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oh! bese - An individual's condition of weight and girth of such size as to elicit a comment (whether voiced aloud, or not).

e.g., "Well, hello there!" (Oh! bese. My God, he must weigh 600 pounds! His immense weight on the sofa he's sitting on makes him an immutable part of that furniture!). "No, don't bother trying to get up to shake my hand, just sit back!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

oh, bandit! - "Oh, dammit!" As heard and said by my three-year-old grandson Alec.

e.g., When Alec mashed his finger in the closet door, he said, "Oh, bandit!"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oh, green monkey - Expression of frustration, used when someone cannot think of a curse to say.

e.g., Oh, green monkey, it's broken again.

submitted by Bob Engelbert

oh-face - The face you make when in the throes of ectasy. From the movie _Office Space_.

e.g., I'd like to show her my oh-face.

submitted by chuck - (www)

ohhhh scholar - Used when someone around you makes an intelligent observation, or tries to show off her booksmarts."

e.g., "Did you know the earth rotates on an axis?" Ohhhhh scholar."

submitted by bindi

ohio-silver - In Ohio, it's what you shout at your horse to make him go fast.

e.g., We done yelled Ohio-silver to our horses cuz we wanted to get to the square dance over to Kunkle afore dark.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ohkay - "Oh, okay" as a reaction to someone´s statement.

e.g., "Look, I really have to get back to work." "Ohkay, later."

submitted by Bauke

ohminous - Calming.

e.g., Like, today's yoga class was like totally ohminous, dude.

submitted by tharina - (www)

ohnoment - The period of time between when you realize that you have touched a liquid or a solid that is too hot, and you actually feel the pain. Usually accompanied by the feeling of drespair (see additional entry). Slightly shorter than a woahment (see additional entry.

e.g., He put is foot in the tub and realized in that ohnoment, that he had forgotten to turn any cold water on while filling it.

submitted by Robb Glunt

ohnosecond - That moment just after you realize you have made a big mistake. "That very short moment in time during which you realize that you have pressed the wrong key and deleted hours, days, or weeks of work." Same as an onosecond.

e.g., Tom paused for an ohnosecond then climbed out to see who he had backed into.

submitted by Robin Hart-Jones - (www)

oholiapthoeramesis - A handy word to know, means nothing but is great for: arousing interest in conversation, confusing eavesdroppers, making children ask questions or feel like they have a lot to learn and you're the person to ask, making know-it-alls look stupid either by shutting-up or commenting on an obviously made up word, and certainly not last its flowgasmic quality. Its construction for flexibility in sentences is nearly unrivaled. It may be pronounced in a plethora of ways -- it has a ring which could be medical (in any field), environmental, spiritual, mechanical, scientific (in any field), and many others.

e.g., Oholiapthoeramesis is my way of life. Next week I'm going in early to my oholiapthoeramesis (she's really good, waited four years to see her) to have an oholiapthoeramesis performed. Seems I have an imbalance of the oholiapthoeramesis. Speaking of words like oholiapthoeramesis, last week on "Nature" they showed having discovered a new species of oholiapthoeramesis which has one of the largest oholiapthoeramesis within its phylum.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ohowu stink - A university located in Columbus, Ohio, found by traveling south until you smell it and west until you step in it. (ED. One of our older editors has a son-in-law who is a graduate of Ohio State University, and undoubtedly knows that Ohio State University is east of the University of Michigan (Lansing, Michigan), not west. Buckeyes feel the same way about Wolverines as Wolverines feel about Buckeyes. Judging from this submittal, Buckeyes could very well be smarter than Wolverines. Is it a good-natured rivalry? Not as far as I can tell. I've seen nothing to indicate that that's the case.)

e.g., Yeah, he went to Ohowu Stink and still can't wash my car very well.

submitted by Wolverines

ohyegates - Expletive (to be deleted).

e.g., He lifted up his head and screamed, "ohyegates!" when Windows crashed for the fifth time that morning.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

oi with the poodles already - Used to vocalize your annoyance about a situation, as said by Lorelei Gilmore in an episode of the TV series The Gilmore Girls.

e.g., Dieter: Inga, did you hear the rumour about Charlene? Inga: No, Dieter, I didn't, and I'm not interested. Oi with the poodles already. |    He: Should I keep sending you several e-mails each week? She: No, I've had more than enough of your inane twaddle. You've more than inundated me. Oi with the poodles already.

submitted by Bitstream Dream - (www)

oi! - An expression used to call attention to yourself.

e.g., I have two young children. When they are up to no good, I shout "Oi!" to get their attention, followed by "What the heck is going on here?"

submitted by POP LAPORD

oi! - Oh, no, can't believe.

e.g., Oi! How could you?

submitted by Hali

oi-ya - Meant to imitate the sound of whining.

e.g., It's not that big a deal, don't oi-ya about it.

submitted by Tuesday

oid - a suffix for the end of a noun exaggerating the meaning

e.g., ""Andy's talking to himself again! He's such a gimpoid!" "Yeah, total weirdoid...""

submitted by Arbernaut - (www)

oil of olè - A cheap knock-off of a well known beauty product. The product usually comes from an "emerging market" such as Mexico or China, and can be bought for a ridiculously low price from your local enthnic street-vendor, flea market , or discount chain.

e.g., Although she would never admit it to the guys in question, Jane would only wear an Oil of Olè scent until the third date because she figured "Why waste money on someone you might never see again?"

