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superduperlative - The ultimate in happy, fluffy goodness, beyond comparative and superlative

e.g., It was one of those superduperlative Indian Summer days--it was 72, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky.

submitted by James Kressley

superduprecision - [super doop precision] The ultimate in precision, perfect to the nth degree, without variation or flaw.

e.g., In this day and age we require superduprecision in order for things to work well, and to avoid error or malfunction, failure, inoperation. The numerous living creatures on Earth exhibit superduprecision as regards their structures and functioning.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

superextable - It's a compression of super extra double. It's used when you really mean it.

e.g., That was a superextable job on that test. 100%.

submitted by Liz

superficial lamb - An employee who tends to be the butt of many jokes and gags because somebody's got to assume that role; and ALSO because he's so good-natured about it no one thinks twice and has come to call him the Superficial Lamb. At my work, they also call him Dennis!

e.g., Dennis, we're not being mean . . . as you well know, you are only the Superficial Lamb!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

superflicious - Deliciously superfluous.

e.g., That extra two pounds of chocolate sprinkles on my ice cream cone sure was supeflicious.

submitted by Arachnophilia

superfluous - Full to overflowing with water.

e.g., In the great "half-full-half-empty" debate, an overfull glass may be considered superfluous.

submitted by Noel

superfly - Something or someone extremely suave and sophisticated. Generally, if something is superfly, it is colder than cool.

e.g., You are so cool. Hell, you superfly.

submitted by DJ niJ - (www)

superfroog - One who is excessively frugal or parsimonious, even when she doesn't.

e.g., My mom, the superfroog, does things like using old envelopes for shopping lists and making do with the same piece of dental floss for a week, even though she and dad both make good money.

submitted by natalie

supergluable - Any broken object that can be repaired using superglue.

e.g., Is this vase supergluable?

submitted by deb

supergramous - Full of good writing.

e.g., His blog posts are supergramous.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

superhyperfunkadelic - Mind-boggling or crazy in a positive way.

e.g., That song was superhyperfunkadelic.

submitted by Neil Joyes

superificantastic - Super, terrific, fantastic, all in one.

e.g., I am having a superificantic day.

submitted by Kimberly Gagon

superlativisation - Turning a non-superlative word into a superlative.

e.g., I'm the spellingest -- I'm the tops at superlativisation.

submitted by Fieran

superliminal - The opposite of subliminal--direct and loud manner of instruction; screaming or in-your-face approach.

e.g., George's superliminal tactics in conversation aided him in expressing exactly what he was thinking and left no room for surprises.

submitted by Justice Orion

superman face - A male whose facial features are disproportionately large or distinguished. These types often travel in packs, and tend to believe they are the answer to every girl's late night dreams. The larger their bulging ... muscles, the smaller their ... perception of reality. For reference, see Vin Diesel.

e.g., If that chick leaves with Superman Face over there, I'm going to have to take some more shots.

submitted by Biggins01

supermanium - Element invented in the 1980s. Used for bags and other packaging, especially for packaging snacks: Cheeseits, Triscuits, etc. Known for incredible strength. Tt's virtually impossible to open supermanium packages without tools (knives, sissors, broken bottles, etc.). Supermanium is used for all kinds of packaging these days.

e.g., 1. The cheese snacks ended up all over the room when Roger attempted to open the supermanium bag with his bare hands. 2. Damn it. I cut myself. I should have known better than to use a bare double-edged razor blade to try to open that printer ink package. (Actually happened. I have a cut on my right forefinger as evidence of my stupidity.)

submitted by Bernard Butcher

supermelagorhsous - Fine.

e.g., Uncle Ed always says "Sust supermelagorshous" whenever I would him how he's doing.

submitted by Patrick

supermirabilosofarmachoette - Of French derivation if you chop it up, frequently used by our exchange student, Philippe Landelle to express extreme pleasure and approval.

e.g., This pizza is supermirabilosofarmachoette.

submitted by christine

superpontilliarific - A feeling of deep and spiritual enlightenment.

e.g., Words cant express how superpontilliarific I feel.

submitted by King Of Vulgaria

supersillious - Extremely silly. Kids on a sugar high. | Of a poster on a message board who mischievously takes on the persona of someone who is the opposite of humble.

e.g., Having chocolate before bed makes the kids supersillious. | For the record, the pledge I made shortly after I signed on was that I would try to remain civil, not that I could or would remain civil. Believe me, I'm trying, I'm trying. But the sentence I quoted is close to being completely incoherent babbling. My first impression of you (not from the topic of the day, of course), was that you were a pretty bright fellow. Just goes to show how wrong first impressions can be. Sure, you got a couple of things right in your first post, but you've been wrong on almost everything since then.

I realize that my being snarky or supersillious lessens my chances of persuading anyone to change her mind. However, given that I have yet to see anyone on this forum succeed in doing that, I'm willing to take the risk on this one thread. Besides, I find that I get a considerable amount of satisfaction looking down my nose at my intellectual inferiors.

submitted by steve | HD Fowler - (www)

supertome - Extending the meaning of the word tome beyond large, scholarly books is a natural -- for long letters, long e-mails, long Internet comments, long blog posts, etc. At one end of the size spectrum for text on the Internet, we have 140-character tweets. At the other end, we have supertomes. The easiest way to create a supertome is to use text collector software to combine all of the .txt files in a directory into a single .txt file.

e.g., Has anyone developed software that will combine multiple .eml files into supertomes? It can get mighty tedious doing it by hand.

submitted by HD Fowler

supertween - Equivalent to "cool," used in designers' circles. From the "tweening" function in animation programs, but otherwise meaningless.

e.g., This tune I downloaded is so good, it's supertween.

submitted by Marek

supervolati - (n.) 1. the middle of the United States---the part people from Southern California and the northeastern East Coast believe to be irrelevant (many of them dismiss it as "flyover" land); 2. Any part of any country that the major city dwellers consider somehow "beneath them"; 3. Any person, place, or thing that high society considers unimportant or trivial. [The word comes from the Latin super "above" + volati "flown" (sorta).]

e.g., No one on Broadway or in Hollywood cares very much about Kansas or North Dakota, they're just supervolati.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

supfest - Any meal prepared or eaten between supper and breakfast.

e.g., It's 3:44 AM and I'm having spaghetti for supfest.

submitted by i_monk

supid - Dumb and all thumbs.

e.g., Judge's e-mail is supid.

submitted by Judge - (www)

supinin - A greeting, like s'sup/s'up, but a lot cooler. Or short for "what's happening."

e.g., 1: Supinin fellas! 2: Supinin tonight? Any plans?

submitted by Nii Saka Addo

suppashucka - Dessert, anything sweet to eat. | Extremely pretty or good looking.

e.g., Suppashucka doesn't want to get fat, they'd better skip the delicious suppashucka.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

supperfluous - When you have entirely too much food for supper, the extra food can be referred to as supperfluous. Supperflous.

e.g., No thank you, Maudie, I can't eat another bite. Anything more at this point would be supperfluous.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

supperghetti - The tea time pasta that fills young tummies

e.g., Q. Wot you want for tea? Humbugger? A. No. Supperghetti.

submitted by matthew

suppers - Shortening of "What's up?"

e.g., "Suppers?" She smiled at him. "Not much," he yawned. "You?"

submitted by Venus - (www)

supplement whore - One who obsesses over the supplementary material often found on DVDs. Is often persuaded to buy a substandard movie solely on the basis of extra features. Similar to the videogaming term "graphics whore."

e.g., These supplement whores are a marketing manager's nirvana.

submitted by DD

supplenished - A combination of supply and replenished.

e.g., Rare chemicals entering the water system were supplenished by oil in order to slow down the reaction time of other chemicals in the water.

submitted by David R. Sarsfield - (www)

supposably - Misuse of the word "supposedly." {ED. However, "supposably" is also a legitimate word. Something "that can be supposed or conjectured" is supposable: a supposable outcome.}

e.g., He is supposably a superior speaker. {ED. That could be conjectured about me -- but it would be wrong. The word "supposedly" would be an inferior choice for referring to me with such a sentence -- because such a characteristic is not "generally assumed or believed" about me. Quite the contrary. Anyone who said, "HD is supposedly an inferior speaker" would be right.}

submitted by Albert Reinoso - (www)

supposebly - Supposedly.

e.g., Supposebly, I finished the test on time.

submitted by DD

supposively - Supposedly it's supposed to mean supposedly.

e.g., Supposively, I went to an Ivy League college, but I still can't say sesquipedalian words such as "supposedly."

submitted by AmyAmy

suppy - Another form of "What's up?" derived from the already abbreviated "'Sup?"

e.g., "Suppy, Jean?" Anne said to her friend as she walked into the crowded party.

