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took her to school - Defeating a person thoroughly, making her feel inferior or childish.

e.g., I beat Harry in football so bad, I took him to school.

submitted by Akshay Anikhindi

tooken - Past tense of take. | Taken.

e.g., I would have tooken the exam, if I'd been on time. | I've tooken my baby boy in for charity care.

submitted by Jennifer DiCamillo | george l. kelly

tookuser - [took us er] From Yiddish: tuchus = ass, rear end. A tookuser is someone who is fond of buttocks.

e.g., I am a tookuser and when I die, I would like to come back as a chair or stool at V ass ar.

submitted by Frank Mandriota

tool - One who is useless AND idiotic in all aspects at any given time.

e.g., "That Tool isn't worth my time."

submitted by Sin - (www)

tool - From MIT. (v) To study. 2. (n) One who does nothing but study. Derogatory

e.g., (v) A. Hey, Patrick, you wanna go to the movies? Patrick: "No thanks, I've gotta tool." (n) Dan the Man is cool, he's nobody's tool.

submitted by Patrick - (www)

tool up - To prepare for an imminent conflict (competitive or violent) by overloading oneself with equipment. From the movie _Johnny Mnemonic_ (Ice-T: "You're toolin' up for an evenin.'")

e.g., Did you see that special forces soldier in the video? He was all tooled up.

submitted by Ike

toolacious - Behaviour or expressions that seem to have been performed or uttered by very stupid or unpleasant people.

e.g., Did you hear what he said? Absolutely toolacious.

submitted by Michelle

toolbar - Used to describe a dumb person, but specific to computer geeks.

e.g., That guy comes to the computer lab every day just to play tetris-arena. What a toolbar.

submitted by elvisMonkey

toolbox - Not capable of being classified as just a tool. More like a whole box full.

e.g., He's a tool. No, he's far worse. Chris is a toolbox.

submitted by Lamont

toolbox - Or "tool box." An extremely strong cocktail. Take 7 jiggers vodka, add a dash of orange Fanta and a single ice cube. Invented by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

e.g., Barman, mix me a Screwdriver. Better still, make that the whole Toolbox.

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

toolgasm - A combination of the word "Tool" and "orgasm" describing the point in a song or album by Tool when the listener achieves max listening pleasure. AKA the end of Eulogy where Maynard screams goodbye for 15 seconds or so.

e.g., Ed (to Todd): What's your favorite Toolgasm? Todd: my favorite Toolgasm is at the end of Eulogy.

submitted by Emrobin - (www)

toolicious - Something that is beyond delicious, too good for words.

e.g., The chocolate fudge cake was toolicious.

submitted by Bill Nielsen

tooliedingles - A remote area far from civilization.

e.g., They live out in the tooliedingles.

submitted by Susann Carrington

toolshed - A superlative form of "tool" -- one who is useless and idiotic in all aspects at any given time.

e.g., Patrick's anger was plain to see in his reply, "Brandon, stop being such a frickin' toolshed."

submitted by David - (www)

toonce - To pass something.

e.g., Please toonce the mashed potatos.

submitted by Dave Wetherby

toonifunkel - Cool, upbeat, chunky, etc.

e.g., The renovations in the moonbar are toonifunkel.

submitted by rebecca pak

toorak tractor - What a 4-wheel drive SUV becomes when driven by a middle-class city dweller -- who likes having the extra space and height, but doesn't want to drive anything as uncool and fuel-efficient as a minivan. (From the wealthy suburb of Toorak in Melbourne, Australia.)

e.g., I nearly got run off the road today by another Toorak tractor.

submitted by Wayne

toot sweet - Without delay. Commonly used in a command sentence. (The French phrase "tout de suite" roughly means "immediately.")

e.g., I want that room cleaned up, toot sweet.

submitted by Mike Sedita

toot sweet - From the French "toute de suite." The meaning of the French phrase is "all at once, consecutively," but the English meaning is "immediately" or "right away."

e.g., Don't be tellin' me you're fixin' to do it. Stop fixin' and start doin'. Toot sweet.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

toothanasia - Ending the life of a tooth suffering from a terminal condition; usually through extraction or a root canal procedure.

e.g., While Julie had loved the tooth for her entire adult life, she acquiesced when her dentist suggested toothanasia as the most humane way of solving the problem with the struggling molar.

submitted by Dave Violette

toothpaste and string - Something that breaks a lot is made out of this. Especially with electronics, because nothing that's electronic could actually work if it was made of toothpaste and string.

e.g., Their servers are made out of toothpaste and string. They crash hourly.

submitted by adam sontag - (www)

toothurty - Time to go to the dentist.

e.g., When do you plan to go to the dentist? At toothurty.

submitted by John Jeffers - (www)

toothy problem - The word is used for an enterprise which is facing a problem only due to its being new in any particular business.

e.g., Zee Telefilms has just launched its Internet services so it is more vulnerable to toothy problem of getting new customers.

submitted by Pratik Kothari - (www)

tootles, toodles - Another way to say "goodbye" but in a more "chip cherio" kind of way.

e.g., Well, thanks for inviting me. Tootles.

submitted by don Gatto

tootless fruitless - Unable to expel internal gases no matter how hard you try.

e.g., It's tootless fruitless, me gut is all in a roil from the pressure.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

tootspne - Singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to imaginary armadillos.

e.g., Cassie likes to spend her evenings tootspneing.

submitted by rakel - (www)

top - Kill.

e.g., "By being sterilised, for whom is the planet being saved exactly? Surely by being alive one is using up resources, so maybe we should all top ourselves to save the planet!"

submitted by [Rach, Somerset, UK] - (www)

top banana - Descriptive of something really impressive. | The one who has the lead role in an act or a play -- the banana who gets top billing.

e.g., That film was top banana.

submitted by Xnoybis

top billed - Prerogative of many great actors ( or stars) to have theirs names placed in the film credits above the names of other actors (some also great).

e.g., John Wayne, one of the greatest stars of all time, made pictures together with other great stars, but was always top billed over them.

submitted by Wilhelmina Plowes - (www)

top drawer - Classy, elegant, the best.

e.g., I love Prada boots. They are top drawer.

submitted by nitag - (www)

top submitter - One who sends spinning tops to the PD.

e.g., Spinning tops tops spinning yarns, which is how I became the top submitter; I won by a thread.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

top submitters - ##########


submitted by HD Fowler

top the hate - To "top the hate" is to find something better to do with your time than be for or against someone just because she belongs to a particular category, class, or group.    

Intended to poke fun at those annoying, whiny bumper stickers that say "Stop the hate" -- as well people who go around protesting, "Stop the hate."    

The idea of the bs's seems to be that anyone who has any kind of antipathy or aversion to those favored by the bumper owner are out-of-line -- when, in fact, the bo's favorable view of a group may well make no more sense or be no more admirable than the "hater's" unfavorable view. The notion that all discrimination is bad is simply wrongheaded. For instance, think NAMBLA.

e.g., Sure, these guys are all pedophiles who've been convicted multiple times, but they also have malfunctioning frontal lobes and can't control their rape impulses. You need to top the hate.

submitted by HD Fowler

topatadie - Anything and everything, and everything but anything.

e.g., You are a topatadie. | I can tell time by looking at my topatadie on my wrist, and the whole world is just a big topatadie.

submitted by cherish potter - (www)

topato - A cross between a tomato and a potato.

e.g., I like to eat topato.

submitted by David Forquer - (www)

topper - Someone who always has it worse than you. As, when someone says she broke her foot, the topper claims to have broken her leg.

e.g., Ri

submitted by Ri

toppids - The top part of a carrot which no one ever eats.

e.g., Could you peel these carrots for me ... and remove the toppids, please?

submitted by Paul

topsamite - Cliquey, especially through verbal shibboleths. From "Topsam," an affected minority pronunciation of "Topsham."

e.g., When Charlie told me his name was pronounced "Shahliay," I knew I was dealing with a topsamite.

submitted by rayg

tora - (n.) An overbearing woman.

[From the Spanish toro "bull," with a feminine ending. Some will condemn the word as yet another put-down of strong women by men who fear them. But I know many many strong women. I also know various toras, all of whom seem to think that their femininity is somehow bad and that if they pretend to be masculine, it will somehow empower them. In short: I'm not against strong femininity; the toras are.]

e.g., "Wow. Your boss is a jerk!"
"Tell me about it: all she does is strut around chewing that stupid gum and talking like a drill sergeant."
"A total tora."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

torcher - Torture.

e.g., "Can you tell me where some of the secret bases are where President Bush torchers peaceful Muslims?" "If I could, would they be secret?"

submitted by Miss Speller

torchula - Cross between a torch and a spatula.

e.g., Erin: How did you cook those burgers so fast? Rick: My handy-dandy torchula did the trick.

submitted by Laura - (www)

tord - A slow and lathargic person resembling a tortoise; round in the mid-section with a small head and feet.

e.g., Chris is turning more tordly with every lick of ice cream he takes.

submitted by Mikey

tori speak - Speaking mysteriously, purposefully using confusing images and metaphors that only make sense when Tori Amos uses them as lyrics.

e.g., Quit using tori speak and say what you mean.

submitted by franklet - (www)

toriffic - Terrible and horrific.

e.g., A cow mating with a sheep is toriffic to behold.

submitted by nanon

tormentor of catgut - "Eighteenth century pejorative term for a fiddler."

e.g., "Bugsy Malone, known [to] his friends and foes as Tormentor of Catgut, did not take too kindly to being told that he was still tied to his mother's apron strings."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tormenture - To be used when neither torment nor torture is quite strong enough; generally applies to the feeling you experience in a dentist's waiting room.

