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redehymenation - The process or act of losing one's virginity after being born again, or having one's hymen surgically replaced.

e.g., Maria experienced redehymenation after becoming a born again virgin, and meeting her new boyfriend Antonio.

submitted by karen sullivan

redemptor-cum-rudolphi - (Latin "Redeemer plus Rudolph; n.) The rule that, so long as a secular item is included in a Christmas display, it does not violate the American "separation of church and state." (Coined by a law student in a seminar on freedom of speech and religion or belief.)

e.g., "You say the city is sponsoring a nativity play? Isn't that illegal?" "Nah, they're also having a play about the origins of Hannukah and exchanging hand-made Kwanzaa gifts. Redemptor-cum-Rudolphi." | "Is that a nativity scene? In city hall?" "Yeah, but it's Redemptor-cum-Rudolphi; they have a Star of David and a Santa with his reindeer ... and Frosty the Snowman, looks like."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

redeye - A late night flight from L.A. to N.Y. or vice versa. Generally, end-of-the-line stewardess have this fun position. | Early morning 4:00 A.M. subway taken by necessity of being one place or the other or for the cheapness of the fare. | A woman's vagina -- and, therefore, something you yell out to strippers to get them to expose same -- a verb, meaning "Show us your redeye."

e.g., Damian was almost broke so he took the redeye from NY to LA; he had to be there for a friend's funeral. | Redeye! Redeye!

submitted by george kelly | [Denny G]

redeye beer - Any draft beer in a glass or mug that has tomato juice added to it so that it appears like V-with a head. It was very common in California around the Napa Valley in the early 1970s. It supposedly held the hangover antidote in its formulation.

e.g., George Di Maggio, feeling no pain, tossed down his 14th pint of redeye beer knowing full well that he would feel no pain in the morning either.

submitted by george kelly

redheaded stepchild - To even be considered a "redheaded stepchild" you must have annoyed someone terribly or will not stop misbehaving

e.g., Carissa was yelling and screaming at the younger kids and someone shouted "Quit acting like a redheaded stepchild!"

submitted by Melissa

redible - Readily edible: crackers, portable cans of soup, packaged subs, etc.

e.g., Hot Pockets are redible, aren't they?

submitted by Mike Sacco

rediculist - I'm a person who makes lists of things to do or to remember. I make a list, another, another and yet another. Then I make a list of lists. This is my rediculist.

e.g., I looked at my rediculist and realized just how ridiculous it was.

submitted by Sam Chapman

rediculous - Ridiculous. As of May 5, 2011, there are 2,490,000 ghits for the misspelling, and 56,490,000 for either spelling. That's 4.41% of the total in error, clearly a statistically insignificant change since the project "How to Spell Ridiculous" was launched November 20, 2006. Game over, guys. As you pointed out in your project launch, "English is dissolving away into e-glish. So why try? Why bother correcting anyone? It's gameover man, gameover."

e.g., The number of misspellings of "ridiculous" on the web is rediculous. | "A horrible, horrible thing happens and as a parent I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of the victims' families but to throw salt in their wounds by blaming it on gun laws and preppers is 100% rediculous."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

redie - To die after death.

e.g., Zombies redie when shot in the head.

submitted by J-dog

redink - Someone who pushes an already pushed and lit up elevator button, as if whoever pressed it first couldn't be trusted to have done it right.

e.g., I disliked her when I first met her in the elevator. She revealed herself to be a redink.

submitted by eric fleming

redneck chic - Describes paintball players or hunters who have matching camouflage head to toe. Most often yuppies, not real rednecks.

e.g., Hey, Billy Joe Bob, didja see that guy with the full Eddie Bauer Real Tree Ghost Grey FAO Schwartz outfit? His boots were camo, too. Real redneck chic.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

redneck riviera - A section of the Gulf Coast, more-or-less from Biloxi, Mississippi, to Apalachicola, Florida. | Redneck-Riviera. The Gulf Coast of Florida.

e.g., Uncle Dub and Aunt Maude spent the winter in a Winnebago on the Redneck Riviera. | There are no good beaches in Alabama so I packed up the kids for a trip to DisneyWorld and the redneck-Riviera.

submitted by Deacon | Stephen Mize

redneckery - Any and all things that pertain to rednecks and their passions. Including (but not limited to): line dancing, tobacco chewing, pride in the ability to assemble gun racks, and the enjoyment of bad music.

e.g., My brother and his wife took me out to some place called the Dusty Saddle last weekend,.I've never seen so much redneckery concentrated in one place before.

submitted by Genxtraneous

rednecktacular - Very redneck-ish.

e.g., The usual result of drinking a six-pack of beer in Hotlanta? You become more rednecktacular -- even if you're not white.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

rednekkid - When hillbillies like to run around butt naked -- or buck naked.

e.g., Damn, Cletus. When you add moonshine to a hogroast, you get all sorts of rednekkid fools runnin' about.

submitted by King Of Vulgaria

redogulous - A descriptive word for times when your dog is being ridiculous.

e.g., Jett Washington being redogulous when she wanted my attention while I was on the phone.

submitted by TerryLynn Johnson

redomolagogngadope - Someone really stupid who does really stupid things.

e.g., You're a redomolagogngadope. K.

submitted by kieran - (www)

redonculas - Absurd, crazy, unreasonable, untimely. Ridiculous, as seen often on the Internet. Redonkulas. The k variation in particular may indicate a mix of "donkey" and "ridiculous." Both variations are used as monickers on the Internet. The first example sentence is in reference to Donald Trump's renewed threat that he may run for President.

e.g., He should spend some money on a reasonable haircut and then go back to his padded room. Haven’t we heard enough of this redonculas character? Shame on the W$J for posting this garbage story. | I got a sunglasses tan that makes me look redonculas. | Anyway, so what all this means is, I have redonculas amounts of time to focus on things I want to focus on. | What the hell can kill this redonculas thing? | That was a redonkulas trick. Oh, R Kelly, there are now words for your lyrical prowess. Maybe redonkulas. But I think you made that word up yourself, Mr. Kelly.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

redonculous - Synonym for "funny and ridiculous." Usually expressed in a shocked manner. However, not usually used in response to a false statement. Not usually used as part of a very long sentence.

e.g., You just spent $3000 on a motorized scooter? That's redonculous! NOT: Apples grown on vines? That's redonculous.

submitted by E.O. Stinson - (www)

redonk - Abbreviated form of the word ridiculous used to succinctly express disbelief at a person, place, or thing.

e.g., The AFC West is redonk this year. A team with a losing record might just win the division.

submitted by michael

redpill - From the movie _The Matrix_: "The pills represent a choice we have to make between accepting the truth of reality (red pill), which could be harsh and difficult, and maintaining our blissful ignorance of the world (blue pill), which is way more comfortable."

e.g., "And lately some of those channels have become rallying points for white nationalists and white supremacists looking to redpill users in discussions around contentious, already-politicized news events."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

redric - Rhetoric. A misspelling worth recording.

e.g., "And I bet you live here in the US, where you are allowed to spew your anti-American redric without any concern for government reprisal."

submitted by Miss Speller

reductor - 1. A mythical electronic or mechanical component that makes any electromechanical device possible. 2. Used as generic technobabble for any electronic or mechanical component.

e.g., 1. My science project uses a series of bridged reductors to eliminate gravity, allowing the user to levitate. 2. Your disk drive's not working? It's probably because you've got the reductor inserted backwards.

submitted by Jeff Bramel

redumbdant - Repetitive and pointless.

e.g., Adding that feature would be redumbdant because we already have it.

submitted by James Barton

redundantate - To make redundant.

e.g., Coining the word redundantate was very redundantating of me, don't you think?

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

redundantration - Arbitration, but with the emphasis on "arbitrary."

e.g., A settlement not on the horizon; nonetheless, the judge ordered yet another round of fruitless, deadlocked redundantration.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

redundaunt - 1. One aunt too many, a superfluous aunt, an unnecessary aunt. 2. The same daunting challenge repeated.

e.g., 1. Since I have only three aunts, none is redundaunt. 2. Why? I've shown that I could do it once. No one else has. Why should go for your redundaunt?

submitted by Miss Speller

redundon't - An act to prevent being redundant.

e.g., New, young boss: How come you didn't do what I asked you to? Old Sven: Well, sor, las' week I jest dun dat 'n it war dun gud fer a yar. So I redundon't.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

ree ree - one who does not have all of their noodles (smarts)

e.g., that girl walked across the street into oncoming traffic. she is ree ree.

submitted by cherise

reedickledockle - Jimmy Duranticism for really ridiculous.

e.g., That's reedickledockle.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

reef - To yank or pull on something aggressively.

e.g., Quit reefing on my door handle. You're gonna break it off already.

submitted by Jomaque - (www)

reef jerky - A fish or other organism that escapes from a marine aquarium and goes unnoticed for several days. The more pricey the fish, the more likely this is to happen.

e.g., The reef jerky behind the aquarium turned out to be the damselfish that had gone missing the week prior.

submitted by Milly Claassen

reefereshment - What "medical" marijuana is to its users.

e.g., Nah, I won't be going anywhere tonight. I'm staying home and indulging myself in some reefereshment. | Dave O'Brien doesn't look at all reefereshed in his photo at Wikipedia, the one used to promote Reefer Madness.

Wouldn't have recognized him as the hapless star of the Pete Smith Specialties. One of the shorts was shown on Turner Classic Movies over the weekend. I do recognize him from his 1942 IMDb photo. Hadn't realized until I saw it that he had also starred as Captain Midnight in the serial.

submitted by Miss Speller

reegese - Any language for which the listener has no comprehension.

e.g., I was on the elevator with all these people who were speaking Reegese and it made me uncomfortable.

submitted by ditnis

reet - Old English dialect meaning "right" or "the best" or "perfect." Hot rodders know it because the now decfunct _Hot Rod Magazine_ writer Gray Baskerville used to say "Street is reet," meaning "Street rods (or street class designations in drag racing) are the only way to go."

e.g., As Jack got off the ride, he exclaimed,"That roller coaster is reet.."

submitted by aaron

refardulous - So amazing, it defies convention. Leaves a person feeling dumbfounded and dazed.

e.g., After reading the word submitted by Scott, the editor felt refardulous -- and joined a cult.

submitted by Scott - (www)

reflanking - The pinnacle of embarrassment: insanely embarrassed or ashamed.

e.g., The way Phil acted at the party Friday night was so reflanking that I wanted to hide in the corner. And I never even met the guy.

submitted by Sir Adam Jungers III

reflectie - To have an excess shine or brilliance. Glittery, shiny, to the point of almost hurting one's eyes from the brightness it reflects.

e.g., Your face is so reflectie that it is hurting my eyeballs.

submitted by Rebel

reflexive thought - The speed of your physical reflexes in conjunction with the speed of your mental thoughts. The speed of your thoughts determines the speed of your chemistry which becomes enforced by the drive and power of the central nervous system and your brain.

e.g., Harry reacted inside of a situation positively without hesitation and thinking when and how to do something, happening by instinctive behavior through reflexive thought.

submitted by Joseph Mercado - (www)

reflusticate - When you mis-hear someone and repeat back what you thought was said.

e.g., Customer: Excuse me, could you tell me where the foreign movies are? Cashier, reflusticating loudly: The porn movies?

submitted by Nik

refridgerator - Refrigerator. From a misspelling. Check "mispel" for a few. May well be from a confusion with the brand name Frigidaire. Is that where the shorthand "fridge" came from?

e.g., Put that milk in the refridgerator before it curdles.

