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megabig megabang - The Big Bang was actually such a huge event, such force, such power, that it really ought to be called a Megabig Megabang, or the like.

e.g., In the beginning was an explosion heard round the world, if there had been a world, and the Light, let us be dazzled, a Megabig Megabang doesn't happen every day.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megabite - A huge mouthful of food.

e.g., He wolfed down the chow in megabites and the buffet manager could see the profits going down the hatch.

submitted by Steve McDonald

megabytage - An amount of digital data (as "footage" is obsolete.)

e.g., I'd download it, but the megabytage is too high.

submitted by Jon K. Hart - (www)

megabytemaniac - A person who is obsessed with downloading songs and other files off the internet.

e.g., Jim just got a cable modem and he has turned into a megabytemaniac.

submitted by Ben Nunn

megadelphia - 1. The (fictional) goddess of conspiracy theories and patroness of their adherents. 2. The government, perceived the conspirator and concealor of the truth. 3. Washington, DC; London; Ottawa; the Vatican; etc., when thought to be concealing the truth. (From the Greek mega "big" + adelphos "brother"; hence "big brother," from Orwell's 1984.)

e.g., "Well, what did you think of his presentation?" "I don't know, man; I can go along with him on the Kennedy thing, but the Bermuda Triangle as the testing ground for time travel equipment? Columbus being paid to take smallpox to the New World? Mind-control drugs in chocolate? Come on! the guy falls down and worships at the shrine of Megadelphia!" | "You think the Holocaust was faked?! That's ridiculous!" "That's just what Megadelphia wants you to think!" "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" | "I'm tired of Megadelphia looking over my shoulder all the time ... I think I'll move to Antarctica."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

megagony - A severe form of agony, especially of the boring variety.

e.g., Another lecture on split infinitives? I'm never going to make it through that megagony.

submitted by Amanda Calkins

megagrotic - A big, snowy hill for sledding.

e.g., Bill and Janey sailed down the megagrotic on their innertube.

submitted by Chelsea

megakamelvin - You and your friend choose a victim (who has to be shorter than you) and shake hands between her legs, as if you're having a buziness meeting.

e.g., Did we ever magakamelvin Chris last night.

submitted by mfx

megalamer - Not to be read as "Mega Lamer" but as "Mega La Mer," La Mer being French for "the sea." This word is used to describe the massive size of the oceans of planet Earth.

e.g., Students looking at a map of Earth might describe the Atlantic ocean as megalamer.

submitted by Chris Russell

megalogamy - What a man practices, if he marries large numbers of women. If a woman does this, it's called megalandry.

e.g., For many years, the megalogamist had skipped from town-to-town so rapidly, that he'd been able to marry a new woman every week and still stay ahead of the law.

submitted by Steve McDonald

megamaniac - One who plays Acti-vision's Megamania until the max score locks up the game. (Before any newbies try this, be sure you have a full size joy stick, else risk insanity.)

e.g., My wife can't just enjoy a few rounds -- she's a megamaniac.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

megamoola - A very large amount of money.

e.g., When I think of megamoola, I think of multimillionaires, large corporations, grossly overpaid sports figures, rampant and successful capitalism, and the national debt, for instance. And winning the lottery bigtime.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megan - to laugh until liquid comes out of one's nose

e.g., When he told his joke, Wendy meganed all over the lunch table

submitted by jessica - (www)

meganova - The Big Bang. The mother and father of all bangs (novas). You shoulda been there. Whatta sight. Outta sight. And groovy even.

e.g., In view of the one MegaNova that we're aware of, could there not also have been other meganovas elsewhere, elsetime.?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megaphew - (interj.) An emphatic sigh, breath, or whistle of either relief, generally indicative of a recognition of divine intervention, astonishment at one's own survival, or the closeness of the "shave" one has just successfully passed. [Gk._mega_"million"+_phew_.]

e.g., "Wow! How did you get past that?!" "I have no idea ... megaphew."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

megaprega - Very large with child: undoubtedly on the verge of birth.

e.g., The lady lately about to give birth to eight more babies (on top of the six she already had) was certainly megaprega as could be plainly seen in pictures of her on the tube.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megarapid - It means "well good n that."

e.g., Ian showed his new lawnmower to Dave and Dave said, "That's megarapid that. Where did you get it? I want one."

submitted by Dan - (www)

megashoppalist - Particularly around Christmas, an extremely long list of things that you need to buy for the holidays.

e.g., Late this year we intend to get to work on our annual megashoppalist fairly early and whittle away at it till it's more manageable and doable.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

megastraction - (prefix mega- and distraction) A distraction so great everyone has to stop what they're doing and look.

e.g., The dog running onto the playground was a major megastraction to the children.

submitted by ryan

megatidy - Person who constantly cleans and tidies.

e.g., You're being a megatidy, Charlene -- stop cleaning and sit down for a change!

submitted by tracy b

megation - The effort to increase the size of something.

e.g., I see your megation diet is going well. How much have you put on by now, 50, 60 pounds?

submitted by bristolz - (www)

megawads - Lots of something, especially money, paper, serviettes, napkins, etc.

e.g., If your harvest is good this year, you'll have megawads of apples.

submitted by Changeling

megillah - "A long boring tediously detailed account."

e.g., Are we going to have to hear the whole megillah again?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

megurgitate - Incessant speaking about oneself; vanity language.

e.g., How much longer must we listen to Chris megurgitate about his hair.

submitted by william mccarver

meh - Multi-purpose response, mainly used to imply a degree of indifference. Tone of voice and circumstance imply the meaning. Can be used when you don't want to answer an awkward or embarrassing question -- or if you just plain have nothing else to say, and you want the other person to interpret "meh" however she chooses. | Used when apathetic, bored, or unimpressed. | WebMasterP: A mix of goddamn and any other curse word you want. Usually used to demean someone else's idea -- in a one word sentence with an exclamation mark. Yell loudly and make a crow-like sound. || David/ A term of indifference or neutrality. A subtle form of requesting sympathy due to being despondent. | Erin Whyte: "an expression of utter boredom or an indication of how little you care for an idea." || An expression of neither yes or no. A delaying reply of indecision, usually from an unintelligent person.

e.g., Art: Why don't we turn ourselves in? Bart: Meh! | Red: What did you think of that movie? Homer: Meh. || Fred. Do you like Chris? Homer: Meh. || Would I like a cup of tea? Meh.

submitted by Noctem Eternus|| William Lundin || david - (www)

meicescheisch - The sound effect of a person being carried into the sky by a small ball of paper.

e.g., I heard some dude going meicescheisch on that ball of paper.

submitted by star651

meifier - One who brags about her accomplishments of word making. Nothing but a braggart.

e.g., The meifier was overjoyed when she published three words: worderbeast, negafier,and sour milf on

submitted by Donna W.

meimei - Pronounced "mee-mee." A term used to descibe cowardly behavior.

e.g., Filled with terror, he screamed like a meimei.

submitted by Darryl Omari

meine fresse - German words meaning the equivalent of "my god!"

e.g., "Meine Fresse, will you ever shut up?!?"

submitted by mark

melanin waiver - The get out of jail free card that's given to obama because of the pigmentation of his skin.

e.g., Given his melanin waiver, I don't doubt that he'll skate again on this one.

submitted by [Scott]

melba - Pictures of Melba.


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submitted by 2012-12-28

meldge - The blending of two objects.

e.g., When an egg is beaten, the yolk and white meldge.

submitted by Stairsy

melge - A combination of "merge" and "meld" with onomatopoeic overtones. "Melge" is itself a melging of two words, making it deliciously self-referential.

e.g., The melging of two otherwise independent people into a "happy couple" is sometimes not pretty to behold.

submitted by Sean Williams - (www)

melgress - Disgusting solid substance of unknown origin. Can be spelled "melgritas" in diminutive form (small amount,

e.g., She found melgress stuck to her tires after she parked. It was one of those days.

submitted by Brian Weeks

melh - A grotesque random ouburst of laughing.

e.g., Look at that random and obscene melh.

submitted by Rich Elkins

melissa syndrome - A state of being in which the most important thing in your life is your wife or girlfriend, doing whatever they say. Family and friends are forgotten or ignored.

e.g., Andy has a serious case of Melissa Syndrome. He treats his mom like she isn't even alive sometimes.

submitted by Ben Johnson - (www)

mellaflusia - A state of utopian bliss. A feeling of calm, zen, or superiority.

e.g., ...and after exhaling, Kreplech was left in a satisfied mellaflusia.

submitted by kreplech - (www)

meller - Melodrama. Entertainment industry talk -- can probably be found as Slanguage at The example comes from the IMDb write-up for Lina Basquette, a substantial star of silent films and early talkies. I enjoyed reading about her at the link provided.

e.g., "At this juncture Lina's private life received more interest from the public than her films. Her career had down-sized to 'B' westerns opposite such stars as Buck Jones and Hoot Gibson and a few mellers here and there."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

melless - Worry-free; carefree; happy.

e.g., Why does she act so melless when you know that inside she's angry all the time?

submitted by lauryn

mellish - Being a self-centered, narcissistic moron who doesn't know her head from her ass.

e.g., "I'm better looking than you, Lauryn." "Stop being mellish, twit."

submitted by lauryn

mellodelish - Wonderful and smooth and delicious, extremely good or nice, fantastic, extraordinary.

e.g., My mother's cooking was mellodelish. | The scenery and climate of Hawaii is likewise mellodelish. | The neighbor's daughter thinks her new boyfriend is mellodelish.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mellowdrama - Dramatic, but in a laid back kind of way.

e.g., "I can't believe you haven't put out the trash yet, so could you, like whenever?" she said, her voice tinged with mellowdrama.

submitted by Michel Floyd

melodharma - New age actions or sayings taken to a ridiculous or misappropriated level. A combination of the of the Hindu and Buddhist word "kharma" -- the principle or law that orders the universe -- and the word "melodrama."

e.g., Rachel just read the Celestine Prophecy and now she won't stop spouting her melodharma.

submitted by Robbe Richman - (www)

melon lord - (n.) 1. An effigy or impersonator of one's enemy (especially when an impersonator impersonates the enemy too enthusiastically); 2. Such an effigy or impersonator used as a practice target in rehearsing an attack; more broadly, 3. the main objective of a planned attack, with or without a mock-up or effigy. (v.) 4. To overdo one's role as enemy in a war-game or in the rehearsal of an attack.

