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smursing - Smashing and cursing inanimate objects that refuse to work or get in our way.

e.g., Dave has been in his cubicle for the last 30 minutes smursing his computer.

submitted by Jeff Higginbotham - (www)

smushed - Combination of smashed and mushed.

e.g., I smushed my head on the pavement when I fell off my bike.

submitted by Michael Kivari

smut beam, grope - Used by Evan Morris to refer to the two types of screening available at airport gates.

e.g., Well, I'm thinkin' that for a man the Grope might be considerably more pleasurable than the Smut Beam. Besides, you're not likely to be exposing your shortcomings to as many people.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

smut mining - Scouring the Internet for downloadable Porn.

e.g., Hey Dave what ya doing? Smut Mining!

submitted by The Great Mutato

smutglut - An oversupply of smut; this can lead to one being immune, or indifferent, to smut.

e.g., Many porn stars experience smutglut.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

smutterflies - 1. Feeling of nervousness or excitement before a sexual encounter. 2. Period of sexual infatuation at the start of a relationship.

e.g., 1. I've got smutterflies in my stomach. 2. Barbie and Ken are still in the smutterflies stage.

submitted by Ian - (www)

sna - A questioning statement. Approximately equivilent to "What was that again?" Usually used after a pause where one attempts to understand what was just said.

e.g., "If you re-compile your kernel and reinstall PHP you won't have all these troubles with name-based virtual hosting." "Sna?""

submitted by Irrational

snaaps - A word that displays excitement or surprise.

e.g., Oh, snapps, what you just did was crazy.

submitted by Will

snaat - To squeeze the last sizeable amount from the tube of toothpaste and not replace it with a new tube.

e.g., Alan's continued snaating began to irritate those forced to use the bathroom after him.

submitted by Lesley - (www)

snack - Meal.

e.g., What's for snack?

submitted by Magda Wojtyra - (www)

snackage - a generic term for munchies, nuts, biscuits, crisps or any insubstantial foodstuffs of little nutritional value, usually consumed while drinking or watching TV. Pronounced with emphasis on second syllable.

e.g., "Since you're buying, I'll have a pint of lager. And get some assorted snackage while you're at it."

submitted by Paul-Michael Agapow - (www)

snackmosphere - "That fresh puff of air when you open a new bag of chips, that smells so fresh and crunchy"

e.g., "As I opened the bag of Doritos, the smell of the nacho cheesy snackmosphere made my mouth water and my stomach grumble."

submitted by Christo914

snackuum - The co-worker who comes to an office-do and quickly consumes all the tastiest snacks.

e.g., At last week's efficiency seminar Jenny ate all the Tim-Tams, annoying snackuum that she is.

submitted by ashsimmonds

snackwrap - Cuddling under a blanket with your significant other.

e.g., Hey, baby, would you like to snackwrap later?

submitted by Jared

snad - Bad, horrid, or rubbish.

e.g., Can you believe it? Some reviewers thought _Kill Bill_ was snad. I thought it was cool.

submitted by Louise

snaddy - Snail-mail address. Started by author, Piers Anthony.

e.g., He doesn't have e-mail so he gave me his snaddy.

submitted by DJ

snadman - A personification of the entity that causes one to go to sleep.

e.g., I was going to do my homework, but the snadman got me before I finished.

submitted by jlgm34

snaffalan - Expression for when a situation combines both randomness and order. Snaffalized: bringing a different approach to a tired, exhausted, and conformist method.

e.g., Well, since we had an unexpected turn for the better because of an absolutley random event, I'd say we were fortunte in the way we were snaffalized.

submitted by John O'Neill - (www)

snaffle - To steal or obtain by cheating or lying.

e.g., 1. I snaffled a better return on my tax return last year. 2. Jim snaffled Bob's girlfriend last night by telling her he was trying out for the Giants.

submitted by Blue Hornet

snafty - Not useful in any way whatsoever despite claims to the contrary, though possessing a certain novelty attraction.

e.g., That programmable 8-track cassette player with LCD display is pretty snafty.

submitted by steven vernau

snafu - Situation Normal: All Fucked Up. Military term thought to have originated during WWII.

e.g., An army unit goes to Italy on a training mission. When they get there, they discover all their maps are of Florida. The 1st Lt. tells his men, "Just another SNAFU."

submitted by Dennis - (www)

snag - To achieve one's goal or obtain something sought after.

e.g., I finally snagged that '65 mustang I've been after.

submitted by jeff smallwood - (www)

snaggle - Microscopic germy or dirty organism that you can't see but know that is there just waiting to inflict any of a myriad of physical ailments--allergies, itchy rashes, etc.

e.g., The couple almost gagged at the thought of sleeping in the hotel's snaggle-filled mattress. The snaggly gas station bathroom seemed never to have been exposed to cleaning products.

submitted by Krista Beerman

snail - (v.) 1. to go really slowly; 2. to go cautiously with a prudence out of all proportion with the possible danger; 3. to hide from anything that might upset you. [Back-formation from "snail-mail.]

e.g., You know, waiting in line at Disneyland is nothing but snailing for an hour and a half, after which you 'enjoy' a ride only 10 minutes long. | "What are you doing going so slowly?" "I don't want him to see us crossing his lawn." "He's in Jamaica, there's no one to see us; so stop snailing."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

snail jockey - Mailman. (From "snail mail.")

e.g., My dog bit the snail jockey yesterday, so I'll be using e-mail exclusively for a while.

submitted by Bruce Hurley

snail spam - Old-fashioned junk mail.

e.g., I don't know why the US Postal Service is still operating ... all they deliver nowadays is snail spam.

submitted by David Shaffer

snail-addy - Slang for regular postal mail address.

e.g., What's your snail-addy?

submitted by shelby lane

snailmail - Regular postal mail, rather than everyday e-mail.

e.g., I'll be sending you a note via snail mail.

submitted by Noreen - (www)

snain - Occurs when it is snowing, but not cold enough to form actual flakes. The rain is too cold to remain liquid and becomes semi-frozen; the result being half snow, half rain.

e.g., Nothing is worse than walking home when its snaining out.

submitted by Dorian

snain - Occurs when it is snowing, but not cold enough to form actual flakes, but the rain is too cold to remain liquid and becomes semi-frozen; the result being half snow, half rain.

e.g., Nothing is worse than walking home when its snaining out.

submitted by Dorian

snake - To trick someone into giving or trading something for less than it's worth.

e.g., Watch out for Chris. You may think you're getting a good deal, but chances are you're being snaked.

submitted by rick

snake room - Not in the Canadian Oxford. A room such as a dressing room, basement room, boiler room (any out-of-the-way room) in which illegal drinking takes place at a curling bonspiel.

e.g., After the 10th end we drank in the snake room until our next game.

submitted by Alf

snake toes - A reaction to any highly unusual occurence .

e.g., After seeing the UFO, Steve cried out, "This is snake toes!"

submitted by D2

snake-in-the-road - The diamond-shaped road sign (yellow with black borders) with an arrow at the top and an s-shape below. Generally seen on mountain roads to warn of curves ahead. I'm not sure this fits your rules, but was said rapidly and sounds essentially like one word because there is no real break between any of the words.

e.g., My mother or father would point at the sign and say, "Hey kids, there's a snake-in-road." I suspect they created this to keep my sister and me from saying, "Are we there yet?"

submitted by Andrea Warren

snakes - Family slang term for money--because dollars, like snakes, are hard to hold on to.

e.g., I want to go to the store, but I'm all out of snakes.

submitted by Dominic Lopez - (www)

snalt - Snalt is the mix of snow and salt that forms into brownish, slushy puddles in the winter after the roads have been salted. See snirt.

e.g., After I stepped into the slushy puddle, my boots were filled with snalt.

submitted by Ben Fehlner - (www)

snank - Past tense of sneak.

e.g., We snank up behind him.

submitted by William Kruse

snap - Versatile word that can be used in any context.

e.g., Snap, guy. You got punked.

submitted by Felix - (www)

snap - A significantly short nap.

e.g., Louis has a busy schedule so took a snap instead of his usual long snooze.

submitted by kimberly

snap crackle pop - Variation to 'snap'(ex "Oh snap!"). Also said between two or three people.

e.g., 1. "Ughh, I forgot my homework in the car again." "Oh, snap crackle pop." 2. Ed: Ughh, I forgot my homework in the car again. Red: Oh, snap. Ted: Crackle pop.

submitted by Hannah

snap pack - A bag or bags of goodies, usually free ones.) In loose usage it can be used to badge a bag of fun things as well as newly purchased things. If newly purchased, the bag(s)/container(s) must contain items that the buyer is exited about having purchased. plural: snap packs

e.g., Joe Somebody went to a convention and came home with several snap packs.

submitted by Brad

snap! - An expression of exclamation. Frequently accompanied by finger snappign.

e.g., Snap! I locked my keys in the car.

submitted by steve

snap-show - This is a way to describe someone who has a short temper, liable to fly off the handle at any moment.

e.g., Don't bug that guy too much, he's a bit of a snap-show.

submitted by byron

snapchat streak - If you snap chat your friend day after day and you get a number at the side of there name her name, then you are on a snapchat streak. The number is the number of days the friend has been snapchatted. {ED. Notā bene: We convert submittals to Fowler Language before they are added." See her.}

e.g., Jim: Someone do a snapchat streak with me? Mac: Maybe it was the pretty blonde from our calculus class. Jim: You really think so? Wow, that would be cool. Mac: You figure she even knows you're alive? Yeah right.

submitted by James - (www)

snapoutofitism - The belief that depressed people choose to be depressed and could simply stop at will.

e.g., We'd see a whole lot less snapoutofitism from you if you had half the problems she does.

submitted by Eq Tetrachloride - (www)

snapped - Beyond twisted, as if the noun in question had been twisted to the point of breaking in two.

e.g., Chris's latest publicity stunt is snapped.

submitted by Barry Walters

snapper - Photographer, especially a paparazzo.

