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scrumpdillyump - So amazing you can't define it with just one word. Like scrumptious, delicious, unbelievable.

e.g., The dinner we had was scrumpdillyump

submitted by cindy rodarte

scrumpet - An attractive person, often younger than the person using the word, possibly a bit of a tart. Similar to the yummy baked good, a crumpet, but a yummy person instead.

e.g., Did you see her new boyfriend? He's a scrumpet.

submitted by L. Bonham

scrumple - A cross between screwed up and crumpled.

e.g., That guy has had so much bad stuff happen to him he's scrumpled.

submitted by noah fagan

scrumpsh - Used when describing something that tastes really good. Derivative of scrumptious?

e.g., That pizza was scrumpsh.

submitted by Dan - (www)

scrumption - A fractional unit, referring to the individual or collective scrumptiousness of a given food.

e.g., "Would you like some more corn & bacon soup?" "Maybe just half a scrumption, please. It's twelve megascrumptions of delicious."

submitted by BunnyWizard

scrumptrilescent - When something's so good words cannot describe it. As used in a SNL skit with Alec Baldwin playing Charles Nelson Reilly.

e.g., Your voice depiction in "A Troll in Central Park" was simply scrumptrilescent.

submitted by Robert

scrumpts -

Bits and pieces, leavings, scraps -- specifically, table scraps. Elsewhere, you're likely to find scrumpts defined the same as scrumptious: delicious, delectable, mouthwatering, tasty, yummy, delish, delightful, gorgeous.

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Scraps, Via Michael Quinion at main link.

Scrumptious "I took a train trip in 1976 across the northern US," Phil Glatz remembers. "Out in the wilds of Montana, I asked the conductor, an African-American in his sixties, if there was still time to get breakfast in the dining car. He looked at his watch, shook his head, and said, 'You better hurry, or all that will be left is the scrumpts.' I've always remembered that term, but have not heard it since, but figure it might be related to 'scrumptious,' maybe from southern US slang." The Dictionary of American Regional English doesn't include scrumpt, but it does have scrumption, a variant form of scrimption, recorded mainly in the US South from 1834 onwards. It says it means a bit or scrap and is from an unspecified English dialect term, perhaps one of those listed in the piece. It's easy to imagine that scrumption became scrumptious and this might be the missing link between English dialect and the US scrumptious. If so, we're still left with no information how the term took on its modern meaning.

Lots of readers asked whether the term for the childhood activity of scrumping, stealing apples from an orchard or garden, was connected. It isn't. That comes from a dialect word meaning a withered apple, perhaps connected with scrimp, to be thrifty or economise, as in scrimp and save.

The Rice University Neologisms Database offers scrumpt as being a building block for both scrumptious and scrumptulescent. Heads up: Remember the warnings we give you repeatedly about being careful taking seriously what you find here? The same caution is useful for other "dictionaries" for neologisms, made-up words, and slang. Contributors at such sites are less likely to be scrupulous and scholarly than those who provide input to serious sites. We don't want to be taken seriously.

e.g., "Will you be wanting to date Letitia if I dump her?" "No, I won't. I'm not interested in your scrumpts. Besides, you won't be dumping her -- she dumped you. Who do you think you're kidding?" {ED. Letitia Skinner's the name of the girl who broke a blind date with me -- with the result that I met my wife that night as a fill-in.}

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

scrumpulent - A mixed word coming from scrumptious and succulent meaning rich, delicate, and delicious. Coined while eating a cream cheese bagel.

e.g., Mmmm ... this bagel is absolutely scrumpulent.

submitted by Stephen duBarry

scrumtralescent - Overly awesome, more than perfect.

e.g., The wine is scrumtralescent. Goes great with the chicken.

submitted by Logan

scrumtralescent - An implausible and unimagineable form of improvement beyond perfection. Perfect at being perfect.

e.g., Your prose used when composing a belittling joke about "jo mama" is so marvelous that it's scrumtralescent.

submitted by Ma$eP

scrumtrilescent - The absolute peak of perfection.

e.g., Jerry's performance in "Dazed and Abused" was simply scrumtrilescent.

submitted by Jared Brown - (www)

scrumtrillescent - Inexplicably awesome.

e.g., Dom DeLuise's performance in _Cannonball Run 2_ was scrumtrillescent.

submitted by Lauren

scrumtrulescent - Being so good it can't be expressed in words.

e.g., The movie was better than great. In fact, it was scrumtrulescent.

submitted by Steve

scrunch - Act of making a flat rug more comfortable by folding orpiling into a heap or "scrunchpile."

e.g., Look, Bandit's scrunching his rug again.

submitted by owlbear

scrunchie - Elastic hairband with decorative cloth wrapping

e.g., Sara looked very 1989 with that gold lame scrunchie in her hair.

submitted by Samantha

scrunge - To crumple or twist with one's fingers.

e.g., My dog likes his ears scrunged. The newspaper is all scrunged up.

submitted by Paul Flewers

scrunge - The slime hangs off of the straining basket for the water in a restaurant dishwasher, consiting of napkin fibers, bread and other food slime.

e.g., That scrunge is really stuck to the basket in there.

submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

scrungrow - 1) A dirty person 2) a low life human

e.g., what a scrungrow you've turned out to be! Scrungrow!

submitted by Thomas W Hellmueller

scrunkle - To snuggle under a blanket on a cold winter evening

e.g., The two young lovers were so cold from their evening walk that they proceeded to scrunkle up on the couch. Think they're Quakers?

submitted by Edward Augustine

scrunt - The person whohas to sleep on the "uncomfortable and claustrophobic" side of the bed, directly adjacent to the bedroom wall.

e.g., Chris stayed over last night and I had to be the scrunt.

submitted by Lindsay Bunce

scruples - Like staples, only smaller.

e.g., Do you have any scruples? I need to scruple this tiny paper and my scrupler is out.

submitted by Angie the Awesome

scrut - A cross between a skank and a slut.

e.g., Christ, what a scrut Chris is.

submitted by Kevin Schubert

scrutaneously - The way that one looks when one scrutinizes something.

e.g., He looked at me scrutaneously.

submitted by Clara Hart - (www)

scrute - [Pronounced like "screw" with a /t/ at the end; v.] To examine, search, dig through, ransack, rifle, study, etc. [From "inscrutable" meaning 'not susceptible to analysis' (or ransacking)]. Derivations "scrutable," "scruted."

e.g., Fifties America had a horrible stereotype of Asians (that is, persons of the Orientum (q.v.)) (that is, as being cold, emotionless, stoic, and "unreadable.") I apologize for the idiotic stereotype, and I note that I have never met anyone of Asian descent as being any of these. Quite the reverse, in fact.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

scrutinizer - Someone who scritinizes: someone who examines something very carefully. The example is taken from a blog post: "Florida 2000 Election Fiasco...."

e.g., "Unfortunately, determining whether or not to accept a vote is based on having a ballot eyeballed by a group of people [a canvassing board] who attempt to divine the voters' intentions. Remember Broward County (I think it was Broward County) and the guy with the magnifying glass? And the woman who had no trouble at all determining that every ballot that came in front of her was a vote for a Democrat? No matter that the scrutinizers who had the ballots before she did couldn't determine how the ballots were marked even using a magnifying glass to enlarge their images, it was always easy for her to figure out with only the most cursory glance. If such ballot reviewers decide that they can clearly determine what the voter had in mind, then the vote counts. If they decide they can't determine what the voter had in mind, then the vote doesn't count."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

scruttons - Exclamation of considerable displeasure.

e.g., I didn't see any seal in that river. I missed it? Scruttons.

submitted by Ryan Darragh

scruzzy - A state of extreme filth.

e.g., After falling into the swamp, I had to walk home for 3 hours in the baking hot sun. When I got home I was so scruzzy I had to hose off outside, then take two showers because I clogged the drain the first time.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

sctief - This is a nonsense acronym found in a bogus "feel good" survey sent out on the web.

e.g., I saw the word sctief in a survey and went to to find out if it is a word.

submitted by George

scubu - "Taken directly from the word scrub. Is a younger brother that is also the baby of the family. If someone is an older sibling as well, they are not a scubu."

e.g., Katty laughed as her scubu became confused as a dog circled him.

submitted by Tia - (www)

scud - Archery expression for an arrow which flies high and wide of the mark, missing the target entirely. First coined by an American Naval Officer and archer in connection to the Soviet-made missle when he observed an unsuccessful Soviet demonstration of the missle. The weapon missed its target by a considerable margin. The gentleman remarked "What a scud!" The press was present and printed the word and it has been associated with the missle ever since.

e.g., The scud is a aptly named weapon as it is notoriously inaccurate.

submitted by Stephen Mize

scudder - To lose your briefcase when everyone else knows you have left it in the toilet.

e.g., Where the hell is my briefcase? Don't tell me I've scuddered again.

submitted by Colin Taffel

scuddy - Ugly or odoured.

e.g., Look at the scuddy dress Katie is wearing.

submitted by katie

scuff up - To make a major mistake. (I owe this phrase to a friend of mine called Joe.)

e.g., I really scuffed up on that maths test. I bet I get an F.