e.g., The doctor was two hours late and the tormenture of waiting for the root canal was almost too much to bear.

submitted by Sharyl

tornado bait - Synonym for white trash, trailer trash, redneck, cracker, etc.

e.g., The guy that tried to steal my bike was tornado bait.

submitted by Rodney2

tornient - Mad, angry.

e.g., Chris was tornient again today. It's a regular thing with her.

submitted by Brandy 7th English

torrible - mixture of terrible and horrible

e.g., I feel so torrible today

submitted by Lee's Hunny

torschlusspanik - German idiom for the fear of being left out.

e.g., The look in the eyes of the last Survivor kicked off the island betrayed her torschlusspanik.

submitted by Joel Parker

tort - To beat up.

e.g., When he didn't give me the remote control I threatened to tort him.

submitted by mags

torte girl - A stalker. Crazy person who makes baked goods for you even though she knows you have a significant other.

e.g., I can't believe it. Torte girl left me ANOTHER cake on the front porch.

submitted by Goldie

tortfeaser -

Tortfeaser | Tortfeasor:

Most of the legal shows on TV are about grimgribbers and tortfeasers. The one that set the standard for others to follow was Perry Mason. Perry would normally find himself in court defending some putative tortfeaser; someone who was accused of 'murder with malice aforethought.' With a little bit of research into the circumstances and a clever approach to cross-examination, this giant of a grimgribber would prove that the real tortfeaser was someone else entirely. Justice would thus be done and the person wrongly accused of tortfeasing would breathe a sigh of relief. That kind of thing happens quite often in TV land and almost never in real life. A tortfeaser is, by the way, a wrongdoer.

e.g., "As Larry Humpledigger, peered through the glass at the police line-up, he had great difficulty picking out the tortfeaser who walked off with his pride and joy, a paint-by-numbers Picasso that until last week at the Christmas party had hung on the wall of the Tally Ho Ho Ho Tavern."

submitted by [Quipping Queen] - (www)

tortophobia - "Tortophobia" is the fear of being sued (a civil tort).

e.g., All this tortophobia has prevented real change from happening. The administration is basing their decision on an unfounded, irrational fear of being sued. To minimize the chance of being found liable or negligent, the administrators cancelled all field trips.

submitted by Shelley

torture-tex - A painful, abrasive fabric, often used for neck straps that are included with a new camera.

e.g., Mike: Dude, stop squivering, your neck is bleeding. Laurence: Must be the strap of my new D3 -- it's made of Torture-Tex.

submitted by Marsel - (www)

tos - TOS stands for Terms Of Service for AOL Instant Messanger. If you report someone to TOS she gets kicked off AIM. Can be used just to get rid of obnoxious people.

e.g., I'm gonna TOS this jerk if she keeps talking to me.

submitted by Rachel

tosh - Pretentious or silly talk or writing. Related to "pish tosh."

e.g., 1. What a load of tosh. 2. "I made pish-tosh sounds and wiped off my forehead with a bar-napkin -- the Gazoo was beastly hot on summer nights."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tossed - Drunk. Wasted. Trashed. Blitzed.

e.g., Last night, I got tossed, and spent the night hugging the porcelain queen.

submitted by Patch

tosser - An untrustworthy person. One who throws away treaties or agreements. One who abuses or neglects something entrusted to him. One who deliberately fails to complete his part of a deal.

e.g., He's a tosser, don’t trade with him.

submitted by Joel

totalgia - (total + nostalgia) - nostalgic aspiration for totality, unity with the people, national solidarity, traditional holistic values.

e.g., Many people in post-communist countries are suffering with totalgia, longing for the lost ideal of social equality. | Totalitarianism in Russia is only partly gone. It is still alive in totalgia, in nostalgia for the old Soviet superpower.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

totally goblin - In defense of European moog-based zombie-film soundtrack artist Goblin, the phrase "Goblin is awesome" was coined. Shortly thereafter, in order to drive the point home that "Goblin is awesome," the word "awesome" was simply replaced with "goblin." It is now shorthand for "awesome," or anything cool. "Batman" and "Vincent Price" are the next levels of coolness above "Goblin."

e.g., "Argento is totally goblin." "No, he's better than Goblin. He's Batman." "He's so Batman, he's practically Vincent Price."

submitted by Brent - (www)

totally otis - A person who is very intoxicated.

e.g., After Matt finished his seventh gin and tonic, he was totally otis. (ED. Depending on the time involved and on Matt's weight, that could be almost enough alcohol to put one in a coma, possibly even enough to kill. Excessive drinking is for fools only.)

submitted by ryan - (www)

totally pumpkin - The state of mind when one has been up too long and is not particularly intoxicated but starts to speak gibberish. An allusion to the Cinderalla fairytale.

e.g., Don't make fun of me. I got up at six this morning. At this point, I'm totally pumpkin.

submitted by Bobby

totally rufas - Radical, greatly above average.

e.g., Damien, your new bellbottoms are great. Totally rufas, my bro'. You are one cool stud muffin, dawg.

submitted by damien - (www)

totjectory - the unpredictable path of a toddler as he careens toward you at a mall or grocery market

e.g., I kept trying to get out of his way but I couldn't figure out that kid's totjectory. Now I've got strained peas on my pants.

submitted by Brad - (www)

totol - A totol is an alien coming from Totolar, the wild planet, neighbor of the Stromgols and the Mouns, in the Maniplouch galaxy. Characterized by their lack of reason and their inability to comprehend, they rely on their procreation skills.

e.g., Don't worry captain Zgrobald, it's just a totol.

submitted by domu

totty - British word used to describe people who are physically attractive, as if they were a commodity. Traditionally applied to women, but increasingly popularly used to describe men.

e.g., "Look at all the totty in this place." or "That girl is top totty."

submitted by Wheeler

touchébag - A person who is always pointing out ones foibles and eccentricities in a humorous and cutting fashion.

e.g., Touché, Jim. You really got me there . . . you touchébag.

submitted by Hal Colombo

toucher - A toucher is anyone who makes a member of the opposite sex uneasy by either touching, staring, or saying something ... toucherish.

e.g., That guy looking at me--Chris? He gives me the creeps. I'll bet he's a toucher.

submitted by Jeffrey

touchhole - Sneaky way to call someone a "touchy asshole."

e.g., Honey, must you be such a touchhole about the TV remote?

submitted by Donna - (www)

touchous - Adjective used to describe a very tender or sore wound or injury. My father, from rural eastern North Carolina, has used this word as long as I can remember.

e.g., Even though it has been a week since I sprained my ankle, it's still touchous.

submitted by Dirk Laguna

touk - Another name for a ski cap; used almost exclusively in Northern New York State (i.e., the "North Country") and parts of Canada.

e.g., My ears are freezing; I need to put on my touk.

submitted by David Prosper - (www)

touque - Hat you wear in cold weather, usually wool Knit. (Canadian term.)

e.g., He made sure to put on his touque before heading out in the bitter cold for his Timmy's Coffee.

submitted by Peter Mihaichuk

touretspilepsy - Very simply, shaking and cursing to a violent degree. Tourettespilespy.

e.g., Bob is so mad right now, it's as if he has touretspilepsy.

submitted by Semi

tourettine - (Pronounced TOO-reh-teen (the first syllable is sometimes pronounced TOE-, and the last syllable is often said -tine); adj.) Of or pertaining to [what Hollywood clinomorphically labels] Tourette's syndrome: uncontrolled coprolalian outbursts or copropraxian gestures, including intentional outbursts [which is actually NOT a result of Tourette's, which is actually a very complex neurological disorder that only very rarely manifests itself in such outbursts, but the stereotype has been accepted by the masses (beginning with Bill Murray's_What_About_Bob?_) and we're apparently stuck with it, despite how utterly simple it makes us sound to the medical community.]

e.g., "Father Flannigan jammed his fingers against the rail on his way up to the Ambo, and we were all treated to a rather tourettine sermon---I found myself quite alone in the chapel after a few minutes."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

tourist - Being forced to do tourist things in your own town when friends are visiting from out of town. This especially applies in New York City, where your feet will practically fall off after a few days of touristing.

e.g., Vicica's in town from Guam and I've been touristing all week. I somehow ended up in Times Square ten times this week when I've done my best to avoid it my whole life. And midtown in general--friggin' midtown! Real New Yorkers don't go to midtown unless they're paid!

submitted by Jessica Piazza

tourist bomber - Used in Germany to describe a big plane filled with tourists, flying to a typical tourists' destination. Often used in a negative way by sophisticates.

e.g., I don't want to fly to the Carribean in a tourist bomber. Too many stupid people in there.

submitted by diana

tourist uniform - That special style of dressing that only tourists seem able to create. With occasional minor variations, generally includes shorts, t-shirt, brown leather sandals, camera around neck, a few layers of fat, and a horrific sunburn.

e.g., There go another bunch, all kitted out in their tourist uniforms.

submitted by Lisey

touron - "A NYC, NJ tourist, moron that summers on the east end of Long Island"

e.g., The yuppie tourons in the red BMW made a left turn from the far right lane without signaling.

submitted by Tom

touron - Vacationing tourists, commonly wearing fanny-packs and or plaid shorts, who spend a large amount of their vacations staring confusedly at rumpled city maps and guidebooks, crossing streets at random times, driving down one-way streets the wrong way, and frequently asking for directions or menu translations.

e.g., We watched the tourons exit the bus and ask the street vendor where the nearby cathedral was located, where the nearest McDonald's was, and where the hotel on their map could be found.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

tourrette tv - A television provider, whose programming is so upsetting that it makes viewers curse uncontrollably.