[From episode 3x18 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, "The Phoenix King," in which the young earthbender Toph impersonates the antagonist (the "Firelord") by defending an effigy made of stones, sticks, a robe, and a melon---she ... overdoes it a bit.]

e.g., "Okay: you attack from the right; you guys, from the left; and we three, through the center. Angie's giant plush panda is the melon lord." | In "Ender's Game," the enemy's gate was always the melon lord. | "You're supposed to test the cadets! not destroy them! Quit melon lording!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

meloniferous - This was invented by a friend of mine to describe a nice pair of ladies' boobs -- as in melons. It gave us a laugh.

e.g., Betty O'Q was meloniferous, and she was only 12 years old. | Were you one of the spectarors when The Meloniferous One took a bunch of eighth-graders behind the gym and bared her rack?

submitted by Steve

melonious - The possession by a body part or area of the body of the aspect of a melon in any combination of size and shape. In men it usually applies to the head, in women it is also sometimes applied to the chest.

e.g., Chris tried to buy a hat but the shop had nothing to fit his melonious cranium.

submitted by mike_capriman - (www)

melonlame - Stupid and weak, not meeting standards, expectations or presumptions in a Homestar Runner fashion. Alternate forms: Melonlamen, Melonlimity, Melonlamer, Melonlamest.

e.g., After stating that he could not attend the elitist society meeting because he needed to spend time with his brothers, whom he would be spending the next few months with, the society board deemed Daniel too melonlame to be worthy of membership anymore.

submitted by Daniel Gibson - (www)

melonology - The study of melons and people named Mel.

e.g., I study melonology at Yale. I got my degree in cantaloupe and minored in Mel Gibson.

submitted by kilo

melt - A person who clothing style mixes and matches. Usually dressed in thrift clothing.

e.g., That girl in the Coke delivery shirt and jeans is a melt.

submitted by Quigs

melt the rocks - (v., intr. verb phrase) 1. to travel needlessly out of one's way for the sake of variety. 2. unnecessary flourishes or elaborations. 3. making a point, and then adding several paragraphs' worth of examples, detail, instruction, or warnings (while remaining entirely oblivious to the fact that the listener already understands) until the speaker is satisfied that the point has gotten across (often 15 or 20 minutes later). (from my wife's habit of driving around our cul-de-sac to help melt or at least flatten the snow drifts in winter; my daughter noticed that sometimes she drives around the cul-de-sac out of habit well into the spring. She (my daughter) calls it "melting the rocks.")

e.g., "So, once you've opened ..." "OKAY! Okay! I get it---you've explained this three times now. You're just melting the rocks."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

meltdown - When the boiling point of your anger is reached, or when you are frazzled and ready to explode.

e.g., Lady Lorex had a meltdown when she discovered that Rick, the gardener, had cut down her favourite rose bush.

submitted by Michael Morris

meltomedia - Any media pastiche, a blending of forms and concepts.

e.g., Our website is a cornucopia of meltotmedia.

submitted by Rafi Metz - (www)

melty - To perspire more than average.

e.g., It was so hot outside I got melty.

submitted by Brent Hollman

melvin - To have one's underwear or trousers caught in the cleft of the buttocks.

e.g., I hate these pants. Two minutes after I put them on I've got a melvin.

submitted by david lennard

mem-brain - A word of identification for the extraordinary ability of the human brain to keep separate two disparate functions, memory recall and control of skeletonal and muscular activity, while operating each smoothly, independently, and simultaneously.

e.g., Amelia looked at the chair at the end of the dining room table. It was left empty at every household gathering.

"Louis, you would have been so proud of our family," she said to herself with a smile, picturing him sitting there in that ridiculous, dark red knit pullover he had worn every year on this holiday.

Her son and daughter, and their families, had left early after Thanksgiving dinner as Friday was a work day for all four adults. They were insistent on cleaning up the table and dishes before they left, but Amelia was adamant.

"You all have a five hour drive to get home," she said, "and I want you to be on the road while it's still light. We're expecting snow!" And they all left, still protesting, in a blur of car doors slamming, happy "good-byes" and "I love you!" trailing after them.

Dishes clattered as she started to clear the table and carry the plates to the garbage pail for scraping. It was a fine Thanksgiving, and she had many things to be thankful for. But her son, Peter, looked tired and strained. He was a computer programmer in Boston and she knew he was worried about being laid off. She could see, almost as it were yesterday, the expression on Louis' face when he came home, shaken, to tell her that the company he worked for had been bought out and that the new owners were closing the plant.

Things were tough for a couple of months until Louis got a job as an accountant in a local contractor's office, and in a few weeks, she began to catch him smiling again.

The hot water from the tap felt good on her hands. "We're having a little problem with 'Arthur Itis,' she mused.

The detergent was clumped, so Amelia used a knife to loosen it before pouring some into the dishwasher, then turning the dial to three and closing the door for a super wash cycle. The old washer began dancing a mild jig to the slight chugging of the motor.

"I hope that Patti and my son-in-law, Chad, are getting along better," thought Amelia throughout the dishwasher process. "Their son Mark, is just three and Julie, the baby, won't be a year old until February." Like most marriages, she and Louis had an occasional argument, but they had vowed never to go to bed angry with each other. And it worked, except she could picture that one time, after the Forno's party, when the argument was about Louis having too much to drink and he stubbornly slept on the couch.

The cold air from the open refrigerator felt refreshingly cool as contrast to the heat of the oven-warmed kitchen as she put away the last of the Thanksgiving day left overs.

Amelia looked up at the kitchen wall clock. "For goodness sake!" she exclaimed while drying her hands on a towel, "two hours have disappeared and everything is cleaned up and done. Those special mem-brain moments made the chores, and time, go by so quickly!"

submitted by Charlie Lesko

member of du - Cats are well known for their antipathy towards dogs. Sometimes this stretches to not even saying the word "dog." As cats believe that all animals belong to a union (e.g., CU is Cats' Union, HU is Horses' Union), they would say "Member of DU" ("Dogs' Union") to avoid mentioning the name of their sworn enemy.

e.g., Maxwell the Cat hissed scornfully as the Member of DU passed gingerly by.

submitted by Claire

member of the moronic temple - Used to tell or ask if person is stupid.

e.g., You got hit by a car? You must be a member of the moronic temple.

submitted by alex

member?! - Acknowledgment of a secret between two friends in a group, known only to them. Something is said or done that triggers a memory in both at the same time. They look at each other and say," Member?" and laugh hysterically.

e.g., I overhead my friend screaming out of the party crowd, "Toulina, 'member?" We both knew. It was only between us.

submitted by Toulina

memberfication - I.D.- from my three year old son Jack

e.g., Excuse me m'am, but I need to see your memberfication.

submitted by virginia

membratastic - An "out of the ordinary" mambrane, or a membrane that excels.

e.g., Ordinarily I wouldn't trust it. But this membrane is membratastic

submitted by Chris Duddle

meme - Shortened form of "mimeme," derived from "gene." An idea or concept that resides and travels to and from various people's brains. Can be used to describe an idea or information as if parasitic. Word obtained from Richard Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene."

e.g., 1. The God meme is a very widespread meme which resides in the consciousness of many people. 2. Computers and writing media can be used as large meme repositories, and can aid the spread and reproduction of memes.

submitted by DrewT

meme page - A noun turned into a verb: to create a meme page.

e.g., Maybe I should meme page rather than blog. | What should I meme page? Maybe sayings that could stand variations. For example, "Live long and prosper" becomes "Live long and proper."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

meme pool - A large collection of ideas, or link to ideas (memes) in one big storage space.

e.g., Whoever came up with that "Wazzup?" saying really shouldn't have released it into the memepool. It's spread like crazy.

submitted by Drew T.

memetics - The study of backgounds, history, vocabulary, ideas, memes.

e.g., You are just like him, I swear, you must be memetically identical. OR If I had a better understanding of his memetic code, I could tell you why he likes that.

submitted by Mila Eighteen

memmookie - resembling, looking like, feels like, smells like, etc., a mookie.

e.g., It may look a lot like a mookie, that's why we say it is memmookie (as you know mookie is 'the real thing' available now probably only in the real world)

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

memnull - Zero memory; stupid, moron, idiot.

e.g., He's always making stupid mistakes because he's a memnull.

submitted by Greg

memo, the - (n.) a fictional set of instructions to which one ascribes a coincidence or any otherwise inexplicable or unexpected pattern, structure, or similarity.

e.g., "All three of you have on the same color shirts and pants." "Well, of course we do ... didn't you get the memo?" | "Fourteen break-ins in 28 days ... every other day, like clockwork." "Yeah, well, Chief, it must be in the memo."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

memondic - Completely self-centered or self-absorbed. It's all about me. Solipsitic. Me + mondo (the world).

e.g., Mary was a very talented artist, albeit a bit memondic at times.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

memopause - That special time of office life when you decide to stop sending annoying little memos (e.g., "Who keeps leaving the colored paper in the copy machine?" or "Please label all sandwiches in the refrigerator.") and just enjoy chaos because retirement's a coming.

e.g., I hope Larry's memopause happens soon, so we can turn our cubicle radios up again.

submitted by onjaysun

memorrhoids - A medical condition created by sitting too long on old memories.

e.g., The President developed painful memorrhoids recalling the days when he enjoyed a 64% citizen approval rate.

