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thraxed - An adjective for describing an unfortunate state of affairs derived from the word "anthrax." Often followed by "yo."

e.g., Your mom won't let you go to the concert? That's thraxed, yo.

submitted by John Hirst

thread - the grooves on a tire

e.g., John said he checked the threads on the tires of the school bus today

submitted by August Busso

threads - Clothes

e.g., Those are some nice threads.

submitted by Jared

threak - A three-pronged fork used in fancy restaurants.

e.g., You'll find your threak next to your knife and spoon.

submitted by Tim Ward

threapen - Contradict. (Lincolnshire word).

e.g., Doan't you threapen me, young man.

submitted by The Great Rangdoor

threat-board - The LED displays you see over highways that let you know if there's an accident ahead (also used for Amber Alerts).

e.g., I thought I'd take LBJ-635 over to IHOP, but the threat-board said there was an accident at Marsh, so I took Forest instead.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

three bills - A measurement of weight for those bordering the three-hundred-pound barrier.

e.g., My blind date was great last night, but I'm afraid my roommate's date was pushing three bills.

submitted by Andrew McRee

three dubs - Short for the letter "W" in triplicate form, as in "www" or "world wide web." Used when a person provides thier URL as their main source of contact information. Heard on MTV's _The Real World_.

e.g., Instead of giving her number to him, Bunny dropped the three dubs.

submitted by Evs - (www)

three finger salute - Ctrl, Alt, Delete.

e.g., The program froze? Give it the three finger salute.

submitted by Josh Priddy

three hairs past a freckle - What you say when someone asks you what time it is, indicating towards your wrist, but you've not got a watch on.

e.g., "Hey, Merfi, what time is it?" "About three hairs past a freckle."

submitted by Merfi

three wheels on my wagon - I used to this to tell my boss for days when I was doing no more work. Implying that my vehicle is unsuited to do anything else due to its loss of a wheel.

e.g., Boss: "Can you go [here]?" Me: "No, boss. Only got three wheels on my wagon."

submitted by Hotrod

three-corner fly - This was my grandfather's [father's father] name for a deerfly. The shape of a deerfly when at rest does resemble a triangle.

e.g., Three-corner flies like to bite you in the hot summer in the countryside.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

three-for-all - A coat that is fit for three people.

e.g., At first I thought it was a heavy person, but then I realized it was three people in their three-for-all.

submitted by Jessica B

three-way hosebeast - Someone who is more than simply skanky, disgusting, or disease-ridden. Someone of nasty personality or habits, often with promiscuous sexual practices.

e.g., Chris is quite the three-way hosebeast. She'd screw anything with two legs and a pulse, and the latter isn't usually required.

submitted by Zac Hawkins

threeeightr - Some one who has a stupid and useless fascination with "three eighty" pseudo-phrases.

e.g., Another threeeightr filling up the site.

submitted by yoyo mama

threehab - No booze, no narcotics, and no tobacco.

e.g., Trainwreck Speculation: "With Lindsay Lohan still in threehab exile in the mountains of Utah, Paris Hilton's publicists actively selling the idea that she's turned over her life to image-rehabilitative, begrudging acts of charity, and Britney Spears likely tied up with court-ordered child-neglect-reduction classes, Page Six officially nominates Pam Anderson as its Great White Trainwreck Hope, betting that her 'increasingly wild behavior' will fill the void created by the Big Three's temporarily lower profiles."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

threek - A triple-tined fork.

e.g., Alek asked, "If an eating utensil with four prongs is a fork, a triple-tined utensil is a threek?"

submitted by del dewall

threek, threekly - Three weeks. Seven days is one week, two weeks is a fortnight, four weeks is a month. Currently we don't have a name for a period of three weeks, hence a "threek."

e.g., Fortnightly was too short and a month was too long, so we set the meeting schedule on a threekly basis.

submitted by Keith Gardner

threekend - A three-day weekend.

e.g., I have Friday off, so I'll have a threekend.

submitted by Forest - (www)

threequel - The final installment in a trilogy.

e.g., Return of the King was the threequel of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

submitted by Ben

threes and eights - A greeting or salutation, also a way to say goodbye. Original usage dates back to the CB (Citizens Band ) radio craze in the US in the 1970s.

e.g., Rod: I'll see ya later tonight. Biff: Yeah. Threes and eights to ya till then.

submitted by Paul

thressence - That through which an essence is learned ("through" + "essence"). Usually derived from beholding something else, such as an artifice or work of nature.

e.g., It was the thressence that stood out, palpably, from the rest of what happened; it became clear that there was no stopping the movement towards war.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclay

thrillionaire - one who is obscenely rich.

e.g., "he spends half his time in switzerland as a tax exile. you know, a thrillionaire."

submitted by pt - (www)

thrivival - The act or accomplishment of surviving and thriving. Thrivived (v) Thriviving (v) Thrivivor (n)

e.g., The infant's thrivival seems assured with such loving and competent parents attending to her needs and providing such a rich learning environment. | Despite his initial despair in his isolated situation, he was a natural thrivivor.

submitted by Brett Porter - (www)

throbbing chunders - A way of describing beer, normally after an all-day drinking session.

e.g., John slurred, "Get me another pint of throbbing chunders, mate."

submitted by Xnoybis

throbbingnerve - Annoying and irritating.

e.g., Chris is just a throbbingnerve.

submitted by Runika - (www)

thrombo - Uncontrollably berserk.

e.g., Take it easy, Bobcat. Don't go thrombo on me.

submitted by IP Bobcat

throne - Toilet. Enthroned: sitting on a toilet.

e.g., About as often as not, after I've spoken with Sandbox Jim (it's really more "talked to"), he'll say, "You caught me on my throne again." I think that's TMI, don't you? | If the sucker would pop for caller I.D., he could just let his phone ring when he's enthroned and then call me back after he gets off. Doofus.

submitted by HD Fowler

thronic - (Pronounced to rhyme with GROWN-nick; adj.) 1. of or pertaining to thrones and, by extension, to their occupants and their activities; 2. of or pertaining to the duties and doings of any head of state or other high-ranking leader, regardless of governing form (President, Prince, Prophet, Pope, Prelate, Patriarch, police chief... commander, CAG, conductor, CEO, etc.); 3. (always capitalized, Thronic) of or pertaining to the Throne of God---or, I suppose, the seat, power base, or abode of any god---and, by metonymy, of his commandments, his justice, his mercy, and his personality. Also (adv.) "thronically" 4. characterized by, or in the manner of, the declamatory rhetoric of a high-ranking official; 5. characterized by the burdens and duties of a monarch or other ruler; 6. in the manner of a prophet speaking for God. (Archaic postpositive attributive "thronical.") responsibilities (mostly ceremonial these days), their demeanor (if you can have a demeanor surrounded by paparazzi waiting to hang them by their lightest comment---it must be like dancing in a minefield), and their affairs (state and salacious, public and prurient---at least, so the tabloid rags would have us believe)

e.g., I enjoyed the _Princess Diaries_, I think, because they downplayed all the thronic pomp European royals are saddled with and focused instead on the people. | I get rather nauseous faced with grocery store tabloids screaming out the latest dirt on all things thronic in the UK. | Thronic pastimes: theology, theocracy, theosophy, theodicy, and so forth.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

thropping - Thrift shopping.

e.g., I went thropping yesterday and I got the cutest shirt for just $3.

submitted by Sal

throttle stick - Refers to the shift-stick in manual transmission cars.

e.g., If we crash, I wouldn't like to hit that throttle stick on my way through the windshield.

submitted by DrSkrud - (www)

throw bones - Do something that might be destructive or harmful; also, bones lying around might draw bugs or rats.

e.g., People who live in grass houses shouldn't throw bones.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

throw down - to rain.

e.g., LaTasha looked out the window to see dark clouds gathering. "It's fixin' to throw down out there!" she exclaimed.

submitted by Ari G.

throw the kitty, to - To casually consent to sexual relations. (ED. To give it up too easily or readily?)

e.g., Chris: I really like this guy. I think I'm going to go back to his place for a beer. Beth: OK . . . but don't throw the kitty. Hold out at least until he gives you a mixed drink.

submitted by Scott G

throw-down - To write or speak.

e.g., ""Let me Throw-Down this speech, and we'll go.""

submitted by Sin - (www)

throw-up - A quickly executed graffito consisting of an outline with or without a thin layer of spray paint for fill-in.

e.g., Whew, good thing I hit that wall with throw-up. That friggin' cop is following me again.

submitted by .:DASH:. - (www)

throwdown - A pot of beer, downed quickly for dutch courage or painkiller.

e.g., She dumped me. Let's go have some throwdowns and a good cry.

submitted by Koz

throwed - Extremely gangster, highest level of thugging.

e.g., Paul Wall is throwed due to his success in the music business.

submitted by zach - (www)

throwin' signs - Making tough hand gestures and body movements. Especially in males--such as puffing out your chest and throwing your hands up and saying, "What? What?" At the same time, indicating you're ready to throw down. .