e.g., I'm sorry for cursing, Ma, but we ARE watching Tourrette TV.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

tousley - adj. - the epitome of perfection in a female body

e.g., Her body was so supple and tender with the perfect shape and proportions fitting the image of a Roman goddess that it could be described as tousley.

submitted by jli - (www)

towhead - A blond teenager with a large ring pierced through his or her nose or lower lip.

e.g., Did you bring any chains with you, Curtis? That towhead looks pretty well stalled out and probably could use some help.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko

town - To devour something voraciously, usually something someone else wanted

e.g., He really towned those Doritos and I wanted some, damn it.

submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

townie, towny - A person who wears only brand name clothing for younger people: Adidas, Puma, etc.

e.g., Look at that girl--Puma trainers, Puma trousers, Puma top and a Puma hat. What a townie.

submitted by Darqness

toxic sock syndrome - Common emergency medicine term for the shockingly fetid, stomach-churning odor that arises after removing the shoes of a hygienically-challenged patient. Interestingly, those inflicted with this malady remain completely immune, while anyone else within a one mile radius succumbs rapidly.

e.g., Would someone please move the patient with toxic sock syndrome to the isolation room and away from the nursing station?

submitted by Elizabeth Raju

toy - Novice graffiti writer.

e.g., John can't write that well. He's still just a toy.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

toyloture - The feeling of satisfaction a child experiences after receiving many toys.

e.g., After opening her many presents on Christmas morning, Susie felt an overwhelming sense of toyloture.

submitted by Delilah

tpt - Trailer Park Trash.

e.g., She's TPT.

submitted by Robie

tptb - The Powers That Be. Used to describe TV executives who make stupid decisions that fans hate, college administrators, idiotic bosses--basically anyone who forces an unlikable change on your life that you can't do squat about.

e.g., TPTB are bound and determined to make some shows fail by giving them timeslots from hell.

submitted by Shannon

trabermen - The small excess of stomach on women. not to be used to descrbie obese or even mildly overweight women.

e.g., She was cute, but what's up with the trabermen?

submitted by Scott G

track - Added on to any adjective to exaggerate how appropriate the description is.

e.g., A: Luke is so wonderful. B: No, Luke is wonderful...track.

submitted by samantha

track nazi - One who trie too hard at running, or trys to impose her running ways on others.

e.g., Pat tried to make me run 30 quarters with her. What a Track Nazi.

submitted by Port

tracket - Track jacket.

e.g., I dig that retro Adidas tracket. Do they have a model in a swacket?

submitted by Becks

trackiedeks - Training pants, gympants.

e.g., I just bought some new trackiedeks today.

submitted by shadowcat

tracky dacks - Australian. Tracksuit pants.

e.g., I don't like getting dressed up to go to the supermarket. I usually just wear my tracky dacks.

submitted by Wordslinger

trackydacks - Aussie slang for "tracksuit pants."

e.g., Get your trackydacks on, AB, we're going for a jog.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

tractortion - What happens when you're trying to write a word that has more than one spelling, and you use the wrong one.

e.g., Lisa wrote that she had seen a John Dear tractor, instead of a John Deere tractor, thereby committing a tractortion.

submitted by Lisa Anderson

tractory - 1. The path of a projectile along a straight or curved path. 2. Factory that produces tractors.

e.g., 1. The tractory of that spitwad nearly intersected the tractory of the janitor. b. I hope I can get a job at the new John Deere tractory.

submitted by robert - (www)

trade day - A day off from work achieved by trading hours with a fellow worker, as opposed to a regularly scheduled day off, or a paid vacation day off. This parlance is mostly found in factory-type jobs, where a timeclock is punched.

e.g., Terrell: I've got three regularly scheduled days off, plus I did two trade days with Mike, so I've got five days off in a row this week. Leo: Awesome.

submitted by Paul

trade oh-faces - To share an orgasm with a partner as registered by an "OH!" From the movie Office Space.

e.g., The date went well, but we didn't trade oh-faces.

submitted by Jim Lafferty

tradesman's crack - Same meaning as plumbers' crack, but applying to all people in the trades business: bricklayers, electricians, refrigerator repairmen, plumbers, carpenters, fat construction workers with jackhammers, and other labourers.

e.g., When Dan Aykroyd used to do the fridge repairmen skit on Saturday Night Live, everyone could see his tradesman's crack.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

traf - Traf, verb (back-formation from "traffic") -- to drive in heavy traffic, to be held in traffic, to trail in slow traffic.

Back-formation is the creation of a simpler or shorter form from a pre-existing more complex form: "edit" from "editor," "intuit from intuition." Now, "traf" from "traffic."

e.g., I traffed for an hour before I could get home.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

traffic jelly - (n.) As opposed to a "traffic jam," which involves lengthy periods of not moving, a "traffic jelly" involves a good deal of snailing (q.v.), but not really any stopping. [Analogy of "jam," which contains chunks of fruit, and "jelly," which does not. I suppose one could label traffic moving rather slowly than the posted limit, but never really erupting in the red light of frantic breaking, you might call it a "traffic syrup."]

e.g., Driving home from work on Friday, we were caught in a traffic jelly and spent two hours rolling at about 15 mph.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

traffical - Heavily trafficed.

e.g., The beltway was so traffical, it took me two hours to get to work today.

submitted by Killian

trafficated - Congested.

e.g., The highway was trafficated.

submitted by Kerin

traffickle - Describing a person, who's indecisive when it comes to which route is best.

e.g., When it comes to which road to take to work, I keep changing my mind. I'm traffickle.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

trafficous - For situations when the traffic is excessive.

e.g., I'm sorry I'm late. The roads were trafficous.

submitted by oliver brown

trafflicate - To run into. From a submittal by Miles Gavin. Googling turned up only one instance of the word's use: "We went into these rhymes, 'don't spifflicate my donkey/don't trafflicate my honky.'" The example came from Miles' submittal for "splinking & splonking."

e.g., "Because I was splinking when I should have been splonking, the morning ambulance in riot-mode trafflicated straight into my car."

submitted by [Miles Gavin]

trafflicate - To jump a red light.

e.g., Colin's silver Solara was written off when a taxicab trafflicated and slammed straight into him.

submitted by Miles Gavin

tragixmas - Feeling tragic because it's Christmas and you're just not designed to appreciate it.

e.g., Is the Christmas pudding yucky, or do I just have a bad case of Tragixmas?

submitted by Steve Newton

trahugeous - Tremendous and huge. From McAvoy.

e.g., The man was trahugeous--he blocked the sunlight completeley when he stood in the doorway.

submitted by a11an - (www)

traights - Traits, for straights.

e.g., I have a lot of old-fashioned traights -- being straight being one of them.

submitted by Miss Speller

trail mix - A term used to describe the dry, craggy, sun-baked complexion of an elderly individual.

e.g., Robert Redford is starting to look like trail mix.

submitted by mcalmore

trailer queen - A four-wheel-drive vehicle, usually a Jeep, that is grossly overbuilt to conquer rocks, valleys, and rivers; but, as a result, cannot be driven on regular streets.

e.g., Do you drive your Jeep to rallies or is it just a trailer queen?

submitted by Lee Traxler - (www)

trailerhood - The vicinity in which people in mobile homes live. Mobile home parks, trailer parks.

e.g., "They've just started a trailerhood watch where I live," said hhHeather.

submitted by hellahotheather

trailerhood watch - The nosy people watching what is going down in the trailer park. Sometimes "trailorhood."

e.g., Look out. Here comes the trailerhood watch again.

submitted by hellahotheather - (www)

trailgate - The party Alaskans have on the side of the trail along the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. May consist of grilled food, Alaskan amber, couches, sleds or snowmobiles to sit on, and lots of good friends bundled in warm clothing cheering all the mushers on.

e.g., My friends hosted a trailgate party along the ceremonial start of the Iditarod near Eagle River.

submitted by Kristi Monroe

train ride - What a woman takes when she goes someplace to accommodate multiple men. A variant is "She got run over by a train."

e.g., She took a train ride with the whole ball team.

submitted by Steve McDonald

train wreck - A person, object or action which is personally horrifying to watch, but at the same time impossible to avoid watching.

e.g., He was dressed so poorly, and danced so badly, that I couldn't help but stare at him all night. I hope that train wreck didn't think I was flirting with him.

submitted by Casey - (www)

train wreck - A hospital patient with multiple injuries or illnesses, whose poor condition overwhelms the heathcare worker caring for him.

e.g., Mr. Fiedler presented by ambulance with complaints of intractable vomiting, 104 degree fever, bleeding from the rectum, chest pain, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and right-side weakness -- a real train wreck. I sent him home, telling him to take two aspirin and get some rest.

submitted by Peg Clydesdale - (www)

traincation - A trip taken specifically for work-related training that is in a place that is more desirable than the office. Or, a course whose content can be learned while dozing in a conference room and fully utilized over beverages in the hospitality suite. Also refered to as a vacourse.

e.g., On my traincation in Orlando, I worked out our corporate alignment strategy on the golf course.

submitted by shannon fehr - (www)

trainspotting - Watching a DJ to see what records are being played.

e.g., Wanna do some trainspotting Friday night?

submitted by a trainspotter - (www)

trake - Faking sick to get out of a test, meeting, or other undesirable thing.

e.g., "I've got a huge functions test tomorrow, but I'll never get to study for it. I'm screwed." "Just trake and you'll be fine."

submitted by PPM - (www)

tralicious - Really cool.

e.g., Her new car was tralicious.

submitted by Bethany T

tram, to - The verb "to tram" is now the action of catching a tram to one's destination.

