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q - A word that lazy children use to ask someone to do something for them. An amalgamation of "can" and "you."

e.g., Hey mama, Q get me another glass of lemonade?

submitted by Leila

q poll - A poll conducted by Quinnipiac University.

e.g., You're trying to persuade me to change my mind by citing results of a Q Poll? Fuggeddaboudid, MadamDeb. You're barking up the wrong tree … again. | Never have seen a Q Poll that I trusted and I'm not going to start now. "Andrew S. Tanenbaum, the founder of the poll-analysis website, compared major pollsters' performances in the 2010 midterm Senate elections and concluded that Quinnipiac was the most accurate, with a mean error of 2.0 percent." Hard to accept that conclusion about any Q Poll -- largely because the polling data comes primarily from 150+ QU students. I simply don't trust college students not to cook the books, especially college students in the Northeast.

submitted by [MadamDeb]

q-bo - Greeting, pronounced "Kyoobo." "'Sup?" "What's Happening?" From the Spanish "Que hubo?" "What was there?"

e.g., "Hey, Mike, Q-bo?" "Not much, what's with you?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

q-cumber-buns - These cumberbuns extend farther down, over the butt, and are biodegradable -- even edible, after wear -- made, believe it or not, from fresh, ripe, all natural cucumbers. Who would have guessed ?

e.g., Reconstitute and marinate your Q-cumber-buns with water and vinegar and oil; chill, feed to your new wife. Brings luck and happiness and great fertility, thank the gods.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

q-source - Person used as source of information, usually concerning homework and cheating on tests. Originally used to mean the theoretical source that three of the Bible Gospel writers supposedly used.

e.g., I got the answer from Brian; he's my main q-source.

submitted by Brian - (www)

q-tip - An elderly white-haired person

e.g., "No wonder traffic is so slow, look at that Q-tip driving"

submitted by TB

q-type - A personality type outside the classical intellectual and low class personality types. A person with an eccentric personality.

e.g., My math teacher this year is a Q-type.

submitted by Pat

qanat - An underground irrigation tunnel.

e.g., I love the new qanat you built on your farm. Was that very expensive?

submitted by Viquisha

qantas joke - Qantas worker. A person or joke that just is not funny. However, it can be dumb but funny as well. It comes from a Qantas leaflet which used this joke: "What's the opposite of the Greenland? The Red Sea."

e.g., John: Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To see his flat mate. Bob: Qantas joke, John.

submitted by Chris - (www)

qariot - (Pronounced: cha-ree-ot) A vehicle used on sidewalks.

e.g., "Get your qariots off of my sidewalk," said the man to the boy as he pushed away the tricycles.

submitted by Jeff

qat - A word that is tremendously useful in scrabble, but one that no one knows the definition of.

e.g., Joseph: Ahhah! QAT on a triple word score, thats 40 points for me . . . and I win! Charles: What does it mean? Joseph: I dunno.

submitted by Tom

qbn - Quark By Numbers -- being asked to design a page from a template so restrictive you're reduced to just filling boxes.

e.g., That page is just pure QBN.

submitted by Alan Morrison

qereijan - Pronounced cheh-ree-yan. A word used to describe a person with "monkey-like" behavior. Usually very intelligent and tends to like to play computer games.

e.g., George is a qereijan. He plays EverQuest every day and likes to eat bananas.

submitted by Jeff

qev - Quod Erat Vomitandum, which was needing to be regurgitated.

e.g., I had been feeling bilious all day after last night's dubious kebab, and eventually I brought it up and felt much better: QEV.

submitted by Colin Taffel

qicketl - Most persnickety

e.g., Chris isn't worth talking to -- her qicketlishness is abhorrent.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

qiken - (pronounced: chi-ken) Originated from the animal "chicken," but used to describe chicken cooked in an Asian style.

e.g., Yum yum! That's some nice qiken teriyaki.

submitted by Jeff

qirish - (chai-rish) Person of Chinese and Irish decent.

e.g., Joe is Qirish--his mother is Chinese and his father is Irish.

submitted by Jeff

qlaundry - Becoming overwhelmed because your laundry pile is getting taller than you are.

e.g., She had a presentation to give; however, she was in a state of qlaundry since she had nothing left to wear.

submitted by Nan Bagley

qogir feng - (Pronounced "cho-gear feng") (int.) 1. Rats! Damn!; 2. Second place (whether that's bad or good in the circumstances) (as in "No! Only second Place?!" or "Wow! I made second place!" or even ("Good job! We'll take gold next time!");(pret. n.) 3. The second in command, first officer, or runner up.

e.g., "Oh, all right: you can be the captain, but I'm the Qogir Feng, right?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

qt - 1)Quality Time. 2)as part of the phrase "on the QT", off the record or in confidence

e.g., Did I tell you? Amber Lynn and I have been enjoying a LOT of QT lately... but if Holmes finds he'll kill me so keep it on the QT okay?

submitted by DavidJ!

quaalewds - Due to its disinhibiting effect serving as a gateway to lewd behavior, this might be a suitable name for the drug marketed as Quaaludes®. "Methaqualone, sold under the brand name Quaalude in the US and Mandrax in the UK and South Africa, is a sedative and hypnotic medication." "Methaqualone is a central nervous system depressant that acts as a sedative and hypnotic. ... In the 1960s, the drug was prescribed as a sedative mostly in Britain and later caught on as a sleep aid in the United States in the 1970s.

e.g., Acccording to more than two or three women, Bill Cosby drugged them with Quaalewds to make it easier for him to "have his way with them."

