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milligig - 1/1024 gigabyte.

e.g., You should have at least a milligig of RAM if you want any performance at all.

submitted by HD Fowler

millihelen - Unit of measure for female beauty. From Helen of Troy whose face was said to have launched a thousand ships and started the Trojan War. 1/1000th of Helen of Troy's beauty.

e.g., Oh, yeah, she's gorgeous. I give her 850 millihelens, at least.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

millillion - From Lat. "mille," one thousand. Millillion indicates 10 powered to 3003 (America) or 10 powered to 6000 (France, Germany), that is: pretty much.

e.g., Prof. Baruch Finkelstein estimates that the multiverse contains twenty-three millillion atoms.

submitted by Lord Evil - (www)

millipause - The time it takes to check your memory for another way to pronounce a word before saying it in the company of anyone you want to impress.

e.g., After a millipause I said "Poo-ket" instead of the other way to say "Phuket."

submitted by Toni

millipig - Someone who knows loads of useless factoids and says them at really stupid times.

e.g., How did I know that? Oh, this millipig told me.

submitted by Kyle Geraghty

millitate - To irritate or anoy in a small way.

e.g., At least he only millitates you. God, just think how you'd feel if Chris asked you for a date.

submitted by Christen

milocryptavestamentaphilac - One with a fetish for black underwear.

e.g., My boyfriend is a milocryptavestamentaphilac. I try to accommodate him.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

mimbo - Male who acts exceptionally feminine (male bimbo = mimbo).

e.g., There's Sam, mincing around again. He's a stereotype mimbo.

submitted by natalia manzocco - (www)

mimbo - 1. The male version of a bimbo. 2. An attractive but dimwitted young man.

e.g., That blond on the local six o'clock news station is a real mimbo. He can read the words from the teleprompter well enough, but he quite clearly has no understanding of what he's reading.

submitted by SOB

mime boggling - An event so spectacular that it causes a mime to drop out of character.

e.g., Last Sunday at the park, Sox's break dance act of high velocity, upside-down vertical spins, breath-taking head to elbow to knee leaps, and gravity-defying complete reverse body rolls caused Jean-Marie, the park's resident mime to stop in his tracks, wipe white paint off his forehead and say, "Sacre Merde!" It was a mime boggling performance.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mimicate - To mimc and imitate at the same time.

e.g., Josh can mimicate gorilla movements and noises perfectly.

submitted by Josh Marshak

mimping - Big, huge, large, fat, long.

e.g., Look at Paul's nose -- it's mimping.

submitted by Paul

mimsy - Prim or affected; over-refined; mincing.

© Michael Quinion -- Mimsy Aficionados of Lewis Carroll will know a different meaning, which appears in the poem called Jabberwocky in his Through the Looking-Glass: "All mimsy were the borogoves". Later in the book, Humpty-Dumpty explains its meaning as being a blend (he calls it a portmanteau word) of "flimsy" and "miserable", so meaning "unhappy". Carroll either invented it afresh or borrowed an existing English dialect word and gave it a new meaning.

In the sense of affected or over-refined, "mimsy" has long been known in the British Isles, especially in Scots and northern dialects; an example is in A Rock in the Baltic, by Robert Barr (1906): "In one corner of the room stood a sewing-machine, and on the long table were piles of mimsy stuff out of which feminine creations are constructed." It's known in other spellings, such as "mimsey" and "mimzy"; "mimp" is closely related; an elaborated version is "miminy-piminy" or "niminy-piminy".

All forms seem to be built on "mim". This little word may come from an imitation of pursing up the mouth in prudishness (a related form is "mim-mouthed", affectedly prim and proper in speech, which appears in Virginibus Puerisque, by Robert Louis Stevenson, published in 1881: "Mim-mouthed friends and relations hold up their hands in quite a little elegiacal synod about his path: and what cares he for all this?")

"Mimsy" is far from dead. I found it in the issue of The Medical Post for 6 January 2004 (published in Toronto, but the writer was remembering his childhood in Scotland): "Certainly if I had been drafted into the Armed Forces I would have been streets ahead of these mimsy Boy Scouts with their cowboy hats and their two-fingered apology for a salute." It also appeared in an article by Griff Rhys Jones in the Independent on 24 October 2003: "This is food writing. Not mimsy pseudo-porn, but genuinely funny gastro- investigation driven by a slavering appetite."

e.g., Well, la-de-da, aren't we the mimsy one today, Church Lady?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

min - A man, usually Scottish. Or just a platonic man-to-man term of endearment.

e.g., Min, ye are my best friend. Ye ken 'at?

submitted by lou

minags - Mini tags on shirts.

e.g., September has a minag on her shirt.

submitted by Brianna 7th English

mince - A name for someone who does something really stupid.

e.g., I cannot believe you just fell UP the stairs, you mince.

submitted by pippy

mince - Wonderul, cool, excellent, good. Alternatively rubbish, pathetic, bad. Generally used as the thing compared to in a simile and its goodness or badness determined by the adjective in the simile.

e.g., As cool as mince. What a pile of mince.

submitted by Andrew MacCormack

mincer - Insult. Like jackass or moron, etc.

e.g., The blond guy in N'SYNC is a mincer.

submitted by trent - (www)

mincing - Inaction, procrastination, or aimless wandering around whilst at work

e.g., Will you please stop mincing around and get back to work.

submitted by Max

mind jotting - Thinking. Going over a list in ones mind. Trying to remember something.

e.g., Sorry if I wasn't listening, I was mind jotting again. Lately I've been mind jotting over all the things I have to do.

submitted by Robert M. Hensel - (www)

minda - A hair remarkable for its anomalous length or location.

e.g., Gerald maneuvered the tweezers patiently, and with a deft motion plucked the minda from his shoulder.

submitted by Bat Manners

mindbogglation - One's mind being boggled repeatedly.

e.g., The mindbogglation factor there was off the scale.

submitted by Neil Joyes

mindfill - A response to a quiry in which everything is said except the answer to the question.

e.g., The response was little more than corporate mindfill.

submitted by Paul Barclay - (www)

mindgasm - The mindblowing "kick" you get, mentally, from reading something that is so stimulating that you can't believe you've actually just read it.

e.g., Having a conversation with someone more intelligent than I am, or who challenges me mentally to far-reaching limits, gives me a mindgasm

submitted by Laraine Pietersen

mindo - Like a typo, but said in conversation. Simple mix-up or slur of words or sounds.

e.g., Do you mind if I ket the pat? (pet the cat) Did you drive, or did you leave your house at your car? (car at your house)

submitted by Adam

mindslaughter - "A brilliantly evocative term for delusive Western apologetics regarding the ideology of Communism and the tangible horrors its Communist votaries inflicted."

e.g., "Nothwithstanding the delusive mindslaughter on display across America’s political spectrum which denies Sharia encroachment in the US, the CSP analysis revealed that,  
Sharia has been applied or formally recognized in state court decisions, in conflict with the Constitution and state public policy.  
But the grim, seemingly inexorable, progressive acceptance of Sharia-based mores in the US—despite this totalitarian religio-political 'law' being antithetical to American law—was at least temporarily reversed late last week, in of all places, Dearborn, Michigan."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mindware - Software that exists between your ears. Frequently corrupted. New versions and upgrades available daily.

e.g., Sue's mindware was bordering on depressive last Tuesday.

submitted by Linda Starr

mine sweeping - (v) - It's late. You're drunk. The bar's shut. You need more alcohol. Mine sweeping is the action of drinking all the left-over alcohol from the left-over glasses from around the bar. The mine in question, is normally a cigarette butt. But can be as noxious as phlegm or sputum.

e.g., Chris always went on a mine sweeping mission after the bar shut.

submitted by Alice Malice

mineeni - A white iced bun found only in the baker's oven. Must have pink squiggly icing.

e.g., Two mineenis, please.

submitted by Pophy

ming - To check out all books related to a course on the first day of class and not return them until after the semester ends. Named after a math grad student.

e.g., I would have minged that differential equations class but Ming beat me to it again.

submitted by undeadx2

ming dynasty - Said of a group who are all mingers--ugly in their own right.

e.g., Chris can't help being a minger. He was born into a Ming dynasty.

submitted by Uncle Deech

ming the merciless - Said of a person who mings substantially -- i.e., is of great ugliness.

e.g., Rob's not just your run-of-the-mill minger. That guy's Ming the Merciless.

submitted by Uncle Deech

ming-ery - Really gross, disgusting, unattractive.

e.g., "That guy you went out with is the most ming-ery guy ever." "You mean Chris? D'oh."

submitted by lucy

minger - Minger = someone who smells or looks unclean, or is generally unattractive.

e.g., Look at her. She's a right minger.

submitted by Carrie Chapman

mingin' - Unpleasant, icky, bad-tasting, designed with bad taste, or just heinously ugly (esp. of females). Also has noun and verb forms.

e.g., Don't drink that beer--it's mingin'. OR, offensively: "Yikes, she's nasty! That girl mings for England!"

submitted by nick - (www)

minging - Disgusting, foul, gross.

e.g., My shoes were minging after I stepped in the vomit.

submitted by Andrew MacCormack

mingy - Mean and stingy.

e.g., She was so mingy that she wouldn't even let me have one piece of paper.

submitted by Aurora

mini mum - In England and environs, this refers to a mother who is really quite small, not yet a midget, though certainly not a giant.

e.g., Me mini mum an' me make tasty biscuits to go with the tea, don't you see.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mini ster - Religious leader for the Little People.

e.g., Look, I know that you fiercely resent his fire and brimstone sermons and his conviction that we're all going to Hell unless we reform, but show Preacher Short some respect. He's the mini ster for the Little People, and he's NOT half-baked!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mini, mini-street - A long bike trail that is so long that it resembles a street.

e.g., Let's go ride our bikes down at the mini-street.

submitted by Nick

mini-megalomaniac - A small-time operator with delusions of grandeur.

e.g., Every small town has its resident mini-megalomaniac.

