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off the hook - Pretty amazingly good.

e.g., Return to Castle Wolfenstein is off the hook.

submitted by qnarf

off the meatrack - Just plain awesome.

e.g., I'm telling you, that Fred Savage movie is going to be off the meatrack.

submitted by Tevin Hill

offal - Awful, spelled the way only a real idiot could come up with. The example comment is a reference to an article about a nurse in a Florida hospital cutting off the little finger of a three-month-old baby. Noting other usage errors is left as an exercise for the reader.

e.g., "John W "Took the word right out of my mouth. What a crock the hospital didn’t do anything wrong. A nurse who clearly felt offal ran out in total distress because of an accident. Thie child will be fine and can play magic tricks on her froends. I don’t see what the problem is. The liability and costs of treatment for the finger and the followijng healing should be covered thats it. Someone elses mistake should not be your lotto ticket in life. "March 28, 2012 at 3:34 pm"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

offed - Voted off the island; booted out of the survivor game.

e.g., Everyone on our team was full of angst wondering if one of us would be offed at this evening’s tribal council. Hope it’s not me.

submitted by natalie

offemnsive - Something that is offensive to females, particuarly feminists.

e.g., She found my semi-nude Britney Spears screensaver offemnsive.

submitted by Farah

office ass - The feeling you get after sitting in an office chair all day.

e.g., I've got a bad case of office ass today.

submitted by Ben

office mocha - The drink made by combining coffee with a packet of hot chocolate mix. Generally made to flavor black coffee when one is out of milk.

e.g., Because the kitchen was out of milk again, I had to make office mocha.

submitted by Nancy Kalish

office veal - The dough-soft musculature (or whole people) caused by being stuck in a tiny, lightless cubicle all day. The condition is exacerbated by long hours of work.

e.g., Since Bob got his new job he's turned to office veal.

submitted by Andrew Morse

office-chair-basketball - What happens when a toy basketball hoop has been hung in an office area.

e.g., Hey guys, the boss isn't around, let's get a game of office-chair-basketball going.

submitted by Dawg from OPS - (www)

offie - Shortened version of Off-License, for use in Britain.

e.g., I'm going down to the offie, do you want anything?

submitted by Purple Squirrel

offline - Used in work meetings to stop a conversation in order to continue it later with only the relevant people.

e.g., "Can you two please offline it so that we can move forward with the agenda?" "Let's offline this, we don't need to discuss it now."

submitted by Heli

offputting - Something that turns you off, something you don't care for.

e.g., What he wrote was really offputting.

submitted by Aaron

offshoring - The activity of companies whose job it is to help American businesses find ways to send jobs overseas, where salaries are a lot lower. LA Times.

e.g., I'm afraid my job might disappear to some Third-World country since my employer hired an offshoring bunch to find ways to lower their payroll.

submitted by natalie

offslaught - An especially weak attack; something resembling such an attack.

e.g., After facing Andi's offslaught on the ping pong table, I had won the game by a score of 21 to 1.

submitted by Mark Howell - (www)

oftentude - A form of "often" or "oft."

e.g., Problems oftentude demand a do-something response, but not necessarily.

submitted by tim beliece

oftworthy - Meritorious of frequent usage, such as many of the words here.

e.g., The word "congelitude" is oftworthy as it has eloquently filled a void in the English language.

submitted by Colin Taffel

og - A thing or an action that damages one's own side. A noun or verb, from Own Goal. Pronounced "ojee."

e.g., Blair really oged over that 45-minute issue.

submitted by Graham - (www)

ogamate - OK, mate. Australian slang.

e.g., Spike: Will you buy me tickets to the gig? Jack: Ogamate.

submitted by Nathalie Summons

oge - To be ugly. Taken from the word ogre.

e.g., I wish he'd stop oging around me.

submitted by ben

ogey! - Okay.

e.g., "Do you want to go for a ride with us?" "Ogey."

submitted by Crystal

ognib - Bingo spelled backwards is the name of the dot made by a dauber when one plays bingo.

e.g., My ognibs are multi-colored because my friend continues to lean over and stamp my bingo card.

submitted by Diane Harris

ognore - Created when someone made a typo. To "ignore " someone is to deprive her of attention. To "ognore" is to deprive someone of orgasms.

e.g., She sued him for divorce because he kept ognoring her.

submitted by Phil K

ogry - Adjectival version of "ogre." | (adj.) 1. of or pertaining to ogres; 2. characteristic of ogres in general; 3. Resembling an ogre in manners and speech. 4. Another English word to end in "gry" (see igry).

e.g., Jim's bad table manners made him seem ogry during dinner. (Unfortunately, this word does not solve the "three English words all ending in -gry" chestnut. You're welcome.) He rarely bathes; he eats with his hands, blows snot from his nose onto the sidewalk, and farts in elevators. The man is ogry with fries.

submitted by Deacon | Scott M. Ellsworth

oh bug - Like "oh darn," except with more emphasis on annoyance or disappointment than on anger or frusturation

e.g., "Tim, I just remembered we have an essay due tomorrow." "Oh bug, you're right."

submitted by Tim

oh crackerz - When you forget something or are disappointed.

e.g., Oh, crackerz! I wanted to go.

submitted by Sarah

oh dark thirty, zero dark thirty - Very late at night, or very early in the morning, a time most people consider an "ungodly" hour (e.g., 3:00 am, 4:00 am). oh-dark-thirty, o-dark-thirty (Amy Anson and David Miller) I was up 'til o-dark-thirty getting my homework done. OR I got up at o-dark-thirty this morning.), O-dark-30 (kriss wagner O-dark-30 is the time of day morning-drive broadcasters have to be at work.), zero dark thirty, zero-dark-thirty (Jason) I had to get up at zero-dark-thirty this morning just to make it through traffic.) See "Amish ass-crack of dawn," "buttcrack of dawn," and "chicken o'clock in the morning" and for other early morning references.

e.g., In description.

submitted by several

oh drear! - An exclamation of meteorological disenchantment

e.g., "Oh, drear. It's raining again," grumbled Ethel. "So much for mowing the lawn."

submitted by Colin Taffel

oh goy - a combination of "oh good" and "oh joy"

e.g., oh goy

submitted by Nathan Powell

oh my heck - Good ol' slang used mostly in Utah by the good Mormon kids--instead of "Oh, my God!"

e.g., Oh, my heck! Becky, did you see what she was wearing.

submitted by me jane

oh sh - These are the famous last words of a text messenger sent after driving onto the interstate and before being carried away.

e.g., Of all the words of tongue or text | the saddest are "Oh sh . . ." with nothing next.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

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