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manu - When a hockey goalie saves the puck, but then lets it in the net.

e.g., Oh, my golly. He pulled a manu there.

submitted by Owen RedPaw

manufact - (MAN-you-fact; n.) An artifact made by hand. [Back formation from "manufacture": Latin manu "by hand" + factura, pp of facere "to make."]

e.g., Before the industrial revolution and interchangeable parts, almost everything made by anyone was a manufact: bricks, pots, pans, houses, plows, clothes, knives, dice, candles, horseshoes, utensils, castles, coaches, decorations, carpets, crowns, and so on and on. Nowadays, however, manufacts are rare and more valuable for it. We admire works of art for their manufactedness; copies of art are, for us, cheap and plentiful. I have copies of Afremov paintings in my screensaver, but I would expect to pay many thousands of dollars for the originals.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

manufracturer - A company that makes (and breaks) what it produces.

e.g., Look at the barstool the stupid manufracturer sent me. I ordered one with four legs; this one came with three and a half. :-(

submitted by John Breen

manulation - Walking on the hands.

e.g., They told him to not set foot in their place again. So next time, he came in manulating.

submitted by Steve McDonald

manulin - A man that is masculine and extremely manly.

e.g., Let's go buy some manulin shirts and beer mugs.

submitted by Christy

manurple - Substance, usually black in color, that was once gum, but has been stepped on and mixed wih dirt and grime to form a tar-like blob on the sidewalk or between the treads of your shoe. Rhymes with purple.

e.g., The clean white sidewalk was marred by several globs of manurple stuck to it.

submitted by Hugo

manuscrap - An especially good passage that is being saved for use in a later manuscript. | A manuscript that has been abandoned (scrapped).

e.g., This manuscrap about the sunset will come in handy in my novel some day. | Because of writer’s block, she placed her work in her burgeoning manuscrap file.

submitted by Nonesuch

manuvigate - Maneuver + navigate = manuvigate.

e.g., If we manuvigate carefully we won't knock over the boxes crowding the hallway.

submitted by John Di Leo

manwich - "noun. three guys sitting on a couch, esp. when playing video games. also, double manwich for four guys, etc"

e.g., "make some room in the manwich, Steve wants to play too."

submitted by Arashi - (www)

manwich - an odd substance that drips out of your shorts after or during sports activity

e.g., during the game doug's manwich fell out of his gym shorts

submitted by faderisimo - (www)

many mini hahas - Young squaws entertained by white man comic, elicit only abundance of shy brief titterings maybe.

e.g., Young Indian braves not understand why words of White Eyes should produce many mini hahas in voices of their squaws.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

manywhere - A more truthful and descriptive word than everywhere. People often say they have "been everywhere" but this presumably means the entire universe. | In many places, lots of locations, here and there frequently to be encountered.

e.g., I assure you sure we looked manywhere for it, but couldn't find it. We were thorough in the places we looked, so it was probably in one of the places we didn't look. Had we looked everywhere, we would have found it -- unless we overlooked it. | We looked manywhere for a good representative of modest and virtuous behavior on Earth, yet the search was in vain till we encountered the children, modified to act and react in gentle and peaceful ways.

submitted by chrissie | Paul Edic - (www)

manzeer - A fictional bra for a man with large breasts.

e.g., He's so fat he needs a manzeer.

submitted by girly

maozed - Forced to carry a little red book at all times.

e.g., Those party members were maozed.

submitted by M - (www)

mapalicious - Asthetic appearance on a map.

e.g., The shape of Italy sure is mapalicious.

submitted by Kris-10

mapigate - Using a map to navigate.

e.g., With the driving directions map printout, I was able to mapigate to my friend's house.

submitted by alan - (www)

mapometer - The GPS systems that come standard in some cars now. They have the ability to speak the directions to you. My mom has one in her car.

e.g., Use the mapometer, will ya, Mom? I love that thing.

submitted by Rainbow Woman

mapulation - Male population.

e.g., The majoriy of Australia's mapulation, agree that beer is grouse.

submitted by Patrice McLellan

maraud - (mer-ODD; v.) 1. to raid and/or plunder, generally (its original meaning); 2. to repeatedly raid the kitchen during lengthy business or school projects. 3.(slang) to go out searching for "booty" (either material or metaphorical). (n.) 4. (also "marauderie" mare-ODD-er-ee) an organized raid, for the purpose of pillage, robbery, and plunder; 5. to wander through a junkyard, ruin, or disaster area, seeking useful, utilizable, interesting, or otherwise salvageable stuff. 6. (marauds, sometimes "marades") a game, like charades, in which one participant must crouch behind a chair or sofa (or table, or whatever) and, using only his or her hands and fingers, mime the object or action the 'marauder' is seeking to steal or accomplish. The others, of course, are supposed to guess the answer before a predetermined deadline. (adj.) 7. ("maraudesque") Of or pertaining to highway robbery, high-seas piracy, or raiding.

e.g., "Where are you going?" "Oh, just on a maraud to the junkyard." | "Where's my cottage cheese?!" "Oh, sorry, we must have eaten it last night while we were cramming for the physics final." "I can't live in an apartment with you guys and your endless marauderie."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

marble count - Measure of a person's intelligence or sanity. From "He's lost his marbles."

e.g., Anyone who would date him would have to have a low marble count.

submitted by Todd M. Bass

march and ice - Winter hiking and ice skating gear.

e.g., In preparation for a January trek along the Appalachain trail to skate at Lake Louise, Alec needed new sturdy boots, warm clothes, sharpened skate blades, a light back pack, and other cold weather march and ice.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

marconigram - Telegram, the term that was used in 1912.

e.g., "Another witness has come forward to support the Canadian army officer in his contention that Ismay ordered faster speed after receiving a marconigram warning of the nearness of dangerous ice fields. She is Mrs. Walter D. Douglas, of Minneapolis, a first cabin passenger."

submitted by HD Fowler

mard - Disgusting, rotten, dirty, hideous, monstrous, greasy, oily, molded and old.

e.g., Look at her hair. It looks so mard.

