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ribal - To say something off-color.

e.g., He kept on riballing dirty jokes; his conversation was ribald.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

ribitulous - when a (sassy) female does something really weird or particularly attention-seeking

e.g., Did you see how short her skirt was? It was ribitulous.

submitted by Johnny Silver

ribofaction - Turning someone into a gooseberry — acting as a couple so as to exclude someone. From botanical Latin Ribes, the genus including gooseberries, + -faction (making), standard ending from Latin facere, to make.

e.g., Adam and his girlfriend ribofied me for three-quarters of an hour until I was forced to throw a bucket of cold water over them in order that they would notice I was there. They stopped their ribofaction pretty quickly.

submitted by Adam Bernard

rice christian - One who becomes a Christian for what she thinks she can get out of it -- from food distribution programs.

e.g., Evangelism is more complicated than it seems. Many new converts are just rice Christians.

submitted by Bob Riedel

rice rocket - beefed up japanese import car that's real popular now

submitted by Greg

rice-burner - Any Japanese manufactured motorcycle. See rice car.

e.g., Honda is one of the better built of the rice-burners.

submitted by Stephen Mize - (www)

riceries - Chinese rice made out of corn.

e.g., These riceries are good.

submitted by Colter 7th English

rich - Irony: something bad has happened to a person who deserves it.

e.g., A: Vivian W. (girl who always dumps people) got stood up last night. B. That's rich.

submitted by Chris Manderson - (www)

rich kid killer - Expensive import racing motorcycle.

submitted by Greg

richard parker - (n.) 1(n.) 1. A Bengal tiger; by extension, 2. Any tiger, of whatever stripe (pardon the pun), Bengali, Sumatran, South Chinese, Siberian, vel cet.; 3. A tiger who has been---well, not domesticated, hmmm---familiarized such that it is “safer” than the common run of Panthera tigris silvestris “[a] wild tiger”; 4. An ordinarily dangerous wild animal with whom some particular person or people can interact safely.  
[This is the name of the Tiger who shares the lifeboat with the title character in The Life of Pi. Asked why a tiger should bear such a name, Pi blames clerical error: whoever catalogued the tiger when it first came to the zoo put down the captor’s name as the name of the animal. Delightful story, that one. Magnificent motion picture, too.]  
It should be noted, of course, that NO wild animal is actually safe for human interaction. Certain people have managed to learn sufficient about the ways of primates to actually live with them, but most people don't know the first thing about primates, let alone all the other creatures with whom we have been entrusted. Remember: the reason people make such a fuss about docile wolves and whales and bears (oh my) is that it is so rare. Have some respect for the Tigers. In a fight, they win.

e.g., "Now, remember, stay in the compound! Do not wander off! Every year, it's the same thing: some macho idiot thinks he can walk around safe outside the compound, and I have to be the one to tell his family that African wildlife cannot resist the scent of an idiot, and so he got eaten by a crocodile or by a hyena or got torn to pieces by a hippopotamus or was gored by a water buffalo. These animals are not Richard Parkers: you cannot make peace with them! You are not Dr. Doolittle! You are not Eliza Thornberry! You are not in Narnia! Stay INSIDE!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

richter - Richter is a word used when someone goes into a momentary state of complete shock, anger, or insanity. It can also be used to describe and out-of-hand situation or event.

e.g., The crowd went richter after the upsetting defeat of their soccer team. The blazing inferno was utterly richter, and the firefighters were unable to salvage the old warehouse.

submitted by Ash - (www)

rick's place - (n.) the white house [in Spanish "Casa Blanca"--- which is also a famous Bogart-Bergman movie, the main venue of which is, of course, Rick's place].

e.g., The new tax bill got past the House and the Senate; we're just waiting to see what happens at Rick's place.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rickety-swag - (adj.) 1. marvelous, super-cool, magnificent, or (in the language of my youth) righteous; 2. the opposite of trondaleuse (q.v.), which evidently means "sad, pathetic, miserable." [A mixture of "swaggy," a new slang term (I'm told) meaning "cool" + "rickety," Robert Heinlein's coinage for "cool" in his novel "Time for the Stars"---a bizarre combination, but my 14-year-old daughter likes it. "Rickety-swag" is thus as far beyond "swaggy" as "cool" is beyond "okay."]

e.g., I liked the 2005 Fantastic four; I don't think I like the 2015 one. In modern teenspeak, one might say that, while I think the earlier film was rickety-swag, I'm afraid the 2015 movie was kinda trondaleuse. Still, I might change my mind.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

rickroll - Rickrolling is a bait and switch: a person provides a web link claimed to be relevant to the topic at hand, but the link actually takes one to a Rick Astley video. Rickrolling is a variant of an earlier prank: duckrolling, in which the prank link led to a picture of a duck on wheels.

e.g., Editors seldom check links provided with submittals to make sure visitors don't get rickrolled.

submitted by HD Fowler

ricockulous - Ridiculous, yet to a more extreme level.

e.g., I find it ricockulous that curling is an Olympic sport.

submitted by Paul Costales - (www)

ricstious - Something exciting; of a thrill or rush.

e.g., For the first time in my life I went skydiving. I was strapped to some guy's back, and I tell you it was ricstious. My heart was going 100 miles per hour.

submitted by platinum

rictor - Gush of creamy goodness.

e.g., I pulled a rictor.

submitted by Vincent Pham

ride - a person's vehicle.

e.g., "Let's take your car, my ride's out of gas."

submitted by dust

ride hump - To ride in the middle of the back seat of a car, where the hump is.

e.g., Everyone piled into the car and I had to ride hump.

submitted by Ian - (www)

ride the bike - To do something in a group of two people

e.g., Joe and I were riding the bike on that project we turned in on Thursday.

submitted by ditnis

ride the edge, to - To be ahead in a certain skill or profession, to be on a cutting edge and take all the risks of being the first and leading the others.

e.g., A recent graduate in quantum physics, Amalia now rides the edge of nanotechnology.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

ridicoolous - The result of affecting a mannerism, habit, or fashion in the vain hope that it makes one more atractive or interesting.

e.g., Platforms, loons, and scoop-necked t-shirts when set off with jade cigarette holder and pince-nez only made Jonty look ridicoolous rather than his desired wish of attracting the charms of the fair Roxanne.

submitted by Alan Maddams

ridicu-list - A list too big for any one person to handle within a certain time period.

e.g., Chris was unable to complete the tasks on his ridicu-list and was subsequently fired.

submitted by GezaV

ridicularity - A stupid or pathetic event or situation.

e.g., They way those people acted was a ridicularity. What a ridicularity that is.

submitted by Tai

ridiculate - 1. To get or make more ridiculous. 2. To ridicule. 3. To spout ridiculousness.

e.g., As the three got more and more intoxicated in the park, the situation and the discussion began to ridiculate.

submitted by Kevin Mullen

ridiculi - 1. Plural of ridiculous. 2. A multitudiousnous of strangeosity in extreme forms. 3. A Sheehy term designed for optic nerve directional centralization.

e.g., Zoobaz: Erin, what shakes? Erin: Meh. Zoobaz: How's yer film? Erin: Actually, it's quite ridiculi.

submitted by David - (www)

ridiculi-reasonable - To some ridiculi, to others reasonable.

e.g., Is it or is it not ridiculi-reasonable?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ridiculicious - Used when an item of food or drink tastes good.

e.g., This pizza is ridiculicious.

submitted by Brad Ayers

ridiculink - Name for URLs that won't fit on a punched card (say about 72 characters long).

e.g., My mail program keeps mangling ridiculinks. I wish web sites would keep their URLs short.

submitted by Toby Thain - (www)

ridiculity - Ridiculousness.

e.g., The above definition is laden with ridiculity.

submitted by Lindsey

ridiculosity - when a situation has gotten out of hand

e.g., Waiting 5 hours to get your drivers license at the DMV...this situation has reached the point of ridiculosity!

submitted by Blair

ridiculostracism - To be avoided due to the absurdifaction spewing from your pie-hole.

e.g., Since my ridiculostracism keeps me unencumbered mostly, I have plenty of time to tickle my own fancy.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ridiculousify - To make ridiculous.

e.g., Our Halloween costumes were too boring, so we decided to ridiculousify them.

submitted by Kara bell

riding bitch - To ride in the middle seat of three in the backseat of small cars usually designed just for two -- usually has a slight contoured hump making it a not so comfortable ride. The bitch seat.

e.g., I'm not sliding over. I rode bitch on the way here. It's your turn.

submitted by jen

riding the ice - Riding or sitting in the catbird seat -- the most prestigious seat in the house. (ED. The example is reproduced with Mr. Hebert's permission.)

SHOUT OUT - to H.D. Fowler, PseudoDictionary! No problem. Thank you so much for visiting. I am happy you entered "Croakersack", "Riding the Ice" and "Pie-Yow" into your dictionary. Please come back, again.


