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on fire - To be doing something really well or really quickly.

e.g., That guitarist was so on fire it blew my mind.

submitted by ditnis

on glass - Moving so quickly as to be dangerous. Refers to a trucking phenomena when the cab actually gets some lift from speeds over 90 mph.

e.g., We need another review on this pronto; I don't want this project getting on glass.

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

on location - Used to describe where something is happening.

e.g., While I was driving home I was singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs. The Madonna concert was on location from my car.

submitted by Kimberly

on lockdown - Under control.

e.g., Shortly before beating Ted at Monopoly, Ed was heard to say, "I've got this game on lockdown."

submitted by ditnis

on steroids - Used as a basis of comparison between, for instance a small city, and its larger urban counterpart.

e.g., Modesto is basically Fresno on steroids.

submitted by Paul

on terms - To be neither on particularly good terms with someone, nor on particularly bad terms with them.

e.g., I might be able to borrow money from Steve--I'm on terms with him.

submitted by ditnis

on the cod - Drinking heavily. British slang.

e.g., Moy was on the cod, so he was going to be of no use to us.

submitted by HD Fowler

on the island - Formula 1 slang: on the racetrack.

e.g., Despite the rain, McNish is managing to keep it on the island.

submitted by Adam Leslie

on the lump - "Irish and British readers mentioned the native phrase on the lump, a form of self-employment, especially in the building trades. Workers were paid a lump sum for a job, without deduction of tax, rather than a weekly wage. The practice was made illegal in the early 1970s."

e.g., "Are you still picking strawberries?" "Yeah, I've been on the lump since I was twelve."

submitted by [Michael Quinion]

on the scrounge - "Someone who is on the scrounge is asking people for things or for money." The example comes from John Swinfield's book Knock Down Ginger. "Knowk down Ginger" is "The prank of knocking on somebody's front door and running away before it is opened." "The origin of knock down ginger came from council estates because all the doors were stained a ginger colour, hence knock down ginger."

e.g., After some months Flaherty and the Lambs journeyed from the Amazon to see Bernard in his favela in Rio de Janeiro.

"I hate cities," Flaherty said. "The only reason we're here is because we're on the scrounge."

"What's new?" Bernard smiled.

Our Land was in the running fora modest grant. Flaherty had been called on to vouch for the Lambs and their work.

"I'll lie my head off if it means rich bastards are going to part with their cash. The bureaucrats said they wanted to meet me in person. It's all baloney. Naturally, they couldn't come to the Amazon ... said they were too busy. They're worried about catching a disease. So they paid our fares. Can you believe it? If they sacked all the apparatchik and saved the money on the fares they could have just sent the cash."

"Apparatchick? Bernard smiled. "Haven't heard that since the seminary." Flaherty looked at him.

"Aye ... that's it. Uncle Karl. I used to think he knew the lot. You get out here and you realise it's all bollocks like the rest of the clap-trap."

"Ah, please. No politics," Bernard said. "Politicians get up my nose, so they do." Flaherty's eyes blazed. He ran his hands through his shaggy hair.

"You're hairier than ever," Bernard said."Where are all your women barbers?"

Flaherty said he was thinking of giving up the priesthood and taking a wife.

"There's nobody who'd have you. There's no woman daft enough. There's no wife who'd put up with tin drum of a bath of yours so there isn't."

Flaherty reminded Bill that he'd promised to build him a shower. Alice's green eyes sparkled. A shaft of sunlight pierced the gloom of the shack.

"Take no notice Micheal," she said. "You're a handsome fellow ... there are plenty of girls who'd like a nice big man ... all that lovely hair."

"Now there's a lady with taste," Flaherty said.

"Why give up the Order?" she said. "Take a lover."

The fan had begun to squeak.

"Needs oil, like me," Bernard said. "The heat's got to it. It's on its last legs. Like the rest of us. You know things are bad when it's too hot for the bloody fan."

Alice smiled. She looked round the hovel. The makeshift table. A row of hooks for jeans, shirts, Bernard's fraying straw hat. The sagging mattress. . . .

submitted by [John Swinfield] - (www)

on the spit - Being grilled by Congress in a House or Senate hearing.

e.g., If Obama gets elected and we end up with Democrats in control of the House and Senate, don't expect any of Obama's underlings to be put on the spit at least until 2011.

submitted by HD Fowler

on toast - 1. Something really good. 2. To be doing something in the morning.

e.g., 1. That outfit is on toast. 2. I played tennis on toast.

submitted by Bradools

on wheels - Adjectival phrase added to the end of a description to enhance it.

e.g., Chris is one heinous bitch on wheels. This pie is heaven on wheels.

submitted by tweak

on-the-job twaining - You learn as you work, how to twain (split, sever, cut in two): useful in meat cutting, tailoring, surgery, separating wheat from chaff, and more.

e.g., On-the-job twaining may work best for the schizoid personality..?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

onamatiscising - Giving sound effects to verbs that usually don't have them - usually just involves saying the verb in question twice in a slightly higher than usual voice

e.g., "Why did you say 'steal steal' as you were went from first to second?" "I made a NewYear's resolution to start onamatiscising things"

submitted by Gav

onatemporaneously - An ad hoc combination of words created to fit the current situation.

e.g., Warren made up the word bridaldoodad onatemporaneously when he couldn't remember how to pronouce trousseau.

submitted by Warren James Pearson

once removed - "A first cousin's child is one's first cousin once removed." Adding this real term because of the tendency I have to refer to those in such a relationship as my "second cousins." Now I'll have to look up what a second cousin is: "A child of a first cousin of one's parent." This could be about as complicated as the formal dance order at a wedding reception. That's why you need an etiquette referee in the wedding party.

e.g., It comes in handy on the rare occasion to have a first cousin once removed who's an FBI Special Agent. | My first cousins once removed are my children's second cousins.

submitted by HD Fowler

oncet - Once. Not a misspelling at all, as many may think. Just a Southern and South Midlands US way of spelling the word.

e.g., When I tell my children stories, I almost always start them with "Oncet upon a time. . . ."

submitted by Miss Speller

oncunitis - Constant yawning.

e.g., I've got a severe case of oncunitis. I should have got more sleep last night.

submitted by Joel

one - The upper limit of intoxication or exhaustion.

e.g., After the second pint of gin, I was hard one-ing.

submitted by tza

one - Short for "one or the other." This is in actual use in parts of the American South.

e.g., You can have chocolate or vanilla, one.

submitted by Blue Hornet

one - Won. It happens more often than you'd think.

e.g., "Arguably the best athlete to ever play a sport, Jim Thorpe was more than just a great football player -- with the Thorpe Award going to the defensive back of the year -- but he also one a gold medal in both the pentathlon and decathlon in the 1912 Summer Olympics."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

one delta ten tango - 1D10T. Military term used to describe someone who is stupid.

e.g., Lt. Dan loaded blank rounds in his rifle before they crossed the border into Iraq. Lt. Dan is a one delta ten tango.

submitted by gus

one dot five - Office lingo for meetings that end after an hour and a half.

e.g., Our weekly one dot five will be Monday at 10.

submitted by Silvan

one eight seven - The police code for homicide, also a cool movie. Used to describe really bad feelings or actions between two people, not necessarily resulting in death.

e.g., Watch out for J and B today, they are on a one eight seven binge right now.

submitted by Bryon

one hundred - 1. (adv.) Emphatic: really, very much, so. 2. (adj.) Really good. (Coined by my four-year-old daughter.)

e.g., Daddy, please make me some coco milk -- and this time, make it one hundred chocolatey. | It's good soup, but it's not one hundred soup.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

one in the same - An eggcorn of sorts for "one and the same." Useful for a certain style of speaking or writing -- if you want to come across as an ignorant, racist, redneck bigot.

e.g., "Obama and his god awful racist Rev. Wright, anti-Semite Louis FarraKKKhan, and domestic communist terrorist Bill Ayers are one in the same." | "For the most part, the movies [these days] are created for 12-year-old mental development and Liberals (one in the same?)."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

one nightstand - A single piece of bedroom furniture, furniture usually found in pairs. This piece of furniture is usually positioned alongside of the head of a bed. A one nightstand usually has drawers or a shelf/cubbyhole, and most likely supports a lamp or an alarm clock.

e.g., Positioned at the head of the bed, the small chest of drawers was unhappy. It wanted a meaningful, rewarding relationship. Not to be just a one nightstand.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

one niner - A 1-900 number that, when using letters to advertise it (a.k.a. 1-900-900-raps or 1-900-900-fred) they use less than 7 letters (such as 1-900-santa).

e.g., This doesn't make sense. If they advertise 1-900 numbers through one niners, how are people supposed to know the real seven digits after the 1-900, if it's advertised by more or less than seven, when advertised by letters?

submitted by star651

one o' one - "a beginner, somebody that is new to something."

e.g., I am such a one o' one when it comes to web page design.

submitted by Jason

one shy of a turkey - When somebody asks how you feel and you're not feeling well, you can say, "One shy of a turkey." Comes from bowling, where a "turkey" is three strikes in a row. If you get two strikes and on the third you leave one pin standing you are "one shy of a turkey" and you don't feel so hot afterwards.

e.g., Q: How you feelin' this morning? A: Oh, one shy of a turkey.

submitted by matt

one time - noun. street alarm

e.g., Watch out, here comes one time.

submitted by Brittney

one-drop theory, the - The idea that if you have a single ancestor (no matter how distant) who is black that you are black. "One drop" is a figurative reference to DNA as a drop of blood. The notion had currency several decades ago, but is now considered strictly racist.


Online NewsHour: The Browning of America -- February 18, 1998: To deny the possibility of Brown, white racists concocted the one-drop theory, as it was called. Its aim was to keep the African slave a slave. Regardless of how light-skinned, how brown you may be, regardless of how racially mixed, you remained African if you carried a single drop of African blood. In fact, America was never just white and black. From the first day that African slaves were brought to these shores against their will there was a complicating third race: The Indian.

LBJ The Indian who fought against the European also married the European. The Indian married, too, the African. Every African-American I've ever known has told me somewhere in the course of our friendship, by the way, did you know that my grandmother was Cherokee, my great-grandfather was Sioux? The African-Indian marriage is the great unwritten chapter in American history. Lyndon Johnson seems to me the last black and white President of the United States. It was LBJ who oversaw the final years of the Negro Civil Rights movement, the collapse of our system of segregation: separate water fountains, separate schools, separate seats in the movie theater, designed to keep the races apart. . . .

I am a brown man in a black and white country. All of my life I have listened to the black and white conversation, like listening to a quarreling couple through a thin motel wall. In the 1950's and 60's I watched in awe as the Negro Civil Rights movement forced the end of segregation. There, on my family's black and white television, I saw President Johnson sign legislation marking an end of a black and white nation, and then the NBC peacock unfurled its wings, and America assumed color.