e.g., I was at the club last night and a bunch of ballers started throwin' signs. Eventually they broke it up

submitted by Andreah

throwing a wobbly - A Dublin phrase. For the times when you lose control completely in the heat of an argument and start breaking things, telling people you'd like to smash their faces in by rolling over them with a train, etc. Doing stuff you regret after the argument, basically.

e.g., Look over there at yer man throwin' a wobbly, smashing that poor woman's car to bits with that bit of branch.

submitted by colm

thrustworthiness - Related to spermodynamics. The effectiveness of the penile thrust in producing pregnancy as opposed to the fertility of the sperm.

e.g., It turned out that her failure to get pregnant was not due either to her infertility or Mr. Clinton's infertility. His thrustworthiness was the problem. Peyronie's Disease had had the effect of becoming a very effective contraceptive.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

thrutch - to move around with arms held above the head in the manner of an upright crab.

e.g., Crab's evolution is such that by 2050 they will all thrutch upright.

submitted by Toby

thug school - Prison. The term also has other uses, such as for colleges or high schools that are notorious for a lack of discipline in their athletic programs.

e.g., That's not the sort of thing you learn in a county lock-up. You have to go to thug school to fine tune those skills.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

thuglian - Ruffian, rowdy, or individual who is obviously up to no good. Usually seen in packs.

e.g., I would have gone to the store last night, but I saw a group of thuglians loitering about, and thought better of it.

submitted by Phil Moore

thugocracy - Government run by thugs.

e.g., Michael Barone, syndicated columnist: "Obama supporters who found the campuses congenial and Mr. Obama himself, who has chosen to live all his adult life in university communities, seem to find it entirely natural to suppress speech they don't like and seem utterly oblivious to claims this violates the letter and spirit of the First Amendment. In this campaign, we have seen the coming of the Obama thugocracy, suppressing free speech, and we may see its flourishing in the four or eight years ahead."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

thulp - getting bashed black and blue

e.g., Shyamu got thulped royally by Ramu.

submitted by Hari

thumbbody - Somebody. Always accompanied by a thumbs up.

e.g., I wanna be thumbbody.

submitted by Mickey Ratt

thumbling - Mis-typing or misspelling when using a Blackberry or texting

e.g., When I wanted to say "stay in the game, but" and it became "stay in the gave nut," I was thumbling on my Blackberry.

submitted by Lorraine Ryan

thumbstream - The series of web pages which have been positively rated by someone on a social bookmarking website. On, users show that they like or dislike sites recommended to them by the StumbleUpon service by giving a thumb up or thumb down. Hence, "thumbstream."

e.g., Pistos' thumbstream contains an extremely high percentage of top quality links.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

thumbtalk - An abbreviation used in texting.

e.g., "B4" is thumbtalk for "before."

submitted by natalie 63

thumbthing - A thimble.

e.g., Putting a thumbthing on your finger will prevent you from being pricked.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

thumorize - (thumb + memorize) V. tr. To repeat over and over to onesself the last fragment or phrase from the first section of a newspaper article while thumbing through the pages to find the end of the sentence in the rest of the article. Not to be confused with "thummarize," a variation on the word "summarize."

e.g., Dahlia thumorized "The president's new justification for war is" whilst searching for page B8L.

submitted by woger

thumpasorus peoples - Prehistoric ancestors of Star Child and Dr. Funkenstein, also hardcore funkateers.

e.g., The Thumpasorus Peoples be shaking their booty and jumping all around at the P-Funk concert.

submitted by IrieWay

thumper - Term for a young woman who readily accommodates guys looking for some action. Probably taken from the name of a rabbit in a children's story.

e.g., George: Does Alice play hard-to-get? Jim: No, man, she's a real thumper.

submitted by Steve McDonald

thunderbox - Aussie slang for an outhouse toilet, particularly the old outback wooden type.

e.g., Don't ever use that thunderbox over there in the bush. It hasn't been cleaned in 50 years and the smell will kill you.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

thunderwear - A tight-fitting garment stretched tautly over ample thighs.

e.g., Hortense was appalled to realize that, having forgotten a change of clothes, she would have to leave the gym in her sweaty thunderwear.

submitted by Norina

thunger - The loud growling noise your stomach makes when you're hungry.

e.g., Can you hear my thunger? I'm starving.

submitted by misty_gardiner

thurp - A response to an intended insult; a backfire; something else to say when one has nothing left to say.

e.g., Thurp, you know perfectly well that it was an accident.

submitted by Cassie

thurple - The manner of shuffling along in such a fashion that one's thighs brush against each other.

e.g., I'm feeling pretty fat today. I think I'll thurple on down to the kitchen and get a brownie.

submitted by Bria

thurstation - A combination of dieing of thirst and starvation. When I was a kid I always used this word to indicate that I was very very thirsty.

e.g., It's so hot in here, I'm going to die of thurstation if I don't get something to drink.

submitted by Sean Nagel

thusfore - A mixture of the words thus and therefore to be used in a logical line of thought.

e.g., Thusfore, the mailman had to be the killer because he was the only one whose name could be John.

submitted by Jacob

thwack - Th-w-ack. The sound of a person being hit by a sarcastic comment. Mock hit. Head rebounder.

e.g., If someone wishes me a happy birthday again, I'm going to thwack her one. I'm not happy about turning thirty.

submitted by TeeCee

thwap - Used on IRC in combination with /me (an action command) as a way of distributing physical abuse to those deserving of it.

e.g., /me thwaps j0n3s with a smelly old trout

submitted by Chris

thwedgie - the kind of wedgie you get when you are wearing a thong

e.g., Eric gave Andrea a thwedgie!

submitted by UNKhurdler

thwoogle - A pencil with a wadded up piece of paper stuck to the end.

e.g., I had to make a thwoogle and chew on it.

submitted by star651

thyping - Typing on a small keyboard using only your thumbs. As with a mobile phone keyboard for text messaging.

e.g., She had to text message all her friends, so she has been thyping all morning long on her cell phone.

submitted by Terry Crowe

thyssened - When you play a massive prank on somebody and she actually believes it, even though others around her are holding in laughs. {ED. Merry Gift Day, R. You're now pseudofamous.}

e.g., Hannah was totally thyssened yesterday afternoon.

submitted by Rochelle Schuch

tiamat - (tee-ah-mat; n.) chaos and disorder personified (from the Babylonian goddess of chaos and the sea).

e.g., "So, how did you do with your daycare toda....Whoa! Tiamat is in the building! What on earth happened in here? An atom bomb full of Fisher-Price?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

tibialoconcupiscent - "Having a lascivious interest in watching women put on stockings."

e.g., The Graduate did nothing to keep from being tibialoconcupiscent. If anything, it made me worse. | "What happens when a tibialoconcupiscent treat is unceremoniously interrupted by a dreadful demon hell bent on making life difficult for Curious Cupid's erotic encounter with the engaging yet enigmatic Eloise? . . . God only knows."

submitted by [Quipping Queen] - (www)

tic flippancy - Tongue--in-cheek flippancy.

e.g., Despite my TIC flippancy above, I'm well aware that "observing the laws of war is important to maintaining internal discipline and to gaining domestic and international support."

submitted by HD Fowler

tic system - ########## (AKA "Metric Time"; n.) 1. TiC = "Time Count"; that is, the division of time into powers of ten (rather than into 12s, 24s, and 60s); specifically 2. The division of a solar day (24 hours / 1440 minutes / 86, 400 seconds) into 1000 minutes ("minit" or "min" (86.4 seconds each)): the breakdown as follows:

e.g., 1 Day = 1 kilominit (24 hours) 
1 hectominit (2.4 hours / 144 minutes) 
1 dekaminit (14.4 minutes) 
1 minit (1.44 minutes / 86.4 seconds) 
1 deciminit (8.64 seconds) 
1 centiminit (0.864 seconds) 
1 milliminit (0.0864 seconds) 
I figure a TiC clock would be a ring of 10 hashmarks, each divided into ten more segments (kind of like our current clocks have 12 hashmarks divided into 5 smaller segments apiece---which is just weird). Each of the 100 marks would represent the passage of 1 deciminit, and 100 deciminits equals 1 dekaminit (almost, but not quite 15 of our current minutes). 100 dekaminits is 1 kilominit (1 full day). And the big hashmarks every ten would represent one TiC minit (86.4 current seconds).  
[I realized I had not put this term in the PsD, despite having put it together in 2004 (or so), when I saw Paul Edic's delightful entry on "tenthink time" (q.v.) a few hours ago. [Thanks, Paul.]  
The really fun part of such a decimalization of the day (just like the IAU's Julian time-marking) is an exact measurement. So, for example, my clock here gives the time (in the TiC system) as 20120605-125.109 (just a tad after 0300). The sun rises around 250 and sets at 750, and lunch is at 500 on the dot.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ticer - Someone who entices another to do something not planned, by using threat, implied sex, or another method.

e.g., The ticer got good money from the power company by going around and rattling peoples’ doors and windows at night so they would feel threatened and would put in security lights.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

tiched - Pissed off, steamed.

e.g., Jane's tiched at me 'cus I wouldn't leave her alone yesterday.

submitted by K8

tick - Tic.

e.g., "In _The Silence of the Lambs_, Anthony Hopkins gave his character, Hannibal Lecter, several unscripted ticks that ended up becoming integral to the film."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

tickettiboo - I know a Canuck who uses this word often and it's grown on me. It means splendid, even keeled, smooth as silk, and everything's as it should be.

e.g., How are thing's going, you ask? Tickettiboo. "Hey Terry, the clean room is on fire, the servers have all crashed, and there's mayhem and bloodshed over here. How are things there?" "Tickettiboo, eh."

submitted by Martin

ticklepee - The accident children (and occasionally adults) sometimes have when being overtickled.

e.g., Chris is a lightweight; she made ticklepee.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ticky-tacky - Cheap or inferior materials.

e.g., The minister acted as general contractor for building of the new church. He used ticky-tacky materials and inflated the invoices to filch a fortune from his flock.

submitted by HD Fowler

tiddler - Brits' word for a youngster.


