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shamblize - To wreck or make a shambles of a person, place or thing. To create disorder.

e.g., After they were barred from the night club they returned and shamblized the place.

submitted by Marily Braun

shambolic - Chiefly British slang, from shambles -- "a scene of complete disorder." At sixes and sevens, chaotic, confused, disobedient, disorderly, disorganized, dusruptive, higgley piggeldy, in disarray, jumbled, lawless, like a bomb's hit it, messy, muddled, riotus, topsy-turvy, troublesome, unruly, untidy, etc. Very disorganized. "First appeared in print in 1970." Heard as shambolical in a British TV series from the 1980s.

e.g., "[Amy] Winehouse cancelled her remaining UK tour dates following her husband's arrest after giving several shambolic performances." | After Winehouse's death July 23, 2011, "Even then, Winehouse's performances were sometimes shambolic, and she admitted she is 'a terrible drunk.'" | The number who can be expected to perform shambolically has been reduced by one today. Is anyone surprised? | "Allen also captured something in Keaton [Annie Hall] which can't be described except in cliches: kookiness, wackiness, ditsiness. They have a sexual relationship, and yet Keaton is not portrayed in a very sexualised way: she looks beautiful, but shambolically real."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

shamburger - n. a patty composed of something other than ground beef that's intended as a hamburger substitute

e.g., Boca makes much better shamburgers than Garden Burger does.

submitted by HippieChick - (www)

shamdelier - 1. A cheap looking imitation of a chandelier. 2. A chandelier made of alternative materials; usually used for aestheic purposes and not really to light a room.

e.g., 1. The Red Lacquer Room at the Palmer House is decorated in faux Louis XIV, complete with shamdeliers. 2. We could hardly see our food in that Italian restaurant because the pasta collander shamdeliers didn't give off much light.

submitted by Jennifer V.

shamditioner - Two-in-one: shampoo and conditioner.

e.g., Here, use this to save some time. My shamditioner will leave your hair clean and silky smooth. Only $27.95 for four ounces.

submitted by Tom T

shame train - The bus.

e.g., My car broke down so I'm taking the shame train this week.

submitted by Jessica Price

shameleon - Shameless chameleon, sham chameleon. One who emulates others' speech and mannerisms, but all too obvious about it.

e.g., Mr. Willow's brown-nosing staff are clearly shameleons in their imitation of the boss.

submitted by Joel Parker

shampain - Pain experienced whilst washing one's hair.

e.g., While the scars on Dana's head from her brain surgery were still healing, she experienced shampain.

submitted by D. Moskowitz

shampain - Faux pain.

e.g., What hypochondriacs experience most of the time is shampain.

submitted by HD Fowler

shampoo chemicals - In organic chemistry, one finds chemicals such as 2-ethyl-3-methylpropane. Some names can quite possibly take up half a line or more on a sheet of paper, and (in length) resemble some of the ingredients you see on a shampoo bottle.

e.g., I can't believe I took that organic chemistry class. Some of those things we're working with are such shampoo chemicals that I can't fit the names on my lab chart.

submitted by Firestorm

shamuism - A religion based on the worship of Shamu.

e.g., Shamuism is quickly becoming the religion of choice for intelligent people.

submitted by Wycco - (www)

shan - Unfair, balanced in the favor of one side.

e.g., I won't play football -- these are shan teams.

submitted by Grant

shaness - An absolutley gorgeous person. Someone who is a big turn on.

e.g., "She is shaness." OR "He looks really shaness in that outfit."

submitted by Kiss_my_tiara_&_shorty

shanghai - To pressure someone into doing something she doesn't want to do.

e.g., I was able to shanghai Andrew into covering my shift last night.

submitted by james

shangri-la - Heaven.

e.g., Some of you won't make it to shangri-la.

submitted by Jessica

shangri-la-la - A person who, through brainwashing and/or willful ignorance, can see no problems, and believes he/she is living in the best of all possible worlds.

e.g., Flag-waving Fred does not see the connection between war and oil, but then Fred is a shangri-la-la.

submitted by Brian Fuxa

shank - To badly hit a ball.

e.g., Man - you shanked it way to the right!

submitted by Jim

shank - To stab fiercely, usually in the neck.

e.g., If you don't shut up, I'm going to shank you.

submitted by Brooke

shankity - 1. weird 2. cool

e.g., That's shankity.

submitted by bobbee - (www)

shanoobeepop - In the past, out of date -- out of the past.

e.g., her outfit was so shanoobeepop

submitted by kate

shante - To weave a bewitching spell. Coined by drag queen and singer RuPaul in "Supermodel (You Better Work)" and later defined in an interview.

e.g., Turn to the left. Turn to the right. Sashay. Shante.

submitted by Easter Bradford

shantey, shanty - Generally decrepit or falling apart. Rotten. Filthy. Run-down. Can be paired with "towne" to describe a place that is rotten, filthy, or run-down.

e.g., Mike, your muffler is falling off your Miata. That is one shantey automobile. | How long has it been since you cleaned this apartment, Chris? It's become a shantey towne.

submitted by Rick Shangle

shants - Capri pants, a mix of shorts and pants.

e.g., Shants are more comfortable than pants cause you can breathe -- and more comfortable than shorts cause they aren't showing off my fat thighs.

submitted by Trina

shanty - Poorly constructed, especially shoddily stuck together with sticky tape and elastic bands, but importantly, which still manages to be relatively successful in doing what it was intended for. Think Russian space technology.

e.g., Fred: "Did you see John's go-kart? It looks pretty cool." George: "Yeh, but if you look up close it's really very shanty. He just stuck it together with glue and lots of tape."

submitted by Zsuszo

shapoopie - To take care of a child. {ED. Better known in the form "Shipoopi," the title of a song from "The Music Man." Other spellings, other meanings.}

e.g., Last night I had to shapoopie my little sister.

submitted by Ali McQuillan

shappy - Being both shocked and happy at the same time.

e.g., Yes, Mallory, when you told me you were marrying Nick, I was very shappy for you.

submitted by Tim

sharcow - A shark and cow combined. Pictured at the link.

e.g., Don't go in the water. It's sharcow-infested.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

sharem - A harem or group of men run by women.

e.g., I really don't want to choose between 7 guys so I think I'll just let them be in my sharem.

submitted by Anna Lang - (www)

sharetrek - Generic Star Trek-style science fiction that comes as close as it can to ST without infringing any copyrights.

e.g., The editors of the online science fiction mag wanted original stories, not the usual sharetrek.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

sharing the same brain - sharing the same brain

e.g., sharing the same brain

submitted by sharing the same brain

shark - To drive around a full parking lot many times in an attempt to find a free space.

e.g., I wanna get there early so I won't have to shark for an hour.

submitted by rick

sharkhead - Hair pulled back into a ponytail creates a fin-like ridge of hair across the top of the head if it isn't smoothed down. The result is a sharklike appearance called "sharkhead."

e.g., Either she's trying for a pseudomohawk look or she's got a really bad case of sharkhead.

submitted by lilu

sharkin' - Walking around a pub/night club looking to chat someone up and then get fixed up

e.g., look he's sharkin' again

submitted by Stephen

sharmoancinnon - A tiny blister located on the flap of skin that connects the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth.

e.g., I had a great time last night, but now I've got a sharmoancinnon.

submitted by Dogspoon

sharp as a marble - A clever way to say someone is stupid.

e.g., He's about as sharp as a marble.

submitted by happydude

sharp ass - A smart ass, but with an edge.

e.g., Chris can be such a sharp ass when she's being competitive.

submitted by tomu

sharpshooter - "I don't know how universal it is in the US, but in my family, that has its roots in South Texas, a 'sharpshooter' by any other name would be called a 'drain spade.' It is used to trench and to cut roots of things that are growing where you intend to plant something. It can also be used very handily to cut through plumbing and buried utilities, if they are not buried very deep, so it is wise to know where they are buried."

e.g., Christine, honey, will you please check the closet in the garage and see if you can find my sharphooter. . . . No, it's not a weapon of any sort, it's a drain spade.

submitted by [Barbara Zimmerman] - (www)

shasited - Being so incredibly excited that you can't sit still.

e.g., I was so shasited to get my CD player put in my car.

submitted by lauryn

shasta - another word meaning sweet or cool

e.g., Shasta! I can't believe that you got me NSYNC tickets.

submitted by Jenny

shasta - An average to ugly-looking person you'd sleep with anyway if nothing better is around. From the cheap soft drink Shasta. You'll still drink it if there isn't anything better around.

e.g., The chick that Greg took home is shasta. Must have been a slow night at the bar.

submitted by Janice Johnson - (www)

shasta mcnasty - Gross, nasty. (Must come from the nasty soft drink, Shasta. Do they still make that? I wouldn't think so.)

