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trond - When something is not quite right, not acceptable. Someone not feeling so good.

e.g., I feel a bit trond. I stubbed my toe, which feels a bit tronded. That meal was trond.

submitted by Jonathan Harwood

trondaleuse - (TRAHN-dah-looz, rhymes with "ON the news"; adj.) 1. sad, disappointing, uncool; 2. the opposite of rickety-swag (q.v.), which apparently means "super cool plus." [Coined by my 14-year-old daughter.]

e.g., "You have a paper due tomorrow?"
"Yeah, and I haven't done any of it. What am I gonna do?"
"Whoa! That is so trondaleuse."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

troo-dat - That's true. (I'm positive author James Lee Burke has use a phrase similar to this --"True, dat"? -- to mean the same thing.)

e.g., Bert: You have a really nice car. Ernie: Troo-dat.

submitted by Shane

trosh - (pronounced to rhyme with gauche, also "trox")(n.) 1. Someone guilty of committing an atrocity; 2. Someone suspected of having committed an atrocity; 3. The sort of person who would commit an atrocity. (v.) 4. to commit an atrocity; 5. to act as though willing to commit an atrocity. [Back-formation from "atrocious."]

e.g., A trosh nobody knows about or remembers -- such as the anonymous Japanese soldiers who buried so many Chinese people alive -- is just as bad as a trosh who is notorious, such as Hitler, Stalin, or Mao -- worse does not make bad any better.

submitted by Scott M.Ellsworth

trot - Term used to describe a revolutionary socialist, usually a student politician. Often seen waiting for the revolution. From Leon Trotsky.

e.g., The trots are all over the campus today. No, it doesn't take that many of them. Each one covers about 60 acres.

submitted by Steve

trotcozy - Wordnik's Word of the Day, December 14, 2012:  
"Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia  
"n. A warm covering, for the head, neck, and chest in cold weather when one is traveling.  
"This word is Scottish in origin and came about around 1814. Sometimes 'trot-cozy.'"  
Wordnik is getting better all the time.

e.g., "The upper part of his form, notwithstanding the season required no such defence, was shrouded in a large great-coat, belted over his under habiliments, and crested with a huge cowl of the same stuff, which, when drawn over the head and hat, completely overshadowed both, and, being buttoned beneath the chin, was called a trot-cozy."  
Sir Walter Scott, Waverly  
"Richard Mivane, in his trim 'Joseph,' his head cowled in an appropriate 'trotcozy,' and his jaunty self-possession quite restored by the cutting of the Gordian knot of his dilemma, demonstrating his capacity to duly perform all his undertakings, bore himself in a manner calculated to enhance even the high estimation of his fellow-traveler."  
Charles Egbert Craddock, The Frontiersmen

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

trotter - A person who has a case of verbal diahhorea, ie. they talk too much.

e.g., You're a Trotter, my ears are bleeding. Stop Trotting.

submitted by Richard

trottle - To saunter with slow swaying steps.

e.g., She trottled by, in no apparent hurry.

submitted by Michael Kivari

troublematic - Psychologically and emotionally problematic and troubling.

e.g., My cousin's death has been troublematic for me and my family.

submitted by Seamus the Mad

troubler - Person or event which causes grief or stress.

e.g., I´m getting audited again. Just what I needed--another troubler. People who knew Jane was a troubler left the room when she entered.

submitted by A Bergman

trouche - A replacement for "touche" -- indicating a poignant truth. Alternatively, a true cliche.

e.g., Steve. "Did you hear about those seven cops who murdered that potential witness in his sleep last Thursday?" Spinaldo. "Ya, unfortunately the cliche is true...." Steve."Indeed. But I have met a few kids who merely have a bad attitude. It seems that the cliches are true all around in this case." Spinaldo. "Ah, trouche!"

submitted by Stephen Floyd - (www)

trouge - 1: A new color that is not made up of any colors already invented. 2: A word to describe something that cannot be described in any other way.

e.g., 1: You know what should be in the rainbow? . . . Trouge. 2: Chris is so . . . so . . . trouge.

submitted by Bethny Barrett

trough 'n braugh - Trough 'n Brew. Originally from a Saturday Night Live skit, Trough 'n Braugh can refer to any buffet where the idea is to eat as much food as possible.

e.g., After soccer practice we're going to Hilda's, that trough 'n braugh over on 91st Street.

submitted by Paul

trough lolly - Urinal deodorizer block, usually white, yellow, or yellow-greenish. From the Australian slang dictionary, "Trough lolly: the solid piece of perfumed disinfectant in a men's urinal." | Slang for a male homosexual who hangs out around public toilets.

e.g., No, Peter, one does not want to lick a trough lolly -- and no, they don't come grape-flavored.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

trout - 1. Old news or information. 2. To inform someone that she is repeating old news. (Originated in the Cloudmakers Yahoo Group,

e.g., 1. Audrina posted some month-old trout to the message board today. 2. Audrina was telling us month-old news, so I trouted her.

submitted by i_monk

trout - 1. Any weapon of mass desctruction. A trout can be a "tactical" nuclear warhead with a 48,000,000kT yield, a QM-Anti-tFr Cannon, an explosive trout, or CyberSnoop's wife. 2. To slap someone with a trout.

e.g., tFr shot down the incoming trout with his autocannon, and the trout exploded into bits.

submitted by tFrAkirA0O1 - (www)

trovert - (n.) (truh-VERT) A person who is quickly developing a social life or attending parties and other events wherever possible in attempts to become an extrovert. (Etymology: back-formation from extrovert, as if ex-trovert meant "formerly a trovert.")

e.g., I was a trovert when I was your age, son. It was a lot easier to go to parties back then -- nobody ever told the class if you kissed a girl.

submitted by Mirakle B.

trowelette - A dainty gardening implement for those very small planting jobs.

e.g., Mary had no need for shovels; for her tiny garden a trowelette would do fine.

submitted by Glen Kaltenbrun - (www)

trub - To cause or to be affected by a distressing or inconvenient situation. Also short for trouble.

e.g., Looks like trub to me.

submitted by Tiffany Jones

truck tetris - The art of packing a truck in the most efficient manner.

e.g., Linas is an expert in the art of truck tetris.

submitted by Fiona

truckeritis - A mental illness caused from being a trucker or being around truckers way too often. Household items "misplace" themselves; sentences are jumbled and senseless; and when turning, the infected makes wide turns.

e.g., "At Purdue so tomorrow the band thing at six o clock and party?" "Whoa. slow down. Repeat. You're suffering from truckeritis."

submitted by newo

truckers pop - Empty plastic drink bottles, refilled on long journies by desperate drivers, then thrown onto the hard-shoulder or central reservation of a highway. Also known as "road cola."

e.g., Bottles of truckers pop are a common sight on many roads.

submitted by Paul - (www)

trucklet - A compact truck such as a Ranger or an S10.

e.g., Did you see the little trucklet I'm driving now? Ain't it cute?

submitted by Chuck

trudge - To walk somewhere when you really shouldn't drive.

e.g., If you're too drunk to drive home and you ain't got cab far, you should start trudging.

submitted by Biffer

true - "I agree," or a synonym for "affirmative." Often repeated twice.

e.g., "I'll pick you up at 6:00." "True, True."

submitted by Mike C

true dat - An expression roughly translating to "that's true." "Isn't that the truth." Used when agreeing with a particular statement.

e.g., Joe: Episode one really sucked. Flo: True dat.

submitted by Nick Genaw

true it's - Verification of validity.

e.g., Q. Is that right? A. True it's.

submitted by Josh Brown

true story - A phrase used at the end of a sentence or an idea. It is basically a way to say “I’m not lying.” It is especially fun to say this after something that is obviously not untrue. It simply makes talking more fun.

e.g., I like to eat peaches with my ice cream. True story.

submitted by mai

truesolid - True and solid. Truesolid is the ultimate superlative.

e.g., How truesolid is Willow?

submitted by Noah Barron

truffle sniffer - A truffle sniffer is a person from a housing project or British council estate who has ideas above her station and tries to justify it by wearing expensive clothes or buying items she can't afford and then showing off to all and sundry. (Guess this construction is related to pigs hunting for truffles.)

e.g., Have you seen Jane's new outfit? She's from Moss Side (Manchester, England gangland). She's a truffle sniffer.

submitted by Xnoybis

truline - A single short sentence describing the high-concept of a proposed film, story, or project.

e.g., When he read me the truline of the script, I knew we had our next movie.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

trullet - Trendy mullet. Short at the sides and an inch at the back.

e.g., Evan's hairdresser had performed a miracle--transforming his un-styly hair-do into a trullet.

submitted by lucy

trumble - Te unnerving, trumpeting, di-di-di-di type sound that mobile phones inspire in other electronic devices such as stereos, TVs, and pacemakers.

e.g., His phone began to trumble the car stereo.

submitted by kevin moriarty

trumor - That which is simultaneously humorous, as well as accurate. In fact, often it is humorous precisely because it is accurate. Not generally a favorite of the politically correct.

e.g., A good example of trumor is a stand-up comic who poked fun at the moves that seem to exist in the long routine of every male figure-skater, including the air guitar and tiptoeing across the ice.

