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outtie fivethoutie - In reference to the Audi 5000, means to leave quickly.

e.g., "This party's dead, I'm outtie fivethoutie"

submitted by Mike Dunlap

outtro - Word used by people who think they are "hip" to notify others that they are leaving.

e.g., I'm outtro, y'all.

submitted by Wilton

outwiggers - The outward supports on a structure used to stablize something.

e.g., What are those for? They're the outwiggers. They help stablize the building.

submitted by Britt

ovalution - The evolution of the egg, in Time and Space, from the very beginnings on into the Future, as projected and scientifically forecast by experts.

e.g., In the beginning was the pre-proto egg, a concept with a distinct conception and functioning. Thereafter were microscopic eggs, barely visible eggs, birds eggs, ostrich eggs, and one supposes dinosaur eggs must have been fairly humongous.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ovarian beamacide - Legal term for the vaporizing of a male spouse by the female spouse utilizing her Ovarian Beam-O-Death. It is a particle beam emitted from the female's forehead with the force of 99 gazillion atmospheres delivered on the target male at six times the speed of a teenager answering a telephone. Usually happens when a noisy male tries to sneak into the couple's abode too late. No female has ever been prosecuted for this. Only known prevention of Ovarian Beamacide is for the male to have his genitals removed and thrown into the Mariana Trench. The Ovarian Beam-O-Death is only active for the five days leading up to the onset of menses.

e.g., Ken is missing and Lisa is suspected of Ovarian Beamacide. Only his Hiroshima blast shadow was left on the kitchen wall.

submitted by Mark C

ovenate - When you cook something and you use the oven part of a toaster oven, not the toaster part.

e.g., Kate toasted her bread and is now ovenating her french fries.

submitted by Stef

over my head - The condition you're in when something is too hard for you to deal with.

e.g., Quantum physics is just way over my head.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

over the taupe - The act of going beyond a neutral, greyish brown color -- i.e., excessive.

e.g., Stuart may be considered an excellent interior decorator, but his garish color schemes are over the taupe.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

over-by-dere - Over by there. A location of something or someone in particular.

e.g., Bill don't live in Green Lake no more, he lives up over-by-dere in Kenosha.

submitted by Chris Andruss

over-refreshed - Drunk.

e.g., The dinner was fine even though the guest of honor was over-refreshed.

submitted by Larry

over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder - a bra

e.g., "thats a large over-the shoulder-boulder-holder shes wearing

submitted by bogus

overbove - opposite of underneath,

e.g., the glass is on the shelf overbove your head

submitted by marcus

overbyte - To spend so much time on the Internet that you glaze over.

e.g., Broadband users become so enthralled with their fast connections that many overbyte within the first week.

submitted by Bruce Hurley

overcarrol - (Of science popularisers.) To unhelpfully or excessively use the works of Lewis Carroll as an analogy for particle physics weirdness.

e.g., Good book? Yeah, but a bit of overcarrolling in the later chapters.

submitted by Doctor Eelpout

overcat - (n.) The opposite of an underdog: the expected winner, a heavily favored contestant. [From a character in the old 60s "Underdog" cartoon, voiced by Wally Cox.]

e.g., The Trogs were the overcats: the betting was heavy on the Trogs, justifiably, as it turns out: the Trogs beat the Outlaws 44 to 3.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

overcats - The sky is not falling today as all the wet cats are in their heaven and all is well, shades of gray, in the world.

e.g., No raining cats and dogs today, the sky is overcats and the sun is out of sight, man.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

overcome - When someone has passed out or required hospitalisation as the result of adult activities.

e.g., "What happened to Dan?" "He overcame."

submitted by h_ank

overcommasize - To use too many commas, in a section of speech, or writing.

e.g., Elaine tends to frequently overcommasize, her papers.

submitted by Kari

overcomplexify - To make unnecessarily complicated, or to make complex something that can or should be simple.

