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r - The letter r, used in a number of situations, but perhaps most usefully in the plural for swearing in front of the students in maths or science lessons without them necessarily realising.

e.g., Let us call the radii of the circles drawn by John r1 and r2, and those drawn by Jane r3 and r4. You can see that the sum of John's r's is larger than that of Jane's r's.

submitted by alis

r and r - Reading and resting.

e.g., I did a lot of r and r this weekend.

submitted by Dustin Krause

r'outathea! - A contraction of "You're out of there," meant to be pronounced all at once like an umpire would say it. An expression of displeasure with someone.

e.g., (A dork walks by.) R'outathea!

submitted by David Mershon

r-mail - Short for "reality mail," i.e., physical transportation of material objects for communication purposes. Used in contrast to "e-mail."

e.g., I prefer to r-mail my parents when I ask for money, because then it's harder for them to copy my original message into their reply.

submitted by Aaron Inverse - (www)

r-r-r-ezzz onate - To make verbal vibrations by an exaggerated emphasis on rolling "Rs," heavy sibilants or the letter, "Z," or "Z"-sounding consonants. Most often used to entertain little children, amuse gullible young ladies, or to fill in awkward pauses in social conversations.

e.g., "Oh, yessss," Buzzz r-r-r-ezzz onated. "R-r-r-ruffles have r-r-r-ridgezzzz. . . ."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

r17 - A speed that is clearly far too fast. From Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. "R is a velocity measure, defined as a reasonable speed of travel that is consistent with health, mental wellbeing, and not being more than, say, five minutes late. It is therefore clearly an almost infinitely variable figure according to circumstances, since the first two factors vary not only with speed taken as an absolute, but also with awareness of the third factor. Unless handled with tranquility, this equation can result in considerable stress, ulcers, and even death."

e.g., Bob must really be in a hurry. I just saw him run down the hall at R17.

submitted by Semi

ra-topsy - (v. & n.) 1. To dissect, or the dissection of, a[n Egyptian] mummy; 2. to carefully analyze, or the careful analysis of) any ancient or defunct religion (especially that of the Egyptians); 3. to deconstruct, or the act of deconstructing, incongruities in movies like Stargate or the Mummy; 4.(scientific whimsy) to study, or the study of, the Sun: Heliology.

e.g., Not to Ra-topsy, but both DeMille's _Ten_Commandments_ and Katzenberg's _Prince_of_Egypt_ take enormous liberties with the tale of Moses as set forth in the Shemot/Exodus. Among other things, Moses was 80 when he returned to Egypt as a Prophet, almost all the pharaohs had numerous wives and battalions of children (and thus many firstborns ... unless the last plague applied only to men), Aaron did most of the talking, and, perhaps the least important, the Sphinx's missing nose was not the result of a chariot race. All of this sillifies the tale -- to keep the audience in their seats the whole movie long, I suppose. Mind you, I find DeMille's pageantry marvelous, and the burning bush scene in Katzenberg's movie is amazing.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rab - A level of understanding above and beyond general knowledge of a given subject. An intimate relationship with the higher-level knowledge of the subject's system.

e.g., To exercise the practical application of a linear inductive motor, one must first rab the concepts of electricity and magnetism.

submitted by Nitron

rabbit - A male player or flirt. Refers to rabbits' tendency to copulate very frequently, indiscriminately, and rapidly.

e.g., My boyfriend's a rabbit. He bedded my three sisters and my mother last week. But I still love him.

submitted by Joe

rabbit - London rhyming slang. Rabbit and pork -- pork rhymes with talk (sort of); therefore, rabbit means talk.

e.g., V.:"He don't half rabbit." (He talks rather too much.) N: "Hark at all that rabbit." (Listen to all those people talking.)

submitted by Paul Flewers

rabbit food - What health nuts or vegetarians eat: leafy greens and vegetables.

e.g., Angela: If you want to lose weight, try eating a salad instead of a hamburger for lunch. Brent: I don't like rabbit food.

submitted by Marie

rabbit-ass mind - Something that you are out of, if you act crazy or foolish.

e.g., You spent $1,000. on a ring for that girl? You must be out of your rabbit-ass mind!

submitted by Steve McDonald

rabbitat - A good place for bunnies to live.

e.g., My backyard is a virtual rabbitat for cottontails.

submitted by Norm De Pleum

rabidation - Excessive use of typographical devices such as multiple punctuation marks, all capital letters, colored typeface, bold type, italic type, etc. -- especially by those who rabidly object to the use of depleted uranium in weapons.

Such people are very ill-informed about the health effects of using depleted uranium in armaments. Depleted uranium is used because of its mass (1.7 times that of lead) and because of its pyrophoric properties -- it generates intense heat on impact. Depleted uranium contains less than 0.711% U-235, and thus is much less radioactive than natural uranium. That is why it's called "depleted" -- depleted, by definition.

e.g., If you want to write well, avoid rabidation. Let your words be your exclamation points.  

Here's an example of rabidation, by Leuren Moret, Berzerkeley environmental commissioner -- since "terminated": Vietnam was a chemical war for oil, permanently contaminating large regions and countries downriver with Agent Orange, and environmentally the most devastating war in world history. But since 1991, the U.S. has staged four nuclear wars using DEPLETED URANIUM weaponry, which, like Agent Orange, meets the U.S. government's definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Vast regions in the Middle East and Central Asia have been permanently contaminated with radiation.
From two doctors, in a 2004 paper about depleted uranium: A by-product of the uranium enrichment process, depleted uranium (DU) contains approximately 40% of the radioactivity of natural uranium yet retains all of its chemical properties. After its use in the 1991 Gulf War, public concern increased regarding its potential radiotoxicant properties. Whereas in vitro and rodent data have suggested the potential for uranium-induced carcinogenesis, human cohort studies assessing the health effects of natural and DU have failed to validate these findings. Heavy-metal nephrotoxicity has not been noted in either animal studies or Gulf War veteran cohort studies despite markedly elevated urinary uranium excretion. No significant residual environmental contamination has been found in geographical areas exposed to DU. As such, although continued surveillance of exposed cohorts and environments (particularly water sources) [is] recommended, current data would support the position that DU poses neither a radiological nor chemical threat.  
Anxiety and distress are the most pronounced primary health effects after most radiation accidents.

Note that not a single exclamation point or other rabidation was used in the second quotation. Take that, rabidators.

"Moret declared on March 21, 2011 that the 'Japan Earthquake' and 'accidents” that occurred March 11, 2011, were deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare. She claimed further that the 'attack' was carried out using HAARP technology by the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States Department of Energy, and British Petroleum on behalf of London banking interests."

Wikipedia: "HAARP is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Various individuals have speculated hidden motives and capabilities to the project, and have blamed it for triggering catastrophes such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, thunderstorms, earthquakes in Iran, Pakistan, Haiti and the Philippines, major power outages, the downing of TWA Flight 800, Gulf War syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome."

Now, look at this: "[Moret is a] nuclear weapons lab whistleblower [who] reveals the shady dealings and elite agenda that lurks behind the 2005 privatisation of the US nuclear weapons industry, as well as detailing the use of space-based directed energy weapons to [a]ffect thought and mood control in large populations." If you ask me, Leuren Moret is one Looney Tunes babe chick person, a flake extraordinaire. And, God help us, she seems to have legions of followers. (If I didn't have an aversion to exclamation points, I'd have put one at the end of the last sentence.)

More on depleted uranium.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rabidibo - A word that can take on the meanings of other words, when those other words can't be remembered. Coined to describe the odd behavior of a comic shop owner a bunch of us used to work for.

e.g., C'mon out to the bar with us and have fun. Don't be so ... rabidibo.

submitted by Nick Jones

rabidity - (Pronounced just like rapidity, only with a b; n.) 1. the quality or state of being rabid (i.e., suffering from rabies, literally or figuratively); 2. being unhingedly, frothing-at-the-mouth, insanely, murderously berserk with rage; 3. being angrily, obstinately, vociferously voluble, usually in disparaging something or someone.

e.g., 1. The dog's rabidity resulted in his execution. 2. Admit it, you didn't believe any politician's rhetoric could elicit such rabidity, did you? 3. We were simply going to explain our position, but his rabidity dissuaded us. Especially when he bit off the head of that little bust of Socrates.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rac - Car.

e.g., He was driving the rac with no driver's license.

submitted by wangari

racee - Pictures of ultramarathon races and those who race in them. Such pictures are not "racy," the made-up word "racee" being used only to grab attention. The word does match up rather well with the term "ultra virgin," though -- "ultra virgin" being used for those who have never participated in an ultramarathon before.

e.g., Visit the home page for the site to find racee pictures and additional material to read.

submitted by HD Fowler

racialist - ". . . a racialist believes that there is some unquantifiable but real mystique that is associated with each race, notwithstanding the absence of biological or genetic differences. [Racialists] attempt to distinguish themselves from ordinary racists by attributing malice, a sense of superiority, and hostility to racists while denying [they] have those characteristics [themselves]. Racialists [such as Al] Sharpton attempt to justify otherwise unjustifiable identity politics by pointing to the absence of malice in their views."

e.g., "Over the last decade or so, Sharpton has shown some capacity for growth. However it may be too little too late. Nevertheless, if he continues his personal growth, he may come to realize that the distinction between racialist views and racist views is not meaningful and if it looks, walks, talks, and acts like a racist, it is probably a racist."

submitted by [payman] - (www)

racialists - " … men and women who believe that is is necessary to 'correct' past injustices, real or imagined, by exculpating those who skin color happens to be anything other than 'white' when they are accused of serious crimes or of seeking to intimidate the descendants of those associated with the slave-holding of the past even though most white people never owned slaves and a significant number of them are descended from immigrants who suffered all manner of unjust, invidious discrimination upon their arrival on the shores of the United States of America and simply offered up the difficulties as they sought to make new lives for themselves without considering themselves to be perpetual victims who had to 'right' every 'wrong' of the past."

e.g., " … are indeed racialists, people who believe that nonwhites are superior to whites and thus have the 'right' to special, preferential treatment insofar as discipline in schools for errant behavior and grading on examinations and admissions to colleges or universities or professional schools and in being [hired] and considered for promotions by employers."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

racing mullet - Someone or something not very attractive.

e.g., She's got a head like a deep sea racing mullet.

submitted by James Drew

racing snake - A very slim person, usually used in a derogatory sense.

e.g., She don't exactly got the body of a racing snake, do she?

submitted by Ben

racist - A person with a disproportionate hatred of marathon runners. | "A 'racist' is just a conservative who is winning an argument with a liberal." This guy has nothing more to offer than Godwin's Law violations and the good old "racist" label. But HE calls Carolla a "hack"?

e.g., The protest against this year's New York City Marathon by Couchpotatoes Anonymous was called racist by Mayor Bloomberg, who cites his own running for office as evidence for the benefit of good exercise. | "This guy has nothing more to offer than Godwin's Law violations and the good old 'racist' label. But HE calls [Adam] Carolla a 'hack'?"

submitted by lochlainn | Kathy Shaidle

rack - Navy slang, noun: A bunk aboard a ship. Notoriously uncomfortable crew berths, or bunks, particularly on U.S. submarines.

e.g., I'm beat. When I get off watch, I'm headed straight to the rack.

submitted by David T. Bonney

rack a frack - Meanie.

e.g., When I'm angry, I yell, "You dirty little rack a frack!"

submitted by Granmom - (www)

rack-burn - Navy slang: Impressions of pillowcases or beadspreads on the face caused by the long, motionless periods of deep sleep.

e.g., He didn't think anyone knew he was napping, but he had rack-burns all over his face.

submitted by David T. Bonney - (www)

racka-racka - A term used to describe any stereotypical voodoo character in pop culture

e.g., "Who's your favourite SF character?" "Dhalsim. He's such a Racka-Racka."

submitted by Mac

rackless - Lacking a bed to sleep in.

e.g., I've been rackless for several months now.