submitted by aldwin oliveros

mardy - childishly moody

e.g., "suddenly, simon decided he didn't want the cake. he was being mardy tonight."

submitted by simon - (www)

marena - (Pronounced just like \"marina\"; n.) 1. The traffic jam that results when a number of boats try to leave a crowded marina at around the same time, generally resulting in a whole flotilla of frustrated boaters shouting at each other or testing the efficacy of their pontoon bumpers; 2. The area of ocean/sea/river/lake upon which a naval battle takes or took place; 3. A pool or swimming area designated (facetiously, it is to be hoped) as a dueling ground. [From \"marina\" and \"arena.\"]

e.g., A: \"So, did you have a good time deep-sea fishing over the holidays?\" B: \"Never got out to the salt water, actually.\" A: \"Why not?!\" B: \"Cuz at least ten dozen people had my same idea: there was some serious marena action, and that arrogant jackass with the Formula 40 bashed a whole in my bow.\" || The straits of Messina have been the marena for many many battles over the years. || \"Zis insult requires satisfation! You will meet me on zee field of honeur!\" \"Oui! zee marena, tomorrow morning! ... why are we talking like zis?\"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

marf - 1. From the sound of a dog trying to meow. Implies a lack of comprehension. Also used to indicate that the person speaking is babbling nonsense. Quickly becomes an "in-joke" for those that use it. Confuses the hell out of the mundanes. Replaces "Huh?" 2. The sound an obscenly large or obese cat makes: a combination of a bark and a meow.

e.g., 1. Boss: "Do you think that the color of my socks could be affecting the speed of my network connection?" Response: "Marf?" Boss:"What?" Response:"Exactly." 2. "I think your cat is dying. That sound it just made was brutal." "Naw, that's just a marf. Time to feed the beast."

submitted by Cujo, Salty - (www)

marf - A meaningless expression used by a speaker who can't or won't decide on a word to express her emotional state.

e.g., "Hey, Natalie, how was your day?" "Marf." "That bad, huh?" "What should we order, pizza or Chinese?" "Marf." "I don't really want Chinese,"

submitted by NatalieD

marfed - To be ruined by a printer or copier.

e.g., The printer marfed my term paper.

submitted by Megan

marfinscarful - A small place where friends talk around a small fire, a candle, or flame of any sort.

e.g., I met my girlfriend at a marfinscarful at camp.

submitted by Scott - (www)

margin-of-manoeuvreability - MOM. The shortest distance between a fib and a little white lie.

e.g., The philandering, prevaricating politician casually inquired about the price of pot in Port Alberni — if MOM could provide a logical rationale for a ticklish trip with a weather pixie to the North Pole, and whether an incontinent peccadillo with a potty gardener at Government House would compromise his re-election campaign as the Senior Senator from Spuzzum responsible for the Somnambulant State of Affairs portfolio.

submitted by The Quipping Queen - (www)

mariah - Exhaustion to the point of nervous breakdown.

e.g., She had signed up to do so many things at once that the stress added up and she had a mariah.

submitted by josh rocket martinez - (www)

mariah carey in glitter - Horrible, unenjoyable.

e.g., Chris: Have you heard *Nsync's new song? Scott: No. Chris: It's bad. Mariah Carey in Glitter bad.

submitted by Trebor Candy

maried-out - To make an order in a manner similar to Marie. To completely choke when making an order of any kind (though usually a meal in a restaurant) and have to use the phrase "no wait, umm, could I have" at least three times.

e.g., Marie: "I'd like chocolate ice cream with fud--no, wait, umm...could I have vanilla wi-- no, wait could I have..." and so on... Jonny. Oh, crap. You're doing it again. You've maried-out on me.

submitted by Jonny

marination - The inevitable result of a battle, fight, or war waged by a large and able army, person, or country against a much weaker foe.

e.g., If Isolation Tank crosses swords with Ochre Orientis, Isolation Tank will eventually be completely marinated.

submitted by Isolation Tank

marketect - A marketing consultant who has sufficient training to prepare comprehensive strategic marketing blueprints to market an individual or a business through designing a comprehensive strategic marketing plan as opposed to a piece-by-piece fragmented approach.

e.g., After wasting massive amounts of time and money by allowing separate vendors to implement creative marketing ideas, Mary took matters in hand and hired a competent marketect to design an overall blueprint for success.

submitted by Linda Starr

marketecture - A completely fictional architecture diagram of a company's product, festooned with marketing buzzwords. Used to woo investors and customers.

e.g., "This marketecture diagram bears no resemblance to what we're actually building."

submitted by Kevin Kelm - (www)

marketeer - Derogatory term for a person who publishes inane or overly-fluffed advertising. Word derives from combination of marketing professional and Mickey Mouse Club term. (Marketeers have been around for ages. And so has this term.)

e.g., Ignore that spam--it's just from a marketeer.

submitted by Joel Garry - (www)

marklar - A noun standing in place of any noun you have temporarily forgotten. Synonym of thingy, thingumbob, whatsit. Also may be used deliberately when the meaning is abundantly clear anyway. Derived from its use by space aliens in an episode of South Park.

e.g., On Marklar, everyone and every thing is referred to as marklar. We come in marklar. Take us to your marklar.

submitted by martin dace - (www)

marl - Fertilizer. Literary and obsure usage.