submitted by Jayme

supra-tentorial - Refers to the area of the brain above the cerebellum. A common code word slyly used between doctors to imply that a patient's physical complaints are all in her head. Can usually get away with saying it in front of the patient or the patient's family.

e.g., Every test we've ordered is negative . . . I believe there is a significant supra-tentorial component to Mrs. x's illness.

submitted by Elizabeth Raju

suprise - Surprise.

e.g., It wouldn't suprise me to learn that I mistype the word "surprise" almost half the time. Now it won't matter if I do. If a spelling is in the pd, it's an acceptable spelling. Right, Mr. Graham?

submitted by HD Fowler

suprise - (suh-prahyz, accent on the second syllable) Surprise. Spelled to match the secondary pronunciation.

e.g., It's definitely a suprise when the world's biggest manufacturer of a product generates billions of dollars in revenue each year backs out of the business.

submitted by HD Fowler

supular - Super popular.

e.g., Mike is the most supular guy in school.

submitted by Maggie McFarland

supurb - (Pronounced the same as 'superb'; adj.) 1. of or pertaining to apartments and offices far enough above street level. Also "supurbia": the world above street level. [From the Latin super 'above' + urbs 'city.']

e.g., "Can you believe the crime rate in this city?" "I'm not usually in the city proper: I live in the supurbs."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

surcome - Succumb.

e.g., We must not surcome to terrorism.

submitted by Miss Speller for outlaws93

sure sure - used when you know a friend is exagerating or lying

e.g., man i drank 34 beer last night. your response would be- sure sure

submitted by team phyre- caleb/tuters - (www)

sure, well - To do a Chris. A Chris is a stupid layabout who sits in the dark and does nothing all day. He has no job or life.

e.g., Sure, well, never do that again.

submitted by Fern & Leonie

surelockhomos - Someone with a very high degree of gaydar -- you can feel it in the seat of your pants, maybe everywhere.

e.g., We call him Detective Surelockhomos for he can finger a 'member of the 'gay'community' quick as a twink, or whatever .. [ this entry should be 'OK' as the 'author' is a boner fide but nonpracticing case in hand .. ] ..

submitted by P I Edic - (www)

surfaholic - A person who spends unhealthy amounts of time "surfing" websites. Related to chataholics.

e.g., Dating? Are you kidding? He's a devoted webaholic. Check out all the Frito crumbs around his desk.

submitted by George Pateman - (www)

surfully - No one is exactly sure, but some think it is a mixture of "seriously" and "for real."

e.g., Surfully guys, get out of the car. My folks''ll skin me if I don't get home by eleven.

submitted by Leggett

surfworm - 1. Any of various persons, that use computers and feed on the content of the Internet. Just like a bookworm reads books, a surfworm surfs the Internet.

e.g., He's been online all night, so he's a major surfworm.

submitted by Grant Terry

surge - To appear.

e.g., He surged, left the room, and resurged; his resurgence was instantly noted by all.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

surgery - "[UK] The regular period of time when a person can visit their Member of Parliament to ask advice."

e.g., "A senior Labour MP was under fire last night after admitting he has not held a surgery for constituents for 14 years. . . . Most MPs hold local surgeries several times a month for constituents to discuss their problems. "

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

surggoning - The glare or outburst of others when someone is faking an injury.

e.g., Look at Chris lying down on the field. The opposition is giving him a really harsh surggoning.

submitted by Hannah - (www)

surious - Serious.

e.g., I get a surious case of the shakes when stuck in traffic under an overpass.

submitted by Miss Speller for proudcavmom

surly mcdouchebag - Person with an angry disposition and an inability to think rationally.

e.g., I was just driving down Lomita Blvd. when some surly mcdouchebag honked and yelled at me.

submitted by BigAssFries

surpresent - a surprise present

e.g., I was taken aback by the surpresent she gave me.

submitted by Lee

surpricious - Derived from "surprise." It is used to describe something shocking or surprising.

e.g., That was such a surpricious thing to say under the circumstances.

submitted by Jen

surprise hurl - Uncontrollable and unexpected vomiting.

e.g., I had an Irish Car Bomb for dinner and ten minutes later I had a surprise hurl.

submitted by jodie - (www)

surprisk - Joyful, happy, content | healthy, at ease, relaxed.

e.g., As soon as Kay got well again, she said she was feeling surprisk and ready to take on the world.

submitted by Kaiden

surprize - Surprise.

e.g., Do they still sell Cracker Jack? I used to love the surprizes when I was a kid.

submitted by HD Fowler

surrealism - Unabridged (v 1.1): style of art and literature developed principally in the 20th century, stressing the subconscious or nonrational significance of imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of chance effects, unexpected juxtapositions, etc.

e.g., The surrealism of my dreams entertains me almost every night.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

surreality - When one's reality is surreal.

e.g., The surreality of his dream was accentuated by the purple frogs.

submitted by Clifford Ball

surreptitious - Grabbing a feel under cover.

e.g., He got smacked in the face for trying a surreptitious move.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

surtate - To so surtate is too flip out in a good or bad way. Implies physical spasms.

e.g., John is going to surtate when he finds out you broke his bike.

submitted by Daniel

survival sex - While the less generous would call it prostitution -- because it is, after all, sex for money -- it's being forced into the sex trade by circumstances (or a person because you have no other way to keep yourself and those dependent on you alive. It should come as no surprise: those coerced or forced into survival sex are primarily women and young people.

e.g., "It's a sad but ugly truth: roughly one in four homeless youth engages in survival sex. A new research brief out this week from the National Alliance to End Homelessness paints a scary picture of the harsh realities faced by homeless runaway youth." | "We don’t call it prostitution," says Sybella Wilkes, a Damascus-based spokeswoman for UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency. “We call it 'survival sex.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

survivaling - Ability to survive.

e.g., The survivalists tested their survivaling skills by enduring the long winter in tents.

submitted by Heather Cavalier

survivalistic - Adj - Any action predicated or dependent upon the survival of one's self.

e.g., The mountain lion was chasing me down and all I could think to do was slice at itsl neck with my hunting knife in a survivalistic attempt of remaining alive.

submitted by Andrew Pschirrer

survivicide - The ultimate personal mistake made which results in the extinguishing of that Survivor contestant's torch.

e.g., Kim committed survivicide when she voted off Lex instead of Ethan in "Survivor Africa."

submitted by Chris Root - (www)

survivor guilt - The strange feeling in the pit of your stomach when your co-workers have been laid off, yet you remain employed. Simultaneously feeling selfishly joyous and sympathetically sorry that you still have a job when others around you don't.

e.g., Bill experienced survivor guilt when Karen told him she had just been laid off.

submitted by debis

sus - Suspicious, suspect.

e.g., The sus fool was wearing a sus hoodie with sus sneaks.

submitted by Robert Terry - (www)

susceptical - One who is susceptible to scepticism. Suggested by a misuse of the newly coined word for "susceptible" at the linked essay: "You don’t think the Romney people won’t be able to make up a scary scenario involving Bachmann? Or that Governor’s Perry and Pawlenty are susceptical to fictitious scenarios in which they are absolute idiots." Used to be we got a break from electoral politics, even between the bi-annual congressional elections. Nowadays it's campaign politicking all the time. Was that an inevitable consequence of the changes in communications that came with the age of electronics? Maybe I should reconsider being a Luddite.

e.g., The 2012 presidential election is likely to be decided by a susceptical independent electorate.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

sushi-mama - A mama-san who makes the very best sushi this side of heaven's gate, mate.

e.g., Every time we go to Osaka for best local saki we also make point to stop by House of Sushi to see sushi-mama. She works magic with raw fish and seaweed and ocean seasonings.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

sushiated - Hving your sushi craving satiated.

e.g., After spending $200 on sushi, my friend's craving was finally sushiated.

submitted by AnnaCharis

suspecious - A suspicion based on specious reasoning.

e.g., When he called me and a man answered the phone, my boyfriend was suspecious that I was dating someone else.

submitted by Nonesuch

suspect - One suspected of lying.

e.g., Here comes that suspect who said she won alla that money.

submitted by dee - (www)

suspectish - Of the behavior seen when the suspect in a crime or any given act is acting suspicious towards accuser or others. When one suspect's suspiciousness stands out above the other suspects, he is said to be suspectish.

e.g., We all feel that Bo is the culprit. Yet he runs around acting suspectish towards anyone that may have been involved. | Bo is one suspectish guy, so it must have been him, not you.

submitted by bo douthit

suspective - Something held in abeyance due to doubt. (To treat something as suspective is almost the same as treating it with suspicion.) |

The following is taken verbatim from Dr. Goodword's alphaDICTIONARY, except for the strikeout and substitution.
Pronunciation:sê-sep-tiv Hear it!