© Alvin Hebert: "Big Papa’s Croakersacks" A Croakersack Story.: The high point of the ride into town for the grand children was the ride back to the farm. That’s because if you were lucky, and or big enough, you got to sit on the ice. There was a certain amount of status and prestige associated with “riding the ice.” There was even more benefit associated with being among the first to ride the ice on those trips back to the farm. It did not matter that a human being can only sit on a block of ice for just so long before that human being is forced to get off that ice, no matter how hot the day.

submitted by [Alvin Hebert] - (www)

riding the range - An Army term for a most unpleasant duty that was pulled during training. In some areas, the mess halls had coal-fired ovens. Once a week, a bunch of trainees would have to go inside them with scrub brushes and clean out the soot. It was hot and the soot coated every inch of a trainee's body and uniform. It took an hour of showering and scrubbing to get clean afterward. The fatigue uniforms had to be scrubbed by hand, before the post laundry would accept them.

e.g., We would have done almost anything to avoid riding the range, but we all had to take our turns.

submitted by Steve McDonald

ridingstubs - Stubby shorts that ride up the wearer's buttocks like underwear when walking or running, which exposes the wearer's buttcheeks.

e.g., On the marathon track one of the blokes caused a stir amongst the girls when his ridingstubs exposed his buns after sprinting for a few laps.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

ridleypearson - A ridleypearson is a word usage worth noting.

e.g., Great phrasing, Dana -- that's a ridleypearson.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ridling gun - Glue gun.

e.g., Get the job done with your Ridling Gun.

submitted by Ridley

ridonculous - Like ridiculous, but ridiculously ridiculous.

e.g., I don't understand why the two of them stay together; their relationship is ridonculous

submitted by ditnis

ridonkeylous - Exclamation, greater than ridiculous, being of unspeakable proportions.

e.g., Chris has a ridonkeylous attitude about . . . just about everything, come to think of it.

submitted by Julius Keene

ridonkulous - Ridonkulus. Utterly silly. A most unbeleiveable set of circumstances. | More unbelievable or crazy than "ridiculous" could describe.

e.g., Did you see that ridonkulous story in the paper this morning? | He got promoted after bitching at his boss? That's just plain ridonkulus.

submitted by Len Peralta | MrTaco - (www)

ridorkulous - Ridiculously dorky.

e.g., You look ridorkulous in that gorilla suit.

submitted by josh rocket martinez - (www)

riff raff - "a bunch of people up to no good, there to cause trouble"

e.g., "WOW look at all the riff raff's standing at that corner"

submitted by Cateyes

riff rarf - A dog posessing urchin-like qualities.

e.g., My dog Torrie just lazes around all day and eats, the little riff rarf.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

riffability - An above average ability to "riff" or scat, when it comes to singing and interpreting songs.

e.g., Too bad today's youngsters won't be exposed to Ella Fitzgerald's riffabilities. They're impressed by Whitney Houston.

submitted by alanna - (www)

riffnocentricity - The propensity of players of a particular musical instrument to play repetitive sequences idiomatic to that instrument, usually at the expense of musical expression.

e.g., The reason Eric Clapton is a more interesting blues guitar player than Buddy Guy is that he is able to step outside the box of riffnocentricity.

submitted by Thomas Cox

rifle load - Really simple--when anything you're downloading comes in faster than a speeding bullet.

e.g., That five meg file downloaded in 10 seconds. That was sure a rifleload.

submitted by chris

rig - A computer, usually a nice one.

e.g., Nice rig you got there... What games you got on it?

submitted by Calso

right - Write.

e.g., "I have not yet written a review about my experience with RegZooka but after you have responded back as you did I will right a positive review and if I should have registry issues in the future I will keep RegZooka in mind."

submitted by Miss Speller

right arm - An affirmation of a suggested plan, variation of "Right on."

e.g., Do I want to head out to the club now? Right arm.

submitted by supersarah

right hand rule - Fear itself

e.g., The only thing I fear is the right hand rule.

submitted by Joel Beard - (www)

right on - You say this when something good has happened. | I have no idea how long this expression has been around -- at least since the 1960s, when my mother started using it. She was around 50 at the time, so it was a bit unsettling to see her pick up on what I thought was teenage slang. Was she trying to be part of "the in crowd"? It occurred to me only recently that "right on" could be a shortening of "right on target." If that's not right, I'm not sure what else it would stand for.

e.g., Wow. Right on. That's so cool. | "Your critique is right on for me. I came out of the movie house wondering why I was not impressed, what was he trying to say, to tell, to ignite! Still don't know, but you comment in the last sentence -- 'I appreciated Moonrise Kingdom in a wacky sort of way that did not always equate with either enjoyment or illumination.'"

submitted by Liz | [Barbara Hartnack] - (www)

right quick - Similar to "real quick." Said as "r.q."

e.g., Do you want to go out? Hold on, I have to finish my paper, r.q.

submitted by Max

right-handed insult - An insult that actually compliments someone -- the opposite of a "left-handed compliment."

e.g., I spent the entire evening degrading and abusing the bartender with right-handed insults, but he knows we're friends.

submitted by Deacon

rightawaynow - Not just immediately, but 5 minutes prior to. Said vigorously and quickly for effect.

e.g., Craig! Get me the crescent wrench rightawaynow! The gasket's gonna blow!

submitted by Helix - (www)

rightful death - This is giving a positive twist to a sometimes 'negative' subject? A natural death is a rightful death. A death that releases you from suffering and pain would frequently be considered a rightful death. The execution of a (terrible) criminal, a rightful death. The death of your enemy, also a rightful death. Death via suicide or euthanasia could also be considered rightful death, depending. [cf, wrongful death]

e.g., Most of the family were fortunate in experiencing rightful deaths. Gone with the wind. But many would have liked to stick around for a while longer.. A couple of people overdosed, so we're not sure if they were rightful deaths..? Uncle Agathon helped expedite a number of evil enemy Aileonz from Out There in the War, rightful deaths one and all.. After celebrating a distant cousin did bless'ed suicide, a rightful death, for him and others, at least..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

rightover - Used to invite others to dine with you when you're having leftovers or leftunders or to accept a such an invitation.

e.g., We: "Why don't y'all come have summa this armadilla wit us, it's fresh." They: "Sho nuf. We be rightover."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

rightunder - How you get leftunders (which see).

e.g., Whoooooooey, Chris! Djoo see that beaver ran rightunder us? Back up 'n lets git us sumthin fer leftunders.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

rightwheeliebout - I made this word up in 1966 when I was a Lance Corporal with "The Boys' Brigade." It is a combination of two commands: "Right-wheel"and "About-turn." It is, therefore, a command for "Left-turn."

e.g., Squad! Atten-shun! By the left. Quick march. Left, right, left, right, left, right, left. Rightwheeliebout. Left, right, left, right. Squad, halt. Stand at ease.

submitted by Vic. Mather.

rigi scan - An instrument used in male research to determine if patients are able to get an erection while sleeping. It measures penile tumescence and rigidity continuously. It has two loops, one to be placed around the base of the penis and the other towards the tip, that tighten every fifteen or thirty seconds.

e.g., The doctor recommended him to do the Rigi Scan.

submitted by Nicholas Chernov

rigid - A person who has it all going for him.

e.g., Mike is rigid.

submitted by Gary Burk

rigoddamndiculous - Ridiculous, emphasized by tmesis.

e.g., Seeing the elephant trying to fly was so rigodamndiculous that it made the spectators laugh 'til tears came to their eyes. Then, next thing they knew, Dumbo was airborne.

submitted by SeiferCross

rigor - A working stiff who erects woodwork (instead of steel).

e.g., The rigor contracted tenonitis, which resulted in mortise.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

rigor mortise - A fatal disease contracted by rigors as a result of getting tenonitis.

e.g., Rigors who let their tenons stiffen end up with severe tenonitis and, ultimately, terminal rigor mortise.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

rigulator - A position of compliance oversight filled by an individual whose past was devoted to advancing the interests of political or corporate entities.

e.g., Cheech: Hey, dude, do you know who is going to be our next Secretary of the Treasury? Chong: No, man, who is it? Cheech: He's the cat who headed up the brokerage firm that helped cause this financial crisis by making and selling derivatives of worthless mortgages that brought in millions of dollars of profits. He also helped convince Congress to loosen up on the rules governing the industry. Chong: That's cool, man. He'll make a fine rigulator.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

riiight - From Austin Powers--used in reply to stupidity.

e.g., "Your mom is so hot." "Uhm, riiight."

submitted by emjay

rilickulous - Beyond ridiculous.

e.g., "Gee, Bob, why are you so hung over today?" "I drank a rilickulous amount of mai tais last night."

submitted by Steph

rilked - To slam a person to the floor then stand over her menacingly.

e.g., The fool rilked me, then looked for others to rilk.

submitted by Lou

rimpled - The undulations in a permanent structure.

e.g., The cottage had rimpled thatching around the windows.

submitted by Mhairi McAlpine

rimson - Wanting something, but not knowing what that something is.

e.g., She looked into the fridge and sighed "I'm so rimson! I'm hungry, but I don't know what I want."

submitted by Al

rinatharaus - Thesaurus.

e.g., I am looking for a word in the rinatharaus.

submitted by Brandon 7th English

rindless - Used to describe a person who is one of the most attractive people you are likly to come across. A very attractive person. Works with both sexes.

e.g., Look, theres a rindless by the bakery.

submitted by Matty

ring knocker - A person who "inadvertently" knocks his ring against an object and "accidentally" draws your attention to the fact that he got it from an oh-so-prestigious or exclusive school. In the Canadian military, it's a slang term for an officer from the Royal Military College.

e.g., That ring knocker wants everyone to know he went to Hah'vahd.

submitted by The Puffin - (www)

ringjunkie - Someone obsessed with Lord of the Rings.

e.g., Rex is a Ringjunkie. He, Steve, and Allison are going to The Return of the King ... again.

submitted by Jon

ringmenutes - Used when you cannot remember someone's name, synonym to whatsisname.

e.g., I hope he doesn't bring ringmenutes along for the ride.

submitted by Pete Griff

ringo - Something really huge.

e.g., Yeah, but did you see the ringo nose he had on him?

submitted by Layla

ringpic - The picture associated with an incoming caller on a mobile phone.

e.g., Jeff is so whiny. My ringpic of him is a screaming kid hung by his underpants from a tree branch.

submitted by Kelley Cook

ringrat - A woman, usually of low standards, that hangs out at professional wrestling shows with the hopes of getting picked up by one of the wrestlers for a one night stand. Can also be rat for short.

e.g., After my match last night, I got me a ringrat and took her back to the hotel.

submitted by Mike S.

ringxiety - "Michael Quinion » World Wide Words Newsletter: 9 Feb 2013: "Phantom vibration syndrome is the Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year 2012. This is a form of technological anxiety, sometimes called ringxiety (ring + anxiety) in which mobile phone users with an obsessional fear of missing incoming calls become convinced that the phone has vibrated to indicate a call when it hasn’t."

e.g., Turn off your cell phone while you're visiting, dear. I don't want it disturbing our dinner and conversation. . . . Say what? That will just exacerbate your ringxiety? Live with it, Waldo. Otherwise, I'll take you out of my will. . . . No, it's not an idle threat. It's not as if I'm your mother telling you I'll ground you for life for misbehaving. I'm your grandmother. We haven't been around each other long enough for me to bond with you to a great extent. . . . No, it's not that I don't love you. I do -- I just don't love you very much. Live with it. It would take only a stroke of the pen for me to reduce your inheritance from £75,000 to zero -- and increase your cousin Winston's by the same amount.

submitted by Lillith - (www)

rino maverick - Republican In Name Only John McCain.

e.g., If it turns out that my only choices for President on the November ballot are Barack Øbama and John McCain, I may hold my nose and vote for the RINO maverick. I might feel better about myself afterwards if I make a token protest and don't vote for anyone. McCain's a mortal lock to get the electoral votes where I vote, so it doesn't matter who I vote for.