submitted by Francesca

scuffworthy - Inclined to clumsy accidents -- generally only causing minor scrapes, bruises, knots, and the like.

e.g., As Stephen grows up, his clumsiness -- which usually would end in spilled milk or a broken glass -- is morphing. I think now he's more scuffworthy than clumsy. Just last week he fell off his bike twice and is quite scabby on the forearms as a result.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

scuffy - The untidy state of an inanimate object bearing numerous scuff marks.

e.g., She went through the scuffy green door.

submitted by pat kent - (www)

sculdom - A place in which a seemingly ever-present force causes forms of depression.

e.g., Many students say that Mr. Theriot's class is a sculdom, but I say it is a hapland.

submitted by Michael - (www)

sculit - A male hair style where he loses the hair on the top of his head and leaves the fringe long.

e.g., Your uncle Charles has a sculit.

submitted by Doug

scully - perfect

e.g., "this is so scully!"

submitted by Scully - (www)

scully - To view sceptically or express doubt, often with a healthy dose of sarcasm. From agent Scully, The X-Files.

e.g., Sorry to scully you like this, but just because it glows in the dark doesn't mean it's kryptonite.

submitted by Pat

sculpertecture - A mixture of sculpture and architecture.

e.g., That building is an example of neo-classical sculpertecture.

submitted by Calum

scumbag - A bag, often made of latex rubber, but not necessarily, which envelops any kind of scum. This word is commonly used in an allegorical fashion to refer in a denigrating manner to some individual.

e.g., Chris is a scumbag.

submitted by george l. kelly - (www)

scumber - Verb or noun, derived from 17th century English hunting term. Scumb means foxsh¡t, and hunters "scumbered" when they avoided treading in the scumb, which would throw their dogs off the scent. To scumber today means to narrowly avoiding ending up in the crap. Usually used when a disaster has narrowly been avoided.

e.g., 1. "Joe, lose the blonde, your girlfriend just walked in." "Thanks, mate, you helped me scumber out of that one." 2. I was doing 75 in a 50 zone for over an hour before I stopped to buy beer. Guess what? Cops came past while I was parked. What a scumber.

submitted by Skinner

scumiotics - The study of what makes a person, object or act scummy.

e.g., Robert was very learned in the field of scumiotics. He used his knowledge of scumiotics to help him in his everyday work.

submitted by Iain Wishart

scummy - 1. Crappy, lame, pathetic. 2. One who is happy to be scruffy in looks or personality. Not taking pride in one's self.

e.g., That hobo's so scummy it's sad.

submitted by cathy

scump - Noun. A vile, evil, lying, criminal, rascist, sexist, traitorous rapist, pussy-grabbing scum that survives by inciting people to hate other subsets of humanity.

e.g., Schkackel says Donald Trump is a vile, evil, lying, criminal, rascist, sexist, traitorous rapist, pussy-grabbing scum who survives by inciting people to hate other subsets of humanity who has earned the title of The Scump.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

scumpy - Place, person. or thing which is either dirty or scruffy.

e.g., This restaurant is really scumpy. Let's take a pass on it.

submitted by J A Milne - (www)

scumster - Woman who drives her man crazy with constant material demands or unfaithfulness or any of many other ways and then uses the resulting craziness she caused as an excuse to leave him, slander him, and rip him off. Literally, scum sister.

e.g., She played the part of a scumster very well, and got most of his property and the kids.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

scunch - To move about on the elbows, dragging the back half of the body, in almost a froglike manner. This is done by both elbows at the same time, and follows with the knees a second later.

e.g., The tomboyish girl decided to scunch across the living room carpet floor, thus obtaining rug burns on both her knees and elbows.

submitted by Charlene Ford

scunge - Another name for a cat.

e.g., Look at that ugly, mouse-eating scunge.

submitted by SOB

scunge - A person who begs for money, food, or favors, but isn't a beggar by trade.

e.g., Chris just borrowed another $2 from me, the scunge.

submitted by Kora

scungeous - Rotten, odious, loathsome, slimy -- and generally for anything that looks repulsive. Once (early 1960s) used by teenagers in Sydney, Australia, but lost. Adjective from the noun "scunge."

e.g., All that was left in the bowl was a scungeous old peach. | Not only was my blind date scungeous, she was built like a linebacker.

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

scunnered - Scots slang. To be sick of something. If you are scunnered of chocolate, you are all chocolated out.

e.g., "Chips tonight, Bob." "But ma, I'm scunnered of chips."

submitted by Adam Leslie

scurred - Scared, afraid.

e.g., I went to horror night last week and got scurred big time.

submitted by Richard

scurrfunge - "Scurryfunge: a hasty tidying of the house between the time you see a neighbor and the time she knocks on the door (1882)"

e.g., Crap, here comes my gossipy neighbor. Quick, help me give the house a scurryfunge. If she sees it the way it is, it'll be all over town how bad a housekeeper I am.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

scuser - A scammer and user; a person who scams and uses people to get what she wants.

e.g., The pretty scuser convinced her latest man to let her daughter move in, and then convinced him that they needed a brand new house for themselves only for more privacy, leaving the old house for the daughter. The scuser really pulled a slick trick on the old guy, finally getting her new house.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

scutah - Something that is particularly rubbish, cheap or both.

e.g., I liked the music at that club last night, but the decor was scutah.

submitted by Mark Adams - (www)

scutter - Scum from the gutter.

e.g., Nate needs to pick himself up off the street and go get a job. As it is, he's just a scutter.

submitted by Nathan Phillips

scuttlethrop - A scuttlethrop is an annoying know-it-all who always corrects people when they're wrong, no matter how trivial. I note that you have the word "yonks" in your dictionary. In England that's a real word (I've used it on more than one occasion.) and it means "a really long time." Honest : ) (ED. Thank you for scuttlethropping.)

e.g., And then she said, "Actually, it's un rato largo, not una rato largo." As if anyone cares. Scuttlethropping bitch.

submitted by Wendy - (www)

scuz - Excuse. | A less offensive alternative to crap or crud. It can mean anything from an unidentifiable material you don't want on your hands to an unreasonable idea.

e.g., Scuz me. I need to see a man about a llama. | I've gotta wash the scuz off from that toad I picked up. OR That self-help book is full of scuz.

submitted by jesi | Evman - (www)

scuzbucket - Derisive term for appearance or attitude.

e.g., Did you see what that scuzbucket was wearing? | Here's the revised company dress code from the new scuzbucket personel director.

submitted by Bodhi Chitta

sd'ed - superdeformed (from anime) -- deformed/compressed in such a way as to be cute or anime-ish.

e.g., The characters from Puzzlefighter are sd'ed. Sd'ed robots and cars are so cute.

submitted by jonmlee

sea alice - A euphemism for a waterfront prostitute. (From Nanny's 1960s Contemporary Word Usage.)

e.g., Man, I just don't do well with women. Guess I'll have to go to Sea Alice to boost my confidence.

submitted by A Nanny Mouse

sea monkeys - From Douglas Coupland's Microserfs. Something that seems unbelievably fun, but in the end winds up as a cruel, bitter letdown.

e.g., This new publication was expected to be groundbreaking, but in the end, it was just sea monkeys.

submitted by max

sea monster - Drunk girl that sits at the bar and talks smack about other girls.

e.g., That sea monster's starin' me down.

submitted by Adam Gnade

sea spinach - Edible seaweed.

e.g., My friends are trying to convince me to try sea spinach sushi. Yuck.

submitted by star651

sea wag - A wagging dog tail underwater.

e.g., Rover sea wags at the beach.

submitted by Pinky Lee - (www)

sea wench - One who is the girlfriend of a competitive swimmer.

e.g., Sam was excited that his sea wench would be coming to the meet that night.

submitted by Captain K - (www)

sea-scratch - An itching sensation (rash) in your pants caused from sitting around in wet clothes for a long period of time.

e.g., Mike was out boating all day without a change of clothes and now he has a nasty case of sea-scratch.

submitted by Asterisk - (www)

seagle - Seagull + eagle--a mythical bird.

e.g., A word that rhymes with beagle? How about seagle?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

seagull manager - Boss who shows up randomly, makes a lot of noise, messes up everything . . . and then leaves.

e.g., Chris is a seagull manager. I wish she'd just travel all the time. (Make seagull cawing noises to warn of manager's arrival.)

submitted by Jeff

seamonkeys - The random floatie things that you can see in your glass of tap water.

e.g., Ew, I don't want this seamonkey water, can I have a bottle instead? This water is full of seamonkeys.

submitted by Jessica Leon

seannery - Sean Connery. Any act that is Sean-Connery-like.

e.g., Did you see Seannery on Barbara Walters? adv.- Alan was quite Seannery at the bar last nite with the ladies.

submitted by stan wiles

seapig - Surfer talk for a fat chick on the beach

e.g., The beach has nothing but a bunch of seapigs in bikinis today.

submitted by Mimi - (www)

searching for gold - Picking your nose. Usually ends in unearthing a nugget.

e.g., Searching for gold? Yea, got rich, too.

submitted by bob

sears - Seriously.

e.g., We ate too many hot dogs and now we're sears stuck to the couch.