I'm Richard Rodriguez.

submitted by HD Fowler

one-off - "A product, design, or device made for one purpose, not to be repeated or duplicated."

e.g., He made a one-off of the design to demonstrate the concept.

submitted by Jan Hoffman

one-off - One of a kind, one at a time. British.

e.g., The reduction in the ozone hole in the atmosphere last year is now thought to be a one-off.

submitted by HD Fowler

one-stop - An independently-operated music store.

e.g., I picked up some ultra-obscure albums at the one-stop yesterday.

submitted by ditnis

one-termer - A freshman congressman who botches things so badly he is virtually assured defeat in his next electoral bid.

e.g., Can you believe he voted against monetary compensation to the families of the 9-11 heros? He's a one-termer for sure.

submitted by Stephen Mize

one-time - police (city)

e.g., "Be carefull driving, one-time's rollin deep tonight."

submitted by Nick S.

one-up-manship - An attempt to do better than the other person.

e.g., They were waging a war of one-up-manship.

submitted by Dennis Seifert

onebody - This word I have heard a couple of times in China. When I asked someone about it, they said it was "Chinglish," being the singular form of "somebody." Apparently, the "some" in "somebody" must be the plural form of the word since "some" means a few or several. Seems logical enough.

e.g., Onebody told me that Al Gore didn't invent the internet. It was more or less done in ARPA branch of the US Defense Department during the Vietnam War. At the time, Al Gore was in the service, but he was a journalist and had nothing to do with ARPA.

submitted by Randy Moore

oneirogenic - Having a propensity to appear in somebody's dreams. From Greek oneiros, "dream" + "genic." Cf.: photogenic, telegenic.

e.g., Some people are photogenic while others are oneirogenic. These characteristics rarely coincide. A person who is plain and unnoticeable in real life may haunt our dreams and imagination. Have you noticed that cats are more oneirogenic than dogs? To surprise your friends at a party, ask them: "Do you find me "oneirogenic"? If the answer is "Yes," ask them to recall your adventures in their dreams.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

onesy-twosy - The repetitive technique to request or report small things.

e.g., Since his e-mails only contained onesy-twosy requests, it took a half-dozen e-mails to accomplish what should have only taken five minutes total.

submitted by Jonathan H

oneth - (WUNTH, also 1th; adj.) ordinal numeral directly derived from the cardinal "one" rather than the usual "first."

e.g., Dodie Smith's _One_Hundred_and_One_Dalmations_ contains, as its last chapter "The Hundred and Oneth Dalmation." | Neil Armstrong was the oneth man to walk on the Moon; Buzz Aldrin was the twoth; and Pete Conrad was the threeth.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

onetyone - The number immediately following ten prior to the foolish revamping that made it eleven.

e.g., Do you have onetyone cents that I can borrow?

submitted by penguin22 - (www)

onfire - To be deeply committed to one's faith. (Christian colloquialism.)

e.g., After she joined that church, she was onfire.

submitted by Sawyer

ong's hat - Internet myth concerning some renegade Princeton scientists who got bored and created a gateway to a parallel world.

e.g., Few conspiracy theories are as weird as Ong's Hat.

submitted by lycanthropy

ongbun - An animal that never has been discovered on earth.

e.g., Ongbuns are hard to find because they don't exist ... yet.

submitted by Lloyd S. Rubin - (www)

oniferous - (oh-nif'-er-us) Something extraordinarily smelly. Stinks. Rotten smelling.

e.g., Rick, where did you get this oniferous cheese?

submitted by Damon Hall

oniolation - The onion taste that results from cutting up with a knife used earlier to cut up an onion.

e.g., This strawberry has a severe case of oniolation.

submitted by Aleezia - (www)

onion - Opinion.

e.g., "If you have an opinion, please e-mail it to me at or if you wish, you may post your comment here: Your Onion Counts!"

submitted by Miss Speller

onion - A word or name that's on the tip of your tongue, but you can't remember it.

e.g., I've had this onion in my head, but I just can't think of it.

submitted by Lauren

onion ass - An ass so nice it makes you want to cry.

e.g., That chick's got one hell of an onion ass.

submitted by mike

onion booty - A butt so perfect it makes you cry.

e.g., The dancers in the Crazy Girls revue at the Riviera have onion booty.

submitted by E MAN

onion eyes - Someone who cries way too much.

e.g., Here comes Sheryl again. Don't say anything about her boyfriend. You know what an onion eyes she is.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

onion-ringer - Something that makes you cry a LOT.

e.g., Have you ever seen the movie Armageddon? That's the ultimate onion-ringer. ... No, it's not a sad film. It's a sad excuse for a film.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

onions - A slang term for breasts, since onions come in a variety of colors and sizes, as do breasts. For instance, a well-endowed girl may be said to have jumbo onions.

e.g., I love looking at Jennifer. She has great onions.

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

onk - A small unit of measurement.

e.g., It's not level. Move it up an onk... No, that was a smidge. Just an onk, please.

submitted by Nick

only words, the - (n.) A peculiar set of English words that we use in some fairly unique constructions, and practically nowhere else.

e.g., Thus far, the set of Only words includes "bough," "fell" (as an adjective), "hie," "merry," and "spangled"; as in, respectively, (a) "deck the halls with boughs of holly" and "when the bough breaks," (b) "a fell light was in his eyes" or "they rode fell beasts," (c) "hie thee hither," (d) "Merry Christmas" and "Old King Cole was a merry old soul," and (e) "the Star-Spangled Banner."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

onlyness - (n.) 1. Complete uniqueness, one-of-a-kind-ity; 2. The truly icy loneliness of being the only person left (everyone else having left, or never having been there); 3. The bitter loneliness of being completely alone in an enormous crowd: no family, no friends, no familiar faces, nothing; 4. Having no significant other. [From "loneliness" without the first L, and the poem by e.e.cummings.]

e.g., "DON'T PLAY WITH THAT! IT'S SONG DYNASTY! IT'S WORTH MORE THAN ALL THE MONEY YOU'LL EVER EARN! HAVE YOU NO RESPECT FOR ONLYNESS?!" | "I hate the onlyness of working late ... in my firm, absolutely nobody's left. It's like ... Haunted legal paperwork." | From Cream's "I Feel Free": I can walk down the streets, there's no one there, though the pavements' are one huge crowd"---that's onlyness. | "Mike, it's been seventeen years. Ally would want you to find somebody to take away your onlyness."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

onmate - Islanders, people who live in Manhattan or Nova Scotia or England. . . .

e.g., He tried to move out of the City but could not. He just couldn't. He was an onmate of the place. Nothing else made sense.

submitted by Lawrence Santoro - (www)

ono mato peeya - The modern variant of "onomatopoeia" (ono mato peeya) which is an old prayer, beseeching those ancient Greek water Gods, who reside in babbling brooks, for special guidance, strength and endurance.

e.g., "Ono mato peeya," "ono mato peeya" the man with the watery eyes reverently chanted under his breath, as he sped his car into the parking lot, shut off the engine, and threw open the car door, his feet already moving before they hit the ground, on his hurried way to the Temple of Fast Food, the answer to his prayers, the fabled McDonald's, with its convenient inner sanctuary of a clean, men's rest room.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

onomania - An obsessive tendency to attach names to inanimate objects. Further symptoms include referring to objects using gender-specific pronouns. Origin is Greek's "onoma" for "name."

e.g., Lis: Have you seen my sock Billy, Billy? He's been missing for days now; I'm getting worried. Billy: Lis, do you have any idea how annoying your onomania has become? Of all the names you could have given your sock, why "Billy"? Lis: Because I like to put Billy on.

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

onomatopaella - A saffron-flavored Spanish dish made with varying combinations of rice, vegetables, meat, chicken, and seafood, that when eaten, imitates the sounds associated with the contents of the meal.

e.g., I had a bite of my chicken paella and it clucked at me. Now it's an onomatopaella.

submitted by James

onomatopillar - A hybrid of an onomatopoeia and a caterpillar.

e.g., Onomatopoeias are native to Texas, so that's where you'll find most onomatopillars, usually climbing up a tree branch.

submitted by travis

onomatopoeia - An expression of disgust on spotting a pesky Irish aquaintance.

e.g., Oh, no! Matt O'Peagh!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

onomatopoetry - Poetry that contains too much of "ah's" and "oh's". Related word: onomatopoetics.

e.g., Nothing aesthetic here. You've imitated metaphysical poets and the result is pure onomatopoetry.

submitted by Elizabeth Bennett - (www)

onosecond - Half a nanosecond. The onosecond is that split second when one realizes that a faux pas or a terrible mistake has been made. "That very short moment in time during which you realize that you have pressed the wrong key and deleted hours, days, or weeks of work." Same as an ohnosecond.

e.g., It took Sandy only an onosecond to realize that she should not have asked Rusty who the father of the child was.

submitted by Dallas Candy - (www)

onphacupable - Extremely hard to screw up.

e.g., 1. This task is onphacupable. Even that salesman Brian could do it. 2. My new hairstyle is a joy--it's onphacupable.

submitted by sao

onsend - To send on; to forward.

e.g., I'll onsend your e-mail to Jack.

submitted by Di Mansell

onsight - The successful climbing of a designated climbing route in the first line of sight.

e.g., The most difficult challenge of climbing is the onsight of a rock wall.

submitted by Scott Nunley

ontalgia - (on-TAL-gee-uh; n.) 1. The existential pain of being; 2. suffering as a result of existence; 3. the pain of the human condition. [From Greek ontos "being" + algein "to feel pain."]

e.g., The melancholy in such pieces as Byron's "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" is a manifestation of the universal ontalgia.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

ontimosity - Punctual.

e.g., In order to be efficient, we must have ontimosity.

submitted by Pete McFraser - (www)

ontoculation - The anticipation of the development of a very meaningful relationship -- i.e., the anticipation of the anticipation.

e.g., I met this lovely young lady. We aren't going out yet, but we are ontoculating.

submitted by The Travster

onya - Dunno. Australian, short for "Good on you." American equivalent might be "Good for you." or "What didja go do that for, fool?" Can be used, as most Australian words can be, seriously or sarcastically. Can be heard at most footy games, out on the grog, or around the office.

e.g., Seriously: "You got the job? Onya! How good is that! Drinks are on you." Saracastically: "Ohhhh. . . . Onya! Creme de menthe all over me. I just washed this shirt. Why don't you watch where you're going?" (A different version of "Drinks on you.")

submitted by Cathy Sanders

oober - Über. Very or extremely.

e.g., My winter beater is oober jankety.