submitted by [rackless]

racoculous - Extremely ridiculous. Variant: racacaulous

e.g., The fact that this word isn't being used worldwide yet is racoculous.

submitted by Matt and Mark Hay

racoon syndrome - That urge to touch and rummage through people's things.

e.g., What do you have, Prunella? Racoon syndrome? Put the vase down.

submitted by Ian Faynik

rad - Exclamation or an adjective for something cool and exciting.

e.g., Oh, rad! We have a four day weekend coming up!

submitted by julia

radcliffe - From novelist Ann Radcliffe (9 July 1764 - 7 February 1823). A hugely popular Gothic novelist of the 1790s (and beyond), Radcliffe crafted a brand of explained supernaturalism (which owed not a little to the early novels of Charlotte Smith) that struck a chord with British readers during the anxious 1790s. Her blend of moralism, aesthetics, and drama became definitive for the more genteel strain of Gothic fiction during the Romantic period. Hers is one of the most famous early names of the Gothic tradition. The Mysteries of Udolpho is an essential Gothic text, though many readers prefer The Italian and the oft-overlooked The Romance of the Forest.

e.g., Barbara Michaels radcliffes some, but not all, of her supernatural thrillers. I enjoyed the book until the author radcliffed the evil ghost in the end.

submitted by Anne Janet Braude

radge - Maniac; nutter; crazy person.

e.g., Chris, when he's been drinking, is a perfect example of a radge.

submitted by zondervan

radial carrototomy - A piece of mod art that shows a bunch of carrots arranged in a radial pattern.

e.g., I got some laughs with my wall-hanging called "Radial Carrototomy."

submitted by Steve McDonald

radical leftovers - Those known as the Radical Left in their '60s heyday. They are now in their 60s. Period.

e.g., Just what is it they’re hiding? That Obama is being influenced by and is indebted beholden to Radical Leftovers from the ’60s (communists, really) for his meteoric rise in politics?

Is it possible that — slubberdegullion though he may be — that Dr. Jerome Corsi is right when he says that Obama is “a secret radical who cannot be trusted”? Is it a risk you’re willing to take? If so, why?

With defeat on the horizon, Republicans resort to ad hominem attacks 
“This alleged terrorist was never convicted of any crime and is now a renowned professor at the University of Illinois. Nice try!”

You don’t seem to realize it, kid, but Bill Ayers was and is a terrorist, and, as he proudly proclaims, unrepentant: “Guilty as sin, free as a bird, America is a great country” is what he had to say about his criminal past as his autobiographical Fugitive Days hit the bookstores in August 2001. Ayers made no bones about being glad he set off bombs and got away with the numerous felonies he committed in the 1960s and 1970s.

He broke the law repeatedly by blowing up government buildings and endangering human lives. Even a silly bugger would have to admit that that’s going just a tad beyond civil disobedience — that it was terrorism. Ayers claims it wasn't, not since he wasn’t trying to kill people. I disagree. The bombings were meant to intimidate. That made them terrorism. The only reason he wasn’t tried and convicted is that the FBI botched its handling of the investigation and couldn’t use the evidence it had.

It’s a bit unclear what Ayers had in mind when he was pictured trampling an American flag and when he said he wished he’d done more — set off more bombs or done more to stop the war in Vietnam? — but that wealthy son-of-a son of privilege should have been sitting in prison for 25 years rather than living high on the hog as a free man and “educating” our young.

Obama’s ties to Ayers more than likely date back to the early 1990s, to when Obama became CEO of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. That $100 million plus program (apparently an unsuccessful venture as far as doing any public good) was nurtured into existence by Ayers, so it strains credulity to think that he and Obama wouldn’t have crossed paths at least a few times. (How could Obama have been put in charge and then run a multi-million dollar enterprise without meeting one of its founding fathers? What qualified a guy recently out of law school to run that big an operation? Nothing, perhaps, given that it failed.) They definitely saw each other several times between 1999 and 2002 when both served on the board of the Woods Foundation — with 9/11 and Ayers’ book and controversial bombing remarks coming during that period.

How could the terribly, terribly bright and ambitious fellow that Barack Obama is not have known of Ayers’ criminal past? How could he not have known that Ayers was a tenured professor of education and not a professor of English when George Stephanopoulos asked him in April about his ties with Ayers?

Obama pretended the two barely knew each other — that they occasionally ran into each other only because they both lived in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Hillary Clinton called him on it, but she didn’t go for the jugular the way I would have expected her to. Does she lack the killer instinct a politician needs to win the Presidency? Or doesn’t she have any balls? Oh, that’s right. She doesn’t.

No, Hillary does have balls, brass balls. Maybe she thought the issue wouldn’t cost Obama the Democrat nomination or that the nomination was already his — and that it might cost him the general election if it was allowed to fester. I’m basing my speculation on her being much more driven by self-interest and wanting to be President than she is by anything else. That is, she’d rather have John McCain as President for four years than Barack Obama as President for eight years. How’s that for chutzpah on my part — trying to read a politician’s mind?

Obama’s disingenuous and unconvincing portrayal of innocence — which amounted to a lie — disturbs me more than a little. The problem for me is not that he and Ayers share some interests and served on the same board(s?) — it’s that both try to cover up the fact that they are more than nodding acquaintances. Ayers won’t say a word about it, and Obama little more.

Just what is it they’re hiding? That Obama is being influenced by and is indebted beholden to Radical Leftovers from the ’60s (communists, really) for his meteoric rise in politics?

Is it possible that — slubberdegullion though he may be — that Dr. Jerome Corsi is right when he says that Obama is “a secret radical who cannot be trusted”? Is it a risk you’re willing to take? If so, why?

PS, dunderwhelp, the financial crisis we’re in right now was inevitable once the Left got into a position of coercing lenders to approve loans they shouldn’t have. It was just a question of how long it would take for it to happen.

submitted by HD Fowler

radidahoave - Radiowave for those who confuse Idaho, Iowa, and Ohio. Radohiove.

e.g., I'm being tormented by someone bombarding me with radidahoaves. Where's my tinfoil hat?

submitted by HD Fowler

radified - Radicalized. From a misspelling in a comment at the linked page: "States rights vs federalists have been going on since before the Constitution was radified." The word "ratified" was intended there, but I think a better definition is "radicalized."

e.g., "Do you have any idea when obama became radified?" "I'm guessing it was when he was under the tutelage of his childhood mentor, a communist (and FBI agent?): Frank Marshall Davis. Surely it was quite a while before he started palling around with the terrorists: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn."

submitted by [Thenisaid] - (www)

radio shack - A particularly uptight techno-dweeb.

e.g., Hey, Radio Shack, why don't you stick to troubleshooting the network?

submitted by Julie Jackson

radio! - A command to shut up or be quiet. Comes from military radio operators who were monitoring transmissions. When a message was heard, they needed complete quiet.

e.g., Radio, you guys! This message is important.

submitted by Steve McDonald

radiohead - The phenomenon where one person says out loud the very thing another person is thinking

e.g., "Ya know, honey, we should get a tuba and start our own marching band." "I was just thinking the same thing! You must be a radiohead."

submitted by mark

radioheadistic - Extremely depressing music; especially that of that particular style of UK bands -- e.g., Radiohead, Muse, etc.

e.g., This CD is so radioheadistic.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

radish - A bitter young person, a child whose sense of cynicism is developing early.

e.g., I would bring Kyle to Fantasyland but that little radish (or turnip) has no appreciation for imagination.

submitted by Dot - (www)

radl - Rod-ll. Something which is shaped like a wheel.

e.g., I had to change one RadL from my car because a nail popped my old RadL.

submitted by sonic

radley - 1. A term used to address a person (usually male) in place of a name. Sometimes used in conjuction with "Boo," as in "Boo Radley." However, has more to do with the word "boo" than the character (from To Kill a Mockingbird.) 2. An placeholder for a real name, given when anonymity is desired in an official or semi-official setting. One simply changes one of his names to Radley when, for example, an ugly girl asks your name and you need to make up something quick and you don't ever plan on seeing her again.

e.g., What's going on, Radley?

submitted by Raul - (www)

radular - Very cool. Extremely rad. Refer to gnarlical or zemanakal.

e.g., Your varial heelflipto nose manual to casper into a darkslide out to a 360 kickflip was very radular.

submitted by alex

rafalstory - Pronounced "raffle-story." A story with no point and frequently no content. Named for my friend Rafal who tells such stories a lot.

e.g., Rafal: So I went downtown. Camille: Yeah? Rafal: Oh, that's all. Camille: What a rafalstory.

submitted by camille

raft - Wrath. Wrath of God. "What hath God wrought?" Weren't those the first words telegraphed?

e.g., Funny how all of a sudden we seem to be caving in to the wants and needs of Islam. Is it because we want to become more knowledgeable of their religion? Become more friendly with them because we might be afraid of their raft?

submitted by | Duster6 - (www)

rage-dog - Used to describe the emotion of anger, or feeling rage at a particular moment

e.g., Bob: "Martha, did you get the lead for Phantom of the Opera?" Martha: "No, apparently I'm not beautiful enough." Bob: "Oooohhh, rage-dog."

submitted by Caoimhe

ragemeister - Rage master; one who has learned which buttons to push to cause rage in another.

e.g., She loved to play ragemeister and push his jealousy button to mess with his mind. Everyone has at least one ragemeister.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

raggensdraddle - A nonsense name made up most recently as the title of the Worcester State College 1980 Yearbook, Worcester, Massachusetts.

e.g., Are there any pictures of you in the raggensdraddle?

submitted by jim barclay

raggle - A plant, a shill.


Sucker Bet, Copyright 2003 by James Swain, p. 1: As Moon crossed the casino, Jack eyed the delicious redhead on his arm. She was a plant, or what his partner Rico called a raggle. "The raggle will convince Moon to come to your casino," Rico had explained the day before, "and try his luck at blackjack. She'll bring him in to your table. The rest is up to you."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ragoverth - A person who stands out in a crowd and is generally hated by everyone

e.g., Why does he have to be a ragoverth and wear makeup?

submitted by Chance Millar - (www)

rah club - A group of people with interesting or embarrassing vomiting-after-drinking stories. | President of the . . . someone with the most embarrassing vomiting-after-drinking story.

e.g., I threw up in the police sergeant's trash can, so they made me president of the Rah Club.

submitted by roman

rah rah - Drama, dramatic,

e.g., Chris got very rah rah over Luccia breaking up with him.

submitted by Mary T. - (www)

rahm - Verb, to use an over-reaching end-justifies-the-means, whatever-it-takes corrupt mentatlity to ram something down the throat of a resisting populace -- blackmail, bribery, bullying, you name it. From Rahm Emanuel, obama minion known for ruthless thuggery when it comes to pushing positions he espouses.

e.g., Thomas Sowell ~ "The corrupt manner in which this massive legislation was rahmed through Congress, without any of the committee hearings or extended debates that most landmark legislation has had, has provided a roadmap for pushing through more such sweeping legislation in utter defiance of what the public wants."