submitted by Olivia & Sherri

seat salsa - Food particles and detritus found in the crevices of car seats and on the floor boards.

e.g., When I folded down the back seat of the station wagon, I found a plethora of seat salsa. It's particularly bad in the van after dour-year-old Alec's been eating.

submitted by Eric

seaworthy - A nautical term, meaning how well a boat handles and performs in rough water. But it describes something a bit different in this case. If two sailors were discussing the suitability and willingness of a woman to engage in carnal pleasures, one might ask, "Is she seaworthy?"

e.g., The Captain was pleased to find that his new woman friend was a very seaworthy vessel, indeed.

submitted by Steve McDonald

seb - Slime

e.g., Karlos fell over in the skip and now he's covered in seb.

submitted by DJ Gorill

sebid - Worldly.

e.g., Ernest Hemingway was sebid.

submitted by J.W. Power

sec-def, sec-ag, sec-com ... - Expressions for the Presidential Cabinet. Secretary of Defence, Secretary of Agriculture, etc.

e.g., This is the sec-def's second time around; he was sec-def under President Ford as well.

submitted by Stephen Mize

secesh - A Southern sympathizer. From "Common Words of the 1860s" at

e.g., From "Undaunted, Herron ordered his twenty-four rifled cannons into action against the lighter Confederate artillery planted on the forward slope of the hill. Around ten o'clock the Federal artillery roared to life and began 'Spitting Fire and Smoke Shell and Shot in to the Secesh Ranks.'"

submitted by HD Fowler

seckzi - Sexy. Like "hawt" and "ur," this is used by stupid teenage girls on the internet who think it looks cutesy and cool. Gains more Stupid Points than "hawt," because it requires TWO extra keystrokes to produce than to correctly spell the word. (See "hawt" and "ur.")

e.g., omg, liek justin timbrelaek is SOOOOO SECKZI!

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

secluse - a recluse living in seclusion

e.g., he chose to live alone as a secluse

submitted by brenda

second - Any amount of time at all, usually way more than desired.

e.g., Mum: Yep, I'll be off the computer in a second. (2 days later.) Mum: Just a few seconds.

submitted by sam

second bestroom - The bathroom with the least traffic in any building (whether because of location, facilities or cleanliness) where considerate people go when what they have to do could be unpleasant for others.

e.g., I think I'm coming down with the flu or something -- I'd better use the second bestroom.

submitted by dina

second hand joke - When you intentionally engage in a humorous dialogue with yourself, or generally act as if you don't know that you are being observed, in an effort to make those around you laugh, with the false sense of security, that you don't know that they are laughing at you.

e.g., She kept on telling her jokes kind of loudly. I think she was attempting a secondhand joke.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

second of all - This should supposedly be "secondly" instead. First of all, secondly, thirdly, etc.

e.g., First of all, spinach is good for you. Second of all, it will put hair on your chest . . . boys.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

second street - Average, lackluster or normal. Stemming from the fact that Second Street is the most common street name in the United States.

e.g., That hair cut is second street; everyone has it.

submitted by Annierose - (www)

secondary tube - A site similar to, but ends in the word "tube." It excludes Youtube, because Youtube is primary. There may be websites I'm too young for, like (One time, I tried going to the site, a viewer discretion warning came up, so I had to click the "exit" button.). Others, like, are 99.44% clean, as Fowler said about Pseudodictionary.

e.g., I hate, except for the music that has no video on it. Secondary tubes are okay.

submitted by star651

secondness person - (n.) 1. a person who focuses on oppositions, deals, bargaining, etc.; 2. a person who prefers practicalities: business, finance, power, commerce (these are "secondness of secondness" people); 3. a person who prefers the sting of battle for its own sake: politicians, certain kinds of sportspeople, battle and logistics planners, and so forth; 4. (Disparaging) a person who has no sense of aesthetics or feelings, but thinks only of practicalities and the bottom line: the Scrooges of the world: Fred Mertz, Mr. Krabs, Tina McTeague, Fagin, Harpagon, or Jack Benny (his Radio and TV persona, not him for real).

e.g., Mr. Warbucks begins as a pure secondness person: he hangs the Mona Lisa in his bathroom, for crying out loud, because he cares only about making and controlling money (and people and industry and such). | "Every time I see you, you're reading maps and aerial imagery---what are you? a professor or something?" "Logistics ... for the government." "Okay: a secondness person. That's cool. Did you like coloring as a kid?" "Only if everyone stayed in the damn lines." "I thought so."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

secret-squirrel - A designer of cryptographic code for secure computer communication. So-called for being stereotypically male, physically-small, and twitchy.

e.g., If we want genuinely secure e-mail we need to hire a secret-squirrel.

submitted by Stephen Mize

secretary spread - An unusually wide butt, usually used in reference to a woman.

e.g., He's neither a secretary nor female, but he still has secretary spread.

submitted by Kent Kirychuk - (www)

secretize - (SEK-re-taiz; v.) 1. to organize papers, files, and such like; to organize (an office or something); 2. to work or serve as secretary for. (Also SEEK-re-taiz) 3. to render something confidential; to declare something secret.

e.g., There are six hundred files we need to collate here: we'd better get secretizing. | Can you secretize for me next week? Everyone's on vacation. | Roswell has been secretized; if not officially, then by popular belief.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

secrotious - Sardonic, sometimes sarcastic, cat-ate-the-canary, sly, wry, off-center.

e.g., When I asked him what happened to my lunch, he silently sported a secrotious smile.

submitted by Richard Alpert - (www)

section eight - Adjective describing something as bad in some fashion. (If I remember _M.A.S.H._ correctly, "Section 8" also has to do with being insane.)

e.g., Denny's is section eight.

submitted by Chug Roper

sectioned - To be detained under the provisions of a section of the British Criminal Evidence Act (1984).

e.g., "Six months ago Gail Porter was sectioned after suffering a monumental nervous breakdown." | "Obviously, being ­sectioned is not the best thing to happen, but a lot of funny things ­happened, too. I am old and ­knackered, bald and mental . . . but at least I can laugh about it." | "Hours later, the former pin-up girl -- whose image was once famously projected on to the side of the House of Commons -- was being bundled into the back of a police van and taken to a psychiatric unit where she would be sectioned and forcibly held for nearly a month."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

sectnym - A cutting name.

e.g., The guillotine is considered a sectnym because it chops peoples heads off.

submitted by Lacey

secuous - Clever and witty in a charming fashion; handsomely eloquent

e.g., Cheryl, have you spoken to Lance yet? He's so funny and secuous.

submitted by Dr. Mordax

securati - A member of one of the most wide-ranging secret societies on the planet, encompassing tens of countries, pervading all levels of government, and culminating with the armies of spies, secret agents, and security personnel around the world.

e.g., Did you notice the way she looks at you? Watch out, she must be a Securati.

submitted by Chris

sedate - A date so boring one cannot help but fall asleep.

e.g., Joe: Bill , how was your date with Sue? Bill: It was a sedate. 'Nuff said.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

sedimentegma - The icky sludge that is sometimes found accumulating at the bottom of wine bottles (or any other kind of beverage bottle).

e.g., Try not to pour it too fast or you'll be drinking some of that sedimentegma as well.

submitted by Charlotte Tyler

sedosipe - A successful show on television, usually lasting more than five seasons. "Episodes" spelled backwards.

e.g., _Seinfeld_ was a sedosipe.

submitted by Ryan Lockwood

see nile - A condition, generally onset in old age, where one's mind no longer focuses on the reality of daily life, but drifts dreamily upon the longest river in the world.

e.g., Make me wrinkled, lose my hair
Take my teeth, I don't care
Add aches and pains, I still can smile
But please don't make me EVER see Nile!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

see the elephant - 1. To be worldly and experienced. 2. To have been in lethal combat. 3. The Word Detective covers both meanings.

e.g., John Kerry claims to have seen the elephant. I have, too, but mine was pink.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

see ya! - Used to either tell someone to "get out and stay out" or to state that the person saying it is leaving permanently.

e.g., I've had enough of your lies. See ya!

submitted by N

seebezzle - (v.) To misappropriate funds entrusted to your care but amounting to less than 1000 financial units [pounds, euros, yen, dollars, shekels, shillingi, whatever). [On analogy with embezzle: Roman numeral M "thousand" as opposed to C "hundred"; thus, M-bezzle and C-bezzle. Theoretically, you could also have an "elbezzle" (L=50), an exbezzle (X=10), and so forth. D-bezzle (D=500) doesn't work, unfortunately, because our prefix "de-" meaning "to undo" sounds like the opposite of embezzle.)

e.g., "The final balance is $879,546,213." "Shouldn't it be closer to $900 there at the end?" "Yeah, but it's probably seebezzlement---cheaper to ignore than to track down." "It's still a crime!" "Yes, indeed it is: if you can find the seebezzlers I'll gladly lock 'em away myself."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

seed money - Cash bills or coins spread along the bottom of a tip jar on a bar for bartenders or waitresses to share that is supposed to stimulate additional tipping in that jar.

e.g., We had to dig deep to come up with the seed money for our tip jar tonight.

