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non-doable - Not able to be done.

e.g., I give up, this is just non-doable!

submitted by Jupiter

non-heinous - Good (or, more literally, not bad). One of the few Bill and Ted words that never caught on.

e.g., That trip we took through time and space was most non-heinous.

submitted by ditnis

non-joke - A type of joke. A non-joke often vaguely sounds as if it ought to be a joke, but on closer inspection, it makes no sense (or slightly botched/mysterious sense). Oddly, non-jokes are sometimes very funny.

e.g., Non-joke, from a dream of E. Thrasamund: On seeing that the sign of a pub called the Queen's Arms had fallen to the ground, I said, "Look, the Queen's arms have fallen off."

submitted by adam leslie

non-nonword - Word submitted that actually already exists.

e.g., Um... I hate to break this to you, but "penile" is a non-nonword.

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

non-profiteer - Someone who only works for a non-profit organization because the pay is so good.

e.g., The guy driving the Mercedes and running the local foodbank is a non-profiteer.

submitted by Pat Nowak

non-sequiturambling - Giving a speech, lecture, etc., and not having an immediate point you are trying to make -- and keep on babbling nonsense -- and. . . . | Having a point during a speech, but getting youself so worked up over it that you get off topic completely and end up babbling nonsense that had nothing to do with whatever the conversation was about.

e.g., Every day in my homeroom my teacher feels the need for twenty minutes of non-sequiturambling.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

non-spillage - Not having spilled something.

e.g., That was close, but there was talent involved in that non-spillage.

submitted by Jupiter

non-squitter - Non sequitur. "1. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence. 2. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it."

e.g., "Nice try at deflection with a non-squitter."

submitted by Miss Speller

non-wordical - Without words, usually music.

e.g., For drama class we could bring only non-wordical music.

submitted by Roxy

nonald king - Any fast food burger franchise including, but not limited to, McDonald's, Burger King, and the like. Also refers to food and beverages purchased from said franchise.

e.g., JDawg: You're gettin' big, girl. Maybe you should go to Subway for lunch. Beta 17: No way. I'm gonna get me some Nonald King.

submitted by Matt Reynolds

nonameo - Anything generic or cheap or of lesser quality than the original.

e.g., No wonder these computers are so cheap, they're all nonameos.

submitted by Robert Underwood

nonantiunreproducible - One-shot.

e.g., John's 18th birthday was a fantastic, nonantiunreproducible experience.

submitted by George Levy

nonce - Once is to one, twice is to two, nonce is to zero. Also a contraction of not once. | Someone who is a bit of an idiot; a bit foolish. I think it is only widely used in London, England. | (Rhymes with "runts"; adv.) 1. Not (even) once, no times, never; 2. never once (in the sense that something that was expected did not occur. (NB: Not to be confused with_nonce_(rhymes with "sconce"), which means "ad hoc," "for now," or "while we wait.") [A mixture of "none" + "once."]

e.g., How many times have you taken out the trash this month? Nonce, just as I thought. | Nancy spills pint of beer having just bought it. Friend says "You're a nonce, Nancy." | "How many times can you come back for more?" "Nonce, I'm afraid: I've only got enough for ... you know what? I don't have enough for everyone in line. I hope the resupply shows up quick." | "A party at the White House!? Wow! Did you get to talk to the President?" "Nonce." "Oh, bummer."

submitted by dan | Angela | Scott M. Ellsworth

nonce-sense - Nonsensical rubbish spoken by thick celebrities duped into believing they are warning against the dangers of child-abuse when really they are warning against the dangers of their own stupidity. From UK TV's Brass Eye.

e.g., Child-abusers smell of hammers and share more DNA with crabs than humans is an example of nonce-sense. Phil Collins actually said, "I am speaking nonce-sense" on national TV and still didn't realise he was being duped.

submitted by Adam Leslie

nondelineable - A line that cannot be drawn.

e.g., Annette wanted to draw the easement line on the plat, but the information on easement size was illegible. She had to note that the easement was nondelineable.

submitted by Ty Evans

nondictation - To not say something.

e.g., Use a nondictation method to get your viewpoint across. You'll do much better that way.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

nondividual - One who attempts to "be herself," break out, and embrace nonconformity, but ends up only being another lemming of the conformist revolution, only another faceless poser.

e.g., So, he's being himself now? And he acts like his crowd, dresses like them, listens to the same music, thinks the same? So, they're all the same person? A bunch of nondividuals.

submitted by Chris

none of this can come as a surprise to anybody with an iq greate - None of this can come as a surprise to anybody with an IQ greater than Willie Shoemaker's boot size.

e.g., None of this can come as a surprise to anybody with an IQ greater than Willie Shoemaker's boot size.

submitted by None of this can come as a surprise to a

none of your beeswax -

Mark G. Dolnick It seems that none of your beeswax, meaning none of your business, was originally a line spoken by the character Nanette in the musical No, No, Nanette (Youmans, Harbuch and Mandel, 1925). This catchphrase enjoyed a brief vogue in the later 1920s. It is cited as children’s slang in a couple of later references mentioned by Partridge. There are no suprises as to its origin; beeswax is simply an obvious pun on the word business.

e.g., One of life's little pleasures is the satisfaction I get from saying I told you so. I also derive pleasure from telling you it's none of your beeswax when you stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nonebo - Acronym for NO NEed to BOther. Pronounced "no-knee-bo."

e.g., Jane: I'll call Ticket Maxx and get us camping reservations for this weekend. Julie: NONEBO. I already called them, and they're sold out this weekend.

submitted by Paul

nonebrity - A person who is famous (celebrity) but for such vacuous reasons that she can also be classified as a non-entity.

e.g., Paris Hilton was last year's most notorious nonebrity.

submitted by martibabes - (www)

nonfix - Not quite a prefix or a suffix.Any same portion of spelling in any words.

e.g., "Encu" is a nonfix of the word "unencumbered."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nonfortous - To be scared of being brave.

e.g., She was nonfortous towards confronting her parents because they were mad. Very mad.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

nonfrontational - Unable, or unwilling, to directly confront others with unpleasant emotions or opinions.

e.g., Jane is nonfrontational, though she is bossy, so at least she's got that going for her.

submitted by Lori - (www)

nongnong - A person who is smart but does stupid things.

e.g., Rachel is a nongnong. She had an A in Sociology but she woke up late and missed the final.

submitted by Demetrius Pinder - (www)

nonie - Nose.

e.g., My dog has a cold nonie.

submitted by Mishka Generic

nonigsaw - Jigsaw (generally a big, hard one) with one piece missing...which you only find when you've completed the rest. Oh, and it'll be a hugely important piece.

e.g., You know that 15,000 piece jigsaw of baked beans Auntie Mavis gave me for Christmas? It's a nonigsaw. -Shame.

submitted by prettyplease

nonline - A person or business that is not, has never been, and probably never will be connected to the internet.

e.g., We can't e-mail grandma; she's still nonline.

submitted by David Kraut

nonmoent - Someone who would eat anything.

e.g., And ... I am not a nonmoent.

submitted by Jill - (www)

nonnex - Derived from non-existent. A complicated-sounding word made up on the spot. Usually used in the company of people too proud to ask the meaning.

e.g., Such a nonnex can be used when attending a book club, not having read the book. John: "I found that the plot had completely . . . anquimenaced by page 13." Jillian: "Of course."

submitted by Meryl

nonnuendo - Bald-faced innuendo, an acute allusion, blatant hint. Lacks any of the subtlety of innuendo.

e.g., Chris's barrage of nonnuendos brought the party to a standstill. Even the children had to roll their eyes every time he said, "If you know what I mean. Nudge nudge, wink wink."

submitted by Eric G.

nonobscene - Not obscene.

e.g., Almost all of the entries in the pseudodictionary are nonobscene.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nonpliment - A non-compliment. The opposite of a compliment.

e.g., "Nice jumper, shame about the face." "Thanks for the nonpliment."

submitted by Dave

nonplussed - Not added together.

e.g., The epoxide and polyamide should remain nonplussed until right before you're ready to start binding items together permanently. Once you mix them together, the resultant epoxy hardens quickly.

submitted by Andy Hollandbeck - (www)

nonsational - Of very little excitement, not impressive whatsoever.

e.g., Yeah, I can see how nonsational that is -- can we go now?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nonsense - The last bits and bobs in the tea pot.

e.g., Come on me, old mucker. Call this a cup of tea? You've given me all the nonsense.

submitted by penny

nonsneakoutable - Unable to be snuck out of.

e.g., My house is nonsneakoutable.

submitted by Jon

nonsomesensical - Sounds like nonsense, but could include a germ of truth in it.

e.g., India's election results seemed bizarre, but when one considered that the earlier BJP government did little or nothing for the poor, the results were actually nonsomesensical.

