argue a rational conspiracy case without evoking UFOs into the bargain and ruining their credibility.

e.g., A genuine example of UFOers: I saw a programme about a group of people who believe Princess Diana had been assasinated and had some fairly convincing arguments to back it up. However, they soon ruined it by claiming Prince Charles is directly descended from Christ and that there was a UFO landing connecting the whole affair.

submitted by Adam Leslie

ufoxid - A very rare chemical subtance or element whose structure and apparition can be explained through scientific methods of investigation.

e.g., An ufoxid was found near Stonehenge.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

ug - The relationship between two bullies or tough people. E.g., they elbow each other in the shoulder, give each other playful (but hard)punches, etc.

e.g., Chris and Shawn are ug. They're always pushing each other around, yet they're inseperable. Been doin' it since they were kids... and they still do it. Even though they'll soon be 40.

submitted by Anton Jurisevic

ugful - An amalgam of ugly and awful, coined by my nine-year-old upon smelling her father's morning breath.

e.g., What did you eat, Daddy? Your breath is ugful.

submitted by snicky

uggies - Redneck abbreviation for "Ugg Boots," sheepskin footwear at the forefront of fashion in the unemployment office. Often worn in combination with skintight black jeans, or track pants (for the less formal occassion).

e.g., Narelle, I ripped my Uggies when I caught them on the door of the Torana. What will I wear to the pub tonight? Knee high cowboy boots don't go with acid-wash jeans!

submitted by Aaron

uggo - Someone who's ugly.

e.g., From Scrubs, "Dude, I don't wanna ask her out yet, she might be an uggo."

submitted by Banana Jim

uggy - Cute but ugly (insult). Can be used in front of parents who don't want you to say anything mean to your siblings. Variation: uggy bug.

e.g., Orsola, your word is definitely uggy.

submitted by Orsola

uglet - The ugly grey patch that appears when aJjava applet is loading.

e.g., Aaargh, I crashed on that damn uglet.

submitted by prolific - (www)

uglet - Someone who is sexually unattactive to both sexes.

e.g., Pat, from SNL, is the perfect example of an uglet.

submitted by Spirit and Drea

uglies - A group of monsters, or anything else considered ugly or gruesome. From _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_.

e.g., OK, let's get our weapons ready and wait for the uglies to come out.

submitted by Rom Zamora - (www)

uglified - The process of becoming uglier over time.

e.g., Susie used to be hot, but now she's uglified.

submitted by Travis Krick

uglify - To take something that is or was not ugly and make it ugly. The key to usage here is that the word is not used for people.

e.g., I wrote a pretty good example, but the PD editor uglified it.

submitted by creilly

uglistic - As in "hit with an ugly stick," to describe a person bereft of beauty.

e.g., The elephant man, uglistic even on a good day, was....

submitted by Jonty Reason - (www)

uglorable - Ugly and adorable.

e.g., "This is actually a Pygmy hippo, so its not only uglorable in the hippo way. . . ."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ugly bulldozer - Completely and thorough ugliness such that it causes great pain. It's a phrase used to describe someone unfortunate enough to have been born so ugly.

e.g., Forget the ugly stick. This girl got run over by the ugly bulldozer.

submitted by Arik9

ugly lights - The lights they turn on in the nightclub when it's about to close--to get everyone to go home.

e.g., I'd been dancing with this guy all night--and then they turned the ugly lights on. Omigod!

submitted by Duggy

ugly love - A relationship between two unattractive or homely people.

e.g., See that woman with the beard holding hands with that man in the stained sweatsuit? That is one bad case of ugly love.

submitted by Milly Claassen

ugly redhead - When things could have gone so well, but turn into a complete disaster. From the theory that redheads are either drop-dead gorgeous or double-dog ugly.

e.g., It's a great plan on paper but it could turn into an ugly redhead quickly.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

ugly rock - A figurative rock that is referenced as a reason for an individual's uncomely appearance, particularly a male.

e.g., It looks like someone really beat Chris with the ugly rock.

submitted by Chris

ugly tree - Fictional tree causing disgusting appearance, most often by person falling from the tree and hitting every branch.

e.g., She's so ugly because she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

submitted by Michael

uglyte - It is the light that when switched on in the morning (generally following heavy drinking) reveals an extremely unattractive member of the opposite gender in one's bed

e.g., As he fought against the alcohol pounding in his brain, he switched on the uglyte next to his bed to light his way to the lavatory. He glanced to his left and froze at the sight of the mountain troll snoring in the bed beside him. As horror cleared his mind, it all came back to him. …

submitted by Dogil

ugmo - A very ugly person, often with an ugly attitude and ugly personality.

e.g., Mimi (The Drew Carey Show) is an ugmo. So are Janet Reno, Janet Napolitano, and Elena Kagan. There's just something about those liberal Democrat women, isn't there?

submitted by Oscar Barzilay-Lamers - (www)

uh proximately - A response to a quantifying question when one is not quite sure, or has absolutely no inkling, of the answer. Also known as "Kentucky windage."

e.g., Joe: So do you know how high Mt. Everest is? Mo: Sure! It's uh proximately 1,100 feet!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

uhffect - Wildcard word to be used in place of "effect" or "affect" whenever the writer is unsure which one to use. Always be correct by using uhffect; also uhffective, uhffected, uhffecting.

e.g., The uhffect of the surgery was stunning.

submitted by Dave Violette

ui - Military slang for "unidentifiable." To be clueless.

e.g., The sergeant is UI when it comes to good books.

submitted by David

ukabonger - A beer that is left unfinished.

e.g., Bill was teased relentlessly by his friends for being the only one to leave a ukabonger at the party last night.

submitted by Matt Gilfillan

ukase - "ukase [yoo-keys, -keyz, yoo-keys, -keyz] 1. (in czarist Russia) an edict or order of the czar having the force of law. 2. any order or proclamation by an absolute or arbitrary authority." Synonyms: edict, directive, ruling, decree, fiat.

e.g., By his own words, obama has left virtually no doubt that he will rule by ukase if he's re-elected.

submitted by HD Fowler

uknock - When knocking on a door, a singular knock of the knocker or knucles.

e.g., At some people's homes I use a uknock to inform the household of my presence.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ulkipitus - That thing associated with common sense some folks have which makes them alter their course or change their mind in some way to avert a bad outcome. Not with the hocus pocus of having a "feeling" or some premonition. The act of making such a change.

e.g., I've decided on an ulkipitus: co-signing a loan of that size just doesn't sound too genius when Chris is the primary.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ultimascholian - The person who graduates from a school with the lowest GPA, in last place. The opposite of a valedictorian. Derivation: Latin ultimus (last, final) + Latin schola (school) + ian suffix to indicate a person. Pronounced: ULL-tim-ah-SKOH-lee-in. (ED. For United States military academies, the person who finishes last in the class but still graduates is called "the goat." … Not like medical schools where the person who finishes last in the class is called doctor.)

e.g., The ultimascholian had a 1.0 GPA, a 670 SAT score, and never studied. No wonder she finished last.

submitted by Matt

ultimate reality - That which is real beyond all beliefs or concepts or ideas or error or omission. The last and final word in reality, that which is and or has been actually, accuracy to the nth degree.

e.g., The scientist is undoubtedly the foremost seeker after various sorts of ultimate reality, and he is largely successful, which speaks well of Science and the Scientific Method. Look once how mankind has benefited from Science, and the search for ultimate reality.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ultimecia - 1. What one envisions as unadulterated, absolute beauty in every aspect, manifested in one of the opposite sex. 2. The perfect companion, the elusive "soulmate." (Warning: Not a word to be used lightly. Handle with care.)

e.g., I've only met this girl once but I can already feel that she is my ultimecia.

submitted by Ma$eP

ultra hippotigrem - (UL-tra-hip-po-TEE-grum; adv.) 1. further along theoretical lines than a particular system has progressed; 2. beyond the traditional end of a given linear scale; 3. of or pertaining to a new outlook or approach 'outside the box.' [Latin _ultra_ 'beyond,' 'above' + _hippotigrem_ 'zebra' (literally, 'tiger[striped] horse'). This, in turn comes from Dr. Seuss's _On Beyond Zebra_.]

e.g., "On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, how well do you think Jones performed in the finals?" "About ... eleven." "Okay, very nice---but I'm not looking for ultra hippotigrem flattery: stick to the scale I game you. Please?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ultra virgin - Someone who has never run an ultramarathon.

e.g., This will be my first time. After the race I'll no longer be an ultra virgin, I'll be an ultra runner.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ultra-bitch - Any seating arrangement that is used only when a car would otherwise be considered full: four+ people in the back, three+ in the front, or any number in the trunk.

e.g., I was the designated driver, so there were three ultra-bitch seats in my car that night.