submitted by HD Fowler

quaaltagh - (In Manx, pronounced (I think) KWAL-ta, though literalist Americans will likely say KWAL-tog; n.) A Manx word for 1. the first person you meet after leaving your house for the day, or 2. the first person you meet (from outside your home) after the beginning of the New Year; and now, 3. the first person you run into after any particular, usually momentous, event. [Historically, the Quaaltagh was the old custom of groups going door to door at Christmas or New Year caroling and asking for treats. Then it became the word for the first person to enter the house on New Year's day (one source says it meant "the first foot." It finally came to mean the first person met after the New Year, after some special occasion, or after leaving home for the day.]

e.g., I remember my quaaltagh after 9-11 ... or do I? It felt like I'd been slugged in the stomach or dosed with chloroform. I remember we all just sat in our offices staring at either our computer screens or the empty sky. I htink i spoke with one of the new associates, but all we said was something like "Can you believe this?" These days, the quaaltagh after I leave the house is the receptionist at my podiatrist's office or a grocery store clerk.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

quack - An action beyond description.

e.g., Did anyone just see that quack?

submitted by luke heywood

quack - A usually elderly, crazy person who might be described as a loon -- but that sounds too goofy.

e.g., "My neighbour's a quack. I heard her singing "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean," to her lamp last night so loud the entire block could hear her." "Oh, I agree. She's a quack all right. But the real question is ... can she spell?"

submitted by Katie

quackabash - Kwok-uh-bash. Messed up. Like, the Aztek ... it's odd. The only word to explain is ... quackabash.

e.g., The Pontiac Aztek is quackabash.

submitted by rebecca - (www)

quackadoo - Mentally ill.

e.g., She is so quackadoo that she calls the cops hundreds of times just to chew them out.

submitted by Ronald - (www)

quackling - The duck equivalent of pork crackling.

e.g., Mmm, the quackling on this aromatic crispy duck is delicious.

submitted by Tanya

quackmire - A geographic location where one is trapped in a community of incompetent and inept medical professionals.

e.g., Poor Ron. His health plan would not allow him to go outside the area for a heart valve replacement, so he was forced to use medical services in his local quackmire. The anesthesiologist somehow overlooked the fact that oxygen was not getting to his brain, so he was brain dead at the of the operation. A post-operative examination of his original heart valve showed that a replacement was not necessary.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

quackmobile - A modern Mercedes Benz driven by a doctor. In Australia many doctors drive a Mercedes for some reason.

e.g., There seem to be a lot of doctors in this building, so many quackmobiles parked out the back.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

quad-gnomes - Small woodland creatures that live in underground bunkers under the grassy areas of colleges and high schools.

e.g., I really did do that assignment Mrs. Doyle, but the quad-gnomes ate my homework again.

submitted by pr00f_0f_d3f

quadaterm - Showing in a paragraph that a lot of four letter words were used.

e.g., The paragraph was one huge quadaterm.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

quaddle - Cool, tight, awesome, sweet, etc.

e.g., Marie, that shirt you are wearing is very quaddle.

submitted by Marie

quadraful - Wonderful times four.

e.g., I'm feeling exponentially quadraful today.

submitted by bigSimon - (www)

quadrammit - An expletive of fourfold frustration.

e.g., That's the fourth time I hit my thumb with the hammer, quadrammit.

submitted by Peter - (www)

quadrangulate - Correspond, jive, square.

e.g., We're lucky if what a politician says today quadrangulates with what she said yesterday.

submitted by Knom

quadrasymmetry - The state of a graphic, rendering, or object that can be divided into four equal (identical) pieces.

e.g., The amulet was made of gleaming metal and its design was quadrasymmetrical, having four large sculls on the edges of its surface.

submitted by Glen H. May

quadrice - Beyond once, beyond twice, beyond thrice: the word for doing something four times.

e.g., You've had your new words accepted twice? Maybe thrice? I can't believe you've done it quadrice. Do you get a button to wear?

submitted by Mike, CTC

quadripolar - A Gemini schizophrenic; any being with four distinctly different personalities

e.g., Here comes George. I wonder who the quadripolar is today!

submitted by Brian Born - (www)

quadroculousness - Having to wear glasses to see.

e.g., Sometimes kids are made fun of due to their quadroculousness.

submitted by Ayla

quadroptic - Having four eyes. It can also be used to mean "using four eyes" Coined for a poem.

e.g., Check out the four-eyed aliens. I'd hate to be quadroptic like that. OR Those things have a really weird quadroptic stare.

submitted by Aurora

quadrupedicure - Caring for the feet (or paws) of four-footed creatures.

e.g., My cat is in dire need of a quadrupedicure.

submitted by Kendal - (www)

quadtwitcher - Someone who constantly gesticulates the double quotation marks with the index and middle fingers of both hands while she talks.

e.g., The new lecturer in philosophy was such a quadtwitcher I thought she'd develop carpal tunnel.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

quaffy shop - A bar or other drinking establishment.

e.g., Let's go to the quaffy shop and have a few beers.

submitted by Knom

quag - "problem, gripe"

e.g., What's HIS quag?

submitted by Celeste

quaggaburger - A burger sandwich made with ground quagga. (Gotta be freezer-burned for sure.)

e.g., Steve: "What's for din' hun?" Tammy: "Quaggaburgers with russian fries. I'll put extra horseradish on yer burger since you like it on all meats over a hundred years old."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

quagged - To obsess about something--mentally caught in the quagmire.

e.g., Mary was really quagged yesterday about her car breaking down.