e.g., Britney's son gets hit in Las Vegas brawl: Friday July 27, 02:08 PM Britney Spears' son was hit last night during a Las Vegas brawl between her bodyguard and a photographer. The troubled pop star told police that one of her two sons -- who has not been named -- was assaulted during a scuffle between the snapper and her security.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

snappleicious - Used to describe something that is delicious in a mid-nineties way. Named after that nice drink Snapple.

e.g., Hey, Mikhail, have you ever noticed how snappleicious Mountain Dew is?

submitted by Cat Stanley

snappnin' - Shortened hipster version of "What's happening?"

e.g., Hey there, Chuck, snappnin'?

submitted by Zeeterman - (www)

snappperhead - Originally used to describe a person who spent too much time saltwater fishing; evolved into an insult for someone with no hope for functional social skills

e.g., All he does is play video games and sleep. He's such a snapperhead.

submitted by Samantha - (www)

snaps - Something highly cool in nature.

e.g., That car that just went by was snaps.

submitted by Simon - (www)

snaps - Kudos, good job, yay.

e.g., "Snaps for K, for doing a good job on her monologue."

submitted by Sara

snapwrangler - Person who gets way into the music playing at her computer.

e.g., That snapwrangler never gets anything done. She's too busy rockin'out. You can hear her across the office.

submitted by JoAnn

snarb - A very small portion of food or drink.

e.g., Would you like a snarb of my cake?

submitted by Dennis

snard - Situation Normal, Another Rotten Day.

e.g., After meeting with his woman boss, he knew to expect the usual--snard.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

snard lump - Snow and road dirt that accumulates behind tires on a vehicle. Fun to kick off. An acronym.

e.g., Your car sure has huge snard lumps, Phyllis. You about ready to kick up your heels?

submitted by Phyllis Funk

snardlump - The collection of snow, salt and dirt that solidifies and stays on the mudflaps and by the wheels of cars in the wintertime.

e.g., I kicked the snardlumps off my car before I went to work that January morning.

submitted by Brent Oliver - (www)

snarf - Getting a great item at a low price at an antique auction.

e.g., I really snarffed up that item fast.

submitted by ken

snarf - Drinking and then spraying liquid out your nose.

e.g., Hahaha! You flat out snarfed that Sprite. Want a tissue?

submitted by Laura C! - (www)

snarf - A unit of measurement, roughly equal to 1/16th of an inch (approx. 1.6mm). Can be divided into an arf (one-half snarf, 1/32nd inch) and an rf (one-quarter snarf, 1/64th).

e.g., This piece of wood you cut is too long. Take a snarf more off, would ya?

submitted by Mikey - (www)

snarf - To eat messily, noisily, and quickly; also, to have food come out of one's facial orifices. Snarfy--generally ugly or unappealing. An unlikeable, ugly, or unappealing person.

e.g., I snarfed my lunch because I only had ten minutes to eat. I feel snarfy today because I woke up late and didn't have time to do my hair or makeup.

submitted by Rachel, Marti, Julia, Sabrina

snarf - To consume completely and in secret.

e.g., Hey, Chris shouted, who snarfed all the biscuits?

submitted by mike-capriman - (www)

snarf - To capture an image from a web page, by extension of the common slang meaning "to eat fast."

e.g., I snarfed a picture from Charlie's blog, captioned it, and stuck it in one of my posts.

submitted by Elisson - (www)

snarfblat - Any annoying small child.

e.g., There were sniffling snarfblats everywhere. Just what you'd expect at a nursery, though. I don't know what I was thinking.

submitted by tweedlebop

snarffle - To circle the kitchen with your nose to the floor, searching for tidbits of food.

e.g., When everyone was done eating, the dogs started snarffling around the table.

submitted by owlbear

snarfle - Full on pig out.

e.g., We ended up at Denny's to snarfle some Grand Slams.

submitted by Laura

snarfle - When a person becomes injured due to being hit by a large object such as a bull, car, a bat.

e.g., Johnny just tried to ride a bull and he got snarfled.

submitted by Molly

snarg - A noise made in disapointment.

e.g., "snarg, you've beaten me at quake again"

submitted by mike - (www)

snargle - When your bed covers (or any blankets) get all tangled up around you and you can't get out of them without some degree of difficulty.

e.g., I'll be downstairs in a minute. My blankets are all snargled and I have to escape their deadly grasp.

submitted by Zanny - (www)

snark - To be playfully sneaky. To take something with no intention of keeping it or doing anything dishonest or otherwise harmful.

e.g., When she answered the phone, I snarked the remote and turned on the game.

submitted by Launfal

snark - Sarcastic humor, often at the expense of those deemed foolish. Also to snark, snarky.

e.g., Although Sally frequently laughed at the melodrama of others, when her own theatrics inspired snark, she couldn't stand it, and called the snarkers mean and nasty.

submitted by Laurel

snark - (n., sometimes pronounced "snork," just as "quark" is sometimes pronounced "kwork") an antiquark (quarks, of course, being the particles comprising, in groups of three, protons and neutrons). Quarks come in six 'flavors': up & down, strange & charm, and top & bottom (sometimes called 'truth' & 'beauty'). The snarks (antiquarks) bear the intolerably unimaginative labels of "antiup," "antidown," "antistrange," and so forth. They are also known by more colorful names however, under their label of "snark." Coupled with its Quark counterpart, each SNARK may be termed as follows: Up & AWAY; Down & OUT; Strange & FUNNY; Charm & LUCKY; Top & LEFT (or Truth & SHAM); and, finally, Bottom & RIGHT (or Beauty & BEAST (or UGLY)).

e.g., Some mesons are comprised of a quark and its snark. A charmonium particle, for example, is a charm quark and a lucky snark.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

snarkasm - Remarks that further the usual bite of sarcasm by being snarky as well.

e.g., Please spare me your acid reflux snarkasm.

submitted by Sherri - (www)

snarky - When the word "bpromisciousitchy" is too negative, use "snarky." (ED. A definition of "promiscious" would be in order, presuming it doesn't mean the same thing as "promiscuous.")

e.g., Peter said we couldn't go to the movies and gave no explanation as to why not. We all agreed that he was just being snarky . . . so we went without him. We all laughed when Henria said Peter was being a dick.

submitted by Tamara

snarky - Getting smart alecky. {Duplicate.}

e.g., Now is not the time to get snarky

submitted by patti - (www)

snarly boo - A noun which is synonymous with certain highly audible and noxious types of flatulence. Must be used in conjunction with the verb "to craft."

e.g., Pete, don't walk behind me. I have to craft a snarly boo.

submitted by Jared J

snarration - Enticing, hyperbolic pitch.

e.g., I had planned to go out tonight, but after hearing the snarration about the crime documentary, I decided to stay home and watch it.

submitted by Nonesuch

snart - The combined painful escape of gases from both the nose and anus at the same time.

e.g., While sitting in class, Regina snarted and the snot and smell went all over the room.

submitted by Aaron - (www)

snartass - Another version of smartass.

e.g., She was being a snartass today.

submitted by Megan

snassy - Something new and bold. A combination of snazzy and sassy. Snassiness.

e.g., Her snassiness showed the moment she walked out of the salon with her new purple hairstyle and her grab-the-bull-by-the-horns attitude.

submitted by deedubyah - (www)

snatty - A snotty and catty person mixed together.

e.g., Mrs. West is not a snatty person.

submitted by Katlyn

snausage - Any tiny sausage (or sausage-like thing). From the name for the dog treat.

e.g., Honey, we're out of snausages--will you pick up more Li'l Smokies before the party?

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

snaut - The white or sometimes green fluid that builds up in one's nose.

e.g., That boy has snaut running down his nose.

submitted by robert

snavage - Similar to being "savage," but to a greater degree. Possesing the qualities of one who is brave, daring, tough, and even extremely lucky.

e.g., Wayne took a bullet through the brain and lived. That guy is snavage. (Wayne Padgett did, in fact, do just that. The bullet's still there.)

submitted by Jemon Johnson

snawesome - An exaggerated version of the word awesome to show greatness and excitement.

e.g., His new car is snawesome.

submitted by Angela Berry

snazbag - The over-glorified rich snob with no social etiquette.

e.g., When a snazbag walks into a bar all the girls are die'n. When a snazbag speaks all the girls go home cry'n.

submitted by heat stein

snazi - Like a modern day Nazi.

e.g., "so, will your mum let you out tonight" "no. shes such a snazi"

submitted by Claire

snaztacular - The epitome of a event or outcome. It is a verbal expression of joy .

e.g., Pineapples taste snaztacular.

submitted by Matt

snazzirific - Snazzy and terrific.

e.g., Looks like that road construction will be cleared up in time for the evening commute. Snazzirific.

submitted by A Strickler

sn - Spontaneous Nipple Erection.

e.g., Check out your sister. She has a case of sn -- for me?

submitted by Percy Williams - (www)

sneak - To tell on someone.

e.g., I'll sneak on you for putting my goldfish in the cement mixer!

submitted by Rich

sneakernet - A primitive office, computer network that shares files by passing them around on a floppy disk. (ED. Better known as a way of moving files about by foot.)

e.g., The checks came late from payroll because they had to wait on the sneakernet for the files from Accounting. OR Have you seen the new "elf bowling" game? It will come around on sneakernet.

submitted by kenste

sneaky puffadder - A devious or sometimes dodgy person.

e.g., Chris took credit for the word I invented, the sneaky puffadder.

submitted by lyn

sneakyme - A person who has taken sneakyness to another level. In this case, calling someone a sneakyme is a compliment - they could out-sneak Harry Houdini. Like the butler from the Adam Sandler movie "Mr. Deeds".

e.g., You're the best sneakyme ever!

submitted by ERG

sneazy - An endearing term for a person who's being particulary sneaky.

e.g., You're so sneazy today.

submitted by Lenka - (www)

snecious - Cool or awesome or just plain good. (SnEE-Shus)

e.g., I'm sure I'll have a snecious time at the Fun Center.