Part of Speech: Adjective

Meaning: 1. Sensitive, easily affected by something, susceptible. 2. Open to new ideas or suggestions, receptive.

Notes: We are all familiar with susceptible (remember that the ending is -ible, not -able), but today's word is less often used. The meanings of these two adjectives are similar, but while susceptible refers to weak resistance (susceptible to colds), susceptive refers to an openness, especially to things new. This word has several relatives, though their meanings vary a bit. A susceptor is a sponsor or godfather. Susceptivity is the best noun for this adjective, though susception is possible, too.

In Play: You will find many situations around the office where today's Good Word applies: "Mr. Farthingsworth was very susceptive to my reorganization plan except for the part requiring his resignation." This word applies equally well to labor and management: "I find Will Dolittle found Dave Perkins less than susceptive to hints that he apply himself more diligently to his work."

Word History: Today's Good Word is yet another Latin captive that English has never released. Its Roman name is susceptivus, the adjective from suscipere "to catch, support, sustain." This verb is a touched-up version of the combination sub "below, under" + capere "to take, seize." When the Romans added the suffix -er to sub, they came up with its antonym super "above, over." In fact, Latin created sub from a combination of ex "out (of) + upo "from under," so it originally meant "out from under." The implication of motion upward here probably led to the meaning of super. The Germanic languages didn't fool around with PIE upo this way but merely converted it to German auf "on" and English up.

The word was used as early as 1731, but has been used only sporadically since. Peaks of use since its introduction into English have occurred around 1810, 1907, 1962, and 1984.

e.g., I heard what he said, but I think we need to treat it as suspective. | As the following examples suggest, it's not easy to find the open-to-new-ideas use of suspective. In several of the examples I found, the word was used almost as if it were a synonym for suggestive -- which, on second though, is something I should have suspected I'd find.

  • Nothing, says he, was now wanting to finish the Scheme, but to bring the Sovereign into the Party, whose easy and too unguarded Nature and Indulgence to the Clergy, made her suspective of Insinuations to her Prejudice; which was the Rock upon which the Nation split. (1731) |
  •  Van Helmont; seems to have been the first who apprehended this, but he having rendered himself suspective on other occasions, his opinion could not make its way ; but the vulgar one still prevailed, except in a sew persons who could see that experience was for him. (1742) |
  •  Honor is not simply truthfulness: it is truthfulness sparkling with the fire of a suspective personality. It is something more than an ornament even to the loftiest. — George H. Calvert. (1933) |
  • One hundred biopsies were performed on 88 cases suspective of schistosomiasis, and eggs were found in 76% of them. (1964) |
  •  Excavations larger than that are suspective to be glaucomatous. Differences between both eyes of the same individual of more than 20% are also suspective for glaucoma. (1977) |
  • It also indicates that the Akas have a suspective attitude towards magic, as they believe that it is somewhere, on some occasion, still being practised secretly.  (1977) | 
  • In my day we used to keep things in their proper suspective. Don't you never read the papers about all them unflocked priests running around?  (1977, referring to Archie Bunker on All in the Family) |
  • States are increasingly uncertain, suspective of the opposite side, and mistrustful of the sincerity of the intentions declared.  (1986)
  • These questions being asked everywhere with the suspective eyes of the millions of people with thirsty throats, on the earth, to day.(1987) |

submitted by Jon K. Hart | [Dr. Goodword's alphaDicti - (www)

suspent - The word to describe a build-up to a particular point in a book or film that suddenly falls flat.

e.g., Well it was a good film, but there were a couple of suspent moments, I thought.

submitted by Snag

sussed - To have figured out, understood completely, down pat.

e.g., I have that skateboarding trick sussed.

submitted by merrick - (www)

sussie - Short for surprise, often in the form of a small unexpected gift.

e.g., I got you a sussie while I was out shopping.

submitted by Lunch

suture shelf - 1. The place in a bathroom medicine cabinet where are stored gauze, bandages, bandaids, over the counter medicines, native nostrums, holistic remedies, and the like. It is maintained by stubborn individuals who abhor medical treatment and prefer to take care of illness and injuries themselves. 2. An everyday response of a spouse who is married to that stubborn individual.

e.g., Dan: Honey, I was working in my shop and nipped the tip of my finger with my circular saw. I need hydrogen peroxide and a needle and thread. There's none on the suture shelf. Ann: That's a pretty bad cut! You better go to the ER! Dan: Nah. I can take care of it. Where's the hydrogen peroxide and a needle and thread? Ann: Suture shelf.

submitted by charlie lesko

suv - Stupid, Useless Vehicle

submitted by Brad - (www)

suvrounded - What you are in stopped traffic, in your low-profile, subcompact, economical car while four high-profile SUVs are on both sides, and directly in front of and behind you.

e.g., Dadgum it, Agnes, I can't see anything but rubber an' metal, an' smoked glass. We're suvrounded.

submitted by John Breen

svensson - A Swedish word meaning the larger part of the population--i. e., the nuclear family and their everyday activities. Could be used in a derogatory way.

e.g., Karl and Zarah are real svenssons. If they aren't working, they are watching game-shows on tv.

submitted by A Bergman

sw'az - An Australia colloquialism used to describe something, someone, or somewhere great. The abbreviated form of "sweet as."

e.g., "Did you go to the game on the weekend?" "Yeah, it was sw'az."

submitted by The Ooze - (www)

swa-swa-swa - An appropriate answer to any mumbled question.

e.g., Q: Chawantagotatheba? A: Swa-swa-swa.

submitted by jOE

swabbly - Feeling kind of sick or disoriented. Originated when a child was speaking in a news report about faulty toy manufacturing. He said his G.I. Joe's head was all "swabbly," meaning wobbly.

e.g., I need to go home. I feel all swabbly.

submitted by Megan Regan

swack - The tendency on some message boards by the moderators and site toadies to "swarm and attack" anyone whose opinion differs from the site mindset.

e.g., Don't post there. You'll get swacked.

submitted by Mickey Ratt

swacket - A zip up sweatshirt jacket.

e.g., It's getting cold outside and I can't find my blue swacket. I guess I'll just have to wear a sweater instead.

submitted by Rachel

swacket - A jacket (usually leather) that has knit sweater sleeves.

e.g., I like that guy's jacket ... I mean, sweater ... oh, wait, I mean swacket.

submitted by Mutch

swaddict - (n) A person addicted to sweets. (v) Swaddicted. Of the intense internal mental pressure overcoming a person which motivates to the point of personal injury if necessary to find and eat sweets, typically used in conjunction with the word "gone."

e.g., You better get outta the way -- Nonna's gone swaddict.

submitted by Tammy Zihlavsky

swaddle - The motion one makes when she tries to walk with underwear around her ankles.

e.g., I was sitting on the toilet and the phone rang, so I had to swaddle into the kitchen in order to pick it up.

submitted by Steve Tolin

swadzo - Lots of something, an intense amount.

e.g., I've got swadzo homework to do this weekend. I don't think I'll be able to go to the club with you Friday or Saturday night.

submitted by Emily

swag - 'Something We All Get', borrowed from roadies, left-over little goodies from shows, meetings, etc.

e.g., Hey, can I have one of those hats? Sure it's SWAG.

submitted by Lee Alexander

swag - Scientific Wild Ass Guess. No detailed analysis, but an educated guess.

e.g., I'll make a swag at the dimensions and call you right back.

submitted by Sam Spade

swageport - To channel your inner swag and use the energy to vanish from a scene. Think teleportation.

e.g., This party sucks. I'm swageporting.

submitted by Emma

swagga - One's own unique style or personality that sets her apart from anyone else. How you present youself to the world.

e.g., I got that Hollywood Swagga. i don't know what it is . . . it's just his swagga.

submitted by joseph lee

swain - I'll do my part to rescue the word.

Dr. Goodword Meaning: 1. A country lad, a young farmer, a young rustic. 2. A young male sweetheart, suitor or lover.

Notes: Here is a lovely word about to fall out of use and in need of rescue. It comes with an adjective, swainish, meaning "like a swain," which provides for a noun, swainishness, meaning "boorishness." Be sure not to omit the A when writing this word; otherwise, you will conjure up a radically different image.

In Play: A boyfriend who is so lovestruck as to behave like a farmer is where the second sense of today's Good Word comes from: "June McBride is marrying some simple swain from New York who is goo-goo eyed over her."…

e.g., "'Cast not pearls before swains' -- isn't that what Jesus said?"

"Before swine, Lillith. Before swine. 'Cast not pearls before swine.' By that he meant we should not 'waste good things on people who will not appreciate them.'"

"Stop being pedantic, HD. I know what it means. Tell you what, if you'll stop wearing that silly snout, I'll stop calling you a swine. Deal?"