Schoolgirl angler nets record catch that's twice her size and weighs 14 stone
There should only have been one winner. On the riverbank was Jessica Wanstall, 4ft 10in tall weighing less than six stone (84lb) and something of a tiddler among anglers.

In the river was a monster, a near 9ft catfish that hit the scales at a record 13st 8lb (193lb).

But despite its size and whiskery age, the fish was no match for the skills of 11-year-old Jessica who waged a 20-minute battle to land her prize.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tiddly winkler - Loser, crazy, wierd. An insult of the highest order.

e.g., When Meghan Murphyito hit me on the head with a spiky bat, I punched her nose and called her a tiddly winkler.

submitted by Meghan Murphyito - (www)

tidel - Another word for doing a wee.

e.g., I'm off to the toilet for a tidel.

submitted by lucy

tie job - 1. Having a job that requires you to wear a tie. 2. A yuppie. 3. A person who is overly conservative. 4. Someone wearing a tie.

e.g., I saw a guy in Starbucks this morning wearing a suit. Definitely a tie job.

submitted by Ian - (www)

tiephoon - When a necktie gets caught in a sudden wind, with unpredictable trajectories.

e.g., Peter was confidently striding through the mall, then suddenly he lost his composure, waving his hands furiously around his head as his face was buffetted by an unheralded tiephoon.

submitted by ashsimmonds

tifflewack - Rearranged, extremely disorganized.

e.g., When the tornado came, her room was in a bad state of tifflewack. (ED. Katabrain, that can come either before or after the tornado when young people are involved.)

submitted by Katabrain

tiffon - Crazy, mad, berserk. Can also be used like a curse word.

e.g., Henrik Larsson scored and the whole place went tiffon. OR Where the tiffon is the toilet paper?

submitted by Gareth McIntyre

tiffrippicate - Go to church

e.g., "No, I'm busy On sunday,..I've got to tiffripicate"

submitted by Aleezia

tifosi - The army of obsessive Ferrari fans who follow Formula 1 all around the world supporting just that team. Invariably dressed all in red. Largely Italians.

e.g., The Tifosi were out in force at Monza.

submitted by Adam Leslie

tifosi - A particularly rabid cycling fan.

e.g., The tifosi are lining the streets to watch the race.

submitted by Shea - (www)

tig - A game very similar to tag. But when you get *tigged* the consequences are very gross, nasty, disturbing.

e.g., When I tigged Chris, I dumped a pot of melted cheddar cheese down his pants. ::Evil laughter::

submitted by Goldie

tight - Strict and confining rules. Probably overly tight.

e.g., Their "no colors" dress code is tight.

submitted by Aire

tight - 1. Indicating friendship 2. Indicating infallibility.

e.g., 1. Ed: Do you know Bill? Ted: Yeah, he and I are tight. 2. I wanted to argue with him but his logic was way too tight.

submitted by ditnis

tight - Also, tite. A word formerly used to mean cool or neat. Used so much that it is now a derogatory term that is the antonym of tight. Very lame and uncool.

e.g., Eric: Hey guys! Like my new flat top hair cut?! Herb: Oh yeah, that's tight.

submitted by alex

tight, tiziight - Cool.

e.g., Your hat is tight.

submitted by Staci

tight-ended - When you are fooled by someone who looks like one thing, but isn't. A tight end in football who lines up as a blocker but goes out for a pass.

e.g., We all thought Bob was a trustworthy guy until he tight-ended us by stealing all our candy.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

tightdog - Sarcastically gangsta slang for "cool." Extra points if said in English accent.

e.g., Leo: Check out my fly Maxima, rollin' on 20s. Theo: Tightdog.

submitted by jeff

tightnessneosity - Used to express the opinion, usually with incorrect grammar, that something is "teight," "tight," "tite," or "tyte."

e.g., That game is complete tightnessneosity.

submitted by Adam

tightsauce - Really cool, opposite of "weaksauce." Can be used as a description or a response.

e.g., Billy: I got the concert tickets. Matt: Tightsauce. OR That concert was tightsauce!

submitted by a girl

tiglet - A well-presented and impeccably behaved young cat (as opposed to moglet, q.v.).

e.g., Have you seen next door's cat? He's a wonderful tiglet.

submitted by Colin Taffel

tiiiiaaaaoooommm - It is what Cher turns back.

e.g., If I could turn back tiiiiaaaaoooommm.

submitted by Cole

tik-tak-a-roo - This word is often employed as an adjective to describe a daring or risque situation. It is similar to when an American speaker refers to an event as "crazy" or when an Irish or British speaker calls something "mad."

e.g., Mary, look at John climbing the wall. How tik-tak-a-roo.

submitted by Barra Aonghusa

tiketyboo - All is well with the world, as in hunky dory. Much like "that's the ticket," but there's no connection that I have found.

e.g., Well that's just tiketyboo.

submitted by Joanne - (www)

tiki tacky - Tasteless, ratty tiki culture trappings or decor.

e.g., Those plastic strips formed into a faux grass hula skirt are more of the tiki tacky we've come to expect from the cheap tourist version of Hawaii.

submitted by Joel Parker

tilf - Like milf -- only in an academic setting.

e.g., The senior boys all agreed that the woman who took over Mr. Miller's chemistry classes was a real tilf.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

tilking - To be ostensibly indulging in unspecified sexual acts.

e.g., They are in the bedroom alone, most probably tilking. Dave and Charlotte sitting in the tree, T-I-L-K-I-N-G.

submitted by Ian - (www)

tillswiffle - The food that's stuck in your teeth from last week's dinner.

e.g., Chris, you have some tillswiffle in your teeth.

submitted by luke

timbukthree - Someplace really far away from you (one of my dad's favorite words). Derived from the actual city of Timbuktu in Mali (or Oregon -- your preference).

e.g., "The guy lives in Timbukthree and gues who gets to pick him up?"

submitted by Jason

timbuktu - Out in the middle of nowhere.

e.g., "Where does Jeanette live?" "Since I don't have a car, it might as well be the country Timbuktu instead of just timbuktu."

submitted by [timbuktu]

timburr - (Pronounced TIM-br; n.) 1. Fear of the cold, especially 2. fear of the cold shoulder; 3. fear of emotionlessness, especially of cold stoicism from one's boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or significant other. (interj.) 4. "Wow! That's cold!" 5. "Aaa! Not cold! I hate cold!" 6. "I am so sorry he's such a halibut: all the passion of a bucket of mud." (From Latin timor "fear" + "burr," as in "I'm cold.")

e.g., "Well, I finally asked her out." "Hey, that's great! ... isn't it? Why the scowl? What did she say?" "She said, 'I see no advantage to spending any time with you socially.'" "Holy crap. Seriously?" "Seriously." "Timburr, dude. I'm sorry." "Thanks, but I feel kinda relieved. I mean, if I'm not looking to settle down with a block of ice. Now, at least, I know who NOT to go out with."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

time - (with an accent over the e - prounounced 'team-ay') Greek word meaning 'honor'; what you accumulate when you do something cool.

e.g., Jack earned mass time with his fireworks demonstration.

submitted by aquila

time vampire - 1. Someone so in need of attention or social contact she won't stop talking to you and won' t let you go. 2. Anyone who steals your time.

e.g., That door- to-door salesman was a time vampire. Eventually I had to pretend to fall asleep to make him go away. I wouldn't have minded wasting a little time if he'd offered me a set of steak knives for demonstrating his vacuum sweeper.

submitted by Nik

timefull - With particular reference to cultural endeavors such art and design, timefull works are those that are rich in a sense of the time(s) in which they are created. A takeoff on "timeless," a much overused and misapplied term.

e.g., The best of 20th century architecture is so timefull that you can almost tell the month in which it was designed.

submitted by Jonathan Romig AIA - (www)

timepass - Pastime, whiling away your time. A combination of "time" and "pass." Extremely common in India.

e.g., What am I doing? Nothing much -- timepass. |All the people in the world have some form of timepass or other.

submitted by Arnab Nandi - (www)

timesandfriends - A convivial atmosphere in which levity is had.