It will be a vote much, much more against the far left Barack Øbama than for John McCain. It has nothing to do with obama's being black. (I voted for Alan Keyes in the Republican Presidential Primary -- even though Keyes is too far right for me.) If write-ins were possible (I know they're not), I might vote for one of my internet personas -- or for Bozo the Clown, even though Larry Harmon (Bozo) died in July.

I associate Øbama more with green than black. Green as in inexperienced, green as in money, green as in the color of the sewer that is Chicago politics.

submitted by HD Fowler

rino, or dino, or iino - Not original to me, but used by the Federalist Patriot (on ine) and perhaps others; but RINO or Rino, stands for "Republican in Name Only;" and similarly DINO, or Dino, for "Democrat in name only;" similarly IINO, or Iino, could stand for "Independent in Name Only." These then refer to those of a particular political party, who vote and act more like an opposition party, or an independent who heavily favors one of the major parties. These terms are not really demeaning, actually just a way of designating their political orientation, when they purport to be members of a party, or an independent.

e.g., Some people would consider Senator Arlen Spector (R-PA) to be not a genuine Republican, but a Rino; or Democrat Zell Miller, to be a Dino.

submitted by Dr. Richard R. Everson

rinse - To complete something well, or to be successful at something.

e.g., Ed.I have a big job interview tomorrow. Ted. No worries. You`ll rinse it.

submitted by noneilno

rinse & repeat - To act in an extremely anal-retentive way, such as following directions word for word, and doing everything by the book. (Lather. Rinse. Repeat.) Can be used in several ways. To describe someone: rinse & repeater. To use in the immediate sense of the word: rinse & repeat(ing).

e.g., Dave is a rinse & repeater when it comes to dinnertime. Heaven forbid anyone pass food to the left. -or- "Quit rinse & repeating, and start the car. You've already done two walkarounds, and checked the air pressure in all of the tires!"

submitted by Eden G. - (www)

riot-mode - Of an emergency vehicle: flying around with sirens and blue flashing lights.

e.g., He was rushed off by an ambulance in riot-mode

submitted by Colin Taffel

rip it up - To decribe an action done with extra effort or high energy. (See the old song, "Rip It Up.")

e.g., I'm bringing my Les Paul and tube amp and Malcolm's gonna spin. We're gonna' rip it up.

submitted by Parkus

rip van winkle - To do a Rip Van Winkle is to fall asleep at the wrong time and then sleep through something you meant to do.

e.g., If I don't do another Rip Van Winkle and forget to make my pick, I'll do so Monday. | I've been doing a lot of Rip Van Winkling lately. Maybe I should get on a regular schedule.

submitted by [Rip Van Winkle]

rip-post - 1. Falling short as a riposte, a rip-post is a missive sent to an internet message board. (Taken together, the point-by point responses internal to a message may be referred to collectively as rip-posts.) Typical of what a rip-poster does is to copy a post written by someone else and then rip out key parts that explain the original poster's intent or position. The rip-poster responds to the abridgement rather than to the original. The base characteristic of a rip-post is dishonesty. 2. A rip-pistle is a didactic post to an internet message board, one that, in addition to being instructive, rips a new bodily orifice for some . . . ignoranus. From "rip" +"epistle."

e.g., Damn, I do get tired of rip-posters incapable of presenting their position fairly responding to their distorted versions of what I said rather than responding to what I said. As Tom P said all those many years ago, "No, not in other words. If I had wanted to use other words, I would have used them."

submitted by HD Fowler

ripe - To leave an area quickly.

e.g., Let's ripe this place

submitted by Anthony - (www)

ripostasy - Derived from riposte (quick retaliatory thrust or retort) and apostasy (abandonment of one's religious faith, political party, one's principles, or a cause).

e.g., You are hereby charged with the heinous crime of ripostasy, as you have apparently lost interest in this debate.

submitted by UnaBubba

ripped - Someone who has a very toned body and well-defined muscles.

e.g., You know, Bruce Lee wasn't very big, but the man was ripped. You get that way only from exercising for hours every day, not from lifting weights.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho - (www)

rippery - The sensation of an ice cold refreshment scoring your throat.

e.g., This Coca Cola is rippery!

submitted by Robert Hanwell

ripplehead - The descriptive term for the rippled appearance on certain people's heads after they shave it--usually for the first and last time. Also known as KLINGONHEAD.

e.g., Did you see when Jon shaved his head? He had major ripplehead, and now he wears a hat.

submitted by matt - (www)

rippler - (n.) 1. A microwave oven; 2. The part of a microwave oven that actually emits microwaves (i.e., e.m.waves between ~1 m and 1 mm). [from "ripple" meaning a small wave]. Derivations: ripple or rip "to microwave something.

e.g., Nobody cooks popcorn in a pan anymore: now we all just buzz it in a rippler. || "Hey! Rip me some of those frozen waffles, would ya?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ripsnorter - Australian for a good time or thing.

e.g., The footy game on Friday was a ripsnorter.

submitted by Ralph

riq - Room Intelligence Quotient. The level of intelligence of an audience or group. Originally from the stand-up comedy subculture. Typically used as a pejorative term to indicate that you will have to do material that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Can be used in any group situation, especially business meetings.

e.g., "He spent his entire set doing West Virginia sister and wife jokes. That should tell you what the RIQ is." | "Speak slowly when you give your presentation -- I have a bad feeling about the RIQ."

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

riserv - To return a serve in tennis.

e.g., Bob is good at tennis, but is unable to riserv on his turn.

submitted by Ivan

risible - I've seen it several times, but knew its meaning only from context -- and promptly forgot. Another, good real word: "1. causing or capable of causing laughter; laughable; ludicrous.  
2. having the ability, disposition, or readiness to laugh.  
3. pertaining to or connected with laughing."

e.g., You can usually count on Chris for some unintentional risible act that will set everyone in the room to laughing -- at him, poor doofus.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

risible mulct - (adj. phrase) 1. obviously comprehensible to somebody, but not to me/us; (n. phr.) 2. perfectly good English which is nevertheless part of the colossal percentage of English words most English speakers are not familiar with. (v.) "risibly mulcting" 3. using 'big' words to impress, intimidate, or obfuscate meaning. (imperative v.) 4. adjust your vocabulary to the audience. (From the perfectly sound English words "risible," meaning "laughable" (sorta) and "mulct," a fine.)

e.g., HOLMES: "Demonstrably, maugre the apostil in this singularly antithalian vade mecum---evidently an epinosic apophoret---the child is a mammothreptic pygia, and his abductors were the familiar jeroboam and the abigail; videlicet their subitaneous flight." WATSON: "Risible mulct." HOLMES: "I beg your pardon?" WATSON: "What on Earth did you just say?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

risk-free - We've all seen those "risk-free-shipping-charges only" deals on the Internet, right? Here's what "risk-free" means in those ads: _not_ risk free.* || Somewhere on the page inviting you to give the advertiser your credit card number to pay the shipping charges will be a link to the terms and conditions of your "risk-free trial" -- if you can find the link. Believe me, they're easy to miss. If you read the Ts&Cs, you'll find that you have only 14 days to notify the altruistic advertiser that you don't want to receive any more shipments of the product. If you don't "cancel your subscription" within the allotted time, you'll soon find another shipment in your mailbox. And you'll also find that your credit card has been billed $169.95 for next month's supply of the miracle product. It's not the efficacy of the product that's the problem, it's what you sign up for. Read the fine print: RTfFP. || Go ahead, call your credit card company to complain. The best you'll get is for the CCC to assist you in making a conference call to the supplier, a call in which you'll probably be able to succeed in stopping future shipments and being billed. You will _not_ get a refund. As far as I know, the Federal Trade Commission has no objections to this abhorrent practice. Well, I do -- and so should you. Risk-free, my ass. ||| * For instance, how can a guy pass up a virtually free sample of Garcinia Cambogia. After all, it's been touted as a weight loss miracle by Dr. Oz. Would Dr. Oz lie to us or mislead us?* I dunno. I'm not a follower of DOZ. Check the title link for more information about GC and judge for yourself whether or not it's some kind of miracle cure. Is it possible it could be worth a try for someone who needs to lose weight, say, someone with Type 2 diabetes? If you want to lose weight without changing your diet or reducing caloric intake, or increasing the amount of exercise you get, could it be worth a try? I dunno. But I'll tell you what I think: fat chance.

e.g., Did you get an e-mail from Amazon* recently? One in which you were told that if you completed a survey you'd be able to have your choice of several "rewards" for spending the time answering the questions. I did. Then I dutifully completed the survey, anxious to get to the part where I'd get something for free -- or almost free. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow turned out to be my choice of several risk-free offers. No thank you very much. I have no desire to be separated from my hard-earned cash by paying five to twenty times as much for some product that I could easily pick up at a nearby supermarket, || * Didn't pay any attention to the URL of the site I was taken to when I clicked on the link in the e-mail. Probability that it was connected in any way with Zero.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

risofrette - When you are worried about something and this worry finally goes away or is resolved, you think that you will be worry free -- but, alas, another worry always seems to rise to the surface.

e.g., I thought I would be worry free once I quit smoking, but a risofrette occurred and now I worry about money all the time.

submitted by Mary Mulkey

risquanchy - To be slightly more lewd than "risque," but not quite "raunchy."

e.g., The girl with too much make-up on was dancing a bit risquanchy at the show last night.

submitted by Eric Belt

risque' - The first gamble you make. Preceds Risq B, which precedes Risq C and so on.

e.g., I awoke, took a chance, and opened my eyes. Opening my eyes -- Risque' -- produced no ill effects. So, on to Risq B, sitting up. . . .