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

rahr - Expression of annoyance or anger. The "h" is for added emphasis.

e.g., Tillie: Sue's coming to dinner. I know you don't like her, but try to be civil. Fred: Rahr.

submitted by Honeybear - (www)

raigoshed - Mix between "rain" and "slosh": swamped down, as in mud, or slush, or snow. Came from sloshing in the rain.

e.g., I raigoshed through the snow.

submitted by Lukas Friga

raiken irugiri - (rhymes with LIKE-en ee-moo-KEY-ree; n.) 1. "Lightning Sword Color-Cut technique" (in Japanese); 2. the school of kendo (use of a Japanese sword) in which one must be practiced in order to survive the Sword events on Nintendo's Wii Resort [It's called "lighting-sword" because of how fast you ultimately have to be to beat the higher levels of the game; and "color-cut" because each type of opponent in the "showdown" game wears different colors of armor and requires different strategies]; 3. any technique of action one is trying to learn or acquire in order to play a game, especially a video game.

e.g., "I can finally play that Wii thing with my kids: they've totally taught me the 'raiken irugiri'!" | "What are you trying to do?" "I'm trying to figure out how to put together power points on the new Windows suite." "Ah: raiken irugiri. Good Luck."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rail-sliding - Thought of as literally sliding down a [stair] rail, but also used as a saying for anything really fun to do. Also: "car-kicking."

e.g., We're going rail-sliding tonight. First miniature golfing, then the water park.

submitted by Kaylee

railjump - An inept move. In Quake, one can jump extra high by firing a rocket at her feet while jumping. Sometimes, a user forgets she is carrying a railgun instead of a rocket launcher. When she attempts to jump to a really high place, she succeeds only in a small but stylish hop as she fires her railgun at her feet.

e.g., Nuts, I'd've had the BFG if only I hadn't railjumped into the lava.

submitted by Gregory Bloom

rails - A particular "hat" or capacity: one's capacity as a lawyer, for example, as opposed to his capacity as a husband, a car aficionado, or a connoisseur of fine suits. (From an old word meaning "clothing.")

e.g., In the rails of my profession, I'd have to say you have the right to build it there; as your neighbor, I say keep it the hell off my lawn.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rain moglets and doglets - To rain lightly but persistently; to drizzle incessantly.

e.g., You do exaggerate. It's hardly raining cats and dogs, but I would agree it is raining moglets and doglets.

submitted by Colin Taffel

rain music - The sound of rain hitting a tent roof.

e.g., I was enjoying the rain music when you called. No joy now.

submitted by star651

rainbotastic - Overly colorful without being tacky.

e.g., Wow, your hat is rainbotastic. I love it.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

rainbow of love - A bruise.

e.g., It's not a black eye, it's a rainbow of love.

submitted by Nita - (www)

rainbowarise - To make something beautifully coloured, derived from the English "rainbow" (coloured) and "arise," meaning to make.

e.g., I think I might rianbowarise this picture. "Isn't that wall is beutifully rainbowarised?"

submitted by Radboy

rainbowitis - Refers to a condition many pitching staffs seem to suffer on the site. This is a site to simulate baseball using players of your choice. Fatigue levels are indicated by various levels, often more noticeably in the early part of seasons. Staffs often exhibit many rainbow colors, indicating wide fatigue levels.

e.g., My pitchers are suffering from a bad case of rainbowitis.

submitted by Sean Dominey

rainbox - The shower.

e.g., I stink. To the rainbox I go.

submitted by Natalie Cole

rainfreeze - The effect of falling freezing rain. It freezes on contact and coats everything with a thin to heavy layer of ice; it can be beautiful but very damaging or deadly.

e.g., We woke up this morning to a lovely rainfreeze. Virtually everything was sparkling and crystal like. We couldn't get out of the house to reach the outhouse so had to make do with jars and bowls till early in the afternoon.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

rainlocker - Enclosed shower.

e.g., Every Saturday night we gotta jump into the rainlocker.

submitted by scott

raircon - An air conditioner on the roof

e.g., Can you see that raircon? Is the raircon working? How does the raircon react to a storm?

submitted by Anna

raise or burn - Asking for an increase in salary at the risk of losing your job.

e.g., You know the company just laid off 120 workers. And you're going to go to management and ask for more money? Man, you got raise or burn.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

raisin d'extra - When seriously trying to lose weight, a dieter's wise choice of fruit for a snack rather than cake, candy, or some other high caloric treat.

e.g., When your stomach starts rumblin'
An' your strong resolve starts crumblin'
You're headed for another way too much sugar toot.
Use your head --
Avoid "Mourning Becomes Electra"
Remember raisin d'extra
An' choose a piece of fruit

submitted by Charlie Lesko

rakaramba - The sound of fire, brimstone, exultation, extreme emotion. Something you shout to the heavens.

e.g., As you fly off the edge of an abyss on a particularly scary roller coaster you may experience rackaramba.

submitted by Richard Slater

rakatasiong - Very complex.

e.g., Well, no I don't have an answer, but it's a rakatashion situation.

submitted by hibrugge

rakehell - "A lewd, dissolute fellow; a debauchee; a rake." A real word that's fallen into disuse.

e.g., I've been watching Californication off and on for the last day or so. Do any of the male characters count as rakehells?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rakelaholi - A group of five friends. (ED. Probably self-referential, but adequately clever and suitably disguised. "Laurenified" didn't make it.)

e.g., At the mall, I saw a rakelaholi of teenage girls.

submitted by Rachelsey

ralados - great wise one(dragon word)

e.g., Ralacados got his name from the word in the dragon language ralados, which means great wise one.

submitted by Kyle Ingram

ralls - A wonderful substitute word for "tricked you."

e.g., Ralls! Ralls! Ralls! I was only kidding when I said I saw The Beatles.

submitted by Paul Barriscale

ralpef - The stand in the back of a picture frame.

e.g., Ralph set the picture on its ralpef and it fell down.

submitted by Tyson 7th English

ralph - 1. To ralph is to vomit. By uncanny concidence, pronouncing ralph in a long, drawn out fashion sounds like the sound made by someone vomiting. 
2. A name for the square roof of 1/2. 
3. Ralph is a directional indicator in automobile conversations (same first letter as right). ~Ralf. 
4. To vomit.

e.g., 1. Charlie drank too many midis and is having a ralph in the garden. 
2. The word is "ralph," you bozo. Life is too short to bother saying, "one over the square root of two."  
3. Hey, Zaphod, slow down and hang a ralph at the light. 
4. Howard Stern & Why Size Matters
by Thomas Hart
G21 Staff Writer

AUSTIN, TEXAS - As you know, fellow Sanitation Engineers, Tabloid Hart -- like yourselves -- loves all things trashy. Therefore, it would be natural for ya'll to think that I might like that self-proclaimed King of All Media, Mr. Howard Stern.

But I don't.

Howard Stern makes me want to ralph, ya'll. And you want to know why?

It's because that ole boy just pretends to be in-tune with the Trailer Trash of this great country of ours. That's right! I said it: HOWARD STERN IS A TRAILER TRASH WANNABE. He wouldn't know a double-wide if it fell over and crushed his scrawny little malformed body three ways from Sunday. That is why the man is so pathetic.

At least if Jerry Springer isn't Trailer Trash, he's got producers workin' for him who knows well enough where to find 'em. Not Howard Stern. That mealy-mouthed poster boy for New Yawk losers who envy alluh us real park dwellers is always reachin' for the second rate and then blowin' his own horn to make sure somebody notices he did anything sleazy at all.

And that's Howard's problem, ya'll: he goes for the cheap shot of emba[r]rassin' an airhead Playboy bunny on his show with questions he knows danged well she wouldn't be able to answer if her life depended on it 'cause he knows if'n he tried to pull that crap on a real Trailer Park girl she'd likely jump up and kick his narrow little ass for askin'!

Howard's got the mini-wieney syndrome. I think ya'll knows what I'm talking about here. Howard Stern is a classic example why size does matter. He's the kid who wore his jockey shorts in the shower in high school because he had to.

submitted by Ralph|Peter Doyle|Stan Dulemba|THart - (www)

ralphichax - The thing that happens when a person vomits and people around her react to it by vomiting also.

e.g., When Willie puked after her 10th shot of Jim Beam, the ralphichax was unprecedented.

submitted by Steve

rama - Rhyme with :stammer." Crowded, rammed, full.

e.g., The sun was shining, so the park was rama.

submitted by hannah

ramadankin donuts - A retail outlet that sells breakfast pastry made from unleavened dough and is only open 11 days a year.

e.g., Let's go have coffee at Ramadankin Donuts.

submitted by Saint714

ramblerant - A rant that rambles on and on until the original point is lost.

e.g., Marc lost the audience with his ramblerant: "I think we can blame Apple for spawning Visual Basic. I mean, Apple stole the visual "windows" concept from Xerox, and what did Microsoft do? They took a perfectly decent teaching language, BASIC, and turned it into the mutant we now know and loathe, so they would have a product that the average idiot could use to create competition with Apple and line Bill Gates' pockets to boot!"

submitted by Marc Clifton - (www)

rambo - 1. Japanese for "violence." 2. To solve a problem with brute force as opposed to intelligence.

e.g., 1. The Hellsing anime series is full of gratuitous rambo. 2. Brian tried to pick the lock, but he finally just ramboed the door open.

submitted by Deacon

rambunctualize - To energize a child past the point of controlling.

e.g., I had him almost quieted, but then his uncle rambunctualized him by tickling him.

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

ramgam - To doubt the truthfulness of another person's claim or story.

e.g., She claimed to speak Spanish, so I told her to. I was pretty ramgam, so I told her to repeat the sentence.

submitted by Caroline Sylvester

ramificussions - Ramifications and repercussions, coined by Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell of King County Superior Court

e.g., I'll have to think about the ramifucussions. I'll get back to you.

submitted by Hilary

ramipercussion - The consequences of an action--usually implies negativity.

e.g., Apparently, Bob did not fully understand the ramipercussions of getting into a gasoline fight.

submitted by swank6

rammased - When something is messed up, destroyed. A house with junk everywhere is rammased.

e.g., This house is rammased.

submitted by Greg Griffin

rammy - Really grouchy, grumpy, mad, annoying.

e.g., Why is Miranda so rammy at me? I only lost her favorite pair of shoes.

submitted by Shari

ramo-implications - Basically, the same as ramify--the resulting effects from an undertaken action. "To have complicating consequences or outgrowths."

e.g., Do you even understand the ramo-implications of what you've just done?

submitted by Filip

rampant, rampantly - 1. Adj: "cool", "fun," etc. 2. Adv: similar to "really."

e.g., 1. Mike's party was rampant. 2. That girl is rampantly good-looking.

submitted by Zsuszo

ramping like a hose - Going crazy; over-processing; suffering from too much work and poor support. At least, that's what we think it means.

e.g., "The (130-nanometer) process is ramping like a hose," said Frank Spindler, Vice President of Intel's Mobile Products Group.

submitted by Augusta

ramshackle - Rickety, unsteady, flimsy, in danger of imminent collapse

e.g., I'm sorry, but my nerves won't allow that ramshackle table to stay in this house another minute.

submitted by Mark R. Mills - (www)

ramshackled - Completly wrecking someone or something.

e.g., 1. The punt returner was ramshackled by the giants defense. 2. We ramshackled that team last week 51-0.

submitted by Elliott Marquis

rance - It stinks, it's stupid, or it's completely dumb and out of place.

e.g., Tom is so rance, no wonder he hangs out with the losers.

submitted by felipe

ranch out - Sitting back being mellow.

e.g., I think I'll just ranch out for a while.

submitted by enos

ranchize or ranchise - To smother something in so much ranch dressing that it is more dressing than food.

e.g., Can you please not ranchize the fries this time?

submitted by matt - (www)

ranchy - Raunchy. From a misspelling or ytpo in one of the many comments about the fellow whose iPhone went wild and snapped a photo of his genitals while he was pleasuring himself -- and then addressed an e-mail and sent it to one of his lady friends. Let's say «ranchy» means «horny» here -- that's close enough. If you haven't heard of the guy's tail and his woes, you're missing out on some fun.

e.g., No, let's not go out tonight. I'm feeling ranchy, so let's just stay home. 'K?

submitted by ranchy - (www)

rancidsmack - What happens when you open and get a whiff of something improperly canned or left in the fridge too long. Usually causing instant nausea or vomiting.

e.g., Vomit in the trash can, Steve, or that rancidsmack is going to have you mopping my floor.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

randal - (noun) Any item, talisman, totem, icon, reliquary, animal, or person which one believes somehow bends the laws of chance one way or the other. (from the character "Rand al Thor" of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, who bends the laws of chance. Both ways.)

e.g., "And the lady wins again. You're doing quite well, Ma'am." "Oh, it's because of my randal here." "Your dog's name is Randal?" "No, it's Atheling, but he's my randal: if I'm not holding him, I can't win a thing." | "Tuck, we gotta get Meg a desk job or something." "Why? She's a good soldier. I thought you two were like sisters or something." "Yeah, well -- I mean, it's not her fault --but she's a randal: she attracts the enemy or something. Every patrol she's on, we get shot at."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

random - A dismissive description of an uninteresting and unimportant person. Can also be used to describe an odd or amusing situation.

e.g., Art: How was that party last night? Bart: Ehh, it was okay . . . it was mostly a bunch of randoms. | What the hell was that? That was SO random!

submitted by Meg

random - An unknown person (stranger).

e.g., We met a few randoms at the party last night.

submitted by Leisha

random grudge - A situation when a person is unwilling to forgive someone who has never harmed them in the first place.

e.g., Matt has a random grudge with Paul, and refuses to give a valid explanation why.

submitted by Joshua Pyles

random surfer - One who is addicted to surf the web by means of using a random link generator.

e.g., I wanna go to random surfer's heaven.

submitted by Pedro Duarte

random-nation - To say after you hear something surprisingly weird or strange.

e.g., Ed: Chris dyed her hair turqouise. Ted: I know. Random nation.

submitted by Ness

randomerizor - A terrorist who sends winning words to the PD whenever the mood strikes.

e.g., I became the top submitter by being a randomerizor; if a sunshade were to top me on occasion, it would be a "randomervisor", eh?

