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pseudo-comfort - Something used in order to make someone feel better during an awkward moment.

e.g., When I broke one of the dishes, I filled myself with a pseudo-comfort that my mom wouldn't know it was gone.

submitted by Ray

pseudo-dictionary - Not a dictionary. Iíll use an excerpt from The Chicago Manual of Style Online (CMOS) to tell you why I have little use for Merriam-Websterís Collegiate Dictionary. I know full well the nature of descriptivist dictionaries as opposed to prescriptivist dictionaries; however, not everyone is going to buy or refer to a usage guide to find out whatís good usage and whatís not. 5.202 Good usage versus common usage Although this book recommends Merriam-Websterís Collegiate Dictionary (see bibliog. 3.1), one must use care and judgment in consulting any dictionary. The mere presence of a word in the dictionaryís pages does not mean that the word is in all respects fit for print. The dictionary merely describes how speakers of English use the language; despite occasional usage notes, lexicographers generally disclaim any intent to guide writers and editors on the thorny points of English usage ó apart from collecting evidence of what others do. So infer is recorded as meaning, in one of its senses, imply; irregardless may mean regardless; restauranteur may mean restaurateur, and on and on. That is why, in the publishing world, it is generally necessary to consult a usage guide in addition to a dictionary. The standards of good usage make demands on writers and editors, whereas common usage can excuse any number of slipshod expressions. Even so, good usage should make reasonable demands ó not set outlandishly high standards. The following glossary sets out the reasonable demands of good usage as it stands today. It focuses on how the terms are commonly misused and is not intended as an exhaustive list of the termsí definitions and uses. When I was taught English, I learned to use a dictionary both to find out what a word meant and how to use it correctly. Since I learned to use a dictionary for both purposes, I still want dictionaries that I can use the same way. Any dictionary that tells me irregardless is a word that has the same meaning as regardless will not hold a place of distinction on my bookshelf. Except in dire circumstances, it will be kept out of sight and out of mind. Iíll keep MWCD within walking distance in case I might want to look up a ďwordĒ in a descriptive dictionary, but not where I can see it. Am I an old fuddy duddy? Absolutely. A stubborn one at that. In an idiosyncratic and inconsistent way, I use CMOS to answer my questions about good usage. I take exception to this, from above: ď[C]ommon usage can excuse any number of slipshod expressions.Ē I rarely correct adults in conversations, but theyíll get genuine slack from me only if theyíre learning English as a second language. Iím far less generous when it comes to writing. Excusing slipshod expression invites more slipshod expression. Excuse enough slipshod expressions and youíll eventually find yourself more or less inviting a lowering of standards ó if not actually encouraging a lowering of standards. Language Arts? Criminently, whatís up with that? Are we now afraid to teach English? Afraid of hurting someoneís widdle feelings if she comes from a home where a language other than English is used? Is that whatís going on? If it is, if ó it might be related to one of my pet peeves with multiculturism: Why am I suspicious that someone is telling immigrants who donít speak English that they neednít be bothered with learning it? If immigrants donít learn English, how are they going to assimilate into our great melting pot and realize The American Dream? Elsewhere, Iíve offered Machiavelleanís Second Dictum of Writing: If you write anything non-trivial, you will be misunderstood. Although I make no claim that anything Iíve ever written is non-trivial, I nonetheless want to make myself clear. Thus, Iíll take an old-fashioned prescriptivist dictionary over a modern-day descriptivist dictionary every time; and Iíll take an old-fashioned two-spaces-after-a-period girl over a modern-day if-it-feels-good-do-it girl every time. This outpouring might seem trŤs strange to anyone who knows I run the PseudoDictionary, a Ďdictionaryí for made-up words.However, the name itself tells you itís not really a dictionary ó at best itís a false dictionary, a pseudo-dictionary. Got that? It is not a real dictionary. Understand? Sheesh. The PseudoDictionary is not real life ó and nobody should risk her future by using it as if itís a legitimate reference source. Because of the way weíve invested time and money in it, the PseudoDictionary is more than a trivial pursuit for Marty DíMello and me, but it shouldnít be more than that for anyone else. Take anything you find in the PseudoDictonary cum grano salis. Better yet, take anything I say or write under any of my Internet personas cum grano salis. (All Iím doing is killing some time and trying to enjoy myself doing it.) Even better, unless you can be absolutely certain that what youíre reading was written by someone you can trust all the time, take anything you read cum grano salis. As David Poole of the Charlotte Observer wrote, ďIf your mother says she loves you, check it out.Ē

e.g., Wow. Dude's right, this pseudo-dictionary isn't a dictionary at all. I don't know what it is, but it's most assuredly not a dictionary.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-email - Also pseudoemail, pseudoe-mail, and pseudo-e-mail. E-mails sent to a mobile device via MMS or SMS gateways appear to be an e-mail to the sender and a text message to the receiver. Replies appear to be text messages to the mobile device user and e-mails on the other end. Some people are e-mailers while others are texters. Texters typically use so-called smartphones, while e-mailers use "computer" and … say, flip phones. Luddites use corded landlines

e.g., Please reply to confirm receipt. If you save, a future reply sends pseudo-email. Text to you; e-mail to me. Lets me save texts with images.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-jacking - What you call it when someone steals your name on this website.

e.g., My nickname's been pseudo-jacked.

submitted by pseudojacking

pseudo-kin - Pdeudo-kin. Persons with whom you feel a relationship of kinship although they are not members of your family. The example given is about as far as I would stretch the use of the word myself. I think it's not incorrect to extend the use to Charles Manson and his "family."

e.g., "The development of states and empires marked a culmination of the shift away from a small-group animal with a kin-centered social structure. People today have social contacts with thousands of others and relatively little connection with kin beyond the nuclear family. Modern states also feature upper classes that dominate and profit from lower classes. Pseudokin (sports figures, movie stars) in public view often substitute for actual kin, and kinship terms are commonly applied to government leaders, social and religious groups, and the state itself. While the rise of states was long viewed as simply an inevitable consequence of increasing population and occupation specialization, ďcircumscriptionĒ also may have played a role by preventing dissenting groups from dispersing from the centralizing entity." | Were Charles Manson and his pseudokin eligible for capital punishment when they were tried? If not, why not?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-latin - An agglomeration of real and fake Latin words purportedly stating some well-known aphorism.

e.g., Perhaps the most famous pseudo-Latin is that Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa supposedly displayed in his office: Illegitimus non carborundum. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudo-link - A link to the pseudodictionary, especially a link to a word in the lexicon.

e.g., The link given for this entry is a pseudo-link.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudo-nap - A nap where you don't actually fall asleep. Instead, you lie in your bed with your eyes closed for an indefinite amount of time, never getting a single minute of sleep.

e.g., I was really tired after school, so I took a five hour pseudo-nap. I was still tired after that.

submitted by Aurora

pseudoaddress - A bogus e-mail address. Can be provided by an anonymizer or by a service such as Mail sent to your Spammotel address gets forwarded to an addres you provide -- the senders know only your Spammotel address. If you start getting nuisance e-mail, just close that particular Spammotel account. Any future e-mail gets returned to the sender.

e.g., With Spammotel, it's like checking into a motel room and using it for your snail mail address. If you start getting junk mail at your pseudoaddress, you just check out -- and leave no forwarding address.

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudoantonym - Removing a natural prefix of a word so it becomes its opposite.

e.g., After receiving the new car, I was very gruntled. Ha, I just pseudoantonymed "disgruntled."

submitted by captainminus

pseudobama - Someone who looks just like but is not, a certain president. This president's double, who may stand in for him from time to time, from place to place.

e.g., With the right coaching and the right suit (or perhaps the left suit, depending on how they "dress," or prefer), the proper pseudobama can take the place of, fill in for, the real thing when he can't be two places at the same time, actually.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudobatch - Submitting a whole lot of entries in the hope that some of them will be accepted.

e.g., Terry: Ooh, Safrlte, that sounds like a good one... How about terlska and trofns?... Yes, this will make a fine pseudobatch.

submitted by Sam G

pseudobiblioholic - One who has caught pseudobiblioitis, a disease that causes folks to glorify their ability to create faux-words.

e.g., Hi, my name is Dylon and I'm a pseudobiblioholic.

submitted by Dylon Whyte

pseudobooktionary - A book made by a Pseudodictionary fan made in the following way: They log onto, they start alphabetically at the beginning, and print each page of the Pseudodictionary, but they cut out the menu bar before printing, and then send it to a printer. They do it to the next page, and the next, the next, and the next, until they got the whole Pseudodictionary.

e.g., I think that Paul should make a pseudobooktionary (in a more professional way then I described), and send it to publishers, and see if it becomes commercially available. (ED. FYI, Paul is no longer involved with the site, but he's given a credit on the About page because he started it -- and because we remain friendly after the buyout.)

submitted by star651

pseudobsessive - A person who spends a ridiculous amount of time making up and submitting words.

e.g., Tom's a pseudobsessive.

submitted by Tom

pseudocide - To commit pseudocide is to have yourself declared legally dead, often to overcome problems caused by identity theft. From citation: "The situation in the United States has become so bad that some victims, whose identities have become completely compromised, have resorted to declaring themselves legally dead and starting again with a new name -- a practice known as 'pseudocide.'" Psuedocide.

e.g., Damn identity theft. If I get one more phone call from a creditor I've never heard of -- calling me a deadbeat -- I may commit pseudocide.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudocide - Pretending to submit too many PD submittals.

e.g., With over 300 entries, pseudocide is when I threaten to commit pseudicide.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudocide - An agent or command capable of deleting accepted words from the PD.