e.g., I am in the process of tramming to the city.

submitted by Alex Welsh

trama - A cross between trauma and drama. Usually attained through fake panic attacks when a person becomes too dramatic about a percevied trauma.

e.g., "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I got a hole in my jeans. AAAAAAAAAAGH!" "Quit being a trama queen."

submitted by Alice Malice

tramotional - Combination of traumatic and emotional.

e.g., My sister's trying to elope, my pet fish died, and I got fired. Basically, I've had a tramotional day.

submitted by Jan

tramp stamp - A lower back tattoo, usually intended to show with short shirts and low-rise pants or skirts. AKA California license plate. | A hickey.

e.g., Did you see that girl's tramp stamp? It went all across her back. | Chris must have been making out last night. Look at that huge tramp stamp on her neck.

submitted by Missy Bornhofer | Lindsey

tramulator - The farewell used when boarding a tram or the long forgotten and rarely used term for a Melbourne tram car, specifically Tram 57 to North Melbourne.

e.g., This tramulator smells funny and the people on it are strange. | I'm headin' off now, tram-u-lator."

submitted by Robyn taylor - (www)

trancendental - Re meditating while having your teeth fixed (sometimes a substitute for Novacaine).

e.g., That Musac was a great trancendental experience.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

tranche - Bailout talk. A real word: a portion of something.

e.g., Alexander Bolton | The Washington Times: “The two main principles are to inject more cash into the securities market and shore up home mortgages,” said Moran, who has been briefed on the proposal. “He thinks it has to be more direct than the government buying up tranches. He doesn’t think the government should be buying up toxic stock.”

submitted by HD Fowler

trandemonium - A state of elated sense of being.

e.g., Adam lived life in trandemonium.

submitted by Tim Garrison - (www)

trannyhoes - Transexual prostitutes. Rhymes with pantyhose.

e.g., Bob doesn't trick with the real girls, he pays extra for the trannyhoes.

submitted by Buck

tranqulibrium - the substance which induces sleep naturally through the spine, large amounts of this is a symptom of narcolepsy

e.g., People with narcolepsy have increased amounts of tranquilibrium in their spinal tap.

submitted by Jimmy - (www)

trans-apexual - One who has an identity problem due to his being short.

e.g., I've finally admitted to myself that I'm a trans-apexual. My conciousness has been raised. I'm joining the pro-tall movement. I'm not over 6'2", but I feel I was born to be over that height and a cruel trick of nature has denied me my essential being.

As a relative, close friend, or acquaintance, I ask that in the future you respond to questions on my height by responding that I'm "at least" 6'4".

I believe the US government Bureau of Standards must reform, so that society recognizes and accepts my apexuality in the terms in which I like to think of it. I see myself as really being 6'4" or 6'5". Certainly, those millions of others who consider themselves variously under-endowed when measured against the cruel and philistine standard of this worn-out, imperialist, monarchical, patriarchal, dead-white-male concept will also benefit from better and healthier self-image. I encourage you to write both your congressperson and senator, and demur on no opportunity to stand before a news camera to advocate and further this pressing item on the national social agenda.

I appreciate your sensitivity, understanding, and acceptance as I openly declare and try to become comfortable with my apexuality . . . shorty.

submitted by «Ed» - (www)

transambulate - To walk across.

e.g., In order to transambulate the bridge, you had to pay the toll.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

transanarratism - When, in a story, the narrator relays another narration (and another, depending on whether it was written by Conrad or not).

e.g., So Mabel says Ethel told Betty that Eunice lied to Susan, don't you know.

submitted by Ben - (www)

transanserine - Of or pertaining to someone or something on the farther side of a goose or geese. Opposite: cisanserine.

e.g., I'd have chosen the transanserine path, but there were, y'know, geese in the way; and we all know how aggro they can be.

submitted by Tama Boyle

transecute - (TRAN-sek-yoot; v.) 1. to follow through; 2. to fully complete an action once begun; 3. to take all the steps necessary after execution of some action or order. [From Latin trans- "across, through, beyond" + sequor "to follow."]

e.g., Remember, a good golf swing requires you to transecute the maneuver. || Don't just execute the will: there's a lot of account movement to take care of for the will to work properly after you're gone. Transecute the will. Don't forget.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

transfer - (v) Getting off yor butt and going somwhere else. Used by posh, well-off people.

e.g., Class, we're going to transfer down to room 22.

submitted by Jules

transferreted - Adjective: transported (by a ferret) from its proper place to the ferret's stash of stolen goods.

e.g., I thought my wallet had been stolen, but it was merely transferreted under the couch. Bandit looked so cute pulling out the credit cards.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

transglammed - To be screwed over badly.

e.g., "I've been transglammed," Josh said after Chris left him for good after saying she'd be right back. Not even a telephone call.

submitted by LS2

transgustation - Intentional transference of either a physical object or taste from mouth to mouth, usually while kissing.

e.g., While kissing, I transgustationized Jane by pushing a mint into her mouth.

submitted by Charlie

transidekan - (adj.; also "transidek," "trans[i]dekic," & "superdecimal") 1. of or pertaining to the digits beyond "9" in bases above 10. 2. specifically, of or pertaining to the six hexadecimal digits usually (and confusingly) represented by A, B, C, D, E, & F). Transdekan.

e.g., The transidekan numerals are Ђ "ten" or "dek"; §ª "lev" (or "lem"); the Elder Futhark rune jera (it looks like a < above and interlocked with a >) for "twef"; ¦Å (epsilon, essentially a backwards 3) for "deen" (i.e., thirteen); ¦Õ (Greek phi) for "shi" (i.e., fourteen)(Chinese for "four"); and ש (Hebrew "shin") for "kif" (i.e., fifteen). Hence the hexadecimal digits:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Ђ §ª ¦Å ¦Õ ש

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

transinflect - To apply the inflective characteristics of one language to another language's word. Compare to "transliterate" which means to represent the alphabetic symbols of one language to those corresponding symbols of another language based on phonetics. From Latin trans + de + clinare [across + down + bend].

e.g., The teaching assistant transinflected Ben's name by calling him Benissimo.

submitted by K. Alexander - (www)

transition - Making a transition. My English teacher hates when I use transition as a verb, so now it is.

(ED. It was, anyway. Refer your English teacher to Fowler's Modern English Usage: "After all, it is an ancient and valuable right of the English people to turn their nouns into verbs when they are so minded." What we need in our schools is more teachers and fewer pedants. We also need math teachers who do *not* tell their pupils, "There's no such thing as minus zero." For every number a, there's a number -a such that a + (-a) = 0. If a is assigned the value zero, then -a is minus zero. Enough said.)

e.g., I am going to transition well in my next English paper.

submitted by Cory Jones

transitmental meditation - The act of sleeping or zoning out while commuting on public transit ( bus, subway, rail) to get to and from work, shopping, or other errands. Usually best accomplished while sitting down, but some experienced "strap-hangers" can also do this while standing.

e.g., The lady across from me on the el had her earphones to her I-pod on, and her eyes closed. I'd say there was some real transitmental meditation going on there, wouldn't you?

submitted by Paul

transliterati - The self-important experts of transliteration.

e.g., The FBI spells bin Laden's name "Usama." I don't know how he spells his name in Roman letters or how the transliterati spell it, but most of the English-speaking world spells it "Osama," and the FBI would do well to get with the program.

submitted by Howard J. Wilk

transloquant - Of somebody who talks across rooms, instead of walking over to whomever she is talking to.

e.g., She's a very transloquant person.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

transmartiantrekvehicle - TMTV for short. Standard long range transportation carrier on and over the planet Mars. Extreme high speed, dependable, comfortable, safe. Extended excursions are readily available.

e.g., Hiking or hitchhiking on Mars is generally discouraged . . . unless you're very adventurous, very rich, with a lot of time on your hands, and plenty of carbon credits to use up. A special few are invited to see the whole the planet. For them, the transmartiantrekvehicle will get them there in a flash. See the USA in your Chevrolet. America is asking you to call.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

transmogrification - A real word, a useful word. Transmogrification: "the act of changing into a different form or appearance (especially a fantastic or grotesque one) ('The transmogrification of the prince into a porcupine')."

e.g., When presidential candidate obama said he wanted to transform America, a few of US sensed that what he had in mind was not a transformation but a transmogrification. Very, very few of US thought he would have the effrontery to do so in the way he's doing it -- with virtually no input from Congress. | A grass roots movement is underway to start referring to the changes obama is making by executive fiat as "a fundamental transmogrification of America" rather than "a fundamental transformation."

submitted by [Transmogriffrier]

transmorligronifier - Anything that makes something go faster.

e.g., My bike really flies now that I installed that transmorligronifier.

submitted by Dread

transmotional - The process of transforming someone's emotional state.

e.g., After a bad day at work, Roger decided to watch a funny movie because he knew it would be a transmotional experience.

submitted by allen klose

transondent - Describing a material or an object that transmits sound, analogous to "transparent" re transmitting light.

e.g., I heard every word she said because the door she was behind was transondent.

submitted by Glenn White

transonymy - (n.) (pronounced: tran-ZAH-nuh-mee) the action of calling a person a name of another gender, often as an insult.

e.g., We all enjoy driving Chris crazy using transonymy: he blows up when somebody calls him "Chrissy."

submitted by Duncan

transpearance - To arrive at an event and suddenly feel like you are invisible.

e.g., Susie made an unexciting transpearance at the party and stood by the punch bowl much of the night.