Lord Amwell, The Philosopher, Volume XXV, 1948: If we are but "clods of wayward marl," and the stars mock our vanity, as it is the fashion to say they do, the question whether death ends all may not deserve attention on philosophic grounds.…

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

marleycorn - (n.) small change, especially a large number of coins that rattle and clink like the chains binding Jacob Marley, Scrooge's dead partner in Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

e.g., He was carrying so much marleycorn that he had to keep hold of his belt to keep his pants up. It was like watching post-modern slapstick.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

marlipe - (rhymes with bar'-the-tree; n.) the recipe for supernatural interaction, as recited by Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens'_A Christmas Carol_: “Because,” said Scrooge, "an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, [and] a fragment of an underdone potato ... [with] gravy"---that, or swallowing a toothpick (at least, according to Scrooge). [from Marley + recipe.]

e.g., "Yuck, what are you eating?!" "It's a salami, bratwurst, and jalapeno sandwich, with cabbage and onions ... and a little A1 sauce." "Just before you go to bed? What a sure-fire Marlipe."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

marlon blando - A variation on the word "bland," Marlon Blando can describe anything in its place.

e.g., Although she's quite a good cook, I found tonight's meal marlon blando. | I had a date last night, but the guy was so marlon blando I hope I never see him again. I should have known before I went out with him -- since his name was Chris.

submitted by Alexis

marmalade - Collective term for alcoholic beverages; however, cannot be used to express the alcohol content level. Marmalade is marmalade--30 proof marmalade would be wrong.

e.g., Got any marmalade? OR Shall I bring marmalade?

submitted by dekoi

marmalading - The act of sending bittersweet wake-up calls or reality checks backed up with facts to posts/blogs that are against humanity. Often used by Culture Jammers or [Passive Pammers]. Marmalade comes with no preservatives.

e.g., This blogger needs marmalading: Worldwide carbon dioxide emissions in 2005 are estimated to be slightly more than 24 billion tonnes.

submitted by Dr Inkerman

marmalaise - Bland uninteresting or ubiquitous food, as with my mother's weekly attempt at marmalade chicken.

e.g., Oh man, are we having marmalaise for dinner again?

submitted by nasdaddy

marmalot - A species of cat composed of orange preserves. They lick the light off mirrors, leaving sticky paw prints around the rims.

e.g., I've never met a marmalot, though I have seen the evidence of their existence at the edges of little-used and dust-flaked mirrors.

submitted by Bryn Kanar - (www)

marrinate - To chill. (Any connection to "marinating"?)

e.g., L: Hey, what's up? M: Not much, just marrinating.

submitted by Laura

marsh-mellow - Wetlands that are calm and relaxed.

e.g., Having risked life and limb navigating treacherous rapids, I was relieved to steer my canoe into a marsh-mellow.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

marshalfaulk - Near perfection. Football announcers, such as John Madden, treat Marshal Faulk as if he's a god.

e.g., Madonna's concert is marshalfaulk.

submitted by Andrew - (www)

marsiphobiphiliac - Coined in 2004 to mean "a person who would love to go to Mars but is afraid of being marooned there." (ED. It will be interesting to see how long this takes to turn up as a ghit. Right now it shows up only in references to the book the word is mentioned in.)

e.g., No, my dear, I am not a marsiphobiphiliac. I'm claustrophobic. Any questions?

submitted by [Bill Sherk] - (www)

marthamiable - Outwardly warm and friendly but inwardly devious. Manipulative beneath a happy exterior.

e.g., Surely you've noticed how marthamiable Charlene is.

submitted by ty evans

martian packet - Strange e-mail turning up in the wrong computer because of bogus routing.

e.g., I got such a funny e-mail last night -- didn't understand a word of it. Must have been a Martian Packet.

submitted by Ivar Zantinge - (www)

martian weed garden - On Mars even the weeds are valued. There delightful gardens of select varieties of weeds are tastefully planted and displayed.

e.g., The Martian weed garden is actually quite pleasing and beautiful. Settlers from Earth are caused nostalgic feelings from the familiar plants from home which on Earth grow wild everywhere.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

martingale - Doubling up gambling scheme.

Risk management theory | Masterclass | Financial | Inside Edge UK At this point I'd like to introduce the martingale. This is a technique that involves increasing stake size as a run of losses extends. Classically, the martingale comes into play with gambling games like blackjack or roulette, where a stake is doubled after every sequential loss. When a win is made, the player gets back his losses and earns a "one-unit" win; the stake size is then reset. In theory, with infinite money you'll always end up winning in the end. The martingale and its many permutations are popular systems for trading. However the model is flawed as, in reality, you are liable to run out of money before your luck turns. Bad luck simply happens with greater regularity than the capital required to fund the operation. I've actually witnessed red come up 23 times successively on a roulette table. If I'd been running a martingale, it would have cost me £4 million to win back my £1 -- and even if I had £4 million, the table limit would defeat me.

e.g., Didn't take me long to find out that the martingale is one of the classic gambler's ruin betting systems. I overlooked the fact that I'd need an infinite amount of money to be sure I wouldn't go broke. Hell, if I had an infinite amount of money, I wouldn't need a betting system.

submitted by HD Fowler

martitis - The inability to shop at any store other than K-Mart, Wal-Mart or Quik-Mart.

e.g., Did you see the polyester crap that Chris has on? A bad case of martitis.

submitted by Saint714

martulious - Devilishly quiet. Planning. One who is martulious is planning something bad.

e.g., Hershell Justice thirsted for revenge. As we watched him seat himself in that far corner of the school library, we knew we could anticipate some life-threatinging response to occur to his martulious mind--and soon. Mr. Watts, his math teacher, needed to be alerted. (See Bulywer-Lytton Awards.)

submitted by alex

marveyfloss - When something is between the stages of going well and being fantasic.

e.g., Marveyfloss, I never thought i could do that.

submitted by Rill - (www)

marvin - As in "Marvin the Paranoid Android" of Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy fame, a "marvin" is someone with a brain the size of the planet, condemned to answering trivial questions and solving minor problems.

e.g., I asked Chad why some URLs have "www" on them and some don't, but all he said was "Feeble human, for the simple reason that people like you wouldn't believe it was really on the 'world wide web' unless it had a 'www' prefix." Chad can be such a marvin sometimes. . . .

submitted by alan jones - (www)

marvinous - Too small. Non-living objects exclusively.

e.g., The bread is all marvinous and crusty.

submitted by Swanee

mary jane - U.S.M.C.. WWI. Girlfriend.

e.g., Cooper's going to marry his Mary Jane when he gets back home.

submitted by Stephen Mize

mary janes - Shoes for little girls -- plain vanilla low-heeled shoes with buckles.