e.g., Slightly overconfident in her new found powers, Judy confided to her mother, "Mum, when I grow up I want to remove words from the PD." "Do you mean to say, dear, that you're planning to commit pseudocide?" the parental unit replied cautiously.

submitted by steven jones

pseudocompetocracy - n.; Rule by those whose primary skill consists of feigning competence.

e.g., The Obama Administration constitutes a straight-up pseudocompetocracy.

submitted by P. R. Kabella - (www)

pseudocracy - Human governments. False, fake and counterfeit; as they never have and never will be able to solve humanity's basic problems.

e.g., Seems like every few days if not every day there's something in the news about some pseudocratic ploy, election, or propaganda. Don't they know most thinking people realize human government is a hoax.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

pseudocryptocode - A code or puzzle whose solution is hidden in plain sight.

e.g., The pseudocryptocode had a solution which was seemingly obvious, but difficult to detect.

submitted by Josh Faulk

pseudoctrinate - Revising descriptions and examples to meet ever-changing and somewhat arbitrary submittal guidelines. The result may be better in the eyes of the editor, but worse in the eyes of the submitter. That is, the submitter may see his post as being thoroughly Americanised, and thus losing most of its appeal.

e.g., Thought my post was amusing -- until it got pseudoctrinated. Asshole editor.

submitted by Isolation Tank & Ochre Orientis

pseudocyberverbomania - False or illusory internet chatter. A person who is full of crap, who doesn't think sensibly.

e.g., Oh, I dunno for sure, but I'd estimate about two-thirds of the PD's visitors come here for refuge from pseudocyberverbomaniacs -- only to realize they've boarded the mother ship.

submitted by eugene

pseudodate - A maybe date. Could be considered a real date or just hanging out together, depending on how it goes.

e.g., I'd have talked to him, if I hadn't been on a pseudodate with that loser Chris.

submitted by Shane Bailey

pseudodentin - False teeth.

e.g., Do you have dentures? Yea, they're pseudodentin.

submitted by Liam - (www)

pseudodicditive - To be addicted to looking up words here, particularly using the randomizer feature.

e.g., I have IM'd like 300 words. I never knew this would be so pseudodicditive.

submitted by Sean - (www)

pseudodick - Not a detective by trade but instead a pseudodictionary contributor looking for a lost submitted word.

e.g., I know submitted Fragrant but now can't find it. I guess it is no longer politically correct.

submitted by Norm De Pleum

pseudodict - To submit a word to

e.g., I performed a pseudodiction by pseudodicting the word "pseudodict."

submitted by Andrew Troupis

pseudodict-a-phone - When Steve calls someone, at all hours of the night, to talk to them about an internet site.

e.g., I would have got to sleep, but I got a pseudodict-a-phone.

submitted by Muffin

pseudodictates - The rules of engagement of the PD.

e.g., The PD's pseudodictates really bug some devotťes (not I, of course).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudodicterrorist - One who spends way too much time browsing here (often a pseudodork) and e-mails words to friends and colleagues with the sole purpose being to annoy them.

e.g., Sandor: Look, Duke, if you don't stop these wanton acts of pseudodicterrorism, I am goin' to open up a serious can of whup-ass on your head. The Duke: So, block me.

submitted by The Duke

pseudodictinquiry - An inquiry sent to this site.

e.g., Naomi realized she had forgotten to give credit where it was due for a word she submitted. To avoid getting barbecued, she sent a pseudodictinquiry asking that her entry be edited.

submitted by naomi - (www)

pseudodiction - The use of words from this site in your writing to enhance the composition.

e.g., Nice pseudodiction -- it made your report very colloquial.

submitted by Arcane Lazuruz - (www)

pseudodictionaried - Added to the lexicon here.

e.g., I always thought that word was fake, but knew it must be real when I saw it had been pseudodictionaried.

submitted by Sean - (www)

pseudodictionarier - Frequent, perhaps even occasional, contributors to the PseudoDictionary. It's an earned appellation, not suited to someone who merely happens upon the pd and visits no more than a handful of times. However, someone who visits often enough, even without submitting anything, could reasonably be honored with the term.

e.g., "Having fewer words to use to express ourselves rather than more goes against what pseudodictionariers want to do. Most of us try to be sensitive about how we use our ever-expanding vocabularies, but we won't go overboard about being politically correct."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudodictionary - A place to discover new words or to bring new words into being. | "False dictionary." Although it may not be accepted as real, it is still the best dictionary out there, because it allows creativity, not the boring, stiffy (look up stiffy in pseudodictionary) normal words in dictionaries. | The canonical forms will henceforth be pd and pseudodictionary. By order of HD, because he tired of messing with the shift key to spell PseudoDictionary.

e.g., Bob. DAMN YOU MOOFIES! Slim. What the heck's a moofie? Bob. Search for it at pseudodictionary. | Feeling the need to enter "amakaphobionica" (a false word of course) into a dictionary, Erica went to and submitted her word. | You're looking at the pseudodictionary … dawg.

submitted by Guttius | Jordan | Lillith

pseudodictionary - The prefix tells the story: false; deceptive; sham. Except that we're not being deceptive at all. You're reminded on every page -- "remember: pseudodictionary is not a real dictionary."

e.g., Not only do you have have carte blanche to roll your own words and use them in sentences, we encourage entries that tell a story. This is not your average dictionary, limited to definitions and pronunciations, etc. It's the PseudoDictionary, a fake dictionary -- and thus not a dictionary at all. The similarity to a real dictionary pretty much ends with the entries being in abecedarian order.

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudodictionary.comist - One obsessed with making up words for the pseudodictionary.

e.g., To be a successful pseudodictionary.comist, one should learn to use the shift key.

submitted by Philip Meehan

pseudodictionist - Somebody who spends her whole life making up silly words to enter, only to find someone has already entered them.

e.g., Look at him ... keyboarding away. What's he doing? He's a pseudodictionist.

submitted by william anderson

pseudodictracy - Not a real detective, but a wannabe private eye, digging up dirt both legitimate and not so legitimate.

e.g., Some might call me a pseudodictracy. I'm certainly no professional, but to uncover interesting and sometimes hidden personal and private information can be very satisfying and sometimes useful, can't it?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudodingdong - It's not the real thing, but it's made of plastic and used for display in the grocery store window.

e.g., That pseudodingdong looks good enough to eat; and what's more, it's extremely low in calories.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudodoctionary - Psuedodictionary, because it's so often mistyped as "pseudodoctionary." Psuededictionary is another common misspelling.

e.g., I have an excellent record of getting words and phrases I submit to the pseudodoctionary accepted. Wonder why that is?

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudodontry - Unlicensed toothcare.

e.g., He lost all his teeth after a quack practiced pseudodontry on him.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudodork - Actually pretty much the same as "dork," but specifically reserved for a person who goes around abusing words he got off this site. Mistakenly has high self-esteem, due only to his awareness of this site and its tripe words.

e.g., Quit trying to baffelgab me with that pseudodork talk of yours.

submitted by james

pseudodupe - To lie about having already submitted a specific word to pseudodictionary for approval.

e.g., Suz told Mary a new word she had created and Mary immediately asked if it had been submitted yet. Realizing that it had not and that Mary would steal it, Suz had no choice but to pseudodupe her.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

pseudodynasty - A fake or false family tree or ancestry.

e.g., Chris showed everyone how he was related to Abraham Lincoln, when in fact it was a pseudodynasty.

submitted by Lara

pseudoeros - A fake love, not real.

e.g., His mother showed her ex-husband pseudoeros in front of him.

submitted by Danica Green

pseudoerudition - What an uneducated person displays when he incorrectly quotes a book or poem.

e.g., Closely related to his pseudoerudition is his tendency to punctuate with double question marks and double exclamation marks ... or with one of each..

submitted by Xnoybis

pseudoevent - An event in memory which is not known to be either an actual event or a dreamed or imagined event.

e.g., I don't recall whether misplacing my keys last month was an actual event or a pseudoevent.

submitted by Michael J. Strickland - (www)

pseudofree - When something is advertised to be free, but there are serious strings attached.

e.g., If a deal or contest on the web looks too good to be true, it's almost always pseudofree.

submitted by paul

pseudogirlfriend - A girl who may think she's your girlfriend but, to her chagrin, isn't. She hasn't quite made it to that status yet, but she doesn't know it.

e.g., My pseudogirlfriend called me tonight wanting me to come over. I wish she'd stop that.

submitted by Jason Brown - (www)

pseudoglot - One whose entire vocabulary is based on this site.

e.g., You need to stop spending so much time on the web. It's turning you into a pseudoglot.

submitted by Tony Gies

pseudointellect - Someone who either pretends to be intellectually deep or who is really intellectually deep and attempts to cover it up by acting stupid.

e.g., When Candice, at the top of her class, lied about her SAT score, saying that it was 400 points lower than she actually received, I realized that she was a true pseudointellect.

submitted by L.E.G.O.

pseudojection - Rejecting a submittal to this website

e.g., I don't think "crocksaljiggum" should have been subject to pseudojection.

submitted by O Turner

pseudojesus band - A band that says it doesn't play Christian music when it most obviously does.

e.g., Creed is a pseudojesus band.

submitted by Zanny - (www)

pseudojudo - The art of creating new words.

e.g., I fried my brain with pseudojudo thinking up new words.

submitted by Tim Ward

pseudokingdom - A kingdom that isn't real or ever heard of.

e.g., The foreigner told us he was from a pseudokingdom.

