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neoxise - The act of replacing bone marrow using artificially enhanced metal alloys.

e.g., I wanna be like Wolverine. I'm gonna go get myself neoxised.

submitted by Crazy Chicken - (www)

nep agent -

A label given to those who act as a form of power-lapdog, generally for a higher team of superiors either in a company or community without actually being given a title or executive privileges. Such people will remain the unannounced lackeys of said higher power(s), while considering themselves a member of said power group.

Nep Agents will usually enforce the standards or rules of their respective community in a way akin to that of an officer, moderator, etc. -- while having little or no ability to actually follow through on enforcement.

{ED. I called a friend Friday and told him that I had arranged for a prayer group consisting of about a dozen people to show up at his home Saturday night at eight o'clock to conduct a prayer session for him -- because his soul is in need of saving. Silence ensued for a while, then I told him it was a prank. He said he thought at first that I was serious -- and that I must really have a lot of gall to do something like that, given that he's an atheist and has no tolerance for prayers. (Double meaning intended: prayers, pray-ers.)

My analogy is far from perfect, but it bears a certain similarity to the federal government sending out-of-state observers to monitor polling places during the presidential election. What federal law empowers the federal government to send observers to polling places in violation of state law? The Civil Rights Act of 1964?

I'm not legally empowered to send a prayer group to my atheist friend's home. He's six inches taller than I am, outweighs me by 50 pounds, is much stronger than I am, and is in much better physical condition. Plus, he's a trained killer, having served in the US Army for more than 20 years. He'd kick my ass from here to Sunday the next time I saw him if I ambushed him with a prayer group.

Federal laws take precedence over state constitutions and state laws under Article VI's Supremacy Clause:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any state to the Contrary notwithstanding.

However a state has the absolute and exclusive power to determine who can vote, with the exception of exclusions governed by Amendments XV, XIX, XXIV, and XXVI. Does enforcing those amendments mean that representatives of the federal government can be in and around a state's polling places on a presidential election day in violation of a state's laws. (Only for the types of elections called out in Amendment XV? Left as an exercise for the reader. Hint: See McPherson v. Blacker, 146 U.S. 1 [1892].) It really has little to do with the Amendment X and state's rights. It's Article II, § 1, clause 2 that controls: "Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct. …" It's that provision of the Constitution that the National Popular Vote Movement relies on for its compact among states to get the President and Vice President elected by national popular vote. Unless I'm mistaken, it's also the provision that underpinned Bush's win in the Electoral College over Gore in 2000. The Florida Supreme Court was not allowed to interfere with the Florida legislature's plenary power.

Supreme Court precedent on presidential elections was established with McPherson v. Blacker, 146 U.S. 1 (1892). "Under the second clause of Article II of the Constitution, the legislatures of the several states have exclusive [plenary, absolute] power to direct the manner in which the electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed." What that leads to -- and it will be a big surprise to lots of people -- is that "[T]here is no constitutional right to vote in a presidential election. The fact that the state in which you reside even permits you to vote for electors is purely a matter of legislative grace. … McPherson's ruling that a state legislature has plenary power over elections … implies that states may dispense with presidential elections entirely." You may think a state legislature can't change the state constitution without going to the voters, but the way I read this is that a state legislature can change the way presidential electors are selected without approval of the people -- if its members are dumb enough to do that. If they did, they'd soon be thrown out of office. If you want to learn more, you might start with the linked site.

I don't particularly like the idea that I have no constitutional right to vote either for the President and Vice President or for electors pledged to vote for them as stand-ins for me in the Electoral College. But that's the way it is, like it or lump it. It will remain so either until the Constitution is amended or until another instance of SCOTUS ignores stare decisis and overturns McPherson v. Blacker. … Well, I suppose a second revolution is another possibility. The way some folks have been spouting off in the run-up to November 6, that might not be as far-fetched as it usually would.

Remember what we've told you time and time again:

Do not believe anything you read in the pseudodictionary.
Do not take us seriously. Do not believe anything we say.
Seek wisdom elsewhere. Watch out for leg-pulling and tomfoolery.
This site is a lark for the owners and you always need to keep that in mind.

To close this tome for now: The closest thing to a "federal election" is an election in Washington, D.C. Those are controlled by Congress.}

e.g., The annoying guy in the next cubicle keeps telling me to follow the rules of my company, insisting he'll report me to my superiors if I don't follow the rules. What a nep agent. I don't consider anyone superior to me. | I was jay-walking in the street the other day, and a stranger walked up to me and told me not to do it again, or else. "Or else"? He wasn't even a cop, just another dithering nep agent entering his years of flatulent senescence. (Thanks to Lawrence Block for flatulent senescence. [Yes, I know what I said.]) | Whether they realize it or not, Ambassadors to the United Nations from countries that don't have a seat on the Security Council are nep agents. That's because the General Assembly is effectively powerless, not being able to enforce sanctions.

submitted by Osiris - (www)

nephew - (n.) A significant amount of weight lost (or, presumably, gained). [from the ordinary word 'nephew,' meaning 'sibling's son.' Evidently, a reference to carrying around--or not carrying around--the weight of a child.]

e.g., I first heard this term used by a physical therapist in reference to a patient who had lost weight over a few months. He said, "Wow, John, looks like you've dropped a nephew!" I find the term rather bizarre, myself.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nepot - Nepots are the folks who benefit from nepotism.

e.g., Yes, you're right. My plan is to hire nepots. What's wrong with that? I own the company. You want I should hire illegal aliens?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nerb - A noun that has become a verb. | The process of a noun becoming a verb.

e.g., "Impact" is an excellent example of a nerb. Once it was simply a noun; it meant the effect of something on something else. Now, it is used as a verb -- "this impacted on that." Thus, impact is a nerb. In this way, nerb is actually an example of itself: the process of nerbing creates nerbs.

submitted by David Martin

nerbie - Someone who is book smart, but street dumb.

e.g., Chris is a nerbie.

submitted by Spanka

nerd - Root of action verb (past tense), often having to do with computer geeks. | "Joyce Melton responded to last week’s article. 'Cartoonists, illustrators and other artists have used nerds to mean eraser crumbs for more than sixty years. When I worked at newspapers in the sixties, we had a special brush (called a broom) for getting rid of nerds before inking a drawing because the tiny pieces of rubber would cause blots and blobs on the art. When the movie Revenge of the Nerds came out, I imagined eraser crumbs with giant art brooms pursuing people. That wasn’t what the movie was about but it still makes me laugh to think of it.'"

e.g., He tried to weasel out of having caused the program crash but was cornerd. | Ah, yes, I remember the nerds, too. But I didn't know that's what they were called.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

nerd cliff - A metaphoric expression used to describe that moment in a conversation when a speaker inexplicably and enthusiastically follows an arcane topic of conversation that she alone is interested in. The speaker is often aware that she has lost her listeners but is strangely unable to gracefully end her rambling. Quite often the speaker will seem somewhat bewildered that no one else finds the topic as fascinating as she does and figure if she keeps talking eventually someone will want to join in.

e.g., A nerd cliff can be used by the listeners to signal that it is time to move on. It can also be used to describe what happened to a third party. For example, I was talking to Kim about when Easter was and he started talking about how to calculate the date. "Lost me after equinox, Kim -- complete nerd cliff." Used self-reflectively it has become an accepted, and slightly more humourous way to exit the situation in question, rather than the usually barely audible mutterings that form the conversational ellipses. "Sorry, guys. Nerd cliff."

submitted by kim - (www)

nerd layering - The act of stacking different fandoms in a single outfit: comic-related hat, band-related shirt, TV series|toy line jacket.

e.g., Steve was really nerd layering today. Rocking his Superman hat, Iron Maiden shirt and C.O.B.R.A. jacket. I wouldn't be surprised if he was wearing Star Wars underwear.

submitted by Tim Reinerman - (www)

nerd stacking - The wearing of different fandoms in top to bottom fashion. E.g., hat, shirt, pants, socks and/or shoes. Warm weather variant of Nerd Layering.

e.g., Did you see Justin's Marvel tshirt/DC socks nerd stacking? It's a pretty bold statement.

submitted by Tim Reinerman

nerd-bomber - Someone who exhibits nerd-like traits on occasion but does not have enough consistency to deserve the title of nerd.

e.g., Jan was being such a nerd-bomber when she knew the correct usage of the term "calisthenics."

submitted by Julie

nerd-e-bonics - Computer speak or technical talk used by nerds that normal non-nerd people don't understand.

e.g., He seemed incapable of speaking standard English, being able only to talk in nerd-e-bonics.

submitted by Patrick

nerdbox - Computer.

e.g., C'mon, let's go out. Quit spending so much time on the nerdbox.

submitted by Hamish

nerdcake - A smart but "soft" person.

e.g., Sean shouldn't be such a nerdcake because people will continue to take advantage of him.

submitted by Demetrius Pinder - (www)

nerdgasm - Occurs when an individual gets disturbingly excited over an event, item, or topic that would be considered nerdy or geeky. | What happens when an individual who is classified as a nerd or geek gets overly excited inappropriately.

e.g., Charlie couldn't help but have a nerdgasm over the comics convention that would soon come to town. | Sherie experienced a nerdgasm yet again as she salivated over the Heroes poster that she came into possession of.

submitted by Maria - (www)

nerding out - Having a sudden attack of abnormally high nerdy or geeky feelings and impulses.

e.g., I walked into the computer lab and immediately started nerding out -- I must have drank three gallons of Tang and sat there programming for eight hours.

submitted by brient - (www)

nerdist - (n.) 1. A nerd (an intelligent outcast, especially the geekesque technophiles (to whom we all turn when we can't figure out what's wrong with out computers)); 2. One who practices nerdism; 3. One who finds freedom in nerdism, and revels in the glory of the electronic Gaia that is the internet; 3. One who pretends nerdism or geekity, but actually seeks only to twist the web into a vomit of pornography, cruel viruses, defamations, and apples of Discord. [From nudist, obviously, with the twist of definition 3 in an homage to Robert Graves poem "The Naked and the Nude" ... perhaps, ''The All-Nighter and the Nerd''?]

