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symporium - meeting of a group of people in a small area

e.g., The teachers went to a symporium this year

submitted by Jeremiah Shoemate

sympsychosis - A union of two or more people who are psychologically dependent on each other, like living entities are in symbiosis; close and long-term interaction making them emotionally inseparable (cf. symbiosis). adj. sympsychotic.

e.g., The sympsychosis between spouses can either strengthen or destroy their personalities. The sympsychosis between spouses often leads both of them to a nervous breakdown. Dostoevsky masterfully presented sympsychotic relationships among his characters, such as Myshkin, Nastasya and Rogozhin in "The Idiot."

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

syn-lapses - Synergistic unwholesomeness at the speed of thought.

e.g., "Check this out, Byron! See Desmond over there ogling the well-endowed under-clad ladies that just walked in!" Byron: "What? Where?" "Byron, you and Desmond both have your syn-lapses overloaded!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

synaesthought - Relating to telepathy, empathy, and synaesthesia, the synaesthought is the concept of a mind's (neuronal) ability to interpret someone else's thought, feeling, or ethereal emanation into something else; as a synaesthete might hear colour, one experiencing a synaesthought might feel someone else's joy as pain (unintentionally).

e.g., His synaesthought reaction to her tears meant that everything he saw was red.

submitted by Isolated Icarus

synagurgle - The throaty sound made by a Jewish infant during the worship service.

e.g., The toddler's synagurgles could be heard across the temple.

submitted by Tony Raper

synapse lapse - More commonly -- and less politely -- referred to as a brain fart. Mature moment, senior moment, etc.

e.g., I know her name as well as I know the back of my hand, but I can't think of it right now. Rat's ass, these synapse lapses are occurring more and more often as I approach my three-score-and-ten.

submitted by HD Fowler

synapse-collapse - A random blurb of nothingness. Same as synapse lapse.

e.g., You know when you . . . uhhh . . . uhhh . . . I just had a synapse-collapse.

submitted by Palmer - (www)

synaptime - The period of time your brain is not capable of functioning while you are waiting for your computer (restart, long download, etc.)

e.g., Determined to deal with his unproductive synaptime, Bill experimented with a pencil and paper.

submitted by Nick Pudar

synavorous - Tentative, uptight, nervous, or defensive.

e.g., When told he would not receive his promotion, my co-worker adopted a very synavorous attitude.

submitted by Joanna Klein

synchophants - Sycophants in synchronization. Then there are psychopants, of course.

e.g., "These synchophants deserve the lower and lower ratings they are receiving. It's simply disgusting."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

synchrospread - The condition of every clock in the house displaying a slightly different time.

e.g., Because of the synchrospread, I wasn't really sure if I was running late.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

syncretinize - To blend so many divergent ideas together that you sound like an idiot.

e.g., Nowadays, Hitler's writing is viewed as nothing more than syncretinized babble.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

syncronitony - A telephone ring tone that is the same as a song playing on the radio or other device, especially if it leads to a missed call.

e.g., Hi baby, I was just thinking about you, the radio just played our song. No, I'm in my car. No, I haven't been out of my car . . . no I . . . baby I . . . there ain't no other woman baby, honest . . . well, same to you, beeyatch! . . . What's this missed call? 5 minutes ago? Aw shoot, musta been syncronitony.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

synesis - A real noun: " a construction in which an expected grammatical agreement in form is replaced by an agreement in meaning, as in The crowd rose to their feet, where a plural pronoun is used to refer to a singular noun."

e.g., I do my best to avoid synesis by making sure I never use they, their, and them to refer to singular antecedents. I'd rather be grammatically correct than politically correct. (Yeah, I know -- there are lots of folks out there who insist on the historical use of those words as singular pronouns. I refuse to give in on this one.) | Brus, February 17, 2012, 3:39pm: "Synesis may not bother you too much, but I sure am pleased to learn that in America you edit it out when it isn't wanted. I have not lost that many nights' sleep over it either, but I make it a point to show it the door whenever an example comes my way and I am in a position to do so. Otherwise I just grumble about it. Syneses! Don't you just hate them!" | I'm not sure, but I think these may be examples of synesis: "The caller did not leave their number" and "The boy left their socks in the box." |

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

synnefoides - (n., pronounced sin-ni-FOY-deez in English, from the Greek ¦Ò¦Ô¦Í¦Í¦Å¦Õ¦Ï¦É¦Ä¦Åς (which is pronounced /s¨¹nnefoidiz/) Literally "a son of [the] cloud": anyone who grew up during the Cold War, in fear of mushroom clouds. Also: mycosynnefoides "child of [the] mushroom cloud" or just mycoides "son of [the] mushroom" (but that last bespeaks growing up in the 60s rather more than during the longer Cold War of which the 60s was a small but significant part). A closely related word is synnephobia or mycosynnephobia "fear of the [mushroom] cloud."

e.g., The Iron Giant portrays the synnefoidean mindset of the 50s.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

synonymize - To restate substituting synonyms. The real word "synonymize": "To analyze or provide the synonyms of (words or a word)."