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

randomervizor - Apparatus for shielding the eyes or windscreens/windshields of PD submitters.

e.g., How'd I miss THIS one when I submitted "RANDOMIZER" (q.v.) and suggested it? "RANDOMERVIZOR" puts PD submitters in the shade.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

randometer - The gauge that measures just how random comments are, used when someone blurts something out of nowhere.

e.g., Sue: My favorite color is blue. Ann: Whoa, the randometer just went off the scale.

submitted by 216

randomicity - Of random.

e.g., Its full of randomicity.

submitted by Chris Mclaughlin

randomified - To be made random. Randomifier.

e.g., The girl was randomified by her older sister.

submitted by Jill Scott

randominity - Seemingly random streams of conscious thoughts or ideas without coherent purpose.

e.g., The couple conversed together for no other purpose but to explore the randominity of their thoughts.

submitted by Jayden - (www)

randomism - A genre of abstract art that seems like the piece of art was thought up randomly.

e.g., Have you seen the sculpture "Raisins and coat hanger with wheels'" I'd put it under the genre of randomism.

submitted by Ian Faynik

randomn - This word is used to describe a person who falls into the uncool category of life. The reason for them being called a randomn, is because they are all alike.

e.g., Burgess, is incredibly uncool. He has very few friends and even the ones he has are lame. His life revolves around computer games. Hence, he is simply a randomn.

submitted by Sammmy

randomocity - Randomness. Usually applied to things that come as if out of nowhere, rather than a group of things in an unspecified order.

e.g., My history teacher popped out of the bread aisle at the supermarket with the randomocity of a fruit fly.

submitted by BigAssFries

randomometer - A gauge to measure one's randomness.

e.g., We will need the randomometer to analyze where that comment came from/

submitted by Lynnette Wood

randomosity - The ability to make funny sentences out of random words or events.

e.g., He said "toaster llama." Now that guy has some serious randomosity.

submitted by Jared - (www)

randonimity - A random idea or person.

e.g., "My randonimity scares me sometimes." "Yeah, Jess, it scares me, too."

submitted by Jessica

randroid - One who is obsessed with the works of Ayn Rand to a level of preposterousness.

e.g., John Galt Boulevard in Omaha, NE, was undoubtedly named by a group of randroids.

submitted by Michael Buehler

randumb method - The stubborn quirk in the male pysche that convinces him, when driving and lost, that he will arrive, sooner or later, at the correct destination without stopping and asking for directions.

e.g., Horace wanted to take his family on a sight-seeing trip to New York. Leaving Atlanta, using the randumb method, two days later they were in Chicago.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

randyn - Used for something, usually in the media, that is wrong, silly, or stupid and makes the viewer feel embarrassed.

e.g., The animation in that new kids' movie is terrible -- cheap, randyn, and full of stereotypes.

submitted by Marisa - (www)

randyn - A woman of unparalleled evil. A spiteful, malicious, and conniving woman. A female who consumes the head of her mate after extracting every available resource that he has to offer.

e.g., My science teacher gave a me a B+ and killed my brother. Whe's a Randyn.

submitted by James

ranga - Anyone with orange hair--derived from "orangutan," the primate with orange hair.

e.g., Lucille Ball was probably the most famous ranga of all.

submitted by Angus Ient

rangafile - A Rangafile is a person utterly obbsessed with Rangas -- also known as a head-headed person. A Rangafile is known to date any ranga in its path at any time, sometimes even more than one. Rangaphile.

e.g., Ben is a Rangafile.

submitted by Ben

rangdang - to be partially interesting or not interesting at all

e.g., that's a RangDang design bro.

submitted by eleVader - (www)

rangham - Scarborough dialect word meaning clutter, an accumulation of objects stored in an untidy manner.

e.g., Denzil, I can't believe you keep your bike in here with all this rangham.

submitted by denzil vallance - (www)

rango - Obscure Australian term for cigarette.

e.g., Anyone up for a rango?

submitted by Chris Hodgkins

rangoon boof alarm - At a Chinese buffet, the combined feeling of nausea and fear as you realize there is still an entire third helping of food on its way down to your bloated stomach.

e.g., Fitzy: Day'm, Sully, you're working up a sweat. Sully: My brain just set off the rangoon boof alarm.

submitted by Busta Shoelace

rani - (pronounced rah-knee; n.) 1. a truly magnificent, classy lady -- charming, smart, graceful, kind: the “Lady” of the Tom Jones song, and the one by Styx. 2. Any woman decked out in style, especially with lots of bling (I think the word is). 3. (sarcastically) a woman who thinks far too much of herself (from the Hindi rani “queen”).

e.g., Julie Andrews is a real rani. | Whoa, honey, you are dressed to kill! Why the rani?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rank - To nag.

e.g., My mom's been ranking on me all day to clean up my room

submitted by ryan - (www)

rank - Completely disgusting.

e.g., When Chris is drinking, he gets rank.

submitted by melli

rank - Great.

e.g., Cybill is a rank dancer. The waterslides at Bell's Amusement Park are rank.

submitted by Tim

rank whores - Those who play games simply to get higher on the ladder. Akin to a sellout -- they are no longer in the game for fun.

e.g., Calm down, it's just a game. Jeez, you're such a rank whore, Chris.

submitted by tyler kellen - (www)

rankometrifyed - The most disgusting thing ever. So horrible, it is comical.

e.g., (Someone vomits all over your best friend's lap.) You exclaim, "Yuck. That's rankometrifyed!"

submitted by Robert Henson - (www)

rantidote - Bombastic speech that is a remedy for a bad mood.

e.g., Her rantidote did nothing to change the company’s latest asinine policy, but it did make us feel better.

submitted by Nonesuch

rantra - 1. A word or phrase repeated every time you are reacting against something stupid but unavoidable, and so requires constant repeating. 2. A mantra that is itself a rant -- frequently a stupid rant, as is the wont of politicians and "journalists" and religious nuts and . . . nuts of any variety.

e.g., His rantra was: "They'd feed us pellets if they could."

submitted by Monica Hepburn and Laurie Boese - (www)

rape-rape - Damned if I know what it is. You'll have to ask Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn Johnson), who used the term on The View when she argued that Roman Polanski shouldn't be extradited to the United States to serve time for a crime he pled guilty to: unlawful sex with a minor. Polanski fled the country to avoid sentencing, after spending 42 days in Chino State Prison "for what a judge termed 'pre-sentencing diagnostic testing.'"

e.g., Goldberg said, "I know it wasn't rape-rape. I think it was something else, but I don't believe it was rape-rape.  
"He pled guilty to having sex with a minor and he went to jail, and when they let him out he said 'You know what, this guy's going to give me 100 years in jail. I'm not staying.' And that's why he left."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rapig - The suffix "-ist" connotes "adherence to a certain doctrine or custom." (Online Etymology Dictionary.)

The word "rapist," currently with the suffix "-ist" (such as in the word "artist"), implying that rape deserves status as a "doctrine or custom," too much connotes that rape can be committed with style and performance-value, and that the act itself has some merit. In fact, the act is inherently and completely devoid of any redeeming or positive aspect. To eliminate the connotation, and to place the word into its proper depth of despicability, we can replace "-ist" with Old English's "-ig" (Modern English "-ic") meaning "characterized by."

As an adjective, "rapig" = characterized by acts of rape.

As a derived noun, by ironic but appropriate coincidence, "rapig" = a pig who commits rape.

e.g., Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, as the District Attorney prosecuting this case, I urge you to find the defendant guilty of the five counts of first degree rape. His behavior is consistently and habitually that of a rapig. In short, he is a rapig. His propensity to re-offend is beyond doubt. He deserves the maximum penalty of life without parole.

submitted by töff

raply - Posture and movement reminiscent of rap: a cross between shadow boxing and severe arthritis in wrist and fingers.

e.g., "I think Jake's a wannabe rapper." "What makes you think so?" "Well, I just saw him at the basketball court acting all raply."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rapping paper - A newspaper that covers the rap music scene.

e.g., I'm not sure, but it's possible that Beat Down was the first rapping paper.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

rappish - Any word that sounds as if it comes from the ghetto.

e.g., The word "yo" is rappish.

submitted by Ashley

rappyzoid - Dizzy, lightheaded

e.g., I feel rappyzoid right now.

submitted by Justin W

raptorine - (RAP-to-reen, sometimes ending -ine; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to Dromaeosaurids of the Cretaceous, such as Utahraptor, deinonychus, velociraptor, their various varieties, subspecies, and as yet undiscovered relatives; 2. Of or pertaining to modern birds of prey, that is, the order of Accipitriformes (most day-hunting birds of prey: eagles, hawks, falcons, etc.); (n.) 3. Creatures which are or are similar to raptors of either sort (dinosaurs or birds). [from "raptor" + "-ine," which appears in such terms as "riverine" --- since I first thought this word up (about a month ago), I have seen it elsewhere, but not in the PseudoDictionary; so, while I did not (apparently) coin the word, I take the opportunity to add it here.]

e.g., "Ya know, the way that kid claws his hand looks positively raptorine." || "In Jurassic Park, one of the raptors taps its big old raptorine claw on the floor, almost as though it is impatient."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

raptorine - (RAP-to-reen, sometimes ending -ine; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to Dromaeosaurids of the Cretaceous, such as Utahraptor, deinonychus, velociraptor, their various varieties, subspecies, and as yet undiscovered relatives; 2. Of or pertaining to modern birds of prey, that is, the order of Accipitriformes (most day-hunting birds of prey: eagles, hawks, falcons, etc.); (n.) 3. Creatures which are or are similar to raptors of either sort (dinosaurs or birds). [from "raptor" + "-ine," which appears in such terms as "riverine" --- since I first thought this word up (about a month ago), I have seen it elsewhere, but not in the PseudoDictionary; so, while I did not (apparently) coin the word, I take the opportunity to add it here.]

e.g., "Ya know, the way that kid claws his hand looks positively raptorine." || "In Jurassic Park, one of the raptors taps its big old raptorine claw on the floor, almost as though it is impatient."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

rapturine - ('rap-chew-reen; adj.) 1. of or pertaining to the so-called 'rapture,' in which millions of people, taken up by God, disappear from the planet, creating chaos and confusion among those who remain; 2. of or pertaining to stories (books, movies, alternative history scenarios, etc.) premised upon the sudden and total disappearance of human beings from all or a significant part of the Earth. [from the Latin raptio 'taken, caught up.']

e.g., I once read a rapturine alternative history focusing on Amerindian development in a world in which everyone in Eurasia has vanished as a result of meteor impacts.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rar - An exclamation of either anger or victory.

e.g., Rar, my computer froze.