submitted by sam

transpeculate - (tran-SPEC-u-late; v.) 1. to speculate wildly; 2. to allow one's speculations to snowball into something akin to madness, obsession, paranoia, or delusion; 3. to assume premises or infer conclusions at odds with reality. [From Latin _trans_ "through" + _speculum_ "mirror"; as in Lewis Carroll's _Through the Looking Glass_. That is, _transpeculation_ is akin to presuming playing-card royals are homicidal megalomaniacs, that Boojums and Jabberwocks lurk around corners, and that eggs can discourse pseudo-metalinguistics from atop walls . . . . or that you listened to too much Jefferson Airplane back in the 60s.]

e.g., Transpeculation: "It should be obvious that the face on Mars has been destroyed by Illuminati Masons to divert the time-police investigation of their involvement in Tranquility-Gate (using funds allocated to the secret moon base where Santa Claus is being held captive) so as to bribe the mango monarch to assist them with time-travel technology in their planned assassinations of Marilyn Monroe, John and Bobby Kennedy, Elvis Presley, and Elizabeth Boop! How can you ignore something so obvious when it's staring you right in the face?!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

transpicuous - Real word: transparent. Easily understood; lucid.

e.g., "I cannot conceive of another political figure in whatever future America has left who will be as transpicuously dismissive of Americans as obama."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

transplendent - A great, real word: "resplendent to the highest degree." Called to my attention by an article about the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

e.g., "Resurgent Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein called it 'one of the best festivals in the history of Cannes.' Harvey would say that – he nabbed the rights to the best film, in the transplendent form of a silent movie called The Artist." | She turned 70 last Friday, but she remains transplendent going into her eighth decade -- second only to The Witch.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

transpo - Short for transportation. Invented by G Doug Bundy.

e.g., Hey, you got transpo to that gig Saturday?

submitted by Ben - (www)

transpocket - To transfer the contents of one's pockets from one article of clothing to another.

e.g., Diana's heart sank when she realized she'd forgotten to transpocket her lip gloss from her shorts to her suede pants.

submitted by Michael Lowry

transportate - A way to express that a person will be relocating themself herself by using a form of transportation.

e.g., Kiana transportated herself to the mall using Ramona's car.

submitted by Kiana And Ramona

transumerism - Consumer products and services targeted towards people in transit through airports, bus stations, and train stations.

e.g., Transumerism at its finest: Soon you will be able to rent a DVD and DVD player in New York, watch it on the plane, and turn it back in at Heathrow.

submitted by Chris Surguine

transvert - A psychological type that alternates between introversion and extroversion and combines features of both types. Latin: trans, across, over + vertere, to turn. Cf. introvert, extrovert.

e.g., I don't know who I am, an extravert or an introvert? Or am I a transvert? If so, then the entire classification crumbles. His life moves from one extreme to another, from complete self-absorption to wild partying at random places with random people. He is a typical transvert.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

transvest - A waistcoat that should be cut amply.

e.g., "You look very uncomfortable." "Yeah, they made my transvestite."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

transwestite - A term relating particularly to businessmen and women in western cities such as Dallas, TX, or Calgary, Canada, who affect "Western" or "cowboy" forms of dress--including cowboy boots and hats, bolo ties and bandannas. Also applies to people who dress Western when they go to cowboy-themed bars, despite never having been on a farm or ranch in their lives.

e.g., It must be Calgary Stampede time again. All the hotel bars are filled with transwestites.

submitted by Jane Farries - (www)

transylvanianesqueish - To do something vampires or other mythical creatures from Transylvania would do.

e.g., It's a full moon, so I can't wait to put on my vampire suit and go transylvanianesqueish.

submitted by Tim - (www)

trap - 1. An opening. 2. Mouth.

e.g., 1. Could you shut the trap? It's getting cold here. 2. Shut your trap. I don't want to hear another word from you.

submitted by Mabel N. - (www)

trapestry - mixture between travesty and tapestry. Once embroiled in a wild relationship full of deception which was both a rich tapestry and very unfair on me - ie travesty - lots of intricate lies and things going on. I thought this was actually a word but no one would beleive me not even the dictionary

e.g., that physco guy? no that trapestry of a relationship is well over

submitted by Brid

trapputay - Elegant and humorous at the same time.

e.g., Sharmeica showed up at the ballgame in jeans and stiletto heels. She was so...trapputay.

submitted by lauren1010

trapstick - Anything other than chapstick in a container that looks like it should contain chapstick.

e.g., Great. Now my lips are stuck together. Your glue is a trapstick.

submitted by AbsolutelyStark - (www)

trash - a description for someone who is losery or not good enough.

e.g., why do you like her? Brooke is such trash!

submitted by Sam - (www)

trash talker - Someone who swears a lot. (Has other meanings, as well.)

e.g., Chris is always talking trash.

submitted by Goron

trash-stache - A "cookie-cutter" mustache found on miscellaneous white trash persons, mostly males. Trash-stache subjects are often seen wearing aviator sunglasses, driving primer-colored vehicles, and loitering at cheap motels.

e.g., Jimmie can't go to the monster truck rally because he's busy trimming his trash-stache.

submitted by James Johnston

trashcan - Really bad.

e.g., Adrienne: How was that Pauly Shore movie you rented last night? Jacky: Trashcan.

submitted by Nick

trashstash - In reference to a very thin and sparse mustache often worn by adolescents.

e.g., Rob: "Looks like Nick is trying to grow a mustache." Aaron: "Nah, he's been cultivating that for months; it’s just a trashstash."

submitted by thebuysman

trashsure - Any discarded object that is of dubious value could be either a piece of total crap or that missing "thing" that will finally make your life complete. To be a true trashsure, the object must be confusing as to its function or why someone would ever own the object and then throw it away in the first place.

e.g., Check out this hot pink plastic stuffed rhino-head, Shelley. Can you believe that someone threw this out. It's just the trashure I need to complete my collection of ....

submitted by Jason Robert Bell - (www)

trashticated - To turn into trash.

e.g., Chris trashticated her parents' house when they were away on vacation.

submitted by biff

tratar - Another way of calling someone a traitor, usually said to someone who leaves a gaming clan.

e.g., You tratar! You said you would be loyal to this clan, tratar!

submitted by samira - (www)

traumoil - In turmoil, causing or leading to trauma.

e.g., As the anesthetic was started, she experienced traumoil because of her misgivings about the cosmetic procedure.

submitted by John Di Leo

traumpatiic - Traumatized by Trump, both politically and psychologically.

e.g., I have become traumpatic since I watched the first presidential debate.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

traunch - In segments or in parts; in a portion.

e.g., Our first traunch will equal ten thousand dollars and the balance will be paid out later.

submitted by Roger Ellsworth

traveler - Gypsy -- used by Brits. Heard the example as dialog in a British comedy action thriller, Hot Fuzz. A member of a nomadic people originating in northern India and now living on all continents. | A member of any of various traditionally itinerant groups unrelated to the Romani.| One who follows an itinerant or otherwise unconventional career or way of life, especially: a. A part-time or temporary member of a college faculty. b. A member of the chorus line in a theater production.

e.g., "On the eve of the adjudicator's arrival, some travelers moved into Callahan Park."

submitted by HD Fowler

travelicious - An adjective suggesting a great deal of travel.

e.g., I'm planning a travelicious summer.

submitted by Bob Moran

travenal - 1. (n) The union of two separate parts which results in improving the function of both parts. 2. (n) The product of combining two separate parts in harmonious union 3. (v) To combine two parts into one in such a manner as to improve each part.

e.g., As examples of travenals, I offer the following: a hooded jacket (warm hat + jacket = good winter coat); chocolate laxative (healthy bowels + great taste = healthier state of mind and body); earmuff headphones (warm ears + great tunes = happy people).

submitted by Annette Gravely

travished - Throttled, beaten by events, upset at the amount of time corrections will take.

e.g., I am travished by the amount of work I have to do.

submitted by Ken

travisle - To travel to an island.

e.g., Bobby and I are planning to travisle to Samoa for a yoga retreat.

submitted by Richard Buchanan

travok - The harmonic relationship between two or more mechanical objects that goes beyond physical design.

e.g., When two gears refuse to run together even though they were designed and made to run together, their travok is fubar.

submitted by Borsia Novak

traxxle - The last person in a slow-moving line or procession..

e.g., I can't believe Susan's luck. It appears that she's very familiar with being the traxxle in this situation; and if she continues to act this way, she'll be stuck in that position for a long time.

submitted by Terrence Waterjuice

trayvophobia - The irrational fear of people of color.  
The Trayvon Martin case highlights an issue that has never been addressed as completely as it should have been. I have had the experience of people looking their doors in the car as I walked by. The word and definition apply to anyone who reacts in a negative way. That includes a group of Asians reacting to another group of Asians.

e.g., The little old lady suffers from trayvophobia. | We need to help people that have developed trayvophobia.

submitted by Paul Sanford

treal - Unreal, or fake

e.g., That flower looks treal.

submitted by ~andrea~

treat - To advance, to move forward. Military.

e.g., Treat, men. Don't ever sound retreat.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

trebbing - The technique of jogging in a zig-zag fashion down a scree slope.

e.g., I looked through the telescope and could just make out two mountaineers trebbing down the scree.

submitted by Purple Martin

trebek - From the host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek. To appear highly informed and intelligent because you have the answers in front of you.

e.g., I had my PalmPilot in front of me for "taking notes" and I Trebek'd the whole interview. No, they didn't ask anything that I couldn't answer. | I went Alex Trebek and printed out all of the source code before the meeting

submitted by Cujo - (www)

treblistic - Used to name sounds, particularly songs, that are too high in pitch.

e.g., Jennifer Lopez's songs are too treblistic

submitted by Tom Watson

trechy - A person who is obsessed with both technology and Star Trek.