e.g., Most of us look upon communal websites as little more than nerdist camps. Each such site, however, is built around a core of common culture it would be well for us to comprehend before condemning.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nerditude - The degree to which a person has achieved her dream of becoming a nerd.

e.g., By memorizing the Department of Defense Manual of Acronymns and Initialisms, Schlackel had achieved the highest possible degree of nerditude.

submitted by redbendad - (www)

nerdlinger - Someone who does something slightly nerdish, while being otherwise cool.

e.g., A: Yeah, I went to a LAN the other night. B: Oh, nerdlinger.

submitted by inspector

nerdlode - Matter formed when an IT department spontaneously congeals. This usually happens when the department is left to its own devices for more than five years with the same infrastructure and technologies. Managers (and cleaners) abandon and forget the area before it finally goes critical. Occasionally, Lode Raiders break into a nerdlode to extract valuable Star Wars collectibles and Lara Croft memorabilia.

e.g., Pizza boxes crunched as he forced open the door. He sniffed the air: rarely washed t-shirts, disappointment, and that strange minestrone soup smell. His canary fainted. This was pure nerdlode.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

nerdly - Nerdy, but in a respectable and admirable way.

e.g., Adam's really great in science. He's a real nerdly guy.

submitted by Bender

nerdom - The state, condition, or quality which characterizes all that is nerdly.

e.g., Hands trembling, I tore the packaging from my official Starship Enterprise coffee mug caddy, and realized that my descent into nerdom was complete.

submitted by martin

nerdvana - The infinite bliss of technical perfection.

e.g., On configuring the final router, I reached nerdvana.

submitted by Scott - (www)

nerf - In motor racing, when one car bumps another without it being severe enough to be called a crash.

e.g., ...and that was Villeneuve nerfing Frentzen off the track.

submitted by Adam Leslie

nerf - When something that was not intended (and being used as an exploit) in a computer game is edited in a patch it, (the exploit) is said to be "nerfed."

e.g., The golden gun in James Bond needs to be nerfed.

submitted by Urzumph

nerf herder - Lifted from a magazine to describe a thick (i.e., stupid) person at my workplace.

e.g., Xynoy, what are you doing? Are you some kind of nerf herder?

submitted by Xnoybis

nerfar - Acronym: Not Emotionally Ready For A Relationship.

e.g., Sam wouldn't go out with Jane. Said he didn't have the time. Personally, I think he's just NERFAR.

submitted by Jules

nerg - Someone obsessed with getting the most food for a given price, often at the expense of the food's quality.

e.g., Mom, we're always going to these cheap buffets for dinner. Please stop being a nerg.

submitted by Hsing-Hua Chu

nergh - An annoyed or discontented sound

e.g., ""Nergh, I hate geometry...""

submitted by Kiki the Ferret

nerk - Combination nerd and geek.

e.g., Chris is a nerk. He wears socks with sandals, plus he has the high score on Galiga.

submitted by Aly Silverberg

nerlingers - A term used in Scottish soccer newsgroups to indicate unwarranted hyperbole attributing special skills or qualities, especially to soccer players, with little evidence to support them. Origin: Christian Nerlinger, a German soccer player who signed for Glasgow Rangers with great anticipation of his being an exceptional player, but who later proved to be a grave disappointment. Formerly Nerlinger's Syndrome.

e.g., "This boy may only have played for half an hour but I've seen enough to suggest we have landed a future great." "No, you are just afflicted with Nerlingers."

submitted by The NG

nerts - Nuts. Used by Frank Burns on "M*A*S*H..

e.g., "Nerts to you." "Buzz off, you're driving me nert.!"

submitted by J. Field

nertz - The tiny slivers of rubber left on paper after erasing.

e.g., I tried to be neat, but there were nertz all over my paper.

submitted by Jonathan Searfoss

nervigator - The person in the passenger seat who has no confidence in the driver's ability to get them to their destination. Unable to relax, nervigators can be seen constantly looking around and furiously pointing at random side streets saying, "I think we should be heading that way."

e.g., Jeff the cab-driver always seemed to pick up the worst nervigators. They seemed to insist that he travel in directions which were contrary to the destination they had originally specified and then got restless that they would not arrive on time.

submitted by ashsimmonds

nervited - To be neverous and excited at the same time.

e.g., I am so nervited for my performance today.

submitted by Thomas Yount

nervologist - A doctor who specializes in problems with the nervous system.

e.g., Chris started to become quite edgy all the time. Her regular MD suggested she see a nervologist who could help her.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

nervousity - 1. Tendency of some people to attempt to compensate for their nervousness by talking far too much. Compound of "nervous" and "verbosity."

e.g., The interview would have gone so much better if I had been able to control my nervousity.

submitted by khreg & karinib - (www)

nes - Neither yes nor no, a one word answer to get you out of trouble.

e.g., Have you been throwing berries at cars, Jon? Nes.

submitted by Dillan Manhasset

nespa - "Is that not so?"--challenging the other person to contradict you.

e.g., Yeah? Well, YOU were the one who wanted us to come here in the first place. Nespa?

submitted by Anastasia

ness - Used for any noun. Comes in handy when you can't think of the name for what you want.

e.g., Hey, can you hand me the thing between the stuff and the ... ness? Thanks.

submitted by tweak

nestoring - To hold up traffic by refusing to give way despite driving no faster than the speed limit in the fast lane of a motorway. (Used in Washington DC, USA.)

e.g., Sorry I'm so late. Some peckerhead was nestoring all the way to the Route 50 exit.

submitted by strozzapreti

net-yocks - The jokes that are sent by e-mail.

e.g., Most of the net-yocks that arrive from friends are pretty corny, but a few contain real kernels of truth.

submitted by Diana Filner

netcafe - An establishment that provides a non-library study and play environment with access to computers, internet resources, and food services.

e.g., I am going down to the netcafe to study. Let's go down to the netcafe and surf the internet.

submitted by jason bartel - (www)

netflicking - While at Netflix with your iPhone or tablet, the flicking through the movie selections in vain for a movie that you haven't already seen or didn't want to watch in the first place but finally settling for a one- or two-star movie in desperation.

e.g., I have been netflicking until my finger is numb.

submitted by Donna J. Duckering - (www)

netflix - To order a DVD on

e.g., If you haven't seen Amelie, you gotta netflix it.

submitted by Ann Marie - (www)

netflixing - Logging on to to add movies.

e.g., I just heard The Matrix came out on DVD, so i need to start netflixing.

submitted by Salih

nethead - A person whose life revolves around the internet, to the point where entire conversations can occur through URLs.

e.g., "How are you doing today?" "" "You're a nethead."

submitted by blahblogger - (www)

nether - Negative ether.

e.g., Drilling in the nether regions is assinine (and painful).

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

netlag - Suffered by many people attempting to access the same website that uses an underclassed server, a description of a slow internet connection.

e.g., Sorry I could not get the file for you sooner, I was suffering from netlag.

submitted by kenste

netnotworking - The time when the network...doesn't.

e.g., I had a netnotworking holiday this afternoon.

submitted by Blue Hornet

netpecker - One who is both a nitpicker and a peckerhead, especially applicable to one who plies her trade on the internet. The netpecker who inspired this entry is a moderator-wannabe on a site I frequent. Her contributions consist almost entirely of correcting other posters. (I make no claim that this word is original with me, but I never saw it before I thought of it. I came up with my definition independent of any other instances of its use.)

e.g., If that's the way the netpecker wants it, that's the way to go. | If I felt compelled to go out of my way to find an objection to or feel offended by this thread -- that is, to be a netpecker -- it would probably be the choice of Men and Ladies in the topic, as opposed to Men and Women or Ladies and Gentlemen. The latter choices are both egalitarian and parallel.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko - (www)

netscape-thing - The word that an Internet-Explorer-only using HTML programming geek uses to try and disguise his sloppy non-cross-browser programming skills. Usually said with an air of indignance.

e.g., Um, well, no - that table won't look right to you - it's a Netscape-thing. Now, if you look at it in Internet Explorer...

submitted by :bRETT: - (www)

netscapegoat - (n) Something that can be blamed for faults with or from the internet.

e.g., Bill is using the server as a netscapegoat instead of his poor skills with computers.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

netscapism - netscapism, n. (net + escapism) - an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities into the electronic network, or virtual world.

e.g., In the past, the wild nature and remote countries provided the favorite refuge for escapists. Now netscapism, especially among adolescents, has grown into a serious social problem.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

netscapist - netscapist, n. - a person who escapes from unpleasant realities into the networld.

e.g., Netscapists are ubiquitous today. If you chat with a your closest neighbor for hours from your computer instead of seeing him in a cafe, you are in danger of becoming a netscapist.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

netset - Group of people associated with the cutting edge of web development and innovation.

e.g., Some people called Geoff an internet junkie, but among the netset he was a god.

submitted by Chris Surguine - (www)

netteranian - An individual who could (or has) posed for illustrations of diseases or conditions in medical books or journals. This is in reference to the famous Illustrator and Author, Frank Netter, MD.

e.g., Intern: "That one-legged obese man in the wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the oxygen mask on top of his head is a classic Netteranian." Attending Physician: "Yes, but his Medical Insurance pays well."

submitted by Richard W. Mondak - (www)

netteranian - An individual who could (or has) posed for illustrations of diseases or conditions in medical books or journals. This is in reference to the famous Illustrator and Author, Frank Netter, MD.

e.g., Intern: "That one-legged obese man in the wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the oxygen mask on top of his head is a classic Netteranian." Attending Physician: "Yes, but his Medical Insurance pays well."

submitted by Richard W. Mondak - (www)

netteranian - An individual who could (or has) posed for illustrations of diseases or conditions in medical books or journals. This is in reference to the famous Illustrator and Author, Frank Netter, MD.

e.g., Intern: "That one-legged obese man in the wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the oxygen mask on top of his head is a classic Netteranian." Attending Physician: "Yes, but his Medical Insurance pays well."