submitted by Steve McDonald

mini-mom wages - An hourly work payment schedule that can barely keep a tiny, aged mother in tea and crackers (cf., Brit., "mini-Mum wages").

e.g., Unemployment case worker: "Here's a job you can do: wiping tables at McDonald's. Will you take it?" Applicant: "I could but there's an insurmountable problem. I'm tall, have no children and am of the wrong gender. I don't qualify for mini-mom wages."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mini-wearies - Suggested by a ytpo. A mini-series so bad or so demoralizing that watching it wears you out.

e.g., If it hadn't been done so well, the mini-series I watched last week would have been a mini-wearies.

submitted by HD Fowler

minilingual - Possessing the most rudimentary understanding of a foreign language (generally in an attempt to be hip), often limited to "hello," "good-bye," thank you," and occasionally other phrases.

e.g., Bert: Guten tag. How is everything? Ernie: I see you've become minilingual in German.

submitted by Shaduan

minilomaniacal - A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of little wealth, lack of much power, or uninportant station in life. An obsession with small or minor things or actions.

e.g., Paul's minilomaniacal thoughts of the future were, in keeping with his life style, not going to affect anyone any time.

submitted by Joseph Gellman

minimicrobiogeneticist - The super scientist who somehow can manipulate atoms, molecules, and energies to produce life.

e.g., I admire the skill and ability of our neighborhood minimicrobiogeneticist, Frank something or other.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

minimicromechanized - Of plant or animal cells, modified with computer chips or dips (chemical or electronic) for various useful or experimental applications, eh wot.

e.g., All my intestinal flora and fauna have been minimicromechanized so that anal gas is no longer an issue.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

minimum - daughter

e.g., "She should look like me, she is my minimum."

submitted by Travis

minipulation - Getting people who are smaller than you are to do what you want.

e.g., Because Brad was tall for his age, he easily minipulated many of the other third grade boys.

submitted by jeanine wisniewski

miniscualasticity - The inability of an expandable sac to fully dilate, most often at the most inopportune of moments.

e.g., The short drive from the bar was long enough to remind me of my own miniscualasticity issues.

submitted by bill'shere

minist - (MIN-ist; v.) (1.) To perform religious rites, ordinances, or ceremonies; (2.) To provide hospitality: food, drink, a place to rest, vel cet.; (3.) To render assistance to somebody; (4.) To serve as somebody's assistant or aide; (5.) To occupy high government office. [Back-formation from Minister.]

e.g., "Good Afternoon, Alice! Oh, dear me---who are your 'friends'?" "These are gentlemen of the road, Lucy: Elmo, Franklin, Chet, and young Buster." "Hobos, Alice?! You're feeding hobos?!" "I'll thank you not to insult my guests, Alice." "Your guests?!---these are hardly the sort of ... people we ladies of Crown Court consort with! What will Mrs. Kensington say at the church social?" "I certainly hope she recalls what the good Lord told Moses: 'the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.' Surely Mrs. Kensington has at least_perused_the Good Book." "Well---oh, dear---I suppose---But, Alice! Feeding hobos?!" "Well, as the Good Book says, 'the whole need no physician, but them that are sick.' You're not hungry, are you? No, of course not: the ladies of Crown Court need no food, but they that are homeless. Remember, Lucy: 'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.'" "Yes, yes, of course ... Shakespeare." "No, Lucy, not Shakespeare: Matthew. You know, one of those 'publicans and sinners' the Lord used to eat and talk with? Don't be a Pharisee, Lucy. Minist! Minist!" "But---" "You'll have to excuse me now, Lucy: I have lunches to put up for my friends to sustain them on their way. ... unless, of course---Gentlemen, there's work at my husband's grocery store in town, if any of you care to stay on?" "Alice?!!" "Love thy neighbor, Lucy. I'm sure you can see yourself out."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

ministract - Of or pertaining to a photograph that might be minimal, might be abstract, or might even be both. (See for examples of such images.)

e.g., That photograph has all the elements of a great ministract image. | Style ministract is gaining quite a large following. | Ministract exists at the boundaries of existing photographic art forms and unapologetically blurs the lines.

submitted by Tom McLaughlan - (www)

ministrule - A minor, annoying, and petty civil service regulation.

e.g., I went to the Department of Social Insecurity with my form, but had foolishly forgotten the ministrule about having my signature witnessed six days earlier by three Tadjiki barbers and a red-headed goatherd.

submitted by Pip Wilson - (www)

minitude - Opposite of magnitude.

e.g., I was suprised by the minitude of Jane's office. It must be hard to work in such confined quarters.

submitted by nasdaddy

minkey - Lackey, personal slave, usually used in dressing rooms to return clothing to hangers, or in stores to carry bags. To "minkey" is to do work which no one else wants to do.

e.g., Be a good minkey and hang this up for me? ... Please.

submitted by Jessica Rabbit - (www)

minlefo - Act of world or intercontinental domination.

e.g., Last weekend I minlefoed France.

submitted by El Rico

minmax - To minmax is to gain advantage in a game through careful exploitation of the rules, whether or not it makes any logical sense or violates the spirit of the game.

e.g., I don't care if it isn't against the rules, if you don't stop minmaxing your wizard, I'm going to punch you in the mouth. Pass the corn chips.

submitted by Andrew Nellis

minorettes - Majorettes before they're big enough to be considered major. Minor ettes.

e.g., I was recently sent a picture of seven girls I grew up with. They were all dressed as majorettes, but only one was big enough to be considered anything other than a minor ette. I still can't figure out for sure who the one is with her arm and baton covering her face -- or the "big one" in the middle either.

submitted by HD Fowler

minoritize - To compare oneself to a ethnic minority used to defend your own race.

e.g., Justin was trying to minoritize Ruben because he is in the majority.

submitted by Justin

minority report drugs - Those seven day antibiotics the doctor gives you when you mention more than five times that you "can't miss work." These drugs are so impossibly futuristic as to almost be beyond belief. Taken from Minority Report which was, in turn, taken from a Phillip K. Dick novel.

e.g., I went to the doctor for my sore throat and he gave me some of those minority report drugs. He says I'll be well in two days.

submitted by Nick Jones

minstint - A hurried minute, or expression to signify a rushed situation.

e.g., I'll be done in a minstint. OR Come down here this minstint.

submitted by Kristi

minstrel period - For females, the time from puberty to menopause. From a misspelling of menstrual period. | The time when minstrel shows were popular, from about 1830 to 1910 -- when vaudeville became a popular form of entertainment.


e.g., Women tend to get jumpy during their minstrel period. Oh, Susannah, oh don't you cry for me.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

mint - very cool. everything's okay.

e.g., that party was mint - good party

submitted by dedbug - (www)

minted - Rich, wealthy.

e.g., That bloke is minted.

submitted by J Eyden

mintox - Extra-specially cool. Just as "sick" upsizes to "fully sick," "mint" is trumped by "mintox."

e.g., Davo's pool party was mintox.

submitted by jaypeabey

minute-and-hour - Verb: to waste time (another person's or one's own) in short durations that add up to a long-term loss; the temporal equivalent to nickel-and-dime.

e.g., I used to have a job where I was frequently called in for overtime when they needed extra help. I quit because it minute-and-houred all my spare time away!

submitted by Dr. Dan Muldoon - (www)

minwa - Mineral water.

e.g., My daughter asked me one day "Daddy, gimme a glass of minwa" as she was asking for a glass of mineral water.

submitted by Narahari Reddy Eddula

mip - Sharp, precise word. Mostly used to describe one's mood, usually joyful.

e.g., Mip! I want to hug and kiss the whole world.

submitted by lou

mip-mip - "Derives: Pax, Pacis. Another word for a Pacifyer. A brain child of my three year old mind."

e.g., "Momma, I want my Mip Mip"

submitted by Rebel10 - (www)

mipple - A man's nipple.

e.g., Both Evan and Ethan were a little freaked out by Dave's obsession with his own mipples.

submitted by Dave Violette

mira lago - From a neighborhood in Parkland, Florida, that floods like the lost city of Atlantis when it drizzles for more than thirty seconds: Any area that has a tendency of becoming completely submerged during the most minor of precipitation.

e.g., Wow, one two-minute cloudburst and the parking lot became a total Mira Lago.

submitted by Park Landprobs

miraboize - (v.) (MEER-uh-boh-eyes) To take unauthorized possession or make technically illicit use of property that would otherwise likely be permanently ignored or thrown away by its original owner, especially if such property has already been unused for some time.

Noun form: miraboization. Adjectival form: miraboized (attributive).

Etymology: From the character Miror B. (original Japanese name: Mirabo) in the 2005 video game "Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness," about whom I have written fan fiction in the past. Though this fiction technically constituted a breach of intellectual property rights, the character was never revisited officially and the game is of course now making virtually no further money; to the rights holders, this character is thus almost certainly a permanent throwaway.

e.g., As the only person in town whose favourite food was Brussels sprouts, Jonathan felt no qualms about miraboizing the company's vegetable platter three days after the big meeting.

submitted by hamilcor

miracule - A scientifically acceptable miracle.

e.g., Gadzooks, it's the Miracule of Birth.

submitted by The Great Rangdoor

miralovent - A morale event, a type of get together that companies have to boost employee morale.

e.g., When is the company's next miralovent?

submitted by ann - (www)

mirdle - Man's girdle.

e.g., My wife suggested I might try a girdle for its slimming effect -- if not for the fake abs. The dear thing is living in a fantasy world -- I've been beyond the point where a mirdle would do any good for at least twenty years.

submitted by HD Fowler

mirr - A common short version of the word "mirror," where the second syllable is absorbed into the first syllable, making it a one syllable word. Rhymes with "mere."

e.g., Me twin brether is a mirr image of mesulf; we even think and act alike.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mirrobatics - The acrobatics performed by shavers trying to get a clear view of their face in a fog-streaked mirror following a hot shower.

e.g., Peter was incapacitated briefly following a slip and fall during his morning mirrobatics.

submitted by Peter Trask

mirropposed - To offend oneself by gazing in the looking glass and being disgusted by what's seen.