submitted by Misteroo

sned - Send, from mistyping.

e.g., That URL is way too long . . . just sned it to me in an e-mail.

submitted by Ed Reynolds

sneed - The immediate need to play Snood.

e.g., Where's your computer? I have a Sneed.

submitted by Olivia & Sherri

sneerdear - The female art of ridicule, often in a satiric or sarcastic manner. A mocking, scornful girl or woman.

e.g., After seeing the movie Mean Girls Liz and I were shocked by the huge amount of sneerdear that was exchanged by the girls.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

sneet - A combination of snow and sleet, that creates glaze on all surfaces. When temperatures begin to drop, snizzle turns to sneet. Sneet is frequently used in combination with snizzle. Snizzle and Sneet are common weather conditions in the fall and spring in Minnesota.

e.g., Its a dangerous day to be driving with all of this snizzle and sneet.

submitted by Mary Helen Taft

sneet - The unfortunate recipient of the spray when someone sneezes.

e.g., Halee just sneezed and Nicole is the sneet. Gross.

submitted by Zolos

sneetchy - Snotty or condescending, from Dr. Suess's Star-Bellied Sneetches.

e.g., Sarah got the lead role in the play, and now she's being sneetchy.

submitted by Karen Gibson

sneezel, sneezels - The fine misty spray that is projected at supersonic speed from your mouth during a sneeze and which settles all over the person next to you. A variation is the "animal sneezels" whan a pet sneezes on you, usually right in your face. Coined by my friend Bernardine.

e.g., Gross, you just sneezed on me, and now I'm covered in your sneezels. | Oh, great. Kira just sneezed right in my face and now I'm covered in cat sneezels.

submitted by Christopher Moriarty

sneezle - The time when one thinks that they are going to sneeze then the feeling leaves.

e.g., Eric faced the class ready to give his presentation when suddenly, the most terrible sneezle hit, leaving him with a scrunched-up, dim-witted expression upon his visage. | Kaitlyn was about to sneeze when the feeling left. "Sneezle?" her friend asked. "Yep," Kaitlyn replied.

submitted by Jenna

sneezure - Sudden, uncontrollable sneeze

e.g., Having a sneezure while driving a car is very dangerous.

submitted by fredwick

snerd - A school-nerd, someone who cares overly about her schoolwork, who's always bouncing up and down to answer a question.

e.g., Did you see Cindy bouncing up and down with her hand up to answer Mr. Smith's geography question? She's a snerd.

submitted by maridan - (www)

snerdabsurd - Something said in absolute earnestness and straight-forwardness by one person and perceived or received by another person whose feeling about what was said is that it's absolute garbage or ridiculous. Goes back to the days of Edgar Bergen the ventriloquist.

e.g., Agnes told Tommy that she knew the current movie was about something that children ought not know about. Tommy knew right away what Agnes said was snerdabsurd.

submitted by David F. Nutter - (www)

snerk - Norwegian derivative. As a noun, it's the plastic-like film that covers coffee after you heat it in the microwave. As a verb it's a sound that's produced in the back of the throat and can express either amusement or bafflement. Sounds like a scoff, only raspier.

e.g., I snerked when Jack told me that he was getting married for the 7th time.

submitted by Goldie

snert - snotty nosed egotistical rude teenager

e.g., The snert is causing problems on this chat or game site!

submitted by Lou Gresham

snert - 1. To lose one's connection to IRC. 2. To lose one's connection to an online chat due to timeout or other unintentional cause.

e.g., He timed out; I guess he snerted.

submitted by Kevin N. Weinhold

snertch - The sound made by an individual trying to suppress a laugh. For something thats funny but you know youre not allowed to laugh because its not *really* funny. A form of shadenfrude.

e.g., Oh, she lost her new job? Well, snertch.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

snes - A mangled form of sense; i.e., sense that isn't sensical

e.g., "That doesn't make any sense." "No, but it makes snes."

submitted by megu - (www)

snew, snown - (pronounced to rhyme with BLUE and STONE, respectively; v.pret. and v.prt.) The past tense and participial forms of the verb "snow," assuming it had retained its ablaut from Old English.

e.g., It snew all night, and in the morning, it had snown.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

snhangers - A pile of metal coat hangers.

e.g., It's going to take me all day to do this laundry if I don't get these snhangers untangled.

submitted by Ross

snibble - A small nibble... used when you only want a little taste of something.

e.g., Oh, that cake looks good. Do you mind if I just have a snibble of it?

submitted by Laura

snible - A very small piece or chunk.

e.g., That snible of meat taken right off the grill tasted great.

submitted by Arpa Aghamalian

snice - So nice.

e.g., He's snice.

submitted by LiZ

snich - A person who's rich and a snob.

e.g., If Chris had money, would she be a snich?

submitted by Nicci

snick - Small piece.

e.g., Could I have just a snick of your chocolate bar?

submitted by Fritz

snick - The sound that a deadbolt lock makes when it is set.

e.g., I went into my flat, snicked the deadbolt shut, went to the 'fridge, and grabbed a cold one.

submitted by Paul

snickerdoodles - (also "snickerduds"; pl.n.) 1. Sneakers, i.e., tennis shoes; 2. mufti, i.e., civilian clothes; 3. fatigues, i.e., casual clothes, as opposed to "sunday best." [I coined this usage after my aging brain entirely forgot the word_sneakers_.]

e.g., Jade, why are you wearing high heels? This is picnic, not a banquet. And what's with the fancy dress. Go get on your snickerdoodles. And hurry: we're meeting the guys at the park in 20 minutes.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

snickerdoodling - When a person is wasting my valuable time by goofing off in some way. My Dad, who is now deceased, taught me that the term went back to his family's Pennsylvania Dutch history. He also told me the word could be spelled without the end "g."

e.g., Stop your snickerdoodling right now and get back to your homework.

submitted by Liam Kenney

snickerfadoodle - The universal cool word. When one is discussing terms or something of the sort, especially in comparisons, this word will randomly appear.

e.g., "That's the coolest word ever, Colleen." "Not as cool as... snickerfadoodle."

submitted by Colleen

snidge - between a sneak and a fudge

e.g., That guy snidged my parking space.

submitted by snider

sniffalicious - Delicious, of a smell.

e.g., Lana's face was moist with lavender and tiger lilly moisturizer -- she smelled sniffalicious.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

sniffertunity - An activity-behavior specific to dogs, whose leading organ is their nose.

e.g., When I take my dog, Georgie, for a walk, she never misses a sniffertunity to hunt up garbage or some other indelicacy to eat.

submitted by Stu Woolley

sniffing place - "[A] small depression on the inside of the wrist immediately behind the thumb joint. . . . It got its common name because it was a convenient place to put a pinch of snuff before snorting it up ones nose." You cudda fooled me with the designation. I expected it to have something to do with dogs.

e.g., It truly surprised me when Madelyn slapped me. All I said was, "The back is different from the front when I noticed that her velvet dress looked different depending on how the light was shining on it. It's not as if I said, 'Pull up your clothes and I'll put some snuff on your sniffing place.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

snifflet - A child or children with a runny nose.

e.g., The place was filled with little snifflets wiping their snotty noses with their hands then handling everything in the store.

submitted by Kimber

snifty - A combination of the words nifty and spiffy; something that is neat or cool.

e.g., The shirt that Sally is wearing is very snifty.

submitted by Krista

snig - To drag something in a side-to-side motion. Presumably from sniggle--to catch eels.

e.g., Snig the load up the hill.

submitted by Linda Seger

sniggardly - Miserly about sniglets.

e.g., The editor sniggardly kept my sniglets out of the site's lexicon. Something about originality.

submitted by Sam Miller

sniggle - Simultaneously snuggling and giggling.

e.g., I stayed home from work, opting to sniggle all day with my wife.

submitted by Dude - (www)

sniggle-fritz - This word is used as an alternative to swearing in a frustrating situation. {ED. Also spelled schnickelfritz? Meaning "A mischievous little boy; a scamp usu used endearingly; by ext, a sweetheart," according to the Dictionary of American Regional English.)

e.g., Oh, sniggle-fritz, I forgot my wallet.

submitted by Vicki - (www)

sniglet - A cigarette.

e.g., Can I bum a sniglet off you?

submitted by Bella

sniglet snatchers - People submitting sniglets from Rich Hall's book as their own.

e.g., (Paul's note: haha, it's SO true!) Yeah, I've noticed a few sniglet snatchers myself.

submitted by Greg

snilk - Laughing whilst drinking milk, usually results in snorting milk. Quite painful.

e.g., (Drinks milk.) Don't make me laugh, I'll snilk.

submitted by bob

sninner - The word is a blind in which I gathered the words snack and dinner to express the meal that we eat after the afternoon snack and before dinner. It would be used when someone did not eat anything in the snack time and he also did not want to have a large dinner -- or have dinner before its usual time due to not being hungry or have some stuff during dinner time.

e.g., Tomorrow, we are going to a concert at 8 p.m so we will have a sninner at 7 p.m

submitted by Maria - (www)

snipe - A cigarette that's already been smoked and extinguished, but enough is left to smoke again.

e.g., You know, if you blow the smoke out of your snipes after putting them out, then they don't taste as stale when you light them back up.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

snipe - U.S. Naval Term. A member of any rating (job category) who works in the Engineering department of naval ships, especially in the engine room. It is in very common use in today's U.S. Navy. Note: This word has many other meanings unrelated to the naval application.

e.g., "Take this manual down to Chief Smith. He's working with the snipes in the engineroom."

submitted by Dennis Dio Parker

snipestreaming - An effective method of sniping with infinite bullets to make a constant stream.

e.g., The possums stood no chance against the snipestreaming squirrel perched atop the palm tree.

submitted by an evil squirrel

sniplet - A small part of a song or movie.

e.g., I had to go to work, so I only had a chace to see a sniplet of the movie.

submitted by Scott Fornwall

snippage - The residue of behaving in an entirely inappropriate manner or acting the fool.