e.g., Michael thought the project would not take a lot of design or implementation effort, so he accused Dave of overcomplexifying matters.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

overdog - The opposite of underdog, the combatant in a battle that is expected to win

e.g., Despite being overdogs in their game against Vauxhall Motors, QPR still came off second best.

submitted by Matthew Doherty

overdue library book - Someone who isn't from around here and needs to go back to wherever she came from

e.g., Who is this guy? What an overdue library book.

submitted by David Sammons

overexaggerate - To exaggerate something to an excessive degree.

e.g., As impossible as it may seem, the comic strip overexaggerated her stupidity.

submitted by Kathryn - (www)

overexaggereating - Overeating on Thanksgiving and then exaggerating the next day about how much you ate.

e.g., Okay, so I have been overexaggereating just a little. I do it every Thanksgiving.

submitted by David Rutter - (www)

overflew - Used as the past tense of "overflow," because it is more festive than saying "overflowed." ("Overflew" is also the past tense of "overfly.")

e.g., The sink overflew yesterday and boy did it make a mess.

submitted by Jo Ginsberg

overhalls - A not uncommon pronunciation of "overalls." Overhauls.

e.g., About the only time we don't wear our overhalls is when we go to church, or maybe to bed.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

overhaul - The most common use of "overhaul" is to give a piece of machinery a thorough examination for faults and then repair it. However, in UK English at least, it is commonly used for someone breaking into your house and examining your belongings to find evidence or whatever else the intruder is looking for. Slangy.

e.g., After the gang had worked him over in the bar, he got back home to find they had overhauled his flat.

submitted by dave_anon] - (www)

overhung - The state of having an hangover.

e.g., Sam was so overhung that morning that he didn't recognise his girlfriend.

submitted by Sylvan

overloaded - To be too rich or wealthy; to have more money then you know what to do with.

e.g., Bob? Following last month's bonus, he's ain't just loaded, he's overloaded.

submitted by Paul Sanderson

overlooktion - The act of overlooking; an oversight .

e.g., It was an overlooktion -- he didn't mean to forget to take his report card home for his parent's signature.

submitted by louis machall

overly pre-emptive - One quick to judge people.

e.g., John, you are so damn overly pre-emptive. Let him finish what he has to say, then jump on him.

submitted by Andrew Ussher - (www)

overneath - Opposite of underneath.

e.g., The flat overneath us will be vacated Monday.

submitted by John

overnightly - Happening overnight, every night, generally in relation to a job performed automatically by a computer. "Overnight" + "nightly."

e.g., This database is backed up overnightly.

submitted by Andy Gimblett - (www)

overodorant - Correct wording for the oftimes confused "deodorant." The underarm freshener which overpowers body odor.

e.g., Phew! I stink. I'd better put on some overodorant.

submitted by Martin R

overprecautious - "Overcautious" combined with "precaution."

e.g., It never hurts to be a bit overprecautious.

submitted by David Rutter

overreactoid - Someone who overreacts to external stimuli or events in an excessive and unjustified manner.

e.g., Gustav was an overreactoid when it came to colds and flus. At the first sign of a sneeze he would run shrieking from a room and take to his bed for a week.

submitted by kip

overridable - A value or an act is overridable when it can be overridden by a higher authority.

e.g., The public's interest in information is overridable whenever it conflicts with any individual right or with any greater general interest. | Seeing autonomy as an overridable value will not be forceful enough to support liberal neutrality. | Statements of defeasible commitment would apparently be immune to factual detachment: they would be overridable, and they would be non-augmentable.

submitted by Christopher Yeleighton - (www)

overshare - Chosen as word of the year for 2014 by the Chambers Dictionary folks. "Chambers has gone for overshare, which it defines as 'to be unacceptably forthcoming with information about one’s personal life,' commenting that it was 'beautifully British' and a 'subtle yet devastating' put-down. That's not a complete definition, as it can also mean inappropriately supplying detailed personal information to a stranger online; it has also been used for deliberately giving intimate details of a relationship in order to shame one’s former partner. It's neither British nor new, as it was first recorded as teen slang in the US in the 1990s and appeared in print in The New York Times as early as 1998. Apart from that, it’s quite a good choice." | Giving out more information than necessary -- sharing an experience to the point of embarrassing or disgusting the listener.