submitted by Frederick Noronha - (www)

nonster - (n.) 1. A creature normally considered a monster, but whose character, disposition, desires, attitude, or situation ... de-monsterizes it/him/her/whatever; 2. a character everyone expects will be a monster but who turns out to be an ordinary person (or animal).

e.g., 1. "AAAA! It's a 20-foot tarantula!" "Don't worry, that's Tommy; he's a librarian." "A librarian?!" "Yeah. He's a total nonster." "Um ... wow. Well, you learn something new every day, huh?" "He's great with kids." "Seriously?" 2. We were all sure it was the blob, but it turned out to be the janitor. A nonster.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nonterraqueous - Something bizarre or indefinable. Something that falls quite outside of all the categories you have words for--even when your vocabulary has been enhanced by several weeks aquaintance with the words here. (Name of 1980s computer game. Literally: "Not of land or sea.")

e.g., What was that? Dunno, it was nonterraqueous.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

nontribution - A strictly unhelpful and annoying contribution, often to a web or usenet discussion forum.

e.g., Doc's a troll. He makes so many nontributions to the community.

submitted by Rob

nonversation - A conversation that lacks any real depth--i.e., a conversation between two disinterested parties, or to fill an uncomfortable silence, or something to talk about if you have nothing very interesting to say.

e.g., Sylvia and I just sat there and talked about the weather, avoiding discussing what happened between her and me at the party Sunday. It was a nonversation.

submitted by Charlotte McManus - (www)

nonward - No further, without advancing, in the same spot, stay still, in no direction.

e.g., Humans who fail to advance and essentially go nonward may be frozen in the past without hope of much success or progress, which is unfortunate and possibly disappointing.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nonyo - An insult describing a person as lacking intellect, consequently making her deranged or insane.

e.g., Chris is a nonyo--he even locks himself in his room to play video games, not just to look at his pornography collection.

submitted by mariajennbeth - (www)

noo noo-moo moo - A food with noodles (noo noo)and beef (moo moo).

e.g., We had noo noo-moo moo for dinner.

submitted by Finesse

noob - A bad or poor or new player at an on-line multiplayer game.

e.g., You're so easy to kill, Chris, because you're playing like a noob.

submitted by Roger Allen - (www)

noober - A mixture of the word Newbie and Goober for a person who is new to a website and does something really stupid.

e.g., I'm such a noober, I can't figure out how to post a comment on your space.

submitted by Natalie

nooblet - A young person who sucks at video games.

e.g., Tyler is a nooblet -- he sucks at Halo.

submitted by Tyler Klatt

noodle - Stupid person.

e.g., "You Noodle!" referring to the fact that the person commented on is equally smart as a cup of noodles.

submitted by Thorgnyr Thoroddsen

noodle front - A hopelessly cerebral woman, who goes out of her way to look dowdy, and always covers up completely--although to the discerning, there are great possibilities there waiting to be discovered. Opposite of Frontal Nude.

e.g., "You're going to ask Annie for a date? Wally, what are you thinking." Wally: "I know, she's a Noodle Front. But I can see the hidden possibilities underneath!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

noodled - Ebonic for neutered.

e.g., I have to take my cat in and get him noodled.

submitted by John Booth

noodlesplargen - A mixture of ground up meat, powdered cheese substance, and noodles. Usually packed into a tube or bowl, and eaten with a straw. Considered a delicacy when heated up to aboput 350 degrees Farenheit and eaten right then while it is still boiling.

e.g., I held up the dripping tube of boiling noodlesplargen, stuck my straw into it, and drank it right there, burning my mouth as it went down.

submitted by Sabin

noodrem - An emergency exit nobody can use. Often to be found in public places or transport where the management is ineffective and impotent regarding safety issues. | An emergency stop button no one can press.

e.g., Passenger on a bus asks the driver, "Can you open the emergency exit, please?" "No," replies the driver. "It's a noodrem -- nobody can open the door without a key, which nobody has." | Colin and Miles expressed their concern to the tour rep when they discovered that Vassilis had wired up the emergency stop button on the funicular lift, thus rendering it a noodrem.

submitted by Gary Branch

noogans - Expression of congratulations or approval.

e.g., We won the game! Major noogans!

submitted by Nick Schurk

noogie - When you make a fist and rub it in someone's hair.

e.g., I'll give you a noogie.

submitted by Vincent Kreder

nooglette - A person who gives or receives a noogie (or noogies) for the first time.

e.g., Holding his brother in a headlock, Jesse gave his younger brother Kyle a noogie. Kyle had thus become a nooglette.

submitted by Choibacco - (www)

noon-thirty - 12:30 PM

e.g., I am going to lunch at noon-thirty today.

submitted by Jonathan Austin

noonatic - Dedicated fan of Peter Noone, the lead singer of the 1960ss band Herman's Hermits.

e.g., Ramona was clearly a Noonatic. She had just left the concert and she already missed Peter.

submitted by Peter Noone fan - (www)

noone - No one. Pronounced "newn."

e.g., Noone has a gun in the airport...what?

submitted by rabidopossum

noong - Australian slang used for someone who has been stupid.

e.g., Typical Chris behavior -- he's a noong.

submitted by Maree

noonie - A complex genome virus which is encoded with varieties of laughter into it.

e.g., She has the noonies.

submitted by Abhik

noonoo - Breast in association with breast milk | breast feeding of any mammal.

e.g., Did you see Phydeaux go for Fifi's noonoo?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

noonoos - Noodles. Pronounced "newnews."

e.g., Could you please pass the noonoos?

submitted by Marie

noot - "noun. like neat, but one step up. Often used with "tres" in front of it."

e.g., ex: The new Dandy Warhols CD is tres noot!

submitted by Ashleigh

nope, made of - (phrase response) a sardonic (although sometimes true) response to someone questioning or misinterpreting an attributive noun. (From the 1964 movie _Mary Poppins_, in which, asked by Michael Banks whether her "carpet bag" carries carpets, Poppins replies "no, made of.")

e.g., "You know, I've often wondered: are French fries french?" "Nope, made of." | "This is a genuine Franklin stove, from 1760." "You mean Ben Franklin built it?!" "Nope, made of."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nophonebia - Phobic of being without your cellphone.

e.g., She's tressing coz she's got nophonebia.

submitted by sam

nopidok - A strong confident "no."

e.g., A. Is there any chance your mother is married to your father? B. Nopidok.

submitted by benda - (www)

nopology - A non-apology, an explanation or excuse that falls short of, or covers up for an apology. | A carefully worded agglomeration of words that makes it appear as if you're apologizing for something you said or did -- when there's really no apology at all. || A carefully worded agglomeration of words that makes it appear as if you're apologizing for something you said or did -- when there's really no apology at all.

e.g., The prime minister's explanation was a nopology. This was readily accepted by all, since it offered a way out without hurting anybody's ego. | As a class, politicians are probably more notorious for their nopologies than any other group. || An apology is saying something such as this: "I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry; I was out of line." Examples of nopologies: "Mistakes were made" and "I didn't mean to offend anyone." | A nopology is often preceded by something like, "What I actually said was. . . ." The ellipsis represents words which are NOT what was said.

submitted by william edwin || HD Fowler

noptimistic - Basically, not optimistic. This does not mean you're pessimistic. You don't always see the bad side of things. You just aren't optimistic. Somewhere in between a realist and an optimist.

e.g., When you said that you didn't care what our decision was, you sounded rather noptimistic.

submitted by Taylor Allen

nordling - To talk to yourself within earshot of others, but about nothing in particular.

e.g., A. What did you say? B. Ah, nothing. I'm just nordling.

submitted by B-ryce - (www)

norf - No Observable Redeeming Features.

e.g., The suggestion made by the Gov't man was another NORF.

submitted by Robert M. Harris

norggle - Norgle. Norggling is to necking as filet mignon is to cheap hamburger. Used in the 1950s (before the sexual revolution) to describe intense and protracted periods of "making out" with extremely sensual and varied technique. Norgling often required the use of Darvon to deal with the resultant "stones" or "blue balls" (q.v.) for the male and their equivalent pains for the female participants.

e.g., Sunday, Sandy and I were norggling all day and most of the night, down at the lake.

submitted by Jim Pivonka - (www)

norify - To enlighten physically, intellectually, or spiritually. Synonyms: clear, clear up, shed light on, crystallize, crystallise, crystalize, crystalise, straighten out, sort out, enlighten, elucidate,illuminate. Norify rhymes with notify and shows alliteration with nourish, and encompasses their meanings. Norify is a cognate with minaret. Derived from "noor" -- Arabic for "light."

e.g., A healthy body is well nourished, a healthy mind is well norified.

submitted by Ahmed Muhammed Seddik - (www)

nork - A nerd and dork combined.