submitted by John Polchin

pseudoklepto - Someone who "steals" things with the intention of returning them later.

e.g., Brian stole my pencil, then gave it back an hour later. He's a pseudoklepto.

submitted by Lee

pseudold-school - A new design, like the VW New Beetle, that is a modern take on something that was made "back in the day."

e.g., I just love your Powerpuff Girls pseudold-school ringer t-shirt.

submitted by James T. Huening

pseudolebrity - Someone who only "thinks" she is famous.

e.g., The Corner Bar band's lead singer acted like a pseudolebrity, waving to her fans -- all two of them.

submitted by katlady

pseudolexicographer - This is a person who has tried his hand, times without number, creating words that he hoped would find their way into a real dictionary. Finally, in despair, just before defining himself as a loser and blasting himself to smithereens, he discovers the pseudodictionary and hits paydirt, as it were -- although the pay is about as much as dirt, but still...No longer styling himself a loser, he defines himself instead as a pseudoloser, a status which shows hopeful signs of transmogrifying into a pseudowinner!

e.g., Lex the wanna-be lexicographer exclaims: "Who wants to be a stuffy lexicographer when you can be a pseudolexicographer in good standing in the pseudictionary family!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

pseudolivian - A show meant to sound like a live show, even though its a studio album.

e.g., You should look up the Family Guy Live in Vegas CD via the Family Guy wiki.

submitted by star651 - (www)

pseudologophile - A lover and creator of "pseudo" words.

e.g., In coining new words, or creating "sniglets," Suz clearly personified a veritable pseudologophile.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

pseudolosophy - The paradigm of philosophy in which the practicioner actually knows nothing of the sujbect. The pretense that one knows or actually understands one or more important questions about life.

e.g., He's not much of an intellectual, but at 6:00 he's all about some pseudolosophy.

submitted by Ronald E. Reed

pseudolure - Psuedolure, too. Specifically, a word (or name) taken from the PseudoDictonary and placed as searchable content on a "vice site" -- in an attempt to lure visitors who have searched for said word. More generally, pseudoluring is accomplished by adding to vice sites words that are likely to be searched for. The past tense of "pseudolure" is either "pseudolured" or "pseuolurid." The latter word, of course, can be used as an adjective for would-be lurid but actually pretty tame content. "Pseudolurid" can certainly be used for some of the entries in the PseudoDictionary.

e.g., You can be sure "Boomitsdabomb" appears at ug-central only as a pseudolure. | "I ended up at that sex chat site because I was pseudolured there. No way was I lookin' for that kinda stuff. No way." "Right. Did you use your mom's credit card?" "Well, anyways, the material they had at the site really wasn't that bad. It was only pseudolurid." | You can see the pseudolures for vice sites by doing a View Source. Don't be surprised to find your very own, very unusual name being used for pseudoluring. When you've egosurfed for your name and found that googling resulted in a hit at a porn site, it's hard to resist taking a looksee -- to see what context it's used in. More than likely, you will see no context at all unless you view the source for the page. Note: As indicated, your name could even have been "scraped" from this site to be added to vice sites. Another reason it's not a good idea to use your real name on the internet. If you have malicious "friends," though, they could easily use your name to register at vice sites. I've considered doing that for a couple of my own enemies. . . . Hmm, now that I think of it, maybe I should do that for some of the more egregious submitters who are trying to spam the PseudoDictionary.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pseudolyceum - A virtual lyceum.

e.g., Although The Institute lacks bricks and mortar, it serves as a virtual lyceum -- it's a pseudolyceum, I suppose.

submitted by mac

pseudoman - A false boyfriend.

e.g., Chris was so desperate to find a boyfriend that she decided to make up a pseudoman.

submitted by Alicia Pollard

pseudomize - 1. To create a "pseudonym" for an existing word. 2. To create a false identity based on an existing identity. 3. To create a new word for

e.g., Many people have pseudomized the name Microsoft, usually to connote displeasure, as was done in the best selling novel Microserfs.

submitted by Marcos Campos - (www)

pseudomoania - A place occupied by one or more persons making melancholic, mewling sounds.

e.g., In a last act of defiance, Little Mouse cast a pall of pseudomoania over the craggy refuge of his raptor captors.

submitted by steven jones

pseudoneologists - People who do not put much effort into their construction of new words. | Those who make submittals to the pseudodictionary. The amount of effort varies from virtually none to a substantial amount.

e.g., Virgio submitted the word "pseudoneologist" and is thus a pseudoneologist -- no, not really. | The seventh graders (a presumption) who visited the site 10-31-2005 included several pseudoneologists, in both of the senses given above.

submitted by virgio | Lillith

pseudonomenclature - The property possesed by a person whose name matches with a "description" of her or her personality.

e.g., I know a person I don't like -- Paul Blackhead, which is also his pseudonomenclature. Phillip Anchors has a pseudonomenclature, too.

submitted by Arron Clague - (www)

pseudonumb - How your brain feels after looking through this site for more than three hours at a time.

e.g., "Hey, Bill, what's another name for a pseudonym?" "Dunno, Ben, I've been looking at this site for so long my mind's gone pseudonumb."

submitted by Purple Martin

pseudonympho - That girl who's always very reserved, yet seems to have a secret extroverted life outside of her natural environment.

e.g., I met Ariel's pseudonympho at the Elephant & Castle on Friday night.

submitted by ashsimmonds

pseudopetroleo - Not real petroleo, but an inferior imitation, cheap, but deadly. Petroleo is made from oleo, no artificial colors.

e.g., If you breathe the fumes of pseudopetroleo for just a few years you will likely die before your 100th birthday

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudophobia - The fear of PseudoDictionary.

e.g., I've overcome pseudophobia, and that's why you see me submitting like never before.

submitted by Star651

pseudophrase - As a noun, a paraphrase is a rewording meant to clarify what someone has said or written. As a verb, to paraphrase is to "express the same message in different words." A pseudophrase (pseudo-phrase) is farther removed from the original than a paraphrase is, expressing a similar idea, but not identically the same idea.

e.g., As a noun, a paraphrase is a rewording meant to clarify what someone has said or written. As a verb, to paraphrase is to "express the same message in different words." A pseudophrase (pseudo-phrase) is farther removed from the original than a paraphrase is, expressing a similar message, but not the same message. Clicking on the link below will take you to an article that was posted recently at Breitbart's Big Government. The key sentence of the article is this: "Only two weeks after Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg made a show of support for freedom of speech following a terror attack by radical Muslims in France, Facebook began censoring images of Muhammad in Turkey -- including the very Charlie Hebdo images Zuckerberg claimed to support." I read some of the comments in the thread following the article, many of them accusing Zuckerberg of exhibiting cowardice and hypocrisy because he was intimidated by the terrorist acts. Here's a comment that that caught my grammar nazi eye: phil donghue This guy is a two bit conman with a vagina, who steels people's lives from his POS web site anyone stupid enough to be on Flushbook deserve there info tracked and censored. Decided to reply, but didn't want to be too hard on the guy -- not given that I tend to agree with some of what he had to say. I posted as Chauncey Gardiner, the character Peter Sellers played in his last role. Being There is one of my all-time favorite movies. I started with a pseudo-phrase of probably the best-known line from The Princess Bride. "You keep using [the six-letter v-word]. I do not think it means what you think it means." What is called for is the five-letter v-word, not the six-letter one. The latter is a sort of subset of the former. When that anatomical region is referred to by the more or less all-encompassing p-word, it's used for someone who is cowardly in some way. As in, "Mark Zuckerberg is a p-word." No, the p-word is not "posse."

submitted by HD Fowler

pseudoplasma - Fake blood.

e.g., When he went to the hospital they gave him pseudoplasma instead of the real juice.

submitted by scott - (www)

pseudopneumonia - To have the symptons of pneumonia without actually having pneumonia.

e.g., Although the young boy had all the symptons of pneumonia, in fact he was suffering from pseudopneumonia.

submitted by Trevor Chaco

pseudopodophobia - Start with "pseudopod," from the Greek "pseudes" (false) "pod" (foot). Add to it "phobia ' -- an intense, irrational, unrealistic fear of an object, an event, or a feeling. The result is a fear of false feet . . . in my case, fear of overly large feet -- platform shoes. :-)

e.g., Those shoes are causing my pseudopodophobia to act up again. Keep her away from me.

submitted by Brad Grier

pseudopolis - A fake or imaginary city. Examples: Atlantis, Neverland, Far Far Away. Pseudo = Latin for fake, false. Polis = Latin for city.

e.g., The Spanish soon found out that the city of gold called El Dorado was a pseudopolis.

submitted by Christopher Sproull

pseudopproved - When your word gets the thumbs up here, it's been pseudopproved.

e.g., Yes, I've been pseudopproved -- tentatively.

submitted by Ryan Greenzweig

pseudopsychology - Popular or common psychology, such as that found in many television shows, etc.

e.g., My senior thesis was entitled "Constructs of Pseudopsychology in the Mass Media: Social and Emotional Implications of Oprah."

submitted by Daniel Spaulding

pseudopurgatory - Where rejected pseudowords go after they're removed from the pseudorecyclebin.

e.g., I feel bad for emptying the pseudobin. Who knows what goes on in pseudopurgatory? Those poor words. Too bad their submitters weren't willing to work a little harder ... or follow the guidelines.

submitted by Bob Boarker

pseudorecyclebin - Where rejected pseudowords go. May be shortened to pseudobin.

e.g., These words are crap. Not worth wasting time fixing. No e-mail address, either, so the submitter is just entertaining herself. Send them all to the pseudobin.

