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perturbatory - An office or workplace where the normal flow of business is always thwarted by personal agendas, vendettas, and overwhelming administrative problems. A snakepit.

e.g., Our office has so many forms processes it's a perturbatory.

submitted by Joel Parker

perugal - To stare at someone for no particular reason

e.g., Why are you perugalling at me?

submitted by Kate

perv-icked - Turned-off by a perverted act or person.

e.g., She's turned on by what?! Well, I'm perv-icked.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

pervertable - For an object that can be used for purposes other than those for which it was designed. Noun or adjective. Also pervertible.

e.g., Whenever we invite the kinky couple next door for dinner, we hide all the wooden kitchen spoons lest the become pervertables.

submitted by lila s

perving - Acting in a nasty manner, being a pervert, annoying someone with your stupid remarks

e.g., "He was sooo perving," said Alex,"He kept on making stupid innuendoes."

submitted by Jaclyn

perzactify - To be perfectly exact.

e.g., Her emotional state was perzactified by his thoughtless actions.

submitted by omoc - (www)

perzebulate - To avoid eye contact or to duck and look busy when asked a question you should know the answer to. Happens every day at Glenpool Middle School.

e.g., A student who didn't do the assignment perzebulates when her teacher asks, "Who killed Cock Robin?" Every elementary school child knows. Sparrow did, with an arrow.

submitted by Andy Duzy - (www)

pescaterian - A person who generally is considered to be a vegetarian, but also eats fish. I.e., this person doesn't eat any meat products. (Also known as a pescavore.)

e.g., I wanted to become a vegetarian but I couldn't stay off the fish. I'm now a pescaterian.

submitted by mari - (www)

peshall - Undeniably, extraordinarily, extremely special. May be used only to refer to a person. Additional l's may be added to increase the said person's "peshallness."

e.g., I love you sooo much . . . you are sooo peshallllllll to me.

submitted by Princess Suzy - (www)

pesimox - The feeling of finding something in the last place you looked.

e.g., Why are things always in the last place you look? I feel so pesimoxic.

submitted by Goliath Flores - (www)

pessimal - Opposite of "optimal," just as "pessimist" is the opposite of "optimist."

e.g., My father's choice of name for me was pessimal," said a man named "Sue."

submitted by Dr. Joe Markowitz

pessimum - The opposite of optimum; the worst example.

e.g., I worked really hard, but it turned out to be the pessimum situation.

submitted by Johnny Dollar

pessimystic - Obscure, dim, and melancholic. Of a character or person.

e.g., The despondent rock singer was a pessimystic yet intriguing character.

submitted by Nitsan

pessioptimist - Someone who is a pessimist and an optimist at the same time.

e.g., Billy: She'll ditch me, but that'll make Friday free for the movies. John: Such a pessioptimist, you are. . . . Will it be all right if I ask her out then?

submitted by Brian Holmes

pesticle - A guy who is being a girl for some action.

e.g., That guy won't leave me alone. He is a real pesticle.

submitted by Derrick - (www)

petance or pettance - (n) An obsession or love for pets or animals: SPEC., that interferes with priorities, that is excessive (esp. seriously limiting one's potential), that is mired in immorality or indecorum, or that is somehow taboo or warped. Pet + romance. Petance: pee-tens; pettance: pet-tens. Petantic, petantical, petantically.

e.g., Her pettance was so strong within her that she would give CPR "bare" to wild animals. | Animal wranglers and the like often display petance by putting their lives in danger to get that perfect photo, by doing what they love, etc. | Her petance did not fully add up logically, because she questioned him about eating hamburger and she wore leather.

submitted by Marcus Mitchell - (www)

petance or pettance - (n) An obsession or love for pets or animals: SPEC., that interferes with priorities, that is excessive (esp. seriously limiting one's potential), that is mired in immorality or indecorum, or that is somehow taboo or warped. Pet + romance. Petance: pee-tens; pettance: pet-tens. Petantic, petantical, petantically.

e.g., Her pettance was so strong within her that she would give CPR "bare" to wild animals. | Animal wranglers and the like often display petance by putting their lives in danger to get that perfect photo, by doing what they love, etc. | Her petance did not fully add up logically, because she questioned him about eating hamburger and she wore leather.

submitted by Marcus Mitchell - (www)

petance or pettance - (n) An obsession or love for pets or animals: SPEC., that interferes with priorities, that is excessive (esp. seriously limiting one's potential), that is mired in immorality or indecorum, or that is somehow taboo or warped. Pet + romance. Petance: pee-tens; pettance: pet-tens. Petantic, petantical, petantically.

e.g., Her pettance was so strong within her that she would give CPR "bare" to wild animals. | Animal wranglers and the like often display petance by putting their lives in danger to get that perfect photo, by doing what they love, etc. | Her petance did not fully add up logically, because she questioned him about eating hamburger and she wore leather.

submitted by Marcus Mitchell - (www)

petance or pettance - (n) An obsession or love for pets or animals: SPEC., that interferes with priorities, that is excessive (esp. seriously limiting one's potential), that is mired in immorality or indecorum, or that is somehow taboo or warped. Pet + romance. Petance: pee-tens; pettance: pet-tens. Petantic, petantical, petantically.

e.g., Her pettance was so strong within her that she would give CPR "bare" to wild animals. | Animal wranglers and the like often display petance by putting their lives in danger to get that perfect photo, by doing what they love, etc. | Her petance did not fully add up logically, because she questioned him about eating hamburger and she wore leather.

submitted by Marcus Mitchell - (www)

pete tong - "UK rhyming slam for "wrong", based on Radio 1 DJ, Pete Tong"

e.g., ""It's all gone a bit Pete Tong." Or, (shortened version), "NSync at number 1? That's just a bit Pete, mate.""

submitted by Marjorie - (www)

peter meter - Slang name for an instrument used to measure sexual response in men, for experiments. The faster a light flashes on a panel, the greater the state of arousal is indicated. This really exists. What comes next is a joke. There was a guy who rigged up a fake peter meter on his bicycle. It had a flasher element that would cause a red light shaped like a Valentine heart to blink. It would flash rapidly or slowly, depending on where he set a switch. The joke was, that it was supposedly hooked-up to him and would show how aroused he was by certain women going by.

e.g., He pretended he had no interest in her, but the peter meter told another story.

submitted by Steve McDonald

peter out - When something just dries up and blows away, or interest wanes.

e.g., I started playing that new video game, but then my interest just petered out. | That was a good web site once, but it's petering out now.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

peter pan - (n.) Allonym for rock and roll music. [From Peter, Greek for "stone, rock" + Pan, Spanish for "bread" (and, by extension, "roll" or "bun").]

e.g., Led Zeppelin is a classic Peter Pan band. | Peter Pan music has been around since the 50s, if not earlier. | "Peter Pan" is a good allonym for rock and roll, which began as a euphemism for sex. | Here's irony: "Peter Pan" will never die. (ha)

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

peterasty - The Vatican's silent approval of the clergy's extracurricular activities. From St. Peter, allegedly first Bishop of Rome, the original title of the Pope.

e.g., One would have to wonder if John Paul II is even conscious at his age, how else can you explain his peterasty?

submitted by Giovanni Dania - (www)

peterfor - Very important tool suddenly required by the foreman when any new guy joins the crew.

e.g., Bob sent Junior scurrying to the toolbox, but Junior came back asking, "What's a peterfor?"

submitted by Ty Evans

petergabrielizing - When recording artists take an abnormally long time to come out with a new release because they continually revise their material and have trouble finalizing their work. Such artists often announce release dates that get postponed several times in succession.

e.g., Deceased director Stanley Kubrick shouldn't have spent so much time PeterGabrielizing with the production of AI - Artificial Intelligence. Now he's dead and Spielberg is getting all the credit.

submitted by Steve Goulet - (www)

peterpanic - When a man that never grows up goes through midlife crisis.

e.g., He didn't get the promotion, so I think he's going to have another peterpanic attack.

submitted by Norm De'Pleum

petinus - A word used to refer to sensitive ailments of both males and females without offence. The word allows people to discuss the fact that they have a medical problem without actually referring to the exact issue, thus saving any embarrassment.

e.g., I've been struggling with my petinus for over three years.

submitted by john irving

petite jury - A jury made up exclusively of short people. Short as in the Randy Newman song.

e.g., If the Kobe man ends up with a petite jury, his size might intimidate them.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

petonic - One who is embarrassed to undress in front of a household pet. (Not original to me.)

e.g., She was so petonic she had to lock the dog out of her bedroom to put on or take off her skivvies.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

petra kai psomi - ("rhymes with BET-the-pipe-SO-me; n.) Greek for "stone and bread"; In this context, a catch phrase for "Rock and Roll" that sounds (sort of) like the Roman formula for keeping its citizens docile: _Panem_et_Circenses_ "Bread and Circuses": that is, so long as the placid and docile proletariat had food and entertainment they would remain placid and docile, allowing the Patricians to do as they pleased while the Plebeians took their fill of bloodsport and snacks ... it's alarmingly close to modern cinema and tv. Anyway, I just added "rock and roll" music (in its many avatars) to the mix, as an opiate of the modern mind. [From the Greek η πέτρα και το ψωμί 'he petra kai to psomi' "the stone and the bread."]

e.g., "I let the kids eat all they want and practice their noise in the garage. That way, they don't bother me." "Ah: petra kai psomi?" "Yeah, more or less---like your dad did back in the day." "Yes, but our metal band was much better than this modern stuff." "But?" "Well, my dad said the same thing about his sax-&-guitar band in _his_ dad's garage back in 1955." "Wow. I feel vaguely brainwashed." "Like I said: petra kai psomi." "Yeah."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

petraitis - A horrible disease caused by too much exposure to American history.

e.g., Sorry, I can't come out to play football today. I've got petraitis again.

submitted by Lirael Goldenhand

petranoid - Portmanteau of the words "paranoid" and "petrified," describing the state of being too scared of what may happen to be able to do anything about it.

e.g., If that girl in _Scream_ hadn't been so petranoid, she might have lived to be in the sequel.

submitted by David Laszlo

petranoid - Scared to be scared.

e.g., The young man seemed to be petranoid.

submitted by Heath

petranym - A pet rock's name

e.g., Bob is the petranym for my rock.

submitted by Preston Hanford. - (www)

petri dish - Something, usually a person or location, of ill repute, particularly in reference to disease or hygiene.

e.g., 1. Their head cheerleader is a total petri dish.You do not want to come into contact with her. 2. I'd never touch anything in the nightclub's petri dish of a public restroom.

submitted by Dot - (www)

petrichor - Smell of the soil after a first rain. | "The pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell." | "The pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell.