submitted by Xeeba

quaggle - An intense, usually one-sided exchange where you try to convince the authority figure to do something for you. Usually used as a verb, adverb, or adjective; it doesn't work well as a noun. Combination of the words "haggle" and "question."

e.g., "We are not going to quaggle in this store." "Stop pestering me, I don't feel like quaggling with you right now." "Sorry, he's such a quaggler."

submitted by James Hamilton

quagmind - A confused mental or emotional state.

e.g., I'm mired in this quagmind and I still don't know what to do.

submitted by Danielle Thys

quake up - Wake up.

e.g., Quake up and let's go.

submitted by Preston F

qualidill - A quadrillion quadrillions.

e.g., The universe is said to be four qualidills across.

submitted by bob keith

qualiflied - Highly skilled individual that is so good that everything s/he does flies and meets success.

e.g., Been working with him for years. The dude is truly qualiflied!

submitted by Kulnor the Wise - (www)

qualitagious - High quality.

e.g., These photographs are very qualitagious.

submitted by Richard Sedgman

quality - To give emphasis on absolutely anything. Can be used positively or negatively.

e.g., I just had a quality semi-brilliant idea.

submitted by #1 stunna

qualitäts - An object of excessive greatness or downright marvelous.

e.g., It was rather qualitäts.

submitted by Thom Curtis - (www)

qualms - The questioning moments of indecision each person has, just before making a charitable contribution.

e.g., Monk, the TV detective, hesitates before the holiday bell-ringer's pot. Should he put in SOME or ALL of his loose change? Should he make it a dollar or more? Would the bell-ringer leave the money there for charity? Would the bell-ringer put it in his own pocket to be spent on booze later? Monk stands frozen with qualms.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

quampha - All the unnecessary things in your life. Can be used for an item, an event, or a frame of mind.

e.g., My wife's handbag is full of quampha. She has three shades of lipgloss, two umbrellas, two pairs of sunglasses, and keys to a car I sold last year in it.

submitted by Kenneth - (www)

quandrizing - Being in or thinking up a quandary.

e.g., He quandrized for many hours over the problem.

submitted by Chris Dunkel

quandry - Quandary: "state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options."

e.g., A fundamental tenet of a sane legal system has to be that people caught breaking the law do not benefit from their crimes. Corollary: Children who come to the United States with their illegal alien parents should not benefit from their parents' crime(s). At the same time, justice demands that children not be punished for what their parents do. It's a quandry, isn't it?

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

quangaroo - A small marsupial, run by committee.

e.g., No wonder our approach confused it, it's a quangaroo.

submitted by hamm - (www)

quango - Pronounced kwango. Used to describe something good. Current use in British army.

e.g., That car is quango.

submitted by paul

quango - QUAsi-Non-Governmental Organization.

e.g., Well, the truth of the matter is that quangos can distort just how much the federal government is growing in terms of number of employees who depend on the public dole for employment.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

quantantum - Unbelievable, astonishing, beyond belief, cockamamie, cockeyed, doubtful, harebrained, implausible, impossible, improbable, incogitable, inconceivable, incredible, kooky, lame-brained, open to doubt, outlandish, past belief, phony, preposterous, questionable, reaching, scatterbrained, staggering, suspect, unconvincing, unimaginable, unsubstantial, unthinkable.

e.g., This is quantantumest thing I've ever seen.

submitted by kwuan - (www)

quantity of suck times 1.5 - Term used to describe something that sucks-and-a-half.

e.g., That new project they assigned us is quantity of suck times 1.5.

submitted by max

quantum spootage - News that is *very* displeasing.

e.g., "We have a History project due tomorrow." "Aw, that's quantum spootage right there."

submitted by Susie

quargle - The angled corner on a pool table near the pocket which when struck, sends the ball in a CRAZY direction.

e.g., John hit the quargle in a game of strip pool and resulted in being laughed at for small manhood.

submitted by GI Awesome

quarkmire - What one finds oneself in after an introductory course to quantum physics.

e.g., Help! Trying to understand the nature of sub-atomic particles has once again landed me in a quarkmire.

submitted by Mike W.

quarter horse - Strange, one-legged equine species, related to the Caution Horse.

e.g., Quarter horses are champion hoppers and come in left and right fore- and hind-quarters. When they mate (which is exceedingly difficult for them), the union results in a fore-part or a hind-part; opposite quarters are not viable. Quadruplets, which are very rare in this breed, revert to full horses; if not, they become Caution Horses.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

quarter-brainer - The amount of brains generally correlated with a steady diet of quarter-pounders.

e.g., Another quarter-pounder smothered in onions? Ugh! Get outta my face, you quarter-brainer!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

quarterodeon - Five times better than a nickelodeon. | Five times more expensive than a nickelodeon.

e.g., Playing Ms. Pac-Man was my quarterodeon.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

quarterwit - Someone who is less intelligent that a halfwit.

e.g., Paul could probably do worse than the quarterwit.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

quartum mechanics - A measurement in subatomic physics.

e.g., All Novas should be checked to see if they're down a quartum every 299,792,458 m/s.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

quasi - Freakish and ugly-looking. From Quasimodo.

e.g., "Ever see anyone more quasi than Chris?" "No."

submitted by Ashleigh - (www)

quasi-antiminimalizationalisticationism - Describes the condition of being somewhat against those who believe in having very little

e.g., Don't be angry at me for having more things than you, I believe in quasi-antiminimalizationalisticationism.

submitted by Ed

quasiex - Tissue (such as Kleenex) used to either wipe up the tears or sweat that results from becoming reinvolved with someone you used to date and either having to deal with the pain of again realizing it was not right or the stress of having to extricate yourself...again.