e.g., Actions are seldom taken by those suffering from mirropposition, usually disgustation and acceptance of the situation are the opted for plan.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

mirror cul - The situation with some aging women, who, when peering into a looking glass at the results, firmly and illogically believe that plastic surgery makes them look younger.

e.g., The 70ish female classmate at our 50+ High School Reunion, smiled proudly and self-assuredly. Through the magic of modern science, her face, with the sags and wrinkles of her age, was transformed into the taut, inflexible young mask of a Madame Trussard Wax Museum character. It was truly a mirror cul!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mirrormess - The accretion of items hanging from a car owner's rearview mirror. Crosses, dreamcatchers, tassels, fuzzy dice, car fresheners, leis, etc.

e.g., Did you see the mirrormess in that mustang? I'm surprised the driver can see the road.

submitted by Paul S. Hoffman

mirt - Dressing or having a hairdo like an old person. A relatively young person dressed too old. May also be spelled as "mert" or "myrt."

e.g., I just had my hair done at the hairdressers, and I think it looks a bit mirt. OR Here comes mirt walking down the street.

submitted by mary stone

mirthful, full of mirth - Anything having a pleasing nature, or is the happening thing at the time.

e.g., Iowans find mirthfulness in tipping cows. John Belushi made people full of mirth in _Animal House_.

submitted by Aaron Marquis

mirthquake - The physical manifestation of hilarity, aka "a fit of giggles", that leaves you breathless, unable to make any sound, but shaking and rocking in your seat with laughter. Nothing to do with Quaker comedians.

e.g., She was laughing so hard, the mirthquake was an 8.2 on the Bill Hicks Scale.

submitted by Rachel Phillips

misaneria - Hatred of men.

e.g., Though there is an undercurrent of misogyny at the men's meeting, the misaneria at the women's meeting is palpable.

submitted by Brian Fuxa

misanthropologist - One who devotes his energies to studying the deficiencies and shortcomings of his colleagues.

e.g., Joe, the office misanthropologist, criticized everything I said at the big meeting

submitted by Steve Wisdom

misappeared - Combination of missing and disappeared, usually a result of actually losing it. (I came up with this as I was just learning to talk.)

e.g., Aric, where did my keys you just had go? I dunno, mom. They musta misappeared. (Shrugs shoulders.)

submitted by Aric Colunga

miscara - Those black smudges you get on your eyelids when you blink too soon after applying mascara.

e.g., I'm late for work today because of two bad miscaras I got while applying my makeup.

submitted by Janice Harger

miscetera - A mixture, miscellaneous, assorted, and so forth, etc.

e.g., There is a miscetera selection of pens to choose from.

submitted by Dan

mischief alley - Any place where unexpectedly fun things can happen.

e.g., Sally's such a riot. Every time she comes to town, we wind up in mischief alley.

submitted by Susan Beyer

mischieface - A face whose features combine to create an overall expression of playfulness and openness to mischief.

e.g., Giovanni Ribisi, the actor who played Phoebe's brother on Friends, has a mischieface. I'd love to rob a video store in Liverpool with him!

submitted by Betsy Andrews

mischieve - (miss-CHEEV; v.) 1. To work mischief; 2. to cause annoyance, be vexatious; 3. to bring to grief, cause misfortune (an antonym to "achieve"). [A perfectly valid verb from 14th-century Middle English (says the Online Etymology Dictionary), related to, of course, and from the same source as "Mischief"]

e.g., "Have you been out mischieving all night?" "Well, it IS Halloween tomorrow." "I hate your mischief night crap: it took me five weeks and $600 to clean up from last year's 'fun'." | "I spent months working on that thesis, and you've gone and erased half of it! What a mischievement."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

misconceived - Those born out of the failure to understand the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and prophylactics. Also "misconception."

e.g., Clive and Diane were misconceived because their parents thought they were being careful.

submitted by paulsan

misconfused - The approximate state that IT Techs sometimes find themselves in.

e.g., When Tommy was being harassed by Jason, Joe, and Mike, he experienced a heightened state of misconfusion and spluttered sentence fragments to the customer he was attempting to support.

submitted by Tommy

misconscrewed - A misunderstanding leading to an unfortunate and irreversible deterioration of personal circumstance.

e.g., By overstating his experience in the management of nuclear cooling systems, Mike had seriously misconscrewed the situation.

submitted by Mike H - (www)

misconstrapulate - To construe meaning incorrectly, resulting in dire consequences

e.g., The artist, having misconstrapulated the critic's joke at the after-party, punched him in the throat.

submitted by Jake

miscreantics - Conduct such as that by the NBA brawlers who have been allowed to bring their street-ball posing into the house and make another pro-sport a decadent shadow of its former self.

e.g., All right, boys and girls. That's quite enough of your miscreantics. I refuse to allow this class to be turned into your personal battleground.

submitted by [Ed]

miscumbubulated - Confused or unorganized.

e.g., My papers are all miscumbubulated from falling on the floor. | My mind is all miscumbubulated after all that information.

submitted by Katt

misdate - A rumor involving the date something came out.

e.g., Where did this misdate rumor come from?

submitted by star651

misdefine - To use a word incorrectly. Different from confound and confuse in that no mix-up or lack of clarity is implied, just incorrect usage. Different from distort in that no intentionality is implied.

e.g., In calling that cruel but straightforward person sarcastic, you have misdefined sarcasm.

submitted by Chris - (www)

misdo - (miss-'doo; v.) to perform something incorrectly.

e.g., Get Jack to make the milkshakes; I always misdo them. | You misdid the bucket bend and spilt all my chum!

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mise - 1. Verb: to obtain, especially with good luck 2. Adjective: good. A corruption of "might as." Or, from miser or miserly.

e.g., I mised a hamburger when my number got picked in the raffle.

submitted by dr. dolphin

misel - Might as well.

e.g., Misel take out the garbage.

submitted by David R. Gregory

miserabelia - Stuff belonging to an ex-spouse. Reminds you of her negatively; usually gets thrown out or cut up.

e.g., I came across a box of miserabelia the other day and it put me in a bad mood.

submitted by Mounir Khoury

miserabilia - (n.) 1. A file or collection of things that make you miserable or made you miserable at one time; 2. Junk mail (especially in bulk, and especially when it upsets you); 3. A litany of things you've failed at over the years, especially when recited at length by someone else.

e.g., "By age 30, your sister, Ellen, was married to a neurosurgeon; and Charlie was a successful architect---" "Drop it, Ma, please? I'm a librarian, and I like it. Anyway, it's my life." "Your life?! After I carried you around all those months?, after nearly dying in labor? How ungrateful can you get?!" "I'll see you next Thursday, Ma: I can't take all of this delightful miserabilia you love so much to regale me with." "Ah, just like your father---he left me just when I needed him most." "Give him a break, Ma: Dad died ... and some of us envy him."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

miserability - The ability to twist any experience in order to extract the most negative outcome.

e.g., Linda had developed her miserability skills to the point of polluting every ray of hope that penetrated her world.

submitted by linda

miserating - Miserableness. The feeling associated with being miserable.

e.g., I moved this weekend. It was 100 degrees and 100% humidity, and my new apartment is a fifth floor walkup. It was miserating.

submitted by Becky DiGiglio

misfortunate - Characterized by undeserved bad luck; unlucky, possibly also weirdly ironic.

e.g., Missing the gimme two-foot shot to win the mini-golf tornament was misfortunate, sadly misfortunate indeed.

submitted by Drew Jenner

misgreet - A euphemism for "insult."

e.g., Excuse me, I think you just misgret me.

submitted by Cerveau Radioactif

misgusting - Misguided and disgusting; really disturbing and mistaken.

e.g., Border Patrol caught 150,000 illegals at the border, but estimate twice as many got through. That is misgusting.

submitted by Dominic Tassone - (www)

misgusting - That which is both a mistake and disgusting...invented by my daughter (age 9). Effectivley used with contempt.

e.g., Dad, what are you cooking? That's not how Mom makes me eggs? That's misgusting.

submitted by Dom - (www)

mishtookplah - To just give up.

e.g., I was supposed to go to the gym but I mishtookplahed.

submitted by Jesse Cote

misinsinuation - A double-entendre that is confusing or unclear

e.g., The guy I met at the bar last night kept throwing misinsinuations at me, like "Your wife, does she, ah, prune your roses? Wink wink, nudge nudge."

submitted by RJ Shep

misinterpretate - When I was posting to a forum, I intended to change my draft of "misinterpretations of" to "misinterpreting" but ended up with "misinterpretating." Had there been a preview feature I might well have caught the ytpo. As it is, I'm covering my mistake with a "new word."

e.g., Be careful what you say. Otherwise, you may make it easy to misinterpretate your meaning. | "i didnt mean for you to misinterpretate my hallucination.'s"

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

misizzle - A portmanteau of the words "misty drizzle" often used by weathermen to describe precipitation events that are not exactly rain, but lighter in nature.

e.g., This morning's weather starts out as misizzle, gradually working it's intensity to a full rain event by late afternoon.

submitted by Darius Ghetem - (www)

misle - To mislead someone in a malevolent manner. The past tense is "misled," pronounced "my-zld," as opposed to misLED, pronounced "mis-led" with short I and E, and which might denote a more innocent intent.

e.g., That Chris done misled me. I'm gonna misle him back.

submitted by drhydro

mislegend - A modern legend so patently false as to be considered camp.

e.g., JFK is being kept alive on a Greek island--that's a mislegend.

submitted by Dan

misnegglties - Particulars.

e.g., No need to quibble over the misnegglties, my dear.

submitted by nanon

misochist - Someone who derives perverse pleasure from being fed fermented soybean paste even though she finds the flavor to be repugnant.

e.g., He insisted on eating the fermented soy paste with pickled baby duck eggs, despite claiming to hate it. It was then that I realized he was a culinary misochist.

submitted by shayla jay

mispelings - Misspelled or misunderstood words. Misssspelling, mispelling.

The examples are from actual submittals -- four (summerize, essey, shakespear, and charachters) came from a single submittal. Some of the misspellings have been entered as new words.


e.g., That's a mispelling -- oops, a misspelling.