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

ritalics - Children who are alleged to be hyperactive and who are prescribed Ritalin. Rit-alics, short i. | A sedate typography style to set off or emphasize without using more excitatory marks such as exclamation points that may tend to set off readers in another sense. Ri-talics, long i.

e.g., I'll bet half of the ritalics in our local elementary school don't need Ritalin at all. It's a conspiracy among the pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists, doctors, and inept teachers. Here are more than 5 million websites mentioning Ritalin: Follow the money. | If you don't want your class acting up, Mr. Graham, start using ritalics more often. Those damned exclamation points you keep using just invite bad behavior.

submitted by HD Fowler

rite - Rite: "a formal or ceremonial act or procedure prescribed or customary in religious or other solemn use." Right: "Sometimes, rights. that which is due to anyone by just claim, legal guarantees, moral principles, etc." Now you know. You can thank me later. (Is it possible the commenter in the example is saying she favors civil unions but not same-sex marriages?)

e.g., "I am a pro-choice conservative, who cares less about gay rites one way or the other and am a staunch civil rites advocate. . . ."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rithered - Similar to stoned, but more severe.

e.g., Better slow down a bit, I'm rithered.

submitted by craig/sean/ryan

ritter - Trouble, relating to sexual acts and or heart- breaking.

e.g., The girl is just a ritter.

submitted by paul - (www)

ritzy town - Very up market and swanky.

e.g., Mark is a sharp dresser, isn't he? Very Ritzy town, huh?

submitted by Anna

river chicken - A duck. More so a duck that is white with brown speckles and is too far away for ready identification.

e.g., Frank: Look, Barry. I had no idea that chickens could swim. Perhaps it's a river chicken. Barry: It's a duck, Frank.

submitted by cHUCk Kolyvas - (www)

rivethead - Rivetheads are people who listen to industrial music. In appearance, they can range from wearing simple and comfortable black clothing, to having the appearance of a highly millitant post-apocalyptic nuclear-fighter, complete with goggles, a WW2 jacket, and jackboots. Often have shaved heads and sometimes get mistaken for Nazis or general white power people. Rivetheads can often be seen with Goths. They are also often typecast as being angry. They tend to have an affection for Germany, as most good industry hails from Germany. However, they aren't Nazi-minded people.

e.g., Look at that rivethead crossing the street. His goggles are amazing.

submitted by fish

rivig - A four foot stuffed, tube-shaped, cat/worm, in alternating black and white stripes, formerly sold at Ikea.

e.g., That rivig appears hungry. Let us feed him Swedish meatballs from Ikea's cafe.

submitted by Noah A. Bolmer

rizcomplify - A doing word, action word, verb.

e.g., I'll rizcomplify into town to pick it up.

submitted by Delious

rkba - Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

e.g., "We in the RKBA community have spent countless hours and dollars attempting to educate the Hoplophobes. This is hopeless. It cannot be done. These poor folks have a condition known to the medical specialty of neurology as "anosognosia." That is: they don't know, and they don't know that they don't know. A sure sign of such a deplorable condition is that when education is attempted, the Hoplophobe responds with anger."

submitted by [Dr. Bill Rogers] - (www)

rlp - Red Letter Pay. Pay received for doing wrong, sinful, or illegal things.

e.g., She got her RLP after betraying him to his enemies.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

ro-ro - Short for "road dog"; friend; traveling companion.

e.g., Don't mess with Be-Bop; he's my ro-ro.

submitted by Ty Evans

roach coach - A truck or wagon set up with the ability to serve takeaway lunches and beverages, usually found in high density business districts. Hawaiian in origin, but they can be found virtually anywhere.

e.g., Janice: You wanna try that new Korean place for lunch? Beverly: Can't. Not enough money. Let's hit the roach coach instead.

submitted by Paul

roached - Destroyed, disrupted, or otherwise not working.

e.g., I finished some code last night that works fine on my PC but it's all roachy on Mac Netscape.

submitted by kovert

road - Means leave or go away in a forceful manner. From the movie Excess Baggage. Hit the road.

e.g., You've worn out your welcome. I think its time for you to road.

submitted by Skippy - (www)

road booger - An accumulation of ice and snow in the wheel well of a car or truck. This is a winter phenomenon, generally in the northern U.S. and Canada.

e.g., That there's a rilly big road booger on yer truck. Ya want me to kick it off?

submitted by Mikhail

road dent - An imperfection in a car's exterior, resulting from an accident.

e.g., To miss the squirrel, I hit a tree, which crushed my front end. So, to miss the rodent, I incurred a road dent.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

road dog - Homey, homeslice, partner, buddy, cool one.

e.g., Karen is my road dog.

submitted by Stephanie

road gator - A large piece of semi tire, usually found on the side of a major roadway.

e.g., On the way to Aunt Sandy's house, we passed several road gators.

submitted by Milly Claassen

road map - A prisoner's multiple scars visible on his body, usually observed on a bald head.

e.g., You could tell at one glance that T-Red didn't have good sense by the way he wore that road map on the back of his head.

submitted by Ty Evans

road pizza - The unfortunate result of some animal or person getting hit by a car, bus, or train.

e.g., We were wondering when the town would come clean up that road pizza.

submitted by Arik9

road rain - The phenomenon suffered by highway drivers when it stops raining but car spray still obscures your vision.

e.g., Get out from behind that truck. How can you see with all this road rain?

submitted by Moogla - (www)

road rash - The severe skin injuries that occur as the result of a motorcycle accident.

e.g., He was thrown from the bike and went scuttering down the highway for 50 yards. The worst case of road rash I've ever seen.

submitted by Stephen Mize

road schmutz - The stuff left on your car (especially the windshield) when the road rain dries.

e.g., I used up all the cleaner trying to get the road schmutz off the windows.

Fast Mike: "The Car": This morning it had it's first real personal attention in 2500 miles, tended to by the guys at Gentle Touch Hand Wash, just a few blocks from the hotel. With all the road-schmutz removed, I noticed a few more of the dings from the debris torrent we suffered in Canada. The windshield is definitely screwed with pits galore. But, after a thorough cleaning, it looks WOW!! I am not going to get tired of that color. In the sun, it really comes alive with highlights!

submitted by Syl Lindsay - (www)

road soda - An alcoholic drink consumed while driving or riding in a vehicle.

e.g., The drive's over twenty minutes. Better grab some road sodas.

submitted by martin

roadlake - Any very large roadside puddle wide enough to span at least one-half to a full lane.

e.g., Driving in the rain isn't all that bad -- in fact, plowing through all the roadlakes can be kind of fun.

submitted by Shaduan

roadsome - Jetsome and Flotsome describe legally define wrecks and cargo debris on seashores and along maritime routes. Roadsome is a word needed to describe the automotive debris and cargo found on road and highway margins.

e.g., I saw some fine roadsome today and picked up a perfectly good tire and rim from the side of US 395.

submitted by Fred

roasticating - To be so hot that you feel you are roasting and suffocating at the same time.

e.g., Backstage, in heavy costumes, we were roasticating; little rivers of perspiration were streaming down our backs as we waited for the curtain to rise.

submitted by Jeanie Hines

robble - Exclamation, used to indicate the compulsive need for a hamburger made of mostly synthetic substances. Often used by puppets dressed like Zorro on crack.

e.g., Robble Robble.

submitted by Cori

robevent - something contrary to nature

e.g., That manifestation was a robevent!

submitted by Jim D'Agostino

robin hood - Steal, a euphemism. Particularly useful when what has been stolen is shared. Robin-hood.

e.g., "Hey, guys, I just robin-hooded some donuts. I'll share." "You don't have a clue, do you, Chris, that there's nothing at all generous about sharing someone else's property?"

That's the fundamental problem with the notion of file-sharing. The sharers are not sharing something they own. Owning a, shall we say, a physical embodiment -- an instance -- of a copyrighted work does not give you the right to share that work by making copies of it and giving (or selling) the copies to others. Nor do you have the right to make a copyrighted work available for copying. It's possible that doing the latter makes you part of a criminal conspiracy to commit copyright fraud.

If you're having difficulty grasping the concept of the intellectual property rights associated with a creative work, think of the mineral rights associated with real estate -- with a chunk of real property. The person who owns the mineral rights may not be the person who owns the property. Mineral rights can be owned and sold separately from property. I own the mineral rights to a 200-acre plot of ground in Texas. I don't own the 200 acres. I can lease or sell my mineral rights, but I have no rights to the property itself.

Similarly, the copy rights to a creative work can be owned and sold separately from an instance of the creative work. If you want to share a DVD with a friend or friends, that's fine. Pass it around among yourselves all you like. But don't burn multiple DVDs and give or loan them to your friends. It would be worse, of course, if you made copies and sold them -- but you'd be violating copyright law either way.