submitted by Machiavellean & . . . Lesko - (www)

memory illusion - Used in two senses: those all-too-frequent moments when you can't remember whether you did something or just thought about doing it; | those other all-too-frequent and embarrassing moments when you have absolutely clear and vivid memories of events or conversations that never happened at all.

e.g., Mark Twain's famous statement "I remember everything whether it happened or not" tells us that he understood the important role memory illusions play in everyday life.

submitted by Lunch - (www)

men strafe - A condition that causes a husband to be especially cautious around his wife, on a monthly basis.

e.g., Joe: What's up, Barry? This is the third night in a row that you've been here at the bowling alley. Barry: I've been trying to stay away from home, for awhile. It's Sally's time of the month, and she's starting to men strafe.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

men tall - The self-delusionary mind set of males that superiority is measured in inches.

e.g., Giorgio struts around the locker room bragging that he's God's gift to women. What we hear from his ex-girl friends, though, it's purely men tall.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

menagerie a trois - A threesome between a pig, a chicken, and a man.

e.g., Bruce had a menagerie a trois in the barnyard and felt dirty for weeks.

submitted by DaveT

menapuke - "I'm gonna puke." Said if there's not enough time to say anything else.

e.g., Bryon: "Lauryn, you look kinda sick. Are you ok?" Lauryn: "Menapuke!"

submitted by lauryn

menausea trois - When three people, originally having sexual relations and living together, get sick of the arrangement.

e.g., At first, the menage a trois was a dream come true. But after a while, things began to lose their luster, and we grew sick of each other. Our happy menage a trois became a sickening menausea trois.

submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

mendi cant - A person who, constantly and religiously, is humbled by the inability to perform simple tasks, such as sewing.

e.g., You may have noted that in paintings of the Middle Ages, most people are shown wearing pullover shirts without buttons. Here's the reason why -- if they wore clothes with buttons, and a button fell off, they couldn't repair it. Back in those days, many more individuals were mendi cants. (ED. Another reason is that all the buttons were hand-carved out of materials such as ivory, and buttonholes were hand made -- by handmaids?)

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

mendict - To speak one's mind. From the roots ment (of the mind or pertaining to the mind) and dict (speak). Meaning can be changed by adding prefixes and suffixes. Mendictor, mendictive, mendicted, etc.

e.g., Please feel free to mendict in my classroom. She is very mendictive, which can be either a positive or negative attribute.

submitted by hsel

mendorsement - An endorsement specifically to attract men or for men.

e.g., NASCAR used Budweiser as a sponsor for pure mendorsement.

submitted by Jay H. - (www)

mendydo - A person who is highly productive and makes the workplace fun.

e.g., Why can't Joseph be more like Mendydo?

submitted by Dave M

meng - Any material of an unpleasant nature -- encompassing most waste products from animal or industrial sources.

e.g., He came up from the sewer burst all covered in meng.

submitted by david whittaker

menglish - A "language" spoken solely with the intent of communicating between two people -- characterized by no regard to grammar, spelling, sentence structure, or other bothersome rules. See Manglophone.

e.g., If U ken compredays this then U already no what Menglish iz.

submitted by Sean Timpa

mengolia - A country where every male wish and whim is fulfilled. All homes have a huge man cave with an 80" television screen, deep cushioned leather recliners, and a snack center with six beer taps. The only shows broadcast on TV are sports programs and action flicks. Each man has a gorgeous robot female companion who keeps the house immaculate, is a professional chef, and a consummate lover. Plus, she is mute. Location? Next to Utopia, of course.

e.g., I'm getting very tired of frilly curtains, floral patterns, and overflowing job jars. Think I'll move to Mengolia.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

meninano - To not know what is going on around you.

e.g., "Are we going to the mall today?"..."Meninano, are we?"

submitted by NAYLOR

menity - (rhymes with bee'-nuh-tee (sorta); n.) 1. the desire to stand out, thus destroying a necessary or preferable cohesiveness; 2. the attitude that one deserves recognition beyond that given to the rest of a group (see "mbc"); 3. self-aggrandizing ego; 4. Pharisaic "I'm-above-the-rest-of-you"-ness. [The opposite of "unity" (that is, "you-nity").]

e.g., All-star games are okay, I suppose, but the "stars" often give in to menity, and the "teams" fall apart.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mennui - One-letter added to the French/English "ennui." The feeling you get when scrutinizing a 10-page New Jersey diner menu trying to select just which combination of eggs and dead animal bits you'll take for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

e.g., I still haven't decided what I want. I got a case of mennui after reading only two pages into this enormous list. Do they have Spam, eggs, and Spam on the menu?

submitted by Richard Factor - (www)

menoburst - A menopause-induced outburst

e.g., Our teacher had another menoburst today. We told her to take a Premarin and pull herself together.

submitted by Gina

menotion - An affective state of consciousness in MEN which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.

e.g., He was filled with menotion at his wedding. | Musical training sharpens the ability of a man to sense menotion. | A mans memory is highly influenced by his menotion.

submitted by Asim Kaleem - (www)

menotional - Combination of mental and emotional. Used to describe confusing, conflicting, and stressful situations, especially on social terms.

e.g., I was having a menotional dilemma when I was debating whether or not I had a crush on Derek.

submitted by Hilary

mensa candidate - Sarcasm-laced term used to describe someone who would never in a million years be considered for membership by MENSA (the high I.Q. society). Always delivered with heavy sarcasm and contempt.

e.g., What? You thought that playing catch with a steak knife would be a good idea? You got a punctured lung, did you? Yeah, you're definitely a MENSA candidate.

submitted by Nick Dunn - (www)

menschen-er - Someone who constantly makes positive, affirming comments about people; one who makes a person feel like, and want to be, a Mensch.

e.g., Harold is a Menschener. Everyone wants to be around him because they can warm their hands in the glow of his loving remarks.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

menstral - Slang (physiology): of or relating to menstruation or menses. Word has evolved from menstrual to ease the tongue/lip/mouth motion involved with multiple vowel vocalizations.

e.g., She went all menstral on me when I asked her where my supper was.

submitted by Don Bethune

mentabolic, mentabolism - A blended word that indicates how the mind affects the body, and how the body affects the mind.

e.g., Mentabolism is the cause of a blush. Mentabolism is the cause of a mental rush. A rock in my shoe causes mentabolic pain to my brain.

submitted by Bob Bearsun

mental goalie - The part of your brain that keeps you from saying out loud the evil or stupid thoughts that are sometimes your first response to questions or situations.

e.g., Thank God for my mental goalie. Otherwise, when she told me she was pregnant, I'd have blurted out, "Oh, who's the father?"

submitted by nitag - (www)

mental laxative - The inability to keep your mostly negative thoughts in your head. Having no couth.

e.g., When he told his girlfriend she looked fat in her dress, he was suffering from "mental laxative."

submitted by Joe

mental lounger - One who is too lazy to think through an issue.

e.g., His opinion comes from a brain lying in a mental lounger mode for too long.

submitted by Robert - (www)

mental popcorn - A mental condition where the mind pops up a multitude of random (and typically pointless) thoughts and the individual is incapable of focusing on any of them. Often confused with Attention Deficit Disorder.

e.g., After thinking of a recipe for bread pudding, my phone number when I was five, the average amount of dreaded blue M&Ms in a package, and completely forgetting what I was doing all within the span of two minutes, I realized I was suffering from a wicked bout of mental popcorn.

submitted by lilu

mentalist - Something that is completely mad or insane.

e.g., I was using my computer last night and it went mentalist.

submitted by Alex Brice

mentaller - Someone who is a real psycho, especially someone who does stupidly dangerous things for fun. It sorta implies you half-admire the person.

e.g., 1. Look at Lucas over there, jumping into that exploding truck full of butchers' knives from a tenth floor window. A mentaller for sure. 2. Only a mentaller -- or a professional stunt person -- would jump from a roof into a swimming pool. Jumping into a football pool is another matter.

submitted by colm

mentallurgist - Someone who can melt down your mind, reshape it, and remold it closer to someone else's heart's desire, whereby you become a happy or obedient puppet

e.g., Is this Be Who Say No (the candidate) a mentallurgist who successfully takes away the minds of the people? Is this unfair dirty pool? Drain the pool.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mentalpause - The mid-life tendency to have one's thoughts temporarily clouded or one's information recall blocked in mid-sentence. Akin to a "senior moment."

e.g., Uncle Eric was recounting the highlights of a trip into the Amazon Jungle when he hesitated for a moment, searching for an important detail. Then, as the mentalpause slowly lifted, he astounded us with the conclusion of his exciting adventure.

submitted by Susanne Strickland

mentalpause - Essential cessation of the mental function, which can occur at any age.

e.g., Today mentalpause is so widespread and pervasive that it's hard to find a rational thought anywhere.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mentaltude - An attitude shared by the general public that is almost wholly the result of media-generated propaganda, with no basis in reality.

e.g., Over time, we have adopted a mentaltude in regards to tolerance of or sympathy for perversion.

submitted by angie

mentat - Someone with a highly developed and disciplined intellect. (From Frank Herbert's _Dune_.)

e.g., "His mentat training made him as dangerous as the most deadly assassin as well as a skilled diplomat; he was so perceptive he could even predict the future."

submitted by Pat

mentat - Forget it

e.g., Aw, just mentat.

submitted by Murray

mentative - Describing or pertaining to the state of individuals who are chronically negative, who never see the bright side of any thing, and who will be opposed to every viewpoint you own.

e.g., Think you have it bad living next door to a mentative neighbor? Take mine, please. He's also verbal, and constantly "argue" mentative!

submitted by charlie lesko

mentattitude - Someone who does not have the right mental attitude about something

e.g., James did not have the right mentattitude when he went for his tax audit.

submitted by Nathan morris

mentee - person instructed by a mentor

e.g., The teacher looked at the faces of his mentees.

submitted by Ted Nesbitt - (www)

menthaesthesia - Loss of feeling in scalp, due to overindulgence in mint shampoo.

e.g., Yerks! That's not "cool and refreshing." That's cranial menthaesthesia.

