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nakieisha - A queen.

e.g., The nakeisha is on her way to the dance.

submitted by nikki - (www)

nam myoho renge kyo - The chant of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, a Japanese form of the faith. Said to bring you happiness and plenty and well being.

e.g., Nam myoho renge kyo, can be repeated and chanted over and over, it is the perfect mantra of Nichiren Shoshu (the Perfect Faith, founded by Nichiren many centuries ago).

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nambi-pambi - A nambi-pambi is a person who has hoity-toity affectations in spite of his debilitating meekness and indecisiveness, lack of any kind of convictions, wavering courage, and who is visibly a bit light in the loafers. He is generally much too good of a dresser.

Nota bene: ED. I'm going to allow this as written, even though it doesn't follow Machiavellean Standard #1 with regard to pronoun-antecedent number agreement: MS#1 calls for feminine pronouns to be used with indefinite antecedents. I'm going to allow it, too, despite any possibly derogatory implications for male homosexuals. Not the nambi-pambi, hoity-toity et al parts, but for the "light in the loafers" reference. I'm allowing that because I'm going to add an entry for that mild (mild to me at least) insult -- I want to learn how the expression originated and I don't want to waste my efforts checking it out without at least subjecting some dear readers to my proclivity for pedantry. [HD]

e.g., Nancy said that Georgie handled the situation in his usual spoiled little baby, nambi-pambi way.

submitted by george and nancy kelly

namedrop - To casually mention the name of a high status person within a conversation, in order to gain the respect of the listener.

e.g., I feel so intimidated at these Hollywood parties. Everyone I meet is namedropping all over the place.

submitted by Sawyer

nameen - short for "you know what i mean?"

e.g., When I say jump, you say how high. nameen?

submitted by salih

namesia - Amnesia limited to not being able to remember people's names. Nymnesia, nymesia.

e.g., A solution to chronic namesia is to go right up to the person you know, introduce yourself, and say you're sorry but you've forgotten her name.

submitted by Linwood

namesis - Your namesis is someone with the same name as you.

e.g., Albert: "It's crazy -- I went to meet our ad agency today and there's a guy there with the same name as me. He's got a stuffed cat on his desk and he's clearly much more interesting than me." Bertrand: "That's your namesis, man. You're in deep trouble."

submitted by Ben Hammond

namestorm - To brainstorm names for a company or product. (Attributed to A. Ressi.)

e.g., OK, we're going to have a serious namestorm right now. See "wildfire."

submitted by Filip

namethattuneism - Remembering a few key lines of a song, but not enough to determine the title or describe the song to anyone else

e.g., Lionel: Aaarrgh, if I could only remember that song Jenny: What song? Lionel: It goes something like: "I can't see me loving nobody but you . . . do do dee doo. ..." Jenny: Sorry, no idea, sounds like a bad case of namethattuneism.

submitted by Sam G

nametv - Internet domain name that is either really great or really stupid.

e.g., You own NameTV, baby, NameTV.

submitted by Tom Day

namsain - Do you know what I am saying?

e.g., The club was WHACK the other night. Namsain?

submitted by Wayne CC

namwa - An individual displaying arrogant traits.

e.g., He was acting like a namwa -- I have never before seen someone who was that cocky.

submitted by Peter Tuttle

nanatechnology - The effect of design completion by banana gas -- usually manifested as ripening, but in this case applied to slightly broken things kept in a drawer for months in the hope that they will work again when you take them out next year sometime. Batteries and floppy disks are examples of things you'd put in a drawer instead of throwing away when they don't work. | Technology you learned from your grandmother, whom you call Nana. {ED. My sister's grandchildren called her Nana. Nana died January 12, 2011; her memorial service was this morning, January 22. I'll miss you Sis.}

e.g., *** Note: This is cut 'n' pasted from my 'Healing Drawers' submission to halfbakery. Jutta suggested I stick it here for posteriority. ***

"Most of us who are into technology in the slightest have probably gone down the road of pretending this idea is baked.

Most of us have put broken items, flat batteries, non-working floppy discs, etc. into a certain drawer we have. Where, along with all the other mixed up items, coaxial ethernet cards, pocket lasers that never get used, business cards, ancient CD-Roms and whatever else, miraculously the battery emerges many months later with a few minutes of life [and] the floppy is readable for long enough to rescue.

Goodness knows how this actually works -- scientists currently think that it works by a kind of encoding based around the order and constituency of socks that have passed through the vortex, powered by a sort of cold fusion dissemination, using ball point pens as fuel. Or something.

Well, why not have an actual drawer with actual analytical powers, and hopefully the next step -- resurrection powers. This could be achieved using nanatechnology. This is a form of technology that uses banana gas, to form catalytic actions based on the eventual outcome of the planned pattern of progress and design in an item.

Usually, this manifests itself in ripening -- here, in our healing drawer, however, it results in things 'getting better' in such a way that we all magically hope it would in any ordinary passive drawer.

That it does in ordinary drawers, to some extent, could be explained by the likelihood that you, or someone in your street, has had some bananas around at some point during the object's hibernation in your drawer."

submitted by Rods Tiger

nancy neuter - Uptight, prissy person. Not willing to try anything new.

e.g., To someone who is afraid to do something, eat something, or see something new, you say, "Don't be such a nancy neuter."

submitted by Matt

nandrolistic heppitrionism - Used as an answer to remarks asked in incomprehensibly elaborate and grandisonant language, said quickly in a quiet voice, in order to embarrass the questioner, who won't know what it means and will then shut up.

e.g., Eddie: My studies into 19th century nectopodic analysis reveal an adscititious adoxy in lacustrine helminthology. Freddie: That isn't surprising. I put it down to nandrolistic heppitrionism.

submitted by Angus McTavish

nang - Good, perfect. | Dang, no; no way; not at all; emphatically no; no, dammit.

e.g., The last book I read was nang: Sucker Bet. | Ven papa is yelling at me to haul out of bed to go feed der pigs I am saying, "Nang, papa, still I am in der middle of a particularly good exotic dream."

submitted by Niomi Drummond | Paul Edic

nanologicaltancature - A language consisting of short, small words.

e.g., James spoke in nanologicaltancature to the kids.

submitted by Fitch - (www)

nanonerd - A nerd who "finishes" in a nanosecond.

e.g., As I understand it, Chris is a nanonerd of the worst sort.

submitted by Natalie

nanotheism - The belief that spiritual fulfillment and salvation lie not in the heavens, but from looking inward, on the molecular level, through nanotechnology.

e.g., He enrolled just to study Physics, but found enlightenment in Nanotheism.

submitted by Steve McDonald

nanotize - To make an extreme reduction in the physical size of an object.

e.g., Over the years the transistor has been nanotized.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

nany - Not any.

e.g., "'How many extra dollars do you have?" "Nany."

submitted by Curt Gleason

nanything - Nenny-thing. Hardly anything, not much at all, very little.

e.g., Lately I feel that television is mostly not worth watching at all; it's mostly irrelevant. Nanything appeals to the mind and intellect nor emotions actually.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nape - From Vietnam War GIs. To napalm, to use napalm, to completely obliterate something or someone. A shutout, wasting your opponents in a death match.

e.g., The Padres lost 27-0. They got naped.

submitted by mark

naplash - The violent muscle contraction that often occurs as you transition between sleep and wakefulness. Applicable to all such tics and twitches, but especially to jerks of the head after nodding off in a car or plane.

e.g., I enjoy watching other people on planes suffer from naplash.

submitted by Platypus - (www)

naplet and napletize - A short nap.

e.g., I was running late but was so tired I curled up on my bed for a naplet. Mom walked in and said, "This is no time to napletize. You're going to be late."

submitted by lyn

napnesia - A feeling of profound disorientation after awakening from a daytime nap.

e.g., After I woke up, my napnesia was so bad I couldn't remember the day of the week or if it was morning or afternoon.

submitted by Steve McCann

napologist - One schooled in the art of the nap. Those mastering the subject can sleep stretched out on a bleacher seat in a gymnasium while a basketball game or pep-rally is underway.

e.g., I've got natural ability, but I was too poor to go to college for my degree in napology. I still practice as a master snoozate.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nappendage - The few extra minutes of sleep you permit yourself after you initially wake up.

e.g., If I stay up late, I require at least a fifteen-minute nappendage before I can get up in the morning.

submitted by Nonesuch

napster - 1. To abruptly cut off a song just before the end. 2. To interrupt.

e.g., 1. It's a song, but it's napsterred at the last second. 2. Don't napster me. I have something importan

submitted by stayput

napster - A petty thief who downloads music illegally over the internet.

e.g., I had the new Pearl Jam album before it was even released. I'm a Napster.

submitted by Paul - (www)

napster guilt - buying a cd that you already have in MP3 format already because you feel like a chump for ripping off musicians.

e.g., I have napster-guilt so I bought the new Radiohead album anyway.

submitted by Jason Shellen - (www)

napster snob - One who sets "Maximum simultaneous outbound transfers per user" in Napster to zero, thereby not allowing anybody to download his MP3s.

e.g., Jim has some great MP3s on his hard drive. Lotta good it does anyone else--he's napster snob.

submitted by Richard - (www)

napsterbation - "Spending hours downloading songs you don't even like, because you can"

e.g., "In 3 hours of napsterbation, I got the complete works of the Partridge Family"

submitted by Tim H

napsturbation - Using Napster when offline, to avoid sharing files.

e.g., Bob wasn't online according to my hotlist, so I assumed he was napsturbating.

submitted by Sylvan

naptown - Nickname for the city of Indianapolis, IN, due to the lack of anything exciting about it.

e.g., Got back from Naptown the other day, dull as usual.

submitted by Leslie Shaffer

napule - A brief nap, usually in the afternoon, often including a dog or two and your sweetheart. Also, during the week when one should be working.

e.g., Wanna take a napule? I need a napule. That was the best napule in a long time.

submitted by Janelle edmister

napulous - (adj.) Feeling like you could take a nap.

e.g., Listening to a boring lecture after eating a heavy lunch left him feeling particularly napulous.

submitted by Sara - (www)

narapoia - That uneasy feeling that you are unintentionally following someone.

e.g., I drove my usual route home and there was a car in front of me the whole way. I got such a bad case of narapoia, that I kept going past my house until it was "safe."

submitted by Kate

narc - To tattle.

e.g., That tool just narced me out.

submitted by Sin - (www)

narc - To fall asleep suddenly, specifically from the lack of sleep. Often used in the context of college. Derived from narcolepsy.

e.g., Your couch is so comfortable, I could narc out right here.

submitted by Kevin Thompson - (www)

narcissism - "Inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity."


When it comes to narcissism and identifying a narcissist, a picture can be worth a thousand words. The image to the right, of course, gives the pencil-necked geek the advantage of a widened view of his his neck and countenance.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

narcissisurfing - Entering your name into an Internet search engine to see how many times you're mentioned on the web.

e.g., While narcissisurfing recently, I discovered embarrassing photographs my ex-girlfriend has posted on her website.

submitted by Mark Scheuer lein - (www)

narcocopulation - Engaging in the sex act while asleep. Colloqially, sleepf**king.

e.g., While Sally's narcocopulation was an embarrassment to her, her husband Bob had no complaints.

submitted by Mark Lee - (www)

narcokleptic - Person who compulsively steals sleeping pills.

e.g., Hey! That narcokleptic just stole my sleep-EZ pills.

submitted by Jasper Bergers

narcolounger - A recliner beyond imagination in comfort which quickly lulls the average person into REM sleep.

e.g., Hey. Dave, check out my new narcolounger. It put me out in four minutes Tuesday. I slept 'til Friday afternoon.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

narcopygy - The sensation, after having been sitting a long time, that one's butt is "falling asleep."

e.g., I came out of that lecture with a serious case of narcopygy.

submitted by Name Withheld

narcosleepy - A feeling of being so intensely tired that one is convinced one is suffering from narcolepsy.

e.g., I know it's early, but I'm narcosleepy right now.

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

nard - From the French word "renard" meaning fox, a person who can get away with anything.

e.g., Did you see her talk her way out of that ticket? She's a genuine nard.

submitted by Donny

narf - A word usually said after laughing after one of your own jokes. From _Pinky and the Brain_.

e.g., So I said, "Tell me about it! HA HA HA! Narf!"

submitted by Neil - (www)

narf - A stupid, bumbling person.

e.g., Andrea I have too many narfs in your life.

submitted by Andrea Cutiep

narf - Snarf. To shovel food into one's mouth very fast and messily.

e.g., Quit narfing your food, Chris. You look like a pig.

submitted by Ana

narflab - The bunching, slowing, or stopping of vehicles on a previously free flowing highway or freeway for no apparent reason (such as an accident) followed by resumption of normal traffic flow.

e.g., I was late getting home because of numerous narflabs. That darn 405 was one narflab after another.

submitted by William & Sharon Bethard

nargle - A nargle is one of those really annoying, cloying people who makes you want to tear your hair out.

e.g., Roseanne is a nargle to end all nargles.

submitted by Joelle Renstrom

nark - Annoy.

From that excellent online source, The Free Dictionary
Verba.nark -- cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations; "Mosquitoes buzzing in my ear really bothers me"; "It irritates me that she never closes the door after she leaves"
get under one's skin, get - irritate; "Her childish behavior really get to me"; "His lying really gets me"
eat into, rankle, grate, fret - gnaw into; make resentful or angry; "The unjustice rankled her"; "his resentment festered"
chafe - feel extreme irritation or anger; "He was chafing at her suggestion that he stay at home while she went on a vacation"
peeve - cause to be annoyed, irritated, or resentful
ruffle - trouble or vex; "ruffle somebody's composure"
fret - cause annoyance in
beset, chevvy, chevy, chivvy, chivy, harass, harry, hassle, molest, plague, provoke - annoy continually or chronically; "He is known to harry his staff when he is overworked"; "This man harasses his female co-workers"
antagonize, antagonise - provoke the hostility of; "Don't antagonize your boss"
displease - give displeasure to
b.nark - inform or spy (for the police)
inform - impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to; "I informed him of his rights"

e.g., Chris is really narking me off. | "I’ve nothing against Britney getting sloshed on New Year’s Eve like everyone else -- it’s just the hilarious excuse which narks me." (From The Sun Online.) | The pittance she was being paid in no way could have justified her narking for the pigs -- she must have had a grudge against some wiseguy.

submitted by Beverley

narkit, fair narkit - Scottish slang. Narkit = angry. Fair narkit = pretty darn angry.

e.g., Your wee laddie made me fair narkit.

submitted by Adam Leslie

narkmaster - A person who is in a bad mood.

e.g., John: Where's Sarah? Kevin: She was being such a narkmaster that I left without her.

submitted by hulio

narky potato - Stupid or irritating person.

e.g., Nobody likes a narky potato. Understand, dimbulb?

submitted by carly

narraty - Usually preceded by "that's my..." A proclamation of one's sincerity; an affirmation.

e.g., "Are you serious?" "That's my narraty, dog."

submitted by Craig Tinsley

narrowgulleted - a person born with only a thin passage in their throat

e.g., Martha was too narrowgulleted to eat large sandwiches

submitted by Brian Lancaster

narsty - Extremely nasty.

e.g., Whew, that smell is narsty.

submitted by joe - (www)

narthex - A public common area within a data network, for the continually-updated summation of status, findings, progress, active missions & committees, etc., within any large project. In concept, similar to a telethon's "thermometer" showing donations-to-date, a sports arena's digital scoreboard with stats, or the "big board" in a War Room a la Dr. Strangelove. [Origin: architecturally similar to a foyer or cloaca, the narthex is a frontal space (often unwalled) of a cathedral, behind which (often screened) were other more private areas within the church building itself. In this sense the narthex can be viewed philosophically as an informal common ground between the clergy and the congregation, between the insiders and the outsiders: it analogizes a house's "front porch" to which anyone has easy access even though a "front door" (which can be locked) implies more private space in the home beyond.]

e.g., "Send no further inquiries by private operator message channels. If the information you desire is not posted on the narthex, then it is proprietary data that you are not allowed to access without network administrator clearance."

submitted by töff - (www)

narvey - A hairy bastard, often large and ogre-like as well.

e.g., Dave, you're a bloody narvey.

submitted by Gonk

narvous - Nervous, as said by my son when he was three-years-old. I'll bet I still make him narvous.

e.g., You're making me narvous.

submitted by HD Fowler

nasa - Your significant other. |  
No Americans in Space Anymore. Well over a year before Occupy Wall Street, The Silicon Graybeard lamented the imminent passing of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. "Catchy acronym credited to commenter Dyspeptic Curmudgeon on Alpheca. Check the link for an almost presient foretelling of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The acronym was apparently created about the time National Aeronautics and Space Administration Director Charles Bolden told Al Jazerra that President Obama wanted him to make feel-good Muslim outreach a high priority: "One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and engineering -- science, math, and engineering." NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs soon clarified that Bolden was speaking only of "outreach" priorities and not about NASA's "core mission": "science, aeronautics, and space exploration." Sounds reasonable, but Bolden sure stepped in it, didn't he?

e.g., I can't hang out with the guys tonight; I have to go see nasa. |  

"NASA -- No Americans in Space Anymore" Think of the summer of 1969. Two big things happened that summer. The first moon landing in July, and Woodstock, a few weeks later.  
The first was a tribute to hard working men and women: engineers, technicians, assemblers, and tens of thousands of hard working people who undertook a task that many viewed as impossible. "To land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth by the end of this decade". It was hard work, it was risky work. Men died: outstanding men you'd be proud to have known or worked with. It was a triumph of intellect, done with slide rules and calculators that your Smart Phone out classes by a factor of thousands. Even today, it is thought of as so hard to do that about 5% of the population thinks we never did it.  
The second was a bunch of kids having sex in the mud while drugged out of their minds, listening to singers and musicians drugged out of their minds.  
The first group was dedicated to doing things others can barely only imagine -- bending the universe to their will through sheer intellect and power. They are "can do" people.  
The second group was dedicated to rubbing body parts against each other with no effort of will and no character. Their entire focus in life is their genitals.  
The second group is now in charge of the country.  
Which kind of person are you?
The Tea Party is to Occupy Wall Street as NASA is to Hippiedom.

submitted by dave | [The Silicon Graybeard] - (www)

nasadal - No ass at all.

e.g., That chick has nasadal. Help is on the way with science.

submitted by Megan - (www)

nasal discharge - What ear, nose, and throat doctors receive upon graduation.

e.g., At graduation, our son the ear, nose, and throat doctor, held out his hand, and received his nasal discharge. We were SO proud.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

nasal emancipation - To relieve the burden of one's nasal hair.

e.g., While you're waiting, would you like to try our nasal emancipation?

submitted by Ah, Jack, Jack, Jack. Shame on you. A. N

nasal retentive - When your runny nose is in between being fully running or being stuffed up.

e.g., My allergies are really causing me to be nasal retentive.

submitted by Michelle S

nasalien - (pronounced nay-ZAY-lee-en; n.) creating an alien (i.e., a nonterrestrial) by adding ridges to an actor's nose, ears, or forehead (or something), resulting in a species somehow exactly the same as humans except for the makeup. (The paradigmatic nasalien is Kira Nerys, the Star Trek Bajoran whose nasalienation consists of nothing more than nose ridges. The pronunciation of Nerys is very close to the Spanish word nariz “nose.”) Nasalienation is also sometimes referred to as “sewing on a tentacle.”

e.g., ldquo;So this guy just has funny teeth and weird eyebrows? What is that all about?” “I guess he's just a nasalien: you know, there for ... I don't know, SF-ish decoration?”

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nasamento - 1. A person with no excitement. 2. To be bored with; not fun. 3. To keep inside your true self by acting useless.

e.g., Mrs. West did not enjoy the nassamentoed man very much.

submitted by Corey E

naselastic - Green flexible bogie found in the nose, one end of which will, when picked, attach itself to your finger whilst the other end remains firmly attached to the wall of your nostril. Thus when you extract your finger from your nose this slimy green bogie then stretches between it and your proboscitose orifice.

e.g., Dennis stretched out his tongue and licked his naselastic.

submitted by Michael Meilton

nash - To go on an unplanned outing or vacation.

e.g., I'm bored, so let's nash to Vegas for the day.

submitted by Quentin Peterson

nash - California slang for "cool."

e.g., The waves are nash today.

submitted by Fixedvision

nasodenial - The delusion shared by televised baseball players and motorists stopped in traffic that no one can see them publicly picking their noses.

e.g., "Ugh," the director groaned. "Camera two, pan away. That outfielder is in serious nasodenial."

submitted by adam thorsell

nass - Bird droppings

e.g., Your car's covered in nass, Chris.

submitted by Lukas Friga

nast - Generic noun for anything nasty. Similar in texture to mung.

e.g., The drain was clogged, so I augered out a ton of vile nast and it works fine now.

submitted by Kate

nasta - Pasta that is eaten with corn chips.

e.g., At first I thought it was pasta, then I thought it was nachos. Now I realize it was nasta.

submitted by dave

nastalgia - A masochist's yearning for the bad old days when her coterie of "friends" said the nastiest things about her.

e.g., She was filled with nastalgia for her middle school days when her girlfriends didn't refer to her as promiscuous -- they called her a slut.

submitted by HD Fowler

nastaticious - Beyond nasty, absolutely disgusting.

e.g., That eight car pile-up was the most nastaticious thing I've ever seen.

submitted by anne janeczko - (www)

naste - Mildly disgusting. Or, the nasty stuff itself.

e.g., The stuff hanging from his nose after he sneezed was naste.

submitted by Biff Condor

nasticrat - A nasty, horrible bureaucrat who abuses her appointed power in numerous ways: using taxpayer money for her benefit; living high at taxpayers’ expense; firing anyone who questions anything she does; slandering those who oppose her; stealing ideas from her subordinates; micro-managing those working in her section, etc.

e.g., Chris is a nasticrat who uses people up in a year or so and then throws them away.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

nastified - A combination of "nasty" and "putrefied." Extremely disgusting to the point of being repulsive.

e.g., Check out the mold on those dishes. That's nastified.

submitted by dg

nastify - To make something nasty. Also, nastified.

e.g., I'm going to nastify this hamburger by putting too much mayonnaise on it. Rex: Aww, my hamburger's been nastified. What a waste.

submitted by Bob Boarker

nastiment - Used to describe something nasty, usually a physical object.

e.g., I cleaned out the refrigerator and cleared out the nastiments in the bottom of the vegetable bin.

submitted by Molly Johnston

nasturtian - It is a less-well known, but certainly more aesthetically pleasing, as well as correct term to mean Indian cress, that is Nasturtium.

e.g., There were many nasturtians growing around the windows of his house.

submitted by Paige

nat - Not A Trooper. Acronym used by pediatricians to describe sick kids who are not brave in the face of their ailments and tend to whine.

e.g., Brace yourself before you go into that exam room, Doc. This kid's chart is marked NAT.

submitted by Claudia Harrison Hall

nat - The phonetic spelling of gnat. Merriam-Webster's definition is any of various small usually biting dipteran flies.

e.g., That nat is really annoying.

submitted by Frankie Nichols

natch - Naturally. To clarify something that pretty obviously fits and doesn't require any more than a one word response.

e.g., A. So we're going to "Tomb Raider" FOR SURE! Opening night, right? B. Natch.

submitted by JohnnyG

natic - (nad-dic) A fan, enthusiast, supporter, follower, collector, hobbyist -- possibly a corruption of addict and fanatic.

e.g., A sizable portion of American males in particular are natics of one or more of the popular American sports. One wonders to what better purposes all these millions, billions of dollars could be applied, not for some backward forms of supposed "entertainment," but instead for something helpful, meaningful, of some importance or value? Fun, they say, requires no explanation -- if it's fun, do it, and spend whatever it takes to enjoy your fun. Be a natic for your fellow man, or your fellow woman, as the case may be. See how they bleed or crawl across the floor of the forest, but the games must go on. Do have fun, in all events.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nation - Used by CDN Bobsled wannabe's to describe an effort so good that the performer should be on the national team.

e.g., Wanda set a track record last night. She was nation.

submitted by Iguana Thompson

nativist - A shop or other business with a single location, which is owned and operated by people living in the same community.

e.g., Chain stores take money out of a community whereas nativists maintain the communities overall wealth.

submitted by Dylan Ferris - (www)

nativpole - A shop or other business with a single location and which is owned and operated by people living in the same community.

e.g., By shopping at nativpoles you are putting the money back into your communtity.

submitted by Dylan Ferris - (www)

natslex - Natural selection, the means by which lifeforms develop and evolve. So-called supernatural explanations are unnecessary and uncalled for.

e.g., It was thought for a very long time that the gods or (The) God developed and created the various lifeforms, including you and me. But with the advent of scientific thought and investigation, evolutionary factors and natslex were a much more rational explanation to the whole matter.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

natural microptic autoscopulation - To squint one's eye or eyes and stare at a light source in order to see the loosened capillaries known as "floaters" contained within the fluid of one's own eye or eyes.

e.g., Whenever I look up at a bright blue sky, I can't help but engage in a little natural microptic autoscopulation.

submitted by David Mock

naughdirt - Financially "naughty" practices, which are discovered during a "naughdit."

e.g., Because of the naughdirt that was dug up during the course of the naughdit, the CEO was forced to resign.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

naughdit - An audit, through which they find that someone was doing financially "naughty" things.

e.g., When they discovered that Jim was hiding money in an offshore bank, the everyday "vanilla" audit mushroomed into a full-fledged, no-holds-barred naughdit.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

naughties - To describe the current decade.

