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o dark ridiculous - Unbelievably early in the morning.

e.g., Gimme a coffee.... I been up since o dark ridiculous this morning.

submitted by Lizzy Kate

o solar me o - First words of a hymn to The Sun: our solar father which art in the heavens.

e.g., O Solar Me O, To thee we pray, Both night and day, Receive thy Light, So glorious bright

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

o'besity, macbesity - Two words relating to the current debate about fast-food causing obesity in children.

e.g., The Irish form is O'Besity and the Scottish is MacBesity.

submitted by Patrick O'Sullivan

o'doom - Suffix added to any word to denote that it is a thing of size, power, majesty or grunt, and certainly something to be regarded with awe and reverence.

e.g., There's not a lot of room in Dan's bedroom, but that's primarily because it contains the Waterbed O'Doom.

submitted by Ben

o'krapp handle - (n.) handholds or straps insightfully placed in vehicles so as to allow passengers to avoid falling down, sliding into somebody, knocking everybody over, or otherwise suffering the effects of inertia when the vehicle in which they are traveling turns sharply or continuously---usually found on the passenger side of cars and in commuter rail cars. [From "Oh, crap!" which is what many people say when they realize they're about to tip, slide, fall, vel cet., and reach for something to hold onto. The other day, someone made a joke about these marvelously ergonomic accoutrements, ascribing their invention to a wise car manufacturer whom he named Mr. O'Krapp.]

e.g., "I would have ended up squashed between the front seats had there been no o'krapp handles." | There's a roundabout just up the road from our house, and everyone takes it at about 40 mph. The o'krapp handles get a lot of use.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

o'slash - A symbol consisting of a red circle with a diagonal stripe. It signifies the activity depicted in the underlying pictograph is forbidden. Often used in traffic signs.

e.g., I didn't see the o'slash and got a parking ticket.

submitted by Craig R. Boone

o-bomb-a-deer - It's a president who it's hard to imagine in the role of commander-in-chief -- at the head of the military, maneuvering troops, and ordering invasions and military strikes. An end to the wars and peace is what we're supposed to expect, so commander-in-chief seems almost like some kind of oxymoron.

e.g., O-bomb-a-deer would never hurt a fly (presumably), or a deer, or you, dear. Beets not sores, invest yore dough into plow shares, maybe, sir.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

o-dark thirty - a ridiculously early hour in the morning

e.g., We will meet in front of the hotel at O-dark thirty...and then we will take the subway to the race start

submitted by Blair

o-dark-hundred-hours - Really early in military slang. Modeled after terms like 0700 hours.

e.g., Missed my flight and flew standby, to arrive at o-dark-hundred-hours.

submitted by clarinet

o-h - A two letter combination used primarily at the Ohio State University, must be answered with I-O, or else face major chastising.

e.g., "O-H." "I-O."

submitted by Scott

o-hole - A rude designation for President of the United States Barack Obama.

e.g., "If o-hole has his way, that won’t be illegal at all, after he abolishes what he considers the vulgar concept of private ownership." | It's rumored that obama donated ~20% of his 2011 gross income to charity. I wonder who the recipients were.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

o-lame-picks - Medal winner picks by Olympic judges in figure skating in 2002.

e.g., The decision by the French judge to leave town was in response to the o-lame-picks the panel made earlier in the week.

submitted by Laurie Boese - (www)

o-shape - When one's mouth goes into a "o" shape out of utter disbelief.

e.g., Curty got so excited he went o-shape.

submitted by timmy c

o-side - (n.) the west side of the moon (to the left as you look up at it): the last part to vanish into the dark before a new moon, waning from full to crescent before finally disappearing entirely. You begin to see the o-side after the first half moon following new (about 10 days into the lunar cycle), but it isn't fully lit until the full moon (about day 15). [So called after the oceanus procellarum, on the upper left of the moon's face.]

e.g., If the o-side is lit at the half-moon, the moon is waning toward new. An o-side half rises a little after midnight and reaches its zenith at almost exactly 6:00 am.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

o-sign - A patient in very bad shape, usually non-responsive, with the mouth open in the shape of an O. The "dotted" O-Sign describes a fly on the forehead. Q-Sign = O-sign with tongue protruding from the corner of the mouth.

e.g., Doctor Jones, Mrs Campbell is doing poorly; she's showing the O-Sign all night long.

submitted by John Di Leo

o. p. - Over Pricing--when you're sure that you're not going to win a deal but you must try something anyway. Your final call is to "Over Price" ridiculously, hoping to add imaginary value to your product.

e.g., Sure we'll win this deal. Why? Because Mauri OP´ed it so much.

submitted by HJ

o.e. - Operator error. If the person running machine, computer, car (whatever) just can't make it work, that's operator error.

e.g., Bert. I can't make copies on this machine. Ernie. Must be an O.E., darling, I just finished making a copy.

submitted by Patricia Simpson

o.f.f. - (n., acronym of "[o]nly [f]or [f]un") a day off from work or school (which is not Saturday or Sunday).

e.g., "Did you hear they had to cut five days of school from the school year because of budget cuts?" "Yeah, but don't sweat it: that just means five more days o.f.f.!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

o.g. - Popularized by Ice T. 1.Original Gangsta. 2.One who has been around for a while.

e.g., "I'm an O.G. like that."

submitted by Sin - (www)

o.g.d. - Obsessive Gesturing Disorder. A disorder in which the subject feels the urge to gesture toards the thing she is explaining.

e.g., Bond wishes he was as cool as Liza-Dono, who has the cool affliction OGD. L-D gestures at things such as hell, mailing letter, pipe bombs, and vans full of cameras.

submitted by LIZA-DONO - (www)

o.i. - (n.) Organic intelligence (as opposed to "artificial intelligence").

e.g., Without O.I., there would never be A.I.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

o.t.h.d. - Obsessive Tokyo Hotel Disorder

e.g., Yes, I suffer from O.T.H.D.

submitted by Elizabeth

oac - (n.) 1. the event (movie, meeting, birthday party, good night's sleep, whatever) someone is at, in, or attending when he or she is assassinated. (v.) 2. to be invited or sent to an event so that you can be assassinated. (From "Our American Cousin," the play Abraham Lincoln was attending when john wilkes booth shot him (Act III Scene ii).)

e.g., Archduke Franz Ferdinand's OAC, a lot like JFK's, was just a simple drive on an otherwise rather ordinary day.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

oaotay - Don't worry, be happy.

e.g., Everything is going to be oaotay.

submitted by kink

oap - Old Age Pensioner.

e.g., "An OAP crashed her car -- into the driving licence centre where she had gone to resit her test."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

ob - Office Bitch. Unliked office worker. Not intended to be derogatory towards women. (ED. It isn't?) Usually used by non-office workers such as warehouse workers.

e.g., Those OBs messed up and are making us look bad.

submitted by Darren

ob-comic - An observational comedian.

e.g., Jerry Seinfeld is an ob-comic.

submitted by Ryan Lockwood

obakayba - Okay.

e.g., "You wanna see a movie tonight?" "Obakayba, let's go."

submitted by Tony Vecchio

obama-america - America, as transformed by President Barack Obama. Obam-America.

e.g., When asked, Barack Obama says he loves America. Yet his mantra is change, unspecified change. Obama (Saul Alinsky acolyte?) should be asked if he loves America as she is and as she has been -- or if it's only America-as-changed-by-Obama (Obama-America) that he loves. While you're at it, ask Michelle Obama the same question -- ask her just exactly when it was that she began to take pride in America.

submitted by HD Fowler

obama-bin-biden - (noun, I guess) How my brain started reading the 2008 campaign posters (and bumper stickers and pins and leaflets and tv ads and so forth) for President Obama and Vice-President Biden. At the time, questions as to whether Osama bin Laden was still skulking about somewhere were still rather common (indeed, the failure to find him was used to some extent as a point against President Bush, and, by extension against Senator McCain).

e.g., So I'm walking down the road when I see a window sticker that says "OBAMA/BIDEN on it. But after I get past it, I suddenly realize that I had read it as "Obama bin Biden" and was thinking about the terrorist rather than the candidate...tres bizarre, no?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

obamalaise - "(Noun) Having to do with the general feelings of helplessness and discontent, as well as lack of hope for positive change in the future due to the policies and behavior of Barack Obama and his administration." | The name given by conservative pundits to the economic downturn we continue to experience more than five years after obama was sworn in as President of the United States. Regardless of what President's economic policies (if any) caused the recession (double-dip? depression?), a sitting President eventually owns the problem. The term is an obvious reference to Carter's famously pessimistic Malaise Address.

e.g., Whaddaya think, Marty, how much longer will obamalaise continue? | God help me -- obama's within a hundred miles of me today and obamalaise is almost killing me.

submitted by [Finn Maccumhail] - (www)

obamania - Excessive enthusiasm for the Presidential candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Obamamania.

e.g., We need an intervention to save US for obamania. | Yeah, my sister goes overboard about anything liberal or "progressive." | She'll be going into rehab for 30 days for obamania.

submitted by HD Fowler

obamanize - To deliberately hinder, block, or sabotage one's actions and efforts in a direct attempt to impair, damage, or expel. Obamanization: Intentional injurious, destructive, damaging act or acts executed by one or more person(s) that aims to ultimately harm, eradicate, demolish or destroy.

e.g., The girls at the new firm hate me. They never invite me to social gatherings. Moreover, they withhold crucial information and refuse to give me the data I need to generate my reports. I think they are trying to obamanize me. | My surefire proposal to land a contract with an extremely successful company was stolen by a notorious competitor of mine. This led to my termination. It was a complete obamanization.

submitted by Kawanna

obamanna - (Obama + manna) supernatural boons and messianic miracles that Barack Obama is expected to graciously produce as the new president of the USA.

e.g., Don't expect obamanna immediately falling upon us after the presidential inauguration.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

obamateurism - Behavior by the U.S. President that shows how ill-prepared he is to be on the world stage as a politician, much less as a statesman.

e.g., When he bowed so low to the Emperor of Japan he almost appeared to be groveling, Barack Obama put on one of his worst displays of obamateurism to date.

submitted by HD Fowler

obamatron - Barack Obama's personal and top secret robot intern.

e.g., Barack: "Obamatron, get me a soda. This campaigning has me in a state of dehydration." Obamatron: "Beep beep, soda, soda, dreep, drup."

submitted by michael

obambi - The young followers of Barack Obama, 2008 Democrat presidential candidate -- the ones with the deer-in-the-headlights look. Singular or plural. When used as a singular noun, it is used to refer to the candidate himself.| Obama himself.

e.g., Many of them don't have a clue why they're for him, but the obambi gush their love for their candidate at the mere mention of his name.