e.g., You're going out with her again? You'll have to stock up on the quasiex.

submitted by kat

quasimobo - A motherboard made hunchbacked by an overheated processor, usually due to overclocking.

e.g., I'm sorry, sir, but it won't help to glue the ceramic lid back onto your CPU. We'll have to change your quasimobo, too.

submitted by Roger Wright - (www)

quasimodo - To walk with an extreme limp.

e.g., I had knee surgery and once they let me put weight on it again, I had to quasimodo it everywhere I went.

submitted by ditnis

quasipology - Pretending to apologize to someone, but in reality only justifying the actions you should be apologizing for.

e.g., After the meeting, Dave came up to me and started to say he was sorry for shafting my project and lying to the manager about it. But then he just quasipologized instead and said he's had problems like this before, so he has reason to be paranoid and he has to take preemptive measures because I might've done something wrong later. For about five seconds, I thought he'd actually apologized.

submitted by Phungus

quasistandard - (adj.) (KWAY-zai-STAN-derd) Barely standard, or at the very low end of what is generally acceptable. (Etymology: quasi- [nearly, borderline] + standard.)

e.g., The English pronunciation that most people use is nuclear. When George W. Bush used to say nucular, it drove a lot of people insane. I won't say that that isn't one of the correct pronunciations, but it's definitely quasistandard to us.

submitted by Mirakle B.

quat - Past tense of quit.

e.g., I didn't like softball so I quat.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

quat - The mixture of rain and temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

e.g., All this quat lately has me in a dreary mood.

submitted by David

quatang - It is the substance in the mouth, particularly the back of the throat that is usually spat out in the morning after a lot of smoking the previous night.

e.g., When I awoke I couldn't talk until I got the quatang out of my mouth.

submitted by matt clarke

quaylote - A stupid remark that is as quoteworthy as one of Dan Quayle's remarks.

e.g., "I stand by all the misstatements that I've made," is quaylote of Dan Quayle.

submitted by Bob Beynon

quazoosel - When the person you're dating is a bit too good looking for you they may be a bit quazoosel. From the UK comedy "The Sketch Show."

e.g., I'm dating this really pretty girl at the moment. She looks like a supermodel. I'm worried that she may be a bit quazoosel.

submitted by Christopher Moriarty

quazzle - Style, stylish.

e.g., That redneck dancin' the white man's shuffle has no quazzle.

submitted by Dan - (www)

que - Cue. Note the misuse of "there" instead of "their" in the example.

e.g., "His henchmen in DOJ and elsewhere took this as there que to manufacture their case for gun control."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

que - Common misspelling for queue. I have to check myself to make sure I use the correct spelling. No doubt the day is coming when it will have the meaning a lot of people think it does. Que; is an abbreviation and the word que in Spanish means what. || Until I checked, I thought "que" had the meaning "pigtail," but it doesn't. It's now obsolete, but the 1913 Webster's defines que as "a half farthing." {Duplicate.}

e.g., "The great timing referred to was seeing 'presster' in the pseudodictionary input que, submitted by Mitchell Yerzy."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

que ongo - The Spanish Slang form of "What's up?"

e.g., ¿Que ongo, amigo?

submitted by Arcane Lazuruz - (www)

queath - (KWEETH; v.) 1. To undertake a journey of great scope or duration in order to accomplish some (usually thankless) mighty deed or discover some amazing truth; i.e., to go on a quest; 2. to go looking for something, ironically treated as some high, holy, mythic, or romantic adventure. [The verb form of_Quest_, based upon analogy with_bequeath_~_bequest_. This same pattern can be used for word pairs such as_requeath_~_request_, _inqueath_~_inquest_, and even_weath_~_west_ (that is, going west is_weathing_.]

e.g., "Lo, O my brother, 'tis a fortnight sith the treacherous Sir Richard bereft thee of the lands in which thou didst besport thee in the hunt and the trial of arms. Certes, 'tis long since the tears of sharpest grief must vanish like the dews of heaven before the stern demands of manly vengeance!" "... ... what?" "He means Rich has had your Assassin's Creed game for two weeks. He wants you to go get it back." "... ...what? Why did he say---?" "Yea, my Brother, let us Queath! In good sooth!" "... in good soo---?" "Don't talk to him: it makes it worse. Just call Richard." "Behold! We shall queath a quest hitherto unqueathed, worthy of story and song. Yea! We shall---" "Shut up, man, he's on the phone getting the game back." "Oh. Good.---I mean, um, 'Tis well, and our brother is a man full wonderly courageous!" "Yeah yeah. Since your up, queath me some potato chips, okay? ... Well? 'To horse, man, set thee forth! Leave me not chipless!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

queeby - Preposterously dorky in deed or act, so nerdy as to be painfully embarrassing even in recollection.

e.g., I walked into Chris's office. There he was, talking to himself -- in a fake English lord's accent. Definitely queeby. You do realize that he would most assuredly not have an office if his mother didn't own the company?

submitted by corinna - (www)

queed - Descriptive word for a person who is not a desirable date due to lack of social interaction capabilities and personal hygiene.

e.g., Are you serious? Me, go out with him? Ugh! He's such a queed.

submitted by Lari

queef - Something that squirts out, usually a bit nasty. ("Queef" also has a coarser meaning.)

e.g., Ugh, I hate those little packets of ketchup you get at MickyDee's. The last one queefed all over me.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

queego - Could we go.

e.g., Queego Dairy Queen?

submitted by Jessie

queen bean - Someone who is very pale and fat. From a Ren and Stimpy episode. "What is that ugly white slab in my can of beans?"