Here are just a few that were submitted.

Abreviation = abbreviation.
Alright = all right.
Ammount = amount.
Absortion = absorption.
Archeoligists = archeologists.
Articel = article.
Authoritive = authoritative.
Bearing = baring.
Been = being.
Beet = beat.
Boarders = borders.
Certin = certain.
Charachters = characters.
Concensus = consensus.
Criptology = cryptology.
Cubical = cubicle.
Deffenently = definitely.
Definately = definitely.
Definative = definitive.
Deuschbag = douche bag.
Discribe = describe.
Economoic = economic.
Enchalata = enchilada.
Essey = essay.
Excentric = eccentric.
Exclimation = exclamation.
Exixtant = existent.
Extreamly = extremely.
Frase = Phrase.
Loose = lose.
Freind = friend.
Fowl langague = foul language.
Gawdy = gaudy.
Generaly = generally.
Hawian = Hawaiian.
Impregned = ?
Insain = insane.
Marvellous = marvelous.
Mear = mere.
Mispel = misspell.
Mispronounciation = mispronunciation.
Mithologic = mythologic.
Moraly = morally.
Motovation = motivation.
Obstical = obstacle.
Pleasent = pleasant.
Polititions = politicians.
Posessing = Possessing.
Quotia = quotient.
Realy = really
Refrigarators = refrigerator.
Regardles = regardless.
Religeon = religion.
Sandwitch, sawndwitch = sandwich.
Schitzophrentic = schizophrenic.
Shakespear = Shakespeare.
Shakespere = Shakespeare.
Simultaniously = smultaneously.
Sindrom = syndrome.
Spaghettie = spaghetti.
Stimulent = stimulant.
Suites = suits.
Summerize = summarize.
Technition = technician.
Tempreture = temperature.
Thouht = thought.
Toatly = totally.
Ussualy = usually.
Varient = variant.
Visa versa = vice versa.
Viscious = vicious.
Volumn = volume.
Wreak = reek.

© Michael Quinion Newsletter -- 29 September 2007 I committed a shocking solecism in the last sentence of the piece: I wrote "it's", though "its" was correct. I was surprised that only four subscribers wrote to remonstrate with me. To all those readers who noticed my error but forbore from e-mailing me, many thanks. To those who didn't write because they didn't notice the error, I send my commiserations. Such things happen even in the best-regulated circles. I sympathise with the Readers' Editor of the Guardian, who posted this sentence in her Corrections and Clarifications column yesterday (Friday 28 September): "We misspelled the word misspelled twice, as mispelled, in the Corrections and clarifications column on September 26, page 30."

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

mispell - To deliberately attempt to spell a word incorrectly and fail even at that, rendering the word utterly unrecognizable. Misssspellings.

e.g., He had thought that "wuv" would be more suitable for expressing his sentiments than the actual word "love," but his spelling skills had posed a bit of a problem. Due to a mispelling, his friends were all under the impression that he wove his girlfriend.

submitted by AceMyth - (www)

mispelling - Misspelling. Misspelling of "misspelling." Misssspelling, mispeling.

e.g., I challenge you to find a mispelling in this sentence.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

misperfectogyny - Qualification of misogyny to limit it to the hatred of perfect women.

e.g., Michele thought she wanted to be Little Miss Perfect, until Mr. Cranky showed her some misperfectogyny.

submitted by Greg Foster

mispickupulation - More then one failed attempt to pick up the same object.

e.g., The mispickupulation that I had today drove me nuts.

submitted by Richard Demary

mispoof - A grave or serious mistake, usually resulting in irreversible consequences. Verb: to make a mispoof.

e.g., In balancing the checkbook, I made a mispoof and now we're in the red.

submitted by Medb - (www)

mispronounced words - For sentences in which a predicate pronoun does not agree in number and case with its antecedent. The pronoun in the predicate is the "mispronounced" word . . . I think. "Mispronounciation" is also a frequent misspelling of "mispronunciation."

e.g., "Dorkasaurus: Someone who is so intensely dorky, the word 'dork' alone will not do them justice." "Them" was used in the preceding sentence to be politically correct, but is not grammatically correct. "Them" is, therefore, a mispronounced word.

submitted by Miss Speller

miss aree - The mythical and archetypal personification of human despair; the anthisesis of Lady Luck. 1. Applying to the human condition. 2. In gambling.

e.g., 1. You don' wanna be home a'tall ... when Miss Aree comes to call. 2. Jambo: "How did you make out in the poker game last night?" Rambo:- "Great ... most of the night. I was doing really well until Miss Aree walked in and I couldn't buy a hand. I went home five hundred dollars poorer."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

miss speller - Insurance for inns: hotels, motels, bed & breakfast, and any other business that provides lodging for overnight travelers. The yptoe is made often enough that many large insurance companies have web sites using the spelling.

e.g., No, honey, we don't need to take out innsurance for our vacation. It's the hotels and motels that buy innsurance.

submitted by innsurance

miss steak - Instance of when a correctly spelled, phonetically similar, but inappropriate word is left in a document despite being spellchecked.

e.g., Miss Steaks are particularly delicious when they are the cause of a dreadful pun: "As a shareholder, I have a financial steak in this restaurant."

See also:

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.
Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write.
It shows me strait a weigh.
As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
and eye can put the error rite.
Its rare lea ever wrong.
Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect awl the weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.

(Sauce unknown, sometimes attributed to a non a mouse.)

submitted by Jonathan Gibbs

miss the barbeque - When you are drinking and you forget to eat dinner, leaving you with an otherwise empty stomach -- which makes you even drunker and more out of control.

e.g., Q. Why were you so crazy last night? You only had a few beers. A. I missed the barbeque.

submitted by Brian Warner

missable - Able to be missed.

e.g., Joey: No one misses me. Frankie: Of course they miss you. You're so missable.

submitted by Laura Ifft

misscue - Queen of the Pool Halls

e.g., When told she had been chosen as the Queen of the Pool Halls, she replied, on cue, "Balls", whereupon she was told to "Stick it!" -- which she racked up as just a cheap shot.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

missed call - To missed call someone means to phone her cell phone and then cut off before she responds. She will know you phoned and get back to you later, or whatever has been the pre-arranged response. Used extensively by young people in South Asia to avoid the expense of a phone call.

e.g., I missed called you three times as planned, but you didn't come to the park as you had promised.

submitted by Cecil Pinto

missgoogle - When you misspell or otherwise input the incorrect search term in Google, and either find what you are looking for anyway, or something equal or better than the intended search target. Misgoogle.

e.g., I received an e-mail from Alun Woodward, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the acclaimed English band the Delgados. He said he'd happened upon by missgoogling "astronaught" and that he really liked my photographs.

submitted by James Luckett - (www)

mission - Embarking on a basic task. Usually during drunk sessions.

e.g., Getting to the party was the biggest mission I could handle Friday.

submitted by bob

misskiss - What happens when two friends (who are obviously getting wayyyy close) go to kiss each other on the cheek but "miss" and it ends up half on the lips. Result, blushing and thumping hearts.

e.g., We misskissed last night. She didn't say anything, but I really won't be able to hide these feelings much longer.

submitted by Pete

missle toe - A particular covert feminine action, under a table, involving the thrust of the big toe of her shoeless, bare foot against a dining partner's leg or foot, conveying a sexual invitation.

e.g., John-- That cold, arrogant, aloof ice queen did what?

Juan-- You heard me. We were working our way through a relaxed, enjoyable meal, with the third or fourth glass of wine, when I felt the bump of her big toe hit against the calf of my leg, and then begin to slide up and down, slowly, but emphatically.

John-- It just doesn't seem her style -- to give you a missle toe.

Juan -- I thought so, too. Until I realized, appropriately and ironically, that we were having Christmas dinner.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

missouri compromise - Another name for a mullet style haircut.

e.g., My hair was getting a bit longish, so I thought I'd have it styled into a Missouri Compromise, to shock all my friends.

submitted by Paul

misspelation - An instance of incorrect spelling. To incorrectly spell a word, often resulting in humor.

e.g., His research paper was one big mispelation.

submitted by Joseph Wain - (www)

misstery - Does she or doesn't she?

e.g., At the rate this relationship is devolving, I'll never solve the misstery.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

missy queen - Arrogant female.

e.g., Look at Missy Queen telling everyone else what to do while she sits on her booty.

submitted by Sparki

mist eerie is - When I was a little kid, fog floating across the fields and in the valley rather freaked me out, it scared me (for some reason).

e.g., The fog, the creepy fog, conceals the frog and hog alike, and assorted monsters or spirits, a dreadful mist, the mist eerie is. . . .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mistakes were made. - "The phrase is a political construction that the analyst William Schneider says should be called the 'past exonerative' tense.  
"Its origin as a political mea culpa -- or non-mea culpa -- goes at least as far back as President Ronald Reagan's 1987 State of the Union address, in the midst of the Iran-Contra scandal." | A non-apology apology: a fauxpology. |  
Annual John S. Knight Lecture, May 15, 2006, Stanford University, By Clark Hoyt,Knight Ridder Washington editor

After pummeling the newspaper for nearly a year from the White House podium, denying its Watergate revelations and attacking the newspaper's integrity, he finally had to own up in April of 1973, when President Nixon's top aides, Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, resigned in disgrace.

"Mistakes were made," Ziegler said of his previous denials, adopting a phrase that has since been used by other government spokesmen trying to defuse other government scandals.
posted by MonkeySaltedNuts at 6:27 PM on March 13, 2007

e.g., When asked if she had told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth -- and if she was in any way culpable for «Name the scandal.» -- «Name the politician.» said, "Mistakes were made."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

misteak - Bogus beef.

e.g., He made a lot of misteaks but they were actually horsemeat.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

misteeque - Derived from the name of the RnB band and pronounced in the same way. To misteeque is to talk incredibly fast.

e.g., I'm amazed by the speed at which my friend James (a real person, by the way) can misteeque.

submitted by Francesca

mister bad-wrench - A term suitable for lambasting marginally competent mechanics when they do particularly shoddy work.

e.g., "What's this, Cedric? My mechanic changed my tire but only tightened two of the lug-nuts! Is Mister Bad-Wrench trying to kill me?"