e.g., Jim is a nork-- he's always by himself and is too smart for his own good.

submitted by Amy Eps

norking - Compulsive repetitive physical motion, generally in an oblique, sideways or crablike manner, especially those motions subsequent to ingestion of cough syrups containing dextromethorphan hydrobromide. (Yes, I suppose this does relate to drugs, but this is legitimate.)

e.g., Dag, she must have had too much Robitussin. Look at how she's norking.

submitted by Adam Greenfield - (www)

norm - Or "the norm." The butt-crack. Thought there should be a medical term for this part of the human anatomy, but I haven't turned one up in my brief search on the Internet. Meanwhile, this is offered as a substitute.

e.g., So there she is, hunkering down and showing her tramp stamp, her whale tail, and her norm. Not an attractive sight. She's a good-looking woman, sure, but not when she does that.

submitted by beelzebub

norm chan - One who is very easily manipulated and has very little common sense.

e.g., You're such a norm chan you'd fall for anything.

submitted by jon

normal - One who does not possess psychic powers.

e.g., That psychic sure hates normals.

submitted by dave

norman - Good, great, gun. Has the same meaning as gun: used to describe someone doing really well at something. Norman comes from the Australian comedian Gary McDonald's character Norman Gunston. "Gunston" was used for a short period of time, but "norman" soon surpassed it in use.

e.g., "That band was norman." "You are an absolute norman."

submitted by matt

normanimal - Someone who's neither man nor animal but seems normal acting like one.

e.g., He's just making a fool of himself again. Normanimal for Chris.

submitted by Eloy

normantonomics - The study of the effects of the Normans on the economic stability of Europe during the medieval period.

e.g., Andrea decided that the wool garment industry was at an all time low during the summer of 1066 as all of the farmers were fighting the Saxons. She included the findings in her final Normantonomics paper at the University of Chav.

submitted by Joe Grice

norming - Normal + boring.

e.g., Tuesday is a norming day, reserved for laundry and cleaning, with very little chance of having much fun.

submitted by Craig - (www)

norn iron - The name of a small state, a shorter name for Northern Ireland.

e.g., Q. Where do you come from? A. Oh, I come from Norn Iron.

submitted by philip o neill

norning - The time between 8 pm and 12 pm. The time of night between evening and afternight, afternight being between 12 midnight and 6 am.

e.g., We had dinner very late in the norning. It was almost midnight by the time we finished.

submitted by vinay venkatesh - (www)

norno - A playful insult.

e.g., You're a norno, Emily.

submitted by Emily Laincz

norris - To vomit. From Chuck Norris.

e.g., Did you just Norris?

submitted by Dan - (www)

norrised - Idolize in a silly way, such as the recent Chuck Norris phenomenon.

e.g., Wow, those movie stars really get norrised these days.

submitted by I.P

norse - Shortening of "not the worse."

e.g., You didn't know that "Norse" means "related to the North," that a Norseman is a man from the North, and that the term was generally used to mean a Viking? Forget about it. Norse thing that could happen.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

nortific - Used to describe a situation which is so normal it is suspicious.

e.g., My daily commute to work felt especially nortific today.

submitted by Itaroken - (www)

norton internet screwyouitty - An alternative term for "Norton Internet Security" software.

e.g., It borked after Norton Internet Screwyouitty was installed.

submitted by Stoffle - (www)

nortonian - 1. A person, object, or event that exhibits peruliar, unusual, or outlandish behavior. 2. An original or free-thinking person. Derived from Emperor Norton.

e.g., That flying platypus car that Bob built is Nortonian.

submitted by Zeeterman - (www)

nose hose - A nasogastric tube.

e.g., Doctor, would you like me to throw a nose hose in Mrs. Smith? She just vomited up a large amount of blood.

submitted by Peg Clydesdale - (www)

noseeums - The small bugs that fly around your face but can be seen as a fuzzy gray cloud.

e.g., The noseeums are terrible out here today. Let's go in the house.

submitted by cable

nosejin - A dirty rat with a large snout.

e.g., The nosejin can burrow through anything.

submitted by Pumpkin

nosepricker - A simple but specialized device to pierce the nose or other body part so as to produce a tiny hole in which to stick simple or complex rings or ornaments as befits the whim or choice of the wearer thereof. | A harsh chemical or odour which assaults the nostrils -- it jolts and offends the nasal lining, causing one to stand up and take notice.

e.g., We did not have at hand a proper nosepricker in the cell block so were reduced to hammer and nail though awkward and bloody. | What Celeste thought was an elegant perfume was to me a nosepricker.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nosh - To eat a bit of something.

e.g., Let's go to the coffee shop and nosh on some bagels.

submitted by marc

nostalgebra - The feeling of warmth and excitement at seeing, say, a page full of complex equations, or thinking about the imagery of algebra -- without, needless to say, feeling the urge to understand or do anything about it.

e.g., I love those old open university programmes -- I bask in the nostalgebra.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

nosthedonia - (Pronounced to rhyme with lost-hee-TONE-ya; n.) This term has a number of seemingly discordant meanings, although it is supposed to be a simple antonym for nostalgia, which comes from the Greek: nos- "homecoming" or just “home” + -algia "pain, sorrow," together having come to mean "longing for home.” Nosthedonia, on the other hand, can mean 1. Delight at (finally) coming (or going) home; 2. The happiness of being able to talk to or skype with distant loved-ones; 3. Anticipatory delight for familiar faces and places (affecting both those awaiting someone’s return as well as the returners(?)); 4. The excitement of a welcome-home party, (especially a surprise welcome-home party); 5. The joy of recollecting home when you are (or are feeling) far away; 6. The wonderful feeling of heading home on Friday, especially for a long weekend (cf. sasumo) (also known as heimgehenfreude (q.v.)); but also (oddly) 7. Reveling in finally getting away from home and off to make your fortune (i.e., taking nostalgia literally, as in “home is a pain”); 8. The feeling when you realize one day that your brain now thinks of your new place as your “home”; and, finally, 9. The feeling you get when you talk to someone suffering from nostalgia while you are sitting in your own house/neighborhood/city or whatever.  
Defined elsewhere (and now here) by Karl Jahn as "the pleasure derived from things, persons, and situations that are old and familiar."

e.g., My son came home from missionary work last week; the nosthedonia at the airport smothered me in cotton batting. | "Wow, you look happy." "Yeah! I'm off to college!: Finally, life my way!" "Well, good on ya! Nosthedonia makes for a great trip." "Nostee---what? Is that Russian?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nostra beta - The first child we call alpha, but the second is nostra beta, confirmation of the woman's fertility.

e.g., Alpha was a girl whom we named Athena. Later came nostra beta, whom we named Brutus (later of historic fame: "Et tu Brute?").

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nostration - Spewing liquids from a protruding part of the body -- no, not the ear. This is often caused by an exciting and humorous stimulant, and may be accompanied by much laughter. It can also cause a wet lap or a messy keyboard.

e.g., People who nostrate in public have been known to run from a room in embarrassment.

submitted by Sam Kokajko - (www)

nostrifibrillate - To rapidly flare and contract one's nostrils, especially in times of trying to contain one's laughter.

e.g., Shannon told Charlie a joke, and boy look at him nostrifibrillate.

submitted by Shannon - (www)

nostril - Someone you are required to "look up to" (either by custom or by the person herself), but all you find inside is hot air and snot.

e.g., "Does the new manager strike you as, well, nasty and a bit full of himself?" "Yeah, he's a nostril, he is."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nostwangia - Experience of emotional pain on seeing or talking with a person you were once obsessively in love with. A combination of nostalgia and a twang of pain.

e.g., Every time I speak with her over the phone, I get nostwangic.

submitted by John Navin

nosul - Polish for "Big Nose." Also someone who interferes with others' matters.

e.g., That Dave is sure a nosul.

submitted by jim barclay

not a good cultural fit - Googlespeak for "too old to work at Google."

e.g., "The California Supreme Court unanimously agreed that a trial court erred in dismissing a complaint by Brian Reid, who was hired in 2002 as a director of operations and engineering, and fired less than two years later at age 54 after being told he was not a good 'cultural fit.'"

submitted by - (www)

not dog - A vegetarian hot dog, usually made from soy, or some sort of vegetable product or grain.

e.g., I had a not dog at Marcella's cookout last week, and you know, I couldn't really tell the difference.

submitted by Paul

not for nothing - "Not For Nothin'" is an expression that usually precedes advice. It implies that the speaker is not bossing-around or threatening the listener, and is only offering advice or making an observation. However, because It is a double negative, "not for nothin'" actually means "for somethin'," and contradicts its intended purpose.

e.g., I'll tell you what you need to know -- but not for nothing.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

not my bowl of rice - From the title of ER Escober's Filipino-American novel. Slangs/idioms that originated from book titles in the tradition of Joseph Heller's _Catch-22_. Explanation: A very Asian version of "not my cup of tea." Meaning that whatever is being referred to is not to the speaker’s liking.