submitted by ditnis

ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic - Okay, here's what it actually means: Showing extreme erratic false opposition to the giving of funds towards a church or government building. Well, this was made up by me one day when I was trying to see how far I could build on the old favourite antidisestablishmentarianism. This was about as far as I got before it stopped making sense.

e.g., Chris is being a little ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic, don't you think?

submitted by Arch Angel Azrael

ultramaroon - Mild insult. Alternative word for "moron." Used by Bugs Bunny.

e.g., That guy just stuck a fork in a toaster. He's an ultramaroon.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

ultranger effect - Ultra+anger. Being so angry you just snap and feel absolute calmness.

e.g., Dan was so mad he could spit, and then the ultranger effect set in and he just walked away.

submitted by ryan

ultraviolence - Extreme, brutal violence, usually sadistic in nature.

e.g., A Clockwork Orange: "getting ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence."

submitted by Dave

uluru - (n. figurative & not capitalized) 1. the center of one's world, 2. a place one can go (literally or in one's mind) to find inner peace or harmony. (from the name of Australia's famous inselberg in the Anangu language).

e.g., "Wow, this place is great: so peaceful, so ... I don't know, forgotten." "Yeah, it's my uluru. Yours too, now."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

um ... no - Hesitated NO for sarcastic effect.

e.g., Girl: "Are you going to wash my car?" Guy: "Um ... no."

submitted by charles

um, er, tube - A phrase used as a substitute for the name of any of the pornographic YouTube spin-offs.

e.g., Well, those guys were probably on um, er, Tube all night. If they were, I'm gonna call their parents.

submitted by star651

um-ver - Exclamatory, meaning "Shame on you," with an implication of "I'm going to tell on you."

e.g., Um-ver, you're not supposed to be watching TV now.

submitted by Brad

umbelican - A momma's boy, still tied to his mama's apron strings.

e.g., He's a handsome and rich umbelican; they live by the bay with a pelican.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

umbililint - The correct term for the ball of fluff that collects in your belly button, navel fluff.

e.g., Nurse Nightingale washed the unconscious patient thoroughly, ensuring he was clean behind the ears and that she had removed all traces of umbililint from his navel.

submitted by Ricky Gellissen

umbleh! - "Unbelievable"--"bleh" part rhymes with "look."

e.g., That chick was umbleh!

submitted by jazztumbao - (www)

umbrellatin - Literally, the frame of an umbrella, but more particularly, an umbrella that is well past its prime.

e.g., Its raining out, do you have an unbrella I can use? No--all I have is that lousy umbrellatin over there.

submitted by Bob

umbrellical cord - The short strap attached to the handle of an umbrella.

e.g., Having lost one too many umbrellas to the wind, Melanie now makes sure that the umbrellical cord is around her wrist in gusty weather.

submitted by James Trick

umbrellical gourd - A very bright person with a wide and often rather comprehensive knowledge about things, who people respect and admire.

e.g., Some people have an empty gourd, others with just seeds that rattle around, but the umbrellical gourd is a wonder to behold, a fountain of data and valuable information.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

umbrelling - Dancing and singing with an umbrella.

e.g., I was umbrelling the other day when I realized that the rain had stopped. I think I was almost as good as Gene Kelly up to that point.

submitted by Bethany

umdeedums - Drivers towing caravans at a slow pace on outback Australian highways.

e.g., The road train driver was late with his delivery because he was caught behind a convoy of umdeedums.

submitted by kimmy

umfriend - Someone you're sleeping with who isn't your girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other.

e.g., This is my ... um ... friend.

submitted by Jough Dempsey - (www)

ummer - A person who uses um as a conversation filler. You know, similar to a youknower.

e.g., Have you ever noticed that Barack Obama is a ummer when he's not working from prepared text? . . . No, it has nothing to do with a hummer or with hum jobs, whatever those are -- well, not as far as I know, you know. (I think he may also be a paterist.)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

umnum - A plastic device with ten or more buttons, one that does not require batteries. The purpose of this device is simply to distract someone's attention. It has no other actual purpose.

e.g., Her husband examined the umnum while his wife changed the channel to the shopping network.

submitted by Mrs. Pietz - (www)

umpkit - For a person, to emphasise lack of common sense.

e.g., That silly umpkit forgot to do his shoelaces, and so he fell arse over head.

submitted by dean burge

umpler - A breast. To be "umpled" is something most straight men enjoy.

e.g., Fat women seem to always have huge umplers.

submitted by maryc

umpo - In music, taking a song or a part of a song up tempo, or faster. (See Dempo)

e.g., Can you keep up if we take it umpo this time?

submitted by Ben - (www)

umpteen quadrillion ages of olde - forever, figuratively and exaggeratedly speaking.

e.g., It should only take Steve umpteen quadrillion ages of old to find just the right word to express himself accurately.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

umtic - The habit of inserting an "um" every few seconds of speech due to an inability to formulate an entire sentence before speaking it.

e.g., Mr. Glover's umtic makes me irritable and him nearly impossible to follow.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

umungry - Quick and lazy way of saying "I'm hungry."

e.g., God, umungry.

submitted by greg

umyeah - It is like saying "Yeah" but with a sense of uncertainty in agreeing to something.

e.g., "Do you agree that I'm the best?" "Well . . . umyeah."

submitted by Zoe

un convent ional - Things that happen outside the nunnery.

e.g., When Joey elected to go to a co-ed college, he was hoping for some un convent ional experiences.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

un-inside-out - To fix an article of clothing that is inside-out

e.g., You need to un-inside-out that sweater before you put it on.

submitted by Stasi

un-jack - To quit being a Jack Nicholson persona. Apparently from Jack himself.

e.g., EW: A lot of people are commenting on how low-key your performance is in this movie. Nicholson: I sort of un-Jacked myself.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

un-necs - Unnecessaries; items not necesssary for normal life.

e.g., She made his life miserable by demanding un-necs almost every day.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

unabegger - An expression used to describe someone who is in a fog as she is being awakened.

e.g., Get up you unabegger--You're going to miss the bus.

submitted by Palmer

unaccoustic - the opposite accoustic, alike to "plugged"

e.g., kurt cobain (nirvana frontman) played best accoustic, but he wasn't to damn bad with unaccoustic either

submitted by Amy K

unadultered - Untouched. Unadulterated.

e.g., That was plain unadultered beef.

submitted by kenneth

unaimworthy - Of a change: having precisely the opposite effect to its stated intention; spectacularly counter-productive.

e.g., They converted the 68 bus to one-man operation to save cost, but the revenue dropped to such an extent that it subsequently made a far greater loss, so the change was deemed highly unaimworthy.

submitted by Colin Taffel

unanimungous - To win a unanimous vote with huge numbers of voters.

e.g., It was unanimongous.

submitted by

unanymous - The condition of agreement when no one is sure who's voting.

e.g., I don't know how, but it was unanymously decided that I should be the one to squash the cockroach.

submitted by Cori - (www)

unass the ao - Unassemble the area of operation, to leave a particular spot, widely used in the US Army.

e.g., What say we unass the ao and grab some chow?

submitted by Gina

unattainium - 1. Metal alloy sought after by all metalurgists and engineers with properties so superior it can withstand any temperature, stress, or abrasion without wearing, breaking or eroding. This fictitious material often referred to by engineers trying to baffle someone with theirsupposed brilliance.

e.g., Operator: Why do you make that pipe of a metal that is always breaking? Engineer: Ok,OK, we'll specify that it is made out of unattainium.

submitted by scott

unattendance - Lack of presence, absence.

e.g., Nathaniel's unattendance at the company party was disappointing to his co-workers.

submitted by Bill Tibbetts - (www)

unbeglaublich - German "unglaublich" combined with English "unbelievable," both having the same meaning.

e.g., I've submitted a word. For it to get accepted would be unbeglaublich.

submitted by kmb - (www)

unblowuppable - Not capable of being exploded. From The Simpsons DABF02 -- "She Of Little Faith."

e.g., Homer: The word "unblowuppable" is thrown around a lot these days. But I think I can say with confidence that (BANG!) . . . Okay . . . that shows you what could potentially happen.

submitted by john maguire - (www)

unbornded - When a child becomes 18 years old and the parents decide that they no longer will provide food, shelter, laundry services, or outlay of cash for any reason, the child is "unbornded" to them and disassociates herself from any connection to those parents.

e.g., After Amanda graduated from high school, her family threw an unbornded party to celebrate that she was out of the house and her parents no longer had to go broke buying hair dye or fighting over the bathroom.

submitted by Amanda Reis

unbuscrbie - Unsubscribe. You are supposed to stop receiving many e-newsletters if you reply with the word "unsubscribe" in the message. Many tech support workers receive calls from people who say they typed "unsubscribe" and still get the newsletter. It turns out that they accidentally typed something like this. There are many variations: ubsuscribie, unnscribe, etc.