submitted by Miss Speller

refried dinosaurs - Petroleum or petroleum-based products.

e.g., Those dinner leftovers will soak through a paper plate. Wrap them in refried dinosaurs.

submitted by Mark O'Dell

refrigadator - Refrigerator.

e.g., Will you open the refrigadator.

submitted by Bama

refrigarator - A sort of recidivist frigarator, the reason for Frigarators Anonymous.

e.g., Some habits are just hard to break. Try as I might to mend my ways, I'm still a refrigarator.

submitted by "Maartha"

refrigecopter - An old refrigerator with an extremely loud motor.

e.g., It's the middle of the night and the refrigecopter is preparing for take-off.

submitted by Jam JiuJitsu

refrigidater - Refrigerator. | Fanatic who scrupulously marks dates on all packages placed in the fridge or freezer.

e.g., I well remember my kids and grandkids saying "refrigidater," and not "refrigadator." The freezer thawed in the power outage and all the refrigidater's markings ran.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

refry - A cigarette thats has been put out midway so you can smoke it later.

e.g., Damn this is my last cigarette, better make it a refry.

submitted by Brodie

refudiate - A malapropism, perhaps a conflation of refute and repudiate. First observed on twitter, @SarahPalinUSA. Give it the same meaning as "repudiate." The New Oxford American Dictionary named refudiate as the official 2010 word of the year.

e.g., I call on sensible people to refudiate Palin's inflammatory nonsense. | Even if it is true, Ryan's is an unrelated statement, not the refudiation of Biden's statement.

submitted by Toby - (www)

reg - Needless words in song lyrics added solely to create a rhyme. From the Robyn Hitchcock lyric in "Brenda's Iron Sledge." "Please don't call me Reg / It's not my name." Hitchcock's lines, though, do not contain a "Reg." First, because he's obviously aware of the apparent absurdity. Second, because "Reg" is arguably short for "Regina" -- i.e., the Queen. The song's about the decline of Britain.

e.g., A famous Reg occurs in Sam Cooke's song "Wonderful World." "Don't know much about a science book / Don't know much about the French I took." "I took" is a Reg. The meaning is perfectly clear without it, and it's there only to provide a rhyme for "book."

submitted by 2fs - (www)

reganate - (Rhymes with PAY-gun-ate; v.) 1. to abandon one's father (or mother) in his (or her) old age because he (or she) is no longer of any use to you; more generally 2. to abandon anyone toward whom you have a duty of care or contract because they no longer have any value to you; also (facetiously?) 3. to drastically cut someone's budget or allowance (or whatever), usually because the recipient does not "need" or "deserve" it. [From Regan, King Lear's second daughter, whose underhanded, remorseless self-indulgence (like that of Goneril, her elder sister) ends up killing almost everybody else.] (Cf. "Gonerillify," "Learize," and "Cordeal.")

e.g., "What happened to Old Man Beltz? His stories were so good I would take notes after mowing his lawn on Saturdays. Don't tell me he died."  
"No, he didn't die, although he might as well have."  
"What do you mean?"  
"His son, Arthur---you know? the neurologist?---he decided to put his papa away in an old folks home."  
"Why?! Mr. Beltz is only 75 years old. And he wasn't senile last year when I visited: far from it, in fact: he was sharp as a tack reviewing and correcting my notes while beating me at chess 14 times."  
"Well, he convinced a court his father needed 'special help.'"  
"Special help? So he's missing some limbs; so what? that's got nothing to do with his mind. Arthur's just a stinking reganater. ... oh, well: he'll get his when his kids decide he's too old or something and put him away... by the way, do you have his new address? Mr. Beltz's, I mean, not Benedict Arthur's."  
"Yeah. You gonna visit him tomorrow, on Saturday?"  
"Heck no: I'm going over there right now. We have to split up the royalty check for all of his stories we published last year. His share is about $47,000 --- and Arthur's not getting a dime."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

regerberation - Vomiting baby food.

e.g., The toddler with the flu experienced a startling amount of regerberation.

submitted by Lindsey H. - (www)

reggematize - To do a new version of a song in Reggae or Ska style.

e.g., This song would be much better if it was reggematized.

submitted by Anna - (www)

reggie miller big-time - An expression that describes something big. A big event, a big shot, a strong emotion, whatever. It comes from the basketball player Reggie Miller, who is known for making clutch shots at the end of a game. He had used the expression "big time" in a Wheaties commercial.

e.g., That was a Reggie Miller big-time shot. Do you like Wheaties? Oh yeah, Reggie Miller big-time.

submitted by Robert

regift - Giving something as a gift that you yourself received as a gift.

e.g., I'm not really a Bon Jovi fan so I regifted that shirt to my brother for his birthday.

submitted by ben

regifting - Taking a present you don't like and giving it as a gift to someone else.

e.g., That sweater was regifted--I'm sure of it.

submitted by Arik9

regimental - To go without underwear. From the practice of Highland Regiments of not wearing anything under their kilts.

e.g., Q: Boxers or briefs? A: Nah, I prefer going regimental. OR "We're marching regimental, All through the thorns and nettles, Tumbling arse over kettle, Scotland the Brave!...."

submitted by J. Field

regimental groundsheet - Canadian military slang, derogatory. A female soldier who will sleep with anybody and everybody.

e.g., She doesn't really like Sarge -- she's just a regimental groundsheet.

submitted by The Puffin

reginald molehusband - Name given to a person who is determined to fit his or her car, van, or bike into an incredibly tight space.

e.g., That Reginald Molehusband'll have a job getting in that space.

submitted by Richard

regional - Used to describe something not to your taste, but might be enjoyed by someone of another region or social group.

e.g., I didn't like that new TV show--it was too regional.

submitted by Adam Leslie

regirthitate - The act of putting pounds back on quickly after the successful completion of a weight loss diet.

e.g., Don't bother putting all those large clothes away now that you lost all that weight, Earl. You know that you always regirthitate after a diet and will be back up to that size within a month.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

register - "'Register' is the term linguists use to describe the correlation between an utterance and the context in which it is made, suiting language to circumstance in a socially appropriate manner, part of all socialization and recognizable to a native speaker."

e.g., "Moreover, the register of the headline is that of a child's primer, the first reading textbook studied in school: on reading this headline, See Spot Run would be an immediate association for any adult American taught to read in the United States. ... This headline is doubly fissured for interpretation: Both appellation and register open the text to the attentive reader. My interpretation is that Hillary Clinton's candidacy is presented with a certain amount of disrespect."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rego - To return to, to do again.

e.g., As if the trip wasn't intolerable enough, we have to rego visit them. Because she didn't understand it the first six times, I have to rego over the instructions with her.

submitted by lilu

regoddamndiculous - More than ridiculous. When something is too damn weird.

e.g., Will you get it over with this is getting to be regoddamndiculous.

submitted by kevin harrison - (www)

regoddamnforkintastic-o - A sarcastic exclamation to show what a bad mood you are in.

e.g., Jeremy: Hey, this girl asked me out. Isn't that great? Gordon: (in a bad mood) Oh, well that's just regoddamnforkintastic-o, now ain't it?

submitted by Dj Peace - (www)

regonkuous - Able to make friends with aliens

e.g., Bob is regonkuous -- he and Marvin the Martian are best buds.

submitted by jared

regourgitate - A special form of overeating rich and fattening foods done just after losing weight -- it is usually results in "regirthitating" -- i.e., gaining pounds back quickly after a weight loss program.

e.g., No, thank you, one cream-filled donut is enough -- I've recently lost 15 pounds and if I were to have any more I might regourgitate.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

regranulocation - Shaking a sugar packet before tearing it open.

e.g., The Starbucks clerk gave me a smile after the regranulocation of my Equal.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor

regretophobia - Fear of ever having to regret something for any reason.

e.g., Chris was ashamed of what she had done, but because of regretophobia she finally got over it. ... How long did that take? Oh, about a day.

submitted by Tori - (www)

regruntle - Just "gruntling" someone isn't enough. If someone's disgruntled, you need to regruntle them.

e.g., I spend all day in customer service regruntling people who actually have plenty of gruntle remaining. They just want to talk to somebody who'll listen.

submitted by alan - (www)

regulate - To take control of a situation, often by physically beating other people

e.g., The party was starting to get out of hand so I had to regulate.

submitted by ditnis

regulation - A situation, person, place or thing that is cool.

e.g., What do you think of Jennifer Lopez's ass? It's regulation.

submitted by David Mershon

regurgability - The degree of wanting to throw up while looking at and or eating yucky food dishes.

e.g., If someone in your house consistently cooks food with a high regurgability, build another bathroom.

submitted by ryan

regurgiburp - The expulsion of gas from the stomach through the mouth, accompanied by the taste of stomach acid and partially digested food.

submitted by Peter Cohen

regurgicake - (n.) 1. cake and ice cream mixed together by the eater (especially when the mixture results in a multihued, lumpy mass far better to eat than to look at); 2. Any pastry or dessert that it is better to eat with your eyes closed. [coined by my sister, Linda regarding how our little brother (a travel executive in Texas) eats cake and ice cream).]

e.g., "Wow, that cake is so dry, I feel dehydrat---bleh! What is that you're eating?! Did you just vomit?" "No, no. The cake was dry, so I added ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry topping, and chocolate sauce and mixed it all together. ... It's pretty good." "I'll take your word for it---I can't eat regurgicake."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

regurgitatal - Something having the characteristics of being regurgitated.

e.g., That food for the baby birds looks pretty regurgitatal.

submitted by Lindsey Eggers

regurgitudinous - Beautifully brought up, in any sense of perception. Combining the words "regurgitate" and "pulchritudinous."

e.g., People argue that the prince was regurgitudinous. That speech was regergitudinous.

submitted by Areku-sama - (www)

regustapating - To be reprehensible and disgusting to the point of causing constipation.

e.g., Eating that slop was bad enough, but throwing it up on the table afterwards was regustapating.

submitted by Carol LaPorte

regusting - A mix between repulsive and disgusting.

e.g., Did you see that roadkill? It was regusting.

submitted by JayOne

rehabit - (v.) 1. Breaking and/or replacing a habit with a different habit; (n.) 2. the act or process of rehabiting; (adj.) Rehabitual, 3. of or pertaining to rehabiting or the rehabit process.

e.g., "Where's George? I haven't seen him here at the pub in weeks." "Oh, he's in rehabit." "What? Why?" "He says he was spending too much on his pints, so he's retraining himself to walk home the other way."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

rehabitat - (v.) 1. Accustoming oneself to new surroundings, as after moving to a new home, a new office, or a new work area.

e.g., I kept leaving the law school parking lot and turning right to my old house instead of left to the freeway and my new one. It took weeks to rehabitat myself. | Rehabitating to the much larger studio wasn't precisely difficult, but it was a bit unnerving to suddenly have so much more space to work in.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

rehobber - Someone who often hob-nobs and socializes around building or house rennovation activities.

e.g., Missy, are you rehobbing tonight? We're all meeting over at Mack Circle at 6 to have a few beers and pick thru the bricks.