submitted by Erasmus Thrasamund

mentifex - Mindmaker. From the Latin, "mens, mentis" (mind) and "facere" (to make).

e.g., The programmer was working on a mentifex-class artificial intelligence.

submitted by Arthur T. Murray - (www)

mentipation - (MEN-tih-PAY-shun; n.) mental constipation: being unable to express whatever it is you want to say, generally because there is just too much to say. This can be good or bad: If you have so much to say that is happy or relieved or whatever, sometimes you can't say what needs saying; you just cry or stumble through a few sentences that are all "short of the mark" (as Sam Gamgee might say). On the other hand, if you are angry or bitter or whatever, you just turn bright red or pop a blood vessel or roar unintelligible nonsense or ... curse and swear. These are clear indications of serious mentipation. (Now, of course, I could make a really bad joke about people helping you calm down, or putting your deep thoughts into words---such people might be called "frienemas.")

e.g., "OH! YOU TWO HAVE GONE WAY OVER THE LINE THIS TIME!!! I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOUR STUPID, RECKLESS IDIOCY!!! IF I HAD MY WAY---YOU---MISERABLE STUPIDS---RECKLID STUPIOCY!!! I OUGHT TO TAKE--TO FEED YOU TO A---YOU---YOU ..." "He seems more upset than usual." "Yes, he does." "He's sputtering, and his face is getting quite ... purple. Should we help?" "Ah, yes, he is prone to mentipation. Go get his physician downstairs. I'll lower the lights and apologize; that might help." | "The project has meant so much to me and my team ... well, ... ... there are just no words. Thank you so much." "Mentipation?" "Yup."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mentoblithm - To forget immediately what you just saw, learned or experienced, typically because you weren't paying attention.

e.g., Pappy: "So when you do dishes, wiping down the counters and putting up things like pot holders is part of the job -- understand?" Chubby Cheeks: "What,Pappy? I had (a) mentoblithm."

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mentopause - A state where the brain stops ticking on a very busy day at work or play and one is in a false state of relaxation. Lasts about fiveminutes before reality kicks in again.

e.g., Richard suffered repeated episodes of mentopause under the mountains of paperwork that needed to be done Monday.

submitted by Urnell - (www)

mentopsychospasm - Crazy, sort of.

e.g., Keep away from him; he's gone mentopsychospasm.

submitted by happydude

mentures - Prosthetic device to replace part of or all of the brain, or the mind.

e.g., Far more effective than either pills or therapy, mentures slip right into the slot in your head, instantly producing clarity of mind and improved function. No more fumbling around on the dock, think clear, think straight, become a mental giant overnight, stun the world with your brain, go sane, no pain. . . .

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

menu rage - The anger that stems from omitted or extra apostrophes and incorrect spelling in menus: advacado, cuppuchino, and snitzel |snitchel|shnitzel, etc.

e.g., As she tried to decide between Chicken Ceasar Salad and Beef Lasange, Molly started to feel the familiar menu rage coming on.

submitted by liejoli

meowleluia chorus - A game in which you sing the word "meow" to classical or religious tunes, solo or in groups.

e.g., The meowleluia chorus began when we sang meows to "Amazing Grace" in three-part harmony -- most impressive.

submitted by Lee - (www)

mer - an interjection when someone's talking to you and you don't want to listen

e.g., "them...""so anyway, i was at the mall and..."" you(interrupting)...""mer..."" them(shocked)...""what?"" you...""mer..."" them...""yeah, so, um..."" you...""mer!"""

submitted by trent - (www)

mer - Can be used as a payout to describe simple idiocy but in the process make the user look more of a fool. Can also be used in the place of everyday words such as what and why.

e.g., That guy is so mer it is not funny OR I'm sorry, mer?

submitted by Cassie

mer - A response to something you don't like or if you don't know what to say.

e.g., Old person: Go do your homework. You: Mer.

submitted by Amanda

merbus - The delightful piece of skin between the toes.

e.g., "Jane has a rather chewy merbus," said Tarzan.

submitted by sorjeri tane - (www)

mercedes - To go mercedes is to use a Mercedes as a lethal weapon.

e.g., You ever hork up a blonde hairball, I'll go mercedes on your ass.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

merch - Material goods, merchandise.

e.g., She only got into show business for the free merch.

submitted by Tamara Leer

mercurygirl - A zany, fun-loving Canadian girl, obsessed with old Mercury pickups.

e.g., Ya, she loves old trucks. She is a regular mercurygirl.

submitted by sven dangler

mercy buckets - How a Canadian Anglophone says "thank you" to a Francophone.

e.g., Mercy buckets, Pierre. I have much gratitude for you.

submitted by Steve McDonald

merf - When you do something seemingly stupid that turns out to be really cool.

e.g., Putting ketchup in the microwave turned out to be merf. Next time, I'll try the mayonnaise.

submitted by jarryd nielsen - (www)

mergemeister - A driver who is unusually adept at merging safely regardless of traffic speed or congestion.

e.g., The mergemeister crossed four lanes of traffic during rush hour and exited the highway without being honked at once.

submitted by Gavm5

mergeredness - A somewhat depressed condition caused by the merger of the company where you were employed with one or more other companies.

e.g., Schlackel occasionally experiences bouts of mergeredness since his job was declared to be redundant.

submitted by Redbendad - (www)

merise - The disk-shaped connecting part that joins the stem to the foot on a traditional goblet. (See also avolio.)

e.g., The finest examples of 16th century Venetian goblets have three evenly-sized merises between the bowl and the stem.

submitted by Jon Goldberg

meritocracy - A form of government where the very best citizens become its leaders. If people have ability and use it well, they are rewarded. Those who work hard and share their success achieve high status. The most fortunate and wealthy people in such a society know the value of this policy and their rewards go beyond their material worth. Greed and corruption can find no foothold in a meritocracy. Its guiding values are to facilitate opportunity for all and to tend to human needs. Those in other nations have admiration for such a country and are inspired to emulate it. It is the opposite of a malatocracy. See the separate entry for this type of government.

e.g., So happy to be living in a meritocracy, its citizens enjoyed working hard and caring for all their fellow human beings.

submitted by Steve McDonald

merkin - A pubic wig. Invented in the 14th century to help conceal syphilis sores. | An American, because "a merkin" sounds just like most southerners when telling others about their renowned nationality. {ED. Merkin has long been one of my favorite words, as defined by Random House: "false hair for the female pudenda." A cannon swab was once called a merkin, too.}

e.g., With that lovely merkin; I could hardly see those syphilis sores.

submitted by Brett

merkinland - America, large country sandwiched between Canada and Mexico.

e.g., KJ: Where ya been, bloke? Dave: Merkinland, mate … it was full of Merkins, and everyone drives big cars.

submitted by Kangaroo Joe

merlin - A gifted but lazy student who somehow manages to pass exams without doing any work at all, as if by magic.

e.g., A. Did Kurt pass his exam? R. Yeah, Kurt's a merlin, ya' know.

submitted by grilla

mermaid bathwater - The waters of the Weeki Wachee Springs in Hernando County, FL, famous since 1947 for an underwater mermaid act. (Usually applied in and around the Tampa Bay area.)

e.g., "Can anybody stand to drink that mermaid bathwater?"

submitted by Larry Ellis Reed - (www)

mern - Any person short in stature awho has hair growing wildly across the body.

e.g., The dwarf in _Lord of the Rings _ was a mern.

submitted by Adam Duncan

merried - (Sounds just like "married"; adj. (okay, technically, it's not a pure adjective; it's a passive participle)) Happily married. [It's "merry" + "married."]

e.g., David and Joanna are merried. (Okay, so you can't hear a difference, you can only see one.) | Despite years and years of dealing with the wife's bad health and the husband's yelling at the TV, they remain merried after 50 years together -- regularly engaging in a sharp, humorous banter with each other. {ED. Credit to frequent submitter Charlie Lesko for suggesting the second example.}

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

merry queen of scotch - A superior sort of whiskey, the genuine article -- makes you laugh hysterically.

e.g., The more you drink, the less you think, drown your sorrows, smell the flowers, with Merry Queen of Scotch.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mersecute - Merciful persecution.

e.g., The dog went through mersecution when he had a bath.

submitted by Kristina

mesh - the linguistics of self

e.g., Speak mesh only when spoken to.

submitted by meshell

mesopogyptian - (adj.) Of or pertaining to any ancient culture at the eastern end of the Mediterranean. (n.) Any member of such a culture.

e.g., Oh, come on. You don't want to go to the museum. All it is is a bunch of mesopogyptian pots and tablets. And they're all broken.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mesopotamish - A word used to describe an object of Mesopotamia, often confused with "Mesopotamians."

e.g., The Mesopotamish sun is beating down, and making cracks in the ground.

submitted by Elijah

mesopotato - A very old potato. Old enough to have come from Mesopotamia. Sprouting and everything. Yech.

e.g., How disgusting, my ex-roommate left a bag of mesopotatos in the cupboard. She's going to hell.

submitted by camille

mesoprosopic - Having a face of average width. An existing word.

e.g., I was assaulted by a middle-aged mesoprosopic man.

submitted by josh hartnett

mesp - Taken from the acronym for Mos Eisley SpacePort from Star Wars, an adjective that is used to describe any "wretched hive of scum and villainy."

e.g., People on the run from the law often run to Palm Springs because it is a mesp.

submitted by CRM114

mess essary - The attendant untidiness required with a large task or project.

e.g., I understand that creating a Christmas meal is a huge enterprise, but was dirtying ALL these pots, pans, bowls, cups and platters mess essary?

submitted by Charlie Lesko

messagement - The art and practice of communicating, particularly with e-mail messages.

e.g., Messagement in the heat of the moment is usually regretted.

submitted by Pete Sawyer - (www)

messagicide - The destruction or ruin of one’s own reputation or standing within a message board community through whiny, pointlessly argumentative, or just plain stupid posts. (Definition by Wylde: submitted by Sin to keep the biters away.)