e.g., "Mary Jane shoes are probably the most worn girls' shoes in history. Just about every little girl has a pair. Why are Mary Jane shoes so popular? Why have they been the mainstay in girls footwear for decades? Because they are attractive, can be dressed up or down and are easy to get on and off. Girls can wear them with anything, dresses, skirts, jeans, slacks; almost any outfit looks complete with a pair of Mary Janes."

submitted by current usage - (www)

mary poppins - Practically perfect in every way. Great, wonderful, often used in sarcasm.

e.g., You should see the dress I got! It's Mary Poppins.

submitted by Lyndsey

mary sue - Mary Sue is a word used in reference to fanfiction. A Mary Sue is a character written in so that the author can live vicariously through her. Mary Sues usually have super-powers, tragic backstories. and are terribly obnoxious to read about. See

e.g., Wesley Crusher is the most well-known Mary Sue. Wesley is Gene Roddenbery's middle name.

submitted by Aquila

mas - Mutual Admiration Society. || "(Caribbean) a carnival | music played for a carnival, or a band playing this."

e.g., Friends of the best kind are usually those who belong to the same MAS. If your friends don't think highly of you and admire you, who will? | I think it's safe enough to say we belong to a three-man MAS. || “The total lack of cultural context is a real problem,” says Okola. “From a distance, someone may see Rihanna walking down the street and say, ‘Oh, she’s half-naked on the street.’ First of all, why do you care? Secondly, do you understand the context within which she’s half-naked in a bikini? It is simply part of the mas experience. And mas has not always had these levels of nakedness, but like everything, mas evolves.”

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

masculicide - The killing of males.

e.g., The black widow comitted masculicide when she killed her mate.

submitted by Jessica Lies

masculinazi - A male who (for selfish reasons) believes the male sex is better than the female sex.

e.g., That damn masculinazi just cut that woman.

submitted by floff

mash - Very cool. | To click; to press lightly, esp. in the southern United States.

e.g., That is mash. | "Click on Start, please." "Y'all want me to mash on that?" "No, just click on it, please."

submitted by christian | Jason

mashed - Falling apart and wrecked from abuse.

e.g., His shoes were mashed from skateboarding.

submitted by landon hildebrand

mashedonian potatoes - The whole genre of dried, flaked potatoes packaged in a box. No amount of butter, milk, cream or frenzied whipping can make them edible. Obviously, they're all imported from an obscure country, far from the U.S., outside our legal jurisdiction.

e.g., Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, except for the mashedonian potatoes!

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

mashies - Mashed potatoes.

e.g., Let's eat some mashies with our dinner tonight.

submitted by kerri - (www)

mashingaye - In traditional English Morris Dancing each group has a character that clowns around. This person is called the fool. Traditionally the fool hits his fellow Morris men with an inflated pig's bladder. This is called a mashingaye.

e.g., Denis was the fool for the Nine Men Morris. He enjoyed the dancing and hitting everyone with his mashingaye.

submitted by David Ford

mask uline - The "standard" stoic, impassive visage that hides male emotions.

e.g., George Becton is a regular guy. His craggy, unsmiling face and questioning cynical look is his typical mask uline reaction to all confrontations. However, when Willy, his wife, smiles gently at him with her soft brown eyes, his heart immediately melts and she gets anything she wants. (ED. Isn't that the way it is for any man worth his salt.)

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

masochristmas - Returning for a family gathering at Christmas, even though you know it'll be tedious, painful, and boring.

e.g., I'm going home for the holidays. It'll be another masochristmas.

submitted by stephfox - (www)

mason - A master bricklayer, one who has made plans with friends, family, members, or co-workers without following through with what he says he will do so many times it boggles his friends' minds.

e.g., I've called Gootermin every weekend for the past 6 months. He always says he will come to the pub for a round or two but never shows. He's beyond a bricklayer--this guy's become a full fledged mason.

submitted by george kursar

mason-dixon line - The state lines from Arkansas to Virgina that divide the North from the South.

e.g., Once you see those city bright lights you'll know you've crossed the good 'ol Mason Dixon Line

submitted by Ricky Mannings jr.

masonic boom - What Lisa's mom calls a sonic boom.

e.g., Oh geez, did ya hear that masonic boom?

submitted by Jen

maspill - Mus-pill. First syllable pronounced same as last syllable in Christmas. A hypothetical drug used to cure someone who is anti-Christmas.

e.g., Scott: Merry Christmas. Chris: It's politically incorrect to say that in public. Scott: OK, idiotstick. Take a maspill.

submitted by Trebor Candy

mass - A lot, very.

e.g., There were mass people at the concert. | The movie theater was mass crowded.

submitted by TATUM

mass-produced - Term for people who aren't necessarily poseurs, but who dress in so many typical punk things that it almost defeats the purpose.

e.g., Did you just see Chris walk by with her spiked wristbands and Emily the Strange t-shirt? She is SO mass-produced.

submitted by C-Dot - (www)

masshole - Person from Massachusetts who, by definition, is bad-tempered, in a bad mood at all times, and extremely rude. Most pronounced if from the Boston area. Oh, it's a tiny state (intellectually, morally, and physically) so all of Massachusetts is in the Boston area.

e.g., As it is, Chris is just an asshole. If he were from Massachusetts, he'd be a masshole.

submitted by Scott

massimmaculate - Something very large and very clean.

e.g., The skyscraper in front of them was massimaculate, but not indestructible.

submitted by Fenix

massnot - The black goop that collects in the corner of your eye after wearing mascara or eyeliner for a while.

e.g., I was so embarrassed to see, on looking in the mirror, that I had a hearty collection of massnot in both eyes.

submitted by Tam

massoff - My ass off.

e.g., I've been sitting massoff at the computer.

submitted by bad_st - (www)

massplosion - An explosion, only bigger.

e.g., There was a huge massplosion and the entire earth dissappeared.

submitted by Fenix

massurveytion - The repeated surveying of employees with no tangible results.

e.g., The employees were wearied by the massurveytion and demanded results.

submitted by Cindy VanEpps

mastasis - (mass-TAY-sus) (adjectival form: mastatic) The phase of a video game after all possible bosses, goals, and achievements have been exhausted and the scenario is technically over, leaving the player to wander endlessly, kill enemies for no reason, and eventually sell her game to the nearest thrift store. (Etymology: from "master" [a completely skilled player] + "stasis" [a period of inactivity and boredom].)

e.g., "WarioWare is a good game, but it's too short. I hit mastasis less than an hour after I started playing." "I like online first-person shooters like Counter Strike. They never go mastatic; there's always lots to do."