e.g., Eww, that's nasty. Worse, Shasta McNasty.

submitted by Jay

shastic - Cool.

e.g., That's shastic. Where did you get it.

submitted by Stacey Groot Obbink

shat fu - The sweet, sweet fighting style made famous in Star Trek, in which you can defeat someone without actually hitting any vulnerable spots.

e.g., The best Shat Fu move is the one where they clench their fists together and bring them down over their opponent's back, crippling them instantly.

submitted by Molly

shath - Shower and bath. Happens when your shower drain is clogged and draining so slowly that the water level rises to about ankle height and doesn't drain at a fast enough rate to ever not be bathlike during your shower.

e.g., I hate when I have to take a shath.

submitted by Kendra

shattarium - The end result of the random scattering action of bits of objects in a no-nonsense way.

e.g., Donna almost fainted as she looked at the shattarium of her friend's borrowed $40,000 vase all over the floor.

submitted by Jared - (www)

shauquate - Massive, sturdy, immovable, steady. (n) Stance; position. (v) To balance, or steady.

e.g., At her grace, she revealed a shaquate state that made the earth beneath her soften.

submitted by todd schoonover

shave' - A serrated spoon, pronounced shar-vay.

e.g., I ate the food with a shave'.

submitted by Mattress

shavlong - Another name for a mullet; the hairstyle featuring a short, often spikey top with shoulder length hair in the rear, giving off that "business in front, party out back" feel. It's "shaved" and it's long.

e.g., I saw this guy at the mall yesterday. You wouldn't have beleived his hair. Talk about a shavlong.

submitted by Bob Stewart

shaweee - Used during moments of extreme excitement.

e.g., Shaweee! That was awesome.

submitted by Monomoncal Bolleringtonmasternesses

shawshanked - Artful use of decor to hide defects.

e.g., The dark glasses failed to adequately shawshank his bloodshot eyes.

submitted by Dan Coll

shawtie - A cute girl

e.g., What's up, shawtie? (You may have heard this term as "shorty.")

submitted by Hannah Verrinder

shazam - A network of ATMs, mostly in Iowa and neighbouring states.

e.g., I have to go to the Shazam and get some cash for the weekend.

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

shazbot - Swear word from the planet Ork. From Mork and Mindy to The Simpsons.

e.g., Shazbot! I'm stuck on this godawful planet.

submitted by timon - (www)

shazza - Aussie slang for the name "Sharon."

e.g., Could ya get some smokes for Shazza, mate?

submitted by Aussie Bloke

shazzam - To cause the appearance of a genie by way of the marrying of two rings.

e.g., I am in a real fix. If only I could shazzam my way out of this somehow.

submitted by Mick

shdweeb - Very stupid. Pronounced shh-dweeb.

e.g., I haven't a clue. You tell me -- why some of the so-called news channels are populated with shdweebs.

submitted by David - (www)

she-mail - E-mail intended for female consumption.

e.g., After buying my girlfriend some make-up online, I was inundated with she-mail.

submitted by Jason - (www)

sheapp - An animal, a cross between a sheep and a poodle. Most commonly found in Huron, Michigan.

e.g., The sheapp fallowed the girl until she let it eat her shoe.

submitted by ~andrea~

shear delight - Suggested by a misspelling, this version relates to the transparent look of glee a poker player gets on her face when she draws a good hand. Not exactly the sort of poker face that will increase your winnings.

e.g., I'm out. That look of shear delight on Charlene's face is enough to convince me I'm beat -- and that's she's not going to drop out no matter what I do.

submitted by Miss Speller

shearer's singlet - Australian. Generally a blue cotton singlet but can be black or other colours, worn traditionally by Aussie shearers and today still worn by shearers. Also by many Aussie blokes and yobbos.

e.g., Robbo is a yobbo. He's always seen at the pub and the footy wearing his shearer's singlet and stubby shorts skulling the VBs.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

shears - My mother used to call ordinary scissors, shears. Whether this is more widespread than I'm aware of may be possible, but perhaps not.

e.g., It's been many years since we've had a new pair of shears, so let's hone them again and again and again.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

shebang - According to Dr. Goodword, this has another meaning than the one we're familiar with: "A drinking establishment for the poor; a tavernous shanty"

e.g., As far as I know, Jim no longer wastes "time in the shebangs by the river night after night."

submitted by [Dr. Goodword] - (www)

shebonkton - Cool or in style.

e.g., Your pants are shebonkton, Sheryl.

submitted by Darian

shecky - Incredibly loud, tasteless, and tacky.

e.g., The golfer showed up in what had to be the sheckiest outfit I'd ever seen.

submitted by liz

shecoonery - "A corruption of chicanery." Entered for one and only one reason: to introduce you to _A 19th Century Slang Dictionary_. Lots of fun entries and examples of the sort of language our forbears used around the time of the Civil War. You'll find your share of 19th century curse words, too. Among other things, you'll learn that "'Delicate' citizens went so far as to call a chicken breast a bosom" to avoid using the word "breast." Well, I swan.

e.g., "1845: This town's got a monstrous bad name for meanery and shecoonery of all sorts. W.T. Thompson, _Chronicles of Pineville_, p.47."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

shecuzz - Female cousin. Cuzza as opposed to cuzzo.

e.g., Back here in the woods in the mountains my shecuzz and I can date and mate long as we wait to get hitched.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

shed jobs - Neospeak for "lay people off," "disemploy workers," "let them go": there's no work for them, sales are off, people are not buying, people don't have the money to buy anything. . . .

e.g., Hundreds of thousands of workers have lost their jobs in recent months because business and industry have felt it necessary to shed jobs.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

shedenfreude - The delight of owning a ramshackle construction on an allotment. This definition may work only in England.

e.g., Allotment-holders may be identified as such by the light of shedenfreude in their eyes.

submitted by April 23rd

shee-han - A term for a little guy who thinks he's bad, but in reality is a major dork.

e.g., Chris let someone kick him in the chest, breaking his sternum. Nothing but a shee-han. Didn't have any of his buddies around to hold the kicker down while he beat on him.

submitted by Stuart

shee-shee - Snotty, uppity, upscale.

e.g., We went to this shee-shee restaurant and it cost us two bills.

submitted by Hilary - (www)

sheeninistic - Acting in a manner like the actor Charlie Sheen. Grandiose emotive displays meant to both shock and attract.

e.g., In a sheeninistic attempt to attract attention, Bella threw her bra into the crowd after her performance. {ED. One suspects -- nay, even hopes -- that Bella was not performing in a BABA summer musical. BABA being Broadway at Boston Avenue Methodist Church in Tulsa.}

submitted by Susanne Strickland

sheents - Freshly cleaned sheets.

e.g., I did the laundry today, so tonight I'm sleepin' on sheents. It's da bomb.

submitted by dbenning

sheentz - Intense craving for nicotine, specifically cigarettes.

e.g., Tiffany, I'm having a sheentz. Let's go outside.

submitted by Candace

sheep - Suck or bad.

e.g., You sheep, Lauryn. | I did sheep on the chemistry quiz.

submitted by lauryn

sheepage - An object that makes you part of a large group, herd, flock (like sheep); a uniform, ID tag, or bracelet.

e.g., I don't feel like wearing this sheepage the school gives us; it makes me feel so insignificant.

submitted by zac - (www)

sheepdoggin - When one attempts to coerce a group of people into an action by gentle prodding.

e.g., "Everyone was so unmotivated i wound up sheepdoggin us over to the bar for wings and beer. Hey do what you want, i aint gonna sheepdog tonight. Ok who's sheepdoggin tonight?"

submitted by Bart Hirst

sheeple - A cross between sheep and people. Members of a horde of mindless followers, such as can be found at rallies, sports events, and religious gatherings.

e.g., As the sheeple entered the stadium, they were herded gradually towards their seats.

submitted by Jaqqalax

sheepling - A baby sheep; a young sheep.

e.g., The new sheepling gets along well with the other animals.

submitted by Stephanie Harris

sheesh - Interjection: an expression of annoyance, exasperation, or surprise. A euphemism for Jesus. One of two words I've taken to using lately, the other being criminently, a euphemism for Christ.

e.g., "Sheesh, Jasper, that's enough. You win. Put the gun down before you shoot yourself in the foot. I'll pay you. But I'm not going to change my mind. Global warming is baloney. Balderdash. Flimflam. Stinking bilge. Blue bunkum and utter clap­trap. Hogwash, rubbish, and, when you get down to it, trash. . . . We can go from there." "Don't blame me, Jethro. You shunta brought a knife to this gunfight. Dincha see Sean Connery in The Untouchables?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

sheesh kebabs - Usually used as a toned-down version of a swear word. Kebabs can also be added to the end of any swear word to accentuate the vulgarity of the word.