[From petro- (rock), from Greek petros (stone) + ichor (the fluid that is supposed to flow in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology). Coined by researchers I.J. Bear and R.G. Thomas.]"

Anu Garg, "Sign up to receive A.Word.A.Day in your mailbox every day. "

e.g., After a long-awaited rain, he inhaled the petrichor. | We welcome the petrichor of that first autumn rain of the wet season. | "'But, even in the other pieces, her prose breaks into passages of lyrical beauty that come as a sorely needed revivifying petrichor amid the pitiless glare of callousness and cruelty.' Pradip Bhattacharya; Forest Interludes;; Jul 29, 2001."

submitted by Bruce Jewett | Joel Parker | HD Fowler - (www)

petro-strangulation - Choking from the fumes of the car in front of you when you have the misfortune to be following a vehicle that is billowing smoke.

e.g., Teresa was suffering from petro-strangulation as she followed Jeremy's hopelessy out-of-tune 57 Chevy.

submitted by Keith Whitton

petroleocentric - Centered around the concept or issue of petroleum and/or petroleum products.

e.g., The U.S. political interest in Iran, starting in the post-WWII era, was not initially petroleocentric, but rather geopolitical.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

petrolfied - An intense fear of running out of petrol whilst driving.

e.g., I was running late to an appointment, the fuel gauge was on empty, and I had no idea where the nearest petrol station was. I was petrolfied.

submitted by Alex & Fiona

petroligarchy - Rule or government by a small group--leaders of the oil and petroleum industry. A collision of petroleum, or petrol, and oligarchy. (Variation: petroiligarchy.)

e.g., Petroligarchy is a prevalent, but unrecognized form of government.

submitted by Sebastian Melmoth - (www)

petsgiving - The day after Thanksgiving.

e.g., Thanksgiving is on Thursday, but many take off both Thursday and Friday. So what's the 2nd holiday? Why it's the day we give our little buddies Thanksgiving left-overs. It's Petsgiving Day.

submitted by Tom Day - (www)

petulant - Being put out by your pet.

e.g., He was petulant and nearly froze when the door slammed shut behind him.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

petulism - The disease that occurs in your mouth after sudden pain

e.g., After Billy stubbed his toe, the words coming out of his mouth were an obvious case of petulism.

submitted by Damon

petunia - A generic expletive used while driving on the highway, preferred by women who seek a "daintier" way to voice their frustration at bad drivers.

e.g., Oh, petunia. That guy just cut in front of me. The nerve.

submitted by Anna Lang - (www)

petuny - Small girl. Word was born from an attempt at trying to say the words petite and puny at the same time

e.g., Look at that girl, she is nice but a little thin. You could say she is petuney

submitted by commandline

peufisphere - One of many atmospheric layers of your body that becomes thick when you don't shower for great periods of time.

e.g., Pe-yew! Darling, your peufisphere is rather odoriferous today. Do shower soon.

submitted by Ashleigh Carter

peurile - Displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; juvenile; childish.

e.g., "And, in one of the most puerile episodes of his adult career, he punishes his old schoolmates for being rich and vulgar by breaking into their houses to soak the labels off their boasted wine collections."

submitted by HD Fowler

pever - A condition resulting from high hormone levels, usually characterized by a feverish craziness and the illogical disregard for personal safety, leading to constant yearning for sex.

e.g., Her pever lasted over 50 men. OR He got the pever and really did some stupid things.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

pevroid - A dim-witted pesty person.

e.g., Chris is a pevroid.

submitted by Scott Lattimore

pew - Pew- If the Situation around you stinks, it is Pew.

e.g., Mom/Dad: No, you Can't go to your friend's house. You: Oh, this is pew.

submitted by Spunky

pewsillanimous - Being too timid to preach a rousing sermon.

e.g., Pewsillanimity prevented his dynamic message from getting through.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pez - Greeting such as: Hello, hi, etc.

e.g., Paul said pez to his new friend Joe.

submitted by Sarah

pezacrapp - An object that is useless or pointless.

e.g., That new water-resistant sponge is a pezacrapp.

submitted by Jesse

pfabalis - A pleasing or successful event or thing that is still of no interest to the speaker.

e.g., While flipping through channels on television one accidentally stops on ice-skating for a few seconds, and upon the skater's completion one remarks, "That's pfabalis."

submitted by knuckles

pfaff - An unstructured or directionally vague activity. Also used as a verb. (ED. Alternative spelling of faff.)

e.g., Are we going to have a proper rehearsal or just pfaff about and call it a jam? | I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm having plenty of fun just pfaffing with it.

submitted by Samara - (www)

pfffff - Used to show disbelief, disdain, disregard, or mild disgust. Especially used in response to something deemed utterly ridiculous.

e.g., Beth: Let's go see a movie tonight. Seth: Can't. Got no money. Beth: Pffff. I suppose you think I'll loan you the money to go? Got bad news for you, pal.

submitted by magz4mikey - (www)

pffft - A guttural exclamation. Suggestive of disbelief or discounting what someone has said.

e.g., She thinks her designs are cutting edge? Pffft. They look like recycled 80's advertisements to me.

submitted by noodlegurl - (www)

pfft - A word used when you know someone is lying.

e.g., So went out with him? PFFT.

submitted by alice - (www)

pfizer - Uncool, pre-juvenile, wankish--a person embodying the foregoing.

e.g., The birthday party was really pfizer. After all, it was in honor of a pfizer.

submitted by Bruno Jorquera

pfm - Pure Freaking Magic. Used by the computer elite when something is too cutting edge to be understood even in their own circles. (Coined by the boys at

e.g., We understood the FSAA, but 8-layer single pass multi-texturing? That's just PFM.

submitted by JohnnyG

pfo - Pissed, Fell Over. British hospital slang to explain injuries to a patient admitted while drunk.

e.g., The PFOs start rolling in just before midnight.

submitted by azeban

pfy - Pimply-Faced Youth, a BOFH in training. Luke to the BOFH's (Bastard Operator From Hell) Yoda, generally the person used to do the dirty work of the BOFH. He and the BOFH exist in a symbiotic relationship, though they sometimes become hostile when one does something particularly nasty to the other.

e.g., "Slipping into Mission Control quietly, I notice the PFY, bless him, has a tear or two in his eye as he reaches into my filing cabinet to put my belongings into a plain cardboard box... and a couple more when I slam the drawer on his hand." -- BOFH 2000, #1 here.

submitted by PMT - (www)

pghlemboyant - The state of being really happy to finally begin coughing up the remnants of that cold that's been driving you nuts. It's also one of the cool things about smoking.

e.g., I was just a wheezin' and a smilin' with pghlemboyance as the last of my cold was expelled onto the sidewalk

submitted by Hal Colombo

phagopsychotic - Derived from "phagocytosis" and "psychotic," and used to refer to US immigration control at JFK, for the agents there are clinically insane and they eat up every foreign body that enters the nation regardless of proclaimed invasive intentions. Phagopsychosis, the prerequisite mental condition for employment with ICE. Phagopscychotic.

e.g., He didn't believe my fingerprint was mine. In a phagopsychotic lapse he shoved me into solitary confinement. Fortunately, I was sustained by the vending machine. (ED. You were indeed fortunate that a vending machine had been placed in the cell. I had previously been unaware of such personalized amenities for those held in solitary. Quite a capital investment, that. . . . Oh, did the nice agent provide you with chits for your purchases?)

submitted by Asher Jay - (www)

phalam - A nincompoop, mundu.

e.g., As soon as Chris opens his mouth you know he's a phalam.

submitted by Sathya

phalangophile - Someone obsessed with flying people "the bird."

e.g., Jim was grooving on blue highway ambience when he was accosted by a vehement phalangophile, who seemed disgusted by some imagined slight.

submitted by Jeff

phallacy - A concept or situation which is wrong due to outdated patriarchy or male chauvinism.

e.g., It is not true that women are bad drivers. That's a phallacy.

submitted by Jilleen

phallophilia - A preference of women for men with larger penises.

e.g., he sex researchers found that phallophilia is common among women.

submitted by Wilhelmina Plowes - (www)

phantasmorlicious - Better than delicious, from "fantastic" and "delicious."

e.g., That pickle-juice milkshake was phantasmorlicious.

submitted by Tirza Van Der Velde

phantastic - Disney related. Used in place of the word "fantastic" Often used by one who is Disney-obsessed.

e.g., Sarah's party was phantastic, absolutely phantastic. Goofy, too.

submitted by Windy Hill

phantastrons - Those little blue lights you see just before you pass out from whacking your head on an open cupboard door.

e.g., *BAM!* "Oooo! Phantastrons...." *thud!*

submitted by Mac

phantom - Fathom. "to penetrate to the truth of; comprehend; understand: to fathom someone's motives."

e.g., jamonican: "I can't phantom the idea that the legal system is not up to date."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

phantom shiftosis syndrome - Reaching for the shift lever in the wrong location when driving somebody else's car

e.g., My car's a 99 'Camry, which has the shifter on the floor between the front seats. My wife's car is an '02 Odyssey, with the shifter on the steering column. Any time we use each others' cars, we both come down with a case of phantom shiftosis syndrome.

submitted by Frank Golubski - (www)

phantom-of-the-water-cooler - A terminated employee who insists on sneaking back into a workplace and visiting with former co-workers.

e.g., My boss had a strict policy regarding phantoms-of-the water-cooler at my work site.

submitted by Jonathan Brooks

phantomos-effect - When two people unintentionally say or type the same phrase simultaneously, giving the appearance that they are able to read each other's thoughts.

e.g., Neal and I were experiencing the phantomos-effect last night; it really made conversation difficult.

submitted by Vesty - (www)

phantonym - From Jack Rosenthal at The New York Times: "A word that means the opposite of another is an antonym; a word that looks as if it means one thing but means quite another could be called a phantonym, and warrants wariness."  