Technically, you're probably breaking the law even if all you do is make a backup copy of a copyrighted work (check the license to see) -- but there aren't many copyright owners who are going to get bent out of shape about that.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

robinson chorizo - Any fictional character or actual person who becomes stranded on a Mexican island and survives using only his wits, native materials, and, of course, delicious local sausage. . . .

e.g., Jimmy lived on Isla Mujeres for almost a year in a hut he built himself. He's a real Robinson Chorizo.

submitted by Hal Colombo

robocop-like - Resembling or aspiring to resemble Robocop, either the cybernetic protagonist in a movie of the same name or said movie. Generally, to have to do with tough, roboticized law enforcement in a post-industrial, thug-ridden urban-sprawl-type world terrorized by crime lords, corporations, and futuristic drugs.

e.g., In a desperate move, the advisory committee proposed a series of Robocop-like traffic policies.

submitted by James Blackmon

robophobia - Fear and revulsion of robots, caused by their humanoid appearance but lack of body language and organic subtleties, thus causing the sufferer to believe that she is surrounded by walking, talking dead people.

e.g., Don't take that thing near Bob. He suffers from robophobia.

submitted by Adam Leslie

robosteckler - An empowered individual or entity exercising a blatant and needless abuse of authority, particularly at the expense of the less fortunate. (robostecktorian adj. steckle tr.v.)

e.g., That cop gave me a speeding ticket for going 3 miles over. What a robosteckler.

submitted by Arash Ramin - (www)

robustify - Making someting more robust.

e.g., Just get the web site working. We'll robustify it later.

submitted by Martin A.

robustitron - An undescribable mystery mechanism that when broken brings the system or machine in question to a complete stop or when added to something inferior makes it infinitely better than everything. This word is used to confuse lay people when no one cares to figure out the real reason for things.

e.g., You see, your web site went down because the robustitron in the web server started artifacting the data stream.

submitted by Supa3

robusty - Feminine form, shapely yet strong.

e.g., An exotic dancer and amatuer triathalete, Karen had a robusty physical appearance.

submitted by Michael Hedges

rock - To display a certain style.

e.g., That guy was rocking a mullet.

submitted by zak

rock chestnuts - Used to describe something which is the epitome of coolness. (Invented by Jerame Barriga of Carson, CA.)

e.g., Mrs. Monson rocks chestnuts.

submitted by BigAssFries

rock grapefruits - Used to describe something which is the epitome of coolness. Cf: Rock chestnuts.

e.g., Jerame, you rock grapefruits.

submitted by BigAssFries

rock on a roll - In the year 2045 they succeed in transforming virtually any kind of rock into an edible nutritious foodstuff, eliminating hunger and starvation

e.g., McDougall's is running a special this week (Sept 10, 2052), rock on a roll, with cheese and grilled sprouts .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

rock on! - Said as either enthusiastic or sarcastic encouragement..

e.g., A. Well, I'm gonna mow the lawn. B. Rock on!

submitted by Li'Kov

rock star - Used to describe an extreme situation or personal actions.

e.g., You got rock star parking. I parted like a rock star last night!

submitted by leslie "bunny" wallace

rock star parking - Used to describe an extremely good parking spot on a busy day.

e.g., Wow, I parked in the first spot in the mall parking lot on the day after Thanksgiving. That is true rock star parking.

submitted by allie

rock steady - To be cool in a conspicuously uncool manner.

e.g., You bought a new boba fett poster for your office? Rock Steady! Need to lay it on even thicker? use "baby" as a modifier= Rock steady, baby!

submitted by Chris Freek

rock the f out - Stands for "rock the freak out," but usually used in the short form. To play a musical instrument with wild enthusiasm. Or, as a term of validation or compliment.

e.g., Last night's band had to rock the f out because music reps from the record label were there to check them out. | When Joe saw Mike's new haircut he said, "That mullet rocks the f out!"

submitted by Nash

rock the funky beat - Superlative of "rock."

e.g., Your mom's cinnamon rolls rock the funky beat.

submitted by Ian Milligan - (www)

rock'em-sock'em - (adj.) 1. of or pertaining to any ideological contest (on a particular subject) between children, who are actually simply parroting what their parents or friends believe, being themselves nowhere near experienced enough to have a coherent, self-consistent belief system of their own; 2. of or pertaining to any ideological contest between adults, who are, however, simply parroting what they have been told by their friends, teachers, parents, etc., without ever having taken the time to develop a coherent, self-consistent belief system; 3. Any violent confrontation between soldiers (any of whom may or may not subscribe to the ideology they champion) who are fighting for a larger entity, rather than for self-determination, home, family, etc. [From the game Rock'em-Sock'em Robots, in which players control the fighters who, being nothing but plastic icons, have no will of their own. Some people like to use the word "pawn" for such a player~piece relationship, but I thought Rk'm-Sk'm would have more of an impact (pun intended).]

e.g., I remember rooting for the Minnesota Vikings in Superbowl IV (1970---I was nine) simply because that's who we were "supposed" to be rooting for. I'm not sure who did the supposing, though. | I also recall a heated battle in an elementary school class between the children of parents who approved of hunting and the children of parents who disapproved of hunting. | Rk'm-Sk'm can, sadly, apply to all sorts of human interactions, sports and animal-rights being only two. There's also politics, economics, school or hometown loyalties, etc. etc. Most people, for some reason, like to point to religion as the quintessential Rk'm-Sk'm, which---in light of the Middle-East's entire history---might, in many cases, be true. Bear in mind, however, that the empty discourse of unlearned children does not affect reality in any significant way. There is a God in heaven. Denying it because the brutal, the ignorant, and the misled spend all their time and money murdering one another contravenes both logic and common sense. It reminds me of the old joke about the man who read so much about the bad effects of smoking that he finally gave up reading entirely.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rock'n'roll - Mid-20th Century US black slang for sex. Came to mistakenly stand for a sub-genre of music. Brings whole new meaning to "Rocking All Over The World," "Rock Around The Clock, " "Jailhouse Rock," and "Hard Rock Cafe."

e.g., Well, time for some rock'n'roll.

submitted by Adam Leslie

rockasaurus - Senior citizen that loves rock-n-roll or plays in a rock-n-roll band, still has the intensity but is marked by long hair and leather like skin.

e.g., Mick Jagger is a real rockasaurus.

submitted by James Alex - (www)

rocket - Portable outdoor toilet, like the type used at construction sites. So-called because you supposedly sit in it like a space capsule, and unlike an outhouse, it's made of ultra-modern blue plastic with sci-fi looking doors and bulkheads.

e.g., I ate too much chili. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the rocket.

submitted by J. Field

rocket monkey - A person who does work somewhere between rocket science and monkey work. Often used in IT for cut and paste work that requires thinking.

e.g., You need to think about those figures; get a rocket monkey to enter them.

submitted by Tyrion

rocket surgeon - Stupid. Sarcasm, for a very stupid person.

e.g., The sign says "Pull," rocket surgeon.

submitted by i_monk

rocket surgeon - Person with very high degree of discipline-specific expertise, especially of technical or academic subject areas. Subject matter guru.

e.g., When it comes to graphic kernel debugging, Norman is a real rocket surgeon.

submitted by Cecil X. Nixxon - (www)

rocket surgery - Something requiring great intelligence and brain power; combination of "rocket science" and "brain surgery."

e.g., "I don't understand what's so confusing about collating," I said to my bewildered assistant. "It's not like it's rocket surgery."

submitted by Stephanie B.

rocket-star - A hybrid of "rocket scientist" and "rock star", generally used as a back-handed compliment for achieving the mundane.

e.g., You remembered to sign the cheque this time? You're a rocket-star!

submitted by Ian Milligan - (www)

rocketsurgery - This is the most dificult thing ever attempted by mankind, because it is a mixture of rocket science and brain surgery.

e.g., I don't understand why math is so hard for you. After all, it's not rocketsurgery.

submitted by Nitro119 - (www)

rockey - Short form of rock hockey, a synonym for Canada's third most exciting national sport, curling.

e.g., That _Men With Brooms_ flick was the best rockey film ever made

submitted by dan

rockinest - It's a superlative adjective form that means "you're the best" or "you rock the most."

e.g., Thanks for getting all that work done at the last minute -- you're the rockinest.

submitted by Angelique Pinet

rocks like bob - Something that is extremely cool; awesome; top-notch. (Bob is a guy I used to work with that would rock back and forth whenever he got excited or stressed, and instead of just saying that something "rocked," my friends and co-workers and I started saying that stuff "rocked like Bob." It kind of took off from there.)

e.g., M: I can't believe J's new boyfriend bought concert tickets for everybody. T: I know, he rocks like Bob.

submitted by Tina - (www)

rocks sheep - Something that's particularly awesome or entertaining.

e.g., Wow, Paul, your new story really rocks sheep.

submitted by anathea - (www)

rocks the casbah - For use when something comes across as very exciting or when a situation turns out to your extreme liking.

e.g., When Fred's uncle gave him a new car, Fred said "Whoah, this rocks the casbah."

submitted by noelle - (www)

rocks the kizbah - Something good happening for you, good luck, etc. (Check out the meaning of casbah.)

e.g., I got front row tickets for the show. That rocks the kizbah.

submitted by Megan Mykrantz - (www)

rocks-for-jocks - Geology 101 in any undergraduate program. Thought to be the easiest the science requirements.

e.g., He's unable to count his fingers without giving himself a hemorrhage, so he took rocks-for-jocks as his science.

submitted by Stephen Mize

rocktropolis - Very similar to "cool."

e.g., I get a raise?! ROCKTROPLIS!

submitted by Trent - (www)

rocky collar - When the collar on a shirt does not lay properly, it can referred to as a "rocky collar."

e.g., Fix your rocky collar before we leave.

submitted by pilot - (www)

rodee - Unsuccessful attempt to make a pass or to pick someone up

e.g., "Did you hear about John last night? He pulled a rodee on this chick, and she turned him down flat.

submitted by Jasmine

rodentascentous - Of the smell of putrifying rat in your attic, under floorboards, or in walls -- until decomposition is down to the dry bones.