e.g., Sheesh kebabs. I forgot to bring my Discman today.

submitted by backdoor

sheesh, louise! - The old-fashioned phrase "Oh, for crying out loud!"

e.g., "He actually said that? Sheesh, Louise!"

submitted by andrea smirle

sheeshable - This word describes a highly exasperating situation created by a friend or acquaintance, which is not exactly deserving of condemnation and is probably not illegal or unethical - -but ticks you off big-time because it was so thoughtless, stupid, clumsy, or the like.

e.g., Myrtle, I can't believe you embarrassed me in front of my Mom by telling her what I told you in confidence about Mark. Myrtle, that was a highly sheeshable offense. Sheeeeeeesh!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

sheet head - A member of the KKK.

e.g., My cousin in Alabama is a sheet head.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

sheik down (brit.) - The ability of the United Arab Emirates to increasingly charge exorbitant prices for oil due primarily to Hummer-ican dependency on foreign sources.

e.g., Our typically unthinking predilection for big SUVs and other gas guzzlers was a primary factor in allowing us to become victims of the present oil Sheik down. Unfortunately, we are likely to continue in that situation until we drastically reduce our demand for oil or a viable alternative energy source is found. At that time, we will look happily forward to a tremendous Sheik out.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

sheila - Australian slang for a female: chick, girl, woman.

e.g., There are some decent sheilas at this party, mate.

submitted by Ralph

sheit - One who has had a sex change operation.

e.g., After the operation, he is no longer a he or a she, but a sheit.

submitted by Bryon Green

sheit, heit - If you are not sure if it's a she, then "sheit" (she/it) if you are not sure it's a he, then "Heit" (he/it)

e.g., From across the bar, sheit looked pretty good, but it was real late.

submitted by Kim Gordon - (www)

shelf - The stomach when it has become enlarged to the point of being an appendage.

e.g., You dropped some food on your shelf.

submitted by Klaron

shelf case - A person who is dateless for some significant period of time.

e.g., You may have to make a significant effort to date and win attractive, sparkling members of the opposite sex, whereas it's relatively easy to get a date with a "shelf case."

submitted by Natalie

shelfware - n. The bound, printed version of a project, which likely will end up on a shelf, unused and forgotten, gathering dust.

e.g., We put ten man-months into that research, but all it became was shelfware.

submitted by Stu

shellac - The future-feminine of the word "like."

e.g., A man in the furniture-refinishing business was shopping for an engagement ring. He found one, and said, "I'll take that one. I think shellac it.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

shellacking - To beat by a large margin. To thrash

e.g., Collingwood gave Carlton a shellacking.

submitted by Sam

shem - 1. Ignorant or stupid person. Very harsh connotations. 2. Someone who acts impulsively without thinking, usually making an ass of herself.

e.g., Chris is a shem. She sits in front of her computer drooling and typing with one finger all day.

submitted by Michael

shemozzle - "A shemozzle is a state of confusion and chaos. It might simply be a muddle, or it could be a ruckus, row, quarrel or loud commotion."


Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Feb. 2010. : The money is starting to dry up. . . . I’m now fighting to get anything. They are not responding to my e-mails. It’s been a shemozzle, a complete and utter waste of time and money.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

shenanery - a cross between "shenanigan" and "chicanery" that is used when you have absolutely no clue what is going on

e.g., chappy walks in to see his pet monkey swinging from the chandelier, whistling "dixie" and says, "what in the world is all this shenanery!?"

submitted by zombie shoemaker

shenanery - a cross between "shenanigan" and "chicanery" that is used when you have absolutely no clue what is going on

e.g., chappy walks in to see his pet monkey swinging from the chandelier, whistling "dixie" and says, "what in the world is all this shenanery!?"

submitted by zombie shoemaker

shennanigans - Another word to do with lying (not lying in bed)

e.g., Your'e telling shennanigans.

submitted by sean

sheopping - Following a female being for countless hours in clothing, jewelry and other stores, saying "That one is better than the other," and "No, that doesn't make you look fat, honey," and "Yes, I like that one"--without really caring.

e.g., I have a terrible headache because I had to follow Martha sheopping for hours and hours. Anna and Sharon went sheopping and I had to wait for them while they chose all the clothes they'd be using in the party.

submitted by bruno - (www)

shep - One sheep.

e.g., That shepherd has only one shep in his flock.

submitted by Aaron Titus - (www)

shepherd's delight - This is a special item not on the menu at most restaurants. A guy (a real cheapskate) comes in and says to the waitress, "I'll have a glass of water, a napkin, a toothpick and a piece of you."

e.g., He asked for a shepherd's delight and the waitress gave him a knuckle sandwich instead.

submitted by Steve McDonald

shepherdry - The occupation and/or vocation of a shepherd. Being involved with the raising and tending of sheep.

e.g., Shepherdry would be a good vocation for those who want to spend time alone out in the wild.

submitted by Nathan M Kerr

shepiphany - A brilliant idea or realization by a female; very rare among blondes.

e.g., Tiffany experienced an amazing shepiphany while swinging on the pole -- she grasped that the men cared only about her body and not her mind.

submitted by Wolverine

sheppy - Measure of distance (equal to approximately seven-eighths mile), defined as the closest distance at which sheep remain picturesque.

e.g., Those sheep are too close to us to be sheppy. Let's move away.

submitted by draconomaus

sherade - Charade. || The example comes from the IMDb plot summary for _The Girl of the Golden West_ (1938). Jeanette MacDonald stars as Mary Robins aka Golden Hair and Nelson Eddy as Ramirez/Lieutenant Johnson. || The film was remade in Italy three years later. {Duplicate.}

e.g., "Mary Robbins is a moderately educated, beautiful, young woman who owns the saloon called 'The Poker.' She is the only woman in the town of Couldee-making her the fancy of all the men there, especially to Sheriff Jack Rance. On the way to Monterey to sing at a mass officiated by Father Sienna, her stagecoach is held up by the infamous masked bandit, Ramerez. He too takes a fancy to Mary, and decides to secretly follow her, taking on the identity of an officer named, Lieutenant Johnson. While in Monterey, he dances, sings and courts Mary, who has now fallen in love with him. He then has to make a quick getaway. In the mean-time, Sheriff Jack has set up a trap to catch Ramerez at 'The Poker.' When Ramerez does arrive he soon discovers that Mary is the owner, and quickly changes to the identity of Lieutenant Johnson. How long can this sherade last?" - Written by Kelly

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

sheranger - One of Canada's finest, the park ranger. Specifically, a female ranger small in body, big in heart. Friend to all animals and at home in the rough outdoors.

e.g., That girl is so resoureful and smart, she could almost become a sheranger.

submitted by sven dangler

sherblit - Something small. Usually applied to cute objects, animals, or people.

e.g., Today for show-and-tell Susana brought in her new puppy -- a sherblit if ever I saw one.

submitted by Susana

sherlocking - 1. Searching the web specifically for your name or quotes from your writings. (Same as egosurf or vanity google.) 2. ED. Sleuthing of any sort. A sherlock is a detective, particularly someone who does his investigating using the Internet to track down a person or information. Probably an existing slang word, but sources not yet confirmed.

e.g., 1. The actress sherlocked over breakfast, and what she found would make or break her day. 2. Yeah, I've become quite the sherlock in my flatulent senescence.

submitted by S. L. Brothers - (www)

sherman - Rhyming slang: Sherman tank for yank.

e.g., I'd prefer to be called a sherman rather than a seppo, thank you very much.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

shewpus - Just a tad better than cool or kewl.

e.g., That new computer has everything on it -- it's shewpus.

submitted by Kaila

shi-buya - An interjection that expresses pride or excitement, especially pertaining to Japan or Japanese culture. Coined by Lisa Huey ( and originating from the Shibuya shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo.

e.g., You said they didn't sell Ramune here, but lo and behold, we have three flavors. Shi-BUYA!

submitted by Dot - (www)

shibboleth - A shibboleth is a code word.

shibboleth \SHIB-uh-lith; -leth\, noun: 1. A peculiarity of pronunciation, behavior, mode of dress, etc., that distinguishes a particular group of persons.
2. A slogan; a catchword.
3. A common saying or belief with little current meaning or truth.

e.g., "Class size is another shibboleth: First, small class sizes do not increase learning, and, second, class sizes have become quite small anyway.