submitted by Rebecca Lindenberg - (www)

trumper - Trumper refers to people who support a Trump, especially PresidentTrump. Similar to a birther, or person who believes Obama is not a citizen because of his birthplace. {ED. Please note the guidelines to the right of the submittal boxes and below them. Political "epithets" tend to be hateful, accounting for why so few of them have been accepted as entries. This submittal is being approved only because it gives us an opportunity to note a (little known?) fact about immigration laws in place in 1961, the year Barack Obama was born. | The immigration law in effect then was the McCarran-Walter Act, which had become effective December 24, 1952. Under MCWA, obama's mother was unable to pass along her American citizenship to him. The only way obama could be a natural born citizen would be if he was born in the United States or one of its territories. That appears to be the case, notwithstanding "the controversial birth certificate," whose autenticity continues to be challenged by some on the far right. That's surely going to be the case until hell freezes over, given their political stance: "I'm not listening. I know everything. I'm always right." Their hardheadedness is matched by those on the far left, whose political stance is exactly the same: "I'm not listening. I know everything. I'm always right." | Both ends of the political spectrum are also well-matched in a corollary to their basic stance: "Facts be damned. I know what I know. Regardless of what I see with my lyin' eyes and hear with my lyin' ears, I know what I know. No matter what you say or do ... I. Will. Not. Change. My. Mind."} | {Duplicate.} [To be invisibled when the back-end is once again working.] ~Lillith}

e.g., Be careful, Uncke John is a real Trumper. Keep it light around him.

submitted by Elizabeth - (www)

trumpet / trumpette - (Pronounced, respectively, TRUM-pet and trum-PET; n.) a devotee of Donald Trump, masculine and feminine forms.

e.g., Pete and Laura are rabid trumpets: they are so caught up in Donald Trump's slogan "make America great again," that they've never asked whether or not Trump even knows how.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

trumph - To say something is better than something else. You can trumph someone else in a fight situation as well. If someone gets in your face and then backs down, she's been "trumphed."

e.g., Did you see my boy trumph her?

submitted by honora

trumpic - (adj.) 1. of or pertaining to Donald Trump, especially that blatant hairpiece; 2. outrageously ostentatious; 3. of or pertaining to any attempt to look younger than the object actually is; 4. By extension, any augmentation, hair replacement, plastic surgery, vel cet.

e.g., "You can't be serious: liposuction, botox, and a wig?" "Don't forget these." "Breast implants?! Oh brother, how trumpic."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

trumpidatious - Apprehensive or nervous about the daily activities of Donald Trump.

e.g., As I reached for the TV remote for the first time that morning, I was feeling not just a little Trumpidatious.

submitted by Kenneth Wadsworth - (www)

trumplicate - To make something worse by association with Donald Trump.

e.g., The situation with North Korea has become trumplicated of late.

submitted by Dayna - (www)

trumpusroom - A room in the Wide House reserved for a certain hypothetical 'president's entertainment and amusement, exercise equipment, big bar, huge TeeVeeScreen, highesttech female robotnik with exchangeable parts, lektronik Hillbilliard table, massage booth, and you'll never guess what else.

e.g., It was a hot day in hell. I was hot and sweaty and clearly irritating, but, felt infinitely improved after an extended visit with President Whoever, or was that, President Whatever .. in their Trumpusroom with virtuously no holds barred. Best entertainment center I ever done seen.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

trundle - To walk, to stroll. Used as a teenage slang form.

e.g., I'm going to trundle over to Matt's house.

submitted by The Herring

trunk pass - Getting into the trunk of a friend's car, to avoid paying admission at a drive-in theater (archaic American term).

e.g., We used a trunk pass while the others in the car paid. But the other guy didn't anticipate being trapped for ten minutes with my feet in his face.

submitted by Steve McDonald

trunkcandy - Anything attached to the trunk of a car for cosmetic effect: bicycle, spoiler, luggage rack, etc.

e.g., On Dick's car, his bicycle is nothing but trunkcandy.

submitted by william mccarver

trunked-out - The state of being in a bad place mentally or emotionally. Depressed.

e.g., After Sept 11th, we were all trunked-out

submitted by Richard

trunkslammer - missing the cut in a PGA Tour event.

e.g., Chip was cut before the weekend again, his 12th trunkslammer in a row.

submitted by Ty Evans

trunky - For an LDS missionary who becomes excited to come home after his two-year mission.

e.g., Elder Jones is a little trunky today.

submitted by Trent - (www)

trust - One of the weapons liars or cheaters ask you to give them so they can stab you through the heart with it soon after.

e.g., You have to trust me. I won't be out with another guy tonight. I'll just be hanging out with my friends.

submitted by George Edward Purdy - (www)

trust but verify - Don't take any unnecessary risks -- less kindly, don't trust. I think it's a good saying to keep in mind if you're entering into an agreement with someone who stands to gain by going back on her word. Say, for instance, a lazy young bum with no visible means of support planning to marry a singularly unattractive woman older than his mother -- unattractive other than being someone who just happens to have stacks of money to throw around.  

A statement made by President Reagan about dealings with the Soviet Union, particularly noted after he signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) in 1987.  

Translation of a Russian proverb: "Doveryai, no proveryai."

e.g., Should we trust the Japanese when they tell us the radiation levels from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant won't be high enough to represent a threat to Americans' health by the time the radiation reaches our shores? Trust but verify. | I don't know why you want me to wear a condom . . . Darlene, wasn't it? I assure you I haven't had unprotected sex with anyone since I last tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases. . . . Huh, did you say, "Trust but verify"? | "Of course I'm not marrying you for your money, Hughie. I love you with all my heart. I don't see why you'd even consider having me sign a pre-nuptial agreement." "Trust but verify, Crystal. Trust but verify." | "[A] man who is between seven and nine years older than his wife has an 11% lower mortality rate than a man whose wife is the same age as him. However, a woman who is between seven and nine years older than her husband has a 20% greater mortality rate than if she were with a man the same age." I'd say that's an excellent reason for a woman to trust but verify before she marries a younger man, wouldn't you?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

trustafarian - 1. Someone who has adopted the style and demeanor of one who eschews financial success, but with generous help from parents' trust fund. Often seen sporting thriftstore clothing, dreadlocks, and a brand new vehicle. 2. Most commonly found on college campuses, Phish shows, and anti-war rallies; recognized by their distinctive bohemian dress and dreadlocked hair. Also seen driving the SUVs daddy bought them and anxiously awaiting the day their trust funds mature. Synonyms: neo-hippy, trust-fund baby.

e.g., You used to get real cheap beer here, but all the trustafarians infiltrated and prices have skyrocketed. | Sally, "You would think Ben wouldn't support such a socially irresponsible, major coprorate-conglomerate as Wal-Mart to buy his Tibetan, patchoulie-flavored incense oil." John, "Yeah, but he's just a trustafarian. What do you expect?"

submitted by kara, sarah - (www)

trustword - A word that leads one to trust the person who said the word.

e.g., She was good with trustwords, calling him honey, darling, and dear, so he stupidly trusted her and became easy prey for her.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

trustwordy - Description of a person who says trustwords in order to be trustworthy in your eyes.

e.g., She charmed many by being trustwordy, but those who really knew her acknowledged she was never trustworthy.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

truthiness - Truth, because you know it's true, not because you know it to be fact. | True because I say it's true. Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English - Cite This Source
Main Entry: truthiness
Part of Speech: n
Definition: truthfulness
Example: His truthiness is unquestionable.
Etymology: 1824

Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.7)
Copyright © 2003-2007 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC
Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English - Cite This Source
Main Entry: truthiness
Part of Speech: n
Definition: the state of wishing things to be true; also, conformity to beliefs one feels or wishes to be true
Example: Truthiness is a satirical term coined by television comedian Stephen Colbert to describe things that a person claims to know intuitively, instinctively, or "from the gut" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or actual facts.
Etymology: 2005

Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.7)
Copyright © 2003-2007 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC

Dr. Goodword: Truthiness is truth unencumbered by facts, truth by intuition, seen in people’s eyes rather than their actions. The word has the ring of authenticity to it since truthy would mean either “having truth” or “like truth”.

e.g., If he practiced truthiness in the older sense of the word, wouldn't Stephen Colbert 'fess up that "truthiness" came from the fertile brains of his writers and not from his own entremanurial brain?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

truthiracy - Truth + conspiracy. You have a truthiracy when a conspiracy becomes the truth. A conspiracy is a spiral of lies, and a truthiracy is a spiral of truth. The "con" in conspiracy means "to fool" or "to deceive." See Online Etymology Dictionary: con, conspiracy, conspire.

e.g., Some people research conspiracies, and others reveal the secret truth known as truthiracies. | Turns out that the 911 conspiracy was really a truthiracy. | The conspiracy turned out to be a truthiracy, which we eventually learned when some of those involved admitted the truth.

submitted by Christopher Lord

try and - This phrase usually should be "try to." | Idiomatic for "try to."

e.g., You should try and stop smoking, John.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

try hard - Someone that has to be better than someone else in everything.

e.g., She studied all day and night for that test; she's a try hard. {ED. Then, of course, there are those who are going to better than others simply because they're always the smartest in the room.}

submitted by Michelle Noffke

tryangle - Someone who will "try" any "angle" -- a schemer.

e.g., Watch out for Chris, he's a real tryangle.

submitted by Zeke Krahlin - (www)

tryathlete - A person who really wants to be good at athletics but, really, isn't.

e.g., Sally was training hard for the triathlon but we all knew that she was more of a tryathelete. Nice try, Sally.

submitted by Hal Colombo

tryhard triangle - That annoying piece of hair underneath your bottom lip that only singers can make look cool.

e.g., His tryhard triangle is sooo last week--Craig David's shaved his off.

submitted by BIGjack

trying one's best - Ironic--to not try at all.

e.g., When Jessica told me to pick up my trash, I simply kicked it out of sight and replied, "Oops. Tried my best."

submitted by mikedawg56 - (www)

trying to - Appears to be starting to ____ a little.

e.g., It's trying to rain, so we'd better close some of the windows.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

trying to - A dialect expression? Referring to precipitation, meaning, "barely starting to," "just beginning to."