submitted by Richard W. Mondak - (www)

netteranian - An individual who could (or has) posed for illustrations of diseases or conditions in medical books or journals. This is in reference to the famous Illustrator and Author, Frank Netter, MD.

e.g., Intern: "That one-legged obese man in the wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the oxygen mask on top of his head is a classic Netteranian." Attending Physician: "Yes, but his Medical Insurance pays well."

submitted by Richard W. Mondak - (www)

nettery - (n.) 1. Frivolous use of the internet (i.e., stupid websites, pointless information, and the idiotic endocrinolatry of porn); 2. Frivolous use of any computer-based tech (i.e., cell phones, ipads, kindles, tvos, vel cet.); 3. Netting (physical) of any sort (mosquito nets, cargo nets, dragnets, fish nets, etc.).

e.g., Dad: "Have you finished your homework yet?" Jerry: "No: still doing research." Jill: "No, he isn't! He's playing his blister game." Jerry: "It's 'ballista,' stupid, not 'blister.'" Dad: "Okay, Jerry, turn off the nettery." | All of the nettery in the ocean seems worthless if all it does is drown luckless dolphins.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

netutient - Miserable.

e.g., What a netutient day. There's no blue sky anywhere

submitted by platinum

netwed - To marry someone you meet on the internet.

e.g., Jack and Jill surfed the internet, Jack chatted with jill, and they were netwed soon after.

submitted by Neville Poncha - (www)

network nazi - Term referring to IT support personnel, typically working for a large corporation, who impose arbitrary production-inhibiting rules about what software and hardware is allowed on the company LAN.

e.g., The network nazis took out my CD-ROM drive because it was "non-standard"

submitted by RobA

neubee - A citizen of the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Similar to a Newfie, a citizen of Newfoundland.

e.g., Eh? She's a neubee. (Must include the required "eh" to be properly Canadian.)

submitted by Martin Jones - (www)

neuclear - Brand name for an acne remover that blows your pimples away.

e.g., Bert: Ernie, your complexion's looking great. Keep improving and you may be able to get a date for the prom. Ernie: Thanks to Neuclear almost all of my blemishes are gone. Now if I could just do something about the craters it left.

submitted by Miss Speller

neuf-trois - The disaffected and disgruntled (or the criminals or jihadists, depending on your perspective) who live on the fringes of a society . . . and on the fringes of urban areas. From 93, the postal code for suburban Paris, as mentioned in this article. The word works for urban areas where the wealthier people live in the cities and the poorer people on the outskirts.

e.g., The neuf-trois are doing substantial property damage in France these days, but so far the bloodshed appears to have been minimal.

submitted by HD Fowler

neur - Verbal shrug of indifference.

e.g., Me: What do you want to do today? You: Neur.

submitted by Loz - (www)

neurolboredom - Neurological affliction suffered by a person who spends the day trying to think up new words to submit.

e.g., Dina asked, "Is neurolboredom inherited? Dad's always playing with words."

submitted by Edie

neuromantic - Combination of "neurotic" and "new Romantic." New Romanticism was a term in the late eighties to describe a second neo-romantic period in music composition, which was contemporary but a return to conventional tonality. An example of a new romantic would be the composer David Del Tredici. The neuromantic adds to the mystical connotations in old romanticism with the quality of imagination that hallucinates audio or visual.

e.g., Working late into the night in obsessive fashion despite continually hearing things, that neuromantic composer was somewhat avant-garde and yet remained within the limits of what could still be considered tonal music.

submitted by Alexandra Ottaway - (www)

neuronics - The study of the brain and the nervous system. This is a more concise synonym of "neuroscience" formed according to the typical model of derivation for names of disciplines (cf. mechanics, electronics, physics, mathematics, linguistics). The term "neuronics" can be used interchangeably with the terms "neuroscience" and "neurobiology." The plural "s" emphasizes the multiplicity of its branches, from molecular neuronics to neuropsychology and neurolinguistics.

e.g., I've spent quite a bit of my time for the last several years on neuronics/

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

neurosmith - A master at neuropathy and spreading her own personal neurosis among peers for the sake of improving society.

e.g., Tammy has, in the past few decades, begun using my language -- acting with true foolishness and spreading her own neuropathy due to my being such a master neurosmith.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

neurot - Noun form of the word "'neurotic."

e.g., Chris is a neurot.

submitted by P. Sherman

neusters, the - ('noy-stirs; n.) 1. the months of may, june, july, and august, taken as a group; 2. that third of the year between may 1st and august 31st. [from "no oysters" (with a nifty german spelling), given the old saying that one should eat oysters only in months whose names contain an "r" (which eight of them do, but not the ones in the middle of the year).]

e.g., "Where are you going for high neusters [i.e., June 25--July 5]?" "Grand Canyon and then on to Mexico City. You?" "I'll be doing fiscal reports at home." "Lucky."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

neuteralize - To neutralize by neutering. To figuratively castrate or spay someone with whom you disagree.

e.g., I find it easy to neuteralize those with whom I spar on message boards.

submitted by Miss Speller

neutomy - The fictional Greek god of wonder and amazement. From “new to me.”

e.g., Whatever you do, don't anger Neutomy. He can hurt you amazingly bad.

submitted by Phill Armstrong

neutron - Extremely impressive. Since the neutron bomb is the most destructive bomb, describing something as "neutron" means that it is more impressive than something that is just "the bomb."

e.g., I went to see the Ween concert last night. It was neutron.

submitted by Mr. Ragsinhisears - (www)

neutron star - (n.) a celebrity who is incredibly dense and really ought to keep their mouth shut. (from the density of neutron stars---approximately 10^(15) grams per cubic centimeter).

e.g., "Wal-mart ... do they like make walls there?" --Paris Hilton having a neutron star moment.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

neutrovert - Neither an extrovert or introvert.

e.g., She is not outgoing, but not a hermit either. What a neutrovert!

submitted by Nicole - (www)

neven - Not even.

e.g., I don't neven like it.

submitted by Bill

never effer land - A place unknown to the real world where all the inhabitants are virgins. The people love it. Whoever devotes himself or herself to this higher path, benefits greatly, in mind and spirit, and even of course, in body. {ED. Yeah, right.}

e.g., In Never Effer Land, there is no time-consuming, energy-consuming, wasteful preoccupation with physical attraction or relationships. The people are freed up to expand their minds, their intellect, worthwhile projects and activities, progress, development, successes. Be pure now, leave the funny business to the drooling masses.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

never skin ever - A poignant motto for those who fiercely oppose the circumsizing [sic] of helpless male infants.

e.g., The wicked king of Babble-On (WhosSane?) proclaimed "Never skin ever" as the Jews do.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nevergetion - The fine art of not being able to find "there" from "here."

e.g., I left the nevergetion up to my son; he won't ask for directions.

submitted by John

nevermound - Past tense of "nevermind."

e.g., When Johnny told Mary to "Nevermind," Mary responded, "Nevermound."

submitted by Iyaz Akhtar

nevertiree - A person who never retires.

e.g., Once upon a time I thought I might become a nevertiree because continuing to work would give me something to do with myself. Now I'm going to be one because I can't afford to retire. Rat's ass.

submitted by hd

neville - Someone of no note. From Australian slang "Neville Nobody."

e.g., You think you're good, but you're just a neville.

submitted by keivan

neville - v. to slink up alongside or behind someone in a slightly leering way, and to engage that person in uncomfortable conversation for an inappropriate amount of time. past tense; to have been nevilled.

e.g., The after-hours security guard had her nevilled for a full half-hour.

submitted by andrew

new hotness - The newest next best thing.

e.g., Wearing underpants outside your pants ... the new hotness for unibrows.

submitted by Adam C.

new normal - Something trendy and contemporary usually negative that is now accepted as common or the norm.

e.g., Being underemployed or working for less salary in today's economy is the new normal.

submitted by Joel Parker

new york minute - A brief span of time required to perform the requested function, usually said to someone who is impatient.

e.g., If you'd just give me a New York Minute, I can look that up for you.

submitted by Varrick Nunez

new york nanosecond - The amount of time it would take one to consider engaging in carnal congress with someone extremely desirable. Can also be heard as "New York picosecond" or "New York femtosecond," although these tend to be rare. Based on the older term "New York minute." (

e.g., "Did you check her out? I'd hit that...." "In a New York nanosecond."

submitted by Sean - (www)

new yorker, a | the new yorker syndrome - Geographically challenged. Famously indicated by a New Yorker magazine cover in the 1920s.

e.g., Please remember that I'm a New Yorker, and have The New Yorker Syndrome. I live in the foothills of the Catskills and, like most Northeasterners, my domestic attention is always focused east toward the Atlantic. We believe that anyone who lives between Los Angeles and Cincinnati must be in Kansas.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko - (www)

newbicity - A scale to rate ones likeness to a newbie.

e.g., John deleted his home directory again. His newbicity astounds me.

submitted by Stoffle

newbie - Beginner, new kid on the block, player new to a computer game, etc.

e.g., We knew he was a newbie because he typed in all caps.

submitted by Nick Schurk

newbie influx - A net occurrence which happens after Christmas -- when people have received their new computer, complete with ISP CD. Most noticeable in chat rooms were they often crash and burn.

e.g., Beware of confused and desperate IMs, newbie influx in effect.

submitted by Carl R. - (www)

newbymag - Magazine designed for newcomers to an area.

e.g., Here you go, John. I got this with my copy of What Digital Camera, but it's no good to me as it's a newbymag.

submitted by Alan Morrison

newce - Collective noun for nephews and nieces.

e.g., This year I can't afford to buy Christmas presents for all of my newce.

submitted by Elizabeth

newdies - The opposite of oldies; current pix and such.

e.g., Newdies are bare of hoariness and can include recent skin flicks.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

newfie - 1. Citizen of Newfoundland, Canada. Short form: newf

e.g., 1. We all wish we were newfie. 2. Eeeza newf.

submitted by Martin Jones

newfweiler - A cross between a Newfoundland dog and a Rottweiler. Newfweilers look like very big Labrador Retrievers.

e.g., My puppy isn't a black Lab; she's a Newfweiler. Her father was a Newfoundland and her mother was a Rottweiler.