"All right, no more pig jokes. ... But remember, you're not a swain either."

"Now that that's settled, let's start working up an entry for corybantic.

submitted by [Robert Beard] - (www)

swalter, to - To have an unusually strong attraction to Walter Cronkite.

e.g., Watching the evening news was always swaltering for me.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

swami salami - A meatless, vegetarian salami. Contains gluten, tofu, curry, mantra seeds.

e.g., Swami salami will raise your basic navel consciousness, and it tastes good.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

swamp donkey - The ugliest and foulest of women.

e.g., Look at that swamp donkey in the skank pants, skank top, and CFM shoes.

submitted by James Mohrenberger

swampass - The disgusting condition that occurs when sitting and sweating for long periods of time. For example -- while playing drums or sitting in a hot car on a road trip.

e.g., B-Luv finished the first set with a nasty case of swampass.

submitted by Head - (www)

swan - A task, chore, duty, etc. that proves to be extremely easy, even pleasant.

e.g., I thought that course was going to be tough, but it was a swan.

submitted by J. Field

swank - Stylish, cool, grand. (You'll find this in standard dictionaries. Sometimes considered colloquial.)

e.g., Swank shoes, Ethel. They must have cost you a fortune.

submitted by 2G4U - (www)

swank-o-rific - Exceedingly swank or swanky.

e.g., Bill: You got the new Eminem CD? Em: Yeah. It's swank-o-rific.

submitted by EmRobin

swanker - 1. One who is swank. 2. A person possesing smartness in style.

e.g., Katie knew Bob was a swanker when she found him watching Martha Stewart.

submitted by bob mack

swankorific - Very interesting or cool. Exclamation used when something good happens.

e.g., We got the power back on? Swankorific.

submitted by James

swapbopulated - Competition term: to be defeated handily. Sometimes seen with the first "p."

e.g., Today, I got swapbopulated in Madden by a score of 47 to 0.

submitted by David Ladd - (www)

swapduction - Diagnosing a problem by swapping components until the problem goes away.

e.g., By using swapduction, I was able to deduce that it was my browser and not the website that was causing the problem. Fortunately, I had several browsers to try.

submitted by jackbellis - (www)

swarmey - Greasy-slimey. Smarmy/

e.g., The used car salesman appeared too swarmey for us to buy.

submitted by Ade Magnuson

swass - Acknowledgement of an existence or something cool. Sweetass.

e.g., Cool chick walks into room: "Swass."

submitted by chris - (www)

swass - The condition that exists when sweat collects in the butt crevice.

e.g., These polyester pants are so hot I'm getting swass.

submitted by knottykate

swatfancy - The sudden overwhelming feeling to smack or whip a youngsters' butt because she needs to have an attitude readjustment due to being disrespectful to her elders.

e.g., Sometimes my grandchildren, but more often other people's untrained young'uns tickle my swatfancy.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

swavel - To weave back and forth when driving or walking.

e.g., 1. The car in front of me was swavelling all over the place. 2. I had four martinis, and now I'm all swavelly.

submitted by jenster8

swaylo - An error or aberration. Particularly used when you temporarily lose picture quality on television, or are having a mild nervous breakdown.

e.g., I can't see the TV. It's full of swaylos.

submitted by Matthew Harrison

swayve - Urban sophisticated. From a pronunciation of "suave."

e.g., The trendy couple that lives downtown are very swayve.

submitted by josh rocket martinez - (www)

swayzed - When a guy steals Patrick Swayze's moves to pick up girls. Or steals girls from other guys while under the Patrick Swayze Influence.

e.g., Tom just swayzed Zach. It was awesome.

submitted by Zachary Collins

swazee - Based on Patrick Swayze before he sucked. Something cool in an 80s manner.

e.g., Those leg warmers are pretty swazee. They're making a definite comeback.

submitted by jess

sweam - For use when it is so hot that you immediately begin to perspire when you walk outside.

e.g., As soon as I left for work yesterday I began to sweam.

submitted by David J

swear-brakes - The inexplicable moment where you have enough time to recite a swear word before hitting the brakes to avoid a potential accident or police reprimand whilst driving.

e.g., Isn't it weird how you always get swear-brakes when you speed past a police car? You see the cop with the radar gun, then jam on the brakes, by which time he's already got his handcuffs out.

submitted by Olie Jackson

swearaphrasing - To express empathy for another's situation by paraphrasing his or her statement and adding lots of swear words. Particulary useful if the person is very angry or indignant.

e.g., As an addictions counselor, I find that swearaphrasing the things my clients say to me helps them know that I understand what they're going through.

submitted by cheesefairy - (www)

sweat - 1. To like or prefer heavily. 2. To have strong interest in a person or object.

e.g., 1. I sweat the new wu-tang cd. I sweat Carolyn when she wears anything.

submitted by Ace

sweat equity - Personal value equity built into the value of a property, usually real estate, through upgrading and working on it.

e.g., My house is worth only $200,000, but I have over 50K more in sweat equity in it.

submitted by Joel Parker

sweat smell of de feet - A typical familiar scent, not sent by the Gods, but by the feet in heat -- perspiring, acquiring, and producing a ghastly assault on the olfactory function.

e.g., Virtually every summer when the days are long and hot, I can't seem to help perfuming the environment with a sweat smell of de feet. Perhaps it's mostly genetic and actually the fault of some invisible bacteria no doubt.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

sweatband - Emphasis on the current high tempature.

e.g., In July, it's hotter than a sweatband in a fireman's helmet in Las Vegas.

submitted by Vince Edward Estepp

sweatdrip - A response to anything embarrassing, also used when one does not wish to answer a question. From the large drops of sweat that characters in Japanese anime get on the sides of their heads.

e.g., Girlfriend: Would you buy me that $100 rainbow teddybear? Boyfriend: Sweatdrip.

submitted by Becky Farrah - (www)

sweatermeat - Breasts.

e.g., That chick is packin' some serious sweatermeat.

submitted by Jsin

sweatfarm - Used to describe heat, as in weather. Basically reinforces the idea that it's hot outside.

e.g., "It's really hot outside!" "Yeah, it's a sweatfarm."

submitted by JegStar

sweatin - "v. - 1) to give someone a hard time, to berate. 2) To be sexually attracted to someone."

e.g., "1) Why you sweatin me? I told you I'd pay you back! 2) When she walked by in those tight pants, I could tell he was sweatin her!"

submitted by Sawyer

sweave - To swerve and weave Wile Driving.

e.g., That guy tends to sweave all over the road when he's been drinking.

submitted by Kenny Plantz

sweaving - Swerving and weaving at the same time--basically and fundamentally a redundancy.

e.g., When Charles yanked the wheel to avoid a squirrel, a tire blew out and he was sweaving all over the road.

submitted by frank young - (www)

swede deal - Exclamation used when seeing or dealing with Swedes.

e.g., Adam Johnson: Hey are those swedish tourists? Dylan Little: Swede deal.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

swedenize - To go blond and start saying, "Ja ja," "Skol," etc. Very common behavior after a trip to IKEA in a Volvo. Swedenise.

e.g., I got swedenized for a stint as an impressionable youth -- everything was "smorgasboard" or "ombudsman."

submitted by A Bergman - (www)

swedish - Sweet, awesome, cool, etc.

e.g., John has a Swedish tattoo on his arm.

submitted by hotfrost - (www)

swedish nugs - Very attractive women; abbreviation of "Swedish Nuggets." (Credited to James Ruggieri.)

e.g., We had a bunch of Swedish Nugs staying at our place.

submitted by Scott Adams - (www)

sweeet - Something that is beyond cool.

e.g., ""You have been pardoned, Senator." "Sweeet"."

submitted by Sin - (www)

sweegy - largely cool, a very good thing.

e.g., Your new shoes are so sweegy!

submitted by Leandra - (www)

sweek - Star Wars geek.

e.g., I was a sweek long before my daughter discovered Star Wars.

submitted by Harmony

sweep - Latest popular enthusiasm.

e.g., Some people get caught up in the sweep.

submitted by brenda

sweeps magillicuddy - the person who has to sweep the store when closing.

e.g., hey, look it's Sweeps Magillicuddy! You missed a spot.

submitted by Eve Lynn

sweet - 1.Cigarette, cigar, or any other for of tobacco product. 2. A way of asking if anyone would like to join you in a smoke.

e.g., 1. I need to go buy some sweets 'cause I'm out. 2. Sweet? (Anyone want to smoke a cigarette?)

submitted by Beth

sweet as - When you have everything under control or things are exceptionally good.

e.g., Someone may say tell you, "Your going to get paid this week."In response you say "Sweet as.""

submitted by john - (www)

sweet gherkins! - An exclamation of surprise, either positive or negative.