e.g., Oh, hill walking in the Philippines? Very nice, but not my bowl of rice.

submitted by Ellen

not scottish - Something that's crap; uncool. From Saturday Night Live, spoken by Mike Meyers.

e.g., Word's out that Madonna's new tour's not Scottish.

submitted by Wevah

not so much - Not at all.

e.g., Q. Do you like dead teenagers? I mean, for a snack. A. Not so much.

submitted by Jon

not spot - a place where 1 and/or more persons should NOT be

e.g., This is your not spot.

submitted by e=mc2 - (www)

not the business - Not cool, not trendy, a no no.

e.g., The shoes Janet is wearing are not the business.

submitted by Loni

not- - Prefix used before a person's name to create a new name applied to a different person who looks similar.

e.g., Ed: Hey, look over there, it's not-Ted. Ted: Haha, I should go talk to him. It would probably look funny, the two of us. People would think we were twins or something.

submitted by ditnis

not-boyfriend - One who has definite romantic possibilities, although the relationship has not been made official.

e.g., Today at school, Aphrodesia was flirting with MY not-boyfriend.

submitted by haem

not-food - Food that can be eaten by vegans.

e.g., I saw some vegan cheesecake. I wasn't aware they could make cheescake into not-food.

submitted by ditnis

not-with-it-ness - A disease that is caused by lack of sleep, attention causing you to causing you to perform ebarrassing or just plain stupid acts.

e.g., Pouring your orange juice into your bowl of cereal is an example of not-with-it-ness

submitted by Marie

notagonna - Not going to. It's only a three-character savings, but I need them to save newsprint.

e.g., " I realize that I must be obsessive-compulse -- neurotic? -- for doing that, but that's notagonna stop me."

submitted by Lillith - (www)

notan - Something that is esthetically pleasing or in balanced composition.

e.g., That Picasso painting is notan. (A past photography teacher insisted that this was a real word, but I have never found any reference to it anywhere.)

submitted by Scott Marchus

notatious - A very observant person who recognizes others' worth. The ability to keep incredible notes.

e.g., If I have to listen to that notayious nerd again, I might as well opt-in for the e-mail. | Can we get rid of this notatious outsider? Or should we get his e-mail and send him the video version?

submitted by rj

note bene - Note well, pay attention, take notice… My chosen alternative spelling for the Latin notā bene. Set in roman, not italics -- italics in the previous sentence only because of how it's used: nota bene, without the fancy line over the a.

Added on behalf of HD -- the old goat has misued the notation several tmes.

e.g., Note bene: Notā bene is italicized in the description as well as in this example because it is being referred to as a word. Ordinarily nota bene is set in Roman, and not in italics.

submitted by Miss Speller

notevensmall - Huge.

e.g., Mat is a huge gizzlefumper, notevensmall.

submitted by Keslie

nothalgic - To be lazily sentimental about the past.

e.g., While relaxing on the sofa one day, remembering the good old days, he became very nothalgic.

submitted by james

nothe - We need this for those of us who in our keyboarding fail to strike the space bar followed by a second t when we intend to key in "not the."

e.g., It's nothe best word creation I've ever come up with, but it will be a useful one for me and HD. Betsy not so much.

submitted by Lillith

noticement - The degree to which something is noticed.

e.g., When Ethan said "Do you remember the original "Spy Hunter" video game?" he got blank stares from the younger partygoers. At this point, the noticement of the age difference was extremely high.

submitted by Mark Kitchen

noticient - Possessing great skills of observation and attention to detail.

e.g., The noticient young soccer player quickly jumped out of the way of the opposing player running toward him from behind.

submitted by Kevin

notso - A person who is bulky or husky. Derived from "Not so Slim." Benefits include being able to use the term in front of said overweight party without hurting anyone's feelings.

e.g., A: Where's Notso? B: He's busy in his room being not slim.

submitted by Bryant Choung

notta - (Pronounced like Spanish "nada"; adv.) A shortening of "not a thing," usually in response to a question like "What's left to do, then?," "What's next?," or "What do you need?," when nothing's left to do or nobody needs anything. The beauty of the word is its ambiguity: it signals both 'not a' thing as well as (to Spanish speakers) 'nada' meaning "nothing."

e.g., "What's next on the agenda?" "Notta." "Really? That's the end?" "Yep. Well, unless you wanted to revisit the tax thing." "Bleh. No. I don't want to revisit the tax thing." "Well, then, notta."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nottablak - The result of something such as getting drunk and falling over, but which is interpreted by everyone else as being the result of a fight or beating. Despite your protestations, everyone will still believe you got a drubbing.

e.g., Bert: Woooo. Your girlfriend give you that black eye? I saw her haircut went a bit wrong. Ernie: No, it's a nottablak -- I walked into the door of the pub at closing time last night. Bert: Yeah, right. Better buy her some flowers.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

nottie - We've all seen this one in action, and we've all heard it used before in real life and in the movies. When hot girls go out, they are often paired up with or in the presence of a group of nottie(s). Notty. The nottie is the unattractive girl who acts sort of like the sidekick of the hot girl, either to raise her (the nottie's) sense of self-worth or to make the hottie look that much more attractive. The line from the movie (I forget which one): For every hottie there's a corresponding nottie.

e.g., There was a real hottie standing at the bar, but it was tough to talk with her because her nottie kept butting in.

submitted by aaron

notwork - The system in place when you must have some online project finished today.

e.g., Oh, no, the notwork is down again!

submitted by Wizardovoz

noughties - The decade from 2000 to 2009. How come I missed that for 10 years?

e.g., No no no. We just finished the noughties, not the naughties. Rats.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nounism - Overuse of nouns, using noun forms where verb forms are available.

e.g., Those who are guilty of nounism (nouners) can often improve their writing by practicing verbism (i.e., by becoming verbers).

NOMINALIZATION OR “NOUNISM”: Students conscious of avoiding overuse of the verb “to be” will not write many passive sentences. Neither will the forewarned student fall into the trap of transforming verbs into nouns, a habit that lengthens sentences and further obstructs clarity. If the typical first year law student had written the preceding sentence, it might serve as a prime example of nominalization [or "nounism"]:

The trap of transforming verbs into nouns will not often be fallen into by the forewarned student, and thus the habit of nominalization in which sentences are lengthened and further obstructions are placed in the path of clarity is avoided.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nounize - To turn nouns into action verbs. Nota bene:Nounize is also used to refer to turning other parts of speech into nouns.


It's Time to 'Renounciate' Old Speech Patterns

Texas Lawyer
February 10, 2006

I have made an important New Year's resolution. In an effort to keep up with government, industry and lots of other folks who are in the know, I've decisioned to nounize my action verbs. I decisioned this during our annual holiday shopping extravaganza, thanks to Sam, our fifth-grader, who announcemented that he wanted an "Arch Card" for Christmas.

An "Arch Card," for those of you not on a first-name basis with trans fat, is McDonald's take on a rechargeable cash card that can be used to buy food under the golden arches.

I commutered over to a nearby Mickey D's and was amazemented immediately by its slogan, "Buy It! Charge It! Gift It!"

Older readers may remember days gone by, when "gift" was merely a lowly noun. Well, not anymore. If Ronald McDonald is nounizing, it must be pretty mainstream. I departured with an Arch Card to gift Sam with and the resolve to 21st century myself forthwith.

Removaling an entire part of speech from your life is not a small decision, so I conversationed it with Sam. But he was only interested in who his soccer team would be versing in its first game.

Readers not on the cutting edge of linguistic style may not be familiar with "versing." As used in kidsports, when the schedule shows that it's the Cowboys versus the Texans, the Cowboys are versing the Texans. Up-to-the-nanosecond legal usage: Brown v. Board of Education is so 20th century. "Brown is versing Board of Education" is now.

When I realizationed that Sam already was nounizing, it confirmationed how prevalent this idea had become.

Christmas erasured any doubts that I should be nounizing. My sainted, 83-year-old mother, a paradigm of Midwestern grammatical probity, announcemented to all of us as we were at dinner that she intentioned to re-gift several of the presents with which she had been gifted.

Perdition! If even she was nounizing as though it was the most natural thing in the world, then it was for me to be commencementing. I consumptioned the rest of our holiday feast with a newfound spirit.

Where to begin? I resolutioned that I should interface with my staff immediately to information them about my decision, so I memorandumed them about it. My assistant e-mailed me her concerns, so we evaluationed our options carefully and conclusioned that we would partner in a program to implement nounization.

And what a difference. No longer do I say, "I took his deposition." Now I say, "I depositioned him." No longer will I be condemnationed to talk like some ordinary lawyer and utterance, "I tried the suit." Now, cutting-edge legal linguist that I am, I can say, "I trialed that case."