e.g., I suggested Bob go to the beach with me, but the queen bean turned me down.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

queer eye - To have a good eye for fashion when you're a guy and still like girls.

e.g., Bob has a queer eye for the color of my prom dress.

submitted by Taylor Sherman

queerball - Someone who just isn't quite right.

e.g., "Why's he doing that?" "Beats me, must be some kind of queerball."

submitted by talisman

queerdo, quierdo - Freakishly strange person.

e.g., Chris stuck a banana up his nose -- trying to be a queerdo, I guess.

submitted by jesi - (www)

queerulous - Querulous. Part of Speech: Adjective Meaning: Whiny, grumbling, continually complaining about everything.

e.g., My experience is that most of the people I've met in that particular class were queerulous. And that includes several close relatives -- close genetically, but not closein terms of time spent together.

submitted by Miss Speller

queerwater - The name of a health spa off the west coast of Florida, same as the odd curative springs which bubble from the depths of the gulf.

e.g., They claim that you can be cured of any sort of queerness by drinking and marinating in genuine pure queerwater, available only at Queerwater Spa.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

queery - A question to ascertain one's sexual orientation.

e.g., John disliked being asked a queery -- he didn't feel it should matter.

submitted by Craig Dodge

quelsh - To go out of turn in a game, such as cards. To play a card before the previous player has ended her turn.

e.g., Doug doesn't like it when his opponents quelsh while he is still looking at his cards.

submitted by Doug Nasalroad

queltt - The lowest point on your body that your pants can sag without falling off or needing a belt.

e.g., Derrick's queltt was a full 9 inches lower than Tim's queltt was, despite the fact that they are the same height.

submitted by Adam

quemma - (Pronounced to rhyme with SWAY-ma; n.) A proposed mark of punctuation comprised of a question mark "?" above a comma (,) so as to allow a question mark in the middle of a sentence rather than having to wait for the tell-tale punctuation a the end. This would also allow a series of questions without having to capitalize after each. [A combination (sort of) of "Question" and "Comma."]

e.g., Assume that the question marks in the following sentence are quemmas: So, are you in favor of new punctuation? expanding the usages of existing punctuation? or just keeping the status quo?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

quenace - (rhymes with Dennis)literal-time lag between when the surface of a body of water is first seen to darken and when the wind finally reaches you. metaphorical-any brief timelag.

e.g., There was a slow quenace and then the boat began to rock.

submitted by Averil E Fink

quenchville - Like a restful, relaxing spot under a shade tree, with a refreshing glass of ice tea. :-)

e.g., In the summertime, the maple trees and the lawn chair sure do make for Quenchville.

submitted by Donna Williams

quenchy - (adj.) 1. Thirst-quenching; 2. of or pertaining to the drink you crave most when you're thirsty. (n.) 3. A thirst-quenching break; and, by derivation, 4. a drink taken in extreme thirst. (Quenchier, quenchiest.) [Coined in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Season 2, Episode 11 "The Desert," by Sokka, who, in his desperate thirst, has drunk the hallucinogenic juice of a lone cactus.]

e.g., "Drink cactus juice: It'll quench ya! Nothing's quenchier! It's the quenchiest!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

queriee - The recipient of a query.

e.g., Bob, who issued the query was the querier. Sandra, the recipient, was the queriee.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

querk - Vowelly speaking between a quark and a quirk, so, a quirky quark.

e.g., As the amateur science bizzos compared notes, string theory seemed to make a quark behave more like a querk.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

question mark kid - A kid about whom little is known -- specifically, one who may have problems fitting in. From mass murderer Cho Seung-Hu who killed at least 32 people and himself at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, on April 16, 2007. Cho will remain the question mark kid forever.

e.g., April 17, 2007: Classmates said that on the first day of an introduction to British literature class last year, the 30 or so English students went around and introduced themselves. When it was Cho's turn, he didn't speak. The professor looked at the sign-in sheet and, where everyone else had written their names, Cho had written a question mark. "Is your name, 'Question mark?'" classmate Julie Poole recalled the professor asking. The young man offered little response. Cho spent much of that class sitting in the back of the room, wearing a hat and seldom participating. In a small department, Cho distinguished himself for being anonymous. "He didn't reach out to anyone. He never talked," Poole said. "We just really knew him as

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

question marx - What you call someone who makes every sentence a question.

e.g., Art: Can you believe that Cher will be on tour soon? Bob: No! Art. You want to come to a concert with me? Bob: Yes! Art: I just collected a new CD -- can you believe it? Bob: (haw, haw) Question Marx!

submitted by Star651

questrogen - The search for the perfect woman

e.g., He is on a never-ending Questrogen.

submitted by Jeff Stratton

quibberdick - A nasty sort of quibbler.

e.g., I'd have been here sooner but I ran into a quibberdick at the bank.

submitted by HD Fowler

quice - The fourth time.

e.g., Once, twice, thrice, quice. That's quite enough for this week.

submitted by Cian Connolly

quiche - Used as an adjective to disparage things that are effiminate or quintessentially preppie.

e.g., Chris, your shoes are quiche.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

quick goat thinking - The process of ultra-fast problem solving in a dire situation. Others cannot comprehend how you achieved the results.

e.g., I used my quick goat thinking when my car wouldn't start. I bypassed the key start and used a screwdriver to short out the terminals on my starter.

submitted by dragan - (www)

quickle - Quick and couple in one word.

e.g., Ill do it in a quickle seconds.

submitted by Keith

quicklier - Sooner than now.

e.g., I need it done quicklier. The deadline was yesterday.