Phantonyms pop up in the usage of even so careful a speaker as President Obama. As William Safire noted in March, when the President said that he wanted the American people to have “a fulsome accounting” for his stimulus program, he meant full, whereas to punctilious authorities the word means disgusting, excessive, insincere.  
Likewise, noisome does not mean noisy but smelly, unhealthful. In a Times book review two years ago, Jack Shafer tartly described a Washington columnist’s “noisome journalistic methods.” Enormity does not mean enormous but great wickedness, a monstrous act. That’s just how Craig Whitney, who will retire this week as The Times’s standards editor, used the term in reviewing a World War II book in May 2008: “The author . . . misses the enormity of what the postwar terrorists did.”  
Unfortunately, as noted at enormity in the pd, its use to mean enormous is rapidly coming to be accepted.

e.g., Maybe one of these days I'll start generating a canonical list of phantonyms. There's almost no doubt that it will end up being another unfinished project.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

phaphuphnik - I described one of my beloved dogs as "phaphuphnik," which is derived from my Russian ancestry. I called him Jeri the phaphuphnik, meaning he's sweet, loving, wonderful, furry, and adorable. He could also be called my "phaphuph" for short.

e.g., You are as sweet as a phaphuphnik.

submitted by Gail

pharkarcarharssen - The feeling one gets when leaving a pub, intoxicated, during the day, and stepping out into the bright summer sun.

e.g., I'd spent all afternoon in the pub and stepped out into the bright July sun and t his overwhelming wave of pharkarcarharssen swept over me.

submitted by dalepack

pharlism - Tendency to grunt, squeek, or squeal at random and in a horrible fashion.

e.g., Pigs tend to suffer from pharlism.

submitted by Norman Chan

pharmaceut - Pharmaceutical company, drug company.

e.g., Are the pharmaceuts charging prices so high they can't possibly be justified? Exorbitant . . . as, in orbit? | If the oil companies are gouging us, aren't the pharmaceuts soaking the sick?

submitted by HD Fowler

pharmaceuticab - 1: Taxi in which you get drunk in the back seat. 2: The cab you get into because you are too drunk to drive.

e.g., You better have the bartender call you a pharmaceuticab.

submitted by nitag - (www)

pharmaceutitab - What's on the monthly statement from your pharmacist -- or your drug dealer.

e.g., My pharmaceutitab's getting a little too high.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pharmacitadel, pharmapodium - The raised area upon which a pharmacist works in a chemist shop, confirming the pharmacist's rank and separating her from the lowly customer.

e.g., The pharmacist was ensconced in the pharmacitadel so she didn't hear me ask if she had any medicines with an "X" or a "Z" in them, those being the only ones of any efficacy.

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

pharmacognosy - Real word. "The branch of knowledge concerned with medicinal drugs obtained from plants or other natural sources."

e.g., "While not all colleges of pharmacy require instruction in herbal therapies or pharmacognosy, inclusion of information about herbal medicines in the curriculum is an effective way to insure knowledge in this area." | "Most pharmacy or medical schools stopped teaching pharmacognosy long ago and are now scrambling to revive them with the increased interest in alternative treatments."

submitted by HD Fowler

pharmacolatry - (far-mah-CALL-let-tree; n.) The love of prescriptions: having them prescribed, taking them on time, counting them out, basking in the concern of others---it's essentially pill-focused hypochondria. [From Greek φαρμακο pharmako "medicine" + λατρεια latreia "worship."]

e.g., Melman the Giraffe, in the Madagascar movies, is a paragon of pharmacolatry. || Unlike most, who (for some reason) tend to hide their various medications, pharmacolaters keep their medications, if not on display, at least in a place of preeminence.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

pharmarrhea - The dense, pseudo-medico-legal boilerplate that appears at the end of commercials or advertisements for prescription drugs, advising consumers of the risks. Always ends with the phrase "Use only as directed."

e.g., "That might be just what I need for my low self-esteem," said John. "I don't know," Julia fretted, "did you read any of the pharmarrhea?" She pointed to one particular sentence of the tiny type: "44% of test subjects experienced spontaneous hair failure, compared with 7% who received a placebo."

submitted by adam thorsell

pharmer, pharma - A farmer who grows marijuana or opium or some other drug as a cash crop.

e.g., Marlon Brandon as Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront: I cudda been a contenda. I cudda been a poultry farmer. I cudda been a pharma.

submitted by Miss Speller

pharmony - The shop where you pick up your "mental health " prescriptions: Proxac, Xanax etc.

e.g., Honey, will you stop by the Pharmony and pick up my Proxac, Xanax and Valium???

submitted by J.Walker

pharque - An exclamatory intensifier, generally expressing surprise, frustration, or disappointment, often preceded by "oh."

e.g., Oh pharque. I know I had my keys when I got here. | Where in the pharque did I put my glasses?

submitted by Lunch - (www)

pharrot - A legendary animal that has the talons, wings, beak, and intellect of a parrot and the body, arms, head, and odor of a ferret. It is said to be flying above the clouds near the Amazon. Legend has it that its wingspan is larger than 5 full grown men standing on each other's shoulders.

e.g., At last, I have found the great Pharrot of the Amazon. Ten years of playing Amazon Trail finally paid off.

submitted by Todd Hickethier

pharse - Farce.

e.g., When a phrase is twisted by a mondegreen, the result may be a pharse.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

phart - The surprisingly loud muffled rumble a cell phone makes when it's on vibrate in a purse or a pocket with pens or coins, or on a table or counter.

e.g., Look, turn on the ringer and leave or shut the thing off: we can't watch the movie with it pharting every two minutes.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

phase - Faze. Comment is about the recently released film _Fifty Shades of Grey_ -- which set all-time box office records, grossing close to $250 million its first few days after being released. The split was roughly 35% domestic (US) and 65% elsewhere.

e.g., "Not that the S&M bothered the singer: 'I edited porn for a while, so nothing phases me,' she said. 'It's hard for me to get turned on. Like, a lot of my friends were so turned on by the book. It's hard for me to get super turned on unless I'm invested in the character. I'm into really deep character pieces. It wasn't really my style of book, but as I read it, I was very entertained. It surprised me. I ended up getting a little turned on. I'm excited to see the movie; I want to see what the actors did with the actual characters and see how far they took it.'"

submitted by Miss Speller

phasisticated - The opposite of sophisticated, to be used when a person is being idiotic.

e.g., Oh, my God. Suzie is being so phasisticated. What an idiot.

submitted by Justin

phat - Great, awesome, the best, super-duper.

e.g., 1. I just purchased a phat new gigahertz laptop with a built-in spa and tiki bar. 2. Paraphrasing: "Over the last few years I have gotten the chance to attend a lot of phat performances, try a lot of phat gear, and have gone to a lot of phat events. Each experience I had was unique and has helped to shape me musically, and so I feel they are worth sharing."

submitted by peter

phat paper - Cash, moola, coin, currency of the rat race.

e.g., Hey, nice site. Sorry I can't give you any phat paper.

submitted by Humble

phatty bom batty - Quite possibly the coolest thing you've ever seen.

e.g., Where did you get those phatty bom batty shoes?

submitted by Lisa

phattybatter - Cool, phat.

e.g., A. Did you see the movie? B. Yeah, it was phattybatter.

submitted by Renee

phaxius - An element found in permafrost.

e.g., There is phaxius in the permafrost.

submitted by Endrance

phb - Dilbert, short for pointy-haired boss. An idiot manager.

e.g., My phb asked me if I could work overtime for the next two months. I died inside.

submitted by qnarf

phd - Pompous-Headed Dweeb. Usually used to describe well-educated people who are somehow still dumb, but also now conceited as well.

e.g., Since Philip Graduated from Oxford he has been such a PHD.

submitted by Brian Lancaster

phe - Anything horrible, especially singing.

e.g., Justin lost the talent contest because his singing was simply phe.

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

phelp - To take a situation that was potentially entertaining, and make it thoroughly unfunny.

e.g., Chris could have made a witty comeback; but, as usual, he phelped it.

submitted by Karen Gibson

phelp - To win Olympic medals in amazing numbers.

e.g., Headline: Michael phelps eight gold medals in Beijing.

submitted by Parameswaran KV

phenagle - "To fool around or tinker with something. This is usually in an effort to try to fix something that is working but not working the way you WANT it to. In other words, NOT leaving well enough alone. As imagined, phenagling with something often results in breaking it."

e.g., Hmmm...I think my TV reception could be better. Let me phenagle with the antenna a little...

submitted by John "SilverTab" Bailey - (www)

phenom - Perspicacious individual, Supernal being with transcendental knowledge, One with thaumaturgic acumen.

e.g., Erle's a software phenom.

submitted by Larry Olsen

phenomaly - Used to describe something as both a phenomenon and an anomaly. Especially in extreme cases.

e.g., That Kevin sure is a phenomaly.

submitted by Stoffle

phenomic - Of a word, the quality of being pleasant to say, or of being memorable in some way--especially a word which has been invented for this purpose.

e.g., Sean: Schkurdle is rather phenomic, isn't it? ED. Not particularly.

submitted by Sean B. Palmer - (www)

pheromoelectrone - The digital equivalent of pheromones, the chemical substance secreted externally by people that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals of the same species, especially of the opposite sex.

e.g., Despite never having met, nor even seen him, Sally was physically drawn to Tom by his internet pheromoelectrone emissions.

submitted by Rodger Schultz - (www)

phil collins' lunch break - A lunch break taken during the working week on a particulary hot day requiring that no coat to be worn. From the album: No Jacket Required

e.g., "Is it cold out?" "Nope, it's a Phil Collins' lunch break."

submitted by Housden - (www)

philadelphia weatherbeater - The name of any bird when you really have no clue but you are trying to sound smart.

e.g., ... and that is a Philadelphia Weatherbeater. They migrate every spring.

submitted by the wolfman

philand - To end a flight without mishap, despite having casual, in-flight sex.

e.g., The pilot philanded the plane at LaGuardia -- almost an hour late. Wonder what caused the delay?