submitted by SB

rar? - Used when you don't understand something, similar to a dog on TV. Usually emphasized by cocking your head.

e.g., "You need to install the device driver current version, then reboot, then uninstall the app, then reboot, then reinstall the app." "Rar? Say that in English."

submitted by Eric Phillips

rarr - Used to show emotions in cases of extreme stress, anger, or joy.

e.g., Jen: "Oh yeah, I accidentally deleted your 25 page research paper for English." Dan: "RARR!"

submitted by Dan - (www)

ras - Pronounced "ros." Short for "rasta." Used to describe a friend, not necessarily a Rastafarian. Plural: rastards, prounounced "rosters."

e.g., What up, ras? Yo ras, let's go. Come on, rastards, we're going to be late.

submitted by Preston F

rash hashanah - In the Jewish culture, a skin condition caused by nervous anxiety during the High Holy Days.

e.g., "So I called ten motels before I could find rooms for Uncle Milt, Aunt Sarah and their brood of kids, then I ran all around town trying to find some decent smoked trout and goat cheese for appetizers, then I baked, from scratch, my challah bread, carrot cake and a coupla nice apple pies. Then, at the fish mongers I had to fight with two ladies to get the best looking salmon in the place. Then, of course, making the meals -- the kugel and sweet potatos -- hours and hours of cooking. And did I get a kiss, a hug, a 'thank you Shoiley - you're a wonderful cook -- you did a good job taking care of us for the holidays?' Did I? Not my family! I got rash Hashanah!" (Inspired by SIB III and his sweet lil' pseudo tsimmes).

submitted by Charlie Lesko

raspenarious - Cranky, disagreeable, contrary, ornery.

e.g., Don't be so raspenarious, you're grating on my nerves.

submitted by Monty Ray

raspulatin - To get down or get jiggy when eating raspberries.

e.g., These raspberries are phat. I feel like raspulatin.

submitted by david

rasputine - (Rhymes with GAS-cute-pine; adj.) 1. charismatically fanatical; 2. of or pertaining to a powerful but unhealthy influence or control; 3. Virtually impossible to kill, remove, or stop. [After Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, who was reputedly a fanatical mystic whose influence over the Tsaritsa Alexandra ultimately hastened the fall of the Romanov dynasty---legend has it that several noblemen unsuccessfully poisoned, shot, and beat Rasputin, finally wrapping him in a blanket and dropping him into the frozen-over Neva River. The Autopsy supposedly revealed that Rasputin had died,not of his many wounds, but of drowning, adding to an already grotesque reputation.]

e.g., The ferocity of some preachers seems almost Rasputine. | Many Germans recall reacting to Hitler's presence often charisma of Rasputine proportions. | Prejudice is often Rasputine in its refusal to die.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

rasputum - Sticky matter hacked up and spit on public thoroughfares, gross but quite natural.

e.g., Boorish brutes sans refinement deposit rasputum wherever they will, much to the chagrin of ladies and refined blokes.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

rassafrackin - Cartoon curse word.

e.g., So after Bugs made a fool of him, Yosemite Sam spouted, "Rassafrackin rabbit!"

submitted by steve zihlavsky

rassle - To wrestle playfully.

e.g., She rassles too much with me to just be my friend.

submitted by qnarf

rast - Means rest except that you never say it about yourself -- you always say it to a person who needs a rest.

e.g., Hurry up. We'll be late for the movie. How can you be tired? You were only up til 11 last night. You're nothing but a rast, rast.

submitted by L'xis

rastafaxianism - The belief that, no matter how carefully you dial the number on your fax transmission, some guy in Jamaica will wind up receiving it.

e.g., He converted to Rastafaxianism after realizing that, despite his best efforts to the contrary, seven of eight electronic transmissions had been sent to remote islands in the Caribbean.

submitted by shayla jay

rastic - the matirial that ps2 joy sticks are made out of.

e.g., my rastic got ripped off

submitted by colter 7th

rasu - 1. Incredible; amazing; beyond explanation. 2. Artistic; rhythmic; undulating.

e.g., The rasu lyrical dance to Ani DiFranco's "32 Flavors was my favorite performance of the evening.

submitted by Sagar - (www)

rat 'tache - The thin line of fuzz on a British teenagers upper lip. By all accounts, it should be a moustache but they are not that far into puberty yet. Rat 'taches look as if a slight breeze may dislodge them and may not contain more than 18 separate hairs.

e.g., Chris preened his rat 'tache, anxious for the day when he'd be able to grow a real 'tache.

submitted by Alice Malice

rat bastard - Someone who's being a jerk. Carries the implication that she is lower than the bastard child of a rat.

e.g., I was driving on the freeway when this rat bastard cut me off.

submitted by Jo Ann

rat counter - A derogatory term for a city health inspector who goes around to restaurants looking for sanitation code violations and issuing citations.

e.g., My dad's restaurant got a black eye last week when the city sent a rat counter around to bug us. We didn't even have a chance to clean up first. And anyway -- all restaurants have a few cockroaches. (ED. "You wouldn't want to eat anywhere a cockroach wouldn't eat."™)

submitted by natalie - (www)

rat hair ratio - The word I think the government should use when determining the allowable amount of rat hair in any food approved by the FDA. Chocolate and peanut butter are the worst offenders with the highest amount of rat hair per edible portion.

e.g., I bet the rat hair ratio is high on that cereal.

submitted by Arik9

rat kids - A reference to little kids who roam the Parramatta Speedway, causing havoc. Often fun spotting them.

e.g., When we get there watch out for the rat kids

submitted by Oscar

rat pack - A group of girls who think they're pretty and cool, but sadly lack any detectable beauty. Rat pack girls, in fact, are a little naff.

e.g., That bunch think they're so cool. Just another rat's ass rat pack is what they are.

submitted by Penny Couch

rat's ass - Amazingly ugly, resembling a train wreck only worse. | To show severe annoyance. | I don't care.

e.g., You look like a rat's ass this morning. What time did you get in last night? | Rat's ass. | Who gives a rat's ass?

submitted by Chris Csernica

rat-cut - That funny piece of ear missing on most cartoon rats, usualy pie shaped.

e.g., When Chef Luigi said "I choppa-you good, stamengi!" he left a rat-cut in Homer Simpson's ear.

submitted by Peter Bonzani Jr.

rat-face balludo - A person who gets right in your face and spits while telling a story.

e.g., Did you see that pervert, Chris, get up in my face like a rat-face balludo?

submitted by Devin Paledis

ratava - The real-world manifestation of an online avatar; the actual person of which there can only be one.

e.g., Although Pip's online personae were wild, uninhibited and occasionally rather furry, his ratava was a bald mild-mannered ticketing clerk.

submitted by Jenny - (www)

ratchet-deely - The thing on your bike that makes the back wheel catch when you padal forward and coast when you coast

e.g., The ratchet-deely on my bike was frozen and that's why I'm late for school Miss Teacher.

submitted by Nathan Powell

ratedx - An Uncyclopedia section written by star651 to compile a list of X-rated words. Located at:

e.g., I'm waiting for my fellow Uncyclopedians to contribute to Ratedx.

submitted by star651

rather - Distort, lie, spin -- for political advantage. After Dan Rather, one-time CBS Evening News anchor, who felt that whether or not the documents he used to knock President Bush in the 2004 election were authentic, they were worth relying on. Rather was undone by the use of a proportional space font before its time. | Prefer. How common is this usage?

e.g., Do you have anything to back up what you're saying is factual other than rathered sources? |

Jeffrey K. Price

Peggy, what are you so afraid of? Would you rather the status quo and the maker of "RomneyCare" or a no nonsense son of a buck who will do whatever it takes to brink this country back from the abyss. Your column answers that question.

Posted September 10, 2011 at 10:33:09 AM

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

rathern - Rather than.

e.g., He'd sooner go to dinner rathern stay home and eat leftovers.

submitted by Johnni Freer

ratical - A person whose political position is completely opposite of yours.

e.g., Hillary Clinton may seem like a sweet, purring pussycat, but right to the bone, she's a pure ratical.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

ratner - To do a Ratner is to disparage one's own product with predictably negative fallout -- a marketing "own goal." This originated famously when British jeweler Gerald Ratner described his company's products as "crap."

e.g., Did you really have to do a Ratner in front of those investors, Charlie?

submitted by Toby - (www)

ratrepreneur - A businesswoman (could be a man) who is a jerk. Ratrepreneurs are scalpers, cyber-squatters, and no-good slimeballs who attempt to make a profit at any cost. (Contrast with "catpreneur.")

e.g., In James Clavell's book of the same name, King Rat was a ratrepreneur.

submitted by Tom Day - (www)

ratt rigg - Radio and teletype rig for the military commo gear.

e.g., Go to the ratt rigg and send a priority message.

submitted by mike

rattle-tapping - A locksmithing method involving inserting a worn key into a lock and tapping it with a hammer while applying pressure to it in order to get it to turn.

e.g., "Did you get that one lady's car door open?" "Yeah, I had to rattle-tap it to kingdom come, but I finally got it."

submitted by - (www)

raunchafied - To be absolutly disgusting, much more dirty than raunch or raunchy.

e.g., That hooker was raunchafied with her greasy hair and her loose lips. Although that example was raunchafied itself.

submitted by Sarah

rave goo - The slime found on the ceilings, walls, and floors at a rave. It's a combination of bodily fluids and who-knows-what-else.

e.g., I almost slipped in the rave goo. Get a mop.

submitted by PsYkO Matt - (www)

ravenstone - "In England, a tombstone is sometimes called a ravenstone.”

e.g., "Have you given any thought to what you'd like to have engraved on your ravenstone? Have you told your children." "No ravenstone for me. I've made arrangements to be cremated. The morturary will pick up my body at the hospital and take it to be cremated immediately. What's left will be placed in a subtly decorated urn with an inscription: 'He did not suffer fools gladly.' The urn will then be taken to my daughter. I've instructed the mortician to tell her, 'Your dad's in the car.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

raviolum - Singular form of "ravioli."

e.g., I'm not really hungry Reg -- just give me a raviolum.

submitted by captainminus

ravistic - Anything that makes you want to party; a compliment.

e.g., You got a 1400 on your SATs? That's ravistic!

submitted by Gaylebird

raw - Cold, harsh, low blow.

e.g., You ate my McNuggets. That was raw.

submitted by magik - (www)

raw - Sickening, vile.

e.g., I went to and checked out some of their archives--that stuff is pretty raw.

submitted by ditnis

rawk - Rock.

e.g., The concert rawked.

submitted by may - (www)

rawrish - Especially flirtatious or naughty in a kitten-like manner.

e.g., Your boyfriend seems to be a little more rawrish than usual. This is the third time today he's jumped on you.

submitted by kat - (www)

rawsome - The combination of the words raw and awesome. When one adjective isn't enough to tell how good it was.

e.g., Did you see that dunk that Vince Carter just did? That was rawsome.

submitted by Skip Bloom

rawt - An amalgam of the words "raw" and "hot," usually used to indicate unrefined beauty in an object.

e.g., Did you see Mary Sue in the bikini-shaking contest down at the strip? Were her moves rawt.

submitted by Zachary Reese - (www)

ray-day - Surprised, astonished.

e.g., Ray-day! What is that?

submitted by Shane

raymond noodles - Ramen noodles, a cheap food that's filling. When I was growing up, I had chili mac for lunch most days, usually with corn bread. I had no idea that meant we were poor. Did it?

e.g., "What are we having for lunch, Mamaw?" "Raymond noodles." "Why can't I have chili mac?" | Is it really better to be aborted than to have to eat Raymond noodles?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

razbapple - Raspberry and apple.

e.g., I ate razbapple sauce for lunch. Nope, nuthin' else, just the razbapple sauce by itself. Got a sweet tooth.

submitted by carrie

razbelly - Blowing with your mouth on a child's stomach to make a flatulent raspberry sound.

e.g., Giving his two-year-old a razbelly always made her giggle.