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

master of illusion - Used for a person who, when seen from behind, is thought to be attractive -- until she turns around and you get a good look at her face.

e.g., You won't believe what happened to me today. I thought I saw this sexy girl at Petaling Street, so I say, "Lah, darling." And then she turns around. . . . Master of illusion.

submitted by nyarlahotep

masteraider - A vehicle that orginated in the '70s, so Aussie-looking that it requires you wear a safari hat and listen to "The Land Down Under" when riding in it.

e.g., We're going to Green Bay. Tina's driving the masteraider.

submitted by Branda

masterfulicious - Used in reference to writing that is beyond masterful.

e.g., The metaphors in "All Quiet on the Western Front" were masterfulicious.

submitted by chester

masters of allusion - This word names those wordsmiths whose verbal creations are both slick and snide. With a quick hit-and-run remark, they disappear, leaving you wondering whether you have been insulted. By the time you realize it was a subtle clever insult, they are long gone.

e.g., "Cedric, did you hear that? I was just insulted by one of the authentic masters of allusion. I don't know whether to sit here and feel bad or admire his wicked rapier wit."

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

mastobia - (mass-TOE-bee-uh; n.) 1. The power of the female bust to sway men's thoughts and actions; 2. cleavage or shapely breasts regarded as power. [From Greek mastos "breast" + bia "power.")

e.g., Women sometimes underestimate mastobia. | Television has always been a showcase for mastobia. | Most men conmprehend the overwhelming force of mastobia, but we're pretty powerless in the face of it anyway.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

mastress - This Mistress who takes control everything without cowering behind her femininity. Overt dominence by a women.

e.g., The mastress of the house is responsible for financial affairs.

submitted by Mark C. Carroll - (www)

mastribution - Mass distribution. | An over-managed series of random events leading to commercial distribution of product. | The mass distribution of something.

e.g., Tim flagged his memo for mastribution. | Our top executives meet regularly to plan mastribution milestones that will drive product utilization. | Not to worry, everyone will get notified by mastribution of leaflets.

submitted by Peter Beckwith | Dan Koenig | peter beck - (www)

matchative - Of articles of clothing that match or complement one another; an outfit that looks good.

e.g., I like your outfit--it's very matchative. Nice shoes, very matchative with the rest of your ensemble.

submitted by marissa

matched potatoes - A pair of couch potatoes sitting together on the same couch, drinking beer, watching endless sports.

e.g., The nice thing about matched potatoes is that they're right there for each other, buddies, compatible, like-minded spirits.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

matching sock - Someone you fit well with, your soul mate.

e.g., Ty: I don't understand the one "cachique" or how to pronounce it, but I'm pretty sure it describes you. Nicky: Thanks. And you are my matching sock.

submitted by Nicky Ubben

matchitivity - The ability to match clothes.

e.g., Women have better matchitivity than men.

submitted by Adam Hardy

mate - A word used to refer to a friend

e.g., ""Yeah, Andy's my best mate""

submitted by Poet

mater - Pronounced "mate r." A shortening of the two words mate and later. Used as a farewell.

e.g., Nice catching up with you, mater.

submitted by John

mates rates - A (usually substantial) discount given to a friend or family member in a retail situation. Used widely in Australia.

e.g., Frank, the football coach, got wasted on half-price beer. Seems that his old friend Barry (the barman) was charging him mates rates.

submitted by chuck - (www)

math - A hip hop term that refers to one's phone number.

e.g., My answering machine: "I'm not home right now. Lleave your name and your math and I'll call back."

submitted by too dark

math - A system by which you can attempt to determine the special of the month at a given fast food restaurant.

e.g., What does the math say about the Monterey Ranch Chicken Sandwich at Wendys?

submitted by ditnis

mathabetical - Having to do with the order of numbers; specifically, to order from least to greatest.

e.g., Please write this selection of numbers in mathabetical order: 1, 8, 4, 9, 2.

submitted by immortal kombattant

mathamagician - A person dexterous in the art of solving long, complex, and tedious mathematics problems in a matter of moments.

e.g., Kelsey, you're a mathemagician. Can you help me on my linear algebra homework?

submitted by diddy

matharsis - The emotional release that suddenly occurs after having worked for a long time on a particularly difficult mathematics problem and finally solving it.

e.g., After three hours I finally solved that calculus problem. It was a welcome matharsis.

submitted by Mike W.

mathed - The past tense of math: having been subjected to mathematics in the past.

e.g., I really mathed that equation on yesterday's algebra quiz.

submitted by Sean - (www)

mathemaniac - One who is overly obsessed with mathematics, and mathematical derivations.

e.g., I say it is an empirical formula. But Duke insists on proving it analytically. He is a mathemaniac.

submitted by Shree

mathermatics - Arithmetic as practiced by hip-hop stylist Marshall Mather aka Eminem.

e.g., "Slamming President Trump is very popular with my fans. According to my mathermatics, my new album should sell 6 million copies."

submitted by Miss Speller

mathing - Doing math. If one who is using paint is "painting," then one who is using numbers and equations should be described as "mathing."

e.g., The calculus students were in the lounge mathing before class.

submitted by Kevin Nahm - (www)

mathmagical, mathemagical - 1. When math or a specific math problem suddenly makes sense or the answer is suddenly achieved. 2. A math problem or concept that is beyond the reviewer's abilities.

e.g., 1. I was working on that math problem for a long time, and then the answer mathemagically came to me. 2. Calculus is too mathemagical for Johnny; he hasn't even studied algebra.