submitted by TD

reinbeer - The name of the official bubbly brew left by kids to quench the thirst of Santa's sleigh-pullers leaving them slightly pie-eyed or potty resulting in impromptu shenanigans, not to mention oodles of telltale yellow patches in the snow/

e.g., As usual, "Donner" and "Blitzen" were complaining about the decline in the value of their stockholdings at the BubblyBewery this year, "Dancer" and "Prancer" were discussing the merits of a new pay-raise package being proposed by the Old World Christmas Creatures Union, "Dasher" was knee-deep in a ridiculous debate with a clueless Canadian politician over the impact of global warming on the vital moss and lichen habitat in the Arctic, "Comet" and "Cupid" were fulfilling their community service obligations by delivering a safe-sex and reproductive health seminar to a group of environmentally-conscious zoo keepers, "Vixen" was clearly quite upset about the shoddy quality of bling-bling for sale at the biggest discount box store on earth and how this might prevent her from winning the coveted "Beautiful Beast" title this year, while last but not least, "Rudolph-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer" was far too busy sampling the suds, (better known as reinbeer) to give two hoots about the very long night that lay ahead of them ... especially having to listen to a sybaritic fellow named "Santa," (all dressed up in a chartreuse satin suit with sequins and sparkles not to mention white fur trim accessories), and yodelling "Ho-Ho-Ho" wherever he goes.

submitted by Quipping Queen - (www)

reintarnation - Coming back to life as a hillbilly. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., When I saw Billy Bob mounting his new motor home on cement blocks, I knew he must be a reintarnation of _____________.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

reither - Portmanteau combining "rather" and "either," used when presenting two equally attractive options. Or unattractive options, as the case may be.

e.g., So reither we'll order a pizza or go out for curry.

submitted by mcalmore

reiyte - (n) Pronounced "reet". The sound made by someone's feet when she is trying to walk quietly. It sounds like sneakers on a waxed floor.

e.g., I tried to sneak out before the bell, but you could hear the reiyte all the way on the other side of the gym.

submitted by Patrick Mothershead

reject - Being hurled out of an aeroplane...again.

e.g., It was bad enough last time. Surely, you're not gonna reject me.

submitted by Areku-sama - (www)

rejected - The opposite of, funky, messed up--usually used in sarcastic or insulting situations.

e.g., A fallen angel is a rejected angel.

submitted by Brad - (www)

rejewvinate - To become kosher again.

e.g., Reuben met his old rabbi and was rejewvinated.

submitted by Frank J. Mandriota

rejoclious - Absurd in the extreme.

e.g., Jerry Springer's guests tell stories that are rejoclious.

submitted by Duane Ferguson

rejuffle - To re-sort data.

e.g., My new playlist rejuffled my music.

submitted by bigred

rejuvenetic - Consisting of a combination of natural and/or synthetic ingredients and taken intravenously, as a supplement or in pill form, a rejuvenetic aids in reducing the effects of aging in adult men and women.

e.g., The homeopathic doctor recommended a rejuvenetic supplement to the man to help him feel younger and more athletic. {ED. Damn. And my doctor recommended diet and exercise. What gives?}

submitted by Marriem

rekkerd - The American pronunciation for the word "record."

e.g., As Ed Sullivan once said, "Here are The Beatles, playing their #1 hit rekkerd."

submitted by Aussie Bloke

relatingship - Introduction to a relationship> Relating to one another through conversation or one-on-one discussions.

e.g., I would like to get to know you better. Possibly a relatingship could be our next step.

submitted by Rhonda Dyer

relationshipping - (v) To have a relationship that is not plutonic or saturnian.

e.g., Zeus and Ino were relationshipping.

submitted by Andrew

relationshipwreck - What happened to all of us at least once.

e.g., My last relationshipwreck left me stranded.

submitted by isolde

relationslut - A relationship-junkie incapable of surviving life as a single. Characterized by an over-willingness to settle for any life form with two legs and a pulse. Can often be located in cheap pubs and under damp bridges dissecting what went wrong with the previous relationship. Habits include confiding in nearly every stranger who passes by, with hopes of receiving an illuminating piece of advice that will instantaneously solve all self-created problems.

e.g., Why, yes, a blow-up doll is a perfect substitute until you find another boyfriend. And no, honey, you aren't a relationslut.

submitted by jane doe - (www)

relattio - Relationship ratio: the number of steady relationships one has had divided by the number of different partners.

e.g., Chesty's relattio is disgusting. She's up around 2.13 now.

submitted by Chesty Larou

relavation - A new insight or understanding pertaining to one's family or origins. Most likely useful in the pursuit of self-analysis.

e.g., I had a relavation about why I tend to relationships with rejecting men.

submitted by lizzy

relaxed muscle - A euphemism for fat.

e.g., "I'm not fat, it's just relaxed muscle," said Johnny.

submitted by Sean Longhurst

relaxify - To both mentally and physically relax into a happy state.

e.g., Been a long frustrating day, goin' home for a couple beers and get relaxified.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

relaxion - Chilling back, the ultimate break time.

e.g., That was difficult. It's time for some relaxion.

submitted by Martin R

relaxmosphere - Relaxed + atmosphere. Lots of candles burning, soft music, pet dog asleep, popcorn popping, nice fire in the fireplace.

e.g., They really enjoy their cottage by the lake because of the relaxmosphere.

submitted by L.Wickens

releasability - Determining whether or not something can be released to a person or group.

e.g., What is the releasability of nuclear data to the Chinese?

submitted by Mark Lucitt

relebogue - An attack, such as one from all four sides to attack the enemy in the center.

e.g., "We shall relebogue within the hour," said Captain Mac.

submitted by matt

relenish - To really cherish the moment.

e.g., I am really going to relenish this sunset because you don't see one like this every day.

submitted by richie

relephant - Regarding an elephant.

e.g., Wife: Tell me an elephant joke. Husband: Two bonobos walk into a ba. . . . Wife: Sorry. NOT relephant.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

relevate - "relevation.. its like the joining of the words relate and elevate... Relevate means to have a deeper unstanding of the situation at hand, understanding."

submitted by heather - (www)

relicious - Adjective: relic + religious. Religiously devoted to relics, to the preservation of the past.

e.g., Nothing in contemporary life carries meaning for him. He is a deeply relicious person, not simply nostalgic. Some people think that Eastern Orthodox spirituality is more relicious than religious.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

relidiot - A religious idiot. A person who is so fanatically into religion that she ignores the simple facts of life, and laces conversations with Biblical references and "amens."

e.g., This one guy at my church kept telling me to repent for my sins and praise Jesus every five minutes. He's definitely a relidiot.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

relieveate - To relieve or lessen the effect. Relieviate.

e.g., I took an aspirin to relieveate my headache.

submitted by Ellen

religical - (adj., also "religic") a spiritual or religious culture, practice, or artifact prescinded from its religious or spiritual significance.

e.g., "Last year, we went on a special religical tour of holy places: Jerusalem, Nazareth, Anandpur Sahib, Mecca, Delphi, Benares, Bodhi Gaya ... It was great." "Are you thinking of joining one of those religions?" "No: this was purely religical; we were studying the spirituality of culture."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

religitigation - Michael Quinion: "Religitigation is a blend of religion and litigation. It is a specifically British term that refers to legal action that sets the faith-based views of religious groups against human-rights and other legislation that prohibits discrimination. Someone engaged in such a case is a religitigant."

e.g., When it happens, religious religitigants, don't be surprised to learn that the courts have ruled that you no longer have the right to decide who to invite and who not to invite to a private party in your home. You may have thought that you didn't have to provide free booze and food to that agnostic asshole down the street during the Super Bowl, but. . . .

submitted by HD Fowler

religorous - Vigorously religious, extremely religious, perhaps overly or excessively or overbearingly religious.

e.g., Too much of "a good thing" is not necessarily good at all.. Enthusiasm can be fine but it could conceivably sometimes compromise the sensibilities of others, causing distress and possible conflict? The religorous, while enjoying their own views and ideas, should perhaps not inflict others with too much of their good thing?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

relink wish - The desire to give up related, and repetitive, problematic actions.

e.g., Common List of Relink Wish Problematic Actions  

1. Spring and Fall, 6 hours each, dethatch, weed, and feed huge lawn -- Summer. 4 hours every week, mow thick, overgrown lawn -- Spring and Fall, 6 hours each, dethatch, weed and feed huge lawn  

2. Live with Mother -- Meet, Woo and Marry Woman Like Mother -- Divorce Woman, Too Much Like Mother -- Live With Mother -- Meet, Woo And Marry...

submitted by Charlie Lesko

rellama - (pronounced ree-LA-ma, v.) to return someone to a bad situation, only to have them celebrate the change because the bad situation is so much better than the worse one they were in. (From _THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE_: the scene in which Kuzco, finding himself once more a llama after having been transmogrified into parrot and whale and turtle and so forth, cries "Yay! I'm a llama again! ... wait.")

e.g., "So, you were serving 90 days in the County Jail?" "Yeah, but then someone killed one of the guards and they all thought it was me ... wow, man, it was like hell. I had a court date and everything; they even sent me an attorney, and he was as grim as death about it, and--" "But then you were cleared?" "Yeah. Yeah, they figured out it was one of the other guards." "And you felt relieved?" "Hey, I felt rellamaed! Jail was suddenly like a vacation after that."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

relo - (REE-low; n.) 1. a detached, relocatable classroom on the grounds of, but not connected to, a school building. They are often comprised of trailers or prefabricated parts, and are, the sociologists tell me, the result of two baby booms, financial unpreparedness, and population redistribution; 2. any temporary, stop-gap, ad hoc, or otherwise mobile or removable structure, made necessary by an upsurge in population or budgetary limitations; 3. Quonset huts; 4. cheap or flimsy buildings constructed as stop-gap housing, office, or storage space, which look like "permanent" buildings (i.e., foundations, brick or cinder-block walls, etc.) but which can be demolished at a minimal relative cost when the need for them has passed, they have exceeded their functional lifespan, or they require replacing. (v.) 5. to be assigned to a relo; 6. to be considered (and treated as) peripheral or temporary. (Oddly, however,_relo_also carries the contradictory connotation that one assigned thereto is somehow important or "classy" because they have been given a whole building to themselves, and because the school children assigned to classes therein feel like they get a break in ordinary routine by going out of the school proper to get there---thus accruing additional status.) NOTE:_relo_does not appear to apply to structures of plainly obvious temporariness: shanty towns or tent cities, for instance, are not relos. Nor are those little office trailers at construction sites. A true_relo_must evidently be set in place for a significant period of time: I conjecture about 90 days (a fiscal or academic quarter), but it will require some sampling to see just how long, or in what circumstances a building becomes a_relo_. [Abbreviated form of_relocatable_, used in my wife's school district.]

e.g., The school board voted enough money to add two classrooms to the school, but that only handles the fourth graders; we'll have to bring in some relos for the 67 additional sixth graders we're going to have come autumn.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

relogadog - Relogadog is a mixture of trying to reload and relog and the same time. Not to confuse with relog-a-dog which means to actual relog as a Dog character, but since there are no Dogs in the World (of Warcraft) Relogadog will remain as first stated.

e.g., A priest walks into a bar and his friend runs up to him and says, "I couldn't raid yesterday, my UI was all screwed up." And the priest says, "Don't worry son, remember to always relogadog on a regular basis."

submitted by David - (www)

rem-bunctious - Pertaining to zany, wild actions in a deep sleep dream.

e.g., Boy, was last night REM-bunctious. First, Christine Aguilera kept trying to french kiss me while we were flying along on a roller coaster ride, then she and Nicole Kidman were girl fighting -- in the nude -- for my affections while I was on the back of a runaway rhinoceros, then. . . .

submitted by Charlie Lesko

remail - To respond to an e-mail. Formerly, "reply."

e.g., I'll send you an e-mail about the party -- re-mail me if you can go.

submitted by d.w.

remedial gym - Going to the gym after a holiday hiatus.

e.g., I have to drag my sorry butt out for some remedial gym.