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

mister mxyzptlk - Wikipedia: "Mister Mxyzptlk (mix-yez'-pit-l-ick | mix-yez'-pit-lick), sometimes called Mxy, is an impish supervillain who appears in DC Comics' Superman comic books."

"That dude was a little prick, but he did a fine job of making the Superfriends look like the square, hokey, boring, fist-resting-on-hips, knobs that they were. Did they ever make a Mxyzpltlk for the new Justice League? I like Justice League! Way different from their '80s counterparts. I just wish I had more time to watch it."

submitted by Mister Mxyzptlk - (www)

misterogyny - Antonym of misogyny; exhibiting feeling of hatred towards males

e.g., The dating scene in town makes me feel like a misterogynist, but I know it's just a phase.

submitted by marie

misterplaced - A chauvinistic way to say something was put in the correct place.

e.g., Yeah, Babe, I misterplaced the keys right there on the key hook.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mistersogynist - A woman with an unreasonable dislike of men.

e.g., My sister is always nagging at me for no reason. It's as if she were a mistersogynist.

submitted by Ben Green

mistlefinger - An imaginorganism distantly related to mistletoe. Used in conjunction with kissing your spouse any day of the year. Does not need to be on hand for this practice, but for the sake of getting a quick smooch just holler, "Mistlefinger!" and lay one on your mate.

e.g., "Mistlefinger!" ::smaaack::

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mistoichy - (miss-toy'-key; n.) hatred of walls;_"mistoichist_ "a hater of walls." [from the Greek, on analogy with "misanthropy" and "misogyny, the paradigmatic wall-hater is the one in Frost's "Mending Wall": 'something there is that doesn't like a wall.']

e.g., Nature is the great mistoichist.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mistorical - From "mistory," mis-information presented as historical fact. Cf. mythistory and >i>mythistorical.

e.g., Having checked your references, your previous employment as presented in the resume seems to be mistorical rather than historical.

submitted by jacq - (www)

mistrust - Corrosion caused by excessive air moisture

e.g., Got mistrust on your car? You shouldn't have left it on the oceanfront for two weeks.

submitted by Leonid

misty sippy - Is a far out drink popular around Marsport V on the equatorial canal. The color derives from Martian red-dye. The fluid is genuine water imported from Earth ("the Mississippi"), minerals, and flavenoids and secret ingredients from Mars of course. "Sippy" because it tastes so good you're going to want to sip it. "Misty" because the more you drink, the mistier things will seem to be.

e.g., We you arrive at Marsport V (=five, not vee) be sure to sip a misty sippy. It's outta sight.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

misunderbutton - To button clothing incorrectly so that one buttonhole is left button-less and one button is left buttonhole-less. Especially applicable to buttoning habits of sitting Presidents. (also available in adjectival form)

e.g., When the President spoke to the nation from New Orleans' Jackson Square following Hurricane Katrina, he apparently had misunderbuttoned his shirt.

submitted by Bitty - (www)

misunderestimate - To simultaneously misunderstand and underestimate

e.g., "It appears that I have misunderestimated you, Mr. Bond."

submitted by Nathan

misunderheard - Not heard right.

e.g., Will you repeat that? I misunderheard you.

submitted by rene' vanderpool

misworking - not working; not operating correctly; root orgin: bobinski-ism

e.g., The valve on the machine is misworking.

submitted by maddog

mitch - An extreme prank.

e.g., Wow, the seniors pulled one hell of a mitch this year.

submitted by terri

mither - To bother, pester, hassle, harass, worry, fatigue. Pronounced MY-thuh, this is a colloquial term current in the North and Midlands areas of England, and is often applied to fretful children.

e.g., Stop mithering, Johnny, we'll be home soon. Johnny kept mithering me all afternoon.

submitted by Struan Whitbread

mitin - More Information Than I Need.

e.g., "Oh, sheesh, MITIN." In response to my cybersex partner's remark that his wife is menstruating.

submitted by melissa

mitzoglick - A person who advocates the use of English words and terms in ways other than defined. Not satisfied with the normal evolution of word meanngs, these advocates are deconstructionists who wish to wash out the meaning of words to help move along a personal or biased agenda.

e.g., To my dismay, "Don we now our gay apparel" no longer has the meaning it did when the song containing those lyrics was written. Those who use "gay" to mean "homosexual" are word-deprecating mitzoglicks.

submitted by Rob Schroeter - (www)

mixaroni - When you haven't got enough of one type of pasta, and you have to cobble together the dregs of assorted packets.

e.g., Sorry guys, I haven't been shopping in a while. Looks like it's mixaroni tonight.

submitted by Zsuszo Kláskj

mixileau - To do something wrong.

e.g., You really mixileaued this time.

submitted by Chung

mizworm - A particularly unpleasant person--short for "miserable worm."

e.g., You mizworm! I can't believe you would do that!

submitted by William Tychonievich - (www)

mizzle - Light precipitation that is, in density, heavier than a mist, but lighter than a drizzle.

e.g., Look, kids, it's mizzling again.

submitted by GriffJon - (www)

mjwah - (interj.) (also mdzwah, mmjwah, mmmjwah, etc.) Onomatopoeia for a kiss.

e.g., Bob: "See you next week." Alice: "Here, gimme a kiss." Bob: "Mjwah." Alice: "Mjwah. Bye."

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

mlac - Expression: Calm down, take it easy. Said "mil-lack."

e.g., You don't have to yell at me. Mlac a bit, bro.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

mlard - The slushy gray snow that collects behind automobile tires in the winter.

e.g., The car was so poorly-tended that the mlard was scraping against the front tires.

submitted by Geiiga - (www)

mld - Migrant(s) Lacking Documentation. Also called MiLDs, to emphasize how non-threatening they are. Formerly called illegal aliens and other racial slurs.

e.g., We have no reason to worry about or be bothered by the presence of people who are in the United States illegally. Show some compassion, people. Don’t think of them as illegal aliens, think of them as MiLDs. Have a heart. Do what’s right for America. Don’t break up families.

submitted by HD Fowler

mlerpkah - Freedom, liberation.

e.g., The teenagers demanded mlerpkah and stormed the administration building. It reminded me of Berkeley in the 60s.

submitted by Yume - (www)

mlle tary - The French Women's army.

e.g., Jacques daydreamed a lot about showering in the French mlle tary.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mmfd - Miles and Miles of Fucking Desert. Possibly from WWII. (ED. Possibly not.)

e.g., "Alpha unit, have you reached checkpoint bravo yet." "That is a negative base. We are still over MMFD."

submitted by backdoor

mmiss - mmiss - (v., pronounced "millimiss") 1. to miss by millimeters; 2. by extension, to miss by only a few seconds; 3. by further extension, barely to fail at something; (n.) 4. such a miss; 5. a bare insufficiency.

e.g., "Did you see that?!! The goalie mmissed the ball!! Wow, that was close." | "You got a 59%? Rats, you mmissed a D by that much."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mmm ... raspberry - Said when something tastes, looks, or feels good.

e.g., Best looking guy I've seen this year. Mmm ... raspberry.

submitted by cosmic - (www)

mmm ugh shot - Any bad photo of you whether in action or repose, celebratory or serene, candid or official.

e.g., From driver's license to wedding pictures, why do each of these photos qualify to be a mmm ugh shot of a wild-eyed criminal on a Wanted poster? Is it the camera or me?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mmmmmm - Used to describe something that is tasty.

e.g., Mmmmmm, those ribs look delicious.

submitted by Purple

mmmmph - A sound made through the nose whilst the mouth is closed. Used for almost any emotion: apathy, pleasure, disinterest. Used by maybe 10 people on the east coast of Australia.

e.g., "How ya feelin' man?" "Mmmmph." "Oh, really? Bummer."

submitted by victim - (www)

mmmyellow - Interjection. How saying "Hello" sounds when one answers the phone if one has just awakened or if one is a lexical prodigy.

e.g., (ring ring ring) Mmmyellow.

submitted by needfortweed

mmorpg - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Used for games like Everquest or Final Fantasy XI.

e.g., I can't go tonight; my new MMORPG is calling for me.

submitted by Josh Priddy

mneh, mneh, mneh - A sound made when the person is trying to convey an unpleasant feeling; when something is found distasteful. When you are making this sound, it almost looks as if you are tasting the nastiness.

e.g., I looked at her outfit, and it was mneh, mneh, mneh. She has no idea that pleather is, like, SO out.

submitted by fiveten

mnemographik - Action of remembering with a short description that is as clear as a photograph.

e.g., I really can learn or perfect skiing a lot more efficiently with a mnemographik method.

submitted by Gaston St-Pierre - (www)

mnemopause - A decrease in memory facility associated with aging.

e.g., After mnemopause, Robert could barely remember his own name, much less his Social Security Number.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

moach - An upper caste cockroach. They like drinking martinis, sitting in hot tubs whilst smoking Cuban cigars. They deeply frown on their crunchy six-legged cousins. Can also be used as an adjective meaning "cool" or "all right."

e.g., That brie is moach to the max.

submitted by Alice Wardour - (www)

moan astic - Regarding a painful, ascetic life of self and material denial.