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

philanthrobust - When throwing money and aid to a person, project, or country sadly fails.

e.g., The elementary school lunch subsidies were a philanthrobust.

submitted by Shel Miller

philanthroper - An ultra-stingy person who thinks she's a big-time philanthropist.

e.g., My dad thinks he’s a big-time charitable giver because he drops two cents in the charity box at McDonald’s. I think that makes him a philanthroper.

submitted by natalie

phildickian - A person or piece of art that can be characterized as schizophrenic. An object or situation that makes one feel temporarily schizophrenic. Comes from Phillip K. Dick, the sci-fi author of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" The story was the basis for the movie Blade Runner.

e.g., The Matrix is phildickian.

submitted by Scott Marchus

phileosis - The disease of love.

e.g., I have been bitten, smitten, and overcome with phileosis.

submitted by chris

philish - Used to describe something that bothers you to no end and makes you wish you had a gun to shoot them.

e.g., That guy we saw yesterday--Lyphen?--what a philish turd! I wish he just dropped dead on the spot! Not only was he rude, but he also smelled awful!

submitted by Lyphen

phillatio - Licking a stamp.

e.g., Did you hear about Phil--the guy who performed phillatio on a stamp?

submitted by ben

phillumeny - Collecting matcboxes.

e.g., Phillumeny is a hot hobby.

submitted by Zamfir

philobeer - A lover of beer.

e.g., The philobeer went mad because the bar had no beer.

submitted by tom

philonomy - The study of points, as in, "What's the point?"

e.g., Philonomy is pointless.

submitted by Vyktor M

philophobia - philophobia, n.(Greek philia, love + phobia, fear) - a persistent irrational fear of love and intimacy, of deep relationship with somebody.

e.g., It seems Stalin suffered from philophobia. He never had a deep personal relationship with anybody, a man or a woman, either friendship or love.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

philosdedomena - Derived from Philos and Dedomena, meaning the data manager or data-driven person.

e.g., As many others would have been classified as philosophers, he, like no others, was a true philosdedomena.

submitted by Phil - (www)

philosemitic - The construction should translate approximately to "lover of semitics," but was used in the example to specifically mean "Jew lover."

e.g., "Members of the pro-Zionist groups and parties often paint their non-philosemitic fellow nationalists as Nazis, anti-Semites, and racists, copying the rhetorics the left wing PC-brigade uses against themselves, and try to present a more polished image towards the mainstream."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

philosification - Philosophy-related.

e.g., During his test, Bort used his philosification skills.

submitted by alex clark - (www)

philosifickle - Thinking far too much about too little, putting too much thought into something of little meaning or relevance.

e.g., Barry sure can be philosifickle sometimes on where keyboard dust comes from.

submitted by Drake Vincent

philosophistry - The love of plausible but fallacious argumentation.

e.g., He is deeply involved in philosophistry, so take whatever he says with a grain of salt.

submitted by Knom

philosophize - To think or expound philosophically.

e.g., She asked him to philosophize on the existence of the chair he thought he was sitting in.

submitted by alex clark - (www)

philososopy - Philososopy is the concept of space and time. It may not be used often, but it is full of meaning. The concept of space, which is basically the universe, and the concept of time, which is what time it is, can be described by using the word. {ED. Profound. . . . Or not.}

e.g., The philososopy is very meaningful.

submitted by Nico Staruch

philosturbate - Participation in a discussion for the sole purpose of pleasuring oneself by hearing one's own voice rather than solving the problem at hand.

e.g., Since no one in attendance understood the problem, the meeting concluded with forty-five minutes of philosturbation.

submitted by Leonard Czajka

philotantric - Having a strong affinity or preference for powerful ritual acts of body, speech, and mind.

e.g., She was too philotantric for small-talk. She’d rather they just start suggesting names.

submitted by Afront

philtrum - "The vertical groove between the upper lip and the nose." (ED. A real word most of us won't recognize as such.)

e.g., It's advised to to lift your nose by the tip when shaving your philtrum upward to avoid cutting yourself.

submitted by Joel Parker - (www)

phinge - What happens when the lid to a Tupperware-like container won't fit, due to the fact that the container itself is warped out of shape, usually due to overheating in the microwave.

e.g., The lid to my tupperware was phinged, so I had to put a rubberband around it before I took my leftover stew in for lunch at work.

submitted by Paul

phipenky - Fishy, messed up, weird.

e.g., You have the same answers as Lauryn on your quiz . . . something is phipenky here.

submitted by lauryn - (www)

phiracle - Photoic miracle. When we look at a painting, a photograph, or a statue from any direction, we feel as the object is looking back at us. I whould like to term this mental illusion a "phiracle."

e.g., Red. Are that statue's eyes following me around, or is it just some sort of optical illusion? Ned. It's an illusion, Red. It's a phiracle.

submitted by Hegel - (www)

phisteric - When you want something, but don't know what it is, you have "phisteria," or you're "phisteric."

e.g., It's almost like an earworm. I want something, but I don't know what it is. I'm phisteric.

submitted by Chik DuBay

phlalamascalang - Inappropriate music played before a rock gig by the venue; inappropriateness varies proportionately to the lateness of the band.

e.g., They Might Be Giants were late on stage in Houston, and the endless samba music was driving the crowd up the wall. Why not play some TMBG records, instead of this awful phlalamascalang?

submitted by Adam Leslie

phlarge - A generous act or person.

e.g., Helping me with my homework was very phlarge of you.

submitted by Gaylebird

phlargenbargen - Substitute for swear words.

e.g., *You stub your toe* "Oh, phlargenbargen! My toe!" (Really, you can put this word anywhere you can put a swear word.)

submitted by Sam

phleeb - One lacking in moral character.

e.g., I am nothing but a phleeb, and I don't care who knows it. {ED. Lovely.}

submitted by Chris "Stinky" Jackson

phleebe - To weasel your way to evade hard work. To use devious and cunning behavior to acheive a goal.

e.g., Scott used his cheat sheets to phleebe his way through an exam.

submitted by benjamin borruat

phlegmalicious - A sarcastic way to describe a really disgusting wet-sounding cough.

e.g., *COUGH* *COUGH* "Yuk, that was just too phlegmalicious for words."

submitted by Zsuszo

phlegmboyant - The state of producing and excreting overwhelming amounts of viscid mucus. Phlegmbouyant.

e.g., My allergies are causing me to be phlegmboyant today.

submitted by Richard M.

phlegmingo - A smoker with a heavy cough.

e.g., Rollo likes to think of himself as a "rare bird" in society. But with a face beet red after each cigarette-coughing fit, everyone knows that he's just a phlegmingo.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

phlegmish - The language spoken by someone suffering from a bad cold, or generally experiencing cold-like symptoms.

e.g., I dobt doe why I god sig, bud I hobe to ged bedder addy day dow.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

phlegms - Used to pejoratively describe members of the Flemish majority population of Belgium. Used by British expats who are secretly envious of their beautiful and civilised country. Plural only.

e.g., You have to give thse Phlegms some credit. Their Hoegaarden is an excellent beer.

submitted by strozzapreti

phlophinay - A «phlophinay» has been commited when someone almost says or does a very stupid or ridiculous thing but catches herself before actually doing it -- thus saving herself a bit of embarrassment -- only to immediately tell everyone about the stupid thing she almost said or did.

e.g., Cleo broke up with Tony because he almost called her by his ex-girlfriend's name and was foolish enough to then tell her about his near Freudian-slip. What a phlophinay on his part.

submitted by Deborah

phlum - Intolerably poor; unpleasant or pointless to a high degree. Generic used to describe something yucky or bland. Additional m's applied to the end of the word increase the degree of yuckiness or blandness.

e.g., Oh, my God. What the hell is this? Rice cakes? They're soooooo phlummmm. It's just unbelievable.

submitted by ddelderayx

phluup - The essence of one's being. | Also known as the gap. Refers to where someone goes when she becomes disconnected from her religion (specifically Unitarian Universalism) after high school. The phluup is a bad lonely place where you don't want to go. Alternate spelling is fluup.

e.g., Ooh, I uncorked you. Your phluup is spilling out all over the floor. I'm going to fold you up and xerox you, and I'm going to bottle up your phluup and auction it off -- but because I don't want to lose it I'm going to yoink it from whoever bought it on her way out. | Don't worry. We'll save you from falling into the phluup.

submitted by Ariel Aaronson-Eves

phne - An expression of frustration, used when the speaker mixes up words, misspeaks, or just generally gets tongue tied.

e.g., Well, I was talking, but then thih kebutch.... I mean, thigh kelluh.... Phne!

submitted by Puck

phnoo - A word used when agitated, upset, depressed -- or when one makes a statement that has no real content.

e.g., Kel pokes Oni, who is not feeling well, and says, "Whatcha up to, kiddo? Gonna rave tonight?" Oni dodges the poke and says "Phnoo," accompanied by a shrug.

submitted by Odd_Kitty - (www)

phnusmfenumphenum - An expression of despair or disappointment with the realisation of a truth.

e.g., I thought I would win the lottery this week, but the closest I came was phnusmfenumphenum.

submitted by Cocodaye Miasere

phobama - (unfounded?) Fear of a certain President.

e.g., A few citizens may be suffering from what might be called phobama, but, not to worry. Turn the other cheek, and don't give up the ship. (-:

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

phobese - (foe-BEES (rhymes with obese); adj.) 1. Prone to eating junk food as a relaxant or calmative; 2. Terror of becoming "fat" (properly lipophobia).