submitted by posh

ooble - Feeling sick or nauseated, especially when hungover.

e.g., I had a few too many tequilas last night and am feeling rather ooble this morning.

submitted by Gary

ooblik, oobleck - Any sort of glop that no one knows the name for. Similar to, or the homemade version of, Silly Putty or Gooze.

e.g., Don't let that oobleck fall on the carpet -- it'll stain.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

ooblydoo - A poke in the stomach (usually of an overweight person).

e.g., Damn, I hate it when she ooblydoos me like that.

submitted by Joe

ooch - To wiggle yourself upward against another person's knees in order to stand upright.

e.g., Ooch up on me. I'm stiff as a rock.

submitted by Corkergal

oocness - When roleplaying it is the state of being in between being in character and being yourself in real life.

e.g., At the last LARP we lingered in oocness for an hour before playing.

submitted by RC

oodles - Lots of.

e.g., It was only midnight, so she had oodles of time.

submitted by Laura - (www)

oofey - Strange but in a humorous sort of way. Off, goofy.

e.g., It seems a little oofey that my new roommate wears a piece of coaxial cable as a belt and dines exclusively on sausage patties.

submitted by Lombaz

oogamaga - A lower level of addiction.

e.g., Studies show that people are oogamaga to tanning.

submitted by tas

ooggle - Another name for a witch doctor.

e.g., He danced a bit like an ooggle.

submitted by ali

oogie - A bad feeling or a bad deal; feeling sick; needing to take time off from work. Or, when someone is acting creepy.

e.g., I feel oogie. I gotta go home and nap for the rest of the day. OR Hey, why are you being oogie today? You wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?

submitted by Michelle Winterstein

oogie-boogie - Any supernatural belief or associated ritual practice, but particularly those espoused by new-age religions.

e.g., Have you seen Tim lately? He's now calling himself Archefusion and is into all that crystal oogie-boogie.

submitted by Bill Webster

oogies - The small, floaty things left behind when you allow a small child to take a sip of your drink.

e.g., The baby left oogies in my milk.

submitted by Pam

oogleboogle - The ultimate of anything . . . nothing can top or supersede it.

e.g., "Did not." "Did too." "Oogleboogle -- I win. You can't top me once I invoke the oogleboogle."

submitted by Gerry Monroe

ooglejuice - What inspires and motivates art, music, good cooking, passions, love, and all other heartfelt desires.

e.g., Girl . . . you're my ooglejuice.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

oogleshreifters - Damn it, dammit.

e.g., Oogleshriefters. I dropped my wallet in the sewer.

submitted by Derranged Cow

oogly - Extremely ugly. Use an exaggerated or elongated pronunciation of "ugly." (Also submitted by ctlowne and Mark,

e.g., Her attitude toward me was very oogly. That house is oogly.

submitted by EggieChan

oogulop - A religious cult my friend and I made up, it's a funny word and good for making excuses.

e.g., YOU: I'm sorry, I can't do that, it's against my religion. TEACHER: And what religion is that? YOU: Oogulop.

submitted by David Kaigler

oogy - extremely uncomfortable

e.g., Those spiders at the zoo made me feel all oogy.

submitted by Carol Saunders

ooh, nachos! - An expression of surprise.

e.g., "Mrs. Lampert, your husband just sent you these flowers for your anniversary." "Ooh, nachos!"

submitted by dan.c.

oohwah - To make an exclamation of surprise. Usually uttered in disbelief. Heard repeatedly in Israel.

e.g., Oohwah, did that really happen?

submitted by Teenah Weenah

ooja-may - Term meaning "Thing ive forgotten the name of." Is also another term for the little used "thingymabob" or "ojawotsit."

e.g., Where did I put the thing? You know the ooja-may with the wotsit on it?

submitted by Lyndsay Latimer - (www)

oojamaflip - Another word for thingy, whatsit, or dooverlackie. | A reference to the TV remote control.

e.g., "This show's a rerun -- you got the oojamaflip?" "No, I think it's fallen down between the cushions."

submitted by Purple Martin

oojit - General name for something you've forgotten the name of.

e.g., I've gone and lost the oojit that holds the whole thing together.

submitted by Andy Macdonald

ook - 1. Oh, OK. | A statement that conveys the message of understanding or comprehension. | Statement asking if understanding or comprehension is conveyed.

e.g., Ook. | Ook, I understand what you're saying. | We're going to do this my way. Ook?

submitted by Nate - (www)

ooknug - The best part, the favorite part.

e.g., When visiting friend in igloo, ooknug is sharing bodily warmth (with woman, of course).

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ookology - (n) The study of Terry Pratchett's books.

e.g., Frank's a big Pratchett fan. It's like he's majoring in ookology.

submitted by Sandra Kasturi - (www)

ookymouth - Originating from the popular M-rated cartoon, South Park, ookymouth is a game in which one participant holds her mouth open and the other attempts to spit in it -- the receiver attempting to swallow and say "ookymouth" at the same time.

e.g., Kyle, why don't you and Kenny go in the other room and play ookymouth? | Mom, I can't say ookymouthwhile I'm trying to swallow Kenny's spit.

submitted by Sari Angel-kilu

oompaloompish - Small and annoying.

e.g., Those kids at the next table are ommpaloompish. Why don't parents take them to family restaurants instead?

submitted by Alex Moseley

oomph - pronounced (oooo · mm ·fff) to have a lot of power or force behind it

e.g., that hit definitely had a lot of oomph behind it.

submitted by jon

oontz - For the noise made by loud dance or techno music, usually eminating from souped-up sports cars with spoilers, tinted windows, or the culture associated with such music.

e.g., The club was full of greasy guys with gelled hair, and you could hear the bass from the oontz music for miles around.

submitted by Dan

oop - (n.) a single mistake or error, as opposed to a plurality of "oops."

e.g., The Titanic's hitting that iceberg was the early 20th century's most notable oop.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

oophilagement - Pronounced oo-fil-AHZH-mon. Corruption of uphillagement--the state of going or pointing uphill.

e.g., I had to double de-clutch into first on the move owing to the severity of the oophilagement.

submitted by Colin Taffel

oops baby - The term "oops baby" is used in the linked item and clearly refers to a baby that results from sex when the parents had no intention of procreating.

e.g., "Whaddaya think, Erle, are you an oops baby?" "Without a doubt. I'm sure my brother and sister were, too. If abortion had been as readily available and as acceptable as it is now, I probably wouldn't have been born. How about you?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oopsadent - A really stupid accident

e.g., *Smash* *Crack* *Break* Me: Uh ... Claire? What was that? Claire: It was an oopsadent.

submitted by tear and orion - (www)

oopsie - A mistake; something you know is wrong but do it anyway.

e.g., Even though we just had a small fight I kissed another boy to make him mad. I wish he didn't find out ... what an oopsie?

submitted by Jennine - (www)

oopsies, the - The oopsies – a nickname for the 2000s. Two ending zeroes are inscribed in this interjection of surprise and dismay - oops. The 2000s is the decade of big failures, grave mistakes, and their euphemistic recognition. We failed to detect the terrorist plot early enough to avert it – oops. We didn't succeed in capturing our main enemies – oops. We haven't found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and thus the war has no justification – oops. We promised democracy to Iraqis but failed to gain their support - oops. Thus, 2000-psies, or OOpsies, or oopsies. The oughts.

e.g., What do you expect America to become by the end of the oopsies?

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

ooption - Erroneous selection made by a software user due to a poorly designed user interface.

e.g., I chose many ooptions because the buttons were too close together.

submitted by Matso Limtiaco

ooshkies - Expression of happiness or excitement, depending on the situation. Usually used when feeling hyper. It puts an emphasis on what you are talking about.

e.g., Ooshkies! I love cake.

submitted by sahen - (www)

oosoom - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind. Used to describe someone who is bad at keeping in touch with friends.

e.g., Fred has become an OOSOOM guy since he got that new job. OR Ever since I moved the west coast, I've been OOSOOM about my old friends back home.

submitted by the tired one

oot - A fictional part of your body in your stomach that you can remove and snack on if you are hungry. Origin: began as my attempted description of a sound made by many in the throat that could not be made by me.

e.g., Joel won't stop touching me in the oot. I think he's gay.

submitted by Joel Beard

ooteedee - Exclamation (positive) taken from _Star Wars_. "Jawaa's" that can be used in any weird situation.

e.g., You look like Han Solo in that outfit, total ooteedee!

submitted by Dave Carpenter

oozle - An unending font of ooze as if coming from a nozzle and spraying everywhere.

e.g., His feelings weren't exactly coming by the oozle. To be oozling, he would have to spray me with compliments and send them non-stop.

submitted by Judy Ruggles - (www)

oozum - The larger outlets.

e.g., Please plug the cord into the oozum.

submitted by Brooke 7th English

op. zit - Latin code for "in the place of the zit"--used in reference to a product designed with the express purpose of hiding the place of the zit, as found in the actual name of said product (also in Latin): "Op. Zit Obscuranto."

e.g., Phoebe: "Camille, I'm in a jam here -- my date will show up any minute, and look at my face! Can you work your magic on that monster?" Camille: "No problem, Sweetie! Here, try my Op. Zit Obscuranto -- it will fix you right up!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

opb - Other People's Brands of cigarettes. Used when someone decides not to quit smoking, but to quit paying for cigarettes. Also known as OPs.

e.g., Ever since that last tax hike, Stewie has only been smoking OPBs.

submitted by Laurie Boese - (www)

open flames - The orange things that seem to cling to your marshmallow when roasting.

e.g., Crap, roasting over open flames. . . .

submitted by T. Ellie Pathik

open up a can - Short for "open up a can of whoopass." Refers to beating someone up.

e.g., You'd better be careful, 'cause I'm about to open up a can.

submitted by MPZ

operate - To be involved in the production of an opera, especially in a non-stage role.

e.g., "Hey Matt, are you on break?" "Yeah, we're done operating for the moment"

submitted by Matt Arnold

operationalize - To implement a business process change so that it becomes a part of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Derivatives include operationalistic, operationalist, operationalization.

e.g., How should we operationalize our change to widget production procedures?

submitted by JLJ

opinionata - Opinion, apparently.

e.g., "'It is a small, uh, opinionata [sic] that is getting blown thoroughly out of proportion,' Lark told Entertainment Tonight in November 2012. 'I have no stating reasons why anyone should worry about me. I mean, clearly I am a very strong, top-of-the-line, always-rising-to-it personage.' Um. If you say so."

submitted by [Lark Voorhies] - (www)

opinionate - To express a view or judgment that has been thought out but is not open for discussion.

e.g., Weblogs have made do-it-yourself opinionating into a national fad.

submitted by Maureen L. Rogers

opionions - Opinions so stupid they make you cry. (From a misspelling of "opinions," of course.)