submitted by Joel Parker

seedy-bags - A particular type of person given to saying or doing something of a particularly disgusting nature.

e.g., Fletch, stop being so disgusting. Do you have to be such a seedy-bags all the time?

submitted by Fletch Williams

seement - Cement. Cement is correctly pronounced si-ment, with the major accent on the second syllable, but the word is commonly pronounced see-ment south of the Mason-Dixon line. Years ago, when a Yankee laughingly (and also discourteously) corrected my wife’s pronunciation, he showed his ignorance by confusing cement with concrete -- saying our driveway was made of cement. Didn’t take me long to set him straight.  
Concrete: Concrete is less general than pavement but more general than the others. Concrete is any tightly packed composite construction material made from some combination of cement, gravel, limestone, granite, water, sand, and additive elements. It’s commonly used not just in pavement but in the construction of buildings and other large structures.  
Cement: Cement — or, more specifically, Portland cement — is a fine, limestone-based powder that binds and hardens when mixed with water. In concrete, cement is the main binding agent holding together the rest of the mix. It is usually light gray, but there are many varieties.”“

e.g., Roads paved with asphalt remain much more common in the South than roads paved with concrete -- of which seement is but one ingredient.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

seen - Meaning something is understood, two people are in agreement, or it's cool. | Scene. | Texan for "saw."

e.g., "You wanna hit Turbo tonght?" "Seen." | "As usual you have done a stellar render. This has so much feel to it I doubt I can come up with 100 words for it. But I love everything. The concrete looks like it has been there for decades. The dumpster adds to the ambiance of the seen. It's like I'm in the Bronx in some alley." I surfed to your Deviant Art page and seen that seen you painted with the female Hulk. | Brian, I think I seen a peliquin on the lake today.

submitted by Lyndsey McKague | Miss Speller - (www)

seens - What material held behind the scenes in secret for decades becomes once it's revealed by so-called whistleblowers like Julian Assange. | What those behind the scenes -- stagehands, producers, writers et al. -- become when they show up on stage during a performance, whether deliberately or unintentionally. | Those in front of the cameras are the seens. If this hasn't been used before, I'd be surprised. So, I make absolutely no claim of originality. [Edit. I've since googled «seens» and have found quite a few lovely photos -- as well as some not so lovely.]  
Suggested by a comment made by just a guy (local, United Kingdom, 8/4/2013 3:03) at the linked page: "In these leaks it says who calls the shots in the running of the world behind the seens, but I want to know if the depopulation of 90% of the world population is true." I have absolutely no idea what jag's talking about in the final clause -- and I don't care enough to bother finding out.

e.g., Until the screw-up during the Saturday matinee, I had always worked behind the scenes. Then I inadvertently became one of the seens. I'm going to have to move out of town now that my cover's been blown. | I've been involved in our community theater for twenty years now, but I've never been one of the seens. | I'm sure I'll get paid a lot more once I'm talent, one of the seens.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

sees - The distance one must travel. As far as you can see.

e.g., The old ballfield is two sees down that road.

submitted by Jack

seesayleptic - A person who cannot resist reading movie and TV subtitles aloud even though all others present are capable of reading them.

e.g., His friends and family knew him to be a seesayleptic and refused to watch subtitled movies with him.

submitted by capn zonk

segue - A rebuttal by your mother that indeed you do have dirty hands.

e.g., "But mom!" "Hush up and go wash your hands again Lenny; I can segue all over them."

submitted by Larry Senter

segue wayfarer - Someone who spends virtually all her time on a Segway, zipping through airports, etc. More aptly, a metaphor used to describe someone who drives her car everywhere, even a half-block to buy a paper, say.

e.g., Ever since Trent got his new beemer, he's become a segue wayfarer. I even saw him drive to his neighbor's house across the street.

submitted by Paul

segway - A technologic device that is sure to fail.

e.g., A virtual grandma? Sounds like a segway to me.

submitted by Kenny Porter - (www)

seinfeldian - Situation that could have been part of a Seinfeld episode.

e.g., The whole weekend was Seinfeldian.

submitted by cade collister

seized - Incapacitated due to severe hangover.

e.g., I'd have another one, but I can't be seized tomorrow.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

selance - The feeling of relief that you get as you awaken from a dream that had unconquerable problems or obstacles.

e.g., When Tom awoke from his dream of being fired and being forced to file bankruptcy, he felt a wave of selance wash over him.

submitted by Trevor Talley

seldom - 1. (imperative) - An emphatic suggestion, usually issued to a salesperson by a sales manager. 2. A different sense is used having convinced a buyer to purchase.

e.g., Under intense duress himself, Sam the sales manager urged, "For God's sake, seldom something!" (imperative) So, I seldom. (Please note: This seldom works.) | Noticing how much time Chris was spending with one couple, Sam urged, "For God's sake, seldom something."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

select memory - Selective memory. When a person only remembers the things that they really want to remember as opposed to the things others want them to remember.

e.g., Ok, so you didn't remember to put the dishes away, but you were able to remember that big party in town?! You've got the worst case of select memory I've ever seen.

submitted by The Bryman

selective infictionation - The illogical refusal to accept certain principles of fiction whilst accepting other, more unlikely, principles.

e.g., He infictionated Superman, the Movie' by accepting that the guy could fly but refusing to believe Lois Lane would never recognise him.

submitted by Alison

selery - To stalk.

e.g., I'll be right back, I'm gonna selery.

submitted by adona

self saucing pimple - A pimple which is filled with pus.

e.g., Damn them self saucing pimples! They are gross.

submitted by Emma

self-abrogation - Self-deprecation for lawyers.

e.g., Lawyers don't need to commit suicide; they just self-abrogate. | The interrogation was a success -- the criminal self-abrogated before a question was asked and told us everything. A lot more than we wanted to hear. Some of us missed the bus home. You can self-deprecate all the time, but once you self-abrogate, you're done.

submitted by chronecro - (www)

self-abrogation - Self-deprecation for lawyers.

e.g., Lawyers don't need to commit suicide; they just self-abrogate. | The interrogation was a success -- the criminal self-abrogated before a question was asked and told us everything. A lot more than we wanted to hear. Some of us missed the bus home. You can self-deprecate all the time, but once you self-abrogate, you're done.

submitted by chronecro - (www)

self-abrogation - Self-deprecation for lawyers.

e.g., Lawyers don't need to commit suicide; they just self-abrogate. | The interrogation was a success -- the criminal self-abrogated before a question was asked and told us everything. A lot more than we wanted to hear. Some of us missed the bus home. You can self-deprecate all the time, but once you self-abrogate, you're done.

submitted by chronecro - (www)

self-abrogation - Self-deprecation for lawyers.

e.g., Lawyers don't need to commit suicide; they just self-abrogate. | The interrogation was a success -- the criminal self-abrogated before a question was asked and told us everything. A lot more than we wanted to hear. Some of us missed the bus home. You can self-deprecate all the time, but once you self-abrogate, you're done.

submitted by chronecro - (www)

self-absorbed-ie - One of the countless pictures posted by an individual who believe the world has nothing better to do than stare at pictures of her sporting an endless variety of duck faces.

e.g., "Stella, I believe your selfies have crossed the line... I think they have entered the realm of self-absorbed-ies!"

submitted by Mike W. - (www)

self-awaria - A place deluded people would find helpful to visit.

e.g., Susan needs to take a holiday in self-awaria.

submitted by chris sharp - (www)

self-colossallating - Of size increasing by self regulation to an extent that elicits awe; getting more and more immense without regulation and on one's own power.

e.g., Maria was caught in the hay with her horse-riding teacher after accidentally killing the horse that her father gave her instead of paying off the house. Clearly her luck was self-colossallating.

submitted by Reto

self-deprecation - If I could would I? It is used on personals web site. I know what it means...or at least I stink I do, but come on? A little one has it. For dictionary sites that is.

e.g., Are you self-deprecating?

submitted by Dean

self-insertion - Describes a fanwork which features the author as a main character. Written to boost the author's self-esteem, rather than to present an entertaining or thought-provoking plot.

e.g., Have you read his latest Sailor Moon self-insertion fanfic? That guy is desperate.

submitted by keyla

self-serve - The heart attitude in the greedy corporate world and their cohorts, and persons such as the lazy, self-entitled, and some wealthy individuals as well as others less commonly associated. Often trickery or slight of price is a part of the scam. From an early recent expression of such by no longer checking your tire pressure, fluid levels, and cleaning your windshield when purchasing gas in order to save on labor while charging the maximum for product. To equate in most current times, the 16 oz. can of vegetables becoming a 14.5 oz. can for the same price.

e.g., If it weren't enough to be feeding us bogus beef at so many fast food establishments, nowadays one has to typically self-serve her own drink so the self-servients can park another buck in their wallet. (ED. Are children even taught about adlterated food these days? I'd bet they aren't.)

submitted by steve zihlavsky

self-surfing - Surfing to your own web site to make it look more popular.

e.g., His hits were down, but a couple hours of self-surfing made him look as hip as ever!

submitted by whatisyourquest

selfexternalmonotonous - Bored and showing it.

e.g., His selfexternalmonotonousness in the meeting was obvious to all.