submitted by Megg B

mathmo - A mathematician, especially one studying the Mathematical Tripos at the University of Cambridge

e.g., Don't talk to him, he's a mathmo.

submitted by dmn - (www)

mathocism - A sexual perversion in which, the mathochist experiences pleasure when subjected to the pain or humiliation of being forced to solve "impossible" arithmetic problems.

e.g., Robert: Why Did Verne lock himself in his room again? Isaac: He's still trying to compute the mathematical formula for reversing entropy. Robert: He's been in there for days. This kind of continuous computation is a complete waste of time. I tell you, Verne's turning into a complete mathochist.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

mathom - Something one does not use every day, but has some sort of intrinsic value; one does not wish to toss it out. "Anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a mathom." -- JRR Tolkien

e.g., I have many old books. Not sure if I'll read them again, but they sit on the shelves as mathoms.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

matically - Dramatically or terribly.

e.g., There must be someting matically wrong with you.

submitted by mary stone

mationie - A very messy room.

e.g., Mom made me clean my MATIONIE.

submitted by Sam Schamber

matisse, a - A person who looks very beautiful from a distance, but up close is not quite as beautiful as thought: usually due to blemishes, etc. Matisse painted artwork that looks perfect from a distance, but up close is distorted or unattractive.

e.g., She looked really good from a distance, but when I got up close I realized she was a Matisse.

submitted by Michael Wraight

matootles - Your mom and her tootles. (ED. According to TheFreeDictionary, to tootle is "to walk or drive in a leisurely manner. . . .")

e.g., When your mom walks away, she matootles.

submitted by Bobby Lily Joe

matressable - A girl that you would like to get in the sack. A good word to use when you don't want people knowing what you're talking about.

e.g., She is definitely matressable.

submitted by Bryce - (www)

matriarchy - The present Western system of government, understood as a system of sexual inequality favoring women

e.g., "Today, in America, the realities of sex are far different than the popular conceptions. Women are considered an oppressed 'minority' in need of special protections, yet are demonstrably a majority with vast, institutionalized preferential treatment--in fact, routinely oppressing the real minority, men. Surely the feminist notion of 'patriarchy' and 'patriarchal' are a deeper concern than using the terms to designate what genitals lie between the legs of government officials. Let this simple phrase echo as a cry through the ages. It was said here, now. It is a matriarchy in which we live. Demonstrably." (Julian Darius, "The Matriarchy,"

submitted by Jack2003 - (www)

matricize - To resembling or emulate the movie The Matrix.

e.g., Charlie's Angels was all matricized.

submitted by BigAssFries

matrimoney - An exhorbinant amount of money spent to celebrate the beginning of the end of your relationship.

e.g., The matrimoney has left me destitute. The honeymoon is over.

submitted by Launie Allomong

matriot - (MAY-tree-ut; n.) 1. Somebody female who loves their country; 2. Somebody, male or female, who comes from a country which their culture refers to as a "motherland"; 3. Any college or high-school student (mostly pre60s) who loves their alma-mater. [From "patriot," but using "mater" instead of "pater" as the source word.]

e.g., Abigail Adams was the paradigmatic matriot. | Misha is a Russian Matriot (since he comes from the Russian "Motherland"). | "All matriots should plan to come to the team spirit bonfire on Friday!"

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

matrix - Bending back in order to avoid something, similar to the bullet dodging seen in the movie "_The Matrix_. Pulling a matrix.

e.g., Lindsey tried to dump a cup of water on me but I pulled a matrix and she only got my shoe.

submitted by curtis eilers

matrix fighting - Term used to describe wire-assisted or wire-fu martial arts fighting in movies. Named for the movie The Matrix, the first mainstream movie to successfully showcase such fighting. Often used by people whose first exposure to wire-fu is through this movie.

e.g., Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon may have better matrix fighting than any previous movie.

submitted by mrkillboy - (www)

matrix flip - An imitation of the slow-motion _Matrix_ stunts by leaping into the air, flopping into a crude somersault, tumbling on the ground, then recoiling and pretending to shoot a weapon of some sort. Since slow-motion does not exist in normal life, Matrix flips look hilarious. Matrix dives work the same way, except one dives (a la baseball sliding) to the ground and then proceeds to get up sharply and fire.

e.g., Did you see that Matrix flip she pulled in her homemade video? Even editing couldn't make that look good.

submitted by Aurora

matrixrip - A Matrix rip-off.

e.g., Nothing new in the entire film -- a full matrixrip.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

matronise - To be put down as only your mother can

e.g., I thought I was doing well in my life, but when I came home, I was matronised again.

submitted by Eleonor

matronising - Pronounced to rhyme with "patronizing." Same thing, but done by women.

e.g., Don't you think calling me a "mere man" is rather matronising?

submitted by Veronica Zundel

matt jones - Synonym for gay. An insult used to offend but be immune from punishment.

e.g., Oh, my God, you are mincing about just like Matt Jones. Are you a poofter?

submitted by Matt Jones

mature moment - Usually applied to people over 40 -- a synonym for brain fade or synapse lapse. Forgetting something simple.

e.g., I forgot milk at the store again. I must have had a mature moment.

submitted by Karen Reynolds

matzah-farian - A Jamaican Jew.

e.g., Sammy Liebowitz never returned from his Jamaican vacation, choosing instead to become a Matzah-farian.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

matzaprix - 1. A top quality Persian/Turkish rug, derived from mat and grand prix. 2. (slang) Someone annoying.

e.g., 1. I brought you back a colourful matzaprix from my travels. 2. Tom is a matzaprix.

submitted by Tom

matzo bulls - Fed exclusively on matzo, the flesh of matzo bulls is especially tasty when making matzel tovaroff.

e.g., On my Jewish rye sandwich I like lotsa matzo bull, baked and sliced.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mau-mau - Definition from TheFreeDictionary:  

tr.v. mau-maued, mau-mau·ing, mau-maus Informal 

To attack or denounce vociferously, especially so as to intimidate: "In years past, [the civil rights leadership] . . . would mau-mau the government or the corporate sector or the white community" (Joseph Perkins).