submitted by Voice_of_Reason

remember when . . . - Used at the beginning of sentences for no reason, other than humorous boasting. It doesn't even have to refer to a memory (as it usually doesn't). It's just a fun and silly way to start random sentences. Ask my friends. I use this WAY too much.

e.g., Hey, remember when I was the supreme ruler of the world and had my finger on the button? That was cool.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

rememberize - To commit to memory.

e.g., I had a hard time rememberizing my lines for the play.

submitted by BigAssFries

remembory - A nounverb, both your memory and ability to remember or actually remembering something combined.

e.g., My remembory of that account keeps phlashing up in my mind.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

rememember - When memory slips and you can’t recall how to spell rememember; or when you are so excited you neglect the correct spelling of remember.

e.g., Rememember when we hid from your mom in the broom closet? That was filarious.

submitted by Lue

rememorable - Memorable, only tweaked. To describe events that are "extra" memorable.

e.g., Seeing Las Vegas for the first time was a rememorable experience for me.

submitted by Beth Zaccaria - (www)

remf - Canadian military slang. A person who draws the same pay, has the same perks, etc., but sits in a cozy office and doesn't have to do the crappy or dangerous jobs -- such as clearing minefields, digging trenches, or being shot at. Acronym for "Rear-Echelon Mother-F***er." By extension, anyone in an ivory tower with a cushy job who has no idea of what it's like down in the trenches.

e.g., Listen to him brag about how he loves being a soldier -- and he's a bloody REMF.

submitted by The Puffin

remidodoso - (reh-me-do-DO-so (sometimes shortened to reh-MI-do); n.) 1. Any greeting to or from an alien (i.e., zubenelgenubians, not undocumented farm workers); 2. a transmission to outer space intended for receipt by beings from elsewhere; 3. a password ("remido") to be followed by a countersign ("do so"). [From Spielberg's Close Encounters' alien music transcribed into the Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do note-name system.]

e.g., The Close Encounters' remidodoso is the best part of the movie, and it has remained the quintessential alien greeting ever since. Everyone's favorite was the organ guy's tentative re-mi-do being answered thunderously by the big alien ship's DO-SO! The hand signals for each note were like a Davy Crockett coonskin cap was in the '50s: Everybody knew them.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

remifluxion - Hearing somebody mention something that triggers your remembering something you had once learned or saw, but had since forgotten.

e.g., Steven brought up an episode of "Pee Wee's Playhouse" and I had an episode of remifluxion. I hadn't thought of that show forever.

submitted by David Allen

remindalanche - The bane of the procrastinator. The effect produced by your PDA, personal organiser software, or Microsoft Outlook, when you've got a busy schedule, and a lot of To-Do items with reminders that you've postponed from the day before. You start up your computer or PDA in the morning and are immediately hit by a remindalanche of little reminders to do stuff and meet with people. Remindalanche severity is measured on the 1-10+ Covey Scale (named after Steven Covey, author of _7 Habits of Highly Effective People_). The Covey Scale is based on the number of times you have to hit the "remind me later" button before your screen is once again clear. Remindalanches are most dangerous when several build up over a series of days, or when you've just come back from a long holiday, or (horror of horrors) your PDA and computer haven't synchronised correctly, creating duplicate or triplicate copies of every single contact, calendar item and To-Do item you have...ahhh!

e.g., I came back from an unplanned two-week vacation to a remindalanche that measured 15 on the Covey Scale. That's why I'm here at the coffee shop. I'm scared to go back.

submitted by alan jones - (www)

remindear - A reminder note to one's dear spouse -- or significant other. 2017-04-16

e.g., "Honey, have you cleaned the garage yet? I have some things I need to move out there?" "Why would I have cleaned the garage?" "Well, I left a remindear on the desk in your office last week, telling you I needed some space made available for me to ... well, "store" some of my toys. The children have been getting too curious -- and nosey -- lately. They've been sneaking into our bedroom while I'm out shopping." "Oh, must have missed it. I'll get right on it, and then we can...."

submitted by beelzebub

remindents - Impressions in the dash (or other locations) of a car that are not filled with the option you chose not to buy.

e.g., The four remindents in George's dashboard will never let him forget that he could have gotten the performance gauge package with his new truck.

submitted by Warren Brown

remindful - Describes something that prompts memories of a past time or event. Causing of reminiscences.

e.g., That Duran Duran song is so remindful. God, how I hated the 80s. OR The smell of chlorine is really remindful of childhood summers at the outdoor pool in the park.

submitted by Susanna

reminessence - A reminiscence triggered by a smell -- sometimes by merely thinking about how something smells.

e.g., Many of the things I remember from when I was growing up are reminessences.

submitted by HD Fowler

reminiscents - Smells that bring back old memories. Saw this near-eggcorn in an Internet forum: "Hi, I’m currently compiling a history of the Mayo Library Service and would love to share any memories/reminiscents that you have. . . ."

e.g., Store clerk: "May I help you?" Me: "Do you have any candles that are reminiscents? I'm particularly fond of the smell of coal burning. It reminds me of the blacksmith shop down the street when I was growing up." "Black Smith shop? What do you mean by a black Smith? Are you some kind of racist?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

remite - Insult. used to describe someone who you believe to be intellectually challenged--i.e., stupid.

e.g., Two plus two doesn't equal five, you remite.

submitted by keely

remo, the - (REE-moe; n.) The person in charge of the remote control, generally self-appointed, during a significant broadcast or throughout a given period of time. [Abbreviated form of "remote." ... it has nothing to do with Remo Williams.]

e.g., "Okay, it's time for the game! Change to ESPN!" "Me? I don't have the remote." "Yes, you do: you're the remo!" "I am not: Lije is." "No, I'm not!" "Yes, you are!" "So, what are we going to do?" "We could just change the channel on the TV console." ... "So, who's gonna go do it?" "Not me, man, I just got situated." "You do it, Lije; you're the remo." "The remo doesn't have to cross the whole room and change the channel...and I'm NOT the remo." "Okay, rock scissors paper: here we go. Loser changes the channel. Ready? One, Two, Thr---WAIT, isn't that the remote over there on the table?" "Hey, yeah!." ... ... "Okay, loser goes and gets the remote. Ready? One, two ..."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

remocon - Remote control. Source Japanese reduction of English.

e.g., Tanaka and his gaijin friends went down to the Ginza and bought a new DVD player whose remocon had more buttons than an air-traffic control station.

submitted by Joe Clark - (www)

remotapathetic - Of a person who continually loses her television remote control.

e.g., Mary filed a lawsuit against Bill for emotional distress since she could never turn on the TV. The problem was caused by Bill's remotapathetic condition.

submitted by Ally

remound - Past tense of remind. Instead of reminded. Such as how find is not finded, it's found.

e.g., I was often remound of my youth whenever "The Longest Time" by Billy Joel came on.

submitted by Corey Bonneville

renaissance marionette - One like a renaissance man (or woman), well-educated, skilled in many areas, but controlled or goaded by another or others for a lack of motivation.

e.g., Don't be a renaissance marionette, Dave. Get off your butt and do something.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

renaissancial - 1. Characteric of the Renaissance. 2. Well-rounded, or well-versed.

e.g., Leonardo da Vinci was a renaissancial man in his work and in his diverse education and devotion to the sciences and the humanities.

submitted by Arudran

renderwander - What an animator does when he is waiting for his computer to render a 3D scene he is creating.

e.g., I got so bored waiting for my machine to process the project that I would just renderwander around the office like a lost sheep.

submitted by jaxon - (www)

reno-style - Used to describe the forceful removal of something from its current and longstanding location. Forceful or forcefully.

e.g., The doctor said he would remove my brain tumor Reno-style. | Give me your money or I'm going to take it out of your back pocket Reno-style. | I was so drunk in the bar last night that I got a Reno-style "escort" out the door."

submitted by doyle

reno-wned - Noted for being highly unattractive.

e.g., Pulchritude was not in the cards for poor Lilly and she was fated to live out her life as a reno-wned woman.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

renoxious - The reverse side of obnoxious.

e.g., He was not only renoxious in retrospect, he was even obnoxious right up front.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

rent-a-friend - If you are lonely or have no friends, spend a lot of money on acquaintances. They may then act like friends. Such persons are rent-a-friends.

e.g., Get some real friends. Rent-a-friends are too expensive.

submitted by more rock than a crackhouse

rental gear - A derogatory descriptive term for a product that is of characteristically low quality, as typically found in actual rental gear.

e.g., Have you seen David's new bike? It's just rental gear.

submitted by David Farquhar

rentgrazer - A landlord who looks at his tenants as sheep and does nothing to upkeep his property.

e.g., Don't rent from that guy Ted. He's a real rentgrazer.

submitted by Rudolf Helder - (www)

rentgrazer - The term was originally used by "farm" boys and girls who moved to the "big city." They associated searching for a place to live with grazing in the pastures as many four-legged animals do. As with grazing in grassy fields, "grazing" for an apartment was just as tedious. Thus such individuals were many times referred to as rentgrazers. Over the years the term has become common when referring to a person looking for a place to live.

e.g., So Elie May … how's life as a rentgrazer?

submitted by Carlah

rents - Parents.

e.g., A. I thought you were grounded. B. Yeah, well my rents are at work, so I'm sneaking out.

submitted by Tia

repairadox - When something breaks and the repairman can't find anything wrong with it.

e.g., My cable is fuzzy all the time unless the repairman is there to fix it. Then it works fine. Its a repairadox.

submitted by Adam Tyra

repathetic - For repetitive pathetic behavior.

e.g., Peter was being repathetic all day today.

submitted by Peter Beckwith

repentative - Something for which you feel remorse and guilt but keep doing again and again.

e.g., I was repentative about sleeping with Suzy's beau but I just couldn't stop myself.

submitted by nitag - (www)

repetishilicious - Used to describe music that is repetitive to the extreme and yet is still good.

e.g., My friends think techno is boring because "It's the same thing over and over," but I think it's repetishilicious.

submitted by Aferral

repetitititive - Repetitive.

e.g., I can't imagine him taking time to view anything other than the first one, repetitititive and lacking in production values as it was.

submitted by Miss Speller

repitunity - The combination of one's reputation and opportunity to project it in the best light.

e.g., If I go to my friend's Goth party, it may affect my repitunity as a geek.

submitted by John Garcia

replacement therapy - This term was coined by Nadine Wilson. It is the last resort for a manager, when an employee has not responded to previous efforts at rehabilitation.

e.g., Joan: Jim's behavior is becoming more and more erratic every day. Jean: Maybe Jim needs more therapy. Or maybe he needs a different kind of therapy? Joan: He needs replacement therapy. I'm sure we can find someone more stable at Rent-A-Temp.

submitted by Maurice R Baymon

replicant - Someone who is so conventional, uncool, and predictable that you suspect she isn't human.

e.g., Starbucks is a great place to spot a replicant in the process of refueling.

submitted by Kate

replicoid - A replica of something that, because of the materials used or the construction method, only LOOKS like the original, but is not capable of the original's function.

e.g., The replicoid of a machine gun is only useful as a weapon if you club someone with it.

submitted by Carey Taylor-Forbes

replore - (v.) 1. To go over some event or action with a different emphasis than that with which it is usually viewed, especially 2. to review something normally considered good or glorious with a view to the bad it engendered, or with which it was associated at the time. Adj.: replorable; Noun form: reploration.