e.g., The rodentascentous in my friends house could gag a vulture.

submitted by Tammy Zihlavsky

rodentify - To identify a subject as a member of the rodentia, or rodent, order of mammals.

e.g., I was able to rodentify the inhabitants of the hole under my porch and prompty purchased a cat from the pet store.

submitted by Melissa Hancock

rods to the hog's head - A quaint and antiquated measurement of absolutely anything. The unit of measurement is a rod, checked against a hog's head. The implication is that whatever it is you're measuring, it's either very old, or happened a long time ago.

e.g., 1. Abraham Simpson: "I said the metric system is the tool of the devil... My car gets 40 rods to the hog's head, and that's the way I likes it!" 2. My first computer was a Commodore 64 that got four rods to the hog's head of memory.

submitted by Augusta

roffle - "Rolling on the floor laughing, but not rofl. Written as you say it, probably because typing it that often means you almost say it out loud. Most commonly used to confuse people not 'in the know.'"

e.g., Jay: I was thinking about becoming a priest, but I don't like small boys. Kay: Roffle.

submitted by mike - (www)

roger moore - To pick up a lady using heavy dry-wit and light sarcasm.

e.g., Rich: "Hey, look at Paul over there making that girl laugh." Albert: "Yeah, he's laying down the Roger Moore."

submitted by natmac

roger rabbit - The inability of a motion picture to seamlessly fuse live action with computer-generated imagery, as the film-makers had intended, lending it an unintentional cartoony feel.

e.g., I enjoyed Attack of the Clones, but it was a bit Roger Rabbit at times.

submitted by Adam Leslie

roger roger - Affirmative Adj. (raw-jur-raw-jur) Derived from Battle Droids in Star Wars Episode One. Roger Roger is used to denote willingness without enthusiasm. A way to affirm without pleasure about the subject.

e.g., "You gotta work today man?" "Roger Roger."

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

rogerdilly - OK, no worries, no problem, sure, why not, yes, fair enough.

e.g., Q. Are you going? A. Rogerdilly. On my way.

submitted by Ratty

rogue bullshevik - A candidate, in an election campaign, who makes an inappropriate remark within a "hot" topic such as women's rights, same sex, and abortion issues, thereby fatally cutting himself away from the safety and suppport of the political herd.

e.g., "You had to do it, congressman, you just had to do it. You had to stand up there, in front of all those cameras, and blurt out to the world that 'if a lady is raped, she should consider that at least it was not like a forced same sex experience, and if she got pregnant, it was her obligation, as a woman, to bear that child and raise it in a good Bible Belt Southern Christian god-fearing church.' Well, sir,you really did it. Senator, uou've just lost that cushy, high life you've enjoyed for four terms and you'll have to get a job and work for a living. You've just made yourself a rogue Bullshevik, and you'll have no other choice but to drop out of the election."

submitted by charlie lesko

rohitopomous - Awkward and stenchlike.

e.g., Your car smells rohitopomous.

submitted by Humpty Dance

roid - (n) Asteroid (v) To take asteroids from another planetary system.

e.g., 1. He took my roids 2. Let's roid that guy, he looks like a good target.

submitted by Neil Park

roid rage - Emotional outburst of anger as a side effect of taking too many anabolic steroids, common in athletes.

e.g., When he blew up at the coach I could see the roid rage in his eyes.

submitted by Joel Parker

roigoir - Often spelled rogoir. 1. Pseudo-French for the common word rigor. 2. Alternative spelling of rigor, as defined in the PseudoDictionary.

e.g., 1. No, we do not follow the rules for submittals with roigoir. If we did, we'd have a lot fewer entries. Particularly if we followed the rule about unicase text. 2. Wonder if there are many job opportunities in Toronto for roigoirs?

submitted by HD Fowler

roit - A riot surrounding England or Ireland usually involving punks with guttural accents.

e.g., Oi! It's a bloody roit, roit !?

submitted by Speath

rok - Cool, excellent. From _Happy Gilmore_: "Rock. R-o-k? R-O-C-K!" "Oh, the c's silent ... "

e.g., "I'm comin' down today." "Rok."

submitted by Mike

roldivl - the word you always end up with at the end of scrabble

e.g., "Damn, i can only put down roldivl"

submitted by alex

rolex - Rolled eggs, in Uganda.


From "The Blender and the Brick Fairy" So, every morning for the past two months, he brings me my new favorite Ugandan staple, a piece of fried flatbread with an egg and vegetables wrapped inside, called, amusingly, a "Rolex" (from "rolled eggs"), and I buy him a juice.

submitted by [Patricia Taft] - (www)

rolfipouh - Acronym for "rolls on floor laughing in paroxysms of uncontrollable hysteria," but with letters transposed for ease of pronunciation.

e.g., "Did you hear what Miles did with his chocolate sundae in the restaurant on Sunday?" "Yes, rolfipouh."

submitted by Colin Taffel - (www)

roll another toon - Create a new avatar. Used in World of Warcraft, Second Life, There, and other online virtual games.

e.g., They may have banned that griefer, but it's only going to take him five minutes to roll another toon.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

rolled, jackrolled - 1. To be robbed in an overwhelming manner. 2. To be taken advantage of.

e.g., The dummy was so drunk that the minute he left the bar, he got jackrolled and lost all his money.

submitted by Greg

roller - A police cruiser.

e.g., You'd better slow down. I see a couple of rollers up ahead.

submitted by Juice Maloose

rollin on w's - Meaning your car has really nice wheels. Usually in the 20" range.

e.g., That car is nice. He's rollin on w's.

submitted by KDogg

rollin' - Rolling in the floor, laughing. Laughing your butt off.

e.g., Did you see Conan O' Brien last night? It was so funny, we were just rollin'.

submitted by Sarah

rolling stop - Not a stop. Descriptive of slowing to a crawl as you approach a stop sign but then driving on through without coming to a full stop.

e.g., Watch out making rolling stops the end of the month. There may be some cops lurking about who haven't reached their monthly ticket quotas.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rolling stop - Not a stop. Term is used for situations in which cars are slowly driven and bicycles are slowly ridden through intersections without stopping at stop signs. {Duplicate.}

e.g., "In effect, it would legalize the so-called California roll [aka rolling stop], although just for bicyclists."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rollout - To leave, gangster style.

e.g., I'm boutsta rollout.

submitted by alex

rollposting - Placing a full roll of toilet paper on top of the an empty roll of toilet paper in lieu of actually replacing the roll.

e.g., I sure am getting sick of all the rollposting that's been going on in the bathroom lately.

submitted by jay donaldson, will smith, and valerie r - (www)

rom-com - Film industry talk for romantic comedy. Romcom, romedy.

e.g., "Life of Pi, Ang Lee's adaptation of the Yann Martel Booker winner came in second with 11 nominations, four of them in major categories, while David O Russell's screwball rom-com Silver Linings Playbook won nominations in eight categories, seven of them major #151; with surprise nods for supporting actors Jacqui Weaver and Robert De Niro. Ben Affleck's Argo and Les Miserables, Tom Hooper's epic adaptation of the musical smash, trailed with seven."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

romaine tacos - Tacos that use wide, cupped romaine lettuce leaves, instead of tortilla shells.

e.g., Wednesday was romaine taco night at my place and there were always plenty of hungry housemates and guests.

submitted by Steve McDonald

roman syndrome - When an empire becomes too big and collapses under its own weight. Due to its inability to manage its land and power efficiently from a central capital, the empire reverts to a more primitive society.

e.g., Many nations that aspire to empire eventually succumb to Roman Syndrome.

submitted by Jonathan Sullivan - (www)

romancer - 1. Someone with a fanciful imagination. 2. Someone who writes romance novels. 3. Romance novel. 4. One who romances (the common definition).

e.g., She's a romancer who turned her proclivities into a job as romancer: She writes romancers filled with romancers.

"A Romance of Youth" by Francois Coppee: The poet Leroy des Saules had the haughty attitude and the Apollo face corresponding to the noble and perfect beauty of his verses; but Edouard Durocher, the fashionable painter of the nineteenth century, was a large, common-looking man with a huge moustache, like that of a book agent; and Theophile de Sonis, the elegant story-writer, the worldly romancer, had a copper-colored nose, and his harsh beard was like that of a chief in a custom-house.

submitted by HD Fowler

romanic - A manic romantic.

e.g., Billy bought his girlfriend 100 roses. He's a manic romantic.

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

romantasy - A romantic fantasy.

e.g., I just had a wonderful romantasy.

submitted by PhinKnee

romantic - One of some high jinks in ancient Rome.

e.g., Their romantics kept the legionnaires up all night so they weren't fit for duty in the morning.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

romantical - act of being romantic

e.g., My husband was so romantical last night

submitted by Billie Jean

romantical - act of being romantic

e.g., My husband was so romantical last night

submitted by Billie Jean

romcom - Movie slang: romantic comedy. The example comes from a review of The Proposal, from the linked site.

e.g., "Utterly predictable romcom concerning a ballbusting female boss who blackmails her PA into marrying her to prevent deportation."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

romposet - Relatively small furry animals. Analogus to the relationship between bug and grasshopper.

e.g., I went out in the forest today and saw a whole bunch of romposets.

submitted by Mark

ronco - Something you never knew existed, but desperately need. After Ronco™, the company of Ron Popeil, "King of the Infomercials."

e.g., I'm jonesin' for that elephant-shaped electric nose hair trimmer. I think it's a real ronco.

submitted by Daniel Spaulding

rones - The fourth meal of the day.

e.g., I love rones everyday of the week.

submitted by Juan Geraldo

ronnie hawk chic - A new trend in fashion to look like an teenage neighborhood loser circa 1986. Ronnie hawk chic would include high-top white sneakers, faded rock tees, and levitating foam or mesh baseball caps.

e.g., Jenny, your new glasses are so cool. They're saying, "I met you in 1986." You look so ronnie hawk chic I can't stand it.