-- Jay Nordlinger, 'The Anti-Excusers', National Review, October 27, 2003"

submitted by HD Fowler

shibby - An affirmation to a suggested plan of action. Like "Right On!" | Cool, extremely fun. | An interjection or adjective that is used as a variant of "cool." It is usually preceded by "way."

e.g., "Let's pick up a six of Schlitz and hit up the strip club." "Shibby." | That party was soo . . . shibby. That shirt looks so shibby on you. | That movie was way shibby. That shibby chick in the red slipped me her phone number.

submitted by Kevan | Ashley James | Dank - (www)

shibbytastic - Cool, brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, shibby. More exuberant way of saying either of these. Derived from the words "shibby" and "fantastic."

e.g., I just had a shibbytastic day.

submitted by Queenie

shicken - Chicken.

e.g., Look at the shicken run around the yard. Dad will never catch it.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

shickle - Shickle-short of a nickle-In essence, it is used when your out of change.(You don't just have to be out of nickles, you can be out of something else.

e.g., I had some extra change for my friend who was shickle.

submitted by Matt

shie - An inscrutable person.

e.g., What's up with the shie? I don't get him.

submitted by Pumpkin

shift - To snog, neck, or make out.

e.g., I shifted with Anna at the club last night. Big mistake.

submitted by Drew Shiel - (www)

shiftless - Those too lazy to use the shift key, the ones who type in all lower case or in all upper case.

e.g., show us you can muster the energy to reach the shift key. do as we say, not as we do: don’t be shiftless. let me say that again: do as we say, not as we do. text in all lowercase is hard for us to read, especially for our geezer editors. text in all upper case will be robotically deleted. the gist of this: don’t make us work too hard to convert your entry to standard english usage — capitalization, grammar, punctuation, rhetoric, spelling, style, and syntax. | Yes, Chris is one of the shiftless. In every sense of the word. I'll gladly help those who truly need help -- if they'll accept a hand up. What I won't do willingly is support the shiftless. Dammit. Use the shift key, Bob.

submitted by HD Fowler

shiggidy shiggidy shwa - A random phrase that is said in place of a logical explanation, said in an awkward moment.

e.g., Teacher: What is the square root of 5? Child: Uh, shiggidy shiggidy shwa. | Jack (who is rather ugly): Jill, I like you. Would you go on a date with me? Jill (who is an "untouchable"): Shiggidy shiggidy shwa.  
(ED. I just happen to know the answer to the first question, to 13 decimal places: 2.23606 7977 4997. And it's easy enough to add additional digits: 896 9640 (917) 366-8731. All you have to do is think in terms of telephone numbers to add seven or ten digits at a time. Now all I have to do is locate the e-mail from J. Karlson, who calculated the answer to 550 decimal places at my request. . . . Can't find it. But I found something almost as good. Someone calculated the number to 10,000,000 decimal places and posted it to the internet. Is she right?)

submitted by courtney rae

shiggle - To wiggle because one must do a "number two." {ED. I'm hardly a fan of scatalogical humor, but it's hard to deny a two-digit submitter some fun. Some excellent tweets, as well -- I'll be adding a few to the pseudo-random array of sayings that come up when the randomerizor is used. Properly credited, of course.}

e.g., Jonathan's foot tapping turned into a shiggle as the meeting dragged on and on.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

shikaminka - When you are deeply in love with someone you always carry part of that person with you. The part you carry with you is shikaminka. {Ed. Lower-cased this to keep it from appearing to be a love tribute. Take not of the guideline: names of your friends or enemies will not be accepted. Given that I recognize "minka" as being a name, I'm giving you a little leeway just in case.)

e.g., However far away you go from your love, you will never be alone because you carry shikaminka.

submitted by Shawki Morssi - (www)

shill - Upper class, corporate, self-absorbed, snooty type individual.

e.g., My boss is a shill.

submitted by xina

shillary - A lie told by Hillary Clinton in an attempt to obtain support. These are often shouted in a very shrill manner, so they can also be referred to as shrillaries.

e.g., Hit the mute button -- she's about to spout another shillary. I don't hate Hillary Clinton--I don't know her well enough for that. But I do dislike her intensely.

submitted by HD Fowler

shiloveley - A word to describe something that is really bad, when a teacher/boss/parent is in hearing range.

e.g., Oh, yes, the geology excursion to look at old rocks was shiloveley. Next time perhaps we can look at new rocks.

submitted by Anna

shim - Replaces the use of those tedious slash words used to indicate the subject or object of a sentence: "he/she" and "him/her." Can also be used in the posessive as in "his/her."

e.g., If the employee is found to be browsing questionable Websites, shim shall be relieved of shim's Internet and computer privileges. If management has to warn shim more than twice, shim shall be notified of shim's pending unemployment.

submitted by Theresa - (www)

shimaness - (n.) 1. the feeling you get when you finally reach the top of a mountain or hill (and are breathing really hard and your heart is pounding and your limbs are shaking from the exertion) and get rewarded with a spectacular view or a sense of accomplishment or the knowledge that the hard part is over and it's all downhill from there. 2. By extension, that same feeling applied to everyday things such as exams, projects, and so forth. (From Japanese shima "island.")

e.g., When I finally got up to the top of Traverse Ridge and could see the whole of both valleys -- well, between burning, cavernous breaths -- it was pure shimaness. | When they told him he had passed the Bar, he felt the most amazing sense of shimaness.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

shimmy - To dance.

e.g., Said to mates in a club: "I love this song! I've gotta go shimmy!"

submitted by Purple Martin

shimmy - Shimmy is a word to use in place of any other word when describing something.

e.g., "Pass over that shimmy' "There were beans and all kinds of shimmy there."

submitted by Paul

shimmy-tang - When men in bars play air hockey.

e.g., The guys are in the back playing shimmy-tang.

submitted by Moon & Nik

shin din - A party where you have lots of fun.

e.g., My friend and I went to a shin din last weekend.

submitted by Kristin

shinanid - Fancy word for jerk, fiend, etc.

e.g., That filthy shinanid back there took my wallet.

submitted by Peter Smith - (www)

shine it - In mid-late 1970s California, this ultracool word was used instead of "forget it," "don't worry about it," "no problem," "no," "nope," "no way, " "let's not," and about any other place it could be worked in.

e.g., Shine it man.

submitted by a melch - (www)

shing - A word used when someone says something completely random. Comes from a friend's random act of causing her bracelet to make a "shing" sound at random intervals.

e.g., Katherine: You know, I really don't think she's going out with him. He's not her type. Hey, look at the kitty. Andrea: Shing....

submitted by Firestorm

shing marks - In cartoons, particularly anime, the bands of gleaming light that glisten on a metal object, such as a sword or a car. Ofttimes accompanied with a “shing” sound effect, hence the name.

e.g., Did you see the shing marks on Ninja-Guy’s sword!? They were wicked.

submitted by PlasticDinosaur

shingi - A thing that makes your feet feel like they have dots.

e.g., My foot fell asleep and now it feels shingied.

submitted by Savannah

shink - A nickname for the Japanese bullet train, from the word "shinkansen." Used by foreigners living in Japan.

e.g., You can get to Tokyo in under an hour if you take the shink.

submitted by Nathan

shink - Sound caused by two metallic objects sliding against each other, ending in a sharp collision.

e.g., The sword slid into its scabbard and stopped with a loud shink.

submitted by Andy

shinkleton - A shocker, something that didn't go according to plan.

e.g., I had a shinkleton last night -- traffic was hideous, took me two hours to get home.

submitted by Paul

shinnanist - A person attracted to shiny objects.

e.g., Jesse, the shinnanist, couldn't stop looking at the star on top of the Christmas tree.

submitted by Jesse - (www)

shiny - Used as an adjective or exclamation. Same as cool, awesome, all right, etc. From the TV show _Firefly_.

e.g., I just won a free beach vacation. Isn't that shiny?

submitted by ILJ

shiny girls - Overly made up, glossy, big-haired, yet curiously attractive women.

e.g., I think my husband watches _Knight Rider_ just to see the shiny girls.

submitted by Veriance

ship in a bottle! - A phrase used when something goes wrong or you mess something up.

e.g., "Did you remember to change all of the wrong answers on your math assignment?" "Ship in a bottle. Why does everything always go wrong?"

submitted by Nicky Ubben

ship rat nuts - A description of a person or an event that is beyond the standard terms of chaotic.

e.g., After I broke up with Ann she went ship rat nuts and burned my house down.

submitted by Mr Chinaski - (www)

shipper - A fan of a television series who focuses on the pairing of two individuals. Short for "relationshipper." Term originated from X-Files fans.

e.g., Jo: I hope Mulder and Scully fall in love. Joe: Oh, joy, another shipper.

submitted by Andy

shippleshanks - When someone has done something outstanding for you and you want to thank them three times. Shippleshanks = triple thanks.

e.g., Shippleshanks for paying for the movie.

submitted by ambrosia - (www)

shipshee - To shipshee is to leave a door slightly ajar, between 2 and 6 inches -- enough room for a cat to enter or exit. To do so affords minimal privacy for the room but leaves the door open enough to encourage others to interrupt by entry.

e.g., Please shipshee the door on your way out.