[From the Latin re- "again" + -plorare "to weep, cry out," as (probably) in explore, implore, and deplore.]

e.g., The old film Nosferatu is today considered rather comic, even campy; but if you replore it, trying to focus on what the original audience knew and saw, it's positively terrifying. | To understand the meaning of "replore," one must learn that every silver lining has a cloud.

submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

replundant - Applies to individuals who do not make an effort to delete the "greater than" signs and boilerplate that accompany e-mail replies.

e.g., Replundant souls lack the savvy to eliminate superfluous text when replying to e-mail.

submitted by Skidman Jack - (www)

repo cabin - Any house or structure that is barely inhabitable and not worth paying the mortgage or rent, better to wait and let it be repossessed.

e.g., We were so poor we were living in a repo cabin in Detroit.

submitted by James Alex - (www)

report combination supply - The place where unwanted complaints are sent. Said as a stupid alernative to "Talk to the hand" or "Poof, be gone." One of many stupid thing to have come out of my mouth, including strawberry-milk-flavored vomit.

e.g., Just write a report to the report combination supply.

submitted by BigAssFries

reprehensilate - Of a mouse, to curl up into a ball ready to bite the handler when picked up by the tail.

e.g., Norman was so terrified of the mouse that I grabbed it by the tail to dispose of it, but it reprehensilated and savagely bit my thumb.

submitted by Colin Taffel

represemble - To represent and resemble. Coined by my sister Zoë.

e.g., That department store Santa represembles the jolly old elf himself.

submitted by Andrew Boniface

repression - When the state of the economy is at its worst. Combining a recession with a depression.

e.g., We're not in a recession and we're not in a depression . . . we're in a repression.

submitted by M. Stokes

reprolate - To redirect something back.

e.g., After moving on from trash duty to cashier, I was reprolated to trash duty.

submitted by TheFakeWordMaster

republicker - Regular boozer or heavy drinker in a bar. One who enjoys his licker at the pub. His favorite tavern is his home away from home.

e.g., We didn't see much of grandpa when I was growing up -- he was a regular republicker (as well as being a staunch Republican), down the road at the grogshop with his cronies and assorted strangers, talking, arguing, sometimes singing and sometimes fighting.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

republicrat - A politician who switches party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

e.g., Strom Thurmond became a Republicrat some time after he ran as a Dixiecrat in 1948.

submitted by Frederick Caraher

republitarian - Republican Party member who holds libertarian political ideals. Saw it used as a word Larry Elder uses to refer to himself.

e.g., I was more or less a Republitarian for almost forty years. The only thing I gained from my political party affiliation was that I could vote in primaries when I lived in Iowa, and it gave me an entrée to becoming an election judge in Oklahoma. Ultimately, I decided the connection, tenuous as it was, to the ultra-religious fundamentalists of the Republican Party was too high a price to pay for being slightly more useful and having a tiny bit more influence than I would otherwise. I'm extremely unlikely to ever join any political party again. After all, if you lie with dogs you will get up with fleas, n'est-ce pas? "Oui, en effet c'est vrai."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

republomat - Where certain politicians launder any money connected to Jack Abramoff.

e.g., Jack Abramoff's political contributions should have been run through the republomat more thoroughly to avoid indictments.

submitted by Liisa & Shanti Shunn - (www)

republorphan - A lifelong Republican who can no longer support a party that she has decided is anti-woman, anti-gay, and anti-middle class.

e.g., My poor parents are hating this campaign now that they have realized they are republorphans with no party that represents their beliefs.

submitted by Scott M

repubnant - Repugnant to Republicans.

e.g., Partial-birth abortions are an abomination and are repubnant to me.

submitted by HD Fowler

repugnican - Republican thugs. Republicans whose behavior is repugnant.

e.g., 1. Bonafide Republicans and Conservatives ostracize Repubnicans. Can't stand to get close to them. 2. My Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker was ripped off and replaced by a Bush-Cheney sticker. Don't those Repubnicans realize that only Democrats and Liberals are allowed to behave that way with impunity?

submitted by cr - (www)

reput - To return something to its original location.

e.g., Q: Where is the milk? A: I reput it in the fridge.

submitted by lizi

reputedly - This is a real word, so this will be only a temporary entry.

e.g., You reputedly make the best milkshake in town, so I'm going to put it to the test.

submitted by hd aka mach aka . . .

requel - (REE-kwil; n.) 1. A remake of a movie or show, 2. The reboot of a movie franchise; (v.) to remake a show or reboot a franchise.

e.g., Requels of "The Three Musketeers" seem to be legion. | Did they really need to requel "Spidereman"? The "Fantastic Four" requel didn't work.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

requestion - A request that is also a question.

e.g., I have a requestion; can I borrow your car tonight?

submitted by Linnea Graybill

resando - The feeling of regret or sadness that comes after waking from a pleasurable dream that one wishes to have been real.

e.g., When Jonathan awoke from his dream of having inherited millions of dollars from an obscure relative and realized it was only a dream, the only word to describe the feeling that overcame him was resando. Shallow, isn't he?

submitted by Trevor Talley

rescindachoo - The precursor to a sneeze that doesn't turn into a sneeze.

e.g., I almost sneezed but I didn't, making it a rescindachoo.

submitted by H.M.

resemblant - Something that resembles something else.

e.g., We need a shoebox or some resemblant for this project.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

reserection - A state of heightened sexual feeling immediately prior to death. And possibly just after it as well -- we're still waiting for confirmation.

e.g., Some who have experienced near death tell of strange sexual feelings at the moment of passing. Such reserections are quite common.

submitted by jonty Reason - (www)

reservoir hogs - Municipalities that stake an undue claim on a large body of drinking water.

e.g., Which state do you think has the most reservoir hogs?

submitted by «Dawn Eden, Petite Powerhouse»

reservoir hogs - "Municipalities that stake an undue claim on a large body of drinking water." {Duplicate.} {ED. Submitted on behalf of Dawn Eden, of the linked site. From a private e-mail dated Wednesday, October 29, 2003 12:38 PM. Sent to one of my Internet nom de plumes, one of many. (Erle W Machiavellean}

e.g., Which state do you think has the most reservoir hogs?

submitted by [Dawn Eden, Petite Powerhouse] - (www)

reset yourself - Said when it's time to leave something in your past behind and start over.

e.g., Stop obsessing about your dead cat; reset yourself and get a new one.

submitted by pippi langstrumpf

resetamabob - That elusive item that's just the right size to push the little reset button on an electronic device. Fusion of "reset" and "thingamabob."

e.g., My MP3 player is acting weird. Anyone have a resetamabob?

submitted by Mari Komadori - (www)

resetroom - Geek for "restroom." Began as a typo and started a life of its own.

e.g., I'm going to the resetroom.

submitted by Martin

resgustipating - Descriptive of someone or something both repulsive and disgusting in unimaginable proportions.

e.g., Yer taco salad is resgutipating; I'll not another bite.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

reshtetlement - When a Jewish family moves from New York to Miami and find that all their old neighbors live in the same condo building.

e.g., It was a clear cut case of reshtetlement when we saw the Weinsteins a year later in Florida.

submitted by Joel Parker

residual girlfriend - The remains of a previous girlfriend that still seem to linger about your present beau’s heart and apartment. Masculinine variant: residual boyfriend.

e.g., He talks about his residual girlfriend non-stop. It’s like being a third wheel in my own relationship. Amy: I was going through his closet and found an old bra. Residual girlfriend strikes again. Brenda: Why were you going through his closet?

submitted by nitag - (www)

resignate - To resign from your elected office.

e.g., He resignated to accept a new position.

submitted by Karl Field

resigoo - An unknown sticky substance created as a by-product or often found long after the larger whole has gone. Manages to stay sticky and stuck despite great effort.

e.g., I took that parking sticker out of my window last year and there's still resigoo all over.

submitted by Mark Stevens - (www)

resiprocal - ReCIPprocal--for drinking situations.

e.g., Our drinking was resiprocal at the party.

submitted by Sky

resistentialism - "Seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects" — Paul Hellweg, The Insomniac's Dictionary. "Resistentialism was coined by the British humorist Paul Jennings in a brilliant send-up of Jean-Paul Sartre and the philosophy of existentialism published in the Spectator in April 1948."

e.g., I've been given the most problems with resistentialism by copiers. It's been that way for more than 40 years.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

resolutionary - A type of societal system which focuses on resolving dispute rather than finding fault. Resolution is a common goal or attribute of such a society.

e.g., The Tuna Courts of Japan exhibit resolutionary ideals by finding fair and agreed upon outcome to each dispute.

submitted by Adam Gibbs

resource-reintegration - Managementspeak for the necessary and inevitable process where, after all the skilled and experienced employees who were fired on a Friday as part of the exciting new "restructuring" or "refocusing" of the company, are re-hired as extremely expensive contractors on the next Monday in order for the business to survive and continue operating.

e.g., Restructuring produced the expected savings in salary costs, which were subsequently more than offset by the resource-reintegration program.

submitted by huw & julie

respectabiggle-marshwiggle - Used when a very drunk person has said something improperly. Taken from the wonderous book The Silver Chair.

e.g., "I drunk I'm think." "Ha! Respectabiggle-marshwiggle."

submitted by Cat Stanley

respectacle - A person who likes to make much noise about and get public mileage out of how decent, upstanding, politically correct or compassionate she is.

e.g., Tarquin starts conversations by talking about the Cambodian kids she's sponsoring. She's making a real respectacle of herself.

submitted by Shrinker

resplat - To do something over and over again even though you fail every time.

e.g., Why does he waste his time in the talent competition? He's been resplatting at that for years.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

respondanot - A person who promises to get back to you or return your phone call, but fails to do so.

e.g., The busy lifestyles that we have embraced in our fast-paced world have been partly to blame for the increase in respondanots. Phil returned Rikka's call as soon as possible. He feared that she'd think of him as a respondanot.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

respondering - Pondering how to respond -- during the time spent responding to an instant messages while the message board displays the fact that you are still thinking about what you will say.

e.g., April continued to message questions to me while I was still respondering to her first question.

submitted by Laurie Boese - (www)

ressen-fressen-rackin-fracken - Mumbled curses that aren't quite. Used when the local audience may be offended by the real stuff.

e.g., The ressen-fressen-rackin-fracken server crashed again right at quitting time.

submitted by Casimir Couvillion

rest - to require the use of the restroom

e.g., I shouldn't have had all that coffe; now I have to rest.

submitted by madeupname

restified, restification - Hot rod slang. When you fix up an old car, but only kinda sorta restore it. Not custom, but not restored to original condition either. Nice, original-looking car with personal touches and modifications.

e.g., I did a ground up restification of my Dad's old Hudson. It's a '32 cabriolet, but with a 1950 OHC V8, and the rear-end is an indi off of a jag.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

restycle - a combination of "recycle" and "style", pronounced "ree-sti-kul", meaning to re-use the leftover gel in your hair from the previous day by wetting it again. A last ditch effort, usually following a long night/morning of paper-writing or sleeping through the alarm, leaving no time for a shower before your first class.

e.g., After hitting snooze five times, John was forced to restycle his hair as he rushed out of the house.

submitted by Warlock483

resuppliance - Resiliant and supple. When a human body has the perfect feel and touch.

e.g., I luxuriated in the resuppliance of his body.

submitted by Melody Pierson - (www)

resupply - to restock items (supplies)which have been used and deleted

e.g., Resupply the missing cups on the counter for the coffee service.

submitted by bob

resurbulous - Absurd and ridiculous.

e.g., Too many words. Too many words. And the spelling is resurbulous.

submitted by steve - (www)

resusious - A sweet, delightfully gorgeous person or thing to do; someone you just want to cuddle; a wonderful thing to do.