e.g., I looked out the window five minutes ago and saw that it was trying to rain. Now look how it's pouring. Be sure to wear your rubbers.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

trypartite - Doing things in stages.

e.g., If at first you don't succeed, trypartite and trypartite again.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

trype - To attempt to type, usually with poor results.

e.g., Give me a break. I'm tryping an e-mail to my watermelon woman.

submitted by Watermelon Man - (www)

trysh - First appeared 1996, Charleston, SC. Also used frequently in Chattanooga, TN and along the eastern seaboard. Slang : to treat with contempt : insult. 2: To find fault with : criticize. 3: Reprimand: "tryshed him for his arrogance," for example.

e.g., I can't talk now, I'm tryshing a telemarketer.

submitted by Mapley Hutchinson

trystiny - A word formed by a combination of \'tryst\' and \'destiny\'. It denotes an involuntary appointment with some person or event (or missing of the same), which on hindsight appears to have no explanation other than that it is an act of \'Destiny\'.

e.g., They all agreed that it was just trystiny that brought him there when he really had no business being there there at the time; it had to be trystiny that sent him to save them from certain death. {ED. Thanks for your additions. They brightened my morning a bit.}

submitted by William Edwin - (www)

tsar dreck - Another name for ancient history (or not so ancient), not always a favorite subject for students. Also, a boring story and TV series about the long dead past, emperors, serfs, wars, invasions, a world without electronics.

e.g., In order to pass history I suppose we'll have to wade through all this tsar dreck; but first, some time-consuming reruns of the miserable Tsar Dreck.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

tshort - The boxer short type garment worn by many today. The garment that is commonly recognized when the over pants ride down low enough to enable the tshorts to be seen, a garment resembling boxer shorts worn as underwear under a normal pair of pants. Or a garment worn as outer wear, such as tennis shorts or any other sport short that resembles boxer shorts and that quite often may have disgusting sayings, slogans, or images as decoration and pattern. T-short.

e.g., I just bought sixteen packages of tshorts from a business called Tshort Heaven. All have the same saying or slogan printed on them: Jesus stayed on earth for you.

submitted by creative guy

tsitsypritsel - The word is used to teasingly describe a person who is a little afraid to proceed with an intended action.

e.g., Leah, age 5, falls learning to ride her new bike and will not get on again: "Leah, you are acting like a little tsitsypritsel. Try it again, you can do it."

submitted by Jane Joseph

tsor - Thirty Seconds Of Research.

e.g., "Man, you're really stupid. TSOR would have told you that your comment is dead wrong."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ttfn - Ta Ta For Now

e.g., Hey, guys. I'm going to class. TTFN.

submitted by rute

ttpecc - Tip-eck. There's a Time and a Place for Everything, and it's Called College.

e.g., "What're you doing with the bong, the squid, and those three drunk chicks?" "TTPECC."

submitted by Aquila

ttwo-knees-and-a-clap - The state of something being so hilarious one slaps both knees and then claps. The superlative of a classic "knee-slapper."

e.g., When the mayor showed up to the press conference dressed only in black leather chaps, we laughed so hard we gave him two-knees-and-a-clap.

submitted by Christian Kolarz

ttyl - Talk To You Later.

e.g., Hey, I gotta go. TTYL.

submitted by Dragonnas

tub-worthy - Of a friend so dear that you will take her phone call while bathing.

e.g., Sharyn is tub-worthy because she called when I was in the tub, and I answered it and talked to her instead of letting the machine get it.

submitted by Kristina

tuba - An emphasis on anything.

e.g., Wow, that's tuba awesome.

submitted by Esmith

tubafor - In carpentry, a board measuring two inches by four inches in cross section.

e.g., Hey, Billy, go out to the truck and git me a ten-foot tubafor.

submitted by Ty Evans

tube douche - When two people are in a swimming pool, and one fills a water noodle toy with water, puts one end to the other person's ear, and one person blows into the end, therefore making the "tube" an ear "douche" system.

e.g., I am going to tube douche you.

submitted by star651 - (www)

tubeless - Strapless. (One day my mom flubbed this word at WalMart and she meant to ask me if I needed a "strapless" bra.)

e.g., Tori was wearing a blue, tubeless bra.

submitted by Nickie

tuber - As many of y'all may know, a tuber is a plant root. This word is used for a "couch potato" watching the "boob tube."

e.g., As soon as Saturday soap operas roll around, my girlfriend becomes a complete tuber.

submitted by Jacob S.

tubilation - Joy on the underground. Portmandeau of "tube" and "jubilation."

e.g., As I boarded the train I was filled with a sense of tubilation.

submitted by dbmag9

tubulartastic - Tubular and fantastic. Cool, great, awesome, good.

e.g., That show was tubulartastic.

submitted by Ashlea

tucker - Australian: Food, usually home-cooked and hot.

e.g., Drop by this evening and have some tucker with me and the missus, mate.

submitted by mick

tuckerbag - A girl with a good body but an unattractive face (from a supermarket chain's logo, a paper bag), so putting a paper bag over her head would be an improvement.

e.g., She looked good until I went up to her--turned out she was actually a real tuckerbag.

submitted by coz

tuckerbag - Australian: A bag containing food carried by drifters (swagmen), usually shearers or stockmen (cowboys) of the middle to late 1800s and early 1900s and is a word featured in "Waltzing Matilda," Australia's unofficial national anthem.

e.g., Where's that jolly jumbuck (sheep) you've got in your tuckerbag?

submitted by mick

tuckle - Variation on "tuck," tucking in at night or with someone.

e.g., "Tuckle up yourself with me," as in the song "When the World Ends," by Dave Matthews Band.

submitted by Mia

tufty - An annoying tuft of hair that refuses to be brushed down, or to just sit neatly upon one's head.

e.g., I'm having an extremely bad hair day. I've a tufty the size of New Mexico that just refuses to go away.

submitted by Tim Salter

tufty - A middle-aged man whose progressive baldness has left him with just a few tufts of hair.

e.g., Gordon's turned into a tufty since I last saw him.

submitted by smalljim

tuggies - Slang to describe an attractive pair of breasts that you desire to tug or pull on.

e.g., That cheerleader has a perfect set of tuggies.

submitted by Gene Florian

tuhsanie - Really good food that makes you want to throw up.

e.g., That chinese food was tuhsanie.

submitted by twinko

tully - A weird person.

e.g., Steve is acting like a tully today.

submitted by Joe

tumble - "Understand" or "get it."

e.g., Go to that webpage and then click "select all" and download to your hard drive. You tumble me?

submitted by jem

tumblewacked - meaning very sleepy or very tired

e.g., I have been tumblewacked all day

submitted by trav

tumbleweed - Said in those awkward situations in a conversation when there is a period of silence. In old western films, a blowing tumblweed was used as a sign of boredom or lack of action. When a conversation turns to silence, say "Tumbleweed" to break the silence and allow the conversation to continue as before.

e.g., (Sam, Kerem, and Ashley are engaged in a conversation that stalls.) Kerem: So. Sam: (says nothing) Ashley: (says nothing) Kerem: (says nothing) (This uncomfortable silence can then be broken.) Ashley: (Says nothing) Sam: Tumbleweed. Ashley: Haha. Kerem: Yeah, Sam, that was funny. (See, the conversation is now free to continue as before.)

submitted by Sammmy

tumbleweed syndrome - To make a joke when everyone is laughing and have everyone stop laughing and look at you in silence. Silence usually broken by cricket chirp, cough, or like in the cartoons a tumbleweed roll by.

e.g., Shan, you have really bad tumbleweed syndrome.

submitted by Arrakis

tump - To turn over and empty. Turned over.

e.g., Tump that wheelbarrow over yonder. She tumped her glass of tea.

submitted by Richar Hill & Some Guy in Atlanta

tumple - To trip and then fall over, a mixture of "topple" and "tumble."

e.g., The drunk tumpled right over when he attempted to stand on one foot.

submitted by Shawna

tumpy - A combination of chubby, tummy and champ. Refering to the look and attitude of girls (and sometimes guys) who have recently gained weight and don't want to acknowledge it.

e.g., Had you noticed how Chris has become tumpy this semester?

submitted by Langdon

tuna - Cool, attractive.

e.g., You see that lowrider? That baby's tuna.

submitted by jai - (www)

tuna partner - A code word to yell when you need help in a social or public situation. Also tuna partner is the female verson of a wingman.

e.g., When some girl pushed my in the club I yelled out "tuna pPartner" and my girl pushed her back. My tuna partner watched out for my man while I was in the bathroom.

submitted by Liz

tuna signature - A canned signature added to e-mail messages, posts to message boards, etc. Also called simply a "tuna."

e.g., "You know any really good quotations that I could use for a tuna?" "How about illigitimi non carborundum?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tuna treatment - Canned, fired.

e.g., I’d be inclined to give him the tuna treatment for that.

submitted by HD Fowler

tune - Flirt, hit on, converse with the opposite sex, conversation with intent.

e.g., Craig is really on the tune with Emma.

submitted by Jace

tuneage - Music, song, tunes.

e.g., That was some tasty tuneage at the concert last night.

submitted by Guy

tuneference - Transferring a melody, or tune, to another person by humming or singing the main chorus lines.

e.g., He hummed the melody of that song so much, and although I hate it, I've been singing it all day. I've been tuneferenced.

submitted by Christo914

tuni - In Australia you can do higher education at tafe or university. Some fields of study you go to both (not very often though). So we named our mate a tuni. T=tafe, uni=university.

e.g., Phil: So you're telling me you do uni and tafe together? Bazza: Sure am. Phil: Did you realise that makes you a tuni?