submitted by HD Fowler

obamedia - What has been called the "mainstream media" is so far in tank for Barack Obama, it's only fair to refer to it as the Obamedia. P.T. Barnum, move over, any claim you had of being the greatest huckster in history pales compared to Barack Obama's. He's about to get well over 60,000,000 million votes for President of the United States.

e.g., Pat Buchanan, with only a slight edit: "Understandably, Powell is being hailed by the Obamedia as a profile in courage. Equally understandably, his endorsement of Obama is said by Republicans to smack of ingratitude, opportunism, and even vindictiveness toward a party to which he owes his fame and career." Gray Lady trolls Facebook for trash on Cindy McCain  I didn’t think my contempt for the Obamedia could get any stronger. I persuaded my husband to cancel his beloved NYT subscription years ago over their article revealing the SWIFT program. I didn’t think it was possible, but they are only getting worse, with their dumpster-diving, gynecological exams, and harassment of children. I really hate the majority of the media, with a burning intensity. juliesa on October 18, 2008 at 9:37 AM

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

obaminee - Any person nominated by the new commander-in-chief for a cabinet level position, pending confirmation by a Senate Committee. Given the questionable nature of the character or qualifications of the nominees so far -- seven bad apples in the first 16 days, one could reasonably expect that these Obama Nominees would "bomb-out" in front of the Senate Confirmation Committee Hearings, hence, "obaminee." Obamanee.

e.g., Of the recent Obaminees for cabinet posts, a tax cheat has been approved to run the IRS, a terrorist lover has been approved to be Attorney General, and four more have withdrawn their names from consideration, to avoid further scrutiny or embarrassment for the establishment.

submitted by Glen sorensen

obamnesia - The memory loss suffered by more than 10% of voters who can't remember that they voted for Obama in the 2008 presidential election

e.g., "So, how do you feel about the way things are going with obama as President?" "Why are you asking me that?" "Well, you voted for him, didn't you -- despite everything I told you?" "I don't remember." "Aha, you're clearly suffering from obamnesia."

submitted by HD - (www)

obamunism - 1. American style socialism, but administered with an iron fist. 2. Socialists with guns

e.g., While we slept, Obamunism supplanted the United States Constitution.

submitted by Rodger Schultz - (www)

obe - Overcome By Events, used to designate dead projects that were overwhelmed and defeated.

e.g., I had high hopes for this project on Monday, but it was OBE by Thursday.

submitted by Joel Parker

obedis - A disease contracted from kissing someone who is highly unattractive

e.g., Jimmy was accused of having obedis by the football players for kissing the cheerleader "mascot."

submitted by michael johnson

obflusticate - To confuse, through the use of vague, convoluted language, to the point at which the listener either starts grinding her teeth, or flexing her jaw up and down in a flustered state. From the combination of the words obfuscate, fluster and masticate. Noun: obflustication.

e.g., Mr. Lay's testimony obflusticated quite a few people.

submitted by steve

obfuscake - Intransitive verb. To talk unintelligibly or incoherently because one's mouth is full of food.

e.g., I didn't understand what he said because he was obfuscaking.

submitted by The Puffin

obfuscatologist - Someone who makes things unclear or difficult to follow. (Nothing to do with scatology, although that thought does invite another definition. To obfuscate is to make obscure or unclear, especially if done in a circuitous or complicated manner.)

e.g., 1. Jim's a professional obfuscatologist; following his trail of excuses is unbelievably difficult. 2. Being an obfuscatologist has to come easy for Chris. After all, he does have crap for brains.

submitted by i_monk

obfutricate - To obfuscate from one's children one's putrid, rotten thoughts about their other parent so that the children may extricate the truth from their own observations

e.g., In his explanation of why a 14-year-old should be in control of a stack of post-dated child support checks while her obdurate, obstinate, oblivious father is skipping visits for months at a time with only a moment's notice of his extended absences, my ex-husband wrote, "You have chosen to obfutricate, but I will not sink to your level."

submitted by Kristina F

obfuzzcate - The inability to read faxes due to poor print quality.

e.g., Resend that fax since it was too obfuzzcated to understand.

submitted by Jonathan Brooks

obi wan kornobie - An individual of supreme stupidity or colossal dorkishness. Variations include King Korn, Captain Korn, Kornzilla, etc. A spoof on the legendary Jedi Knight, Obi Wan Kenobi.

e.g., Ever since my cousin Jim moved to the east coast he thinks he's the Obi Wan Kornobie of the surfing world.

submitted by The Inlaw Josie Wales - (www)

obituous - This word describes a person who was falsely reported as dead, then had the bad taste to show up alive after his heirs had alread mourned (or not) and bitterly contested his or her estate.

e.g., Pops, you're alive! Let's have a hug, you big beautiful obituous man! But first, could you clarify whether you really meant to leave everything to granny? I mean, was that fair?

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

objective - Thee propensity to focus on a single object one likes; the inability to entertain more than one object at any given time

e.g., Being an objective person, John finds it utterly impossible to comprehend any argument offered by others

submitted by Arthur Yong - (www)

obla - To like.

e.g., Since Bob obla Sue, he is going to ask her out this Friday.

submitted by leanne and megan

oblication - Vacation that you are obligated to go on.

e.g., I took an oblication when I went to that in-law wedding last month.

submitted by myke

oblieviate - Combination of obliterate and alleviate. To relieve a situation or problem by utterly destroying the source of said situation or problem.

e.g., The flow of the river is severely constricted by that new beaver dam. Let's ask Clem if he can oblieviate the situation with a little dynamite.

submitted by Dylon Whyte - (www)

obligatory riff - (n.) 1. the guitar (or drum or fiddle or piano or whatever) solo between verses 2 & 3 of nearly every song written in the past 75 years (and probably longer); 2. Any required break or pause (such as a ballet between acts in an opera or the segue between dinner and entertainment at a party) in a social gathering or activity; 3. Metaphorically, the wait at customs, the pause at a toll booth, or even the almost inevitable comic relief after a deeply dramatic (or traumatic) movie scene, or speeches at company parties.

e.g., "I like drum solos, but not electric guitars for the obligatory riff." | "This is the part I hate: the wait between being pulled over and actually being confronted by the cop ... still, it's sort of an obligatory riff, isn't it?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

obligatunity - An obligation presented as an opportunity.

e.g., My boss gave me the obligatunity to lead our ISO 9000 standardization.

submitted by Jeremy Elson

obligerated - That uneasy feeling you get when you think something's wrong, but you don't know what; feeling jumbled up inside.

e.g., I felt so obligerated, as if I knew there was something she wasn't telling me.

submitted by Nicole G

obliquious - Mixture of oblique + obsequious. Behavior often displayed by junior management types. Sucking up to their executive, while attempting not to look like a brown-nose to their colleagues.

e.g., Chris's obliquious nature showed through as he simultaneously volunteered for all the special projects while moaning to colleagues about his existing workload.

submitted by wnpxnff

obliterati - those literati who try to obliterate the facts or truth

e.g., Beware the obliterati for they erase what others have written.

submitted by Earl Egdall - (www)

obliterous - Inelegantly blotto. Obliterated.

e.g., We had been drinking since sunrise and found ourselves too obliterous to function.

submitted by pudders - (www)

oblitterfricate - To utterly erase from existence; to remove any trace of the possibility of continued existence or resurrection. A more absolute variation of obliterate.

e.g., Take one more step and I'll oblitterfricate you.

submitted by Enigma

obliviot - Oblivious idiot. One who thinks the world revolves around her, and that she can do no wrong no matter how dumb she acts. | A leftist political idiot, one not up to fulfilling her role in the office to which she's been elected -- oblivious to how she should respond to what's going on. The most pernicious kind of idiot -- one with power.

e.g., Did you see that guy just sitting at the red light? What a freaking obliviot. | "Gotta love it. BŘ 'known for his cool.' Doesn't anyone realize he's just an obliviot? Nothing will faze someone who is permanently out to lunch."

submitted by Lisa Leckey-Swanson | beelzebub - (www)

oblusionment - To forget the reality of the situation and perceive it in one's own subjective light, thus misleading the self.

e.g., Damian (a balding-wrinkly-Texan oil tycoon) thought that Delilah (buxom-young-blonde model) was marrying him for true love. Such oblusionment is common in Texans.

submitted by surmiette

obnauseous - Someone or something that is so offensive that she makes you physically ill.

e.g., Her smell is obnauseous.

submitted by Anroo - (www)

obnok - ( 1. to be obnoxious or act obnoxiously; ( 2. to be obnoxious to somebody (back formation from obnoxious).

e.g., "I can't stand this: he just sits there with his beer belly and ESPN and does nothing but obnoks us all day." | "What are we going to do now, you jackass?" "Well, sitting around obnoxing won't help; that's for sure."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

obnox - Obnoxious. Obnaux.

e.g., He was being an obnox.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

obnoxia - A form of "obnoxious" used to describe an entire class of obnoxious items.

e.g., I don't think of spam as "ads" per se, but more as just general obnoxia.

submitted by Cordelia

obnoxicated - the state of being intoxicated to the point of being obnoxious.

e.g., Kelly got obnoxicated again last night. She was cursing at everyone and monopolizing the conversation.

submitted by Jon

obnoxicity - The measure of how obnoxious someone is.

e.g., Chris's obnoxicity is off the scale.

submitted by Toby Thain - (www)

obnoxify - To annoy or irritate someone else. Obnoxious to the point others want to strangle you.

e.g., No one can obnoxify me quite like he can. She is so obnoxifying... I can't stand being around her.

submitted by Rebekka

obnoxion - One who is obnoxious, one who behaves in an annoying fashion.

e.g., Some obnoxion in the back of the theater ruined my movie-going experience by giggling during the film's dramatic scenes.

submitted by Rachael

obnoxionable - Obnoxious and objectionable.

e.g., I went to class and the lecturer was so obnoxionable I walked out.

submitted by Glenn White

oboe - An English musical tramp.

e.g., The railroad dick booted the 'oboe off the train.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

obommovement - The remarkable movement inspired by Obama in this election year: Where did he come from, where is he going?

e.g., As a staunch Independent I am not a part of the Obommovement, but they seem to be having a lot of fun

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

obs - Police slang for observation. Meant as a compliment for a person's powers of observation of something not easily seen by others.

e.g., When Officer Sean saw the robbery in the alley, he was able to stop it, due to his good obs.

submitted by Heather - (www)

obscenator - A legislator who uses foul language

e.g., I hated listening to Obscenator Jones because he swore a lot.

submitted by Earl

obscenicons - Non-alphabetic characters used to obscure obscenities.

e.g., Is there any "rule" to follow for using obscenicons?

submitted by HD Fowler

obscurarity - Something that is valuable primarily because its unknown to most.

e.g., My favorite obscurarity is the tv show Turn On, which only aired once.

submitted by stephen campbell

obscurevation - An unpersuasive speaker's point, which no one else can see.

e.g., Our boss may think she's a highly observant visionary, but her obscurevations just aren't getting through to us.

submitted by John Breen

observising - A combination of observing and supervising.

e.g., That lifeguard is doing a great job of observising the pool.

submitted by Ryan

obsexed - Obsessed with sex. Mindset of sex only concerning the spoken subject.

e.g., She was obsexed with Bill -- she wanted only one thing out of their relationship.

submitted by Nitsan

obsqueakious - The irritating, under-the-breath adulatory comments made by the office toady whenever the boss speaks.

e.g., Listen up, Stanley. The next time Mr. Harter has a meeting and you start with the "yes sir, boss," "great idea," "you're sooo right" and other obsqueakious crap, I'm going to drive this sharp pencil into your carotid artery and you will quickly bleed to death. Got it? Understand?