submitted by Andrew Nelson - (www)

quickstyle - Quickly, but more fun to say.

e.g., I'm going to quickstyle finish my work; then we can go to lunch.

submitted by Ana

quid pro dough - Something for something, same as quid pro quo. However, with quid pro dough an actual exchange of money takes place -- the second party returns a "favor" because she's been paid to do so. Title of a New York Post article published on April 21, 2015, about Bill and Hillary Clinton.   

e.g., When JJJ asked his great-aunt Mary Massey how voters in his home county voted, she said, "About a third vote Democrat, a third vote Republican, and a third sell their votes." "Quid pro dough for the third group, eh?" "You got it. Just more straightforwardly than we usually see."

submitted by [Brent Scher, New York Post] - (www)

quiddy - Etymology: Drunken attempt to say "cute" and "pretty" at the same time. 1. Describing an attractive young woman who, if not wearing a sundress, could nonetheless tastefully succeed in doing so. 2. A woman possessing said qualities.

e.g., It was the first genuine spring day of the year, and the arboretum was teeming with quiddies. (Contributor's note: An alternate etymology cites Latin roots, attributed to Antony saying of Cleopatra: "Quiddima maxima est." However, this is considered apocryphal in most scholarly circles.

submitted by adam thorsell

quidjibo - A word that Bart Simpson invented during a game of scrabble.

e.g., Look at my monkey. It's of the quidjibo variety.

submitted by Tristan Penman - (www)

quidnunc - Michael Quinion: WorldWideWords Most of my dictionaries either don’t include this word, for an inquisitive person or gossip, or tag it as archaic or obsolete. For a word supposedly dead, it’s in rude health. The ins and outs of celebrity used to be deemed a subject fit only for quidnuncs and checkout girls, but in the 21st century it has attracted serious investigation. Independent, 10 Sep. 2010. It’s a fine example of what was originally an obscure (and doubtless somewhat patronising) scholarly in-joke, formed from the two Latin words quid, “what,” and nunc, “now.” It was said to describe a person who was forever asking “What now?” or “What’s the news?”, hence a gossip-monger; it first appeared about 1710. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s use of it in The House of the Seven Gables in 1851 is typical: “What a treasure-trove to these venerable quidnuncs, could they have guessed the secret which Hepzibah and Clifford were carrying along with them!”

e.g., I could have sworn that this word had been used in an example referring to Todd as a quidnunc.

submitted by HD Fowler

quiet - Broke. Having no money. See also "jing"

e.g., "Hey, would you spot me some jing...I'm quiet"

submitted by Cult of the Eye - (www)

quiffy - Strange or weird. An adjective my mother and I have been using for over twenty years.

e.g., Her new sweater was nice, but it had a quiffy pattern.

submitted by Karen

quig - n. a slur that can be used to describe anyone merely by changing the adjective that preceeded it. (The word itself has no meaning, it's definition is found in it's modifiers.)

e.g., -that filthy quig! -What did you say, you dirty rotten quig? -Where'd that sissy quig go?

submitted by Jeremy

quiggly - The feeling one gets when standing up quickly, not really dizzy or wiggly, just sort of "not right." Usually takes a few seconds to return to feeling normal.

e.g., Oooh, I felt sort of quiggly when I first stood up. Wait a minute for me to see if it goes away.

submitted by Kathee - (www)

quijiua - Used when something is very good or great.

e.g., That new album that's out is off da Quijiua.

submitted by Jason Bryant - (www)

quildebrise - The stains left by biros above top pockets of shirts of schoolchildren, railway employees, and scruuffy shopkeepers.

e.g., The boy's shirt was covered in quildebrise and the remains of a hastily eaten beetroot sandwich.

submitted by trevor bower

quillible - Tastefully satisfying or attractive.

e.g., The fresh-picked strawberries that we ate were quite quillible. That girl is beautiful, but it was her conversation that made her quillible.

submitted by David Ladd - (www)

quimper - It's what happens when the word quiver gets frisky with with the word whimper.

e.g., Pete quimpered when she said, "Shut up and take me now." (I don't get it. Take her where? To the recently released Spiderman movie?)

submitted by Pete Mattison - (www)

quincunx - A pattern of five dots arrayed in a square with a dot in the middle.

e.g., Roll a five and a quincunx of pips on the fifth side of the die is displayed.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

quinquiangular - (adj.) (kwing-kwee-ANG-gue-ler) Having the shape of a regular pentagon, i.e., having five sides and five equal (108-degree) angles. (Etymology: Latin quin-, quinque [five] + angulus [corner, angle], influenced by equiangular [having all angles equal])

e.g., While on a bus tour of Washington, D.C., Angelina pointed out the distinctive quinquiangular shape of the government building known as the Pentagon.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

quintamillion - Five million.

e.g., In December 2004, the population of Victoria, Australia, reached the quintamillion mark.

submitted by benjamin moore

quintessential - A necessary component in settling any argument between four siblings born on the same date.

e.g., Brothers Tom, Dick, Harry and George could never do anything without Fred. Fred was quintessential to resolution.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

quintetessential - A descriptive word for a quintet that is essential.

e.g., The band is quintetessential.

submitted by mark jenkins

quintiflickinglicious - Unbelievably wonderful, luscious, or tasty.

e.g., Schlackel thinks that Michelle Pfeiffer is quintiflickinglicious. Eeeeew! She must be over 40.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

quioba - An event ending all life in the universe, perhaps a big explosion breaking all matter down to its subatomic sturucture.

e.g., The quioba is near, so a shelter would be useless.

submitted by Chung

quippist - An ignorant and uninformative newspaper critic.