submitted by Mark Lutton

newgart - A complete jerk, uninvolved distant moron.

e.g., I could tell he was a newgart when I first herd him speak.

submitted by ~andrea~

newjack - Cool.

e.g., Those shoes you got are newjack.

submitted by Lerenzo and Steven

newlike - Failing to make connections in a new group, school or job even after having been there for a considerable period of time.

e.g., It's not good to be newlike after you've been at a new school for a year or more. Anyone new may feel out of it for a while, but something's wrong if she hasn't made any friends after that long.

submitted by natalie

newman - An expression used when something doesn't go your way. From the TV show "Seinfeld."

e.g., I just saw Gregg talking to that girl you wanted to get with. Newman!

submitted by david

news syllogism - Adding 2 and 2 to get 5. The unique logical process by which all news stories derive their conclusion.

e.g., A news syllogism: Kids who watch more TV before the age of two commit more crime in their teens. Some TV programmes depict crime. Watching TV crime causes real crime.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

newsusion - The state of mind typically underlying a news story.

e.g., The report was vague and hard-hitting. It clearly rested on a mighty newsusion.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

newter - (NU-tr; n.) A humorous nickname for the SI (metric) unit, the Pascal (Pa), which equals one NEWton per meTER squared. [Coined by my son Jeremy, while he was in the middle of a daylong physics assignment.]

e.g., "The newter is a eunuch of measurement."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

newtonian incident - Someone or something (or, more often, several very noisy somethings) falling or being dropped.

e.g., Whoops. Sorry about the crash, everybody. Just had a Newtonian incident back here--nothing to worry about.

submitted by Shaduan

nexialist - 1. One who knows absolutely nothing about anything, but posts hyperlinks to data to support whatever her position of the day is.

2. (Addition by Carl) AE VanVogt in the classic Voyage of the Space Beagle had at its core the theme that nexialists were the next great intellectual move forward. Defined as very broadly and very deeply educated people [who] could see the nexus of bodies of knowledge where the ordinary specialist could not. It's a recurring theme of his -- super beings triumphing over insurmountable odds.

e.g., Uh oh, looks like we have another nexialist on the newsgroup.

submitted by Dr. Nomodanu

nexthetis - The superior level of the poetical inspiration, a sort of ecstasy, but even deeper, where is realized a perfect harmony between soul, body, and spirit.

e.g., Paul falled in nexthetis, and his creations are wonderful. By writting day by day a poem, just in this way is possible to acquire nexthetis.

submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius

nexting - Blindly clicking the "Next" buttons on software installation dialogs. | The fine art of hitting the "next" button to skip the previews on a DVD.

e.g., I'm nexting through the dialogs. I hope it installs right. | Before we could watch the feature movie, we spent 30 minutes nexting through all 65 previews. The movie was only 10 minutes long.

submitted by Brett Woodward | Mallard - (www)

nextopia - Not the same as utopia -- a utopia being a society where everything is in harmony and ideologically well-structured. Nextopia differs from utopia because all we ever get to is the next quick fix.

e.g., Our government never seems to make any progress towards coming up with long-term solutions for society's major problems. The best we ever get are changes that put us on the road to nextopia.

submitted by anonymous

neysayer - Naysayer -- "someone with an aggressively negative attitude." I suppose neighsayer could be a naysayer who delights in telling you no to the extent that her negativsm is accompanied by a horse laugh.

e.g., "That isn't to say we don't care, as can be seen by the countless cheritable organizations that these same neysayers donate to year round." {ED. Didn't bother to deal with cheritable.}

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

nfbsk - Not For British School Kids. Used instead of swear words on the snopes message boards. (

e.g., I heard that if you NFBSK an apple pie, you can seriously scald your NFBSK.

submitted by polystyrene

nfl - No Fly List.

e.g., No, I'm not a football player. That's not what I meant when I said I made the NFL.

submitted by HD Fowler

nflephant - A person, who has grown very fat due to an inactive existence, watching professional football on television while consuming large quantities of high-calorie snacks and drink.

e.g., Isn't it amazing how NFLephants can criticize football players who are in top physical condition? This is particularly annoying, considering that the NFLephant probably couldn't bang out a single push-up.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

nge - Acronym for Not (or Never) Good Enough.

e.g., No matter how hard he worked it was always NGE, and he was thought of as NGE, so he stopped trying to please others.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

ngt - Next Great Thing. The next product or feature of computer hardware or software that is so cutting edge it will revolutionize the industry and make its inventor wealthy.

e.g., Instead of sticking to our profitable products, Marketing is always pushing R&D to come up with the NGT in web software. That's what marketing departments are for--to get someone else to do the work. Either that or run polls.

submitted by Joel Parker

ni - A word describing pleasant feelings twoards the previous subject matter in a conversation or otherwise.

e.g., So i said rectum? I totaled the guy! Hahaha!

submitted by Mike

ni - Not Interested. Used when a person you like is not interested in you.

e.g., I like him, but he's NI. I don't have a chance.

submitted by Tiffany

ni - The word the Knights of Ni utter, somewhat like a battlecry, somewhat like a greeting.

e.g., We are the knights who say "ni."

submitted by Mo

niam niam - Yummy.

e.g., She sure looks niam niam.

submitted by Bob

niarcky buolstey - Combination of the names Nick Nolte and Gary Busey. It refers to the common mortal shell both of these thespians inhabit. Don't let them fool you.

e.g., Niarcky Buolstey has been doing a lot of non-regulation movies lately, what ever happened to quality flicks like _Under Siege_ and _48 Hours_?

submitted by Alexander Tarrant - (www)

nib-wib - A term usually used in a humorus manner to show that someone has done something idiotic.

e.g., You just broke my pencil, you nib-wib.

submitted by Bradley

nibbet - Eraser shavings.

e.g., Don't blow your eraser nibbets onto the floor. Simply sweep the nibbets into the trash.

submitted by Michelle

nibble some nummies - To eat a small snack, not as big as a meal.

e.g., I'm kinda hungry; let's go nibble some nummies.

submitted by dennis

nibble-quest - To stop what you are currently doing and raid a source of food.

e.g., Be right back. I'm going on a nibble-quest.

submitted by Bradley

nibblets - A small portion of food to nibble on.

e.g., Instead of giving me a superfluous meal, she gave me nibblets.

submitted by Rachelsey

niblick - (Also "mashie-niblick" or just "mashie"; n.) Of course, niblick is the old name for a 9-iron golf club, but, metaphorically, the word also means 1. A clothes-pressing iron; 2. an ironing machine; 3. the element iron (Fe, atomic number 26). [From the old Scots word "niblick," whose origin in unknown; "mashie": Scots, from French massue "club."]

e.g., "Your shirt is all wrinkled." "Yeah, my niblick's busted; could I borrow your mashie?" || Steel is made of mashie and carbon.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nibling - Gender-neutral term for niece or nephew

e.g., My sister's three daughters and her son are my four niblings.

submitted by Chaim Mattis Keller

nibs - The little things on the ends of shoelaces.

e.g., The nibs on my laces make it easier to lace up my shoes.

submitted by Steve

nice - From the Anglo Saxon "nice," meaning foolish. (Note: Foolish really is the AS meaning of "nice"; check it out.) There is no chance that you will "get lucky" tonight. Generally followed by the word "but."

e.g., Ken: Do you like me? Ilona: You're nice, but. . . .

submitted by Ken

nice-tackle - The congratulatory ass smack given by one sports person to another, usually after an exceptional deed --e.g., an excellent or "nice" tackle on the football field.

e.g., Pete gave Bob a nice-tackle after Bob's hellacious slam dunk.

submitted by Dane

nicfit monster - A nicotine fit, craving for a cigarette.

e.g., I'm being attacked by the nicfit monster.

submitted by pliskin

nickel - This word is used when someone very stupid thinks she knows what she is talking about. People such as this are called nickels because their input is worth about 5 cents.

e.g., Listen to the nonsense spewing out of Beavis's mouth--that's cause he's a nickel.

submitted by paul - (www)

nickel in the can - Five years in jail.

e.g., Keep mouthing off to the judge and you're going to get a nickel in the can.

submitted by nitag - (www)

nickel nine-in' - Pronounced like it looks, the word means chillin'

e.g., What are you doin tonight? Just nickel nine-in' man.

submitted by Geoff

nickel ninety-five - A very small amount of money, or a low salary from a job.

e.g., I've been working my tail off for the last two years, and I'm still only making a nickel ninety-five.

submitted by nickqt

nickelodeon diplomacy - For people who think that diplomacy is easy.

e.g., Please quit with your Nickelodeon Diplomacy and let the leaders work.

submitted by Josh Priddy

nicmo - Non-Committal Making Out

e.g., Bert: I saw you kissing that guy at the party. Is he your boyfriend? Ernie: No, it was just NiCMO.

submitted by Marie

nicodone - Methadone and Nicorette dombined. A smoking cessation tool. Used Friday, November 09, 2001 12:17 PM at

e.g., After trying to quit smoking cold turkey several times Jim elected to go to a nicodone clinic.

submitted by brian kovacs

nicosphere - The immediate perimeter of a large building in which smoking is prohibited, where the high volume of people taking smoke breaks creates a noxious ring of second-hand smoke through which non-smokers must pass.

e.g., As we approached the exit of the airport terminal, I turned to my companions and advised, "Everyone take a deep breath before we enter the nicosphere."

submitted by Cindy Clayton

nicotime - The years added to someone's appearance because of a long smoking habit.

e.g., Her ID says she's 27 but she looks 40 because of nicotime.

submitted by Vincent

nictorious - Of a person who has won a victory over nicotine.

e.g., It had been a month since Jane's last cigarette. She felt quite nictorious, finally breathing with ease.

submitted by Chris

nidbaabeth - nidbaabeth, or No I Don't Blog About Absolutely Bloody Everything, allows a blogger to acknowledge that information overload is dragging her down the greasy pole of coping-and-currency faster than her feeble efforts to climb up can overcome. Nidbaabeth allows the guilt-free enjoyment of not writing something up.

e.g., Yeah, so I was invited to tea at Buckingham Palace the other day? . . . but, really, nidbaabeth.

submitted by Vogel von Neustadt - (www)

nidges - Nag.

e.g., My mother wants me to come down for the holidays and won't shut up about it. She's become a nidges since I moved out.

submitted by Shachar Goldin

nidget - Fortunately, it has just the right meaning for its pronunciation looks: nidj"it, nidg"et. I ran across it when I was looking for words ending in nedget -- none. It's a real word: (n.) A fool; an idiot, a coward. Smellfungi and zoilists who comment on the Internet can make use of more such words ... not that your erstwhile Editrix Extraordiniare would lower herself to such namecalling. ...