e.g., Jason spends all of his time with his fellow trechys.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

tredicate - A slow-driving older individual.

e.g., The tredicate in front of us is driving much too slowly.

submitted by Vito Carabetta

tree - To flirt or hit on someone. | Verb. To be made part of an e-mail tree or blog tree

e.g., Look at him, he's trying to tree every girl in here. | Sorry, kids. You're my son and daughter and you're treed for the duration. Making an issue of it or whining about it will do you no good.

submitted by Stan J | HD Fowler

tree hugger - A particularly extreme environmentalist.

e.g., Did you ever see that tree hugger who spent two whole years sitting on a giant redwood tree, so it wouldn't be cut down? If she had just worked those two years, she could have saved her money and simply bought a piece of land if she cares so much about the wilderness.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

tree jumper - A pervert who lies in wait for his victim, then attacks without warning.

e.g., Bobby told the other prisoners he was in for armed robbery, but everyone knew he was really a tree jumper.

submitted by Ty Evans

tree-fiddy | tree-fitty - Slang version of "three-fifty." Usually used to replace a price or other number. | Three-fifty, South Park style.

e.g., "Hey, Juan, how much money you got?" "I got about tree-fiddy." | I paid tree-fitty for that game.

submitted by Juan | Christie

tree-rat - Another name for squirrel.

e.g., That tree-rat is like his ex, picking up one nut after another and discarding it.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

treedog - A small, rodent-like creature, whose natural habitat is the tree. Otherwise known as a "squirrel."

e.g., My dog likes to chase treedogs.

submitted by Luis

treeware - Derisive term for the printed manual accompanying software. Especially apropos if the user prints said manual himself.

e.g., Sorry I was late to the meeting. Someone was printing the treeware for Photoshop Pro ... in color.

submitted by Martin

trek-positive - Someone (like myself) who's so into Star Trek that it's in his blood. This is a positive affirmation, not pejorative.

e.g., I'm Trek-positive and proud of it.

submitted by Alan Morrison

treknocat - One who is hip about outer space technology.

e.g., We need a lot more treknocats to get this space travel thing to get rolling.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

trelloise gruche - A load of rubbish, or something that's horrible.

e.g., I've taken the trelloise gruche to the wheelie bin.

submitted by Maggie

tremonjel - A catapult that uses a counterweight and a long sling to throw objects. Comes from an alteration of the word "trebuchet," a true historical catapult of the same type.

e.g., She used her tremonjel to throw snowballs across the playground at the college kids passing by the school.

submitted by Colleen

tremostrious - Loud, big, most tremendous.

e.g., The band was tremostrious.

submitted by steven moore

tren ja vu - To see a trend come back around.

e.g., OMG, I remember that skirt. I'm experiencing tren ja vu.

submitted by adona

trenched - When your partner starts arguing with you and you are passive, not arguing back, you are being trenched.

e.g., He sat there, just watching, while she trenched him.

submitted by Simon

trencherman -

A real word that whose use has, unfortunately, declined:

  • "noun tren·cher·man \ˈtren-chər-mən\ 1. a hearty eater 2. archaic hanger-on, sponger" |
  • "a person who eats in a specified manner, typically heartily" |
  • "1. a hearty eater. 2. archaic One who frequently eats meals at another's table; a hanger-on" |
  • "1. a person who enjoys food; hearty eater 2. archaic a person who sponges on others; parasite" |
  • "a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess."

The first example comes from a column by Wesley Pruden.

e.g., Cocoa husk custard probably won’t kill anyone, either, but it sounds like the dessert that Winston Churchill, a trencherman of note, once sent back to the kitchen because this pudding has no theme.

submitted by HD Fowler

trend porn - Media items based on trends that are overproduced to make as much money as possible while the topic or emphasis is "hot."

e.g., TV westerns were a 1950s trend porn.

submitted by David C. Morrow

trendalicious - When a new trend comes out that really is the definition of cool.

e.g., That, my friend, is trendalicious.

submitted by Chris Russell

trendasaurus - Someone who stubbornly holds on to a fad or trend, regardless of how out of date it is.

e.g., Stephanie's continuing to wear Chic jeans confirms her status as a trendasaurus.

submitted by Paul

trendency - Tendency + trend. Credited in an American Journalism Review article ( by Marc Fisher to Paul Harvey, long-time radio broadcaster.

e.g., 1. "This has to do with this town's trendency to think they like hip hop without ever standing up for it and understanding its importance." Posted by milesbonny at 2. "The chief one I've noticed is a trendency to insist that the theory of evolution demands _improvement_ generation after generation." Posted by Stephen Jones at

submitted by [Paul Harvey] - (www)

trendsend - When a new "trend" changes an already bad culture for the better. "Trendsend" is more often used as a matter of opinion.

e.g., I'm looking forward to the trendsend of people no longer wearing baggy clothing and caps turned backwards.

submitted by Chris Russell

trendsnob - /trend-snob, trenz-nob/ n.: a person who holds in contempt styles that are no longer in fashion and looks condescendingly on those who do not follow current trends.

e.g., I saw my childhood home listed on a real-estate website, and cried because some trendsnob ruined it with so-called updates.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

trendvestite - Somewhat fashionable, but with no discernible personal style. Dresses straight out of the catalogue. Only shops for clothing through vendors that use a catalogue

e.g., The average trendvestite is imagination-challenged where sartorial issues are concerned.

submitted by Gayle Hurmuses - (www)

trendy - 1. Self absorbed girl. Only interested in sales, brand names, hair brushes, and what colour nail polish to wear with that top 2. To be trendy. (plural) Trendys' (male equivilent) Spice boy

e.g., Those Trendys are heading for the sale.

submitted by Anna

trendy ten - On a scale from 1 to 10, not only a 10, top notch, the best, but also very fashionable or modern.

e.g., My wife's insignificant other (an ex) did not work out well in the sack or out of the sack either, but he certainly was a trendy ten. He looked and dressed the part of a movie star.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

trent - A learner driver, or more generally, anyone who appears to have got her licence out of a cereal box. From L-Trent Driving School (NSW, Australia).

e.g., Tim: Whoa, check out that dude up ahead. Dave: Yeah he's swerving all over the place. Tim: What a trent.

submitted by Coops

trepidatious - When you have trepidation, and you're nervous about something, you're trepidatious.

e.g., I'm a little trepidatious about meeting my blind date.

submitted by CJo

trequel - A trequel is the point in a movie franchise's life at which it either dies a horrible death or goes on to be a classic franchise such as the James Bond or Star Trek movies. For a movie franchise to last beyond three installments is unusual. Star Wars Episode III (or VI) and Lord of the Rings III are not trequels as they are part of a trilogy -- well, sort of for the space opera, as it's the third of a second trilogy in the saga.

e.g., The James Bond trequel Goldfinger firmly entrenched the martini-wielding Bond in moviegoers' minds.

submitted by Paul Watson - (www)

tres swank - Very cool. Best used in an exaggerated French accent. "Tres" can also be used with other words: tres cool, tres good.

e.g., My new computer is tres swank.

submitted by Ian Morrison

tresk - A tray under a desk.

e.g., Please put your books in the tresk.

submitted by Courtney 7th English

tress-trainer - An ornamental elastic band to fasten the hair in a ponytail, twist, or braid. A hair tie or ponytail fastener, especially the classic one consisting of an elastic band with colored beads on the end.

e.g., Mary Anne fished in her purse, pulled out a bright pink tress-trainer, and piled her blonde curls on top of her head.

submitted by Sparki

treth - It's like saying "both," but is used for three things.

e.g., I'll have treth the apple, orange, and the pear.

submitted by Danny Dean - (www)

trev, pike, pikey - Wear sporty or designer clothes only. Tend to look as if the entire pot of hair gel was emptied on hair--if they aren't skinheads. Aftershave you can smell from several metres away. White or fluorescent bright clothes. The fundamental difference between Trevs and Pikes/Pikeys is that Pikeys have attitude problems and often try to start fights by saying in an agressive tone "Wa'chu lookin' at?"--regardless of whether you're looking at them or not. Generally like either pop music or garage music--really, just anything that anyone else likes because they have no powers of free thought. A wild night out is one spent on a street corner or under a bus shelter drinking cider or Bacardi breezers. Anything else is too expensive or too alcoholic. Trevs and Pikes/Pikeys are now popping up in tops that advertise them as "Moshers" or "Rock Chicks." They obviously are not. You don't advertise who you are. You're just who you are.

e.g., Look, a bunch of Trevs and Pikes on that corner. Drinking cider. Course they are!

submitted by dekoi

trevel - Combining travel and revel. V: to indulge in boisterous revelry whilst going from one place to another. N: merrymaking on the move.

e.g., It is more fun to trevel than to arrive

submitted by Doug Pinch

trevor - Really hot blonde, blue-eyed male. Different from a "Baldwin" in that it trims the goodlooking parameters to blonde with blue eyes. Not all blonde, blue-eyed men meet this standard; they have to be especially pretty.

e.g., Ooooh, be still, my heart! Look at that guy, he's a major Trevor.

submitted by Donna Williams

trevor mcnabb - Taxi cab. We have grown to just call them trevors. In Australia they even have number plates that start with a T.

e.g., He's had too much to drink. Call for a trevor mcnabb.

submitted by matty - (www)

trevors - In manual labor, when lifting something awfully heavy, a sympathetic foreman or supervisor will tell the lifter to put the heavy item "by the Trevors", which actually means "You poor thing, set that bad boy down at your earliest convenience." By using this term, it seems to any casual onlookers like there is a definitive place set aside for the heavy item, instead of looking like someone's taking pity on you because you don't have the muscular capacity to carry it.