submitted by Brit

selficient - Selficient (adverb) is said when one is selfishly sufficient in any given capacity

e.g., The egocentric selficient manager always came out of the situation intact or with a promotion -- while the staff, on the other hand, was being reduced further.

submitted by Philippe VELTSOS - (www)

selfie - Verb -- to take a picture of oneself. Just another instance of turning a noun into a verb.

e.g., Both of you text, so maybe you selfie, too. I don't do either.

submitted by Lillith

selfone - A cell phone -- recognizing that such phones are personal, identified with oneself.

e.g., I called him on his selfone.

submitted by Maurice Lanselle

selfpromi - A photo posted publicly, to promote anything. In my case my pots, tiles, chawan tea bowls etc. online to create awareness of what I do.

e.g., As a ceramic artist/potter I post a selfpromi of some of my latest work on Facebook, and elsewhere. I recently posted a selfpromi selfpromi of my work that's in an international exhibition.

submitted by Danny Kostyshin - (www)

selfsie - Any selfie that contains more than one person.

e.g., I am tired of just taking my own picture. I'm gonna get some friends and take some selfsies.

submitted by Tim R

selfsufficientish - For someone who is trying to be self-sufficient, but has not quite made it.

e.g., I grow all my own veg but still spend £50 a week in Asda, so I am only selfsufficientish.

submitted by Andy Hamilton - (www)

sell - Goodbye, bye, buy or any sort of way in saying goodbye.

e.g., Well I have to get going now, sell!

submitted by Elisebeth

sellacious - In advertising, a reference to copy material that uses a subliminal sex message to sell the product. A not infrequent misspelling of "salacious," as well.

e.g., It took a sellacious change in copy to save our bottled water sales campaign. When we replaced the TV graphic of "water running over rocks" to "water running over a pair of 38D breasts," sales went up 480%.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

sellare - Prepared with noticeable attention to keeping it from being incorrect, crude, stupid, or cheap-looking.

e.g., I was surprised by the movie previews at the theatre today -- one of them was rather sellare.

submitted by Marisa

sellibate - A variation of the word "celibate" used to describe someone who has difficulty making sales; someone who has taken a religious vow to never sell something, such as a certain stock because of its potential value, or abstaining from economic intercourse.

e.g., What's wrong with Jim? Why are his numbers so low?.. We think it's because he may be sellibate.

submitted by ramsey

selling tickets - to tell a lie

e.g., If some one tells a lie, it's a ticket, or you could tell them they are selling tickets.

submitted by Kyle

sellist - Someone who repeatedly makes blunders. Sells out.

e.g., Joe: Did ya see how Bob missed that open goal? Jim: Yeah, he's such a sellist. Might as well set up shop in the middle of the field.

submitted by Derk

selppa - Cold cream for wrinkles on your face.

e.g., After she used the selppa, her face looked clear.

submitted by Kayla 7th English

semantic bleaching - Who bleached my martini?: "Semantic bleaching is a somewhat imprecise term used by linguists to describe the process by which a word loses its specificity. A word which once had a precise, narrow meaning can be used for an increasingly larger and broader, and sometimes more abstract, set of connotations. . . . Whereas 'martini' is for me the name of a very specific mixed drink, among others the word has acquired a wider, more general meaning of 'any mixed drink served in a cocktail glass.'" | "Linguists call this process 'semantic bleaching': the lessening of a word's force through generalization." |

e.g., Grant Barrett: "Who is Chester Drawers?": "A man in Huntington Beach, California, ponders his teenager’s frequent use of the words fail and epic fail. Grant explains what this has to do with semantic bleaching, and discusses some funny fails on" |  
If a serious linguist checked, I'm sure she'd find that more than a few of our pd entries are examples of semantic bleaching. |  
I say English is made more useful by semantic bleaching, although there are those who would say the process often results in rot. |  
Frequently misused words: unique: "Is it wrong to use unique willy-nilly? Like so many topics in the realm of word usage, it depends on whom you ask. If you ask Merriam Webster, and I imagine many linguists, you’d be likely to hear that since people are already using unique to mean unusual, there’s no stopping it. (This is called semantic bleaching.) So go ahead and use it as you wish. But if you were to ask me or other red ink-stained copy editors, you’d likely be asked to save unique for its original purpose, to describe something that is one of a kind." |

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

semble - That trembling, deep breathe-in that comes after a long time of sobbing.

e.g., After crying for hours, she drew in a semble.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

semi-nice try - Something to say to someone whose efforts don't reach the level of a nice try.

e.g., Submitter "yuada" gets a semi-nice try for her attempt to get around the guidelines -- trying to tout a product and link to a commercial site. | Semi-nice try, yuada. It almost earned you a kudo.

submitted by [yuada] - (www)

semi-quote - A modified quotation, but one that more or less preserves the intent of the original. A close paraphrase.

e.g., To semi-quote the Three Stooges, "Every time he thinks, he weakens the nation."

submitted by gpk - (www)

semiconducting lube-valve - Any piece of techno-gadgetry that defies conventional description and does something that will be described with an overly generalized analogy.

e.g., Ensign: "What if we hooked up the semiconductiing lube-valve to the EPS conduit and reversed the polarity? That should create just the kinda of quantum gravitation field we're looking for. Science Officer: "Oh, you mean like filling a ballon with too much air and letting it go?" Ensign: "Exactly"

submitted by Lee Gonzales

semiopathy - The syndrome of deriving a meaning from a sign which is not that which was originally intended.

e.g., The signpainter appeared to have semiopathy when he made the lakeside warning read: "Crocodiles Do Not Swim Here."

submitted by Martin Conaghan - (www)

semiphotoheliographicly - Halfway lit by the sun. Semiphotoheliographically.

e.g., The landscape was illuminated semiphotoheiographicly.

submitted by Larry Dull

semipulchrous - Fairly beautiful, or almost beautiful.

e.g., She's not bad-looking, definitely semipulchrous.

submitted by Curt

semirony - Used in reference to a statement that is at once both earnest and ironic.

e.g., To say that this beautiful and brilliant woman is dumb as a post but gorgeous is a semirony.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

semmis - 1. An informal gathering. 2. A holiday celebrating the coming of summer vacation, beginning on June 1st and ending on June 6th.

e.g., 1. "Did you hear her rattle off all those names for parties?" "Yeah, but I noticed she forgot 'semmis.'" 2. Some seniors at our school petitioned to get semmis declared as a national holiday, even though they would cut those days anyway.

submitted by PPM - (www)

semper-flex - A male who is ostensibly macho to disguise the fact that he is a complete wuss.

e.g., With the big show he makes of his daredevil nonsense, Geraldo has got to be the biggest Semper-Flex out there.

submitted by Stephen Mize

semprini - 1. A multiple-use profanity. 2. A term for any body part that would otherwise be unfit for public discussion.

e.g., 1. Oh, semprini! I dropped the bowling ball on my foot! 2. Oh, kiss my semprini.

submitted by Erskine Thompson

senignal - description of a person who forgets to cancel their turn signal.

e.g., There goes another senignal driver.

submitted by mindbender

senilosopher - A combination of "senile" and "philosopher." Used to describe a computer that constantly sits and proccesses information for no reason at all.

e.g., Mark finishes booting computer and moves mouse, causing computer to sit and "think." "Dangit! I haven't even opened anything yet. Stupid senilosopher."

submitted by Kaminosai

senior citizen effect - SCE. The anomaly in the space-time continuum where time dilates in direct proportion to your distance from a senior citizen, slowing time as we know it to a crawl. This effect makes one later and later for an appointment as one gets closer in proximity to a senior citizen. | The magic ability for time to appear to speed by faster as you get older, making old age seem to zip by, however dilating time around you for everyone else.  
{ED. Refer to me as an old man and I may well smack you upside the head. Refer to me as a senior citizen and I'm more likely to tell you I want to be referred to as a geezer, not a senior citizen. By the way, if you're slowed down by me, you're definitely driving too fast. I'd speed even more than I do, but cops have a nasty habit of giving me tickets when I do. Like Chicken Man, they're everywhere, they're everywhere.}

e.g., I'm sorry I'm late to your wedding. I got caught by the Senior Citizen Effect when I passed by the bingo parlor. | Thanks to the Senior Citizen Effect, the years when I had the dyspeptic ulcer seemed to zip by quickly.

submitted by Andre Lewis - (www)

senior citizen factor - SCF. The time multiplier needed to account for senior citizens when trying to make an appointment. When going through a high senior citizen density area (such as the supermarket at noon), you must take into account the relative speed and delays propogated by senior citizens.

e.g., We have to leave earlier if we take into account the Senior Citizens Factor.

submitted by Andre Lewis - (www)

senior moment - Behavior that would typically be associated with growing older. Example: forgetting your own phone number or, in the middle of a sentence, forgetting what you were talking. (ED. Or writing a description that looked like this one before it was cleaned up.)

e.g., Oh, my God. I just had a senior moment.

submitted by Drow

senioritis - Behavior characteristic of high school seniors, but can be contracted (it's like a disease) as early as middle school. Symptoms include rampant class-skipping and general apathy towards all things school-related.