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

obstecology - A mix of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

e.g., Linda had to see her obstecologist for her annual pap smear.

submitted by Joan

obstropulous - Hard to please, difficult

e.g., Your obstropulous nature is hard to bear.

submitted by Ann Kilgore

obstute - Having or showing denseness and phlegmaticism. An obstute observer, obstute remarks. Stolid; lethargic, sluggish, torpid. Etymology: Latin obstutus, from obstus = thick.

e.g., How obstute of you to notice.

submitted by scoobcrest

obtainium - Some type of material, usually used for paintings or sculpture that wasn't bought, but was obtained in other ways, such as dumpster diving, chance findings, donations or especially, stealing. Example: concrete blocks used for bookcases, "found" wood for skateboard ramps, couches and mattresses left out on the curb. This word traces back to about 1962 from a place called "Drop City," an alternative hippy commune before there was such a thing, located in Southern Colorado (cofounder: Clark Richert). Obtainium was used to describe the stolen and thrown away wood and metal cartops used to build the Ggodesic domes they lived and worked in. An entire geodesic dome cost in materials came to about $20. Probably for the nails! It also described the materials that they painted with and on.

e.g., This house is made with 100% pure obtainium; nothing used here was bought new... or even bought, for that matter.

submitted by Justin Simoni - (www)

obulous - Obvious, in a nebulous way; perfectly understandable but only if you're confused anyway

e.g., If only one component of a virtual particle escapes a black hole, the other must fall in, so obulously Mr. Hawking is wrong when he says black holes emit radiation-- there is no net gain or loss to the system.

submitted by Tom

obummer - When someone talks on and on and on ad nauseum touting herself or her ideas and you can't stand it anymore, that's a gross obummer

e.g., It's especially bad when a megalomaniac won't shut up and the morons are eating up everything she says. That's an obummer.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

obvi - Obviously

e.g., She was so obvi not cool.

submitted by Katie

obviated - Mistaken for the past tense of "obvious."

e.g., The accident had serious injuries, obviated by the gore and destruction.

submitted by bill snyder

obvibliv - A statement that points out the blatantly obvious, but the surrounding listeners are too stupid or terrified of the speaker to point it out.

e.g., Mr. Dawson’s obvibliv, “The 70% drop in sales shows we aren’t doing very well,” made the workers want to retch.

submitted by Meryl

obviety - (Rhymes with BOB-vee-uh-tee; n.) A statement which, despite sounding fairly deep, is actually a self-evident banality. [Noun form of "obvious."]

e.g., "Men can never understand being a mother." "Well, men don't have the babies, or any of the parts necessary for child-bearing or baby-feeding, so---" "There's also all the responsibilities and multitasking and---" "So, what you're saying is that men are not women. That's no deep philosophical truth: it's an obviety." "A what?" "An obviety, as in plain as your nose." "So you agree with me?" "Of course I do." "But it's like declaring that dinosaurs were big: we all know it, but what difference does it make?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

obviofication - Clarifying that which is obvious.

e.g., Schlackel was once a master of the obvious. Now he often needs obviofication. I'm usually happy to provide it, but it does get tiresome at times.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

obvisity - Being too obvious, see-through.

e.g., The obvisity of Linda's feelings toward Scott showed claear across the room.

submitted by Sheryl

obwana - An interesting alternative way to address a president, it's a blend of "bwana" and "Obama," of course. "Bwana" is African for "mister" or "sir" or "guy in charge."

e.g., It's time now, Obwana (Mr. President), to put your seal of a prove'll on the education bill.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

obzoki - To be uneven or badly proportioned.

e.g., Chris certainly has an obzoki head and face.

submitted by dedbug

occasient - To visit occasionally; to be an irregular patron of. Less than a frequent visitor.

e.g., These are some of the blogs that I occasient. The problem is that when I get a chance to read them, there have been far too many postings to ever catch up.

submitted by DouglasDD

occassion - Taking an occasion as an opportunity to behave like an asshole.

e.g., I do that on occassion to maintain some semblance of civility, having made a pledge to be civil when I signed on here.

submitted by Miss Speller

occidens - [Rhymes with OX-ih-benz; n.] 1. In full, ala occidens "west wing," the TV show (now a staple on Netflix et al.) 'The West Wing,' a decidedly liberal take on the presidency of one Josiah Bartlett (played delightfully by Martin Sheen). While the liberalism and I don't get along most of the time, I enjoyed the show's first run (when I could find it), and I'm binging through it for the ... fourth? time now. The writing's very good, and the jokes are funny (most of the time). When I'm watching it, or movies like 'The American President' or 'Dave' or the (really) old classic 'Gabriel Over the Whitehouse,' I'm OCCIDENSING; [v.] 2. Watching shows like 'The West Wing,' 'Dave,' 'The American President' or 'Gabriel Over the Whitehouse'---essentially, dramatic alternate political fiction; [adj.] 3. of or pertaining to dramatic alternate political fiction: shows like 'The West Wing,' 'Dave,' 'The American President' and 'Gabriel Over the Whitehouse.'

e.g., "What are you doing?" "I'm occidensing." "What?" "I'm watching ... what's it called? ... Matilda. It's a show about a woman in the presidency who is a tyrannical reactionary, and how she alienates her friends, her family, her party, her ... well, everybody, and finally gets assassinated. It's pretty weird." "Yeah. ... occidensing? you said?" "Yeah, occidensing."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

occuability - Readiness for occupying, habitable.

e.g., The slumlord would not make any representations in regard to the apartment's occuability.

submitted by HR Totten

occurance - Occurrence: something that hapens; an event that hapens. Of the mispelings of occurrence, the most comon is occurence -- failing to double the leter r. My guess is that the mispeling does not ocur often enough for it to become an alternate corect speling.

e.g., "These poems are full of humor, introspection, and managing to find inspiration in the smallest of things and occurances."

submitted by Miss Speller

occurencia - A sudden bright idea, panacea, or witty remark uttered. From the Spanish word for occurence: ocurrencia.

e.g., When Pancho Villa declared for the revolution, it was quite an occurencia throughout Mexico.

submitted by Joel Parker

occutard - (ock-you-tard) (noun) An adolescent of any age who loiters with other occutards. An occutard's main goal is to be a general nuisance, as she is totally ignorant of her puppetmasters' (Bill Ayers et al.) socio-Marxist cause.    Occutard characteristics:  * dependent on parents  * opposed to work  * drawn to noise and bright colors  * dangerous in large numbers (docile when solitaire)  * prone to exaggeration in regard to their privileged upbringing  * easy to manipulate (susceptible to cult worship)  * defecates in public places 

e.g., What is an occutard?    Sweet, Sweet Irony: #OWS Decides To No Longer Share Their Own Wealth With Freeloaders Of course, pretty much all of the Occutards in Zuccotti Park are freeloaders, but, the kitchen staff has a problem with some more than others in their communist utopia (via Jammie Wearing Fool) (NY Post) The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday — because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters. Part of it is surely that they are having to work, when they thought everything would be provided for them while they relaxed on a golden couch and were fed grapes. For three days beginning tomorrow, the cooks will serve only brown rice and other spartan grub instead of the usual menu of organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and roasted beet and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad. They will also provide directions to local soup kitchens for the vagrants, criminals and other freeloaders who have been descending on Zuccotti Park in increasing numbers every day. To show they mean business, the kitchen staff refused to serve any food for two hours yesterday in order to meet with organizers to air their grievances, sources said. As JWF points out, the ex-cons and homeless are using up resources without contributing anything, so, the Occupiers are going to cut them off. The Occupiers surely do not even see the irony in cutting off people who have nothing and are just looking for some help from the Zuccotti Park “government.” But, the ZPG isn’t too happy to share their own largess with the less fortunate. “We need to limit the amount of food we’re putting out” to curb the influx of derelicts, said Rafael Moreno, a kitchen volunteer. Yup, still irony, considering what the Occupiers are demanding. Some arguments broke out as the security team searched tents — but no violence erupted. Security teams? In a communist utopia? Searching tents? Stalin would be proud. This is like Lord Of The Flies on steroids. Child-like Marxists living like the proverbial pigs, though pigs tend to not live in their own “filth”, and are actually rather fussy eaters. They just like mud. And now they’re learning that people are going to try and take advantage of “the government” and get stuff for free because they feel entitled because “the government” is just there to help. The massive amounts of irony cannot be put into words. Crossed at Pirate’s Cove. Follow me on Twitter @WilliamTeach. Please sign the drill now petition. Posted by William Teach on October 27, 2011 8:24 am » Filed Under Anti-Capitalism, Communism, Liberal World, Marxism, News, liberalism

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oceanrific - Really super cool, especially when describing blue hair.

e.g., Wow, your hair is looking oceanrific today. (NOTE: Whee. I love blue hair slang, seeing as that's what color mine is now.)

submitted by Jared

ockamatutty - The creases and indents that appear on human skin after being in close contact with any textured material.

e.g., I sat on this wicker chair in my shorts and now I have ockamatutty all over my thighs.

submitted by Sally

ocker - The most foul-mouthed, tight stone-washed jeans with socks pulled over wearing, smoke pack stuck in t-shirt sleeve showing loser -- usually with a mullet haircut.

e.g., You don't want to go into that pool hall. First off, all the eight balls are stolen, and second -- it's packed with ockers.