e.g., Set those anvils down over there by the Trevors.

submitted by Rick Still

trey - Pronounced "thri"-- with an accent. A teenage boy from Greece. Used only to call someone.

e.g., Trey, come have a look at this.

submitted by bigman

tri-dva-adeen - ("treed-va-a-deen")(n.) 1. Cold war nostalgia; 2. Fear of nuclear war (or, more recently, of nuclear terrorism); 3. by extension, the awful certainty that something cataclysmic is going to occur, but not knowing when (like the nuclear war we were all sure was going to incinerate everyone back in the 50s and 60s). (adj.) 4. of or pertaining to the cold war or its manifestations (bomb-shelters, McCarthyist witch hunts, and lots of military buildup and experimentation. (v.) 5. to carry one's fear of nuclear war, accidents, or terrorism to the point of a full-blown phobia affecting every part of one's life and making day-to-day activity virtually impossible; 6. (imperative) "Duck and Cover!" (From the Russian "three-two-one.")

e.g., "Holy cow! All these weapons ... what is this, your personal armory?" "You betcha. I'm gonna be ready when the terrorists get serious." "Aren't you being, I don't know, sorta tri-dva-adeen?" | The paradigmatic tri-dva-adeen was the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

trial and swearor - Experimentation fraught with more than enough error and frustration.

e.g., I figured it out through trial and swearor.

submitted by Michael Dodge

tribble - (n.) 1. Those little Star Trek fuzzballs that hate Klingons and eat everything; 2. a really bad hairpiece (positively Trumpic in its obviousness); 3. anything cute, cuddly, attractive, artistic, valuable, or whatever, which nevertheless costs far more to maintain that it is worth to keep. [Something like the proverbial white elephant.]

e.g., "You know, someone's really gotta tell Eddie about his tribble." "Seriously, man: it's embarrassing to be seen with him." | "I finally acquired a Van Gogh of my very own ... then had to lend it to the art gallery downtown because the security costs turned it into a tribble."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

tribbleous - Promiscuous, highly sexual; mating and reproducing like tribbles.

e.g., She is tribbleous, like her sisters. The trouble with tribbles is that they're tribbleous.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

tribesman - Proprietary Jewish expression of fraternity; a fellow Jew.

e.g., For goodness sake, Goldstein, with a name like Aaron Shapiro how could he be anything but a tribesman?

submitted by Stephen Mize

trichster - person with trichotillomania, i.e. someone who compulsively pulls out her hair

e.g., I think that girl with the bald patches is a trichster.

submitted by Lee

trickage - Very attractive women that are ubiquitous wherever hipness breaks out.

e.g., The new vodka bar Nikita was filled with trickage.

submitted by Zack

tricked up - Cosmetically enhanced, to an extreme.

e.g., Chris really had his old Chevy tricked up.

submitted by Eleyn

trickeration - Gadget plays or gimmicky maneuvers in sports, trickery.

e.g., Those double reverses and all their other offensive trickeration won't fool the defense more than once.

submitted by Joel Parker

tricky dicky - Amazing, clever, fascinating, incredible, incredulous, sly, sneaky, underhanded -- usually preceded by, "that's pretty."

e.g., Dave used a little reverse psycobabble on me . . . that's pretty tricky dicky of him. | Did you see the aromata boringallis last night? It was pretty tricky dicky.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

tridecalogism - A 13-letter word. ("Tri-" means three, "-deca" means ten, "-logism" means word.) "Tridecalogism" is itself a 13-letter word. (ED. From Scott Westerfeld's The Secret Hour. If you're a tridecalogophile, thanks to Kelsey you can find thousands of tridecalogisms on Dess' Tridecalogism List. {Note: Your illeist editor is in Owasso, 25 miles north of Bixby, this week.}) Tridecalogophobia -- fear of 13-letter words.

e.g., I like to use tridecalogisms such as unconquerable, extraordinary, unsmotherable, and incorruptible.

submitted by Jess - (www)

triff - A young woman who eagerly and fervently clings to any available man in hopes of accomplishing her dream of marrying and living the American dream.

e.g., Don't fall for a triff.

submitted by Kento

trifilingle - An event that took place before the fifth grade which is randomly brought up during an argument (usually with someone you know very well) as a means of creating confusion.

e.g., "How many times have I told you to put the toilet seat down?" "Oh, yeah? Well, you pushed me in the mud when I was wearing my frilly sailor dress." "That's nothing but a trifilingle. You haven't owned a frilly sailor dress since you were six-years old, Edward."

submitted by Amethyst - (www)

trifogfecta - When your spectacles and windscreen have fogged up when you are driving and there is fog outside.

e.g., I went driving tonight and there was a trifogfecta happening.

submitted by Robert Cockshaw

trigognosis - Triune knowledge or wisdom, of Matter, and Energy, and that which is Subtle.

e.g., The well-rounded mandroid is expected to be thoroughly programmed with all aspects of internal and external trigonosis, for starters.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

trigoproctology - The process of pulling trigonometric identities out of one's rear.

e.g., I had to resort to trigoproctology on that test because I forgot to study.

submitted by John

trilevellian - Having three levels, tiers, or ranks. This can refer to many things like levels in a video game or stories of a building.

e.g., The school used a trilevellian system for classes: basic, standard, and advanced.

submitted by Matt

trill - Awesome, cool, or very good.

e.g., Legget is trill at soccer. Your hat looks trill.

submitted by Leggett

trimantholpoid - A small piece of rubber found at the bottom of small appliances and table top speakers that prevents scratching and slipping on surfaces of the applied object.

e.g., When I bought my new computer speakers I found that the trimantholpoids were not factory-installed and had to apply them myself. It took me the better part of three days.

submitted by Robin - (www)

trimortaclaps - Dying at a time when your three most important entities collapse. It is the ideal death. Your money, health, and brain are gone at about the same time. Who wants to die with lots of money? Who wants to live with no brain. And if you're in poor health, you may as well die.

e.g., My ultimate goal would be a trimortaclaps, but very few (if any) people achieve it.

submitted by Mary Mulkey

tringent - A medication for drying up hemorrhoids and similar irritations and growths.

e.g., When used specifically on hemorrhoids, this preparation is known as an Ass Tringent.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

trinitarians - Nitpickers who find errors in groups of three. Contrast with unitarians (who find one error at a time) and fundamentalists (who actually try to understand the roots of PD entries).

e.g., 1. Trinitarians delight in thrice finding errors in the PD. 2. Unitarians plod their way through the PD one error at a time. 3. Fundamentalists have been seen using Webster's or the F&W to try to dope out PD words.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

trinitty-gritty - That which is basic, practical and essential, as it pertains to the Catholic Church.

e.g., On March 13, 2013, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the former archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was installed as the Catholic Church's new Pope. Pope Francis has the reputation of being a reformer, and he could lead the Catholic Church back to the Trinitty-Gritty.

submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

trinkia - A guy that thinks he is cool but is actually very uncool.

e.g., A trinkia was hitting on my best friend.

submitted by alex treleani - (www)

trinkolette - Minaturised ornament, usually fragile, tacky and made of imitation china.

e.g., Why are old ladies houses always full of trinkolettes?

submitted by Bob Engelbert - (www)

trinoacidol - Howard Stern's "try no ass at all."

e.g., Sure, there's a cure for AIDS. It's called trinoacidol.

submitted by Cat-Man

triotheism - Fom a misspelling of "tritheism" by Wayne Hagood. Belief in musical trios, or worship of musical trios.

e.g., I'm a triotheist. I worship the Kingston Trio, the Maguire Sisters, and the Andrews Sisters. (Ed. You're right. I'm old.)

submitted by Miss Speller

tripendicular - A way to describe a really good feeling or someting "trippy."

e.g., Climbing the North face was tripendicular.

submitted by B Bailey

tripewriter - 1. A machine for inscribing encoded messages on the internal organs of another person. 2. ED. A typewriter (or any other keyboarding device) in the hands of a poor writer.

e.g., 1. When Tom began to scratch his abdomen I knew that my tripewriter was functioning properly and that my love letter had reach its destination. 2. Unlike Bryn's, many PD submittals seem to have been written on tripewriters. Unless we're all taking naps, they don't make it into our dictionary.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

tripface - Person who trips a lot. Or, a person who is often teased for a time when she tripped.

e.g., Missy, you are a tripface.

submitted by Amy

tripiscopos - (Rhymes with try-HISS-go-dose; n.) A chess strategy by which one achieves checkmate by means of three bishops (one of which, at least, arises from pawn promotion). [From tri- 'three' + episkopos 'bishop' (actually 'guardian' or 'overseer'): "three bishops."]

e.g., As soon as the pawn was promoted to bishop, Yuri quickly drove Misha's king into checkmate with a masterful tripiscopos.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

triple trip - When you tell someone to haul ass and it takes three trips.

e.g., Did you see that triple trip?

submitted by wendi

tripleu - WWW.

e.g., Tripleu dot drudgereport dot com.

submitted by Kraig M. Stevens

trippindicular - Descriptive of the absomaglutamable spactaculism of the highest degree of things most fascinating.

e.g., Judas Beans! did you see that trippindicular jellyfish?