e.g., I won't be doing my homework tonight either. Senioritis has got me bad this year.

submitted by EggieChan

seniprandicapsaphobia - Fear of opening old lunch boxes.

e.g., I was about to start sorting out my school bag after the holidays when I was suddenly assailed by seniprandicapsaphobia.

submitted by troylene

senselogical - Common sense and logic.

e.g., That is simply senselogical, Shirley.

submitted by brandy

senseslut - Someone who is open to any and all experiences, and enjoys each one thoroughly.

e.g., Hi, my name is Ochre Orientis. I like to eat, swim, make love, and all that stuff. I'll do anything, I'm a senseslut.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

sensorship - Censorship by means of blocking the sense organs from receiving stimuli, external or internal. The examples are merely misspellings.

e.g., "If the government is ready to force regulation of religious speech, then it better be ready to pay or else this looks and smells like religious sensorship." | From a "Mark D. Powers" e-mail to Slangsite -- which once had, but no longer has, permission to reproduce PseudoDictionary content: Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007 8:19 AM Subject: "Unless I missed it I could not find Nigger in your dictionary, however I did find Red Neck. Interesting sensorship or just a mistake?"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

sensusology - Sensusology is the study of emotion. Sensus Latin for emotion and the suffix being ology from the Greek|Latin for study of.

e.g., During the debriefing the room was occupied by a psychologist and a sensologist due to the emotional nature of the trauma.

submitted by Paul F Kisak - (www)

sensy - Overly sensitive or romantic or emotional. Not a good thing.

e.g., Why are sonnets always so sensy?

submitted by Ariadna - (www)

sentence finishing machine - A statement or part of a statement made when a friend fugues out and doesn't finish her sentence.

e.g., Bill: Last night I got a new. . . . (pause) Wally: Sentence finishing machine?

submitted by qnarf

sentenced - Having your words approved here.

e.g., Great. I've just been sentenced with this entry.

submitted by A Bergman

sentient beans - Awareness capsules inserted under the skin to increase overall consciousness and access to incoming data. | At last, a vegetable with a mind of its own; energizing, and fun to eat.

e.g., If you want to significantly augment the ordinary senses, you must try our sentient beans. See for yourself. | As sentient beans are playful, you can play with your food before you eat it.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

sentimonious - Sanctimoniously sentimental; imposing a treacle sweet mood with the implication that it's the only proper thing to do.

e.g., She's so sentimonious, she made us all hold hands and sing "Cum bye ya" by candlelight.

submitted by Aldeberon Defoskifornia - (www)

sentimotional - Having mixed emotions.

e.g., Every time I go by my old high school, I get sentimotional.

submitted by David

sentiquential - The most ultimate of the ultimate. Quintessential amplified by more numbers than you can count on your two little hands. More ultimateness for one person to handle. If overloaded with a sentiquential thing, the brain could very well melt and boil.

e.g., Silkk Tha Shocker is the sentiquential rapper of all time. NELLY OWN YOUR FACE, YO.

submitted by t-trill tha realist

sentrific - To be watchful. To act like a sentry. Being alert and ready.

e.g., He's been acting fairly sentrific lately. Must be a carryover from all those visits to "Castle Guard Park" with his grandfather when he was a kid.

submitted by Christopher Izzard - (www)

sentstarters - A spoonerism derived from sentence + starters. This subspecies of severely disordered grammaticians either often or always fail to capitalize the first letters of sentences that they write. | A person who uses either the wrong punctuation in a written sentence, or in terminal cases, no punctuation at all.  
{ED. This entry is not a spoonerism. Look it up.}

e.g., I get so tired of having to deal with all these sentstarters whilst in the proceedings of my forays into the Internet.

submitted by Trahvagen

sep - Someone Else's Problem. Something you don't have to worry about, because responsibility for it belongs to someone else.

e.g., A. Oh, no! There's a huge load of customers that walked into the door! B. I've signed out and changed clothes. SEP.

submitted by Andy

sephim - Nocturnal angel. Seraphim=angel. Ra=Sun god. Seraphim-Ra=Sephim.

e.g., My gorgeous gothic girlfriend is a sephim.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

seppo - American, mainly from USA. Derived from the SEParation of the USA from Great Britain.

e.g., Mark is a Seppo.

submitted by Alex Zenovic

septinity - The form and character of the seven Spirits in Jesus Christ.

e.g., All those who believe in the doctrine of Septinity will attain eternal life.

submitted by K.P.V. Abraham - (www)

septipolar - A being with seven distinctly different personalities, one for each day of the week.

e.g., Here comes George, the septipolar. Okay, today is Wednesday. I know what to expect.

submitted by Brian Born - (www)

septober - The last week of the ninth month of the year or the first week of the tenth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

e.g., I get the Septober blues after six weeks of school.

submitted by angryty

sequel - Oil used to smooth oceanic waves. Brand name.

e.g., Pouring Sequel on the ocean is like pouring oil over troubled waters.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

sequence of development - This expression might be more acceptable to some people than the standard "Theory of Evolution." The evidence for Change and Modification is undeniable. But to the scientific mindset it is purely Natural, while to the popular mind some kind of Intelligence Factor is widely preferred. But whatever the case may be, whatever the truth happens to be is that which it is, of course.

e.g., The fossil records of many lifeforms clearly indicate the Sequence of Development concerning plant and man and beast.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

sequin tial - The progression of a political speech, interspersing glittery bits of flag-waving rhetoric, amongst the half-truths and lies.

e.g., After a half hour of listening to Senator Snort expound on American's work ethic, commitment to family and religion, and strength of resolve during "tough times," along with contrived and distorted statistics showing that the Federal government's intervention into private enterprise is necessary in order to resolve the economic crisis, I got up, shut off the t.v., went to bed, and fell into a deep, and troubled, sleep. In the future, I'll do my best to spare myself from such sequin tials.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

sequincidence - (n.) the sequential occurrence of two events in such a way as to suggest outside force, control, or purpose (especially when the second event appears to follow from the first as a result of belief in a prophecy, omen, or curse).

e.g., "Did Howard Carter's team really all die as a result of a curse on Tut's tomb?" "Nah: it was just sequincidence."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

sequirection - Following directions to such a point that you become a teacher's pet.

e.g., This is the students' court meeting. You are accused of the act of sequirection, and sentenced to three days of the cold shoulder.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

sequitrenders - All the annoying followers who obsess over one or more people

e.g., The sequitrenders followed him around like ducklings to their mom.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

sequitur - A mysterious food favored by hillbillies. All other foods are thus non-sequiturs.

e.g., Ah et sequitur last night and ah feels awful.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

sequnonmotionthon - To follow without sound.

e.g., The stalker followed sequnonmotionthonly.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

ser - Rhymes with "beer," short for "serious." The word is used to express surprise or sympathy upon hearing something shocking or disturbing. Comes in handy when you're just too tired to add the extra two syllables.

e.g., "I have three papers due tomorrow and I haven't started any of them yet." "Are you ser?"

submitted by Jon Derengowski

serendipity - "(n) Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries."

e.g., Needed to add this real word to make an existing link work -- for an entry I had made as a result of my serendipitously running across a possible explanation for the curious use of mustard in the phrase cut the mustard.

submitted by HD Fowler

serendiquencial - Something that follows something else by accident.

e.g., Professor Waltheim, the serendipitous discoverer of the ancient temple, lost his wallet serendiquencially.

submitted by Arie Uittenbogaard - (www)

serenery - The internal serenity experienced before beautiful scenery.

e.g., The sight of Mt. Fuji filled me with serenery.

submitted by Ryan Davidson

serengetine - (pronounced say-'ren-guh-teen; adj.) of or pertaining to what is commonly called 'the law of the jungle'---kill or be killed, survival of the fittest, only the strong survive, etc.---especially in connection with the modern gang mentality in which men organize themselves, like hyenas or feral dogs, into groups led by the most feared among them, and women tend to give themselves to those men who can protect them. From there, the animal mentality (combined with human intelligence, unfortunately) is amplified exponentially, until everyone feels like a nameless wildebeest just waiting to be preyed upon. [from the african savanna known as the serengeti.]

e.g., Modern America has become positively Serengetine. | Organized crime has a serengetine structure; sadly, it is the women and children who suffer the most.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

serfitude - A catch-all describing both those classified under "serfdom" and also "servitude."

e.g., The peasants revolted against their terrible state of serfitude.

submitted by Ed

sergioism - A grossly over-inflated statement of an object's worth, for marketing reasons.

e.g., Did you hear that sergioism? "The worlds fastest download application, thousands of times faster than any other."

submitted by Colin Davies - (www)

serial - The way you spell "serious" when you're too tired spell properly.

e.g., Serially, I really need to go to bed.

submitted by chris

serious serious serious - Used to ratchet down a too deep topic in which your group is engaging. First used by Patrick \"Kitten\" Braden in \"Breakfast on Pluto.\"

e.g., Bertie: \"Patrick, you can\'t live as a transvestite /magicians\' assistant/peepshow girlie for the rest of your life!\" Patrick: \"Serious serious serious!\"

submitted by Abigail - (www)

seriously south - For something that has gone drastically wrong. A steep downturn. A precipitous decline.