{ED, HD. Yeah right.}

"(This definition is from the 1913 Webster's Dictionary and may be outdated.)"

e.g., Even for this forum, I've run across an unusually high number of nidgets.

submitted by Lillith - (www)

nidiculous - A misspelling of the real word 'nidicolous." | From Wikipedia: "A nidicolous animal is an animal that stays at its birthplace for a long time because it depends on its parents for food, protection, and the learning of survival skills. They are the opposite of nidifugous species, which leave their parents more quickly and survive independently." (Will change Wikipedia wording to match.)

e.g., Some of my friends have gone from being nidiculous to being ridiculous.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

niemiliskiv - This, you may think, is one made up three minutes ago when talking to a drunken friend, but in fact I can assure you that it is a real slang word (originated from the first Russian imigrants who came to London). Meaning: to throw up on a boat. One of the Russians was very ill and was nicknamed Niemiliskiv because of the English word "skivvy."

e.g., Corr blimey, he's just done a niemiliskiv.

submitted by Jamie P

niert - Embarrassed. Used as interjection or adjective.

e.g., (After embarrassing self): Oh, niert. I'm so nierted, let's leave.

submitted by bandar

nif - To be great, nifty.

e.g., Matt's a very nif driver.

submitted by Stov

niff-naw - Niff-naw is a word to use when two people just start picking on each other out of annoyance. It usually occurs between two people who know each other pretty well -- such as family members (siblings usually). To niff-naw is to engage in verbal teasing, "picking" on each other -- it is never physical. {ED. It could get physical very fast in my family.}

e.g., Let's say you are two siblings sitting in the back seat of your parents' station wagon (c. 1963) and you are on a long road trip to whereever and you start verbally picking on each other and your mother turns around in her seat and yells: "Would you two stop niff-nawing, right now!" That's how you use it.

submitted by Suzanne Parker

nifong, to - To railroad innocent people on phony charges for personal gain (or comparable conduct showing total lack of character, ethics, and integrity).

e.g., Is there anywhere to find statistics for how many men have been nifonged in the last decade?

submitted by HD Fowler

niftacular - A strange amalgam of something really nifty and something spectacular.

e.g., That sculpture is really niftacular, Mandy. Great job.

submitted by Wil - (www)

niftarian - Person whose beliefs consist of whatever is nifty and cool at the moment.

e.g., He was a Buddhist for about ten minutes and this week he's vegan -- he's not really either, he's a Niftarian.

submitted by DJ

nifters - It means something is really neat, or it's really awesome (like nifty).

e.g., When Michelle saw my new shirt, she thought it was very nifters.

submitted by Kristy

nifto - Nifty, cool.

e.g., Hey! I found five bucks! Nifto!

submitted by Matt

niftovenient - The combination of convenience and niftiness.

e.g., Pencils are so niftovenient.

submitted by Am

nifty, a - A fifty dollar bill.

e.g., I borrowed a nifty from my mom and she upped it five bucks more.Now I owe her fifty-five dollars.

submitted by Ray Nash

nifty-tifty - Nifty, cool

e.g., That calculator's nifty tifty.

submitted by Matt Harding

niggling - 1. petty; trivial; inconsequential: to quibble about a niggling difference in terminology. 2. demanding too much care, attention, time, etc.: niggling chores about the house.  
The sort of word you could expect to cause the sort of outrage niggardly has in the past because too few people know what the word means. I have almost no doubt that the writer of the first example intended to push buttons by using it.

e.g., Carlos: "And I, for one, am so glad all these fine elected representatives . . . are finally taking notice of the really important problems they are charged with solving, instead of wasting time on such trivial and petty things as the debt, joblessness, underemployment, resolving skyrocketing gas prices, and a whole host of other niggling situations our administration is too busy to pay attention to because, doggone it, an election is coming up and we just can’t talk about the last four lousy years now, can we?"

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nigglywiggly - The little paper tag hanging out of the top of a Hershey's Kiss.

e.g., My Hershey's Kiss had two nigglywigglies; that means that somewhere in the world, another Kiss doesn't have one!

submitted by Bambi

nighfly - A female that flits to the nearest male, no matter who he is, for attention.

e.g., She was such a nighfly she even had young male friends of her children.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

night at the roxy - Overly hip or Eurotrashy. From the SNL sketch.

e.g., Don't try to fix me up with Sergei -- all those silk shirts, the winking. He's a little too "Night at the Roxy" for me.

submitted by Pineapple - (www)

night monkey - Going out in to the middle of the night and running around like an idiot to get rid of one's nervous energy.

e.g., We've been working on this project for 15 hours straight and I can't sit still any more. Let's night monkey.

submitted by Mike Prerau

night of tabockery - Night of debauchery. How one might say it after a night of debauchery. Did I dream it?

e.g., "Whatcha been up to lately, Press." "Oh, just one night of tabockery after another." "Yeah, I shoulda guessed. After days of tabockery as well, I suppose?" "You got that right."

submitted by HD Fowler

night soil - A kudo or two to the estimable Michael Quinion for leading me to this old euphemism for human excrement -- especially applicable when said excrement is gathered for use as fertilizer.

e.g., "Say again what it is you do for a living." "Let's just say I'm a gong farmer." "I don't know what a gong farmer is -- or what one does." "Well, I collect night soil." " I'm still not following you." "You really wouldn't want to follow me. In olden days, people would have said I clean out privies. These days someone who does what I do cleans out portable toilets. If I'm lucky, I'm able to sell what I . . . amass, so to speak, as fertilizer. It's the sort of job you might find Mike Rowe doing on World's Dirtiest Jobs." "Yuck." "You got that right. But at least, as I see it, it's a step up from the geeks who bit the heads off live chickens as part of the carnival sideshow."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

night watchman - Any solitary object, usually unpleasant in nature, that is inadvertently left floating in the lavatory overnight, ready to greet you and bid you a hearty "good day" the following morning.

e.g., Eeeeww. Are you responsible for this disgusting night watchman, Dad?

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

nightclub kamikaze - When there are two guys together, one good looking, one ugly, the nightclub kamikaze is the gal who occupies the ugly one in order to give her friend a shot at the good-looking one.

e.g., No greater love hath a woman than when she nightclub kamikazes for a friend.

submitted by BIGjack

nightie night - A night when coitus and other sexual activities are on the agenda. A prelude to sex on a nightie night is for the woman to wear sexy lingerie, which her sex partner will eventually get around to taking off her.

e.g., {yawn} "I'm ready for bed. Aren't you?" "I think I want to watch Law and Order Criminal Intent. It's on next." "I think a nightie night would be more interesting. Whaddaya say?" "In that case, I say what I usually say, 'Yes.'" "Would you mind wearing the nightie you wore on our wedding night?" "It's almost in shreds." "I know. Who cares? You look great in peach -- or getting out of it."

submitted by HD Fowler

nightlinger confession, the - (n.) A prayer or confession which, in reality, is little more than a veiled, fourth-person (q.v.) threat. [from the quick prayer/confession of Mr. Nightlinger, Chuck Wagon Cookie on John Wayne's _The Cowboys_ (masterfully played by Roscoe Lee Browne, one of my favorite actors)]

e.g., Mr. Nightlinger was given one minute to make his peace with God before being hanged. Nightlinger's prayer ran thus: "I regret trifling with married women. I'm thoroughly ashamed at cheating at cards. I deplore my occasional departures from the truth. Forgive me for taking your name in vain, my Saturday drunkenness, my Sunday sloth. Above all, forgive me for the men I've killed in anger... and those I am about to...." (Nightlinger escapes, of course, and the Cowboy kids kill all the bad guys, including Bruce Dern, the best bad guy in history prior to Anthony Hopkins).

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nightmare symbol - Diamond-shaped face symbol indicating a nightmare in a dreambook.

e.g., "What's that?" "That's my nightmare symbol."

submitted by Adam Leslie

nightrider - A woman of the night.

e.g., She got a high being a nightrider, capturing all the men she could.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

nightsomatic - Someone who prefers the night as opposed to the day; a night owl.

e.g., Joanie's a real nightsomatic. She's always going to bed about the time I get up to go to work and vice versa.

submitted by E_B_A - (www)

nightstick lesbian - Masculine lesbian, especially if interested in the military or law enforcement.

e.g., That dyke cop was pretty butch. A regular nightstick lesbian.

submitted by Henry Reynolds - (www)

nighttalker - Someone who likes to strike up conversations at bedtime, when the light is out, not letting the other party sleep.

e.g., Rita is a nighttalker. She always tries to ask me questions and start a conversation when I try to fall asleep.

submitted by rithiya

nihilisecond - Zero time, no time at all. Sometimes spelled nilisecond.

e.g., It took almost fifty years for my wife to realize that The Girl and I had never been anything but friends, that I had gotten over any crushes I had on her within nihiliseconds of laying eyes on my wife for the first time. | A nihilisecond is the same length of time as a either a googol nihiliseconds or a yuckto-nihilisecond: no time at all.