submitted by Melynda

tunkelization - What you get when you send out documents without first running the spell checker.

e.g., I can't believe how bad his tunkelization was on that report he sent out.

submitted by Cleofis

tunnel vision - Difficulty seeing associated with low blood pressure combined with sudden activity.

e.g., I watched that three hour movie and when I stood up I got hit with some harsh tunnel vision.

submitted by ditnis

tunted - Drunk.

e.g., I got well tunted last night.

submitted by Mark Adams - (www)

tup - An overstatement of incompetence, especially in most things. Dim-witted, inept.

e.g., When I listen to Rick degrade the common man, I become aware of how tup I am, and sometimes begin to feel insulted myself.

submitted by Aaron McDaniel

tup - ttop off, fill all the way up, fill to the brim, pile high.

e.g., Some gas pumps when you go to put gas in your car say not to tup the gas. | We like to have our sundaes tupped with a bright red maraschino cherry.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

turbo hottie - A middle-school girl who is very attractive.

e.g., Did you see the new girl in math class? She is a turbo hottie.

submitted by Damian Ward - (www)

turdacious - Having a turdlike attitude or intelligence level.

e.g., Eric K. Johnson exhibits his turdacious attitude on an hourly basis, proving over and over, that he is no smarter than a turd.

submitted by Eric K. Johnson - (www)

turdiform - "Having the shape of a thrush."

e.g., "Nigel had spent a drizzly, disappointing morning peering through his binoculars and waiting in vain, when suddenly the sight of something turdiform set his little bird-lover's heart pounding."

submitted by [Martha Barnette]

turducken - A roast prepared for special occasions cosisting of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck stuffed into a deboned turkey interlayered with herbs and flavourings. When done, it can be sliced right through like any boneless roast and each slice yields a portion of each bird. Thought to originate in New Orleans or Louisiana.

e.g., A slice of turducken is the size of a pizza.

submitted by Magda - (www)

turfishkey - Used to describe turkey that tastes like fish.

e.g., At the food-quizzing competition, Chris lost because he suggested the turkey tasted so much like fish, that it must be. Of course, he knew that was impossible, so he suggested that, "This is fish . . . no, turkey . . . no . . . fish . . . no . . . turfishkey."

submitted by Elijah

turfle - One of those dried grass things that drops out of a lawnmower if you mowed when the lawn was wet.

e.g., Be sure to wash off the turfle when you finish mowing the lawn.

submitted by beanie33

turk - From The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang: "an aggressive young man." The example comes from a review of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

e.g., "LaBeouf's Jake Moore is a turk at an investment house run by his mentor (Frank Langella), who finds himself in a fierce showdown with a rival (Josh Brolin). Jake finds a new sage in Gekko, who is barred from trading but is full of advice and insider dirt that his new disciple can put to use."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

turkey-tracks - Orderly dribble spots (on, let's say, a kitchen floor) from one place to another. My wife has used this term on occasion when she sees the dribble marks.

e.g., Well, once again we have turkey-tracks from the counter to the table.

submitted by Jeffrey C. Apparius - (www)

turkolantern - A pumpkin dressed up like a turkey.

e.g., I decided to put feathers on my jack-o-lantern; now I have a turkolantern.

submitted by Myr Wilson

turmulous - Angry, chaotic, disturbed.

e.g., Captain Ramius looked out over the turmulous waters of the Atlantic and spat at the storm.

submitted by Kat Monkey - (www)

turn of the 20th, the - (n.) the changeover from the 19th to the 20th centuries, as opposed to the more recent "turn of the century" changeover from the 20th to the 21st centuries.

e.g., The car is a fairly recent invention; it dates from the turn of the century ... um, that is, the turn of the 20th.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

turn the laundry - Move the clothes from washer to dryer.

e.g., It's time to turn the laundry.

submitted by Nancy Kalish

turned - Tuned. Back in the day you turned a knob to tune your radio or TV to a station.

When I turned my TV to a movie channel and saw that The Magnificent Seven was on, I left it there. I recognized Robert Wilke in the knife vs. gun fight scene with James Coburn, but couldn't think of his name. I remembered a story about his making more money gambling at golf than he made from the hundreds of movies he made. He almost always played a villain -- I can't remember him playing anything else. Not even once.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

turnip missed - A future variant of "turned up missing" ("went missing").

e.g., Perhaps one day some of the Quebecois will speak a Francophized Anglic, somewhat in this wise: "Nex day e turnip missed" (Next day he turned up missing.)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

turnitinawayudonnacnothing - Used when the boss asks you why you turned your monitor to the wall.

e.g., No , I turned it because turnitinawayudonnacnot.hing

submitted by smita

turnsike - The person in front of you in traffic with the turn signal on for all eternity with either no idea it's engaged or just giving you two miles notice of her intention.

e.g., I don't mind the turnsikes so much on the interstate; you can tell there's nowhere for them to go. But it just infuriates me in town when you're doing 16 m.p.h. behind her not knowing if she's turning or just turnsiking.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

turothian - A historically slow or barely moving thing. Describing such movements or such a pace. The word is a combination of three historically slow animals: TUR(TURTLE)-OTH(SLOTH)-IAN(SNAIL). Pronounced(TUR-ROTH-THEE-EN).

e.g., The starfish is a turothian. | The process of home ownership can be a turothian process -- depending on what you make, on how much the house costs, on how on time with your payments that you generally are, on your credit risk, on what your bills look like over the history of your home, on whether you have to use your home to "bail" you out of debt, and on how much interest is being charged for loan services. | Elderly people aren't generally turothian, because even they are usually faster than to be technically classified as barely moving -- or historically slow. | Turothian growth can't be seen in real time with the naked eye.

submitted by Marcus Mitchell - (www)

turpentine - When something is Cool or Copesetic to a large degree, or other wise seen as being rad, nifty, neat, or cool.

e.g., We were kicking it and everything was straight turpentine.

submitted by Dave

turpintine - A single point on comedian Ben’s fork.

e.g., I cut my gum while surreptitiously picking my teeth with the turpintine at Ben’s big dinner.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

turps - Alcohol. From "turpentine." Probably Australian slang.

e.g., After a couple of nights on the turps, Ivan's ability to concentrate on his work dwindled.

submitted by comaquasi - (www)

turt - Someone's attitude when it's both terse and curt at the same time.

e.g., The answer he gave to he simple question was turt.

submitted by Dee Eff

turtle - To scretly abduct someone's backpack, remove its contents, turn it inside out, replace the contents, and secretly return it. The inside-out backpack somewhat resembles a turtle shell, and is very awkward to carry around.

e.g., As I submitted this word, I turtled Matt's backpack, and he still hasn't noticed.

submitted by james c

turtlehead - Groggy feeling, usually accompanied by a headache or irritability. Caused by sleeping too many hours in a row or by taking an unnecessary nap in the middle of the day.

e.g., I slept 16 hours and woke up with turtlehead.

submitted by marnie

turtlesque - 1. Mentally dull or sluggish: stupid. 2. Moving or proceeding slowly .3. Requiring a long time.

e.g., That should've been done by now; Chris is really turtlesque.

submitted by aeric

turtlians - Turtles resembling Teenage Mutan Minja Turtles who go around town checking the safety of rats in the sewers.

e.g., The turtlian checked the sewers, scared about the safety of his trusty friend Martin the rat.

submitted by the silly moo

tushay - What gets said after you make someone else the butt of a joke. From some online forum. Misuse related to touché, toches, tokhes, touchy, tuchas, tuches, tuchis, tuchus, tukhus, tush, tushie, tushy, etc.

e.g., When Chris started acting all butthurt because of what I said about her to the other girls, Nani said, "Tushay. Are you serious? Are you serious?"

submitted by HD Fowler

tushion - A cushion designed specifically to sit on.

e.g., I believe there will be overhang if you attempt to sit on that tushion, Miss Muffett.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

tussy - A brand name for perfume -- may not be sold anymore, but was in the 1960s. 1. Term of endearment for a friend. 2. To get spruced up or put on deodorant or cologne. 3. A chick that catches your attention (hot chick). 4. Anything that is good. 5. Brand name of a Dollar Store deodorant.

e.g., Hey, tussy. | Phew, I need to put on some Tussy.

submitted by joel

tut-tut-tut-tut-tut - A shushing device that is used to rudely interrupt people.

e.g., That damn Paddy. When he's intoxicated, he tut-tut-tut-tut-tuts us when he wants to interrupt.

submitted by Maria Doucette

tutalidge - The minute hand of a clock.

e.g., The tutalidge was broken.

submitted by Trey 7th English

tuthur - (sounds like "toother"; n.) A two-day-per-week class, held on TUesdays and THURsdays. [The first two phonemes of each day name.]

e.g., "This is a weird schedule." "Why?" "Well, you've got nothing at all on Monday or Wednesday ... or Friday. But your in classes from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm every Tuesday and Thursday!" "Yep, I went for pure tuthurs this semester."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

tutone - To give or receive a phone number. Usually takes place in a bar or party like setting. Originates from Tommy Tutones song: 867-5309/Jenny's song.

e.g., I was pleasantly surprised when Jill tutoned me last night at Skeeter's Place.

submitted by Paul

tutt - Tut-tutt. To say "tut tut" as an expression of disapproval.


Copyright Britsh Journal of Photography: But is this not just a reflection on the public's insatiable appetite for all things celebrity? We may tutt when a pap gets taken to court for initiating a car collision with the sporty number some starlet is driving, but someone will always buy the shots. The stalkerazzi, as they have become, are the product of our age-old love of laughing at a fallen star.

Katie Scott, News Editor.