e.g., "I sentt a messge with unbuscrbie in it butt it didnt unnscribe me frum teh newslettr," said a frustrated, illiterate Chris.

submitted by LesserRaven

unbwogable - Used to describe a position taken as a matter of principle. Especially, in the context of any form of intimidation, coercion, bribery, etc. -- where one's opinions or actions cannot be thwarted.

e.g., 1. Even if you were to shoot us, our stand is still unbwogable. 2. Despite the two older and larger boys' belligerent demands on the younger and smaller Alec, Alec was unbwogable when speaking about its being his turn play with the ball.

submitted by Isaac gisore

uncamous - Attempting to be stealthy, camouflaged, or covert, but failing miserably.

e.g., Wow, Chris is wearing camoflouge so he can blend in. Instead, he sticks out. He's really uncamous.

submitted by Jonathan Faek

uncanny - Not in a can.

e.g., The soup had an uncanny taste to it, much better than the canny ones.

submitted by Anna Nonamous

uncivil rights - Freedom of speech and freedom of expression should certainly guarantee your right to be uncivil, in a nice way that is, if you wish.

e.g., "As a ruffian and plain speaker I demand my uncivil rights, so that I can tell it like it is."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

uncle - (v.) 1. To score points against oneself or one's own team, usually by mistake (as in dunking the basketball in one's own basket), but sometimes intentionally, for purposes either strategic or nefarious, as in accepting a safety (in American football) or taking a dive (in boxing); 2. to have one's own actions backfire, figuratively scoring points for the other side. ↵ ␊↵ ␊ [From "own goal," used as a verb, through the intermediate forms "own-goal," "owngle," and "ongle."]

e.g., I remember a guy recovering a fumble (in American Football) and uncling the ball back 60 yards into his own end zone. He didn't notice that his own teammates were trying to tackle him and that the other team was just standing around. ↵ ␊↵ ␊ The 1919 baseball World Series was marred by perhaps the most infamous uncle of all uncles: the Black Sox Scandal, involving eight of the Chicago White Sox. The eight players were accused of intentionally losing the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds at the behest of and upon payment by a group of powerful gamblers. Condemned by baseball commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis---despite being acquitted after their trial---the eight were banned from pro baseball, apparently forever, since I'm told the ban is still (pointlessly) in effect. (The last living member of the eight "Black Sox," Charlie "Swede" Risberg, died in 1975.) ↵ ␊↵ ␊ The idiot uncled himself: he planted a bomb in one of two identical cars, and then he drove away in the one he'd sabotaged. When he set off the bomb by remote, he only blew himself up.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

uncletagonize - For a man to cause strife and grief in the lives of his nieces and nephews.

e.g., Paul relentlessly uncletagonized his sister's children for their failures to exercise proper hygiene and manners.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

uncling - A general description of the children of your brothers and sisters. Spoke by male. Variation Auntling if spoke by a female.

e.g., I have 25 unclings ranging in ages from 23 years to 6 weeks. Family gatherings are large.

submitted by Nathan Schattke

unco - Uncoordinated, clumsy.

e.g., I was really unco when I was a kid. I couldn't even catch a ball.

submitted by Larry

uncooleth - Not cool at all, embarrassing, unethical, in bad taste. Not chilled or iced.

e.g., It's uncooleth to wear the wrong clothes or shoes, to not have a car of your own, or to not have enough for partying and having a good time

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

uncornify - To make something uncorny: to make less stupid or moronic.

e.g., I attempted to uncornify my friend's bad joke.

submitted by Doc Chalk

uncredible - Anything credible on the fringes, possible but only barely.

e.g., Hoooo girl, thim inchiladas is so fine, they uncredible.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

uncyclopedia - A parody of the 2001-debuting site, Wikipedia. Uncyclopedia is only available through Wikia, for it is a site made by an amateur (or maybe intermediate, but not professional) with a Wikia account. The reason it is a Wikipedia parody is because Uncyclopedia has articles on outrageous things that don't exist, as well as articles about normal things that contain completely twisted, untrue information. You would not want to use it for a professional report, but you might use it for something to laugh at, for it is quite hilarious.

e.g., I looked up South Park (the adult TV cartoon) on Uncyclopedia, and the dates are intentionally wrong, because it's

submitted by star651 - (www)

undant - A part of the body that is used in place of a hand, especially when waving.

e.g., Jimmy had his hands full at the time, so when John waved hello to him, he used his elbow as an undant.

submitted by Jake Levin

undefendagainstable - Something against which there can be no defense; something which cannot be stopped, even by with proper planning and execution.

e.g., Sid Crosby and Alex Ovechkin are great players, but in his prime, Gretzky was undefendagainstable.

submitted by John

undefinism - Undefined ism that is governing a state.

e.g., Chinese communism is an undefinism

submitted by J. Ajith Kumar - (www)

under the matress - Guilty pleasure, clandestine passion.

e.g., Kraft Mac n' Cheese is my under the matress food o' choice.

submitted by nitag - (www)

underbare - Wearing nothing beneath the outer clothing, lacking any undergarments, quite naked under your street clothes

e.g., It caused us to wonder why there were never any shorts or panties or bras hanging on our neighbors' clotheslines on washing day. Turns out they were all closet nudists and walked about always underbare, though it was not usually evident to the naked eye..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

underclocked - 1. Adjective describing a person of inferior intelligence: dullard. 2. A state of diminished mental capacity: caffeine-deprived. Analogy drawn from the practice of altering the operating speed of microprocessor chips. Etymology: from the ancient Geek _clkd.

e.g., Is it just me or is Tom Daschle underclocked a few megahertz?

submitted by George Pateman - (www)

undercover emergency driver - Person who drives as if his or her car were an ambulance, fire truck, or police car -- disregarding traffic laws and honking at anyone who isn't sufficiently exceeding the speed limit.

e.g., That guy who just cut across three lanes of traffic to get to the exit must be an undercover emergency driver.

submitted by Lee

underfabric - Lining of a garment or other cloth object, like a blanket present on the inside or underside of said garment

e.g., The blanket's underfabric was soft, with a tickle like chick down.

submitted by Jordan Foos

undergrounder - A deep lying pimple that is not visible, save for at the most a wee bit of swelling. An undergrounder causes enormous pain whenever you make a facial expression. Usually takes many, may days to heal.

e.g., Sorry, Blaine, I would smile at your witty banter as usual, but this undergrounder is holding the left side of my face hostage with its threats of pain. Well, no, I can't pop it idiot, it's an UNDERGROUNDER!

submitted by BeeBee Vavoom - (www)

underly - The opposite of overly.

e.g., I'd never chase after a guy who mugged me. I'm usually underly brave, though, so it's no surprise.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

underminers - People who think they are helping but are actually counter productive to the task at hand.

e.g., Pop, I know an 8th grade education was good enough for you. But telling your grandson to stick it out he's 18 and then do what he wants on schooling is not supporting how we raise our kids. Please quit being an underminer.

submitted by Tamera (by Mark)

undernet - The aspects of the internet that appeal to low, lewd, and lascivious taste: porn sites, terror sites, and more.

e.g., Mom installed some software on our computer that's supposed to keep the undernet out of our home. She wants us to develop tastes for what's high and noble. (Good, Mom.)

submitted by natalie - (www)

underpit - Underarm and armpit.

e.g., Washing your underpits helps prevent body odour.

submitted by Julie Ljiljak

unders - Underwear, much funnier than panties.

e.g., Tanner was only 15 months old but he was already bursting out of 18-month unders.