submitted by Mindy

shire-to-shetland - (adj.) Of all sizes. [From the range of horse sizes, from heavy horses (Shires, Clydesdales, Percherons, etc.) down to ponies (e.g., Shetlands).]

e.g., "Can I help you?" "I need a set of family t-shirts, one big enough for me and on down to toddler size. Can you do that?" "Sure: I got that: t-shirts, shire-to-shetland. Right over here."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

shirt-lifter - Insult. Used for someone who makes careless descisions or acts inappropriately.

e.g., Did you see what he just did? What a shirt-lifter.

submitted by Nate - (www)

shirumper - An item of clothing that consists of a shirt and jumper which are incapable of being separated without force.

e.g., Is that a shirt or a jumper? No, it is a shirumper, as the items are not individual and therefore cannot be separated.

submitted by Saqib Khan

shischkabibble - Nonsense.

e.g., Oh, shischkabibble, you'll do no such thing.

submitted by Marci

shisper - Alternative form of "whisper." A word to use when trying to get someone to be quiet.

e.g., You should shisper when people are asleep. I like it when you shisper in my ear.

submitted by Quolly

shitepoke - A name among oldtimers for the Great Blue Heron.

e.g., A shitepoke flew low over the city-slickers, croaking loudly, and they thought a flying dragon was attacking them.

submitted by Steve McDonald

shitmachine - A sewage truck with a big tank on the back that collects sewage from septic tanks of houses that aren't connected to the sewer system.

e.g., Pew, what's that smell? Oh, it must be that sh¡tmachine again, doing someone's tank down the road. I can smell the truck from a block away.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

shiz - Sh¡t. Used in places where vulgar language doesn't go over well--school, around parents, church, work, etc.

e.g., Oh, shiz, I forgot my homework.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

shiz - Toatly awesome or rad.

e.g., Her pie pie is the shiz.

submitted by asa

shizam! - Word used as a small but exciting exclamation of approval or overall joy. Not to be confused with SHAZAM! as exclaimed by newsboy Billy Batson to turn himself into Captain Marvel.

e.g., Joe, dinner was most excellent tonight. SHIZAM!

submitted by nippletoe

shiznitz - Sh¡t. A juvenile way of saying same. You'll know when you're growing up when you just say, "Sh¡t."

e.g., Oh, shiznitz. It's the shiznitz.

submitted by goofy

shizzamy - Unbelievably nifty, cool, awesome, etc.

e.g., Bob: "Hey, Jane, guess what. We don't have a quiz in English today. Jane: "Hey, that's shizzamy. But are you sure? Mr. Graham's notorious for the pop quizzes he gives so he can take a nap."

submitted by Megan Mykrantz - (www)

shkeev - Dirty.

e.g., That guy is so shkeev.

submitted by Zak

shkroof - To walk sideways in very crowded conditions.

e.g., The bus was so crowded, I had to shkroof my way up the aisle to get to the front door.

submitted by Paul

shlamm - "lazy, crummy person"

e.g., Look at that shlamm over there he does not even have his shoes tied

submitted by heidi

shload - A unit of measurement used to identify large quantities.

e.g., There's at least a shload of stars in the Milky Way.

submitted by Trevor Lea

shlok - The sound of a head being chopped off. Schlok.

e.g., The guillotine dropped and cut off her head with a a resounding shlok

submitted by Rebecca

shlong - Short + long = shlong. Also known as a "mullet." Refers to the haircut that is short on the top and long in the back.

e.g., I went to Wal Mart and you wouldn't believe how many shlongs I saw.

submitted by Greta

shlops - The opposite of props, a negative award given to someone who does something wrong or stupid.

e.g., Shlops to the cook for not putting onion in my chili.

submitted by Brad

shlorp - To ooze out of a container.

e.g., Every time I take a calculus test my brains shlorp out of my head.

submitted by Jay Strouder - (www)

shlub - A generic term encompassing all phenomena that spend the attention for the sake of spending it rather than using it for something constructive or even enjoyable. Music interspersed between statements of "your call is important to us," dinner conversations about patios, executive toys, an that sort of thing. Also a verb: "to shlub," i.e., to spend someone else's attention on topics of interest to nobody, not even yourself, for the sake of making conversation.

e.g., Saw Jonathan the other day, spent an hour talking about cellophane production. Shlubbed out.

submitted by Sandy - (www)

shluck - (sh-luck) noun - a lucky female.

e.g., Britney is a shluck -- because she received her report card and got 1st honor roll.

submitted by Miss McCann

shlug - A shockingly hard slog; meaning a difficult, challenging, or heavy and cumbersome experience.

e.g., Moving into my new apartment was a shlug.

submitted by Jenne - (www)

shlunky - I use this word to describe a miserable feeling I get sometimes. I don't know any other way to describe the particular feeling, I'd appreciate understanding, but how can anyone understand if they don't know what you feel?

e.g., I'm not too great to be around right now because I'm feeling shlunky.

submitted by lucy guerrant

shmants - Short pants, pants that fall below the knee but above the ankle.

e.g., Now that the weather is warmer, everyone's wearing shmants.

submitted by vanessa mateyko

shmarm - Mushy romantic stuff. When someone gets shmarmy they say things like "Shnooky-wooky cakes" and read mushy poetry. You get the idea?

e.g., He was so shmarmy I felt like puking!. It was giving me cavities. All day he was shmarming over her, it was sooo sick.

submitted by Snow Moon - (www)

shmeat - The fake sort of meat served in cafeterias. Similar to "mystery meat," but you know all too well what it is (or what it is supposed to be). Can take the place of beef, chicken, turkey, and virtually any other meat. Originates from saying, "meat, shmeat."

e.g., "When I walked into the cafeteria today, I thought I saw chicken on the menu. However, to my dismay it turned out the be shmeat."

submitted by Alek - (www)

shmee - 1. Hell, figuratively or literally 2. Serious trouble. 3. Nonsense, stupidity.

e.g., He's goin' to shmee, the rotten old sinner. | You lost it? Man, are you ever knee-deep in shmee. | Okay, guys, can it with the shmee.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

shmege - Pronounced sh-may-ge. An errant piece of fuzz or lint on one's clothing

e.g., Come here, you have a shmege.

submitted by Gloria

shmegeggy - A jerk, nerd, what-have-you.

e.g., I've run across the word "schmegeggy" spelled every different way: schmegeggy, schmeggeggy, schmeggegy, and schmegegy, or shmegeggy, shmeggeggy, shmeggegy, and shmegegy and figure you have to be a schmegeggy to "mis-spell" it like most of those.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

shmegog - The particular smell and atmosphere of an oriental brothel or opium den.

e.g., Mr. Chan chased Dr. Amundsen through the alley and into a dank building, where the shmegog stopped him as surely as a brick wall, which the evil doctor's minions could not even come close to doing. He decided he would catch up to the doctor later.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

shmelldrawer - The risky act of smelling a pair of your underwear to ascertain if they are clean or not before wearing them. CAUTION: Should only be attempted in the absence of visual indicators.

e.g., I asked my wife if the BVDs on top of the Cuisinart were clean and she said, "No idea, shmelldrawer."

submitted by Mark C

shmeltsy - Tacky, unfashionable, cheesy, or sappy.

e.g., Madonna's new movie's shmeltsy, like just about all the others.

submitted by Jonas - (www)

shmice - A group of two or more smashed or flattened mice.

e.g., Sadly we found a shmice while inspecting our newly paved street.

submitted by Mark Thistle - (www)

shmidiot - A person who has the personality that encompasses the characteristics of both a shmuck and an ddiot simultaneously.

e.g., Chris is certainly a schmidiot, isn't he?

submitted by Nakia Claiborne

shmock - A stupid, dorky, goofy, or wacky person, or thing.

e.g., Don't be a shmock.

submitted by Sydney VanPelt

shmongotz - Dirt, debris, usually a small but offending blemish or smudge. Accent is on second sylable. Origin: cross-pollination of the sounds of Yiddish and Italian.

e.g., 1. Get me the Visine. I got some shmongotz in my eye. 2. Wash your hands; I don't want any shmongotz on my CDs.

submitted by John Gelfer

shmoo - Shmoo Shnazzy Shampoo that smells like blue berries

e.g., "Hey Nade! ur hair smells good! have you been using shmoo again?"

submitted by Shmoo

shmoo - Another name for the killer whale at Sea World, Shamu. For people who are not familiar with the Shamu Attraction, so they pronounce it "Shuh-moo" instead of "Sham-moo."

e.g., Let's go see Shmoo splash water on the crowd at Seaworld!

submitted by Sarah&Tiff

shmooby dick - It's what you get when you cross a shmoo with a whale: it loves to roll over, play dead, and turn into zillions of fish sammiches.