e.g., After about 30 seconds of the opionions expressed by DNC Chairman Howard "The Duck" Dean, the veins in my head start popping out.

submitted by Miss Speller

opitunity - Opportunity. The example came from Yahoo! Answers, a site clearly intended for entertainment and not for edification. The response from "becstar" was in answer to a question about the average age for a first kiss.

e.g., "My first peck was when i was 14 but my first REAL kiss wasnt until i was 17.. i had the opitunity for real kisses b4 but it didnt feel right.. just wait till it feels right.. dont be pressured by others.. you want it to mean sumthing to you :)"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

oppisitlywise - To be extremely opposite.

e.g., No matter what I say, you always disagree. You are so oppositlywise.

submitted by William Solomon

oppithet - A word that refers to any former epithet that has now been reclaimed or renovated by members of a group it was once derisively applied to; or an epithet that is not seen as offensive if used by a member of the targeted group to others of the same group. (ED. An epithet is not necessarily offensive. Several dictionaries provide the sense of "descriptive term" as the most common sense. Microsoft Encarta College Dictionary lists the "insult" sense first, as being the most common. Aside: I'm fat and bald, but I don't particularly like being called fat and bald even by others who are fat and bald. Or old.)

e.g., "Faggot," formerly offensive to many, has recently been embraced by gays for use in their community and has thus become an oppithet.

submitted by Karen Erickson

opponenet - An Internet opponent, especially one in a forum flame war.

e.g., Become my opponenet and you'll be taking a quick ride down the highway to ridicule.

submitted by Miss Speller

opponym - A word that means its own opposite

e.g., He used many opponyms in his speech such as "screen" and "cork" which can mean their own opposite.

submitted by Benny Tommy - (www)

opportuna tea - A tasty seafood broth extracted from tuna fishes.

e.g., Opportuna tea is so good it may even put hair on your back, Christine.

submitted by P I E - (www)

opportunitize - To turn anything into an opportunity.

e.g., No, my car doesn't make any money, but I've opportunitized it to get a job.

submitted by Garrick Van Buren - (www)

opportunivore - An individual who consumes every available oppourtunity that comes their way.

e.g., His nature as an opportunivore was to hit on every girl he saw.

submitted by Jasyn

opposables - This word describes the totally rude, boorish, and pushy person, whom one finds avoiding on every occasion; and if you can't avoid them, you must in some sense oppose them.

e.g., "Leroy, let's skeddadle. Here come the opposables! I'm just not in the mood for a fight tonight. Leroy, everything about these guys is opposable -- which is why we call them the opposables!" Leroy: "Everything?" "Well, almost everything! Their thumbs are not opposable!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

opposary - Rhymes with "MOP-a-dairy"; n.) A diagram, similar to a Punnett-square, comparing objects and/or events by the similarities (or absence of similarity) between their teleologies (their whys (purposes, ends)) and their methodologies (their hows (mechanisms)). The two variables cross-classify as follows (without going into the rather convoluted depths of the thing): (1) SAME purpose/SAME process; (2) SAME purpose/DIFFERENT process; (3) DIFFERENT purpose/SAME process; and (4) DIFFERENT purpose/DIFFERENT process. [A noun ending -ary, as in reliquary, ossuary applied to "opposite."]

e.g., Case (1), something with the SAME purpose and the SAME process is either an IDENTITY (you are comparing a thing to itself) or an INSTANTIATION (e.g., almost all stop signs look the same) (e.g. Charlie: "Wow, this city has an Eiffel Tower, just like Paris!" Harlie: "This IS Paris, all we did is move across town." Charlie: "Oh."  
Case (2), something with the SAME purpose but a DIFFERENT process is either an APPROACH (you are using a distinct process to achieve the same ends---that is, "Hey! Let's try a lullaby! That works sometimes.") (e.g. spades dig holes with human muscle, while backhoes do it with burning gasoline, and dynamite uses a volatile chemical reaction, but the result is the same: a hole) or a COMPLEMENT (e.g., humans are divided into two genders, because each is necessary for procreation: both are necessary, although they work in very different fashions ... so the two different sexes are not "opposites," but "complements.")  
Case (3), something with a DIFFERENT purpose but the SAME process is either an APPLICATION (like using a spoon, not to scoop up food, but to catapult it across a cafeteria) (e.g., once you're done with your old tooth brush, you can use it to clean grout.) or an OPPOSITE (that is, something that uses the same methods to UNdo what its opposite does: Like electrons and positrons---exactly the same particle, only backwards from one another, and positrons and electrons destroy one another (releasing a photon and ... well, physics leptons blah blah blah)) (e.g., using the election process to subvert or overthrow the government it is supposed to support, or rearranging your business so that it reflects a more successful rival's.)  
Case (4), something with a DIFFERENT purpose and a DIFFERENT process is a SKEW: It has absolutely nothing to do with whatever you're comparing it to (e.g., Irregular Spanish verb conjugations and the feeding habits of the pygmy hippopotamus---these are SKEW to one another.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

opposary² - Beads used to cast a hex or pall on someone (or thing) you dislike.

e.g., As a religious zealot, the candidate told his opposary to jinx his opponent. {ED. Not sure how beads take action to jinx someone, but I'll leave it as is until I hear from SBIII.}

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

oppugnancy - Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Encyclopedia: n. 1. The act of oppugning; opposition; resistance.

e.g., I'll agree that it was an act of oppugnancy, but not that it was especially an act of defiance.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oppy - Very weird, very strange, or incongruous in some way.

e.g., Dean is acting oppy today. That color looks oppy on the walls in this room; paint them another color.

submitted by Jay

oprahed - To lose weight successfully, but to regain it later.

e.g., JoAnn oprahed, so she stopped going to the gym.

submitted by Sandi

oprahism - A religion based on the worship of Oprah and strict adherence to her words.

e.g., "I wish he would have chosen a more mainstream religion, like voodoo or Oprahism." -- Futurama

submitted by Stephen Tash - (www)

opsimath - One who continues to learn late in life.

e.g., I thought Press said I'm an optimist -- which hardly fits -- but then I realized he said I'm an opsimath. He's right. I am. And pleased to be one, believing as I do that dying is the only good reason to quit learning.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

optical disillusionment - A reduction in the feeling of well-being resulting from unfortunate visual input.

e.g., As Schlackel entered the car and got his first good look at his blind date for the evening, his excitement quickly turned to optical disillusionment.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

optical interrupt - A sight that will get your attention no matter what you are doing.

e.g., I was just minding my own business, sitting at the bar drinking a draft, and then this optical interrupt walked in.

submitted by Wayne Hagood

optical-delusion - The alcohol-induced, psycho-physiological response that causes slightly built, drunk men to believe that they can take anyone in the room.

e.g., After six shots of Jack Daniels his optical-delusion was so bad he picked a fight with a middle linebacker for the Rams. Bad move, Chris.

submitted by Stephen Mize

opticons - The specks you see in your eye while staring into the sky.

e.g., There was a gorgeous blue sky today, but I couldn't stop seeing the Octicons after staring so long.

submitted by Goliath Flores - (www)

optigook - The stuff in your eyes when you wake up in the morning.

e.g., I'll be there in a minute. I have to wash the optigook out of my eyes before I put in my contacts.

submitted by Richard B

optimagasoninionibusistic - A time when there is no right or wrong answer, only an opinion based on evidence.

e.g., Many questions in life are optimagasoninionibusistic. | "How do you feel abut families?" "That is an optimagasoninionibusistic question.

submitted by Matteo

optimage - From Optimize and Mage. A C++ programmer who suffers from random bouts of excessive code optimization. Often getting carried away with optimizing already optimized code.

e.g., Nick: I worked out a way I can optimize the STL. All you have to do is push no more than seven vectors into a each vector and they will never have to reallocate. James: You're an Optimage. We should get you a big stone tower and a cloak.

submitted by Stoffle

optionable - Of or pertaining to the availability of options. For some things, options are available, hence they are optionable, for others, options are not available, so they are not optionable. {ED. A real word.}

e.g., Although the party was not clothing optional, it was clothing optionable, so I had my choice of attire.

submitted by LoLo

optirectalitis - Generally, having a bad attitude about life because of being self-centered. Specifically, having a bad outlook on life because you have your head up your rectum.

e.g., You have been in such a bad mood lately you must be suffering from optirectalitis.

submitted by tiggerlyss

optirectumanitus - A medical condition in which the optic nerve is connected to the rectum and the host of the disease has a crappy outlook on life.

e.g., Looks like Chris has bad case of optirectumanitus.

submitted by Colin

optisize - An object's perfect size; to adjust the size of something.

e.g., The shrub being planted was far too large for the hole, leading me to optisize the hole to make the shrub fit.

submitted by MJM

optispasm - The type of headache one gets that feels as if it is rhythmically pulsating behind one's eye(s).

e.g., I have been studying so much for this dreaded Med-Surg final exam that I have experienced 17 optispasms over the past 3 days.

submitted by Retchid Katt - (www)

optologous - Having the ability to see by way of corrective lenses.

e.g., When I put my glasses on, I become optologous.

submitted by Scott Loper

opusculum - "An assessment both appropriate and modest. An opusculum is a little work, usually a book."
Mr Quinion goes on: "For most of us, opusculum means nothing, which disgusted the late Anthony Burgess. In one of his diatribes in old age lamenting the decline of education he challenged guests at his dinner table with idiolect [micro-dialect], palinlogue [a palinlogue of a word is made by writing its letters backwards. All palindromes are palinlogues, but not all palinromes are palinlogues. (?)], desquamation [loss of bits of outer skin by peeling or shedding or coming off in scales], lesbic [Of, relating to, or being a lesbian.], autophagous, monophthongal, autocephalous, inesculent, allomorph, strabismus … and opusculum." (ED. Well, I'm certainly challenged — by every single one of them.}

e.g., If I put all that I've written since I retired into a book, it might take thousands of printed pages. Still, it would be an opusculum.

submitted by [Michael Quinion]

or-8 - "All right" -- northern accent required for the eight syllable "all-reyt."

e.g., OR-8, pal.

submitted by Dumper

oragahoard - An organized hoarder.

e.g., Amy keeps bringing junk home. Sheneatly organized the junk in her house by orgahoarding.

submitted by Richard Petry

oraganistations - Disorganised organisations.

e.g., Those oraganistations are only a dose of the main stations.

submitted by Hercolena

orand - And/or. We need a word like this in English since and/or is not proper to write, yet the logic of the word is needed.

e.g., The politician will accept donations orand volunteers.

submitted by kevin

oranganotic - Person who has a fetish for oranges

e.g., That oranganotic bought a ton of oranges.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

orange pixelation - The state of having an unusually abundant number of facial freckles.