e.g., Great music from the eighties, nineties and the naughties.

submitted by wizardovoz

naughty - Not in reference to behavior, but describing an item, usually clothes -- meaning ugly, looking bad.

e.g., Those shoes are naughty.

submitted by Kristin

nauseous - Nauseated. Previously considered to be an error. Now it's officially in a dictionary. Does that make it all right for you to use in your term paper? Better ask your teacher. | Causing nausea.

e.g., Remember when your teacher told you, "When you get bitten by a snake, you've been poisoned, but it doesn't make you poisonous"? That was her way of telling you there's no such word as "nauseous." Guess what? With this addition to our lexicon, when something makes you want to throw up now, you can be perfectly correct saying, "That makes me nauseous." | This entry may be close to being nauseous for prescriptivists.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

nautilust - The bizarre trait of preferring making love on a waterbed.

e.g., Boxsprings and matresses are just too boring for me. I've got too much nautilust in me to do it on anything but a waterbed.

submitted by Joseph Swartz

navabi - Navabi is a family name at India, Iran, and some other countries. To call someone a navabi is to say that the person has a high degree or a high position in the government.

e.g., Oh, he's a navabi all right -- but only because it's his family name. You're surely mistaken if you think that means Chris is worth your time. He's not.

submitted by navabi

navasearch - An Internet forum term: to expose another participant's lack of integrity by searching the forum for contradictory statements made by the same person over time.

e.g., George proved John's flip-flops by performing a navasearch and posting the results on the board.

submitted by G. Tom Tsao - (www)

navbattylova - The correct terminology to describe a pair of kebabs.

e.g., After a particularly heavy night on the sauce, Daniel and Joe decided to purchase navbattylova and a litre bottle of Tizer to wash them down with.

submitted by Joe Grice

navel-fluff - The lint that collects within the belly-button cavity. Note: This word is unknown to people with "outies" (where the belly-button protudes out, not in).

e.g., Look at all my navel-fluff. I could make a jumper out of that.

submitted by Ben

navelplex - A smooth-edged, round piece of plexiglass that will fit in the user's navel. Its purpose is to provide a viewport or navelgational tool for people whose heads are stuck so far up their asses they're unable to see or move about safely.

e.g., My ex-wife could benefit from the use of a navelplex.

submitted by barry aylward

naven - An idiot, a jerk, ala Steve Martin's character "Naven Johnson" in The Jerk.

e.g., You've never parallel parked before in your life, have you? You're a naven. (ED. I parallel-parked for the first time in my life on my driver's test -- which I passed.)

submitted by kim

naviguesser - From navigator. The person who sits in the passenger seat of the car and attempts to read bad road maps while making mostly random guesses about how to reach your destination.

e.g., As we passed the intersection, my naviguesser said "Um, the map looks kind of like maybe we were supposed to turn back there, but I'm not sure."

submitted by wamydia

navy - (Pronounced NAY-vee, like the seagoing military; collective noun) A group of prophets. [After the Semitic word _nabi_ "prophet."]

e.g., Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Jonah, Nathan, Isaiah ... the Tanak (the Old Testament) contains the records of a whole navy of prophets.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

naw - Naw means no. Just plain no.

e.g., John said "Naw I don't want to go to the lake."

submitted by Mr. Word

nawf cackalacky - North Carolina.

e.g., He went up to vist his momma in Tarboro, Nawf Cackalacky. No, it's not true that she was also his half-sister.

submitted by Joel Prz

nawp - Not a Well Person. Ill, sick.

e.g., I'm feeling NAWPish today.

submitted by mel

nawsome - Not awesome, direct opposite of awsome. Awsome is used far too much, thus losing its effect. «ED. Sorry about being so long getting around to this. I lost access to the back-end (Where entries are processed.) in May or June -- of 2013. Just regained access today. I am not processing words on a first-come-first-served basis right now, but yours caught my attention and I jumped it ahead in the input queue. Why? Because it's a return to sanity. Frankly, not much I've seen in my seven decades on planet Earth has seemed awesome to me.»

e.g., A before and after shot of the Amazon,climate changed,drastically, the lungs of the planet, then lush green cleaning, and NOW with drought and destruction I cried out "Nawsome ." perhaps with an ecological concern, intent.?

submitted by Danny Kostyshin - (www)

nay - A condescending way to say "hell no."

e.g., Frat Dork: "Will you go with me to the fraternity semi-formal?" Cool Girl: "Umm, nay. Do I look like hang out with people who buy their friends?"

submitted by Jessica Piazza

nay, naid - (pronounced to rhyme with 'say' and said'; v.) 1. to say no to, to vote no; 2. to disagree. [the antitheses of 'say' and 'said.']

e.g., He listened close to all we said / But disagreed, and "no," he naid.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

naybe - Maybe yes, maybe no -- but much more likely no.

e.g., "Do you think it's possible for a man to understand women?" "No way." "Do you think it's possible for one man to understand one woman?" "No, I don't. The tiniest bit? Naybe. After living with one for 50 years, it might be possible. That little bit, possibly, but no more than that. My sister told me women don't even understand themselves. A man doesn't have a prayer."

submitted by HD Fowler

naytheism - Lack of or rejection of theism. No God is a factor in existence, the world, the universe. Maytheism is about the same thing as agnosticism.

e.g., One of my philosophy profs was a non-dogmatic naytheist, held with naytheism, that is. I tend to agree with maytheism, or even maydeism.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nayture - The obverse side of Nature -- hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, hail, windstorms,tsunamis, lightning, sandstorms, snowstorms,earthquakes, droughts, typhoons.

e.g., Nayture at her worse -- last winter in Binghamton, N.Y.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

nayve - So naive she doesn't know how to pronounce simple words.

e.g., How nayve is she? She stumbled over "aisle"; that's how nayve.

submitted by moink

nazgul, the - The United States Supreme Court, particularly when you disagree with them. (There are nine US Supreme Court Justices, who sit there in black robes, just like the nine nazgul from Tolkien's _Lord of the Rings_).

e.g., Did you read the nazgul's latest decision? You won't believe it.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nazi - Any person who feels that she must deprive you of something just because she wants to--or just because she owns an extremely popular soup shop.

e.g., That soup nazi told me, "No soup fer you. Come back, tree years."

submitted by Paul

nazi fun - Enforced jollity, usually endured with people you wouldn't normally speak to, let alone socialize with.

e.g., You'd have to get drunk to last out the Nazi fun of our office Christmas parties.

submitted by Annelise Dunn

nazi gambit - The rhetorical habit of being unable to disagree with anyone without accusing them of being "Nazis."

e.g., Professor David Pense is a dab hand at the old Nazi Gambit.

submitted by adam leslie

nazi nose - (n.) the little hitler's-mustache-looking dribble of snot (dry or wet or both) draining from the nose down to the upper lip of a child with a cold. [Coined at a dinner party a few weeks back when my granddaughter Heidi, toddled into the room, suffering from the condition. Heidi's dad jumped up and said, "Aaah: nazi nose!"---he apparently made it up on the spot because, he said, she looked like she had a green hitler mustache.] See also "Ollie nose."

e.g., George slept about 17 hours with that awful cold that's going around. When he woke up, he felt a lot better, but he looked disgusting with his encrusted eyes and nazi nose.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nazi queen - Someone who is obsessive with everyone doing things her way and as fast as possible.

e.g., That Mel is just a Nazi Queen.

submitted by Mel

nazi staff car - I use this to describe German sports cars. No offence to Germans, but I just don't like Mercedes, BMWs, Porsches or Audis.

e.g., Look at him in his Nazi Staff Car. I would rather have an Aston Martin than a Merc E Class.

submitted by JesusBuiltMyHotrod

nazi-stache - The mustache style that Hitler had. The little press-on one.

e.g., He's got a Nazi-stache. Must be the next Hitler

submitted by Cleme

nazza - Not really.

e.g., "Do you want to get some food?" "Nazza."

submitted by Scott Hanneman

nba - Nice Big Arse. To be used when a chick has a really nice backside.

e.g., Jacqueline has a NBA.

submitted by alex

nbc - Nobody Cares.

e.g., So she took you to the cleaners and also trashed your reputation? Don’t you get it? NBC.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

nbc-nile - nbc-nile - (adj.) Of or pertaining to a blunder so enormous, so redolent with myopic stupidity, so mind-numbingly witless that it reminds one of NBC's ... injudicious cancellation, back in 1968, of Star Trek, perhaps the most lucrative franchise in television history.

e.g., "He did what?" "He said it was too expensive to pay for gas, so he sold it for a thousand bucks." "He sold a nearly mint-condition 1930 Bentley Coupe for a measly thousand?!! Is he insane?! That car was worth hundreds of thousands!! What was he thinking?!!" "Pretty NBC-nile, huh?" "With fries! ... why didn't he sell it to me?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nbomb/nbomb factor - Relating to the probablility of a nosebleed occuring. Think anime and in particular, Naruto.

e.g., Jeff: Why'd you bring me here? You know that Hooters has an Nbomb factor of like ... 15 ... out of 10.

submitted by Nazo

nco - NCo, pronounced "enko" -- a spoken abbreviation meaning a Narcissist Codependent or person who has serial relationships with pathological narcissists.

e.g., "Kael is the only writer about whom I can say that being condescended to by her felt like an honor," is the sort of thing an NCo would say about a narcissist.

submitted by Nicky Skye

nda - Non-Dissing Agreement. A legal document to be signed when commencing employment with a company, preventing one from criticising the company or its products.

e.g., I'd love to tell you what it's like to work here, but they made me sign an NDA.

submitted by Alien Burrito

ndip - Pronounced "en-dip" -- addictively returning to speak, see, or visit a pathological narcissist one has made a prior decision to leave or get away from.

e.g., I can't believe a year after leaving the conniving bastard, I broke down and Ndipped last night.

submitted by Ncky Skye

ndiyo - (n-DEE-oh; n.) 1. "Yes," but in the sense that the speaker is affirming the proposition voiced by the interlocutor (see the Example for further explanation); 2. The word that possesses this meaning in a given language. (interj.) 3. A cry of solidarity, to show one's empathy for Africa, Africans, or African ecology (even though it logically only applies to Kenya, Tanzania, and such other places that one finds Swahili speakers); 4. The proper response to a chance or offer to watch (or listen to the soundtrack of) Disney's Lion King (if you're a fan, anyway). (adv.) 5. "Granted; but so what?" [From the Swahili word_ndiyo_"it is so."]

e.g., In most of the English-speaking world, if we have not yet seen a movie a friend invites us to see, we would answer "no" if asked, "You haven't seen it already, have you?" Linguistically, our "no" is the response to the tag question "have you?" Many languages, however (including some forms of English), do not require, do not use, or do not focus on, such a tag question (voiced or implied); instead, their speakers simply affirm or deny the question itself. So, for instance, in Swahili, the response to "You haven't seen it already, have you?" would be "Yes, I haven't"---although, in Swahili, you'd say_Ndiyo_"it is so."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ne - "Nay." Almost like "huh?" Used only when no one has said anything to you, and it's said, not only to tell someone you don't understand, but that you want her attention.

e.g., Ne, I'm over here. Whats going on?

submitted by Kiaré

ne? - A rather direct way of asking confirmation, like adding "right?" or "yeah?" to the end of a sentence.

e.g., You're going to be coming over later, ne?

submitted by Rich

nead - A term applied to the entire head and neck region of a person.

e.g., He took away my delicious bass and proceeded to beat me about the nead with it.

submitted by Dr. Science

neandersexual - Someone who is extemely hairy and has many physical similarites to a caveman.

e.g., Chris is a neandersexual and his wife is a nasty one as well.

submitted by alex

neanderthilic - One who is like a neanderthal; an ill mannered person;a large, clumsy individual.

e.g., His neanderthilic behavior was threatening to ruin the party.

submitted by Shane McPherson

neanderthought - Thinking like cave people. Archaic logic and terms that no longer apply. The inability to change your mind or think new thoughts.

e.g., The people at work refuse to restructure and re-evaluate situations as new facts and evidence come in, their stuck in a world of neanderthought.

submitted by RubberDuckie

neandrathal - A female-bodied barbarian; an unenlightened or ignorant female-bodied person. | A female-bodied reactionary; a female-bodied person with very old-fashioned ideas. The male-bodied equivalent is a neanderthal.

e.g., HD: Didn't the Penn State mob Wednesday night have plenty of the fairer sex acting like neandrathals? Lillith: I'm going to report you for sexual harassment for using the word sex, pendajo. Your offense is exacerbated by modifying it with fairer. This is the 21st century, HD, not the 1950s. Besides, we never were fairer. Wherever did you get that silly notion? HD: I wasn't talking about treating everyone fairly, Lillith. I was talking about. . . . Never mind.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

neapoli-tan - The condition of having sun-tanned skin, sunburned skin, and skin untouched by the sun all simultaneously.

e.g., After a day in the sun wearing a tank top instead of my usual t-shirt, my farmer tan turned into a neapoli-tan.

submitted by Chris Czajka

nearest and dearest - Your absolute best buddy in the whole wide world.

e.g., You are my nearest and dearest.

submitted by JP

nearfear - The fear of being too close to someone or something.

e.g., Many have a nearfear of snakes, nasty people, vicious ex-spouses, and many other things.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

nearlt - Meaning: "No," as in answering a question. One syllable. Sounds like near.

e.g., Q. Are you going out tonight? A. Nearlt.

submitted by Erik Hargrove

nearn - A dork, someone you think can't get a clue, dimwit.

e.g., Chris? You're a nearn.

submitted by Nathan Hoffman

nearture - The element of closeness in intimate human relationships.

e.g., "Nearture" means that for Helen Keller, all love needed was touch.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

nease - Indicates the speaker is not saying please despite requests to do so.

e.g., "Say please." ""Fine. Can you pass the bowl to me, nease?"

submitted by yomoma

neat - Bar room slang for straight up.

e.g., I'll have a whisky neat with a beer back.

submitted by Stephen Mize

neatenize - To make something tidy or clean.

e.g., I need to neatenize my desk before the boss gets back.

submitted by Dave

neato torpedo - Very extraordinary, grand, neat, or great.

e.g., The new BMW is neato torpedo.

submitted by Layla - (www)

neatolicious - The extreme form of "neat" or "neato."

e.g., "I'll pick ya up at 8." "Neatolicious."

submitted by Julie - (www)

neatro - Neat and retro.

e.g., Your moustache is neatro, Jethro.

submitted by Liz Schroeter - (www)

nebby - Curious.

e.g., My neighbors can be overly nebby at times."

submitted by Sarah Parker

nebby - (n.) 1. a nebula (when capitalized, "Nebby" means specifically the Crab Nebula); 2. any cloudification, physical, spiritual, or rhetorical. (adj.) 3. fuzzy, nebulous or obscure; 4. not entirely certain or clear about something. (v.) 5. to obfuscate, complicate unnecessarily, or confuse.

e.g., Some of the most beautiful vistas in the universe are the nebbies out in space. | The Nebby is what's left of the supernova of 1054, which the awestruck Chinese and Arabic astronomers noted could be seen in broad daylight for 23 days. | "This is a terrible photo: see how nebby this guy is?" "That's a ghost." "Oh, then nebby's the best we can hope for, I guess." | Where are we? I'm sort of nebby on the geography around here. | 5. "And please don't nebby your speech." "I shall endeavor to restrain my oratory so as to provide maximal---" "Okay ... um, yeah. Good."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nebulosity - "The quality or condition of being nebulous," from

e.g., "It is a word of great nebulosity but no particular romance."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

necessory - An accessory you need to make the thing work. Like an audio cable between the preamp and the amplifier.

e.g., I never buy anything that does not include its necessories.

submitted by Glenn WHite

neck drapery - Used to describe the layer of fatty tissue built up under the jaw--synonymous with "double-chin" or "wattle."

e.g., I think my boyfriend's neck drapery is causing him to snore.

submitted by mcalmore

neck joey - A built-up layer of fat under a person's jaw that makes a person to appear have a "double" chin. The joey part of this word is derived from a kangaroos pouch, known as a joey-pouche.

e.g., David, who was so skinny he was called "stick-boy" in high school, now sported a neck joey, a result of countless pitchers of Milwaukee's best and BIG M Subs.

submitted by george kursar

neck-o-larpsy - When you involuntarialy lose control of your neck muscles due to lack of sleep and your head violently falls to one side or the other immediately waking you back up.

e.g., At the opera, due to a chronic bout of neck-o-larpsy, my head violently crashed into the stranger who sat immediately to my right.

submitted by mark and sarah

neckbeard - Short curly hair growing on the back of your neck.

e.g., Can you shave my neckbeard for me? I am beginning to look like a furry beast.

submitted by Chris

necker - The Necker Cube is a pretty well-known illusion; you see what looks like a wire-frame cube. This can be seen in two different ways, and if you look at it for a while it flips. (Here's a cute demonstration.) To necker, therefore, is to keep switching between two mutually incompatible ways of seeing a situation, especially when both alternatives are desirable.

e.g., "You going to paint your room purple or green?" "I'm neckering on it."

submitted by Shweta

neckstache - When guys grow out a beard and forget where to trim the bottom part of it.

e.g., His neckstache is creeping into his chest hair.

submitted by Jojo

necrobe - (NECK-robe; n.) Any microscopic creature---amoeba, bacterium, spore, even virus---that causes (or could cause) death in the host. [From Gk._nekros_"death" + the _robe_from _microbe_.]

e.g., The amoeba Naegleria fowleri (rhymes with "mysteria wow Larry") is a powerful necrobe which eats brain tissue, leading to meningoencephelitis and death within ten days of infection. There is no treatment. | The real heroes in science are the lab workers who toil in obscurity to eradicate necrobes. They get their well-deserved praise only rarely (e.g., Dr. Salk, who developed the polio vaccine), usually dying unknown and unsung (e.g., Semmelweis, who demonstrated how washing one's hands before delivering babies drastically reduces mortality among mothers, and who died two weeks after being unwillingly committed to an insane asylum (where he was badly beaten by the attendants).)

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

necrobionic - Of or relating to robot zombies.

e.g., That man . . . wait, that isn't a man. It's necrobionic.

submitted by Andrew Stiles

necrocephallic - "Dead head." Used to describe rabid fans of the Grateful Dead.

e.g., "A true, tye-dyed-in-the-wool necrocephallic." W.C. Stuart

submitted by WiL

necrocosm - 1. A dead system or world 2. Vision that is no longer subject to life.

e.g., "After nuclear winter, Earth was reduced to a necrocosm."

submitted by Jay-san - (www)

necropilatory - A recopilatory record of dead music, or from dead singers or musicians.

e.g., Private Dancer Centennial: a necropilatory record for Tina Turner.

submitted by honorio - (www)

nectal - The neck and shoulder areas of the body.

e.g., I was so upset by his comments that I could feel the tension developing throughout my nectal area.

submitted by Tracy Lucas

nectar of the clods - Coffee, expecially the first cup in the morning.

e.g., Ahhh, morning coffee, nectar of the clods.

submitted by jim mckenna - (www)

ned - A low form of human. Usually male and sporting Fila or Kappa colours.

© Michael Quinion -- 13 March 2004 Newsletter In last week's piece on "chav," I said that the Scottish equivalent, ned, was an acronym from "non-educated delinquent." It isn't. That supposed origin is a folk etymology, given credence in Scotland through having been quoted in all seriousness by a member of the Scottish Parliament during a debate. I should know by now to treat such claims with scepticism. Jonathon Green says in his slang dictionary that it is probably from a nickname for "Edward," linked to yobbish youths through a previous generation of young louts, the teddy boys, "teddy" being an abbreviated form of "Edwardian."

e.g., Guy staring at you aggressively, making it clear he wants to harm you physically? That'll be a Ned. | Do new insult words contribute to an increase of NEDs? I think so. As do new words for stealing or the perineum.

submitted by ned

ned log - To gum up the works, either physically or meaphorically. From a fruit punch type drink made from a syrup base, which used to be served in elementary school cafeterias.

e.g., I spilled pop on my keyboard last week, and it ned logged my system for days | With all the various additions to amendments, this bill is getting ned logged fast.

submitted by Paul

neddy - A foolish person, particularly somebody who is useless with technology. Thanks to Mrs C Williams, Bishop of Llandaff High School.

e.g., If any old neddy walked in here she wouldn't know a piggin' thing about AN-THRO-PO-METRICS.

submitted by Dave Quarrell - (www)

neddy - A racehorse. Neddies. Australian.

e.g., It's my understanding he inherited enough to purchase a couple of neddies and race them.

submitted by Chris Willy

nedogodemophobiac - Someone who can and does talk a lot, but when giving a presentation collapses into total speechlessness.

e.g., Ryan is a nedogodemophobiac. He completely bombed on his speech.

submitted by ryan

nedooize - To ponder ceaselessly over a hypothetical situation or philosophical matter--usually when more important practical matters are being held up by this pondering. After Ned Hayes, prominent Nedooizer.

e.g., Why do you have to nedooize the world's problems? Can't you just worry about what to cook for dinner?

submitted by Jill Hayes

nee - Used as a synonym for formerly. Originally it meant "born" in French. It has been distorted to signify an old state.

e.g., Mother: Where are you going, son? Son: The shooting gallery, nee the zoo. ("I'm going to the shooting gallery. A few years ago I would have said I was going to the zoo.") | Boy: So you were my dad's friend before he died? Man: Friend, nee co-pilot, yes. (The man was first the dad's co-pilot, then his friend.)

submitted by Jonathan Charles Wright

need a biscuit - Indicating that someone appears unhealthily thin.

e.g., Did you meet Gary's new girlfriend? I can see her ribs--she needs a biscuit.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

needing a taco - The state of being in which a person is taking herself wayyyyy too seriously. Used in the context of love and romance. (Taken from the South Park CD "Chef Aid" in which Chef gives Meatloaf a taco because he gets carried away singing about Meredith Baxter-Birney.)

e.g., Now that is a man in dire need of a taco.

submitted by Mouse - (www)

needinnoddin - When you're tired and you nod off to sleep sitting up, your head falls forward hitting your chest and wakes you up. So you jerk your head back up. You need to sleep so I call it needinnoddin

e.g., I sure am needinnoddin.

submitted by Michelle Page

needlenag - A person who constantly is nagging and bugging you.

e.g., My father is a needlenag. He thinks it's about time I move out, but I'm only twenty-seven.

submitted by tina budde - (www)

needless markup - sarcastic term for department store for the "well-heeled"

e.g., She probably shops at Needless Markup!

submitted by intra

needlessmarkup - An apt description of the department store Neiman Marcus.

e.g., 1: You paid ninety bucks for that shirt? 2: What do you expect? It's from NeedlessMarkup.

submitted by Heraldmonkey

needlister - A person who makes lists for no appparent reason.

e.g., Bob is a needlister--he just made a list of all the people in the phone book with his last name.

submitted by Jesse

needsta - A simple combination of the words "Needs" and "To"

e.g., My tummy needsta stop hurting; otherwise, I may hurl.

submitted by Sailor - (www)

needta - Need to. Similar constructions are gotta and hadta. These a just a few examples of how "Real English" is spoken.

e.g., "What's opa's e-mail adress? I needta ask him something"

submitted by HD Fowler

neefir - The naturally occurring indication that a woman must shave her patella (knee) area.

e.g., You're neefir is really looking bad; you better get out the razor.

submitted by jade

neek - One who has the ability to do what a geek can, but is too lazy to do so. Geeks get things done. Nerds don't.

e.g., Michael is better than your average neek. I know he can do this, but he's just too lazy....

submitted by Michael - (www)

neeky - The opposite of needy.

e.g., The man was neeky.

submitted by Kevin 7th English

neepness - A word one bellows when extremely annoyed. Taken from a mishearing of "Nee" from _Monty Python and the Holy Grail_. "Neep," the original word, is a less severe form of "neepness." "Neep" is used for annoyance, not anger.

e.g., Sarah: Uh, you know, your cat just knocked your Coke all over the computer keyboard. Nathan: Stupid cat. Neepness!

submitted by Aurora

neet-neet-neet - An insulting and bragging expression that is accompanied by pointing repeatedly at one's forehead. It means that "I got the best of you on that one" or "I figured that one out pretty good, didn't I?" Invented and used in Eugene, Oregon, but maybe spread or had a parallel emergence in other places. An advanced version was "A-ma-nee-a-ma-nee-a-ma-nee!

e.g., Neet-neet-neet! No one will ever forget how I outfoxed you on that one (with finger gestures).

submitted by Steve McDonald

negacritique - A negative critical review.

e.g., For the New Yorker, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Menand wrote a powerful negacritique of Al Gore's presuppositions in Earth in the Balance.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

negadexterous - To do nothing with both hands. Can be used as a derogatory during an argument.

e.g., Today I have been negadexterous, with precision. I have done nothing all day. | Chris is negadexterous -- he cannot and will not do anything.

submitted by Mark

negafier - Used like an adjective to describe someone who acts negatively or contrary to what you want.

e.g., He was a negafier when he talked of taking a vacation together. Why would I want to go with such a negafier. He negafied the whole thought of a romantic getaway.

submitted by Michelle S

negample - Negative example.

e.g., Hitler and Saddam are negamples of good leaders of society.

submitted by Ajith Kumar

negataurus - Person who attempts to gain attention by negative actions towards others

e.g., There was no other word to describe Glendola other than as a negataurus. She bullies, speaks maliciously of others, and spreads lies.

submitted by Heather Mann

negative benefit - A benefit that ironically has a negative side.