e.g., The other night at the bar was great, it was timesandfriends.

submitted by Ryan

timmynoggy - "A device that saves time and labor."

e.g., "The elves had no idea what they were doing inside the tummy of the timmynoggy -- which was probably just as well since Secret Santa had been designed by an expert from the University of Useless Knowledge using jest-in-time technology."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

timonergy - 1. A relevant combination of the concepts of time, money, and energy. 2. Energy derived from watching the antics of the Timon cartoon character of The Lion King.

e.g., Jame's ability to always succeed is a result of his timonergy.

submitted by john woodworth

tims - Timberland boots. Highly thought of in the hip-hop and rap communities.

e.g., Your tims are off the hook.

submitted by dee

tincanabulation - The noise made by tin cans attached to a wedding car.

e.g., As Dave and Sue departed for their honeymoon the tincanabulation was deafening.

submitted by Hammerton - (www)

tinch - A tiny amount, a little bit. Much like a "pinch."

e.g., I'd like a tinch of salt on that, please.

submitted by Dorothy Petrunia

tinco-parma - (n.) 1. Arrangement of the phonemes of a language into columns and rows according to sound or articulation (ROWS, e.g., voiceless stops: t, p, ch, k; voiced stops: d, b, j, g; nasals: n, m, ng; or COLUMNS: alveolars: t, d, s, z, n, l; labials: p, b, f, v, m, w; and so forth). 2. Any arrangement of things -- ideas, words, artifacts, political parties, books, geographical features, whatever -- by cross classification into a explanatory table. 3. The proper arrangement or order of things in a given discipline, as known to its practitioners (e.g., the bones of the skull as a doctor would recite them.)(From the first two letters of JRR Tolkien's table of elvish letters, the whole first row being "tinco, parma, calma, quesse.")

e.g., "Do you want that in alphabetical order?" "No. Don't be so linear: give it to me in tinco-parma: properties sold, leased, or gifted, arranged by year of sale, lease, or gift."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ting - Beautiful woman.

e.g., Let's go chat up dem tings.

submitted by elliot

ting-tang - The practice of striking a set of windchimes with an empty Tang container, or the noise generated thereby.

e.g., I played ting-tang on my windchimes today after drinking some Tang.

submitted by Scooter

tinje - (pronounced tinjay) a stereo

e.g., My tinje has a cd player and a tape deck.

submitted by wangari

tink - The feeling you get when you need to crack your knuckles. And they won't crack. That's tink.

e.g., Ooh, my left hand is all tink.

submitted by Eurythmy Eunich

tinkertoyin' - When an electronic device is frustrating, slow, or glitching.

e.g., This stupid modem is tinkertoyin'again!

submitted by jill michel

tinky-winky - A straight person who is erroneously believed to be gay.

e.g., I know he may act a little femme but he's tinky-winky--he's had a girlfriend for 8 years.

submitted by Stephen Mize

tinner - A combination of Tea and Dinner. Like "brunch," the combination of breakfast and lunch.

e.g., Call me sometime and we'll do tinner.

submitted by Dermot

tinny-man square - This word describes the anti-brain strategies whereby all demagogues attempt to corral maverick thinking and place it in a box, attempting to change a normally intelligent people into semi-automated "Tin Man" (who have everything going for them except a brain!)

e.g., "These subtle and not-so-subtle put-downs of all those who express the slightest differences from the party line -- what is this if not another Tinny-Man Square?"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

tinnylund - An island, usually in a small river, where crazy parties happen.

e.g., There's a bunch of DXM down at the tinnylund behind Mark's house.

submitted by David Prosper - (www)

tinsy - Smaller than tiny. Is often used as a hyberbole, our shocked notice of something very small.

e.g., Our new kitten is tinsy.

submitted by Nicole Allison

tinternet - The Internet, in the North-West of England.

e.g., Father to son: "Ger off tinternet. Tha wants to use tha phone."

submitted by lazyjane

tintillating - A combination of "scintillating" and "titillating."

e.g., Robert Altman movies are occasionally tintillating, but always interesting. Jever see Brewster McCloud?

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

tintin - Very small, insignificant, nothing to worry about, minor. From the Filipino.

e.g., A dagger deals tintin damage compared to an axe.

submitted by Jeff

tintinnabulaphobia - (n.) 1. The fear of running out of time on a deadline, deriving from 2. an irrational fear of bells (particularly such as signal the end alloted time--such as tardy bells, alarm clocks, boxing-round bells (when one is winning) even doorbells if one is expecting a unwelcome visitor).

e.g., "Wow, Professor Babble sure talks fast." "Yeah, he's afraid he'll run out of time." "A real tintinnabulophobe, huh?" "With fries: yeah."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

tip fiddle - ". . . the time-phased forces deployment list (TPFDL), a thick directory-sized computer printout which determines which military unit goes where, how it gets there, and when. It is the 'software' that ensures the military machine rolls along smoothly."

e.g., Many of the Joint Staff showed a lack of appreciation for SECDEF Rumsfield's interference with the tip fiddle. | "The uniformed officers who inhabit the Pentagon's five concentric rings of corridors generally do not appreciate civilians interfering with their plans. Military logistics may look boring, one said, but when the shooting starts, it saves lives. . . ." | Thomas E. Ricks in Fiasco wrote that Rumsfeld's failure to follow the tip fiddle "caused endless turmoil and confusion." "One conference participant described the situation as 'playing the Super Bowl with a pickup team."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tipo - A mega-typo. Pronounced with a long i to sound the same as typo.

e.g., Like a copy of a copy with degrading returns, commonly known as "Chinese whispers," a tipo is an incorrect spelling of something that was already misspelled.

submitted by ashsimmonds

tippin' the moody scale - To have overly dramatic mood swings. To measure high on the "moody scale."

e.g., Don't talk to Sue today. She is tippin' the moody scale.

submitted by Kara Peters - (www)

tipple - An inside out nipple.

e.g., The baby reached for his bottle. When he got the bottle, he discovered that the nipple on the bottle was actually a tipple and he couldn't drink.

submitted by Todd Hickethier

tiptoe - Something that is exemplary or extremely "cool." The word is fun to say, but also metaphoric in the sense that when one stands on her tiptoes, she rises above the rest. Consequently, the use of tiptoe is reserved for only the finest individuals or objects.

e.g., Oh, my gosh, Vanessa is so tiptoe.

submitted by Bradley Mariska - (www)

tire chaser - A very ugly girl; basically, a dog, hence the reference to chasing cars.

e.g., That girl is one serious tire chaser. Better bring a paper bag.

submitted by Mark Maranta

tire plaque - The hardened accumulation of snow and ice behind your car tires when driving in the winter.

e.g., Her car had so much tire plaque built up that it started to affect the steering.

submitted by Roland Philbin

tireditis - Something like exhaustation, just not as extreme.

e.g., If I don't get some rest soon, this tireditis will soon become exhaustation.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

tiredom - The state of being tired.

e.g., I've got to get some sleep--this tiredom is killing me!

submitted by whiz kid

tiridity - The state of being tired.

e.g., "It is past my bedtime, thus, I am suffering from severe tiridity."

submitted by Nathan M Kerr

tisdermis - A group or layer of cells that are alike and that work together to perform a specific function.

e.g., Mrs. Pacino, we need a tisdermis biopsy of your liver to make sure you are healthy.

submitted by Dr. Gary Rothfeld - (www)

tishka - Good Evening

e.g., "Have a Tishka!", and, "Tishka!"

submitted by Margie

tisk - To make a click with the tongue against the teeth in disapproval. Tsk.

e.g., She tisked at him when he forgot to do the dishes.

submitted by Lindsey

tiss - Good.

e.g., Person 1: How ya doing? Person 2: Tiss, Person 1, Tiss.

submitted by Devil - (www)

tissue-tech - A computer tech whose sole solution is to wipe the box.

e.g., I don't think a tissue-tech solution is going to solve this; the monitor is on fire.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

tissuespand - What happens when a tightly-folded piece of tissue uncurls by itself.

e.g., When the waitress lifted the plate off the table, the tissue that was under it tissuespanded. She liked it so much she made a game of it played it with the other waitresses.

submitted by Hung-Lee Wong

tit - Very shortened version of a *very* old saying from hundreds of years ago, to describe the easiest thing a person can do right from the moment he's born: "It's as easy as suckling on a teat."

e.g., B: How hard is it to change the coolant in my car? E: Oh, it's wicked tit.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

tit singer - The performer who stands off stage and sings as the chorus girls bare their chests. (From Alan Alda's Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I've Learned.)

e.g., "Dad looked like a bit like Cary Grant, so he was often asked for an autograph as he walked down the street. No one paid any attention to him when he was the tit singer."