e.g., "Sweet gherkins. I won the lottery." When the state trooper saw the car wreck he said, "Oh, sweet gherkins. We got fatalities."

submitted by Betsy Andrews

sweet lovin' - Everything up to and including sex. Used in public places where talking about sex would be inappropriate.

e.g., I got me some sweet lovin' last night

submitted by Michael - (www)

sweet merciful buddha - Exclamatory phrase used to avoid blaspheming. "Buddha" being used in the place of "Christ" or another such holy name.

e.g., Sweet Merciful Buddha. What is wrong with this computer?

submitted by Chris Conley

sweet mullet - Exclamation comparative to "Gee whiz!" or "Jiminy Cricket!"

e.g., Sweet Mullet! That boy is gorgeous!

submitted by sarah

sweet potatoes - Can be used as a substitute for curse words.

e.g., Oh, sweet potatoes. I forgot my math homework and left it at home.

submitted by Tobiluvswaffles

sweeterness - Sweet or cool, awesome, amazing, etc.

e.g., We're going to a concert tommorrow? Sweeterness.

submitted by Francesca

sweetkraut - A friendly German or person of German descent. | Flavored cooked and sweetened sauerkraut; an especially amiable, friendly, agreeable German chap.

e.g., August Leupold was a Sweetkraut. At his wake there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers signed Beloved Landlord! A very rare person. || In Heidelberg we came to know this splendid fellow, a veritable sweetkraut, who took us everywhere and showed us everything. | You should have tasted Gretchen's special sweetkraut, not sour, but oh so flavorful, to live for.

submitted by Frank Mandriota | Paul Edic - (www)

sweevil - Simultaneously sweet and evil.

e.g., Cats are so sweevil--they scratch the hell out of you one minute and curl up on your lap for a nap the next.

submitted by anon

swelding - An ancient Pagan apple festival originating in Bradford, Yorkshire, Northern England. It is traditionally held on the night of the first full moon in November. It is accompanied with much feasting on apple-based dishes, much drinking of cider and, most importantly, the Swelding Fire, on which the Swelding Apple is burned to offer thanks to the great orchard Goddess Pomona for the recent harvest and ask for a peaceful winter and a plentiful harvest next year. Records in the county archive in Skipton show that the festival has been held in the town every year since 1145.

e.g., The good folk made merry at their annual Swelding. Everyone present was thrilled at the size of the Swelding Fire.

submitted by David Ford

swell-o-dellic - Really really cool, awesome, hip. . . .

e.g., My eye smells swell-o-dellic, just like scented candles.

submitted by Todd Hickethier

swellegant - Anything that is simultaneously 'swell,' clever or insightful and 'elegant,' graceful or glamourous.

e.g., A dress for a glamourous occasion purchased at a thrift store for $5; cross-browser javascript that reduces 38 lines of code to 7, a spatula that is contoured to fit both your favorite skillet and the curve of your significant other with a fondness for spanking -- these are all swellegant things.

submitted by mark

swendifed - Spinning around on a swing and subsequently getting a body part caught in the chain, causing pain and damage.

e.g., I swendifed my finger and it hurts.

submitted by Rachel Olivecrona

swenson - When you really mess something up.

e.g., I can't believe you answered my phone and told my girl I was out with another babe. You really Swensoned me on that one!

submitted by Crimson Tide

swerf - You can use this word to describe someone or something good, bad, weird, etc. This the most flexible word not at It is possible to use this word in every context possible.

e.g., You think you are swerf, but your wife is playing you for a fool.

submitted by Vincent Godslayer

swerve - To blow off friends, cancel plans, or simply not show up.

e.g., Andrea really swerved us tonight...she was supposed to meet us at the bar.

submitted by Jillian

swervice - Lack of service in an environment where it's expected -- such as when a waiter or waitress completely blows you off.

e.g., That restaurant is full of rude waiters who've perfected the art of swervice.

submitted by Christopher Kenton - (www)

swervy - Cool, groovy, fun.

e.g., This is a swervy party.

submitted by Knots - (www)

swet - Sweet, 31337 (elite).

e.g., That rogue is swet.

submitted by Travis McCormack

swick - To "do it up" or "to make it so." Very equivocal word, open to interpretation. Often used in conjunction with "it."

e.g., We were looking at renovating a run-down house. When I saw yours, I told Bob that we could easily swick it and sell it for way more.

submitted by Dan

swick - Sweet and sick. For describing something that you like. Most teens use "sweet" and "sick" in everyday talk, so I decided to put the two together.

e.g., That's a pretty swick car you got there. I got some swick air when I hit the jump on my snowboard.

submitted by Mario Sepulveda

swicked - Sweet + wicked.

e.g., He's swicked at skateboarding.

submitted by April

swiftboat - According to Ann Coulter, to swiftboat is to produce "irrefutable evidence that a Democrat is lying."

e.g., "In liberal-speak, only a Democrat can be swiftboated. Democrats are 'swiftboated'; Republicans are 'guilty.' So as an honorary Republican, Hillary isn't being swiftboated; she's just lying."

submitted by HD Fowler

swiftorific - Like super cool, but even cooler than that.

e.g., Hey, your new Lamborghini Diablo is swiftorific.

submitted by Steve-O

swifty - Swell and nifty combined.

e.g., Isn't mine a swifty word?

submitted by Cap Chaos - (www)

swiggle - To swallow a beverage and immediately commence giggling in a way such that the beverage is ejected from either the consumer's nose, or in the form of drooling at the mouth.

e.g., Sitting at the table, her brother-in-law was telling a hilarious story. The punchline came just as she had taken a drink of milk, and she swiggled all over the steaming dinner.

submitted by A. Gagne

swiggledawhizz - What you call a person who's a complete jerk, but is so cool everybody loves her. «See Rich Boy, Primadonna, and Horrible Lovable Wonky-Tonky Slumwhack.»

e.g., I can't believe Mom invited so many swiggledawhizz to my party. I'll never forgive her. Never. «Emma's too polite to call any of her friends a swiggledawhizz, but she apparently knows several. »

submitted by Emma - (www)

swiggling - A combination of swerving and wiggling.

e.g., The motorbike was swiggling all over the road.

submitted by LaTOK

swillimminence - The warm, fuzzy feeling that one experiences in the last hour before leaving for after-work drinks.

e.g., Since she knew that her sexy workmate Horace would be at the bar, Rhonda was overcome by swillimminence as 5:30 approached.

submitted by Brendan Hunter

swillin' - Getting drunk. Can also be a question: Swillin'? = Are you drinking?

e.g., It's Sat'day, you swillin'?

submitted by bob

swim upstream - To travel a long distance to meet with a boyfriend or girlfriend, inspired by the lengths salmon go to mate.

e.g., I soon tired of swimming upstream, so we moved in together -- after getting married first. Not the way it's done anymore, eh?

submitted by Greg

swimabratics - Swimming whilist doing acrobatics.

e.g., Did you see the commonwealth games today? I did enjoy the swimabratics.

submitted by Jemima Parry

swimmer's ear rainstorm - Extremely heavy rain, in a wind blowing so hard that your ears fill up with water as if you were submerged in a swimming pool.

e.g., I had little choice but to run out to my car even though what had come up unexpectedly was a swimmer's ear rainstorm. Since I had left my windows down, the interior of my car might have filled up with water in only a few minutes.

submitted by HD Fowler

swindle - To cheat or to deceive.

e.g., You have been swindled if you bought a dictionary that does not contain the word "swindle." "Swindle" is a common word meaning "to cheat or defraud."

submitted by Ritesh Vasani - (www)

swinemerchant - Person who stinks so bad you can smell where she's been.

e.g., Damn, you stink! Time to take a shower, swinemerchant.

submitted by Milkman

swineous - Exceedingly messy, swine-like.

e.g., The swineous condition of his bathroom caused even stouthearted guests to quail.

submitted by IMG

swinery - A place where they produce bacon wine.

e.g., We drove past the swinery as quickly as possible to avoid the smell.

submitted by Jenne - (www)

swineslurry - gelatin liquid in cans of Spam.

e.g., Swineslurry tastes like salty mucus.

submitted by Jeff

swinging dick - "A man; specifically (more fully big swinging dick) a successful, arrogant, ambitious, or aggressively bold man (also occasionally used of a woman)." {Duplicate.}

e.g., From The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, p. 173: "He's an action character, a swinging dick. If I was ripping something off, if I needed a gun, a soldier, I would hire him right away. If I had a submachine gun, for instance, that needed a shooter, I wouldn't hesitate to put him behind it. Guts to burn."

From The Autobiography of Billy McCune, p. 55:"Every swinging dick, before he was sworn in, knew what the verdict would be, as they read in the Star-Telegram where the state would demand the death penalty. No doubt about it. Billy McCune was a rapist and had to be exterminated. All the… ..."