e.g., My mother in law is violently ill and I won't be able to see her for weeks. That's a negative benefit right there.

submitted by Bryan

negativism - A word or term that always connotes negatively.

e.g., The use of the term "mindset" is preferred over the negativism "mentality."

submitted by Joel Parker

negatron - N. A person who is boring, negative, or a wet blanket. Adj. Used to describe an action or thing that is a downer or drag.

e.g., 1. Frank didn't want me to go out tonight. He's being a negatron. 2. That was a real negatron move you just pulled.

submitted by Ann Marie - (www)

negigable - Negligible. Arose from a mistyping when describing how much space I had left on my hard drive. Then I noticed the "giga" in the middle and it just made sense in a pseudodictionary kinda way.

e.g., I can't keep buying music from iTunes Store because I only have negigable space remaining on my 'puter.

submitted by alan - (www)

neglatch - To neglect to attach a file to an e-mail.

e.g., As in the body of an e-mail reply-to-all that you just sent to many colleagues a few seconds earlier: "Oops, I always neglatch."

submitted by Blix

neglectexting - Texting someone with a message that requires a response, receiving a response that requires its own reply -- and then not answering, leaving the originally texted party in suspense.

e.g., I am tired of Crystal sending me a text and not answering my reply. She is always neglectexting me.

submitted by Tim Sokolowski

negligeent - Describes a condition in which you absentmindedly answer the door in your nightie.

e.g., I can't believe I was so negligeent that I answered the door for the FedEx guy wearing my naughty nightie.

submitted by Chris

negligibilization - To make negligible.

e.g., The negligibilization of the United Church of Canada became apparent after the failure by several of its members to become visibly enthusiastic about His vegetarian plan.

submitted by John Gimbel

negotiative - Inclined to negotiate

e.g., We are getting nowhere. They are unwilling to consider the alternatives offered, and certainly have not come up with new ones. We need to deal with someone more negotiative, so we can bring other variables to the table and get out of this stuck position.

submitted by Mark O'Dell

negphobia - The fear of receiving negative feedback from a buyer or seller on an auction site such as eBay.

e.g., She suffers from NEGphobia and refuses to give feedback first.

submitted by Ron Novinson

negs - short form of negative

e.g., Do buffalo have wings? Negs!

submitted by Batbabe

neh? - 1. "Don't you think?" Used to question the wisdom or veracity of something. 2. "Right?" Used to ask if a bit of information is right. Originally Japanese slang. Always used at the end of a sentence, like the French "n'est-ce pas?"

e.g., 1. Eating three baskets of French fries in an hour is a little much, neh? 2. Utah is south of Idaho, neh? I always get the big states out west confused.

submitted by Dar

nehushtan - (n.) 1. Something holy, or at least right and proper, which has been twisted from its original status or purpose; 2. a means which becomes an end; (adj.) 3. of or pertaining (a.) to such a thing twisted from its rightful use, or (b.) to a means which has become an end in itself; (v.) 4. to twist something from its proper use or to allow a means to become an end. (From the Hebrew name of the Brass serpent made by Moses as a symbol of salvation to heal the people from snake poisoning, an artifact which, sadly, had to be destroyed by King Hezekiah because people began to worship the object rather than God.)

e.g., Have you ever noticed that money, a mechanism for keeping track of one's resources has become, for most people, an end in itself. It's sad, really, how such a reservoir for good has nehusht into little but a status symbol.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

neighbor - used in place of repitition of last phrase when someone asks "What?" Used in familiar conversation.

e.g., "I'm hungry." "What?" "Neighbor."

submitted by Sierra Morris

neighburgerhood - The area in any town where you'd find a Burger King, McDonald's, or any other fast food restaurant within close proximity of each other.

e.g., We're hungry so we're going to drive around the neighburgerhood to see what fancies us.

submitted by Jean-Paul Mueller

nekedworking - This word should be substituted in casual/business conversations about Networking. If asked what you said, insist you merely said networking.

e.g., We need to add another port to the nekedwork.

submitted by Salted Wound - (www)

nekkid - Unclothed, but in a casual, non-artsy (as in nude) often (but not always) non-sexual way.

e.g., I'd never do housework in the nude, but I might do it nekkid.

submitted by Pat Powers

nelipot - One who walks without shoes; one who goes barefoot.

e.g., The nelipot walked slowly, letting the mud squeeze up between his toes.

submitted by Cody Roberts

nelly - It's like coolio

e.g., That shirt is nelly!

submitted by TP

nelumbophage - (n.) someone habitually out of it, literally "lotus eater" (cf. Homer's Odyssey); someone who just doesn't care, or who is so laid back they may as well be dead; a practitioner of the Lion King's hakuna matata philosophy. (v.) Nelumbophago "I don't care" or "I see no need to stress." (adj.) Nelumbophagic "uncaring, unstressed, unconcerned."

e.g., "What are we gonna do? We can't get the stuff to the client by Thursday!" "Don't worry: It'll get there when it gets there." "But ...--Oh, never mind, nelumbophage."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nem - And them. Used in reference to one specific person or group, and then includes insignificant people afterwards, referring to the people as "them."

e.g., Sally nem are going to the store tonight.

submitted by Rae

nemato'd - Provision in the National Electrical Manufacturers Ass'n. code for hillbillies.

e.g., The hillbilly's house wiring was sub-standard and he was nemato'd to rewire.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

nematoad - 1. An elusive pond animal that was always being sought after in the television show Doug. 2. To describe someone who does something in such a ridiculous or excessive manner that it is quite humorous.

e.g., Whenever I try to sell my used CDs to the record store, the guy who works there inspects them like a nematoad. He whips out a magnifying glass to look for scratches.

submitted by Drew

nematoed - Provision in the National Electrical Manufacturers Ass'n. code re compliance.

e.g., The NEMA member was threatened with expulsion unless he nematoed the line.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

nematowed - Provision in the National Electrical Manufacturers Ass'n. membership benefits for auto breakdown.

e.g., The NEMA member had his car nematowed.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

nemattoad - To reply to a post in a forum with an answer identical in substance to a previous poster, attempting to pass off the answer as your own.

e.g., I can't believe Chris nemattoaded me. I posted the exact same thing to that thread yesterday.

submitted by Dave

nemawashi - An informal feeling out and consensus gathering, to send out a trial balloon.

e.g., Professional pollsters and movie studios perform an almost magical nemawashi of selecting the perfect survery test group.

submitted by Joel Parker

nemeither - (v) 1. To agree 2. Agreeing while overly exhausted: synonymous with "me neither." 3. the third person's expression when all three parties agree in the negative.

e.g., Amy: "I don't want to go out." Bea: "Me neither." Clarice: "Nemeither." | Craig: "Did you just say nemeither?"

submitted by abomb - (www)

nemeither - (v) 1. To agree 2. Agreeing while overly exhausted: synonymous with "me neither." 3. the third person's expression when all three parties agree in the negative.

e.g., Amy: "I don't want to go out." Bea: "Me neither." Clarice: "Nemeither." | Craig: "Did you just say nemeither?"

submitted by abomb - (www)

nemeither - (v) 1. To agree 2. Agreeing while overly exhausted: synonymous with "me neither." 3. the third person's expression when all three parties agree in the negative.

e.g., Amy: "I don't want to go out." Bea: "Me neither." Clarice: "Nemeither." | Craig: "Did you just say nemeither?"

submitted by abomb - (www)

nemeither - (v) 1. To agree 2. Agreeing while overly exhausted: synonymous with "me neither." 3. the third person's expression when all three parties agree in the negative.

e.g., Amy: "I don't want to go out." Bea: "Me neither." Clarice: "Nemeither." | Craig: "Did you just say nemeither?"

submitted by abomb - (www)

nemesissy - One who is both an evil arch-nemesis and also a sissy, susceptible to being beaten in challenges due to sissy-ness or lack of cajones. One who is despised for their sissiness, either out of disgust or jealousy for their severity of it.

e.g., Any Red Sox player will agree that the rival Yankee player Alex Rodriguez is their favorite nemesissy.

submitted by Ramsey Bakhoum - (www)

nemissary - someone sent on a mission to represent the interests of someone else whose purpose on the surface is good, but really is on a mission to cause misery or evil.

e.g., The nemissary from Far Away Land spoke eloquently to the king and queen of devotion, all the while plotting their demise.

submitted by Brock Gunter-Smith - (www)

nen-em m's - How a 4-year old describes candy-coated chocolate candies.

e.g., Daddy, Katy took the rest of my nen-em m's and I know cuz she got's them in her mouth now. Make her give me back my nen-em m's!.

submitted by Clint Whitsett

nenanu - Used to describe an actor who is a graduate of the Drama School of No Facial Expressions. Derived from the name of the king himself, Keanu Reeves.

e.g., That Dark Angel chick, she's pretty hot. Shame she's a Nenanu.

submitted by Kimber ley

nentocombobombulatorial - Adjective describing a fictional device used to analyse DNA on pieces of evidence. Fatured only in the musical _Beans_, enjoyed and understood by only one group of friends in the universe, and therefore highly important to eveyone.

e.g., All you need to discover the culprit is a simple piece of machinery--the Nentocombobombulatorial Chamber.

submitted by Twiglet Queen - (www)

neo maxi zoom dweebe - An extended version for the word moron.

e.g., That guy Chris is a neo maxi zoom dweebe.

submitted by James

neo nerd - The new generation of "nerd," or intelligent outcast from mainstream society. A neo nerd is now often well accepted by not only mainsteam society, but by multiple subcultures as well, thanks to modern society's new views on the importance of intelligence and education. When refering to themselves or others, a neo nerd will often shorten the term to the classic and familiar "nerd."

e.g., Bill Gates may, quite possibly, be the emperor of the neo nerds. After all, he does rule the world, no matter how evil he may be.

submitted by The Feline Punk - (www)

neo-boganism - The new wave of bogans, unashameably ignorant, stuck in a fashion rut that will remain with them till death, small-minded and think the best ever thing to do is get drunk, smoke their tires and pick on minorities. These dumb and dumber people are being employed in increasingly important jobs. Popular culture and technology have brought bogans into the mainstream public.

e.g., The neo-bogans are responsible for the strange bend in the bell curve and will halt the advance of each generation getting smarter.

submitted by Peter

neo-hippie - Neo-hippy. The children of ex-hippies-turned-yuppies (or "yippies" as they've been called) who are self-proclaimed idealists, but who have neither the passion nor the revolutionary spirit their parents had. They settle instead for dressing fashionably bohemian, eating raw foods, and when asked say they support legalized medicinal marijuana and lifting the US sanctions in Iraq -- but can't really recall why. See Trustafarians.

e.g., Said one neo-hippie to the other, "What a beautiful skirt. Is it hemp?" "No, I got it at an Anthropologie sample sale. Isn't it great?" "Oh, really? I heard they use child labor or something," "Huh? Oh, right, I'm not really sure. . . . Hey, was that Jeff rolling by in a new Land Rover Freelander? His dreads are so cool."

submitted by sarah lybrand

neo-vision - The mystical ability to look at a computer game or program and visualize the lines of code that created it. From the scene in The Matrix where Neo realizes he can see and thus manipulate the code behind the matrix.

e.g., Look at him reverse engineering that game. He must have Neo-vision . . . or something.

submitted by Shaduan

neoegocentricforte - A new self-centered strong point.

e.g., Wow, you really found a neoegocenticforte when you started your signing career.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

neojorky - Tasty strips of dried meat, made in New York City. New York jerky.

e.g., Four ounces of soylent green along with four ounces of neojorky makes a nutritious snack.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

neologist - One who makes up new words, often in an attempt to make herself look smarter. | One who coins new words.

e.g., What is that fool neologist talking about now? | With his coining of the word "meme" in The Selfish Gene in 1976, Richard Dawkins established himself as one of our most widely recognized and influential modern neologists.

submitted by Mark | J T GILLICK - (www)

neologizmo - A new word gadget or device (for a new word gadget or device).

e.g., What is this neologizmo supposed to mean

submitted by Bjørn - (www)

neolojism - Nonsense and crap about neologisms.

e.g., I like word sites that don't give me all that neolojism.

submitted by star651

neon - Illuminated indication of something good and marvelous.

e.g., Frogpad and ipod are neon gagdets. Pseudodictionary is a neon website for wordtrendsetters and wordcreatives.

submitted by pheloxi

neonazifem - Woman involved in the feminist movement. Usually wearing combat boots and having short hair. Something along those lines.

e.g., Ooh, noooooh, How did I end up involved in a conversation about shaving with this neonazifem.?

submitted by Jessicalyn

neonovanew - Really, really, really new. Totally cutting edge, the latest thing, more than up-to-date, current as of the present second, futuristic even, replaces all similar or un-similar things past.

e.g., Potential settlers to Mars were duly impressed by all the neonovanew elements and factors described to them on the info-teletubes -- their emigration and immigration were often guaranteed.

submitted by Paul Edic

neonphancy - A fluorescent light bulb struggling to come to life. (Not original to me.)

e.g., Those new 60W neon long-life screw-base bulbs don't EVER seem to get out of their neonphancy.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

neoparisitis - A new social phenomenon relating to the seemingly constant appearance of Paris Hilton everywhere. A condition characterized by the curious desire of young heiress wannabes to pattern after her.

e.g., Katarina was suffering from neoparisitis so bad that she even bought a pet chihuahua and named her Teacup.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

neotrad - Short for "neo-traditionalist." One who tries to embody anachronistic behavior or appearance.

e.g., Where are all these neotrads coming from? There isn't a retro shop in this town.

submitted by Michael Buehler

neoxise - The act of replacing bone marrow using artificially enhanced metal alloys.

e.g., I wanna be like Wolverine. I'm gonna go get myself neoxised.

submitted by Crazy Chicken - (www)

nep agent -

A label given to those who act as a form of power-lapdog, generally for a higher team of superiors either in a company or community without actually being given a title or executive privileges. Such people will remain the unannounced lackeys of said higher power(s), while considering themselves a member of said power group.

Nep Agents will usually enforce the standards or rules of their respective community in a way akin to that of an officer, moderator, etc. -- while having little or no ability to actually follow through on enforcement.

{ED. I called a friend Friday and told him that I had arranged for a prayer group consisting of about a dozen people to show up at his home Saturday night at eight o'clock to conduct a prayer session for him -- because his soul is in need of saving. Silence ensued for a while, then I told him it was a prank. He said he thought at first that I was serious -- and that I must really have a lot of gall to do something like that, given that he's an atheist and has no tolerance for prayers. (Double meaning intended: prayers, pray-ers.)

My analogy is far from perfect, but it bears a certain similarity to the federal government sending out-of-state observers to monitor polling places during the presidential election. What federal law empowers the federal government to send observers to polling places in violation of state law? The Civil Rights Act of 1964?

I'm not legally empowered to send a prayer group to my atheist friend's home. He's six inches taller than I am, outweighs me by 50 pounds, is much stronger than I am, and is in much better physical condition. Plus, he's a trained killer, having served in the US Army for more than 20 years. He'd kick my ass from here to Sunday the next time I saw him if I ambushed him with a prayer group.

Federal laws take precedence over state constitutions and state laws under Article VI's Supremacy Clause:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any state to the Contrary notwithstanding.

However a state has the absolute and exclusive power to determine who can vote, with the exception of exclusions governed by Amendments XV, XIX, XXIV, and XXVI. Does enforcing those amendments mean that representatives of the federal government can be in and around a state's polling places on a presidential election day in violation of a state's laws. (Only for the types of elections called out in Amendment XV? Left as an exercise for the reader. Hint: See McPherson v. Blacker, 146 U.S. 1 [1892].) It really has little to do with the Amendment X and state's rights. It's Article II, § 1, clause 2 that controls: "Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct. …" It's that provision of the Constitution that the National Popular Vote Movement relies on for its compact among states to get the President and Vice President elected by national popular vote. Unless I'm mistaken, it's also the provision that underpinned Bush's win in the Electoral College over Gore in 2000. The Florida Supreme Court was not allowed to interfere with the Florida legislature's plenary power.

Supreme Court precedent on presidential elections was established with McPherson v. Blacker, 146 U.S. 1 (1892). "Under the second clause of Article II of the Constitution, the legislatures of the several states have exclusive [plenary, absolute] power to direct the manner in which the electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed." What that leads to -- and it will be a big surprise to lots of people -- is that "[T]here is no constitutional right to vote in a presidential election. The fact that the state in which you reside even permits you to vote for electors is purely a matter of legislative grace. … McPherson's ruling that a state legislature has plenary power over elections … implies that states may dispense with presidential elections entirely." You may think a state legislature can't change the state constitution without going to the voters, but the way I read this is that a state legislature can change the way presidential electors are selected without approval of the people -- if its members are dumb enough to do that. If they did, they'd soon be thrown out of office. If you want to learn more, you might start with the linked site.

I don't particularly like the idea that I have no constitutional right to vote either for the President and Vice President or for electors pledged to vote for them as stand-ins for me in the Electoral College. But that's the way it is, like it or lump it. It will remain so either until the Constitution is amended or until another instance of SCOTUS ignores stare decisis and overturns McPherson v. Blacker. … Well, I suppose a second revolution is another possibility. The way some folks have been spouting off in the run-up to November 6, that might not be as far-fetched as it usually would.

Remember what we've told you time and time again:

Do not believe anything you read in the pseudodictionary.
Do not take us seriously. Do not believe anything we say.
Seek wisdom elsewhere. Watch out for leg-pulling and tomfoolery.
This site is a lark for the owners and you always need to keep that in mind.

To close this tome for now: The closest thing to a "federal election" is an election in Washington, D.C. Those are controlled by Congress.}

e.g., The annoying guy in the next cubicle keeps telling me to follow the rules of my company, insisting he'll report me to my superiors if I don't follow the rules. What a nep agent. I don't consider anyone superior to me. | I was jay-walking in the street the other day, and a stranger walked up to me and told me not to do it again, or else. "Or else"? He wasn't even a cop, just another dithering nep agent entering his years of flatulent senescence. (Thanks to Lawrence Block for flatulent senescence. [Yes, I know what I said.]) | Whether they realize it or not, Ambassadors to the United Nations from countries that don't have a seat on the Security Council are nep agents. That's because the General Assembly is effectively powerless, not being able to enforce sanctions.

submitted by Osiris - (www)

nephew - (n.) A significant amount of weight lost (or, presumably, gained). [from the ordinary word 'nephew,' meaning 'sibling's son.' Evidently, a reference to carrying around--or not carrying around--the weight of a child.]

e.g., I first heard this term used by a physical therapist in reference to a patient who had lost weight over a few months. He said, "Wow, John, looks like you've dropped a nephew!" I find the term rather bizarre, myself.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nepot - Nepots are the folks who benefit from nepotism.

e.g., Yes, you're right. My plan is to hire nepots. What's wrong with that? I own the company. You want I should hire illegal aliens?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nerb - A noun that has become a verb. | The process of a noun becoming a verb.

e.g., "Impact" is an excellent example of a nerb. Once it was simply a noun; it meant the effect of something on something else. Now, it is used as a verb -- "this impacted on that." Thus, impact is a nerb. In this way, nerb is actually an example of itself: the process of nerbing creates nerbs.

submitted by David Martin

nerbie - Someone who is book smart, but street dumb.

e.g., Chris is a nerbie.

submitted by Spanka

nerd - Root of action verb (past tense), often having to do with computer geeks. | "Joyce Melton responded to last week’s article. 'Cartoonists, illustrators and other artists have used nerds to mean eraser crumbs for more than sixty years. When I worked at newspapers in the sixties, we had a special brush (called a broom) for getting rid of nerds before inking a drawing because the tiny pieces of rubber would cause blots and blobs on the art. When the movie Revenge of the Nerds came out, I imagined eraser crumbs with giant art brooms pursuing people. That wasn’t what the movie was about but it still makes me laugh to think of it.'"

e.g., He tried to weasel out of having caused the program crash but was cornerd. | Ah, yes, I remember the nerds, too. But I didn't know that's what they were called.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

nerd cliff - A metaphoric expression used to describe that moment in a conversation when a speaker inexplicably and enthusiastically follows an arcane topic of conversation that she alone is interested in. The speaker is often aware that she has lost her listeners but is strangely unable to gracefully end her rambling. Quite often the speaker will seem somewhat bewildered that no one else finds the topic as fascinating as she does and figure if she keeps talking eventually someone will want to join in.

e.g., A nerd cliff can be used by the listeners to signal that it is time to move on. It can also be used to describe what happened to a third party. For example, I was talking to Kim about when Easter was and he started talking about how to calculate the date. "Lost me after equinox, Kim -- complete nerd cliff." Used self-reflectively it has become an accepted, and slightly more humourous way to exit the situation in question, rather than the usually barely audible mutterings that form the conversational ellipses. "Sorry, guys. Nerd cliff."

submitted by kim - (www)

nerd layering - The act of stacking different fandoms in a single outfit: comic-related hat, band-related shirt, TV series|toy line jacket.

e.g., Steve was really nerd layering today. Rocking his Superman hat, Iron Maiden shirt and C.O.B.R.A. jacket. I wouldn't be surprised if he was wearing Star Wars underwear.

submitted by Tim Reinerman - (www)

nerd-bomber - Someone who exhibits nerd-like traits on occasion but does not have enough consistency to deserve the title of nerd.

e.g., Jan was being such a nerd-bomber when she knew the correct usage of the term "calisthenics."

submitted by Julie

nerd-e-bonics - Computer speak or technical talk used by nerds that normal non-nerd people don't understand.

e.g., He seemed incapable of speaking standard English, being able only to talk in nerd-e-bonics.

submitted by Patrick

nerdbox - Computer.

e.g., C'mon, let's go out. Quit spending so much time on the nerdbox.

submitted by Hamish

nerdcake - A smart but "soft" person.

e.g., Sean shouldn't be such a nerdcake because people will continue to take advantage of him.

submitted by Demetrius Pinder - (www)

nerdgasm - Occurs when an individual gets disturbingly excited over an event, item, or topic that would be considered nerdy or geeky. | What happens when an individual who is classified as a nerd or geek gets overly excited inappropriately.

e.g., Charlie couldn't help but have a nerdgasm over the comics convention that would soon come to town. | Sherie experienced a nerdgasm yet again as she salivated over the Heroes poster that she came into possession of.

submitted by Maria - (www)

nerding out - Having a sudden attack of abnormally high nerdy or geeky feelings and impulses.

e.g., I walked into the computer lab and immediately started nerding out -- I must have drank three gallons of Tang and sat there programming for eight hours.

submitted by brient - (www)

nerdist - (n.) 1. A nerd (an intelligent outcast, especially the geekesque technophiles (to whom we all turn when we can't figure out what's wrong with out computers)); 2. One who practices nerdism; 3. One who finds freedom in nerdism, and revels in the glory of the electronic Gaia that is the internet; 3. One who pretends nerdism or geekity, but actually seeks only to twist the web into a vomit of pornography, cruel viruses, defamations, and apples of Discord. [From nudist, obviously, with the twist of definition 3 in an homage to Robert Graves poem "The Naked and the Nude" ... perhaps, ''The All-Nighter and the Nerd''?]

e.g., Most of us look upon communal websites as little more than nerdist camps. Each such site, however, is built around a core of common culture it would be well for us to comprehend before condemning.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nerditude - The degree to which a person has achieved her dream of becoming a nerd.

e.g., By memorizing the Department of Defense Manual of Acronymns and Initialisms, Schlackel had achieved the highest possible degree of nerditude.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

nerdlinger - Someone who does something slightly nerdish, while being otherwise cool.

e.g., A: Yeah, I went to a LAN the other night. B: Oh, nerdlinger.

submitted by inspector

nerdlode - Matter formed when an IT department spontaneously congeals. This usually happens when the department is left to its own devices for more than five years with the same infrastructure and technologies. Managers (and cleaners) abandon and forget the area before it finally goes critical. Occasionally, Lode Raiders break into a nerdlode to extract valuable Star Wars collectibles and Lara Croft memorabilia.

e.g., Pizza boxes crunched as he forced open the door. He sniffed the air: rarely washed t-shirts, disappointment, and that strange minestrone soup smell. His canary fainted. This was pure nerdlode.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

nerdly - Nerdy, but in a respectable and admirable way.

e.g., Adam's really great in science. He's a real nerdly guy.

submitted by Bender

nerdom - The state, condition, or quality which characterizes all that is nerdly.

e.g., Hands trembling, I tore the packaging from my official Starship Enterprise coffee mug caddy, and realized that my descent into nerdom was complete.

submitted by martin

nerdvana - The infinite bliss of technical perfection.

e.g., On configuring the final router, I reached nerdvana.

submitted by Scott - (www)

nerf - In motor racing, when one car bumps another without it being severe enough to be called a crash.

e.g., ...and that was Villeneuve nerfing Frentzen off the track.

submitted by Adam Leslie

nerf - When something that was not intended (and being used as an exploit) in a computer game is edited in a patch it, (the exploit) is said to be "nerfed."

e.g., The golden gun in James Bond needs to be nerfed.

submitted by Urzumph

nerf herder - Lifted from a magazine to describe a thick (i.e., stupid) person at my workplace.

e.g., Xynoy, what are you doing? Are you some kind of nerf herder?

submitted by Xnoybis

nerfar - Acronym: Not Emotionally Ready For A Relationship.

e.g., Sam wouldn't go out with Jane. Said he didn't have the time. Personally, I think he's just NERFAR.