e.g., "It out-hitchcocks Hitchcock," the quippist exclaimed, forgetting what follows in his Hamlet.

submitted by Sal K. Hall

quippy - (adj.) 1. Given to witty repartee; 2. Habitually making smart, often sarcastic, remarks; 3. Offering running commentary (usually taunting, snide, and caustic). [From the new Spiderman Movie's commentary---whichever of the three guys commenting called Spiderman's mocking observations "quippy."]

e.g., "Will you shut up?! This isn't MST3K, you quippy jackass!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

quipsake - A favorite saying, which perhaps at one time was funny or clever and might even bear repeating two or three times. But when it becomes your trademark quip, and more so when it was borrowed from one of your favorite comics from long ago, becomes a groaner if not a target of ripe tomatoes.

e.g., Myron, let me give you a word of advice. Your favorite (your only) joke stopped being funny ten years ago! The one about, you open the refrigerator and the mayo says, "Close the door, I'm dressing" -- that's your quipsake! Get some new material!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

quipu - (KEY-poo; n.) 1. a string around a finger, around a tree, fence post, mailbox, etc., placed there as a reminder of a task to be completed, recorded, or undertaken; 2. a string of beads, coins, pooka shells, representing the repetition of various activities, years, etc.; 3. a charm bracelet, especially one whose charms record various locations or accomplishments; 4. a sash full of merit badges; 5. A set of military ribbons memorializing various events; 6. A tapestry (like the Bayeaux) that records a series of historical events; 7. a paper chain with which to count down to a particular event or anniversary; 8. A computer program making use of discrete subprograms at various points in the main program, like a chain with ancillary chains linked to it at sundry points along it's length; 9. A computer game with what the kids call side-quests; 10. knots on a counting rope, especially one memorializing the repetition of any ceremony, event, or practice. [From the Inca Quipu, a recording device comprised of knotted strings hanging from a main rope, the whole of which together made up a sophisticated code recording dates, events, and other information.]

e.g., "Wow, that game must be ludi magni---you've been playing for, what, four days?!" "Yes, it's a Quipu." | "I see you have a beautiful spoon collection." "Well, yes; but I also have an incomparable charm bracelet---it's a much better Quipu that the spoons." | "The kids are really excited about the holidays." "I can see that: paper chains for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years." Yeah, we're having quite a Quipu season." | "Mom, I'm going to have a Court of Honor tonight; they're making me an Eagle Scout. Please, where is my Quipu?!" "Your what?" "My sash with all the merit badges on it." "Oh, it's in your closet."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

quipulate - To strike dumb someone of inferior intelligence with a remark which any normal person would find witty or amusing.

e.g., McDonald's customer: "Can I have a hot chocolate with no ice please?" Johnny-No-Stars: "We never put ice in hot chocolate, sir." Customer: "So what's the problem then? Get on with it!" Johnny-No-Stars (quipulated): "Umm, did you want fries with that?"

submitted by Colin Taffel

quisorrendus - An awesome nerd.

e.g., Ran into a quisorrendus yesterday.

submitted by Joe - (www)

quitekwaichang - Sporting.

e.g., Keeping the $5 that Mike just dropped is not quitekwaichang

submitted by rico

quitersock - A sock with worn out elastic that won't stay pulled up on the leg.

e.g., Reid and Casandra never have quitersocks because they fold their socks instead of rolling them.

submitted by Dustin Burnett - (www)

quitterbitchin - Bitchin. Either very cool or very bad.

e.g., That card trick was quitterbitchin.

submitted by Tyler Zumbar

quitters - A pair of socks that won't stay up due to worn-out elastic.

e.g., "I've been pulling up these lousy quitters all day long!"

submitted by Dennis A. Mahoney - (www)

quivies - The feeling that evokes "goose flesh."

e.g., Walking through a cemetery gives me the quivies.

submitted by Janet Borden

quivveling - Quivering whilst trembling.

e.g., The excitement build-up of that movie had me quivveling in my breeches.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

quiztory - The recording of a quiz night victory.

e.g., A win by table number eight. This will surely go down in quiztory as the greatest win ever.

submitted by dave lloyd

quizzler - A quiz or puzzle that is exciting or interesting. Magazines and websites contain quizzlers.

e.g., Are you a flirt, tease, or Miss Shy? Find out in this week's GQ, where there's plenty of quizzlers.

submitted by seluna

quo - Merchandise; or stuff that you buy. Originates from the Latin "quid pro quo" which translates as "this for that," or, in modern British usage, "money for stuff."

e.g., I'm going to the shopping mall for some quo today; want to join me?

submitted by Augusta

quock - A sick duck's quack.

e.g., Quock, quock, sniff sniff.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

quockawodger - An abnormally dry meat pie.

e.g., Mom, this quockawodger is making me thirsty. My mouth feels like a desert.

submitted by Pusha

quome - A set of suspenders that make you look fat.

e.g., The clown in the circus bought a quome for the show.

submitted by matt

quone - To desperately want something.

e.g., I quone a date with Carmen Electra.

submitted by jeff

quone - Technique used to pacify someone, often used in hospitals and in the medical profession.

e.g., If a patient gets difficult, quone her.

submitted by Matches

quonk - Speaking endless and mindlessly about nothing.

e.g., For goodness sake, Louise, will you please stop quonking.

submitted by Louise

quorgassm - Just when you think the price has gone as high as it can go, there it goes again on up through the roof.

e.g., It's a shock to America, a quorgassm for fuel, for people and vehicles, that has to stop somewhere, doesn't it?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

quotalicize - Verb: To punctuate a title (or emphasize a word/phrase) by both enclosing it in quotation marks and putting it in italics.