e.g., She doesn't eat anything; she's so phobese, I think she's gonna go anorexic.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

phobilium - A fear of mobile phones or the consequences of using them.

e.g., He was suffering from phobilium again as she texted her lover . . . or perhaps her mother.

submitted by Steve Kirkby

phobiphobia - The fear of having a fear. "Phobophobia" is fear of fear.

e.g., Johnny has phobiphobia.

submitted by Trevor - (www)

phobonym - The fear of names or of being labeled.

e.g., The awkward child had a phobonym of being called a nerd.

submitted by Hanna Coumans

phobophilia - (n.) The need to divide the world into (a) supporters of one's position and (b) everyone else, these latter being characterized (read caricatured) as bigoted, semi-literate, hate-driven fanatics.

e.g., The term homophobic is becoming dangerously phobophilic: a tool of propaganda rather than policy. | During World War II, a phobophilic US named anyone who was not a Niponophobe a public menace, and incarcerated many loyal Americans of Japanese descent.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

phobophobophobia - The fear of fearing fear.

e.g., I don't wanna go sky diving tomorrow, because I'm afraid that I'll be afraid of being scared. It's genetic, inherited from my mother. Almost everyone in her family has phobophobophobia.

submitted by James

phoen call - A phone call between one Coen brother and another.

e.g., Sorry I missed your phoen call, Ethan. Whaddaya need?

submitted by HD Fowler

phogus - A mashup of "phony" and "bogus," with a similar meaning.

e.g., That article about Mac viruses was just completely phogus — another press release from anti-virus companies.

submitted by Ian Breheny

phone-family - People who have the same phone number as you, just with a different area code. Usually mis-dialed by friends, relatives, and a significant other when drunk.

e.g., No, this is 555 888 3333 not 444 888 3333. But I'm a member of your phone-family.

submitted by jlaw80 - (www)

phonecrastinate - "To put off answering the phone until caller ID displays the incoming name and number." Not original.

e.g., "Cripes, is Jim phonecrastinating or is he taking a nap?" "Jim doesn't have caller ID. What does that tell you?" "Hmmm, it's possible he's not home, isn't it?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

phoned - Said of someone who is slightly drunk and slightly stoned at the same time.

e.g., I'm phoned.

submitted by Mr. Ragsinhisears - (www)

phonemic palindrome - (n.) A palindrome which SOUNDS the same (or fairly close) spoken backward as it does forward, regardless of spelling. [This can get kind of tricky, especially in a culture like ours which puts so much emphasis on spelling that we can hardly let go of it despite ourselves. A simple example might help: a phrase like _third_earth_, for example, is pronounced the same way backward as it is forward (even in "r-less" dialects): native English speakers just don't say "theerd" or "eerth"; We say "thrdrth" (/r/ is actually a vowel far more often than it is a consonant). So the nonsense phrase "Oh, no! Third Earth! Oh, no!" sounds the same right-to-left as it does left-to-right.]

e.g., e.g., Here are some phonemic palindromes: "Are you gooey, Ra?"; "Oak, oak, Coco"; "Pancake nap"; "Zoo ooze"; "Trophy fort"; "Take Kate, Mom; take Kate"; "Skim mix"; "Nape pain";... well, you get the idea. I'm hoping someone with real skill can cook up some longer ones. Just remember: it's all sounds, not letters: "bomb mob" backwards is the same as it is forward; it's not "bomb buh-mob."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

phonemofreudation - A Freudian slip relating to sound similarities among or between dissimilar words.

e.g., When the nubile, cat-like assistant tried to ask Dr. Z where her pen was, she accidentally asked, “Where's my penis?” “Ha, ha,” laughed the doctor. “You just made a phonemofreudation.” Then they embraced.

submitted by DumDumLand - (www)

phonesia - When you call someone and suddenly forget who exactly you were calling.

e.g., Who's this? I'm sorry, I've just had a bit of phonesia.

submitted by Narcissa - (www)

phonetically rejected - Having someone see your name on the caller i.d. when the phone rings and choose to ignore your call.

e.g., I tried to call my ex-girlfriend last night, but she has caller i.d., so I was phonetically rejected.

submitted by Wog

phonetically related words list - Some words are alike except for the fact of having different vowels. These word lists can be helpful in locating words, sound alikes and similars, and perhaps making puns or jokes.

e.g., Here is an example of a phonetically related words list: R'Z'N - reason risen raisin raisin' razin' resin razzin' rosin risin' rousin' Rosen.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

phong - A strange mixture between jello and mayonnaise.

e.g., Mike's mom made us phong sandwiches today.

submitted by Kevin

phonous - Something that is very strong sounding. Bold

e.g., The band was phonous -- especially the euphonium player.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

phonoxity - A word for the soap suds in the shower.

e.g., "I'm getting no phonoxity from this soap." "Don't you know that soap goes flat just like pop?"

submitted by Drenches

phony, phoney -

phony, phoney. The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993 Phony is the usual American spelling (the plural is phonies), phoney a fading variant (and the usual British spelling). This Americanism as an adjective has a present status of Standard in all but the most Formal and Oratorical uses. Most Edited English accepts an adjectival use: They called it the phony war. As noun phony is still restricted by many Standard users to Conversational or Informal use: Most of the people in the room looked like crooks or phonies to me.


Alex Massie's Blog, The Spectator The theatre of yesterday's speeches from Barack Obama and Dick Cheney was irresistible. And phoney. That is, this was a pretty strange "duel" given that the matter was decided long ago and not just as recently as last November's election. Or, to put it another way, Dick Cheney might have given a largely and substantively similar speech had John McCain been the 44th President of the United States.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

phonymous - 1. Bearing or having a phony name. Phony-named. 2. Phonynym ~= pseudonym. Sort of a pseudonym for the less erudite.

e.g., 1. The editors at the pseudodictionary choose to be phonymous. If they were more erudite, they might use pseudonyms. As it is, they use phonynms. 2. Even if you're doing nothing underhanded, using a phonynym on the Internet can be a good idea.

submitted by HD Fowler

phonynym - A phony name, a pseudonym. Phonynum should be good for the phony phone numbers we give out.

e.g., Even if you're doing nothing underhanded, using a phonynym (or several) on the Internet is a good idea. You do not want to use your real name on the Internet. That's just a way to give malefactors a head start on identity fraud.  
For several years, I've used SpamMotel to generate e-mail addresses for forms. I've never had any problem at all with it, other than self-inflicted ones. Would I recommend it for financial or other critical communications? Out of an abundance of caution, I can't do that. I used Spammotel for free for several years, but the service now charges $10 a year. I think it's worth it.

submitted by HD Fowler

phonytail - The bit of hair grown longer by a balding man, so he can comb it over his bald patch. | A pony tail of such diminutive stature as to be considered fake, or too small to be considered a real pony tail. A faux pony tail, and hence, a phonytail.

e.g., Grandpa, that sure is a long phonytail that you're growing there. | Once she took her extensions out, she put a little tuft of hair back in a phonytail.

submitted by mandy | David Miller

phooey boo - To show disappointment.

e.g., Phooey boo on you, duck. You stole my piece of bread.

submitted by Karen Paddle

phoolsy - When two fools run into each other and they fall down.

e.g., Those two fools just phoolsied and it must have hurt a lot.

submitted by XxInsomniaCxX jC

phoom - 1. Used to verbally express a rapid movement. 2. Used as a virtually meaningless intensive.

e.g., 1. Did you see that guy run by? He was, like...phoom. 2. Let's take it to the next level. Phoom.

submitted by Juice Maloose

phoon - One who stands on one foot in a running-like pose for photos. (v) To assume the phoon pose.

e.g., She and her bridesmaids phooned for a great photo.

submitted by John Darrow - (www)

phop - Photo opportunity.

e.g., While in Australia I had many phops when visiting the Sydney Opera House.

submitted by Missy

photios - Photios was the Greek god of leaving the lens-cap on.

e.g., Why are all my holiday photios black?

submitted by Andrew MacCormack

photobomb - "Collins has selected [as its word of the year] photobomb from words submitted by visitors to its website, a word which it says means 'to intrude into the background of a photograph without the subject’s knowledge.' Again, this isn't the whole story, as it usually either means the accidental incursion of some odd or embarrassing thing in the background that spoils a picture or of a person who deliberately intrudes as a practical joke. Like overshare, it isn’t new — it’s recorded from 2007 and had a spike of popularity in 2011/2012 — but it has become much better known this year because of several widely reproduced photos, such as Benedict Cumberbatch’s photobombing of U2 at the Oscars and, most famously, the accidental photobombing of a couple of Australian athletes by the Queen at the Commonwealth Games."

e.g., The last thing you're going to find me doing is deliberately photobombing ... anyone.

submitted by [photobomber]

photocitus - the disease that all photocopiers have--it is fatal to a sane person.

e.g., The photocopier had photocitus again and another user went mad.

submitted by Chas Reynard

photocrapier - A photocopier that doesn't do its job or, in the event it does, will cause grief during the copying process and ultimately produce a copy of even worse quality than the original. It is prone to paper jams (especially if you are copying one sheet), will destroy your original document and will require you to risk electrocution and burns by pulling out the jammed sheet from its innards. (ED. Do we really have copiers now that make copies better than the originals?)

e.g., Red: Come on, I only need one copy of this. Ed: Sorry, I can't fix this one. It's a first-grade photocrapier.

submitted by Pilau

photogenic memory - A memory that mostly remembers attractive things. Alternatively, one whose memory of things and events is more attractive than they actual were.

e.g., Schackel has a photogenic memory; he remembers the names of all the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

photographical - Reference to photography.

e.g., She is a great photographical artist.

submitted by Frank Petronio design - (www)

photokillia - The opposite of photogenic.

e.g., I have a severe case of photokillia.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

photon bomb - (n.) the proper name for any bomb which relies on chemical reactions (i.e., rearrangement of electrons and electron bonds) and the resulting release of photon energy (rather than the release of the (immensely more powerful) gluons in the nucleus). (See "gluon bomb.")