submitted by Richard

ockham's tonsure - (Also "Occam's tonsure"; n.) _Entia_non_sunt_delenda_praeter_necessitatem, Latin for "things should not be deleted without need." The counter to Ockham's razor, which reads entia_non_sunt_multiplicanda_praeter_necessitatem_ "things should not be multiplied without need"---the idea being, of course, that hypotheses ought to remain simple until some evidence calls for additional aspects to be added to the explanation. In modern terms, simpler explanations are more likely than complicated ones. Ockham's tonsure is my way of cautioning against over-enthusiastic simplification: sometimes, the simplest answer doesn't cut it. It's rare, but it happens.

e.g., B: "Look, Arnie's porch is covered in newspapers. His mailbox is stuffed. And his lights all go on at exactly 10 p.m.---I think he's gone somewhere." C: "Actually, he was kidnapped by aliens." B: "Don't be ridiculous: Ockham's razor says the simpler explanation is probably the right one." C: "But don't forget Ockham's tonsure: the simple answer isn't always sufficient." B: "Well, what evidence do you have to justify the addition of aliens and kidnapping to his simply being on vacation or something?" C: "Witness testimony. I was there." B: "What? Somebody actually saw an ALIEN drag Arnie off?!" C: "Yeah. Me. I was there: It was Quiznob of Bizzorg." B: "Quiznob. Bizzorg. Right. Are you nuts?! You don't expect me to believe this nonsense, do you?" C: "But it's true! Don't be overly Ockhamous." D: "Hey, guys, There's a note here on the door: 'I have your friend. If you want him back, bring me 800 dachshunds, 50 rhyming greeting cards, and a bucket of your Earth petroleum. On the 10th of your month July.' It's signed 'Quiznob of Bizzorg.'" B: "Holy crap." C: "Told you." B: "Ockham's tonsure, huh?" D: "What's a Quiznob?" C: "Don't you think we should start buying dachshunds? And greeting cards?"

submitted by scott m. ellsworth - (www)

ocrtest -

submitted by - (www)

oct-u, [the] - Shorter way of saying W-W-W. The W (double u) could be said as 2 u's and there are 3 of them and 2 to the 3rd power is 8 (Latin oct).

e.g., I love

submitted by Michael

octembuary - A fictional month which sounds authentic to very young children.

e.g., "Hey Pappy, can we go to the beach?" "Sure, umpteenth day of the second week this coming Octembuary."

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

octiculum - The "eight" major ticklish spots on the body, according to Eskimo lore? Have you rubbed friendly noses lately with family or friends?

e.g., It is good to be well-versed in the entire octiculum for fun and pleasure and, who knows, maybe even profit? Laugh and the world laughs, achoo! For warmth and comfort and friendly nose, see an Inuit, you'll like him.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

octiply - To multiply by 8. Figuratively: to exaggerate something eightfold

e.g., John Gray must have been octiplying when he said there were sixteen-foot snowdrifts in Ulgham.

submitted by Colin Taffel

octobloke - A man who seems to have more than two hands in a nightclub. Generally coined by ladies who have been felt up, unless it's THAT sort of nightclub. Also applicable to girls: octogirl, a much rarer breed than the octobloke.

e.g., Did he grope you too, Sheila? He must be an octobloke. He got us both at the same time.

submitted by Xnoybis

octohodic - Beautiful and esthetic concerning all the aspects, used to describe that in art or poetry

e.g., Nathaniel Hawthorne's book is octohodic. This poem is octohodic. That painting is octohodic.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius,poet

octology - A numerological theory which has scriptural, logic, and metaphisical arguments at its basis. The essence of that theory is based on the fact that 8 is the light, the perfect number, and even more than that. OCTO=8 in Latin. LOGOS = science, word (Greek).

e.g., Octology considers that mankind must to return to peace, by stoping wars, and loving all, by transforming evil in good, 7 in 8.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius - (www)

octomonkey - A monkey that has eight legs, similar to an octopus.

e.g., The octomonkey was able to gather more bananas than the two-armed monkeys.

submitted by Octomonkey

octople delusion - A hallucination brought on by chronic insomnia and assisted by wearing two pairs of other peoples eyeglasses simultaneously, thereby doubling four-eyes to eight-eyes.

e.g., As I slipped on Tammy's older pair of glasses over her new ones, I felt the great wooze hit me and suddenly I was experiencing an octople delusion wherein my navel became an apparatus for apple picking as a mechanical armature began to protrude from within me.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

octowiggle - Eighth wiggle in a series of wiggles.

e.g., I've gotta lotta great wiggles, but my octowiggles are usually the best.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

octoxoikol - (ok-tuck-Soik-ul) A product, as refined oil, petrol, lubricant, machinery, equipment, and so forth, which is guaranteed to work, function, as low as 8 degrees above absolute zero.

e.g., In the polar regions it is important that octoxoikols be used in the lavatories as well as in the laboratories..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

octuple-monkey-dare - The mother of all dares, for both children and adults. Better than a dare, double-dare, and even a triple-dog-dare.

e.g., Bet you can't make that shot from three feet back from where you're standing . . . I octuple-monkey-dare you.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

oculence - (n., ah'-cyu-lents) opulence, luxury, or wealth for the purpose of being seen and admired.

e.g., Grills on rappers are the paradigmatic example of pure oculence.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ocuplania - "Ocuplania means 'letting one’s eyes wander while assessing someone’s charms' and since that’s the only definition I can find (it’s a rare word) I’m not really sure of what it implies. I can only assume that the word is Victorian and designed to stop a man [from] looking directly at a woman’s breasts even if she thrusts them into his face."

e.g., "Events demonstrate that I am infected with oculoplania when sufficiently provoked. But no matter what my unruly eyes do, kalokagathia is what impresses me most. Beneath it all, I am programmed to search for a combination of the good and the beautiful in a person. That’s kalokagathia."

submitted by [Robin Bloor] - (www)

od - Over Doing It

e.g., "Someone tells you an exaggerated story, and your reply would be " O.K now you're O.D.""

submitted by denise

odamtoobadjo - "Oh, damn, too bad, Joe!" Benny Hill described golf in this manner, but it's becoming synonymous with any failed effort: dice games, target practice, etc.)

e.g., All the other golfers, when Joe misses his putt, "Odamtoobadjo!"

submitted by Bill Warren

odd duck - Someone who is very strange or out-of-step with society. An old expression that was used at least as early as the mid-1800s.

e.g., The professor knew many things, but was an odd duck who wore tennis shoes with a dress suit and tie.

submitted by Steve McDonald

odd kelso - Leftover or leftovers.

e.g., 1. We'll divvy up rations equally. Whatever's odd kelso, put back into the storehouse. 2.Midge: What's to eat in the 'fridge? Bridget: Oh, you know, just odd kelsos. 3. Take whatever odd kelso yarn's left, and put it in the basket.

submitted by Paul

odd word girl - Suggested by Michael Quinion's Newsletter when he identified the job of an odd work girl. An odd work girl "repaired mistakes in a dress factory." The job of an odd word girl is to annoy people whose writing appears on the Internet in whatever form by "repairing" their usage mistakes. It's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between an odd word girl and a grammar nazi.

e.g., "Mac has a tendency to give odd word girls what for, don't he?" "That would be 'doesn't he," dear."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oddend - Singular for odds and ends.

e.g., All my odds and ends are intact except for my favorite oddend.

submitted by Stanislaus Moss

oddicle - A published story about an odd/strange topic.

e.g., I LOVE the National Enquirer, a never-ending source of oddicles.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

oddish - Having the quality of being odd, can also be an adverb meaning oddly. Or maybe it's from somewhere else... ;)

e.g., May has been acting very oddish lately.

submitted by Gargomon251

oddplate - Custom car license plate not decipherable to an average person.

e.g., An example of an oddplate would be: l2gd95j.

submitted by ryan

odeme - A wheel with numerals around its rim. Used for displaying numbers, and in most cases, also keeping track of the numbers.

e.g., This numbering stamp has six odemes, so it can count almost up to a million.

submitted by Juuitchan - (www)

odessa - When something bad happens, just say "odessa," but make sure it is followed up in the next sentence by "bummer."

e.g., A. My chick just told me she was screwing some other guy. B. Odessa. A. What? B. Odessa bummer.

submitted by kyle

odgibodgi - cuddly

submitted by joannou jigme donyod jyun jier ng - (www)

odiate - To give off a strong odor.

e.g., My friend Bob odiate's the room with his smell.

submitted by Curtis Casey

odomancy - The prediction of one's bowling score by means of a car odometer.

e.g., Dr. Rosenbaum uses his expertise at odomancy to amaze his bowling buddies.

submitted by Ryan Gabbard - (www)

odor of magnitude - A powerful and pungent bodily effervescence.

e.g., A couple of hours after gorging down a quarter pound of boar's head type cheese and Schlitz, Sam proceeded to emit a dastardly gas that was an odor of magnitude greater than anything ever before known to man.

submitted by steven jones

odorifourous - Unusually and disgustingly smelly, full of stench. (You'll find a similar word, "odoriferous," in any other decent dictionary.)

e.g., The neighborhood downwind of the landfill was known for its odorifourousness.

submitted by Ashleigh Carter

oedipuselectra complex - Someone who loves their father and mother very much indeed.

e.g., Because he wanted to be with his parents so much, it was suggested he might be suffering from an oedipuselectra complex.

submitted by Brian Cole

oelvis - The condition Elvis' pelvis was in that let him shake his hips the way he did.

e.g., Bob has a serious case of oelvis!

submitted by FPM2K - (www)

oethb - One Easy-To-Hate Bitch. One Easy-To-Hate Bastard.

e.g., Rosie O'Donnell.

submitted by beelzebub

oeur - Mocking expression used against somebody upfront whom you have proven a hypocrite or have outsmarted.

e.g., How dare you tell me to not smoke pot if you yourself did it in the '60s? Oeur!

submitted by MD Caruso

of doom - phrase that can be added to anything to make it sound evil or even more evil than it already is

e.g., Man! That was the party of doom last night.

submitted by James

ofb - Orange Foundation Brigade. Girls who wear lots of orange foundation caked on their faces, not even blended in round their chins, noses, and hairlines.

e.g., Did you see the girl who just went past wearing the Burberry? Looks like she's a member of the OFB.

submitted by Sokky McSok

ofer - Oh-fer. Loser, perpetual loser.

e.g., Q: How'd the TU football team do last season? A: Ofers again. Oh for twelve.

submitted by [Martha]

off like a prom dress - Similar to "gotta jet" this phrase means to leave somewhere very quickly with speed matching that of prom dress removal at a post-prom party.

e.g., Talk to ya later, I'm off like a prom dress.

submitted by Newanda

off the chain - Anything that is considered to be extremely exciting, wild, or out of control. The phrase is in reference to a pit bull getting off the chain, where, similar to a killer party, expect some excitement.

e.g., The concert tonight is going to be off the chain.