Gooogle Ngram Viewer

submitted by HD Fowler

nihilword - A nothing word. Suggested by nihilartikel, a false entry in a reference work such as a dictionary, encyclopedia, or map -- a nothing article.

e.g., Of course we have a lot of what amount to nihilwords in the pd. After all, this isn't a real dictionary.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

nij - Shortened form of the word 'need'. However must be used in conjunction woth 'Need you'

e.g., "Hey baby, you know i will always nij ya (as in i will always need ya)"

submitted by DJ niJ - (www)

nik - Can be any part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word. (See also: crombie, sappa, nik.)

e.g., Where is my ... nik? I know I left it right here.

submitted by evel e

nikka neer - Something or someone that is reminiscent of an era that is very uncool. The term itself is a phonetic description of an uncool twangy music sound.

e.g., Chris's mullet-cum-helmet hairdo is very nikka neer.

submitted by Peter Noah

nikolith - (NEE-co-lith; n.) A statue or monument celebrating a victory or a victorious person or group. [From Greek nike "victory" + lithos "stone," since most older statues and monuments are stone rather than metal or other materials.]

e.g., "Oh, look! It's a nikolith!: Admiral Wallaby, recognizing his amazing victory at the battle of Felgercarb. Wow, impressive: Look at the sailors around himj, and that crashing wave!" "Why is he on a horse?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

nilla - same thing as nigga...just for white people instead =)..somtimes can be used with an H on the end

e.g., wsup nillah!

submitted by takitus - (www)

nilloromptous - Being hyper or crazy. Pronounced Nill-oh-rawmp-shus.

e.g., That kid over there is so nilloromptous he ran the mile in 5 minutes--backwards.

submitted by Jon Rowe

nilpertains - Has nothing to do with.

e.g., It nilpertains my being here.

submitted by michael helsem

nilver - The word for metal that looks cool and shiny, like silver, but is just cheap and ordinary.

e.g., Bert: Hey, Ernie, is that a silver watch you've got on? Ernie: Errr, yeah. It's not nilver at all.

submitted by Abubu

niman zed - ('nee-man-'zed (also "zed-nimynge") v.) 1. to nap; (n.) 2. a nap; 3. the state or condition of napping. [From the Anglo-Saxon _niman_ 'catch, seize' + _zed_ "z": literally "catching z's."]

e.g., "Hey! hold it down, guys: niman zed, okay?"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nimblicity - 1. The property, condition, or quality of being nimble. 2. Being quick, alert, or light in motion. 3. Being of clever conception.

e.g., Her innate nimblicity meant that she was always able to perform well in school.

submitted by Chris

nimbystanders - Those who wait for somebody else to broach community issues: the silent majority. From NIMBY: Not In My BackYard.

e.g., At last night's town hall meeting, several nimbystanders waited patiently for a motion to be brought forward from the floor.

submitted by Sylvia Betts

niminum - Less than the minimum, not enough, inadequate, failure to suffice.

e.g., When they got much older, Jock and Joel could no longer get up the hill, because of a niminum of strength and energy.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nimrod - another way of telling someone they are an idiot

e.g., That nimrod ran into my car.

submitted by April

nimsy - Not a "real" man. Taken only from the context in which it was used in an English television series. When asked if her husband was the father of the woman's daughter, she said no, that they had tried but hadn't been able to have children. Nimsy is a name used only for girls in the UK and isn't used at all in the United States.

e.g., "I'm not saying he's a nimsy man."

submitted by HD Fowler

ninatoka - (n.) Your home, where you come from, your native soil. (From the Swahili verb _ninatoka_ "I come from.")

e.g., "Hi. I'm Mark." "I'm Angie; so, Mark, what's your ninatoka?" "Tasmania; yours?" "Quebec."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ninc, nanc, nunc - To render terminated, nonfunctioning -- oneself [soothicide], someone else [soothanasia], something else [subportion]-- with no hint of disapproval or negativity attached thereto. | Cancel, cancel out, eradicate, erase, eliminate, nullify, delete; abort, mercy kill, terminate.

e.g., Ninc or not as you wish, at a time and place and manner of your choosing, but first, let us share with you a wonderful meal, music, and rememberances of happy memories.| As an expediter of tired souls I nanc many a willing subject according to the rules of the process. | Those who have nunc cells find it altogether necessary at times to have this procedure. || Ninc a drink what taste like zinc … or zirconium. He drank and nanc the bloody swill they pushed at him. She should've nunc and drunk the junk that didn't taste like skunk. They thought they'd ninc old Thorsen while also nincking some unnecessary ingrowing tissue within as well: two with one stone.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nincompoopsychos - They're not that bright. Always think they're right, think that night is light, and raise a fearful sight. Harm with bark and bite and are determined to ultimately rule the world without end. Amen.

e.g., There's more than one kind of nincompoopsychos in the world, so they can't all rule the world simultaneously. Not unless they somehow merge and become a happy melange of who knows what, gods or saints or rational thinkers preserve us.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nine - short for a nine-millimeter automatic handgun.

submitted by dust

nine - Street slang for a 9-millimeter gun. Also refered to as a "9 milli."

e.g., Don't make me sneak you up with this nine.

submitted by T-Dogg

nine acity - Tenacity, modified by a weaker degree of commitment.

e.g., Beth: Gordon says that he's really going to give up smoking. Seth: Again? What's this, his fifth or sixth attempt? Beth: He says he's completely serious. He's seeing a doctor, taking medications, working with a smoke cessation counselor, partnering up with a friend who also wants to quit. Seth: Well, good for him. Maybe with all that help and knowing Gordon's character, his nine acity will do it this time.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

nine cents short of a dime - A creative way to say somebody is crazy.

e.g., Kyle is nine cents short of a dime, if you know what I mean.

submitted by Kyle Pockat

nineflin - Quasi-ambiguous word usually mumbled between 2 and 4 am in pseudo-Irish pubs describing the quantity zero.

e.g., I don' wan' nineflin ma' ta' dlink.

submitted by Brian McElrath

niner - A freak or weirdo. From the movie "The Wedding Singer" in which all of the weirdos are seated at table nine.

e.g., Hey, look at that weirdo over there! What a niner!

submitted by Mr. Rain

niner domestic - The wife. "Niner" is the radio callsign in the military for one's commanding officer.

e.g., "You going to the game Sunday?" "Dunno, I have to check with niner domestic first."

submitted by The Puffin

nineteen to the dozen - To do something at a great rate.


© Michael Quinion -- 22 May 2004 Newsletter: Inflation is everywhere, it seems, even in language. The usual form is "nineteen to the dozen"; on occasion I've come across "twenty to the doze," but never forty. It's now perhaps a little old-fashioned as a British expression, though you can still find examples in newspapers and daily speech. The usual meaning, as you will have gathered, is to do something at a great rate. It most often refers to speed of speaking, as in this instance from the Daily Mail of 23 October 2003: "Talking nineteen to the dozen, her conversation is still peppered with outrageous references and bawdy asides." The idea is that the rate of talking is so great that when other people say merely a dozen words, the speaker gets in 19. It's also sometimes used to describe rapid heartbeat in times of danger, and to refer to other fast-moving or fast-changing things (like dogs' tails). Nobody seems to have the slightest idea why 19 is the traditional number to use here, but it has been in that form ever since it was first recorded in the eighteenth century.

submitted by HD Fowler

nineteen-longtime - Used instead of "a long time ago" or "back in 19whatever."

e.g., Jack? I haven't seen him since nineteen-longtime.

submitted by leah

ninety-niner - Prairie driver in the mountains: 90 mph on the straights, 9 on curves and hills.

e.g., If it hadn't been for that ninety-niner in the motorhome in front of us, we'd have been home hours ago.

submitted by Stephanie

ninja - A male. Can be used negatively or positively. From ICP.

e.g., Jason, that ninja, just gave me two liters of Faygo.

submitted by dust

ninja - An act of supreme physical skill unperformable by mere mortals, a s can frequently be seen in a Jackie Chan film for example.

e.g., Wow, did you see that? Those were some ninja styles.

submitted by Ben

ninja bug - A bug (in computer programming) which is very difficult to detect, especially due to its being silent (not raising errors, nor displaying output or log messages).

e.g., There were a few ninja bugs in the code which didn't surface for months. I'm the one who found them. That's why they pay me the big bucks.

submitted by Pistos - (www)

ninja feet - 1. Term used to imply that a person is running extremely fast, ofttimes in a somewhat stealthy posture. 2. In animation, when a characters move so fast that muliple images of their legs appear under them or the leg movement is otherwise abstracted to imply speediness.

e.g., 1. Look at Billy using his ninja feet to get to the cafeteria. Must be very hungry. 2. Check out those ninja feet. How many legs does he have?

submitted by PlasticDinosaur

ninja master - Used by me and some of my friends to mean that someone is very cool. To add emphasis "Stealth Ninja Master" should do nicely.

e.g., "I'm a real Ninja Master, huh?" Response:"No, you're a Stealth Ninja Master."

submitted by Stealth Ninja Master

ninjaed, stealth-moded - To take slyly and secretly.

e.g., What the ...? Who ninjaed my hot pocket?

submitted by mtglu

ninjaly - "Nin juh lee, To perform a feat with such remarkable precision, especially when surprised, so as to appear ninja-like. "

e.g., Did you how ninjaly Mark caught that vase?

submitted by rookseye - (www)

ninjatross - A bad karate move that represents a harmless attack, thus proving a complete lack of skill.

e.g., Thankfully, her attacker was only skilled in the art of ninjatross; as a consequence, she was unscathed by his weak and harmless attack.

submitted by JerrySusan

ninjcompoop - A foolish or stupid martial artist.

e.g., Of course, our sensei is a black belt. Fast as lightning, he can beat the stuffings out of any attacker. But in a battle of wits, he's a defenseless ninjcompoop.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

ninjish - (adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to ninja. 2. Like a ninja or group of ninjas. 3. Acting as though one were a ninja.

e.g., "You know, I can't ever hear Liam coming up behind me until he talks. It scares me to death." "Yeah, he's pretty ninjish when he wants to be." | Batman Begins recreated Batman as a ninjish character.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ninnies - The male breast when observably large enough to be somewhat feminine.

e.g., Look at Steve's ninnies -- can you belee dat?

submitted by steve zihlavsky

nintendicide - Intentionally killing yourself in a video game so you can go do something else that is deemed more important.

e.g., I had to commit nintendicide last night because my parents insisted I call it a night and my lousy game doesn't allow for saves.