submitted by jtgd

razigots - Individual or small groups of hairs that you missed while shaving, and show up on your face; most common around the mouth, under the nose and near the ear.

e.g., You've got razigots, wanna borrow my razor?

submitted by Kirk A. Walker

razolifinobia - The fear that Ronald McDonald will suffocate you with cat hair.

e.g., I am suffering from razolifinobia.

submitted by Sean Harrington

razor - Beyond the scope of coolness, beyond being "phat" or being "money." It may be used as an adjective, verb, noun or as an expression of agreement. "Razor" is used to decribe the indescribable goodness of the moment, expression, thought, or idea.

e.g., That's our plan. Are you razor?

submitted by Hugo - (www)

razzberry - Raspberry, the way it oughta be spelled. In fact, it is spelled that way.

e.g., Gimme a quart of razzberries to go with that, Walt. . . . Thanks.

submitted by HD Fowler

razzfozzilate - To razzfozzilate is to make a milkshake on one of those machines with the little propellor that hangs down.

e.g., The milkshake was being razzfozzilated while he paid.

submitted by Ken

razzle - (v.) Nowadays, this means "celebarate by drinking to excess," but in the old days, it meant 1. To cook too quickly, leaving food burnt on the outside but uncooked within; 2. to warm yourself at a fire (hopefully not like the food); by extension, 3. superficial teaching or training, such that one's students appear well-taught, but lack depth or experience. [An old word from Yorkshire, England.]

e.g., 1. The dinner was beautifully set up, but the turkey was razzled: golden brown but pink as bubble-gum inside and completely inedible. || 2. I was chilled to the bone, so I razzled in that big rocking chair by the hearth. || 3. The trainer was very military: strict and structured; but, while the training looked good, the cadets were not really ready to work on the bomb squad. They need another year.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

razzle dazzle - Used when something or someone has no actual content, but is so flashy and nice that no one can tell. Not quite the same as the ol' razzle dazzle in Chicago.

e.g., Paul: "Look at my essay. It doesn't make any sense, but I got a A+ on it." Rich: "Yeah, it's all freakin' razzle dazzle!"

submitted by natmac

rc - A term used to describe or something or someone who is "radically childish."

e.g., Albert is 35 years old and is playing with toy trucks. He is RC.

submitted by e

rcm - Royal Canadian Mounties to Americans. Properly designated as RCMP for Royal Canadian Mounted Police (or Gendarmerie royale du Canada) for Canadians. I guess I've seen that 1952 Tyrone Power "Canadian Mounties" potboiler too many times.

e.g., Here's my question: If someone uses «send to friend», say, to threaten the Canadian Prime Minister, do you know if there are logs that the RCM could use to identify the URL from which the threat originated? (The answer is yes logs are kept. So don't be making threats using «send to friend». Otherwise, threats are fine?)

submitted by God - (www)

rd - Rootable Daddy

e.g., Whilst walking down the street with a friend, you might say "Hey, that guy is a bit of a RD."

submitted by Princess

rdrr - Instant Messenger-speak for a really bad joke. Comes from the Simpson's episode where Bart goes to the school for the gifted and the teacher has the class solve a "math joke" in which the solution is "R derivative, R squared" or RDRR.

e.g., jimmydodgeball: Well, that's what your mom said. dpstyles97: RDRR

submitted by dens

rdv - Race Driven Voters. To make one's skin color the top priority when casting a vote for President. Any election that is steered by race alone.

e.g., The 2008 Presidential Election may be decided by the RDV. Sadly, the RDV have turned this whole election into what is to be know as The Great Ethnic War.

submitted by Robert M. Hensel - (www)

- Exclamation used to disrupt the telling of a story the listener has already heard. Onomatopoeic from the sound the ringpull on a talking toy makes when tugged-- frequently used in conjuction with mimed pulling action.

e.g., Rob. I've got this great joke about Teddy Ruxpin... Ted. Ré! Rob. Oh yeh, I told you that yesterday.

submitted by rob light

re - Cream in the middle of a cookie, such as an Oreo

e.g., She always pulls the cookie apart and eats the re first.

submitted by David Welden

re choir - The steps needed to get back into a special singing group.

e.g., After an arduous, but successful total sex change, Richard, now Rene', sat contemplating the many nuances of her new life. She had enjoyed singing in the bass section of several local singing groups. "What would it re choir," she thought to herself with a smile, " for me to hook up again with our Bloomington Community Hallelujah Tunesmiths, but ... as a soprano?"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

re re - Dumb, stupid.

e.g., Get move on, re re. Quit dawdling. We'll be late.

submitted by KElli

re-booking anomaly - The process by which a dish on a cafe or restaurant menu is cheaper if the constituent items are ordered as side dishes. A true re-booking anomaly not only saves the diner money, but creates more washing up for the staff!

e.g., Thanks to a re-booking anomaly on the menu I was able to order a portion of chips with side order of egg, beans, sausage and toast, thus saving a full twelve pence on the cost of the meal.

submitted by Dave Widdicombe

re-hillbilly-tation - Rehabilitation for rednecks.

e.g., After the infamous Hatfield-McCoy blood feud, the wounded had to check into the hospital for extensive re-hillbilly-tation.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

re-jigger - Re-jigger means to rework, fix, or redo something

e.g., I have to re-jigger my paper before I can turn it in.

submitted by Haley

re-publican - A person who used to own a pub and has now returned to the pub/tavern management business. British English

e.g., We call him the re-publican now that he has come back to serving ale after a number of years in parliament.

submitted by Robin Nilsson

re-sarcasmic - A retort to a statment of sarcasm, especially when the meaning goes over the head of the target.

e.g., Bev's attempt at sarcasm was no match for Robert's re-sarcasmic wit.

submitted by Robert Drummer

re: choir - A section of a church bulletin devoted to the special needs of the church's singing group.

e.g., Re: Choir -- Dear Congregation, with the death of Mr. Meems and Mr. Wade's move to a nursing home, our baritone section is down to one voice. We desperately need your help! (Burly women with deep voices are also welcome). ~ Barbara Smith, Choir director.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

re: said - "About that." (Contracted and generalized from the subject lines of e-mail replies.)

e.g., JC. Did you hear about the car wreck at Burger King? RC. Yes, I heard something on the radio re: said.

submitted by Darien

reach out - Contact. (or ask | call | e-mail | phone | telephone | …)This appears to be lawyerese for those stuck in the past who were taught not to use contact as a verb. The example comes from an essay by William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection regarding Massachussetts sentatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren's claim to being a Native American -- the politically correct term for what were called Indians when I was a lad.

e.g., "I have reached out both to Child and to NEHGS spokesman Thomas Champoux requesting the document originally referenced by Child and inquiring whether Child and NEHGS stand by the claim that Warren is 1/32 Cherokee."

Submitted by Warsaw Will on May 25, 2013

“reach out”

I’m not usually a peever, but I do make an exception for business buzzwords. A recent survey in Britain found that many office workers felt “management-speak”  to be “a pointless irritation.” Up to now my least favourite has been “going forward,” an expression Lucy Kellaway at the Financial Times campaigned against when it first appeared, but to no avail: everyone uses it now, from Obama to Beckham. But the one that I’m increasingly noticing is “reach out.” 

Apart from its physical meanings, my dictionary gives this meaning for “reach out”: reach out to somebody — to show somebody that you are interested in them and/or want to help them — “The church needs to find new ways of reaching out to young people.”

Which is fine. But increasingly it seems to be being used simply to mean “contact,” especially on tech sites, for no good reason that I can see other than trendiness. Some examples:

“If you would like any other suggestions or need help with transitioning your current Google Reader RSS feeds, please reach out to a Library”

“Wired has also reached out to Google for additional comment.”

“If you want to follow up, feel free to reach out to me by phone.”

I know I’m just an old fuddy-duddy, and these expressions are harmless, but they do niggle a bit. Any comments? Or anyone for Buzzword Bingo?

Mills quickly responded, promising she would be reaching out to folks to find out ask who made the decision to axe Mother and Father. Within days, the new, gender-neutral language had been dropped from all U.S. passport applications.

submitted by [William A. Jacobson] - (www)

reached out to - Contacted, attempted to communicate with. Often seen as media jibber-jabber, apparently used to avoid using contact as a verb. Any prohibition against doing that is a zombie rule. Any of several words are available and are better choices than reach out  
Some uses are less objectionable than others, as in attempting to reconcile, for example. "Are you and Larry still estranged?" "Yes. It's been more than 10 years since we've spoken to each other. We're each too stubborn to make the first move." "That's no way for brothers to go through life." "You're right. I'll reach out to him . . . soon." "That's a copout. Set a specific deadline." "All right, no later than Sunday." ... "Couldn't reach him -- because he died in 2007."  
The examples use the following meanings: Contacted; to offer someone a helping hand; to seek someone's help and support; to try to communicate and establish good relations with people; and to stretch out your arm to try to touch or hold someone or something. Only the first use bothers me more than a piddling amount.


  • "Midlands teacher accused of stomping on American flag in class": "We've reached out to the teacher, and we did not get a response." |

  • "Hosts Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade wanted to know if House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) or other members of the Republican leadership have reached out to Trump for advice." |

  • "We've reached out to his father who declined to be on camera. |

  • "He reached out to another alcoholic, who happened to be a physician." |

  • "The community itself also reached out to newcomers." |

  • "I'd known he existed, but had never reached out to him. With all the problems I'd suffered through, I had never reached out to God. I'd reached out to my brains, my ability to conduct legal arguments and to fight my own battles." |

  • "As Alcoholics Anonymous has reached out to include people dependent on other drugs, so has Narcotics Anonymous." |

  • "She liked the way Lois reached out to people at church. She liked what she saw as Lois worked out her faith on a day-by-day basis. And Jeanie liked the way Lois reached out to her." |

  • "His appeal reached out to the entire middle-class, both urban and rural. He gave them a sense of identity, self-respect, pride. He made them come out of their shells to stake a claim to India's politics and economy. It is an irreversible trend now." |

  • "And yet, not a single one of the major software players has reached out to seize the brass ring of what could turn out to be a sizable market." |

  • "Soft and perfect, her smile was gentle and her eyes sparkled with a happiness that reached out to Will, gladdening his heart." |

  • "'I've reached out to congressmen Charlie Rangel and Edolphus Towns,' says Giuliani, 'because the first thing for me to do is talk to elected officials — the team I'm going to need. We'll get to the more, um, informal meetings later.'" |

  • "'He fought the earlier inertia and doubt that paralyzed our party,' she praised. 'He pulled us together, reached out to all 50 states, including the smallest ones, the poor urban areas and the wealthier areas.'" |

  • "To achieve this he has reached out to the spirit of the firm's founder, Elihu Cowden Carter, the individualist lawyer incarnate." |

  • "South of the Lake, as the muck lands dried, immense cane fields, vegetable fields, and grazing lands for cattle reached out to the horizon." |

  • "Let it simply be said, Spurgeon was a man of God who reached out to people in need in the way that he saw best. He gave himself to win people to faith in Christ and also did his best to feed the poor and meet their needs." |

  • Nobody ever reached out to me the way this man did. Nobody ever called me as often or dated me as passionately as this man did. Nobody ever wrote the kind of notes this man did. Nobody ever hugged and embraced and hung onto me the.…" |

  • "As I began mending, most of the other recovering alcoholics who reached out to me, like most people I encountered while a practicing alcoholic, tended to withhold the criticism I needed to get better." |

  • "That is, he reached out to meet the deepest needs of those who were forlorn and thereby restored their sense of worth. The fundamental spiritual law, that in giving one receives, was evident in Job's life. He gave joy and received blessing." |

  • "But after a year, Tom married Sally Bush Johnston, whose sympathy reached out to Tom's children. Both Nancy and Sally were great influences in Abe's life. From them he received his first knowledge of the Bible, which in later years was to.…" |

  • "I gently placed the rubber duck on the dresser and reached out to the furry pink pig. I touched the little wind-up key in his side, and the music box slowly pinged out a few plaintive notes: 'When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall … down … will come … baby … '" |

  • Mills quickly responded, promising she would be reaching out to folks to find out ask who made the decision to axe Mother and Father. Within days, the new, gender-neutral language had been dropped from all U.S. passport applications.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

readhead - A well-read individual.

e.g., Charles has read all the literary classics. He's a real readhead.

submitted by Claudia

ready to assemble - The vicious lie printed on the packaging of IKEA furniture by disgruntled employees, before they add several parts that serve no function but to confuse unsuspecting purchasers. These same people can also be blamed for the lack of assembly tool and the instructions printed in Swahili.

e.g., Darren, let's buy this genuine antique display case for Suze. She could put all her Franklin Mint collector's plates in it. It says it's ready to assemble, so even a moron could do it.

submitted by Aaron

reaganomics - Anything in the realm of half-witted, sure-to-fail untested schemes or unsubstantiated and ridiculous claims ... or such as even remotely resembles these.

e.g., "So, Chris,.. what kind of astrological Reaganomics do you have for me this time?"