submitted by Jules

nerg - Someone obsessed with getting the most food for a given price, often at the expense of the food's quality.

e.g., Mom, we're always going to these cheap buffets for dinner. Please stop being a nerg.

submitted by Hsing-Hua Chu

nergh - An annoyed or discontented sound

e.g., ""Nergh, I hate geometry...""

submitted by Kiki the Ferret

nerk - Combination nerd and geek.

e.g., Chris is a nerk. He wears socks with sandals, plus he has the high score on Galiga.

submitted by Aly Silverberg

nerlingers - A term used in Scottish soccer newsgroups to indicate unwarranted hyperbole attributing special skills or qualities, especially to soccer players, with little evidence to support them. Origin: Christian Nerlinger, a German soccer player who signed for Glasgow Rangers with great anticipation of his being an exceptional player, but who later proved to be a grave disappointment. Formerly Nerlinger's Syndrome.

e.g., "This boy may only have played for half an hour but I've seen enough to suggest we have landed a future great." "No, you are just afflicted with Nerlingers."

submitted by The NG

nerts - Nuts. Used by Frank Burns on "M*A*S*H..

e.g., "Nerts to you." "Buzz off, you're driving me nert.!"

submitted by J. Field

nertz - The tiny slivers of rubber left on paper after erasing.

e.g., I tried to be neat, but there were nertz all over my paper.

submitted by Jonathan Searfoss

nervigator - The person in the passenger seat who has no confidence in the driver's ability to get them to their destination. Unable to relax, nervigators can be seen constantly looking around and furiously pointing at random side streets saying, "I think we should be heading that way."

e.g., Jeff the cab-driver always seemed to pick up the worst nervigators. They seemed to insist that he travel in directions which were contrary to the destination they had originally specified and then got restless that they would not arrive on time.

submitted by ashsimmonds

nervited - To be neverous and excited at the same time.

e.g., I am so nervited for my performance today.

submitted by Thomas Yount

nervologist - A doctor who specializes in problems with the nervous system.

e.g., Chris started to become quite edgy all the time. Her regular MD suggested she see a nervologist who could help her.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

nervousity - 1. Tendency of some people to attempt to compensate for their nervousness by talking far too much. Compound of "nervous" and "verbosity."

e.g., The interview would have gone so much better if I had been able to control my nervousity.

submitted by khreg & karinib - (www)

nes - Neither yes nor no, a one word answer to get you out of trouble.

e.g., Have you been throwing berries at cars, Jon? Nes.

submitted by Dillan Manhasset

nespa - "Is that not so?"--challenging the other person to contradict you.

e.g., Yeah? Well, YOU were the one who wanted us to come here in the first place. Nespa?

submitted by Anastasia

ness - Used for any noun. Comes in handy when you can't think of the name for what you want.

e.g., Hey, can you hand me the thing between the stuff and the ... ness? Thanks.

submitted by tweak

nestoring - To hold up traffic by refusing to give way despite driving no faster than the speed limit in the fast lane of a motorway. (Used in Washington DC, USA.)

e.g., Sorry I'm so late. Some peckerhead was nestoring all the way to the Route 50 exit.

submitted by strozzapreti

net-yocks - The jokes that are sent by e-mail.

e.g., Most of the net-yocks that arrive from friends are pretty corny, but a few contain real kernels of truth.

submitted by Diana Filner

netcafe - An establishment that provides a non-library study and play environment with access to computers, internet resources, and food services.

e.g., I am going down to the netcafe to study. Let's go down to the netcafe and surf the internet.

submitted by jason bartel - (www)

netflicking - While at Netflix with your iPhone or tablet, the flicking through the movie selections in vain for a movie that you haven't already seen or didn't want to watch in the first place but finally settling for a one- or two-star movie in desperation.

e.g., I have been netflicking until my finger is numb.

submitted by Donna J. Duckering - (www)

netflix - To order a DVD on

e.g., If you haven't seen Amelie, you gotta netflix it.

submitted by Ann Marie - (www)

netflixing - Logging on to to add movies.

e.g., I just heard The Matrix came out on DVD, so i need to start netflixing.

submitted by Salih

nethead - A person whose life revolves around the internet, to the point where entire conversations can occur through URLs.

e.g., "How are you doing today?" "" "You're a nethead."

submitted by blahblogger - (www)

nether - Negative ether.

e.g., Drilling in the nether regions is assinine (and painful).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

netlag - Suffered by many people attempting to access the same website that uses an underclassed server, a description of a slow internet connection.

e.g., Sorry I could not get the file for you sooner, I was suffering from netlag.

submitted by kenste

netnotworking - The time when the network...doesn't.

e.g., I had a netnotworking holiday this afternoon.

submitted by Blue Hornet

netpecker - One who is both a nitpicker and a peckerhead, especially applicable to one who plies her trade on the internet. The netpecker who inspired this entry is a moderator-wannabe on a site I frequent. Her contributions consist almost entirely of correcting other posters. (I make no claim that this word is original with me, but I never saw it before I thought of it. I came up with my definition independent of any other instances of its use.)

e.g., If that's the way the netpecker wants it, that's the way to go. | If I felt compelled to go out of my way to find an objection to or feel offended by this thread -- that is, to be a netpecker -- it would probably be the choice of Men and Ladies in the topic, as opposed to Men and Women or Ladies and Gentlemen. The latter choices are both egalitarian and parallel.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko - (www)

netscape-thing - The word that an Internet-Explorer-only using HTML programming geek uses to try and disguise his sloppy non-cross-browser programming skills. Usually said with an air of indignance.

e.g., Um, well, no - that table won't look right to you - it's a Netscape-thing. Now, if you look at it in Internet Explorer...

submitted by :bRETT: - (www)

netscapegoat - (n) Something that can be blamed for faults with or from the internet.

e.g., Bill is using the server as a netscapegoat instead of his poor skills with computers.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

netscapism - netscapism, n. (net + escapism) - an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities into the electronic network, or virtual world.

e.g., In the past, the wild nature and remote countries provided the favorite refuge for escapists. Now netscapism, especially among adolescents, has grown into a serious social problem.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

netscapist - netscapist, n. - a person who escapes from unpleasant realities into the networld.

e.g., Netscapists are ubiquitous today. If you chat with a your closest neighbor for hours from your computer instead of seeing him in a cafe, you are in danger of becoming a netscapist.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

netset - Group of people associated with the cutting edge of web development and innovation.

e.g., Some people called Geoff an internet junkie, but among the netset he was a god.

submitted by Chris Surguine - (www)

netteranian - An individual who could (or has) posed for illustrations of diseases or conditions in medical books or journals. This is in reference to the famous Illustrator and Author, Frank Netter, MD.

e.g., Intern: "That one-legged obese man in the wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the oxygen mask on top of his head is a classic Netteranian." Attending Physician: "Yes, but his Medical Insurance pays well."

submitted by Richard W. Mondak - (www)

netteranian - An individual who could (or has) posed for illustrations of diseases or conditions in medical books or journals. This is in reference to the famous Illustrator and Author, Frank Netter, MD.

e.g., Intern: "That one-legged obese man in the wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the oxygen mask on top of his head is a classic Netteranian." Attending Physician: "Yes, but his Medical Insurance pays well."

submitted by Richard W. Mondak - (www)

netteranian - An individual who could (or has) posed for illustrations of diseases or conditions in medical books or journals. This is in reference to the famous Illustrator and Author, Frank Netter, MD.

e.g., Intern: "That one-legged obese man in the wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the oxygen mask on top of his head is a classic Netteranian." Attending Physician: "Yes, but his Medical Insurance pays well."

submitted by Richard W. Mondak - (www)

netteranian - An individual who could (or has) posed for illustrations of diseases or conditions in medical books or journals. This is in reference to the famous Illustrator and Author, Frank Netter, MD.

e.g., Intern: "That one-legged obese man in the wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the oxygen mask on top of his head is a classic Netteranian." Attending Physician: "Yes, but his Medical Insurance pays well."

submitted by Richard W. Mondak - (www)

nettery - (n.) 1. Frivolous use of the internet (i.e., stupid websites, pointless information, and the idiotic endocrinolatry of porn); 2. Frivolous use of any computer-based tech (i.e., cell phones, ipads, kindles, tvos, vel cet.); 3. Netting (physical) of any sort (mosquito nets, cargo nets, dragnets, fish nets, etc.).

e.g., Dad: "Have you finished your homework yet?" Jerry: "No: still doing research." Jill: "No, he isn't! He's playing his blister game." Jerry: "It's 'ballista,' stupid, not 'blister.'" Dad: "Okay, Jerry, turn off the nettery." | All of the nettery in the ocean seems worthless if all it does is drown luckless dolphins.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

netutient - Miserable.

e.g., What a netutient day. There's no blue sky anywhere

submitted by platinum

netwed - To marry someone you meet on the internet.

e.g., Jack and Jill surfed the internet, Jack chatted with jill, and they were netwed soon after.

submitted by Neville Poncha - (www)

network nazi - Term referring to IT support personnel, typically working for a large corporation, who impose arbitrary production-inhibiting rules about what software and hardware is allowed on the company LAN.

e.g., The network nazis took out my CD-ROM drive because it was "non-standard"

submitted by RobA

neubee - A citizen of the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Similar to a Newfie, a citizen of Newfoundland.

e.g., Eh? She's a neubee. (Must include the required "eh" to be properly Canadian.)

submitted by Martin Jones - (www)

neuclear - Brand name for an acne remover that blows your pimples away.

e.g., Bert: Ernie, your complexion's looking great. Keep improving and you may be able to get a date for the prom. Ernie: Thanks to Neuclear almost all of my blemishes are gone. Now if I could just do something about the craters it left.

submitted by Miss Speller

neuf-trois - The disaffected and disgruntled (or the criminals or jihadists, depending on your perspective) who live on the fringes of a society . . . and on the fringes of urban areas. From 93, the postal code for suburban Paris, as mentioned in this article. The word works for urban areas where the wealthier people live in the cities and the poorer people on the outskirts.

e.g., The neuf-trois are doing substantial property damage in France these days, but so far the bloodshed appears to have been minimal.

submitted by HD Fowler

neur - Verbal shrug of indifference.

e.g., Me: What do you want to do today? You: Neur.

submitted by Loz - (www)

neurolboredom - Neurological affliction suffered by a person who spends the day trying to think up new words to submit.

e.g., Dina asked, "Is neurolboredom inherited? Dad's always playing with words."

submitted by Edie

neuromantic - Combination of "neurotic" and "new Romantic." New Romanticism was a term in the late eighties to describe a second neo-romantic period in music composition, which was contemporary but a return to conventional tonality. An example of a new romantic would be the composer David Del Tredici. The neuromantic adds to the mystical connotations in old romanticism with the quality of imagination that hallucinates audio or visual.

e.g., Working late into the night in obsessive fashion despite continually hearing things, that neuromantic composer was somewhat avant-garde and yet remained within the limits of what could still be considered tonal music.

submitted by Alexandra Ottaway - (www)

neuronics - The study of the brain and the nervous system. This is a more concise synonym of "neuroscience" formed according to the typical model of derivation for names of disciplines (cf. mechanics, electronics, physics, mathematics, linguistics). The term "neuronics" can be used interchangeably with the terms "neuroscience" and "neurobiology." The plural "s" emphasizes the multiplicity of its branches, from molecular neuronics to neuropsychology and neurolinguistics.

e.g., I've spent quite a bit of my time for the last several years on neuronics/

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

neurosmith - A master at neuropathy and spreading her own personal neurosis among peers for the sake of improving society.

e.g., Tammy has, in the past few decades, begun using my language -- acting with true foolishness and spreading her own neuropathy due to my being such a master neurosmith.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

neurot - Noun form of the word "'neurotic."

e.g., Chris is a neurot.

submitted by P. Sherman

neusters, the - ('noy-stirs; n.) 1. the months of may, june, july, and august, taken as a group; 2. that third of the year between may 1st and august 31st. [from "no oysters" (with a nifty german spelling), given the old saying that one should eat oysters only in months whose names contain an "r" (which eight of them do, but not the ones in the middle of the year).]

e.g., "Where are you going for high neusters [i.e., June 25--July 5]?" "Grand Canyon and then on to Mexico City. You?" "I'll be doing fiscal reports at home." "Lucky."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

neuteralize - To neutralize by neutering. To figuratively castrate or spay someone with whom you disagree.

e.g., I find it easy to neuteralize those with whom I spar on message boards.

submitted by Miss Speller

neutomy - The fictional Greek god of wonder and amazement. From “new to me.”

e.g., Whatever you do, don't anger Neutomy. He can hurt you amazingly bad.

submitted by Phill Armstrong

neutron - Extremely impressive. Since the neutron bomb is the most destructive bomb, describing something as "neutron" means that it is more impressive than something that is just "the bomb."

e.g., I went to see the Ween concert last night. It was neutron.

submitted by Mr. Ragsinhisears - (www)

neutron star - (n.) a celebrity who is incredibly dense and really ought to keep their mouth shut. (from the density of neutron stars---approximately 10^(15) grams per cubic centimeter).

e.g., "Wal-mart ... do they like make walls there?" --Paris Hilton having a neutron star moment.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

neutrovert - Neither an extrovert or introvert.

e.g., She is not outgoing, but not a hermit either. What a neutrovert!

submitted by Nicole - (www)

neven - Not even.

e.g., I don't neven like it.

submitted by Bill

never effer land - A place unknown to the real world where all the inhabitants are virgins. The people love it. Whoever devotes himself or herself to this higher path, benefits greatly, in mind and spirit, and even of course, in body. {ED. Yeah, right.}

e.g., In Never Effer Land, there is no time-consuming, energy-consuming, wasteful preoccupation with physical attraction or relationships. The people are freed up to expand their minds, their intellect, worthwhile projects and activities, progress, development, successes. Be pure now, leave the funny business to the drooling masses.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

never skin ever - A poignant motto for those who fiercely oppose the circumsizing [sic] of helpless male infants.

e.g., The wicked king of Babble-On (WhosSane?) proclaimed "Never skin ever" as the Jews do.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nevergetion - The fine art of not being able to find "there" from "here."

e.g., I left the nevergetion up to my son; he won't ask for directions.

submitted by John

nevermound - Past tense of "nevermind."

e.g., When Johnny told Mary to "Nevermind," Mary responded, "Nevermound."

submitted by Iyaz Akhtar

nevertiree - A person who never retires.

e.g., Once upon a time I thought I might become a nevertiree because continuing to work would give me something to do with myself. Now I'm going to be one because I can't afford to retire. Rat's ass.

submitted by hd

neville - Someone of no note. From Australian slang "Neville Nobody."

e.g., You think you're good, but you're just a neville.

submitted by keivan

neville - v. to slink up alongside or behind someone in a slightly leering way, and to engage that person in uncomfortable conversation for an inappropriate amount of time. past tense; to have been nevilled.

e.g., The after-hours security guard had her nevilled for a full half-hour.

submitted by andrew

new hotness - The newest next best thing.

e.g., Wearing underpants outside your pants ... the new hotness for unibrows.

submitted by Adam C.

new normal - Something trendy and contemporary usually negative that is now accepted as common or the norm.

e.g., Being underemployed or working for less salary in today's economy is the new normal.

submitted by Joel Parker

new york minute - A brief span of time required to perform the requested function, usually said to someone who is impatient.

e.g., If you'd just give me a New York Minute, I can look that up for you.

submitted by Varrick Nunez

new york nanosecond - The amount of time it would take one to consider engaging in carnal congress with someone extremely desirable. Can also be heard as "New York picosecond" or "New York femtosecond," although these tend to be rare. Based on the older term "New York minute." (

e.g., "Did you check her out? I'd hit that...." "In a New York nanosecond."

submitted by Sean - (www)

new yorker, a | the new yorker syndrome - Geographically challenged. Famously indicated by a New Yorker magazine cover in the 1920s.

e.g., Please remember that I'm a New Yorker, and have The New Yorker Syndrome. I live in the foothills of the Catskills and, like most Northeasterners, my domestic attention is always focused east toward the Atlantic. We believe that anyone who lives between Los Angeles and Cincinnati must be in Kansas.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko - (www)

newbicity - A scale to rate ones likeness to a newbie.

e.g., John deleted his home directory again. His newbicity astounds me.

submitted by Stoffle

newbie - Beginner, new kid on the block, player new to a computer game, etc.

e.g., We knew he was a newbie because he typed in all caps.

submitted by Nick Schurk

newbie influx - A net occurrence which happens after Christmas -- when people have received their new computer, complete with ISP CD. Most noticeable in chat rooms were they often crash and burn.

e.g., Beware of confused and desperate IMs, newbie influx in effect.

submitted by Carl R. - (www)

newbymag - Magazine designed for newcomers to an area.

e.g., Here you go, John. I got this with my copy of What Digital Camera, but it's no good to me as it's a newbymag.

submitted by Alan Morrison

newce - Collective noun for nephews and nieces.

e.g., This year I can't afford to buy Christmas presents for all of my newce.

submitted by Elizabeth

newdies - The opposite of oldies; current pix and such.

e.g., Newdies are bare of hoariness and can include recent skin flicks.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

newfie - 1. Citizen of Newfoundland, Canada. Short form: newf

e.g., 1. We all wish we were newfie. 2. Eeeza newf.

submitted by Martin Jones

newfweiler - A cross between a Newfoundland dog and a Rottweiler. Newfweilers look like very big Labrador Retrievers.

e.g., My puppy isn't a black Lab; she's a Newfweiler. Her father was a Newfoundland and her mother was a Rottweiler.

submitted by Mark Lutton

newgart - A complete jerk, uninvolved distant moron.

e.g., I could tell he was a newgart when I first herd him speak.

submitted by ~andrea~

newjack - Cool.

e.g., Those shoes you got are newjack.

submitted by Lerenzo and Steven

newlike - Failing to make connections in a new group, school or job even after having been there for a considerable period of time.

e.g., It's not good to be newlike after you've been at a new school for a year or more. Anyone new may feel out of it for a while, but something's wrong if she hasn't made any friends after that long.

submitted by natalie

newman - An expression used when something doesn't go your way. From the TV show "Seinfeld."

e.g., I just saw Gregg talking to that girl you wanted to get with. Newman!

submitted by david

news syllogism - Adding 2 and 2 to get 5. The unique logical process by which all news stories derive their conclusion.

e.g., A news syllogism: Kids who watch more TV before the age of two commit more crime in their teens. Some TV programmes depict crime. Watching TV crime causes real crime.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

newsusion - The state of mind typically underlying a news story.

e.g., The report was vague and hard-hitting. It clearly rested on a mighty newsusion.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

newter - (NU-tr; n.) A humorous nickname for the SI (metric) unit, the Pascal (Pa), which equals one NEWton per meTER squared. [Coined by my son Jeremy, while he was in the middle of a daylong physics assignment.]

e.g., "The newter is a eunuch of measurement."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

newtonian incident - Someone or something (or, more often, several very noisy somethings) falling or being dropped.

e.g., Whoops. Sorry about the crash, everybody. Just had a Newtonian incident back here--nothing to worry about.

submitted by Shaduan

nexialist - 1. One who knows absolutely nothing about anything, but posts hyperlinks to data to support whatever her position of the day is.

2. (Addition by Carl) AE VanVogt in the classic Voyage of the Space Beagle had at its core the theme that nexialists were the next great intellectual move forward. Defined as very broadly and very deeply educated people [who] could see the nexus of bodies of knowledge where the ordinary specialist could not. It's a recurring theme of his -- super beings triumphing over insurmountable odds.

e.g., Uh oh, looks like we have another nexialist on the newsgroup.

submitted by Dr. Nomodanu

nexthetis - The superior level of the poetical inspiration, a sort of ecstasy, but even deeper, where is realized a perfect harmony between soul, body, and spirit.

e.g., Paul falled in nexthetis, and his creations are wonderful. By writting day by day a poem, just in this way is possible to acquire nexthetis.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

nexting - Blindly clicking the "Next" buttons on software installation dialogs. | The fine art of hitting the "next" button to skip the previews on a DVD.

e.g., I'm nexting through the dialogs. I hope it installs right. | Before we could watch the feature movie, we spent 30 minutes nexting through all 65 previews. The movie was only 10 minutes long.

submitted by Brett Woodward | Mallard - (www)

neysayer - Naysayer -- "someone with an aggressively negative attitude." I suppose neighsayer could be a naysayer who delights in telling you no to the extent that her negativsm is accompanied by a horse laugh.

e.g., "That isn't to say we don't care, as can be seen by the countless cheritable organizations that these same neysayers donate to year round." {ED. Didn't bother to deal with cheritable.}

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

nfbsk - Not For British School Kids. Used instead of swear words on the snopes message boards. (

e.g., I heard that if you NFBSK an apple pie, you can seriously scald your NFBSK.

submitted by polystyrene

nfl - No Fly List.

e.g., No, I'm not a football player. That's not what I meant when I said I made the NFL.

submitted by HD Fowler

nflephant - A person, who has grown very fat due to an inactive existence, watching professional football on television while consuming large quantities of high-calorie snacks and drink.

e.g., Isn't it amazing how NFLephants can criticize football players who are in top physical condition? This is particularly annoying, considering that the NFLephant probably couldn't bang out a single push-up.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

nge - Acronym for Not (or Never) Good Enough.

e.g., No matter how hard he worked it was always NGE, and he was thought of as NGE, so he stopped trying to please others.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

ngt - Next Great Thing. The next product or feature of computer hardware or software that is so cutting edge it will revolutionize the industry and make its inventor wealthy.

e.g., Instead of sticking to our profitable products, Marketing is always pushing R&D to come up with the NGT in web software. That's what marketing departments are for--to get someone else to do the work. Either that or run polls.

submitted by Joel Parker

ni - A word describing pleasant feelings twoards the previous subject matter in a conversation or otherwise.

e.g., So i said rectum? I totaled the guy! Hahaha!

submitted by Mike

ni - Not Interested. Used when a person you like is not interested in you.

e.g., I like him, but he's NI. I don't have a chance.

submitted by Tiffany

ni - The word the Knights of Ni utter, somewhat like a battlecry, somewhat like a greeting.

e.g., We are the knights who say "ni."

submitted by Mo

niam niam - Yummy.

e.g., She sure looks niam niam.

submitted by Bob

niarcky buolstey - Combination of the names Nick Nolte and Gary Busey. It refers to the common mortal shell both of these thespians inhabit. Don't let them fool you.

e.g., Niarcky Buolstey has been doing a lot of non-regulation movies lately, what ever happened to quality flicks like _Under Siege_ and _48 Hours_?

submitted by Alexander Tarrant - (www)

nib-wib - A term usually used in a humorus manner to show that someone has done something idiotic.

e.g., You just broke my pencil, you nib-wib.

submitted by Bradley

nibbet - Eraser shavings.

e.g., Don't blow your eraser nibbets onto the floor. Simply sweep the nibbets into the trash.

submitted by Michelle

nibble some nummies - To eat a small snack, not as big as a meal.

e.g., I'm kinda hungry; let's go nibble some nummies.

submitted by dennis

nibble-quest - To stop what you are currently doing and raid a source of food.

e.g., Be right back. I'm going on a nibble-quest.

submitted by Bradley

nibblets - A small portion of food to nibble on.

e.g., Instead of giving me a superfluous meal, she gave me nibblets.

submitted by Rachelsey

nibling - Gender-neutral term for niece or nephew

e.g., My sister's three daughters and her son are my four niblings.

submitted by Chaim Mattis Keller

nibs - The little things on the ends of shoelaces.

e.g., The nibs on my laces make it easier to lace up my shoes.

submitted by Steve

nice - From the Anglo Saxon "nice," meaning foolish. (Note: Foolish really is the AS meaning of "nice"; check it out.) There is no chance that you will "get lucky" tonight. Generally followed by the word "but."

e.g., Ken: Do you like me? Ilona: You're nice, but. . . .

submitted by Ken

nice-tackle - The congratulatory ass smack given by one sports person to another, usually after an exceptional deed --e.g., an excellent or "nice" tackle on the football field.

e.g., Pete gave Bob a nice-tackle after Bob's hellacious slam dunk.

submitted by Dane

nicfit monster - A nicotine fit, craving for a cigarette.

e.g., I'm being attacked by the nicfit monster.

submitted by pliskin

nickel - This word is used when someone very stupid thinks she knows what she is talking about. People such as this are called nickels because their input is worth about 5 cents.

e.g., Listen to the nonsense spewing out of Beavis's mouth--that's cause he's a nickel.

submitted by paul - (www)

nickel in the can - Five years in jail.

e.g., Keep mouthing off to the judge and you're going to get a nickel in the can.

submitted by nitag - (www)

nickel nine-in' - Pronounced like it looks, the word means chillin'

e.g., What are you doin tonight? Just nickel nine-in' man.

submitted by Geoff

nickel ninety-five - A very small amount of money, or a low salary from a job.

e.g., I've been working my tail off for the last two years, and I'm still only making a nickel ninety-five.

submitted by nickqt

nickelodeon diplomacy - For people who think that diplomacy is easy.

e.g., Please quit with your Nickelodeon Diplomacy and let the leaders work.

submitted by Josh Priddy

nicmo - Non-Committal Making Out

e.g., Bert: I saw you kissing that guy at the party. Is he your boyfriend? Ernie: No, it was just NiCMO.

submitted by Marie

nicodone - Methadone and Nicorette dombined. A smoking cessation tool. Used Friday, November 09, 2001 12:17 PM at

e.g., After trying to quit smoking cold turkey several times Jim elected to go to a nicodone clinic.