submitted by Mike Skelly

off the hinges - Similar to off the hook: outstanding, great.

e.g., That concert was off the hinges.

submitted by zach

off the hits - Good.

e.g., That was off the hits.

submitted by amber

off the hizzi fa schizzi - (His-e for sh-is-e) It means that something is really "hot" or "cool." It can also mean that someone is being serious.

e.g., His new car is off the hizzi fa schizzi. Or "She said that you lied." " No I didn't lie. I'm off the hizzi fa schizzi."

submitted by TBizzy2003

off the hook - Pretty amazingly good.

e.g., Return to Castle Wolfenstein is off the hook.

submitted by qnarf

off the meatrack - Just plain awesome.

e.g., I'm telling you, that Fred Savage movie is going to be off the meatrack.

submitted by Tevin Hill

offal - Awful, spelled the way only a real idiot could come up with. The example comment is a reference to an article about a nurse in a Florida hospital cutting off the little finger of a three-month-old baby. Noting other usage errors is left as an exercise for the reader.

e.g., "John W "Took the word right out of my mouth. What a crock the hospital didn’t do anything wrong. A nurse who clearly felt offal ran out in total distress because of an accident. Thie child will be fine and can play magic tricks on her froends. I don’t see what the problem is. The liability and costs of treatment for the finger and the followijng healing should be covered thats it. Someone elses mistake should not be your lotto ticket in life. "March 28, 2012 at 3:34 pm"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

offed - Voted off the island; booted out of the survivor game.

e.g., Everyone on our team was full of angst wondering if one of us would be offed at this evening’s tribal council. Hope it’s not me.

submitted by natalie

offemnsive - Something that is offensive to females, particuarly feminists.

e.g., She found my semi-nude Britney Spears screensaver offemnsive.

submitted by Farah

office ass - The feeling you get after sitting in an office chair all day.

e.g., I've got a bad case of office ass today.

submitted by Ben

office mocha - The drink made by combining coffee with a packet of hot chocolate mix. Generally made to flavor black coffee when one is out of milk.

e.g., Because the kitchen was out of milk again, I had to make office mocha.

submitted by Nancy Kalish

office veal - The dough-soft musculature (or whole people) caused by being stuck in a tiny, lightless cubicle all day. The condition is exacerbated by long hours of work.

e.g., Since Bob got his new job he's turned to office veal.

submitted by Andrew Morse

office-chair-basketball - What happens when a toy basketball hoop has been hung in an office area.

e.g., Hey guys, the boss isn't around, let's get a game of office-chair-basketball going.

submitted by Dawg from OPS - (www)

offie - Shortened version of Off-License, for use in Britain.

e.g., I'm going down to the offie, do you want anything?

submitted by Purple Squirrel

offline - Used in work meetings to stop a conversation in order to continue it later with only the relevant people.

e.g., "Can you two please offline it so that we can move forward with the agenda?" "Let's offline this, we don't need to discuss it now."

submitted by Heli

offputting - Something that turns you off, something you don't care for.

e.g., What he wrote was really offputting.

submitted by Aaron

offshoring - The activity of companies whose job it is to help American businesses find ways to send jobs overseas, where salaries are a lot lower. LA Times.

e.g., I'm afraid my job might disappear to some Third-World country since my employer hired an offshoring bunch to find ways to lower their payroll.

submitted by natalie

offslaught - An especially weak attack; something resembling such an attack.

e.g., After facing Andi's offslaught on the ping pong table, I had won the game by a score of 21 to 1.

submitted by Mark Howell - (www)

oftentude - A form of "often" or "oft."

e.g., Problems oftentude demand a do-something response, but not necessarily.

submitted by tim beliece

oftworthy - Meritorious of frequent usage, such as many of the words here.

e.g., The word "congelitude" is oftworthy as it has eloquently filled a void in the English language.

submitted by Colin Taffel

og - A thing or an action that damages one's own side. A noun or verb, from Own Goal. Pronounced "ojee."

e.g., Blair really oged over that 45-minute issue.

submitted by Graham - (www)

ogamate - OK, mate. Australian slang.

e.g., Spike: Will you buy me tickets to the gig? Jack: Ogamate.

submitted by Nathalie Summons

oge - To be ugly. Taken from the word ogre.

e.g., I wish he'd stop oging around me.

submitted by ben

ogey! - Okay.

e.g., "Do you want to go for a ride with us?" "Ogey."

submitted by Crystal

ognib - Bingo spelled backwards is the name of the dot made by a dauber when one plays bingo.

e.g., My ognibs are multi-colored because my friend continues to lean over and stamp my bingo card.

submitted by Diane Harris

ognore - Created when someone made a typo. To "ignore " someone is to deprive her of attention. To "ognore" is to deprive someone of orgasms.

e.g., She sued him for divorce because he kept ognoring her.

submitted by Phil K

ogry - Adjectival version of "ogre." | (adj.) 1. of or pertaining to ogres; 2. characteristic of ogres in general; 3. Resembling an ogre in manners and speech. 4. Another English word to end in "gry" (see igry).

e.g., Jim's bad table manners made him seem ogry during dinner. (Unfortunately, this word does not solve the "three English words all ending in -gry" chestnut. You're welcome.) He rarely bathes; he eats with his hands, blows snot from his nose onto the sidewalk, and farts in elevators. The man is ogry with fries.

submitted by Deacon | Scott M. Ellsworth

oh bug - Like "oh darn," except with more emphasis on annoyance or disappointment than on anger or frusturation

e.g., "Tim, I just remembered we have an essay due tomorrow." "Oh bug, you're right."

submitted by Tim

oh crackerz - When you forget something or are disappointed.

e.g., Oh, crackerz! I wanted to go.

submitted by Sarah

oh dark thirty, zero dark thirty - Very late at night, or very early in the morning, a time most people consider an "ungodly" hour (e.g., 3:00 am, 4:00 am). oh-dark-thirty, o-dark-thirty (Amy Anson and David Miller) I was up 'til o-dark-thirty getting my homework done. OR I got up at o-dark-thirty this morning.), O-dark-30 (kriss wagner O-dark-30 is the time of day morning-drive broadcasters have to be at work.), zero dark thirty, zero-dark-thirty (Jason) I had to get up at zero-dark-thirty this morning just to make it through traffic.) See "Amish ass-crack of dawn," "buttcrack of dawn," and "chicken o'clock in the morning" and for other early morning references.

e.g., In description.

submitted by several

oh drear! - An exclamation of meteorological disenchantment

e.g., "Oh, drear. It's raining again," grumbled Ethel. "So much for mowing the lawn."

submitted by Colin Taffel

oh goy - a combination of "oh good" and "oh joy"

e.g., oh goy

submitted by Nathan Powell

oh my heck - Good ol' slang used mostly in Utah by the good Mormon kids--instead of "Oh, my God!"

e.g., Oh, my heck! Becky, did you see what she was wearing.

submitted by me jane

oh sh - These are the famous last words of a text messenger sent after driving onto the interstate and before being carried away.

e.g., Of all the words of tongue or text | the saddest are "Oh sh . . ." with nothing next.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

oh! bese - An individual's condition of weight and girth of such size as to elicit a comment (whether voiced aloud, or not).

e.g., "Well, hello there!" (Oh! bese. My God, he must weigh 600 pounds! His immense weight on the sofa he's sitting on makes him an immutable part of that furniture!). "No, don't bother trying to get up to shake my hand, just sit back!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

oh, bandit! - "Oh, dammit!" As heard and said by my three-year-old grandson Alec.

e.g., When Alec mashed his finger in the closet door, he said, "Oh, bandit!"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oh, green monkey - Expression of frustration, used when someone cannot think of a curse to say.

e.g., Oh, green monkey, it's broken again.

submitted by Bob Engelbert

oh-face - The face you make when in the throes of ectasy. From the movie _Office Space_.

e.g., I'd like to show her my oh-face.

submitted by chuck - (www)

ohhhh scholar - Used when someone around you makes an intelligent observation, or tries to show off her booksmarts."

e.g., "Did you know the earth rotates on an axis?" Ohhhhh scholar."

submitted by bindi

ohio-silver - In Ohio, it's what you shout at your horse to make him go fast.

e.g., We done yelled Ohio-silver to our horses cuz we wanted to get to the square dance over to Kunkle afore dark.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

ohkay - "Oh, okay" as a reaction to someone´s statement.

e.g., "Look, I really have to get back to work." "Ohkay, later."

submitted by Bauke

ohminous - Calming.

e.g., Like, today's yoga class was like totally ohminous, dude.

submitted by tharina - (www)

ohnoment - The period of time between when you realize that you have touched a liquid or a solid that is too hot, and you actually feel the pain. Usually accompanied by the feeling of drespair (see additional entry). Slightly shorter than a woahment (see additional entry.

e.g., He put is foot in the tub and realized in that ohnoment, that he had forgotten to turn any cold water on while filling it.

submitted by Robb Glunt

ohnosecond - That moment just after you realize you have made a big mistake. "That very short moment in time during which you realize that you have pressed the wrong key and deleted hours, days, or weeks of work." Same as an onosecond.

e.g., Tom paused for an ohnosecond then climbed out to see who he had backed into.

submitted by Robin Hart-Jones - (www)

oholiapthoeramesis - A handy word to know, means nothing but is great for: arousing interest in conversation, confusing eavesdroppers, making children ask questions or feel like they have a lot to learn and you're the person to ask, making know-it-alls look stupid either by shutting-up or commenting on an obviously made up word, and certainly not last its flowgasmic quality. Its construction for flexibility in sentences is nearly unrivaled. It may be pronounced in a plethora of ways -- it has a ring which could be medical (in any field), environmental, spiritual, mechanical, scientific (in any field), and many others.

e.g., Oholiapthoeramesis is my way of life. Next week I'm going in early to my oholiapthoeramesis (she's really good, waited four years to see her) to have an oholiapthoeramesis performed. Seems I have an imbalance of the oholiapthoeramesis. Speaking of words like oholiapthoeramesis, last week on "Nature" they showed having discovered a new species of oholiapthoeramesis which has one of the largest oholiapthoeramesis within its phylum.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

ohowu stink - A university located in Columbus, Ohio, found by traveling south until you smell it and west until you step in it. (ED. One of our older editors has a son-in-law who is a graduate of Ohio State University, and undoubtedly knows that Ohio State University is east of the University of Michigan (Lansing, Michigan), not west. Buckeyes feel the same way about Wolverines as Wolverines feel about Buckeyes. Judging from this submittal, Buckeyes could very well be smarter than Wolverines. Is it a good-natured rivalry? Not as far as I can tell. I've seen nothing to indicate that that's the case.)