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

reaky - Ready. Dates back to typing in your own programs on an old- school Commodore computer. If you typed too fast, you'd type in "reaky" instead of "ready."

e.g., Reaky? We are gonna be missing the previews if we don't get a move on.

submitted by Cheryl

real - Really, just quicker to say.

e.g., I miss you so much, I real wanna see you.

submitted by tom

real faux - Fake to an extreme degree. Oxymoron.

e.g., That toupee you're wearing is real faux.

submitted by tomu

real george - Used to express distaste, sarcastically, at a task, an event, or something you don't find enjoyable but still have to do. Usually applies to something that just came up. Always used immediately after hearing about something you find distasteful or undesirable. My mother used to say this all the time, and I like it -- so I submitted it!

e.g., My mother-in-law is coming to stay for two weeks . . . that'll be real George. | The boss just called, he wants me to have a full presentation on the Aardvark account by tomorrow. Real George.

submitted by Glenna Foreman

real life - Pertaining to everything that is not high school.

e.g., Fortunately, in real life, people aren't quite that shallow.

submitted by Sarah

real meltdown - The condition in which ones computer completely freezes up due to Real products spontaneously firing themselves up.

e.g., I was surfing the net until Windows suffered Real meltdown.

submitted by redzed

real people - Anyone who is not in law enforcement. (from Reservoir Dogs)

e.g., Mr. Pink: You kill anybody? Mr. White: A few cops. Mr. Pink: No real people? Mr. White: Just cops.

submitted by Lord Argent - (www)

real people - An entertainment industry term used in casting, meaning a non-actor. We hire them when we don't want a polished, trained professional performer.

e.g., In this commercial we want to use real people, not actors. We want you to cast for this scene on the street--get us some real people.

submitted by Mary T.

real think - Think, as a noun. A session of thinking, rational, reasonable, and logical. Way of thinking. The Real Think is authentic, accurate, productive, and often highly applicable

e.g., Also, all the gods (and Gods, God) of men are fairytale versions of the Real Think (Cosmic Super Intelligence, Transcendental Ultimate Mind), which may or may not be a totally correct assessment of the reality..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

realay - Quit lying. Yeah, right. I don't believe you

e.g., A: Heard you were at a massage parlor last night. B: Realay.

submitted by Aldwin Oliveros

realia - Practical, the practical part of a project or undertaking.

e.g., That's a great concept. Now let's hire an engineer and take care of the realia.

submitted by chris fisher

realisticise, realistication - To make something more realistic.

e.g., Your concept is pretty far out; better realisticise it a bit.

submitted by Adam Campbell

realisticity - The fluctuating perception one has of reality.

e.g., The realisticity of the situation began to falter as she moved in and out of consciousness.

submitted by jo edwards

realitician - A realitician is a derivative of politician. They do for reality what politicians do for politics. They say what people want to hear.

e.g., As a realitician, it's my job to tell the customer the truth until the truth arrives.

submitted by cmoe

realitize - To dream about a reality, or something in a realistic way. Opposite of fantasize.

e.g., The boy began to drift off and realitize about his advancement ceiling in middle management.

submitted by Ryan Eggers

reality gap - (n.) The delay between reality and our knowledge of reality.

e.g., I'm looking at a crust of yesterday's pizza. Inevitably, there is a delay while the photons reflected by the crust travel from it to my retinas. There is another inevitable delay while neurotransmitters carry the image from retinas to visual cortex (a surprisingly complex process), and then a further delay while we process the information. All of this takes microseconds, to be sure, but this reality gap separates us from what we call the "present," and places us firmly in the "past." We are relics of the bygone: we see the farthest galaxies as they were billions of years ago, the Large Magellanic Cloud as it was ~150,000 years ago, Proxima as it was a bit over four years ago, Jupiter as it was ~45 minutes ago, and the Sun seven or eight minutes ago. Even the Moon has already passed the point we think it's in when we see it ... granted that was only one and a half seconds back, but it's fairly significant at the speed we move through the universe. Even on our (ostensibly sedate) human scale, looking in a mirror (say, from three feet away) can only show you yourself as you were six or seven nanoseconds ago. It sounds positively existentialist (if that isn't a contradiction in terms): by the time we can reach out, even to ourselves, we are already gone, lost in the dust of yester ... nanosecond.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

reality shift - 1. The manifestation of objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting. 2. Changes in the way we experience time. 3. Any sudden, abrupt alteration of physical reality with no apparent physical cause. 4. The source of synchronicity.

e.g., Susan knew she'd experienced a reality shift as soon as she found her keys sitting on the sofa in exactly the place she'd searched so thoroughly just a few minutes earler.

submitted by Cynthia Sue Larson - (www)

rean - Musical slang to describe a particularly bad musical performance, movement, or display. Meant to emulate the fluff note of a student clarinet or student saxophone player.

e.g., They oughta kick Chris out of that band. He looks and sounds rean.

submitted by jim barclay

rearveal - The slit in the back of a medical examination gown.

e.g., The nurse said, "Normally Mr. Jones the rearveal of the gown is worn facing back."

submitted by Vernon Kindred

reastie - Nasty, disgusting, gross.

e.g., Do you smell that, it smells reastie.

submitted by daisy lynne

reating - Reading and eating simultaneously.

e.g., My hands are full because I'm reating; I have a book in one hand and a vegetarian sandwich in the other.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

reb - Reb is used for any type of any food that is nameless but is red in colour -- .e., reb sweets (color). | (n.) A gray hair; also "rebs": gray hairs (or all of one's gray hair collectively). (From "Rebel" (i.e., a citizen or soldier of the American Confederacy in the 1860-65 Civil War. The official Confederate uniform was gray.)

e.g., Reb's my favouite flavour drink. | "What's going on? Are you plucking out rebs again?"

submitted by Stewart McIntosh | Scott M. Ellsworth

rebelliate - Rebelling and retaliating at the same time.

e.g., If I felt my parents were giving me a difficult time when I was a teenager, I would rebelliate.

submitted by Bill Dedman

rebiphotodepositabilitization - Giving back two pictures.

e.g., Chuck looked at me like I had a screw loose when I told him I was going down to the store for rebiphotodepositabilitization.

submitted by Riao Swordflash

rebo - Stupid person.

e.g., In high school, the slow kids go to the rebo room.

submitted by Anthony

rebollic - Having rebellious tendencies.

e.g., Ralph is always pressing his luck. He's the most rebollic person I ever saw.

submitted by Kristin Amundson

rebootylicious - The highly pleasurable act of restarting your computer.

e.g., I had a rebootylicious afternoon as a result of the server crash.

submitted by Helen Gutfreund

rebunking - Reviving the reputation of something that has been debunked.

e.g., The theory of multiple universes has been rebunked.

submitted by Adam Leslie

recaltransitant - Adjective used to describe the act of blatant disregard for traffic rules and or driving recklessly in a construction zone. Combination of the root words "recalcitrant" and "CalTrans" -- the California state highway authority.

e.g., Although the ChP officer did not give me a ticket for racing through the construction zone, he did give me a stern lecture on the dangers of my recaltransitant behavior.

submitted by Ed M

recept - (v.) to receive visitors, clients, and guest as a receptionist. [Back-formation from "receptionist."]

e.g., Now, you new receptionists: After recepting a client, send them to the third floor waiting room; ask visitors---with no appointment---to wait in the lounge up on two. Sales representatives send right up to sixth floor purchasing.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

recieve - Misspelling of "receive." Some generously call the "recieve" misspelling a typo. I think it's usually a spelling error and not a ytpo myself.

e.g., I recieved an e-mail pointing out an error in the way "receive" is spelled -- somewhere in the pd. If you're of a mind to, you're welcome to let me know about any errors you catch. You can find an e-mail address for me in the about us section.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

recipese - (res-i-'peez, n.) English from which all partitive genitives (i.e., "of" as in piece of pie) have been redacted---usually found in recipes.

e.g., "Can I have a piece paper?" "What?" "And some that toast?" "Why are you talking so weird?" "Well, some us know recipese." "What?" "You know: recipese: take two cups water, one tubblespup vanilla ...?" "One tubblespup?!" "You get used to it." "Tubblespup?!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

reciprocution - The act of retaliatorily, quid pro quo ala sadomasochismistically, or two fools acting normally shock another for the same, using a/c power under 200v or d/c power at least 12v but not exceeding 199v.

e.g., So my boss flipped the breaker while I was wiring up the security lights and threw me off the ladder, so . . . I cut the cord off the box fan that was cooling him, split and stripped it, and, with it still plugged in, shoved one end in each of his nostrils. Reciprocution at its finest.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

reclination - The level at which you are horizontally inclined.

e.g., If you were in a "state of total reclination," you would be horizontal.

submitted by Duncan and David

reclooze - A failure to properly enunciate the word "recuse" -- as in to withdraw from a position of judging.

e.g., Because I am an investor in this company, I need to reclooze myself from the credit decision.

submitted by Jonathan Glaser

recockulous - Beyond ridiculous.

e.g., Chris's trying to sell her body to the uniformed cop was recockulous.

submitted by Kat

recoculous - A stupid act committed by one with too much testosterone.

e.g., Ed. Strapping 40 weather balloons filled with helium to a lawn chair is just plain recoculous. Ted: Yeah, I know. That's why it's recorded at If the guy had killed himself, he might have been a winner. You do know that he survived, don't you?

submitted by tamara ivan

recognitching - (v) The scratching of your head after starting to wave at someone you think you know before you realize it's a perfect stranger and have to cover up your stupidity.

e.g., The blush that creeped across his face made it clear that he didn't know her and he was just recognitching.

submitted by Stephan Anstey - (www)

recokuloculitis - Disease which makes you spew ridiculous information.

e.g., That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, you must suffer from recokuloculitis.

submitted by chad

recollectance - (wreck-oh-lek-TANS; n.) 1. Sharing memories, especially of things long ago (something like nostalgia, but focused on particular people, places, things, and events); 2. A compilation of memories from various ... um ... rememberers. [Not synonymous with "recollection," which identifies a memory or series of memories; recollectance is a conscious act of brain-diving ("cephalunking" (like spelunking, only in your head)), seeking for things in time gone past.]

e.g., One of my favorite activities is listening to people over 65 discuss a world that I can never see, that, indeed, nobody can bring back: this is recollectance. When such people compare notes, it's like memory squared, as their memories build on one another. The pity of it is that I can't get back to, say, somebody who remembers what it was like to sail with Zheng-He, for instance, or live in Londinium back when it was new.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

recombobulate - To become un-discombobulated. | To repair something that is broken or in some other way discombobulated. | The opposite of discombobulated.

e.g., Fred was extremely discombobulated, but he was able to recombobulate by writing down some of his thoughts. | Our strategy is completely discombobulated. It's time we recombobulate. | I'm trying to recombobulate myself.