e.g., Gunpowder, TNT, plastique: these are all photon explosives. Devices incorporating them (like dynamite or shaped charges) are thus photon bombs.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

photorexia - An eating disorder that is characterized by taking photos of desired foodstuffs to avoid feelings of guilt, depression, and self-condemnation.

e.g., I wanted the daisy cookie in the Starbucks display, but I just took a picture instead of the calories. My photorexia has been flaring up lately.

submitted by glass - (www)

photoshopically - In a manner requiring an image manipulation program, usually Adobe Photoshop.

e.g., Doesn't matter about the red eye, we'll remove it photoshopically later.

submitted by Tyrion

photoshoplifting - Swiping images from the web and appropriating them for your own work.

e.g., I photoshoplifted a fine piece of pixel -- a woman in a blue-black hat.

submitted by julie - (www)

photoshopped - Of an an image that has been touched up or modified using an image editing program, esp. Adobe Photoshop.

e.g., Her 8x10 glossy looked much better after we photoshopped it.

submitted by Ryan

photoshopping - Taking an innocent picture and combining it with others to make people laugh and perhaps think you are cool -- as much as a tech can be anyway.

e.g., Cheap shot. Photoshopping your dad's head onto an ostrich is always going to make your mother laugh.

submitted by Darren - (www)

photoslop - Lame or awful Photoshop work.

e.g., He used Photoslop to make the logo.

submitted by Frank Petronio - (www)

phozzle - The ball of fluff that builds up on phonograph needles.

e.g., My records sounded muffled because of the phozzle that gathered under the stylus.

submitted by Terry Cooper

phphead - One who lives for the web scripting language PHP.

e.g., Bob runs 18 websites about PHP. What a PHPHead!

submitted by PHPHead - (www)

phraction - One of the smaller sub-actions forming part of a larger primary action (“praction”) that under normal circumstances cannot be separated from the primary action. The praction cannot exit without the execution of absolutely all of its phractions. The praction in itself is thus not an action of its own but a collection of sub-actions.

e.g., You need to talk to me; it’s a phraction of this conversation. | You need to let go of tha` mouse button -- it’s phraction to clickin`.

submitted by Anton Rykheer

phrasmotic - 1. Feeling or expression of regret. Used in _Blackadder III--Ink and Incapability_.

e.g., I'm phrasmotic to have caused you such trouble.

submitted by Ian Shaw

phreak - One who is enthusiastic about telephones. Someone who wants to learn about a telephone network.

e.g., The telecom magazine featured a story written by a phreak.

submitted by Mike

phresh - Tight, new, neato.

e.g., That new CD was mad phresh.

submitted by Chelsea - (www)

phrisbee - An AOL CD with yet another 6743 hours on it.

e.g., Not another phrisbee. I get these every week.

submitted by moink

phrop - A short form of phrase + opposite, created by Sir Arnold Lunn (1888-1974). "Euphemistic phrases that do not wear their true meaning on their face," according to Michael Quinion in his newsletter, February 26, 2011. From Wikipedia: "A phrop is a polite statement used in social contexts where the true meaning is the opposite of what is expressed."

e.g., "A famously double-edged phrop, created by Benjamin Disraeli (it has also been attributed to Mark Twain, Groucho Marx, Henry James and John Maynard Keynes, among others) is 'Thank you for sending me your book, I shall lose no time in reading it.'"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

phryg - What Praxiteles did to Phryne.

e.g., Praxiteles phrygged Phryne. (She WAS a phrygin' statue, you know!)

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pht - 1. Used to express disgust or contempt for a comment--in a playful way. 2. Used as a substitute for any kind of good comeback.

e.g., A. I completely understand quantum physics. B. Pht. A. "Virgio, you're very weird. B. Pht.

submitted by virgio

phthacromixedumn - The combining and scrambling of good ideas until they're only so-so at best.

e.g., Phthacromixedumnized concepts are all you get from network tv anymore -- it makes me vomitrocious.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

phtheirophagous - An alternative spelling of phthirophagous: one who eats lice. Saw it in an issue of Michael Quintion's Newsletter, used it at the zoilism pd entry, and repeated it below. Nota bene: zoilistsmellfungus.


p.370-1. The Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamschatka & New Guinea: With Notices of Formosa, Liu-Kiu, and Various Islands of the Malay Archipelago:
These Alfuros [aborigines] were phtheirophagous, going over the dense mat adorning their heads with the most praiseworthy perseverance; layer after layer being worked through systematically with the aid of a long bamboo comb. Their method of obtaining fire was new to all of us, the spark being struck from the hard, siliceous exterior of the bamboo and a fragment of pottery, which latter article they had probably obtained from the coast tribe.

More from Mr. Quinion's entry at Zoilism:

A correspondent identified only as J Hooker wrote a disgusted letter to the Lady's Newspaper of London in January 1863 about slovenly and unhygienic rural servants in France:

If I were to do more than hint at their hydrophobic habits, their pulicidal, pulicivorous, and even phtheirophagous propensities, I should call down, not undeservedly, the Zoilism of our correspondents.

The writer -- from the tone of the piece he is likely to have been the famous biologist Joseph Dalton Hooker -- must have had an uncommonly large vocabulary, or a talent for word coining, for that set of alliterative insults is uncommon. The first two -- pulicidal and pulicivorous -- have not reached the pages of the Oxford English Dictionary, though their form suggests "flea-killing" and "flea-eating", from Latin pulex. The third word, phtheirophagous, is from Latin, based on a Greek word that literally means louse-eating but was used figuratively for persons with unsavoury habits. The original epithet was applied by the Roman writer Strabo to a tribe living near the Black Sea, the Sulae, whom he disgustedly renamed the Phthirophagi.

submitted by HD Fowler

phudge - Bloated theories, or text added to good theories, typically by individuals with advanced degrees such as PhDs.

e.g., The paper had one great concept surrounded by 20 pages of PhuDge.

submitted by Jack Bellis - (www)

phuff - To blow on hot food to cool it down before you eat it.

e.g., I know the potatoes are hot. Let Mommy phuff them for you.

submitted by Bebe

phung - A threat blurted out for lack of a better word. Usually used by slow-thinking jocks, but also belligerently used at ballett practice.

e.g., I'm going to phung you like you've never been phunged before.

submitted by Mike Williams

phycodelic - Very cool, wonderful, or amazing; anything that is good by a great means.

e.g., Betty, your presentation in science was simoly phycodelic.

submitted by JegStar

phyre - "stands for Port Hope Young Robotic Engineers, used often to describe the top team at the CanadaFirst Robotic Games"

e.g., "PHYRE Rulz, Ticats suck!"

submitted by team phyre - (www)

physical tourette's - A disorder whereby a person commits random acts of physical violence. ("Over 100 years ago, the French physician Georges Gilles de la Tourette wrote an article in which he described nine individuals who, since childhood, had suffered from involuntary movements and sounds and compulsive rituals or behaviors. In his honor, this constellation of symptoms was named Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome. Today, we recognize that Tourette's is a spectrum disorder, with some people having a few tics and others having tics plus features of other conditions such as obsessions, compulsions, inattention, impulsivity, mood variability. On this site, you can learn about Tourette's and the other conditions that may accompany it as part of the spectrum. Once thought to be a rare condition, recent research suggests that Tourette's is a common childhood-onset condition." Quoted material is from the link provided and may be copyrighted material, although the site has no such notice. To the layman, Tourette's Syndrome may be best known from claims that individuals with the disorder may spout obscenities continually and uncontrollably.)

e.g., Everytime he gets drunk he develops bad a case of Physical Tourette's.

submitted by John Chase - (www)

physicality - Physical interactions with a significant other--kissing, cuddling, etc.

e.g., Being single I miss the physicalities, but I don't want to be physical with just anybody.

submitted by sorakirei - (www)

physickal - Sick of physics.

e.g., Electrical Measurements Lab made me physickal. That's why Tom and I got Ralph to do all the lab work. Ralph loved it. It did bother me a bit, though, when he got a C+ and I got an A -- primarily because my lab notebook was so much cleaner and neater than his. No wonder mine looked better -- he filled his out in the lab and I filled mine out at home. Lesson learned: Neatness counts.

submitted by Bret

phytocapping - The new practice of planting trees, grass and other plants on top of a landfill. This keeps the rainwater from leaching through the waste and polluting the groundwater. It also keeps most of the methane and other greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere.

e.g., The waste management consultant recommended phytocapping the landfill.

submitted by Mark

piam - Pleasure Is All Mine.

e.g., Bert: TYVM (Thank you very much.) Ernie: PIAM (Pleasure is all mine.)

submitted by Karen Gretencord

piano - Loud urination.

e.g., The walls were very thin and his piano could be heard all through the office.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

piateene - Nail polish remnants.

e.g., Sharon has a horrid case of piateene.

submitted by sorjeri tane - (www)

pib - Person In Black. Goth or Goth-ish.

e.g., I can't help having a thing for PIB chicks. I think they're hot.

submitted by Name Withheld

pibble - A concrete traffic barrier, often triangular and painted with stripes.

e.g., When I was a kid I liked to walk along the top of the pibbles.

submitted by pibble

picayune - Existing word for something trivial. In New Orleans, Louisiana, the Times-Picayune is a leading newspaper, so the word is well-known in the South.

e.g., To indict the governor on charges of corruption in office after the latest scandals is just a picayune.

submitted by Joel Parker

piccablo - A shortened, yet mixed version of Pablo Piccasso.

e.g., In art class, the teacher asks the class to name a great artist. Little Susie, in excitement blurts out too fast to get words straight, "Piccablo."

submitted by Shannon Cassady

piccolute - A member of a musical group who does double duty on the piccolo and the flute.

e.g., When the band's piccolo player quit, the first chair flute had to pick up the slack by becoming a piccolute.

submitted by Lindsay

pickadiddy circuit - Control panel in a British robot, circa 2020 +/-.