Of course that won't occasion very frequently, because more often, I'll get to statement, "It was such a crummy case that the court summary judgmented it in my favor." I will interrogatory opposing parties about who their experts are, .pdf them with my killer pleadings and admission them into submission.

The court will condemnation opposing counsel for unethics during pretrial discovery. If lawyers are unwilling to settle, I'll first chair them to death at trial. If the court doesn't directed verdict the matter, it will be submissioned to the jury, which will promptly decision the issues in my favor. The court will judgment it in my favor. Opposing counsel will have to find the stenographer who reportered it and priority their chances of success on appeal. I'm willing to wager that, upon querying themselves concerning the alleged errors in the case, opposing counsel will sight that the only thing the court of appeals will do is affirmation the judgment in my favor. As Sam would vocalize, "Tough noogies."

As an alert reader can see, nounization goes far beyond and should not be confusioned with the older, 20th-century concept of verbizing, which involvemented words such as target (targeting or targeted), priority (prioritize), gentrifying (used earlier) and other nouns that became verbs.

Nounizers such as me acceptance the importance of verbizing as the foundation for our deeper and more significant modernization (see, I just verbized again), but recognition that with the lightning speeds of the Internet and satellite radio and all of the passivity that has come with them, there simply is no need for action verbs any more. Nonetheless, nounizing and verbizing can live together harmoniously, at least insofar as I can judgment it. People in government certainly are fluent in both.

So there you have it: The end of action verbs as we knew them. And now, if you will excuse (that's "excuse" not "excuze") me, I want to remote the TV on and enjoyment some real passivity.

The passive voice is a favorite of Tom Alleman, a shareholder in the insurance industry and environmental practice groups at Winstead Sechrest & Minick in Dallas, so it is clear why his nounization is not necessarily a "fave" of the firm, its clients or Bryan Garner.

Subscribe to Texas Lawyer

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nounjective - A noun used as an adjective, such as "television" in television program.

e.g., If you use the Randomerizor, you'll find that many entries use nounjectives. | The nounjective is sweeping the linguistic world -- at least it was in 2006.

submitted by HD Fowler

nounverb - A word, both noun and verb combined.

e.g., I like fishfishing, which is to say, I like both fish and the process of fishing.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

noupseen - Do you know what I'm saying?

e.g., Coach told us to tighten up our defense, noupseen?

submitted by Fred Coleman

novelty facial hair - Anything from soul patches to muttonchops to spiky, lightning-boltesque sideburns-- especially as worn by clueless, no-hope-having baristas, under the illusion that it speaks volumes about their profundity or nonconformity.

e.g., That idiot with the Mr. T baseball cap at the 8th Avenue Starbucks is too busy admiring his novelty facial hair to be bothered with pouring me a coffee.

submitted by Adam Greenfield - (www)

nowt - Absolutly nothing. Word exists.

e.g., There's nowt you can do about that STD rash, Chris. You'll just have to uncomfortably wait it out.

submitted by jb

noxygone - To describe the state of the air in a polluted corridor or traffic congestion area of city, town, or country. The oxygen is tainted and lacking from the air pollution from diesel and gasoline operations in combustion engines. The air has diminished amounts of oxygen, the oxygen having been replaced with exhaust carbon monoxide.

e.g., Due to noxygone, opening a window in areas of dense pollution does not result in fresh air. I no longer open my windows during rush hour due to the noxygen levels. Sitting in slow-moving rush hour traffic exposes our lungs to noxygen.

submitted by Danny kostyshin

noyb - Initialism: None Of Your Business. Alternatively, None Of Your Beeswax. (Surprisingly, I had never seen this before today. Seeing it reminded me of the conclusion of the movie Executive Suite. "When the head of a large manufacturing firm dies suddenly from a stroke, his vice-presidents vie to see who will replace him." When a would-be successor is asked an impertinent question, he responds in no uncertain terms that the question is personal and that it's none of the asker's business. As the first of the candidates to show some gonads, he got the job. | That's what we used as a response to intrusive questions when I was a . . . lad. None Of Your Business.

e.g., I wish I'd had my wits about me when Jim asked me what size jockstrap I wore and told him NOYB. | Mom: Do you have a girlfriend? Me: None of your beeswax. Mom: Don't be giving me any lip, you little. . . . I'll slap the pee-waddlin' soup out of you.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nozzle nut - Firefighter.

e.g., Oh, yeah, Bob's a nozzle nut, just waiting for something to catch on fire.

submitted by jc3

no_question_and_no_big_deal -

I find it useful to use PREVIEW to see what I've written before I post it. I also tend to tweak the HTML for posts to make them look a certain way.

At one point, I entered the following boilerplate HTML to reduce the vertical space being taken up by a particularly long post. I figure if a reader wants to look at the details, she will be willing to scroll though the text I cut and paste to replace the bullets in COMPOSE mode. ... For instance, I might copy and paste a long e-mail that I thought might be of general interest.(I do that only with friends who have given me blanket permission to post what they write.

• • •

I find it useful to use PREVIEW to see what I've written before I post it. I also tend to tweak the HTML for posts to make them look a certain way.

At one point, I entered the following boilerplate HTML to reduce the vertical space being taken up by a particularly long post. I figure if a reader wants to look at the details, she will be willing to scroll though the text I cut and paste to replace the bullets in COMPOSE mode. ... For instance, I might copy and paste a long e-mail that I thought might be of general interest.(I do that only with friends who have given me blanket permission to post what they write.

• • •

Can't remember whether I initially entered that first in the HTML, but I probably did, to make sure I remembered how it worked. At some point, I noticed an empty "box" at the top of a post after I had PUBLISHED it. Checked the HTML for the post, and the scroll code wasn't there.

Looked at the source code for the displayed page and, of course, there it was. It seems as if the code was somehow left over as an artifact. It eventually disappeared, but I have no idea what I did to make that happen. (May have moved on to another post and re-published it?)

I've seen stranger things happen -- about fifty years ago when I made my living as a full-time programmer.


HD Fowler

P.S. You ca

n also reach me via the ABOUT page on the site for which I've provided a hyperlink.

Can't remember whether I initially entered that first in the HTML, but I probably did, to make sure I remembered how it worked. At some point, I noticed an empty "box" at the top of a post after I had PUBLISHED it. Checked the HTML for the post, and the scroll code wasn't there.

Looked at the source code for the displayed page and, of course, there it was. It seems as if the code was somehow left over as an artifact. It eventually disappeared, but I have no idea what I did to make that happen. (May have moved on to another post and re-published it?)

I've seen stranger things happen -- about fifty years ago when I made my living as a full-time programmer.


HD Fowler

P.S. You can also reach me via the ABOUT page on the site for which I've provided a hyperlink.

e.g., P.S. You can also reach me via the ABOUT page on the site for which I've provided a hyperlink.

submitted by

nsfd - Not Safe for Democrats. A label or tag used to indicate that a site being linked to is likely to have material that will offend (highly partisan) Democrats. The final letter can be varied: R for Republicans, L for liberals, C for conservatives, P for politicians, etc. The convention is especially useful for sending short links to family and friends.

e.g., "Dammit, HD, what the hell were you thinking of when you sent me a short link to a polemic at The least you could have done was label it NSFD." "Sorry, Lillith, I got you mixed up with your sister Lilith."

submitted by HD Fowler

nsfw - Not Safe For Work, Not Safe For School. A warning for a link that is not proper to surf during business hours. NSFW sites usually contain nudity; NSFS sites may only have a bit of mildly coarse language. See:

e.g., Some people think this site is NSFW. What do you think?

submitted by JHi

nsynctified - Obsessed with the band N 'Sync.

e.g., Belle is nsynctified.

submitted by So - (www)

nt - Acronym-Nice Try

e.g., 1. NT but you didnt have a chance 2. NT noob

submitted by Travis McCormack

nu-thrash - A style of music from the metal genre, a mix of the fast guitar work of "Thrash Metal" and the heavy drumbeats of "Nu-Metal."

e.g., What would you call Devildriver? They're not exactly Thrash, but not exactly Nu-Metal... they would have to be Nu-Thrash.

submitted by SiKqol - (www)

nuantic - Having the qualities or characteristics of nuance; to be endowed with subtle indicators.

e.g., The nuantic expressions on their faces gave away what they otherwise tried hard to suppress.

submitted by Ioa Petra'ka

nub - Non-Useful Body. Aboard US Navy submarines. | One who is short-minded.

e.g., Let the nub clean the bilge, I've got maintenance to do and movies to watch. | You are a nub if that's what you think.

submitted by Varrick Nunez | Kathryn

nubbie - Any small raised area on the surface of any flat space. For example, the F, J, and 5 keys on computer keyboards.