e.g., In the summer, the redhead could never tan, instead entering a state of orange pixelation.

submitted by Sid

orangealiscious - Having an orange taste or scent.

e.g., The new dress sets off an orangealiscious style.

submitted by Shannon Cassady

orangeflag - To block or filter, as in a website on a school network.

e.g., I can't believe it. My own home page got orangeflagged.

submitted by Mike Sacco

orangular - Having the general shape, color, texture, or appearance of an orange.

e.g., The elderly gentleman was missing several teeth and had an orangular nose.

submitted by jenna

oranjengamelanisity - The feeling that you get when you know you just abosolutely blew a huge opportunity.

e.g., I'm consumed by oranjengamelanisity. I just bombed my SAT's.

submitted by Merlin

oranjutan - An omniscient, omnipotent, subatomic species of orangutan present, according to the Theory of Everything Else, in all matter whose omnipotence stems from eating oranges.

e.g., Biophysicists have recently found evidence of a species of orangutan, which they have dubbed oranjutan, that live inside every atom in the universe.

submitted by Avi

oranuraptor - Oranur means the opposite of orgon, which is the energy of life (Wilhelm Reich). A raptor is a fast hunting dinosaurus. An Oranuraptor is fighting the dark side of the force. ;-)

e.g., I'm an oranuraptor, what about you ?

submitted by Markus Schimpf - (www)

oraphile - A person who loves to talk.

e.g., Since the girl sitting next to me in English is an oraphile, I can never complete my work.

submitted by Amanda

orblitz - An orblitz is a popup campaign by a firm named Orbitz.

e.g., Weather Underground ( offers service without orblitz for a humble five dollars a year.

submitted by Lorraine Lee

orbulous - Shaped like an orb.

e.g., Jessica Alba has multiple orbulous features.

submitted by trevor fleming

orca - The sound made by an Italo-American sea lion.

e.g., The sea lion was so pleased by trainer Luigi's plaudits that he barked, "Orca, orca!".

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

orca fat - Excessively overweight to the point of being compared to a whale. Extremely obese.

e.g., Although Marlon Brando used to be considered quite the stud, he is now bordering on orca fat.

submitted by patrick edwards and andrew mcree

orca straight - An act of considerable difficulty involving the management of one or more unruly elements.

e.g., We here at Sea World have spent many, many hours to orca straight for you this happy chorus line of singing and dancing killer whales. Enjoy the show!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

orch dork - Equivalent of band geek for those who participate in orchestra.

e.g., I'm sick of your superior attitude, you cello-toting orch dork.

submitted by Cassie

orchestraitor - The member of a musical ensemble, who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

e.g., Man! I thought we could always count on Ludwig, our lead violinist, but when he left us to join the New York Philharmonic, he turned out to be an orchestraitor.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

orchidia - The condition of male emotional disturbance thought to be centered in the testicles (Greek "orches"). Comparable to female "hysteria."

e.g., That nutty Bob is out of control today! He's *absolutely orchiderical.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

order-teered - Involuntary submission without volition. An offer you can't refuse. A mandate with no recourse.

e.g., You were in the Vietnam War? Were you drafted or did you volunteer? Let's put it this way, I order-teered.

submitted by Don C. Duckering

orderves - Hors d'oeuvres, assorted little snacks you might find at a special occasion or event. A streamlined and simplified respelling of a tough French word.

e.g., I wouldn't start using the spelling "orderves" -- quite yet, wait several decades perhaps, current spellers might consider the easier spelling ignorant or incorrect.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ordinator - Computer. (From the French: ordinateur, a more accurate description of what a "computer" actually does.)

e.g., The ordinator is a lot faster at sorting these numbers than Joe is.

submitted by moink

oreo - "The term 'Oreo' is often viewed as a derogatory term toward some African-Americans who appear not to exhibit certain stereotypes of their race."

e.g., "If Barack Obama is an Oreo, then every member of this generation of African-Americans is an Oreo, because we stand on the shoulders of the people who fought for our rights, and all of us say that you cannot blame 'the man' or white racism for everything that ails the black community."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

orful - Appalachian adverbial agony appellation

e.g., Ah feels orful.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

orgadgm - The climactic feeling you get after you play with a really cool gadget.

e.g., The first time he saw an iPod, I thought he was going to have an orgadgm.

submitted by ML

organ butt - The thickening of the posterior as a result of playing the organ for years and years.

e.g., Look at Dr. So-and-so's organ butt!

submitted by songist

organ donor - An accident victim who is still alive but not for long.

e.g., Bert: How's your patient? Ernie: He's an organ donor.

submitted by John - (www)

organism - Orgasm.

e.g., "Watching Holder sending people to the WH to arrest the Usurper in Chief will be better than having an organism."

submitted by Miss Speller

organize - To play the organ.

e.g., That was lovely organizing at church.

submitted by Curt

organosentiencism - The belief that organic sentient life is superior to other types of sentience, e.g. robot intelligence.

e.g., Did you here that rotten thing that Simon said about Tommy the Intelligent Toaster? He's such an organosentient bastard!

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

organsion - A very large and expansive organization.

e.g., Sally works as an IT consultant for an international organsion.

submitted by John B. Pieri

orgaspm - The sudden intake of breath immediately following a sexual climax.

e.g., Whether it's a tiny one, like a sigh following a little baby hiccup, or a reaction to an intense blast of sensory input -- like after being slammed on the side of your head by a shovel -- an orgaspm is truly the pause that refreshes.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

orgastrum - Chocolate, or any food that induces euphoria.

e.g., Paul: You haven't heard a single word I said Toni: Shut up, you're killing the moment. Can't you see I'm enjoying this orgastrum?

submitted by Giovanni Dania - (www)

orgeo - Eating so many Oreo's that you gain a euphoric state.

e.g., After losing her boyfriend, she decided to have an orgeo to lessen the pain.

submitted by marc

orgle - Fun, interesting, awesome, or anything somewhat related to the above.

e.g., Isn't it just orgle to make up words?

submitted by Jbob

oribotics - Robotic origami, the use of robotic actuators to create folding structures, usually paper.

e.g., My son is designing oribotic flowers for an exhibition.

submitted by Ray Gardiner - (www)

orientated - Its the same as oriented (to align or position with respect to a point or system of reference), but used primarily by people who aren't aware there is a preferred word in common usage.

e.g., There is a yoga company that is orientated toward the young consumer.

submitted by Jonathan Glaser

orientum - (n.) That portion of Asia---China, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia---whose occupants bear the striking so-called Mongol features (although that term seems ill-chosen: it is, after all, inaccurate as well as rather Eurocentric---and many find its use rather derogatory (and, given its apparent use, rightly so)). Anyway, the idea of the term was to distinguish the "Orientum" from the Asia which is home to the non-Sinitic populations of Siberia, India, the -Stans, and the Middle East.

e.g., "Guys, let me introduce my friend Asqar Oskyuk---he's from Qaraghandy, in Asia." "He doesn't look Asian." "Not Orientum Asia ... well, at least not entirely. Asqar was born in St. Petersburg. He was adopted by a family in Kazakhstan."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

origam-sm - What you have when you are sexually gratified by folding paper.

e.g., Why am I sitting in a room, surrounded by hundreds of paper airplanes? Multiple origam-sm's.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

origin of hell - The dea of a hell obviously derives from observing and knowledge of volcanoes and eruptions andlLava and extreme heat under the earth! The reality of fire in the earth gave rise to the myth of hell, a nonexistent place.

e.g., Myths sometimes do have a source in reality, as is the case in the origin of "hell." But no one goes to a "hell." It is fiction and nonsense. Whoever promotes the idea of a "hell" is a monster and a moron.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

original cynicism - Original Cynicism: This phrase denotes the tendency, apparently hard-wired into certain members of our species, to regard everything as best understood when it is looked at with black-tinted glasses. This inborn tendency manifests itself in the compulsion to debunk, to regard everything profane and nothing sacred, and to hold in haughty disdain all who manifest signs of hopefulness, optimism and expansive joy.

e.g., Ex. Can you believe this, Cecil? All I said to the prince-of-darkness-grim over there was, "Nice day, isn't it?" He shoots back with, "What's so nice about it? Take your so-called nice day someplace else, please!" That's Original Cynicism for you!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

originil - Unoriginal.

e.g., "I'm of two minds as to whether I am indecisive." "That's so origiil."

submitted by Hercolena

oriyenta - The female offspring of an Asian married to a Jew.

e.g., Help!

submitted by Alan Lasnover

ornamentalia - Reproductive organs tatooed, bejeweled, pierced or otherwise accessorized such that their primary function is now as a display case.

e.g., That guy's ornamentalia had more gold than the Aztecs.

submitted by John Knight

ornigraphic - As for "ornigraphic," I'm surprised that you didn't recognize what it is right away. It can only be a description of a girlie magazine for those Brits who reside in the Cockney section of the Island. (From an e-mail dated Wed, 4 Apr 2007 19:28:15 EDT.]

e.g., "Crickey, Bloke -- Odd like to talk wif ya, but me ornigraphic arrived in today's post and I'm off to the bafroom!"

submitted by [Marty D'Mello]

ornithon (ὀρνίθων) - (Rhymes with HORN-ith-own; adj.) 1. Pointless, meaningless; 2. Ridiculous, silly; 3. Superfluous, unnecessary. (n.) 4. Some object (real, existential, hypothetical, or fictional) or action that is, in the speaker's mind, pointless, ridiculous, or superfluous. [From the ancient Greek ὀρνίθων ornithon "[for the] Birds."]

e.g., "I can't just ask my secretary copy these pleadings? Why not?" "Well, he likes things to be typed up on an order form first." "An order form?! I have to submit an order form to my secretary before he'll make the copies?!" "Yep: here's a stack of order forms for you." "It's an ornithon! I won't do it!!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ornography - (n.) 1. pictures of fried chicken or baked turkey or roast duck, in a television ad or magazine or internet page, calculated to make you hungry; or by extension, 2. pictures of any kind of meat emphasizing the juice or the gravy or whatever, calculated to make you hungry; or, by further extension, pictures of almost any food at all depicted in a way designed to make you hungry. [From the Gk_ornis_'bird'+_graphe_'draw, write.' analogy with _pornography_. ]

e.g., If you remember Sylvester the cat, you may recall the episode in which he joined Birdeaters Anonymous, so he wouldn't eat the Tweety bird. But as soon as he got home from his first meeting, he was overwhelmed with ornographic images: an advertisement for cooking turkey on TV, for example, drove him crazy. | When you've gorged yourself on Pizza, ornographic hamburger ads and images of syrup over pancakes or ice cream kinda make you feel bloated. They're not tempting at all. | Ornography in nature: I remember chopping down trees in my back yard in Pennsylvania. Sometimes the grain and color of the inner wood made it look so much like fried chicken meat that I had to go buy some.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

oroneiro - (oh-row-NAY-row; n.) 1. A dream about a mountain, traditionally interpreted as an image of facing or of overcoming great difficulty; 2. Something (or somebody) representing or embodying either a significant difficulty or its solution. [From the Greek oros "mountain" + oneiros "dream."]