e.g., It's one thing to overshare with an anonymous stranger on a bus (plane, train, automobile), quite another to overshare with potentially hundreds, thousand, or millions online. | "So that's when my mom told me about her first sexual experience." "Whoa, Bob. Stop right there -- overshare."

submitted by [oversharer] | kokogiak

overspiceage grandioso - Something like adding 3/4 cup of cumin to your two lbs. of potato salad.

e.g., When I put the 15 habaneros in my salsa I had no idea it would be overspiceage grandioso.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

overstanding - A better substitute for "understanding" when the word refers to having built a better mental model of something by seeing in a larger context.

e.g., One I had lived 65 years, I gained a greater overstanding of the diversity of cultures and people.

submitted by Stephen T - (www)

overstood - To read something into a statement that is not there to begin with. To make more of a sentence than was intended.

e.g., You overstood me. I said I love you, not that I wanted to devote my life to bringing up your children.

submitted by Tinkapace - (www)

overtalker - A person who insists on talking whilst you're just finishing, or someone who pre-empts what you're going to say (and invariably gets it wrong).

e.g., Chris is an overtalker -- she kept interrupting me.

submitted by Paul Ingles - (www)

overtrains - Overtrains is something that is better then current conditions. (Similar to "The grass is greener on the other side.")

e.g., A Coca-Cola would be overtrains right now.

submitted by Ursamoon

overwag - For a state of over-excitement far beyond what the situation merits.

e.g., He's overwagging, a slice of kidney pie is no reason to do backflips and run squealing from the room.

submitted by Monica

ovid - For the period of time after you come down from a sugar rush, feeling deflated, worn out, vibrating, slight headache.

e.g., Maria and Peter felt completely ovid after downing six boxes of marshmallow bunnies.

submitted by Peter Pagano

ovident - Hybrid of "evident" and "obvious," which makes it twice as strong in a put-down.

e.g., It is painfully ovident that you are indeed a pilark.

submitted by Richard

ovilism - The inexplicable urge to say "baaa" when you see a sheep.

e.g., As they drove past the pasture, the kids succumbed to ovilism and baaa'd at the sheep they saw.

submitted by Colin Taffel

ovular - Sort of round, but stretched and hence oval--but of a 3D nature.

e.g., That egg is oval. No, it's OVULAR.

submitted by Morgan

owl - Used as a verb: stealing things in an outrageously stealthy manner, often in the guise of performing good deeds. In fact, OWL itself is a little-known abbreviation for "outrageously weaseling leech."

e.g., I'm moving in as early as possible, and if they've owled away all the good beds by the time I get there, they're gonna get owled up the face.

submitted by Anna Lang - (www)

owl's bowel's - Moderate oath or expression of surprise, somewhat more genteel than the familiar s-word. Patterned perhaps on the relatively rare hell's bells.

e.g., When the crowds had largely traversed the plains to stop at a nourishment center for a brief spell they shouted to the Designated Guide, "Owl's bowels, esteemed D. G.! The terrain hereabouts looks no fairer than than which we left three stars ago."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

owl-appendix - Used to describe something that is an intrusive annoyance which requires removal. A phonetic play on the phrase "all up in this."

e.g., Quit being owl-appendix. I can do my quantum physics all by myself.

submitted by dot - (www)

owl-eyes - To glare at someone through narrowed eyed. Comes from The Onion's banner headline "Owls are assholes."

e.g., Ma, he's making owl-eyes at me.