e.g., In the real world, a shmooby (dick) is someone who's very generous. Shmoobies give without flinching; now isn't that a whale of a tale.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

shmooey - a nickname for something cute and cuddley, like a kitty! other uses: shmoodooo, shmoooies, shmoohead

e.g., Where's my shmooodooo?!?

submitted by Kathleen

shmoof - (n) A viscous jelly-like substance of unknown origin.

e.g., Waiter, what the hell is this shmoof on my plate? I ordered tofu goddamnit!

submitted by steven vernau

shmoopie - The act of being overly affectionate to the point of talking baby talk to your partner. Usually, it makes others sick.

e.g., My brother and his girlfriend were all shmoopie with each other. noun- "Oh, shmoopie, I've missed you. I want to sit next to you. Oh, shmoopie, I love you."

submitted by Anna Parsons

shmotent - This word is said as a curse, similar to saying "Oh, my God!" It is not named after anything in particular.

e.g., Johnny wakes up one morning to see that his house has been robbed. In a state of shock, he screams "Shmotent!" By saying this, he has released some anger, as well as portrayed to bystanders how he is feeling.

submitted by Sammy

shmouldering - Showing of the shoulder, but not as in wearing a tanktop; wearing a top that is too low-cut and periodically slips to reveal the shoulder.

e.g., Look at Jessica in that boatneck shirt--she's shmouldering.

submitted by Alison

shmouse - A flattened or smashed mouse.

e.g., My sweet daughter cried when sheet found a shmouse under the sheet of plywood.

submitted by Mark Thistle - (www)

shmuggle - A shmuggle is a cross between a hug, a smoosh, and a snuggle.

e.g., She gave me a big shmuggle when we met after so long apart.

submitted by Earl Egdall - (www)

shmush - It's a cross between the meanings mush and squish.

e.g., Roadkill is usually pretty much shmushed.

submitted by Suzi

shmush - A combination verb from "move together," "push together," and "shove together."

e.g., Her car was shmushed in the accident. These three words can be shmushed into one.

submitted by Ken Davidson

shnam - Cheesy, cheap, lame.

e.g., I died seven times in a row! The computer opponent in this game is shnammy.

submitted by Corinna Cohn

shnarf - Someone who is close, but slightly annoying. A friend. Can be used as an affectionate scolding.

e.g., You're a shnarf, Halley.

submitted by Halley

shnarfaly - Most excellent, incredibly desirable.

e.g., That hot woman who just walked by is shnarfaly.

submitted by gavm5

shnazzy - Really Cool or Awesome

e.g., That jacket your wearing is pretty shnazzy.

submitted by Carl Albers

shnib - "a small, unidentifiable fleck of something (such as lint) on your clothes, on the carpet, etc.,"

e.g., You have a shnib on your sweater

submitted by Sooz

shnibblett - A really cute toddler.

e.g., Are you picking up the shnibblett from day-care today, or shall I?

submitted by Lou

shnikies - WOW, that's amazing.

e.g., Shnikies, that was cool

submitted by JOHN

shnook - Someone who has to do something the average, middle-class way.

e.g., Look at all those shnooks in coach. Pity.

submitted by Shawn

shnooze - To take a very fast nap.

e.g., Oops, I just shnoozed in the middle of class.

submitted by Loop

shnoozle - A long, pointed nose.

e.g., He has a shnoozle.

submitted by Kianera

shock joust - 1. To joust using high voltage cattle prods in lieu of traditional lances. 2. An improvised game that came about out of boredom and most often played at frat houses after the tapping of a second or third keg.

e.g., The brothers would shock joust each other using cattle prods from their uncle's dairy.

submitted by Eric Crouch - (www)

shockadefianok - Exact meaning or spelling is unknown. It's spelled how it sounds. A Polish phrase used my my grandmother, usually as an expletive when something undesirable happens.

e.g., Shockadefianok! I owe on my taxes.

submitted by Craig Ludwiczak

shockening - Something a bit more shocking than normal. Usually used when the shocking event or news is enough to so chronologically disorient you that you forget about past, present, and future tense.

e.g., You see a pig flying dangerously close to the ground: Shocking. You see the plane the pig was piloting crash to the ground: Shockening.

submitted by Ace

shoe contrail - That embarrassing piece of toilet paper that sticks to the sole of your shoe, upon visiting the 'loo.

e.g., I didn't want to mention this in front of our boss, but Ned had a shoe contrail almost a foot long when he showed up for the meeting.

submitted by Paul

shoe fly - A gesture of political protest. During a press conference in Iraq (Sunday, December 14, 2008), an Iraqi reporter (Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television) threw his shoes at President George W. Bush. "Showing the soles of one's shoes is considered an insult in Arab culture. After the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, Iraqi people were filmed battering his fallen statue in Baghdad with their shoes."

e.g., "Shoe fly. Don't bother me." MSNBC scroll indicating President Bush's reaction to the incident. | If Ann Coulter or Michael Moore show up, expect to see shoes fly.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

shoe on the roof - Used to describe anything really unusal or unexpected such as finding a shoe on a roof.

e.g., You mean he hadn't spoken two words to you then suddenly asked you out? Shoe on the roof.

submitted by Jessi

shoe show - Adult entertainment establishment, strip club -- where the only articles of clothing involved are shoes.

e.g., Gally: "What's the deal for tonight?" Skip: "Don't know, but if Maddox is going, you know we'll end up at the shoe show."

submitted by ScottG

shoe-in - Shoo-in.

From Grammarist: "The correct spelling of the informal noun meaning a sure winner is shoo-in, not the nonsensical shoe-in. The term is derived from the verb shoo, which means to force something to go away. The idea is that the person being shooed -- for example, into the winner’s circle, into a job, or into a field of award nominees -- is such a lock that we can wave him or her in without hesitation."

e.g., "With the nutjobs the Republicans have running, President Obama is a shoe-in for 2012." |

"I'm truly considering donating to Mr. Gingrich's campaign because I feel if he is the Republican nominee then President Obama will be a shoe-in to win next November." |

"For those who like to ponder possible situations, how about this. One huge mystery is why Ryan has no recognition for doing much of anything in his nearly twenty years in office, but since taking over the Speaker spot he didn't want he is acting like he is the shoe-in for the GOP nomination. Maybe he is acting strange as other powerful GOP because he has been part of the corruption or corruption cover-up. And that is not Trump's game; he is in it for America. I wondered about this after reading this in the AP today."

submitted by [Dee] - (www)

shoebox - An extremely small motel room.

e.g., It was late at night, so I checked into the first decent place I could find off the freeway. Clean enough, but lemme' tell ya' what a shoebox it was.

submitted by Paul

shoeburyness - The feeling of warmth on a seat or suchlike from another person or living being.

e.g., Alicia lifted Maxwell the cat from the sofa and sat in its place. As she sat she could got a distinct feeling from his shoeburyness.

submitted by Claire

shoecide - Sort of like suicide by cop. One commits shoecide by throwing her shoes at a dignitary. In the Arab world, showing someone the soles of your shoes is an insult and a gesture of contempt. Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi, threw his shoes at American President George W. Bush during a press conference Sunday December 14, 2008. The President was not hit. Shoecide attack, shoecide bomber, Weejuns of mass destruction. | "The word shoeicide is much older than shoeicide bomber, and it usually refers to the destruction of one or more shoes." Shoecide, shoe-icide, shuicide. The word seems equally applicable to a homicide committed with a pair of shoes with stiletto heels.

e.g., What al-Zeidi did could well have amounted to shoecide if he had done it a few years earlier. | "Book her, Danno." "What's the charge, chief?" "Shoecide."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

shoeicide - (SHOE-iss-side; n.) In addition to the definitions already set forth herein, 1. subjecting a woman's feet to the torment of high-heeled shoes, resulting in shin splints, charlie-horses, blisters, sore feet, ankle twists, and exhaustion; 2. spending the whole day on your feet, resulting in back pain, weariness, headaches, and sore knees.

e.g., For the sake of appearances, some women subject themselves to shoeicide by stiletto.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

shoeshine - Cool, brilliant, swinging.

e.g., The gig was total shoeshine. I loved it.

submitted by lucy

shofoot - Contraction of "shoot oneself in the foot", a common tactic amongst humorous-minded politicians used to get the laughers on her side, kind of. Also a famous example program in computer science.

e.g., Senator McCartney attacked the opponents high pitchedly, but then shofooted.

submitted by Lord Evil

shoggoth - Not being a reader of HP Lovecraft, I ran across this word only this morning. Defined at wordnick as "A monstrous creature which features in the horror fiction of HP Lovecraft."

e.g., Of a singularly unattractive older "middle-aged" woman who thinks she still has "it," Roissy (aka Citizen Renegade) wrote on WordPress, "Has this shoggoth looked in a mirror lately? . . . No wonder he was depressed. He was on a date with a beluga whale." Ouch and double ouch.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

shoke - An invitation to dinner at someone else's home, especially in Japan.