submitted by brian kovacs

nicosphere - The immediate perimeter of a large building in which smoking is prohibited, where the high volume of people taking smoke breaks creates a noxious ring of second-hand smoke through which non-smokers must pass.

e.g., As we approached the exit of the airport terminal, I turned to my companions and advised, "Everyone take a deep breath before we enter the nicosphere."

submitted by Cindy Clayton

nicotime - The years added to someone's appearance because of a long smoking habit.

e.g., Her ID says she's 27 but she looks 40 because of nicotime.

submitted by Vincent

nictorious - Of a person who has won a victory over nicotine.

e.g., It had been a month since Jane's last cigarette. She felt quite nictorious, finally breathing with ease.

submitted by Chris

nidbaabeth - nidbaabeth, or No I Don't Blog About Absolutely Bloody Everything, allows a blogger to acknowledge that information overload is dragging her down the greasy pole of coping-and-currency faster than her feeble efforts to climb up can overcome. Nidbaabeth allows the guilt-free enjoyment of not writing something up.

e.g., Yeah, so I was invited to tea at Buckingham Palace the other day? . . . but, really, nidbaabeth.

submitted by Vogel von Neustadt - (www)

nidges - Nag.

e.g., My mother wants me to come down for the holidays and won't shut up about it. She's become a nidges since I moved out.

submitted by Shachar Goldin

nidget - Fortunately, it has just the right meaning for its pronunciation looks: nidj"it, nidg"et. I ran across it when I was looking for words ending in nedget -- none. It's a real word: (n.) A fool; an idiot, a coward. Smellfungi and zoilists who comment on the Internet can make use of more such words ... not that your erstwhile Editrix Extraordiniare would lower herself to such namecalling. ...  
{ED, HD. Yeah right.}  
"(This definition is from the 1913 Webster's Dictionary and may be outdated.)"

e.g., Even for this forum, I've run across an unusually high number of nidgets.

submitted by Lillith - (www)

niemiliskiv - This, you may think, is one made up three minutes ago when talking to a drunken friend, but in fact I can assure you that it is a real slang word (originated from the first Russian imigrants who came to London). Meaning: to throw up on a boat. One of the Russians was very ill and was nicknamed Niemiliskiv because of the English word "skivvy."

e.g., Corr blimey, he's just done a niemiliskiv.

submitted by Jamie P

niert - Embarrassed. Used as interjection or adjective.

e.g., (After embarrassing self): Oh, niert. I'm so nierted, let's leave.

submitted by bandar

nif - To be great, nifty.

e.g., Matt's a very nif driver.

submitted by Stov

niff-naw - Niff-naw is a word to use when two people just start picking on each other out of annoyance. It usually occurs between two people who know each other pretty well -- such as family members (siblings usually). To niff-naw is to engage in verbal teasing, "picking" on each other -- it is never physical. {ED. It could get physical very fast in my family.}

e.g., Let's say you are two siblings sitting in the back seat of your parents' station wagon (c. 1963) and you are on a long road trip to whereever and you start verbally picking on each other and your mother turns around in her seat and yells: "Would you two stop niff-nawing, right now!" That's how you use it.

submitted by Suzanne Parker

nifong, to - To railroad innocent people on phony charges for personal gain (or comparable conduct showing total lack of character, ethics, and integrity).

e.g., Is there anywhere to find statistics for how many men have been nifonged in the last decade?

submitted by HD Fowler

niftacular - A strange amalgam of something really nifty and something spectacular.

e.g., That sculpture is really niftacular, Mandy. Great job.

submitted by Wil - (www)

niftarian - Person whose beliefs consist of whatever is nifty and cool at the moment.

e.g., He was a Buddhist for about ten minutes and this week he's vegan -- he's not really either, he's a Niftarian.

submitted by DJ

nifters - It means something is really neat, or it's really awesome (like nifty).

e.g., When Michelle saw my new shirt, she thought it was very nifters.

submitted by Kristy

nifto - Nifty, cool.

e.g., Hey! I found five bucks! Nifto!

submitted by Matt

niftovenient - The combination of convenience and niftiness.

e.g., Pencils are so niftovenient.

submitted by Am

nifty, a - A fifty dollar bill.

e.g., I borrowed a nifty from my mom and she upped it five bucks more.Now I owe her fifty-five dollars.

submitted by Ray Nash

nifty-tifty - Nifty, cool

e.g., That calculator's nifty tifty.

submitted by Matt Harding

niggling - 1. petty; trivial; inconsequential: to quibble about a niggling difference in terminology. 2. demanding too much care, attention, time, etc.: niggling chores about the house.  
The sort of word you could expect to cause the sort of outrage niggardly has in the past because too few people know what the word means. I have almost no doubt that the writer of the first example intended to push buttons by using it.

e.g., Carlos: "And I, for one, am so glad all these fine elected representatives . . . are finally taking notice of the really important problems they are charged with solving, instead of wasting time on such trivial and petty things as the debt, joblessness, underemployment, resolving skyrocketing gas prices, and a whole host of other niggling situations our administration is too busy to pay attention to because, doggone it, an election is coming up and we just can’t talk about the last four lousy years now, can we?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nigglywiggly - The little paper tag hanging out of the top of a Hershey's Kiss.

e.g., My Hershey's Kiss had two nigglywigglies; that means that somewhere in the world, another Kiss doesn't have one!

submitted by Bambi

nighfly - A female that flits to the nearest male, no matter who he is, for attention.

e.g., She was such a nighfly she even had young male friends of her children.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

night at the roxy - Overly hip or Eurotrashy. From the SNL sketch.

e.g., Don't try to fix me up with Sergei -- all those silk shirts, the winking. He's a little too "Night at the Roxy" for me.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

night monkey - Going out in to the middle of the night and running around like an idiot to get rid of one's nervous energy.

e.g., We've been working on this project for 15 hours straight and I can't sit still any more. Let's night monkey.

submitted by Mike Prerau

night of tabockery - Night of debauchery. How one might say it after a night of debauchery. Did I dream it?

e.g., "Whatcha been up to lately, Press." "Oh, just one night of tabockery after another." "Yeah, I shoulda guessed. After days of tabockery as well, I suppose?" "You got that right."

submitted by HD Fowler

night soil - A kudo or two to the estimable Michael Quinion for leading me to this old euphemism for human excrement -- especially applicable when said excrement is gathered for use as fertilizer.

e.g., "Say again what it is you do for a living." "Let's just say I'm a gong farmer." "I don't know what a gong farmer is -- or what one does." "Well, I collect night soil." " I'm still not following you." "You really wouldn't want to follow me. In olden days, people would have said I clean out privies. These days someone who does what I do cleans out portable toilets. If I'm lucky, I'm able to sell what I . . . amass, so to speak, as fertilizer. It's the sort of job you might find Mike Rowe doing on World's Dirtiest Jobs." "Yuck." "You got that right. But at least, as I see it, it's a step up from the geeks who bit the heads off live chickens as part of the carnival sideshow."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

night watchman - Any solitary object, usually unpleasant in nature, that is inadvertently left floating in the lavatory overnight, ready to greet you and bid you a hearty "good day" the following morning.

e.g., Eeeeww. Are you responsible for this disgusting night watchman, Dad?

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

nightclub kamikaze - When there are two guys together, one good looking, one ugly, the nightclub kamikaze is the gal who occupies the ugly one in order to give her friend a shot at the good-looking one.

e.g., No greater love hath a woman than when she nightclub kamikazes for a friend.

submitted by BIGjack

nightie night - A night when coitus and other sexual activities are on the agenda. A prelude to sex on a nightie night is for the woman to wear sexy lingerie, which her sex partner will eventually get around to taking off her.

e.g., {yawn} "I'm ready for bed. Aren't you?" "I think I want to watch Law and Order Criminal Intent. It's on next." "I think a nightie night would be more interesting. Whaddaya say?" "In that case, I say what I usually say, 'Yes.'" "Would you mind wearing the nightie you wore on our wedding night?" "It's almost in shreds." "I know. Who cares? You look great in peach -- or getting out of it."

submitted by HD Fowler

nightlinger confession, the - (n.) A prayer or confession which, in reality, is little more than a veiled, fourth-person (q.v.) threat. [from the quick prayer/confession of Mr. Nightlinger, Chuck Wagon Cookie on John Wayne's _The Cowboys_ (masterfully played by Roscoe Lee Browne, one of my favorite actors)]

e.g., Mr. Nightlinger was given one minute to make his peace with God before being hanged. Nightlinger's prayer ran thus: "I regret trifling with married women. I'm thoroughly ashamed at cheating at cards. I deplore my occasional departures from the truth. Forgive me for taking your name in vain, my Saturday drunkenness, my Sunday sloth. Above all, forgive me for the men I've killed in anger... and those I am about to...." (Nightlinger escapes, of course, and the Cowboy kids kill all the bad guys, including Bruce Dern, the best bad guy in history prior to Anthony Hopkins).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nightmare symbol - Diamond-shaped face symbol indicating a nightmare in a dreambook.

e.g., "What's that?" "That's my nightmare symbol."

submitted by Adam Leslie

nightrider - A woman of the night.

e.g., She got a high being a nightrider, capturing all the men she could.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

nightsomatic - Someone who prefers the night as opposed to the day; a night owl.

e.g., Joanie's a real nightsomatic. She's always going to bed about the time I get up to go to work and vice versa.

submitted by E_B_A - (www)

nightstick lesbian - Masculine lesbian, especially if interested in the military or law enforcement.

e.g., That dyke cop was pretty butch. A regular nightstick lesbian.

submitted by Henry Reynolds - (www)

nighttalker - Someone who likes to strike up conversations at bedtime, when the light is out, not letting the other party sleep.

e.g., Rita is a nighttalker. She always tries to ask me questions and start a conversation when I try to fall asleep.

submitted by rithiya

nihilisecond - Zero time, no time at all. Sometimes spelled nilisecond.

e.g., It took almost fifty years for my wife to realize that The Girl and I had never been anything but friends, that I had gotten over any crushes I had on her within nihiliseconds of laying eyes on my wife for the first time. | A nihilisecond is the same length of time as a either a googol nihiliseconds or a yuckto-nihilisecond: no time at all.

Gooogle Ngram Viewer

submitted by HD Fowler

nihilword - A nothing word. Suggested by nihilartikel, a false entry in a reference work such as a dictionary, encyclopedia, or map -- a nothing article.

e.g., Of course we have a lot of what amount to nihilwords in the pd. After all, this isn't a real dictionary.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nij - Shortened form of the word 'need'. However must be used in conjunction woth 'Need you'

e.g., "Hey baby, you know i will always nij ya (as in i will always need ya)"

submitted by DJ niJ - (www)

nik - Can be any part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word. (See also: crombie, sappa, nik.)

e.g., Where is my ... nik? I know I left it right here.

submitted by evel e

nikka neer - Something or someone that is reminiscent of an era that is very uncool. The term itself is a phonetic description of an uncool twangy music sound.

e.g., Chris's mullet-cum-helmet hairdo is very nikka neer.

submitted by Peter Noah

nikolith - (NEE-co-lith; n.) A statue or monument celebrating a victory or a victorious person or group. [From Greek nike "victory" + lithos "stone," since most older statues and monuments are stone rather than metal or other materials.]

e.g., "Oh, look! It's a nikolith!: Admiral Wallaby, recognizing his amazing victory at the battle of Felgercarb. Wow, impressive: Look at the sailors around himj, and that crashing wave!" "Why is he on a horse?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nilla - same thing as nigga...just for white people instead =)..somtimes can be used with an H on the end

e.g., wsup nillah!

submitted by takitus - (www)

nilloromptous - Being hyper or crazy. Pronounced Nill-oh-rawmp-shus.

e.g., That kid over there is so nilloromptous he ran the mile in 5 minutes--backwards.

submitted by Jon Rowe

nilpertains - Has nothing to do with.

e.g., It nilpertains my being here.

submitted by michael helsem

nilver - The word for metal that looks cool and shiny, like silver, but is just cheap and ordinary.

e.g., Bert: Hey, Ernie, is that a silver watch you've got on? Ernie: Errr, yeah. It's not nilver at all.

submitted by Abubu

niman zed - ('nee-man-'zed (also "zed-nimynge") v.) 1. to nap; (n.) 2. a nap; 3. the state or condition of napping. [From the Anglo-Saxon _niman_ 'catch, seize' + _zed_ "z": literally "catching z's."]

e.g., "Hey! hold it down, guys: niman zed, okay?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nimblicity - 1. The property, condition, or quality of being nimble. 2. Being quick, alert, or light in motion. 3. Being of clever conception.

e.g., Her innate nimblicity meant that she was always able to perform well in school.

submitted by Chris

nimbystanders - Those who wait for somebody else to broach community issues: the silent majority. From NIMBY: Not In My BackYard.

e.g., At last night's town hall meeting, several nimbystanders waited patiently for a motion to be brought forward from the floor.

submitted by Sylvia Betts

niminum - Less than the minimum, not enough, inadequate, failure to suffice.

e.g., When they got much older, Jock and Joel could no longer get up the hill, because of a niminum of strength and energy.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nimrod - another way of telling someone they are an idiot

e.g., That nimrod ran into my car.

submitted by April

nimsy - Not a "real" man. Taken only from the context in which it was used in an English television series. When asked if her husband was the father of the woman's daughter, she said no, that they had tried but hadn't been able to have children. Nimsy is a name used only for girls in the UK and isn't used at all in the United States.

e.g., "I'm not saying he's a nimsy man."

submitted by HD Fowler

ninatoka - (n.) Your home, where you come from, your native soil. (From the Swahili verb _ninatoka_ "I come from.")

e.g., "Hi. I'm Mark." "I'm Angie; so, Mark, what's your ninatoka?" "Tasmania; yours?" "Quebec."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ninc, nanc, nunc - To render terminated, nonfunctioning -- oneself [soothicide], someone else [soothanasia], something else [subportion]-- with no hint of disapproval or negativity attached thereto. | Cancel, cancel out, eradicate, erase, eliminate, nullify, delete; abort, mercy kill, terminate.

e.g., Ninc or not as you wish, at a time and place and manner of your choosing, but first, let us share with you a wonderful meal, music, and rememberances of happy memories.| As an expediter of tired souls I nanc many a willing subject according to the rules of the process. | Those who have nunc cells find it altogether necessary at times to have this procedure. || Ninc a drink what taste like zinc … or zirconium. He drank and nanc the bloody swill they pushed at him. She should've nunc and drunk the junk that didn't taste like skunk. They thought they'd ninc old Thorsen while also nincking some unnecessary ingrowing tissue within as well: two with one stone.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nincompoopsychos - They're not that bright. Always think they're right, think that night is light, and raise a fearful sight. Harm with bark and bite and are determined to ultimately rule the world without end. Amen.

e.g., There's more than one kind of nincompoopsychos in the world, so they can't all rule the world simultaneously. Not unless they somehow merge and become a happy melange of who knows what, gods or saints or rational thinkers preserve us.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nine - short for a nine-millimeter automatic handgun.

submitted by dust

nine - Street slang for a 9-millimeter gun. Also refered to as a "9 milli."

e.g., Don't make me sneak you up with this nine.

submitted by T-Dogg

nine acity - Tenacity, modified by a weaker degree of commitment.

e.g., Beth: Gordon says that he's really going to give up smoking. Seth: Again? What's this, his fifth or sixth attempt? Beth: He says he's completely serious. He's seeing a doctor, taking medications, working with a smoke cessation counselor, partnering up with a friend who also wants to quit. Seth: Well, good for him. Maybe with all that help and knowing Gordon's character, his nine acity will do it this time.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

nine cents short of a dime - A creative way to say somebody is crazy.

e.g., Kyle is nine cents short of a dime, if you know what I mean.

submitted by Kyle Pockat

nineflin - Quasi-ambiguous word usually mumbled between 2 and 4 am in pseudo-Irish pubs describing the quantity zero.

e.g., I don' wan' nineflin ma' ta' dlink.

submitted by Brian McElrath

niner - A freak or weirdo. From the movie "The Wedding Singer" in which all of the weirdos are seated at table nine.

e.g., Hey, look at that weirdo over there! What a niner!

submitted by Mr. Rain

niner domestic - The wife. "Niner" is the radio callsign in the military for one's commanding officer.

e.g., "You going to the game Sunday?" "Dunno, I have to check with niner domestic first."

submitted by The Puffin

nineteen to the dozen - To do something at a great rate.


© Michael Quinion -- 22 May 2004 Newsletter: Inflation is everywhere, it seems, even in language. The usual form is "nineteen to the dozen"; on occasion I've come across "twenty to the doze," but never forty. It's now perhaps a little old-fashioned as a British expression, though you can still find examples in newspapers and daily speech. The usual meaning, as you will have gathered, is to do something at a great rate. It most often refers to speed of speaking, as in this instance from the Daily Mail of 23 October 2003: "Talking nineteen to the dozen, her conversation is still peppered with outrageous references and bawdy asides." The idea is that the rate of talking is so great that when other people say merely a dozen words, the speaker gets in 19. It's also sometimes used to describe rapid heartbeat in times of danger, and to refer to other fast-moving or fast-changing things (like dogs' tails). Nobody seems to have the slightest idea why 19 is the traditional number to use here, but it has been in that form ever since it was first recorded in the eighteenth century.

submitted by HD Fowler

nineteen-longtime - Used instead of "a long time ago" or "back in 19whatever."

e.g., Jack? I haven't seen him since nineteen-longtime.

submitted by leah

ninety-niner - Prairie driver in the mountains: 90 mph on the straights, 9 on curves and hills.

e.g., If it hadn't been for that ninety-niner in the motorhome in front of us, we'd have been home hours ago.

submitted by Stephanie

ninja - A male. Can be used negatively or positively. From ICP.

e.g., Jason, that ninja, just gave me two liters of Faygo.

submitted by dust

ninja - An act of supreme physical skill unperformable by mere mortals, a s can frequently be seen in a Jackie Chan film for example.

e.g., Wow, did you see that? Those were some ninja styles.

submitted by Ben

ninja bug - A bug (in computer programming) which is very difficult to detect, especially due to its being silent (not raising errors, nor displaying output or log messages).

e.g., There were a few ninja bugs in the code which didn't surface for months. I'm the one who found them. That's why they pay me the big bucks.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

ninja feet - 1. Term used to imply that a person is running extremely fast, ofttimes in a somewhat stealthy posture. 2. In animation, when a characters move so fast that muliple images of their legs appear under them or the leg movement is otherwise abstracted to imply speediness.

e.g., 1. Look at Billy using his ninja feet to get to the cafeteria. Must be very hungry. 2. Check out those ninja feet. How many legs does he have?

submitted by PlasticDinosaur

ninja master - Used by me and some of my friends to mean that someone is very cool. To add emphasis "Stealth Ninja Master" should do nicely.

e.g., "I'm a real Ninja Master, huh?" Response:"No, you're a Stealth Ninja Master."

submitted by Stealth Ninja Master

ninjaed, stealth-moded - To take slyly and secretly.

e.g., What the ...? Who ninjaed my hot pocket?

submitted by mtglu

ninjaly - "Nin juh lee, To perform a feat with such remarkable precision, especially when surprised, so as to appear ninja-like. "

e.g., Did you how ninjaly Mark caught that vase?

submitted by rookseye - (www)

ninjatross - A bad karate move that represents a harmless attack, thus proving a complete lack of skill.

e.g., Thankfully, her attacker was only skilled in the art of ninjatross; as a consequence, she was unscathed by his weak and harmless attack.

submitted by JerrySusan

ninjcompoop - A foolish or stupid martial artist.

e.g., Of course, our sensei is a black belt. Fast as lightning, he can beat the stuffings out of any attacker. But in a battle of wits, he's a defenseless ninjcompoop.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

ninjish - (adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to ninja. 2. Like a ninja or group of ninjas. 3. Acting as though one were a ninja.

e.g., "You know, I can't ever hear Liam coming up behind me until he talks. It scares me to death." "Yeah, he's pretty ninjish when he wants to be." | Batman Begins recreated Batman as a ninjish character.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ninnies - The male breast when observably large enough to be somewhat feminine.

e.g., Look at Steve's ninnies -- can you belee dat?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nintendicide - Intentionally killing yourself in a video game so you can go do something else that is deemed more important.

e.g., I had to commit nintendicide last night because my parents insisted I call it a night and my lousy game doesn't allow for saves.

submitted by Maureen Weiher

nintenditis - Any hand injury caused by excessive video-game playing.

e.g., We played Mario Party for eight hours. By the end we all had severe cases of nintenditis.

submitted by ditnis

nintendonitis - When you play video games for so long that your fingers, particularly your thumbs, begin to hurt.

e.g., After playing SSX Tricky for four hours, I developed some serious Nintendonitis.

submitted by Fred Lee

nintenno - (nin-TEN-no; n.) 1. The Nintendo Corporation, as the holder of the greatest market share in the video-game industry; 2. Video-gaming as modern children's favorite activity, almost to the point that we might say, instead, that children are video-gaming's favorite subjects, like peasants to their lord (king, knight, satrap, baron, marquis, duke, king, margrave, daimyo, whatever). [From the Japanese company name, altering "-tendo" to_tenno_"emperor."]

e.g., Ironically, most children today seem to learn more about Renaissance Italy from the game of Assassin's Creed than they do from school ... more about a great many things from their games than anywhere else. The leader in modern education seems to be Nintenno, which is a trifle alarming, isn't it?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nintentions - Things you would be doing if you weren't playing computer games.

e.g., I have so many nintentions, but GTA San Andreas is just out.

submitted by Daniel - (www)

nip - To have a small taste of an item currently being enjoyed by a friend.

e.g., Can I have a nip on that beer?

submitted by Owe - (www)

nippicity - Nippicity -- low atmospheric temperatures common during the fall and spring seasons.

e.g., Her immune system succumbed to the nippicity giving her a severe case of the sneezes.

submitted by Peres

nipplage - For times when nipples are visible through clothing because they are cold.

e.g., Check out the nipplage on that one.

submitted by Sarver

nippley - Chilly; cold.

e.g., It's a bit nippley outside today.

submitted by Jupiter

nipplitis - Getting so cold your nipples get erect.

e.g., Patsy has a bad case of nipplitis.

submitted by cori - (www)

nipply - When the temperature drops so low that one's nipples could cut glass.

e.g., It sure is nipply today. My high-beams are on.

submitted by Scott Maxfield

niptep - Be careful, watch your step, don't fall into the crater.

e.g., Niptep, Earthman, it's easy to get hurt up here.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nisi-rete - (NEE-see-RAY-tay; phrasal noun, exclamation) 1. A perfect shot, a proper bull's eye; 2. a perfect performance or win; 3. Exactly what you always wanted; the perfect day, week, holiday, work day, court date, picnic, whatever. (From the Latin [_nihil_nisi_rete_"nothing but net," referring to the perfect shot in basketball, in which the ball doesn't even touch the rim, but simply falls through the net.]

e.g., "Holy cow! Six shots straight through the bull's eye! Nisi-rete, Man." | "Okay, Lucy: with a nisi sort of landing like that one, you're a shoo-in for the Olympic gymnastics team." | "I hope you enjoyed your weekend?" "Absolutely nisi-rete."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nisk - (v.) (NISK) To place the mouth on and slurp up a drink from an overfull glass without picking it up for fear that it will spill on you. (Etymology: short for meniscus, a physics term for a bubble formed in a container due to surface tension.)

e.g., When she was eating breakfast the morning of her wedding, Jen forgot to nisk her glass and spilled Yoo Hoo all over her $2,000 bright white bridal dress.

submitted by Mirakle B.

nistrosis - Any or all the food in your Frigidaire.

e.g., I went home and ate my nistrosis.

submitted by Tyler S. - (www)

ñit-ñit - Used to describe an small object without identity; almost synonymous to the word "thing," but less vague.

e.g., Upon seeing a scrap of paper on the ground: "Chris, pick up that "ñit-ñit."

submitted by Alek

nitch - A strong exclamation of negation. Absolutely not. Never. In no way, shape or form. Stop right there. Do not enter.

e.g., Nitch! I will never eat lutefisk again!

submitted by Steve McDonald

nitl - Not In This Lifetime.

e.g., "So, Luccia, are you going to go on a second date with Chris?" "NITL!"

submitted by Mary T.

nitler - A cross between a nazi and hitler. Often used when someone is acting in a hitler or nazi-ish way.

e.g., "Mr. John Novak is being a Nitler" OR "isn't it strange that a man who is a Nitler would be teaching history.. about hitler?"

submitted by Mega

nitty - In hockey, the area of ice directly in front of the goal, ideally just out of the reach of the goaltender. An accurate pass from one side of this area to the other often results in a goal (nitty shot).

e.g., The defensemen left the nitty wide open and that's what led to the easy goal.

submitted by Matches

nitus - Cool, to be cool, to describe something cool.

e.g., That is one nitus song.

submitted by Tom Cunningham and Meghan Tighe

nitwitry - Odd, silly, or stupid behavior.

e.g., Chris's original style of nitwitry even made his teachers crack up instead of reprimand him. That's probably why he grew up to be the way he is -- beyond redemption.

submitted by Jörg Bullmann - (www)

nixie - Female who is exceptionally crazy.

e.g., Watch out for Chris. She's a nixie.

submitted by Crazy Chicken - (www)

njgaack - Unspeakable substances that find their way into your mouth, like earwax, axle grease, and unidentifiable gloop from under your nails.

e.g., NJGAACK! I've been picking the dags off the sheep and just licked my finger.

submitted by Toni

nme - Enemy.

e.g., Bert: "Why'd you shoot me?" Bernie: "Because you're my NME."

submitted by Null

nnm sleep - Nodding Neck Movement sleep: cousin to REM sleep, occurs when sitting upright and neck begins to nod sporadically due to sleepy state.

e.g., Sven is going to get whiplash if he stays in deep NNM sleep.

submitted by SLOjewnamedPRU

no bananas - "Sorry, no luck." Used when a person asks for something and you don't have what she wants, or when you've attempted something and can't do it.

e.g., I tried to juggle once. No bananas.

submitted by Firestorm

no bottle - Lacking courage or nerve.