e.g., The confused student decided to cover all his bases and quotalicize the story's title in his essay.

submitted by Deborah Giudice - (www)

quotationary - A book of quotations. Existing word.

e.g., I wanted to say something profound, so I consulted a quotationary.

submitted by Mohammed Qureshi - (www)

quotel - A place to keep your collection of quotations: quote hotel. | The name of the file I use to store my collection of quotations: quotel.sam.

e.g., My quotel is almost full. I'm going to have to do some housecleaning and get rid of some of them. I should probably clean out any that are not worth handwriting on a 3x5 card.

submitted by HD Fowler

quoteworthy - Quote + noteworthy = quoteworthy. That is, something worthy of being quoted. (You'll find this in Chambers and other fine dictionaries.)

e.g., Sir Winston Churchill made many quoteworthy statements. One: "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

submitted by steve - (www)

quouldn't - Could not and would not.

e.g., I quouldn't kill other human beings as that would be counterproductive to their well being, I guess.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

qurfluffled, qurfuffled - Confused. Very confused. See kerfuffled for an alternative spelling.

e.g., I'm qurfluffled by your actions.

submitted by Marc Lessard

quumf - To sniff a lady's bicycle seat after she leaves it chained to park railings. Snudge.

e.g., It's not worth a fight. Anyway, there's no point getting all upset about it, is there? You were like this last year when I was busted for quumfing that lady's bicycle seat outside the library. I just wondered what it would smell like. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? It was just the drink. The same as last night. Just the drink.

submitted by beelzebub

quwecktonic - Someone who always looks as is she is about to say something, but doesn't.

e.g., Kyle is very quwecktonic.

submitted by Kyle

qweird - Something out of the ordinary.

e.g., That four eyed cat is qweird.

submitted by Sangina

qwench - An attractive woman in a bar who starts thinking YOU look better the more she has to drink.

e.g., Sal: Whatcha doin' tonight? Al: I've been feelin' so fat and ugly lately that I thought I'd go over to Moriarity's Pub and Pasta House and hopefully qwench that attitude.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

qwerty - So tired that one's face drops onto the keyboard, typing "qwerty." {Duplicate.}

e.g., After pulling three all-nighters in a row, the web designer knew that no amount of caffeine would save her from becoming qwerty.

submitted by Sara - (www)

qwerty - 1. An act of stupidity. 2. A magical green frilled lizard. 3. An anime fan. {Duplicate.}

e.g., 1. Why did you throw your money in the toilet. Very qwerty. 2. Qwerty came to me in my dreams and offered me three wishes in exchange for my blood. 3. He owns over 500 anime DVDs, making him a serious qwerty.

submitted by Tegan - (www)

qwerty - (adj.) 1. Arranged in a pattern different from what is regular or expected; (v.) 2. to arrange in an unexpected pattern; ("qwertily"; adv.) 3. in a qwerty (i.e., unexpected or counter-intuitive) manner. [From the QWERTY keyboard arrangement, designed to avoid the bunching of the various keys on a manual keyboard, an artifact of putting the keys in alphabetical order.] {Duplicate.}

e.g., Qwerty color arrangement, by the increasing number of vowels in their names, which is totally arbitrary, for colors, which are usually arranged by frequency: red, yellow, purple, green, blue, indigo, orange. || Continents qwertied by number of people I know who are from there: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica. Obviously, it's far more natural to arrange them by something sensible, like size or population or something. || And really odd: Planets arranged qwertily by generation of each one's eponymous deity in the pantheon: 1. Earth (mother) and her husband, 2. Uranus, (sky) father of 3. Saturn (who killed him) and of 4. Venus (born of his dismembered genitals); then Saturn's children: 5. Neptune and 6. Jupiter (in that order), and Jupiter's children: 7. Mars and 8. Mercury. (Were Pluto still part of the "planets," it would be number 5, before Neptune ... I think.)

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

qwertyeudianism - Slip of the fingers on the typewriter that has an unintended meaning.

e.g., Qwertyeudianisms happen at least as often as Freudian slips of the tongue, so be very careful what you send out by e-mail.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

qwertyface - A condition brought on by extreme exhaustion -- the distinctive gridlike pattern left on the sufferer's face after falling asleep on her computer's keyboard.

e.g., Oh, man, I didn't finish that report until 3 this morning. ... I don't have qwertyface, do I?

submitted by Shaduan

qwhip - A sharp, usually sarcastic statement intended to snap, crack, and hurt.

e.g., I came to every argument, confident and loaded for bear with 12-gauge double-barreled words. But in mere seconds, my ex-wife would cut me to ribbons with her expert, cutting use of the qwhip. (ED. That's one of the reasons I've done my best to make sure I never have an ex-wife. I've been lucky . . . so far.)

submitted by Charlie Lesko

qwinky - Queer and kinky; doing something spontaneous in slightly flirtatious way

e.g., When Edie tapped Nan on the butt with the pancake flipper, Nan said, "You're qwinky."

submitted by Nan Bagley

qwud - (n.) (KWUD) The unspeakable grime, consisting of a messy array of dirt particles, hairs, pencil shavings and other corporate detritus, that accumulates underneath keyboard keys as a result of prolonged use without cleaning. {Etymology: qwerty [keyboard layout] + crud [referring to dirt].}

e.g., Thorton's office needs some serious maintenance. There's qwud in the keyboard, cobwebs in the windows, and a one-eyed alien growing out of the puddles of coffee on the floor.

submitted by Mirakle B.

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