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

titanical - (tie-TAN-ick-al; adj.) Of or pertaining to the Titanic (RMS Titanic, sank 2:20 am on 15 April 1912).

e.g., The Titanical cemetery is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. | The Titanical disaster was titanic, claiming over 1500 lives.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

titankerous - Unbelievably ill-tempered, quarrelsome or hard to handle. Amalgamation of titanic and cantankerous.

e.g., Considering that you've managed to simultaneously total my car, starve my dog, and insult the honor of my significant other, I'd have to say that you're the most titankerous person I've ever had the misfortune to meet.

submitted by Kris

titbit - A real word, alternative spelling of tidbit: "(Cookery) a tasty small piece of food; dainty." | "A pleasing scrap of anything, such as scandal."

e.g., And, amid these rich and potent devices of the culinary art (not one of which, probably, had been tested, within the memory of any man's grandfather), poor Hepzibah was seeking for some nimble little titbit, which, with what skill she had, and such materials as were at hand, she might toss up for breakfast. House Of Seven Gables by Hawthorne, Nathaniel  
He dared him to stop and do battle with him; but Sheeta only loped on after the luscious titbit now almost within his reach. Jungle Tales of Tarzan by Burroughs, Edgar Rice  
"This troublesome and impertinent little fowl," said he, "would make a delicate titbit to begin dinner with." Tanglewood Tales by Hawthorne, Nathaniel

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

titbits - Parts of a woman breasts.

e.g., Even old women are going around in public exposing their titbits. And not just side boobs.

submitted by beelzebug

titch - A small amount--more than a hair, less than a tad.

e.g., Carrie, you're too far away from Pete--move your chair a titch to the left.

submitted by manders

titches - To have the dual sensation of itching and tickling.

e.g., Her hand titches when she tries stuffing the feathers into the pillow.

submitted by Nina G. - (www)

tite - Cool; bomb.

e.g., That's tite.

submitted by james - (www)

titnotize - ( when a woman uses her body or feminine qualities to cause a man to act to his own disadvantage; especially when the titnotizee has "no chance" with the titnotizer.

e.g., 1) Doug's manager Debbie titnotized him into working on Super Bowl Sunday. 2) The food is bad and service is worse, but the waitress at the breastaurant will titnotize you into leaving an exceptionally large tip.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack

tits - Adjective used to describe satisfaction with something; sometimes said with a "thumbs-up."

e.g., "How was the movie?" "It was tits."

submitted by Duck

tits up - Military slang. Broken, out of commission.

e.g., I can't get on the internet; I think my modem went tits up.

submitted by Dr. Root

titterhooties - A couple of middle-aged women acting like teenage girls, giggling and tittering and hooting over idiotic things while huddling and whispering secretively.

e.g., Acting like they were back in high school, Joan and Carol huddled in the kitchen and titterhootied about Carol's new boyfriend.

submitted by Peggy Bechko - (www)

tittle - The dot on an "i."

e.g., You form your tittle very well, JD.

submitted by parafox51

titty bit nipply - When the weather is cold enough to cause erect nipples.

e.g., Whew. It's a titty bit nipply out today.

submitted by BigAssFries

titty-twister - Titty twister(s). From Wiktionary: "(vulgar, slang) school prank: the act of taking a person's nipple between the thumb and forefinger and then twisting it around roughly." Heard on the season two opener of Californication, a Showtime series about. …

e.g., "I hate her. Next time I see her I'm going to give her a titty twister."

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

tittyalien - Any creature from space

e.g., Tittyaliens will destroy you.

submitted by chris

tittynoper - Not your average nippy, noisy naysayer.

e.g., The tittynope, not one for simpering small talk or saucy chinwagging, stuck to less contentious subjects of conversation. Such as the merits of fake furs, 45+ sunscreen, and digital alarm clocks without snooze buttons.

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

tiuffgah - Tee-uff-guy. A bully, someone who thinks he's tough.

e.g., Look at Chris. Being a tiuffgah again. Always picking on kids--or old guys.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

tivo'd - To pause live TV for later playback.

e.g., The anchor on TechTV says, "Don't worry about missing any of Steve Job's Live keynote address at MacWorld. It's being TiVo'd, so you won't miss a second. We'll be back to continue broadcasting the speech, right where he left off, after these commercial messages."

submitted by Steve - (www)

tizge / tizget - (TIZ-gay; n.) An entrance, especially a marked entrance. (TIZ-get; v.) To enter. [From "exit" (usually pronounced EG-zit by American English speakers), spoken backwards. The opposite of an exit.]

e.g., The second door on the left, see? It's marked "enter"---it's the tizge. || "Please tizget at gate number 3."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

tizite - All right and tight.

e.g., Hey, Kellie, those are some tizite shoes.

submitted by Candy Longley

tizzer - Put on a magic spell. Force a mistake; to taunt. You are in a basketball game, at the free-throw line ready to shoot a basket, and someone yells, "Tizzer." You miss the basket. You were just tizzered.

e.g., Nuthin' I could do about it, coach. Not my fault. I was tizzered.

submitted by Chuck

tizzle - A state of discombobulation or stress-induced confusion. Or, the personal struggle implied by such a state.

e.g., After my car broke down I forgot to take my glasses out of it. I suppose I was in such a tizzle I couldn't be bothered.

submitted by Christophantastic

tizzy - The coolest, the best of the best.

e.g., Janie, your shirt is tizzy.

submitted by Michael Leggett

tja - The verbal equivalent of a shrug. Pronounced "tcha." Dutch.

e.g., It seemed logical to me, but, tja, I guess not.

submitted by garth - (www)

tjalle - Cha-lê. Can be used in several ways. 1: To tell someone, that what they just said is cool. 2: To tell someone to take it easy. 3: A reply like OK.

e.g., "Question: Hey, Do you want to go drink? Answer: Tjalle"

submitted by morten - (www)

tjord - An expression that is used to show feelings of anguish, usually due to misfortune. It is also a direct reference to vocabulary used in Der Dragon Warrior

e.g., Oh, Tjord, Loto is undone.

submitted by Misteroo - (www)

tjusz - To casually roll the sleeves of a shirt. Q: HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT WORD, YOU KNOW, THE ONE THAT KYAN AND CARSON USE A LOT? Tjuzs. That's how Carson told us to spell it, we swear. Tjuzs, Tjuzing, Tjuzed.

e.g., Let's tjusz those sleeves for a fab new look.

submitted by Nessie

tk'er - Team Killer. Someone in an online shooter who kills members of his own team.

e.g., Well, it looks like we have ourselves a TK'er. Must be the guy calling himself Priddy.

submitted by Josh Priddy

tla - Three Letter Acronym. Used to bamboozle newbies or annoy manager types who like to use TLA jargon to seem techie.

e.g., Red: Whats the SLA process for GSM TAP updates? Zed: Thats not my area, boss. You'd better check with the TLA guys. A: OK... thats a good idea.

submitted by wnpxnff

tlme - The feeling or uncertainty upon awakening, thinking it to be a working day, and the slow realisation that it is a weekend (or day off, holiday, vacation) and the accompanying relief and relaxation that follows.

e.g., There is no greater feeling, thought the man, than tlme.

submitted by Robin Armstrong - (www)

tmi - Too Much Information. For when someone has told you something you really didn't want to know.

e.g., You've got a rash on your rearend? Lovely, but that's TMI.

submitted by entropyxl

tmi - Too Much Information.

e.g., TMI. I don't want to hear the details of your foot operation.

submitted by Eric Baker

tmmb - Too Much Monkey Business. The basis for a negative decision. Used when deciding against getting involved because something appears shady or fishy.

e.g., I'd do the gig with Walter but he keeps changing the date and the pay. There's just TMMB for it to be real.

submitted by Susan Beyer - (www)

to boot - Idiom definition and first example from The Free Dictionary: "In addition; besides." Heard this all the time where I grew up -- often when people were bartering. The second example is probably the way the conversation went the day Dad came home minus one of our chihuahuas (Jock or Jim?) and with a raccoon in its place. Wasn't long before the raccoon got loose and got itself killed by some 'coon dogs.

e.g., "Not only was the new cruise ship the biggest in the world, but the fastest to boot." | Tell you what. I'll settle for five dollars cash money for the raccoon, but you'll have to give me one of them ratdogs to boot.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

to clinton, to gore - To clinton: To lie continually and shamelessly, even after having sworn an oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. To gore: To rudely interrupt someone only to lie -- might or might not happen under oath.  
As Al Gore did during one of the year 2000 debates with George W. Bush. Details are fuzzy in my memory, but it went something like this: Gore had given his response to a question regarding disasters. Bush was then giving his response, and mentioned that when he was Governor of Texas he had traveled to an area of Texas which had been flooded severely. Gore interrupted only to say that he, too, had gone to Texas on that occasion -- with the FEMA Director. The next day, Gore acknowledged that he had made no such trip. Are we to believe he simply misremembered? No, he lied again -- only this time he rudely interrupted someone to tell his lie. Did Al Gore really invent the internet? (Actually, he never said he did so.) No, it was "invented" at DARPA in the 1960s. Gore was in military service at roughly the same time, serving as a journalist, but he was nowhere near DARPA. His brain was too small.

e.g., 1. Chris is able to clinton better than anyone else I've ever met. 2. Chris, you gore me one more time, and you're going to end up in the emergency room.

submitted by HD Fowler

to egosurf - To try to find pages that have your name on them in hyperspace.