e.g., My brother was a very good student until he fell in with a bunch of pot-smoking bohemian types who stay up much of the night -- "expanding their minds." His grades, of course, have gone seriously south along with his health and everything else I used to admire about him. Ugh.

submitted by natalie

sernerfer - Would-be sophisticate, a snob. Used derogatively to describe someone overdressed for the occasion--or having her nose in the air.

e.g., She tended to dress in a sernerfer fashion.

submitted by mary stone

serpentary - Where dead snakes are buried.

e.g., Dad: The snake that bit him in the a** died. Son: -- and ended up in the serpentary.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

serum - To see and hear 'em.

e.g., Did you serum? Yep. I serum'd earlier today.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

servant distance - That really awful distance when a group of people leave one person to walk behind them a good four meters.

e.g., Hey, guys. What's up with this servant distance?

submitted by Cori

server pimp - a hosting company that comes through for community projects like this one and donates server space and bandwidth.

e.g., man, i was having so much trouble finding a place to host and then mediatemple came to the rescue. now they're our server pimps.

submitted by mediatemple - (www)

servo - Slang for a service station.

e.g., Are we going to the servo?

submitted by addy

sesamelicious - A food containing sesame seeds, that tastes delicious.

e.g., Wow, that bun was sesamelicious.

submitted by Jodie

sesh - to give

e.g., sesh me that CD

submitted by brown buffalo

seshie - A musician who enjoys sessions. Can refer to either a professional studio musician or a jam session enthusiast.

e.g., I'm a seshie, always trying to make it to as many jam sessions as possible, and I hope to be a professional seshie one day, just like that Wrecking Crew!

submitted by Star651 - (www)

sesk - Something to hide under. Usually a desk or table.

e.g., During the thunderstorm, she got afraid and got under a sesk.

submitted by steve_o

sespernarious - A magnanimous good fortune, a type of rare positive kismet.

e.g., Our meeting, after 15 years apart in a different country on a mountain side, was sespernarious to say the least.

submitted by heresy

sesqui-person - Pregnant. All of one person and a little bit of another.

e.g., She is four or five months pregnant, making her a sesqui-person.

submitted by Michael Katz

sesquilingual - Knowing one language and a little bit of another. From "sesqui" meaning 50% more; "lingual" meaning language. "The journalist Peter Lubin coined the word "sesquilingualist" to describe people who have a smattering of a foreign language." "Sesquilingual" itself was "coined by William Sherk as seen in his introduction to 500 Years of New Words, Doubleday Canada Limited, Toronto, Canada; 1983."

e.g., He speaks English fluently and some French. Therefore, he is sesquilingual.

submitted by Michael Katz - (www)

sesquipedaliophilic - Having a tendency to use words that are a-foot-and-a-half long. From "sesquipedalian" and the suffix "-phile."

e.g., Start the slideshow by clicking the button that's third from the right -- that would be the prepenultimate button for the sesquipedaliophilic reader.

submitted by Lee Bradley - (www)

sessum - Happy or wonderful.

e.g., This is a sessum day.

submitted by Mark

set in the future, in a very dry, hot, unspecified place, it is - Set in the future, in a very dry, hot, unspecified place, it is a post-apocalyptic world where it is everyone for themselves.

e.g., "Set in the future, in a very dry, hot, unspecified place, it is a post-apocalyptic world where it is everyone for themselves."

submitted by HD Fowler

set my 'nana down - A positive response to a request or a favor, implying that in order to fulfill the request or favor you must first put aside the banana you are eating.

e.g., "Hey, Roy, can I borrow your leather chaps for tonight's ice cream social?" "Let me set my 'nana down."

submitted by Richard

settatious - Of an attention seeker.

e.g., Chris is definitely settatious.

submitted by Del

settin' it back - describes a person who is eating rather voraciously, ie setting back the food already in their mouth, for more, before chewing it

e.g., "gee, that chappy must really like those flapsticks. he's settin' it back like nobody's business!

submitted by zombie shoemaker

seudo-p - Adjective describing words that are fake or made up by people. Sodapea, sudapea.

e.g., (While playing Scrabble.) That's not a word, it's a seudo-p.

submitted by ~~~~

sev level - Severity level, the categorization system of software bugs by impact in a software release, assigned a number from one to five in the Datas Detriment tracking System (DDTS), with one being the most severe. Sev 1s cause both data loss and system shutdown, while Sev 2s cause system shutdown with no loss of data.

e.g., I brought up the sev level one bugs at the planning meeting, but Marketing changed them all from bugs to new features in this release. That's why they get the big bucks.

submitted by Joel Parker

seven four seven - When a conversation topic, joke, etc. goes straight over your head -- as a Boeing 747 does. Useful when you don't have a clue what's going on.

e.g., I didn't get it. It was a 747 to me.

submitted by Lou

severe off - To go.

e.g., The party was not really Jamie's scene, so he made his apologies and severed off.

submitted by Colin Taffel

severious - severly serious

e.g., "this is a severious matter, damn-it."

submitted by ken

severiously - A combo between severe and seriously.

e.g., Severeiously, I have no legs.

submitted by Michelle - (www)

severitate - Merging of "severe" and "irrritate": to severely irritate.

e.g., This itchy rash on my arm is severitating.

submitted by Carl Borrowman

sew - Sew: "to join or attach by stitches." Sow: "to scatter (seed) over land, earth, etc., for growth; plant." Now you know. You can thank me later.

e.g., "California is truly the land of fruits and nuts, may they reap what they sew."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

sewellesque - A short, devout Mormon wrestler who almost goes pro grappling can be called sewellesque.

e.g., Have you ever seen Goldberg post WWF? Hes pretty sewellesque.

submitted by Dung Machine

sewup - The stitched seams on a teddy bear.

e.g., The antique bears were in excellent condition, except for some torn sewup.

submitted by Dawna Hunter

sex camel - Just as a camel can survive on very small amounts of water (or none whatsoever), a sex camel can survive on very small amounts of sex. Or none. And stores it in its humps.

e.g., It feels like years since I've gotten any But I don't mind -- I'm somewhat of a sex camel.

submitted by Chet

sexable - A person who is extremely sexy.

e.g., That Elizabeth is one sexable chick.

submitted by Carl Snyder

sexellent - Excellent.

e.g., "That's sexellent," Claus replied.

submitted by alex clark - (www)

sexified - Getting dressed or preparing yourself to look sexy.

e.g., John will be here in an hour. Let me go get sexified

submitted by Angel

sexile - To force your roommate to leave so you can have annoying, noisy sex.

e.g., Andy: Jeff, why are you sleeping in the student lounge? Jeff: Got sexiled. Again.

submitted by JeffroSF - (www)

sexlexia - A rare emotional condition that causes quietness, sexual frustration, longingness for the opposite sex and sometimes anger.

e.g., Greg was chatting up a blonde girl. He bought her a drink and was overly nice, however she blew him off. Greg walked off upset and suffering from sexlexia.

submitted by Gregers

sexmes - A sexual text message.

e.g., I received a sexmes from my boyfriend today on my cell phone. Mom saw it and now I'm grounded for life.

submitted by Aldine Barrett

sexpert - An expert of all things sexual.

e.g., Jane is a sexpert, she knows all about it.

submitted by Jamil-ud-din Akhtar

sexpionage - 1. To infiltrate someone's bedroom to gather information. 2. To use sex in a negative way to harm someone else's relationship.

e.g., I used my best friend for sexpionage to see if my girlfriend was faithful.

submitted by OddDodd - (www)

sexsterious - A person who is sexy and mysterious.

e.g., Look at that guy over in the dark corner of the bar. He is just too, too sexsterious.

submitted by Mandie C. Alvarado

sexsylum - Being taken in for the night after being sexiled.

e.g., Can I get sexsylum in your room tonight? My roommate has his girlfriend in from out of town and I got sexiled.

submitted by Jonathan

sextangular prism - A hypothetical device which allows one to experiment with various sexual positions involving multiple female partners and a single male.

e.g., Let's get into the sextangular prism and have some fun.

submitted by Don

sexual philanthropist - A woman who gives it away to every sexual pauper she meets. Attributed to the late Alexander King and included in a comedy skit by Woody Allen.

e.g., He thought he'd never score, but met a sexual philanthropist, who hauled his ashes for him.

submitted by Steve McDonald

sexual pollution - The contamination of a species’ sexual pool by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

e.g., The sexual pollution of man increases with increasing activity of the promiscuous people carrying STDs.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

sexula - A compliment to someone you think is attractive.

e.g., You have very sexula arms. | My word, you are very sexula.

submitted by Sam

sexy - Adjective used to describe an inanimate object that is expensive or beautiful.

e.g., My girlfriend looks sexy, but I wish she'd move once in a while.

submitted by Trouble - (www)

sf49 - Anything that grows from small to huge very rapidly. From the growth of San Francisco in the 1849 Gold Rush from 1000 to over 100,000 people in a few months.

e.g., Yahoo went SF49. | Tom, if you gobble down any more of that pizza, you're gonna go SF49.

submitted by Tom Day - (www)

sfunder - Six Feet Under.