e.g., He posted his views on abortion of cattle, but it was pure messagicide, and we laughed at him.

submitted by Sin - (www)

messapy - From the words "mess," as in "you're a mess" and "therapy," as in the treatment of something. Messapy, therefore, is the treatment of messes. Messes are usually personal in nature but can run the gamut to include just about anything. (ED. If this turns out to be promoting a site that is even remotely commercial, it will be deleted.)

e.g., I caught my wife in bed with my sister. I need messapy.

submitted by tazz999

messatop-odese - Ancient daemonic deity personifying, and blamed for, the course of human events, when worse things are added to bad situations.

e.g., What? First the US real estate bubble collapses and a million home mortgages are foreclosed? Now a global credit crisis? Get thee behind us, Messatop-odes!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

messatron - An inherently messy person -- someone who automatically makes messes without thinking.

e.g., Tracy, you're a messatron -- can't you ever put anything away?

submitted by tracy b

messendays - Days past during which no particularly amazing thing happened but which were nevertheless wonderful. These days are indelibly printed in your memory and usually took in place in the summer.

e.g., That was a messenday.

submitted by ioddia - (www)

messenge - 1. To send messages via instant messenger or text message devices. 2. Sending that message.

e.g., I was just about to messenge you.

submitted by rubani - (www)

messengeritis - The outcome of excessively chatting online.

e.g., Shannon's lack of leaving the computer, resulted in messengeritis.

submitted by Shannon Cassady

messtival - A festival of messes. Or a large gathering of messes.

e.g., I don't want to go to Chris's party. It's going to be a messtival.

submitted by Heidi Groth

messtodon - Person or persons (usually a child) capable of making mess of dinosaur sized proportions.

e.g., Oh, Mary! What have you done? What a messtodon you are!

submitted by tracy b

messtop - Messed up desktop.

e.g., No doubt Leo has a messtop.

submitted by Leo - (www)

mesugartarian - (muh sugar tarian) I don't eat a lot of vegetables and not much meat either, but I've got to have my sweet stuff and lots of it every day! I don't have just a sweet tooth, it's more like a passion that's in fashion!

e.g., Mesugartarians love: donuts and pancakes drowned in syrup, cakes and pies and candy and sugary treats, snacks and parties and candy stores.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

meta - Prefix. Dealing with topic rather than information--e.g., an online diary about other online diaries.

e.g., Why can't we see fewer meta sites and more original content?

submitted by Eq Tetrachloride - (www)

meta- - A prefix that can be joined to any word to indicate that word is a multifunctional variant of the word.

e.g., Meta- is a meta-prefix, in this case it indicated that it can be used in many different prefixes.

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

meta-bigot - Word coined by Slate magazine's Sam Anderson to describe comic acts such as Sarah Silverman, the South Park kids, and Sacha Baron Cohen's "Ali G" who deal with social problems such as race, mass starvation, religious issues, and terrorism indirectly rather than tackling them head on. They combat both bigotry and political correctness by subverting them.

e.g., Sarah Silverman's not a racist; she's a meta-bigot.

submitted by Ben

meta-irony - Used when the irony involved is itself, ironic.

e.g., The song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette does not actually describe anything ironic. The chorus could be described as meta-ironic.

submitted by Spiffo

metaabsurd - The state of being that is beyond absurd, or the study of the principles that explain the nature of absurdity itself.

e.g., Being naked in public because you stepped outside of your hotel room and the door closed behind you is absurd. If your mother and her book club then walked down the hall, this would be metaabsurd.

submitted by Matthew Rossi

metabottle - A virtual bottle in a virtual ocean -- placing a piece of information on the Internet that needs to make it to someone that you have no way of contacting otherwise, in hopes that she will search for it, find it, and then find you.

e.g., I constructed a metabottle with Dave as a key word and had Dave find me when he was looking for himself.

submitted by davin greenwell - (www)

metacool - Beyond cool.

e.g., Jill is so hip and trendy she's metacool.

submitted by Alan Morrison

metagrobolise - According to Michael Quinion's Newsletter, this seldom seen word means "to puzzle, mystify, baffle, or confound." Lexicus says to be metagrobolised is to be "totally perplexed and mixed up." Americanized: metagrobolize. To be metagrobolized is to be nonplussed, to be at a loss.

e.g., Women will metagrobolise me as long as I’m on the green side of the sod. | All she had to do was look in my direction and I froze -- metagrobolized as to what to do next.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

metal - Signifying approval or happiness

e.g., That chick Molly is metal.

submitted by Nick Fitt

metal telepathy - Electronic telepathy. It's how robots of the future communicate without moving their lips.

e.g., Via a special implant, metal telepathy is available to humans as well.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

metal-monger - Also "muscle-car." Any of the large, fast, two-door, American sedans built between 1966 and 1974.

e.g., The '68 Dodge Charger is the classic American metal-monger.

submitted by Stephen Mize

metalcare - A government program of the future that provides all robots with comprehensive physical, electronic, and psitronic maintenance and repair: RoboHealth.

e.g., Every robot will be guaranteed full wellbeing attention through MetalCare, as soon as the excessive humans have been eliminated.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

metaler - Person who listens to heavy metal all the time, relentlessly. Appearance: long, mousse-groomed hair; tight, stoned-washed jeans; fanny pack (containing a Zippo, pack of cigarettes, and a demo tape of her own lame band); poorly-executed, ridiculous-looking tattoos of skulls and bones; tank top; and a menacing stance.

e.g., Went to Saratoga Winners last night to see Marauder and Type O. Place was packed with metalers. Humorous, to say the least.

submitted by John Stewart

metalgade - A nutritious bteverage full of all the metallic elements you need, and don't need: iron, copper, aluminum, a kiss of uranium (!), and all the rest.

e.g., Light metals and heavy metals, you'll find them all in Metalgade. A spoonful a day keeps the butterflies away.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

metalgearsolidy - Something that really is great.

e.g., The St.Louis Rams are metalgearsolidy.

submitted by Doot

metallicat - "a fan of Metallica, also the band members themselves."

submitted by dust

metallifreak - Avid or devoted fan of the band Metallica.

e.g., DeWayne has all the rare Metallica albums. Has ticket stubs framed to his wall. And he even has a lock of Jaymz Hetfield's hair. He is a genuine a Metallifreak.

submitted by metallica670

metalybollobs - Those millions of little silver droplets that spray everywhere when you drop an old glass thermometer or otherwise spill mercury

e.g., Daddy, I dropped the thermometer and it broke into metalybollobs.

submitted by Malc

metapharce - A metaphor so badly handled it becomes farcical.

e.g., _Lady in the Water_ is one giant metapharce for M Night Shyamalan's oversensitivity to criticism.

submitted by Sandy - (www)

metaphive - A turn of phrase which is supposed to represent a parallel and relevant situation; however, the utterer has inadvertently added something to the phrase which causes a bewildering fog to surround it. Usually heard emanating from managers and sportscasters.

e.g., Metaphives you might have heard: "It's like the blind leading the deaf," "We'll burn those bridges when we get to them," "We have to rattle their feathers," "But you're not seeing the carrot at the end of the tunnel," "Until then we're just like chickens running around with their legs cut off," and "We're just grasping at straws on the camel's back."

submitted by ashsimmonds

metaphorical coffee - A way to suggest a low-key first date with no pressure to sit through a whole dinner if you can't stand each other. Doesn't necessarily involve actual coffee.

e.g., I'm going to get metaphorical coffee next week with this guy I met online.

submitted by Samm - (www)

metaphorize - When an experience in your life takes on mythic proportions and you want to turn it into a metaphor to encapsulate the lesson or "moral" of the story, so to speak.

e.g., If I metaphorized your dating history it would represent the follies of love-starved creatures with low self-esteem.

submitted by Catherine

metaphysicality - 1. Possessing a metaphysical quality or state. 2. Passive reference to something possessing such a quality or state.

e.g., Her spirit maintains its metaphysicality throughout the poem.

submitted by Michael Costine

metaphysycophant - If you start talking about things such as ontology, metaphysycophants will start to praise you.

e.g., It's not so easy taking a dreary view of the world as an angst-filled existentialist when there are so many metaphysycophants around, applauding you for the bleakness of your vision.

submitted by Zeromay Zentroclo

metaspam - Spam that tries to sell you e-mail lists and spam services. Targeted at webmasters.

e.g., I got more metaspam than real e-mail yesterday.

submitted by Casimir Couvillion

metatate - Staring at the monitor in contemplation while you prepare a post or comment to MetaFilter.

e.g., I had to MetaTate for an hour before I organized my comment to that link.

submitted by Josh Tense

metawork - Labor that involves communicating about work but doesn't create anything useful. For example meetings, filing status reports, submitting time sheets, writing specifications for the person who's actually going to do the work, then berating her for not doing it right or fast enough.

e.g., After a hard day of metawork, Sarah left the office with a nagging feeling that she hadn't really accomplished anything.

submitted by Michel

meteor strip - The patch of land in between lanes on the highway.

e.g., He drove his car on the meteor strip.

submitted by taylorpup

meteorette - A lit cigarette butt thrown out the window of the car ahead of you at night.

e.g., Meteorette

submitted by Steven Sellors - (www)

meternity - (pronounced "me-TURN-ih-tee"; n.) The length of time a pregnant woman feels she has been pregnant as the due date slooooooooooooowly approaches.

e.g., "I'm going to go mad! Why can't I just be done and have the baby?!" "Well, when's your due date?" "They said it was the middle of August." "That's only two weeks awa---" "Yeah, yeah, I know. But every single day is lasting two weeks! I have another, what, 200 days left---a meternity!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

meterologist - A person who can't help watching the meter tick over in the taxi in which he is travelling.

e.g., The more John travelled in a taxi the more his eyes were glued to the meter. He had become a real meterologist

submitted by Craig Dodge

meth head - One who is of the Methodist religion.