submitted by Lisa

understrapper - An underling sent to take abuse in her boss's stead: a toad-eater. When things go terribly wrong, an understrapper is sent out to explain what happened. Example: Susan Rice making the rounds of the Sunday talk shows September 16 and misleading the public about the attack on the Benghazi consulate. (Having specifically noted it at the time, I know how she qualified what she was saying: "But our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present. . . .") |   "An inferior in any office, or department": a deputy assistant junior official. |   "An assistant subject to the authority or control of another." |   The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, 1996: "underling, subordinate. XVIII. f. UNDER-1 + (prob.) strapper in dial. sense of "labourer" or "one who grooms a horse" (cf. strap)." | noun informal, dated an assistant or junior official: just about every top-rank honcho vamoosed, with quite a few of their understrappers |   Could be replaced by:   drudge, liege, scrub, slave, flunkey|flunky, helper, junior, lackey, (the) masses, menial, minion, stooge, vassal, yeoman, yes-man, servant, creature, employee, follower, hanger-on, inferior, myrmidon, associate, assistant (Think Wal-Mart.), dependent, hoi polloi, bottom dog, underling, foot soldier, lightweight, lower class, subordinate, woman Friday, right-hand man, second banana, second fiddle.    ardent, bondmaid, bondman, bondslave, bondsman, bondswoman, boss, bwana, captive, chattel, chattel slave, chef, chief, church dignitary, churl, client, concubine, constant, creature, debt slave, dependent, ecclesiarch, elder, employer, feudal, feudatory, flunky, follower, galley slave, goodman, guru, hanger-on, helot, homager, husband, inferior, lackey, liege lord, liege man, liege subject, lord, lord paramount, loyal, master, minion, myrmidon, odalisque, overlord, padrone, paramount, paterfamilias, patriarch, patron, peon, rabbi, resolute, retainer, sahib, seigneur, seignior, serf, servant, servile, slave, starets, staunch, steadfast, stooge, subject, subordinate, subservient, teacher, theow, thrall, tributary, true, underling, understrapper, vassal, villein, yeoman    Michael Quinion elaborates in his weekly newsletter: 2. Weird Words: Understrapper The British author and newspaper columnist Simon Hoggart is fond of this word, applying it particularly to a governmental minion sent to make a statement before the House of Commons, thereby taking abuse that should have been directed at his boss. Few people now would grasp the full import of the word, though its first element gives enough of a clue that it’s an alternative to underling. It was a popular term of the eighteenth century, its first user on record being Thomas Brown, a satirist now only remembered, if at all, for a verse translation of a Latin epigram he composed when under threat of being sent down by his Oxford tutor, Dr John Fell: I do not love thee, Dr Fell, / The reason why I cannot tell; / But this I know, and know full well, / I do not love thee, Dr Fell. In 1702, he wrote a book of mock letters from the recently deceased, including three supposedly from the late comic actor and satirical writer Joseph Haines to his friends at Will’s Coffee House: I intend to build me a Stage in one of the largest Piazza’s of this city, take me a fine House, and set up my old Trade of Fortune-telling; and as I shall have upon occasion now and then for some Understrapper to draw teeth for me, or to be my Toad-eater upon the stage, if you will accept of so mean an Employment, beside my old Cloaths, which will be something, Ill give you Meat, Drink, Washing, and Lodging, and Four Marks per annum. Letters from the Dead to the Living, by Thomas Brown, 1702. The wayward apostrophes are as printed. It was still common during the nineteenth century: Dear me very awkward! said Stephen, rather en l’air, and confused with the kind of confusion that assails an understrapper when he has been enlarged by accident to the dimensions of a superior, and is somewhat rudely pared down to his original size. A Pair of Blue Eyes, by Thomas Hardy, 1873. My Collins Dictionary explains the second part as being from one sense of the verb strap, to work hard, which is also the source of the adjective strapping for someone big and strong (originally applied only to young women, by the way). A strapper could be a labourer or a man who groomed horses, hence a menial employee. His subordinate would be the ultimate underling. If you would like an archaic alternative, try under-spur-leather, which is from the same area of life. A spur-leather was the strap that secured a spur to the rider’s foot, so somebody under the spur leather is figuratively beneath the heel of the rider. There is a notorious Idiot, one hight Whachum, who from an under-spur-leather to the Law, is become an understrapper to the Play house, who has lately burlesqu’d the Metamorphoses of Ovid by a vile translation. Remarks upon Mr Pope’s Translation of Homer, by John Dennis, 1717. Hight: named. I offer it to Mr Hoggart for his consideration.

e.g., Do you wonder how Susan Rice is enjoying her role as understrapper for obama? | Women members of the Congressional Black Caucus have protested that Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain were racist and sexist when they questioned UN Ambassador Susan Rice's fitness to be Secretary of State. If anyone abused her, wouldn't it be the President for sending an understrapper to speak for him? Or, as obama apparently saw it, sending a girl out to do a man's job.    The following examples come from    He is perhaps best known for his series of spy novels which follow Harry Fielding's activities as an understrapper for the MI5 . . . . Of Fishwives, tee, that's i' wor toon, up to the present day,Euphy Scott she is prime minister to Queen Madgie Gray:The understrappers and . . . who from an under-spur-leather to the Law, is become an under-strapper to the Play-house, who has lately burlesqu'd the Metamorphoses . . . is one of her most significant understrappers, which is the head general of The North pole. . . . incarnated in the capitalist or his understrappers(representatives), in so far as the workshop is formed by the combination of the means . . .    Wordnik appears to have become a good source for words. Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia n. A petty fellow; an inferior agent; an underling. Wiktionary n. any

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

undersummers - Undersummers are long legged panties specifically worn (and made to be seen) under dresses. These undergarments are comfortable, elegant, and, unlike shapewear, practical in that they reduce chafing, discomfort from leg sweating, and eliminates panty lines.

e.g., Rather than uncomfortable shapewear beneath my dress, I am wearing my undersummers.

submitted by Jeremy Adorna

underuterised - A woman who chooses not to have children.

e.g., Mary said that Jane was underuterised because she was a career girl and didn't want children.

submitted by Julie Pattemore

underwhelm - To elicit a reaction rather less than impressive.

e.g., His personality underwhelms me.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

underzaggerate - To understate or underestimate.

e.g., I tend to underzaggerate my genius, you know. (Unlikely, methinks.)

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

undiscombobulate - To bring order from disorder. The inverse of "discombobulate."

e.g., Mother refuses to let me leave until I undiscombobulate my room.

submitted by Vincent Kalman

undo force - That force required to remove knock-off hubs from wire wheels.

e.g., When using undo force to remove knock-offs, be sure to knock them off in the direction marked "UNDO."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

undocumented aliens - Bootlegged sci-fi movies.

e.g., Watching undocumented Aliens at home was great; I really like Sigourney Weaver (spawn of Sylvester "Pat" Weaver). And that giant bug and its spawn ... wow.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

undocumented immigrants - Criminal aliens, illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, etc. My primary objection to illegal aliens is not that I think too many foreigners come to the United States. What I object is that so many foreigners living in the United States are living here illegally -- either having entered illegally or overstayed their visas illegally. If we've going to have what amount to open borders, we should make it legal. Otherwise, we'll continue on the road to becoming a nation of scofflaws. Are there other countries that let those who are in the country illegally run around freely, take jobs from citizens, and get put on the public dole? Ignore the rule of law at your peril.

e.g., For Christ's sake, stop the poppycock politically correct doublespeak and call these people what they are: illegal aliens (or illegals). They aren't simply migrants without papers or undocumented immigrants; they're in the United States illegally and should be treated as such.

submitted by HD Fowler

undocumented offender - The politically correct way to refer to an illegal alien criminal (often a felon) in San Francisco.

e.g., Turns out that maybe as many as 30% of the undocumented juvenile offenders Mayor Gavin Newsom had been giving free housing weren't minors after all. Since they're not minors, shouldn't they have police records? Aren't police records documentation? The free airplane rides to Texas for deportation have also been stopped.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

undodeduplify - Undoing a statement that has been said twice, thus getting you back to square one.

e.g., The man undodeduplified his prior statement to the judge. That thoroughly confused her honor, and he ended up in the slammer.

submitted by Reid Reynolds

undorkulate - To fix a problem presented by others.

e.g., Please wait a minute while I attempt to undorkulate this printer.

submitted by Fred Flintstone

undoubtably - 1. An adverb describing a characteristic that is undeniable. "Undoubtedly," already a word, only seems like it should mean that something has never been doubted, making it less powerful than undoubtably. | 2. "Undoubtedly," as spelled by dim-witted PhD candidates.

e.g., 1. I think this painting is undoubtably the most beautiful in his collection. | 2. Emcee: Can there be any doubt that he's going to keep bringing up the fact that he's a PhD candidate? T_B: As he might say himself, "Undoubtably he will." Emcee: I think it's likely that he lacks the wherewithal to get a PhD -- no matter what his field of study is. T_B: You're probably right. Emcee: Well, the evidence we've seen so far is that he can neither read nor write well enough to get one. T_B: That's why I suggested his initials must stand for dim-witted. Emcee: He also has trouble following logical arguments. T_B: That must mean he can't reason very well. Emcee: Agreed. Not a chance he'll be able to do the original research necessary and sufficient to get a PhD. T_B: Necessary? Sufficient? Do they still require that? Emcee: I'm not sure. I think so. Anyway, he definitely isn't up to the standards of the guys with PhDs that used to report to my managers in the engineering department.

submitted by Evman | Miss Speller

unedjumicated - Lacking proper schooling.

e.g., Steve just talks that way 'cause he's unedjumicated. You'll figure out what he's sayin' if'n you listen close.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

unemployfriend - An ex-girlfriend's new, unemployed boyfriend.