e.g., What do you mean, why is your life such a mess? Look at all this snippage you've got lying around!

submitted by Tavia

snippersnapper - Dr. Goodword: "a conceited, insignificant fellow." Collins English Dictionary: "An insignificant but pretentious person." Different from whippersnapper: "A feisty, snippy, combative upstart." However, Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition, says it's a synonym for whippersnapper and gives the following as an example of its use: "[HD's] an old hand who regards these kids right out of business school as a bunch of snippersnappers who don't know beans." Given that I'm prone to use whippersnapper, I'm going with Dr. Goodword's take on snippersnapper. I'll find it useful to treat it as having a meaning different from whippersnapper. His newsletter says he found the word used 109 times on the Internet. I'd bet at least several of those are instances where I'd use whippersnapper.

e.g., I'm sure there are some days a snippersnapper would annoy me more than a whippersnapper and days where the reverse would be true. | The most annoying person currently in TV ads is the Peter (Pan?) character in the GEICO ads. If any kid had ever said to Melba what the kid in the ad says to the woman, I would have had to be restrained to keep me from strangling him. To me, he's a whippersnapper but not necessarily a snippersnapper.

submitted by [HD for Robert Beard aka Dr. Goodword] - (www)

snipples - Very small scraps of paper, fuzz, confetti.

e.g., When you're finished cutting up all that construction paper, clean up your snipples.

submitted by anne

snips - A shady or mentally unstable stranger. For someone who, due to her strange nature, may pose a threat to others.

e.g., Martha should be careful on the subway platform as there are often quite a few snips riding the trains at this hour.

submitted by Tanja

snirt - Snow that sits for a while and dirt begins to turn it brown = brown snow. Snirt is the combination of snow and dirt found in parking lots and on roadsides as a result of municipal sanding. (Ben Fehlner. See snalt.) | Snow combined with dirt. When snow falls and the local government throws salt all over the place to melt it and there's stuff besides water in the snow, it leaves this sort of powdery white film on cars, streets, and structures -- making you have to go wash your car after winter's over. | "Snow that is dirty, often seen by the side of roads and parking lots that have been plowed."

e.g., There's snirt in our driveway. | The children were unable to make snowballs out of the crunchy, dingy, snirt. | "Snag a look at this baby, boys," the car wash manager said. "This'un'll bring us a good thirty bucks, if y'ask me. She's completely covered in snirt."

submitted by Tom Upah | 62bda02 - (www)

snit! - "Shows disappointment, frustration, anger Best used when profane language is inappropriate"

submitted by Val

snitchenflaren - A bag used to carry balls, generally used for sports.

e.g., Look, Billy, that guy has a snitchenflaren for his balls. Why don't you?

submitted by Ross Corben

snitchy - Irritable and rude.

e.g., Stay away from Matt, he's snitchy.

submitted by Matt Simpson

snitkitten - A testy pussy-footer.

e.g., The snitkitten's paltry performance was witnessed only by a bald bouncer wearing sapphire-studded suspenders, and a well-heeled herd of lemmings.

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

snitum - One who's missing the caring and compassionate gene found in all angels.

e.g., Scientists discovered the origin of her vampire lifestyle was probably snitum.

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

snivellope - A roomy envelope purchased for sending letters of complaint.

e.g., Bill... bill... final demand... reminder... oh dear, and a snivellope.

submitted by hedgewizard - (www)

snivitch - A small portion.

e.g., Can I have just a snivitch of cookie dough?

submitted by Alma

snizag - Birth by Cesarean Section in and around the Long Beach, CA.

e.g., Damn, we gotta snizag up in this mother.

submitted by Mike Castillo

snizbizckle - Pretty dagged tired.

e.g., Holly is very snizbizckle--she only slept three hours last night.

submitted by rakel - (www)

snizzle - The combination of snow and drizzle that falls during spring and fall

e.g., "Watch how you drive today, its snizzling out.."

submitted by Dane

snizzlepop - Suburbian slang for pornography. Comes from the French word "snizlepoppe" meaning nude photos.

e.g., I found my dad's snizzlepop stash and found pics of my mom.

submitted by Steve McQueen

snknknkn - interjective, verb - a glottal-nasal sound resulting from a failed attempt to suppress inappropriate or untimely laughter, esp. due to observing a witty, yet condescending, remark or gesture directed towards a third party.

e.g., 1) interj.-"Snknknkn...did you hear that? Chris just called Brad's mom a her face"! 2) v.(var.)-"Mom sniked when daddy slipped on Billy's Tonka truck and fell in the pool".

submitted by Mike Martin

snning - An alternative for finishing.

e.g., I'm just snning now.

submitted by mike hayward

snobbles - Stuffed up nose or runny nose.

e.g., Pass me a tissue. I have snobbles.

submitted by Raina

snobographer - "One who describes or writes about snobs." "A historian of snobs." Bronchographies & snobographers are the only words that contain all the letters of snobographer as a subset.

e.g., "The editors scrapped the society page because it was full of pretentious snobographers." | No chance of a biographer ever writing about Ron Reagan, although a snobographer might take the dive.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

snobservation - Critical comment on a person's tastes or habits.

e.g., "Martha": Your glasses are saying, "I met you in 1985." Me: I can live without your snobservations.

submitted by dimitri

snocket rocket - Term used when a person holds one nostril closed and blows out a load like a rocket towards the ground. A snot rocket.

e.g., Watch it, you almost hit my shoe with your snocket rocket.

submitted by Shroomaholic

snocone - Situation Normal, Occasional Change or None Expected. Used as a reply to a question when asked about one's status when nothing is going on.

e.g., Ed: Hey, Jerry, how's it going? Jerry: Oh, SNOCONE.

submitted by Jerry - (www)

snodge - Very good

e.g., That meal was snodge. I particularly enjoyed the dessert.

submitted by Rod Walsh

snoff - Snotty, Nerve-wracking, Obnoxious, Fluffy-headed Flirt.

e.g., Chris is my least favorite snoff. But you knew that already, didn't you.

submitted by Mel

snoffee - The act of sitting, sipping and enjoying freshly brewed coffee with the one you love. (Note, word is not a verb, bu acts like one.)

e.g., "I've had a long day, let's just have snoffee and snuddle on the couch" (Hint: Uttering in a quiet baby voice is most effective)

submitted by Karinne

snoffle - This summarises in one word the action of snorting, sniffing, sniffling, and coughing in one word.

e.g., John sat in the corner snoffling as he had a cold. | Kate produced a loud snoffle.

submitted by Gracey A

snog - To kiss lustily, a really wet kiss. (ED. Chiefly British.) The English-to-American Dictionary: "snog v. This may or may not be a verb, depending on who you are snogging. The closest equivalent to snogging is making out, which is a terrible phrase and as far as I can see describes anything on the sexual scale which can be performed on a couch. Snogging translates to playground-speak as kissing-with-tongues and I suppose is French-kissing, which is another appalling phrase."

e.g., Buffy snogged Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions.

submitted by mrkillboy - (www)

snogard - A dead dragon.

e.g., "Look, they're selling dead turtles at Kroger's." "Well, we'll be having snogard for dinner this evening. Maybe have the dead turtles later in the week."

submitted by Kitty - (www)

snoggle - To get, to obtain. (ED. By legal means.)

e.g., Oooh. CloneCD. Excellent idea, I gotta snoggle me a copy of that.

submitted by adam sontag - (www)

snoke - The collection of ice and snow that forms on the back of the wheel well on your car.

e.g., It's a pain kicking off the snokes on my car.