e.g., I awoke this morning worried about this little nubbie on my shoulder. By afternoon, it had formed into a carbuncle.

submitted by Android

nubbin - Someone whose ribs stick out at a point on the chest. | Third nipple on a man.

e.g., It ain't lovin' unless it's from the nubbin. | Even though it's usually done as an outpatient procedure, Chandler was hospitalized for his nubbinectomy. The surgery was a success, so he's now sans nubbin.

submitted by Pat Ward | greaseman

nube - Someone new at something. Novice, "newbie."

e.g., She is a nube at playing softball. | Chris will never get beyond being a nube when it comes to integrity.

submitted by Rachel - (www)

nubedolia - (new-buh-DOUGH-lee-ah; n.) Seeing shapes in clouds. [from nube "cloud" + eidōlon εἴδωλον "image"; similar to the term pareidolia, the name of the phenomenon of seeing patterns in random data.]

e.g., The famous nubedolia Peanuts cartoon, in which Lucy, her little brother Linus, and Charlie Brown talk about shapes in the clouds as they lay upon Charlie Brown's pitcher's mound. The dialogue runs as follows: LUCY: "Aren't the clouds beautiful? They look like big balls of cotton. I could just lie here all day and watch them drift by. If you use your imagination, you can see lots of things in the cloud's formations. What do you think you see, Linus?" LINUS: "Well, those clouds up there look to me look like the map of the British Honduras on the Caribbean. [points up] That cloud up there looks a little like the profile of Thomas Eakins, the famous painter and sculptor. And that group of clouds over there... [points] me the impression of the Stoning of Stephen. I can see the Apostle Paul standing there to one side." LUCY: "Uh huh. That's very good. What do you see in the clouds, Charlie Brown?" CHARLIE BROWN: "Well... I was going to say I saw a duckie and a horsie, but I changed my mind."

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

nubgasm - An orgasm occurring in a severed leg caused by the rewiring of a portion of the human brain's sensory cortex resulting in sensation from the genitalia being perceived as originating in an imaginary "phantom limb." Phantom limb syndrome was originally discovered by Dr. Ramachandran, a psychologist.

e.g., Ever since I got my leg hacked off, I've been getting these nubgasms. It's great.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

nubin - A word used to describe a girl who dresses above her facial looks. An ugly person who tries to look hot by wearing clothes that are too good for her.

e.g., "Look at what she's wearing." "Yeah, she's a real nubin."

submitted by Bob G

nublesse oblige - The condescending patronage of a young princess or queen who has only just recently put her dolls away.

e.g., Cedric, I am not one to complain, you know . . . and I suppose us poor blokes should be content with our lot -- you know that, too. But when young Queen Vicky patronizes our kind the way she just did with this nublesse oblige manner, even with the veneer of human kindness . . . well, I say it is bloody galling!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

nuch - not much

e.g., Q: What have you been up to latly? A: Nuch, how bout u?

submitted by The Cub

nucking futs - Someone who is crazy or half baked.

e.g., Are you nucking futs? What are you doing?

submitted by Wes Bernard

nuclaision - Noo-clay'-zhun (n) Any of those additives that are difficult to pronounce in manufactured food products. Most people don't know what they are or why they're in there in the first place. plural form: Nuclaisions

e.g., There are a lot of nuclaisions in my cereal.

submitted by UrLord

nuclear dinner - TV dinner cooked in the microwave oven.

e.g., That pup eats so many nuclear dinners, he's gonna start glowing.

submitted by taylorpup

nuclearator - Microwave, from the online comic MacHall.

e.g., What this place really needs is a nuclearator.

submitted by The_SCSIBug - (www)

nucleustalgic - Something which induces fond memories of one's first learning of atoms and atomic structures.

e.g., While thumbing an outdated book of facts, Steve stumbled across some nucleustalgic diagrams and drawings in the section on the physical universe.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

nuclify - The(a) art (b) past tense form of microwaving an object way past logical limits resulting in a very well done, smelly mass of goop.

e.g., (a) I am going to nuclify this popcorn like you wouldn't imagine. (b) Hey, did you nuclify that--what appears to be a steak--on purpose?

submitted by penguin22 - (www)

nucular - Mispronunciation of the word "nuclear," usually by newscasters and younger sisters. Used on The Simpsons.

e.g., I believe in peace, and am against submitted by Saucy - (www)

nude - Beyond excellent--quite simply, incredibly good. From an early episode of "Quantum Leap," the meaning has mutated from its original meaning of "naked."

e.g., Wow, that's completely nude!

submitted by peter

nude-up - Getting nude or changing clothes.

e.g., It's so hot we should all nude-up.

submitted by Jubba

nudenick, nudnick, nudnik - Geek, freek, dweeb, jerk.

e.g., Did you see that nudenick trying to ski that double black diamond? Yardsale.

submitted by don

nudge-wink network - Websites that supply illegal material (warez, MP3s, etc.) regarded as a single source.

e.g., I've been playing Grand Theft Auto non-stop since I found it on the nudge-wink network.

submitted by Eq Tetrachloride - (www)

nuevopoor - Affluent individuals who were previously overpaid and are now currently between opportunities and haven't changed their lifestyles.

e.g., The writers have started complaining since the nuevopoor started taking all of the tables in the cool coffee shops.

submitted by Douglas Meade - (www)

nuf - (Rhymes with "buff"; adj.) 1. Not fun; 2. Non only not fun, but actively painful, horrifying, abysmally disappointing, or miserable; 3. No longer worth the pains of obtaining. ["Fun" backwards; Ironically, "enough," which we use to mean "stop (whatever it is those addressed are doing)!" is "funny" backwards.]

e.g., Ringo Starr told John, Paul, and George that the Beatles were nuf, and that, I understand began their breakup. | I had high expectations of the movie_Krull_(1983) when my wife and I went to see it, but it was truly nuf, despite the millions spent in making it and the huge advertising build up. | "You know what?" "What?" "Pulling this big ol' stump out of the ground is just nuf." "Yep. We been workin' on it nigh on six days, and it just sets there a-laughin' at us." "Well, I'm gonna sand it flat and use it as a bench or a picnic table or somethin'." "Good Idee! Zat mean me'n ma'boys kin go home?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nuff - To have enough of something.

e.g., That was nuff safe guy.

submitted by Shaunomac

nuff nuff - A playfully derogatory name to call someone who has done or said something silly or brainless. Australian slang.

e.g., No, we can't go there. That club has been closed for years, nuff nuff.

submitted by comaquasi - (www)

nuffin - A combination word of "nothing" and "muffin." Saying the word "nothing" but being sweet about it.

e.g., What happened at school today? Nuffin.

submitted by Tamar Pacht

nuffy - To be looking bad or messy.

e.g., Dont look at that photo. I look like a nuffy.

submitted by Adelle H - (www)

nug - Any part of a machine that is being repaired, especially when the actual name of the part is unknown.

e.g., I lost a nug behind the front panel.

submitted by Kento

nuge - As in Ted Nugent, pronounced "newje." People who are obsessed with hunting. Good for use in rural areas.

e.g., Did you see that Nuge with the spotlights on his pickup?

submitted by fleesers

nugget - "Used to describe someone who is a novice or new at performing a particular task. Origin: student naval aviators are referred to as nuggets until they get their wings. Related to the word "golden", since if you are not a nugget, you are golden."

e.g., That nugget couldn't is still trying to figure out how to work that computer.

submitted by J.P. - (www)

nugget - yours or someone else's head (from ICP)

submitted by dust

nuggety - Short with a stocky or muscular build.

e.g., Chad's real nuggety--don't you reckon he'd make a great rugby player?

submitted by becca

nuggle - A more active, and slightly cuter form of snuggling. Nuggling usually involves wiggling in a silly manner and saying "nugglenugglenuggle." Nuggling has been known to cause nausea in people who witness the act.

e.g., They were very silly people who preferred nuggling over the traditional make-out session.

submitted by Rachel

nuggsy - A short, and weighty individual, not unlike a dwarf or gnome. Often with an ignorant outlook on life, and can be found in great supply in cities.

e.g., What a rude fat little boy, a nuggsy if I ever saw one.

submitted by Nick

nuglet - Meaning a friend or lover that is cute but nerdy.

e.g., hello Nuglet, how was your day...?

submitted by Kerri Radoman

nuh - Kind of stuck between "no" and "nah" and "naw."

e.g., Have you done your homework? Nuh.

submitted by Kendal - (www)

nuisant - (pronounced NOO-sint; adj.) Of or pertaining to a nuisance or nuisance generally.

e.g., Having to delete a thousand emails every morning is just as nuisant as having to return pointless phone calls.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nuke - to cook something in a microwave

e.g., I just nuked some leftovers and went to bed.

submitted by leah

nukeorphan - Forgotten things in the microwave.