e.g., Gates of Vienna » Fjordman Asks, “Isn’t Glossocracy Great?” (a site not very sensitive to the mores of the Left): "Can you say 'this was an example of mau-mauing?' If you dare you're in deep do-do with the Language Police."

submitted by HD Fowler

maureen dowd syndrome - A condition my son named about ten years ago: Maureen Dowd is both fact and logic-proof: neither can gain purchase on her grey matter.

e.g., More and more people seem to suffer from Maureen Dowd Syndrome.

submitted by Erle W Machiavellean

mauven - 1. To become mauve. 2. To make or cause to become mauve.

e.g., The blood pulsing from the wound rapidly began to mauven. After all, cyanide tends to mauven blood much more effectively than prussic acid.

submitted by Tama Boyle

mauvie - An off-colour "blue" movie

e.g., Dr. Alan's first foray into the movie business was best described as a mauvie -- it was supposed to be a blue (porno) but it was just sooooo off colour.

submitted by Jonty Reason - (www)

mavvy - For one who is elegantly dressed but has not showered lately, or the clothes are of an expensive design, but are worn out. A tearoff of "marvelous" or "marvy"? Mavy.

e.g., Look at her -- isn't that mavvy. That's not shabby-chic, that's mavy.

submitted by Joe

maw - Mouth. Maw can be used for mouth when you want a less-than-flattering connotation: e.g., gaping maw. That may or may not be what is intended in the example. Judge for yourself.

Following is from an e-mail to Dana Milbank.

I enjoyed your phrase "grinning maw" and your connecting it to a barracuda. I've used a snippet from "Smile, Though Your Head Is Aching" as an example at a site intended primarily for made-up words -- and for kids. You can find the result at maw.

If either you or The Washington Post object, I will ask that the posting be removed.

My regards,

HD Fowler

© 2007 The Washington Post Company | Dana Milbank | "Smile, Though Your Head Is Aching": Pelosi's fixed and constant smile makes her appear as if she is cutting an ad for a whitening toothpaste. But when you listen to the words that come from her grinning maw, the smile seems more akin to that of a barracuda.
Steny Hoyer, left, is not affiliated with the Nancy Pelosi School of Smiling.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mawn - When you almost yawn, but stop at the last second.

e.g., I've been mawning for the last hour.

submitted by eddy

mawn - A combination of a moan and a yawn.

e.g., Feeling sluggish and overworked, Jerry let a large mawn that really hit the spot.

submitted by Sean Dickerson

mawst - A sore on a bear's mouth.

e.g., The mawst was swollen and painful to the bear, causing great roars that shook the trees.

submitted by George Horwell

maxie mum's security - A heavy, wood rolling pin.

e.g., My grade school classmate, Maxie's, mother gained a fierce notoriety in our neighborhood. Working into the wee hours of the night, preparing ethnic pastries for Easter, she became so tired that she decided to sleep on the living room couch instead of going upstairs to her bedroom. The noise of someone breaking into the back door woke her. She quietly went into the kitchen, picked up her rolling pin, and brained the intruder so badly he had to be taken to the hospital for fifty-four stitches. Since then, at our house, we refer to rolling pins as "Maxie Mum's Security."

submitted by Charlie Lesko

maximalist - Antonym of minimalist.

e.g., The overly-decorated rooms at the B & B were furnished with too much furniture and cluttered with knick-knacks--a classic example of maximalism.

submitted by Deacon

maximalocracy - A very bad government.

e.g., Some countries have a maximalocracy.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

maximo publicosis - A type of neurosis obvious by its symptom of the afflicted always needing to be the center of attention, -- especially at gatherings -- and manifesting itself with a bad or crabby attitude.

e.g., If we don't all give Heather our undivided attention her maximo publicosis is gonna flare up.

submitted by Steve Zihlavsky

maximuumuu - In Hawaii a traditional dress for the woman is the muumuu. It's very large and loose and colorful. The largest size muumuu would be the maximuumuu.

e.g., My maximama wore a maximuumuu much of the time. She filled the room with her cleaning and cooking.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

maxin' and lampin' - To chill out in style. Dressed to the nines and kickin' 'round the house. (Thanks to Jason from Atlanta for this one.)

e.g., Jill: Whatcha doin', hon? Jack: Awww, you know, jus' maxin' and lampin'.

submitted by DJ Baker

maxinagaphobia - The fear of being nagged by pointless things to the point that you want to die.

e.g., My mom gives me maxinagaphobia.

submitted by snowboardinghockeyplayer3 - (www)

may - In wallball, when the hit is valid.

e.g., The ball bounced outside the line, so it wasn't may.

submitted by sam john - (www)

may 20th girl - A girl born on May 20. Personal experience shows a May 20th girl is going to turn out to be a peach: caring, lovely to look at, outgoing, vivacious -- so many good things that she's a sheer delight to be around. If you're lucky enough to meet one, you're likely to fall in love with her. You may not manage to mate for life with your May 20th girl or even to date her, but you may well end up loving her the rest of your life -- the way you love your best friends.

e.g., I've been fortunate enough to know two May 20th girls. Both were once the flavor-of-the-month for me. | When I mentioned a May 20th girl to my older sister today, she remarked on how outgoing and vivacious she was.

submitted by HD Fowler

may-lay - When you participate in group sex in the fifth month of the year.

e.g., It started out as a normal Memorial Day picnic. Then after a several beers, with all the hands, lips, tongues, and other unmentionable body parts touching in so many different and confusing ways, I suddenly realized I was in the middle of an incredible May-Lay!

submitted by Joe Kreiter - (www)

may-pop - A tir ethat has so little tread on it that is dangerous to drive on.

e.g., Since I lost my job, I've have been driving around on a set of may-pops for the last two months.

submitted by Jim Wiley

maybably - More likely to occur than "perhaps" or "possibly," but less likely to occur than "presumably" or "probably."

e.g., Provided I am given a fair interview at the Department of Water and Power, maybably I will have the career of my dreams.