e.g., I've been having an oroneiro over and over again this last month: I think it's the upcoming bar exam. | Your hatred of your boss seems to be an oroneiro: he's the obstacle in your mind to a promotion.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

orpels - Orpels are the result of successfully comparing apples and oranges -- and they said it couldn't be done! You splice a little here, you genetically graft a little there. Stir but do not shake, petition the Gods for success -- and there you have it, more or less.

e.g., And they did take and eat of the forbidden fruit (which was actually quite juicy and tasty -- and psychedelic no less. Now if only it had been an orpel, the integrated wiring in their brains and nervous system would have meshed and functioned far better, new beings, scintillating with intelligence and vibrant energies.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ors - Orange ring syndrome. What you get from eating spaghetti--an orange ring around your mouth.

e.g., The one thing I hate about Italian food is the ORS I get afterwards.

submitted by Brandon Ducharme - (www)

orsome - Fantastic, exceptional, outstanding, amazing, stupendous, far out (especially as regards things like science, science fiction, technology, futuristic fantasy, and the like). A blend of awesome and Orson (as in Welles). {ED. Who's Orson Welles?}

e.g., To be included in the crew aboard the first manned spacecraft to Mars, would certainly be orsome.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ort - An embarrassing piece of food stuck between your front teeth.

e.g., You have an ort. I'll provide a distraction.

submitted by Ditty Deamer

ort - A defense system component in a castle

e.g., This is a good ort for a castle of this type.

submitted by pogboy

orthophilodicasia - (or tho fee lo dik asia) In Greece, it means right love process; here in America it means basically the same thing. It's when you see a hot chick at the bar, your brain does a check to see if she is mature and ready for "reproduction." It does this by listening to the pitch of her voice and all that good stuff. I won't go too far into details or your head might explode. Same thing when a girl is looking at a guy. So if the person is just right for you, orthophilodicasia is what causes love at first sight.

e.g., When I saw her walking down the street, I went through an orthophilodiasia to see if she was all right -- and she was. That's how I met my wife.

submitted by Kysen Osburn

orthopoesis - Right creation.

e.g., Picasso and Modest Mouse are oozing in orthopoesis.

submitted by Francis Raven

orthopraxy - (Rhymes with NORTH-a-BACK-see; n.) 1. Doing what is right, righteous behavior; 2. Doing what is ethical, appropriate behavior (to a particular profession or calling); 3. Doing what is expected, proper behavior (for a particular social group, society, or clique). The adjective form is "orthoprax," which means "doing the right thing[s]," "pertaining to right action." [From Greek ORTHOS "straight, correct" + PRAXIS "action." Apparently an established word (from 1840, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary).]

e.g., Orthopraxy is the complement to "orthodoxy," which means "holding the right opinion," "right thinking." And, while orthodoxy is important, orthopraxy would seem to be far more important, since _doing_ right actually demonstrates thinking right in the real world: All the right-thinking in the universe (orthodoxy) accomplishes nothing without somebody exemplifying it through right-acting (orthopraxy).]

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

orthorexia - The neurotic compulsion to eat nothing but health foods.

e.g., Her orthorexia made her eat at only organic restaurants.

submitted by John Keefer

orthotoxicmoron - Someone whose rational abilities, objectivity, and thought processes are adversely affected or even harmed by adhering to fixed, dogmatic, and frequently illogical belief systems. (The "-moron" is not meant to be offensive: in Greek it merely means "baby.")

e.g., Orthotoxicmorons may have smiles on their faces, but if their minds are "somewhat" warped, does that not amount to lack of honesty and unawareness of that which is real, factual, and true?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ortolankerchief - A traditional cloth worn over the head while savoring the delicate and, in many countries, illegal armagnac-soaked songbird, the ortolan.

e.g., As soon as the piping-hot bird was served to him, François began to salivate, and wisely donned his ortolankerchief, thus masking some of the shame he felt at consuming this forbidden treat.

submitted by Betty

osbyting - Oz biting. From the name of an API call on the Acorn BBC Microcomputer. To talk about technical or work-related subjects when it is not appropriate to do so. The term was coined when some non-technical (non-Acorn) people overheard Acorn technical people talking about work and using the term OSBYTE in a pub.

e.g., "Stop osbyting, we're supposed to be playing cards." "Pay no attention to them, they're just osbyting."

submitted by Brian Cockburn

oscar meyered - Of someone or something that's bogged down or entangled in the world of coldcut lunch meats.

e.g., Obsessed with bologna, I found myself "Oscar Meyered."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

oscillating fan - Cool or exciting.

e.g., This vacation is going to be so oscillating fan.

submitted by ben moore

osculopathy - (Rhymes with boss-kyu-TOP-uh-three, n.) 1. Acute emotional distress brought on by lack of kisses (given or received); 2. The belief that most stress and depression can be relieved by romantic intimacy (as betokened by the kiss); 3. "Osculopath" (rhymes with BOSS-kyu-low-path): one who practices osculopathy. Also "Anosculy" (rhymes with Anne-BOSS-kyu-lee): a lack of (sufficient) kisses. [From Latin osculare "to kiss" (in reality "pucker" or "small mouth") + Greek pathos "suffer, endure."]

e.g., "Most people suffer from anosculy," I was surprised to read, "and, consequently, from mild osculopathy." If this osculopath guy is correct, we all need to be a heck of a lot more affectionate. Question is, is this a bad thing? And, if not, would a lipfest really decrease our depression epidemic?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

osgeluntez - Cool.

e.g., You had a word accepted by the pseudodictionary? Osgeluntez.

submitted by Jim Dilger

osgood - A bad decision made the St, Louis Blues at the NHL trade deadline.

e.g., I know your goalies are bad, but how could you osgood that badly.

submitted by schall

osipa - An outside semi-enclosed play area, for example a shed converted to a play room.

e.g., May I play in the osipa? Please.

submitted by Joey

osisitis - Whatever ails you when used as an excuse.

e.g., Sorry, babe, can't do the dishes. Got the osisitis.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

osity - Suffix--implying the quality of the word it is appended to, or a skill regarding it.

e.g., A masterful player of the game "Scrabble" could be referred to as having Scrabbleosity.

submitted by Daniel Walker

osmosified ghetto - "Ghetto" behavior or language someone has picked up after spending time with "ghetto thugs."

e.g., Jen: Joe, I just met your friend Lindsey. She seems pretty ghetto. Joe: No, its just osmosified ghetto. Her new boyfriend thinks he's some badass thug.

submitted by Lisa

osmyrrah - A pleasing collection of fragrances (as told to me by Jan Nielsen per an unknown man from Colorado.)

e.g., She laid her cheek against his silken, black hair and breathed in his osmyrrah of spun sugar and smoldering fire.

submitted by Mary Helen Taft

oss - Shortened phonetic formation of the word "awesome." Used mostly by lazy slacker types.

e.g., Check out that cherry '64 Nova. Now, that's oss.

submitted by Matt Yates

ossifer - What a man or woman of the law is to someone who has been drinking.

e.g., Of course I would never dream of drinking and driving, ossifer. (hic)

submitted by Jessy

ossip question - A really annoying question that is asked about the stupidest tiniest detail.

e.g., When Chris asked why George Washington’s white horse was white, the teacher replied “Don't ask any more ossip questions, you little twit.”

submitted by jillian

ossishard - Bone shard. A sharp splinter of bone, usually from a badly butchered chicken, embedded in the tonge or roof of the mouth.

e.g., The chicken piri-piri would have been excellent, but for the fact it had clearly been killed with a sledgehammer, and so left my mouth full of ossishards.

submitted by Colin Taffel

ostentageous - Outrageously ostentatious.

e.g., The Vegas Strip may well be the most ostentageous area in the world.

submitted by HD Fowler

osteocephaloid - Headstrong creatures.

e.g., Mules are osteocepholoids.

submitted by Candace McDonald

osteopornosis - A degenerate disease. This one got extra credit. (Washington Post Style Invitational.)

e.g., If you spend most of your time on the web searching for dirty pictures, you might have osteopornosis.

submitted by Dana Friedman - (www)

ostrakonography - (Rhymes with most-rack-oh-NO-cough-fee, or, in modern English, to rhyme with awe-struck-uh-NOG-gruff-fee; n.) 1. The practice of recording information on pieces of broken ceramic pots (potsherds); 2. The practice or habit of scribbling information on any piece of paper---empty envelopes, cast-off newsprint, napkins (serviettes), paper towels, laundry tickets, torn-up cereal boxes, etc.---which comes to hand, resulting in a pile of necessary information which is, unfortunately, impossible to index. [From the Greek_ostrakon_"a potsherd" + _graphein_"to write.] A practitioner of ostrakonography is called an "ostrakonographer." The adjective form is "ostrakonographic."

e.g., "This is amazing!: where are your research notes?" "Right over there on the desk." "What? Under all this trash?" "Don't throw that around!: that's my research!" "Your research?!---Oh, wonderful, an ostrakonographer. This is going to take months to set this mess in order." "No, a week, maybe: most of my notes were on a paper tablecloth ... ah, here it is." "Oh ... that's ... helpful. At least it's not on toilet paper."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ostralapithicus - Dwarf.

e.g., Chris is so short she's a regular ostralapithicus.

submitted by pogboy

ostrich years - A period in which serious matters have been ignored while those who should have been paying attention hid from reality by sticking their heads in the sand as ostriches are imagined to do.

ostrich years (1999) What Newsweek writer Jonathan Alter calls the current historical period, where celebrity murder trials, royal car wrecks, and the president’s DNA have distracted the world’s attention from serious problems such as growing poverty and post-Cold War instability.

Branwyn, Gareth. "Jargon Watch." Wired Magazine: January 1999, p 62.

e.g., "After so many ostrich years, [h]e now appears to crave publicity -- there's been a Panorama and dispirited pronouncements that he should have cut Pulp Fiction."

"I was never, ever a hippie because of the whole rustic/wilderness/country aspect. do not know what I am now and I live in fear that I am retro in some way. I guess I am, secretly; I am 1978, close enough to hear the echo of my Granny laughing her ass off at Watergate every afternoon, but before those ostrich years of Reagan (for twelve republican years I shut off some part of my brain -- it was easy, I was an adolescent, and I’ve never been strong or responsible enough to handle the horror of that reality). In 1978, I was still watching everyone else with no sense of myself being watched."