e.g., Don't disturb me when I'm watching sfunder.

submitted by Desmond Smith

sgetti - Spaghetti for the lazy--or those who can't spell.

e.g., I like Italian food, especially sgetti.

submitted by meg

sgone - It's gone.

e.g., Bert: Hey, where's my stuff? Ernie:Sgone

submitted by peter beckwith

sgweet - Slang for "Let's go eat"

e.g., "It's 12 o clock! Sgweet!"

submitted by DJ Matt

sh'aria chic - Descriptive of haute couture that would pass Muslim muster.

e.g., "Oh, my dear, your new outfit is simply sh'aria chic. Is that what's called a burka?" "Yes, it is. I bought it at the new Burkas in Black ... it's at the Wingate Bazaar. They have the new burkinis, too. I'm sure you could find one to fit you. They have them in all sorts of sizes."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

sh'yeah - Amalgam of "sure" and "yeah" (according to some -- "shoot" + "yeah"). Denotes affirmative in a laid-back manner.

e.g., Well, sh'yeah. I told him I'd be back by 6.

submitted by Paula

sh'yeah - Usually said in an awkward moment as a response to someone's comment you didn't hear clearly. As in unsure agreement.

e.g., Scott: I think Nikki is the total cat's pajamas. Jimmy: Sh'yeah.

submitted by Chris

sha-bang - The party, the place to be, the attraction. Pronounced "shuuur-bang."

e.g., "Dude, where is the sha-bang?" "Think kate's having a house party tonight?"

submitted by Sam

shaaaap - Teenager's request for others to be quiet.

e.g., SHAAAAP!

submitted by B Baker

shaatz! - An exclamaton to be used when one is very impressed.

e.g., Shaatz! That girl was hot.

submitted by Dexter

shaba - Same meaning as wow, cool, or thank you.

e.g., 1. That was very shaba! 2. Did you see that website? It's shaba. 3. Shaba very much.

submitted by Brandon Guertner - (www)

shabam - awesome, cool, that rocks!

e.g., Shabam! we won the game!

submitted by Brian Jenks

shablamo - A word used to express extreme surprise or excitement.

e.g., I thought I was in for another routine day of classes, but then during science, shablamo. Pop quiz.

submitted by David Kaigler

shablatham - The anything word. Used when you're at a loss for the next word and you don't want to look stupid.

e.g., She was such a looker that when I went to talk to her all I could tell her was shablatham. I'm a tool.

submitted by jschroeder

shaboose - To take something from someone when they have asked you if you want some before going to get it--and you declined. The best description is when you ask your friend "I am going to get a burger and fries, you want something?" they decline, but when you return, they take a substantial portion (more than a couple of fries). Shabooser, shaboosee, shaboosist, shaboosing, shaboosable.

e.g., If I had known you were going to shaboose my potato salad, I would have got more for you.

submitted by Friz

shabouf - A combination of shabby and aloof. If you want to impress someone, then dress and act like you just don't care, or act "shabouf."

e.g., I don't care what people think -- I'll be shabouf if I want to.

submitted by Matthew Harrison

shabrah - Lame guys with no intelligence or agenda. Many at college like to drink beer, conform, and screw around. All have frosted tips, leather jackets, and turtleneck sweaters from Structure. Tan from a can guys who like to think they're from California. Comes from the slang "Shahbrah" as in "Yeah brother" gone to "Yeah brah" then horribly mutated into "Shahbrah."

e.g., Let's leave. This party's lame and there's too many shahbrahs here.

submitted by Chewbaccalypse

shack - To nail a thought or description that someone else has been explaining

e.g., You just shacked that PETA argument.

submitted by Phelix

shacket - A piece of clothing that is both a shirt and a jacket. Perfect for nights that are not too cold or hot.

e.g., That is a nice shacket.

submitted by Jason Friday

shackpacker - n. Someone who refuses to let go of useless possessions after moving to a new location, thus bringing all belongings with them. Also "packing the shack."

e.g., After Debbie pulled the brassed antlers from the box, she screamed, "Tom, you shackpacked after telling me you wouldn't."

submitted by Ike

shackup - From "shacking up," 20th century slang for a couple living together without being married. You "shack up" with your "shackup." Despite its earlier negative connotations, it has lost much of its bite. It is often preferred over "domestic partner" and "significant other," due to its more conversational style. Contrasting to "boyfriend" or "girlfriend," it denotes a higher level of commitment and is also gender neutral.

e.g., My shackup and I are picking out curtains for the new place, but can't decide between puce and lavender.

submitted by Hilatron - (www)

shaddup - Shut up.

e.g., Why don't you just shaddup?

submitted by Trevor - (www)

shade - Pronounced "shaada." German for "too bad." Used sarcastically when you don't mind that you're missing out on something.

e.g., Mom: I'm sorry, dear. Your orthodontist appointment was cancelled. Reply"Shade."

submitted by Srena

shadouous - Something related to shadows or darkness.

e.g., My shadouous sword from the Underworld lights with darkness.

submitted by TheFakeWordMaker

shadow - Said when one departs a room.

e.g., I gotta break. I'm shadow.

submitted by Ace

shady - Questionable behavior.

e.g., Ed. Chris is acting shady. Ted. That's no act.

submitted by matt - (www)

shady - suspicious in nature; dodgy; sketchy

e.g., i don't trust my uncle with my girlfriend- he's kinda shady...

submitted by stained_oj - (www)

shady mango - When you see a person looking quite uneasy and sly, like he doesn't belong in a place.

e.g., "That tourist really looks shady mango," said Berty. "I heard he was an ex-robber, just let out of jail," said Maya.

submitted by thewordmaestro

shafted - Defrauted, cheated.

e.g., You gave him the money? Are you stupid? You have been shafted, mate.

submitted by michelle

shag - When you've met some (bloke) and you can't remember their name.

e.g., Oh! Hello 'Shag'

submitted by Muz Hashem - (www)

shagalicious - Beautiful and highly attractive.

e.g., Your dress is quite shagalicious, my darling.

submitted by Andrew V. - (www)

shagcandy - Persons deemed to be fair game for sexual advances, so much so that they are taken for granted, e.g. groupies for rock stars, temps for middle managers, students for academics, any man of legs for the Sex In the City girls etc

e.g., Brad, the slimy junior assistant vice-sub director for sales (western division), regarded the secretaries in his office as so much shagcandy.

submitted by woesinger

shagger - Greeting for an aquaintence or someone you vaguely know. Australian colloquial.

e.g., Ow's it going, shagger?

submitted by barnesy

shagitude - The point at which someone enters a single-issue universe; purpose: to get themselves a shag.

e.g., I think we should steer clear of her this evening. After what she said on the last press trip to Barcelona, I reckon she's in her shagitude, and shouldn't be dissuaded from her course of action; namely, nailing that nice bloke over there...

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

shagnasty - Someone in a particularly kinky mood.

e.g., Bill was giving me the look, so I knew this shagnasty guy was waiting for action.

submitted by Laura

shags to riches - Someone who sleeps her way to the top.

e.g., Wow, she was a real shags to riches story.

submitted by Penny

shagtastic - "immensely good looking, generally used to describe member of opposite sex for which physical attractions exists"

e.g., You are looking simply shagtastic.

submitted by Joel Miller

shahooha - A very cold shower that might make one exclaim "hooh ... haah" as she gets in.

e.g., "I'm roasting -- I could do with a shahooha." "No argument on that from me."

submitted by DJ Gorill

shake - To leave a place, as in bounce, or roll.

e.g., I'm starving. Let's shake and go to Taco Bell.

submitted by Ghideon

shake a tower - Take a shower.

e.g., I got really dirty playing football. I'm going to go shake a tower.

submitted by Juice Maloose

shakinbakin - What's up.

e.g., Hey adrien, what's shakinbakin?

submitted by sinclaire - (www)

shakrattle - Getting upset to the point of not being able to speak correctly.

e.g., After loosing the game, James got all shakrattled.

submitted by Darrin R.

shaky cheese - Parmesan in a can.

e.g., Could you pass the shaky cheese for my pasta?

submitted by Zolos

shalln't - Meaning you shall not do something.

e.g., I shalln't eat my greens mummy.

submitted by Teflonda - (www)

sham - 1. To look through, as in browsing or leafing through. 2. Unneccesary looking through with no final outcome.

e.g., 1. So, yeah, the other day I was shamming through some old books. 2. He's such a shammer, never deciding upon one thing.

submitted by Joce

shamalamadingdong - A doo-wop term to express excitement.

e.g., Shamalamadingdong, that's a cute bobbysoxer!

submitted by Pumpkin

shamalandovan - A person that you have attempted to search for without success or to no avail.

e.g., I have a French shamalandovan with whom I once spent an unforgettable summer afternoon but I have not seen her since. | Faye is my shamalandovan.

submitted by Andrew Pschirrer - (www)

shamball - A person who steals another person's idea. Cf. slimeball.

e.g., Patrick stole my idea and claimed it for himself...shamball.

submitted by Dermot Connolly

shambles - Something incomprehensible or in severe disarray.

e.g., After that kegger on Friday night, my place was a shambles.

submitted by steve

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