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

trippy - 1. To be used as a comment when something out of the ordinary occurs--weird, but comical, strange, odd. 2. Stoners tend to use this comment when reacting to other Stoners' stories, comments, etc.

e.g., Wow, that was trippy, Oxsana.

submitted by corey

trips - Three cards of the same rank in a game of poker

e.g., I beat your two pairs with my trips.

submitted by mike haven

triptinerary - Trip plus itinerary.

e.g., Randy is really getting excited about our trip to Italy, and recently e-mailed me his triptinerary from the travel agency.

submitted by natalie

trisexual - A person who is sexually omnivorous, as it were.

e.g., I'm trisexual. In other words, I'll tri anything.

submitted by The Puffin

trisosceles - (Rhymes with "try-SAUCE-in-these"; n.) 1. A trapezoid (or trapezium) having three sides of equal length; particularly 2. A trapezium (or trapezoid) having a base AD and three sides of equal length AB, BC, and CD, one of which (BC) is parallel to the base AD, such that angles BAD & CDA are congruent, and opposite angles are supplementary (i.e., both (BAD + BCD) and (ABC + ADC) = 180º degrees), and 0º < BAD (and CDA, obviously) ≤ 60º; 3. (Facetiously) any polygon (including equilateral triangles) that happens to possess three contiguous sides of the same length; 4. One of those three-panel mirrors you find in clothing stores that let you look at yourself from every angle. [From _tri_ “three” + _isosceles_.]

e.g., I've been studying this for decades now: If somebody can figure out a way to construct a trisosceles trapezoid (or trapezium), of the sort set out in definition 2 (above), using only a straight edge and a compass, such a person will have figured out how to trisect an angle. (It takes a while to explain, but, in short, picture the base of such a trapezium (or trapezoid) as a chord joining the ends of the arc defined by the angle (whose vertex is the center of the circle).) If you can inscribe a trisosceles trapezoid (or trapezium) within the circle segment, the vertices of the trapezium (or trapezoid) will upon the circumference at the trisection points. Wouldn't it be cool to prove that all those Junior High teachers that there is too a way to trisect an angle, just like there's a proof to Fermat's last theorem? ... ... well, I think it would be cool.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

tritagonist - A real word. The person who is third in importance, after the protagonist and deuteragonist, in an ancient Greek drama.

e.g., If you're only the tritagonist in your wife's love life, perhaps you should enroll in night school -- as taught by a tilf.

submitted by HFowler

tritto - Ditto. But, a third time. Like when you say "Me three" after "Me too" has been said.

e.g., A: "I'm hungry, some food would be nice." X: "Ditto." D: "Tritto."

submitted by Goldie

tritus - Junk, trash, garbage.

e.g., Please put detritus at decurb.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

trity - (tr-t) To attack (someone) unfairly, especially when she hasn't done anything.

e.g., News headline: A little boy got tritied as he walked to school.

submitted by isabella moreno

trivialocity - The speed with which mundane tidbits and useless facts are passed on, especially by e-mail forwarding.

e.g., The trivialocity of the "wake up in a bathtub in a pool of blood with a kidney stolen when traveling" e-mail hoax was unparalleled.

submitted by Cheli

trmm - A tactic deployed by the driver of an automobile, whereby the car moves as slowly as possible toward a red light in the hopes the light will turn green, thereby avoiding a full stop and applying of the handbrake.

e.g., "Oh really," responded Charles, as he trmmed toward the four-way junction by the department store.

submitted by Robin Armstrong

troddle - "To wander around without knowing of doing so." Not original.

e.g., No, I wasn't troddling. I knew what I was doing -- driving aimlessly as far as direction was concerned, but not without purpose. It's what I do to get some relief from the stress I'm under.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

trog - (short for troglodyte) 1. A caveman or cavewoman -- an especially handy word when you have the stupid argument about whether one should worry about gender enough to put in both words . . . "trog" solves the problem since it refers to "cave dwellers" of either gender. 2. A throwback: someone who acts like an animal. 3. (disparaging) Someone lacking in intelligence.

e.g., "Our school's mascot's been the Caveman for forty years." "Yes, but we should include a Cavewoman for the girls' teams; I mean, they're not cavemen, now, are they?" "That's why we call them cavettes." "Yes, but that sort of thing went out with decoder rings and black and white Saturday cartoons." "Hey, guys . . . I think I have a solution: let's call the mascot a "Trog" or have two Trogs, male and female, and then we don't have any more idiocy in the minutes. What do you think?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

trogg - A term used when you are blacklisting somebody or getting rid of something. A hit band in the 60s.

e.g., Chirs is never nice. I think we should trogg her.

submitted by Shantelle Arundell

troglobite - Awful wound inflicted orally by unarmed caveman.

e.g., The caveman's memory overloaded and, in his rage, he gave me a nasty troglobite.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

troglobyte - Basic unit of caveman's memory (applies to spelunkers, also).

e.g., The caveman was infuriated when he ran out of troglobytes and gave me a nasty troglobite.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

troll door - (n.) Any door of unusually small proportions (usually applied to short or very thin doors) set in odd places. [from the notion that oddly placed doors are a link to the world of the trolls.]

e.g., "You said there was an attic." "There is an attic." "I don't see any hatchways in your ceiling." "No no. It's the big, unused space above the garage. You get to it by way of a troll door in that closet over there."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

troll-grazing - Var. on "troll-GAZING. Online activity wherein an individual surfs the web for commentaries on news sites and blog sites that will fill him with righteous fury -- thus self-validating his own positions and attitudes.

e.g., Three hours a day of dedicated troll-grazing left John feeling purer and more righteous than Sir Galahad of the Round table publicly rejecting the salacious overtures of Morgan LeFay's illegitimate Fairie offspring.

submitted by j t gillick - (www)

trolleyed - A term used to denote inebriation from alcohol.

e.g., Pass me the absinthe, I wanna get trolleyed.

submitted by Xnoybis

trolleyology -

The Word Spy: (traw.lee.AW.luh.gee) n. The study of the correlation between the contents of a person's shopping cart (trolley) and that person's personality.  
Also: tolley-ology.


Earliest Citation: Think hard before you fill your supermarket trolley. Its contents not only reveal your personality, they also speak volumes about your sex drive.

A person who buys fish fingers is likely to be boring in bed, while someone who stocks up on stir-fry vegetables is bound to be an experimental lover. "It is called 'trolleyology' - making judgments about people from their shopping," says top consumer psychologist Dr David Lewis, who conducted a survey for supermarket chain Somerfield. . . .

submitted by [Paul McFedries] - (www)

trolleytise - To induce a state of inebriation, often against the will of the subject. To get drunk. Trolleytisation is a common date-rape method, using alcohol as the main drug.

e.g., I didn't even like him, but he trolleytised me and I was anyone's.

submitted by Dimblebee - (www)

trollhaven - (n.) 1. the area under a bridge or overpass in which one can hide from pursuit, trouble, or angst; 2. the area beneath a staircase or at the bottom or the top of a stairwell which has doors only to sub-basements or the roof, and which provides a safe haven against meddling subordinates, officious superiors, nasty peers, or other pursuers. [From the traditionally assigned place for trolls: beneath a bridge, as in the Billy Goats Gruff story.]

e.g., "Wow, how many lanes of traffic are there up there? It feels like we're in a tunnel." "The highway above has twelve traffic lanes, four carpool lanes plus two reversible lanes, bike lanes on either side, four truck lanes, and two emergency lanes ... oh, and extra-wide shoulders on both sides, as well as beside the median. It's about 350 feet, or 91 meters, as you would say." "Holy cow: that's some trollhaven." | Sometimes, during my studies in law school, I'd go up to the trollhaven beneath the roof-access door and eat lunch or take a nap or just sit there and think about vacations.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

trolling - Checkin' something out with the probable intention of pickin' it up.

e.g., Little Joe was trolling the food table at the party. OR We don't have dates for the party, but we'll be trollin' once we got there.

submitted by Laura

trolling for cops - When driving, allowing an aggressively-faster vehicle to overtake you in order that the faster vehicle will attract police that would otherwise be stopping you for speeding.

e.g., When approaching small rural towns, he let the Corvette behind him troll for cops, thereby keeping up his ten-over-the-limit average.

submitted by Doug Pocius

trolloc - Insult used in jest: A large, orcish evil creature that is half-human and half-animal. It will eat anything, just like a teenager will. Origin: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series. Word can describe or insult someone as ugly, malformed, stubborn, or silly.

e.g., Don't be such a trolloc about it; I thought you loved playing bored games.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

trollow - Devoid of inspiration or hope. Flat and sad.

e.g., He wondered where his mind was as he sat looking out of his window this trollow Tuesday evening.

submitted by Christopher Hatherall

trollprovise - What you do when you're all out of imps.

e.g., We had to trollprovise a new plan because the last imp fell sick and died along our trek.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

trolls - Evil cousins of a sockpuppet, the only thrill in their meaningless lives is to sign on to the internet and look for ways to cause trouble and incite flame wars. Disruptive and generally vile, trolls are one of the greatest negatives on any public forum. Anonymity is their great refuge, keeping them from being hunted and banished for good.

e.g., The trolls lurks in the ether, waiting to make their flames and assaults.

submitted by Calaina

trombone - An extensible osseous appendage.

e.g., Jim could extend and retract his trombone at will; Will was mortified that Jim horned in, but no one else gave a toot. Such brass!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

tromping, trompin' - Very good. Generally related to music but can be used as an exclamation similar to "quality" or "amazing."

e.g., Trompin' stereo, trompin' tune, simply trompin'!

submitted by dekoi

tron - tronning - 1. A tron: something you can't help but like, but are afraid to admit to anyone. 2. Tronning: watching something you secretly like, or secretly watching something you like.

e.g., I dunno, that sharon girl isn't that attractive or anything, but she's a tron. Last night i was tronning that Spice Girls video again.

submitted by kev.the.ape - (www)

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