e.g., She looks so resusious, I'd let to get to know her better.

submitted by Mel Finnigan

retail therapy - A way to justify a shopping trip to cheer you up.

e.g., I can't believe he broke up with me. Will you girls come with me to the mall for some retail therapy?

submitted by Kimberly

retailiate - The vengeful act of shopping by an individual angry at something her significant other did.

e.g., "After I found out he was running up our credit card bills on 1-900 numbers, I headed to the day spa and the mall for some well-deserved retailiation," spouted the angry woman at Starbucks.

submitted by Mike

retal - Retaliation, revenge

e.g., Our galaxy is going to retal for that offense.

submitted by Neil Park

retalicide - The killing of a customer in a retail store due to the asking of stupid questions

e.g., Jane's Clothing was having a sale. Jane put up signs stating "20% off ALL STOCK." Customers kept coming in, picking up random items and asking, "So, does that mean this is on sale? What about this one? And this one?" As if possibly the one pair of jeans that she picked up would be the one that was full price. Jane felt like committing retalicide.

submitted by liejoli

retard - Multi-use word having to do with punishment and hillbilly car wheels, and also with hillbilly retirement.

e.g., 1. He was tard an' feathurd and run out of town on a rail for his stupidities but kept it up and was retard. 2. The shoes on his car were bald so he retard. 3. He was finally able to collect his pension, so he retard.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

retarded arm - The arm that is stuck in an uncomfortable or unusable position when cuddling. The arm that can do nothing but just lay there.

e.g., I hate the retarded arm action I get when I'm spooning with my honey.

submitted by Sally

retes - Slang Doritos. Sounds like "pete's."

e.g., Pass my the retes.

submitted by Jeff

retibulous - When something is disgustingly adorable or outrageous, it is retibulous.

e.g., Have you seen T-brain's golden retriever puppy? It's retibulous.

submitted by Tammy

retina burn - Shadows of images one can still see from too many hours spent staring at a computer screen. Cf. phosphor burn.

e.g., After photoshopping for nine hours in a row, I had retina burn the rest of the night.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

retinal fleckage - Any ailment suffered by a variety of tradesmen wherein one thing or another in their line of work damages (at least temporarily) the orb(s).

e.g., I was spraying some fine lacquer the other day and got that numb feeling in my frontal lobe because I should have been wearing a mask as, all of a sudden, I came to the inside corner of a cabinet while my mind was in another world and the delightfully sweet fumes coursed right back into my face from the back of said cabinet in a forceful back-spray with, at first the startling shock of retinal fleckage to my peepers while, surprised at the pain, I deeply inhaled the dense vapors and commenced to konk my noggin on the shelf above as I threw myself out of the blast zone staggering backward, almost losing my balance, while secondarily my skull got to feeling interplanetary from the deep alveolic absorption -- so, I had to leave the premises for a duration. {ED. Those one-hundred-thirty-nine words must be the longest single sentence yet pseubmitted to the pseudodictionary. Thanks for making my day oncet again, Steve Zihlavsky.}

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

retirement zombie - Someone who retires without first sorting out a life for herelf thereafter. Result--retirement zombies wander the streets aimlessly, usually accosting former colleagues and boring them to death with chat about "the old days."

e.g., Watch, out Chris's coming--he's the worst of this year's crop of retirement zombies.

submitted by Alan Morrison

retirony - In law enforcement, the belief that a police officer will be shot to death three days before retirement.

e.g., Chief Wiggum said, "You know how it is. I'll be shot three days before retirement. In the business, we call it retirony."

submitted by PPM - (www)

retistico - A patio type structure used for nude sunbathing.

e.g., Frank lounged happily in the retistico on a sunny August day.

submitted by Elli - (www)

retorted - That which is not nice to look at; ugly; distastful; eye burning; hurl-evoking.

e.g., That guy is retorted.

submitted by Em

retractification - Closing, as in a sliding gate.

e.g., The entrance where the trucks pull in will have automatic retractification.

submitted by darrell milton

retread - Adjective or noun. Term for a professor who returns to work after retirement to assist during a staff shortage.

e.g., This professor is out of touch with the subject matter. They must be a retread.

submitted by Hamster

retri-beautician - A worker in a beauty salon who exacts her revenge by sabotaging the customer's attempt to beautify herself.

e.g., Sally looked into the mirror, horrified. Her long, silky locks were gone. She was practically bald, due to her stylist's act of retri-beautician.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

retributionable - (adj.) Calling for or worthy of retribution or reprisal.

e.g., This term was coined by the writers of the kids TV show "Young Justice" (season 1, episode 14 'Revelation') wherein the Joker (Batman's infamous enemy), realizing his plans have been frustrated by a bunch of children (the sidekicks), labels his loss "inconceivable! unacceptable! retributionable!" and then proceeds to note in an aside that "that last one might not be a word." He is mistaken, of course: the term is made up of already accepted morphemes in an acceptable pattern, and everyone who hears it understands what it means. That's all that's required for something to be a word.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

retroactive abortion - Murder. An unkind way of saying that you feel a person never should have been born.

e.g., So I killed ten guys with a hatchet. I don't think of it as murder. I like to think of it as retroactive abortion.

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

retrobarf - To vomit upon seeing what was in fashion when your parents were the age you are now become fashionable again: clothing; furniture; shaved armpits, eyebrows, and legs; etc.

e.g., Oh, look, brass bathroom fixtures are the next big thing. Excuse me, I need to retrobarf.

submitted by TechnoSpaz - (www)

retrobate - Something embarrassing (usually adolescent and sexual) which you nevertheless still enjoy. You know you should have outgrown, but you haven't.

e.g., I heard this Van Halen song on the radio this morning--it was so retrobate.

submitted by Frank - (www)

retrocalibrate - (v) To return something to a previous configuration.

e.g., My friend moved his coffee table to a new location, but he kept hitting his shin on it in the dark. I recommeded that he retrocalibrate his living room.

submitted by Roger - (www)

retrocamo - A work of art or design that looks older than it is. E.g., album covers released this year with photos that look as if they were taken in 1973.

e.g., Did you see that album cover for The Strokes? Very retrocamo.

submitted by Jeremiah Teutsch

retrocarbonic - Soda coming out of the vending machine before the cup.

e.g., The cup never dropped and the machine splattered sticky soda all over my shoes. It was obviously retrocarbonic.

submitted by Heidi Orris

retrocism - Nostalgic story told by a geezer.

e.g., The whole time at my grandma's, she just kept spouting retrocisms of my grandfather. She probably doesn't know he's still alive.

submitted by SirWill

retrodict - Studying past events to predict the future.

e.g., Using retrodict we can safely say that a meteor will hit the earth some time in the future.

submitted by Mariano Hinojosa

retroduction - (also known as "abduction" and "hypothetical inference")(n.) The third (and often ignored) form of logical inference, after deduction and Induction. Induction posits general RULES from specific CASES and their various RESULTS; Deduction infers RESULTS by applying general RULES to specific CASES. Retroduction hypothesizes CASES by comparing RESULTS with known RULES. So, INDUCTION = Case, Result, Rule; DEDUCTION = Rule, Case, Result; and RETRODUCTION = Result, Rule, Case. (Wow, this is hard to explain without all the jargon. Sorry. The concept is explained in depth in the Collected Works of Charles Sanders Peirce (Harvard Library), although many modern logicians prefer to group it with induction because retroduction has a probability level

e.g., DEDUCTION: (Rule) All the marbles in this bag are black; (Case) These marbles are from that bag; (Result) These marbles are black. INDUCTION: (Case) These marbles are from that bag; (Result) These marbles are black; (repeat experiment many times and ...) (Rule) All the marbles in this bag are black. RETRODUCTION: (Result) These marbles are black; (Rule) All the marbles in this bag are black; (Case) [perhaps] these marbles are from that Bag. Bear in mind that the hypothesis you end up with (the Case) is a probability, not a certainty, hence the name "hypothetical inference." | Here's a real-life example: "Oh, look, a black limo with a police escort, surrounded by conservatively dressed men and women with sunglasses and earpieces. Hm. You know what? The President of the United States rides in black limos with police escorts, and is always surrounded by secret service agents in dark suits and sunglasses with earpieces in their ears. Maybe that's the President of the United States!" "No, that's Brian Cowen, the Prime Minister of Ireland." "Oh, well, 'visiting head of state' was my next guess."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

retroflect - To reflect in retrospection, to reflect on past events with a sense of nostalgia, to "retroflect." Reflect -- to think, ponder, or meditate: to reflect on one's virtues and faults. Retrospection -- 1. the action, process, or faculty of looking back on things past. 2.a survey of past events or experiences.

e.g., The teacher told his students to retroflect on their childhood and consider how those experiences frame their life today.

submitted by David Miller - (www)

retrogeek - Somewhat derogatory term for someone who is frozen in time, technology-wise, and refuses to update.

e.g., Yeah, Chris has a computer, but he's such a retrogeek that he's still running Windows 95.

submitted by Bicycle Bill

retrogreat - To be remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent, but only if the idea had been thought of, or the action been taken much earlier.

e.g., Wow, there was retrogreat parking here only five minutes ago.

submitted by Tim Chambers

retrogress - (noun) The opposite of progress, same as regress. Retrogression. If you're not progressing, you may well be retrogressing. If you're not making progress, chances are you're making retrogress; if you're 180 degrees from making progress, you're making retrogress.  
"We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turn, then to go forward does not get you any nearer. If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about turn and walking back to the right road; and in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man." C. S. Lewis  

e.g., I prefer retrogress to what is mistakenly called progress.

submitted by [Press]

retrogrouch - Somewhat derogatory term for someone who is frozen in time with regards to anything, usually but not exclusively technological (see retrogeek). The difference is that a retrogrouch is unapologetic about this and in most cases is extremely outspoken about why newer methods and technology are to be avoided.

e.g., Jim is a retrogrouch. He still has only a landline corded phone and says that ought to be good enough for anybody.

submitted by Bicycle Bill

retroject - To calculate or estimate something in the past, based on presently observable patterns or events.

e.g., Contemporary geologists retroject the birth of the Grand Canyon to be about 2,400 B.C. based on current erosion trends. (ED. Other geologists are going to contest that estimate by several million years at a minimum.)

submitted by L. J. Swingrover

retroject - To project in a backward direction. Also retrojected, retrojection, retrojectable.

e.g., In order to estimate activity before time zero, the graph's trendline was retrojected to where it crossed the horizontal axis.

submitted by Ryan Eggers

retromingent - Urinating rearwards. | An animal that urinates backward. Saw the word today for the first time, in a comment about Paul Krugman: "shallow, judgmental, insensitive, juvenile, retromingent, narcissistic, and downright ugly." Krugman's blog post on September 11, 2011, "The Years of Shame," ended with "I’m not going to allow comments on this post, for obvious reasons." I knew I'd find some new insult words if I checked around.

e.g., If someone calls you retromingent, somehow I think you're not making that person's most-admired list. | Other words used to describe Krugman: maggot, POS, hate-filled pig, gutless coward, smug idiot, smarmy little dickwad, lunatic, "effing" coward, "shallow, judgmental, insensitive, juvenile, retromingent, narcissistic, and downright ugly." Now that I’ve found an insult word I’m unfamiliar with, I can back off for a while.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

retronaut - Since a huge word (and prefix) these last several years has been "retro," this phrase was coined when they sent John Glenn back into space. It can, by extension, be applied liberally to other instances of forced nostalgia.

e.g., They're having another gathering of retronauts on VH1 again!

submitted by Kendal - (www)

retronym - A modified name given to an item when a newer form of the item forces a name change to differentiate between the old and new.

e.g., "Acoustic guitar" is a retronym for what used to be known simply as a "guitar."

submitted by The Bee

retropassive - Not quite the opposite of "proactive." More like Mr. Hyde to its Dr. Jekyll.

e.g., Not having proactively changed what I could, I decided to retropassively accept what I could not.

submitted by Hal Colombo

retrophist, retrophisticated - Someone whose morals and way of life are taken from a period in history.

e.g., Reading Wilde retrophisticated me into a fop. I am a retrophist in the style of Wilde.

submitted by Ochre Orientis

retropublican - A backward looking citizen stuck in the past unable and unwilling to consider the possibility and desirability of meaningful change in her environment and that of others.

e.g., Retropublicans of the world, mutate. The known and unknown past contained many errors which perk over into today, which need to be addressed, modified, and rectified. The change will do you good.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

retrorsion - (L. "twisting back" (sorta) also doxagesis (in Greek))(n.) a form of retroduction (q.v.) by which one may infer a hypothesis based upon a given observation in light of a known RULE.

e.g., Observation: This stuff is wet. RULE: Water is wet. HYPOTHESIS: Perhaps this stuff is water. (Note, one can only draw hypothetical, that is, probable inferences from retrorsion. Asserting that the "stuff" in the example IS water beyond question would make this a formal deductive fallacy (affirming the consequent, aka illicit conversion).) Observation: I am in Ecuador. RULE: If I were on Isla Isabela in the Galapagos, I would be in Ecuador. HYPOTHESIS: Maybe I'm on the Galapagos! (But I could also be in Otavalo or Esmeraldas or Guayaquil or Quito or lots of other places.)