submitted by Echo Jeff

snollygoster - Brittanica?: "A shrewd, unprincipled person. Etymology: probably alteration of snallygaster, a mythical creature that preys on poultry and children." An unethical politician or lawyer. |    "A politician who will go to any lengths to win public office, regardless of party affiliation or platform." | One, especially a politician, who is guided by personal advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles. | The word snollygoster was removed from Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition in July 2003. That led to a new meaning for the word, as illustrated in the following sentence: "If a word goes too many years without getting plucked for any citations -- falls out of usage, that is, even from historical novels -- it, too, could wake up snollygostered."    © Michael Quinion -- Snollygoster: . . . Columbus Dispatch of October 1895: "A Georgia editor kindly explains that 'a snollygoster is a fellow who wants office, regardless of party, platform or principles, and who, whenever he wins, gets there by the sheer force of monumental talknophical assumnacy.'" But an American dictionary fifty years earlier had defined it simply as a shyster. The origin is unknown, though the Oxford English Dictionary suggests it may be linked to snallygoster, which some suppose to derive from the German schnelle Geister, literally a fast-moving ghost, and which was a mythical monster of vast size -- half reptile, half bird -- supposedly found in Maryland, and which was invented to terrify ex-slaves out of voting.    (ED. Unethical politicians and lawyers? Is that redundant? Is there any other kind of either? Rara avis at best, I'd say.)    Snollygoster: From Robin Bloor's Words You Don't Know A snollygoster is a shrewd but unprincipled individual. The word is sometimes rightly used to describe grimgribbers and politicians, but often applies equally to plaintiffs who bring unreasonable lawsuits and (as it sometimes happens) win the. The most famous of these wheel-of-fortune law suits was undoubtedly that brought by  81-year-old Stella Liebeck. In 1994 she sued McDonalds (the hamburger chain) after she spilled a cup of McDonald's coffee on herself, suffering 3rd degree burns to her legs, groin, and buttocks. A New Mexico jury awarded her $2.9 million in damages. She thus gave her name to the Stella Awards, which regularly highlight the most egregious legal snollygosting of the previous year. Despite this eponymity, it only seems fair to include other details of Stella Liebeck's case. McDonalds  managers specified that its coffee should be served at 180 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit and liquids at that temperature can cause third-degree burns in two to seven seconds. The resultant scarring is typically permanent and McDonalds did not provide any warning of the possible danger. Following the initial award of $2.7 million in punitive damages and a further $200,000 in compensatory damages, the total award was actually reduced to $640,000 and ultimately Lieback and McDonalds entered a secret settlement rather than pursue the case through the court of appeal. But here is perhaps the most important point: The U.S. National Coffee Association recommends that coffee be brewed at "between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction." If it is not drunk immediately, it should be "maintained at 180 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit." So really, what did McDonalds do wrong? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another famous snollygosting tale is provided by Mr. Merv Grazinski of Oklahoma City. Mr. Grazinski's story began when he purchased a new 32-foot Winnebago motor home. On his trip home, after entering the freeway, the Winnebago crashed and overturned. So Grazinski sued the Winnebago company and was awarded $1,750,000 plus a brand new recreational vehicle. This was despite the fact that, while driving home, he had set the cruise control at 70 mph and left the driver's seat to make himself a cup of coffee in the back of the Winnebago. To be fair, Mr. Grazinski was actually suing Winnebago for not making it clear in the owner's manual that he shouldn't do that kind of thing -- that is, making coffee in the back of the vehicle while leaving the driver's seat unattended. We're sure, of course, that he had read the owner's manual cover-to-cover before getting into the vehicle and starting it up. (Everyone does this, right? I know I do.) Winnebago have now addressed this documentation failure by adding a sentence or two in the manual, warning you about the way the cruise control functions. However, as far as I know, the Winnebago folks have not learned their lesson. They continue to leave themselves open to future litigation by anyone who happens to drive their Winnebago off the edge of a cliff, expecting it to fly, or who drives their vehicle into the sea, expecting it to turn into a submarine. I don't see either of those eventualities covered in the handbook anywhere. And believe me, I've looked. Does the story of Mr. Grazinski sound familiar? That's possibly because it is just that -- a story. Mr. Grazinski and his motor home never existed; they are, in fact, the stars of an urban legend, outed by Jan Harold Brunvand and reported by Barbara and David P. Mikkelson, the conscientious folks at The snollygoster in this case is the person who invented this story and set it loose on the Internet. All the same, you were surely a little outraged when you read the story, weren't you? Well, hold on to your hat, because this next one is the real McSnollygoster. Roy L. Pearson Jr. is an Administrative Law Judge in the Washington, D.C. area. In 2005, he sued a mom-and-pop dry cleaners run by a Korean family, the Chungs, for $65,462,500 because they lost a pair of his pants. Judge Pearson calculated the amount of his claim on the basis of every possible legal dimension of cost you can imagine. The poor man was so distressed by the loss of his pants that, when he took the stand to testify in court, he broke down in tears. Despite this show of emotion, the case was dismissed and damages were awarded to the dry cleaner. Having lost in the D.C. Superior Court, Judge Pearson took his case to the Court of Appeals where . . . he lost again! He then requested that the appeals court re-hear the case, which they refused to do. His only possible recourse for justice now is the U.S. Supreme Court, or, failing that, The International Court of Justice in The Hague. Go for it, Roy!    snollygoster, from Taegan Goddard's Political Dictionary: A politician who will go to any lengths to win public office, regardless of party affiliation or platform. One of the earliest references comes from the Columbus Dispatch in October 28, 1895 which defined the term as "a fellow who wants office, regardless of party, platform, or principles, and who . . . gets there by sheer force of monumental talknophical asumnancy." According to Vintage Vocabulary, President Harry Truman revived its use  in 1952. Talking about politicians who like to make a show of public prayer, he said, "I wish some of these snollygosters would read the New Testament and perform accordingly." Time notes Truman's tone "left no doubt that a snollygoster was a low creature indeed, but few, if any, of his hearers knew what snollygoster meant." A related term is carpetbagger.    Dethspicable at The Word Detective. Dear Word Detective: Can you say what "snollygoster" and "snurge" mean? -- David. Sure, no problem. A "snollygoster" is a person, most especially a politician, who is motivated in all things by personal ambition and greed rather than admirable principles of duty and self-sacrifice. Regarding politicians, that description is, of course, largely redundant, but while most politicians may be "snollygosters," not all "snollygosters" are politicians. Many of them sell things on eBay, for instance. A "snurge" is a despicable person, especially a sneaky little toady whose greatest joy comes from ratting out other people to the teacher, boss or other authority figure in order to curry favor with those in power. It seems reasonable to assume that (if they survive their childhoods) many "snurges" grow up to be "snollygosters." But while defining "snollygoster" and "snurge" is a piece of cake, determining their origins is a bit more difficult. "Snollygoster" is an American invention, first appearing in print, according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), in the mid-19th century. The OED pegs the first appearance of "snurge" in print as being in 1933, but such slang terms are frequently commonly used in speech for years or even decades before they turn up in print. "Snurge" appears to be more commonly heard in the UK than in the US. The most likely origin of "snollygoster" is another, very similar, word -- "snallygaster." From the German "schnelle (quick)" plus "geister (spirits)," a "snallygaster" was a mythical monster (a giant reptilian bird, according to one source) said, among residents of Maryland, to attack and eat livestock as well as the occasional child. Just how Maryland's version of Rodan came to be associated with avaricious politicians is anyone's guess, but the resemblance of "snollygoster" to "snallygaster" is too striking to ignore. There is a slight dating problem with this theory, in that "snallygaster" has (according to the OED) first been found in print in 1940 (versus 1846 for its presumptive descendant "snollygoster"), but it's entirely plausible that the "snallygaster" had been used to cow disobedient children for at least 100 years before the word made it into print. The origin of "snurge," unfortunately, is more of a mystery. Perhaps influenced by "sneak," it may well be onomatopoeic or "echoic," invented as an unpleasant little word for a unpleasant little person. According to the eminent etymologist Eric Partridge, "snurge" dates to the 1920s and originally was used in England as slang for a workhouse for the poor, eventually becoming students' and armed services slang for a "twerp." For two different takes on the infamous Case of the Scalding Coffe, check Overlawyered & Consumer Attorneys of California.

e.g., You didn't have to be a snollygoster to work at Enron, but it helped. | "Another famous snollygosting tale is provided by Mr. Merv Grazinski of Oklahoma City. Mr. Grazinski's story began when he purchased a new 32-foot Winnebago motor home. On his trip home, after entering the freeway, the Winnebago crashed and overturned. So Grazinski sued the Winnebago company and was awarded $1,750,000 plus a brand new recreational vehicle. This was despite the fact that, while driving home, he had set the cruise control at 70 mph and left the driver's seat to make himself a cup of coffee in the back of the Winnebago." | "Stealthbadger is a snollygosting dunderwhelp" -- a YouTube video. | "Well, I'm off to review the latest updates from the Texas Legislature; they are in special session right now to try to decide how many millions that they can underfund public schools for next year. There are several snollygosters that don't seem to mind wrecking the future of our children." | Avoid snollygosters and snurges when shoe shopping.

submitted by Joel Parker | HD Fowler - (www)

snomit - The material that emits from the nose when one attempts to withhold an uprising of vomit in the throat

e.g., As the snomit sprayed into the glass of the young lady he was drunkenly trying to impress, he knew his chances of progressing from this point had greatly diminished.

submitted by Dogil - (www)

snoo - Something on an article of clothing that is gross or worth pointing out.

e.g., You have some snoo on your shirt, Thomas.

submitted by ben moore

snoo - Typical response to uninteresting (often undesired) information.

e.g., Hey, Thomas, you have some snoo on your shirt. So, what snoo?

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

snoob - A snoob is a single female mammary gland. A pair would be snoobs. | A newly rich person. Combination of snob and noob.

e.g., She has great snoobs. They exceed all physical expectations. On a scale of 1 to 10 they start at 11. | John is a snoob. He wears purple loafers and a heavy gold chain round his neck.

submitted by J.D. Paton | joakim_h - (www)

snooch - Available, seductive, and willing female.

e.g., Jeffrey and his buds went nightclubbin' in search of some sublime snooches.

submitted by oscaR

snoodge - The substance (consisting of compressed hair shavings, skin, shave cream, blood, and other facial detritus) that collects between the blades of a multi-blade razor, diminishing its effectiveness.

e.g., Next razor I buy, I'm getting the kind with the built-in snoodge ejector, so it won't get clogged up and thrown away so quickly.

submitted by Ed Anderson

snoodle - Verb, pronounced "snoodle" or schnoodle." A combination of snuggle, cuddle, and coo. Most often done to calm, console, or bond with a child or small animal. A snoodler is one who really enjoy or often engages in snoodling.

e.g., "What are you doing inside the playpen?" "The baby had a nightmare. I'm snoodling him until he goes back to sleep." | The brown kitten is my favorite. He's such a snoodler.

submitted by Deborah Cech - (www)

snoofle - A snoofle is a small fuzzy animal. They come in many colors and different body parts. Some even wear hats. One can be set to a task depending on its abilities, but if it ever completes this task, it will disappear in a colored puff of smoke. As an example, a "guard snoofle" is common; most of them are dark blue, have two legs, and their eyes glow. They also have a nose shaped like a horn and can make loud noises. It can use its glowing eyes to search in the dark and if it finds trouble over what it's guarding, it will honk its nose loudly. But a guard snoofle is only an example -- there are many other kinds of snoofles.

e.g., The purple spy snoofle used its wings to climb the tower and spy on the evil wizard.

submitted by Spy!

snooganz - Cool, wow, awesome.

e.g., The concert was snooganz.

submitted by Katy

snoogins - An informal greeting

submitted by Jon

snoogle - To rub your face against the stomach of your favourite furry friend -- e.g., pet dog or cat. Best to do if you're not allergic to said furry friend and if its disposition is such that it will enjoy snoogling and not turn around and bite or scratch you in retaliation.

e.g., As my Corgi stretched contentedly upside-down in the afternoon sun, I couldn't resist snoogling him.

submitted by Amanda Penrose - (www)

snooglehumph - Rare Andalusian animal, a combination of a zebra and a half-drunk cosmopolitan..