© Michael Quinion | Bottle Though its origins are misty, we have some clues. No bottle was widely used from the middle of the nineteenth century to refer to something useless. Around the 1920s, we had no bottle and glass as rhyming slang meaning that a person lacked class, in the sense of being unimpressive or without style. This would seem to have been taken also to mean lacking in courage. Around this time the rhyming slang expression bottle and glass was used to mean arse (ass for US readers) and this seems to have been an influence that led to forms like Has your bottle fallen out? which may suggest that bottle in such forms figuratively means “guts” and that the sense came from an ability to control one’s bottle (arse) in the face of bowel-melting threats.

e.g., "No bottle, no courage, and no guts." | The question I want answered is this: does he have bottle. As of now, unfortunately, I see the answer as no bottle. For Christ's sake, he whined when Maureen Dowd remarked on his big ears. Cowed by Dowd -- how's that for a bumper sticker?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

no brakes - 1. Still trying when everyone knows the situation is futile. 2. Unable to stop. 3. A psychotic belief that the next time one will be successful.

e.g., Bob: Why did Jack send flowers to Betty? Billy: No brakes. 2. Jim has no brakes--that's why he keeps plaing that video game.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack - (www)

no colored pages - The first draft.


Roger Ebert, of Million Dollar Baby: Eastwood must have felt the same way. The movie's star, Hilary Swank, told me this was the only movie she's ever made with "no colored pages." As screenplays go through drafts and rewrites, the changed pages are reproduced on paper of different colors, to distinguish them; Eastwood therefore was filming the first draft without a single change.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

no dice - Exclamation of failure.

e.g., I tried to start the car, but no dice.

submitted by ben

no kay - Could be a yes, or could be a no; maybe.

e.g., When Joe asked his dad if a friend could come over, he replied, "No kay."

submitted by Al

no moking - Instructions on signs where the little plastic sticker "S" has fallen off

e.g., "NO -Moking in this area"

submitted by PaulR

no pass - Someone when you are playing basketball who refuses to pass the ball and will always take outrageous shots.

e.g., Man I hope Chris isn't on my team, he's a real no pass.

submitted by Frank Gordon

no wopen - An unknown phrase, found on large, portable message boards, which were unearthed in digs on historic urban 21st century sites.

e.g., Archeologists, reporting on their findings of the digs on historic 21st century urban sites, found many large, outdoor message boards containing a mysterious phrase, "No wopen." More puzzling, the message was found not only on boards in front of commercial enterprises, but on boards in front of Houses of Worship, entertainment centers, eating establishments, and various places of social gathering, as well.  
What were "wopen," and what was their cultural significance? Were they a material commodity -- tools, machines, or some sort of food? If so, why were they so important that their scarcity had to be advertised in so many places? And why was the supply so depleted?  
Or was the message a universal cry against an acronym for an unpopular public movement or a governmental project?  
You can bet your booties that professors in every field of the social sciences will fully devote their time and effort (they're known to be stubborn) toward the important solution of this "No wopen" enigma. Our modern world will have important new insight into the culture, society, minds, and daily social lives of our 21st century ancestors.  
Thank you, our esteemed professorial historians, social scientists, and psychologists, for your skills and dedication . . . and good luck!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

no wuckers - Derived from the Aussie expression "no wucking furries." Swap the first letters of "wucking" and "furries" and you see what I'm getting at here.

e.g., You want a root? No wuckers.

submitted by Richard

no zone, the - Any place that is bad to be.

e.g., I went to the game, but my seats were in the no zone and I couldn't see anything.

submitted by ditnis

no'jou - A contraction of "No, did you?" Usually given in response to the question "Jeet?" No'jou is a colloquialism used in the Midwest and the South.

e.g., "Hey, Steve, jeet yet?" "No'jou?"

submitted by Steve

no-abla - Shut up. Stop talking.

e.g., Nicky: "Lauryn, your socks don't match today." Lauryn: "No-abla!"

submitted by lauryn

no-fi - A location where you just can't seem to get any bars on your wireless internet connection.

e.g., You'd think a hotel room in midtown Manhattan wouldn't be so no-fi.

submitted by Chris Surguine

no-know - A person who doesn't know what she needs to know to do her job right.

e.g., We've managed to elect entirely too many no-knows to the 111th Congress, possibly the most ever. Let's hope we get lucky and rectify the problem with the 112th.  

We've managed to elect entirely too many no-knows to the 112th Congress, possibly the most ever. Let's hope we get lucky and rectify the problem with the 113th.  

We've managed to elect entirely too many no-knows to the 113th Congress, possibly the most ever. Let's hope we get lucky and rectify the problem with the 114th. . . .

submitted by HD Fowler

no-un - Person with stupidity in their blood.

e.g., "He's such a no-un!"

submitted by Daniel - (www)

noah - Australian slang for shark, possibly derived from ryhming "Noah's Ark."

e.g., Bruce, did you see the chunk that noah took out of Bruce's surf-board?

submitted by Da Eagle

noasis - What you say when your sister makes an unreasonable request of you, especially when you're wandering, lost in the desert.

e.g., Sister: I think we should go in that direction. Towards that shimmering body of water that I see in the distance amid the stand of palm trees. Brother: Noasis.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

noassitall - No ass at all.

e.g., My man has noassitall.

submitted by ian mack

noat - The area between the nose and the throat that begins to hurt when you're getting sick. Where it's not so much your sinuses but that place that if you could push your tongue right back and upwards, it would feel so much better.

e.g., I can't come in to work today because I have a sore noat.

submitted by Eleanor Clarke

nobacherie - This word was invented as a job title for Coops, assistant to "psychological illusionist" Derren Brown. The members of the Derren Brown forum spent months debating the name and attempting to decipher its meaning. Eventually, forum admin relented and told us the truth -- the word is meaningless. However, the word is now used to signify somebody's slave or servant.

e.g., Jeeves is my nobacherie.

submitted by papillion - (www)

noble donor - A person who donates one of his or her essential organs to another person who needs it, thus sacrificing his or her own life as a result.

e.g., Mike was a noble donor. He donated his liver to his wife so that she could live. He will be missed.

submitted by Sammers

noboland - The state of mind you find yourself in after an all day whiteboard mindmapping session in a poorly ventilated meeting room.

e.g., No use talking to me. I'm in NOBOland.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

nobrawner - Physically very easy, you can do it all by yourself, no strength or muscles required.

e.g., Gathering fig leaves for purposes of modesty, even a cavemanna can do it. It's a nobrawner.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nobyulus - Nob in "Yorkshirguese" -- a newley invented language, spoken in Northern England, created by luke Y. Yorkshirguese combines Spanish, Portuguese, German, Latin, and Russian. Nobyulism: the art of being a nobyulus.

e.g., Look at those little 12-year-old nobyuli wasting their lives consuming cider on the street corners, terrorizing old ladies as though they are the oprichniki.

submitted by Karakazov

nocflexion - When it's dark outside so you see yourself reflected when you look out. A compound of "noctunral" and "reflection."

e.g., She peered through the window for any sign of her lost cat, but all she saw was her own nocflexion.

submitted by Rachel Howard

nocktover - This is the word that describes the state of a runined or tumbledown building. Strangely it can only exist in the past tense.

e.g., The old castle was nocktover, but was still an impressive ruin. | They would not go into the haunted house as it was so nocktover. | When Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries he made sure that they were all nocktover. | Several old houses were nocktover to give room for the new road to be built.

submitted by David Ford - (www)

nocral - Nocturnal animal.

e.g., Oppossums are among the most annoying nocrals.

submitted by Katherine

nocturnal admission - When you're so tired your pent up stress comes out uncontrollably to whoever might be near.

e.g., I didn't remember telling Carol about the herpes. I guess I must've had an nocturnal admission. That would explain the iron-shaped bruise on my back, anyway. She must've been pretty POed.

submitted by Adam Dachis - (www)

nodad pants - Items of ugly, distasteful clothing. Generally given to those at a social activity or event who are wearing inappropriate clothing for the setting. Derivation from "No, Dad!" used when refusing to wear parent's old courdroy slacks to school for fear of having the crap beat out of you.

e.g., No way. I'm not wearing those nodad pants.

submitted by Will R

noddles - I agree.

e.g., "Sally, do you believe 2 + 2 is 4?" "Noddles."

submitted by Keslie - (www)

nodity - The reverse of a nudist camp -- i.e., no nakedness.

e.g., The camp had a strict nodity policy.

submitted by Helen :)

nodstrip - The safety grooves along the highway intended to awaken sleeping drivers who stray too close to the shoulder.

e.g., I like to drive along the nodstrip.

submitted by GDC

noe - know

e.g., i noe u is a idiot

submitted by jerk

nofl - Acronym: No Other Form(s) Listed. It is good to use when you can't find alternative forms in a dictionary.

e.g., Ms. Reece, there was NOFL in the dictionary for the word vivacious.

submitted by stephenf1

nofundementedtwits - They may seem irrational, or credulous, or very confined in their thoughts and actions, but they're sincere and lovable "twits," sometimes. Open and free is not their middle name.

e.g., There are scads of nofundementedtwits throughout the world, some here, some over there. But freed up minds and lives are certainly far more satisfying and happy than those who may be very confined and limited in a flawed approach to reality, that which really is.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nog - An appreciative exclamation; a nod with intensity greater than "Yeahhhh!"

e.g., "Adrianna is hot!" "Nog that."

submitted by Adrianna - (www)

nog - To acknowledge a concept, or greater idea. To agree and convey sympathy.

e.g., Illegal immigrants are exploited. Nog that.

submitted by Nafees - (www)

nogethitsu - Ancient fighting style that consists of dodging and running away very quickly

e.g., The main reason he survived recess in elementary school was his skill in nogethitsu.

submitted by lee

noggle - A word to use when you dislike something.

e.g., That TV show was so noggle.

submitted by ben moore

nohow - A semi-slang term simply meaning "no way" or a way to contradict a phrase. Originally from Tweedledum and Tweedledee from Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. (See contrariwise)

e.g., "If you think we're wax-works, you ought to pay, you know. Wax-works weren't made to be looked at for nothing, nohow!" Tweedledum, Through the Looking Glass. "Nohow. And thank you VERY much for asking" Tweedledum, Through the Looking Glass.

submitted by Jeremy - (www)

noise - "verbiage that is stupid, nonsensical, or just plain undesirable"

e.g., What's this noise from Pete saying he can't drive me to Tahoe?

submitted by partyice

noisy paper - That nasty shiny toilet paper that crackles when you touch it.

e.g., This toilet only has noisy paper. (Are we in Europe? For those who don't know it, European visitors to the United States have been known to load their suitcases with American toilet tissue to take back home when they leave. Having visited Europe a couple of times myself, I can understand why. Toilet tissue there is similar to waxed paper. It is, indeed, noisy. No wonder so many European are anti-American.)

submitted by Abi

nojew? - Short for "no did you?"

e.g., When asked "jeetyet?" the response is "nojew?"

submitted by Ken Crowther

noka - Abbreviation for NOw Known As; similar to aka, Also Known As.

e.g., Rhodesia noka Zimbabwe was once the bread basket of Africa has now become a waste basket. | There sure were a lot of NOKAs at our class reunion. Mostly (former) girls.

submitted by Vidyalankar

nokay - Halfway between okay and no, said when you can't decide.

e.g., Joe: Can I use the bathroom? Teacher: Nokay. Joe: What?

submitted by evilchao2

noke - Phone.

e.g., Let me see the noke. I'm going to see what's taking so long.

submitted by Blake

nom de internet - A pen name used on the Internet. A nom de plume for the Internet.

e.g., HD Fowler is a nom de internet. It's a hat tip to both H. W. Fowler and my grandfather Hills Dale, who was born in Hillsdale, Kansas.

submitted by HD Fowler

nome sane - Verification of understanding: "Do you know what I'm saying?"

e.g., She one baaaad mamajamma, nome sane?

submitted by tr kerth

nomer - Right. Used when agreeing with what someone has stated. Similar to "amen."

e.g., "Are the Kennedys gun-shy?" "Nomer."

submitted by kevin

nominaisse - A dressing and sandwich spread, used by a person, who is proposed -- or formally entered -- as a candidate for an office.

e.g., -One of the best things about running for government office is nominaisse, supplied free to all candidates during the campaign.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

nominegg - To give a name to a newly fertilized ovum, generally in pairs, male and female .. until the sex of the egg has been determined at a later date.

e.g., Our first pregnancy we nominegged Primero/Primera, which seemed very logical. Later we modified the name, of the female fetus, to Prima Donna, mama mia. When all grow n'up everyone said, Donna e mobile ... like a butterfly flittering from flower to flower, perchance.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nomo - To have no motivation. To embody a state of complete inactivity.

e.g., Q. Hey, how are you going? A. Oh, I've been seriously nomo the past few weeks.

submitted by Trent

nomomaniac - Someone completely obsessed with rules.

e.g., Child nomomaniacs may grow up to be teachers.

submitted by ryan

nomophobia -


Clip ArtHandmade Nesting Dolls



Clip ArtHandmade Nesting Dolls

submitted by nomophobia

nomophobia - n

e.g., n

submitted by n

nomosexual - A person who's just tired of all the sex and wants "no 'mo" of it. | Nomo-sexual. A person who claims she'll swear off sex and love; or one who is unlikely to be involved with either again.

e.g., Jane didn't think she could continue her relationship with John when she found out that he was a nomosexual. | Stories from prisons tend to show that many people would rather "go homo than nomo."

submitted by Hal Colombo | [Jon K. Hart] - (www)

nomsain - A frequent interjection used when the speaker runs out of thoughts, is stumped, or otherwise confused.

e.g., I ran to Mickey D's, nomsain, and its like ... nomsain, its like ... nomsain. Yeah dog.

submitted by Tuck McFerguson

non sequiturial - A manner of being or communicating where the immediate content of the now is continually disparate to what precedes and follows it.

e.g., His wild shifts in focus were absolutely non sequiturial, to the point that none of us could follow his argument.

submitted by Kenneth Langford - (www)

non-clamatic - So see-through and predictable that you want to spear yourself.

e.g., My last boyfriend was so non-clamatic I couldn't wait to dump him. If I could have got a date with anyone else, I wouldn't have gone out with him in the first place.

submitted by Jody - (www)

non-doable - Not able to be done.

e.g., I give up, this is just non-doable!

submitted by Jupiter

non-heinous - Good (or, more literally, not bad). One of the few Bill and Ted words that never caught on.

e.g., That trip we took through time and space was most non-heinous.

submitted by ditnis

non-joke - A type of joke. A non-joke often vaguely sounds as if it ought to be a joke, but on closer inspection, it makes no sense (or slightly botched/mysterious sense). Oddly, non-jokes are sometimes very funny.

e.g., Non-joke, from a dream of E. Thrasamund: On seeing that the sign of a pub called the Queen's Arms had fallen to the ground, I said, "Look, the Queen's arms have fallen off."

submitted by adam leslie

non-nonword - Word submitted that actually already exists.

e.g., Um... I hate to break this to you, but "penile" is a non-nonword.

submitted by Lisa Cirèlle Hansson - (www)

non-profiteer - Someone who only works for a non-profit organization because the pay is so good.

e.g., The guy driving the Mercedes and running the local foodbank is a non-profiteer.

submitted by Pat Nowak

non-sequiturambling - Giving a speech, lecture, etc., and not having an immediate point you are trying to make -- and keep on babbling nonsense -- and. . . . | Having a point during a speech, but getting youself so worked up over it that you get off topic completely and end up babbling nonsense that had nothing to do with whatever the conversation was about.

e.g., Every day in my homeroom my teacher feels the need for twenty minutes of non-sequiturambling.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

non-spillage - Not having spilled something.

e.g., That was close, but there was talent involved in that non-spillage.

submitted by Jupiter

non-squitter - Non sequitur. "1. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence. 2. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it."

e.g., "Nice try at deflection with a non-squitter."

submitted by Miss Speller

non-wordical - Without words, usually music.

e.g., For drama class we could bring only non-wordical music.

submitted by Roxy

nonald king - Any fast food burger franchise including, but not limited to, McDonald's, Burger King, and the like. Also refers to food and beverages purchased from said franchise.

e.g., JDawg: You're gettin' big, girl. Maybe you should go to Subway for lunch. Beta 17: No way. I'm gonna get me some Nonald King.

submitted by Matt Reynolds

nonameo - Anything generic or cheap or of lesser quality than the original.

e.g., No wonder these computers are so cheap, they're all nonameos.

submitted by Robert Underwood

nonantiunreproducible - One-shot.

e.g., John's 18th birthday was a fantastic, nonantiunreproducible experience.

submitted by George Levy

nonce - Once is to one, twice is to two, nonce is to zero. Also a contraction of not once. | Someone who is a bit of an idiot; a bit foolish. I think it is only widely used in London, England. | (Rhymes with "runts"; adv.) 1. Not (even) once, no times, never; 2. never once (in the sense that something that was expected did not occur. (NB: Not to be confused with_nonce_(rhymes with "sconce"), which means "ad hoc," "for now," or "while we wait.") [A mixture of "none" + "once."]

e.g., How many times have you taken out the trash this month? Nonce, just as I thought. | Nancy spills pint of beer having just bought it. Friend says "You're a nonce, Nancy." | "How many times can you come back for more?" "Nonce, I'm afraid: I've only got enough for ... you know what? I don't have enough for everyone in line. I hope the resupply shows up quick." | "A party at the White House!? Wow! Did you get to talk to the President?" "Nonce." "Oh, bummer."

submitted by dan | Angela | Scott M. Ellsworth

nonce-sense - Nonsensical rubbish spoken by thick celebrities duped into believing they are warning against the dangers of child-abuse when really they are warning against the dangers of their own stupidity. From UK TV's Brass Eye.

e.g., Child-abusers smell of hammers and share more DNA with crabs than humans is an example of nonce-sense. Phil Collins actually said, "I am speaking nonce-sense" on national TV and still didn't realise he was being duped.

submitted by Adam Leslie

nondelineable - A line that cannot be drawn.

e.g., Annette wanted to draw the easement line on the plat, but the information on easement size was illegible. She had to note that the easement was nondelineable.

submitted by Ty Evans

nondictation - To not say something.

e.g., Use a nondictation method to get your viewpoint across. You'll do much better that way.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

nondividual - One who attempts to "be herself," break out, and embrace nonconformity, but ends up only being another lemming of the conformist revolution, only another faceless poser.

e.g., So, he's being himself now? And he acts like his crowd, dresses like them, listens to the same music, thinks the same? So, they're all the same person? A bunch of nondividuals.

submitted by Chris

none of your beeswax -

Mark G. Dolnick It seems that none of your beeswax, meaning none of your business, was originally a line spoken by the character Nanette in the musical No, No, Nanette (Youmans, Harbuch and Mandel, 1925). This catchphrase enjoyed a brief vogue in the later 1920s. It is cited as children’s slang in a couple of later references mentioned by Partridge. There are no suprises as to its origin; beeswax is simply an obvious pun on the word business.

e.g., One of life's little pleasures is the satisfaction I get from saying I told you so. I also derive pleasure from telling you it's none of your beeswax when you stick your nose where it doesn't belong.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nonebo - Acronym for NO NEed to BOther. Pronounced "no-knee-bo."

e.g., Jane: I'll call Ticket Maxx and get us camping reservations for this weekend. Julie: NONEBO. I already called them, and they're sold out this weekend.

submitted by Paul

nonebrity - A person who is famous (celebrity) but for such vacuous reasons that she can also be classified as a non-entity.

e.g., Paris Hilton was last year's most notorious nonebrity.

submitted by martibabes - (www)

nonfix - Not quite a prefix or a suffix.Any same portion of spelling in any words.

e.g., "Encu" is a nonfix of the word "unencumbered."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nonfortous - To be scared of being brave.

e.g., She was nonfortous towards confronting her parents because they were mad. Very mad.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

nonfrontational - Unable, or unwilling, to directly confront others with unpleasant emotions or opinions.

e.g., Jane is nonfrontational, though she is bossy, so at least she's got that going for her.

submitted by Lori - (www)

nongnong - A person who is smart but does stupid things.

e.g., Rachel is a nongnong. She had an A in Sociology but she woke up late and missed the final.

submitted by Demetrius Pinder - (www)

nonie - Nose.

e.g., My dog has a cold nonie.

submitted by Mishka Generic

nonigsaw - Jigsaw (generally a big, hard one) with one piece missing...which you only find when you've completed the rest. Oh, and it'll be a hugely important piece.

e.g., You know that 15,000 piece jigsaw of baked beans Auntie Mavis gave me for Christmas? It's a nonigsaw. -Shame.

submitted by prettyplease

nonline - A person or business that is not, has never been, and probably never will be connected to the internet.

e.g., We can't e-mail grandma; she's still nonline.

submitted by David Kraut

nonmoent - Someone who would eat anything.

e.g., And ... I am not a nonmoent.

submitted by Jill - (www)

nonnex - Derived from non-existent. A complicated-sounding word made up on the spot. Usually used in the company of people too proud to ask the meaning.

e.g., Such a nonnex can be used when attending a book club, not having read the book. John: "I found that the plot had completely . . . anquimenaced by page 13." Jillian: "Of course."

submitted by Meryl

nonnuendo - Bald-faced innuendo, an acute allusion, blatant hint. Lacks any of the subtlety of innuendo.

e.g., Chris's barrage of nonnuendos brought the party to a standstill. Even the children had to roll their eyes every time he said, "If you know what I mean. Nudge nudge, wink wink."

submitted by Eric G.

nonpliment - A non-compliment. The opposite of a compliment.

e.g., "Nice jumper, shame about the face." "Thanks for the nonpliment."

submitted by Dave

nonplussed - Not added together.

e.g., The epoxide and polyamide should remain nonplussed until right before you're ready to start binding items together permanently. Once you mix them together, the resultant epoxy hardens quickly.

submitted by Andy Hollandbeck - (www)

nonsational - Of very little excitement, not impressive whatsoever.

e.g., Yeah, I can see how nonsational that is -- can we go now?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nonsense - The last bits and bobs in the tea pot.

e.g., Come on me, old mucker. Call this a cup of tea? You've given me all the nonsense.

submitted by penny

nonsneakoutable - Unable to be snuck out of.

e.g., My house is nonsneakoutable.

submitted by Jon

nonsomesensical - Sounds like nonsense, but could include a germ of truth in it.

e.g., India's election results seemed bizarre, but when one considered that the earlier BJP government did little or nothing for the poor, the results were actually nonsomesensical.

submitted by Frederick Noronha - (www)

nonster - (n.) 1. A creature normally considered a monster, but whose character, disposition, desires, attitude, or situation ... de-monsterizes it/him/her/whatever; 2. a character everyone expects will be a monster but who turns out to be an ordinary person (or animal).

e.g., 1. "AAAA! It's a 20-foot tarantula!" "Don't worry, that's Tommy; he's a librarian." "A librarian?!" "Yeah. He's a total nonster." "Um ... wow. Well, you learn something new every day, huh?" "He's great with kids." "Seriously?" 2. We were all sure it was the blob, but it turned out to be the janitor. A nonster.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nonterraqueous - Something bizarre or indefinable. Something that falls quite outside of all the categories you have words for--even when your vocabulary has been enhanced by several weeks aquaintance with the words here. (Name of 1980s computer game. Literally: "Not of land or sea.")

e.g., What was that? Dunno, it was nonterraqueous.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

nontribution - A strictly unhelpful and annoying contribution, often to a web or usenet discussion forum.

e.g., Doc's a troll. He makes so many nontributions to the community.

submitted by Rob

nonversation - A conversation that lacks any real depth--i.e., a conversation between two disinterested parties, or to fill an uncomfortable silence, or something to talk about if you have nothing very interesting to say.

e.g., Sylvia and I just sat there and talked about the weather, avoiding discussing what happened between her and me at the party Sunday. It was a nonversation.

submitted by Charlotte McManus - (www)

nonward - No further, without advancing, in the same spot, stay still, in no direction.

e.g., Humans who fail to advance and essentially go nonward may be frozen in the past without hope of much success or progress, which is unfortunate and possibly disappointing.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nonyo - An insult describing a person as lacking intellect, consequently making her deranged or insane.

e.g., Chris is a nonyo--he even locks himself in his room to play video games, not just to look at his pornography collection.

submitted by mariajennbeth - (www)

noo noo-moo moo - A food with noodles (noo noo)and beef (moo moo).

e.g., We had noo noo-moo moo for dinner.

submitted by Finesse

noob - A bad or poor or new player at an on-line multiplayer game.

e.g., You're so easy to kill, Chris, because you're playing like a noob.

submitted by Roger Allen - (www)

noober - A mixture of the word Newbie and Goober for a person who is new to a website and does something really stupid.