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

oil-spay - Pig Latin for "spoil." To spay the cat with a marvelous new fast-working oil, it dissolves the tissues in question.

e.g., They used to have to surgically remove cat gut or whatever it was to spay the cat, now it's much easier with oil-spay. It's the cat's meow.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oilbow - (n.) 1. The beautiful shifting colors on the oily surface of a street puddle; sadly, however, the word also applies to 2. the beautiful shifting colors of the slick of an oil spill that's befouled everything for miles, killed thousands of animals, occasioned an ecological disaster, and cost everyone hundreds of millions of dollars. (Sort of gives an ironic twist to the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow, doesn't it?)

e.g., 1. As my son loaded furniture into my van in the pouring rain, I became engrossed in the slowly turning oilbow at his feet. | 2. After the Gomex well disaster back in 2010, there were amazing oilbows for miles and miles ... it was horrifying.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

oiler - to follow any noun. Not a form of pig latin, but to be used the same way.

e.g., I just saw that caroiler. Let's go get a cupoiler of coffee.

submitted by fred s - (www)

oilitics - The politics of oil. I've tired of the beltway politicians -- years ago. Among several things I find particularly annoying is their oilitics. Will they ever take the steps necessary to making the United States energy independent -- or are they just going to continue to talk and never really do anything.

e.g., I've tired of the beltway politicians -- years ago. Among several things I find particularly annoying is their oilitics. Will they ever take the steps necessary to making the United States energy independent -- or are they just going to continue to talk and never really do anything. Nasty letter to follow.

submitted by HD Fowler

oilocracy - A country, state, nation, or other political-economic entity that relies on oil and petroleum products as a prime export.

e.g., People should stop depending on oilocracies for gas and start looking for alternative energy sources.

submitted by Kara - (www)

oily boid - Early bird. In the greater New York City area there used to be a dialect pronunciation by some people where the sound /ur/ as in fur was pronounced something like /oy/. Therefore, "boid" for bird, "oily" for early, and so forth. Foreign accents in the big city probably had something to do with this modified pronunciation.

e.g., They say that the oily boid is getting the woim. This means that you too by getting up oily can end up with a moufful of woims, fresh, moist,meaty.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oinkarific - Really good.

e.g., That game looks oinkarific.

submitted by Sam - (www)

oinker - A fat person, grotesquely overweight, bloated and deformed, a blight for sore eyes.

e.g., If all the oinkers of the world could be reduced to their oil content, might that help with the oil and gas situation in the world?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oinkment - A serendipitous salve used by mavens of mirth to transform sows' ears into silk purses.

e.g., Bambino Spumante, a veritable vixen of vacuous verbiage and part-time pastry, cookie, and pie chef at the Fat Cat Cafe, had but one thing on her mind -- on second thought perhaps it was more like three -- which can be difficult to juggle if one's working in a hot kitchen where creations are apt to come apart, wilt, or even melt (definitely not something that should happen during any politically-correct happy holiday season), which is why she decided that she needed three goofball gizmos or goofing-off gifts for herself such as a "Big Chill Pastry Board" (to cool down the workplace of course), a fragrant jar of "OINKMENT"(guaranteed to deliver better results than a pig in a poke), and several superb bling-bling bottles of "Any Old Tequila Will Do," "Berry Merry Beer," and "Sourpuss Shiraz" (to dress up her kitschy den and homey watering hole designed to quench the thirst of glockenspiel go-getters, alpenhorn types, and flutophone enthusiasts who can't hold a note worth tooting about but tell super-sanitized jokes for the cocktail crowd who usually drop by for the piddling entertainment provided by a few potty professors of poetry, a crafty barstool origamist making boozy conversation pieces while others groove to the tunes of "Two Twittering Tenors," "Chicken Soup & The Dumplings," not to mention two internationally-popular DJs such as "Libation Nation" from Nannycatch Meadows in Northern England, and "Hot Sock" all the way from the famed "Sooke Potholes" on the outskirsts of a quaint capital city full of gregarious gnomes and gleaming gardens, better known as Victoria, British Columbia in a cold country affectionately called C-A-N-A-D-A!).

submitted by Quipping Queen - (www)

oinkologist - A specialist in porcine utterances.

e.g., Quick, get the oinkologist. That pig's making a funny noise.

submitted by Chris Duddle

oint - A deformed ear.

e.g., "Kaitlyn, how did you get that oint?" "My earring got torn out of my ear at a concert."

submitted by Bronwyn

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