e.g., And here we see the wild snooglehumph in its natural habitat -- The Serengeti Bar. Isn't it wonderful to see the wild and untamed fraternise with other animals.

submitted by roddy - (www)

snooglies - Term of endearment for one's son. Can be shortened to "Snoogs."

e.g., Hey, Snooglies....what's up?

submitted by Kathee - (www)

snooker - To deceive or trick.

e.g., I snookered my friend into buying all the beer last night.

submitted by john

snookiebear - A person of extreme cuddliness. Someone you would like to snuggle with.

e.g., She was so cute and sweet, a real snookiebear.

submitted by Tracey Lee - (www)

snooky - A cute, furry creature, with slick fur.

e.g., There's a snooky on my lap.

submitted by JWH

snoona - the slippery paper that you get stickers on.

e.g., "no, don't give me the whole snoona. i only want that one sticker!"

submitted by jeannie - (www)

snoop - Money. {Duplicate.}

e.g., Give me all your snoop.

submitted by jay holler - (www)

snoop - A phrase or word (often coined in a music video) that has become part of mainstream vernacular. Named after the artist Snoop Dogg, who has frequently contributed to modern slang from lyrics in his songs. Money. {Duplicate.}

e.g., Who came up with the snoop, "Drop it like it's hot"? How about "truthiness"?

submitted by Lenny Wooley c/o John Ostermiller - (www)

snoop latin - Yet Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre protégé, reached millions more. His lexical stylings remind one more of a language than simply word creation. What I call "Snoop Latin" involves inserting "-izz" or "-izzay" into previously established (often monosyllable) words. Thus a profanity dealing with excretion becomes shiznit, drive becomes drizzive, and fake becomes fizzake. Snoop Latin can be used in a similar method as Pig Latin: profanities can slip by censors when coded into a foreign language. Bizznatch, another Dogg concoction, works on multiple levels not unlike the multitudinous examples from Finnegan's Wake, indicating both bitch and snatch in an unified word using "-izz" as glue between the two ideas. Again, the word slips by the censors.

e.g., "Yet Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre protege, reached millions more. His lexical stylings remind one more of a language than simply word creation. What I call 'Snoop Latin'' involves inserting '-izz' or '-izzay' into previously established (often monosyllable) words. Thus a profanity dealing with excretion becomes shiznit, drive becomes drizzive, and fake becomes fizzake. Snoop Latin can be used in a similar method as Pig Latin: profanities can slip by censors when coded into a foreign language. Bizznatch, another Dogg concoction, works on multiple levels not unlike the multitudinous examples from Finnegan's Wake, indicating both bitch and snatch in an unified word using '-izz' as glue between the two ideas. Again, the word slips by the censors."

submitted by [Hillary Hardcore] - (www)

snoop site - One of the many, many Internet search sites that help you track down "old friends" -- and enemies, too. You may have to pay a fee to get details such as e-mail address, snail mail address, and telephone number, but the information is out there for most people. Rest assured that someone other than an old friend is checking up on you. (No claim of originality.)

e.g., "Send me any text and I'll take that to be your way of saying, 'Don't bother me again.' I may take you off my distribution list as a result; I may not. If you don't want to hear from me again, change your e-mail address and your telephone number and don't tell me. (Even then I may track you down using one of the Internet snoop sites.)"

submitted by Lillith Gordonna Bennett - (www)

snoopervise - The act of snooping or otherwise spying under the guise of, or while acting in a supervisory/authoritative capacity. Other endings: -ing; -ed; -er; etc.

e.g., I have a head manager at my job, but theyre never here like they should be. So I get to deal with all their lackey snoopervisors instead. Theyre just kissing ass trying to get promoted. or The old lady next door tries to tell me what to do in my yard ... and calls code enforcement if I don't. Like shes my snoopervising my yardwork to try to get me in trouble!

submitted by H.Gearhart - (www)

snoot - Noun. A small drink, usually of alcohol. {Duplicate. 2017-01-09 --> 2017-01-27} [I think this may actually be a documented word, but that it's either obsolete or local usage.]

e.g., "How about a little snoot?" "Are you up for a snoot?" "I was having a little snoot."

submitted by Carol F Saller - (www)

snooter - To thrust one's snout aggresively under an unsuspecting chin, arm, or armpit. This action is often accompanied by a wagging of the tail or hindquarters.

e.g., While typing in this definition, I was snootered by an anxious wolf, thus causing a tyyypo.

submitted by James

snoov - A snooze, a nap.

e.g., I was so tired after the game that I went up for a snoov.

submitted by Ray

snoovy - Smooth and groovy.

e.g., The platypus was lookin' mighty snoovy, when suddenly he was under attack.

submitted by zeeterman - (www)

snooxe - Falling asleep whilst playing on an XBox.

e.g., Paul was so sleepy he snooxed off in the middle of Project Gotham. (Thanks Dwighty.)

submitted by Alien Burrito

snoozapalooza - A very boring event.

e.g., The staff meeting today was a snoozapalooza.

submitted by Jennifer

snoozate - A person who can nap anywhere, anytime.

e.g., So I didn't get a degree in napology, but I've got those educated guys beat hands down. I can konk out thirty seconds flat like a natural born snoozate.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

snoozerfrasm - Stupid person

e.g., The boy is acting like a snoozerfrasm.

submitted by Jimmy Joe Bill Roy

snoped - Debunked by

e.g., No, the business about "Ring Around the Rosies" being connected with the Black Plague isn't true. It's been snoped.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

snopey - (snoh` pee) adj. A claim that sounds too exaggerated to be true. Of dubious origins. Fraudulent. Non-credible to the skeptical but too often accepted as true to the gullible masses. From the website which can and should be used to debunk "urban myths" that are received by e-mail or are otherwise found on the Internet. also serves the same purpose.

e.g., That story about the kidney-stealing bandits sounded awfully snopey to me. Please verify these spam e-mails before mindlessly forwarding them to me.

submitted by Polish Dancer

snoplet - Combination of "snot" and "droplet." The dispersal of small beads of water onto a book page or computer screen caused by not covering nose when sneezing.

e.g., I see small rainbows in the snoplets on my laptop screen.

submitted by Ken

snoreboard - (n.) 1. The scoreboard during a game in which (a) nobody's scoring, (b) one team is scoring while the other seems unable to stop them, (c) neither team is able to score, or (d) the whole game appears to be a pointless exercise in futility; by extension, 2. a boring game and dull, or, 3. a sport in which the speaker has no interest.

e.g., "Let's get out of here: this whole game is as lame as Tiny Tim." "What?! The score is tied with only a minute left. How can you be bored?! Who knows who will win!" "Who cares who will win? What difference does it make? Some lights on the snoreboard will light up and everyone will go home and forget all about it."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

snorefest - A word to be used when an event is boring or tedius

e.g., A-"Gee that movie was boring." B-"Yeah, it was a snorefest!"

submitted by Ashlee What'sOn

snorffle - To eat with an extreme speed and yearning.

e.g., I just snorffled that sandwich as if it had something against me.

submitted by Chris Scott

snorga - Body odor. Used in cases where you want to tell someone that another person stinks but said person is nearby.

e.g., "Whoa, dude she has some serious snorga going on!"

submitted by Liz Amelotte

snorgasm - when a person finally sneezes after several false starts.

e.g., I'll tell you how I caught this cold--an inconsiderate woman sitting next to me on the bus didn't cover her proboscis before her snorgasm.

submitted by Effie Moses

snorgle - To rub your nose into the fur of something cuddly and cute and snuggle it with your face.

e.g., It's a very cute rabbit and if you lean in close, you can snorgle his ears.

submitted by duncan

snork - A person who smells the bicycle seats of other people.

e.g., Chris is smelling that chick's bike seat, the snork.

submitted by Shannon

snork - Accidentally inhaling a drink into one's nasal passages, often while laughing.

e.g., Jerry's joke made Kevin snork his milk and shoot it out his nose.

submitted by Sam Spade

snork - To consume food rapidly and noisily.

e.g., Joe snorked down that pizza in 30 seconds flat.

submitted by Syl Lindsay

snorkel-foot - A foot placed outside the duvet in order to achieve perfect sleeping body temperature.

e.g., After tossing and turning in bed for some time, Sian found that by allowing her skin to radiate excess body heat through the use of a snorkel-foot, she was able to achieve snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug eutopia.

submitted by thehighyeast

snorkelpudding - This is a word my oldest daughter came up with when she was four years old. She sneezed into her hand when she had a bad cold. She described the thick mucous material she had in her hand as "snorkelpudding."

e.g., Daddy, quick. Get me a tissue. I just sneezed and filled my hand with snorkelpudding.

submitted by Rick - (www)

snorkle - The noise a person makes when you make her laugh while she's coughing. It sounds like a cross between a snort and a cackle.

e.g., She snorkled so loudly I thought she was choking.

submitted by hippo

snorky - How you feel when you're badly stuffed up from a cold or allergies.

e.g., I feel snorky today. I think I'm going to take some cold medicine.

submitted by Anne

snortenkinder - Child who places food particles or other small items into the nostrils. The act of placing food particles or other small items into the nostrils of a child.

e.g., I hate eating with my sister's son Hans. He is total snortenkinder.

submitted by kelly jones

snortle - To dive for cocaine.

e.g., Snortling off the west of Ireland is a pretty futile exercise -- unlike snortling off Columbia, which is likely to produce a much more fruitful harvest.

submitted by Leslety Emerson

snortle - A cross between a snort and a chortle.

e.g., I snortled at her outrageous comment, which was just this side of offensive.

submitted by johanna

snost - Past tense of snooze, particularly meaning "overslept" and custom-designed to rhyme with "lost."

e.g., You snooze you lose, and I definitely snost.

submitted by Liz

snot - "Shortening of the phrase, 'it is not'."

e.g., 'snot fair!

submitted by Djoran Keil

snot - Studs Not On Top. An alternate building style where the dots or studs of a Lego brick are not oriented towards the top of the structure or sculpture.