e.g., I can't come to the party because I have a shoke tonight at the Tanakas'. | Mrs. Tanaka really shoked us well.

submitted by Kento

shoken - To shake to stir or to mix. Or it can mean to mess up.

e.g., My soda has been shoken.

submitted by Colleen Gilbert - (www)

sholiloquy - An unnecessarily obvious verbal broadcast of one's thoughts to make a point.

e.g., Bill: "Why don't you just tell me where it is?" Ben: "Hmmm, if I tell you where it is, that's more work for me, but if I don't, that's more work for you. Hmmm, think, think..." In the above example, Ben has made a sholiloquy to show why he does not wish to enlighten Ben about the whereabouts of something.

submitted by Drew T

shond - A combination of shopping and bonding, it occurs when two or more persons go shopping together.

e.g., Sarah and Renee hadn't spent much time together lately, and since both need shoes, they decided to go shonding.

submitted by Renee Willkom

shongylichoots - In some of the islands across the sea, this means "I truly believe you, but would you mind showing us some proof?" (shon-jie-lee-choots [rhymes with 'puts'])

e.g., You say you saw some angels hovering above high tension lines across the valley. Are you sure they weren't just flying saucers tapping into some energy? Shongylichoots.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

shonky - Inferior quality, duff

e.g., I had a really shonky pizza last night.

submitted by Bryan Baker

shony - Ponytail

e.g., I want my hair in a shony for the pictures.

submitted by Jessica

shoobedy boobedy - A phrase that denotes nonsense or is used as a non-sensical response to a question or comment.

e.g., What's your name? Shoobedy Boobedy!

submitted by Brian JEnks

shoobie - Tourists in beach or other resort communities, especially such as are uncouth, loud, drink beer to excess or tend to behave rather obnoxiously. (By way of the Nickelodeon series "Rocket Power," in case you ask.)

e.g., *"This is a full-on shoobie high tide!" (Otto Rocket, "Tito-Sitting" episode, "Rocket Power") *"We're getting up to our necks in shoobies!" (Ray Rocket)

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

shooer - The job title all Aussies adopt when over in the states: you shoo the kangaroos and koalas off the harbour bridge.

e.g., What do I do back home? I'm a shooer, mate. Each morning I shoo off the kangaroos and koalas from the harbour bridge.

submitted by Poonez

shoogy - Desperate for sugar.

e.g., I'm feeling shoogy--I'm gonna go get me some candy.

submitted by tarheel

shoon - Someone that is lazy and doesn't work. Plural: shoons. Plural is not "shoon's" as the apostrophe-challenged might claim.

e.g., Chris is a real shoon. He has plenty of money to throw away only because he's crooked.

submitted by Jack

shooosh - when someone is being annoying and you want them to shut the hell up.

e.g., "Shoooosh, I do not want to hear you singing that NSYNC song!"

submitted by michael - (www)

shoop - One sheep.

e.g., Lots of sheep and one shoop.

submitted by Helen

shoop - One sheep. As in one goose and lots of geese. A herd of sheep is fine, but it doesn't make sense to say "Look at that sheep!"

e.g., "Look at all those sheep! Look at that little shoop over there standing on its own!"

submitted by Helen

shoot the gap - Passing a vehicle through a seemingly impossible space in traffic, between buildings, etc.

e.g., Shoot the gap. There's plenty of room betwen the curb and that car. You should have at least two inches to spare.

submitted by gavm5

shoot the moon - Taking a nearly impossible chance in the hopes that you might luck out.

e.g., I'm going to shoot the moon and ask her out to dinner.

submitted by Jason Brown - (www)

shoot the tube - To survive a bout of heavy drinking and hit the golden inebriated euphoric stage without throwing up or passing out. What happens when you don't cross the line and don't go one drink too far.

e.g., After the bottle of wine, and the sixth Gin and tonic, we thought Becky had crossed the line; but no, she switched to water and shot the tube.

submitted by peter

shootin' sheep - Suffering from insomnia. When counting the sheep doesn't work, thin their numbers.

e.g., Jim: Where's Greg gone to? Tom: Oh, he's just shootin' sheep in his room.

submitted by Ike

shooves - Shoes for hooves

e.g., The ballerina pony demanded her shooves be buffed before her Swan Lake performance.

submitted by Helen

shoozme - The phrase "excuse me" said by someone who can't or won't say the full phrase.

e.g., Did you hear Mr. Wojo? He must have said "shoozme" 50 times during class.

submitted by Mike Sacco

shop-fu - Ability to use Photoshop. (ED. Description changed to match example.)

e.g., After looking at the doctored photo, Jamie exclaimed that his shop-fu was better than Kevin's.

submitted by Johay

shopgrift - Buying something with the intention of using it and returning it for a refund.

e.g., I don't usually need a power saw, so I shopgrifted one from Home Depot.

submitted by Steve

shoppertunity - A good chance to spend some of your hard-earned cash on after Christmas sales

e.g., With Christmas over, I had to go to the mall and take advantage of the wonderful shoppertunities.

submitted by John Jeffers - (www)

shord - To misquote by cutting off the end of a sentence in a quotation, thus distorting what the person being quoted had said. (Not that happy with the word for the concept, but "short-wording" was what first occurred to me. "Sword" is occupied.)

e.g., When s quoted h as having written “Sweden was the first country in the world that acknowledged the US,” he shorded h and made h appear to be contradicting himself. What h had written in full was “Sweden was the first country in the world that acknowledged the US, of the countries who were not directly involved” — the latter being completely correct and the former incorrect.

submitted by HD Fowler

short bus kids - The special education students that come to school on a bus that's about half as long as a regular school bus.

e.g., Jon's a bit of a slow learner; he's one of our school's short bus kids.

submitted by Jon

short man's syndrome - "Little Man Syndrome, otherwise known as 'Short Man's Syndrome' supposedly pertains to shorter/smaller guys who try to compensate for their small stature by asserting their presence in other ways, usually by false bravado or trying to pick fights (particularly with people who are bigger than they are)."

e.g., Of all things, our band director turns out to have short man's syndrome. Came in Monday and he'd had the crap beat out of him over the weekend. Nowhere near as bad a deal as when a cop has it, though.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

short sheet - Leaving exactly two squares of the toilet paper and not replacing it with a new roll.

e.g., If you don't want to short sheet someone, a good rule of thumb is to replace the toilet paper when you can see the brown cardboard through the tissue.

submitted by nitag - (www)

shortfall - Collapsing at the computer.

e.g., He experienced a shortfall when he fell asleep at the screen and pitched face-first onto the keyboard.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

shorts - The smokable remains of a cigarette.

e.g., Hey, save me shorts on that square.

submitted by Rastamon

shortspeak - Spoken language that omits articles and unnecessary elements, as in shorthand.

e.g., She said, "Kiss, fool" instead of "Kiss me, you fool" and I knew she was the one for me because I prefer shortspeak over monologue any day.

submitted by val kreil - (www)

shorty - A young person or an attractive female.

e.g., I gotta go pick up my shorty from school.

submitted by Alex Rosen - (www)

shorty forty - A 22-ounce beer.

e.g., It's too late for a 40-ouncer. How about a shorty forty?

submitted by The Partygoers - (www)

shosho - something that does not work as it should.

e.g., That firecracker was a shosho.

submitted by Tina

shostle - The little dance that occurs when two people, approaching and preparing to pass each other, both move in the same lateral direction simultaneously, then stop and both move in the other direction. Combination of shuffle and jostle has been in use in Illinois since 1976.

e.g., Jane came down the hall and I shostled with her three times before I finally got past.

submitted by Scott Johnson

shot nazi - Individual(s) who has a strong desire to force shots of alcohol upon everyone else. This happens more often when the recipient does not wish to drink.

e.g., I've had 12 beers and two whiskey sours, so tell that shot nazi to stop buying me pucker shots.

submitted by Salty

shot-flayed - being struck on the skin by edge pattern of a shotgun shell blast.

e.g., "Hey, you shot-flayed me." cried little brother Kelly from a few corn rows over. "Shut up or go home you little baby," Chris replied.

submitted by steven jones

shotclog - "An unpleasant drinking companion, tolerated only because he is buying the drinks." From Insulting English, by Peter Novobatzky & Ammon Shetwitchel.

e.g., Have I succeeded in making it clear that Chris is a shotclog?

submitted by HD Fowler

shotgun - To claim rights to an object or service over anyone else. Once something has been "shotgunned," it is not possible for that right to be overruled. Shortened version: "gun," "gunned," "gunning."

e.g., 1. Shotgun front seat. 2. You can't have that cake, I've gunned it. 3. Gun that chair.