Source: Copyright Incisive Media Investments Ltd 2004

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tv - Television, of course. Usually seen in upper case: TV. Nonetheless, HD, in his dotage, says he's getting tired of having to use the shift key so much. So, he's ordered me to starting using lower case as the canonical form: tv. Thus spake HD. … Dammit, the old coot says the same thing goes for pseudodictionary. The S.O.B. is making me do all the work to change pd entries. If he didn't pay me so much, I'd tell him to take the job and shove it up his.

Note that tvs instead of TVs doesn't look right. So, televisions will need to be spelled out in full.


My best Internet buddy and dear friend, Marty, refers to me as "The Man of a Thousand Personas." So you might receive another e-mail from me some day using one of my many, many Internet aliases -- mostly all used in good fun, but some occasionally used to settle a virtual score with some pissant whippersnapper.

I'll never do anything illegal on the Internet -- unless my brain turns into a cabbage or a mush melon. But I've been known to do semi-outrageous things for an old codger sitting in his rocking chair, rocking back and forth, and screaming obscenities at his tv. I dismay my wife of 50+ years no end when I do that. I just asked her if she finds me lovable. She said, "Sometimes."

submitted by Lillith

tv - Television, lower-cased abbreviation. In general, I'm opposed to the way the English language is being diminished by the use of chat room talk and texting. However, I'm ready to make my first disgruntled and hesitant step into the 21st century and its obsession with so-called smart devices. You must admit that, for a typist whose skills are rapidly waning, not having to use the shift key is, indeed convenient.

e.g., "Even though ads on tv claim that one in five 'relationships' start on the Internet today, the probablilty that that will ever happen with me is infinitesimally small -- virtually zero. Perhaps slightly greater -- maybe close to the probability that matter will escape a black hole. Do you realize that eventually, over time, a black hole will disappear?" "Dad, doesn't time cease to exist in a black hole? If it does, I'm a bit puzzled by the notion of a black hole 'disappearing over time.' Aren't you?" "Well, now that you mention it, son, I guess I am. ... Back to the drawing board." "Dad, I think there's a TED talk on this very subject." "Ted the Bear? I didn't know he was still around. Or that he could talk. Wonder of wonders."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tv - Television, of course. Usually capitalized: TV. One of the very few instances where your erstwhile Editrix Extraordinaire (aka LGB) is willing to give up the old ways of capitalizing abbreviations -- and side with the chat room and texting crowd and go with all lower case. "show us you can muster the energy to reach the shift key. text in all lowercase is hard for us to read; text in all uppercase will be rejected."

e.g., "From all the indignant noises I'm at least hearing emanating from the halls of Congress and the, hitherto 'Give Peace a Chance' crowd on cable tv I should think that heck, for all I know Congress could in a day or so round up enough votes to declare war on, not just the usual suspects of the Middle East but the whole world if that's so important."

submitted by Lillith Gordonna Bennett

tvma - Mature, Raunchy, Sexually Explicit. From the TV rating of Mature. TV-MA.

e.g., Look at the skirt on that girl. She is so TVMA.

submitted by Jason Ruby - (www)

tvxq - You know.

e.g., Eddie: What are you talking about? Freddie: TVXQ.

submitted by mickeyyouchun

twacky - An anxious wacky person.

e.g., He is too twacky for the job.

submitted by michele

twacky - Feeling of shivers up and down the spine.

e.g., When Jim jumped out from behind the door, he gave me the twackies.

submitted by Zolos

twaining - To meader away repeatedly from the point of a story, in the manner of master meanderer Mark Twain.

e.g., He started telling us about the event, but got off on a tangent about who was related to whom. He's really bad about twaining.

submitted by Rick Smith

twamp - To win by a decisive margin at any friendly competitive board game, cards, or sport.

e.g., I twamped my daughter at bocci last night.

submitted by Lori Messer

twang - A very disturbing cowboy genre item. | Someone who is really high strung.

e.g., I think his being called Tweak may have something to do with his being so grossly twang. | Matt, quit being a twang. The vase just fell over.

submitted by Tweak | Brandon Ducharme

twangle - A word for music journalists and fans to liven up their copy and conversations when describing country or "twang" music that incorporates folk-rock, "jangle" guitar. | To squeeze and twist a body part in a playful and affectionate manner. | To twist and tangle at the same time.

e.g., Steve Earle is an example of a musician whose albums frequently twangle. | Come here while I twangle your nose. | My kite string got twangled in the tree branches.

submitted by denise | Adam Leslie | Julie - (www)

twank - An almost-swearword noun, used to convey displeasure with another individual's intelligence levels.

e.g., Jim: Is Cambridge University in London? Bob: No, you twank, it's in Cambridge.

submitted by chev happy

twart - Extrememly stupid person

e.g., You have your shoes on the wrong feet, you twart.

submitted by andy

twats - Tiny Weapons of Annihilation and Terror.

e.g., Me, as much as I hate to admit it, I wouldn't be all that surprised if TWATs were being smuggled into the United States on an almost daily basis. Little is or can be done to stop it.

submitted by HD Fowler

twatvert - An advertisement which shows people being unfeasibly excited by intrinsically tedious products or services.

e.g., Look at those idiots pretending to be interested in car insurance! What's the point of these twatverts?

submitted by PaulR

twatwaffle - The context of the first example is sufficient to determine that it's a substitute for idiot -- or a similar insult.

e.g., "[Rob] Parker is a jealous twatwaffle."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tweak - To get inside a car, especially one of great value or worth.

e.g., Let's tweak my Lamborghini Diablo, purchased yesterday.

submitted by John Zegar

tweak - To spastically convulse and make an array of high-pitched screeches. Usually the action is done after something particularly confusing or annoying has happened. In most cases, one or both eyelids are shut during the action.

e.g., If you're going to be like that, go tweak somewhere else.

submitted by Charlie Benson

tweaker - A particularly high strung person. Started to appear in the early 80s, now finding its way into popular culture such as "Those Damn Blue Collar Tweakers" by Primus or the character "Tweak" from South Park. | A methamphetamine user.

Tweaking The most dangerous stage of methamphetamine abuse occurs when an abuser has not slept in 3-15 days and is irritable and paranoid. This behavior is referred to as "tweaking," and the user is known as the "tweaker." The tweaker craves more methamphetamine, but it is difficult to achieve the original high, causing frustration and unstable behavior in the user. Because of the tweaker's unpredictability, there have been reports that they can react violently, which can lead to involvement in domestic disputes, spur-of-the-moment crimes, or motor vehicle accidents.

A tweaker can appear normal -- eyes clear, speech concise, and movements brisk; however, a closer look will reveal that the person's eyes are moving ten times faster than normal, the voice has a slight quiver, and movements are quick and jerky.14 These physical signs are more difficult to identify if the tweaker has been using a depressant such as alcohol; however, if the tweaker has been using a depressant, his or her negative feelings - including paranoia and frustration -- can increase substantially. A person should use extreme caution when dealing with an individual on methamphetamine.

e.g., Dad is always flipping out over the littlest things. The other day he went into a five-hour rage because I had to read Catcher in the Rye for school, and he thinks it's going to turn me into a nutcase or something. He's become a tweaker.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho - (www)

tweakment - Treating someone in a manipulative manner.

e.g., She gave him an awful tweakment.

submitted by Bjørn Magnhildøen - (www)

tweble - May also be written "ttwebble." A word to describe media convergence provision. Taking in telephone/television/web/blog/entertainment.

e.g., "All convergence media providers will be known as tweble providers." "I believe tweble is the media of the future." "I work for a tweble company."

submitted by Stewart Richmond

twee - Dainty or quaint. | Kitsch, according to The Septic's Companion. "First appeared in print in a 1905 issue of the British magazine _Punch_.

e.g., From a review of _Bad Teacher_: "A saccharine colleague, Amy (English actress Lucy Punch), becomes a twee nemesis, while laconic PE teacher Russell (Jason Segel) looms lustfully in the background." | "Old ladies’ front rooms, tartan cloth jackets and pleasant little sleepy retirement towns are twee. Marilyn Manson, drive-by-shootings and herpes are not."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tweed - A male professor in the humanities.

e.g., Judging by the facial hair, the pipe clamped between his teeth, the corduroy trousers, and the paunch, my guess is he's a tweed.

submitted by Stephen Mize

tweeking - Any change that looks as if it should take two minutes but ends up taking two weeks. Tw(o w)eeks.

e.g., The new product will be ready, it just needs a little bit of tweeking.

submitted by Mick Liubinskas - (www)

tween - Tweenager, tween-ager. Added to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary in 2002.

Life on the West Coast: Tween-age Angst

Allow me to clarify the term: Tweens; girls around the age of 13 who are just starting to get sucked into (read: raped by) mainstream culture. You've seen them before. They are the ones in love with the cute movie stars, the ones who know every word to every song on MTV, the ones who hang out on mall benches on Friday and Saturday nights dressed in skanky (wait, no, fashionable) clothing with their boys of the week. (These girls are more specifically known as prostatots.)

They are the ones who would rather type out words how they sound instead of how they're spelled and make these words into almost incoherent sentences, yet still think they can pass themselves off as older. . . .

e.g., Yeah, you're right. Quite a few of the submittals seem to come from tweens. But that's what we're here for: to give them a forum to express themselves . . . and to get their fifteen minutes of fame amongst their friends by being published in an online dictionary. That can be a gnarlical experience for a tween, dawg.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tweenager - A person who is chronologically beyond nineteen but developmentally still a teenager.

e.g., The twins just celebrated their 23rd birthday but they are still tweenagers.

submitted by Nancy Renfrow

tweener - Something that is not quite all the way along, but it is not to short of being acceptable.

e.g., The C- paper I handed in was a tweener. But it was my best yet. | The baseball coach hits tweeners to make us better.

submitted by Jacob

tweet - A ≤140-character message that says, "Look at me. Look at me." (That took only sixty-one characters.)

e.g., Look at me. Look at me. Tweets are for twits. Look at me. Look at me. You can say a lot in seventy characters. Look at me. Look at me again.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

tweeverage - Live coverage of a conference by tweeting about it.

e.g., The tweeverage of the conference on brand recommenders was done by at least 1/3 of the participants.

submitted by Jan Van den Bergh - (www)

tweezerhappy - Over-enthusiastic use of a certain beauty tool, usually with tragic (though comical) results.

e.g., "You look weird." "Yeahh, I got a little tweezerhappy on my eyebrows yesterday."