e.g., Next time I go egosurfing, I should be able to find my name here.

submitted by Lauren

to epibrate - To pay attention to a problem that nobody knows how to handle. Sort of a panacea: give it attention, and it will go away.

e.g., We must meet for lunch, to epibrate this negative forecast.

submitted by Nico Egbers

to figure-skate - For a referee, judge, or arbitrator to make a completely wrong call.

e.g., Get rid of the French judge so we don't get figure-skated.

submitted by Jason

to gaslight - To drive crazy. (From Gaslight, a superior 1940s movie.) | To try to make someone think she is going crazy. | To try to fool someone.

e.g., "And so it continues, the not so subtle plot spearheaded by my family and apparently the rest of the world is on it as well. What plot? Don't feign innocence with me. I know you are all trying to gaslight me, to drive me crazy." | Alexandra Eames to Bobby Goren, "Somebody's gaslighting you." | "Some clever person is trying to gaslight us." {ED. Reproduced here from a copyrighted site--or one that should be -- currently without permission. If permission to reproduce is not granted, the example will be rewritten. NG's use of "gaslight" as a verb is the first the editor has seen and he thought it worth recording for posterity.}

submitted by nitag - (www)

to gollum - To refer to someone in the third person as a part of one's inner monologue; as with Gollum in 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy. Hissing optional.

e.g., "She's surprisingly beautiful, don't you think?" he gollumed.

submitted by Ce

to have the monk on - Another way of saying that the subject is in a foul mood, strop, or merely sulking.

e.g., It's no good trying to talk to Mark, he's really got the monk on at the moment.

submitted by Rachel Phillips

to heche - To heche is to become a heterosexual.

e.g., After going out with Lucy, Mary heched.

submitted by Poppy

to kerry - To necker, qv. To flip.

e.g., Did the candidate kerry again when he said, "I voted for the $87 billion. And then I voted against it."

submitted by HD Fowler

to murrode - To complain about or point out the flaws of, to an unneccessary and unwarranted degree.

e.g., Rather than discuss his own political views, the candidate wasted 45 minutes murroding his opponent.

submitted by Drew

to nash - To leave, to depart.

e.g., C'mon geezers, let's nash. We're nashing to the pub.

submitted by Joe

to nope - A hybrid of "to snoop" and "to nose," as in "nosing around," generally meaning to sneakily search for someone else's private belongings while they are out

e.g., When I got back, I caught Chris noping in my bedroom.

submitted by lucy

to pancake - To repudiate or dismiss any of the quasi-intellectual ideas and pursuits of an avowed beanist.

e.g., We had that beanist Ross over for dinner the other night and pancaked him remorselessly; we nearly battered him to death.

submitted by Wim Bleaden

to pass the duck - To pass the sugar. Because my friend's sugar container is a hollow, wooden duck.

e.g., Pass the duck, will you please. My coffee needs more sugar.

submitted by piewwe

to phunt - To show, but using audio rather than visual.

e.g., Have you heard that song about the dancing cheetah? Well, I'll phunt it to you someday.

submitted by Drew

to play on the cat - To play (on) the cat is to place one's little brother's face in places a cat would normally go.

e.g., I made my brother play the cat with a can of tuna.

submitted by dan

to poach - An unexpected or unintentional diss. Used primarily in the phrase "You just got poached."

e.g., I knew I had been poached when I woke up to find my toes super-glued together.

submitted by Brandon Boyle

to ringarong - To dial the wrong number, to call the wrong person.

e.g., Sorry, no Jason here. You rangarong.

submitted by

to rock - To wear.

e.g., Are you jealous because you can't rock the Tommy Hilfiger jeans?

submitted by Phil

to rock one's face off - To thrill or inspire one in the extreme.

e.g., This new breakfast cereal rocks my face off.

submitted by Jordan - (www)

to shine someone on - To lie or otherwise get rid of someone who is annoying.

e.g., Chris was being a pain in the ass, so I shined him on.

submitted by Lloyd Evans

to spaff - To wake up in the morning with a huge amount of Facebook notifications and find out that one person has 'liked' every comment you made the previous day.

e.g., I have just been spaffed. I'm getting a Spaffing as we speak.

submitted by Al Bundowski

to spielberg - To hide an advertisement in a work of entertainment

e.g., Did you see the new Tom Cruise movie? They spielberg for everything from laundry detergent to ballpoint pens. It's worse than network television.

submitted by Steve

to squab a squib - To bum a smoke.

e.g., Can I squab a squib?

submitted by coffee

to sudoke - Originally, to sudoke meant to complete a su doku puzzle, but now this verb means to finish or to solve a very hard problem.

e.g., Oh yeah, I sudoked that ages ago.

submitted by Jamie P

to the fourth power - (adv.) 1. A toast given either to encourage someone to go beyond the boundaries set for them or the limitations they have accepted, or to recognize that someone has done so; less poetically, 2. to recognize that someone is or is willing to go outside their comfort zone.

[From mathematics---the first, second, and third powers, of course, correspond to the three dimensions: linear, square, and cube; to raise a number to the fourth power is to go beyond the comfortable reality to which we are used.]

e.g., "So, you're on your way. You've put aside the froth of the world and walked open-eyed into the chaotic splendor of truly finding yourselves in the mad rush of reality: dating and mating, networks and schmoozing, debt, perqs, and cruising. I envy you the journey you are beginning, where mine is nearing its end. Revel in it! To the Fourth Power!" ||

"I've never performed surgery on an extinct animal before, and here I'm supposed to extract organs and harvest DNA." "Hey: to the Fourth Power!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

to the minus - A phrase best used followed by a number, applied as a kind of mathematical reverse sarcasm to deride the work of others.

e.g., Yeah, that was a good shot . . . to the minus ten.

submitted by Beno

to the nines - Upscale -- usually used with being dressed well.

e.g., Dana was dressed to the nines.

submitted by Eric Belt

to tipper, tippering - Placing a warning label onto a record album or CD. (From Tipper Gore, the would-be First Lady, I'm sure.

e.g., Stop your whining. I spent the entire morning tippering rap albums for a Virgin Megastore.

submitted by Steve

to unangel - To live a life without any angels (both literally and metaphorically); to stop having the protection of good as represented in an angelic face in one's life.

e.g., I then had my life unangeled, dull and so void.

submitted by Eleni

to-from - Those tags or stickers that go on presents when you're too cheap to buy a card and too lazy to make one.

e.g., Did you remember to put the to-from on his present?

submitted by Evman

toad - A bully's lieutenant or "understudy"; a bully's front person who does the preliminaries, the inciting. Similar to "toadie."

e.g., He sent his toad over to pick on that little kid.

submitted by Jeff Warren

toade - To wish upon someone exactly what she has done to you. From turning someone into a toad out of spite.

e.g., You keep that up and you can consider yourself toade.

submitted by vplatt01

toadmeat - A derogatory noun.

e.g., I might say the following to my husband: "If you eat the all the brownies while I'm out, consider yourself toadmeat."

submitted by Lorrie Szekat - (www)

toadpipes - A portly, self-satisfied citizen of some small town.

e.g., It's Mayor Martin, the toadpipes himself.

submitted by Adam Leslie

toaitma - An acronym for "The official account is the most accurate." On a forum unrelated to such matters some conspiracy theorists created a thread about 9/11 and other matters. Instead of writing the above sentence I began using the acronym. It can be a noun, an expletive, perhaps a verb. Experiment with it.

e.g., "Mongolians dynamited the WTC. I can prove it." "Nonsense. Toaitma." "The reality is toaitma."

submitted by David C. Morrow

toast - Worthless, useless, broke, not needed anymore.

e.g., My car blew a rod. Yeh, it's toast. OR He got fired today. He's toast.

submitted by souzos

toast - Affirmative reinforcement, same as "totally."

e.g., Bert: You goin to the club tonight? Ernie: Toast.

submitted by justin efekt - (www)

toast in the pit - dead, particularly in the context of video games

e.g., you're toast in the pit, you'll never beat me

submitted by ditnis

toast job - A means of paying the bills and not much else. The job you take to make ends meet but plan on leaving the nano-second something better comes along. The idea being that you're really hungry while cooking dinner, but a piece of toast will tide you over until the meal is ready.

e.g., I'm going to quit that toast job as the grocery store the moment that SQL position is available. | Well, right now, I'm working a little toast job but I'm really a technical writer.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

toasted - to have just enough to drink to get you warm and happy

e.g., "I wasn't drunk last night. Just slightly toasted"

submitted by jaye

toastette - A toasted slice of bread from smaller loaves or thinner loaves such as french bread, baguettes, even hard rolls.

e.g., Spread some cream cheese on a toastette and place on top of onion soup, then garnish with a small green onion.

submitted by Angel

toasticle - The small particles of toast that accumulate on a stick of butter.

e.g., I hate it when people leave their toasticles in the butter.

submitted by Bob - (www)

toat - Tote. Carry.

e.g., I may be a Republican, but I'm no gun-toatin' John Wayne.