e.g., A quick flick in the pickadiddy (circuit) will have Mogronog eating nuts and bolts right out of your hand.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

picken - A chicken that always picks thing up.

e.g., Farmer: Guess wot moi picken found lyin' 'round innits coop? A map to Kennesaw "Mountain" Landis's grave. No yoke. Buisnessman: What freaky animals you have, Farmer Jones?

submitted by Dylan

pickin' a fruit from the random tree - Used when someone says something in conversation that has nothing to do with what you are talking about.

e.g., Where did that come from? You're pickin' a fruit from the random tree.

submitted by Lisa

pickins - Like the phrase "slim pickins" but more broadly used to extend to anything you are essentially forced to take because there isn't much else available. (The late actor Slim Pickens, born Louis Brett Lindley, Jr., took the name because of the meager living he made as a cowboy.

e.g., Upon reaching the bottom of the bag of chips, where only the crumbs live: "We're down to pickins." When essentially screwed on course registration day at college: "I'm going to get stuck with pickins; everything remotely interesting is full already."

submitted by ditnis

pickle - An elongated, green van used to transport up to 20 students to a place that they most likely don't want to go.

e.g., The professor loaded us into the pickle and drove us to the national booger museum.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

pickle - A student that participates in a JROTC program. The term originated from the greenish hues on the uniforms the pupils must wear.

e.g., Look at the pickles. They think they could get around physical activity by taking JROTC instead of gym. Ha, the joke is on them. They have to make fools out of themselves by marching all around the place. Carrying weapons that they have to keep clean.

submitted by Ian Faynik

pickle-fingered - To make several typo's in a row.

e.g., Thisd here thingsx a mess. Oops, sorry about that. I pickle-fingered.

submitted by Rich - (www)

picklehead - Individual with a brain pickled as if in a jar of formaldehyde from eating an excessive amount of pickles and drinking all the pickle brine that comes with them.

e.g., One can tell by the way Steve's speech is slurred and the green tinge in the whites of his eyes that he's a picklehead.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

pickleicious - Tasty. Also spelled pick-a-licious. A nonce word meaning delicious. Used extensively by my two-year-old grandson Alec to describe how pickles taste.

e.g., "How does that pickle taste, Alec?" "It's pickleicious."

submitted by [Alec] - (www)

picklenose - Someone, usually a child, with poor nasal hygiene. From the novel _Blinsby_ by Adam Leslie and Peter Tunstall.

e.g., "Aren't you going out to play with Jamie?" "No, he's a picklenose."

submitted by Adam Leslie

picklesnippers - Crazy, mad -- the state one is in after having "lost one's mind."

e.g., After the accident, Joe just went picklesnippers.

submitted by christina

picklesnootches - The spot under a tree where it does not snow.

e.g., The picklesnootch was a nice place to read "It's a wonderful life."

submitted by tren harmony

pickonable - One who is easy to pick on.

e.g., Steve doesn't mind when I tease him. He's so pickonable.

submitted by Brett Rabung

pickuponable - Used to describe someone whose personality or lack thereof invites practical jokes and other similar harassment.

e.g., When Joey's got a hangover, he's too pickuponable to ignore.

submitted by Andy Eddy

picky - A piece of lint on fabric; pilled fabric.

e.g., Jim, you have a picky on your collar.

submitted by Suzanne

pictitious - A picture that has been modified in order to falsely enhance one's appearance.

e.g., "This picture of Britney is pictitious. Her nose isn't that small." "And her boobs aren't that big. At least they didn't used to be."

submitted by Allison

piddle - To piddle is to urinate. From England.

e.g., Ah, after me fifth pint I got to take a piddle.

submitted by Dan

piddleage - Poking around, goofing off, working at nothing.

e.g., Some folks' piddleage gets on my last nerve.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

piddlefutz - To mess around or try to look busy while accomplishing nothing. | One who piddlefutzes around: Piddlefutzer

e.g., Quit piddlefutzing with it, James. I piddlefutzed with this so long that everyone asked me to quit.

submitted by Susann Carrington

piddlepoke - Even slower still than a pokemosey.

e.g., Stephen is graduating from pokemosey to a piddlepoke . . . very slowly so.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

piddling - A giddy sort of fun in exerting the purposeful placement of time and effort spent on mundane tasks and deeds which create an immense sense of accomplishment in the piddler.

e.g., Though most folks considered them slackers, Billie and Bruce could spend endless hours piddling with their dark room equipment even though neither of them used 35 mm film any longer. {ED. I'm going to allow this even though it refers to a couple piddling with their equipment in a dark room.}

submitted by Bruce and Billie

pididdle - To creatively expend time and energy doing what appears to have no real-world value to anyone (including yourself), and to have a "helluva" good time doing it.

e.g., "Are you doing anything right now?" "Yes, I am. I'm pididdling my way through the real reasons dragons can fly despite being so large and heavy."

submitted by Ron Welchly

pie - A non-offensive alternative cussword to be used when you wish to avoid upsetting parents, etc. See "pie is good."

e.g., Have you seen Men in Black 2? I've heard it's pie.

submitted by Richard Munn - (www)

pie-yow - Pretty much a smack upside the head. (ED. The example is reproduced with Mr. Hebert's permission.)

SHOUT OUT - to H.D. Fowler, PseudoDictionary! No problem. Thank you so much for visiting. I am happy you entered "Croakersack", "Riding the Ice" and "Pie-Yow" into your dictionary. Please come back, again.


© Alvin Hebert: "Big Papa’s Croakersacks" A Croakersack Story.:
The Pie-Yow and the Code

We grand children preferred to ride in the back of the truck. We liked it. We loved it! That’s just the way it was in those days.  

There was no radio or air conditioning in trucks in those days. At least not in any trucks we rode in. We enjoyed the additional freedom. It’s not that we lacked supervision. It’s just that Big Mama’s right arm was not long enough to reach all the way into the back of the truck. And we kids had some “cutting up” to do.  

Seems like it never rained on the days we took those trips into town.  

Now, an experienced back of the truck rider in our family learned the hard way not to sit in that space called “the front right corner of the back of the truck.” Big Mama could reach that spot with her right arm from the cab of the truck without turning her head, and even without skipping a beat in her conversation with Big Papa. We never understood how she did it, though.  

We were always on alert to see how she actually did it but we always missed everything except the unsuspecting target’s reaction to the physical force we called, “The Pie-Yow.” We pronounced it with the same emphasis you give to the word, “pop.” only louder. PIE-YOW! It is not in any dictionary, either, so don’t bother looking it up, okay.  

“Boy, did you see Big Mama go, PIE-YOW across cuz’ mouth?”  

“Big Mama went PIE-YOW on cuz’ head!”  

It just was not humanly possible to see with the naked eye what preceded The Pie-Yow.  

The code was: never warn a possible target!  

No one wanted to miss having the fun of witnessing the fallout from a genuine, “A #1,” Pie-Yow. No one wanted to get beat up by the rest of us, either.  

The Pie-Yow was always funny to those of us who did not hear it or receive it. The wind muffled the sound of The Pie-Yow while the truck was moving along. The only way we ever knew The Pie-Yow had been executed was by the target’s reaction.  

Lightning fast movement toward the “back of the back of the truck,” accompanied by a loud, “Whaaaa“ sound, and tears.  

The target never heard The Pie-Yow, either, but he or she always complained about a ringing sound in the ears for most of the rest of the day.  

The Pie-Yow was legendary!  

Whenever we talked about it among ourselves, sooner or later, we thought we were hearing ringing in our ears, too. When the conversations reached that point, it was time to talk about something else.  

To this day, no grand child can say he or she actually witnessed a Pie-Yow. The human eye is incapable of focusing on such speed of hand movement. However, to this day, each and every grand child can swear on a stack of bibles that, while witnessing the fallout from numerous Pie-Yows, he or she only had that ringing in the ears problem once, while riding in the back of Big Papa’s truck.  

It got to the point where “the back of the back of the truck” was so heavily loaded with every grand child who wanted to stay out of Big Mama’s reach, that Big Papa had trouble keeping the truck’s front tires on the surface of the road. He was a slow driver but people all over Dayton, Texas, would swear they saw him speeding down the highway on this day or speeding down the road on that day.  

What was Big Papa doing when The Pie-Yow was being executed?  

Laughing his oz off!  

Big Mama would just act like she did not know what in the world was so funny.

submitted by [Alvin Hebert] - (www)

piece - Used instead of "place" to mean exactly the same thing.

e.g., There were lots of people up in that piece.

submitted by ditnis

pieceps - General term for large and ungainly amounts of fat on one's body.

e.g., I need to work on my pieceps.

submitted by Rouge

piecer - Piece of junk.

e.g., Look at my piecer in the driveway. It's rusted out.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

pieces - Snacks, usually small snacks rather than large sandwiches. Glaswegian term.

e.g., The children require their pieces very soon or they will fade away.

submitted by Adrian Hobbs

pied hatter - This word is a cross-fertilization of Pied Piper and Mad Hatter. The result is a person with particulary zany and wacky sense of humor coupled with missionary zea l-- the mission being to tip over as many sober-sided logical apple-carts as possible.

e.g., Everyone secretly would like to be a Pied Hatter -- only most haven't discovered it yet: the fiendish thrill of getting serious-minded people to lighten up to the point of getting downright silly.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

pielibrium - The point at which a slice of pie will tip over upon the edge crust if one more bite is taken. The point right before piesize occurs. Definition has been expanded to include cake.

e.g., The sound of pie crust on the plate instills me with fear, so I was afraid to take the next bite of apple pie for fear it had already reached pielibrium.

submitted by Frozia

pienthis - Pencil.

e.g., You got a pienthis?

submitted by Neil

pier - Goodbye, seeya, etc.

e.g., Mike quickly said pier to his friends as he drove away.