"I'm pretty much over my Intimidated Ostrich years at this point, but it all came flooding back in a second and I turned instantly into a huge weenie, relegating myself to the back room where I could sort out Verizon Wireless statements into month order in peace, without the weird man looking over my shoulder while reading his golf magazine."

"In Ostrich years MTV is like an 8-track! In fruit fly years MTV is like a PlayStation 3 however."

"I was once bitten by an ostrich. Years later I tasted the gamey satisfaction of revenge by eating it's great great niece with a side of mashed potatoes."

"A quick doodle while waiting for the scanner, I drew a similar ostrich years ago but can't find the original. Crumbs."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ostrichsize - To bury your head in the sand at the appropriate moment -- especially used in the technology sector. Ostrichsizing is an art that requires great skill.

e.g., When the CIO found out about the server crashes, Barry was so busy ostrichsizing that no one blamed him at all.

submitted by Wild Jill - (www)

ostrobogulous - Extreme beyond comprehension.

e.g., The physical dimensions of the universe are ostrobogulous. Space exploration is ostrobogulously expensive

submitted by Cool Nate

ostrobogulous - Wiktionary says it means "Slightly risqué or indecent; bizarre, interesting, or unusual." Professor of English Christian Kay (University of Glasgow) doesn't include risqué or indecent as meanings, so I'm going to defer to her scholarship and say it means interesting or bizarre.

e.g., You're a good friend, as good a friend as I've ever had, ostrobogulous as that may sound.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oswalla - A name used when a male runs into a female he has met but doesn't remember her name. The male then uses this name instead. Same usage as Oxsanna, sport, buddy, pal, etc.

e.g., Hey ... uh, Oswalla. Remember me?

submitted by Gnome

otaku - Person who really**3 is hooked on Japanese comics.

e.g., She can't stop reading those Ranma 1/2 issues. She's a real otaku.

submitted by Becky Farrah

otakunnection - Means by which someone obtains vast amounts of manga, anime, or pocky; often indirectly, as through a friend.

e.g., Despite my limited income, I still read the entire Angelic Layer series thanks to my otakunnections.

submitted by PPM

other's day - This is a day that should be set aside for all the wretched forgotten categories of relations -- such as uncles, aunts, and second cousins -- who are left out of all the day recognitions, and spend their days eating their hearts out in their miserable envy of mothers, fathers, and grandfathers, who have their own day.

e.g., Cedric, I'm an uncle, you know. But do I have a day when my nephews and nieces remember me? No way. And you are somebody's cousin, aren't you? There should be "other's day" for people like us.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

otherbet - (Also_allobet_; n.) 1. Any writing system based upon English that does not use the Roman letters; 2. Any writing system constructed for fictional cultures in literature or cinema, by extension; 3. Any non-Roman alphabet. [From "other" (or "allo" Gk for "other") + "bet" from "alphabet."]

e.g., Because of my mania for linguistics, I have studied various otherbets: Kingsley-Read's Shavian, which represents the phonemes of English, Tolkien's Tengwar, designed for a completely fictional language. Many more otherbets exist, obviously, but they are for real languages, past and present: Japanese Kana, Israeli Hebrew, Greek, Chinese Hanzi, Cyrillic, Korean Hangul, Mongolian Hudum, Demotic Egyptian, Sequoya's Talking Leaves, the Devanagari, and so on and on. Some otherbets, such as the saurian alphabet of the Dinotopia books (the art of which deserves high praise), simply transliterate English spelling. This practice, however, is more a shortcut than a true otherbet, and gives rise to what I have termed "thaking" (q.v.).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

otherelse - If not, then.

e.g., Eat your veggies; otherelse you'll get no pie.

submitted by RAO

othermobile - (n.) Any of the various forms of automobile we have developed over the years that do not run on petroleum (i.e., gasoline or diesel): electrical, hybrid, natural gas --- everything from Fred Flintstone's feet to Mr. Fusion. [From "other" + "automobile"]

e.g., "Whoa, new car?" "No, it's an othermobile." "Oh, yeah, I see. It's all over solar panels. Kinda weird." "Yeah, but I pay only about 12 cents for every hundred miles." "Wow." "Yep: wow." || Oh, and so that nobody goes ballistic, I know that Mr. Fusion only powered Doc Brown's flux capacitor, while the Delorean ran on ordinary gasoline---so the Back-to-the-Future time machine was not, in fact, an othermobile. But "Flintstone feet to Mr. Fusion" had a good ring to them; I couldn't help myself.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

otherwisenthat - It's another way of saying "otherwise" or "If we don't do this. . . ." People from Maine seem to use this. Otherwise 'n that.

e.g., We'd better get gas right now; otherwisenthat, we'll have to walk.

submitted by April - (www)

otick - For the noun thing you can't think of the name of.

e.g., Please hand me the . . . the . . . the otick.

submitted by DianeB - (www)

otorhinolaryngology - The study of medicine for the ears, nose, and throat.

e.g., Joe over there is an otorhinolaryngologist.

submitted by Joanna Biolva

ott - Over the top--something that is overdone, over-expressed. Can be positive or negative depending on circumstance.

e.g., Look at that guy's car; that is so ott!

submitted by Ali_T

ott - Over The Top.

e.g., "I enjoy political hardball as much as the next reporter. It’s barely concealed truth that campaign journalists, like the operatives we cover, love negative campaigning and revel in OTT insults and martial rhetoric. Even candidates often lapse into the language of 'rip his throat out,' 'tear his eyes out,' or 'drive a stake through her heart.'  
"It's no secret either that many Republicans despise Democrats with a passion and vice versa. Just as British MPs hide their contempt of their opponents by referring to them as 'the honourable member,' American politicians have their own, albeit less formal, ways of masking their true feelings with anodyne language for public consumption.  
But the statements today by Jimmy Hoffa Jr and Vice President Joe Biden demean the presidency and, tactically speaking, are stupid own goals."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ottmar - The New Age Southwestern style acoustic guitar music that stores and resturants use as background music over the PA system. The word is derived from Ottmar Liebert, whose music it likely is.

e.g., The bird seed supply changed to some pleasant ottmar and saw sales go up. At dinner with his wife, the ottmar set the mood. Argh ottmar! This store won't have shotgun shells.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack

otto mate - An assembly line manufactured life-sized rubber doll for the German market.

e.g., Sigfried got tired of sitting home alone on Saturday nights so he went out and bought an Otto Mate.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

otto-matic - Pulling off an especially difficult surfing, skateboarding or xtreme-sport manuver to the point of making such look ridiculously easy. (Derived from the Otto Rocket character on the Nickelodeon series "Rocket Power," in case you ask. Otto is something of a boaster and a show-off in the xtreme-sport arena, not to mention being 11 year of age.)

e.g., "Was that last skateboard move really otto-matic, or WHAT?!"

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

ouch-gray - Someone who's rather old but somewhat cantankerous and easily irritated: Pig Latin for "grouch."

e.g., We do tend to gravitate toward those who are sweet and old, rather than the ouch-gray.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ouched - When you hurt yourself so bad that you say ouch, you have been ouched.

e.g., Ooooh, I just ouched myself.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

ouchy - It's sore, kind of hurts, a bit painful. My mother used this word.

e.g., My back is ouchy this morning.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oughts, the - The first decade of the 21st century. The oopsies.

e.g., The oughts will be a decade of change.

submitted by Sailor - (www)

ounka - An expression of disapproval or embarrassment or shame. (ED. Sort of like saying, "Uncle" to give up?)

e.g., Brad spelled "car" wrong in the finals of the high school spelling bee, prompting his father to shake his head in shame and quietly whisper, "Ounka."

submitted by keith hunter - (www)

our people - A reference to a particular group with which the speaker or writer and her audience identify. The term can be used without stirring up a firestorm by members of certain minority groups; however, God help us if any white person ever referred to "our people."


Sharpton emcees racially-focused Sanford rally, warns against use of violence
Despite his harsh rhetoric, Sharpton warned the thousands in attendance to avoid resorting to violence at all costs as the Martin case progresses. “I want our people to understand that how you behave is going to be a reflection on this case,” Sharpton instructed the crowd. “[No matter] how angry we get, don’t let them make you act in a way that they will say, ‘see, that’s what to think with Trayvon.’”  
“We are going to act intelligent,” Sharpton said. “We going to act dignified. And, we’re going to be determined. We may be angry, but we’re not mad dogs. We’re too smart to fall for [that].”

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ouroboros - "The ouroboros or uroboros ... is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail."

e.g., "This is the limit of the Kardashian contribution to the world: self-aggrandizing fame that feeds upon itself like an ouroboros made up of injustice and selfies."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ourself - (pronoun) From "1. one's own person, individuality, etc., considered as private and apart from others: It is for ourself that we should strive for greater knowledge. "2. (a form corresponding to ourselves, used of a single person, especially in the regal or formal style, as we for I): We have taken unto ourself such powers as may be necessary."  
You'd have to hold a gun to my head to get me to use ourself as shown above. To me, ourselves is called for in both examples -- the plural being needed for agreement in number with the plural antecedent we. From a short lesson on how to use personal pronouns: "The antecedents of pronouns usually precede the pronouns. However, a pronoun may also stand for a noun which follows the pronoun, provided that it is obvious to what the pronoun is referring."  
Made this entry after running across a reflexive being used as the object of a verb: "We suffer from ADD and all our action films reveal ourselves as Martians fascinated by an entertainment called 'Controlled Experiment.'" Rather than ourselves, the simple objective case plural us would be a considerably better choice. While I can understand a writer's trying to "write fancy" to comment on a Victor Davis Hanson essay, the simpler the word choice the better off you're likely to be. Regardless of what you say, you're going to suffer in comparison to Hanson.

e.g., "We have established ourself as one of the leading developers of new technology in our arena."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ousphon - Full of sound.

e.g., Because of the music, the room was ousphon.

submitted by SlyDragon37

out of one's catapult - Out of one's mind.

e.g., You're out of your catapult, Madam.

submitted by Adam Leslie

out of one's lizard - Out of one's mind.

e.g., He's out of his lizard.

submitted by Adam Leslie

out years - The years of an economy that's gone bust -- when you start by being out of a job and then out of a house because your mortgage was foreclosed on. Turns out what you had been calling "your house" was never your house at all. You "bought it" with no money down and never had any equity in it because the housing bust came before any appreciation occurred. | Legislative jargon used when politicians talk about spending now and paying later.