submitted by Miss Speller

toatly - Hopelessly, completely, so, thoroughly, too, totally, etc. As used in pseudodictionary submittals, this word has been substituted for all of these adverbs and many, many more. In most cases, the use of "totally" has added nothing of interest to the description or example. This must be the most overused adverb of the late 20th and early 21st century. Be a bit creative, neologists, and come up with adverbs that contribute something.

e.g., Sometimes I think I'm toatly wasting my time. As principal editor of the PseudoDictionary, I have this total tendency to totally blow my buffer when I totally see the word "totally" totally screw up an otherwise totally entertaining, totally aws, totally gnarlical, totally suavus, or even totally bizarro submittal. Using "totally" and "you know" as fillers in speech and writing is the modern equivalent of "uhhh." Bo-ring. | "This book is phenomenal. You should toatly buy this book if you want to improve your skills in [the] English language, especially if you are studying it as a second language."

submitted by HD Fowler

tobaccover - Condition resulting from a night of chain-smoking. Symptoms include brown teeth, bad breath, tar-coated lungs, and wheezing.

e.g., I have the worst tobaccover you've ever seen. Smoked three packs last night. Can I bum a smoke?

submitted by carla - (www)

toboggan - A toboggan is a hat you wear during the winter, usually made of wool. It is also called a knit cap or a wool cap.

e.g., It's cold outside, so you need to put your toboggan.

submitted by Jordan Yokley

toc-tic - The sound of time running backwards.

e.g., "!cit-cot, cit-cot, cit-coT"

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

tocks - Comes from the word "buttocks," a shorter and easier way to say it.

e.g., Damn, that Rohn is being such a pain in the tocks. Typical.

submitted by Rohn

todaily - All day today.

e.g., What are you doing todaily?

submitted by Colleen Thompson

todayyesterday, yesterdaytoday - A time frame involving a change of day between the sending and receipt of an internet message. May be due to a time zone difference. Read a message written from the others' time zone which has since changed days.

e.g., By the time you read this message it will be todayyesterday.

submitted by Tom - (www)

todd beamer - An act of selfless heroism, usually at great personal cost to the person performing the act. (Paul, Garret, I know this technically violates the rules but I beg an exception in this case as this really has become part of the American lexicon. Thanks, Stephen.)

e.g., Her decision to endure the painful process of bone marrow donation to save the life of a little girl she didn't even know was a real Todd Beamer.

submitted by Stephen Mize

toddly - To have no social life, and to have little interest in meeting or interacting with other people.

e.g., My boyfriend is so toddly I can never have anyone over to visit. I'm worried that eventually he will toddlify me as well.

submitted by Anne and Larry

toe boggin - A winter hat as it is known in the South.

e.g., It's freezin' out--I need me a toe boggin for my head.

submitted by Joel Prz

toe cleavage - The result of women's footwear that are cut too deeply along the top of the foot, showing where the toes begin, but not the entire toe. Like how a low cut top shows chest cleavage, but on the foot.

e.g., I love those pointy slings, but they just show too much toe cleavage for my liking.

submitted by Danielle - (www)

toe jam sandwich - A sandwich that looks disgusting and icky.

e.g., Want my mom to make you a toe jam sandwich for lunch?

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

toe sack - A fabric made of burlap. Potato sacks were made of these.

e.g., The country lady wore a toe sack dress.

submitted by Jan Henderson

toe-in-cheek humor - For anything supposed to be witty, but blown such that the speaker winds up looking stupid . . . or worse. Related to foot-in-mouth syndrome.

e.g., He thought he'd make a cute joke about her divorce, but it turned into toe-in-cheek humor at that point.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

toe-punt - To kicka ball with your toes. Hoof.

e.g., You shouldn't toe-punt it; you'll break your foot. Kick it properly.

submitted by Darren

toe-rag - Someone, usually male, who has little or no consideration for the feelings of others.

e.g., Burglars are a bunch of thieving toe-rags.

submitted by Andrew Norris

toefoot - A person who is annoying. iI can also be used as a term of endearment.

e.g., Chris is a toefoot. Can you believe she came over without calling first.

submitted by Colette - (www)

toeknuckles - The knuckles on toes.

e.g., If you don't shut up, I'm gonna rap ya on the toeknuckles.

submitted by Aaron J Ban - (www)

toemometer - Pronounced "toe mom' ett er" and rhymes with thermometer for good reason. Some people are equipped with a toemometer, located in the big toe (and possibly other toes). Toemometers are used to check the water temperature in large bodies of water, such as swimming pools or lakes, while deciding if one should dive in. A variation of this gift is the "moomometer," located on some people's inside wrist, often used to check the proper temperature of bottled milk before serving to a baby.

e.g., To explain toemometers, consider this example. Joe dipped his toemometer into the swimming pool, then turned to his dad and said, "The water's fine, let's go swimming."

submitted by David Manning - (www)

toesicles - Really cold toes.

e.g., Jeremy had drifted off to sleep when Melissa crawled into bed and snuggled up to him to get warm. When she touched the back of his leg with her frozen feet he jumped and barked "Get those toesicles off me."

submitted by ash simmonds

tofarrence - Difference. "Tofat" means "difference" in Bengali. "Tofarrance" is an amalgamation of "tofat" and "difference" and means simply "difference."

e.g., The tofarrence between the meanings of the two words is minor.

submitted by hs

toffee-nosed - From Brenda Ferner, UK: Someone from America asked me about toffee-nosed, and I found a couple of derivations on the Internet, but they were unsatisfactory. Can you help? | Americans don't much know this slang term -- its constituency is mainly Britain and Australia. It's rude, describing a pretentiously superior, supercilious, snobbish, or arrogant person. {Duplicate.}

e.g., People fighting it are all toffee-nosed, middleclass landowners living in country piles in affluent Cheshire, that simply isn't true. | Sunday Mirror, 3 Feb. 2013.

submitted by [Brenda Ferner, UK]

tofood - Phony meat products made from tofu: weenies, turkey, breakfast sausage, and other similar things.

e.g., Frank's a vegetarian -- he eats that tofood all the time. He says that Tabasco sauce makes it dissolve.

submitted by Evil Genius - (www)

tofurkey - "Turky" as made with tofu. Usually served during Thankgiving to vegans, vegitarians, animal lovers, or people who are wacthing thier weight.

e.g., We didn't eat all the tofurkey, so we'll will have tofurkey sandwiches for weeks.

submitted by Ian Faynik

togs - New Zealand word for "swimsuit" or "swimming clothes"

e.g., "Oh, I've forgotten my togs! - Have you left them at home?"

submitted by diana

toid - One who is addicted to those curiously strong breathmints, Altoids, and eats them continually, eating one or two every ten minutes or so.

e.g., She's a toid, eats a tin a day. Her breath was overpoweringly minty; she must be a toid.

submitted by Rachel - (www)

toilet flush - (n.) 1. The worst possible poker hand imaginable: no sequence, only two cards in the same suit, not even the high card. 2. By extension, any really rotten set of circumstances or results. (Opposite end of the hand ranks from "straight flush" and "royal flush.")

e.g., "I got four nines." "Shoot, I've only got a pair of jacks. What've you got?" "Nothin'." "Wow ... now THAT is a lousy hand. Toilet flush, dude." | "Hey, Sarge, Joey says you're ready to bust outa here." "Yeah, we've got hold of a compass, a bayonet, and a couple of boxes." "... a compass, a bay... you've got bupkis! That's not equipment! You've drawn nothin' but a toilet flush!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

toilet gate - To stand outside the bathroom door and bang on it offering such helpful encouragement as “Aren’t you done yet?” and “What are you doing? Writing a book?” Toiletgate.

e.g., Back off bitch. Don’t toilet gate me; I just got here.

submitted by nitag - (www)

toilet halo - The round ring of paper to put on top of the toilet seat so that your bum does not come in contact with said seat.

e.g., Finding the toilet halo dispenser empty, Mary began to meticulously line the toilet seat with moist towelettes she carried in her purse just for this purpose.

submitted by nitag - (www)

toilet vulture or hawk - Men who hang around the doors to women’s restrooms thinking they all have to come there some time. The female version is the hawk.

e.g., Jesus, I really have to pee but that group of toilet vultures will pick my bones clean before I make it to the door. (Man Hint: Do not offer beer to girls who are clutching themselves trying to get to the bathroom quickly.)

submitted by nitag - (www)

toity papoo - Toilet paper, possibly a corruption of the French "toilet papier."

e.g., Did you know you're out of toity papoo?

submitted by Lin

tokyobox - A trashed cardboard box in Tokyo, used only for making cardboard homes.

e.g., That house is made of Tokyoboxes.

submitted by Fox

tokyophage - (n.) 1. any creature of godzilla-sized proportions (aside from very large whales, only fictional creatures ever attain this size). [from the greek-derived suffix -phage 'eater.' Essentially, the word means "an eater of Tokyo," like the uluru-sized rubber-suited monsters that habitually invaded Tokyo during the 50s and 60s.] Other locations can be substituted for Tokyo: e.g., Hollyphages, Londophages, etc.; but my monster-movie diet was 40s frankensteins, draculas, and werewolves, and a hefty serving of tokyophage movies: godzilla, rodan, mothra, ultraman, etc.