submitted by jenny

roo - Cigaret, cigarette. Short for "cigaroo."

e.g., I smoke a pack of roos a day.

submitted by Blandings

roof, root, hoof - When I grew up, these all had the same vowel as in foot, wood. For me, that's still true.

e.g., The vowel in put
Is just like in root
& the vowel in wood
Is just like in roof
& also in hoof.
At least as how some of us say it.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

roofus - Excellent, brilliant, the best thing in the world, cool. Rufus.

e.g., Skating is roofus.

submitted by Lauren

rook - (n.) a person who always goes in straight lines, organizes things with timetables and lists, and generally tries to avoid short-cuts, surprises, and spontaneity.

e.g., "Can't you just write the answer?" "Nope. The teacher says we have to show every step of our work." "Wow, what a rook."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

room - Transitive verb. Heard in a hospital emergency room, asking if a patient in a triage room had been assigned a regular emergency room.

e.g., Has she been roomed yet?

submitted by HD Fowler

roomerbang - The sound of a malicious tale rebounding on the teller.

e.g., When Dave found out that is was Tim who had told Jo that Dave was seeing Jane, the roomerbang could be heard all down Tim's street.

submitted by Pertinax - (www)

roomnesia - When you walk into a room and can't remember what you were going to do in there.

e.g., Jill said she was going to get a book from the living room, but when she came back empty-handed and confused I knew she had roomnesia.

submitted by Ally

roon - to ruin something, also rooned = ruined

e.g., "You rooned it!"

submitted by Rachel

roon - Slang for cigarette, shortened form of cigaroony.

e.g., May Ii have a roon, please?

submitted by bob

roonerspismatical - When one consistently speaks in spoonerisms, whether intentionally or unintentionally and so much so that one's speech becomes humorous and may even become slurred in vain attempts to speak the words correctly. (As a noun, this can be spelled as one going through roonerspismatics or one speaking in roonerspisms.)

e.g., Jerlene's speech is quite confusing and contagious. Spees sheaking in roonerspisms, making her roonerspismatical.

submitted by Felix Morvin

rooooit - A distorted version of "riiiiight," with the I really drawn out. Instead, draw out the "oi" sound. Said when something is extremely weird, too long so that you forget all that was said, or so complex or technical that it goes way too far over your head.

e.g., Colleen: "See, all I did was go into the hard drive and find the Windows file, run search, and thenmanually track the file--all the while keeping up the scan...(goes on for ages)." Charlene: "Rooooit."

submitted by Colleen

roosify - Make something sound intelligent with jargon.

e.g., The adjunct roosified her explanation of primordial disconnect with a pedantic illustration of the ego vs id.

submitted by Julie Roos

rooster-spurred - Female equivalent of hen-pecked.

e.g., She was rooster-spurred by her husband

submitted by Linda Hamilton

roostered-up - To be perched somewhere or hunched up over oneself, usually in a self-gratificatory manner.

e.g., Chris was roostered-up in the corner of the room when we walked in.

submitted by Anthony

root - All things are possible in root mode in UNIX. The root account is the omniscient, the omnipotent, the end-all and be-all of everything. To use this term is to summon up some or all of this figurative omnipotence for metaphorical purposes.

e.g., I didn't want it to happen, but she somehow gained root access to my heart.

submitted by apeiron

root, a - Australian slang for a quick romp between the sheets. About as casual or meaningless as sex can get.

e.g., Well, we don't have enough time for firkytoodling, but I wouldn't mind a root.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rootbeer - Random insult used when no other insult can be thought of. This is considered the insult of all insults.

e.g., Bob: You're a . . . a fornication face, Joe. Joe: Yea, well . . . you . . . you . . . yea, well . . . YOUR MOM . . . and. . . and . . . YOU ROOTBEER.

submitted by Jessica - (www)

rootedpinto - A rootedpinto is a specific breed of horse that cannot move; hence, it is rooted.

e.g., The rootedpinto stood placidly in the pasture.

submitted by Jackie - (www)

rooting - Slang from Down Under: coitus.

e.g., "Root, root, root for the home team. If they don't win, it's a shame. . . ." While it's true that two University of Iowa fans were arrested at the Metrodome during the Iowa-Minnesota football game last Saturday, they weren't arrested for cheering for their team as some people may think. They were arrested for public indecency -- for rooting in a restroom stall for the handicapped.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rope - To vomit.

e.g., Don't rope in my car, "Zak."

submitted by Zak

ropeable - Extremely angry, the Australian version of "fit to be tied."

e.g., I'm so keyed up this political season -- that is, since about January 2009 -- it doesn't take much to make me ropeable.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rosanthenascimiento - A sentiment of deep affection, mainly romantic -- changing someone from a pragmatic person to an incurable dreamer.

e.g., Amadeus was touched by rosanthenascimiento. In this way he became an artist.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

roscoe - Right. A way to tell someone that directionally you want to go right.

e.g., Hey Trudi, take a roscoe here to get to my place.

submitted by Kendra

roseworthy - The posture taken by two fat people in order to kiss. (Invented at a party held as a tribute to Douglas Adams.)

e.g., Awww, look at Wayne and Emma, they're all cute and roseworthy.

submitted by Wayne

roshamboization - The bringing about the settlement of a dispute by the employment of the game rock-paper-scissors (roshambo).

e.g., The argument over who was actually going to be the one to pay the bar tab was finally settled by roshamboization, thus ending hours of dispute and preventing a near certain brawl.

submitted by Mike Prerau

roshent - Would not, wouldn't.

e.g., I roshent try that if I were you.

submitted by Platinum

rosie - (n.) 1. A member of the female workforce created by the absence of men during World War II; 2. 3. A woman (or a girl) employed in the workforce, especially a single mother; 3. A woman working in a "man's" job (as perceived by the culture or by common usage). [From Rosie the Riveter, the iconic working woman of World War II, whose poster shows her rolling up her sleeve above (or below) the slogan "We Can Do It!" (the model for the illustration was a lady named Geraldine Hoff Doyle, but "Gerry the Riveter" just doesn't cut the mustard, nor do "Hoffie" or "Doyle."]

e.g., Ben gave a great presentation in his high school history class about his great-grandmother working as a Rosie during World War Two. || Many girls are overwhelmed by single-motherhood, but Alice handles the Rosie life pretty well: she's holding down a job and is finishing high school on the internet. || Liz is a longshoreman? That sounds like real Rosie work, that does.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

rosty - With a lot of jewels, usually diamonds. Used to describe jewerly.

e.g., That's a rosty watch you just bought.

submitted by Brian Addezio

rot - 1. (n) Something insanely disgusting or annoying. 2. (int) Exclamation to denote extreme displeasure.

e.g., 1. Mid-terms are such rot! 2. Rot! I deleted my files.

submitted by julia

rot gut ronny's - McDonald's.

e.g., Lets go to Rot Gut Ronny's for dinner.

submitted by Marshall Miller

rotflmao - "Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Ass Off." Used to show that something is extremely funny.

e.g., Yesterday, Jeff was about to sneeze, so he turned to the left. When he sneezed, his head hit the wall. ROTFLMAO, I was crying.

submitted by Neil - (www)

rotisserie geek - A person obsessed with rotisserie or fantasty sports. They are becoming more rampant with the ease and convenience of leagues on the internet.

e.g., I saw George last night and he couldn't put down the paper. He spends all day checking how HIS players are doing. He's becoming a real rotisserie geek.

submitted by Greg Price - (www)

roto-tem plurtilator - A part of the Lost in Space robot (Robbie) allowing upper-body swivelling.

e.g., Everything's A-OK, Will Robinson, except for a slight tingling in my roto-tem plurtilator.

submitted by thomas fontaine

rotonned - Adding the concept of weight to a one word description of a person.

e.g., Let me put it this way. When I say, "that person is rotonned," you get the idea that the subject of the sentence is more round than angular. But when I say, "she's really 'ro tonned!' you get the 'heft' of what I mean!

submitted by Charles Lesko - (www)

rotted - Rotted is something that is plain awful. It can also be used to describe a person, place or thing.

e.g., "Geez, that guy is really rotted".

submitted by melli

rotten ronnie's - MacDonald's, not in favor of.

e.g., "Where do you wanna go for lunch?" "Anywhere but Rotten Ronnie's."

submitted by Jen

rotting dog - a food court in a shopping mall.

e.g., I'm going to get Chinese food at the rotting dog.

submitted by Stephen M. McClain

rotund - A large and angry person, not just a round or fat person.

e.g., Alistar is so rotund, I find it quite scary.

submitted by kipster

rotundacrat - A career bureaucrat grown fat on years of feeding at the public trough.

e.g., A useless rotundacrat sat at his desk and stared at a blank screen for twenty minutes before acknowledging my presence in his domain.

submitted by Roger Wright - (www)

rotunditure - An individual's maximum girth, commonly measured to include the stomach. Can be expressed in metric or imperial units.

e.g., Since over-indulging at Christmas, Bob's rotunditure now stands at 124.5 cm.

submitted by tastyfish

rotundo beach - A beach in California where the obese congregate.

e.g., Being more than just pleasingly plump, Nick and Nora decided that Rotundo Beach was just perfect for some weekend recreation.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

rougeiousie - Residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Other definitions can be found on the Internet.

e.g., Not only am I a rougeiousie, I'm also a Heisman Trophy Winner, having played for LSU in the 1950s.

submitted by [Billy Cannon]

rougeism - A mock-religion formed by fans of the movie _Moulin Rouge_.

e.g., She was determined to convert him to Rougeism even though he swore he hated Moulin Rouge.

submitted by Jayme

rough as a bird's arse - Used to describe a member of the opposite sex who is rather less than attractive.

e.g., Christ, she's as rough as a bird's arse.

submitted by Xnoybis

round heels - Probably comes from the World War II era. Describes a woman whose heels are so round, that she keeps falling over on her back, when in the company of a man.