submitted by Adam Leslie

owling - "Owling, believed to have started in Australia, consists of nothing more taxing than crouching on one's haunches and staring into the middle distance like the nocturnal birds." The practice reminded me of a Greek Theater pep rally at the University of Arkansas in the fall of 1959. We assumed the posture described, but it wasn't called owling -- we didn't stare into the distance. Rumor had it at the time that photographs were being taken for some national magazine, perhaps The Saturday Evening Post, Life, or Time. I'm not sure we had a name for what we were doing other than the common word hunkering. What possessed us to do it? Nothing more than being college students, as far as I know.

e.g., Owling was reported as a craze in The Times of India on July 16. Will it survive a month before being supplanted by something else -- is owling already dead? How long did planking last?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

own - Cool; fascinating; something that you are fond of.

e.g., Having no homework this week would really own.

submitted by Lexi - (www)

ownage - The state, quality, or act of complete (and usually embarrassing) domination of one side of a conflict by another.

e.g., Since they were outnumbered four to one, ownage followed. Is his ownage greater than mine? On Friday we raided the guildhall, and the ownage was intense.

submitted by Felix

owo - An inside out wow. Reverse exclamation.

e.g., When the giant red began to collapse on itself and reached maximum scrunch thus exploding into a supernova I shouted, "WOW." On the other hand . . . when you described the event afterward I mumbled, "Owo" in an undertone.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

owyeyett - I don't usually comment but I gotta admit thanks for the post on this great one dddbfaddgebg

e.g., I don't usually comment but I gotta admit thanks for the post on this great one dddbfaddgebg

submitted by yyrriwro

ox - When someone is beaten down by multiple assailants; to get "jumped."

e.g., Did you see that? Chris and his gangstas oxed him right in the club.

submitted by rick

oxemburf - 1. Dirty. 2. Diseased.

e.g., 1. When the kids came in from playing in the mud they were very oxemburf. 2. We couldn't eat the cow because it was oxemburfed.

submitted by Kevin

oxen cotton - The soft woolen undercoat of certain ox, which may be combed, spun, and wove into specialty garments, expensive, but worth every penny of it..

e.g., Wool can be itchy 'tho cotton's not rotten, silk dresses and tresses, materials improve, now we've gotten oxen cotton, it's the best thing we've gotten, soft, strong, and beautiful, 'tho essentially unaffordable ..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oxometer - A way of measuring the amount of bovine excreta (BS) in a phrase, speech, or question.

e.g., "To answer that," Mr. Pearson said, "I would need to use my oxometer."

submitted by Daniel - (www)

oxternals - Armpit hair that protrudes beyond the limits of the sleeeves of a t-shirt.

e.g., Notice in a military barracks: All those showing their xxternals will be required to report to the barber shop immediately.

submitted by John Waid

oxy-condom - A special device, impregnated with tiny particles of morphon.

e.g., They may cost a little more, but the oxy-condom is top of the line, the cat's meow..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oxygen - A woman who finds males always wrong in all catergories regardless of the situation..

e.g., Ms. Koeler, stop your ranting. He'll think you're an oxygen. He didn't mean anything by that comment. He was joking.

submitted by Ian Faynik

oxygen thief - An utterly worthless person, without redeeming qualities of any kind.

e.g., Chris, you're only an oxygen thief.

submitted by Fiona

oxymnemonic - Using a mnemonic, or anachronym, and adding the last letter's word to the phrase, eg: PIN number ATM machine

e.g., PIN number, is really saying 'personal id number number or ATM machine, is really saying automatic teller machine machine

submitted by Peter Vincent

oy - a verbally expressed sigh

e.g., Dan: Joan, your roommate once again managed to set your closet on fire. Joan: Oy...

submitted by Charlene

oy vay - It comes from a language called Yiddish which was spoken by European Jews. It is a mixture of Hebrew, German and various Slavic languages. Prior to WWII about eleven million people spoke Yiddish; newspapers and books were published in the language, and there was Yiddish theater in Europe, the United States and Latin America. "Oy!" can mean any number of things, depending on the context and the way it is said. It can express both dejection and joy; ecstasy and horror. "Oy Vay" literally means "oh pain," but it is often used to express just the opposite. A book titled The Joys of Yiddish, by Leo Rosten, lists 29 ways the expression "Oy!" can be used.