e.g., I forgot the chicken in the microwave. Oh, the poor nukeorphan.

submitted by Barb Flinchpaugh

nukeulator - Alternative for the word 'Microwave'. Rather than "heat it in the microwave" you can now "Nuke it in the nukeulator". Pronounced nook-you-later

e.g., A. "my tea has gone cold" B. "no worries just bung it in the nukeulator" (the author however does not condone the reheating of tea in this manner...yuck)

submitted by Wefneck

nukyuler - This is actually the right way to spell "nuclear."

e.g., I work in a nukyuler power plant.

submitted by Sam

null - Nerdy, socially outcast, uncool. Sometimes unkempt, dirty, or stupid.

e.g., That new kid, Chris, is sooo null. He wears horn-rimmed glasses with tape all over them...and he stinks

submitted by sylvan

nullidant - Something that when expressed or displayed makes itself self-explanatory yet redundant

e.g., Sally told me that she could speak. The fact that I could hear her made her words nullidant.

submitted by Michael

nulltitask - To simultaneously do several things unsuccessfully.

e.g., Schlackel can simultaneously harm a useful relationship while failing to install various software applications properly; he can nulltitask.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

numb bers - Numeric data of such horrific import that it freezes with shock an observer's ability to think, feel, or react normally.

e.g., NUMB BERS IN THE NEWS May 14,2014 -- Climate Central stated that a recent scientific study indicates that climate change has triggered an unstoppable decay of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet -- by 2100 it is likely to result in a 7 to 10 feet rise in global oceans -- submersing 28,800 square miles of American coastal property, displacing 12.3 million people. Property damage in Florida alone, is predicted to be in excess of $950 billion dollars. September 23,2014 -- The UN Health agency, WHO, reports that the Ebola health crisis is estimated to spread to affect 1.4 million individuals by mid-January, 2015. There is no known cure or vaccine for the disease, only "supportive intensive care." December 26th, 2014 -- Memorial services were held in Indonesia, Thailand and other countries to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 220,000 people.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

numbenating - To render something numb.

e.g., Quit hitting me. You're numbenating my arm.

submitted by Marika Renee

number 3 - Means, essentially, "Dames is grief."

e.g., Ray: Did you get anywhere with Ellen? Bob: Number 3, number 3.

submitted by qnarf

numbers - Arithmetic valuations that deaden the mind.

e.g., Studying numbers always stultified her.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

numbers posts - Posts to message boards by anonymous posters. In some forums, if the poster does not provide a screen identity for herself, the system provides a numeral string as a screen identity. Such posters are often looked down on.

e.g., I hardly ever bother to read numbers posts, so it's unlikely I would have seen your use of the phrase.

submitted by HD Fowler

numble - On a scale from 0 to 10, the degree to which pain or other sensation is reduced or eliminated. E.g., numble 0 is no effect on pain or sensation at all.

e.g., I know which doctor I prefer: it is he she or it that successfully supplies a substance numble 10 which eliminates all manner of disagreeable sensations totally unnecessary in this modern environment, don't you think?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

numblers - Number-mumblers.  

"As an English tutor, I've had to listen to epic phone messages from high schoolers who are in the 'diction is uncool' phase. After listening to a long chain of ums and uhs, I usually can't understand the crucial digits at the end. I call these people number-mumblers. Since there have been so many, I've recently shortened the term to numblers."

e.g., Don't be a numbler. | Dammit. Have you ever noticed how the good-looking chicks tend to be numblers? If you can get them to speak to you at all. Do they do that to black guys, too?

submitted by [Gregory Pierce] - (www)

numbulous - A state of numbness that is enjoyable rendering it delicious.

e.g., I woke up today with a numbulous feeling in my arm.

submitted by jonathan muniz - (www)

numerbetical - When things are in numerical AND alphabetical order

e.g., The orders are in numerbetical order.

submitted by Fran

numericize - To put in numerical order.

e.g., The invoices need to be numericized before filing.

submitted by Sherry

numerize - To place a group of numbered items in numerical order.

e.g., Please numerize these papers so it will be easier to file them.

submitted by Megan

numerrency numbers - Numbers that are not always equal to themselves and depend on the values of other numbers and the sets of equations to which they belong, just as units of currency shift in response to a host of factors such as trade, inflation, and the derivatives market.

e.g., When it comes to numerrency numbers, one does not always equal one.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

numessiah - The focus of worship of a very recently formed cult.

e.g., Bob loves Coca Cola so much he formed an underground cult and made the drink his numessiah. Nobody turned up.

submitted by L. Gillies

nummage - Nummy food.

e.g., Nhat's that nummage you got there? Moritos? Gimme one or two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight or nine or ten of those.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nummage - Fine, fine, fine world class boobies. {Duplicate.)

e.g., I have the fineat nummage in the plant on my chest.

submitted by JJ - (www)

nummers - An item that is above and beyond its normal level of goodness.

e.g., This hamburger is nummers.

submitted by thebof

nummy - Tasty.

e.g., That sushi was nummy.

submitted by danica

numnook - The "corner" in the igloo where foodstuffs are stored, with natural refrigeration: things like whale blubber, seal flesh, assorted freeze dry ocean critters, whale "sperm," import seaweed maybe, lots more.

e.g., Modernized Eskimo in wooden structure (but still called "igloo") now use a numnook as a refrigerator or freezer..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

numptey - In the nicest sense, someone being an idiot for the generation of endorphin release in fellow human beings. Allowing others to laugh at your actions without being self-concious ;-)

e.g., Ryan was being his usual numptey self.

submitted by ryan - (www)

numptify - To take on actions or characteristics of an idiot, of a numpty.

e.g., The doctor, not wanting to numptify himself in front of his peers, pondered about asking a question with a seemingly simple answer.

submitted by Stephen Hass

numpty - Used when someone is being really silly and you don't know how to describe her. | Idiot, fool.

e.g., Chris, quit being a numpty. | So sorry I and others are spoiling your worship of these numpties.

submitted by B!g_D@ddy | [Roy] - (www)

numpty-tasking - The art of delegation (rather than multi-tasking yourself).

e.g., Every good manager should be skilled in the art of numpty-tasking.

submitted by Helen

numpy - An affectionately derogatory term, used to describe someone of slothful or slow demeanour. May also be used in the form of an adjective.

e.g., Geoff (referring to Dean): "What's Numpy up to today? Greg (referring to Dean): "I dunno. Last time I checked his cubicle, he was asleep". Or, "Try not to be so numpy, will ya? You're driving crazy!"

submitted by Geoff S.

nun's - Cockney rhyming slang for rabbit: nun's habit, therefore rabbit.

e.g., Walked past the field and saw a nun's.

submitted by pogboy

nun'sayin - do you know what i am saying it is one of the longest slurred sentences in the ebonic language

e.g., I'm gonna go see a movie but i dont have any money... nun'sayin?

submitted by becky

nun'ya - "not yours, of no concern to you."

e.g., Nunya business.

submitted by jim m.

nunavit - A word used to refer to a situation which the user is no longer interested in participating in or hearing about due to accumulated frustration -- same as "none of it."

e.g., I told him I'm having nunavit when he asked me again for more time to repay the $500 I lent him last year.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

nunca-toda - Shortened form of "nunca toda mas un dollar" -- "nothing more than a dollar." A dollar or 99 cent store in an area of town where English is not the first language.

e.g., "That's a nice ashtray." "Thanks. I picked it up at the nunca-toda, along with a socket set, some wrapping paper, and those cookies you're eating."