e.g., "I've found our dream house, dear. It's a 9,500-square-footer in Preston Hills. On a five-acre lot so we can keep horses. . . ." "Preston Hills? There's no way we can afford even a 2,000 square foot house in Preston Hills -- if there were anything there less than twice that size. Horses? Plural? We don't have a horse. . . ." "We can manage. All we have to do is cut back a little on entertainment and vacation. We can get in with a 4% interest only ARM to start -- then catch up in the out years. . . ." "'Out years,' eh? What do you mean by that?" "You know, couple of years from now when we're making a lot more money." "Yeah right." | "White House aides suggested that new deficit spending in the near term to try to promote job creation would be paid for in the future -- the 'out years,' in legislative jargon -- but they did not specify what would be cut or what revenues they would use."

submitted by HD Fowler

out-anal - To exceed someone in being pedantic, detail-oriented, or overly organised.

e.g., I was struggling to locate this fice-year-old e-mail in my archive when Michael out-analed me by finding his copy instantly.

submitted by Fred

out-laws - Used to describe one's relationship to the family members of one's ex-spouse; the opposite of an in-law.

e.g., Divorcing my wife didn't rid me of my mother-in-law; it just made her my mother-out-law.

submitted by Andrew Hollandbeck - (www)

out-templed - A condition often experienced by travellers in Asia in which one 11th century masterpiece of Buddhist architecture begins to look like the next. A similar condition among those traipsing around Europe is known by the acronym NABC or Not Another Bloody Cathedral.

e.g., Day 16: The others are going on to see Wat Phra Yai, but I'm out-templed. I plan to spend the day here at the beach.

submitted by Tim

out-the-bay - Something cool. Northern California only. "Bay" meaning the Bay Area.

e.g., Check out my new kicks. They're out-the-Bay.

submitted by shauna

outa - It is just like "outta" but since I've seen it used many times in debates, I think it should be addded. And since "outa" is more akin to "out of" than "outta" is, it should be included.

e.g., I'm outa here!

submitted by Tony

outcognito - Believing you are disguised or unrecognizable when everyone actually knows who you are.

e.g., Jasper skulked through the room in an attempt to be nonchalant with his Groucho nose and glasses on, so totally outcognito.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

outcompetent - The opposite of incompetent -- i.e., competent, capable. | Not in a tent that someone gave you for nothing. "Comp" is short for "complimentary." High-rollers in Vegas get their rooms and meals "comp'd" all the time." So shouldn't "incompetent" mean that you're inside a tent that someone gave you for nothing?

e.g., I used to believe that I was "outcompetent" (REALLY good) at getting my room and meals comp'd in Vegas. When I learned that my room and meals at Caesar's Palace were NOT comp'd, I was forced to move to the nearest campground where luckily, someone shared his shelter for no charge. Stupid me! I thought I was so "outcompetent and I ended up incompetent.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

outdacan - Completely unoriginal. Think people who buy cranberry relish in cans at Christmastime and dump it out of the can onto the plate--can indentations and all--without even trying to mix it up and make it look like it was homemade.

e.g., I'm getting sick of seeing everyone wearing Abercrombie and Fitch. That look is so outdacan.

submitted by Kortnee

outdacious - Outrageous, impertinent.

e.g., What an outdacious suggestion.

submitted by The Great Rangdoor

outdolence - An active lifestyle.

e.g., She was living a life of outdolence -- climbing mountains, running long distances, and generally doing strenuous things.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

outevitable - The opposite of inevitable. Something that can never happen; it's impossible and always will be.

e.g., That's nearly as outevitable as me spontaneously turning into a duck while chained to a chair 10,000 leagues under the sea and being forced to listen to Simon & Garfunkel.

submitted by John Driscoll

outfangtheft -


As I'm sure you're aware, outfangtheft is the opposite of infangtheft. Infangtheft was the right of a Norman lord of a borough to rain down justice on any resident of his borough found guilty of theft or other such misdemeanors. Punishment was generally severe in those days, so there was the obvious temptation for wanted men to abscotchalate and move to another borough. However in doing so they did not escape the jurisdiction of the Norman lord because of outfangtheft, the right of the Norman lord to pursue the miscreant outside his own jurisdiction and bring him back within his jurisdiction to be punished.

It is interesting that while outfangtheft applied for centuries in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, the fundamental principle of outfangtheft was never properly established in America (between states) until the twentieth century. It was then that the flight of bank robbers over state lines sparked the formation the FBI and the rise of the gangster movie. The only reasonable explanation for this is that the United States suffered from a severe shortage of the Norman lords needed to enforce outfangtheft.

e.g., You don't really think the absence of the principle of outfangtheft was going to stop Marshal Dillon when he was chasing abscotchalaters do you? Surely you realize those hills you saw in the background weren't anywhere close to Dodge City.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

outfrastructure - Facilities which are redundant or badly underperforming. Related to "outage" for supply interruption.

e.g., Resulting from endless gridlock, the status of the highway has been downgraded. What was designed as productive infrastructure is now mere outfrastructure. It's a waste of space.

submitted by Patrick Tynan

outgenius - A totally flamboyant extravirtuous Brain, smarty pants, intelligent show off.

e.g., My cousin the outgenius isn't the least bit shy about his exceptional mental prowess; he likes to announce it to the world.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

outgoogle - To get more search results on Google than something else. Frequently used by copywriters (like me) who want to know if one phrase is more popular than another.

e.g., Since "exclamation point" outgoogles "exclamation mark" by 1,850,000 to 1,800,000, we'd better use "exclamation point."

submitted by Jon Parker - (www)

outhatch - To outscheme or out plan someone, even when it's obvious you're doing it.

e.g., Tina outHatched 'em all in Survivor II, even though they were all merrily hatching away.

submitted by David Kraut

outherit - Acquire something as a result of someone's moving out and leaving it behind.

e.g., I outherited a bunch of old LPs when my son went away to college.

submitted by walt gately

outness - Slang for "I'm going" or "goodbye." Usually found after the word "peace."

e.g., I'm bout to roll solo. Peace. Outness.

submitted by T-Dogg

outof - Out of. I'm tired of forgetting to put a space between "out" and "of" and going back to correct my typos. Now I won't have to. We have the combining form "into," so why not "outof."

e.g., You're outof luck, pally, if you're expecting any empathy or sympathy from me. I'm fresh out of ruth.

submitted by HD Fowler

outrance - An exit. The opposite of entrance.

e.g., When we left Target, we went through the outrance.

submitted by Robert Shaw

outro - (rhymes with WOW-yo; n.) 1. The opposite ... well, the reverse ... of an "intro"; 2. An epilogue or an afterword; 3. A blip (q.v.); also 4. "Outroduce": The removal or extraction of something. (Evidently a simple analogy based on "intro.")

e.g., The Moody Blues album _Days_of_Future_Past_ has one of the coolest intro/outro sets in modern musical history:  
INTRO (at the beginning of the album)  
Cold hearted orb that rules the night, 
Removes the colours from our sight, 
Red is gray and yellow white, 
But we decide which is right. 
And which is an illusion? 
Pinprick holes in a colourless sky, 
Let insipid figures of light pass by, 
The mighty light of ten thousand suns, 
Challenges infinity and is soon gone. 
Night time, to some a brief interlude, 
To others the fear of solitude. 
Brave Helios wake up your steads, 
Bring the warmth the countryside needs. 
OUTRO (at the end of the album)  
Breathe deep the gathering gloom, 
Watch lights fade from every room. 
Bedsitter people look back and lament, 
Another day's useless energy spent. 
Impassioned lovers wrestle as one, 
Lonely man cries for love and has none. 
New mother picks up and suckles her son, 
Senior citizens wish they were young. 
Cold hearted orb that rules the night, 
Removes the colours from our sight. 
Red is grey and yellow white. 
But we decide which is right. 
And which is an illusion?  
------------------ And everyone likes the outro of _Midsummer_Night's_Dream_:  
If we shadows have offended, 
Think but this, and all is mended, 
That you have but slumber'd here 
While these visions did appear. 
And this weak and idle theme, 
No more yielding but a dream, 
Gentles, do not reprehend: 
if you pardon, we will mend: 
And, as I am an honest Puck, 
If we have unearned luck 
Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue, 
We will make amends ere long; 
Else the Puck a liar call; 
So, good night unto you all. 
Give me your hands, if we be friends, 
And Robin shall restore amends. 

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

outs - Origin Unknown To Submitter -- and she's too lazy to look it up.

e.g., Christ, another OUTS. Don't any of these people know how easy it is to google? Go to the bottom of the class, Chris.

submitted by HD Fowler

outsert - the opposite of insert.

e.g., when asked how long my cooking spoon was, i had to outsert my mind from the gutter to give a non-sexual answer.

submitted by Paul Jarvis - (www)

outside-the-box - Really weird or strange.

e.g., Lauryn, you are outside-the-box.

submitted by lauryn

outslut - To outslut someone is to behave more like a slut than she does. Intent is required for the word to apply. I don't hear the word slut as often as I once did, but it still has the same meaning: a sexually promiscuous woman.    

The age at which girls start trying to outslut each other gets lower with each passing year. My reliable but anonymous source tells me it starts as young as eight. Are little girls learning that they have value only as sex objects?    

Who can we thank for lowered mores? Thank you, birth control pill. Thank you, celebrities, sports stars, movies and TV, "women's magazines" -- for glorifying casual sex. Thank you, Madonna. Thank you, Bill Clinton. Thank you, modern mothers. Thank you, postmodern feminism. Thank you, progressives.

e.g., I hear Chris is coming to the party. Wonder what she'll do to outslut the other girls.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

outstounding - So outstanding that it is astounding. Alternative to 'excellent' (Bill and Tedded to death) or the long-overused 'awesome.'

e.g., The opening act was pretty good but the main act was outstounding

submitted by Matt Stevenson

outstoundishing - Outstanding, astonishing, and astounding. Hopefully it will replace those greatly overused words: awesome and amazing. {ED. Have you noticed how overused exclamation points are. My motto is "Let your words be your exclamation points. Sorry it took so long to get this entered -- I must have forgotten to his «add» when I ran across it earlier.

e.g., Wow! That Rolling Stones concert was outstoundishing!

submitted by John Duckering and Tasha Schwiefert - (www)

outsubordinate - Going over the top in trying to please the boss; the opposite of insubordinate, e.g.. brown-nosing

e.g., There goes the outsubordinate pencil-neck now with the boss's coffee and donuts.

submitted by jimtheditch

outsult - A compliment.

e.g., One more outsult from you and I'm going to hug you!

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

outta your bird - Crazy

e.g., "She was like, I'm going to put all of my money into priceline stock, and I was like, 'Are you outta your bird?'"

submitted by Laurence - (www)

outtie - "To leave, or dismiss ones self"

e.g., Before Chloe left the party she told her friends "I'm outtie".

submitted by Melissa

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