e.g., Most Americans (and not a few Japanese) think of Tokyophage movies as mindless cliches; I find them charming, cultural icons from a more innocent era.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

tol - Tub Of Lard. Usually used in reference to some overweight bastard that insists on walking excessively slowly in crowded shopping centres and so forth. TOL is gender neutral, and usually said under one's breath in frustration.

e.g., TOL kept waddling from left to right and I couldn't get past her.

submitted by Tristan - (www)

tole-rant - A tole-rant is a constructive rant. Rather than ranting about everything that is wrong in the world, tole-ranters speak from the heart about social problems and point to potential solutions.

e.g., She went into a tole-rant about homophobia so I changed my mind.

submitted by Steph

tolerattle - - The point at which toleration stops and irritation begins.

e.g., I was trying to stay cool, but that Bozo tolerattled me!

submitted by Bailey

tollannoyed - The feeling that comes over a motorist who got into the shortest line for a toll booth only to find out that the person in front of him somehow did not think the toll applied and doesn't have the required fee.

e.g., Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge (a symbol of freedom that costs money to cross), I became tollannoyed when the line I was in stopped moving because the person in front was amazed that the tolltakers would not accept her credit card.

submitted by mallard

tollfreiterate - Toll-fre-iterate. To reiterate = to repeat. The repetition of a toll free phone number during a commercial or infommercial.

e.g., They repeated the phone number five times in thirty seconds. Do they have to tollfreiterate?

submitted by Debbie Loyer

tolutiloquence - "Speaking characterized by fluency or glibness of utterance; rapid and ready of speech; fluency."

e.g., "You think Press is tolutiloquent?" "Well, compared to me he's certainly a smooth talker. Especially around The Girl." | "His tolutiloquent tales often left no doubt that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a rather unique ability to talk the ear off a charming dinner table companion at the drop of a hat, but judging from his discombobulated demeanor, this was not one of his best days."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tom jonesing - Stuffing one's crotch.

e.g., I found out the guy I was dating was tom jonesing.

submitted by dave

tomahawk - To put down, gig -- better, of course, when it's done in a loving way by a loved one. See amgiguous.

e.g., My wife and I haven't been out all that much lately, but we feel free to go any time we choose to. My own forays tend to be to get food or to exchange videos. Before I left for Blockbuster Sunday, I told her I was going out to get a new movie -- and that then I'd go look for a woman. She tomahawked me by saying, "Be sure to find one you can keep up with." Ouch. | Even when she was in the hospice program, no matter how bad she felt or how much pain she was in, given the slightest opening, she was almost always alert enough and witty enough to tomahawk me. Never failed to bring a smile to my face.

submitted by HD Fowler

tomahawked - To get killed by a thrown hatchet.

e.g., You've just been tomahawked.

submitted by TJ Carlson

tomato - A foolish or vacuous person, dumb as a tomato. | A term for an exceptionally attractive woman.

e.g., Ian is a tomato because he always forgets the rules of the game. |She was a real tomato -- in her salad days.

submitted by Ian Faynik | Steve McDonald

tomb orrow - The day after your last day on earth.

e.g., Half the time, Willie doesn't know, or care, where he is. But he is fully aware of where he'll be, tomb orrow.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

tomcious - Fun or to have fun with. (pronounced tom-shaws)

e.g., The tomcious party entertained everyone.

submitted by Emilee

tome - Verb -- to turn a short written piece into a tome.

e.g., Too short -- pretty much the equivalent of a text message. Except that it didn't result in persistently tapping you on the shoulder until you acknowledged receipt of ... my urgent and important missive. Need to tome this. | I'm tired of repeating that HD has a tendency to turn everything into a tome. From now on, I'm just going to say, "HD tomes everything."

submitted by Lillith

tomfakery - Like tomfoolery, only fake.

e.g., Tomfoolery is great, but I abhor tomfakery.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

tommy haas - Rhyming slang for arse.

e.g., All he does is sit on his Tommy Haas.

submitted by don tran

tommyrot - Infantile notification of death of long-missing older brother.

e.g., Mommy, Tommy rot.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

tomnoddy - Extinct flightless South Sea island bird with a very feathery head which would repeatedly fall over while running due to its topheaviness. Currently used to describe an extremely silly person, or featherhead.

e.g., Our new boss comes off at first as knowledgeable, but soon reveals his actual tomnoddy self.

submitted by Joel Parker

tomorning - A blend of two words -- tomorrow and morning, so it means exactly that, tomorrow morning.

e.g., Good night, honey -- see you tomorning.

submitted by Sue E.

tomorning - We say today, tonight, why not "tomorning" meaning this morning.

e.g., Let's go shopping tomorning before we eat lunch.

submitted by Julia Pate

tomorrow-lized - Of a person who feels depressed, based on future prospects.

e.g., The future looks so bleak. I'm feeling tomorrow-lized.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

tomthumbfoolery - Tomfoolery (being daft) on a smaller scale.

e.g., He's not a bad lad, just indulges in a bit of tomthumbfoolery now and again.

submitted by Chris Duddle

tone policing - "Tone policing is a term used in the social justice warrior set for a 'silencing;'tactic the privileged use on the oppressed. A tone-policing exchange might go something like this:"

e.g., "Campus Feminist: I am pretty darn fired up about the lack of sculpture from a feminist perspective in the student union. It makes me want to smash things. | Campus Bro: Hey, let‰€™s keep it calm so we can have a productive conversation. You‰€™d catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar." | Campus Feminist: Stop tone policing me, dude.

submitted by HD - (www)

tongue chewer - A person of lower or below average intelligence.

e.g., Chris is more than a few bricks shy of a load, a real tongue chewer.

submitted by awol

tongue tuppresser - A man who while kissing you attempts to thrust his entire tongue into your mouth and subjugates your own to the floor of your mouth. This is a desperate attempt to silence your refusal and propagate. Apparently, the tongue suppresser believes the ovaries are located in the uvula and the semen in his spit.

e.g., "Mary, why are you talking so funny?" "I wen’ oth with a tongue suppresser las’ night."

submitted by nitag - (www)

tongue-deaf - For someone who absolutely, positively cannot whistle a note.

e.g., Wayne is tongue-deaf.

submitted by cody

tonguewater - 1. Liquid mixture that forms in the mouth; saliva; chiefly used in reference to dog slobber 2. Nonsensical or strange expression.

e.g., Your Doberman sure does have a lot of tonguewater.

submitted by david boswell

tonic - In Eastern Massachusetts, refers to any kind of carbonated beverage--Coke, Pepsi, ginger ale, root beer, Sprite, etc.

e.g., Let's go down to the corner store for a cold tonic.

submitted by zigg2k

tonk - To hit someone on the head with something that's hard but doesn't hurt.

e.g., So I picked up the Barbie doll and tonked him right there.

submitted by pat fox

tonky - The chic which comes from being squashed by a car or an inanimate object.

e.g., Jim died the other day. He was squashed by a truck. I miss him, but when he went he was looking really tonky.

submitted by Scott Thornton

tonsilvania - The region of Romania, in which Tonsilvania Childrens' Hospital is located.

e.g., Don't be adannoyed by your child's chronic sore throat. Bring her to TCH -- Tonsilvania Children's Hospital -- conveniently located in Tonsilvania, Romania. We'll have your little one swallowing painlessly again in no time. The bill? Well, a-parently, you'll have to swallow that.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

tonychef - Coruption of the word "Tomy" as in the toy maker of old. Used to describe someone who thinks that she is great in the kitchen but seems to have learned on a toy cooker.

e.g., He thought it was great but it seemed a bit tonychef to me.

submitted by james alan - (www)

too bleeped to blab - No need to worry about somebody spilling the beans, like family secrets, they're good at censoring you nowadays.

e.g., Uncle Hamm with the loose lips will be on a talk show next week, but it's OK, he'll be too bleeped to blab. I think.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

too hard basket case - A guy that you love to death but is too hard to get together with for reasons that are extremely annoying.

e.g., Bob's a bit of a too hard basket case.

submitted by JP

too-too and very-very - An adjective for anything elitist and exclusionary.

e.g., "The country club was so too-too and very-very that it rejected Tiger Wood's application for membership."

submitted by beefarino

toodiloo - A farewell or good-bye. Has the potential to make others giggle. Has other spellings.

e.g., I have to go. Toodiloo!

submitted by Joy

toodle - To mess with something, especially something you shouldn't mess with.

e.g., Don't toodle around with a grizzly bear.

submitted by Tom Duncan

toodles - a happy form of good-bye!

e.g., See ya tomorrow, toodles!

submitted by Barbara

toogie - A knot of hair.

e.g., It hurts to brush my hair because I have so many toogies.

submitted by Megan Howden

toogle - Someone who shakes her head up and down really fast out of anger, frustration, or the pure joy of it.

e.g., Freddie decided to toogle the server because she got the order wrong.

submitted by Josh

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