submitted by Bob Boarker

pseudorequestdictionary - An object the resembles the RequestDictionary as used in Active Server Pages on Internet Information Service.

e.g., The PseudoRequestDictionary is a VBScript class that can be used for fileupload. It is created to behave similar to the standard IIS Request and similar to several fileupload components that can be found.

submitted by Taka - (www)

pseudorigami - A term used in hindsight to rationalize a failed origami experiment as anything but worthless crap.

e.g., Kevin refused to admit failure as he presented his pseudorigami to his unimpressed friends.

submitted by Pseudoryx - (www)

pseudoroom - Of or pertaining to a virtual enclosure, usually designated as a space for presenting digital media works.

e.g., I downloaded numerous icons and fonts during my brief tenure in the pseudoroom, and now I'm sorry to be leaving for the night.

submitted by pseudo - (www)

pseudortmanteau - A combination of two words that make a word that is not part of the English language. Pseudortmanteau is autological (applicable to itself) because it combines two words to make a fake word.

e.g., Many of the words on this website are either original and used in pop culture, or pseudortmanteaus.

submitted by andy - (www)

pseudoselfpromotion - What's being done when somebody uses a website she created (called pseudodictionary) to try and get people to vote for a t-shirt she designed. Often followed by boring articles that attack President Bush and mentions [sic] there [sic] site.

e.g., See right column, main page. †† {ED. Beau failed to use his word in his example. Despite that shortcoming, the word was added to the pseudodictionary. We're way too cool to reject a word because it's critical of us. Besides, we might see endless complaints about censorship if we rejected them. C'mon, Beau. Take another whack at us, if you dare. We can take it. †† Supposably, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President he got into an argument with publisher William Randolph Hearst. When their war of words was finally over, he was asked if he had learned anything. He responded that he had learned not to argue with people who buy their ink by the barrel. Also attributed variously to H.L. Mencken, Mark Twain, and other in forms such as "I never argue with people who buy their ink by the barrel" and "Never pick fights with people who buy their ink by the barrel." † Added by Alan C. Page in a 1998 keynote address, "or their paper by the ton." That final sequence of words can be found on the Internet only in a reproduction of Page's speech, the PseudoDictionary, or copies of the pd. Almost no copies of the pd are authorized. Tweak the paper by the ton and you'll find a claim that a Civil War Union general said, "Never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton." A couple of variations appear in another pd entry, at inkfight. By searching for the exact works in the example, no fewer than a dozen other sites can be found using the exact same words. Some have been permission to copy pd content; most haven't. †† Given as Greener's Law at Some worthwhile quotes. †† Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.† --William I. Greener Jr. (b. 1925)† American publicist.† Quoted in Wall Street Journal 28 September 1978. †† The saying may well be a relic of a bygone era, given the Internet and a plethora of blogs and bloggers. Rhyme of the Day counters:†† The power of ink† Started to sink† When words took flight† On screens of light. † † See this about lamebrains picking fights.

submitted by [Beau] - (www)

pseudosenility - Loss of cognitive capability or memory loss or accessibility due to stress rather than being due to age-related senility.

e.g., She was only 40, but as a result of her challenging job, she suffered a great deal of stress and, consequently, exhibited pseudosenility.

submitted by Ted Schroeder

pseudosex - A type of cyber sex in which a girl tries to e-mail hot comments to a Pseudodictionary editor that she saw a picture of.

e.g., If my cat knew how to talk and type, she'd try to have pseudosex with editors of this site, so I would hide the cat outside so you never get offensive comments from her. (Isn't this hilarious about cats typing?)

submitted by star651

pseudosicle - (soo-doe-sickle) It looks like a sicle, performs like a sicle, is convincingly very much like a sicle . . . but it's something else again.

e.g., I wouldn't invest in pseudosicles if I were you. People want the real thing, the genuine article, for nothing less will do.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudoside - False aspect.

e.g., Her pseudoside was showing; she couldn't get away with anything.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudosillyass - A carefree attitude or world view.

e.g., After a hard day in the office examining the impact of consumer electronics rebates on subcontinental pro-poverty and global smarming, Frydman spent the evening in pseudosillyass activities like mock Sponge Bob tupperware parties.

submitted by steven jones - (www)

pseudosite - Where the PD resides.

e.g., The PD's pseudosite is

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseudosquircletritrapapentaromagon - Obviously a fake shape. (Good luck pronouncing it.)

e.g., For a challenge, my teacher told me to draw a pseudosquircletritrapapentaromagon on the white board.

submitted by Elizabeth

pseudostat - The fake thermometers found in office buildings designed to make you feel like you're in control of the temperature in your area.

e.g., We turned the pseudostat all the way down to 60 degrees, but it's still broiling in here.

submitted by Mark Scheuer lein

pseudoughnuts - Something special for the dieter, they look like doughnuts, they taste like donuts, but, 0 calories.

e.g., The marvels of modern science have now produced a tasty treat. Eat and lose weight anyweigh [sic?]! Pseudoughnuts are great, even for snacks.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pseudovicar - Like a regular vicar, but one perfectly entitled to tell damaging lies.

e.g., The old woman chased us off her property halfway through the funeral. It wasn't 'til Tuesday we found out that it had been conducted by a pseudovicar. That explains everything.

submitted by Adam Leslie

pseudowatch - To pseudowatch is to not watch that which is directly in front of you. It's there, but you're not paying attention to it.

e.g., Do you remember my July 2009 joke about you getting a tattoo? Just heard a drum tattoo on a Bones episode and it reminded me of you. I'm up to the fourth season of pseudowatching the series. | By pseudowatching, I mean that I have the TV turned on but rarely look at it or listen to it. What I've found is that the series provides excellent white noise sleep by.

submitted by pseudowatcher

pseudowoordenboek - Dutch for pseudodictionary. "Sommige Engelse woorden halen nooit het woordenboek en toch worden ze veel gebruikt. Het gaat om slang, webtaal of informeel taalgebruik. Liefst 17761 zulke woorden staan nu verzameld op"

e.g., Pseudowoordenboek. "Some English words never the dictionary and nevertheless obtain them much are used. It concerns snake, web language or informal language use. Kindest 17761 such words stand now collected on" 23 March 2004.

submitted by [Erik Dams] - (www)

pseudoword, psuedeword - A combination of letters that you would never find in a real dictionary. These are not real words at all, but can be a lot of fun. (See also: verbizing and languaphobia.)

e.g., Because of weak English language skills, Damon often resorts to using a pseudoword that he found in the pseudodictionary.

submitted by Rick Feldkamp - (www)

pseudoworld - A false reality.

e.g., In her pseudoworld Sally sees the window as not broken, but everybody else sees that it is.

submitted by Jullian Ambrosio

pseudribute - To give recognition or credit to someone for a desirable outcome he or she did not purposely cause, or did not cause at all.

e.g., I really hate it when Scrappy-Doo always pseudributes his Uncle Scooby for getting a monster pinned down, especially if all that Scooby did was just sit there and eat.

submitted by MD Caruso

pseuf - A Pseudodictionary definition that contains some bad language, but not in the explicit manner in which they are rejected.

e.g., I think they should make a Pseudodictionary with all the pseufs rejected.

submitted by star651

pseuiee - Bad imitation of a pig.

e.g., He was trampled to death in the pigpen after calling out "pseuiee"!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pseushi - Grocery-store "sushi" in plastic packages.

e.g., The sushi bars were all closed, so I had to settle for pseushi from the 24-hour food mart.

submitted by Dan Garvin

pshaw - P-shaw. "Yeah, right" or "Whatever."

e.g., Ned: That new chick Chris is so, so hot. Jed: Pshaw. She's downright ugly . . . but you're welcome to hook up with her if you want to.

submitted by Vince - (www)

pshyah! - Used as a exclamation: "Of course." Pronounced: psh YA.

e.g., The teacher asked Sally, "Would you like a candy bar?" Sally repiled, "Pshyah."

submitted by mere

psi clone - A virtually exact copy of my mind, consciousness, memories, feelings, spirit, soul.

e.g., I will provide you with a psi clone if you promise not to abuse it.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

psipher - Psi = mind and cipher = unimportant person or sytem of code. Psipher = somebody who believes herself to be unimportant. Also psipher = band that writes good music

e.g., Nick N is a world-class psipher. He really should have more self-esteem.

submitted by Nick N - (www)

psketti - Children's phonetic spelling of spaghetti.

e.g., More psketti, mum?

submitted by bianca

pskew - An onomatopoeia used to illustrate the sound of unimaginably painful death by laser. The size and intensity of the pskew are measured by the number of exclamation marks.

e.g., Pskew!! "Wow, that's a big laser."

submitted by Greg

psoriasis - An imflammation of the conjunctival sac which causes pain in the eye.

e.g., Jason had to see his opthamologist because his eyes were in such pain from a bad case of psoriasis.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

psqueer right - An expression of indifference -- nonsense to confuse the enemy.

e.g., "It's the end of the world. Repent now you mortal sinner." "Psqueer right."

submitted by Eloy

psshhh - Used as a response to a statement that is either derogatory or doesn't have to be said. Similar to 'Whatever'

e.g., "Statement: "Hey, you girlfriend thinks that your not buying her enough presents." response: "psshhh""

submitted by DJ niJ - (www)

pssshhgnkk - This is a word to say when you can't beat someone else's alliterative masterpiece.

e.g., "A positive plethora of paddling possibilities." "Oh, pssshhgnkk."