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

tweezle - A nubbin. A husk. A thin, dried-up, shrivelled end of something that was once much larger.

e.g., The sausage cooked so long, all there was left was the skin and the tweezle.

submitted by neal

twelevents - (twell-a-vints) An occasion or program or happening not with just "several' special parts," but actually even more than 10 big exciting segments.

e.g., Something like a "presidential election" is more than just a three-ring circus, it's twelevents and more.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

twelve o'clock flasher - Someone who is severely technically impaired and subsequently lives in a house filled with appliances all flashing 12:00.

e.g., If a twelve o'clock flasher buys a PC, expect the help desk to go bankrupt.

submitted by Cujo - (www)

twelve-pack - Really fat.

e.g., He doesn't have a 6 pack. He's so FAT he's got a 12 (twelve) pack.

submitted by Jim E.

twennypasfour - A response to the question "What time is it?" for those who are too lazy to check a clock.

e.g., On arriving in bed after a good party a loved one may ask groggily "What time is it?" To which you reply very quickly "twennypasfour," even though it is 6:13 am.

submitted by Jason Giri

twentieth century - Something that is out-of-date; something that is considered old and has been revised or improved upon.

e.g., Bob, that computer you are using is so twentieth century.

submitted by RIP

twenty bucks - When telling a dull story, you can re-enliven the interest by saying at the end of the story, "and then I found twenty bucks." People will become suddenly engrossed. Conversely, when somebody tells a bad, dull, or pointless story, you can say "twenty bucks." sarcastically implying that their story sucks.

e.g., *friend tells dull story* Twenty bucks.

submitted by Melissa

twenty-four - A day, twenty-four hours. From a ytpo where I had intended to write twenty-four hours, but instead wrote just twenty-four.

e.g., I first saw her at the carnival freakshow on Friday, then again the next twenty-four. Haven't seen her since, but I didn't realize she had disappeared.

submitted by [Fire Saturnleaf] - (www)

twenty-four-seven - Twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

e.g., Anyone who says she works twenty-four-seven is speaking hyperbolically, not literally. | Dottie may be on call twenty-four-seven, but she's not actually working all the time.

submitted by Lillith

twentysevenism - The belief that the number twenty-seven is the most common number in the universe.

e.g., After observing the number twenty-seven twenty-seven times in one hour, Sue became a devout believer in twentysevenism.

submitted by Benjamin Hunter - (www)

twentythreeskidoo - A command meaning "get up and get out of here." Thought to have originated during construction of the Flatirons building in Chelsea, New York City, which is situated around 23rd street. When bums would accumulate, the police on the beat would shout "twentythreeskidoo!" to clear them away from the construction site to prevent theft.

e.g., As the police officer turned the corner, he saw a group of men suspiciously hanging around a storefront. He yelled, "Twentythreeskidoo!" and they all ran off.

submitted by aaron

twi-bi - Refers to being infatuated with BOTH Edward Cullen and Jacob Black from Twilight. Often referred to as Team Jacob or Team Edward, fancying both makes you Twi-bi (going both ways).

e.g., Edward is gorgeous, Jacob is hot. Cannot decided which one I would have, so I will swing both ways and be Twi-bi, and have them both.

submitted by Kim

twice pipes - Dual exhaust on a vehicle.

e.g., Check out that Cavalier, it's got twice pipes.

submitted by dust

twice upon a time - (n.) 1. a retelling of a well-known story; 2. a parallel story explaining, embellishing, or expanding upon events in the original story, usually from another point of view; 3. a declaration that one situation or pattern of events is so similar to an earlier one that it appears as though history is repeating itself. [A rather obvious homage to "once upon a time."]

e.g., _O_Brother_Where_Art_Thou?_ claims to be a twice upon a time of the _Odyssey_, but the similarity is rather strained. _A_Christmas_Carol_ probably has the most twice upon a times of any other stories. | Disney's _Lion King_1_1/2_ as well as Scott Card's _Ender's_Shadow_ are twice upon a time stories. | "So Ol' Moneybags's brother was having an affair with his trophy wife and bumped his brother off for his wealth and his wife .... Wow: twice upon a time, huh?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

twice-before-sunday - Increasing the severity of a phrase or word.

e.g., John is gonna get the crap beat out of him twice-before-sunday.

submitted by nippletoe

twigged - Almost broken, stressed, "not quite right." Showing examples of stuttering or sporadic, yet functional operation. Originally derived from the 1980s TV show from Buck Rogers's sidekick, "Twiggy."

e.g., What happened to the server after the bios upgrade? It's all twigged out.

submitted by shadowspawn

twiggle - The twitching of your dog's feet when you know he's dreaming about chasing rabbits.

e.g., I thought my dog was dead until I saw her feet twiggle. Sweet dreams, Torrie.

submitted by tweak

twincest - When twins engage in sexual activity.

e.g., I'm pretty sure that Barbi and Bambi have been engaging in twincest.

submitted by Christopher Dunham

twincision - The surgical separation of conjoined twins, so called Siamese twins.

e.g., My twin and I were once very close, nose to nose and chin to chin. Through successful twincision we are now separate individuals, but I must admit to missing the original comfort in being so naturally close.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

twincomepoop - It's a "two-holer," an outhouse with room for two.

e.g., Our outhouse back in the 1940s was a twincomepoop, but I never actually had anyone sitting right next to me.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

twink - noun- A person inordinately obsessed with the particulars of Role Playing Games such as Dungeons and Dragons (term popularized by the webcomic "8-bit Theatre)

e.g., "Dave was arguing about the superiority of 'second edition rules' with this gaggle of twinks at the Game Club yesterday."

submitted by Lyra Silverblade

twink - A wannabe pimp or player that thinks he has a posse and lots of sex appeal.

e.g., Look at that twink over there with the Mr. T medallion and silver Puff Daddy parachute pants

submitted by

twinked - Experiencing a natural and inexplicable high, often indicated by a vapid smile and sparkling eyes.

e.g., Yeah, I noticed that, too. She walked straight past me with a spring in her step. She was twinked.

submitted by Zhade

twinkerer - A twinkerer is an incompetent, or self-proclaimed parageek (See entry for "parageek.") The typical twinkerer has a "can-do" attitude about fixing things (especially computers around the office). Sadly, the twinkerer has a horrible ratio of successful-to-unsuccesful attempts to fix problems on which she is typically consulted. The office twinkerer "fixes" computers in a manner similar to that in which many people try to save time and money by fixing their own cars, only to end up making matters worse than before they began their ... good faith effort.

e.g., Walter represented himself as a parageek, but he was really just a twinkerer. Now my computer's even MORE broken than it was before.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

twinkie - Fool. For someone who is dumb, making you frustrated, or both.

e.g., This is easy. Why don't you get it, twinkie?

submitted by Megan

twinkie - A turn-off, a disgusting act performed by a romantic interest. Origin of the word: When I saw my boyfriend in the seventh grade shove a Twinkie in his mouth, I was repulsed and dumped him that afternoon.

e.g., Look at the booger hanging out of his nose; that is a major twinkie.

submitted by Lauren

twinkie - Extremely homophobic and possibly violent. Comes from Dan White's defense that he shot and killed San Fransisco supervisor Harvey Milk because White had eaten too many twinkies.

e.g., Bruce will never go to a gay bar. He's way too twinkie for that.

submitted by Veevers

twinkler - A twinkler is someone who sympathizes with the Occupy Wall Street Protest Movement. From twinkling: "wiggling one's fingers to signal agreement [or disagreement] with what's being said, a way of moving along the general assemblies without [the] applause that drowns out the speakers." Wiggling fingers pointing upward signifies agreement, downward disagreement.  
I learned the latter meaning by watching The Colbert Report. Colbert had a couple of twinklers on who looked as if they may still have been in high school. When he said something they disagreed with, they twinkled with their fingers pointing downward. At one point the female (girl? woman?) referred to herself as a female-bodied person. The fellow had to be asked twice before he identified himself as a male-bodied person. Naifs. Boneheads. That's as generous as I'm going to be.

e.g., No, I'm not a twinkler -- I'm a 53 percenter. | Did you happen to be watching The Colbert Report when a young twinkler referred to herself as "a female-bodied perdaughter"? "Seriously?" "Well, except that she didn't have my new word at her disposal. She actually said "female-bodied person." That was the first time I had seen someone wiggle her fingers downward to signal her disapproval.

submitted by cognizato - (www)

twinky - N. (tween-kee) A character on an on-line game that has items and equipment far beyond its own ability to acquire. A coin puppet. In popular speech a "richie boy" one who's parents provide them with money at the drop of a hat for no effort.

e.g., "He got a Vette for his birthday?? What a Twinky!"