e.g., I'm such a noober, I can't figure out how to post a comment on your space.

submitted by Natalie

nooblet - A young person who sucks at video games.

e.g., Tyler is a nooblet -- he sucks at Halo.

submitted by Tyler Klatt

noodle - Stupid person.

e.g., "You Noodle!" referring to the fact that the person commented on is equally smart as a cup of noodles.

submitted by Thorgnyr Thoroddsen

noodle front - A hopelessly cerebral woman, who goes out of her way to look dowdy, and always covers up completely--although to the discerning, there are great possibilities there waiting to be discovered. Opposite of Frontal Nude.

e.g., "You're going to ask Annie for a date? Wally, what are you thinking." Wally: "I know, she's a Noodle Front. But I can see the hidden possibilities underneath!"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

noodled - Ebonic for neutered.

e.g., I have to take my cat in and get him noodled.

submitted by John Booth

noodlesplargen - A mixture of ground up meat, powdered cheese substance, and noodles. Usually packed into a tube or bowl, and eaten with a straw. Considered a delicacy when heated up to aboput 350 degrees Farenheit and eaten right then while it is still boiling.

e.g., I held up the dripping tube of boiling noodlesplargen, stuck my straw into it, and drank it right there, burning my mouth as it went down.

submitted by Sabin

noodrem - An emergency exit nobody can use. Often to be found in public places or transport where the management is ineffective and impotent regarding safety issues. | An emergency stop button no one can press.

e.g., Passenger on a bus asks the driver, "Can you open the emergency exit, please?" "No," replies the driver. "It's a noodrem -- nobody can open the door without a key, which nobody has." | Colin and Miles expressed their concern to the tour rep when they discovered that Vassilis had wired up the emergency stop button on the funicular lift, thus rendering it a noodrem.

submitted by Gary Branch

noogans - Expression of congratulations or approval.

e.g., We won the game! Major noogans!

submitted by Nick Schurk

noogie - When you make a fist and rub it in someone's hair.

e.g., I'll give you a noogie.

submitted by Vincent Kreder

nooglette - A person who gives or receives a noogie (or noogies) for the first time.

e.g., Holding his brother in a headlock, Jesse gave his younger brother Kyle a noogie. Kyle had thus become a nooglette.

submitted by Choibacco - (www)

noon-thirty - 12:30 PM

e.g., I am going to lunch at noon-thirty today.

submitted by Jonathan Austin

noonatic - Dedicated fan of Peter Noone, the lead singer of the 1960ss band Herman's Hermits.

e.g., Ramona was clearly a Noonatic. She had just left the concert and she already missed Peter.

submitted by Peter Noone fan - (www)

noone - No one. Pronounced "newn."

e.g., Noone has a gun in the airport...what?

submitted by rabidopossum

noong - Australian slang used for someone who has been stupid.

e.g., Typical Chris behavior -- he's a noong.

submitted by Maree

noonie - A complex genome virus which is encoded with varieties of laughter into it.

e.g., She has the noonies.

submitted by Abhik

noonoo - Breast in association with breast milk | breast feeding of any mammal.

e.g., Did you see Phydeaux go for Fifi's noonoo?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

noonoos - Noodles. Pronounced "newnews."

e.g., Could you please pass the noonoos?

submitted by Marie

noot - "noun. like neat, but one step up. Often used with "tres" in front of it."

e.g., ex: The new Dandy Warhols CD is tres noot!

submitted by Ashleigh

nope, made of - (phrase response) a sardonic (although sometimes true) response to someone questioning or misinterpreting an attributive noun. (From the 1964 movie _Mary Poppins_, in which, asked by Michael Banks whether her "carpet bag" carries carpets, Poppins replies "no, made of.")

e.g., "You know, I've often wondered: are French fries french?" "Nope, made of." | "This is a genuine Franklin stove, from 1760." "You mean Ben Franklin built it?!" "Nope, made of."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nophonebia - Phobic of being without your cellphone.

e.g., She's tressing coz she's got nophonebia.

submitted by sam

nopidok - A strong confident "no."

e.g., A. Is there any chance your mother is married to your father? B. Nopidok.

submitted by benda - (www)

nopology - A non-apology, an explanation or excuse that falls short of, or covers up for an apology. | A carefully worded agglomeration of words that makes it appear as if you're apologizing for something you said or did -- when there's really no apology at all. || A carefully worded agglomeration of words that makes it appear as if you're apologizing for something you said or did -- when there's really no apology at all.

e.g., The prime minister's explanation was a nopology. This was readily accepted by all, since it offered a way out without hurting anybody's ego. | As a class, politicians are probably more notorious for their nopologies than any other group. || An apology is saying something such as this: "I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry; I was out of line." Examples of nopologies: "Mistakes were made" and "I didn't mean to offend anyone." | A nopology is often preceded by something like, "What I actually said was. . . ." The ellipsis represents words which are NOT what was said.

submitted by william edwin || HD Fowler

noptimistic - Basically, not optimistic. This does not mean you're pessimistic. You don't always see the bad side of things. You just aren't optimistic. Somewhere in between a realist and an optimist.

e.g., When you said that you didn't care what our decision was, you sounded rather noptimistic.

submitted by Taylor Allen

nordling - To talk to yourself within earshot of others, but about nothing in particular.

e.g., A. What did you say? B. Ah, nothing. I'm just nordling.

submitted by B-ryce - (www)

norf - No Observable Redeeming Features.

e.g., The suggestion made by the Gov't man was another NORF.

submitted by Robert M. Harris

norggle - Norgle. Norggling is to necking as filet mignon is to cheap hamburger. Used in the 1950s (before the sexual revolution) to describe intense and protracted periods of "making out" with extremely sensual and varied technique. Norgling often required the use of Darvon to deal with the resultant "stones" or "blue balls" (q.v.) for the male and their equivalent pains for the female participants.

e.g., Sunday, Sandy and I were norggling all day and most of the night, down at the lake.

submitted by Jim Pivonka - (www)

norify - To enlighten physically, intellectually, or spiritually. Synonyms: clear, clear up, shed light on, crystallize, crystallise, crystalize, crystalise, straighten out, sort out, enlighten, elucidate,illuminate. Norify rhymes with notify and shows alliteration with nourish, and encompasses their meanings. Norify is a cognate with minaret. Derived from "noor" -- Arabic for "light."

e.g., A healthy body is well nourished, a healthy mind is well norified.

submitted by Ahmed Muhammed Seddik - (www)

nork - A nerd and dork combined.

e.g., Jim is a nork-- he's always by himself and is too smart for his own good.

submitted by Amy Eps

norking - Compulsive repetitive physical motion, generally in an oblique, sideways or crablike manner, especially those motions subsequent to ingestion of cough syrups containing dextromethorphan hydrobromide. (Yes, I suppose this does relate to drugs, but this is legitimate.)

e.g., Dag, she must have had too much Robitussin. Look at how she's norking.

submitted by Adam Greenfield - (www)

norm - Or "the norm." The butt-crack. Thought there should be a medical term for this part of the human anatomy, but I haven't turned one up in my brief search on the Internet. Meanwhile, this is offered as a substitute.

e.g., So there she is, hunkering down and showing her tramp stamp, her whale tail, and her norm. Not an attractive sight. She's a good-looking woman, sure, but not when she does that.

submitted by beelzebub

norm chan - One who is very easily manipulated and has very little common sense.

e.g., You're such a norm chan you'd fall for anything.

submitted by jon

normal - One who does not possess psychic powers.

e.g., That psychic sure hates normals.

submitted by dave

norman - Good, great, gun. Has the same meaning as gun: used to describe someone doing really well at something. Norman comes from the Australian comedian Gary McDonald's character Norman Gunston. "Gunston" was used for a short period of time, but "norman" soon surpassed it in use.

e.g., "That band was norman." "You are an absolute norman."

submitted by matt

normanimal - Someone who's neither man nor animal but seems normal acting like one.

e.g., He's just making a fool of himself again. Normanimal for Chris.

submitted by Eloy

normantonomics - The study of the effects of the Normans on the economic stability of Europe during the medieval period.

e.g., Andrea decided that the wool garment industry was at an all time low during the summer of 1066 as all of the farmers were fighting the Saxons. She included the findings in her final Normantonomics paper at the University of Chav.

submitted by Joe Grice

norming - Normal + boring.

e.g., Tuesday is a norming day, reserved for laundry and cleaning, with very little chance of having much fun.

submitted by Craig - (www)

norn iron - The name of a small state, a shorter name for Northern Ireland.

e.g., Q. Where do you come from? A. Oh, I come from Norn Iron.

submitted by philip o neill

norning - The time between 8 pm and 12 pm. The time of night between evening and afternight, afternight being between 12 midnight and 6 am.

e.g., We had dinner very late in the norning. It was almost midnight by the time we finished.

submitted by vinay venkatesh - (www)

norno - A playful insult.

e.g., You're a norno, Emily.

submitted by Emily Laincz

norris - To vomit. From Chuck Norris.

e.g., Did you just Norris?

submitted by Dan - (www)

norrised - Idolize in a silly way, such as the recent Chuck Norris phenomenon.

e.g., Wow, those movie stars really get norrised these days.

submitted by I.P

norse - Shortening of "not the worse."

e.g., You didn't know that "Norse" means "related to the North," that a Norseman is a man from the North, and that the term was generally used to mean a Viking? Forget about it. Norse thing that could happen.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

norton internet screwyouitty - An alternative term for "Norton Internet Security" software.

e.g., It borked after Norton Internet Screwyouitty was installed.

submitted by Stoffle - (www)

nortonian - 1. A person, object, or event that exhibits peruliar, unusual, or outlandish behavior. 2. An original or free-thinking person. Derived from Emperor Norton.

e.g., That flying platypus car that Bob built is Nortonian.

submitted by Zeeterman - (www)

nose hose - A nasogastric tube.

e.g., Doctor, would you like me to throw a nose hose in Mrs. Smith? She just vomited up a large amount of blood.

submitted by Peg Clydesdale - (www)

noseeums - The small bugs that fly around your face but can be seen as a fuzzy gray cloud.

e.g., The noseeums are terrible out here today. Let's go in the house.

submitted by cable

nosejin - A dirty rat with a large snout.

e.g., The nosejin can burrow through anything.

submitted by Pumpkin

nosepricker - A simple but specialized device to pierce the nose or other body part so as to produce a tiny hole in which to stick simple or complex rings or ornaments as befits the whim or choice of the wearer thereof. | A harsh chemical or odour which assaults the nostrils -- it jolts and offends the nasal lining, causing one to stand up and take notice.

e.g., We did not have at hand a proper nosepricker in the cell block so were reduced to hammer and nail though awkward and bloody. | What Celeste thought was an elegant perfume was to me a nosepricker.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nosh - To eat a bit of something.

e.g., Let's go to the coffee shop and nosh on some bagels.

submitted by marc

nostalgebra - The feeling of warmth and excitement at seeing, say, a page full of complex equations, or thinking about the imagery of algebra -- without, needless to say, feeling the urge to understand or do anything about it.

e.g., I love those old open university programmes -- I bask in the nostalgebra.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

nosthedonia - (Pronounced to rhyme with lost-hee-TONE-ya; n.) This term has a number of seemingly discordant meanings, although it is supposed to be a simple antonym for nostalgia, which comes from the Greek: nos- "homecoming" or just “home” + -algia "pain, sorrow," together having come to mean "longing for home.” Nosthedonia, on the other hand, can mean 1. Delight at (finally) coming (or going) home; 2. The happiness of being able to talk to or skype with distant loved-ones; 3. Anticipatory delight for familiar faces and places (affecting both those awaiting someone’s return as well as the returners(?)); 4. The excitement of a welcome-home party, (especially a surprise welcome-home party); 5. The joy of recollecting home when you are (or are feeling) far away; 6. The wonderful feeling of heading home on Friday, especially for a long weekend (cf. sasumo) (also known as heimgehenfreude (q.v.)); but also (oddly) 7. Reveling in finally getting away from home and off to make your fortune (i.e., taking nostalgia literally, as in “home is a pain”); 8. The feeling when you realize one day that your brain now thinks of your new place as your “home”; and, finally, 9. The feeling you get when you talk to someone suffering from nostalgia while you are sitting in your own house/neighborhood/city or whatever.  
Defined elsewhere (and now here) by Karl Jahn as "the pleasure derived from things, persons, and situations that are old and familiar."

e.g., My son came home from missionary work last week; the nosthedonia at the airport smothered me in cotton batting. | "Wow, you look happy." "Yeah! I'm off to college!: Finally, life my way!" "Well, good on ya! Nosthedonia makes for a great trip." "Nostee---what? Is that Russian?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nostra beta - The first child we call alpha, but the second is nostra beta, confirmation of the woman's fertility.

e.g., Alpha was a girl whom we named Athena. Later came nostra beta, whom we named Brutus (later of historic fame: "Et tu Brute?").

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nostration - Spewing liquids from a protruding part of the body -- no, not the ear. This is often caused by an exciting and humorous stimulant, and may be accompanied by much laughter. It can also cause a wet lap or a messy keyboard.

e.g., People who nostrate in public have been known to run from a room in embarrassment.

submitted by Sam Kokajko - (www)

nostrifibrillate - To rapidly flare and contract one's nostrils, especially in times of trying to contain one's laughter.

e.g., Shannon told Charlie a joke, and boy look at him nostrifibrillate.

submitted by Shannon - (www)

nostril - Someone you are required to "look up to" (either by custom or by the person herself), but all you find inside is hot air and snot.

e.g., "Does the new manager strike you as, well, nasty and a bit full of himself?" "Yeah, he's a nostril, he is."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nostwangia - Experience of emotional pain on seeing or talking with a person you were once obsessively in love with. A combination of nostalgia and a twang of pain.

e.g., Every time I speak with her over the phone, I get nostwangic.

submitted by John Navin

nosul - Polish for "Big Nose." Also someone who interferes with others' matters.

e.g., That Dave is sure a nosul.

submitted by jim barclay

not a good cultural fit - Googlespeak for "too old to work at Google."

e.g., "The California Supreme Court unanimously agreed that a trial court erred in dismissing a complaint by Brian Reid, who was hired in 2002 as a director of operations and engineering, and fired less than two years later at age 54 after being told he was not a good 'cultural fit.'"

submitted by - (www)

not dog - A vegetarian hot dog, usually made from soy, or some sort of vegetable product or grain.

e.g., I had a not dog at Marcella's cookout last week, and you know, I couldn't really tell the difference.

submitted by Paul

not for nothing - "Not For Nothin'" is an expression that usually precedes advice. It implies that the speaker is not bossing-around or threatening the listener, and is only offering advice or making an observation. However, because It is a double negative, "not for nothin'" actually means "for somethin'," and contradicts its intended purpose.

e.g., I'll tell you what you need to know -- but not for nothing.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

not my bowl of rice - From the title of ER Escober's Filipino-American novel. Slangs/idioms that originated from book titles in the tradition of Joseph Heller's _Catch-22_. Explanation: A very Asian version of "not my cup of tea." Meaning that whatever is being referred to is not to the speaker’s liking.

e.g., Oh, hill walking in the Philippines? Very nice, but not my bowl of rice.

submitted by Ellen

not scottish - Something that's crap; uncool. From Saturday Night Live, spoken by Mike Meyers.

e.g., Word's out that Madonna's new tour's not Scottish.

submitted by Wevah

not so much - Not at all.

e.g., Q. Do you like dead teenagers? I mean, for a snack. A. Not so much.

submitted by Jon

not spot - a place where 1 and/or more persons should NOT be

e.g., This is your not spot.

submitted by e=mc2 - (www)

not the business - Not cool, not trendy, a no no.

e.g., The shoes Janet is wearing are not the business.

submitted by Loni

not- - Prefix used before a person's name to create a new name applied to a different person who looks similar.

e.g., Ed: Hey, look over there, it's not-Ted. Ted: Haha, I should go talk to him. It would probably look funny, the two of us. People would think we were twins or something.

submitted by ditnis

not-boyfriend - One who has definite romantic possibilities, although the relationship has not been made official.

e.g., Today at school, Aphrodesia was flirting with MY not-boyfriend.

submitted by haem

not-food - Food that can be eaten by vegans.

e.g., I saw some vegan cheesecake. I wasn't aware they could make cheescake into not-food.

submitted by ditnis

not-with-it-ness - A disease that is caused by lack of sleep, attention causing you to causing you to perform ebarrassing or just plain stupid acts.

e.g., Pouring your orange juice into your bowl of cereal is an example of not-with-it-ness

submitted by Marie

notan - Something that is esthetically pleasing or in balanced composition.

e.g., That Picasso painting is notan. (A past photography teacher insisted that this was a real word, but I have never found any reference to it anywhere.)

submitted by Scott Marchus

notatious - A very observant person who recognizes others' worth. The ability to keep incredible notes.

e.g., If I have to listen to that notayious nerd again, I might as well opt-in for the e-mail. | Can we get rid of this notatious outsider? Or should we get his e-mail and send him the video version?

submitted by rj

notevensmall - Huge.

e.g., Mat is a huge gizzlefumper, notevensmall.

submitted by Keslie

nothalgic - To be lazily sentimental about the past.

e.g., While relaxing on the sofa one day, remembering the good old days, he became very nothalgic.

submitted by james

nothe - We need this for those of us who in our keyboarding fail to strike the space bar followed by a second t when we intend to key in "not the."

e.g., It's nothe best word creation I've ever come up with, but it will be a useful one for me and HD. Betsy not so much.

submitted by Lillith

noticement - The degree to which something is noticed.

e.g., When Ethan said "Do you remember the original "Spy Hunter" video game?" he got blank stares from the younger partygoers. At this point, the noticement of the age difference was extremely high.

submitted by Mark Kitchen

noticient - Possessing great skills of observation and attention to detail.

e.g., The noticient young soccer player quickly jumped out of the way of the opposing player running toward him from behind.

submitted by Kevin

notso - A person who is bulky or husky. Derived from "Not so Slim." Benefits include being able to use the term in front of said overweight party without hurting anyone's feelings.

e.g., A: Where's Notso? B: He's busy in his room being not slim.

submitted by Bryant Choung

nottablak - The result of something such as getting drunk and falling over, but which is interpreted by everyone else as being the result of a fight or beating. Despite your protestations, everyone will still believe you got a drubbing.

e.g., Bert: Woooo. Your girlfriend give you that black eye? I saw her haircut went a bit wrong. Ernie: No, it's a nottablak -- I walked into the door of the pub at closing time last night. Bert: Yeah, right. Better buy her some flowers.

submitted by Bent Udder - (www)

nottie - We've all seen this one in action, and we've all heard it used before in real life and in the movies. When hot girls go out, they are often paired up with or in the presence of a group of nottie(s). Notty. The nottie is the unattractive girl who acts sort of like the sidekick of the hot girl, either to raise her (the nottie's) sense of self-worth or to make the hottie look that much more attractive. The line from the movie (I forget which one): For every hottie there's a corresponding nottie.

e.g., There was a real hottie standing at the bar, but it was tough to talk with her because her nottie kept butting in.

submitted by aaron

notwork - The system in place when you must have some online project finished today.

e.g., Oh, no, the notwork is down again!

submitted by Wizardovoz

noughties - The decade from 2000 to 2009. How come I missed that for 10 years?

e.g., No no no. We just finished the noughties, not the naughties. Rats.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nounism - Overuse of nouns, using noun forms where verb forms are available.

e.g., Those who are guilty of nounism (nouners) can often improve their writing by practicing verbism (i.e., by becoming verbers).

NOMINALIZATION OR “NOUNISM”: Students conscious of avoiding overuse of the verb “to be” will not write many passive sentences. Neither will the forewarned student fall into the trap of transforming verbs into nouns, a habit that lengthens sentences and further obstructs clarity. If the typical first year law student had written the preceding sentence, it might serve as a prime example of nominalization [or "nounism"]:

The trap of transforming verbs into nouns will not often be fallen into by the forewarned student, and thus the habit of nominalization in which sentences are lengthened and further obstructions are placed in the path of clarity is avoided.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nounize - To turn nouns into action verbs. Nota bene:Nounize is also used to refer to turning other parts of speech into nouns.


It's Time to 'Renounciate' Old Speech Patterns

Texas Lawyer
February 10, 2006

I have made an important New Year's resolution. In an effort to keep up with government, industry and lots of other folks who are in the know, I've decisioned to nounize my action verbs. I decisioned this during our annual holiday shopping extravaganza, thanks to Sam, our fifth-grader, who announcemented that he wanted an "Arch Card" for Christmas.

An "Arch Card," for those of you not on a first-name basis with trans fat, is McDonald's take on a rechargeable cash card that can be used to buy food under the golden arches.

I commutered over to a nearby Mickey D's and was amazemented immediately by its slogan, "Buy It! Charge It! Gift It!"

Older readers may remember days gone by, when "gift" was merely a lowly noun. Well, not anymore. If Ronald McDonald is nounizing, it must be pretty mainstream. I departured with an Arch Card to gift Sam with and the resolve to 21st century myself forthwith.

Removaling an entire part of speech from your life is not a small decision, so I conversationed it with Sam. But he was only interested in who his soccer team would be versing in its first game.

Readers not on the cutting edge of linguistic style may not be familiar with "versing." As used in kidsports, when the schedule shows that it's the Cowboys versus the Texans, the Cowboys are versing the Texans. Up-to-the-nanosecond legal usage: Brown v. Board of Education is so 20th century. "Brown is versing Board of Education" is now.

When I realizationed that Sam already was nounizing, it confirmationed how prevalent this idea had become.

Christmas erasured any doubts that I should be nounizing. My sainted, 83-year-old mother, a paradigm of Midwestern grammatical probity, announcemented to all of us as we were at dinner that she intentioned to re-gift several of the presents with which she had been gifted.

Perdition! If even she was nounizing as though it was the most natural thing in the world, then it was for me to be commencementing. I consumptioned the rest of our holiday feast with a newfound spirit.

Where to begin? I resolutioned that I should interface with my staff immediately to information them about my decision, so I memorandumed them about it. My assistant e-mailed me her concerns, so we evaluationed our options carefully and conclusioned that we would partner in a program to implement nounization.

And what a difference. No longer do I say, "I took his deposition." Now I say, "I depositioned him." No longer will I be condemnationed to talk like some ordinary lawyer and utterance, "I tried the suit." Now, cutting-edge legal linguist that I am, I can say, "I trialed that case."

Of course that won't occasion very frequently, because more often, I'll get to statement, "It was such a crummy case that the court summary judgmented it in my favor." I will interrogatory opposing parties about who their experts are, .pdf them with my killer pleadings and admission them into submission.

The court will condemnation opposing counsel for unethics during pretrial discovery. If lawyers are unwilling to settle, I'll first chair them to death at trial. If the court doesn't directed verdict the matter, it will be submissioned to the jury, which will promptly decision the issues in my favor. The court will judgment it in my favor. Opposing counsel will have to find the stenographer who reportered it and priority their chances of success on appeal. I'm willing to wager that, upon querying themselves concerning the alleged errors in the case, opposing counsel will sight that the only thing the court of appeals will do is affirmation the judgment in my favor. As Sam would vocalize, "Tough noogies."

As an alert reader can see, nounization goes far beyond and should not be confusioned with the older, 20th-century concept of verbizing, which involvemented words such as target (targeting or targeted), priority (prioritize), gentrifying (used earlier) and other nouns that became verbs.

Nounizers such as me acceptance the importance of verbizing as the foundation for our deeper and more significant modernization (see, I just verbized again), but recognition that with the lightning speeds of the Internet and satellite radio and all of the passivity that has come with them, there simply is no need for action verbs any more. Nonetheless, nounizing and verbizing can live together harmoniously, at least insofar as I can judgment it. People in government certainly are fluent in both.

So there you have it: The end of action verbs as we knew them. And now, if you will excuse (that's "excuse" not "excuze") me, I want to remote the TV on and enjoyment some real passivity.

The passive voice is a favorite of Tom Alleman, a shareholder in the insurance industry and environmental practice groups at Winstead Sechrest & Minick in Dallas, so it is clear why his nounization is not necessarily a "fave" of the firm, its clients or Bryan Garner.