submitted by Pete

pssst - This word has come up with the advent of Instant Messaging. "Pssst" is the sound people make when they disagree with something someone said, and want to express their disapproval with one easily said syllable. This is the text version of that sound and has become a very useful word among my friends.

e.g., Guy1: You know, the Detroit Lions aren' that bad. Me: Pssst.

submitted by Byron

psudmo - Someone pretending to be a japanese wrestler.

e.g., At only 18 stone in weight Joe would never make it past the ranks of psudmo.

submitted by Jonty Reason

psuedocommunism - A form of fascism in which the private owners who normally benefit are replaced by a small group of elites. Pseudocommunism.

e.g., The former Soviet Union and China are examples of psuedocommunism.

submitted by Stephen Tash - (www)

psuedocoulrophobia - Fake fear of clowns.

e.g., Do many people have psuedocoulrophobia?

submitted by Sharnai

psuedodictionary - PseudoDictionary, pseudodictionary.

e.g., Jonathan H of graticiously purchased the domain name and linked it to us for those who interchange the "e" and "u" in the spelling. Thanks very much, Jonathan.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

psuedoempathy - Fake sincerity.

e.g., His psuedoempathy towards his friends break-up was obvious.

submitted by Josh

psuedopregocringosis - The condition that comes over you suddenly after congratulating a woman whom appears to be pregnant, but is not. {ED. Sometimes spelled pseudopregocringosis, no doubt.}

e.g., "Hey Debra, congratulations on the new baby!" Robert said, grinning. Debra's face suddenly turned a deep shade of purple, and her two eyebrows became one. "Robert . . . I am not pregnant!" Debra snapped. Robert suddenly came under a deep state of psuedopregocringosis.

submitted by Annah-Mai

psybo - Psy-bo. A derogative term for psycho-babble. The suffix is a contraction of bollocks.

e.g., She claimed to be describing her reaction to the new Jarre album, but it sounded to me like so much psybo.

submitted by Grant - (www)

psychadellic - Awesome, amazing, cool above average. Australian slang.

e.g., That jump was totally psychadellic.

submitted by Erin Hannant - (www)

psyche-anima - The energy which flows through all living creatures. "Psyche" (from the Greek) means "soul," "mind," "spirit," "breath," or "life." Anima (from Latin) means "spirit", "mind" or "soul".

e.g., This psyche-anima exists within all of us and is the dynamic flow between persons, entering at conception and leaving when we die.

submitted by Michael Irwin

psyche-cycle - Continuous process of life, death and reincarnation.

e.g., Some religions believe in the psyche-cycle.

submitted by Hooty McBob

psychedelicatessen - A combination of psyche and delicatessen which is a play on psychedelic: colorful, eclectic, and always spinning with wild thoughts on many subjects.

e.g., Her mind resembles a psychedelicatessen.

submitted by Andrea Smith

psychic e-mail - When you think "I must call X" and then X calls you at that moment. You've obviously sent her a psychic e-mail.

e.g., It was so weird. I was sending psychic e-mail all day.

submitted by Alan Morrison

psychlic - Someone who sees visions of the future, over and over and over again.

e.g., He was already tired of his life, having seen it many times before using his psychlic ability.

submitted by Phil Young

psychling - Saying something with the direct intention of psyching someone out. Often done repeatedly to see if you can get the same reaction.

e.g., Mark was psychling Sarah all morning. He told her that she was getting a pay raise if she stood on her head for an hour straight. I think she's been standing on her head now for about 15 minutes.

submitted by Julia - (www)

psycho bath - The large deep metallic bath filled with soothing tepid waters as found in therapy at the mental institution. The ranting or raving mental patient is placed in the tub to effect a relaxing pacifying result, to the benefit of the lunatic and all the helpless lookers-on as well. It's like, screaming will get you no place.

e.g., We tried to set up a psycho bath at home for poor dear grandma, but the only way it would work was to fill the surface of the water with pink flamingos, or their children, rubber ducks. Now she's become all wrinkled, beyond expectations for her age, but she's calm, like the eye of a hurricane, heh heh.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

psychobabble - Any and all conditions, methods, treatments delivered by psychiatrists, psychologists, and other pseudo-scientists.

e.g., His continuous evaluation of me was nothing but psychobabble. | ADHD or ADD is nothing but a bunch of psychobabble.

submitted by Jo Ann Ellsworth

psychobath - The bath that a schizophrenic shares in the hospital with invisible friends.

e.g., If they cart you off to the hospital be sure to request the psychobath. It's very soothing if they're not trying to kill you.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

psychobible - Adherence to published or printed matter of a nonfactual nature, as though it were historically and realistically true: irrational blind acceptance of various unprovable materials. The printed text of such irrational nondata.

e.g., A very large number of humans are devoted to psychobible; the cultural and societal imperatives have made it impossible for many to escape its control and influence.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

psychoceramic - Crackpot; from "psychotic" + "ceramic."

e.g., That word could only come from the mind of a real psychoceramic.

submitted by Martin

psychodubular - A mix between psycho and tubular.

e.g., What a fantastic and psychodubular idea. Let's do it! Who'll bail us out if we get caught?

submitted by Mary

psychofungalfreak - A psychologically damaged, fungus-infested, odd-ball freakish individual.

e.g., I got the he-be-je-be's when that psychofungalfreak started following me around at the party.

submitted by Wog

psychoglycemic - To become erratic, irritable, short of attention or just generally insane due to low blood sugar.

e.g., Why don't you talk to me after I've eaten? I'm beginning to feel a bit psychoglycemic just now.

submitted by Hal Colombo

psychoholic - Psychic and psycho mixed. When two people are so closely linked that they finish each other's sentences or frequently say the same thing at the same time. Particularly applicable if what is said is bizarre.

e.g., Hey, that's what I was going to say. We are psychoholic.

submitted by Elizabeth - (www)

psychoillogical - psychoillogical

e.g., "Maxine Waters is not only physically unable to to embarrassed but also unable emotionally, mentally, psychoillogically - like a stump or a stone."

submitted by HD F

psycholesterol - Symptoms typically found among graduate students studying psychology. They consider everyone except themselves as potential subjects of psychological experiment.

e.g., When a friend did him a big favor, George tried to give her a piece of cheese and apologized saying, "Sorry, I can`t help my psycholesterol."

submitted by Park Jung Won - (www)

psychologize - To excuse what you did wrong by citing reasons for your bad behavior--usually something from your childhood.

e.g., I can't believe she got off so easy. She psychologized that she shoplifted because her mother used to steal from her purse.

submitted by Wendy Martin - (www)

psychomagnet - A person who has an amazing ability to attract psychotic people.

e.g., After meeting several unstable men in a row, Betty realized she had become a psychomagnet.

submitted by Paul Hickernell

psychomortalic - Brain dead.

e.g., "Why hasn't Jim Ben to work lately?" "He's psychomortalic."

submitted by Liam - (www)

psychopawthic - The natural mental state of cats, especially obvious when they're racing around the house at top speed.

e.g., Gave the cat some catnip, and now she's gone psychopawthic.

submitted by Eleri

psychophant - A psycho sycophant -- a sycophant being a self-seeking, servile flatterer; a fawning parasite. Sycophancy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sycophancy[2] is flattery that is very flunky grovelling hanger-on kowtowing lickspittle sucking up toady yes man

e.g., We're going into the months before an election where the worst of the worst psychophants start pounding their keyboards more frequently than usual.

submitted by HD Fowler

psychosclerosis - Hardening of the attitudes.

e.g., My son, who never listens to reason and has no common sense, suffers from the pseudocondition of psychosclerosis.

submitted by Sam Bernstein

psychotripsy - (SIGH-co-trip-see; n.) Soul-crushing bad news or bad treatment, such as a dear John letter or a truly miserable dead-end job. (Adj: psychotriptic; adv.: psychotriptically.) [From the Greek ŌąŌÖŌáőģ psyche "mind, soul" + ŌĄŌĀőĻŌąőĻŌā tripsis "to pound, crush, wear out."]

e.g., "What's wrong?" "Angie dumped me." "Oh, wow. I'm sorry, man." "And my boss says I gotta work three twelve-hour shifts this weekend." "That's just psychotripsy. You oughta quit." "I wish."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

psycogenicology - The study of the genetics of "mental" people.

e.g., Psycogenicology was very interesting for nathan lasseter, because it referred to him.

submitted by the evil cherub

psycredit - Credit of psychic ability sought by someone following an event, usually resulting from a trivial or minor ailment.

e.g., I had a major headache all last week, and this week a piano fell on my sister. Do I get psycredit?

submitted by Ochre Orientis

psyence - The art and appreciation of buying, mixing, and making good hard acid trance and psytrance music.

e.g., DJKitten was an expert in the field of psyence

submitted by Icarus

pt - Private Talk. A typical PT occurs when one year seven girl wants to tell another year seven girl some bitchy little secret, so she drags her friend into a corner or a bush and whispers to make the other year sevens jealous.

e.g., Charlie and Jennifer have go off to the loos for a PT. AGAIN. (Yanks, a "loo" is a lavatory, a restroom.) (ED. A few of us ignorant Yanks were aware of that. A common mistake made on the east side of the Atlantic: confusing a European or English accent with mental accomplishment. )

submitted by hannah

ptamma - When someone eats an Egg and it tastes delicious.

e.g., (Simon eats an Egg) "Mmmm, this egg is ptamma."

submitted by SoggyEggs7 - (www)

pterabyte - A unit of data storage specifically optimized for describing quantities of data stored on media that can no longer be read, such as magnetic drums or mercury delay lines. It is equal to one byte.