e.g., I thought she was an ideal woman at first. But unfortunately, she had a bad case of round heels and had already accommodated most of my friends.

submitted by Steve McDonald

roundell - "A place where joggers and runners gather." "Round" = a circle, implying movement around a track. "Dell" -- a small wooded hollow -- which should make a nice, private meeting place. It also gains an old world aura from "roundel" -- a medieval French form of poetry. (See the link.)

e.g., The winners of the Danby Memorial Marathon will meet at the roundell, located at the park's children's playground, for presentation of prizes.

submitted by A Nanny Mouse and amyhvg - (www)

rounder - A real word: "a habitual drunkard or wastrel."

e.g., It was certainly news to me when I was told that President Clinton's mother was rumored to be a rounder when they lived in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I wonder where you'd go to check that out.

submitted by HD Fowler

rouse - (n.) (pronounced with a hard s, not to be confused with the verb.) A grain of rice. (Etymology: the "singular" form of rice, by analogy with mouse/mice. As shown in the example, rice has now becomes the "plural" form of the word.)

e.g., In China, this was probably a popular practical joke: Put one rouse on the first square of a chessboard, two on the second, four on the third, and double the number for each square after that. I wonder if anyone caught on to the fact that they would need 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 rice.

submitted by Mirakle B.

rovalert - One dog barking setting off all the other dogs barking.

e.g., The man walking down the alley set off a rovalert from all the neighborhood dogs.

submitted by Heidi Orris

rowd - Noun form of "rowdy."

e.g., While the substitute teacher had poor anticipations of the pupils from the start, their rowd and poor behavior proved even these low expectations to be too high.

submitted by Seth Pollack

rowdical - A word used to describe a particularly rambunctious reveler, protester, or generally loud and over-the-top individual.

e.g., Was that guy in the crowd ever rowdical.

submitted by Brad Coppin

rowr - A playful, cat-like sound. A cross between a growl and a purr. Used when you want to say something is sexy.

e.g., She rowr-ed at her boyfriend.

submitted by mskaos - (www)

roxedo - The formal attire worn when attending a rock concert or rock related gathering. Usually consisting of black jeans, black t-shirt (band name optional) and a black jacket (tassles are illegal).

e.g., I am going to wear my roxedo to the Metallica concert tonight.

submitted by daniel

roxore - (rock-sore) adjective - very good, very impressive; slang for: awesome, solid, cool.

e.g., That band is roxore. | You're having a party this weekend? Roxore. | I love this song; it's roxore.

submitted by Miss McCann

roxy - Funky, stylish girl.

e.g., That girl at the club was a real Roxy.

submitted by michelle

roy factor, the - (n.) The difference between (i) how an old language is portrayed in a film or tv show and (ii) what it really sounded like (as recorded or reconstructed). (From the 18th century pronunciation of the French word Roi, which is now pronounced rwa, of course.)

e.g., "'Boku wa?''Ja arimasen'? Are those samurai speaking modern Japanese?" "Yeah: the Roy Factor on this show is big enough for the Alvarez asteroid." | "What is that? Classical Latin? That's not what people spoke in the first century AD: it was an artificial, sort of hoity-toity written form of the language. Why would Pontius Pilate speak that? Highborn Romans spoke Greek, anyway."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

royal sampler - A collection of objects that are all different; typically implies that they are more-or-less useless.

e.g., I found a royal sampler of video adapters at Radio Shack, but there was nothing to convert from RCA to coaxial.

submitted by ditnis

royally - adverb - 1. to it's furthest extent. 2.majorly

e.g., "After the scooter crash, his knees were royally screwed. (or screwed up, royally!)"

submitted by Slorge Gridlock - (www)

rtg - Ready To Go.

e.g., After five hours of shopping I was RTG.

submitted by Dave

rtg - Read The Guidelines.


submitted by HD Fowler

rth - Radio Talking Head.

e.g., Laura Ingraham is my favorite RTH. I used to like Rush Limbaugh best, but listening to him eventually got old. It's the difference between a one-man show and an ensemble.

submitted by That's Mister Dinosaur to you.

rubar - The shoulder of the road, not paved.

e.g., Whoa! Stay off the rubar.

submitted by Nathan French

rubba - someone who is not of legal age to have sexual relations with; usually refering to little boys.

e.g., Billy Bob, you can't do that with her she's a rubba.

submitted by billy bob

rubbage - "a combination of rubbish and garbage which refers to discarded envelopes, paper, letters, junk mail, etc. "

e.g., I burn my rubbage in the fireplace and throw my garbage in the trash can.

submitted by Linda

rubber - A certain older distant relative used to use the word "rubber" to mean "rubber band." This could occasionally be a little confusing, what with "rubber" widely used to mean "condom."

e.g., Once upon a time visiting cousin Penelope asked brother Clyde to go fetch her a rubber or two. He was nonplussed till Uncle Horace revealed that rubbers were rubber bands where she came from.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

rubber dinger - The name of a rubber spatula. Used for cooking and baking.

e.g., I used a rubber dinger to scrape the frosting from the bowl.

submitted by Greg Gerow

rubber johnny - Condom. Rubber johnnie, rubber jonny.

e.g., No, a rubber johnny won't keep you from getting an STD, but it'll help.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

rubber mousing - hang around a site

submitted by derek sharp

rubberneckers - Lame jerks who just HAVE to slow down on the highway to look at anything and everything that might be interesting to people with room temperature Celsius IQ's (aka FOX network viewers). Often causing unnecessary and severe delays. To rubberneck.

e.g., I can't believe I was late for a job interview because the rubberneckers were gawking at some guy changing his tire.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

rubbidiculous - To be beyond rubbish and ridiculous. So difficult to determine between the two that they must be combined.

e.g., Raqui is right? Don't be rubbidiculous.

submitted by Andy

rubbie - A rubbie is a term used in Vancouver to describe an alcoholic, mentally ill, or drug addicted homeless person. They are generally found scattered around the West End and heavily concentrated in the Lower East side. The word seems to stem from the word "rubbish." The "rubbies" are often dirty, and wheel around shopping carts full of junk. Additionally, they often sleep in garbage cans, which might be the inspiration for the term.

e.g., From the adjacent building I could see the roof and there were a couple of dead rubbies up there.

submitted by Johnny Kitsilano - (www)

rubbie - Rich Urban Biker.

e.g., “This special edition pickup truck is adorned with enough chrome, leather and H-D logos to bring a RUBbie (Rich Urban Biker) weeping to his knees.” (Seen in Newsday, May 19, 2001.)

submitted by natalie

rubdubus - A rubberband.

e.g., The rubdubus was old, cracked, and wearing thin.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

rube - Person or persons with little clue about culture. A clueless dolt.

e.g., Josh is a rube, he needs to grab a clue from the clue bag.

submitted by powerofgreyskull - (www)

rubification - Simplification or corruption of a word, usage, concept, or practice by a Rube, due to cultural ignorance, faulty assumptions, or poor pronunciation.

e.g., She said the comic performed a "stick" she didn't like (a rubification of "schtick"). She also once called her girlfriend a putz, another rubification, since she might have been able to say it, but was clueless about the meaning.

submitted by Pittsburgh Vince (Vince E.)

ruck - Method of pushing the opposition off the ball in a Rugby match.

e.g., Ruck over the ball.

submitted by Wilton

rucker - Punk wannabe with mohawk or mullett.

e.g., Chris changed his hair--yeah, it's a wig--and everything just to hang with the punks. Nothing but a rucker.

submitted by Andrew Heaslip

ruckinsnuckincursinfursin - A mild all-ages expletive, usually applied to family situations beyond control or belief.

e.g., Jim: Who put the wet towel on top of the clean laundry? Family: (no answer) Jim: (under breath) Ruckinsnuckincursinfursin.

submitted by Geoff S.

rucks - Lots. Used by all generations in Welshpool, Mid-Wales.

e.g., I've got rucks of work. There were rucks of people.

submitted by Geoff Jones - (www)

ruction - A noisy disturbance, quarrel, outbreak. A useful real word. What would an "eruction" be -- an internet flame war?

e.g., "Much of the griping has been taking place anonymously, so as not to cause political ructions."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rude o'clock - 1. Ridiculously early in the morning. 2. Any time before I get up

e.g., What are you ringing me for? It's rude o'clock!

submitted by melt

rudehog - A driver who takes more than his share of the road and is particularly ill-mannered while doing it.

e.g., Check out the rudehog in the blue pickup. Not only is he driving down the center of two lanes, he flipped me off when I honked to remind him he was blocking the road.

submitted by Glen Kaltenbrun - (www)

rudeling - "pl. rudelings. def. a rude person. for starcraft fans, similar to zergling."

e.g., "The professor thinks the students were a bunch of rudelings for using their cellphones in the middle of class."

submitted by Lynn - (www)

rudemental - An utterance which is so uncouth as to be an obvious sign of ignorance.

e.g., As in "Can you believe he said that? Completely rudemental."

submitted by Todd Halterman - (www)

rudeness - Self-defense: standing up to a verbally abusive boss, clerk, et cetera, who is the real rude one.

e.g., I called in sick with swine flu and got scolded for taking too much time off. I protested and even sent in a copy of my doctor's bill -- and my boss reprimanded me for rudeness.

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon

rudenik - Nothing to explain it's the perfect name for a small kid that is acting silly or saying something funny.

e.g., Look at all those little rudeniks at the playground stompin around.

submitted by peabot

rudestrian - An able-bodied jaywalker who, being waved across the street by a courteous motorist, seems to cross slower than he or she would if there were no traffic.

e.g., As Jeremy sat helpless and fuming in the cab, his train beginning to roll out of the station without him, he considered what a fine hood ornament this latest rudestrian would make.

submitted by adam thorsell

rudey pudey - Breaking wind

e.g., Has someone done a rudey pudey?

submitted by Paul Edels

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