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

twinlepathy - The 6th-sense that some twins share that enables them to feel each others' pain, emotions, etc.

e.g., Janet's twinlepathy alerted her that her twin sister, Jennifer, was in great pain.

submitted by Viki Sprague

twint - Joint top.

e.g., I'd have to say red and blue are twint in my favourite colours.

submitted by lardpony - (www)

twired - The annoying blend of tired and wired that inevitably occurs in children in the moments just prior to their bedtime.

e.g., Stina, we MUST get the children to bed . . . they are totally twired.

submitted by Mike W.

twired - To be tired and wired at the same time, a not all that uncommon situation.

e.g., I was twired this morning but now I'm okay.

submitted by Carrie

twirlie - Too early

e.g., Look at the people at the bus stop. They're pretty twirlie.

submitted by kate - (www)

twirly - An alternative to "womble." A twirly is a pensioner with a free bus pass that is only valid after 9 AM.

e.g., The elderly lady pulled herself on to the bus at 0859 and said to the driver "Am I twirly?" ("Am I too early?")

submitted by David Flett

twisticated - an object, idea, or thing is far beyond being twisted. It may have its origins in having been twisted, but deformed beyond use or repair or worthwhileness.

e.g., That piece of metal, idea or concept is twisticated; that is, it cannot be restored for reuse or salvaged. It must be scrapped.

submitted by Frederick Mundle - (www)

twisty - A hair tie.

e.g., Do you have a twisty in your purse?

submitted by Ashley Posusta

twit - Rhyming slang for an obvious crudity. I have been unable to find this as existing rhyming slang, but it surely exists. | Capitalized. Not necessarily those who use Twitter at all, but those who use Twitter at the most inappropriate times. || Mysterious relative of a tuit. ||| One who Twitters.

e.g., Of course she has bad teeth. She's the stereotypical twit. | Diverted by a signal from her new Android smartphone of a new tweet, Twit Michelle checked her phone and crashed into a herd of goats crossing the road. She was driving 85 mph on a very crooked road at the time. Fortunately, Michelle survived. Her Mercury and many of the goats weren't so lucky. || One could intuit that she was gonna get a round twit as soon as she got a round tuit; then she could really get intuit. ||| Chris is definitely a twit; even when he speaks it's less than 140 characters.

submitted by HD Fowler || S. Berliner, III ||| Bicycl - (www)

twit list - "Followers" of someone with a Twitter account are on that person's twit list.

e.g., Why is it that New York Representative Anthony Weiner is on so many young women's twit lists? Is he so naïve he doesn't realize he's going to end up on someone's hit list? -- political hit list, that is. For an ambitious politician to expose himself that way is stupid. (Double entendré intended.) Just another example what stupid things arrogant people can do.

submitted by HD Fowler

twitch gamer - Someone whose success at video games comes from hitting buttons as quickly as possible. See "button masher." In our case, derived from the speech balloon that came up whenever you stopped moving in the Simpsons arcade game "Hit buttons. Wiggle joystick."

e.g., Having problems blocking that guy's moves? You're just a twitch gamer.

submitted by keyla - (www)

twitching - Disgustingly and longstandingly dirty. Applies to an inanimate object, and implies that it is so grody that it has evolved life.

e.g., You guys, this towel can't be our bathmat anymore. It's twitching. | Someone wash these dishes, they're twitching.

submitted by camille

twitopsy - Dissecting opinions, relationships, and views on Twitter trying to accurately determine the nature of other people's problems.

e.g., The agony aunt recommended an immediate twitopsy to try and determine the cause of her Twitter rejection.

submitted by C Tegerdine

twitster - A whirlwind of tweets resulting from a statement or event of great interest

e.g., Ashton Kutcher's Gulfstream jet was almost brought down by a twitster seeded by a single tweet from that Hollywood Reporter guy in the media cabin who thought he spotted Brittney sitting in Kutcher's lap.

submitted by wogerdodger

twitstiff - To be socially dead on Twitter. Twitstiff is a term used to describe the condition of people on Twitter with no friends, social standing, or desirable contacts: losers, freaks, nutters .

e.g., Against personal Twitter contact / reply details: "No twitstiffs please."

submitted by C Tegerdine

twittah - How people with common accents say "twitter."

e.g., Do you have a twittah on line?

submitted by star651 - (www)

twittart - Someone who has the uncontrollable urge to twitter even the most inconsequential activities.

e.g., I can't believe the twittart has to tell us he's "thinking about ordering coffee," then "ordering coffee," and finally "drinking coffe.e. Guess it's hard to separate the twit from the twitter.

submitted by Stennie - (www)

twitterfrauds - Subscribers to Twitter who present an image which is not a true representation of themselves.

e.g., She claimed to be a pillar of the community; however, this twitterfraud was an imposter.

submitted by Brian Cole - (www)

twitterpated - To be enamored; spring fever.

e.g., "Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. You get weak in the knees. Your head starts to whirl. Before you know it, you're knocked for a loop!" -- Bambi

submitted by nitag - (www)

twitterrhage - An uncontrolled, rapid, pernicious spewing of tweets on Twitter.

e.g., Joel tried to stop himself, but the whiskey-fuel twitterrhagic diatribe against all things sweet and tender went on all throughout the wee hours.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

twittery - When someone or something gets wobbly, falls over, and has trouble getting back up again. When someone or something is regularly unusable for periods of time. When someone or something is just plain frustratingly unreliable. Like, well,

e.g., Roberto got up quickly from the couch, the sudden rush of blood away from his brain making him come over all twittery. | "Dang!" Swore Natascha, thumping the inert chainsaw down on the half-sawn log. "This stupid chainsaw's been so twittery lately. I bet it's water in the fuel again."

submitted by alan jones - (www)

twittock - A stupid person.

e.g., You are a twittock, Chris.

submitted by Fenix - (www)

twizzle - The reusable wire applied in sealing shut the top of a bag

e.g., Do you have a twizzle for this bag? this bag's lost its twizzle

submitted by simon charles

two - Used as a means of exaggeration. In extreme cases you can add "fighting in a burlap sack."

e.g., Chris is a bitch. Damn, she's two bitches, fighting in a burlap sack.

submitted by camille

two axehandles wide - An expression from a couple of generations ago. Used for describing a woman's wide posterior.

e.g., Look at her butt. It's two axehandles wide.

submitted by David

two comma - Rich people or wealth. Two comma means there are two commas in the bling bling. Ex.: 1,000,000.

e.g., Soon as the two comma entered the ghetto, they knew they didn't belong.

submitted by gazna

two dead flies - Worthless.

e.g., He ain't worth two dead flies.

submitted by Stan J

two dollah - Extremely poorly done, cheap, or otherwise crappy.

e.g., Batman and Robin was hecka two dollah.

submitted by Zippy Von Zippy - (www)

two four - A case of 24 beers, often associated with May 24 long weekend. Alternatively, "twofer."

e.g., Can I get a two four of Blue, eh?

submitted by mike n - (www)

two four seven - "(24-7) When something goes on forever, or all the time."

e.g., "I work 24-7"

submitted by Laura

two pot screamer - Someone who cannot take her drink. Becomes an uncontrollable beer animal after two pints, usually ends up barfing in the first pub and going home early.

e.g., Chris ended up dancing on the table and then sleeping under it. She's a two pot screamer.

submitted by Adam - (www)

two-bagger - Someone who is so ugly that during sex you have to wear a bag on your head, too, just in case hers falls off.

e.g., Julie tried to hook me up with her cousin, but she's a real two-bagger.

submitted by Adam

two-bit - Somebody of extremely low IQ who consistently finds it difficult to string a cohesive sentence together.

e.g., (Blabbed speech.) Chris, you're a two-bit.

submitted by bob

two-cart couple - Malvern, AR, terminology for swingers who would go to the grocery store and walk around with two empty carts to indicate their availability for what used to be called wifeswapping. Era when this was being done is unknown.

e.g., two-cart couple

submitted by HD Fowler

two-digit midget - Someone in the military with fewer than 100 days to serve.

e.g., "Who was the worst officer I ever had? This butter bar. Besides being a two-faced liar, he had no common sense at all. I couldn't stand him. I mean, this guy just rubbed me the wrong way . . . and finally, this one day, I couldn't take it anymore. I just plain told him off.  
"Heck, I didn't care. I was a two-digit midget and he was just starting out. So, it was no big deal to me. I simply didn't care. That's how much I hated the guy. Of course, it helped that my C.O. and I were pretty close, so I wasn't afraid of getting in any real trouble. And I didn't."

submitted by [bollingspvet]

two-fiddy - Two hundred and fifty dollars. Two-fitty.

e.g., Can you lend me two-fiddy?

submitted by Catherine

two-fisted - Very drunk and holding a drink in each hand.

e.g., She was two-fisted at that party, I'm surprised she made it home.

submitted by timon

two-handed slap - An alternative term for a "high ten." Primarily used in written communication and abbreviated as "THS."

e.g., Woo hoo, we won the tournament. Two-handed slap. (Props to Christine at

submitted by naomi - (www)

two-rents syndrome - A neuropsychiatric disorder, characterized by multiple physical (motor) tics and at least one vocal (phonic) tic, most often associated with the exclamation of obscenities or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks -- particularly on the first of each month, when landlords collect rent. Two-Rents Syndrome most commonly afflicts males who are separated or divorced and are responsible not only for their own rent or mortgage payment, but also that of the estranged spouse.

e.g., When the judge decided that I was responsible not only for my own rent, but also that of my wife, who earns MORE than I do, I began twitching and cursing uncontrollably. I would have been found in contempt of court, had my attorney not explained that I had suddenly developed Two-Rents Syndrome.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

two-spaces-after-a-period girl - An "older woman," born before 1960 -- perhaps before 1950. If you took a typing class in the 1950s or earlier, you were taught to type two spaces after a period. Younger folks who cut their typing teeth using proportional-space instead of monospace use only one space after a period.