From James Crumley's One to Count Cadence: "'I got every one of them, man, every last swinging dick.' He danced around my room as if he needed to pee. 'Wait a minute. Slow down. Sit down and let me know who has got whom where.' He swung a chair in front of the bunk, straddled it…."

Memphis, Nam, Sweden, p. 77:"Out from those holes. We were not missing. We were not missing one swinging dick. Party time. Red smoke right over us? Fuck it. We're on the same side. They can't hit us. We're partying, babe. Oooh, get some, Jack, get some motherfuckers."

submitted by HD Fowler

swingnut - A radical political ideologue (a wingnut) with enough power to swing a debate or election.

e.g., The vote was so narrowly divided along party lines that in the end it was decided by a swingnut who traded his vote for a pork barrel project.

submitted by Christopher Kenton - (www)

swip - Beads of sweat collecting on the upper lip. Nota bene: The 'sw' prefix can also be added to any other sweat-collecting body part to form new words.

e.g., It's so hot out today, I'm getting swip.

submitted by knottykate

swiped out - Inability to retrieve money from an ATM because of lack of funds.

e.g., I tried to get some money from the cash machine, but I was all swiped out

submitted by DAVID HELMINK

swircle - N: A swerving circle. V: To swerve and circle at the same time.

e.g., The car exited the highway onto the swircle. We swircled around the on-ramp until we reached InterState 75 Southbound.

submitted by Sarah Wild - (www)

swirl - Vague uneasiness or angst.

e.g., The reorganization of the department has caused a lot of swirl.

submitted by Matthew

swirlolly - Those swirly lollipops that young children can't resist licking.

e.g., Whoa, that swirlolly cost $4.00.

submitted by Farah

swisnoffy - This word is an adjective, meaning silly. The noun form is swisnoff. Originated when I was trying to read my friend's poem, and instead of reading "swish of", I read swisnoff.

e.g., That dog looks so swisnoffy in that silly Halloween costume!

submitted by Renee

swiss - High quality. Like a Swiss watch.

e.g., Nathan's tennis game was like swiss.

submitted by Donn

swiss - When something is so simple that you can't understand it. Pronounced "Sweiss."

e.g., That math question was swiss.

submitted by Fei Ni

swiss army juice - Commercially sold beverage, often in aseptic packs, consisting of an unlikely blend of numerous fruit juices -- e.g., strawberry banana mango juice.

e.g., Jason stuck the straw into a pack of Swiss army juice and sucked at it moodily while waiting for his mom to drive him to school.

submitted by Passing4human

swiss army wife - The Swiss army wife is a synonym of jaqueline-of-all-trades (which see). The Swiss army wife is the female form of jack-of-all-trades, and more so. She is a role-switcher on steroids -- who relishes outshining men in the traditionally male dominated pursuits -- such as framing a house, putting up sheet rock, electrical wiring, plumbing, and drinking beer. She is a veritable jaqueline-of-all-trades. Meanwhile, her husband, if she's married, has learned to adapt and even relish his role as househusband, only being sure to have a hot home-cooked meal ready when she arrives, pooped and sweaty, demanding a cold beer.

e.g., That's my Jackie -- my Swiss army wife. She supports me, keeps the refrigerator stocked with food and beer, does all the things on my jackie-do list, and works circles around most men, including me! My Swiss army wife works from sun to sun. All I have to do is everything else -- my work is never done!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

switched on - An exclamation used to describe something that is cool, neat, or interesting in general.

e.g., Those mittens are soo switched on. I know, I got them at this switched on store in the mall.

submitted by amanda & kirsten - (www)

switzerland - Used as an interjection in conversation when someone is asking you to take sides and you don't want to be involved.

e.g., "Hey, Sis, could you tell Mom and Dad to lay off me and my girlfriend?" Reply: "Switzerland."

submitted by Jason Haynes - (www)

swivet - British expression: what you work yourself into when you are upset. American equvalent=tizzy.

e.g., He rally got himself into a swivet because no one was paying any mind to the instructions he gave.

submitted by Stephen Mize

swiz - Cool, but to the highest level. (adjective) |  
Alternative spelling swizz. "Schoolboy slang for a cheat, scam, or disappointing outcome." Cheat. Con. Rig. Rip off, rip-off. Swindle. Disappointment. |

  1. "Something that is disappointing or unfair." |
  2. "A thing that is disappointing or represents a mild swindle." |
  3. "Something that makes you feel disappointed or feel you have been treated unfairly." |
  4. "Something that makes you feel disappointed and as though you have been deceived."
Neither form is seen very often as a common noun these days, but Swizz can readily be found as a substitute for Swiss and either as a monicker, nickname, or surname. Swiz., of course, is a common abbreviation for Switzerland. Checking >80 pages of ghits yielded only about a dozen examples of use as a common noun, but hundreds as a proper noun. As swizz, a shortened form of swizzle, it's also used to refer to alcoholic drinks. Ever heard of a swizzle stick?

e.g., Your new bike is swiz, Sydney. |  

  1. Don't eat that stuff. It's nothing but yellow swiz. |
  2. "That packet only had ten sweets in it; what a swizz." |
  3. "That's what swizz quiz fatcats will have to give to charity." |
  4. Nigel Molesworth: "A chiz is a swiz or a swindle, as any fule kno." |
  5. "I mean, B D was quite reasonable really, and most of those Beach places are a terrible swiz." |
  6. "The big bad Red Riding Hood book swizz gets worse. . . . Swizzerdoodle. Who do we have to complain to now?" |
  7. "Greenblatt's a fine storyteller but I'm not convinced by the simplicity of his tale. The shining hook of the title is a bit of a swizz." |
  8. "This is a small-scale swindle or con. If you opened your eight-pack of KitKats and there were only seven, you might mutter 'that's a bloody swizz.'" |
  9. The iPhone swizz: "And why will you only be able to redeem your credit against a purchase at an Apple Store? What a swizz." |
  10. "But Political Picnics with fireworks, and plenty of swiz ain't 'arf bad." Musa Pedestris -- Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes [1536 - 1896] |
  11. "The thing is, it's a swiz. It seems to be offering you something, but actually it's taking something away. Your intelligence and your concentration, every minute you watch it. That's a true swiz, do you see?" |
  12. "I mean, what an utter swizz. Mind you, even online you have to be quick -- I had no sooner dumped my Vivienne Westwood pea coat into my virtual shopping basket than someone invisible (the irony!) gazumped me and suddenly it was out of stock." |
  13. "If you were told to phone a number to win a prize, would you do it? Yang Li did and it was a total swizz!" . . . "Yes, a swizz. A swizz is a scheme that tricks people to make money. Like this company is making you call an expensive phone line -- it's a swizz." |
  14. "A delightfully honest woman at the Sport's reader services department told Sorted: 'I think it's a bit of a swiz.'" Sorted: Not very Sporting by Penman, Andrew; Alford, Dawn / The Mirror (London, England) |
  15. Dave Phillips: I haven't heard anybody but my mother use swizz. A swizz is a swindle (con) or something that fails to give value to money. I live in London and haven't heard it around here so think it is more used in the North of England, (Yorkshire, Greater Manchester). It probably isn't used by youths either. |
  16. “Now, there’s Jimmy Simpk’ns. ’E tell me only the other day that every time ’e takes a dose o’ cod liver oil ’is ol’ woman puts a penny in ’is money box. ’E must be gettin’ rich.” “No, I ain’t!” bawled Jimmy. “W’y, I’ve found out it’s all a swiz! When it gets ter ’arf a crown, she takes it out and buys anuvver bottle.”
  17. "My only criticism would be that due to the very nature of the story, the film begins to feel repetitive and less interesting as it rolls towards its climax, and a couple of the more unbelievable moments have clearly been invented by the film-makers rather than taken from reality, which always seems a bit of a swiz in a 'true' story." JONATHAN ROSS AT THE MOVIES: THRILLS OF THE CHASE by The Mirror (London, England) |
  18. "One of the Chancellor's key aides has said that an investment product marketed to retail clients by Barclays is a 'swizz' and that the Government should look at some form of 'kitemark' for complicated savings products so savers were protected. Greg Hands, personal private secretary to George Osborne and a junior member of the Treasury, said he had been offered the structured bond from Barclays as he was a customer of their stockbroking division. He said the complicated nature of the product revealed that banks still had a long way to go to make their offers transparent and suitable for investors." |

submitted by Sydney | HD Fowler - (www)

swizzle - Recklessly weaving through traffic at a rate above the speed limit.

e.g., I do the "block" thing as often as I can when I see some moron swizzling up from behind. I get great satisfaction from shuttin' 'em down.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

swole - Having a well-developed physique; muscular. Corruption of "swollen"--because of the large size of muscles.