e.g., Chris: How is that unemployfriend better than me? Billy: One guess Chris -- and it involves the word "sack."

submitted by James

unenjoyment - Unemployment.

e.g., Since he lost his job, Chris is on unenjoyment.

submitted by froggegyrl

unequivicable - Unequivocal: "admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion."

e.g., The evidence was unequivicable -- there was absolutely no doubt that she was guilty of armed robbery. How she was found not guilty is beyond my ken.

submitted by Miss Speller

unequizical - Cannot be discussed or changed and is absolutely imperative to a certain cause.

e.g., This is an unequizical task for you.

submitted by

unfinity - The smallest number possible. .000~0001

e.g., A line has a width of unfinity.

submitted by Ryan

unflirtatioconscious - To be oblivious (or nearly so) to flirtation.

e.g., Tammy from time to time points out to me what she says are clear signals from other gals. Guess I'm unflirtatioconscious.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

unflub - To correct a mistake or explain it away.

e.g., They really messed up that movie, but hopefully they will unflub it in the sequel.

submitted by ThyPentacle

unfortunatum - 1. Something unpleasant, esp. spoiled food. 2. A particularly unfortunate series of events, esp. a bad relationship.

e.g., 1. Jay, what is this unfortunatum in the back of your fridge? It's green and fuzzy. 2. Ugh, she hung up on me again. This BS reminds me of the Rachael unfortunatum.

submitted by Jason Brandenburg

unfraumic - Has no emotional or human-like feelings. Is "cold."

e.g., Chris is unfraumic when it comes to hugging.

submitted by Daila Guillen

unfuture - A future as bad as "no future"

e.g., You have no future, enjoy it = enjoy your unfuture.

submitted by jfjdksk

unga bunga - A piece of native art or ethinic art that hangs on the wall of your parents' cottage or grandparents' house.

e.g., My mom went to Mexico for a holiday and now the house has a million unga bungas everywhere.

submitted by Jane Motz Hayes

ungetoutable - Impossible to extricate.

e.g., My teacher refused my plea for an extension on the due date which put me in an ungetoutable position.

submitted by derek

ungo - To reverse course, back up, retrace one's steps. Sometimes refers to seeking to remember by following a train of thought back to the beginning. Can be used pointedly when asking someone to reconsider a series of social choices or very recent actions. Giving someone a chance to take back words, etc.

e.g., Oooh, Bill, not a good move. She's upset. You might want to ungo some and try again.

submitted by Chuck Pell

ungooglable - A person who has a zero hit rate when Googled. Also spelled ungoogleable.

e.g., Last night I Googled my ex-wife and an old school friend. I found them both to be ungooglable.

submitted by Halliwell

ungowa, umgowa - An exclamation of joy, triumph, or a battle cry.

e.g., 1. When Mark saw a friend he hadn't seen in years, he shouted "Ungowa!" 2. When he won the chess game, Alex shouted "Ungowa!" 3. Three guys walk into a bar. They pick on some little guy. He goes outside, and they follow. The short guy wheels about, cries "Ungowa!" and proceeds to slaughter the unsuspecting brutes.

submitted by David Smith - (www)

ungratulations - Exclamation when something bad happens to someone else

e.g., "You failed your English final? Ungratulations!"

submitted by Seth Christenfeld - (www)

unhance - The opposite of enhance; to lessen or reduce.

e.g., Her enjoyment of the barbecue was unhanced by the driving rain.

submitted by Julie

unhappy hour - an element of time used to describe when pub and tavern (alcoholic) beverages are not offered at a reduced price

e.g., The bar maid handed me my tab and I almost fainted. I thought the Guiness was 2-for-1, but she informed me that it was offically "unhappy hour".

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

unhingenment - The exact time when you know that your lie or scheme has been discovered.

e.g., Q: I called the principal's office. Where the hell have you been? A: Umm ... umm ... umm. (Knowing any answer has the taint of unhingenment.)

submitted by robhum3z

unhydrate - The typical way someone loses hydration, not involving pores.

e.g., "Hydrating is good for you, go unhydrate." - Gibbs, NCIS

submitted by Tim

uni-brow - The condition of having so much eyebrow hair that the two brows simply connect to form one repulsively large brow.

e.g., That guy should consider waxing his head, cause he sure has a bad case of uni-brow.

submitted by big daddy

uni-nostril-phobia - The fear of having the fleshy area between your nostrils removed, thereby giving you one giant "uni-nostril."

e.g., After the car wreck when I was in the hospital I had uni-nostril-phobia. Fortunately I only had a broken nose.

submitted by Bob Boarker

unibrash - A uni-brow, only connected to the chin.

e.g., Oh, my goodness. Cjros has a terrible unibrash.

submitted by Dave Hall

unicorn - Used by women to describe a man who is good-looking, well-dressed, well-educated, polite, single, and straight.

e.g., He looks like Tom Cruise, dresses in Armani, has a law degree from Harvard, sent me flowers, and he asked me out Friday. I think he may be a unicorn.

submitted by Stephen Mize

unidexter - A person with only one arm or hand.

e.g., The Korean War unidexter had to salute with his left hand.

submitted by Deacon

unificator - A person who unifies. Unifier.

e.g., We must not divide what we have; we must be unificators.

submitted by Darin

unignorable - Something so obvious you can't ignore it, often something bad so people would want to pretend it didn't exist. | Someone really awesome who it would be outrageous to ignore.

e.g., It was unignorable that there was no way Ernest could get his job back. You can't tell the owner of the company "Up yours" followed by "Go eff yourself and the horse you rode in on" and not have repercussions. | "How was your date?" "She was … unignorable. That's as generous as I'll be. … Oh, what the hell. She was another linebacker, not at all like two blind dates I had where my dates were dolls. Married the first one inside a few months … and lived happily ever after, for fifty-two years plus. Lucky me. "The second got short shrift from me -- because I was hook-line-and-sinker gone by the time she showed up on the scene. The only reason I dated her at all was that I needed a date for a mandatory fraternity function."

submitted by wordgoat - (www)

unimumphos - A person or reference to a person unable to speak clearly enough for others to understand. Speech usually has one or more attributes such as low volume, mumbling, allowing speech to fade into silence during a thought, mispronounced words, unrecognizable sentence structure, and rambling without direction between multiple subjects. Very common habits of such ones include turning away from you when speaking under noisy circumstances, not moving the lips much while talking, moving the lips while not talking, looking at others while engaging you in conversation, and interjecting loud or jolting unintelligible words into your own remarks.

e.g., I just can't make out what that unimumphos Mr. Bazer is saying most of the time.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

uninformation - (n.) 1. Irrelevant information; 2. Gibberish, especially incomprehensible instructions or jargon (such as legalese or computer instructions); 3. The specific information someone lacks; 4. (facetiously) Information which, once it is learned, is believed to lessen one's overall intelligence. [Analogy with "disinformation."]

e.g., "Okay, read that last part again: 'the croyzendicator, assuming it has been set for hendershott operation, amplicores the shillendroj gorbrashically?!' What ...? does that even MEAN anything?" "Nope. I think it's uninformation." | "You know, Einstein never studied botany. You might say that vegetation was his uninformation." | Sherlock Holmes claimed that knowing that the Earth orbits the Sun took up brainspace for knowledge he needed in detective work: he considered it uninformation.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

uninsaucerated - The feeling that you get when you see a UFO.

e.g., I feel just like Roy Neary did in Close Encounters of the Third Kind -- uninsaucerated.

submitted by Angela Berry

uninvisible - An adjective I created to best describe a person who may choose to think or to feel obscure, hidden, unseen. When in contrast, such a person is in fact noticed, indeed observed, seen! Thus: uninvisible. {ED. Thank you for using standard English.}

e.g., My confidante J.D. , likes to blend into the crowd, to people watch, etc. Due to a lack of response from others, he's told me he is invisible! Because I keenly get his vibe and I feel certain others may as well, I've often reminded him that he is not as invisible as he may think, that he is uninvisible, as he got my attention! And may get yours, should you have such encounter.

submitted by Angie Hart

union school - What used to be called public schools should now be called union schools because they're controlled by unions, mainly the NEA.

e.g., The primary interest of those running union schools is not the well-being of students but the well-being of administrators, teachers, and various hangers-on. | Fortunately for my six-year-old grandson, the teachers at his private school had the good sense not to "arrest" him and charge him with sexual assault and battery when he pulled down the pants of a six-year-old girl after hearing a teacher say the little girl had "ants in her pants." He thought he was coming to her rescue. If he had been going to a union school (especially one in California), he might have been subjected to an inquisition -- and then listed in a sex offender registry for the rest of his life.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

uniquify - to make disctinctive, unequal

e.g., By making him wear a pink shirt, Jim's mom was able to uniquify him from the rest of the boys.