e.g., Bruce built a sphere out of his Lego bricks using SNOT techniques he had learned at a seminar.

submitted by Mark Near

snot bubble - The bubbles that come out of your nose when you laugh hard.

e.g., Oh, my God. I just snot bubbled.

submitted by Lexi

snotcicle - In cold weather climates, when a nose runs and the resulting mucous freezes as it drips out of a nostril.

e.g., It was so cold out Tommy had snotcicles hanging from his nose.

submitted by Adam Hardy

snote - Old Engish, derived from sicknote. Person who phones up her partner's boss with an excuse as to why her partner cannot attend work.

e.g., Why isnt Albie at work today? Leon received a snote this morning; he's got sick building syndrome..

submitted by brwolf

snotgobbler - The guy who will eat absolutely anything.

e.g., Can you believe that he ate ALL of the soy liver product? What a snotgobbler he is.

submitted by JoAnn

snother - Used to refer to one's partner in a relationship. Warm, cuddly short form of significant other, similar in sound to other important relationship words: mother, brother.

e.g., After what length of time living together do you introduce your partner as your snother?

submitted by irene

snotittude - Snotty with an attitude.

e.g., Mrs. West cannot stand anyone who has a even a little bit of a snotittude.

submitted by courtney

snotlocker - The human nose, when clogged and overflowing with mucus. Common in junior high references.

e.g., Babysitter to child: "Here's a tissue. Go blow your snotlocker before you drip on someone."

submitted by Jennifer

snotrocket - What is produced when holding one side of your nose and projecting contents of other side at high pressure into the environment.

e.g., Feeling congested the man turned his head and launched a snotrocket onto the sidewalk.

submitted by paul n

snotscoop - The concave bit between your nose and your top lip.

e.g., Errgh, give me a tissue: it's running down the snotscoop!

submitted by Toni

snotted - To have impact, to crash, to hit

e.g., My partner "snotted" his car up the rear of a 4x4.

submitted by aphinity

snotzaballs - Boogers, especially those that have been rolled into tiny balls.

e.g., If you insist on making snotzaballs, please be careful where you throw them.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

snough - A sound emitted from someone that sounds like a cough or a sneeze.

e.g., Tom let out a snough, so I didn't know whether to say, "God bless you" or not.

submitted by Jason

snovel - To shovel snow (from "snow" + "shovel").

e.g., My boyfriend worked up a powerful cocoa thirst snoveling our walk and driveway.

submitted by Sara - (www)

snow, steele, and trickum - Any advertising agency as could be considered notorious for producing annoying, deceptive or just plain dumb commercials or infomercial programming. (The allusion is to the ad agency behind a diaper commercial in the "Rugrats" episode "Baby Commercial" in which twins Phil and Lil DeVille star. The same also makes a cameo in the "Momma Trauma" episode of the same series.)

e.g., Looks like another stupid infomercial from Snow, Steele, and Trickum by the looks of it.

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

snow-bird, snow-birding - Upper-middle class retirees from the American Northeast and Canada who migrate to their retirement homes in Florida for the months of October through March.

e.g., The snow-birds usually do not permanently move to Florida, but just use their homes there to escape the brutal winters of the American Northeast and Canada.

submitted by Stephen Mize

snowball's - Snowballs, snowball's chance. Shortened version of "not a snowball's chance in hell" to express how unlikely something is. Use around those offended by casual use of hell.

e.g., "What do you think my chances would be if I ask her to go out with me." "As in dating?" "No, not for fornicating. Just to go out for a cuppa." "Snowball's in any case."

submitted by HD Fowler

snowberg - The accumulation of snow, dirt, salt, and ice that develops in the fenderwell, on the mudflaps, and on the quarterpanel of a vehicle.

e.g., I had to go and kick off the snowbergs from my truck again this morning.

submitted by Derin J. Van Loon

snowbility - Capable of running or operating in the snow; favorable for skiing or sledding or other winter sport.

e.g., My make and model of snowmobile has superior snowbility. For really fine skiing Mt. Hufcut's slopes excel in total snowbility.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

snowbow - Same as rainbow, but used when it snows. Color of snowbow is silver and white. Have you seen one? I have,

e.g., It's snowing. See the snowbow in the sky.

submitted by Granmom

snowclone - A deliberate word invention that is not catching on, in spite of persistent promotion by its originators. From Language Log's promotion of "snowclone" to mean "cliche variation." What is a Snowclone? Snowclone is the new cliche. To snowclone or not to snowclone, that is the question. Time waits for no snowclone. If all of these sentences sound vaguely familiar, it's because of a literary device called a snowclone. The term snowclone is believed to have been coined in 2004 to describe the practice of transforming cliches, axioms and pop culture catchphrases into modern analogies. By substituting a few key words from the original saying, a writer can put a new context on an old concept. A snowclone can be formed simply by borrowing a timeworn but familiar cliche and injecting the specific topic into its basic syntax. The movie catchphrase "In space, no one can hear you scream," for example, can be turned into a business-related snowclone: "In space, no one can hear you negotiate." The snowclone works in context because the two catchphrases have a common theme; nothing works in a vacuum. The same formula could be used to create other snowclones: "In X, no one can hear you Y." Other popular catchphrases and axioms lend themselves to snowclone formation. "Pink is the new black," a familiar fashion axiom, is often turned into a political snowclone: "Liberal is the new moderate," among other concepts. The familiar formula "X is the new Y" can be applied to any number of modern ideas which have replaced older ones. As long as the analogy is structurally sound, the snowclone works as a form of cultural shorthand between writers and readers. Critics of snowclone usage consider the practice to be an easy way out for professional writers, who should not rely on cliches and catchphrases to prove a point. Because there are literally thousands of familiar phrases which could be converted to a snowclone, writers often rely on a relevant snowclone as a lead into a non-fiction article: "If the Eskimo language has a hundred different words for snow, why can't business leaders settle on one word for their new policy on tariffs?" "To sell or not to sell? That is the question facing homeowners during times of rampant inflation." As long as the snowclone in question does bring clarity and familiarity to the article, writers should feel free to use the literary device sparingly. If the article becomes overloaded with snowclones, or the writer uses an obscure or unfamiliar snowclone, then the structure of the piece could be weakened. If a snowclone is to be used, it might be best to use it at the beginning or end of an article in order to give it the most impact.

e.g., Too bad the brights are an obvious snowclone. | "To snowclone or not to snowclone?" Is that the question? If it is, I'd suggest not.

submitted by ping - (www)

snowdown - A final test or confrontation, which is been slowed down by a roof avalanche.

e.g., Billy was cold. He could hardly see the white in the eyes of his opponent -- who seemed to be trembling, like Billy was himself. The trembling became more and more intense. So did the white. Snowdown.

submitted by phrasardeur - (www)

snowed in - Grounded

e.g., Lauryn: "Hey, do you wanna go out to eat with me tonight?" Nicky: "Sorry, can't. I'm snowed in."

submitted by Nicky Ubben

snowflake - Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Failing all one's classes for a term. The term originated because WPI does not record failed classes on students' transcripts. Thus, if you fail all your classes, your report card is clean as new-blown snow.

e.g., Well, it's no shock that Fred snowflaked; he hasn't gone to class for weeks.

submitted by E.O. Stinson - (www)

snowflakin - To back out of something. To say one thing, yet do another.

e.g., You're not going through with the plan? Don't be snowflakin!

submitted by J-Dogg

snowiefication - Intimacy in the snow.

e.g., To keep warm outside during a blizzard, we needed snowiefication to keep from getting hypothermia.

submitted by Snowie

snowjob - holding someone down in the snow and kicking or pushing snow onto her. a favourite pastime in schoolyards across the great white north.

e.g., if you don't stop hogging the water station, you're getting a snowjob at recess.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

snowman's land - A small stretch of sidewalk between two businesses that neither is responsible for shoveling.

e.g., That new custodian is a real go-getter. She even shoveled the Snowman's Land.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

snoying - Snoring disruptively in public.

e.g., He got kicked out of the concert for snoying.

submitted by Jay Heinrichs - (www)

snozle - To cut off a sneeze. When you begin to sneeze only to suddenly stop yourself.

e.g., I had to sneeze during the ball, but I snozled it quickly.

submitted by David Hall

snozzle - The stuff that emanates from your nose when you sneeze.

e.g., Failing to cover his mouth while sneezing, he spewed snozzle all over his computer screen.

submitted by Chris K - (www)

snubel - A little child whot is not doing as his parents tell him.

e.g., You are a real snubel. Du r en riktig snubel.

submitted by Peter Trsch

snuck - Past tense and past participle of sneak. I was taught that there was no such word as snuck. Miz Reece & Miz Smith: There is now. Usage graph, snuck vs. sneaked. I started grammar school shortly after the time of the sneaked peak.    The Free Online Dictionary: sneak Usage Note: Snuck is an Americanism first introduced in the 19th century as a nonstandard regional variant of sneaked. Widespread use of snuck has become more common with every generation. It is now used by educated speakers in all regions. Formal written English is more conservative than other varieties, of course, and here snuck still meets with much resistance. Many writers and editors have a lingering unease about the form, particularly if they recall its nonstandard origins. And 67 percent of the Usage Panel disapproved of snuck in our 1988 survey. Nevertheless, an examination of recent sources shows that snuck is sneaking up on sneaked. Snuck was almost 20 percent more common in newspaper articles published in 1995 than it was in 1985. Snuck also appears in the work of many respected columnists and authors: "He ran up huge hotel bills and then snuck out without paying" (George Stade). "He had snuck away from camp with a cabinmate" (Anne Tyler). "I ducked down behind the paperbacks and snuck out" (Garrison Keillor).

e.g., "My husband is an American of Hispanic descent. Perhaps he might want to refer to a country of another origin [in hyphenated form] if he had snuck across the border illegally."

submitted by HD Fowler

snucked - To inhale deeply. To sniff all the smell molecules off the top of a cup of coffee or out of the center of a flower.

e.g., Hey, you snucked all the smell off my coffee.