e.g., Destined (he thought) for a quiet and satisfying religious life, young Novice Martin, who is on probation for two years before becoming a "real" monk. It's more likely, and less demeaning, to have such qualms during the trial period. had entered a monastery two years ago. He awoke this morning at 2:00 a.m., a half hour earlier than his normal rising time.  
After washing his face with the cold water in the basin next to his cot, he quickly donned his coarse, brown wool robe and put his feet into his well-worn sandals.  
Then Novice Martin sat back down on his cot to contemplate the day. It was to begin with an hour and a half of prayers in the chapel at 3:00 a.m., followed by the morning meal of gruel, bread, and water; then, at 5:00 a.m., off to 12 hours of hard, back-breaking work in the fields.  
The midday meal of gruel, bread, and water was planned for noon, and the work in the field resumed until 5:00 p.m. when the evening meal, of gruel, bread, and water, was served. Back to the chapel for Vesper prayers until 8:00 p.m., and the end of the day, with bedtime in his cold, tiny cell.  
The hard work of farming was suspended on Sundays, with the free time now allotted to chapel services, silence, contemplation, and quiet prayers with gruel, bread, and water at each meal time.  
Young Novice Martin heard the shuffling steps of his brother monks going off to chapel. He raised himself off the cot, quickly put the magazine turned to the picture of the Playmate of the Month under the thin mattress, and exited the cell with a sigh. "Why, oh why," he said to himself, "did I ever choose this moan astic way of life!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

moanalog - To moan incessantly and without interruption.

e.g., She went into a long moanalog about how McAfee had screwed up her computer.

submitted by Jerrytaff

moaniker - An inappropriate given name that will haunt the poor child for years.

e.g., I'm a male -- in looks, form, actions, and hormones, there's absolutely no doubt,
And if anyone questions it, I'm ready to "duke" it out,
But too many people think I'm in all parts, "girly"
'Cause my parents stuck me with the god awful moaniker ... "Shirley!"

submitted by Machiavellean & Lesko

mob - Collective noun for a bunch of zombies.

e.g., The mob has started moving a lot faster in recent episodes. I think the series may soon be coming to an end.

submitted by mob of zombies venery

mobile - Call or send (SMS) by mobile phone.

e.g., 1. Please remember to mobile when you visit the city. 2. No need to come to the office. Just mobile the information.

submitted by Parameswaran

mobile nurse - It is a nurse who uses up-to-date wireless technologies to access and input data in a real-time setting while carrying out her tasks without distracting her work flow.

e.g., The mobile nurse inputs the data of her patient while attending to her.

submitted by Globalbay - (www)

mobile office - A homeless person's shopping cart filled with personal items.

e.g., There goes David and his mobile office.

submitted by David Ramirez

mobligation - A very, scary debt or commitment.

e.g., Our public library has been losing too many books to non-returnees. As a result, the library board made an agreement with a certain local organization. Now, whenever I take a book out, I have a mobligation to return it within five days -- or else.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

moblog - "Mobile" + "weblog." Weblogging by means of mobile phones, laptops, handhelds, etc.

e.g., Now some webloggers are even doing it on the run -- they're mobloggers.

submitted by HD Fowler

mobo - The motherboard of a computer system.

e.g., My mobo needs to be upgraded to a Pentium 4.

submitted by linh ta - (www)

mobs - A more than sufficient amount of something.

e.g., I didn't need to buy any more toilet paper because I had mobs at home already.

submitted by Lee Swanson

mobstacle - A crowd that blocks passage.

e.g., Merchants complained that during the parade, mobstacles along Main Street prevented customers from entering the stores.

submitted by Nonesuch

mobtastic - Used to describe a large crowd or phone.

e.g., That party was mobtastic. Your phone is mobtastic.

submitted by Megan

moby - huge

e.g., "there were 8 of us, so we needed a moby pizza"

submitted by partyice

moby dick - A negative term for a person using a mobile phone.

e.g., Don't be such a moby dick.

submitted by Liv

moc - MOC is an acronym for Male Of Choice, meaning someone that you like, your male of choice. It does not necessarily mean a boyfriend, more a crush.

e.g., I saw the moc on the subway yesterday; he looked very sexy in his blue shirt.

submitted by Helen

moc - Mullet Out of Control.

e.g., Cor, check out the MOC taking of Chris's head.

submitted by Marina

mocholate, mockolate - The cheap, waxy, not-quite chocolate coating found on Ho-Ho's and similar American vending machine treats. | Mock chocolate. Pretty much the chocolate that we consume every day. The November 16, 1995, episode of Friends had Monica "creating Thanksgiving theme recipes with a synthetic chocolate substitute called Mockolate."

e.g., Fifteen minutes late, Gerald entered the board room with a smeared, wet mocholate stain on his white cotton knit. | Haven't you ever heard of Sweet Georgia Brown? It may be brown and sweet, but it's not chocolate. It's mockolate.

submitted by pogorat - (www)

mock-eyed - To drink alcoholic beverages to the point where you can no longer see.

e.g., I went out drinking with my buddies last night and got mock-eyed.

submitted by Rob Young

mock-iavellian - Describing a comedian who is expedient, deceitful and cunning.

e.g., The comedian found it helpful and useful to mislead his audience, so he used his superior intelligence to do just that. How Mock-iavellian!

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

mockahama - Supersonic-idiotic-disconnected-brainaffected-bubbleheaded jerk.

e.g., Chris is the best known mockahama in the state.

submitted by Kelly Stevens

mockingbard - A term used in poetics for a poet pretty much at the opposite end of the scale from a lyric poet, a lyric poet being a bard.

e.g., "Whereas, in Aristotle's day a bard might be accompanied by someone playing a lyre, the best fit for a mockingbird would be someone playing a fiddle." "Or a kazoo." "Con't be such a contrarian, Jim." | "Who's your favorite mockingbard?" "Hmm, I'd have to say Ogden Nash. He deserved the title Mockingbard Laureate of England." "Jim, Ogden Nash was an American, not a Brit." "Well, I've lived all over the world. Sometimes I forget that Americans can be accomplished, too."

submitted by mockingbard

mockingbird - A long-term undercover police officer who penetrates motorcycle gangs.

e.g., "Going toe to toe with bikers on the streets in the real world was one thing. Those were open confrontations with clearly drawn sides. However, trying to infiltrate the gangs undercover was a dangerous, near impossible assignment even Jim Phelps wouldn’t accept (forgive the anachronistic ‘60s reference). It was occasionally done successfully, but the deep cover mockingbirds were never the same when they resurfaced to testify against the bikers they had been sent to penetrate. After years of living as outlaw bikers, the mockingbirds never seemed to be able to readapt back to the straight world. Most long term mockingbirds (undercover for two years or more) leave the department within two years of resurfacing—some commit suicide after resigning. It’s a very tough job."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mockjock - A guy who enjoys ridiculing others. Making fun of other people or situations, often in a clandestine or covert way.

e.g., The joke was on Wendy as the handsome dancer commented on her taste in clothing, but neglected to mention that her skirt hem had lodged in her underwear. As mockjocks will do, he asked her to join him on the dance floor for everyone to see.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

mockney - A mock Cockney accent as used by Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, or Damon Albarn in some of Blur's earlier songs.

e.g., I prefer Blur's later songs when Damon dropped that horrible mockney accent.

submitted by st3f

mockracy - (n.; MOCK-ruh-see) 1. Lively debate (which many believe to be the life blood of democracy) that has, nevertheless, gotten rather out of hand. 2. Any political situation (such as Prime Minister's question-and-answer sessions) characterized by ad-hominem; red herrings; non-sequitur; and pointless, mindless, seemingly endless, bickering. 3. Nasty political campaigning and electioneering. 4. Punditism.

e.g., I sometimes think the intelligence on this planet decreases significantly every time an election comes around. The candidates simply hack away at each other's characters until you can't help feeling like your vote is going to land you in either totalitarian hell or a hippie commune. This is mockracy. What happened to issue-focused campaigning?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mocktionary - Same as pseudodictionary.

e.g., Uh, Justin, that's not a real word -- you'll find it only in the mocktionary. That's not really a dictionary, ya know.

submitted by HD Fowler

mockumentary - Similar to the previously submitted "crockumentary," but specific in that it is used for any sort of (sometimes sarcastic or satirical) political or counter-political propaganda that uses low-handed techniques or misleading information presented in a seemingly factual fashion to sway the masses. [The word was applied to This is Spinal Tap in the 1980s.]

e.g., "What's next?" exclaimed Franz, "These political ads are so vicious that the only possible step forward into the slime of bias would be a mockumentary."

submitted by alek

mocus - Like the word fong, mocus connotes a disturbed energy, a dysfunctional situation, the opposite of focus. Note: Mocus, Idaho, is not the origin of the word. || Much more that focus.

e.g., The situation was full of mocus. | There was mocus everywhere.| Mocus is beyond bogus. | Mocus suggests serious fong. | Mocus is almost always the result of confusement -- i.e., lack of focus. | If you're gonna make that jump, you need to use Luigi and get some serious mocus.

submitted by Mark Thorson

mod - Moderator. Also used to describe lazy people who own a site or a chat room you are visiting.

e.g., Bob: Why are these chat rooms such crud? Slim: I dunno, probably designed by the mods.

submitted by Guttius

moded - Used to describe one who has just made a fool of herself or gotten an unexpected, negative result. (Term originated in the San Francisco Bay Area.)

e.g., "Well, that song's going to flop." "You are so moded. It just hit number one."

submitted by Eamon Doyle

modefaction - A reduction of the level of violence or tension between disputing parties.

e.g., Although the war went on, some modefaction resulted from the ongoing talks.

submitted by Pittsburgh Vince

model - "Three parts xanax, two parts heroin, and just a hint of brain." Isn't that merely a description of Kate Moss?

e.g., Please, somebody, get that model off the runway.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

model-years - Analogous to "dog-years," referring to a time-unit in a very brief professional lifetime. Can be extended to "actress-years," "starlet-years," "sportsman-years," "scientist-years," and so on.

e.g., Lancome dropped Isabella Rossellini because she was in her forties, which is about a 1000 in model-years.

submitted by Paul-Michael Agapow - (www)

modelizer - A person who is only interested in dating models.

e.g., He is a serial modelizer; he's dated every model from Naomi to Linda.

submitted by Jason Jones

modell, modelling - To ruin someone's meal by asking "Are you finished with that?" Automatically makes the person eating inclined towards offering the remainder of the meal. From the character Modell in _Diner_.

e.g., Stop Modelling. If you want my sandwich just say so.

submitted by Hobohemian

modella - Nickname. When a girl does something out of her usual character that is in bad taste or exhibits bad judgment. (In Spanish it means model, but in English it means you are anything but a model.)

e.g., Oh, no. You didn't, Modella? I can't believe you even went on a date with that loser Chris. I feel igry for you.

submitted by Aurora

modeluscious - Used to refer to a luscious model -- of the female variety.

e.g., "Columnist Jimmie Fiedler reports: '€œcommercial photographer Paul Hesse and modeluscious Elyse Knox are engaged...'"

submitted by HD - (www)

moderator fatigue syndrome (mfs) - The burn-out syndrome that all (unpaid only?) internet forum moderators eventually succumb to. Whatever the cause or causes may be, moderators get to the point where they no longer put in the effort, energy, thought, and time to actually moderate a forum -- at least, not a forum that gets any significant amount of traffic.