e.g., I'd ask Frieda to go to my Mormon church, but she's a Meth head.

submitted by julie

methadonuts - A more pleasant way to take your methadone (a legal med), methadone baked into your cookies. (ED. American comedian Flip Wilson had a gag about Benjamin Franklin getting his cookies from Dolly Madison -- "cookies" in that case, of course, meaning sex.)

e.g., They used to give my buddy methadone at the clinic, but now it's methadonuts. Wish I could have one.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

methinks - I think.

e.g., It's raining outside. Methinks I'm going to get my coat.

submitted by Lily

metho-man - Someone who drinks methylated spirits.

e.g., There's that metho-man again -- half-blind, walking into poles all the time. He's gonna do himself in one day.

submitted by Aussie Bloke

methodist religious - A Golden Mean sort of religious. More fundamentalist or evangelical than Unitarians, but less so than the Pentecostal religions.

e.g., HD: Her son seems to be pretty religious, probably more so than Susan. Witch: Our kids are religious, too. They're Methodist religious. You know what I mean, don't you? HD: Yes, I went to MYF every Sunday night. But that was largely because there were a lot of cute girls there from the neighboring town, which our minister also served. We had a regular Sunday night poker game after MYF. Yes, I know what Methodist religious is.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

methostiff - 1. One who has been a Methodist from birth. 2. One who believes that the Christian religion started with John Wesley. 3. One who is unwilling to consider the claims of any other religious denomination.

e.g., My grandma remained a methostiff till the day she died.

submitted by Clifford Dack

methylethylbadstuff - Used by Orlando Fire Dept. Communications Specialists to describe any type of unknown hazardous material whether solid, liquid, gas, or biological in nature.

e.g., I don't know what kind of methylethylbadstuff that tanker was carrying but it's on fire now...and it stinks to high heaven.

submitted by Keyshia Owens

metoology - The science (or art?) of keeping up the Joneses.

e.g., Mr & Mrs Jones were often accused of metoology when all they were doing was keeping up with themselves

submitted by jonty Reason

metric butt-load - A high, unimaginable, or exaggerated number.

e.g., I just ate a metric butt-load of gummi bears. I think I'm gonna puke.

submitted by Doc

metric shit-tonne (ram) - With regards to the ram in a computer, a metric shit-tonne of ram refers to 196gb or more of ram in one computer (in 2011).

e.g., scarlettjohansson_node02.dlab.local has a metric shit-tonne of ram installed. You really need to move her into the production web cluster if we're looking to avoid total loss of service.

submitted by Fabric Login - (www)

metro-freight - A system used to deliver freight in a carfree city. It uses standard sea containers to move freight over a dedicated metro (subway) system.

e.g., Carfree cities require the installation of a metro-freight system if freight is to be delivered by a means other than trucks.

submitted by J.H. Crawford - (www)

metrognome - 1. "Metrognome" is the name of Gersh Kuntzman's weekly column running since April 1994 in the New York Post. Gersh coined the term in hopes of finding a single word that could capture this thought: Someone who has the beat of the city, yet is out there, under every bridge, hunting down great stories. Hence, the Metrognome. 2. A metrognome is an elf-like or troll-like person of Swiss descent who collects tickets in the Paris Metro. The metrognome is a small, ugly Swiss immigrant in Paris, France, currently employed as a toilet attendant. Being unable to afford a taxi when he first arrived, he started riding Le Metropolitain wherever he went. Eventually he came to love his frequent rides so much he got a part-time job filling in as a ticket taker on weekends. (Individual Métro ticket is 8FF; packet of 10 tickets (a Carnet) is slightly more reasonable. Cost of RER tickets depends on distance traveled. Within central Paris cost is the same as Métro tickets, and the same ticket is also valid on both systems.)

e.g., 1. That Gersh, he's a real metrognome. 2. Watch out when you step away from the pissoir at Le Crazy Horse Saloon. Their metrognome just about pounces on you -- little twerp must be desperate for tips to support his habit.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

metrollectual - An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money pontificating on the greatness of urban areas.

e.g., Chris keeps going on and on about how the new train system will change the city. Does that make him a metrollectual? I think not -- and neither does Chris.

submitted by Garrick Van Buren - (www)

metrosexual - A man, usually urban, who is knowledgeable in subjects generally considered feminine, such as clothing styles, spa treatments, and personal care. The metrosexual male also puts this knowledge into practice, often indulging in facials, manicures, etc.

e.g., At my last pedicure I was flanked by two metrosexuals. . . . No, they didn't turn me on. I like NASCAR rednecks. Burly guys with big . . . egos, Archie Bunker types.

submitted by lori - (www)

metrowoods - A wooded park area in the midst of a city.

e.g., Perhaps the best known metrowoods in America is Central Park in New York City.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

metroyp - A copy of something that has died five years before.

e.g., That metroyp is wearing a blue tie.

submitted by Bant master

mevening - The time that occurs between when evening ends and morning starts. Evening ending at midnight, and morning beginning about 6 o'clock.

e.g., It's already two in the morning? Good mevening.

submitted by Misako Kairo

mew - Basically another verb meaning to vomit, spew, chuck. Can also be used as a noun.

e.g., 1. Last night after a few too many brews I didn't feel too well and mewed. 2. Sometimes when you're sick, you have to have a mew.

submitted by Leisha

mew - (pronounced MOO; v.pret.) The past-tense of "mow" (had mow not changed to a weak verb in Anglo-Saxon (i.e., changed to a simple '-ed' ending)).

e.g., I mew the whole lawn without a speck of lemonade. I ask you, is that civilized?

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mews article - The kind of catty report so often filed by progressive "journalists" (so-called) writing about Sarah Palin. They often show their claws and that they have an agenda by their choice of adjectives -- when no adjectives are called for.

e.g., "The documentary traces Palin's rise from mayor of tiny Wasilla, Alaska. . . ." Steve Holland writes from almost equally tiny Pella, Iowa. Many of your readers grew up in counties with fewer people than Wasilla, Steve. (I did.) Let us be the judge of whether or not Wasilla is tiny. If you'd do that, we might not judge what you write as mews articles rather than news articles.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mexicatalian food - Food that is a combination of Mexican and Italian.

e.g., Spaghetti tacos are a kind of Mexicatalian food.

submitted by JJ

mexitoxin - Exotic drinking water from south of the border, cause of the famous "Montezuma's revenge" experienced by visiting tourists.

e.g., The water down there is mexitoxic, so drink tequila or pulque instead.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mez-tastic - Being perfect or having the look of perfection.

e.g., Merilee, you're sure looking mez-tastic today.

submitted by merryn

mezarae - Something that is so funny that you can't stop laughing, and your face turns beet red.

e.g., He has a joke book that is completely mezarae.

submitted by paws

mezmer - The hair on a woman's face that mesmerizes you. Try as you may to focus on other features and no matter how attractive she might otherwise be, you are overwhelmed with the urge to stare at the hair. Mono-brow, mustache, whiskers, etc.

e.g., I tried to look her in the eye, but I just couldn't take my eyes off the mezmer on her upper lip.

submitted by David Genz

mezzaeight - In a building, the floor below the mezzanine.

e.g., Do NOT, say again, "NOT!," go out the doors if your elevator ever stops at mezzaeight.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mfoq - Mala Fide Occupational Qualificatino: an excuse for circumventing equal employment opportunity laws or other forms of discrimination. Opposite of Bona Fide Occupational. Qualificatino.

e.g., I was turned down for a job because of their MFOQ requiring good credit. They ass-umed I'm a potential thief, despite an extensive background check verifying my scruples as good.

submitted by Daniel F

mgineer - A Marketing Engineer, or IT expert who focuses on marketing systems.

e.g., Our marketing department is so clueless about technology, we need to hire an mgineer to figure out our network.

submitted by Christopher Kenton - (www)

mha! - Interjection of high accusatory flavor used to bring to attention anything perceived to be "wrong" whether word or deed. Inflections using a singular "A" or multiple "A's" in the word may be due to culture, ethnicity, degree of wrongness of the accused or according to the personal preference of accuser.

e.g., As Dave recalled the experience from decades earlier to the best of his recollection, Steve was lying in wait to pounce his "Mhaaaaaaa!" on any and every inaccuracy as if Dave were intentionally lying or exaggerating the truth.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mibble - Talking complete, freestyle nonsense. Originated in South Wales and is gradually spreading east.

e.g., We had too much booze and ended up mibblin' in the park.

submitted by mikkel - (www)

mic drop - "Dropping a microphone as a dramatic gesture at the end of a performance or speech or a simulation of this."

e.g., President Obama's mic drop at the end of his comedy routine at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last Saturday night struck me as a juvenile thing for him to do. Couldn't he have found a better way to show US that he is au courant with youth culture?

submitted by HD Fowler

michael jacksonihilist - Someone lacking moral conscience because of exposure to Michael Jackson TV interviews.

e.g., Jim was a Michael Jacksonihilist. He would engage in all sorts of eccentric behavior publicly, apparently unconcerned with how it might affect his reputation. That was before the hospital, though.

submitted by Todd Troost - (www)

michael jacksontology - A belief system based on Michael Jackson.

e.g., He useded to be criminal and besotted. Now he's got this Michael Jacksontology and he thinks he's down wit' God.

submitted by Todd - (www)

michele simplification - After struggling to remember how to spel parallel while I was in a near stupor earlier today, it occurred to me that we should just quit doubling l's in words. Make it paralel. Make it paralelogram. Make it -- anything but a word speled with double l's. Hel, at one point I managed to type in paralllel.  
Since Microsoft Outlook didn't flag parallell. as a possible speling error, I wonder if it's an acceptable alternative speling.