submitted by Michael

uniquity - The attribute possessed by persons or objects that are unique. Synonym for uniqueness, but more pleasant on the palate.

e.g., The uniquity of individual snowflakes is a certainty, but it has often been disputed by raindrop activists.

submitted by Charles

uniquity - The sin ("iniquity") of being unique. Coined and recoined numerous times, obviously, it is also unfortunately the name of a design group and a business management software suite. The word, which marries "unique" and "iniquity," deserves a non-business use.

e.g., She was the odd girl out, and so was quite naturally persecuted for her uniquity.

submitted by Wirkman Virkkala - (www)

unirational - Rational -- but rational about only one thing.

e.g., No, she's not completely irrational -- she is unirational. She maintains a healthy diet, but that's the only thing she does in moderation.

submitted by Miss Speller

unirule - 1. (n) A rule regarding uniforms, dress codes, etc. and their specific requirements and regulations 2. (n) A punishment given due to a violation of a rule regarding uniforms, dress codes, etc. and their specific requirements and regulations. 3. (v) To punish for a violation of a rule regarding uniforms, dress codes, etc. and their specific requirements and regulations.

e.g., 1. We looked in the student handbook to see if the school shoes were acceptable according to the shoe unirules. 2a. Chris received a unirule for wearing the wrong type of pants to his private school. 2b. The dean of students issued unirules to the students because their oxford shirts were untucked after gym class. 3. Aargh! I got uniruled. I have detention all next week.

submitted by Ellie

unit - Cool.

e.g., Ice Cube is unit.

submitted by ditnis

unit shifter - A pop act whose entire purpose is just to sell units (records) and not contribute to the sum of musical heritage. Usually manufactured by a record company.

e.g., Origin: press release for Jamie Cullum's album Pontless Nostalgic by Marc Connor of Air: "As the pop charts drown in a morass of manufactured unit shifters...the kids are looking elsewhere for their musical fulfilment."

submitted by Alan Morrison

unitask - To ignore other things needing to be done so that the current job can be completed both properly and timely.

e.g., I block out my phone, people trying to converse with me, and all other background noise while I type; I can only get it done if I unitask.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

unitask - To ignore other things needing to be done so that the current job can be completed both properly and timely.

e.g., I block out my phone, people trying to converse with me, and all other background noise while I type; I can only get it done if I unitask.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

united nations children's fund - UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund, formerly United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF - now United Nations Children's Fund) works for children's rights, their survival, development and protection, guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The UNICEF is a United Nations Programme headquartered in New York City, that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. It is one of the members of the United Nations Development Group and its Executive Committee.

e.g., Donate to help United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) meet the urgent needs of children.

submitted by Laginto

united statesian - American, the sort of thing someone who thinks it's arrogant to call herself an American might say. United Stateser.

e.g., I am a native United Statesian.

submitted by HD Fowler

united-statesican - (n.) 1. A deeply patriotic person from the United States (although calling someone a United-Statesican appears to connote a healthy percentage of what Sean Connery's Marko Ramius (in_The_Hunt_for_Red_October_) calls "buckaroo"-ism);(adj.) 2.a. Of or pertaining to the ardent patriotism reified, embodied, and exuded by United-Statesicans; 2.b. Of or pertaining to United-Statesicans; 2.c. Of or pertaining to the United States (with connotations of great patriotism).

e.g., My father is a dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying United Statesican.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

unitomaximus - A Female, with a perfect body.

e.g., You have a Unitomaximus

submitted by Patrick

units - Parents. Short for parental units.

e.g., He'll have to ask his units.

submitted by Magda Wojtyra - (www)

universe - What you say to shut up a meaningless and exaggeratory argument, on the theory that if it's of the format "my cat is as big as a house!" "well mine's as big as a city!" etc., then the end-point of such a discussion is reached when someone invokes the universe. can be used by someone involved in the argument or a bystander. invented by my friend paul, who is too unenlightened to post it himself.

e.g., A: "My car's older than my mom." B: "Well my car's older than Winston Churchill." A: "Oh yeah? My car's older than the Napoleonic wars." C: "UNIVERSE!"

submitted by camille

univore - An eater who finishes one thing on the plate before going on to the next.

e.g., You got him dead to rights. Kevin has been a univore all his life.

submitted by Karen MacPhadyen

unka-tunk - The way in which one person is related to another by having been intimate with an intermediary third party.

e.g., So you're telling me that I'm unka-tunk to have the frat brothers on campus since Julie and I got together? That's nasty.

submitted by Adam

unkus - What happens to your body and your mind when you're frustrated and you feel as if you could kill something. Used frequently by my older sister when we were growing up in the sixties.

e.g., Little brother, would you stop eating off my plate. You're giving me the unkus.

submitted by Paul Barriscale

unlax - Unwind and relax.

e.g., Why don't you sit down and unlax for a little while?

submitted by John F. Martin - (www)

unlikely - Word submitted is "UNlikely," as in United Nations. UNlikely = likely, the way the UN General Assembly and its subordinate bodies are run almost exclusively to the detriment of the United States.

e.g., If you think no such thing can happen -- or that it is UNlikely to happen -- think again.

submitted by HD Fowler

unliminal - Opposite of subliminal. Particularly pertaining to advertising or shouting out messages.

e.g., Their advertisements are unliminal. They say, "Buy it now, you know you want it and it's the best."

submitted by Robert May

unline - Not on line, out of line, unfairly bust into line, any of the imaginary lines on the Earth (geographic, political), something not a part of the party line.

e.g., We were officially informed unline by courier that unline deviation from orthodox dictum is not to be tolerated, unless perchance you live on the other side of the hill.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

unliterate - Illiterate.

e.g., I can't read or write nuthin'; therefore, I'm unliterate.

submitted by Swive - (www)

unlockeddooraphobia - Fear of car doors being unlocked while driving down a highway at high speeds.

e.g., John, lock the car door. I have unlockeddooraphobia.

submitted by chad

unlucky buddy - Standard response when someone tells you/complains about some misfourtune that has befallen them; that you really couldn't care less about (always said sarcastically)

e.g., Jane: I dropped my pen down the back of the couch. Rob: Unlucky Buddy

submitted by Flutterby

unluckyinternetism - What you're experiencing when you always go on a computer where Internet access is exceedingly slow.

e.g., Damn it, I've got unluckyinternetism.

submitted by leeleebigc

unmature - For one who is mature but acts immature.

e.g., You can tell those brainaics are just being unmature

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

unmesh - "The opening of eyes. It is verily, expansion of the cosmic consciousness, which helps a seeker to understand the status and dynamics of 'will, knowledge and action.' It is an experience of a mental state, which can be characterised by the subjective and objective understanding. For the readers, force behind 'Unmesh' is a sanction from the eyes of saints and seers, who identified themselves with the triene of time, place, and situation. It is a timeless knowledge, which is pure in 'thought mind,' surveying the global view on the basis of reason and intellect." (ED. God, I hope this made the submitter happy. "It gives me sharp and shooting pains to listen to such drool.")

e.g., "All the murky clouds tend to change the human destiny, but Unmesh, the early dawn leads us to see what is substantial, within the framework of our mental set-up."

submitted by Unmesh - (www)

unnessory - An item purchased in a knick-knackery or other gift boutique that you don't actually need. Often used to add a "touch of character" to a room.

e.g., My buffet table is so filled with unnessories that I can't even dust.

submitted by Vanessa

unnouncement - A trivial and often self-aggrandizing announcement.

e.g., Bumper sticker: My child achieved adequacy at West Middle School. Corporate press release: SupplyPro Announces Selection of New Executive Vice President of Business Development.

submitted by Todd Federman

unnovation - The opposite of innovation.

e.g., In a stunning example of unnovation today, General Motors released plans for their electric concept car, rather than unveiling or release an actual car.

submitted by John Martin - (www)

unobtainium - Refering to something (or someone) out of one's financial reach; impossible to attain, so why are you trying?

e.g., I know you like her, Bob. But she's pure unobtainium.

submitted by Bob again

unobtanium - Seemingly first used by Jim Getty, a hand-held PC engineer at a large company. Referred to an ultra-cool product that wasn't on the market yet, but could be applied to any kind of product that is so absolutely cool you fear it will never be available to the common consumer.

e.g., Did you see that wireless, flat-panel 20-inch monitor? Hope it's not unobtanium -- I want to get one.

submitted by Garret Thomson - (www)

unonymous - To be known of, or noticed by, many. Pronounced the same as anonymous, but used as its antonym. Unnonymous.

e.g., Being naked in a crowded public place can be nerve wracking because it's impossible to be unonymous. | Having your name and photo plastered all over town makes it pretty easy to be unnonymous.