e.g., Yeah, he went to Ohowu Stink and still can't wash my car very well.

submitted by Wolverines

ohyegates - Expletive (to be deleted).

e.g., He lifted up his head and screamed, "ohyegates!" when Windows crashed for the fifth time that morning.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

oi with the poodles already - Used to vocalize your annoyance about a situation, as said by Lorelei Gilmore in an episode of the TV series The Gilmore Girls.

e.g., Dieter: Inga, did you hear the rumour about Charlene? Inga: No, Dieter, I didn't, and I'm not interested. Oi with the poodles already. |    He: Should I keep sending you several e-mails each week? She: No, I've had more than enough of your inane twaddle. You've more than inundated me. Oi with the poodles already.

submitted by Bitstream Dream - (www)

oi! - An expression used to call attention to yourself.

e.g., I have two young children. When they are up to no good, I shout "Oi!" to get their attention, followed by "What the heck is going on here?"

submitted by POP LAPORD

oi! - Oh, no, can't believe.

e.g., Oi! How could you?

submitted by Hali

oi-ya - Meant to imitate the sound of whining.

e.g., It's not that big a deal, don't oi-ya about it.

submitted by Tuesday

oid - a suffix for the end of a noun exaggerating the meaning

e.g., ""Andy's talking to himself again! He's such a gimpoid!" "Yeah, total weirdoid...""

submitted by Arbernaut - (www)

oil of olč - A cheap knock-off of a well known beauty product. The product usually comes from an "emerging market" such as Mexico or China, and can be bought for a ridiculously low price from your local enthnic street-vendor, flea market , or discount chain.

e.g., Although she would never admit it to the guys in question, Jane would only wear an Oil of Olč scent until the third date because she figured "Why waste money on someone you might never see again?"

submitted by Zippy Broodstock

oil-spay - Pig Latin for "spoil." To spay the cat with a marvelous new fast-working oil, it dissolves the tissues in question.

e.g., They used to have to surgically remove cat gut or whatever it was to spay the cat, now it's much easier with oil-spay. It's the cat's meow.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oilbow - (n.) 1. The beautiful shifting colors on the oily surface of a street puddle; sadly, however, the word also applies to 2. the beautiful shifting colors of the slick of an oil spill that's befouled everything for miles, killed thousands of animals, occasioned an ecological disaster, and cost everyone hundreds of millions of dollars. (Sort of gives an ironic twist to the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow, doesn't it?)

e.g., 1. As my son loaded furniture into my van in the pouring rain, I became engrossed in the slowly turning oilbow at his feet. | 2. After the Gomex well disaster back in 2010, there were amazing oilbows for miles and miles ... it was horrifying.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

oiler - to follow any noun. Not a form of pig latin, but to be used the same way.

e.g., I just saw that caroiler. Let's go get a cupoiler of coffee.

submitted by fred s - (www)

oilitics - The politics of oil. I've tired of the beltway politicians -- years ago. Among several things I find particularly annoying is their oilitics. Will they ever take the steps necessary to making the United States energy independent -- or are they just going to continue to talk and never really do anything.

e.g., I've tired of the beltway politicians -- years ago. Among several things I find particularly annoying is their oilitics. Will they ever take the steps necessary to making the United States energy independent -- or are they just going to continue to talk and never really do anything. Nasty letter to follow.

submitted by HD Fowler

oilocracy - A country, state, nation, or other political-economic entity that relies on oil and petroleum products as a prime export.

e.g., People should stop depending on oilocracies for gas and start looking for alternative energy sources.

submitted by Kara - (www)

oily boid - Early bird. In the greater New York City area there used to be a dialect pronunciation by some people where the sound /ur/ as in fur was pronounced something like /oy/. Therefore, "boid" for bird, "oily" for early, and so forth. Foreign accents in the big city probably had something to do with this modified pronunciation.

e.g., They say that the oily boid is getting the woim. This means that you too by getting up oily can end up with a moufful of woims, fresh, moist,meaty.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oinkarific - Really good.

e.g., That game looks oinkarific.

submitted by Sam - (www)

oinker - A fat person, grotesquely overweight, bloated and deformed, a blight for sore eyes.

e.g., If all the oinkers of the world could be reduced to their oil content, might that help with the oil and gas situation in the world?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oinkment - A serendipitous salve used by mavens of mirth to transform sows' ears into silk purses.

e.g., Bambino Spumante, a veritable vixen of vacuous verbiage and part-time pastry, cookie, and pie chef at the Fat Cat Cafe, had but one thing on her mind -- on second thought perhaps it was more like three -- which can be difficult to juggle if one's working in a hot kitchen where creations are apt to come apart, wilt, or even melt (definitely not something that should happen during any politically-correct happy holiday season), which is why she decided that she needed three goofball gizmos or goofing-off gifts for herself such as a "Big Chill Pastry Board" (to cool down the workplace of course), a fragrant jar of "OINKMENT"(guaranteed to deliver better results than a pig in a poke), and several superb bling-bling bottles of "Any Old Tequila Will Do," "Berry Merry Beer," and "Sourpuss Shiraz" (to dress up her kitschy den and homey watering hole designed to quench the thirst of glockenspiel go-getters, alpenhorn types, and flutophone enthusiasts who can't hold a note worth tooting about but tell super-sanitized jokes for the cocktail crowd who usually drop by for the piddling entertainment provided by a few potty professors of poetry, a crafty barstool origamist making boozy conversation pieces while others groove to the tunes of "Two Twittering Tenors," "Chicken Soup & The Dumplings," not to mention two internationally-popular DJs such as "Libation Nation" from Nannycatch Meadows in Northern England, and "Hot Sock" all the way from the famed "Sooke Potholes" on the outskirsts of a quaint capital city full of gregarious gnomes and gleaming gardens, better known as Victoria, British Columbia in a cold country affectionately called C-A-N-A-D-A!).

submitted by Quipping Queen - (www)

oinkologist - A specialist in porcine utterances.

e.g., Quick, get the oinkologist. That pig's making a funny noise.

submitted by Chris Duddle

oint - A deformed ear.

e.g., "Kaitlyn, how did you get that oint?" "My earring got torn out of my ear at a concert."

submitted by Bronwyn

oip - A gender neutral pronoun used to replace he/she when the gender of a living thing is unknown

e.g., Suddenly oip was standing in front of me. Oip didn't appear as either a man or a woman.

submitted by g

oitch - Oitch is a blend of oy and ouch. Oh my goodness, I don't believe it, you've got to be kidding, that's awful, what the hell.

e.g., A classmate and his best friend (male) said they intended to get married, oitch! But, more power to them. | Obama's pet health bill was actually barely passed, and millions of citizens are saying oitch! Government help or intrusion?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

okay, terrific! - Used to put an end to an awkward silence after learning of something you wish the other person hadn't told you.

e.g., "Yeah, so tomorrow I'm gonna massage grandma's feet." . . . "Okay, terrific!"

submitted by brad. - (www)

okden - Pronounced in three syllables: o-k-den. A compound word meaning "OK, then."

e.g., "I'll meet you at the mall at six." "Okden."

submitted by sesoup

okey doke - A con or a set-up, used in the 1992 movie _Trespass_.

e.g., Your first cheque bounced and now your second cheque bounced. You better not be pulling no okey doke.

submitted by Laurence

okie - Okay.

e.g., It's okie that you didn't show up yesterday.

submitted by Catherine

okie day - "Okay," when an emphasis of joy or happiness is appropriate.

e.g., "Would you like to go see a movie?" "Okie day, see you at 7."

submitted by Justin Shertzer

okiemo - "Oki" comes from the word "big" in Japaneses and "emo" comes from a shortened version of "emotion." Thus, bug emotions.

e.g., The art teacher wanted our paintings to show okiemo so the audience would be moved.

submitted by Jubilee Uzoma - (www)

oklahoma credit card - A hose for stealing gas. The term originated in Oklahoma, according to legend.

e.g., If the price of gas keeps going up, there'll be a lot more people using Oklahoma credit cards.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

oklahoma skylight - Any opening in a building that appears as a result of meteorological activity. The hole in question can appear in the ceiling, walls, or floor.

e.g., After the storm, I was sure my house would have an Oklahoma skylight.

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

oklahomophobic - A dislike for Oklahoma and for anyone from Oklahoma. Oklahomaphobic.

e.g., Tulsa? I'm not going to Tulsa. I'm oklahomophobic. (ED. Interesting construction. Interesting, too, that the editor lives near Tulsa, OK.)

submitted by Karen Littleton

okle dokle - All right, then. Everything is okay. Fine by me. As if I really care.

e.g., "You didn't put two spaces after the period in the fourth line of the third paragraph." "Okle dokle, I'll be sure to fix that up later."

submitted by Christine

okrahoma - The state where my wife was born, Oklahoma.

e.g., -- Online Chat with Michael Quinion: Michael Quinion (Guest Speaker) It's a related phenomenon, isn't it? A folk story in which people get the wrong idea, but persist with it because it's more fun and satisfying to think a king was a fool than that he was trying to knock some sense into his courtiers. psa - USA LOL, like my daughter at age four wanted to know if okra came from Okrahoma. Michael Quinion (Guest Speaker) I like that. Someone trying to make sense of the world, but getting it wrong!

submitted by HD Fowler

okyday - OK. Also okily-dokily.

e.g., You just tripped. "Yeah, yeah, I'm okyday. I'm okyday."

submitted by Artemis

old - "cool, great"

e.g., The new Jay-Z album is old.

submitted by clemen

old head - Any person who has been around on a particular scene for quite a while

e.g., Ed: I've been listening to that band since '83. Ted: Damn, you're an old head.

submitted by ditnis

old people - People at least 10 or 15 years older than I am. No matter how old I get, that will always be the case.