e.g., Give me a two-spaces-after-a-period girl any day. Anyone younger is likely to think of me in old-man terms. |

One-night-stands are anathema to a two-spaces-after-a-period girl. |

I'll take an old-fashioned two-spaces-after-a-period girl over a modern if-it-feels-good-do-it girl every time. Nary a doubt about that. | What makes you think she'd be interested in getting a tattoo? After all, she's a two-spaces-after-a-period girl. |

A two-spaces-after-a-period girl was usually taught that sex is to be saved for marriage. At a minimum, she was taught that sex should be saved for a "committed relationship" -- although that particular term was not in vogue in the old days. In either case, to paraphrase Frederick the Great, sex without commitment is like music without instruments. |

"Do women really find sex disgusting and only partake of the gruesome act in order to get their man to "commit," as [Stephen Fry] suggested in an interview with Attitude magazine?" I don't know about that, but I think that's more likely to be the case with a two-spaces-after-a-period girl than with a younger woman. No particular insight on my part, just a guess based on what seemed to be the prevailing attitude when I grew up with them. Maybe disgust is the first thing girls think of when they start learning about sex -- and maybe the "disgust" bit was just something their mothers instilled in them to discourage them from "doing what comes naturally." I'm not in a position to know one way or another. Maybe I'll ask around and come up with some "anecdotal evidence"?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

two-steppin' - Dancing from side to side with no rhythm.

e.g., A guy asks a girl to dance. The girl is moving from side to side, trying to dance, while the guy is trying to freak dance. His ex-girlfriend says, "What does she think she's doin', two-steppin'?"

submitted by Sarah Tracy - (www)

two-tripper - Someone so large that if you told her to haul butt she would have to make two trips.

e.g., Chris was never svelte, but she's become a two-tripper this fall.

submitted by biff

two-week syndrome - Tendency one has to call in sick and generally do half-assed work once one has given one's two week notice. Similar to "Senioritis."

e.g., Since Jason gave his notice we can't get him to do any work. He's come down with a bad case of two-week syndrome.

submitted by Nik

twog - Twitter as a blog.

e.g., You should read my twog.

submitted by Eric Paxton

twogookified - To have simultaneously posted something to Twitter, a blog, and Facebook.

e.g., Person 1: We got a dog. Person 2: (Tap, tap, tap.) Okay, I twogookified it.

submitted by doggitydogs

twonk - A cross between a twit, plonker and a plank. Often used self-referentially.

e.g., I've just thrown ketchup up the wall. Would you Adam and Eve it? I'm being an absolute twonk.

submitted by Katie Gaines

twound - tightly wound

e.g., I was all twound up over nothing!

submitted by rdouglass

twu - Teeny Weeny Unit. First used by Mrs. Lehman on her honeymoon with Chief.

e.g., Chief Lehman's TWU is an embarrassment whenever he is in the gym locker room with Boy George.

submitted by Chief Lehman

twunnel - An ambiguous term which generally acts as a verb (sometimes as an adjective). Originally a screw-up of tunnel, as in to tunnel through something. Lighthearted and can be applied to *any* situation with equal ease.

e.g., That's a very twunnel shirt you're wearing.

submitted by Ashley

txt-pectation - Waiting in anticipation for a txt. Credits to Tw@iney.NZ

e.g., I'm txt-pecting.

submitted by Lana

tyabb - Someone who looks around in dumpsters for "hidden treasure."

e.g., I used to think that most tyabbs were just dumpster divers.

submitted by Somebody in room 14

tyme machine - Brand of ATM, used in Wisconsin to refer to all ATMs.

e.g., I'm going to rob the tyme machine so I can get lunch at Taco Bell.

submitted by Alex R.

tympani - An orchestral work for percussion.

e.g., He was drummed out for playing "Schubert's Unfinished Tympani."

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

tymphony - Orchestral work solely for the percussion section.

e.g., Schmegeggy's First Tymphony was beautifully played but it drummed on my ears.

submitted by S. Berlliner, III - (www)

tyops - Psychological operations (psyops) utilizing Iron Mike Tyson as the interrogator.

e.g., If he doesn't start cooperating, tell him we'll be leaving and recommending tyops.

submitted by Miss Speller

typage - A variation on the word "typing"; emcompassing the entire concept of typing: mood, education, drunkeness, stickiness, etc.

e.g., My typage sucks today.

submitted by seonaidh

typasm - when you are typing but then you just hit random keys so it ends up making no sense and looking like this: sb fjkcbhjdfbjkbvjkbsd

e.g., dbghfnkjkbgfhuibiunkhdbjdf wow you just typasm

submitted by hajvhbdfjkhjvfv

type-diss - To communicate electronically (usually over some sort of instant messaging software) while on the phone with an undesireable conversationalist.

e.g., I called Katie to tell her about how my cat needed surgery, but I could clearly hear her type-dissing me on AOL Instant Messenger.

submitted by Jim

type-speak - Communication through keyboard, typewriter, or teletex. (ED. What's a typewriter?)

e.g., How dare you type-speak to me that way.

submitted by Jerry Johnson

typelexia - The condition in which a typist (usually of the two-finger variety) mistypes words because of the close proximity of letters on a keyboard, similar to what a dyslexic might do.

e.g., Urnell's memo to the boss was somewhat spoiled by his typelexia: To Nick, Productivity gas been bery food this month, Refarts Urnell.

submitted by Richard

typeo - A misspelling. Allegedly a typo for "typo"; however, if you believe that, I have a bridge I'll sell you real(ly) cheap. "Typeo" is a misspelling for "typo." (Type O is the blood group which has neither the A nor B antigens.)

e.g., Dam, dam, dam. . . . Oops, three consecutive typeos.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

typer - A mix between being tired, but yet hyper at the same time.

e.g., Liz: Wanna go to the mall? Ky: No, I'm too typer. ... I'll probably be jumping on people and then pass out on the floor and fall asleep.

submitted by bre

typersation - Conversation occurring over typewritten media.

e.g., I enjoyed our typersation online the other day. I came to know a lot more about you.

submitted by Rhonda Dyer

typewaiter, typewaiting - Fast typists who strike up Instant Message dialogues, having forgotten that the other person is a "hunt and peck" typist, causing the fast typists to have to wait for what seems an interminably long time before receiving a response.

e.g., Sorry I'm late. I was stuck in an IM with a typewait situation.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

typicult - Typically difficult. Any activity that is made more difficult than it should be on a regular basis.

e.g., Ex. Why does it take two hours to plan a fifteen-minute trip to town? How typicult. Ex. They always make these packages so hard to open. Typicult.

submitted by Wireframe

typing fairy - One among a family of fairies (the hangover fairy, the bad sex fairy, the overheated car fairy), the typing fairy is responsible for all the embarrassing ytpos you make, and the number of times you repeat the ytpo when trying to get it right.

e.g., That's what I was thinking exzactyl . . . exaclty . . . excatly. . . . Damn you, typing fairy.

submitted by chris - (www)

typo demon - The real cause of typos. A tiny demon who dances on the tips of your fingers, thus making you hit the wrong keys while typing.

e.g., The typo demon enjoys making me spell "the" as "teh."

submitted by Sin

typocal - Misspelled, as is the usual case. Sometimes ytpocal.

e.g., This will be one of my typocal long e-mals. Filled with the sort of blather you've come to expect from this blatherskite.

submitted by HD Fowler

typochondriac - A person who thinks she can type but has no clue as to proper typing etiquette.

e.g., Since Laura's a typochondriac, she's never going to be able to get a job as a secretary.

submitted by Peter Beckwith

typoglycemia - To scramble the interior letters of a word. Not original by any means, but I no longer recall where I saw it. The second typoglycemic entry comes from Urban Dictionary. I was too lazy to come up with such an example on my own.

e.g., Are you aware that much of the time you're able to read and understand typoglycemic writing. Apparently our brains work in such a way that the scrambled letters are put in the proper order. | "The word Typoglycemia [refers to] Teh mdin's atbiliy to dpeihecr a msi-selpeld wrod if the fsirt and lsat lteetrs of the wrod are cerorct."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

typolicious - A computer document that is grammatically incorrect to the extreme.

e.g., This essay has 14 misspellings. It's typolicious.

submitted by Adina T

typonesia - A condition in which the sufferer has a hard time remembering how to type correctly.

e.g., After proofreading his e-mail, Marc realized he had come down with typonesia again.

submitted by Peter Beckwith

typoon - Plentiful series of typos submitted by a participant of a chatroom discussion within the course of one or a few consecutive sentences.

e.g., Marcia's words were a typoon and I couldn't understand what she was saying.

submitted by Derrick Demase

typosuction - Removal of spelling errors from copy.

e.g., Has this article gone through typosuction yet?

submitted by Jeremy Chin - (www)

typothermia - When your fingers get so cold that it's imposible to type withour making mistakes.

e.g., It was so col n my ofice hat I coudn't get my fngers to type corectly. I ws suffferin fron typothermia.

submitted by ~Axis

typsual - Typical and usual.

e.g., Most reactions to anything are typsual.

submitted by lainie

typy - In the mood to type.

e.g., I don't feel very typy today.

submitted by Fred Phillips - (www)

tyte - The right spelling for the definition at "tight."

e.g., "Did you see that girl jack the idiot who said 'pimp slap?'" " Yeah, it was tyte."

submitted by powder - (www)

tzight - "Tight," as in cool, but another way of saying it.

e.g., That was tzight.

submitted by The Crystal Method

tzitzis fly - n, causing them to wear fringes or tassels on their undergarments.

e.g., While on a Bar Mitzvah safari in Africa, Morris Silverberg was bitten by a tzitzis fly, and had a religious re-awakening.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

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