People being people and trolls being trolls, it can take considerable effort and good judgment on the part of moderators to keep discussions moving along -- on topic and within the Terms of Use posters have agreed to. People get off-topic, start using obscenities, post rude pictures, start calling each other names, etc.

Characteristics of MFS: Frequent and immoderate (i.e., uncalled for) threats to posters, editing or deleting posts, moving threads, closing threads, changing avatars and signatures, suspension, and banning -- all beyond any need to do so or any reasonable interpretation of the Terms of Use posters agreed to.

Even before MFS sets in, some moderators are likely to behave like little tin gods, or like the all-powerful Wizard of Oz. What can you expect when moderators extend the terms of use with forum stickys that say such things as this: "On this site, the mods are the all-knowing, all-powerful gods of your little universe" -- not untypical of the way moderators see themselves, including always capitalizing "moderator" or "moderators" while they usually refer to the Deity in lower case.

The best anyone who questions a moderator's action is going to get is "I suggest you. . ." "quit pushing this" or "take this offline." "If you have a problem, take it to e-mail." "If you have a problem, take it up the chain."

e.g., Well, it's clear enough to me that the moderators of the PseudoDictionary forum don't have to worry about MFS. No one ever posts, so how are they going to burn out? Maybe from deleting robotic registrations, since no CAPTCHA code is used to prevent them.

submitted by HD Fowler

modget - Pronounced MOE-jet. Can be used to describe any kind of person, depending on context.

e.g., Did you see that modget at the concert wearing a bolo hat? He thinks he's from A Clockwork Orange. | Hey, modget! What's going on?

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

modicide - The internet forum equivalent of suicide by cop. Being kicked off a message board. StoneyJ: "Posting a private e-mail from a moderator … will almost guarantee a member's removal from the boards. … when these private e-mails get thrown into public boards it diminishes our ability to work sensitive issues.…"

e.g., Seeing P/CP continue to go downhill because of the way the powers-that-be were running it, mac committed modicide when he made a series of several posts, any of which could have been his swan song. His motto: Nobody has to tell you when it's right. | "You can't fight city hall? Sure you can. You may go down fighting the good fight, but some things are worth the risk." "Risk? What risk? For Christ's sake, all he was risking was being banned from an internet message board. How would he have reacted to real bullets fired by a deadly enemy? Modicide is nothing. Nothing I say." | Tony posted Stoney's e-mail after being warned off and committed modicide. (See "bopeep.")

submitted by HD Fowler

modnar - Random, with a connotation of weirdness and strangeness added.

e.g., Using modnar words will produce looks of confusion and consternation among your friends. They may shun you as a result.

submitted by Liz C. - (www)

modot - To add far more periods than necessary in a given sentence. A person who modots frequently is called a “Modotro.”

e.g., Mr. Moonie: What..........? I am so....... not a modotro...... Does this look like modotting to you? Jeez............. Do you really think this is modots than necessary? ...........................................................................................................................

submitted by Meryl

moduleric - An odd act.

e.g., Man that was one moduleric. I mean the guy just swallowed a chicken whole, and alive at that.

submitted by Cleme

moe - (pron. Moh-ee) A refuge for bogans and sheryls.

e.g., Teagan: Oh, my God, Tracey. Have you been to Warren's new caravan in Moe. Tracey: That's not a caravan, that's a panel van.

submitted by Lukas

moe moe - Used for a dopey fellow performing dopey acts.

e.g., So ... wait ... you're telling me the guy actually dared the police officer to give him a ticket? What a moe moe. | My dad's a moe moe ... he keeps wearing socks with sandals.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

moe's art - The state of the world's Great Painting, including Sculpture, Music, etc. ("Mozart") now degraded by incompetent self-styled "artists." These charlatans, in an attempt to produce something (anything?) new and different in Art, enter into off-the-page projects that invariably create gimmickry of little artistic value ("Moe's Art").

e.g., You may not believe it, but there is actually a Southern "artist" who uses discarded chewing gum as his chosen medium. He roams the urban environment, searching for selected wads of pre-chewed gum that he picks up, applies to canvas, and offers the finished product as "contemporary art." So here's the challenge. Is this young man justifiably investing months and years in a worthwhile art project, or is he avoiding an honest day job by pursuing something that is bound to be Moe's Art? It's a question we humbly ask you to chew on!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

moedy - Cool, sweet. Like "moldy" with an accent.

e.g., Cassie, that is one modey ceramics piece you made.

submitted by Modie

mofessional - (adj) Extraprofessional, skilled beyond you. | (n) One with such spactaculistic capability.

e.g., That Steve Zihlavsky is one mofessional painter.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky(credits to Edmond O'Neal

moff - Laughing out loud with a mouthful of food, coating your victim with semi-masticated treats. Usually accompanied by acute embarrassment.

e.g., On completion of a humorous jape involving an engineer, strawberries, and Ann Coulter, Rudolph was summarily moffed by Clive -- much to the amusment of their friends.

submitted by wnpxnff - (www)

mog - A version of OMG. Can also be termed as Mother of God

e.g., Mog, that cat just fell over, flat dead I'm sayin'.

submitted by Paul

mog - To eat like a dog. From munch + dog.

e.g., You really mogged those bagel bites, pop tarts, and hot pockets. Skipped breakfast again today?

submitted by Mog - (www)

mogasm - A mouth "orgasm" from eating something really tasty.

e.g., That chocolate mousse was so good, I had a mogasm.

submitted by Fritz von Schlegell

mogger - Riding pillion on a bicycle of any sort.

e.g., I'll give you a mogger to the shops.

submitted by John Reppion - (www)

moggie-don - Your cat is all nice and warm and comfy on your lap, so you fall asleep because you don't want to disturb it.

e.g., Someone wakes you up because you were asleep on the lounge with a cat on your lap: "Did I take a moggie-don!"

submitted by gina

moggitz - That feeling you get in your head and eyes which tells you you've been submitting to many words to the Pseudodictionary in a relatively short period of time.

e.g., "Hun, would your rub my head, I been on the 'puter too long?" "Is it the moggitz again?" "Yeh."

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

moggitzal palsy - A disease with symptoms mimicking the moggitz with two noteworthy exceptions (1) The sufferer refuses to acknowledge the severity of her affliction, and (2) She stubbornly continues the course of action causing the palsy.

e.g., I can't even get him to come in doctor; you'll have to make a house call. I'm sure he's got the moggitzal palsy.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

moggy - Cat. A Cockney expression.

e.g., Yow! Moggies, en masse.

submitted by PAT

mogical - "Magical" and "logical," expressing simultaneous approval and incomprehension, as in laymen's discussions of science, engineering, etc.

e.g., "I don't understand why it works, but it does. Mogical," he said.

submitted by sam munson

mogile, mogility - The art of combining mobility and agility in a fluid and graceful manner.

e.g., The running back displayed exceptional mogility evading the tacklers.

submitted by Charles Jones

moglet - A somewhat dishevelled and ill-behaved young cat (as opposed to tiglet, q.v.). See also: To rain moglets and doglets

e.g., Don't let that moglet into our house again - last time it tore up the curtains and left fur all over the sofa.

submitted by Colin Taffel

mogwai - From the movie Gremlins, in reference to the Gizmo character, which in turn got the word (I believe) from the Chinese language. Used to describe a cute, angelic person with a mischievious side.

e.g., Our daughter Hannah is a Mogwai.

submitted by Joe Baressi

moh - A word to say when you don't like something that's happening. Like Homer Simpson's "D'oh" but sadder.

e.g., A. You have to go now. B. Moh. I don't want to.

submitted by Jason

moheffen - Enormous, huge.

e.g., I'm so tired I need a moheffen cup of coffee.

submitted by Lissa

mohicant - The inability of some men to wear their hair in one of the more popular punk styles.

e.g., Irv's tatoos and piercings notwithstanding, his unsightly combover made it clear to all in the nightclub that he had a case of mohicant.

submitted by Jerry Bires - (www)

moho - A short and furry person. Combination of monkey and hobbit.

e.g., That fuzzy midget is a moho.

submitted by Students

moid - To act selfishly; to keep something for oneself. (Credited to James Ruggieri.)

e.g., "Andrew, quit moiding on the vid sitch." That is, stop playing that video game all day long.

submitted by Scott Adams - (www)

moidelize - A slang term from old gangster movies which means to erase, kill, murder, "rub out", or terminate someone. (ED. Wasn't it "murdlerize" or something like that in Jimmy Durante speak? "Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.")

e.g., If Vinnie catches No Nose Callucci dipping in the till, he'll moidelize him.

submitted by John S. Duckering - (www)

moil - In glassblowing, the bit of glass that surrounds the pipe that cannot be used.

e.g., The goblet broke because the moil got too cold and cracked.

submitted by Jon Goldberg

moil - The orange oily substance that bubbles to the top of bolognese sauce whilst cooking or left standing, also left as residue on plate after eating spaghetti bolognese.

e.g., This spaghetti bolognese is really moilly.

submitted by greg

moishy - A combination of moist and mushy.

e.g., That back porch rug is always moishy after a storm.

submitted by Judy Gavalik

moist - Ill will or resentment tending toward active hostility. Upset, having a very bad attitude.

e.g., Why is Chris always moist when he comes in to work?

submitted by John Tusset Jr

moistie - A beautiful young woman.

e.g., Brigitte is a real moistie. I'd do anything to go on a date with her.