e.g., They did what to the network? Oy vay!

submitted by Bryan - (www)

oy vey - Standard Jewish expression of exasperation, frustration, annoyance, sympathy.

e.g., Did you see the weasel at the bar? He wouldn't leave me alone all night. Oy vey, what a loser.

submitted by emerald

oya! - An exclamation of strong approval or disapproval. Always spelled with an exclamation mark and used as a stand-alone word. A natural expression that is inborn in some earthy people.

e.g., Oya! That was the worst joke I've ever heard!

submitted by Steve McDonald

oya-boya! - A strong exclamation indicating surprise, pleasure, pain, or any profound reaction to something. This is a naturally developed expression from the depths of my own mind, probably derived from the shorter expression "Oy!"

e.g., Oya-boya! What a fine, big set she's got.

submitted by Steve McDonald

oye - A word used during suprising moments.

e.g., Oye! Your mom is posing nude on the internet. Oye!, this beer is bad."

submitted by ap

oyks - Exclamation, like "that stinks" or "oh man" or "great . . . this is gonna stink." Synonyms: great., blah, darn, oh man, that stinks, etc.

e.g., Teacher: Pop quiz everyone.Brandon: Oyks, I didn't read the assignment last night. | Ollie: I'm sore all over. Chuck: Oyks. Well, I hope you get better soon.

submitted by Brandon

oyster - One who uses many Jewish or Yiddish words or expressions as part of everyday speech, but may or may not be Jewish.

e.g., Did you hear her talking about the gefilte fish? She's just an oyster.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

oysterectomy - The practice or procedure of removing pearls from their shell. Normally quite painless and certainly profitable. A useful skill when you have lots of oysters -- of the right variety, that is.

e.g., With the practice of oysterectomy, one wonders if one is to eat the oysters therein with the removal of the pearls of great price thereout.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ozay - (n) Someone crazier than you. (adj) In the present state of being crazier than you. (From the Sarah Silverman program.)

e.g., 1. Your friend is ozay 2. I'll give you the money, for Christ's sake. You're being really ozay about this.

submitted by Andy - (www)

ozoamblyrosis - "The loss of sexual desire due to the unpleasant body odour of one’s partner," according to Michael Quinion. He got the word from _Depraved and Insulting English_. Real or not real?

e.g., She asked me if I wanted to come up for a cup of coffee -- which I took to mean for sex. "No thank you," I said, "I'm having a problem this evening with ozoamblyrosis." Entirely true and straightforward. I figured she wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about or why I was taking a pass on her generous offer. That's the way it goes sometimes when you're the designated driver.

submitted by HD Fowler

oztrailya - Where Americans think Aussies are from.

e.g., For our holiday we went to Oztrailya.

submitted by Fred

ozworthy - An action or event, usually in drama or literature, which contains extreme violence or sexual perversion and has no purpose other than shock value. Referring to the HBO fictional series, OZ, about life in a maximum security prison.

e.g., _South Park_ is sometimes Ozworthy, but it still makes you laugh.

submitted by David Mazzotta - (www)

ozz - The place where people go after abusing drugs too much. Side effects of entering Ozz include constantly unintelligible speech and limited body movement.

e.g., Bob Dylan entered Ozz so long ago that all he can manage to do is hold notecards with his lyrics written on them.

submitted by PPM - (www)

ozzified - 1. Something with Ozzy Osbourne paraphernalia all over it. 2. Someone who has become a fan of Ozzy, especially after not being very familiar with him.

e.g., After painting it black, airbrushing the cover photo from "Bark at the Moon," putting Sabbath bumper stickers on it, and getting "OZZY 666" as a vanity plate, Jim's truck was certainly Ozzified.

submitted by Crazy Larry

ozzy - Often refering to a very big person.

e.g., That guy is definitely an ozzie--he's huge!

submitted by Luke

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