e.g., The only extant copy of the original PDP-8 assembler takes up 3,500 pterabytes of paper tape.

submitted by jdf - (www)

ptingga - A word describing any number of miscellenania, basically a thing or object. Specific, yet oblique.

e.g., I didn't eat the whole buffet, but I had a few ptinggas.

submitted by Phil

ptochology - "Study of beggars and unemployment." "The scientific study of pauperism, unemployment, etc."

e.g., "Professor Kenny's PhD in ptochology meant he could earn more busking than giving lectures." | "One thing you can say for the continuing recession: there's been a huge increase in employment opportunities for ptochologists." "Yea, psychologists, too. Unfortunately, no one can afford them." "Well, wait until ōbamacare fully kicks in." "Oh, that's right."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ptolargytsh - 1. A kind of sword worn in war and peacetime as well by the indigenous Hakustani people in Tajikistan, a sword that is known for many protuding edges and spikes, making its handling without damage to the handler an art that can only be mastered by Hakustani brought up with the knowledge from early childhood. 2. A verbiage that is intended to punish the listener, but which in practical effect hurts the authority of the speaker more.

e.g., John raised a ptolargytsh against Mary, but the public jeered loudly at him.

submitted by Lord Evil

pub grub - The type of food you expect at a British-style pub, such as shepherd's pie, fish and chips, and corned beef sandwiches.

e.g., I'm trying to watch my weight, but my boyfriend doesn't help matters any with his insistence on heavy, greasy foods and pub grub.

submitted by natalie

pub lungs - The way your lungs feel after a night out in a pub, like you want to hack them up onto the floor. (especially if you are a non smoker)

e.g., I could kill for a cup of tea, I've got the worst pub lungs from last night.

submitted by naomi

pubescence - 1. That age when one can first frequent bars. 2. The ambiance of the pub scene.

e.g., Reaching pubescence allowed him to drink in the whole thing at the pub, to savor the flavor.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pubic chin - A sparse, curly, black beard that resembles a patch of pubic hair.

e.g., His beard just won't grow in any thicker. He has a case of pubic chin.

submitted by BigAssFries

pubic spectacle - Not always a typo. If you make a public spectacle of yourself while you are naked (southern talk), then you could be said to be making a pubic spectacle of yourself. | "A proud and brilliant political mind has been reduced to an unfortunate pubic spectacle." Interestingly enough, that was written about Charlie Rangle in November 2010.

e.g., "You might get away with riding a bike "born-free style" in Seattle, but only if you're young, lean and cute enough in your nudity that nobody is grossed out enough to report you as a pubic spectacle." | Sheesh, here it is mid-September, a few days after Anthony Weiner's successor was elected. It's been months since Weiner was exposed for making a pubic spectacle of himself.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

publi - The plural of publix.

e.g., New publi are opening all over the place.

submitted by Chris

public domain - What a woman becomes when she gives it away to everyone.

e.g., Walt: Are you her one true love? Bob: Are you joking? She's public domain.

submitted by Steve McDonald

public offender - A self-appointed pain in the neck who tells perfect strangers what they are doing wrong, in public.

e.g., He launched into the woman who broke into the line at the post office. "Who do you think you are?" said the official behind the counter. "Lady," he said smiling, "I'm the Public Offender."

submitted by lois courtne

publicating - The way in which you would publicize complicated information.

e.g., The particle physicists were publicating their explanation of a new particle.

submitted by rolfe

pubwan - A public WAN (wide area network).

e.g., I uploaded a photocopy of my fingerprint to pubwan.

submitted by n8chz - (www)

puchi - A son, daughter or younger relative. A "loving name."

e.g., come 'ere puchi, give me a hug!

submitted by mvonatiti

puck bunny - Someone who plays hockey only cause they have a crush on a hockey player. Usually a prep, but not always.

e.g., All of those people who hang at the Pens Players forum are huge puck bunnies.

submitted by TheRunningSnowman

puck bunny - Girls that hang around jocks (see Jarheads).

e.g., What is up with Jessie? Does she always hang out with those jarheads? When did she become such a puck bunny?

submitted by JaJiner

pucker factor - The degree to which one is in mortal terror while excecuting a dangerous task. Term credited to USAF A-10 pilots flying ground-attack missions during The Gulf War.

e.g., So, I'm ridin' in Bobby's new 'Vette and he takes this corner at like 110 mph--serious pucker factor.

submitted by mark

puckey - A once-common Southern term for excrement, along with "kyarn" and "hockey." All three can be used as verb or noun.

e.g., Stop at the next filling station, Clem, I need to puckey pretty bad.

submitted by Rory Coker

puckie - Pucky. The fasteners used to put a little girl's hair up in "puppy dog tails."

e.g., Where are the puckies for putting your hair up?

submitted by «Darla»

puckordian - A line of cars in the left lane of a freeway having to brake hard, with every other one pulling left into the breakdown lane to avoid hitting the one in front. From having a high pucker factor and the resulting layout of the vehicles.

e.g., In my daily commute, I often see puckordian situations as I approach the city.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

puckslapper - Hockey player.

e.g., The puckslapper passed the puck.

submitted by B. Jones

pucky nut - Word created by me and my brother as prepubes to describe the frenzied, highly competitive physical and mental state brought on by high-speed play in table top hockey games (specifically the one with the turnable metal rods connected to 2-dimensional metal hockey player figures who slide in grooves in the surface of the rink, but would apply equally to air hockey). May be used only during actual play. The similar term "foosy nut" applies to foosball.

e.g., [Primal scream] I'm going pucky nut.

submitted by Nat

puddify - To turn into pudding like consistency. Or turning into pudding. Puddification.

e.g., I've been up so late studying that my brain is starting to puddify.

submitted by Jack Templeton

pudding - The sound of a hard bolus hitting a sheet of metal (as in a Portosan or plane or train john).

e.g., It's so embarrassing hearing your friend's pudding.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

puddkele - (from "pudding" + the Yiddish affectionate dimunitive suffix construction "-ele," comparable to Spanish "-ita/-ito"; pronounced PUDD-kuh-luh) A round, cuddly creature.

e.g., Such a puddkele is my 25-pound cat!

submitted by Sara - (www)

puddy - Bad-guy extras in movies and shows. They usually travel in packs, look alike and are really bad fighters. One hit will usually subdue a puddy. Sometimes even a near-miss can knock one out as with the storm trooper puddies from Star Wars. Taken from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

e.g., Hundreds of fighters surrounded Jack and he had only one chance. He faked towards the nearest enemy and three fell down unconscious. Ahh, this would be easy, they were all puddies.

submitted by bigharrymonkey - (www)

pudge - Extra fat that can be found on the stomach, thighs, backside, and sometimes the face. Back formation from "pudgy."

e.g., I need to work off some of this pudge on my stomach.

submitted by nine fish - (www)

pudgebucket - An obese child. A child who is exceptionally overweight due to excessive consumption of unhealthy foods and lack of exercise.

e.g., While shopping at Wal-Mart, several pudgebuckets were badgering their mom for "Happy Meals."

submitted by Billy Bob Jack - (www)

pudgely - chubby or a little round in the tummy area

e.g., You need tolay off the chips because you're getting a little pudgely.

submitted by genevieve

pudgil wave - (pudge-ill) noun - when a heavy kid knocks too much water out of the pool.

e.g., Marc's overweight cousin caused a pudgil wave when he jumped into the pool.

submitted by Miss McCann

puedamate - Using a non-existent word in a game such as Boggle or Scrabble in which actual words are required. "Made up" spelled backwards is "puedam."

e.g., William's puedamation was not only pathetic but also very annoying.

submitted by Robert Bowman

puerile - To anger a male child.

e.g., What mother can't really puerile her son?

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

puertoriquenean - Adj., singular, and to take the lower case. Spanglish to descibe someone hailing from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

e.g., I met and danced with a beautiful puertoriquenean at my mother's wedding.

submitted by Betsy Andrews

puff - Whatever, wrong, pfffff!

e.g., Puff. If that is what you think.

submitted by Jackie - (www)

puff - (n. & adj.) Light blue. (Invented to draw a distinction between light and dark blue, corresponding to the Russian goluboi and sinyi.)

e.g., “Their whole little clique came to the prom in puff gowns and tuxedos ... it looked a bit weird, to tell you the truth.”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

puff and pie - Delicious snack box containing puff, pie, pastry, cakes, and much more. Made to order for parties, seminars and other special events.

e.g., We all love to eat puff and pie.

submitted by puff and pie - (www)

puff daddy - To take a preexisting project, such as a presentation, ad copy, or design, and even though it really doesn't need improving, you make a few changes and then pass it off as entirely your own work.

e.g., I thought the ad looked fine but then she just had to go and puff daddy it up.

submitted by anne

puffally - Fluffy and soft like a cloud.

e.g., The pillow was very puffally.

submitted by Brooke

puffends - The epitome of cool. Also "puffendesaton."

e.g., Ms. Monson is puffendsaton.

submitted by Xander Bluesummers - (www)

puffer - A person who overstates or overrepresents their importance to the organization.

e.g., He's such a puffer he had people believing he was the chief when he's just an ordinary beat-cop.