submitted by Maureen Weiher

nintenditis - Any hand injury caused by excessive video-game playing.

e.g., We played Mario Party for eight hours. By the end we all had severe cases of nintenditis.

submitted by ditnis

nintendonitis - When you play video games for so long that your fingers, particularly your thumbs, begin to hurt.

e.g., After playing SSX Tricky for four hours, I developed some serious Nintendonitis.

submitted by Fred Lee

nintenno - (nin-TEN-no; n.) 1. The Nintendo Corporation, as the holder of the greatest market share in the video-game industry; 2. Video-gaming as modern children's favorite activity, almost to the point that we might say, instead, that children are video-gaming's favorite subjects, like peasants to their lord (king, knight, satrap, baron, marquis, duke, king, margrave, daimyo, whatever). [From the Japanese company name, altering "-tendo" to_tenno_"emperor."]

e.g., Ironically, most children today seem to learn more about Renaissance Italy from the game of Assassin's Creed than they do from school ... more about a great many things from their games than anywhere else. The leader in modern education seems to be Nintenno, which is a trifle alarming, isn't it?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nintentions - Things you would be doing if you weren't playing computer games.

e.g., I have so many nintentions, but GTA San Andreas is just out.

submitted by Daniel - (www)

nip - To have a small taste of an item currently being enjoyed by a friend.

e.g., Can I have a nip on that beer?

submitted by Owe - (www)

nippicity - Nippicity -- low atmospheric temperatures common during the fall and spring seasons.

e.g., Her immune system succumbed to the nippicity giving her a severe case of the sneezes.

submitted by Peres

nipplage - For times when nipples are visible through clothing because they are cold.

e.g., Check out the nipplage on that one.

submitted by Sarver

nippley - Chilly; cold.

e.g., It's a bit nippley outside today.

submitted by Jupiter

nipplitis - Getting so cold your nipples get erect.

e.g., Patsy has a bad case of nipplitis.

submitted by cori - (www)

nipply - When the temperature drops so low that one's nipples could cut glass.

e.g., It sure is nipply today. My high-beams are on.

submitted by Scott Maxfield

niptep - Be careful, watch your step, don't fall into the crater.

e.g., Niptep, Earthman, it's easy to get hurt up here.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nisi-rete - (NEE-see-RAY-tay; phrasal noun, exclamation) 1. A perfect shot, a proper bull's eye; 2. a perfect performance or win; 3. Exactly what you always wanted; the perfect day, week, holiday, work day, court date, picnic, whatever. (From the Latin [_nihil_nisi_rete_"nothing but net," referring to the perfect shot in basketball, in which the ball doesn't even touch the rim, but simply falls through the net.]

e.g., "Holy cow! Six shots straight through the bull's eye! Nisi-rete, Man." | "Okay, Lucy: with a nisi sort of landing like that one, you're a shoo-in for the Olympic gymnastics team." | "I hope you enjoyed your weekend?" "Absolutely nisi-rete."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

nisk - (v.) (NISK) To place the mouth on and slurp up a drink from an overfull glass without picking it up for fear that it will spill on you. (Etymology: short for meniscus, a physics term for a bubble formed in a container due to surface tension.)

e.g., When she was eating breakfast the morning of her wedding, Jen forgot to nisk her glass and spilled Yoo Hoo all over her $2,000 bright white bridal dress.

submitted by Mirakle B.

nistrosis - Any or all the food in your Frigidaire.

e.g., I went home and ate my nistrosis.

submitted by Tyler S. - (www)

ñit-ñit - Used to describe an small object without identity; almost synonymous to the word "thing," but less vague.

e.g., Upon seeing a scrap of paper on the ground: "Chris, pick up that "ñit-ñit."

submitted by Alek

nitch - A strong exclamation of negation. Absolutely not. Never. In no way, shape or form. Stop right there. Do not enter.

e.g., Nitch! I will never eat lutefisk again!

submitted by Steve McDonald

nitl - Not In This Lifetime.

e.g., "So, Luccia, are you going to go on a second date with Chris?" "NITL!"

submitted by Mary T.

nitler - A cross between a nazi and hitler. Often used when someone is acting in a hitler or nazi-ish way.

e.g., "Mr. John Novak is being a Nitler" OR "isn't it strange that a man who is a Nitler would be teaching history.. about hitler?"

submitted by Mega

nitty - In hockey, the area of ice directly in front of the goal, ideally just out of the reach of the goaltender. An accurate pass from one side of this area to the other often results in a goal (nitty shot).

e.g., The defensemen left the nitty wide open and that's what led to the easy goal.

submitted by Matches

nitus - Cool, to be cool, to describe something cool.

e.g., That is one nitus song.

submitted by Tom Cunningham and Meghan Tighe

nitwitry - Odd, silly, or stupid behavior.

e.g., Chris's original style of nitwitry even made his teachers crack up instead of reprimand him. That's probably why he grew up to be the way he is -- beyond redemption.

submitted by Jörg Bullmann - (www)

nixie - Female who is exceptionally crazy.

e.g., Watch out for Chris. She's a nixie.

submitted by Crazy Chicken - (www)

njgaack - Unspeakable substances that find their way into your mouth, like earwax, axle grease, and unidentifiable gloop from under your nails.

e.g., NJGAACK! I've been picking the dags off the sheep and just licked my finger.

submitted by Toni

nme - Enemy.

e.g., Bert: "Why'd you shoot me?" Bernie: "Because you're my NME."

submitted by Null

nnm sleep - Nodding Neck Movement sleep: cousin to REM sleep, occurs when sitting upright and neck begins to nod sporadically due to sleepy state.

e.g., Sven is going to get whiplash if he stays in deep NNM sleep.

submitted by SLOjewnamedPRU

no bananas - "Sorry, no luck." Used when a person asks for something and you don't have what she wants, or when you've attempted something and can't do it.

e.g., I tried to juggle once. No bananas.

submitted by Firestorm

no bottle - Lacking courage or nerve.

© Michael Quinion | Bottle Though its origins are misty, we have some clues. No bottle was widely used from the middle of the nineteenth century to refer to something useless. Around the 1920s, we had no bottle and glass as rhyming slang meaning that a person lacked class, in the sense of being unimpressive or without style. This would seem to have been taken also to mean lacking in courage. Around this time the rhyming slang expression bottle and glass was used to mean arse (ass for US readers) and this seems to have been an influence that led to forms like Has your bottle fallen out? which may suggest that bottle in such forms figuratively means “guts” and that the sense came from an ability to control one’s bottle (arse) in the face of bowel-melting threats.

e.g., "No bottle, no courage, and no guts." | The question I want answered is this: does he have bottle. As of now, unfortunately, I see the answer as no bottle. For Christ's sake, he whined when Maureen Dowd remarked on his big ears. Cowed by Dowd -- how's that for a bumper sticker?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

no brakes - 1. Still trying when everyone knows the situation is futile. 2. Unable to stop. 3. A psychotic belief that the next time one will be successful.

e.g., Bob: Why did Jack send flowers to Betty? Billy: No brakes. 2. Jim has no brakes--that's why he keeps plaing that video game.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack - (www)

no colored pages - The first draft.


Roger Ebert, of Million Dollar Baby: Eastwood must have felt the same way. The movie's star, Hilary Swank, told me this was the only movie she's ever made with "no colored pages." As screenplays go through drafts and rewrites, the changed pages are reproduced on paper of different colors, to distinguish them; Eastwood therefore was filming the first draft without a single change.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

no dice - Exclamation of failure.

e.g., I tried to start the car, but no dice.

submitted by ben

no kay - Could be a yes, or could be a no; maybe.

e.g., When Joe asked his dad if a friend could come over, he replied, "No kay."

submitted by Al

no moking - Instructions on signs where the little plastic sticker "S" has fallen off

e.g., "NO -Moking in this area"

submitted by PaulR

no pass - Someone when you are playing basketball who refuses to pass the ball and will always take outrageous shots.

e.g., Man I hope Chris isn't on my team, he's a real no pass.

submitted by Frank Gordon

no wopen - An unknown phrase, found on large, portable message boards, which were unearthed in digs on historic urban 21st century sites.

e.g., Archeologists, reporting on their findings of the digs on historic 21st century urban sites, found many large, outdoor message boards containing a mysterious phrase, "No wopen." More puzzling, the message was found not only on boards in front of commercial enterprises, but on boards in front of Houses of Worship, entertainment centers, eating establishments, and various places of social gathering, as well.  
What were "wopen," and what was their cultural significance? Were they a material commodity -- tools, machines, or some sort of food? If so, why were they so important that their scarcity had to be advertised in so many places? And why was the supply so depleted?  
Or was the message a universal cry against an acronym for an unpopular public movement or a governmental project?  
You can bet your booties that professors in every field of the social sciences will fully devote their time and effort (they're known to be stubborn) toward the important solution of this "No wopen" enigma. Our modern world will have important new insight into the culture, society, minds, and daily social lives of our 21st century ancestors.  
Thank you, our esteemed professorial historians, social scientists, and psychologists, for your skills and dedication . . . and good luck!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

no wuckers - Derived from the Aussie expression "no wucking furries." Swap the first letters of "wucking" and "furries" and you see what I'm getting at here.

e.g., You want a root? No wuckers.

submitted by Richard

no zone, the - Any place that is bad to be.

e.g., I went to the game, but my seats were in the no zone and I couldn't see anything.

submitted by ditnis

no'jou - A contraction of "No, did you?" Usually given in response to the question "Jeet?" No'jou is a colloquialism used in the Midwest and the South.

e.g., "Hey, Steve, jeet yet?" "No'jou?"

submitted by Steve

no-abla - Shut up. Stop talking.

e.g., Nicky: "Lauryn, your socks don't match today." Lauryn: "No-abla!"

submitted by lauryn

no-fi - A location where you just can't seem to get any bars on your wireless internet connection.

e.g., You'd think a hotel room in midtown Manhattan wouldn't be so no-fi.

submitted by Chris Surguine

no-know - A person who doesn't know what she needs to know to do her job right.

e.g., We've managed to elect entirely too many no-knows to the 111th Congress, possibly the most ever. Let's hope we get lucky and rectify the problem with the 112th.  