e.g., Ingemar sure is swole. His biceps are twice the size of mine.

submitted by Resie

swooby - Appealing or pleasing, especially visually. May be specifically used to describe something organic, fractal, or colorful in nature.

e.g., When Team Sonique announced the development of Version 2, they included in their list of features a user interface engine that can be used to create swooby visuals.

submitted by Air Hadoken

swoony - A light-headed, head-spinny, twirly state of being that usually results from contact with someone to whom you are attracted.

e.g., When he told me my shoelaces were untied, I got all swoony.

submitted by christine - (www)

swoops - A declaration made to a room full of people, informing them that they will be severely beaten if they occupy your seat upon your return.

e.g., Swoops, you freaks. I'm just going to the fridge.

submitted by DJ Mod

swoose - Not a goose or a swan, but a hybrid between the two. Very uncommon and is probably infertile.

e.g., I've seen only one bird in my life, that I thought might be a swoose. It had a long neck, was mostly white and gave an odd sort of call.

submitted by Steve McDonald

sword-chucks - The combination of swords and nunchucks. You can't really hold them because the handles are sword blades. Made famous by Brain Clevinger's fighter character from 8-Bit Theater (

e.g., I'll vanquish you with my sword-chucks, villain. That is, if I don't slice off my own hand first.

submitted by Mike Sacco

swordeography - (Also swordography, n.) 1. The choreography of sword-fighting, for movies and plays and such; also, more generally, 2. fight choreography for fights with hand-to-hand weapons of any sort. [Coined by a little boy from "sword" + "eography" (from "choreography," as in fight choreography).] Agentive: swordeographer, swordographer. Also "fighteography," "fightography."

e.g., The Hero movie has some amazing swordeography.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

swordfight - Phallic reference used to describe an ironic occurrence or situation in which a large crowd of frat boys, or other amorous male zeroes, inadvertently chases away all appealing females from a bar or social venue. The witless participants in a swordfight are known as swordsmen or swashbucklers.

e.g., Upon entering an establishment, "Good Lord! A swordfight. Next place." OR Swashbucklers! the lifeboats!

submitted by tw

swork - Sweating while working under the extreme influence of caffeine.

e.g., Bob, slow down on the coffee, you're sworking is freaking me out.

submitted by lthrbls

sworp - A state of restlessness in which a person runs, jumps, or otherwise engages in physical exertion while daydreaming in order to amuse herself.

e.g., I haven't had anything to do all day but sworp.

submitted by The Travster

swot - Combination of sweet and hot. | An intelligent person who's always studying. | "An insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or studying excessively." | "Today's word is for all speakers aside from those who use British English; this is a well-known member of British slang. It is sometimes spelled swat, and may be used to refer to a person who studies hard all the time. The person may be called a swotter, too. This word may also be used as a regular verb: swot, swots, swotting, and swotted 'to study hard,' which often occurs with the particle up: 'to swot up Shakespeare.'"

e.g., Steve Zahn is so swot in that new Drew Barrymore movie. || She is a complete SWOT, never out of her books. || "Every time he begged off a night at the pub -- saying he had to study -- his mates teased him for being a swot." | She had a well-deserved reputation for being a swot. | For me to follow what you've written, I'm sure I'd have to swat up undergraduate mathematics.

submitted by Gaylebird | michelle | Lillith

swucky - Sweaty and yucky.

e.g., My wife won't touch me after exercising because I'm all swucky.

submitted by Wendy

swuggle - the culmination of the words "swig," "guzzle," and "swallow." used primarily when one is caught in between deciding which of the three words to use.

e.g., "Barb, can I please have a swuggle of your beer?"

submitted by eric groves

swunt - In baseball, it is a combination of a swing, and a bunt. You go to lay down a bunt, and push that bat forward making a swinging action. Ideally, placing the ball between second base and the pitcher.

e.g., The cleanup hitter (4th in the line-up) placed a perfect swunt between the second baseman and the pitcher, getting himself to first safely.

submitted by Chris Sullivan

sycocophony - A cacophony of sycophancy. Sucking up, or brown-nosing on a large scale. Often involving many participants.

e.g., The BBC and Tabloid coverage of the Royal wedding was a sycocophony.

submitted by calum

syg-syg - Screwing you get (for the) screwing you gave.

e.g., Sorry, you lost your house and all. That's SYG-SYG.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

syllambany - (n., also "colligature") A form of retroduction (q.v.) in which, given a particular set of facts, one hypothesizes a theory to cover the facts.

e.g., "[C]onsider the facts. Is it a coincidence that [the body was] found at the very point where the train pitches and sways as it comes round on the points? Is not that the place where an object upon the roof might be expected to fall off? The points would affect no object inside the train. Either the body fell from the roof, or a very curious coincidence has occurred. But now consider the question of the blood. Of course, there was no bleeding on the line if the body had bled elsewhere. Each fact is suggestive in itself. Together they have a cumulative force.” “And the ticket, too!” I cried. “Exactly. We could not explain the absence of a ticket. This would explain it. Everything fits together.” (from Conan-Doyle's Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans." | "Wow, look at Jackson's house: the mailbox is full; there's newspapers piled up on the front porch; but his car's still there." "Maybe he's dead in there." "Maybe he's been kidnapped by aliens" "Both of those theories cover the facts, but I don't know ..." "Oh, stop it: this is easily settled: let's go and look."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

symblem - an emblem depicting a symbol

e.g., All police cars have a symblem on their door.

submitted by Todd Peterson

symbolminded - Of those who tend to think in terms of symbols, ideas, the abstract, meaning, the hypothetical and possible, more than anything else.

e.g., He was a bright kid who seemed rather quiet and reserved. It turned out he was not the least simpleminded -- symbolminded was much closer to the truth. In fact, he turned out to be a genius Now aren't you jealous, you numbskull?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

sympanthaumatos - (Rhymes with sim-pan-ta-MATT-dose (or, more Greekly, sym-pawn-cow-POT-dose); n.) The Marvel Comics universe, which seems to have taken control of a significant share of the modern motion picture industry. [From Greek σύμπαν sympan "the universe, all things" + θαύματος thaumatos "of [a] marvel": literally, the "universe of marvel" or the "marvel universe."] The adjective form would be "sympanthaumatic," and the process of somethings becoming, entering, or being made part of the marvel universe would be "sympanthaumasis."

e.g., It seems like i can't turn around without bumping into the sympanthaumatos: Everything's Thor, X-Men, and Captain America. I don't see much of the DC comics world; it's all sympanthaumatos.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

sympathy orchestra - Symphony orchestra, as said by Teddy May -- "Chew-tobacco Teddy" -- famed New York sewer worker. | An orchestra where the musicians aren't good enough to play with a first class orchestra. Sympathy band.

e.g., "Ernie is an eclectic (240v) musician who has played in many styles: strong quartets, sympathy orchestras, coral societies, rhythm & jews, country & eastern, muddle of the road, jatz, sole, Skittish, Irush, Geek, bash music, butcher shop quartets - and more. (He is also a master of the word processor.) A passionate and emotional player, he weeps at the sound of a minor chord." | I tried out, but I ended up in the sympathy band, the White Band.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

symporium - meeting of a group of people in a small area

e.g., The teachers went to a symporium this year

submitted by Jeremiah Shoemate

sympsychosis - A union of two or more people who are psychologically dependent on each other, like living entities are in symbiosis; close and long-term interaction making them emotionally inseparable (cf. symbiosis). adj. sympsychotic.

e.g., The sympsychosis between spouses can either strengthen or destroy their personalities. The sympsychosis between spouses often leads both of them to a nervous breakdown. Dostoevsky masterfully presented sympsychotic relationships among his characters, such as Myshkin, Nastasya and Rogozhin in "The Idiot."