e.g., None of the old people I know are going to be doing more than a minimal amount of texting. Certainly not enough for them to bother learning Text Message Shorthand -- which you probably call something else. I can't be bothered to learn that. | How fast does brain rot set in with texters, not to mention Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I suggest they stick to texting, since they quite obviously can't write "real" sentences. I know, I know. They don't care. (Oh, I mentioned Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, didn't I? Please forgive me. I'm one of those ultra-old people -- old enough not only to have grandchildren, but old enough to have great-grandchildren. Lillith may be even older. Daren't ask.)    I wonder how many of today's crop could make it as computer programmers, programmers of the type where syntax counts. I once took a graduate class at MIT, Construction of Reliable Software. As lagniappe, a little something extra, IBM software guru Harlan Mills spoke to the class the last day. After his lecture, one of the students asked how a compiler should deal with syntax errors. For example, should it "suggest" how to correct them? Mills replied simply, "You shouldn't make syntax errors." (I corrected your syntax errors, Ruth, and otherwise cleaned up what you submitted before adding it to the pd -- as promised. You can thank me later.)    Now, if it's an argument with an old person you're looking for, I'm nearly always ready to oblige. Mr Media says, "Picking a fight is generally a bad idea, but I’m not an absolutist on that point" -- something you won't hear me saying. I must admit that I do try to avoid picking fights or starting arguments when I know I'm outgunned. Why volunteer for a beating when you have nothing to gain from doing so? Jim Muth says, "Think before you act and don't pick fights you can't win." That's good advice, not just for politicians. However, bring a fight to me and I'll seldom pass it up.    Have you ever heard what Franklin Delano Roosevelt said about starting arguments? Do you even know who Franklin Delano Roosevelt is? I'd almost be surprised, given that History has been replaced by something called Social Studies in public schools. God knows what such "studies" are. Maybe something like history, but with less emphasis on facts and more emphasis on spinning tales for political purposes? Anyway, back to what FDR said, although it wasn't original with him. . . . Well, I thought I had an entry at pseudoselfpromotion, discussing the remark attributed to Roosevelt, but it got deleted. Fortunately, since the pd gets copied without permission, I found a back-up that allowed me to restore it.

submitted by HD Fowler

old person - Mother, father, grandmother, grandmother, aunt, uncle. . . .

e.g., Old person: Go do your homework. You: Mer.

submitted by HD Fowler

old school - Something that was part of the pop culture when you were in grade-school or early high school years. Can be from any time in the past. Oldschool.

e.g., While listening to "Hanging Tough" by the New Kids On the Block, Margaret said, "That is terribly old school."

submitted by Katy

old testament - Something that is played out.

e.g., Your do is so old testament, Chris. Why don't you update yourself? Too cheap?

submitted by Lolita

old testyment - Old Testament. Old Testiment.

e.g., "You realise I can quote quite similar lines from the Old Testiment? While you may not have read the Bible, I have." | The God of the Old Testyment was a testy god.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

old wise tail - A sagacious elderly prostitute. Provoked by a misunderstanding involving "old wives' tale."

e.g., I really don't have any idea what you should do for a condition like that. You might want to check with an old wise tail if you don't want to go to a urologist. They have a lot of experience in that area.

submitted by HD Fowler

oldilocks - Innocent old people that kids blame things on.

e.g., My younger brother said that because of oldilocks (grandma) he got lost.

submitted by Farah

oldmansgoldigger - A woman who goes after old men's money.

e.g., Anna Nicole Smith and Heather McCartney are oldmansgoldiggers.

submitted by Beatle

olds - Parents.

e.g., I hafta ring the olds to find out if I can go to the concert next week.

submitted by Nicole - (www)

olds mo brile - Southern Cadillac.

e.g., That's my olds mo brile. Over yonder. Ain't she purty.

submitted by charles

oldsmobubble - An Oldsmobile brand automobile. Slightly derogatory, meaning as fragile as a bubble. Quite the opposite is true, of course, at least before 1978.

e.g., We rented an Oldsmobubble for our vacation, but it popped the first day.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

oldtimers' disease - Alzheimer's Disease.

e.g., I hope I don't end up with Oldtimers' Disease.

submitted by Miss Speller

olee - An exlamation of happiness.

e.g., Olee! I aced my physics final.

submitted by Cassie

oleo - Short for oleomargarine, the original term for what we now call margarine.

e.g., Oleo first appeared commercially in stores in the late 1940s as a cheap substitute for butter. Butter manufacturers insisted that it not look too much like yellow butter, so oleo appeared only white to purchase. Soon though a color capsule was included in the package, so that consumers could manually add color themselves. Eventually you could buy ordinary colored oleo, or margarine, in the store.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

oleomargarine - This is the original word for margarine; as a matter of fact, it was commonly called oleo at first for a while, before it was called margarine.

e.g., Oleomargarine first appeared on the market in the late 1940's. Butter manufacturers would not allow it to be colored at first so it was sold white -- often with yellow color capsules which could be broken and mixed manually into the white oleo.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

olfactocybe - An animal largely oriented by the sense of smell.

e.g., A dog is an example of an olfactocybe.

submitted by David C. Morrow

oliffoil - No worries, especially in solving a problem. Came from a method of solving mathematics equations.

e.g., A. Can you fix this spanner? B. I'll have oliffoil in solving this problem.

submitted by jimaco

ollie nose - (n.) the little Oliver-Hardy-mustache-looking dribble of snot (dry or wet or both) draining from the nose down to the upper lip of a child with a cold. [Coined by me a few minutes ago when I remembered how much I dislike naziism. Although both men wore the same style of mustache, Ollie Hardy was a comic icon, not a mass-murdering megalomaniac with delusions of godhood. I thought I'd put in "Ollie nose" as a more comfortable alternative to "nazi nose."]

e.g., Oh no! Little Nancy has Ollie nose! Get some tissues.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ollified - To be ollified is to be obligated to do things for weeks, sometimes months, leaving no room for spontaneity.

e.g., Sorry, I'm ollified for the next six years.

submitted by Underlord - (www)

olny - (ohl-nee) adv. "only" as often pronounced (though not yet spelled) by some dialects of American English. [It isn't so much metathesis as it is anticipation of the lateral liquid (the /l/) in the second syllable coloring the /o/ in the first syllable.

e.g., The olny word he mispronounced was nucular.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ology - From The Free Dictionary: "An informal word (abstracted from words with this ending) for some unidentified branch of knowledge "discipline, field of study, subject area, subject field, bailiwick, subject, field, study -- a branch of knowledge; "in what discipline is his doctorate?"; "teachers should be well trained in their subject"; "anthropology is the study of human beings"

e.g., Charles Dickens, from Hard Times: "If there is any Ology left, of any description, that has not been worn to rags in this house, all I can say is, I hope I shall never hear its name. | Of all the ologies available for study, I think I might enjoy callipygology -- the study of beautifully shaped buttocks, such as Aphrodites'.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

om inous - A feeling of doom that persists even while doing your Yoga exercises and your self calming morning chanting.

e.g., Driving to work, Homer had his second om inous episode as he saw the truck bearing down on him.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

om sweet om - A delightful saying, appropriate for display anywhere, at home, in the temple.

e.g., I wove a magic carpet for our Universal Guru, and thereupon were the words: OM Sweet OM.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

omarosaed - "Thanks to the hit TV show The Apprentice, there's a new term for someone who has been manipulated and misled by a whiny, self-absorbed office mate. When that happens, you have been Omarosa-ed. ==== Dillon says equal credit should go to his wife, Marisa." Copyright (c) 2004, Dayton Newspapers Inc. | Outfoxed, outmaneuvered, and more than likely generally screwed over. Copyright (c) 2004, Dayton Newspapers Inc. DATE: Sunday, April 18, 2004 SECTION: BUSINESS PAGE: D1 SOURCE: By Jim Dillon Dayton Daily News

e.g., I was omarosaed and didn't get the promotion.

submitted by Hal Davis from Jim Dillon - (www)

ombaoojiebaseo - A strange, if not disturbing, song that may involve either confusion or the corruption of sanity.

e.g., Have you heard Weird Al's new ombaoojiebaseo? It doesn't make any sense--go listen to it.

submitted by misteroo

ombivalence - Requesting strength, from yourself, from the universe; and then accepting that strength and living it. Being unconditionally indifferent to the socital, cultural, and personal demands placed upon oneself by others; not being controlled. Being absolutely comfortable with who you are.

e.g., My ombivalence separates me from the controlling demands of the common crowd.

submitted by Ordin

omcd - (n) acronym for 'Old Married Couple Disorder', wherein two people have a strange, innate sense of each other-finish the other's sentences, know what the other one is thinking-much like an old married couple.

e.g., "Those two have only been going out for a week, but look at 'em-they seem like they've been together forever. They've got a serious case of OMCD."

submitted by Matt

ome - A variation of OMG, it is an abbreviation for "Oh, My Edward," where the vampire Edward from the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is referenced in place of "God." It is usually used to express positive excitement.

e.g., OME, that is the most AMAZING picture! I love it! Can't wait until the movie comes out.

submitted by Laura Wellbaum

omega force - All the factors, people, elements, units, actions, and so forth, which working together will result in the final end of everything.

e.g., "The Omega Force is working today to seal the fate of the teeming billions. Time to vacate the planet." "How we gonna do that, alcyone."

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

omega rays - Subatomic particles, similar to x-rays, which will be emitted when the universe implodes.

e.g., "So in the end," said Professor Hegelstein, "all matter will be annihilated, pulverized, and shot out as omega rays." (Note: The esteemed Professor will not be receiving a Nobel Prize.)

submitted by Ty Evans

omegabet - The recital of the alphabet backwards.

e.g., James is only 14, and he knows his omegabet.

submitted by James Reynolds

omel - A huge dish made from at least a dozen beaten eggs. A smaller one is known as an omelette.

e.g., Denny's offered gargantuan portions so I asked the waiter for a 12-egg omel.

submitted by Miles Gavin

omelette - Statement of something that one is going to just let happen.

e.g., Next time you scare me, I'm gonna pinch your head...but this time omelette it slide.

submitted by Larry Senter

omenstumate - Ominous.

e.g., The clouds hung omenstumately in the sky.

submitted by Robbie Bain - (www)

omg - Abbreviated text for "Oh my God." To be used either in P2P text communications or spoken aloud as a three letter sequence.

e.g., OMG! I can't believe they're putting the Simpsons on two times a week next season.

submitted by Bunny - (www)

omg - For "Oh, My God!" Used on the internet, mostly by dumb teenage girls with 69 in their screen names. Occasionally (rarely?) accompanied by capitalization and punctuation.

e.g., omg like ya know that guy I saw online i sent him an aim he is soooo hott

submitted by Jesse - (www)

omg wtf bbq - Non-sequitur expression of surprise beyond surprise--what you say when something is absolutely beyond human comprehension and you can't be bothered to try and make sense of it.

e.g., They're making a movie out of Crazy Taxi?! OMG WTF BBQ.

submitted by Dar

omigawd - Origin: Teenyboppers at concerts say this a lot. Pronounced like "Oh, my God" but with a Valley Girl accent. Used to express excitement, disgust, or all-around giddiness.

e.g., Omigawd, look! There's Justin Timberlake! Let's go jump him!

submitted by Samantha - (www)

ominator/ominatrix - One who hovers ominously over others.

e.g., So, I was just painting her walls white: no mural, no fascinating faux finish. I wasn't marbleizing, it wasn't tromp l'oeil. All the while that ominatrix stood in the doorway watching, as if I may miss a spot or a drop may get on her white carpet or in some way she just might not get what she thought she was paying for.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

ominent - A blend of "ominous" and "imminent."

e.g., The weather looks ominent.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

ominosity - The state of ominousness. An alternative to the less-than-smooth "ominousness.".

e.g., The ominosity of the confrontation was more than unsettling.

submitted by Corey Bonneville

omleluk - Omelette made with penguin egg, seaweed, sea salt, sea cucumber, dash of hot sauce optional.

e.g., Omleluk is a pleasant change from daily whale blubber -- flavor and texture of superior quality, recommended for company and special events as well -- new igloo, baby come -- serve with generous nose rub.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

omnapatapoea - "An onomatopoeia (adjectival form: 'onomatopoeic' or 'onomatopoetic') is a word that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the source of the sound that it describes.

e.g., " It is typically an inside the beltway newsletter. Shame he died in an IUD [sic]. (What happened to the good old omnapatapoea 'bomb'?)"

submitted by Miss Speller

omnervorous - An expression/contraction of two words -- omnivorous (able to eat almost anything) and nervous (apprehensive). A cute way of saying, "I'm nervous because I might be eaten."

e.g., In the Garden of Eden, all the animals were completely relaxed, unafraid, and happy. All the creatures that God had created so far were vegetarian. Suddenly, a shaft of bright light broke through the clouds, shining down on the first human couple. A booming voice from out of heaven proclaimed, "Behold my newest creation! I call them 'Man,' and they can eat ANYTHING!" The first cow said to the second, "Now Omnervorous."