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

nundies - No undies. Sometimes worn, or not worn as the case may be, at the end of a wash cycle.

e.g., When we go out to dinner tonight, please don't tell anyone I'm wearing nundies.

submitted by matt clarke

nune - To nune is to make spelling mistakes which inadvertently create new words and meanings.

e.g., "On stormy nights, Santa Claus puts extra reincoats on his raindeer," nuned the tired, old journalist in his whiskey-sodden Christmas column.

submitted by Miguel Esteves Cardoso - (www)

nunk - A british way of saying stupid person or weird person.

e.g., The man over there was such a nunk.

submitted by Elliott - (www)

nunmanageable - The behavorial impact of a Catholic school education.

e.g., Little Jeffery was destined for an early death or a life in prison. In spite of innocent blue eyes and a cherubic smile, he was a classroom terror, engaging in schoolyard fights and extorting students of their lunch money. However, after just one week at St. Agnes of the Waters parochial school, he was completely nunmanageable.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

nunsploitation - A genre of films that portrays nuns doing non-Christian things: Deadly Habit, The Excommunicates of San Valentino, La Religieuse, etc.

e.g., Until the scene with the crucifix, I had no idea that was a nunsploitation film.

submitted by crackerjack - (www)

nunsy - From the Cantonese word "nun" meaning warm. Pronounced n-OO-nsie (as in book).

e.g., My lambswool cardigan is nice and nunsy.

submitted by Brenda Midson

nunya - Say when someone is trying to butt in on your conversation as a way to let her know that whatever you're discussing is NONE OF HER BUSINESS.

e.g., Chuck: What are you talking about? Buck: Nunya. Chuck: What? Buck: Nunya business!

submitted by mere

nup - a noun meaing no or nope.

e.g., I would ask her to the prom, but i am afriad she will say nup.

submitted by Mike - (www)

nup - Prenuptial agreement.

e.g., He believed in love and had no nups; she believed in taking anything she could. He ended up a poor fool; she partied at the casinos and had several boy toys on his money.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

nurdler - A well meaning person who cannot cope with practicalities; unable to grasp the essentials of a job

e.g., Uncle Fred is a real nurdler; he takes a load of tools into the garden and brings them back without having accomplished anything.

submitted by Clifford Dackc.

nurgle - Entering a shop and walking around looking at stuff but with no intention of actually buying anything.

e.g., A. Can I help you with anything? C. No thanks, we're just nurgling.

submitted by Laurie

nurple - Feeling rather blue.

e.g., I'm feeling rather nurple today.

submitted by jane barnett

nurple - The process of causing yourself to sink into wet sand by small, energetic vibrations of bare feet.

e.g., My children went nurpling as the tide was coming in.

submitted by Ronan Connolly

nurple - A bruised nipple.

e.g., Andrew gave Billy a puple nurple by twisting his nipple very hard.

submitted by JP Platinum

nurr - Lacking the sense of smell.

e.g., He didn't smell the smoke because he was nurr.

submitted by W.F.Nash

nurries - Contraction of "no worries," an Australian expression analogous to the Bart Simpson utterance "no problem."

e.g., Hey, mate, couldya pass the salt? Nurries, mate, here ya go.

submitted by Jason de Nys

nurting - When editing computer code, this is the word for indenting large blocks at the same time.

e.g., I was nurting my Perl script when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flashdancer. At least I thought I did.

submitted by doug hornsey

nushion - Hillbilly; person from rural area.

e.g., All the nushions congregate at the flea markets and gun shows.

submitted by sue

nut it out - To nut something out is to figure it out. Could well come from references to the head as the nut. "Just use the old nut, laddie."  
Another use of nut, from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:  
nutting, nutted nut somebody (British English, informal) to deliberately hit somebody hard with your head 
He grabbed my tie and I thought he was going to nut me in the face.

e.g., "'Antepenultimate' takes me fondly back nearly fifty years, to when my grandfather taught me the rudiments of cryptic crossword puzzling. When he nutted this one out, stretching right across all 15 squares, I was hooked. I could hardly believe there was a word for such an obscure thing, let alone that Pop could come up with it."

submitted by [Rusty] - (www)

nut-graf - Journalist slang: the paragraph (see "graf") that contains the gist of the news story. Also "nut graf."

e.g., So the lead paragraph of a story became "lede," paragraphs in general became "grafs," and the graf explaining the basics of the story was called the "nut graf." From Ken Layne's warblog.

submitted by Slithy Tove - (www)

nutbunnies - Just an exclamatory with no real meaning. Used in a state of distress.

e.g., Oh, nutbunnies, I stubbed my toe.

submitted by Katie

nuther - Variation of another; often preceded by a quantitative.

e.g., What about Jane? Oh, don't even get me started. That's a whole nuther story.

submitted by Kristofor - (www)

nutmeg - To play a football between a opponent's legs as a through-ball to yourself.

e.g., Kewell's freakish ability to deceive and nutmeg defenders at will is illustrative of his class as a player.

submitted by tom - (www)

nutrajoke - A series of words structured like a joke, containing a setup and punchline. It sounds like a joke, but it is not at all funny. Often accompanied by a laugh track, it contains no comedic value.

e.g., The characters in this lame excuse for a comedy uttered one nutrajoke after another.

submitted by Rob

nutrician - 1. One who makes sure children are getting proper nutrition, and enforces it. A fictional authority used by parents to scare their kids into eating their dinner. 2. School administrators in charge of inspecting lunch boxes for junk food.

e.g., 1. You better eat your dinner, or I'm calling in the nutricians. 2. The bag of chips in my lunch box was confiscated by the nutricians.

submitted by CT

nutrify - To provide nutrients, nourishment for.

e.g., Paola neglected to nutrify the rubber plant, and it slowly withered away.

submitted by gabrielle

nutrimentals, nutrimints - Basic good food for better health and improved memory. Nutrimints are the candy form of nutrimentals.

e.g., 1. Junior better eat his nutrimentals if he wants to grow up to be strong and go to M.I.T. 2. Nutrimints are the perfect food. They're healthy, they taste good, they fill me up, raise my IQ, and freshen my breath before my date.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

nutrituration - Oversaturated nutritiously -- i.e. nutrition poisoning.

e.g., Davy Dave! If you don't put down that cucumber and wheat germ on pumpernickel and go back to some cheezy poofs and snacky cakes, you're sure to get yourself a heckuva bad case of nutrituration.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

nutscrape - Derogatory nickname for Netscape.

e.g., Nutscrape's screwed up my DIV tags again.

submitted by Purple Martin

nutters - tight-ass pants or shorts on a male individual

e.g., damn! larry bird got some nutters on!

submitted by stained_oj - (www)

nuttion - A guy whose stories always top yours, especially stories dealing with girls and mentadent. Repeatedly participates in moronic acts like punching inanimate objects and smaller people. Screams senselessly and groans infantilely.

e.g., Good Lord, Chris is acting like a nuttion again. Not unexpected though.

submitted by Zeus

nutzoid - Paranoia to the extreme.

e.g., You've gone nutzoid, thinking that the government has a hidden camera in your bathroom mirror.

submitted by Steve McDonald

nuu - Used by Paii after each sentence she says. She's been doing that since she was five years old, for no apparent reason.

e.g., 1. Stephanie, want to go to the movies with me tomorrow. Nuu? 2. My science teacher gets me so mad. Nuu.

submitted by Paii - (www)

nuzzah - This is the opposite of "huzzah" and generally means bad, darn it, etc.

e.g., Nuzzah the Challenger exploded.

submitted by Game Biter

nvidiot - An updated version of the word vidiot. It comes from "new vidiot" as well as from the name of the company "nVidia." Used in reference to someone who spends too much time playing computer video games.

e.g., Dan never stops playing GLQuake. He's a nVidiot.

submitted by Barry Langley

nyar - Word expressing discomfort or displeasure.

e.g., Aquila:"Some guy just threw up all over our carpet!" Elena:"Nyar! Icky!"

submitted by Aquila

nycphobia - Fear of travelling to New York City.

e.g., Lena refuses to go to New York City, she claims she has nycphobia.

submitted by Marcelo Villacres

nyeah - Non-committal reply that you can easily go back on.

e.g., "Should I bet my last dollar?" "Nyeah." "Okay... hey, I lost it all! This is all your fault." "I SAID 'no'..."

submitted by Meryl

nyeh - 1. An apathetic response. 2. A victory cry, similar to sticking one's tongue out or blowing a raspberry.

e.g., 1. "What do you think about this?" "Nyeh." 2. "Nyeh. I win, I win!"

submitted by blahblogger - (www)

nymophilic - Describes a person, for example, whose name is Bob but who looks more like a Harvey. The construction takes an indirect object.

e.g., His given name is Bob, but he's nymophilic to Harvey.

submitted by Jonathan Caws-Elwitt - (www)

nymphobrainiac - A genius who does her most creative thinking in bed.

e.g., I joined Mensa to meet a nymphobrainiac, but all I've found are women who can count my faults in base 37.

submitted by Roger Wright

nymphomercial - Typically an ad aired on local access television by a promiscuous woman seeking additional partners for sexual counters. An original thought, but a porn movie titled Nymphomercials was released in 1999.

e.g., I've had my best luck with nymphomercials aired between two and three in the morning.

submitted by beelzebub

nymshift - To change to a different user name in a USENET group, a forum, etc.

e.g., Nah, if they start catching on to me, I'll just nymshift. There's not that much chance that they'll check and find me out.

submitted by H

nyoink - To steal, grab, take, copy

e.g., Stacey nyoinked my pencilcase.

submitted by stacey

nyphoon - Cheap school silver wear like a nife-spoon-fork all combined to save money.

e.g., Hey look Ben i got another demented "Nyphoon".

submitted by Cody

nyquilized - From Nyquil. Referring to the intoxicating or hallucinogenic results of common over-the-counter medication, generally nighttime medication.

e.g., I had a really bad cold the other day, and with all my pills, I was feeling pretty nyquilized. Saw some really pretty colors though.

submitted by Pat

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