submitted by Stephen Mize

pufferbillyism - (puff-fur-BILL-ee-iz-m; n.) 1. A song (often a lullaby or thinking song) from a generation or two before your parents were born, especially when you realize you don't know what some obscure term in it means or realize it references technology or social norms that haven't been seen since WWI; 2. A recollectance (q.v.) of earlier things that don't fit in modernity very well, especially things (a) that still exist, but only in less advanced countries (whatever that means) or (b) that you miss or remember fondly; 3. the gathering of such information, or songs, or stories, or descriptions from the very old or, failing that, from collections of photos or stories; 4. The love and study of old trains in particular, or other forms of transportation in general. [From a lullaby my mother used to sing to us back in ... a long time ago: "Down by the station / Early in the morning / See the little pufferbillies all in a row. / See the little driver / Turn the little handle / Puff! Puff! Tweet! Tweet! / Off they go!" (There are many versions of this one; this is the one 50 years of Earth have failed to erode). Oh, and "puffer-billy" is a real word for steam trains; and my Grandfather worked for the Union Pacific all his life. [He also had a really cool car that had a second set of wheels for driving along train tracks---is that nifty or what? And he always had red American Licorice Co. licorice in the glove compartment for me.... And he was as strong as an ox, with a grip like a bench vise.] One who practices or adheres to pufferbillyism is a pufferbillyist.

e.g., My brother and I sometimes like to sit back and indulge in pufferbillyism: We talk about spin-dial phones, record players, service station attendants, and watching Gilligan's Island on our old black-and-white television.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

puffgut - Physical swelling of stomach after eating too much.

e.g., After we went out to eat, I had a bad case of puffgut.

submitted by Tina

puffie - A strong cheese or a mature chedder.

e.g., I don't like the cheese because it's too puffie.

submitted by Sam Harding

puffles - Extremely puffy and cute.

e.g., Torrie was puffles.

submitted by Monica Ash

puffsky - A person who is not quite fat, but not quite skinny -- somewhere between husky and puffy.

e.g., Girl: Do I look fat? Guy: No, I would just say you look a little puffsky.

submitted by shonna stuvland

puffy - Full of herself, usually as a result of low self-esteem and over-indulgence in porcine products.

e.g., She's all puffy. If she keeps bragging about starting her MBA, she's going to get lynched.

submitted by Chris - (www)

puffy - How one gets when she thinks she's all big and tough because she're angry or trying not to look scared.

e.g., My dog got all puffy when the garbage truck drove by. Her old boyfriend got all puffy when he saw us together.

submitted by gkel

puffy stuffed - Your condition when you eat so much that you feel you might die.

e.g., After eating so many flappers, I felt puffy stuffed.

submitted by Megan

puggled - Scots slang: tired or exhausted.

e.g., "You coming dancing tonight?" "No, I'm puggled."

submitted by Adam Leslie

pugnacity - The quick to argue, quarrel or fight human condition caused by living with the stresses of an urban environment.

e.g., "You say I'm being 'obnoxious'? Hey, listen. I live in a closet-sized apartment, in a noisy, crowded, dirty city. Every day I breathe soot and god-knows-what-else filled air, push through mobs of grouchy, stuck-up idiots, go to work to a 4' by 6' cubicle surrounded by stupid monkeys, and I wonder if I've got a job tomorrow." "What? Why don't I move?" †† "Buzz off, buddy. I love it here. I'm no different. We've all got pugnacity!"

submitted by charlie lesko

pugnauseous - To be made ill by the sight of a pug.

e.g., Goodness gracious, that nasty little dog made me quite pugnauseous.

submitted by Hannah - (www)

pugncaco - To fight dirty.

e.g., He fought pugncaco last night.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

pugnfort - Fight strong.

e.g., "You will have to pugnfort to beat the champion," said the coach.

submitted by SlyDragon37

pugno - (Rhymes with moon-yo; n.) 1. A fistful of something greatly to be desired (e.g., cash, precious metals, Cadbury Easter eggs, whatever); 2. A bounty or reward, especially a large one; 3. (sarcastically) An amount of stuff or reward money far less than what would normally be given or offered. [Italian for "fist" -- from the Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western _Per un pugno di dollari_ "For a Few Dollars More."]

e.g., It's really bad when you fill a pinata with 100 pugnos of M&Ms, Laffy Taffy, Jelly Bellies, and Twizzlers, and it turns out to be too little for 25 kids. | "Hey, look there! That's that doberman everyone's looking for! There's a $200 pugno for bringing him in." | "A buck-70's quite a pugno for saving everyone in that apartment building."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pugnous - 1. To be full of the feeling to fight. 2. To have the ability to fight well.

e.g., Shawn must be very pugnous -- he's been in five fights in the last two weeks.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

puh - For.

e.g., I was looking puh carrots and it took me forever to find them.

submitted by ditnis

puh-leeze - "Please," respelled to indicate, primarily, a quality of sarcasm. The spelling was accepted in the September 14, 2007, update to the Oxford English Dictionary.

e.g., Puh-leeze, you know that's not what I had in mind.

submitted by HD Fowler

puhantom - "Phantom," for people who can't pronounce their Fs.

e.g., Oh no, it's the puhantom of the opera.

submitted by Bob Smith

puhhdicament - A situation of some type or another. Usually a bad one, but not always. A corruption of the word "predicament."

e.g., "I just lost a thousand dollars in a game of cards. What a puhhdicament!" Or in the GOOD context: "I just won a thousand dollars in a game of cards. What a puhhdicament!"

submitted by Dave2 - (www)

puiza - The crackle sound made when you pour milk into Rice Krispies.

e.g., Mike was fascinated when he heard the puiza from his Rice Krispies.

submitted by Tyson 7th English

puk - (abbr., n.) The Parliament of the United Kingdom, abbreviated in the same way the US abbreviates its president as POTUS ("President Of The United States").

e.g., Watching Prime Minister Question Time is my favorite thing about the PUK.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

pukamo - The combination of punk, ska and emo genres of music.

e.g., Left Out Skippy is a good Pukamo band!

submitted by Justin - (www)

puker - A small cute thing or human.

e.g., Most babies are pukers.

submitted by Robert Beaudreau

puketergiest - A mischievious and just a little bit gross spirit which leaves little puddles of vomit wherever it goes.

e.g., Jules was certain that the unpleasent puddles in his livingroom were the result of a puketergist.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

pule - V. To vomit: N.The material vomited.

e.g., Her remark was so upsetting I wanted to pule. The resultant pule made me want to pule all over again.

submitted by Bunny

pull a face - "Make/pull a face: to show that you do not like something or someone by making an unpleasant expression."

e.g., Saw the "pull a face" reference in the linked article. Rather than say Ulrika Johnson (whoever she is) was pulling a face, I'd say she was trying to smile. | The little girl pulled a face to show her disapproval. | I neither know nor care who she is, but if those pouts and poses she's pulling are meant to be sexy, then she's failed in my book. - ICP, England, 20/10/2011 23:45

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

pull a harry mason - To rush into something without any regard for potential risks or danger. Adapted from the video game Silent Hill.

e.g., I pulled a Harry Mason today when I missed a stop sign and kept speeding on. I ended up getting pulled over.

submitted by Juice Maloose

pull a holden - Outright telling someone you're in love with him when he has no clue that you do. From Holden McNeil in the movie "Chasing Amy."

e.g., Even though she was my brother's girlfriend, I almost pulled a Holden last night when she giggled.

submitted by plank - (www)

pull a homer - Do something dumb like fall, and then do something like find a dime on the floor because of your fall.

e.g., After he fell, he found a dime he said "I pulled a homer".

submitted by Sum dum dum that is dum

pull a huey - "To make a U-turn while driving, especially in places where U-turns are expressly forbidden or just not appropriate."

e.g., "Damn, I missed the street... I'll just pull a huey up here..."

submitted by Galloway

pull a john hughes - To pull a John Hughes is to be needlessly concerned about the results of a test everyone else knows you aced. {ED. John was known to be extremely smart, but he was always saying after an exam, "I know I got an F." Fellow students, in a sort of John Hughes Fan Club, had green sweat shirts (John must have had about forty, because he almost always wore one.) made up that had "I know I got an F" printed on them. Marshalltown, IA, circa 1981.}

e.g., "I know I got an F." "C'mon, Mike. You tryin' to pull a John Hughes? Everyone knows you didn't get a single answer wrong."

submitted by HD Fowler

pull a macguyver - To use obscure means and objects to complete a task.

e.g., Yesterday I locked my keys in my car. I had to pull a macguyver to break in to it.

submitted by Leggett

pull a pesci - To threaten to perform an act of surreal brutality on someone angering you (from the bar scene in Casino, with Joe Pesci).

e.g., Okay, don't make me pull a Pesci on you..

submitted by Sean

pull a train - Consensual sex between one woman and several men.

e.g., The stripper agreed to pull a train with all of the guys at the bachelor party.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack

pull itical pro fishency - The contacts, and the honed and practiced skills, that make crafty professional politicians effective in casting for, and landing, the largest personal gains.

e.g., Calvin Cooledge, the most ardent fisherman of the American presidents, was reported to say: "We have, here in Congress, much too many Anglers with pull itical pro fishency. Let the people beware -- they're all up to constructing something 'weir'd in Washington!"

submitted by charlie lesko

pull my thumb - Symbolizes the gas pump handle; just as the finger resembles the hose.

e.g., Pull my finger, pull my thumb. If you want free gas, I'll give you some.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pullatial - A description of the magnificent lifestyle and benefits, especially afforded our Federal and State politicians.