submitted by Nathan Aschbacher

unpark - To pull out of, to leave or get out of a parking spot or place.

e.g., I unparked my car, then unpacked the groceries.

submitted by Rebecca

unpause - To cause a device, software program or game to no longer be in a paused state, as concerns playback (of audio, video, or media) or video game state.

e.g., After hanging up the phone, Michael unpaused his game and continued where he left off.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

unpheromones - the seemingly odorless scent a person gives off that unconsciously and without fail repels the opposite sex--and even luck itself.

e.g., John's unpheromones got him fired from work and dateless for the prom. Unpheromones get particularly bad in college.

submitted by duncan

unplan - Drop or discontinue a plan or plans.

e.g., We had to unplan a great trip to Tannu Tuva this spring because of an unplanned baby already in the making.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

unplanned babyhood - No one planned for the blessed event from the moment of conception till well after the emergence of the inevitable consequence, such as me. No one seemed to know quite what to do, so they played it by ear, as my cries of hunger or being soiled or needing to be held were loud and insistent.

e.g., I think that unplanned babyhood may have been the beginning of the end. A boat without a ruddy ruddy has trouble going anywhere. As a twig is bent in the bow, so grows the tree. Request more enlightened consideration and treatment of the young and infant child must certainly result in much improved outcomes and satisfaction.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

unpop - The phenomenon where something is only good when it's unpopular. As soon as it is popular it is no longer cool. Commonly associated with musicians and bands. but can be used for other scenes as well.

e.g., That lame game is only good because of how unpop it is.

submitted by Luke

unprise - Acting surprised, when, in actuality, you knew all along.

e.g., When I unwrapped the CD I got for Christmas, I was unprised.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

unpunishment - This is when a parent or other authority figure rewards when they should punish to prevent spoilage.

e.g., After she smashed up her car, got caught driving drunk, and kept on drinking, her unpunishment was just to be yelled at and get an expensive new car.

submitted by George Edward Purdy - (www)

unpunkable - Reserved, off-limits to others. Antonym: punkable--open, fair game.

e.g., This seat is unpunkable. I'll be right back.

submitted by i_monk

unput - The kinds of info you are usually given by people who think they are smart but are not.

e.g., Thanks for the unput, Mem.

submitted by Memory Servesme - (www)

unpuzzler - The broken chips that you can't find a match for in the bag.

e.g., My bag of chips is full of unpuzzlers.

submitted by todd & shaw guidi

unradioable - (of speech) Unfit for broadcasting on the air, usually due to vulgarity or use of foul language.

e.g., Yes, I used some unradioable vocabulary in the locker room, but let's just say I let the players know that their performance that night was unacceptable.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

unreality check - A check of your friends or neighbors. An unreality check applies only to others, of course, the misguided and misinformed. And there are so many of them. It's easy to see in others, especially in contrast to one's own clear vision that penetrates everywhere and provides actual clear-cut answers to everything. Check and see the error in others; pity the poor blighters.

e.g., Martha, come over here and take a look at this. I think Chris next door is doing an unreality check on us, the sorry bastard.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

unridiculous - Absolutely normal, worthy of consideration; within reason; a conventional dress or behavior.

e.g., As always, Philip gets the girls -- situation unridiculous.

submitted by monster zero - (www)

unsane - Beyond insane, more extreme than insane.

e.g., This website is absolutely unsane.

submitted by Lindsey

unschnoodlenugen - "I don't know (or understand). Please explain."

e.g., Ekat: Do you know why shy rabbits hop? Kandy: Unschnoodlenugen.

submitted by Ekaterini

unsensatock - When someone is talking nonsense she is talking unsensatock.

e.g., Your parents are talking about moving. You walk up and say, "That is unsensatock -- I don't want to leave my school."

submitted by Jess

unshushable - in a movie theatre, when a person will not stop talking, even when asked to stop. a group of such people are known as the unshushables.

e.g., i couldn't enjoy the film at all, due to the unshushables behind us.

submitted by ryan - (www)

unsightful - A term, generally used sarcastically, to indicate that another's comments are ridiculously facile and tedious.

e.g., Your thoughts on the iconography of hair are remarkably unsightful.

submitted by Tom Coates

unsignatural - Not forgery, but anything else you sign as your name other than your name.

e.g., The guys at the paint store know I always write something unsignaturally on my invoice in order not to allow others to see and thereby use my actual signature, and, that my unsignatural is always something new. If someone were to actually sign my name, they therefore would know it is not me and can chase the perpetrator out of the establishment with a five gallon stir-stick hollering, "citizen's arrest, citizen's arrest!" {ED. So that's what the illegible scrawl I use on most documents should be called. I'm with you. If "my signature" is anywhere close to legible, it wasn't written by me.}

submitted by steve zihlavsky

unsilenceable - An outspoken person, usually in politics or in organizational life, one who can be shut down neither by carrot nor by stick. They say what they think and let their heart and soul speak out loud with no terror of being shut down.

e.g., She is amazingly an unsilenceable voice. No matter what her boss does or offers her in an attempt to buy her silence, she never bends or keeps quiet. Ed. My daughter is like that. She got fired for insubordination. I couldn't have been prouder of her given that what her boss told her to do was unethical.]

submitted by Abderrahman Hassi - (www)

unsitely - Something of questionable to dubious to poor taste posted on a website.

e.g., Emilou Herbingminger's reply in response to Harvy Smedlap's overture was simply unsitely.

submitted by John Breen

unsketch - The opposite of sketch(y).

e.g., Your Susan Day joke was the ~unsketchiest I've ever seen. Oh, who the fug is Susan Day?

submitted by Philip Meehan

unstable - Someplace other than the stable, not in the stable, not at home.

e.g., Yew must a forgot that they done sole ole Horsecents, thats why theyr unstable from now on. We showed up at the appointed time and place but alack, the whole fam'ly appeared to be unstable, which we would never allow to happen, us being gentle folk of quality..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

unsuitiballistic humicide - Hara kiri performed by a clown by shooting herself from a circus cannon into a wall without donning her clown attire.

e.g., Chris said if she doesn't see more of the profits at the next carnival it's unsuitiballistic humicide for her.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

unsult - A well-meaning compliment that sounds like an insult or a passive-aggressive or backhanded compliment.

e.g., Jane unsulted Jim today. She told him that he looked better today than he normally does.

submitted by Joe Booty

unsuperb - Terrible, not in the least bit superb.

e.g., I could not believe how unsuperb the book was, could you, Nicole?

submitted by ali

unteresting - The opposite of interesting.

e.g., Give me more time and maybe I can think of something other than this unteresting example.

submitted by Penny Couch

unthaw - To refreeze thawed meat.

e.g., We decided not to eat the steak after all, so we unthawed it.

submitted by Michael Kivari

untoon - To untoon an image is to change it from its cartoon-like appearance to a somewhat more lifelike representation. {Duplicate.}

e.g., I ran across an untooned image of Jessica Rabbit shortly after I read about the woman who had six ribs removed to make her look more like Jessica Rabbit. Sure hope her bizarre move helped her find gainful employment. Click on the image to get to some before and after pictures of Pixee Fox. Unless my eyes deceive me, she had more surgery done than just having six spare ribs removed. … Ah, yes, the second ghit tells more about what she had done. Labioplasty, anyone?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

untooned - A photorealistic rendering of a cartoon character as if the character lived in the real world.

e.g., Despite its looking like a photo, that is an untooned image of Eeyore (or Jessica Rabbit, or Popeye, or The Pink Panther or. . . .).

submitted by Hap

ununderstand - To unlearn something or to obscure or to recognize that you are being misunderstood or not understood.

e.g., I can see from your vacant stares that I am making myself ununderstood.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

unvendable - The inability to use a vending machine, either from not having enough change or too large a bill.

e.g., I really wanted a soda for lunch, but a $20 makes me completely unvendable.

submitted by Sam Spade

unvent - To negate the invention of something; to do away with technology we're better off without.

e.g., Don't you wish the nuclear bomb could be unvented?

submitted by Rick Smith

unvincibled - When someone thinks she is invincible, but is eventually proven wrong, often in an embarrassing or humiliating way.

e.g., Chris used to think he was invincible in the boxing ring . . . until I unvincibled him.

submitted by Chris Russell - (www)

unvitation - An empty invitation, an invitation given that you are not meant to (or wouldn't want to) accept.

e.g., My ex-girlfriend sent me an unvitation to her birthday party at her fiancee's house.

submitted by Bob

unwin - (n.) a prosaic, often disappointingly banal, explanation for something (process, arrangement, event, etc.) to which one has attached some greater meaning; 2. (v.) to point out or inform someon of the banal and prosaic origin of something to which they had attached some meaning.

