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oculence - (n., ah'-cyu-lents) opulence, luxury, or wealth for the purpose of being seen and admired.

e.g., Grills on rappers are the paradigmatic example of pure oculence.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ocuplania - "Ocuplania means 'letting one’s eyes wander while assessing someone’s charms' and since that’s the only definition I can find (it’s a rare word) I’m not really sure of what it implies. I can only assume that the word is Victorian and designed to stop a man [from] looking directly at a woman’s breasts even if she thrusts them into his face."

e.g., "Events demonstrate that I am infected with oculoplania when sufficiently provoked. But no matter what my unruly eyes do, kalokagathia is what impresses me most. Beneath it all, I am programmed to search for a combination of the good and the beautiful in a person. That’s kalokagathia."

submitted by [Robin Bloor] - (www)

od - Over Doing It

e.g., "Someone tells you an exaggerated story, and your reply would be " O.K now you're O.D.""

submitted by denise

odamtoobadjo - "Oh, damn, too bad, Joe!" Benny Hill described golf in this manner, but it's becoming synonymous with any failed effort: dice games, target practice, etc.)

e.g., All the other golfers, when Joe misses his putt, "Odamtoobadjo!"

submitted by Bill Warren

odd duck - Someone who is very strange or out-of-step with society. An old expression that was used at least as early as the mid-1800s.

e.g., The professor knew many things, but was an odd duck who wore tennis shoes with a dress suit and tie.

submitted by Steve McDonald

odd kelso - Leftover or leftovers.

e.g., 1. We'll divvy up rations equally. Whatever's odd kelso, put back into the storehouse. 2.Midge: What's to eat in the 'fridge? Bridget: Oh, you know, just odd kelsos. 3. Take whatever odd kelso yarn's left, and put it in the basket.

submitted by Paul

odd word girl - Suggested by Michael Quinion's Newsletter when he identified the job of an odd work girl. An odd work girl "repaired mistakes in a dress factory." The job of an odd word girl is to annoy people whose writing appears on the Internet in whatever form by "repairing" their usage mistakes. It's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an odd word girl and a grammar nazi.

e.g., "Mac has a tendency to give odd word girls what for, don't he?" "That would be 'doesn't he," dear."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oddend - Singular for odds and ends.

e.g., All my odds and ends are intact except for my favorite oddend.

submitted by Stanislaus Moss

oddicle - A published story about an odd/strange topic.

e.g., I LOVE the National Enquirer, a never-ending source of oddicles.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

oddish - Having the quality of being odd, can also be an adverb meaning oddly. Or maybe it's from somewhere else... ;)

e.g., May has been acting very oddish lately.

submitted by Gargomon251

oddplate - Custom car license plate not decipherable to an average person.

e.g., An example of an oddplate would be: l2gd95j.

submitted by ryan

odeme - A wheel with numerals around its rim. Used for displaying numbers, and in most cases, also keeping track of the numbers.

e.g., This numbering stamp has six odemes, so it can count almost up to a million.

submitted by Juuitchan - (www)

odessa - When something bad happens, just say "odessa," but make sure it is followed up in the next sentence by "bummer."

e.g., A. My chick just told me she was screwing some other guy. B. Odessa. A. What? B. Odessa bummer.

submitted by kyle

odgibodgi - cuddly

submitted by joannou jigme donyod jyun jier ng - (www)

odiate - To give off a strong odor.

e.g., My friend Bob odiate's the room with his smell.

submitted by Curtis Casey

odomancy - The prediction of one's bowling score by means of a car odometer.

e.g., Dr. Rosenbaum uses his expertise at odomancy to amaze his bowling buddies.

submitted by Ryan Gabbard - (www)

odor of magnitude - A powerful and pungent bodily effervescence.

e.g., A couple of hours after gorging down a quarter pound of boar's head type cheese and Schlitz, Sam proceeded to emit a dastardly gas that was an odor of magnitude greater than anything ever before known to man.

submitted by steven jones

odorifourous - Unusually and disgustingly smelly, full of stench. (You'll find a similar word, "odoriferous," in any other decent dictionary.)

e.g., The neighborhood downwind of the landfill was known for its odorifourousness.

submitted by Ashleigh Carter

oedipuselectra complex - Someone who loves their father and mother very much indeed.

e.g., Because he wanted to be with his parents so much, it was suggested he might be suffering from an oedipuselectra complex.

submitted by Brian Cole

oelvis - The condition Elvis' pelvis was in that let him shake his hips the way he did.

e.g., Bob has a serious case of oelvis!

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

oethb - One Easy-To-Hate Bitch. One Easy-To-Hate Bastard.

e.g., Rosie O'Donnell.

submitted by beelzebub

oeur - Mocking expression used against somebody upfront whom you have proven a hypocrite or have outsmarted.

e.g., How dare you tell me to not smoke pot if you yourself did it in the '60s? Oeur!

submitted by MD Caruso

of doom - phrase that can be added to anything to make it sound evil or even more evil than it already is

e.g., Man! That was the party of doom last night.

submitted by James

ofb - Orange Foundation Brigade. Girls who wear lots of orange foundation caked on their faces, not even blended in round their chins, noses, and hairlines.

e.g., Did you see the girl who just went past wearing the Burberry? Looks like she's a member of the OFB.

submitted by Sokky McSok

ofer - Oh-fer. Loser, perpetual loser.

e.g., Q: How'd the TU football team do last season? A: Ofers again. Oh for twelve.

submitted by [Martha]

off like a prom dress - Similar to "gotta jet" this phrase means to leave somewhere very quickly with speed matching that of prom dress removal at a post-prom party.

e.g., Talk to ya later, I'm off like a prom dress.

submitted by Newanda

off the chain - Anything that is considered to be extremely exciting, wild, or out of control. The phrase is in reference to a pit bull getting off the chain, where, similar to a killer party, expect some excitement.

e.g., The concert tonight is going to be off the chain.

submitted by Mike Skelly

off the hinges - Similar to off the hook: outstanding, great.

e.g., That concert was off the hinges.

submitted by zach

off the hits - Good.

e.g., That was off the hits.

submitted by amber

off the hizzi fa schizzi - (His-e for sh-is-e) It means that something is really "hot" or "cool." It can also mean that someone is being serious.

e.g., His new car is off the hizzi fa schizzi. Or "She said that you lied." " No I didn't lie. I'm off the hizzi fa schizzi."

submitted by TBizzy2003

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