submitted by Damon Hall

snucky - Very poor snow conditions at a skiing area.

e.g., The hill is usually snucky by April 3rd.

submitted by Paul Wandrey

snuclear - Used when a country pretends to be acquiring nuclear resources for energy only but is also moving towards making nuclear bombs.

e.g., While Iran says it wants nuclear for power, many people believe them to be acting in a snuclear manner and may actually be desiring nuclear bombs.

submitted by mike daniels - (www)

snudding - Spinning your vehicle around in parking lots and over snow banks.

e.g., "Put on your boots and let's go snudding." "Why would I need boots?" "Well, we might get stuck and I'd need you to push the csar out out. Why do think I'm asking you to come along?"

submitted by Stacy - (www)

snuddle - A hodgepodge of "cuddle" and "snuggle"

e.g., After eating dinner at the restaurant, they went home to snuddle in front of the fire and read.

submitted by apeiron

snuddly, snuddle - Soft aNd cUDDLY. Usually refers to the shoulder of a female, or a fuzzy article of clothing.

e.g., 1. You're a very snuddly person. 2. That's a snuddly shirt you're wearing.

submitted by Skippy - (www)

snudge - To cause one, particularly a feline, to feel deprived of rightful services or attentions. A snudged cat is one that has been grievously disappointed by a formerly well-trained staff.

e.g., If you don't give Cinnamon the Chicken of the Sea tuna, you'll just snudge her. She'd know the difference; she's the smartest cat I've ever seen.

submitted by James Lipton

snuff - To punch.

e.g., Oh, you just got snuffed in your bread-box, Jimmy.

submitted by zak

snuffles - A noun for nasal congestion, can be singular or plural.

e.g., "I've got the snuffles." "Damn it, I do, too."

submitted by AngelaBerry

snuffly - An adjective describing physical attributes associated with having a cold.

e.g., I am feeling snuffly today. My head is congested.

submitted by Angela Berry

snuggerlybuggerly - What it's called when you and your partner share a cuddle naked.

e.g., Are we having snuggerlybuggerly tonight, darling?

submitted by mich

snugget - A cross between a snippet and a nugget of information.

e.g., I've got a snugget to share with you.

submitted by Erik Sagen - (www)

snugglicious - 1. Extremely cuddly. 2. An appealing quality of tenderness or softness. 3. A term of endearment.

e.g., My old baby blanket is so snugglicious I just can't give it up.

submitted by Adam Gratrix

snuke - A nuclear device, also known as a "suitcase nuke."

e.g., Miss Clinton, it appears terrorists have snuck a snuke under your desk.

submitted by Dob - (www)

snunch - A snack after lunch.

e.g., Do you fancy snuch?

submitted by jameslayfield - (www)

snunker - Lazy idiot cat who sleeps all day when it doesn't plunder the plate or quenches it's thirst in cold water.

e.g., Listen to the munching sound of that wicked snunker.

submitted by Torgaut Gulliksen

snurdy - Irritating manner adopted on purpose to wind people up.

e.g., Stop trying to wind my up you snurdy git.

submitted by Hammerton - (www)

snurf - Burping and sneezing at the same time, and bringing up that icky flavored bile in the back of your throat.

e.g., I snurfed in the middle of math class. It was disgusting.

submitted by lauryn

snurfing - Snorting combined with grunting sound an infant makes when picked up. An affectionate child, or, as a derogatory, to imply that someone is brown-nosing. Snurfer.

e.g., My son Alec is the king of the snurfers. He's been snurfing since he was 3 days old.

submitted by sigrid rothschild

snurfle - A gesture of affection in which you rub your face on the other person whilst kissing and making happy sounds.

e.g., He snurfled her neck with great enthusiasm.

submitted by Shara

snurple - Smurf-flavored Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

e.g., Excuse me, miss, do you have any snurples in stock?

submitted by Keiran Halcyon

snush - The not quite snow, not quite slush stuff in the middle of the road right after a snowstorm.

e.g., She tried to avoid stepping in the snush while crossing the street.

submitted by Theresa

snutch - A particularly cute mongrel dog. Purebreds need not apply. (This is a word in constant use by members of my family.)

e.g., Aww, wookit da cute widdle snutch!

submitted by Jill - (www)

snuzzy - The tingling sensation after a powerful sneeze. A combination of "sneeze" and "buzz."

e.g., My allergies are acting up today, but the snuzzy feeling is kind of nice.

submitted by Sam Spade

snv - Saturday Night Fever. A person who dances without inhibition when she thinks no one else is watching.

e.g., I think Sophie's dad went off his SNV meds because I just saw him doing the funky chicken.

submitted by Sophie Mouret

snyk - For everyone sick of FYI, along comes SNYK, or "so now you know."

e.g., SNYK, my mother hates that green sweater you bought her; she only wore it to be nice.

submitted by Sean

so - Word added for emphasis of whatever follows it; it's not just for adjectives anymore.

e.g., You are so lying to me right now -- I can tell by the look on your face.

submitted by Lynn Madison

so - 1. Used before any other word to describe it as more or larger. (This use of "so" may already be in some unabridged dictionaries.) 2: To not care about what someone else is saying or pointing out to you.

e.g., 1. I am so tired. 2: And she was like..." "So?"

submitted by JegStar

so - A mostly unnecessary intensifier -- used too often by pre-pubescents and teenagers whose brains haven't developed enough to avoid using the "word."

e.g., My, oh my, that definition's so clever. It must have been thought up by a geezerette -- that is, someone who's so old she doesn't do anything that's fun anymore. | Have you noticed how bitchy Lillith is these days. She's so annoying. I'll bet her wrinkles have wrinkles.

submitted by HD Fowler

so - (adv.) Aside from its various, already meanings, "so" has become a marker that means either (a) "the following is the information you (that is, the listener) have requested," (b) "I have something to say, and here it is," or (c) "Okay, here's the story." It's actually very odd to hear it used as a general introduction to any multisentence statement, but I've heard it out of everyone from my 14-year-old daughter to a 38-year-old entrepreneur just a few hours ago.

e.g., "How did you do on your geography test today?" "So, she handed out the tests, and we all...." || "So, my lunch was missing this morning when I looked for it before leaving...." || "So. Today, when Edgar came over after the party...."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

so and where else - A term used to describe someplace when either it's not specific or you have no idea where it is.

e.g., And, most importantly, do you like "Rent"? The musical, not the whole idea of paying someone to live so and where else.

submitted by Ashley

so kaka - Means that someone is doing something out of this world.

e.g., You're so kaka.

submitted by Ellery - (www)

so-cool-ology - The scientific study of the mind and behaviors of people, who need to brag, so others will think they're "cool."

e.g., To understand my co-worker's lying and bragging, I took a course in so-cool-ology.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

so-ology - The study and science of So, That Which Really Is So, in all its aspects and ramifications.

e.g., It is So in spite of what people do not know, OR what they happen to think or believe, OR what they've been told by whomever. So-ology includes Science of course. -- and those things other than Science which also happen to be So. Mere beliefs or opinions or public or private assertions frequently are "not quite" So. Ultimately, if it's So, it's So;if it's not So, it simply is not So..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

so-so ciopath - One who appears completely self-absorbent, devoid of feeling, and anti-social, but isn't very good at it.

e.g., Elmer is witty, glib, carries himself as if he thinks he's God's gift to Mankind, and acts as if he doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone. He had been seen with tears in his eyes when Congress passed Obama's Health Bill, so it's clearly obvious that he's just a so-so ciopath.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

soakin - Completely, absolutely, to the full or entire extent.

e.g., It is soakin hot today.

submitted by John Davenport

soakratic method - An ancient method of garnering information; also known as "water boarding."

e.g., The terrorist was determined not to reveal information about his co-conspirators and his past misdeeds. However, using the famed Soakratic Method, the interrogators just kept asking questions until the truth emerged.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

soap snot - The runny, viscous goo that collects in the bottom of a soap dish.

e.g., "I don't wanna see no more soap snot in the dish!" yelled a sergeant during a room inspection

submitted by J. Field

soap-boxing - When a person negatively preaches or speaks loudly to a group of people, making sure the subject of the speech places all the blame on the group of people, and not on the soap-boxer.

e.g., I would have taken lunch earlier, but my manager was soap-boxing us to death.

submitted by Brett Armstrong

soapoperatic - Marked by ongoing drama and difficulty.

e.g., She's a sweet girl, but her life is a bit too soapoperatic for me.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

sobality - An organized society of sobbing or sucky-faced sylphs who have never learned how to hurl humungous thunderbolts of laughter at patriarchal patterns of punditry.

e.g., Fighting back the tears, Hester Weepinghoffer, (an eye-biting spinster of some renown), began poking about in her bottom drawer full of yellow and green polka-dot colored anti-flatulence pills, five vintage cat-scratching women's magazines, several easy-to-prepare tasty troll recipes recommended by the head chef at the "Gristle Grill," plus a half-hearted attempt at writing her rather messy memoirs before it dawned her that she had spent more than 3.72 decades twiddling her thumbs, touching her toes, and tinkling the ivories on occasion just to keep up appearances -- all part of her less than satisfying sojourn into a life of sobality as Executive Director of he Hoodoo House for Hags with Hang-ups (which probably had something to do with her unconventional early childhood years among a joint-smoking band of soothsayers and spin-doctors to Hollywood stars and a depressing dog named Blue Who) -- but this was all about to change as she contemplated a week of crap-shooting in Las Vegas along with those three long-forgotten feelings of utter frivolity, unadulterated triviality, and wholesome vanity.

submitted by Quipping Queen - (www)

soberwhelmed - When a normally fun outing/event is overwhelming because you are sober.

e.g., I wish I had more wine because this party is too soberwhelming.

submitted by Jordan

soccer-mom - Similar to a MILF, a young mother who still possesses many of the traits commonly sought after by the superficial heterosexual male.

e.g., That Martha McCallum on CNBC is a soccer-mom.

submitted by dan

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