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submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nounjective - A noun used as an adjective, such as "television" in television program.

e.g., If you use the Randomerizor, you'll find that many entries use nounjectives. | The nounjective is sweeping the linguistic world -- at least it was in 2006.

submitted by HD Fowler

nounverb - A word, both noun and verb combined.

e.g., I like fishfishing, which is to say, I like both fish and the process of fishing.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

noupseen - Do you know what I'm saying?

e.g., Coach told us to tighten up our defense, noupseen?

submitted by Fred Coleman

novelty facial hair - Anything from soul patches to muttonchops to spiky, lightning-boltesque sideburns-- especially as worn by clueless, no-hope-having baristas, under the illusion that it speaks volumes about their profundity or nonconformity.

e.g., That idiot with the Mr. T baseball cap at the 8th Avenue Starbucks is too busy admiring his novelty facial hair to be bothered with pouring me a coffee.

submitted by Adam Greenfield - (www)

nowt - Absolutly nothing. Word exists.

e.g., There's nowt you can do about that STD rash, Chris. You'll just have to uncomfortably wait it out.

submitted by jb

noxygone - To describe the state of the air in a polluted corridor or traffic congestion area of city, town, or country. The oxygen is tainted and lacking from the air pollution from diesel and gasoline operations in combustion engines. The air has diminished amounts of oxygen, the oxygen having been replaced with exhaust carbon monoxide.

e.g., Due to noxygone, opening a window in areas of dense pollution does not result in fresh air. I no longer open my windows during rush hour due to the noxygen levels. Sitting in slow-moving rush hour traffic exposes our lungs to noxygen.

submitted by Danny kostyshin

noyb - Initialism: None Of Your Business. Alternatively, None Of Your Beeswax. (Surprisingly, I had never seen this before today. Seeing it reminded me of the conclusion of the movie Executive Suite. "When the head of a large manufacturing firm dies suddenly from a stroke, his vice-presidents vie to see who will replace him." When a would-be successor is asked an impertinent question, he responds in no uncertain terms that the question is personal and that it's none of the asker's business. As the first of the candidates to show some gonads, he got the job. | That's what we used as a response to intrusive questions when I was a . . . lad. None Of Your Business.

e.g., I wish I'd had my wits about me when Jim asked me what size jockstrap I wore and told him NOYB. | Mom: Do you have a girlfriend? Me: None of your beeswax. Mom: Don't be giving me any lip, you little. . . . I'll slap the pee-waddlin' soup out of you.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nozzle nut - Firefighter.

e.g., Oh, yeah, Bob's a nozzle nut, just waiting for something to catch on fire.

submitted by jc3

nsfw - Not Safe For Work, Not Safe For School. A warning for a link that is not proper to surf during business hours. NSFW sites usually contain nudity; NSFS sites may only have a bit of mildly coarse language. See:

e.g., Some people think this site is NSFW. What do you think?

submitted by JHi

nsynctified - Obsessed with the band N 'Sync.

e.g., Belle is nsynctified.

submitted by So - (www)

nt - Acronym-Nice Try

e.g., 1. NT but you didnt have a chance 2. NT noob

submitted by Travis McCormack

nu-thrash - A style of music from the metal genre, a mix of the fast guitar work of "Thrash Metal" and the heavy drumbeats of "Nu-Metal."

e.g., What would you call Devildriver? They're not exactly Thrash, but not exactly Nu-Metal... they would have to be Nu-Thrash.

submitted by SiKqol - (www)

nuantic - Having the qualities or characteristics of nuance; to be endowed with subtle indicators.

e.g., The nuantic expressions on their faces gave away what they otherwise tried hard to suppress.

submitted by Ioa Petra'ka

nub - Non-Useful Body. Aboard US Navy submarines. | One who is short-minded.

e.g., Let the nub clean the bilge, I've got maintenance to do and movies to watch. | You are a nub if that's what you think.

submitted by Varrick Nunez | Kathryn

nubbie - Any small raised area on the surface of any flat space. For example, the F, J, and 5 keys on computer keyboards.

e.g., I awoke this morning worried about this little nubbie on my shoulder. By afternoon, it had formed into a carbuncle.

submitted by Android

nubbin - Someone whose ribs stick out at a point on the chest. | Third nipple on a man.

e.g., It ain't lovin' unless it's from the nubbin. | Even though it's usually done as an outpatient procedure, Chandler was hospitalized for his nubbinectomy. The surgery was a success, so he's now sans nubbin.

submitted by Pat Ward | greaseman

nube - Someone new at something. Novice, "newbie."

e.g., She is a nube at playing softball. | Chris will never get beyond being a nube when it comes to integrity.

submitted by Rachel - (www)

nubedolia - (new-buh-DOUGH-lee-ah; n.) Seeing shapes in clouds. [from nube "cloud" + eidōlon εἴδωλον "image"; similar to the term pareidolia, the name of the phenomenon of seeing patterns in random data.]

e.g., The famous nubedolia Peanuts cartoon, in which Lucy, her little brother Linus, and Charlie Brown talk about shapes in the clouds as they lay upon Charlie Brown's pitcher's mound. The dialogue runs as follows: LUCY: "Aren't the clouds beautiful? They look like big balls of cotton. I could just lie here all day and watch them drift by. If you use your imagination, you can see lots of things in the cloud's formations. What do you think you see, Linus?" LINUS: "Well, those clouds up there look to me look like the map of the British Honduras on the Caribbean. [points up] That cloud up there looks a little like the profile of Thomas Eakins, the famous painter and sculptor. And that group of clouds over there... [points] me the impression of the Stoning of Stephen. I can see the Apostle Paul standing there to one side." LUCY: "Uh huh. That's very good. What do you see in the clouds, Charlie Brown?" CHARLIE BROWN: "Well... I was going to say I saw a duckie and a horsie, but I changed my mind."

submitted by scott m. ellsworth

nubgasm - An orgasm occurring in a severed leg caused by the rewiring of a portion of the human brain's sensory cortex resulting in sensation from the genitalia being perceived as originating in an imaginary "phantom limb." Phantom limb syndrome was originally discovered by Dr. Ramachandran, a psychologist.

e.g., Ever since I got my leg hacked off, I've been getting these nubgasms. It's great.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

nubin - A word used to describe a girl who dresses above her facial looks. An ugly person who tries to look hot by wearing clothes that are too good for her.

e.g., "Look at what she's wearing." "Yeah, she's a real nubin."

submitted by Bob G

nublesse oblige - The condescending patronage of a young princess or queen who has only just recently put her dolls away.

e.g., Cedric, I am not one to complain, you know . . . and I suppose us poor blokes should be content with our lot -- you know that, too. But when young Queen Vicky patronizes our kind the way she just did with this nublesse oblige manner, even with the veneer of human kindness . . . well, I say it is bloody galling!

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

nuch - not much

e.g., Q: What have you been up to latly? A: Nuch, how bout u?

submitted by The Cub

nucking futs - Someone who is crazy or half baked.

e.g., Are you nucking futs? What are you doing?

submitted by Wes Bernard

nuclaision - Noo-clay'-zhun (n) Any of those additives that are difficult to pronounce in manufactured food products. Most people don't know what they are or why they're in there in the first place. plural form: Nuclaisions

e.g., There are a lot of nuclaisions in my cereal.

submitted by UrLord

nuclear dinner - TV dinner cooked in the microwave oven.

e.g., That pup eats so many nuclear dinners, he's gonna start glowing.

submitted by taylorpup

nuclearator - Microwave, from the online comic MacHall.

e.g., What this place really needs is a nuclearator.

submitted by The_SCSIBug - (www)

nucleustalgic - Something which induces fond memories of one's first learning of atoms and atomic structures.

e.g., While thumbing an outdated book of facts, Steve stumbled across some nucleustalgic diagrams and drawings in the section on the physical universe.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

nuclify - The(a) art (b) past tense form of microwaving an object way past logical limits resulting in a very well done, smelly mass of goop.

e.g., (a) I am going to nuclify this popcorn like you wouldn't imagine. (b) Hey, did you nuclify that--what appears to be a steak--on purpose?

submitted by penguin22 - (www)

nucular - Mispronunciation of the word "nuclear," usually by newscasters and younger sisters. Used on The Simpsons.

e.g., I believe in peace, and am against submitted by Saucy - (www)

nude - Beyond excellent--quite simply, incredibly good. From an early episode of "Quantum Leap," the meaning has mutated from its original meaning of "naked."

e.g., Wow, that's completely nude!

submitted by peter

nude-up - Getting nude or changing clothes.

e.g., It's so hot we should all nude-up.

submitted by Jubba

nudenick, nudnick, nudnik - Geek, freek, dweeb, jerk.

e.g., Did you see that nudenick trying to ski that double black diamond? Yardsale.

submitted by don

nudge-wink network - Websites that supply illegal material (warez, MP3s, etc.) regarded as a single source.

e.g., I've been playing Grand Theft Auto non-stop since I found it on the nudge-wink network.

submitted by Eq Tetrachloride - (www)

nuevopoor - Affluent individuals who were previously overpaid and are now currently between opportunities and haven't changed their lifestyles.

e.g., The writers have started complaining since the nuevopoor started taking all of the tables in the cool coffee shops.

submitted by Douglas Meade - (www)

nuf - (Rhymes with "buff"; adj.) 1. Not fun; 2. Non only not fun, but actively painful, horrifying, abysmally disappointing, or miserable; 3. No longer worth the pains of obtaining. ["Fun" backwards; Ironically, "enough," which we use to mean "stop (whatever it is those addressed are doing)!" is "funny" backwards.]

e.g., Ringo Starr told John, Paul, and George that the Beatles were nuf, and that, I understand began their breakup. | I had high expectations of the movie_Krull_(1983) when my wife and I went to see it, but it was truly nuf, despite the millions spent in making it and the huge advertising build up. | "You know what?" "What?" "Pulling this big ol' stump out of the ground is just nuf." "Yep. We been workin' on it nigh on six days, and it just sets there a-laughin' at us." "Well, I'm gonna sand it flat and use it as a bench or a picnic table or somethin'." "Good Idee! Zat mean me'n ma'boys kin go home?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nuff - To have enough of something.

e.g., That was nuff safe guy.

submitted by Shaunomac

nuff nuff - A playfully derogatory name to call someone who has done or said something silly or brainless. Australian slang.

e.g., No, we can't go there. That club has been closed for years, nuff nuff.

submitted by comaquasi - (www)

nuffin - A combination word of "nothing" and "muffin." Saying the word "nothing" but being sweet about it.

e.g., What happened at school today? Nuffin.

submitted by Tamar Pacht

nuffy - To be looking bad or messy.

e.g., Dont look at that photo. I look like a nuffy.

submitted by Adelle H - (www)

nug - Any part of a machine that is being repaired, especially when the actual name of the part is unknown.

e.g., I lost a nug behind the front panel.

submitted by Kento

nuge - As in Ted Nugent, pronounced "newje." People who are obsessed with hunting. Good for use in rural areas.

e.g., Did you see that Nuge with the spotlights on his pickup?

submitted by fleesers

nugget - "Used to describe someone who is a novice or new at performing a particular task. Origin: student naval aviators are referred to as nuggets until they get their wings. Related to the word "golden", since if you are not a nugget, you are golden."

e.g., That nugget couldn't is still trying to figure out how to work that computer.

submitted by J.P. - (www)

nugget - yours or someone else's head (from ICP)

submitted by dust

nuggety - Short with a stocky or muscular build.

e.g., Chad's real nuggety--don't you reckon he'd make a great rugby player?

submitted by becca

nuggle - A more active, and slightly cuter form of snuggling. Nuggling usually involves wiggling in a silly manner and saying "nugglenugglenuggle." Nuggling has been known to cause nausea in people who witness the act.

e.g., They were very silly people who preferred nuggling over the traditional make-out session.

submitted by Rachel

nuggsy - A short, and weighty individual, not unlike a dwarf or gnome. Often with an ignorant outlook on life, and can be found in great supply in cities.

e.g., What a rude fat little boy, a nuggsy if I ever saw one.

submitted by Nick

nuglet - Meaning a friend or lover that is cute but nerdy.

e.g., hello Nuglet, how was your day...?

submitted by Kerri Radoman

nuh - Kind of stuck between "no" and "nah" and "naw."

e.g., Have you done your homework? Nuh.

submitted by Kendal - (www)

nuisant - (pronounced NOO-sint; adj.) Of or pertaining to a nuisance or nuisance generally.

e.g., Having to delete a thousand emails every morning is just as nuisant as having to return pointless phone calls.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nuke - to cook something in a microwave

e.g., I just nuked some leftovers and went to bed.

submitted by leah

nukeorphan - Forgotten things in the microwave.

e.g., I forgot the chicken in the microwave. Oh, the poor nukeorphan.

submitted by Barb Flinchpaugh

nukeulator - Alternative for the word 'Microwave'. Rather than "heat it in the microwave" you can now "Nuke it in the nukeulator". Pronounced nook-you-later

e.g., A. "my tea has gone cold" B. "no worries just bung it in the nukeulator" (the author however does not condone the reheating of tea in this manner...yuck)

submitted by Wefneck

nukyuler - This is actually the right way to spell "nuclear."

e.g., I work in a nukyuler power plant.

submitted by Sam

null - Nerdy, socially outcast, uncool. Sometimes unkempt, dirty, or stupid.

e.g., That new kid, Chris, is sooo null. He wears horn-rimmed glasses with tape all over them...and he stinks

submitted by sylvan

nullidant - Something that when expressed or displayed makes itself self-explanatory yet redundant

e.g., Sally told me that she could speak. The fact that I could hear her made her words nullidant.

submitted by Michael

nulltitask - To simultaneously do several things unsuccessfully.

e.g., Schlackel can simultaneously harm a useful relationship while failing to install various software applications properly; he can nulltitask.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

numb bers - Numeric data of such horrific import that it freezes with shock an observer's ability to think, feel, or react normally.

e.g., NUMB BERS IN THE NEWS May 14,2014 -- Climate Central stated that a recent scientific study indicates that climate change has triggered an unstoppable decay of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet -- by 2100 it is likely to result in a 7 to 10 feet rise in global oceans -- submersing 28,800 square miles of American coastal property, displacing 12.3 million people. Property damage in Florida alone, is predicted to be in excess of $950 billion dollars. September 23,2014 -- The UN Health agency, WHO, reports that the Ebola health crisis is estimated to spread to affect 1.4 million individuals by mid-January, 2015. There is no known cure or vaccine for the disease, only "supportive intensive care." December 26th, 2014 -- Memorial services were held in Indonesia, Thailand and other countries to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 220,000 people.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

numbenating - To render something numb.

e.g., Quit hitting me. You're numbenating my arm.

submitted by Marika Renee

number 3 - Means, essentially, "Dames is grief."

e.g., Ray: Did you get anywhere with Ellen? Bob: Number 3, number 3.

submitted by qnarf

numbers - Arithmetic valuations that deaden the mind.

e.g., Studying numbers always stultified her.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

numbers posts - Posts to message boards by anonymous posters. In some forums, if the poster does not provide a screen identity for herself, the system provides a numeral string as a screen identity. Such posters are often looked down on.

e.g., I hardly ever bother to read numbers posts, so it's unlikely I would have seen your use of the phrase.

submitted by HD Fowler

numble - On a scale from 0 to 10, the degree to which pain or other sensation is reduced or eliminated. E.g., numble 0 is no effect on pain or sensation at all.

e.g., I know which doctor I prefer: it is he she or it that successfully supplies a substance numble 10 which eliminates all manner of disagreeable sensations totally unnecessary in this modern environment, don't you think?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

numblers - Number-mumblers.  

"As an English tutor, I've had to listen to epic phone messages from high schoolers who are in the 'diction is uncool' phase. After listening to a long chain of ums and uhs, I usually can't understand the crucial digits at the end. I call these people number-mumblers. Since there have been so many, I've recently shortened the term to numblers."

e.g., Don't be a numbler. | Dammit. Have you ever noticed how the good-looking chicks tend to be numblers? If you can get them to speak to you at all. Do they do that to black guys, too?

submitted by [Gregory Pierce] - (www)

numbulous - A state of numbness that is enjoyable rendering it delicious.

e.g., I woke up today with a numbulous feeling in my arm.

submitted by jonathan muniz - (www)

numerbetical - When things are in numerical AND alphabetical order

e.g., The orders are in numerbetical order.

submitted by Fran

numericize - To put in numerical order.

e.g., The invoices need to be numericized before filing.

submitted by Sherry

numerize - To place a group of numbered items in numerical order.

e.g., Please numerize these papers so it will be easier to file them.

submitted by Megan

numerrency numbers - Numbers that are not always equal to themselves and depend on the values of other numbers and the sets of equations to which they belong, just as units of currency shift in response to a host of factors such as trade, inflation, and the derivatives market.

e.g., When it comes to numerrency numbers, one does not always equal one.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

numessiah - The focus of worship of a very recently formed cult.

e.g., Bob loves Coca Cola so much he formed an underground cult and made the drink his numessiah. Nobody turned up.

submitted by L. Gillies

nummage - Nummy food.

e.g., Nhat's that nummage you got there? Moritos? Gimme one or two or three or four or five or six or seven or eight or nine or ten of those.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nummers - An item that is above and beyond its normal level of goodness.

e.g., This hamburger is nummers.

submitted by thebof

nummy - Tasty.

e.g., That sushi was nummy.

submitted by danica

numnook - The "corner" in the igloo where foodstuffs are stored, with natural refrigeration: things like whale blubber, seal flesh, assorted freeze dry ocean critters, whale "sperm," import seaweed maybe, lots more.

e.g., Modernized Eskimo in wooden structure (but still called "igloo") now use a numnook as a refrigerator or freezer..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

numptey - In the nicest sense, someone being an idiot for the generation of endorphin release in fellow human beings. Allowing others to laugh at your actions without being self-concious ;-)

e.g., Ryan was being his usual numptey self.

submitted by ryan - (www)

numptify - To take on actions or characteristics of an idiot, of a numpty.

e.g., The doctor, not wanting to numptify himself in front of his peers, pondered about asking a question with a seemingly simple answer.

submitted by Stephen Hass

numpty - Used when someone is being really silly and you don't know how to describe her. | Idiot, fool.

e.g., Chris, quit being a numpty. | So sorry I and others are spoiling your worship of these numpties.

submitted by B!g_D@ddy | [Roy] - (www)

numpty-tasking - The art of delegation (rather than multi-tasking yourself).

e.g., Every good manager should be skilled in the art of numpty-tasking.

submitted by Helen

numpy - An affectionately derogatory term, used to describe someone of slothful or slow demeanour. May also be used in the form of an adjective.

e.g., Geoff (referring to Dean): "What's Numpy up to today? Greg (referring to Dean): "I dunno. Last time I checked his cubicle, he was asleep". Or, "Try not to be so numpy, will ya? You're driving crazy!"

submitted by Geoff S.

nun's - Cockney rhyming slang for rabbit: nun's habit, therefore rabbit.

e.g., Walked past the field and saw a nun's.

submitted by pogboy

nun'sayin - do you know what i am saying it is one of the longest slurred sentences in the ebonic language

e.g., I'm gonna go see a movie but i dont have any money... nun'sayin?

submitted by becky

nun'ya - "not yours, of no concern to you."

e.g., Nunya business.

submitted by jim m.

nunavit - A word used to refer to a situation which the user is no longer interested in participating in or hearing about due to accumulated frustration -- same as "none of it."

e.g., I told him I'm having nunavit when he asked me again for more time to repay the $500 I lent him last year.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski - (www)

nunca-toda - Shortened form of "nunca toda mas un dollar" -- "nothing more than a dollar." A dollar or 99 cent store in an area of town where English is not the first language.

e.g., "That's a nice ashtray." "Thanks. I picked it up at the nunca-toda, along with a socket set, some wrapping paper, and those cookies you're eating."

submitted by Mila Eighteen - (www)

nundies - No undies. Sometimes worn, or not worn as the case may be, at the end of a wash cycle.

e.g., When we go out to dinner tonight, please don't tell anyone I'm wearing nundies.

submitted by matt clarke

nune - To nune is to make spelling mistakes which inadvertently create new words and meanings.

e.g., "On stormy nights, Santa Claus puts extra reincoats on his raindeer," nuned the tired, old journalist in his whiskey-sodden Christmas column.

submitted by Miguel Esteves Cardoso - (www)

nunk - A british way of saying stupid person or weird person.

e.g., The man over there was such a nunk.

submitted by Elliott - (www)

nunmanageable - The behavorial impact of a Catholic school education.

e.g., Little Jeffery was destined for an early death or a life in prison. In spite of innocent blue eyes and a cherubic smile, he was a classroom terror, engaging in schoolyard fights and extorting students of their lunch money. However, after just one week at St. Agnes of the Waters parochial school, he was completely nunmanageable.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

nunsploitation - A genre of films that portrays nuns doing non-Christian things: Deadly Habit, The Excommunicates of San Valentino, La Religieuse, etc.

e.g., Until the scene with the crucifix, I had no idea that was a nunsploitation film.

submitted by crackerjack - (www)

nunsy - From the Cantonese word "nun" meaning warm. Pronounced n-OO-nsie (as in book).

e.g., My lambswool cardigan is nice and nunsy.

submitted by Brenda Midson

nunya - Say when someone is trying to butt in on your conversation as a way to let her know that whatever you're discussing is NONE OF HER BUSINESS.

e.g., Chuck: What are you talking about? Buck: Nunya. Chuck: What? Buck: Nunya business!

submitted by mere

nup - a noun meaing no or nope.

e.g., I would ask her to the prom, but i am afriad she will say nup.

submitted by Mike - (www)

nup - Prenuptial agreement.

e.g., He believed in love and had no nups; she believed in taking anything she could. He ended up a poor fool; she partied at the casinos and had several boy toys on his money.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

nurdler - A well meaning person who cannot cope with practicalities; unable to grasp the essentials of a job

e.g., Uncle Fred is a real nurdler; he takes a load of tools into the garden and brings them back without having accomplished anything.

submitted by Clifford Dackc.

nurgle - Entering a shop and walking around looking at stuff but with no intention of actually buying anything.

e.g., A. Can I help you with anything? C. No thanks, we're just nurgling.

submitted by Laurie

nurple - Feeling rather blue.

e.g., I'm feeling rather nurple today.

submitted by jane barnett

nurple - The process of causing yourself to sink into wet sand by small, energetic vibrations of bare feet.

e.g., My children went nurpling as the tide was coming in.

submitted by Ronan Connolly

nurple - A bruised nipple.

e.g., Andrew gave Billy a puple nurple by twisting his nipple very hard.

submitted by JP Platinum

nurr - Lacking the sense of smell.

e.g., He didn't smell the smoke because he was nurr.

submitted by W.F.Nash

nurries - Contraction of "no worries," an Australian expression analogous to the Bart Simpson utterance "no problem."

e.g., Hey, mate, couldya pass the salt? Nurries, mate, here ya go.

submitted by Jason de Nys

nurting - When editing computer code, this is the word for indenting large blocks at the same time.

e.g., I was nurting my Perl script when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flashdancer. At least I thought I did.

submitted by doug hornsey

nushion - Hillbilly; person from rural area.

e.g., All the nushions congregate at the flea markets and gun shows.

submitted by sue

nut it out - To nut something out is to figure it out. Could well come from references to the head as the nut. "Just use the old nut, laddie."  
Another use of nut, from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:  
nutting, nutted nut somebody (British English, informal) to deliberately hit somebody hard with your head 
He grabbed my tie and I thought he was going to nut me in the face.

e.g., "'Antepenultimate' takes me fondly back nearly fifty years, to when my grandfather taught me the rudiments of cryptic crossword puzzling. When he nutted this one out, stretching right across all 15 squares, I was hooked. I could hardly believe there was a word for such an obscure thing, let alone that Pop could come up with it."

submitted by [Rusty] - (www)

nut-graf - Journalist slang: the paragraph (see "graf") that contains the gist of the news story. Also "nut graf."

e.g., So the lead paragraph of a story became "lede," paragraphs in general became "grafs," and the graf explaining the basics of the story was called the "nut graf." From Ken Layne's warblog.

submitted by Slithy Tove - (www)

nutbunnies - Just an exclamatory with no real meaning. Used in a state of distress.

e.g., Oh, nutbunnies, I stubbed my toe.

submitted by Katie

nuther - Variation of another; often preceded by a quantitative.

e.g., What about Jane? Oh, don't even get me started. That's a whole nuther story.

submitted by Kristofor - (www)

nutmeg - To play a football between a opponent's legs as a through-ball to yourself.

e.g., Kewell's freakish ability to deceive and nutmeg defenders at will is illustrative of his class as a player.

submitted by tom - (www)

nutrajoke - A series of words structured like a joke, containing a setup and punchline. It sounds like a joke, but it is not at all funny. Often accompanied by a laugh track, it contains no comedic value.

e.g., The characters in this lame excuse for a comedy uttered one nutrajoke after another.

submitted by Rob

nutrician - 1. One who makes sure children are getting proper nutrition, and enforces it. A fictional authority used by parents to scare their kids into eating their dinner. 2. School administrators in charge of inspecting lunch boxes for junk food.

e.g., 1. You better eat your dinner, or I'm calling in the nutricians. 2. The bag of chips in my lunch box was confiscated by the nutricians.

submitted by CT

nutrify - To provide nutrients, nourishment for.

e.g., Paola neglected to nutrify the rubber plant, and it slowly withered away.

submitted by gabrielle

nutrimentals, nutrimints - Basic good food for better health and improved memory. Nutrimints are the candy form of nutrimentals.

e.g., 1. Junior better eat his nutrimentals if he wants to grow up to be strong and go to M.I.T. 2. Nutrimints are the perfect food. They're healthy, they taste good, they fill me up, raise my IQ, and freshen my breath before my date.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

nutrituration - Oversaturated nutritiously -- i.e. nutrition poisoning.

e.g., Davy Dave! If you don't put down that cucumber and wheat germ on pumpernickel and go back to some cheezy poofs and snacky cakes, you're sure to get yourself a heckuva bad case of nutrituration.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

nutscrape - Derogatory nickname for Netscape.

e.g., Nutscrape's screwed up my DIV tags again.

submitted by Purple Martin

nutters - tight-ass pants or shorts on a male individual

e.g., damn! larry bird got some nutters on!

submitted by stained_oj - (www)

nuttion - A guy whose stories always top yours, especially stories dealing with girls and mentadent. Repeatedly participates in moronic acts like punching inanimate objects and smaller people. Screams senselessly and groans infantilely.

e.g., Good Lord, Chris is acting like a nuttion again. Not unexpected though.

submitted by Zeus

nutzoid - Paranoia to the extreme.

e.g., You've gone nutzoid, thinking that the government has a hidden camera in your bathroom mirror.

submitted by Steve McDonald