e.g., One of our state senators was an ordinary guy, brought up in a small town, and not a real standout in any crowd. {ED. I'll visualize him as the crooked Senator Joseph Paine, the Claude Rains character from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. You can find out about the six times married Rains and his cohorts at the link provided.} †† Once elected to the state Senate, however, in addition to the benefits of a large budget and support staff, travel allowances, hefty health and retirement plans, and other special perks, all for what used to be "part time" work, he entered the world of pullatial opportunities. †† As examples: His wife, a working R.N., was relieved of her daily nursing activities. She received a pullatial appointment to a state medical advisory board, with oversight duties, at almost double her prior salary. †† There were no waterfront building lots advertised for sale on our local, prime lake. However, the Senator and his family acquired one, and soon built a pullatial summer home. †† The Senator is currently under investigation by the NY Senate Ethics Committee for allegedly using his influence to get his son, fresh out of law school, a pullatial first job at $150,000 a year. †† For almost all citizens, the door to financial success is marked "PUSH," and, if we're fortunate, it takes years of hard work and determination to get there. †† We've allowed our politicians an easier entry. Once elected to serve us, they are free to serve themselves, by opening the door marked "PULL," quickly enjoying the wealth and comfort many Americans can never attain.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

pulled a hammer - Spending all of your money on stupid stuff like MC Hammer did.

e.g., You bought a Rolex? Somebody just pulled a hammer.

submitted by alex

pulling a goose - One man asks you to dance and his two buddies roll up behind you and attempt to ride your wind shear all night long; any attempt to eject means a serious headblow and potential death. See _Night at the Roxbury_ for this in practice in extreme terms. Common side effects are being disturbed when brushing up against doorknobs; getting a migraine when seeing polyester shirts in direct light; and crying in shame when you think about dancing in public. Addendum: Women are urged to wear closed-toed shoes as these are tricky maneuvers.

e.g., She was extremely attractive. Several guys tried to pull a goose.

submitted by nitag - (www)

pulling a sylvia - To not follow through; to not show up. Recently seen on the James Randi website. James Randi is one of the world's foremost debunkers of so called "psychic" powers, and is most notable for helping to expose Uri Geller (the spoon bender nut) as a fraud. His foundation (the James Randi Educational Foundation) offers a one million dollar prize for anyone who can prove that "psychic" powers (or whatever other fruit loop powers) actually exist. Sylvia Brown went public on Larry King and took the challenge, but as could be expected by such an obvious fraud, she has never followed through. I'm sure regular readers of James Randi's website knew exactly what pulling a Sylvia meant.

e.g., I'm sure if John Edwards ever "accepted" the JREF million dollar challenge, he would pull a Sylvia. Of course, proving his powers to the world under legitimate scientific tests might have an adverse effect on all the money he's making now. Oh well, there will always be suckers out there willing to ignore the fact that their space cadet heroes are pulling a Sylvia, so all would not be lost.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

pulling the trigger - An unsportsmanlike play usually seen in NHL hockey video games where the opposing player takes an involuntary pass from the goaltender and shamelessly takes the shot while the goaltender is out of position, usually resulting in an easy goal.

e.g., Not only is Mike Mark a C-Master (see "C-Master"), the only way he can score goals is by swarming my goalie and pulling the trigger. That's weak.

submitted by tommy

pulltab - Instant win lottery ticket. The ticket is laminated and contains perforated windows that can be opened to reveal content.

e.g., I opened my pulltab and won $500.00 dollars.

submitted by Don Basina

pulperize - (v.) To fiercely attack someone or something's reputation from the pulpit -- of late practiced in many Third World mosques.

e.g., On Sunday, Brother Bobby Ed just about pulperized Doctors Without Borders for not taking a firm stand against the ungodly practice of contraception in the Congo.

submitted by wogerdodger

pulpicide - 1. Wasting of paper and paper goods. 2. Death by pulp fiction.

e.g., 1. The office was so overflowing with copies and faxes, they were issued a citation for pulpicide. 2. His autopsy said James S. died of a brain hemmorrhage. My opinion is that all the cheap detective novels caused his brain to explode--making it pulpicide.

submitted by Phil

pulse rifle - Very powerful gun from the TV show _Farscape_.

e.g., That pulse tifle's gonna blow him away--big time.

submitted by Kavanne

pulu - something very rounded and smooth

e.g., Many of the pebbles on that part of the beach are pulus

submitted by kathrine

pulvereens - What's left after smashing or grinding something down to the smarticles (which see).

e.g., Conan worked the grunt mill fourteen years . . . 'til the dust beneath his feet was ground to pulvereens.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

puma - A young girl at a bar who is aggressively seeking affection -- or nothing more than a a root.

e.g., That puma was all over you.

submitted by Huxley

pumdutters - Potatoes (of any kind, raw, mashed, fried, baked, fries, chips, crisps, jojo's, couch, hash browns); from the French, pommes de terre.

e.g., Ever day I gotta have me pumdutters, some fries in the mornin', French fries at dinner (noon), mashed with amburger gravy for supper (5:30), an fish 'n chips round midnight with me wifey-poo.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

pumfty - Pleasingly neat, tidy and all-in-order.

e.g., I spent the morning tidying my room and now it's nice 'n pumfty.

submitted by Perky Pat

pummel - Aquiring, sampling, downloading sounds and sequences for use in electronic music production. Implies taking something which doesn't belong to you. Kinda like the great classical musicians used to do by "sampling" phrases from other composers' works and using them in new contexts.

e.g., I found a HotLine server last night with every single Jack Handy Deep Thought in .wav form. I am going to pummel that as soon as I get home.

submitted by garret

pummelgate, pommelgate - The propagation of the incorrect spelling or definition of a word.

e.g., Sophia pummelgates all the time. Yesterday she came to the office trying to find out what pommelgate meant. She insisted that was the correct spelling. It turns out that the word she was looking for was "promulgate," so we decided to give "pommelgate, pummelgate" life in her honor.

submitted by Sophia Roach

pump - Here in the Bronx we call a hydrant a pump.

e.g., The fireman came and turned on the pump. The pump is open. Let's get wet in the pump.

submitted by Julio Maysonet

pumpernickel - Really cheap commercial sex.

e.g., The poor girl had to resort to pumpernickeling to earn her bread (which was odd because she was well bred and could have charged at least a dime).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

pumping gas - Doing something airheaded.

e.g., Interestingly enough, soon after my daughter pumped gas, we saw Derek Zoolander's model buddies pump gas, too.

submitted by HD Fowler

pumpitude - Muscles acquired through working out. From the Saturday Night Live skit "Pumping Up with Hanz and Franz."

e.g., He's flabby -- he has no pumpitude.

submitted by Jeff Bramel

pumpkin cutter - A term for members of the gothic subculture, not an actual device used to cut or carve pumpkins. See also spider farmer, spooky kook, kooky spook, fangtard, and goff.

e.g., These Bauhaus boxed sets should go over well with the pumpkin cutters.

submitted by George Edward Purdy

pumpkin warrior - A heavily muscled body nazi.

e.g., Ed: Check her out. Red: Yeah, shame about the pumpkin warrior she's hangin' with. Ed: Snubbed.

submitted by wnpxnff

pumpkinhead - One who is addicted to the music group, Smashing Pumpkins.

e.g., She has 55 Smashing Pumpkins CDs. She must be a real pumpkinhead.

submitted by A Pumpkinhead

pumpkiniffiny - Something really wonderful. An expression of joy.

e.g., This steak is pumpkiniffiny.

submitted by Scott Thum

punawareness - (n) lacking realization that one has made a pun.

e.g., Jane's punawareness surfaced when she noted with a straight face that her husband's bad coffee was grounds for divorce. (She was obviously punaware of the joke.)

submitted by Karen Erickson

punch - An exclamation used to indicate one's frustration; more narrowly, indicates one's desire to beat the ccrap out of something or someone.

e.g., "Would you like to take a survey?" "Punch."

submitted by Unless - (www)

punch - An aggressively male term for posting or sending a file via the internet.

e.g., I'll punch you that file in the morning.

submitted by tom - (www)

punch buggy - 1. A Volkswagen Beetle, new or old. 2. A game where one punches a friend extremely hard when a Beetle is spotted and yells "Punch buggy -- (color of car)!" The addititon of "No Punchbacks" is optional.

e.g., Never drive past a Volkswagen dealership with Crystal in the car -- she's killer at punch buggy.

submitted by Cyn Tsuki

punchline narcissism - What happens when the only one laughing at a joke is the one who told it.

e.g., Never ask Steve to tell you a joke, he's got punchline narcissism.

submitted by L. Gillies

punctiliate - A person oppressive with her views of the finer things in life.

e.g., Bill is too concerned with money. Methinks he may be a punctiliate.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

punctionary - Quite simply a portmanteau of pun and dictionary. It represents any book, index, inventory, etc. of puns. Basically a gargantuan list of puns is equivalent to a dictionary of puns, hence the term puctionary. FYI: Just came up with the term after it dawned on me how replete the pseudodictionary was with puns.

e.g., Alice embodied a pun machine after poring over a punctionary the previous night, her friends found her quite amusing.

submitted by Jason Schwartz - (www)

punctiphonious - For false punctuality.

e.g., John's punctiphonious behavior was revealed when his co-workers discovered he was supposed to arrive an hour earlier than he admitted.

submitted by Montgomery Stewart

punctuphobia - Intense fear of and rejection of punctuation. Very contagious, prolifierated due to cellphone text messages.

e.g., Og showed he suffered from punctuphobia when he wrote, "It's like this time at band camp I was playing Dungeons & Dragons with my buddy Gus while looking for etymology on the 'net when suddenly the lights went out and Jason Voorhies came in thru the door and I yelled and went screaming to the cafeteria where....

submitted by the_other_giuliani

pundant - Pundit, a self-proclaimed expert. (At least that's what I think people mean when they use it.)

e.g., He is a political pundant.

submitted by Doug Fanberg