We've managed to elect entirely too many no-knows to the 112th Congress, possibly the most ever. Let's hope we get lucky and rectify the problem with the 113th.  

We've managed to elect entirely too many no-knows to the 113th Congress, possibly the most ever. Let's hope we get lucky and rectify the problem with the 114th. . . .

submitted by HD Fowler

no-un - Person with stupidity in their blood.

e.g., "He's such a no-un!"

submitted by Daniel - (www)

noah - Australian slang for shark, possibly derived from ryhming "Noah's Ark."

e.g., Bruce, did you see the chunk that noah took out of Bruce's surf-board?

submitted by Da Eagle

noasis - What you say when your sister makes an unreasonable request of you, especially when you're wandering, lost in the desert.

e.g., Sister: I think we should go in that direction. Towards that shimmering body of water that I see in the distance amid the stand of palm trees. Brother: Noasis.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy

noassitall - No ass at all.

e.g., My man has noassitall.

submitted by ian mack

noat - The area between the nose and the throat that begins to hurt when you're getting sick. Where it's not so much your sinuses but that place that if you could push your tongue right back and upwards, it would feel so much better.

e.g., I can't come in to work today because I have a sore noat.

submitted by Eleanor Clarke

nobacherie - This word was invented as a job title for Coops, assistant to "psychological illusionist" Derren Brown. The members of the Derren Brown forum spent months debating the name and attempting to decipher its meaning. Eventually, forum admin relented and told us the truth -- the word is meaningless. However, the word is now used to signify somebody's slave or servant.

e.g., Jeeves is my nobacherie.

submitted by papillion - (www)

noble donor - A person who donates one of his or her essential organs to another person who needs it, thus sacrificing his or her own life as a result.

e.g., Mike was a noble donor. He donated his liver to his wife so that she could live. He will be missed.

submitted by Sammers

noboland - The state of mind you find yourself in after an all day whiteboard mindmapping session in a poorly ventilated meeting room.

e.g., No use talking to me. I'm in NOBOland.

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

nobrawner - Physically very easy, you can do it all by yourself, no strength or muscles required.

e.g., Gathering fig leaves for purposes of modesty, even a cavemanna can do it. It's a nobrawner.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nobyulus - Nob in "Yorkshirguese" -- a newley invented language, spoken in Northern England, created by luke Y. Yorkshirguese combines Spanish, Portuguese, German, Latin, and Russian. Nobyulism: the art of being a nobyulus.

e.g., Look at those little 12-year-old nobyuli wasting their lives consuming cider on the street corners, terrorizing old ladies as though they are the oprichniki.

submitted by Karakazov

nocflexion - When it's dark outside so you see yourself reflected when you look out. A compound of "noctunral" and "reflection."

e.g., She peered through the window for any sign of her lost cat, but all she saw was her own nocflexion.

submitted by Rachel Howard

nocktover - This is the word that describes the state of a runined or tumbledown building. Strangely it can only exist in the past tense.

e.g., The old castle was nocktover, but was still an impressive ruin. | They would not go into the haunted house as it was so nocktover. | When Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries he made sure that they were all nocktover. | Several old houses were nocktover to give room for the new road to be built.

submitted by David Ford - (www)

nocral - Nocturnal animal.

e.g., Oppossums are among the most annoying nocrals.

submitted by Katherine

nocturnal admission - When you're so tired your pent up stress comes out uncontrollably to whoever might be near.

e.g., I didn't remember telling Carol about the herpes. I guess I must've had an nocturnal admission. That would explain the iron-shaped bruise on my back, anyway. She must've been pretty POed.

submitted by Adam Dachis - (www)

nodad pants - Items of ugly, distasteful clothing. Generally given to those at a social activity or event who are wearing inappropriate clothing for the setting. Derivation from "No, Dad!" used when refusing to wear parent's old courdroy slacks to school for fear of having the crap beat out of you.

e.g., No way. I'm not wearing those nodad pants.

submitted by Will R

noddles - I agree.

e.g., "Sally, do you believe 2 + 2 is 4?" "Noddles."

submitted by Keslie - (www)

nodity - The reverse of a nudist camp -- i.e., no nakedness.

e.g., The camp had a strict nodity policy.

submitted by Helen :)

nodstrip - The safety grooves along the highway intended to awaken sleeping drivers who stray too close to the shoulder.

e.g., I like to drive along the nodstrip.

submitted by GDC

noe - know

e.g., i noe u is a idiot

submitted by jerk

nofl - Acronym: No Other Form(s) Listed. It is good to use when you can't find alternative forms in a dictionary.

e.g., Ms. Reece, there was NOFL in the dictionary for the word vivacious.

submitted by stephenf1

nofundementedtwits - They may seem irrational, or credulous, or very confined in their thoughts and actions, but they're sincere and lovable "twits," sometimes. Open and free is not their middle name.

e.g., There are scads of nofundementedtwits throughout the world, some here, some over there. But freed up minds and lives are certainly far more satisfying and happy than those who may be very confined and limited in a flawed approach to reality, that which really is.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nog - An appreciative exclamation; a nod with intensity greater than "Yeahhhh!"

e.g., "Adrianna is hot!" "Nog that."

submitted by Adrianna - (www)

nog - To acknowledge a concept, or greater idea. To agree and convey sympathy.

e.g., Illegal immigrants are exploited. Nog that.

submitted by Nafees - (www)

nogethitsu - Ancient fighting style that consists of dodging and running away very quickly

e.g., The main reason he survived recess in elementary school was his skill in nogethitsu.

submitted by lee

noggle - A word to use when you dislike something.

e.g., That TV show was so noggle.

submitted by ben moore

nohow - A semi-slang term simply meaning "no way" or a way to contradict a phrase. Originally from Tweedledum and Tweedledee from Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. (See contrariwise)

e.g., "If you think we're wax-works, you ought to pay, you know. Wax-works weren't made to be looked at for nothing, nohow!" Tweedledum, Through the Looking Glass. "Nohow. And thank you VERY much for asking" Tweedledum, Through the Looking Glass.

submitted by Jeremy - (www)

noise - "verbiage that is stupid, nonsensical, or just plain undesirable"

e.g., What's this noise from Pete saying he can't drive me to Tahoe?

submitted by partyice

noisy paper - That nasty shiny toilet paper that crackles when you touch it.

e.g., This toilet only has noisy paper. (Are we in Europe? For those who don't know it, European visitors to the United States have been known to load their suitcases with American toilet tissue to take back home when they leave. Having visited Europe a couple of times myself, I can understand why. Toilet tissue there is similar to waxed paper. It is, indeed, noisy. No wonder so many European are anti-American.)

submitted by Abi

nojew? - Short for "no did you?"

e.g., When asked "jeetyet?" the response is "nojew?"

submitted by Ken Crowther

noka - Abbreviation for NOw Known As; similar to aka, Also Known As.

e.g., Rhodesia noka Zimbabwe was once the bread basket of Africa has now become a waste basket. | There sure were a lot of NOKAs at our class reunion. Mostly (former) girls.

submitted by Vidyalankar

nokay - Halfway between okay and no, said when you can't decide.

e.g., Joe: Can I use the bathroom? Teacher: Nokay. Joe: What?

submitted by evilchao2

noke - Phone.

e.g., Let me see the noke. I'm going to see what's taking so long.

submitted by Blake

nom de internet - A pen name used on the Internet. A nom de plume for the Internet.

e.g., HD Fowler is a nom de internet. It's a hat tip to both H. W. Fowler and my grandfather Hills Dale, who was born in Hillsdale, Kansas.

submitted by HD Fowler

nome sane - Verification of understanding: "Do you know what I'm saying?"

e.g., She one baaaad mamajamma, nome sane?

submitted by tr kerth

nomer - Right. Used when agreeing with what someone has stated. Similar to "amen."

e.g., "Are the Kennedys gun-shy?" "Nomer."

submitted by kevin

nominaisse - A dressing and sandwich spread, used by a person, who is proposed -- or formally entered -- as a candidate for an office.

e.g., -One of the best things about running for government office is nominaisse, supplied free to all candidates during the campaign.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

nominegg - To give a name to a newly fertilized ovum, generally in pairs, male and female .. until the sex of the egg has been determined at a later date.

e.g., Our first pregnancy we nominegged Primero/Primera, which seemed very logical. Later we modified the name, of the female fetus, to Prima Donna, mama mia. When all grow n'up everyone said, Donna e mobile ... like a butterfly flittering from flower to flower, perchance.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

nomo - To have no motivation. To embody a state of complete inactivity.

e.g., Q. Hey, how are you going? A. Oh, I've been seriously nomo the past few weeks.

submitted by Trent

nomomaniac - Someone completely obsessed with rules.

e.g., Child nomomaniacs may grow up to be teachers.

submitted by ryan

nomosexual - A person who's just tired of all the sex and wants "no 'mo" of it. | Nomo-sexual. A person who claims she'll swear off sex and love; or one who is unlikely to be involved with either again.

e.g., Jane didn't think she could continue her relationship with John when she found out that he was a nomosexual. | Stories from prisons tend to show that many people would rather "go homo than nomo."

submitted by Hal Colombo | [Jon K. Hart] - (www)

nomsain - A frequent interjection used when the speaker runs out of thoughts, is stumped, or otherwise confused.

e.g., I ran to Mickey D's, nomsain, and its like ... nomsain, its like ... nomsain. Yeah dog.

submitted by Tuck McFerguson

non sequiturial - A manner of being or communicating where the immediate content of the now is continually disparate to what precedes and follows it.

e.g., His wild shifts in focus were absolutely non sequiturial, to the point that none of us could follow his argument.

submitted by Kenneth Langford - (www)

non-clamatic - So see-through and predictable that you want to spear yourself.

e.g., My last boyfriend was so non-clamatic I couldn't wait to dump him. If I could have got a date with anyone else, I wouldn't have gone out with him in the first place.

submitted by Jody - (www)

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