e.g., Why the l don't you just start using the Michele Simplification -- never use doubled l's when you spel a word. | I used the Michele Simplification when we came up with my daughter's middle name. Not only did it require one less letter to spel, it looked better with her given name and her surname. Thought went into not just the name selection for her, but into what speling to use. | Now that my daughter is married and using the same surname as her husband, it might be that speling her middle name with two l's would look better. She's over eighteen, so the choice is hers. Given that she's always loved her name, including the speling, I doubt that she'l be making a change.

submitted by HD Fowler

michelinize - To make fat. To resemble the Michelin Man in body structure. Used mainly in reference to babies.

e.g., 1. Rachel's baby has been michelinized. 2. Since I turned 40, anything I eat michelinizes me.

submitted by Who's the sucker, now?

michigan left - 1. In many cities in Michigan, one cannot make a left turn at a major intersection. Instead, one must turn right, and then do a U-turn through the median to turn left. 2. Alternative: U-turn, followed by a right turn.

e.g., To get to that McDonald's, you have to do a Michigan left.

submitted by Eric Phillips, Gene Voyles

michigoose - A man who lives in Michigan is a Michigander, making a woman who lives there a Michigoose. I think gender or sex neutral terminology is stupid ... and annoying. Live with it. (No claim to originality, as the construction is obvious.)

e.g., Polls are unclear who the Michigeese will favor in next week's primary elections.

submitted by Lillith

mickelate - 1. Turning up at work, taking a salary, and yet doing nothing useful. 2. To generate an extra day off by "working" from home.

e.g., 1. Whilst those around him were working hard Bob would mickelate by surfing the net. 2. Donald returned from a long trip to meet with a client. He got home late and did not want to go into the office the following day. So he mickelated.

submitted by Shelagh (David Ford)

mickey - Making fun of someone.

e.g., Stop taking the mickey out on me.

submitted by Kathryn

mickey - A Canadian expression for a 12 oz bottle of liquor.

e.g., I just drank a mickey of rum and I feel crapulent.

submitted by Miggs

mickey d's - McDonald's.

e.g., Let's go get some food at Mickey D's.

submitted by Jerome Greco - (www)

mickey mice - The numerous offspring of Mickey Mouse, his babies, his grandmice, and all the rest (-:

e.g., My grandkids won't let me or the cat harm any mouse, on the offchance that it just might be Mickey mice!

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mickey mouse's adventure is playing out with trump's hollywood s - Mickey Mouse's adventure is playing out with Trump's Hollywood star. Trump-haters, using a pickaxe, rather than Mickey's axe, destroyed Trump's star, only to have it multiply. Bigly.

e.g., Mickey Mouse's adventure is playing out with Trump's Hollywood star. Trump-haters, using a pickaxe, rather than Mickey's axe, destroyed Trump's star, only to have it multiply. Bigly.

submitted by Mickey Mouse's adventure is playing out

mickey-mousin' around - Performing antics capable of angering elderly substitute teachers.

e.g., Hey, guys, I'm at a disadvantage, and I don't want any more of your mickey-mousin' around.

submitted by Eric

mickeys - Water molecules (which look surprisingly like Mickey Mouse heads) -- plural, but used to refer to water in general or bodies of water in particular. (Often heard at my law firm when attorneys discuss irrigation law.)

e.g., Stop hoggin' the river! You think you own all the mickeys? | Those two farmers went at it hammer and tongs, arguing over whose mickeys were whose. | Man, it's hot! I need some mickeys.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

micro media - Weblogs or websites that offer links to articles, comments, and opinions related to certain current events, to such an extent that they are considered as an alternative news source.

e.g., His personal weblog died the day he decided to micro media Gary Condit's activities.

submitted by adnan - (www)

micro-metrical-autometrology - The career of one who ensures quality control in ukaturnative three-pronged blibits.

e.g., "What's your profession?" "I'm a Micro-Metrical-Autometrology-Analyst."

submitted by Davie

microbe - A really skimpy piece of bedroom apparel.

e.g., Don't wear that microbe to breakfast; that's a sight I really don't need to see looming over my cornflakes.

submitted by hedgewizard

microbloat - Microsoft computer application of such extreme size that it fills your hard drive and takes forever to install.

e.g., I spent all last night installing the new microbloat and now I need a new hard drive.

submitted by Tom Common

microcephalic - Literally, one millionth part of a brain.

e.g., The author of this article clearly had to draw deeply from his microcephalic intellectual well to reach such stunning conclusions.

submitted by Roger Wright

microchips - The remains at the bottom of the snackfood bag.

e.g., It's always wise not to throw away the Lay's package until all the microchips have been consumed.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

microdeckia - Someone who isn't playing with a full deck.

e.g., Ed: Chris is so dumb. Ted: How dumb is he? Ed. To be that dumb he has go be suffering from microdeckia.

submitted by Sam

microfasting - That period of time spent waiting for a microwave to warm your lunch when at work.

e.g., I'm now spending half of my lunch break microfasting.

submitted by Wayne-o

microsafe - To heat something in the microwave in such a manner as to remove the food before the timer has expired, in order to prevent the microwave from emitting a beep, or from making any similar sound which notifies that the food is ready.

e.g., I microsafed my hamburger so that I wouldn't wake anyone up.

submitted by Sammers

microsoft-envy - A term to describe someone who is jealous of Microsoft's success.

e.g., Stop complaining about Microsoft, you just have microsoft-envy.

submitted by chemy

microsoft-shyster - A term for someone who lies about not being jealous of Microsoft, and who turns close friends and family against someone who works for Microsoft.

e.g., Chemy is a microsoft-shyster for bad-mouthing Jerry to his friends and family just because Jerry works for Microsoft.

submitted by chemy

microsoft-wannaby - A term to describe someone who wants to work for Microsoft, and envies anyone who does work for Microsoft. Microsoft-wannabe.

e.g., Rick is so upset that he doesn't work for Microsoft, and that Devlin does work for Microsoft. Rick is a microsoft-wannaby.

submitted by chemy

microsoftcide - The breaking up of Microsoft or killing off any monopoly.

e.g., The justice tried to practice Microsoftcide but failed.

submitted by Nathan Daniel Buelt

microsoftist - An indefatigable cheerleader for conformity, monopoly, "what-we-know", and monoculture.

e.g., If you have to buy a PC and use IE to do your online banking, then the Microsoftists have already won.

submitted by Toby - (www)

microt - The little pieces of paper towel the size of a dime that you tear off in attempts to pull a full sheet.

e.g., How'm I gonna clean up the spill? All I can get off this roll of Bounty is microts.

submitted by Traesee

mid-flight - Caught in the act, this also goes along with the "deer in the headlights" look.

e.g., Caught you mid-flight, jerk.

submitted by ~ Anuwikir ~

mid-price crisis - An error when reading the prices for a stock, not reading the mid price.

e.g., Rod noticed that the EP share that he was looking at was not the mid and said, "I'm having a mid-price crisis. Earthport hasn't gone up two points."

submitted by nigel - (www)

mid-wife crisis - A common syndrome in which married men of a certain age succumb to the desire for a part-time extramarital partner.

e.g., The govener, upon his return from, let's say Argentina, was forced to reveal that he was in the midst of a mid-wife crisis.

submitted by Hal Colombo

midder figger - A number between two others, one higher and the other lower. A compromise figure, as in perhaps bargaining. Also, a physique or build that is neither too fat nor too skinny: just right.

e.g., Ever time me aunt ["ant"] goes to the flea market, which can be an all day thing, there's often a great deal of bargaining, or attempted bargaining, where a midder figger is often the outcome.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

middies - Belly buttons that aren't innies or outies.

e.g., I have a middy.

submitted by Brianna 7th English

middlator - Texan/Czech for "mediator."

e.g., They became arguvational and I ended up being the middlator.

submitted by John Booth, Jr.

middle side - A word that justifies the use of the middle of any piece of furniture or room or anything that might be divided between two people.

e.g., Pat: Hey, get over on your side of the bed. This is my side. Matt: I am on my side. I'm on the middle side.

submitted by TheDivineMallaLubba - (www)

mideast skylight - Any aperture in one's home that comes as a result of a military action. Can be in the ceiling, walls, or floor.

e.g., Yassir Arafat's compound in Ramallah has been significantly enhanced with mideast skylights in recent weeks.

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

midevil - 1. The sort of medium-level evil that would satisfy Goldilocks. 2. Alternative spelling for "my devil" scrunched into one word.

e.g., 1. I dunno whether or not one could legitimately call a castle midevil. That would go beyond anthropomorphism, assigning human characteristics to an inanimate object like that. 2. Chris may be a devil, but he's midevil. Or so I thought until he bitch-slapped me.

submitted by Miss Speller

midgetbigot - One who hates small minds.

e.g., I'm such a midgetbigot that I think anyone displaying obvious signs of stupidity should be shot on site (or on sight) or at the least sterilized.

submitted by nitag - (www)

midgie - Fly-like insects prone to biting in the height of summer. Commonly found in Scotland.

e.g., I've just been bite by another midgie.

submitted by briantginge

midi - A strong emotion, particularlly a gushing desire for a midi file.

e.g., I had a midi last night.

submitted by Durandal

midi ochre - The disgusting color and quality of cheap paint.

e.g., Hal-- I've just repainted my kitchen. Doesn't it look fresh and new? Cal-- You idiot! Results are always mid ochre when you use five-year-old paint bought for three dollars a gallon!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

midimize - Clicking on the overlapping squares button at the upper right in a window to make it a mid-sized floating window.

e.g., In order to view two windows on your screen you should midimize one or both of the windows.

submitted by Claude Kuffskie

midiot - A man who does not understand the ways of a relationship or the ways of women. A male idiot.

e.g., Most men, sadly, are midiots. For instance, a midiot doesn't know what we really mean when we say nothing is wrong.

submitted by Angela

midnight around two - The time of a late-night rendevous, unspecific, because you're "going out"-- probably drinking, but you know you'll eventually get there.

e.g., I'll meet you at the bar. What time? Midnight around two.

submitted by Bob

midnight auto supply - The name of the place where someone gets the parts that are needed, when all the stores are closed. If your car is left on the street at night, it may become part of the inventory.