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

syn-lapses - Synergistic unwholesomeness at the speed of thought.

e.g., "Check this out, Byron! See Desmond over there ogling the well-endowed under-clad ladies that just walked in!" Byron: "What? Where?" "Byron, you and Desmond both have your syn-lapses overloaded!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

synaesthought - Relating to telepathy, empathy, and synaesthesia, the synaesthought is the concept of a mind's (neuronal) ability to interpret someone else's thought, feeling, or ethereal emanation into something else; as a synaesthete might hear colour, one experiencing a synaesthought might feel someone else's joy as pain (unintentionally).

e.g., His synaesthought reaction to her tears meant that everything he saw was red.

submitted by Isolated Icarus

synagurgle - The throaty sound made by a Jewish infant during the worship service.

e.g., The toddler's synagurgles could be heard across the temple.

submitted by Tony Raper

synapse lapse - More commonly -- and less politely -- referred to as a brain fart. Mature moment, senior moment, etc.

e.g., I know her name as well as I know the back of my hand, but I can't think of it right now. Rat's ass, these synapse lapses are occurring more and more often as I approach my three-score-and-ten.

submitted by HD Fowler

synapse-collapse - A random blurb of nothingness. Same as synapse lapse.

e.g., You know when you . . . uhhh . . . uhhh . . . I just had a synapse-collapse.

submitted by Palmer - (www)

synaptime - The period of time your brain is not capable of functioning while you are waiting for your computer (restart, long download, etc.)

e.g., Determined to deal with his unproductive synaptime, Bill experimented with a pencil and paper.

submitted by Nick Pudar

synavorous - Tentative, uptight, nervous, or defensive.

e.g., When told he would not receive his promotion, my co-worker adopted a very synavorous attitude.

submitted by Joanna Klein

synchophants - Sycophants in synchronization. Then there are psychopants, of course.

e.g., "These synchophants deserve the lower and lower ratings they are receiving. It's simply disgusting."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

synchrospread - The condition of every clock in the house displaying a slightly different time.

e.g., Because of the synchrospread, I wasn't really sure if I was running late.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

syncretinize - To blend so many divergent ideas together that you sound like an idiot.

e.g., Nowadays, Hitler's writing is viewed as nothing more than syncretinized babble.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

syncronitony - A telephone ring tone that is the same as a song playing on the radio or other device, especially if it leads to a missed call.

e.g., Hi baby, I was just thinking about you, the radio just played our song. No, I'm in my car. No, I haven't been out of my car . . . no I . . . baby I . . . there ain't no other woman baby, honest . . . well, same to you, beeyatch! . . . What's this missed call? 5 minutes ago? Aw shoot, musta been syncronitony.

submitted by joel garry - (www)

synesis - A real noun: " a construction in which an expected grammatical agreement in form is replaced by an agreement in meaning, as in The crowd rose to their feet, where a plural pronoun is used to refer to a singular noun."

e.g., I do my best to avoid synesis by making sure I never use they, their, and them to refer to singular antecedents. I'd rather be grammatically correct than politically correct. (Yeah, I know -- there are lots of folks out there who insist on the historical use of those words as singular pronouns. I refuse to give in on this one.) |

Brus, February 17, 2012, 3:39pm: "Synesis may not bother you too much, but I sure am pleased to learn that in America you edit it out when it isn't wanted. I have not lost that many nights' sleep over it either, but I make it a point to show it the door whenever an example comes my way and I am in a position to do so. Otherwise I just grumble about it. Syneses! Don't you just hate them!" |

I'm not sure, but I think these may be examples of synesis: "The caller did not leave their number" and "The boy left their socks in the box." |

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

synnefoides - (n., pronounced sin-ni-FOY-deez in English, from the Greek ¦Ò¦Ô¦Í¦Í¦Å¦Õ¦Ï¦É¦Ä¦Åς (which is pronounced /s¨¹nnefoidiz/) Literally "a son of [the] cloud": anyone who grew up during the Cold War, in fear of mushroom clouds. Also: mycosynnefoides "child of [the] mushroom cloud" or just mycoides "son of [the] mushroom" (but that last bespeaks growing up in the 60s rather more than during the longer Cold War of which the 60s was a small but significant part). A closely related word is synnephobia or mycosynnephobia "fear of the [mushroom] cloud."

e.g., The Iron Giant portrays the synnefoidean mindset of the 50s.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

synonymize - To restate substituting synonyms. The real word "synonymize": "To analyze or provide the synonyms of (words or a word)."

e.g., Synonymizing deathless prose is a good way to kill it. Is that a paradox? | Caution: Do not attempt to synonymize deathless prose at home. That is a job only for professional stunt writers . . . or copy editors.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

synonymphomaniac - A sexually insatiable woman who, out of a distorted sense of competition, will only associate with other women who exhibit a similar lack of impulse control.

e.g., Did you know that Kira slept with the same exact guys that Rhonda did? They're both a couple of synonymphomaniacs.

submitted by Saint714 - (www)

synonyms for stupid - If you spout enough stupid things, your name may become a synonym for stupid.

Pat Dollard: And if Chris Matthews is so smart, why did he react with incredulity when Bush said Iran was actively arming the insurgency in Iraq, just this January? Liberals with high IQs tend to be dumb as boxes of hair on most issues because they have been taught to suppress truth and logic in the service of political correctness, and have been ideologically polluted and twisted. Once you’ve been brainwashed to think within the confines of certain liberal conceits, it doesn’t matter a flying fuck how high your potential IQ is, your thoughts are corrupt.

e.g., Some so-called journalists names may soon become synonyms for stupid.

submitted by HD Fowler

synsimulorate - The phenomenon of two people saying the same word at the same time.

e.g., In Romanian folklore when anybody synsimulorates, a devil dies. Not the devil, just a minor one I guess, like a fairy dying if you say they don't exist.

submitted by malvino - (www)

syntactocentric - To be unecessarily concerened with syntax in language.

e.g., Chomsky's theories on language are not syntactocentric.

submitted by Jeff

synth - A computer-generated composite 3-D image.

e.g., Do the base images for synths usually come from videos? How else could you get enough images for a good one?

submitted by Betsy - (www)

synthesthetic - Marked by a notable capacity to synthesize new and novel intellectual or behavioral constructions.

e.g., As a social innovator drawing inspiration from disparate sources, Jill's capacity for synthesthetic behaviors earned her admiration from a few and condemnation from the shallow many.

submitted by Michael Collins - (www)

synthoramic - An unbroken view of a synthesized surrounding area; a comprehensive virtual presentation.

e.g., On connecting to the machine, her view of the world became synthoramic.

submitted by Afront

syotb - See you on the beach. The tagline used by a poster to a forum I used to visit, Bill Lohan. …

e.g., SYOTB. |

From: HD
To: Undisclosed recipients
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 9:11 PM
Subject: One of my favorite writers on the forum died yesterday

-- a retired Marine Sergeant (E-8), Bill Lohan, about 75, among the most popular posters on the forum.

His wife (he called her Puddin') went into his office late yesterday and found some names he had written on scraps of paper -- names of some Members he had been engaging in exchanges just a couple of hours earlier. He had seen something going wrong on the forum and was taking the lead (in a mentoring way) to set things right. A neighbor helped his wife open a posting account, and she wrote that he had passed away.

I decided to go back this morning and read some of the things he had written. I think I have unconsciously avoided posting to any threads after he does, because there's not always much left to say if he's been there first. A couple met through the forum and got married several months ago. I didn't notice at the time, but he did. This was shorter than many of his posts, but typical of the gentle wisdom he shared.

Posted Sun 06 February 2005 08:26

And may I offer the following formular for achieving happiness. Get a good night's sleep to include a little snooze in bed after the time you should be getting up and when you do rise there is nothing like a good caress from your chosen partner in life to aid in starting the day right. As frequently as possible enjoy a hearty breakfast and/or a good cup of coffee with your love visible across the table from you, and do not be afraid to touch a hand, a cheek, hold an arm, kiss a forehead, or to just gently squeeze a shoulder to let your partner know he/she is not alone. Believe me, it is from such simple gestures, not expensive gifts, that will come long lasting and true happiness in marriage for such are reflections of true love which in order to grow must be nutured. Marital bliss does not just magically happen, it is created by caring partners. God Bless and may your walk through life be pleasant and long. Salute!


Now I am going to set all the living room furniture back, put my tape of Skip to My Lou in the tape player, find my Puddin', take her by the hand, lead her to the living room and on the count of three whirl her in my arms about the room a bit. She will fein resistance to my actions and claim she has not time for such nonsence but its such nonsense that create for her great memories which she pleasurably shares those not locked in her heart with friends. Think I will include Beautiful Dreamer for it is slow and I can hold her close.

Catch you later | Love | SYOTB,

HD | Dad

submitted by HD Fowler

syrup-titiousness - The foolish and mischievous belief that saccharine-sweet phony kindness is the best way to win friends and influence people.

e.g., Lennox, look at the way Aloysius sucks up to the principal. What a smooth operator. What syrup-titiousness.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

syruptitious - Sneaky use of syrup.

e.g., That was syruptitious crumpet thievery, Becky.

submitted by Rebecca Scarborough

syzergise - To go round and round in ever decreasing circles until you disappear.

e.g., Bertram was so frustrated with Fred that he wished he would go away. Bertram shouted, "Fred, syzergise."

submitted by peter stevens

szolvaal - A rockless desert.

e.g., The bushman could find no projectiles for his sling; he was deep within a szolvaal.

submitted by Ty Evans

szplug - An interjection, usually expressing discontent.

e.g., Szplug! I dropped a hammer on my foot.

submitted by craNKGod - (www)

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