e.g., Synonymizing deathless prose is a good way to kill it. Is that a paradox? | Caution: Do not attempt to synonymize deathless prose at home. That is a job only for professional stunt writers . . . or copy editors.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

synonymphomaniac - A sexually insatiable woman who, out of a distorted sense of competition, will only associate with other women who exhibit a similar lack of impulse control.

e.g., Did you know that Kira slept with the same exact guys that Rhonda did? They're both a couple of synonymphomaniacs.

submitted by Saint714 - (www)

synonyms for stupid - If you spout enough stupid things, your name may become a synonym for stupid. Pat Dollard: And if Chris Matthews is so smart, why did he react with incredulity when Bush said Iran was actively arming the insurgency in Iraq, just this January? Liberals with high IQs tend to be dumb as boxes of hair on most issues because they have been taught to suppress truth and logic in the service of political correctness, and have been ideologically polluted and twisted. Once you’ve been brainwashed to think within the confines of certain liberal conceits, it doesn’t matter a flying fuck how high your potential IQ is, your thoughts are corrupt.

e.g., Some so-called journalists names may soon become synonyms for stupid.

submitted by HD Fowler

synsimulorate - The phenomenon of two people saying the same word at the same time.

e.g., In Romanian folklore when anybody synsimulorates, a devil dies. Not the devil, just a minor one I guess, like a fairy dying if you say they don't exist.

submitted by malvino - (www)

syntactocentric - To be unecessarily concerened with syntax in language.

e.g., Chomsky's theories on language are not syntactocentric.

submitted by Jeff

synth - A computer-generated composite 3-D image.

e.g., Do the base images for synths usually come from videos? How else could you get enough images for a good one?

submitted by Betsy - (www)

synthesthetic - Marked by a notable capacity to synthesize new and novel intellectual or behavioral constructions.

e.g., As a social innovator drawing inspiration from disparate sources, Jill's capacity for synthesthetic behaviors earned her admiration from a few and condemnation from the shallow many.

submitted by Michael Collins - (www)

synthoramic - An unbroken view of a synthesized surrounding area; a comprehensive virtual presentation.

e.g., On connecting to the machine, her view of the world became synthoramic.

submitted by Afront

syotb - See you on the beach. The tagline used by a poster to a forum I used to visit, Bill Lohan. …

e.g., SYOTB. | From: HD To: Undisclosed recipients Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 9:11 PM Subject: One of my favorite writers on the forum died yesterday -- a retired Marine Sergeant (E-8), Bill Lohan, about 75, among the most popular posters on the forum. His wife (he called her Puddin') went into his office late yesterday and found some names he had written on scraps of paper -- names of some Members he had been engaging in exchanges just a couple of hours earlier. He had seen something going wrong on the forum and was taking the lead (in a mentoring way) to set things right. A neighbor helped his wife open a posting account, and she wrote that he had passed away. I decided to go back this morning and read some of the things he had written. I think I have unconsciously avoided posting to any threads after he does, because there's not always much left to say if he's been there first. A couple met through the forum and got married several months ago. I didn't notice at the time, but he did. This was shorter than many of his posts, but typical of the gentle wisdom he shared. And may I offer the following formular for achieving happiness. Get a good night's sleep to include a little snooze in bed after the time you should be getting up and when you do rise there is nothing like a good caress from your chosen partner in life to aid in starting the day right. As frequently as possible enjoy a hearty breakfast and/or a good cup of coffee with your love visible across the table from you, and do not be afraid to touch a hand, a cheek, hold an arm, kiss a forehead, or to just gently squeeze a shoulder to let your partner know he/she is not alone. Believe me, it is from such simple gestures, not expensive gifts, that will come long lasting and true happiness in marriage for such are reflections of true love which in order to grow must be nutured. Marital bliss does not just magically happen, it is created by caring partners. God Bless and may your walk through life be pleasant and long. Salute! SYOTB Now I am going to set all the living room furniture back, put my tape of Skip to My Lou in the tape player, find my Puddin', take her by the hand, lead her to the living room and on the count of three whirl her in my arms about the room a bit. She will fein resistance to my actions and claim she has not time for such nonsence but its such nonsense that create for her great memories which she pleasurably shares those not locked in her heart with friends. Think I will include Beautiful Dreamer for it is slow and I can hold her close. Catch you later | Love | SYOTB, HD | Dad

submitted by HD Fowler

syrup-titiousness - The foolish and mischievous belief that saccharine-sweet phony kindness is the best way to win friends and influence people.

e.g., Lennox, look at the way Aloysius sucks up to the principal. What a smooth operator. What syrup-titiousness.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

syruptitious - Sneaky use of syrup.

e.g., That was syruptitious crumpet thievery, Becky.

submitted by Rebecca Scarborough

syzergise - To go round and round in ever decreasing circles until you disappear.

e.g., Bertram was so frustrated with Fred that he wished he would go away. Bertram shouted, "Fred, syzergise."

submitted by peter stevens

szolvaal - A rockless desert.

e.g., The bushman could find no projectiles for his sling; he was deep within a szolvaal.

submitted by Ty Evans

szplug - An interjection, usually expressing discontent.

e.g., Szplug! I dropped a hammer on my foot.

submitted by craNKGod - (www)

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