submitted by BSchool

shotgun - Aussie kangaroo hunting slang: to have the front seat of the ute (and not have to rough it on the back). Or, to have first shot at whatever chosen target.

e.g., I shotgun the cute blonde at the bar.

submitted by Korinne

shotgun justice - A boss chewing out the whole department for the wrongs of a few.

e.g., I wish the boss would get the ones that screw up. I'm tired of being the victim of his shotgun justice.

submitted by Stan J

shotgun marriage - Usually a marriage when the bride is pregnant--under threat. A forced marriage.

e.g., Andrew, you and Wilhelmina will have a shotgun marriage if ya try that again, ya hear!

submitted by Ian

shotgun response - A flurry of widely varied guesses aimed at covering a wide enough area that one will be at least partly correct.

e.g., Bill: Who invented confetti? John: Bill Gates, the ancient Chinese, Eli Whitney, Tony Danza? Bill. I wasn't looking for a shotgun response.

submitted by Thunderchunk - (www)

shottery - The section between shop awnings where there is no covered area.

e.g., Damn, it's raining. I'm going to get wet when I walk under the shottery.

submitted by Shantelle Arundell - (www)

shoulbow - The upper arm--i.e., the part of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow.

e.g., I hurt my shoulbow. OR He's got good-looking shoulbows.

submitted by Greg Mansell

should of - "Should of," of course, is properly -- for those who are into propriety -- "should have." Shoulda.

e.g., You should of known better than to bring a goat into your motel room. You can't expect me to believe you were only shouting at the goat.

submitted by Miss Speller

shoulder nipples - Stretched-out bumps in a shirt created by the ends of the hanger, especially if the fabric is wet when hung.

e.g., My wife bought larger hangers because she was tired of having shoulder nipples in her work clothes.

submitted by Crossbow

shoulder surfing - Looking at someone else's screen as she surfs the internet.

e.g., Quit shoulder surfing and stick to your own screen.

submitted by FutrCop

shouldn't've - Should not have. I looked it up first, didn't find it.

e.g., I shouldn't've had to put up with that.

submitted by seonaidh

shouting at the goat - A phrase used to suggest that someone has been caught performing a lewd sexual act.

e.g., No one will believe you were only shouting at the goat.

submitted by HD Fowler

shoutversation - A conversation that takes place in a loud environment requiring the participants to shout or conversate at a volume level that would not normally be considered socially acceptable

e.g., Over the din of the crowded coffee house, he had a shoutversation after picking up his $4 latte as he crossed toward the door with the three barristas behind the counter who in turn thanked him and wished him a great day which he felt obligated to shout responses to each time.

submitted by David Miller - (www)

shovek - What you arm yourself with when you are confused. This originated as a mistype. (You don't really arm yourself with one--you say you do. It's metaphorical.)

e.g., "What?" she said, and armed herself with a shovek.

submitted by Ametsuchi

shovel - To go fast, usually referring to vehicular travel. First noticed in the movie _Ronin_.

e.g., A. What kind of car do we need? B. I dunno. An Audi A4, or a perhaps a Quattro. Something that can shovel.

submitted by peter

shovel face - An incredibly unattractive person. Appears to have been hit in the face by a shovel.

e.g., Look at Kristy--the girl who just walked into the bar. What a shovel face.

submitted by kristy

shovel of justice - When someone gets what they deserve.

e.g., The school gardener got the shovel of justice.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme and Ryan Perez

shovel-ready - No, not the Macquarie Dictionary's word of the year for "a building project that can be started as soon as funding is assured," but the condition of a person's body after the casket holding her remains have been lowered into a grave.

e.g., Aw right, fellas. she be shovel-ready. Cover 'er up. Gawd rest 'er soul.

submitted by HD Fowler

show - Part of the phrase "doin' shows"--acting overly dramatic in a situation, drawing unnecessary attention to oneself or others around.

e.g., We were in the mall and when Tasha tripped and fell. She started yelling and blaming the boy behind us. She was doing shows.

submitted by Michael Newson

show us them teeth, boys! - To be used when people are rather nasty. Can replace boys with girls as the situation suits.

e.g., J: *^*@'# idiot! D: Oh, yeah? Helen: Show us them teeth, boys!

submitted by Helen Wise

show-tell room - A ground floor room in a motel with exterior walkways, whose curtains are opened, thereby allowing passersby to see everything going on in that room. Also showtel.

e.g., Look at that show-tell room across the courtyard. The guy in there's eating pizza with his shirt off.

submitted by Paul

showdowner - A gunfighter (lawman or outlaw) whose success in individual combat has become addictive.

e.g., Son, you think you're fast but don't try him. He lives to kill. He's a real showdowner.

submitted by Bluesman Mike Lindner

shower-bath - What you call it when you fill the bath halfway and then shower. A shower-bath combines the relaxing, soothing effect of a bath with the sporty quick shower.

e.g., I'm just going to have my shower-bath.

submitted by Jamie P

showmercial - Any commercial-type advertisemnt that is built into a show on TV.

e.g., Did you see the new Ford Focus showmercial during American Idol last night?

submitted by Grant Terry - (www)

showoff business - Show business -- what it should be called. Suggested by Kim Novak's Norma Desmond moment when she said she felt "violated" (also "raped") by director Michel Hazanavicius' and composer Ludovic Bource's use of Bernard Hermann's work from Vertigo.

e.g., There's no business like showoff business, not when it comes to egos, self-congratulations, and self-importance.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

shpadoinkle - Something good and amazing.

e.g., Have a shpadoinkle day.

submitted by Embu

shpants - Those pants that have a zipper about halfway down the leg so that if it gets too hot out, you can just unzip and remove half of the leg and turn them into shorts or, in some cases, capri pants.

e.g., I cannot believe that you are actually wearing shpants. Have you been hiding something from me? Say, in your closet ... perhaps?

submitted by Wilton

shpantz - A combination of shorts and pants. The bottoms zip off and they become shorts.

e.g., These shpantz are killing me.

submitted by Anthony

shproing - The resonating sound something makes when it is suddenly unsprung.

e.g., The unexpected shproing of the unleashed clown from the jack-in-the-box is what scares most people.

submitted by John Simpson

shragged - The property of being both haggard and shagged, someone looking quite a mess, trampy even.

e.g., He's such a drunk nowadays. He looked so shragged the other day that there were leaves in his hair.

submitted by nigel

shralp - To do something with fierce concentration and effort. (Credited to James Ruggieri.)

e.g., Sure, I was pulling it. But Guldman -- he was shralping on it. It was amazing.

submitted by Scott Adams - (www)

shram - Sweet grandma.

e.g., My shram brought me candy.

submitted by Rachael

shrangle - To utterly screw something up or to cause pain to someone.

e.g., You really shrangled me today. First you spilled a drink in my car and then you let it drop to Debbie that I haven't quit smoking yet.

submitted by Fred Brennion

shrap - Something said on the sly to avoid using the word "crap." Shrapped, shrappy.

e.g., Paul told his neighboy he was having a shrappy day.

submitted by Paul Clough

shrapnail - (n.) Those slivers of really thick toenail that shoot off like small-arms ricochet as you clip them (the sort that make you go out and buy safety glasses and rattle like legoes in your vacuum cleaner).

e.g., "Missed ya at the meeting, Joe; whe-- Whoa! what happened to your eye?" "Shrapnail." "Ouch. So you were--" "At the hospital, yeah."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

shrapnel - Loose pocket change, usually large quantities thereof, frequently found in Canada where there is not only a one but also a two dollar coin--resulting in very heavy pockets and sagging pants.

e.g., "This round is yours." "Sorry, all I have is shrapnel."

submitted by B-money Shieldawg

shrappered - Informal or colloquial term meaning to be tired or can also mean for something to be broken.

e.g., My computer has shrappered up.

submitted by Paul Garbett

shrappers - Colloquial term implying something is bad or poor.

e.g., That film was absolute shrappers.

submitted by Paul Garbett

shredded - Doomed; in big trouble.

e.g., When I saw the cops coming, I thought we were shredded for sure.

submitted by acidspork

shrido - A sandwich first invented in Shropshire, UK.

e.g., If I hadn't had the makings of a shrido, it is doubtful if I would have survived the cold winter.

submitted by Keith Harris - (www)

shriek - An exclamation point (!), often used by APL (A Programming Language) programmers, and occasionally by editors.

e.g., Shriek is used both for factorial (!6 is 720) and combinatorial (4!6 is 15 -- the number of ways six objects can be taken four at a time) in APL.

submitted by Roy Sykes

shrig - to shrug, in a horizontal, rather than vertical manner.

e.g., completely confused by the world around me, sometimes I just have to shrig sadly, and move on.

submitted by the snowman

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