e.g., THE TRILOGY UNWIN: Everyone seems to think fantasies just sort of fall into trilogies; in reality, however, the fantasy trilogy was created by the publishing company of Allen & Unwin who worried that JRR Tolkien's six books were each too small to be published alone but that three together would make too big a volume -- so they created the "LotR Trilogy," by selling two books as 'The Fellowship,' two as 'The Two Towers,' and two as 'The Return of the King.' It wasn't magic; it was marketing.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

unwinese - Gobbledegook invented by the late, great Professor Stanley Unwin.

e.g., The album "Ogdens Nutgone Flake" is narrated in Unwinese.

submitted by Adam Leslie

up - To raise, to increase.

e.g., By the end of the week, Sally felt that she should "up" all of her employees wages by two cents.

submitted by Uncle Slam

up for a good sloshing - Going to get drunk.

e.g., "Hey, what're you doing tonight, Lauryn?" "Oh, I'm up for a good sloshing."

submitted by lauryn

up in this piece - Used to mean in this area, or building.

e.g., There's all sorts of people up in this piece.

submitted by Zak

up the ziggurat, lickety-split - Phrase coined by Arnold Rimmer, meaning to get promoted or climb the ranks.

e.g., First I'll pass this exam, then it'll be up the ziggurat, lickety-split.

submitted by Alex

up to new jersey - People in NH and ME say they are going "up to NJ" which makes no sense to people from NJ who say they are going up to NH or ME. By the same token, no one from NJ can understand why ME is called "downeast." However, people from the upper Hudson Bay, or the Arctic Circle, or Northern Alberta understand that ME is "downeast." I am not sure why this helps understand "up to NJ," though.

e.g., John Momo, who was in from New Hampshire, asked George Di Maggio if he was going up to New Jersey for the holidays.

submitted by george kelly

up to, down to, over to - Occasional dialect use of "to" meaning "at" in these structures, up at, down at, over at (a place).

e.g., We're off to fetch some fresh rotgut over to brother Barleycorn's still. They're having an old fashioned hoedown Friday evening down to Reichwein's barn. We're takin' fresh picked wild flowers to Ma and Pa today up to the cemetery on yonder knoll.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

up-against-the-wall-nut - Perhaps a minor fetish of sorts, someone who loves to hear and see "Up against the wall" and the resulting frisking.

e.g., My cousin is a real up-against-the-wall-nut. I think that's why he tries to get arrested so often.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

up-dump - To drop, flip, or lose grip on a container in which things are organized in a particular way, causing everything inside of it to fall out of place.

e.g., When Erin Marie got home from cake decorating, her dog jumped on her, causing her to up-dump her box of decorating tips.

submitted by Erin Marie

up-talk - Up-talk is just a language. Here's how to speak it. My name is Jeri, so in up-talk it is Jop~e~Rop~i. A bop scop dop e fop gop hop o jop kop lop mop nop o pop qop rop sop top u vop wop xop yop zop-- your abc's in up-talk.

e.g., I know how to speak up-talk. Here's my name: Jop~e~rop~i.

submitted by jeri

upadate - Update. To accommodate a typing error I make frequently.

e.g., The phobias entry will get me back to my canonical list of phobias -- and I'll be upadating the entry over time.

submitted by Miss Speller

upair - Upair is Southern for up there.

e.g., Q: Where's the dust jacket for my book? A: Upair on da sheff.

submitted by Sharr

upazooty - A sickness or illness.

e.g., Kevin couldn't make it to the game since he came down with the upazooty.

submitted by Sue Wortman

upchuckle - The result of laughing so much that you vomit.

e.g., I'm such a mediocre comedian that many in my audience upchuckle.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

upcrease - Increasing, especially in frequency of occurrence, but with a more correct directional grammar prefix.

e.g., The use of "upcrease" is on the upcrease.

submitted by Ben - (www)

updatable - The ability of something to be updated. The spelling follows the syntax of other forms of the word such as updating and updated. Could also be spelled "updateable."

e.g., This database is updatable, but I have nothing more to add.

submitted by Clint Morgan

updateulate - To update or populate a database. Used in code comments when you do not know what exactly you will be doing.

e.g., Need to updateulate the items table with incoming data.

submitted by atomicfroman

updation - The process of updating documents, traffic reports, statistics, etc.

e.g., This traffic updation was brought to you by kaybay94.5.

submitted by Smita Rao

updog - A word to describe something spilled on an article of clothing.

e.g., Oooh, you got updog all over your self.

submitted by ben moore

upectomy - Removing the UPC from a product package, generally for rebate submission.

e.g., Although the surgeon lost his license to perform traditional surgery, he was still able to perform an upectomy when necessary.

submitted by Robert Boudrie - (www)

upgurgitate - Blend of "upchuck" and "regurgitate." When you're feeling down, the only way to go is up.

e.g., If you must upgurgitate, please go do it on the lawn.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

upha - Unimaginative, pointless, humourless, acronymizing.

e.g., The EU just cannot stop upharing its way through FP and JHA.

submitted by William

uphangable - Able to be hung.

e.g., The showerhead is not uphangable.

submitted by Heike

upindicular - Perpindicular to a horizontal normal. Coherently exhibiting the properties of perpindicularity and verticality.

e.g., The flagpole was inserted in an upindicular orientation to assure proper presentation of our nation's symbol.

submitted by Robert Boudrie - (www)

upmwl - Untrained Puny-Minded Weak Liberals. Is there any other kind?

e.g., "Alva forgot that, in our definition of Hitler in the People's Glossary we had set a strict rule stipulating that 'any such discussions should only be allowed to Party-approved professors of progressive science,' so that untrained puny-minded weak liberals (UPMWL) wouldn't trespass into an ideological minefield and blow up the carefully constructed progressive defenses -- which is what Alva just did, being the aforementioned UPMWL.    We wouldn't be concerned with what's written in Alva's blogspeck if this was not a recurrent theme of many a diatribe issued lately by the UPMWL, from Alva all the way to George Soros."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

upngonepoofta - Suddenly disappeared.

e.g., I turned around and she'd upngonepoofta, to whence I had no clue.

submitted by ZenRhino - (www)

uppen - Raise, improve, put on, increase, grow up, lift up, pick up.

e.g., Please uppen the baby. She's been on the floor long enough today. | Our Amish neighbors are going to uppen a new barn today, all in the same day. | If you uppen your grades at school I'll give you an extra lollipop.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

upper topper flopper stopper - A device worn by women to prevent their breasts from sagging.

e.g., Mary spent all day at Victoria's Secret trying to pick out a decent upper topper flopper stopper.

submitted by Wycco's Dad

upper-crushed - What the upper crust become when they fail.

e.g., Headline: Upper Crust Become Upper-Crushed. Subhead: Denizens of Redneck America take great pleasure watching the upper-crushed fail in their efforts to stop President Trump. (Will their laughter be short-lived? The Shadow knows.)

submitted by Lillith - (www)

uppher - A person who deserts his partner when she reaches a high, usually in money, so he can make off with as much as possible.

e.g., She will die rich, because she always is an uppher.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

uppivozlu - Uppity, contentious, quarrelsome, pushy.

e.g., He was an uppivizlu man.

submitted by Cerveau Radioactif

uproo - Opening a crisp packet upside down.

e.g., Uhoh, Walter just pulled an uproo.

submitted by Jonathan Bull

upscalator, downscalator - Up escalator, down escalator.

e.g., Take the upscalator to get to the top floor, the downscalator to get back to the first floor.

submitted by Capucine

upsell - To promote a company's newest or featured product while taking a customer's order.

e.g., When you take a customer's order, be sure to upsell fried oreos.

submitted by Zarthus

upshot-knothole - (interjection) an oath (as in swearing and cursing) which is satisfyingly nasty sounding (from the Upshot-Knothole nuclear-test series between March 17th and June 4th of 1953. Upshot-Knothole Grable is the best-known, although Upshot-Knothole Harry caused the worst fallout of the tests to fall upon those downwind)...maybe it really is a curse.

e.g., "What was that?!" "Some jerk just threw a brick through the window!" "Upshot-knothole!" "Yeah, with fries."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

upside - Slang. On. As in "upside your head."

e.g., I'm gonna hit you upside your head if you say your sister looks ugly again.

submitted by dust

upspeak - A speech pattern common to many Californians and young women in which a declarative statement is made with a "rising intonation" at the end making it sound like a question.

e.g., Andrea certainly has the skills to be a middle manager, but her constant upspeak makes her seem immature and unsure of herself.

submitted by david hanson

upstidian - An upstanding citizen. It was created and used by my friend Patricia 25 years ago in Banff.

e.g., Delicia grew up to be an upstidian, with three daughters, a husband, a house, and her name on the voter's list.

submitted by Cathy Echlin

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