e.g., He picked up his parts at the Midnight Auto Supply, but is now doing 60 days in the pokey.

submitted by Steve McDonald

midnight drags - These are drag races held late at night on rural stretches of roads. In recent years, there are usually lookouts with cellphones posted a few miles from each end of the location, to warn of approaching cops. When I spent some time in a distant part of the country, I seem to recall that these races had a special added attraction, or was it just fantasy? Time can blur such memories. Anyway, they were started by a naked woman, who stood between the two cars and held pieces of her underwear up high. She would drop them to signal the start. A different woman started each race and if one wasn't willing to take her turn, she wouldn't be invited to attend again. Once, two women raced each other. Guess what they demanded for a starter? There were several guys eager to volunteer. But I'm sure that the refined and gentlemanly guys in my home area, would never subject a woman to such a thing. Are there still any "Dukes of Hazzard" fans out there?

e.g., The newcomer was invited to the midnight drags and saw some fast cars and other interesting sights.

submitted by Steve McDonald

midnight-thirty - 12:30 at night.

e.g., Please be home at usual curfew, midnight-thirty.

submitted by Leslie Opp-Beckman - (www)

midworth - the trough in something's worth between the time it is highly valued because it's new and the time when it's highly valued because it's nostalgic

e.g., Devo was in its midworth for most of the 90s. Now it's coming back.

submitted by Bernie Dodge - (www)

miercoles - Derived from the Spanish for "Wednesday," miercoles is a substitute for "darn." Pronounciation is: me-AIR-ko-less.

e.g., Miercoles! I forgot to go to the bank yesterday.

submitted by McKell

miere - (n.) (MEER) 1. The second-ever episode of a television series. 2. (also "season miere") The second episode of a single season of a television series. [Etymology: back-formation from premiere (first episode), with pre- meaning before; the premiere is the episode before the miere.]

e.g., High ratings during the miere are important for any new sitcom. If people just watch the first episode and then tune out, they probably need to axe the show.

submitted by Mirakle B.

miered - To put in the "game" as an uninspired choice -- and then let down that undeserving person.

(ED. Did my best to straighten out a munged submittal, because the word needs to be added. Within minutes of adding "miered" to the PseudoDictionary, I found the following in my e-mail, from

© Michael Quinion -- 28 October 2005 Newsletter POLITICAL SLANG Could it be that the decision by Harriet Miers to remove herself from contention for appointment to the US Supreme Court will result in "miered" entering the language? If it did, it would be a parallel development to the verb "to bork," in reference to the failed nomination by Robert Bork in 1987 and which the New York Times once defined as "to destroy a judicial nominee through a concerted attack on his character, background and philosophy." No example of "miered" has yet appeared in the public prints, so far as I know, though it has been widely used in blogs for the past couple of weeks. One definition online is "to put your allies in the most untenable position possible based upon exceptionally bad decision-making."

e.g., Josh had never played football before, but he wanted to start at quarterback. His dad's buddy was the coach and miered him.

submitted by Bill Walle - (www)

miffed - UK slang: upset, put out, annoyed, angry. (This is informal, but quite common in the US as well.)

e.g., She was miffed that he turned up late for the date yet again.

submitted by Adam Leslie

miffle - Nothing. | An awkward or confusing situation resulting from a slight miscalculation. Missing the middle or center of a target.

e.g., A. What are you doing? B. Miffle. | While trying to type the word "middle," he suddenly found himself in the middle of a miffle.

submitted by megu | Mike W. - (www)

mifune - (Rhymes with if-SOON-way; n.) 1. the actor who is perfect for a given part (and I mean REALLY perfect ... they embody the role; they don't just assume it); (v., pronounced to rhyme with if-SOON) 2. to perfectly suit a given role, part, task, office, or position; 3. to REALLY get off on some sort of martial art---especially when you're doing really well in a given exercise or practice session. [from Toshiro Mifune, the paradigmatic ronin/samurai in the works of Akira Kurosawa.]

e.g., "You know, when I get those boken lessons right, kendo is a real mifune." | "Toshiro Mifune was the quintessential samurai."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

migareh - To get tempted or jealous of something or somone to the extent of feeling the urge to satisfy this temptation.

e.g., I'm very migareh from Michaels Rolls Royce.

submitted by Eddie

migibilibite - A small creature, real or imaginary. It might be the little bug crawling in your hair, or a speck of something alive swimming in your drink.

e.g., Oh, I'm all itchy. My legs feel as if they're covered in migibilibites.

submitted by Alison

mignadice - Looking for an answer for something that you already have the answer to.

e.g., I was once in mignadice. I tried looking for refuge in different kinds of religion seeking the meaning of life when all along the answer was in Me.

submitted by Paul Michael Laborte

migot - Singularly bigoted on only one thing. Only accepts one kind of outlook on life, or approaches life through one vein of thought, unable to accept others.

e.g., Forget that migot. He's obsessed with Walt Disney.

submitted by rj

mik-mill - Variation of milk.

e.g., Could I have a tall glass of mik-mil, please?

submitted by Neil

mikafinonging - Inspired by the backward masking of swearwords on hip hop records on British radio. Used to swear when swearing is inappropriate.

e.g., In a hospital, "Where's the mikafinoning doctor when you need him?"

submitted by Xnoybis

mike brady - Large visible sweat stains. So named because Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) often had large damp spots around the armpits and occasionally the chest of his sweatshirts. One would think that the wardrobe department would have replaced the sweaty garment with a new one, but evidently not.

e.g., Chris sure sweats a lot, even for a fat guy. He's got some serious Mike Bradys.

submitted by Jonathan Hughes - (www)

mike costa - A cross between a homo and a gay.

e.g., You little Mike Costa.

submitted by mike costa

mike tyson, to pull a - To bite off someone's ear.

© Michael Quinion -- Hoosier Others argue that it derives from the days when ear-biting was all the rage; when torn-off ears were found on a bar-room floor after a brawl, people would ask "whose ears?"

e.g., You think she'll pull a mike tyson? She's not a Hoosier, is she?

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

miked - To be fitted with a microphone.

e.g., "Apparently, the musicians don't know how to follow the piano instruction piano. Even with the performers miked, they were still overwhelmed much of the time by the orchestra."

submitted by HD Fowler

mikendorgan - A German soft drink.

e.g., The mikendorgan was very sweet.

submitted by Trey 7th English

mikeshake - From a ytpo. A milkshake bought or made by Mike for his green-eyed witch.

e.g., A necessity for making it a top-notch day was a stop at Braum's to get a Bordeaux Cherry Amaretto mikeshake.

submitted by HD Fowler

mikon - Mikon comes from "my con," short for "my condolences." You say this to someone bereaved to indicate that you feel sorry for them and hope they can feel better soon. {ED. Unfortunately, I've heard "My condolences" many, many more times than I've wanted to the last several months. "Mikon" would be welcome respite.}

e.g., "My grandad's very ill … I'm really worried about him." "I'm sure he'll be fine … mikon."

submitted by wordgoat - (www)

miktaw haw rippallifratter - Unable to describe one's thoughts, inability to talk to other humans intelligibly.

e.g., Ib hummum toe falis ibetz noooallis dubbink cah silch noahhvenb du miktaw haw rippallifratter

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mildry - A cross between mildewed and mouldy; also used to describe the weather on an unbelievably dreary and nondescript day.

e.g., 1. There was a mildry something on the window sill where the frame had been leaking. 2. I had intended to go shopping, but it was such a mildry day I decided to stay in bed.

submitted by Colin Taffel

mile long dot com - This is the name given to those stupid websites where the URL is a mile long.

e.g., is a mile long dot com.

submitted by Sammmy

milf - Mom I'd Like to Fuck.

e.g., Did you see that old chick that just walked by? Absolute milf. Reminded me of Rob Schneider.

submitted by Justin Berka

milf - milk on the side of the glass when it'emty

e.g., wash the milf off your glass.

submitted by george 7English

milhouse - To forsake one's friends in order to spend time with or pay an inordinate amount of attention to your significant other, or date.

e.g., Brad can't make it out tonight, because he's milhousing.

submitted by buzzard

militant veggie - 1. A vegetarian or vegan person who tends to be rather outspoken about their non-meat-eating ways. 2. Attitude of a vegetarian or vegan person who tends to be rather outspoken about their non-meat eating ways.

e.g., Don't tell Sally that you had lunch at McDonald's.. she'll go all militant veggie on you!

submitted by Devon - (www)

milk - Using something up as much as possible.

e.g., The guy got $3000 for that little dent in his car door. He milked the insurance company big time. | I got this hall pass with no date on it. I'm going to milk it for all it's worth.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

milk in a bag - Wrong. Because milk should come in a carton.

e.g., Regis Philbin in a dress. Now that's milk in a bag.

submitted by loa s.

milk train - Sometimes called "milk run." It's a local train that goes slowly and makes many stops. Comes from a time when such trains actually picked up milk from small dairies. The term is also applied to any sort of travel that involves a lot of stop-and-go or is perpetually late in arriving.

e.g., She came in on the milk train, only four hours behind schedule.

submitted by Steve McDonald

milking a chicken - Doing something very difficult. By extension, trying against all logic and reason to get something from something that won't yield it. Also used to describe going too far in getting what you want. Used by surfers who to ride a wave every inch into the sand or any other extreme fete.

e.g., To Ralph, calculus was only marginally easier than milking a chicken.

submitted by the fife - (www)

millibleeb - An itty-bitty, teeny-tiny fractional unit of measure used to describe anything that is ridiculously small and not even worth mentioning.

e.g., You can save a millibleeb of a second by saying "sko" instead of "let's go."

submitted by Greg Kellogg

milliganese - The particular brand of goonish nonsense, invented and used by the late, great Spike Milligan.

e.g., "Ning nang nong where the cows go bong," is an example of Milliganese.

submitted by Adam Leslie

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