submitted by Laura

piernentierro - (Sounds like "pierre-en-tee-AIR-oh"; n.) 1. self-deification (or at least aggrandizement) by ostentatious display of one's sufferings, wounds, scars, etc. 2. A monument to something that seems rather less important than the monument would otherwise seem to suggest. [From the Spanish _pierna_ "leg" + _entierro_ "burial" or "funeral." In reference to Santa Anna's giving his own severed leg a formal funeral with full military honors after a failed attempt to drive an invading French force out of Veracruz in the 1838 "Pastry War."]

e.g., Sometimes, I think Egyptian pyramids are just really classy piernentierros . . . I mean, seriously, who needs a headstone that big?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

piesize - The point at which the back of a pie slice outweighs the rest of the slice thus causing it to tip over backwards. Capsize.

e.g., After only three bites, my slice of pecan pie piesized.

submitted by Trey

piff - To chuck something, to throw something.

e.g., Piff a chicken through a taxi window for a real thrill.

submitted by clea

piff - A substitute for any verb. Used in Australia in the 1980s (may still be).

e.g., I piffed off early from work, piffed home, piffed on a dress, and piffed down to the pub.

submitted by Joan McGalliard - (www)

piffle - A word, possibly from the North of England, (er, that's where I'm from, anyway *g*), that means "nonsense" or "rubbish. | The agglomeration of useless receipts, ATM printouts, credit card slips, etc., that builds up in your purse or wallet.

e.g., Mojobob: I'm a really groovy and fabulous person. Mini-mojobob: Piffle. | Gotta clear out my wallet. It's so full of piffle that I can't close it.

submitted by mojobob | Anne Walker - (www)

pifflicated - One many synonyms for drunk found in The Drunktionary. Some others: amiably incandescent, at peace with the floor, bewottled, foozlified, got his snowsuit on and heading north, nimtopsical, winterized. (ED. Wondering if it's a typo for "spifflicated.")

e.g., I'm just about convinced that he never calls anyone unless he's pifflicated. As a result, I've blocked his number.

submitted by HD Fowler

piflet - A small and frail looking octopus, normally used to describe the younger members of the species.

e.g., While I was walking on a beach in France, I came across a hairy pot bellied shirtless man by the shore. He was beating something with a large stone. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a yellow piflet, immediately I accosted the man and rescued the small octopus. I threw it back into the ocean and left, forgetting about the piflet until years later when a large yellow octopus saved me from drowning off the coast of Florida.

submitted by DizzyMonster

pig b - (noun) a PG-13 movie (the "PG," obviously, is the "pig" part; and the "B" comes from "13," which kind of looks like a "B." There is also just "Pig" movies (PGs).)

e.g., "What about this one?" "Hm. Androids ... sounds okay. What's it rated?" "It's Pig B, it says. 'For mild profanity, crudity, implied sex, graphic violence, maiming, gore, a decapitation, an impalement, two hangings, 15 shootings, three poisonings, a burning at the stake, a drawing and quartering...and brief nudity." "Wow. Brief nudity? and it's just Pig B?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pig farmer - Comedy insult.

e.g., You pig farmer.

submitted by Ferg

pig in the grits - Phrase used to denote a negative situation.

e.g., Billy Bob came home from his job early to find his wife, Lorna Mae, in bed with his half-brother Coy. "Well, ain't this a pig in the grits!" Billy Bob exclaimed as he reached for his shotgun.

submitted by reese danger epstein

pig in your pocket, a - Used when a person doesn't want to assist another.

e.g., What do you mean "we"? Is there a pig in your pocket?

submitted by Deon Stevens

pig latino - It is when you speak any Latin language with the pig latin phrasing.

e.g., To mess around with the substitute teacher we all talked in pig latino the whole day.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

pig supreme - (adj.) The very best thing (object, event, or outcome) possible (used only post-positively, that is, as a predicate-adjective).

e.g., "Mmm! This cake is pig supreme!" | "Everything went perfectly: the movie, the dinner, the dancing ... it was pig supreme."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pig-e-doodle - A guinea pig. Also piggy-doodle. Synonyms: pid, dinea pid.

e.g., Aww. Cute little pig-e-doodles.

submitted by Jordan Kizer

pigba - Any non-functional piece of electronics gear that defies being repaired, no matter how many parts are replaced.

e.g., They gave me this Pigba to work on because no one can fix it.

submitted by Glennste

pigeon - Someone who is vulnerable or likely to be picked off. Similar in meaning to "sitting duck".

e.g., He thought he could handle the danger, but he was just a pigeon, about to be plucked.

submitted by Steve McDonald

piger - That mixed feeling of anger, annoyance, and jealousy when your sibling opens a present that you really really want.

e.g., I felt piger rising from my blood as my brother opened his new CD player.

submitted by lauryn

pigfat - Equivalent to mild expletives like "blast it," "darn it," etc.

e.g., Oh, pigfat! I'm in trouble.

submitted by William Holmes - (www)

piggeo - A person who always appears to be eating.

e.g., My sister is a piggeo.

submitted by Curtis McClarin

piggery - Unecessary over-indulgence.

e.g., You ate all of that? Well, that's just piggery.

submitted by Cynthia Gray - (www)

piggle with - Fiddle with. Colloquial British term.

e.g., I know you've got a hole in your jumper, but please stop piggling with it.

submitted by Struan Whitbread

piggling - Used when eating food eaten whilst preparing a meal, or after a meal is finished and not all the food was consumed.

e.g., Oh, don't mind me, I'm just piggling on the left overs.

submitted by Martin Clift

piggutanucus - when you eat way too much...

e.g., your such a piggytanucus...

submitted by Belinda

piggywitzer - One who eats too much.

e.g., It would be easier for me to lose weight if I weren't a piggywitzer.

submitted by Stacy

pigletize - To binge, overeat, stuff your face, eat like a pig.

e.g., The kids at my birthday party pigletized on cakes and choccies until they threw up.

submitted by lyn

pigmentikill - The huge splattered stain a container of paint leaves when it falls out of a vehicle onto a road, very similar to "roadkill" animals.

e.g., There is a big splotch of white pigmentikill on my street.

submitted by dooflotchie - (www)

pigs - People in General Suck. Normally used when you are annoyed with a whole group of people.

e.g., After being insulted by all of her friends the girl mummbled to herself, "PIGS."

submitted by Makoto Mitsuki - (www)

pigs ear - Basically it rymes with Beer

e.g., I'll have another Pigs Ear, please.

submitted by Volcano

pigsaw - A bag of pork scratchings may seem like a bar snack to some but beware, they are really made of real pig cut up with a pigsaw, hence the term pigsaw puzzle.

e.g., "Oh . . . Dr Alan . . . What be that terrible buzzin' and a screechin' sound from the barn?" "Oh, t'is nothin', mother, I merely make a new bag o'scratchings with my trusty pigsaw"

submitted by Jonty Reason - (www)

pikachu - "Any very very annoying, redundant, or persistently aggravating person. "

e.g., "God Pikachu, will you shut the hell up?! "

submitted by Cassi

pikachukalation - The portrayal of something (usually a fad, trend or cultural style) as very out-of-date when, in actual fact, it remains alive and well.

e.g., "Coolio is, like, so 15 years ago." "That's Pikachukalation! He's going to release a new album this year."

submitted by Duncan

pike - verb - New Zealand slang - to not turn up ( to a party, or whatever)

e.g., "Was Fred at the pub?" "No, he piked."

submitted by Billywhizz

piker - A stock-brocker who does not meet his monthly quota or does bare minmum to get by. An individual who has no monetary worth or cuts corners trying to save money.

e.g., Matt. who cleans pools part time to make ends meet, is known as a piker to his more affluent peers.

submitted by george kursar

pikey - Of dubious origin or low quality; to behave in a shifty manner.

e.g., Piggly Wiggly was a pikey supermarket. Didn't the name say that to you? there's a really pikey kid in our class

submitted by lennyk

pildenboz - (n.) an imaginary animal (often the denizen of a boxen, q.v.) (after a 13-legged lion created, and named, by a little child I knew back in the 70s).

e.g., So, what kind of animals do you have in your story? Pildenboz? or just run-of-the-mill squirrels and stuff?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pildew - The mysterious circle of moisture found on your pillow in the morning.

e.g., I woke up in one massive puddle of pildew this morning.

submitted by Nate/Brandon

pile out - To sit around and do nothing

e.g., Yeah, there's nothing to do so we're all just piling out at Phil's house.

submitted by William Tychonievich - (www)

pilferer - One who gets really spun and digs through your house, trash, etc.

e.g., I'm bored. Let's go pilfer at Brandi's house. Hey, does that make us pilferers??

submitted by budgirly

pilgered - A speck of truth that has been distorted, spun, stretched beyond all recognition, and finally discarded as not adequately serving a political agenda -- and then replaced with a total fabrication. From John Pilger.

e.g., In the latest BBC documentary, the US's efforts to avoid civilian casualties have been pilgered into a campaign of deliberate genocide.

submitted by Alan E Brain - (www)

pilgrim - Someone who constantly does stupid things. | A full-time trade union official funded through the public purse as front-line staff such as teachers.

e.g., Blake, you're just a pilgrim. | There are 500 pilgrims working in this department. One example is Kevin S., who is paid as a teacher but instead works as a pilgrim.

submitted by Claudia M. | Michelle Smith

pill - Basketball.

e.g., I'm open, pass me the pill.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

pill grim - The status of an individual who is trying to ingest the first overly large and vile smelling capsule of a new prescription.

e.g., There is only one thing worse than being a medical pill grim. It's the shock of discovering that the medication was severely out-of-date, and you now have been seriously "pill aged." (Yes, Scott, it's another "groaner.")

submitted by Charlie Lesko

pillar - An acronym for Philosophy, Information, Language, Literature, Art and Religion. These areas are deeply intertwined in the real world and in the history of culture. PILLAR is an educational program complementary to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), the acronym for "hard" disciplines in academic curriculum.

e.g., PILLAR is indeed the pillar of humanistic education and should be promoted as the field of interdisciplinary intensity in all liberal arts colleges. | The PILLAR project addresses the concern that these six subjects are often taught in isolation, instead of as an integrated curriculum.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

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