submitted by Tim | Todd Whitten | Brittany

recommendoma - Series of complications occuring in a simple surgery in a patient who gets recommendation letter from higher authorities for no reason.

e.g., He may die of aspiration pneumonia as it was a case of recommendoma.

submitted by vinaykumar

recomplish - To acomplish something for a second time.

e.g., Joe was forced to recomplish his science fair project after his unfortunate run-in with a spirited toddler.

submitted by Ally

reconculous - More then ridiculous. Hard to believe.

e.g., The weather outside was so reconculous I stepped back inside.

submitted by Kasey Touchette

reconfobulate - When your computer crashes you try and get your work back by reconfobulating.

e.g., I need to reconfobulate my computer because it has crashed.

submitted by Adam Bolstridge

reconjigulate - To realign oneself after a mishaping experience or conflict.

e.g., I had to reconjigulate after getting laid off last month, but now I am back in the groove.

submitted by Sean Rhodes - (www)

reconloiter - To hang around and check things out.

e.g., Fred: Hey, guy! I heard that there's a women's bikini and swim suit collection show at the mall today. Ned: Top shelf! Let's go down and reconloiter!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

reconnaisize - The act of gathering reconnaissance.

e.g., First thing, when we get inside the bar, I will reconnaisize where the restrooms are located.

submitted by Ryan Forman

recreation sight - A beauty at a recreation site.

e.g., Those chicks in the bikinis are the recreation sight for sore eyes here.

submitted by Miss Speller

recreational shrieking - An activity small children enjoy doing for amusement in public places. First used by Scot Lehigh in the Boston Globe. He credits the term to an unnamed passenger.

e.g., "... particularly if you've already witnessed the same little monsters out in the gate area, engaging in an Olympian bout of what a fellow passenger aptly termed 'recreational shrieking.'" -- Scot Lehigh, "Parents, Behave!", Boston [Massachusetts, USA] Globe, March 28, 2006.

submitted by Mark Lutton

recrumbent - While eating, the act of bits of food debris accumulating on one's shirt.

e.g., "Anne. Don't give me that 'You're making a real mess; clean it up now!' wifely glare as I'm eating this jelly donut. Yes, I know that the bits of dough and powdered sugar are making a substantial recrumbent pile on my shirt, but, please, I'm really enjoying the flavor. When I'm done, I promise to brush it all off!" || "When you eat in the car, it's like having a chipmunk in the back seat. Not that it bothers me." "I know I'm making a mess and getting crumbs all over the place, but I couldn't wait. I'm starved." "It's all right. Really it is. No one can eat a BigAss Burger™ without making a recrumbent mess."

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

rectiment - When a criminal (juvenile or adult) is given punishment to rectify her behavior for her betterment and to lead a normal life in society. Using the word "rectiment" could play an important role as the rectified wouldn't feel as aggressive as with the word punishment, which suggests only a penality for the crime. "Rectiment" could sound sober and would imply a soft stand towards the individual to correct the wrong behavior with positive words and thoughts begining with the term "rectiment." In short, sober words to betterment.

e.g., Chris was sent for rectiment after she was caught stealing chocolates from the super market. (This would mean she was sent to a place where she will be punished in accordance with the crime and the law, with rehabilitation so that she can lead a different life.)

submitted by Dr. Kurien S Thomas

rectitude - The formal, dignified demeanor assumed by a proctologist immediately before he examines you.

e.g., Students of Proctology 101, as you prepare to perform your first rectal exam, please remember to assume the proper rectitude. No laughing, giggling, or snickering.

submitted by Chris

rectologist - Doctor that performs colonoscopys and prostate exams.

e.g., I have an appointment with the rectologist.

submitted by Kevin Ardis

rectum - An indicator of victory in a recent bout of fisticuffs.

e.g., Rectum? I damn near killed him.

submitted by hedgewizard - (www)

rectumlinear - Putting your ass on the line.

e.g., My boss told me my next project is rectumlinear. If I fail, I'm history.

submitted by Tim Ward

recursion - See recursion.

e.g., See recursion for an example.

submitted by Avi

recuse - "To withdraw from a position of judging so as to avoid any semblance of partiality or bias."  
"Under federal law -- 28 U.S.C. 455 -- any 'justice, judge or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might be reasonably questioned.' The law further states that any justice 'shall also disqualify himself . . . [w]here he has served in governmental employment and in such capacity participated as counsel, adviser, or material witness concerning the proceedings or expressed an opinion concerning the merits of the particular case in controversy.'"

e.g., It's not that unusual for a judge to recuse herself from a case that comes before her. | Conservatives are calling for Associate Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan to recuse herself from participation in decisions regarding Obamacare. They clearly don't understand the applicable law. They don't understand that federal law regarding recusals doesn't cover Kagan. It applies only to men.

submitted by HD Fowler

recyclablish - A variation of "recyclable." Credit to Speno.

e.g., The "S" in that logo has arrows on it, so it looks more recyclablish.

submitted by Dan Levinson - (www)

recyculate - To recycle and recirculate in any way.

e.g., Let's recyculate this old cedar fencing into blue bird houses which can return to old lone-standing recyculated cedar fence posts.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

red - In the manner of being redneck, or redneck related.

e.g., I love a Southern girl as much as the next guy, but Charlene is just too red for me.

submitted by clint coleman - (www)

red ass - Anal inflammation.

e.g., No seriously, I mean it. I literally have a case of the red ass. I've had diarrhoæa for going on three weeks now. . . . Quit laughing, dammit. It's not funny. Not that I'm in a particularly foul mood or angry about anything . . . yet. But I could definitely start getting seriously cranky any day.

submitted by HD Fowler

red blood cell - Something you can say when you're talking about one subject, then need to interrupt yourself for a second, or when someone says something random that you don't know how to classify. From a high school science class, where the teacher was talking about the heart. "This is the aorta. By the way, do you know why turds are brown? Because of dead red blood cells. Now, back to the aorta." As a result, that became a catchphrase.

e.g., We were talking about shopping when suddenly Joanna red blood celled and started talking about the monkey exhibit at the zoo.

submitted by Tara Shea

red brick - synonym of "whatever", used in the stereotypical valley girl fashion.

e.g., red brick! you know what you're talking about.

submitted by reen - (www)

red flag - "A warning signal." | "Something that demands attention or provokes an irritated reaction." | "A flag that serves as a warning signal; 'we didn't swim at the beach because the red flag was up.'"


Bernie Madoff's 13 "Red Flags" The Senate Banking Committee is currently in hearings to investigate “financier” Bernie Madoff and how his massive Ponzi scheme escaped government detection. Today, Senator Chris Dodd grilled Linda Thomsen, director of the S.E.C.’s enforcement division, on whether Madoff’s consistent investment returns raised any “red flags.” Thomsen dodged the question, stating she couldn’t give specifics about the tips they received on Madoff.

But we can. Here are some of the “red flags” that Madoff was running a scam:

1. Always kept his wallet in his “other pants”

2. Rolls Royce had an “Avis” sticker

3. Fancy-looking watch made by “Polex”

4. Stashed pats of butter from La Cirque in suit pocket

5. Kept giggling when telling investors they were “in”

6. Decorated villa in Cap D’Antibes with Ikea BJURSTA series

7. Favorite commodity was magic beans

8. Business checks had kittens on them

9. Always tipped in “Bernie Bills”

10. Last Halloween, dressed up as Carlo Ponzi

11. Always kept two books on his nightstand

12. When S.E.C. came up in conversation, he would plug his ears and sing, “Lalalalala”

And the biggest tip-off:

13. Madoff was sending spam to Nigerians

DE BORCHGRAVE: Ignorance is not bliss COMMENTARY:

In 2000, Harry Markopoulos, a Greek-American leading expert on derivatives, wrote to the Securities and Exchange Commission's Boston office to inform the federal watchdog of markets that Bernard L. Madoff was running "the world's largest hedge fund fraud." He stipulated, "My name not be released to anyone other than the branch chief and team leader in the New York region, without my express permission."

Mr. Markopoulos was worried about his safety and that of his family. He said his report was written solely for the SEC's internal use." He was clearly afraid of assassination. But his red flag was only one of 28 such warnings to the SEC in the first eight years of the 21st century.

A Greek-American friend of Mr. Markopoulos, now in Switzerland, wrote in his blog, "He nailed Madoff, listing the back-door marketing and financing schemes as if he were an insider. But the SEC did not respond. Powerful political voices ordered the SEC not to proceed. I am not naming names because libel laws mostly favor the criminal in Europe, and their names will never get past libel lawyers. The largest investors were not Jewish charities as was reported by New York newspapers, but French, Spanish and Swiss private banks." . . .

Mr. Markopoulos predicted the implosion of all the main funds (which he named) that dealt with Mr. Madoff four years before they imploded. That nobody listened or did anything about it is an even bigger scandal.

A total mental meltdown of 3,000 SEC bureaucrats, each presumably endowed with average mental faculties, and a headquarters festooned with red flags, taxes credulity. . . .

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

red rocket - it's what happens when your dog gets excited...

e.g., Don't look now but Deacon's got a red rocket again.

submitted by yimay - (www)

red sharing - A not so subtle communist plot which encourages people, especially children, to redistribute the wealth and toys.

e.g., W: Suzy, share your crayons with Tommy. S. No, Ms. Winkersnickle, my mom says that’s red sharing and you’re a commie.

submitted by nitag - (www)

red shirt - A character in any movie that is obviously not making it out alive. From the Star Trek original series in which Kirk, Spock, and Liutenant O'Malley would beam down to a planet, with O'Malley wearing a red shirt. Who isn't boldly going anywhere after this planet? That's right. Lt. Red Shirt.

e.g., The blond at the beginning of _Scream_ was clearly a Red Shirt.

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

red stick - Local slang for Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

e.g., I got stuck on I-10 just outside of Red Stick.

submitted by Karen M. - (www)

red toe - (n.) 1. An inability to take care of plants; 2. a strong dislike of house plants and/or responsibility for them; 3. a reputation for neglecting the care of plants. [The opposite (sorta) of "green thumb"; also called "Hallux Rubeus" (Latin), "Punainen Kärki" (Finnish), "Gorria Tep" (Basque), and "紅色腳趾" (Chinese).

e.g., "I watered, I pruned, I gave them all plant food ... I even talked to them an hour a day!" "Ya just must have red toe." "Look! They're all dying!---even that hickory tree across the street." "Wow, you got red toe s'bad it's killin' everything green!" "What's wrong, Doc? You look a little gree---" "I'm outa here!" | "This atrium is ghastly! Why aren't there any trees or plants in this high school?" "It's the principal: she's got red toe, really bad."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

red web funnelback - Notoriously dangerous spider which has simiar characteristics of two of the most dangerous Australian spiders.

e.g., I think I've been bitten by a Red Web Funnelback.

submitted by casey

red-badge - (n.) A contractor. Taken from most corporate policies that state that contractors wear red badges and employees wear blue. (v.) To work as a contractor somewhere. To temp. (adj.) Someone disposable. Similar to "red shirt."

e.g., I can't afford to get sick; I'm still red-badging at Mickysoft. OR Blame Jaheem. He's red-badge.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

red-i-bull complex - A Term That Could Be Used By Mental Health Professionals, To Indicate Addiction to Highly-Caffeinated Soft Drinks.

e.g., I Told My Shrink That I Was Always Thirsty, Hadn't Slept for Days, and Always Felt Nervous and Jittery. His Diagnosis? Red-i-Bull Complex.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

redating - What happens when you break up with someone and then you get back together again. Usually used in a good way.

e.g., I'm glad you and Angela are redating -- I always knew you were meant for each other.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

redd-off - To clear away, to clean up a surface covered with several items.

e.g., My Mom sets out dinner, but she always makes me redd-off the table when we're done. (She really did refer to it this way. For years, I didn't know this wasn't an "official" phrase.)

submitted by Cathy Collins

redean - To recognize and restore to a position of importance, influence.

e.g., How are we to redean the golden gem from the ashes to the heights?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

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