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

retroscape - The gentrification of a neighborhood or area, rendering said area with a sort of ersatz retro look.

e.g., The area around 31st and White used to be a bit dicey, but still a cool place to hang out. Now that they've retroscaped it, it just comes off as sort of cheesy.

submitted by Paul

retrosexual, reterosexual - A person, of either sex, who is convinced that sex was better in the good old days, even if she hadn't actually been born back then. Reterosexual. Compare and contrast with metrosexual.

e.g., Every time I see that picture of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing above her thighs in The Seven-Year Itch, I start feeling retrosexual.

submitted by Gus Silber - (www)

retrospection - Examining what is already irrevocably accomplished.

e.g., If at first you don't succeed, try retrospection; no sense getting it right in the first place.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

retroversible - A reversible item that has reversibility.

e.g., I love this retroversible jacket -- 50's on one side and 90's on the other.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

retrovivalism - The belief that in a million years, the earth will be restored to what it was before humans trashed it.

e.g., The retrovivalists' vision almost came true, but alas, there were still no wooly mammoths.

submitted by Steve McDonald

reubenesque - To describe a fried sandwich with all the usual ingredients as a Reuben, but with some meat other than corned beef. | To describe a person who partakes of too many Reuben sandwiches.

e.g., I'll eat sliced turkey, but only on a Reubenesque sandwich. If you go to that deli at lunchtime, you are guaranteed to see at least one Reubenesque woman.

submitted by Knom

reuter - To disclose a secret; to break news (pejorative); from Reuters, the news agency.

e.g., As soon as Bill learned about the affair, he reutered it to everyone.

submitted by Nuno Guedes

rev - A person with a dark tan.

e.g., Did you see the rev in _The Trouble With Mary_?

submitted by Stephanie & Maggie

reveille - Reveal. Misspelling.

e.g., I am awakened by reveille each day only to see my roommate reveille his skinny butt as he heads for the shower.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

revelant - (REV-uh-lint; adj.) 1. making some difficult or hidden information clear; 2. revealing something thitherto unknown or hidden; 3. explanatory or clarifying. [NB. Do not confuse with_relevant_, which has the same letters, but a very different meaning.]

e.g., These documents are quite revelant of the dissident factions plans. | The ordinary is not revelant except to the mind prepared to grasp its secrets. | If you don't understand Chaucer, get a good gloss: it's quite revelant.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

revendicative - Combination of vindictive, revenge, sadistic, merciless.

e.g., Possibly one of the most classical examples of the revendicative mind set would be Shylock, demanding his pound of flesh for an unpaid debt.

submitted by Miles McGrail

revengue - (pronounced "reven-joo") - n - The art of "getting even" by making a lot of money.

e.g., Sure XYZ Corp "let me go" from a $40M per year job, but now I'm earning in excess of $100M. Sweet revengue.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

reverance-pay - Extra Compensation, Received By a Member of the Clergy, When se is "Let Go."

e.g., When a Priest or Nun Loses His/Her Job, Shouldn't (S)He Receive "Reverance Pay?"

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

reverend - "Informal: a member of the clergy." When I was growing up, I was taught not to use the word as a noun, ever -- not that doing so was an "informal" usage, but that doing so was sub-standard: in a word, wrong. To use reverend as anything other than a prefix when speaking of or speaking to a minister simply wasn't done by anyone who knew correct English usage. What I learned to do when referring to the clergy: "(initial capital letter) (used as a title of respect applied or prefixed to the name of a member of the clergy or a religious order): Reverend Timothy Cranshaw; Reverend Mother." That sort of usage seems to be long gone, except for dinosaurs like me: "While, strictly speaking, the term is an adjective to be followed by 'Doctor' or 'Mister,' its common usage has made it a noun.". The other adjectival usages, not capitalized, are still around: "worthy to be revered; entitled to reverence" and "pertaining to or characteristic of the clergy."  

As I read the transcript of an address obama had prepared for delivery to a "ministers conference at Hampton University" on June 7, 2007, I almost cringed at his use of "Reverends" as a plural. I decided the word merited a pd entry. I was struck also by his capitalizing the plural, especially given that he had not capitalized the word President, used in the same paragraph. (The transcript is inconsistent.) In those long ago days, President was always capitalized when it referred to the President of the United States. Reverend? Since my generation wasn't supposed to use the word as a noun by itself, I have no idea what the capitalization rule might have been -- or even if there was one.  
I was led to the transcript by the Drudge Report, fully expecting to find something that would make the hair on the back of my conservative, old neck stand up. Through the paragraph in the example, that hasn't happened. And I can guarantee you I'm no fan of Barack Obama. . . . And it never happened, now that I've finished reading the address.  
As it turns out, obama deviated considerably from his prepared remarks and what I was reading was an advance version. What he actually said (in a phony accent) might have annoyed me.

e.g., "As president, I will do more to strengthen support to state correctional systems so that ex-offenders can meet their parole requirements without worrying about losing their jobs. I will create a prison-to-work incentive program, modeled on the successful Welfare-to-Work program. It would create strong ties with employers, job training agencies and ex-offenders to improve job retention rates. And I will reach out to all the Reverends and engage faith-based organizations to provide support for ex-offenders and their families, both during incarceration and after. We can do that for our families. Our God is a forgiving God. He's certainly big enough for that."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

reverse micromanagement - The actions an employee has to take to harass, cajole, and motivate a boss into doing what she should be doing in managing the employee's career or job.

e.g., In a case of reverse micromanagement she felt was necessary, Jill spoonfed the paperwork for her evaluation to the boss so it would be turned in on time for her review cycle.

submitted by Elizabeth Young

reverse pyrrhic victory - You kill all or most of the enemy but the enemy still wins. In California's mid-term election in November 2010, the Democrats won all the statewide and district seats, but the Republicans won all the ballot propositions which cut taxes and fees and broke the Democrats stranglehold on gerrymandered districts (e.g., Propositions 20, 21, 22, and 26). In a true pyrrhic victory your opponent loses most of her soldiers but wins the battle such that she can not win the next battle due to lack of soldiers.

e.g., I dunno. You tell me which is better, a pyrrhic victory or a reverse pyrrhic victory.

submitted by Wayne Lusvardi - (www)

reverse racism - Racism.

e.g., Lillith: "HD, I think obama owes his Presidency to reverse racism. What do you think?" HD: "'Reverse racism'?" I don't see that as really being different from racism. Consider this: Suppose a referee in a basketball game makes a bad call that favors Team A. She then attempts to "correct" her mistake by deliberately making a bad call that favors Team B? I see her only as having made two errors, not as having made up for her first error. What's the old saying, "Two wrongs don't make a right"? … But that's just me."

submitted by HD Fowler

reverse shopping - The art of returning goods to the shops from which you bought them, not so much because they're the wrong size, faulty, or otherwise unsuitable, but because you suffered an agonising attack of buyer's remorse.

e.g., The clerks in the mall always dread the day after Christmas, because that's was the day when everyone stormed in to do their reverse shopping.

submitted by Gus Silber - (www)

reversilate - The act of throwing any vehicle in reverse and doing whatever backing-up maneuvers are involved before putting it back in forward motion.

e.g., I have an affinity toward those who reversilate thru the drive-thru.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

reversity - An academic institution that specializes in making people unlearn their elitist education and embrace pop culture.

e.g., Attending reversity made me unlearn everything I knew about Milton and Monteverdi, and prepared me for hip hop.

submitted by Gordon Black

reverso-speak - Speaking using inverted sentence structure.

e.g., I still find Yoda's reverso-speak entertaining and delightful to listen to.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

review the tape - A way to preface something when you are about to overanalyse something.

e.g., Okay, let's review the tape from last night. He called me to ask me out, but then he was 20 minutes late to pick me up. He paid for dinner, but he seemed kinda distant. Do you think he likes me or just wants to get me in bed?

submitted by Kimberly

revisionist history - When people do not like their past history, they invent a new one. You don't like your own past, so you tell others a much more wonderful past than you had. It could be the immediate past or "back in the day." My real past does not even come close to what I tell about it. At each telling I embellish more. I tell this to people whether they know me or not. To put it simply, I like to make up a story about my past that suits me.

e.g., I was such a great pianist, I went to Julliard. My playing has always been well-received.

submitted by Barbara Holland

revolevolutionary - Of a speeded up and significantly augmented form of evolution: dynamic and exciting even to the casual observer. Also, one who takes part in or enthusiastically supports an evolution in hype-rdrive, changing the world, changing man.

e.g., Revolevolutionary developments in the 21st century jump-started human and terrestrial improvements on a huge scale, bypassing anything at any time before.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

revolotion - Remarkable new booty product that evokes the past and promises a bright new future. Shmear it on and the results, oo la la. No more blind dates again for, oh say can you see! Dickle me elbow [funny bone].

e.g., Revolotion greatly enhances ones motion, and emotion, a boon to bigger and better bona fide bonanzas.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

revoltment - A shortening of "revolting development." That's exactly what it means.

e.g., What a revoltment this is. I wanted to be able to drive across the country, but now that my engine blew up, I'll have to take the train.

submitted by Ray Renati - (www)

revotrasize - (v.) (ree-VOH-trah-size) (Brit. English "revotrasise") To make a dawning realization that, due to a small flaw in a project, movement, etc., it is all for naught and will have to be cancelled or restarted. (Etymology: backwards spelling of START OVER [what often needs to be done to sort out the problem] + -ize.)

e.g., I was playing a fierce death match in Quake last night. I got 29 kills. If I want to join this new guild, I need 42 -- no more, no less. I was shot down soon after that. I revotrasized.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

rew - You're on the phone. Long enough to make your ear uncomfortable. So you switch ears. But next thing you know, the person on the other end of the conversation starts up a juicy story or whatnot. So you switch back to your favorite ear. Thus is born, REW: right ear worthy.

e.g., Betty: " then he told me he's pregnant!" Larry: "Shreak! That is so REW."