submitted by David DeSmith

mojadita - Affectionate diminutive describing an illegal alien from South of the Border, derived from 'mojado' SP wet or moist

e.g., Hey, are you a cute little mojadita or what?

submitted by Jack

moke - "I'm OK," but with connotations of moping. Useful for eliciting sympathy.

e.g., "How are you, Lizzy?" "Moke."

submitted by lizzy

mokey - (adj.) 1. Wearing fishnet stockings; 2. looking particularly sexy by showing off fishnet-clad legs; more broadly, 3. attractive, sexy, really desirable. [An old word for the mesh of an actual fishing net.]

e.g., "Whoa, Lacey, looking mokey! Wow: smokey mokey!---I think I'm in love!" "No, Mike: you don't love me; you like my legs." "Well, that last part's very true, but I love you." "... ... Seriously?" "Seriously....Do you want to get married?" "Holy cow. Well, sure, IF you're serious."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

moksha - Liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

e.g., Lord Mahavira finally achieved moksha after his long ascetic life and many, many years of meditation.

submitted by sushy

moldophobia - A fear of moldy food.

e.g., Blue cheese evokes moldophobia in me.

submitted by Bibi

moldy-go-round - The machine located in cafeterias in which very old modly food is placed on a "rotisserie" and sold to the public.

e.g., I had to eat out of the moldy-go-round today.

submitted by KnK

mole - "A real low-life. Typically with a short neck, stout head and very small brain, this nocturnal creature seem to frequent dive bars, county fairs and jail cells."

e.g., That fellow must be the first generation in his family tree to walk upright. What a mole!

submitted by Schmengus McGillicutty

mole-er than thou - The attitude in expensive mexican restaurants.

e.g., Let's go to Chevy's. That other place is sooo mole-er than thou.

submitted by m. level - (www)

molehole - The name for a person who is either a very good friend, or someone with an amazing resemblance to a mole.

e.g., Look at that molehole.

submitted by pippy

molestache - The feathery, three-to-four-day-old-looking mustache commonly worn by middle-aged men who may be suspected of pedophilia.

e.g., Chris's face was adorned with a downy-soft molestache. | Nobody looks good with a molestache, especially if he's an eldude with a ponytail.

submitted by Derek Wessman - (www)

molice - A constabulary in a communist country. [ < Pol. < milicja constabulary ]

e.g., While I was in the USSR, I got stopped by the molice.

submitted by Sammers

mollitoth - An extremely happy animal.

e.g., Torrie was almost always a mollitoth. Most dogs are. Unless you mistreat them.

submitted by Darren Walsh - (www)

molly doll - A pretty, yet untouchable or "taken" girl.

e.g., Stephanie is a babe, but she's such a molly doll that no one has a chance with her.

submitted by Kit - (www)

mollyclop - Cumbrian (NW England, Lake District, Beatrix Potter country) dialect word for a bus. The word dates from the time of the horse drawn stage coaches when the sound of the hoofs on the rocky roads on Cumbria made the sound 'mollyclop'.

e.g., It was a long way home so Jacob decided to queue for the mollyclop. It's always the same, you wait for ages and then three mollyclops come along together. You have to buy a ticket from the conductor when you use the mollyclop. London is famous for its red double decker mollyclops.

submitted by David Ford

mollycottle - "when you are wasting time, usually procrastinating."

e.g., quit mollycottling dan! I need our new swooshy-swirly logos implemented on our website by thursday!

submitted by alan - (www)

mollyhouse - Cumbrian (NW England: Lake District, Beatrix Potter country), dialect word for a bus station or garage. (see mollyclop).

e.g., The best place in town to get a ride on a bus is the mollyhouse.

submitted by David Ford

mollypuddled - Muddled. Particularly apt when the muddler is named Molly.

e.g., She mollypuddled all my files.

submitted by The Weirdo

mollywhop - The act or motion of striking with a blunt object.

e.g., My brother just mollywhopped me with his pistol.

submitted by Mitchel - (www)

molottabetta - Improved in general in any way, esp. applies to substantial improvements.

e.g., "OOOOOOOOoooooohhh, HONEY! Them new biscuits is molottabetta!

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

mom an 'ems - Your mother and everyone living with or near her.

e.g., We're going up to Mom an 'ems for fried chicken on Tuesday.

submitted by Jay Groves - (www)

mom call - Any sort of insult directed at someone else's mom.

e.g., Josh: Fred, where's that jacket you were wearing earlier today? Fred: I left it at your mom's house. Mike: That was a harsh mom call.

submitted by zach

mom ento - A mother's gift of a small item, certain food, or home baked dish as a token of love for her child.

e.g., As a youngster, I was especially tough on shoe laces, invariably breaking one or two a year. And on every one of my birthdays, for as long as my mother lived, I would find, among my gifts from her, a pair each of brown and black shoelaces, "just in case." This mom ento was her way of commemorating the fact that I would always be her "young boy" and that she would be there quietly to help whenever it was needed.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mom radar - The innate ability of mothers to find anything seemingly lost around the house. Australian: mum radar.

e.g., I thought my favourite shirt was gone forever until I rediscovered it utilising mom radar.

submitted by Gaffa_tape

momaholic - A term used to describe a mother who refuses to delegate any of the work of rearing her children to others, even to the children's father. The stay-at-home-mother equivalent of a workaholic.

e.g., I offered to babysit my sister's daughter for the afternoon so she could run some errands, but she refused. Do they have help groups for momaholics?

submitted by Jen & Chris V

momanem - Family, mom and them. One's kin, including the immediate family and those relatives one keeps frequent contact with. Also includes non-relatives and inlaws you actually like enough to consider family. (Etymology: rural U.S.A, contraction of "Mom and them." Formal identification of this word is generally credited to Tommy Charles and John Ed Willoughby, popular radio personalities in Birmingham Alabama, 1970's.)

e.g., Clyde: How's momanem? Bubba: They's finer than frog's hair split four ways. How's your momanem?

submitted by Patrick McLendon

mombligations - Things you have to do just because you're a mom: wiping little tears, poopie bottoms, sticky hands, and messy faces; and kissing booboos, foreheads, cheeks, and dollies.

e.g., Tucking in the children one last time before I go to bed is my last mombligation of the day.

submitted by Julia

momicure - Any act of grooming that comes from a mother. Such as cleaning dirt of a cheek with spit or washing your ears.

e.g., Shaunte: Oy! Not now. I need to work, Mom. Yes. I know I have a really bad hair but your momicure will have to wait. Mom: It'll only take a minute. Stay still.

submitted by Ian Faynik

momish - For something a mom would use or wear or do.

e.g., Mancy, your pants are very momish.

submitted by Tricia Brightwell

momliest - A mom who is very momly and has many motherly instincts.

e.g., Jane is the momliest mom ever, because she always makes me wash my hands when they are dirty.

submitted by Kim Deboer

momma jahma - Extremely big.

e.g., Thats one Momma Jahma Slurpee.

submitted by Stu Pot

momma-socka - Replaces wow. Invented by students in a small town in the Ozarks in the 70s.

e.g., Momma-socka, did you see that car crash?

submitted by JoAnna

mommaflauge - To remove all evidence of illicit paraphenalia, empty alcohol containers, porn, naked members of the opposite sex, et cetera, from a dorm room, apartment, or house, in anticipation of a parental visit.

e.g., Dan, we have to mommaflauge the house. My parents are coming by for dinner tonight.

submitted by Matthew Huntley

mommaluke - An idiot or a real jerk. Similar to mook. Can also be used as a greeting between close friends.

e.g., You could become pseudofamous by having one of your word creations added to the PseudoDictonary -- if you'd just quit behaving like a mommaluke by submitting all those words that are synonyms for "fart" and "perineum."

submitted by Tom DeLuca

mommanem - One's family

e.g., Q. How's your mommanem? A. They're fine.

submitted by Todd Whitten

mommasexual - A man who exhibits characteristics of a homosexual or metrosexual due to the fact he lives with and is cared for by his doting mother.

e.g., Mary: So, Tom is kinda hot. Is he gay or maybe a metrosexual? Tina: Nope, he's a mommasexual. He lives at home, she cuts his hair, buys and presses his clothes, cooks his food, and does his laundry. Breastfeeding may still be optional as well.

submitted by Nakia Claiborne

mommerism - Any collection of words or phrases used to replace the actual word(s) required to construct a proper sentence. Used by mothers, hence the term.

e.g., It's next to the "watchyamacallit" over by the "ooziedangle."

submitted by Carl

mommified - Process whereby children bond for life to their primary care giver or nursemaid, usually their mother.

e.g., Those children were so mommified that they would never believe anything bad about her, even if it could be proved by court records and her own deposition.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

mommy cut - In Katy, Texas, a hairstyle commonly worn by young mothers.

e.g., "Is there a name for the hairstyle you have?" "I call it the 'mommy cut' -- because a lot of the moms in Katy have their hair done like this."

submitted by HD Fowler

mommyfy - To accidentaly call your teacher mom to the jeering of all your classmates

e.g., Ed: Sorry mom... I mean Miss... Ted: Ha. Did you see Ed just mommyfy?

submitted by piewwe

momniscience - The ability of moms to know what you're planning to do before you do it.

e.g., Bill attributed his mother's ability to figure out his post-prom party plans to momniscience.

submitted by Harry Viens - (www)

momo - "derogatory. an idiot, jerk."

e.g., He's a momo: he didn't leave a tip for the waiter.

submitted by allura - (www)

momocracy - A government system used by women who are the "heads" of their households..

e.g., In my classroom, I am not only the teacher, but the mom. Therefore, I use a democratic momocracy to govern the rules of safety and discipline of my students and children.

submitted by D.S. Tuxhorn

momoney - The more money children attain when their mother remarries and secures them access to another source of money and inheritance through another man’s earnings.

e.g., Those kids got their momoney, and were very happy they just got richer; but, of course, they were greatly opposed to their dad's getting remarried and thus decreasing their access to the money he had left.

submitted by Adrian R. Lawler

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