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

omneur - This word is a combination of the Latin word "omni" (every), and the French word "heure" (hour). It basically means that you have a seemingly infinite list of things to do, a very packed schedule.

e.g., After tennis, I have to go to ballet, and then piano. I will never understand why my mother thought an omneur lifestyle would be good for me.

submitted by Emily - (www)

omniabsent - Said of someone who is never around.

e.g., I would ask Bob, but he's omniabsent.

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

omnibblous - Of one who can eat anything that may be nibbled, as a mouse or a delicate eater.

e.g., Old Aunt Prudence (whom we never see) is omnibblous, I see, as she daintily manoeuvres tiny bites twixt her dentures bright.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

omnibibulous - One who is omnibibulous is likely to drink anything (spirits). An existing coined word related to the word "imbibe." Attributed to H.L. Mencken, who used an alternative spelling: "ombibulous." The first example was submitted by Marvin Scott and comes from Wm. Manchester's biography of Winston Churchill, The Last Lion, page 886 in the Laurel Trade Paperback Edition, 1983.

e.g., "Sir William Hawthorne, Master of Churchill College, Cambridge, expected me to be both omnivorous and omnibibulous; when we rose from his high table and left the room I felt sheathed in an alcoholic mist." Synergistic Press's blurb: "I'm ombibulous. I drink every known alcoholic drink and enjoy them all." No one who has read more than a paragraph of H.L. Mencken's writing could fail to know that he was a connoisseur and champion of beer but it is amazing so many do not know he also had praise for a wide variety of libations. And it is fitting that he coined the word which inspired this humorous "drinking biography" of the Sage of Baltimore (HLM admitted it should have been "omnibibulous," but this is the way he used it.) For Mencken, probably the first man to take a serious interest in the American language, delighted in tracing the origin of its words and phrases and contributed many himself, including -- on the subject of drinking -- bibuli, bootician, boozehound . . . as well as ombibulous. "As long as you represent me as praising alcohol I shall not complain," Mencken wrote Upton Sinclair in 1924. A sampling of other quotes from The Ombibulous Mr. Mencken: "Most of the trouble from so-called overeating comes from underdrinking. . . ." "I drink exactly as much as I want, and one drink more." "I would not have any reputable man think that I was actually sober in San Francisco." "No heavy eater and no good drinking man has a mean heart. That's why the fatsos of the world get the best women to hop into bed with them. There isn't a woman alive who wouldn't give up a skinny husband for a good fat lover. . . ." Although obviously an enthusiastic and literate advocate of the convivial glass, Mencken felt strongly that it could not be considered fuel for either intellectual or manual endeavor. The Ombibulous Mr. Mencken includes his program for handling alcohol, as recorded in a 1948 Library of Congress interview. "The rules are simple as mud. "First, never drink if you've got any work to do. Never. If I've got a job of work to do at 10 o'clock at night, I wouldn't take a drink up to that time. Secondly, never drink alone. That's the way to become a drunkard. And thirdly, even if you haven't got any work to do, never drink while the sun is shining. Wait until it's dark. By that time you're near enough to bed to recover quickly." "An amusing book with a bouquet redolent with entertaining quips and anecdotes." (The Baltimore Sun) "Any who have been interested in the polite use of alcohol, the American language, or the United States in prohibition days and after, and particularly in H. L. Mencken should give themselves the pleasure of reading this choice bit." (Library Journal). The book is liberally illustrated with photos (one used on the cover, as well, shows Mencken downing the first legal glass of beer to celebrate the end of Prohibition in 1933), reproduced letters, and a cartoon showing HLM at a 1944 beer party for servicemen.

submitted by Marvin Scott - (www)

omnibient - To be perfect in every way.

e.g., Emily is an omnibient person.

submitted by tyler

omnibusologist - Bus driver.

e.g., The omnibusologist took the passenger's fare, issued a ticket, and drove away from the bus stop.

submitted by Brian Cole

omnibusted - To be caught in the act of pretending to know everything.

e.g., Chris is an annoying know-it-all. We used to think he was omniscient until he was omnibusted by HD.

submitted by Preston Mark Stone - (www)

omnichoate - All perfect.

e.g., You know Chris? The opposite of omnichoate.

submitted by Kevin Smith - (www)

omnicide - 1. Destruction of Everything. 2. Killer of all.

e.g., When the moon hit the earth, it was an act of absolute omnicide.

submitted by Andrew

omnicohant - An insult. No real meaning, it's just a word used to make you look smarter than the other person because it's such a big word.

e.g., Your so Omnicohant!

submitted by Parker W.

omnifun - Being fun in all ways.

e.g., Jack liked to do everything we did. He was great at parties, at work, and when we'd be just hanging out. He was omnifun to be around.

submitted by mikedawg56 - (www)

omnigamy - Having multiple spouses of both sexes.

e.g., Steve is omnigamous. He has a husband and three wives.

submitted by i_monk

omnigroovy - 1. Possessing all the ostensibly positive qualities generally attributed to God -- omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent. 2. Possessing a generous number of good qualities.

e.g., 1. Later philosophers cast doubt upon Descartes' claim that we could posit the existence of an omnigroovy being from thought alone. 2. Joel's an omnigroovy guy -- I'm sure he won't mind if you show up late to his party.

submitted by Jay Hinkelman

omnilingual - Speaking all languages.

e.g., When I saw him speak Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, Gaelic, Hopi, Ido, Javanese, Katu,Lapp, Malay, Navaho, Ojibwa, Pho, Quechua, Russian, Sioux, Tok Pisin, Urdu, Vai, Welsh, Xhosa, Yao, Zulu in one sentence -- I really thought he was omnilingual.

submitted by Tosh

omnimpotent - Incapable of doing anything effectively.

e.g., Oh, don't Chris on my team. He's very omnimpotent.

submitted by DoctorDee - (www)

omniorgasmosis - The process of an object inducing an orgasmic reaction in an observer.

e.g., As Tony watched the pneumatic drill puncture the road's surface, his body underwent spontaneous omniorgasmosis.

submitted by ddelderayx

omnipeptolic - Describing a meal or series of snacks combining too many foods which don't agree with each other in the stomach, often accompanied by indigestion, nausea and/or vomiting.

e.g., Tammy's feeling poorly tonight. I think she had something omnipeptolic over the course of the evening.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

omnipest - A person who you can't help but wish would go away who keeps showing up in your life at random moments, seemingly timed to appear at the worst possible moment.

e.g., Aaaargh! Omnipest Eddie was at the bloody cinema. Has he a cloning machine?

submitted by Sandy - (www)

omnipilfer - To steal from all, living or dead.

e.g., Governments are designed to omnipilfer so that the citizens can never get even or get ahead, and the government maintains its control over them.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler - (www)

omniplegic - Somebody without the use of anything.

e.g., Darren is a right omniplegic.

submitted by Darren Bett - (www)

omnipotech - An individual whose computing knowledge and skill far exceed those of normal computer users. A supreme geek.

e.g., Our network crashed and we feared all our data was gone. It took an omnipotech to resolve our issues.

submitted by Robert Kyslinger - (www)

omniquester - A person who seeks physical experiences, knowledge and achievement in all directions. Similar to Renaissance Man, but including physical experiences. Not just knowledge. Combinatio,n of omni and quest.

e.g., If you go skydiving while reading Shakespeare. You could be an OmniQuester.

submitted by Anthony Neutout

omniturnal - Combining the two words nocturnal and diurnal, this is for the person, animal, or thing that does not sleep, day or night.

e.g., He never goes to sleep, he must be omniturnal.

submitted by tillman

omnium-gatherum - Michael Quinion says it's a miscellaneous collection. It's a term that could be applied to the PseudoDictionary. © Michael Quinion -- World Wide Words Weird Words: Omnium-gatherum A miscellaneous collection. One of my reference books disparagingly calls this expression Dog Latin and it’s a fair description. The first part is genuine enough, being the genitive plural of omnis, all (omnibus, for what we prefer nowadays to call a bus, is the dative plural of the same word). The second part, however, is just the English word gather with a fake Latin ending. The 1788 second edition of Francis Grose’s Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue says it’s a “jocular imitation of law Latin” and this seems plausible.

e.g., I spent some time perusing the omnium-gatherum here today and smiled more than once at the creativity of some of the contributors.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

omnivious - Omni = "all" / Vious = "way". Omnivious = The way of all.

e.g., "In the Western world, capitalism appears to be omnivious." "The cycle of birth, life, and death is omnivious."

submitted by Vincent F. Evans - (www)

omphalaskepsis - Navel gazing.

e.g., Ah, yes. That's Larry. He's practicing omphalaskepsis.

submitted by Tessie

ompossible - Possible, but requiring so much effort that it will probably never happen.

e.g., Cleaning the gutters seemed ompossible, so Ralph left and had a beer instead.

submitted by Aquila

omz - Oh My Zeus. Often used to confuse one's friends without continually using OMG.

e.g., OMZ, I am so excited for the party tonight.

submitted by Kevyn

on accounta - Because.

e.g., I can't go to work today on accounta I've got the gout.

submitted by jen - (www)

on cloud - That feeling you have when you are in love.

e.g., Did you see Jessica? She sure is on cloud over Matt.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

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