submitted by Jessie - (www)

rex - Red x. Small box with a red "X" that loads instead of a picture, mainly thumbnails.

e.g., There must be a problem with the server--I get nothing but rexes.

submitted by Jack

rex kongam nex mansurus - (n.) 1. the death of King Kong atop the Empire State Building; 2. any famous or infamous, long-remembered death or death scene; 3. any incident which passes into history as famous or infamous; 4. by extension, any person, place, or thing which the speaker believes will become famous or memorable. [literally "King Kong death enduring," a parody of King Arthur's title Rex Quondam, Rex Futurus "the once and future King."]

e.g., "Et tu, Brute?" is a quintessential rex kongam nex mansurus.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rexahesperus - A chaotic situation that causes mild panic and disarray.

e.g., Traffic in the mall parking lot the day after Thanksgiving was a rexahesperus.

submitted by Terry Kaiser Borning - (www)

rey-rey - Slang. To gossip about someone or talk about someone behind one's back.

e.g., "Them a rey-rey 'bout mi" or "Me naw rey-rey 'bout them".

submitted by mister_rasta

reyes - To take away by force

e.g., Damn it! That guy just reyesed my parking spot!

submitted by Mathew Puskar

reynold's canoe - Relating to the mystique of the film "Deliverance," hickish vehicle, hicks in a vehicle (including flatbed).

e.g., Mark: Did you see Bob's Reynold's Canoe? John: Did that car come with a pitchfork?

submitted by Mark&George&John

reynolds' rules - Burt Reynolds' Poker Contingency Rules: the aces, one-eyed jacks, and suicide kings are wild in all games.

e.g., All right, guys. Ante up. Five card draw, Reynolds' Rules.

submitted by Kate

rfa - Ready, Fire, Aim.

e.g., A. Can you believe it? They waited until we delivered the software, then told us it had to be platform-independent. B. RFA, as usual.

submitted by Gregory Bloom

rhadamanthine -

Rhadamanthine :

Rhadamanthus was a wise king and, according to Greek myth, the son of Zeus and Europa. He was raised by King Asterius of Crete along with his brothers Minos and Sarpedon, Asterius being clearly aware that raising the progeny of Zeus had its advantages. Following the death of Asterius, Rhadamanthus ruled over Crete justly, bequeathing it an excellent code of laws, which the Spartans are supposed to have copied. Nevertheless, Rhadamanthus was driven from Crete by his brother Minos (siblings will be siblings) and he fled to Boeotia where he married Alcmene who was a granddaughter of Perseus and also mother to Heracles, by Zeus (Gods will be Gods).

When he died, Rhadamanthus was appointed to be one of the judges of the dead, along with his brother Minos who had so unkindly usurped him in Greece and his half- brother Aeacus (another result of Zeus's many liaisons). This is a hell of a job, if you'll excuse the pun, because these three get to decide whether dead souls go to the Fields of Asphodel (you could do worse), the Fields of Elysium (the one to pick if you get the choice) or Tartarus (don't go there, just don't go there). Rhadamanthus, it is said, is strictly and uncompromisingly just and, perhaps, a little inflexible in his applications of the law. There's no point in whining about your unhappy childhood and lack of parenting if  Rhadamanthus is on the bench.

The word rhadamanthine is thus an adjective that is usually applied to hard-nosed but strictly impartial  judges. For example, I would characterize Judge Judith Bartnoff as rhadamanthine in her judgment of the Stella Award winning law suit that came to be known as "The Great American Pants Suit."


It was by no means an easy case. One has to admit that the plaintiff, Pearson, was clearly trying to be conciliatory when he dropped his claim for damages from over $65 million to a mere $54 million. Additionally there was definitely a hint of public service in his suggestion that, were he to get a substantial award,  he would only retain a few million for himself and would use the rest to encourage and support others in the pursuit of similar actions.

Legally the case was crystal clear. The dry cleaners had definitely displayed a sign which stated "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and there can be little doubt that, in respect of the requested $10.50 alteration to the pair of suit pants, Pearson certainly didn't experience satisfaction. There can be little dispute that the $1,150 that Mr. Pearson originally claimed in recompense, when the pants never turned up as expected, was rather high, but it is entirely possible that the pants had sentimental value that justified such a figure.

It's hard to quibble with Mr Pearson's claim of $15,000 to cover the rental of a car at weekends for the next 10 years so that he might be able to make use of a dry cleaners in another neighborhood. And as for the bulk of the damages claim, it derived from a very plausible interpretation of Washington consumer-protection law, which imposes fines of $1,500 per violation, per day. Since the apparently misleading "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign had been displayed for 1,200 days and there were three defendants, the arithmetic is merciless: 3 x 1,200 x $1,500 = $5,400,000. Indeed, employing his legal knowledge, Pearson maintained that the owners were liable for seven different violations of the consumer protection act and thus the figure mounted up. They were also, he maintained, guilty of fraud and there were, of course, legal costs.

Despite the force of his legal arguments, the plaintiff's suit was rejected by the rhadamanthine judge on the basis that "A reasonable consumer would not interpret 'Satisfaction guaranteed' to mean that a merchant is required to satisfy a customer's unreasonable demands."

Strictly and uncompromisingly just; rigorously just and severe; appropriate, proper; of or pertaining to Rhadamanthus: severely strict, very just, incorruptible in judgement (as Rhadamanthus).  
Opposite of rhadamanthine: improper, inappropriate, insufficient, unjustified, unmerited, unrightful, unsuitable.

e.g., "Occasionally, however, you run into the ignoramus that wants to challenge your authority and openly tells you that they are going to continue to break the law in the future. These people don't just deserve a ticket, they have earned one. I have to admit that with these type of people, I get a certain pleasure in issuing a citation. Ranger Gord refers to these citations as Rhadamanthine Citations. |  
You are probably wondering, 'What the hell does rhadamanthine mean?'" "Of or pertaining to Rhadamanthus; rigorously just; as, a Rhadamanthine judgment." |  
"Every movement of the Court of Impeachment, even on the most trivial point, is watched eagerly and closely as an indication of the final result of the trial. This sign is favorable, -that unfavorable. This looks as though Mr. JOHNSON has a good chance of escape, -that looks as though his judges were determined upon Rhadamanthine severity." |  
"That doesn't sound like a very rhadamanthine work ethic to me," said the buzzard. |  
"Not every reader would concur in the dogma of the first sentence, and the judgment of the second sentence is rhadamanthine; the anathema seems to be personal rather than professorial. But Housman's selection of William Collins, Christopher Smart, and William Cowper with respect to their poetic language is the shrewd comment of a professional philologist and requires examination. For the purpose of this essay I shall exclude William Blake, partly because of chronology, partly because his may be a special case." |  
"To illustrate what Polanyi is saying, imagine your encounters with new words, that is words you don't know the meaning of. Take the word 'rhadamanthine.' If you don't know its meaning, it is itself a focal object. Now contrast your perception of "rhadamanthine" with familiar words. Take any word on this page, such as 'illustrate.' This word is itself a subsidiary you bring to bear on its meaning. Your familiar use of a word, your subsidiary use of it, renders it bodiless, says Polanyi; it becomes transparent. And it must, for if all words were focal objects, like 'rhadamanthine,' they would be unable to bear on and give meaning to the things they represent." | "They gave his commercial debut, Life of Leisure - EP, a rating of eight which is pretty respectable considering Pitchfork's rhadamanthine rating tendencies." |  
"We need not be hierophantic to divine the fact that Socal preferred keeping the Malibu property to receiving the full amount owed by the Bevans. So be it. But, considering Congress's beneficent purpose in conferring a right of redemption upon the IRS, we also need not be rhadamanthine to decide that it would be inequitable to permit Socal to 'get a windfall at the expense of' the Bevans." |  
"They were not only related to his profound classical culture attainment,but also related to his righthearted and rhadamanthine personality." |  
"This is partly due to the creation and enforcement of wise game laws -- although here also it must be admitted that in some of the Provinces, as in some of the States, the alien sportsman is judged with Rhadamanthine severity, while the home offenders, and even the home Indians, are but little interfered with." |  
"In fact I see them as rather Rhadamanthine at times." |  
". . . he delivers his rhadamanthine verdicts, strangely ignoring, in the belief that he has found moral certainty, one of the few things in morals that are certain, namely. . . ."  
"The list as it stands is Scot-free so let me nominate for rhadamanthine scrutiny: . . ."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rhallacy - Rhetorical fallacy

e.g., There are many types of fallacies, logical and mathematical, for example, but rhallacies are the most pernicious.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo - (www)

rhettoric - A strong, manly and commanding way of speaking politically. Based, of course, on the character Rhett Butler in the book and movie, Gone With The Wind.

e.g., After listening to the rhettoric of several speakers in the Presidential election debates, Ralph turned to his wife and said, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

rhinestone - A stupidly humorous event, especially the results of a Google web search.

e.g., "Fidel Castro enjoys the color green" returns 209 results on Google? Now, that's a rhinestone.

submitted by Nathan James

rhinolith - (rhymes with pie'-no-myth; n.) hardened mucus in the nostrils (aka 'boogers' or 'bogies'), especially the really hard, jagged ones that rip your nasal septum and give you horrific nosebleads. [from the greek_rhino_'nose' +_lithos_'stone.']

e.g., "Holy cow, man, what happened?! There's blood all down your shirt!---was it a nosebleed?" "Yeah, picked out a rhinolith and pretty much shredded my nose."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rhinososaurus - Like a rhinoceros, but funnier. My uncle said it when he was drunk.

e.g., It's a rhinososaurus.

submitted by joe schmoe

rhinotillexomaniac - Someone who habitually picks their nose (rhino=nose, tillexis=habit of picking at something, mania=obsession with something).

e.g., Seinfeld seems like he would be a rhinotillexomaniac.

submitted by dan

rhodamine - A bright pink colour.

e.g., Look at what a wonderful shade of rhodamine the setting sun is this evening.

submitted by Peter - (www)

rhubarb - Word used to describe anywhere you didn't originally intend to be, usually a roadside ditch or somewhere off of a sled or ATV trail. Occasionally, "rhubarb" functions as a verb.

e.g., "He got goin' too fast and put 'er in the rhubarb" or "He got goin' too fast and rhubarbed 'er."

submitted by Peter du Chemin - (www)

rhubbarsh - Basically is a stronger form of "rubbish" and a weaker form of "bullsh*t." Based on "rhubarb" and "rubbish."

e.g., In response to my friend's wildly exaggerated claims, all I could really say, "Mate, that is absolute rhubbarsh."

submitted by Adam Rapoport

rhumbatologist - A doctor who specializes in bone and muscle problems caused by too much Latin dancing.

e.g., Mary's legs and hips were really killing her after her weekly night out dancing, so she made an appointment to see her rhumbatologist.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

rhyming nonwords - There are many potential new words in non-words. All you have to do is assign a meaning to one of them and get everyone else to use them. But this might not always be easy. Most or some non-words may rhyme, of course. This would be a boon to poets and others who like to rhyme words.

e.g., An example of some rhyming nonwords could be: brin, blin, drin, frin, etc. Or dat, glat, grat, clat, smat. This doesn't look very promising but hypothetically anything is possible?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

rhythmatraumatic - A beat so intense and fantastic it changes who you are.

e.g., That John Bonham's rhythmatraumatic pounding has adjusted my thinking on a deep level.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

rianbow - No, it's not a means the kind of 'backwards rainbow' you see above a regular one.

e.g., That's a beautiful rianbow.

submitted by daydreamer

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