submitted by Rachel Dawn Yoder

maybish - A non-committal person, one who is wishy-washy.

e.g., John can never pick out what he wants...he's maybish.

submitted by Paul Simanauskas - (www)

mayhap, mayhaps - A play on maybe. Sometimes "mayhaps," then a play on "perhaps" as well as "maybe."

e.g., Mayhap I will go to the dance later.

submitted by Lily

mayhaps - A combination of 'maybe' and 'perhaps.' Useful when showing just how much you care about taking part in an activity.

e.g., "So you want to go to that new Tim Allen movie?" "Mayhaps, but isn't there anything else on?"

submitted by Taylor

maynard - Maynard James Herbert Keenan, vocalist for TOOL and a perfect circle, a very intelligent man. A very mean thing to say to a TOOLhead, if you refer to it as a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard.

e.g., Umm, I like maynard maynard on my samich'es.

submitted by kelsey

mayonaise - Southern slang to relate something to another person in a conversation.

e.g., Mayonaise sure alotta folks 'round by laura's dunnite . . . hope aint nobuddy went 'n died.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mayonaisers - People who are very eccentic but will explain their opinion to you on anything using terminology you can't understand.They will sometimes go so far as to deny existing words to win their point. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Only a mayonaiser can beat another in an argument.

e.g., Never involve mayonaisers in a debate--you can't argue with people you can't understand. Or, you can use words from this site in your counter-arguments.

submitted by Jennifer C

mayonaisse - Mayonnaise, for those who are challenged by spelling.


e.g., Could you put some extra mayonaisse on my grinder, please?

submitted by Miss Speller

mayonnaise sandwiches - A stereotypical favored delicacy of rednecks, mentioned to flag someone as being of poor breeding. Its usage was amplified by Chris Rock, who described America as being full of white trash who are "broke-ass, livin' in trailer homes . . . eatin' mayonnaise sandwiches, listenin' to John Cougar Mellencamp records."

e.g., See the mullet on that guy? You think he just got through eating mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch?

submitted by bitwize - (www)

mayonnaise-mannequin - Someone who is fake or a poser.

e.g., Most pop icons today are nothing more than mayonnaise-mannequins.

submitted by Nathan Turner

maypop - Slang for bald tires used in New Orleans, generally purchased from junkyards.

e.g., I'm going to purchase a new set of Maypops for my ride.

submitted by Jim

mayshall - Sounds like a combination of "maybe" and "shall." A lazy way of saying, "May as well."

e.g., I mayshall go and do those errands now.

submitted by Phedra

mazewirth - Term to describe a person with the cerebral defect causing her to have both the inclination and seeming natural ability to both draw and work mazes. The afflicted are typically ostracized due to a great lack of social skills.

e.g., You just can't take Steve for long periods -- you know he's a mazewirth.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

mazzo - An intense state of emotion.

e.g., Sally threw a complete mazzo this morning.

submitted by Sophie

mba - Married But Available.

e.g., He's not just a lech he's an MBA.

submitted by xk*

mbc - The "man behind the curtain" (from the _Wizard of Oz_): the little people who make everything go, like enlisted men, roadies, and 90% of the names listed in movie credits.

e.g., At the end of the tour, the band threw a huge party for all of the MBC. News anchors are lost without the MBC. Officers are good to have, I suppose, but they'd all look pretty stupid out in the desert without any MBC.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mbooshkateer - Derived from "musketeer" and used when wanting to avoid revealing a true occupation.

e.g., Suzy: So, I'm a hairdresser. What do you do for a living? CIA Agent: Oh, I'm an mbooshkateer.

submitted by Janel

mc*word* - Allows limitless unflattering descriptions of people and their mannerisms. Preceding word is "what they are," trailing two words are "what they do."

e.g., Fakey McYakYak...Chintzy McCheapCheap...

submitted by Tony Hilliard

mc- - Prefix meaning shoddy, half-assed, lame, low quality, etc.

e.g., It only took me a couple of hours to write my Mcpaper, but I hope I still get a good grade.

submitted by Jordana

mcbeaks-n-feet - Chicken McNuggets.

e.g., You want bar-b-q sauce or honey mustard with your mcbeaks-n-feet?

submitted by steve zihlavsky (credit to mr. holley) - (www)

mcbeastie - A bug (whole or part of) found in any takeaway food. A creapy crawlie found in Scotland.

e.g., I was really enjoying my burger . . . until I found the tail-end of a McBeastie.

submitted by Tortoiselicker

mcbesity - To be overweight from junk food.

e.g., You know what annoys me? The folks with mcbesity who drive around the shopping centers in the little carts, seldom paying attention to where they're going. One was gawking to the north while driving to the east today and drove straight into my rear fender on the passenger side. I was completely stopped when it happened. Scratched the paint and left a dent.

submitted by Steph

mccarthyism - Mc·Car·thy·ism (m-kärth-zm) n. 1. The practice of exposing Communists or disloyal Americans in the government and media [after Joseph Raymond McCarthy (1908-57), US Republican senator, who led (1950-54) investigated Communist infiltration into the US government. Often misused to describe the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) investigation of Communist infiltration of the American film industry]. Mc·Carthy·ist.

e.g., Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash, charged that criticism of her praise for Osama bin Laden was "pure McCarthyism."

submitted by Rodger Schultz - (www)

mcchoke 'n puke's - An alternative name for McDonald's. Usually reserved for those who are against the corporation or may have, in the past, spewed after eating it. Regardless, they still go back despite past experiences.

e.g., You wanna grab a Big Mac from McChoke 'n Puke's?

submitted by Shane Whitehouse - (www)

mccollege - An undergraduate institution that has been bought out by a large donor or company.

e.g., I liked my school's old name, but ever since they named it after that old dead rich white guy, it's just some old McCollege.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

mcdad's - (n.) At my house, an evening meal prepared by me, rather than by my preternaturally talented wife. How she manages to hold down two (or three) jobs (and her psychology classes) and is still able to make real dinners (in so many varieties) off the top of her head astonishes me. I certainly can't do that. Of course, I'm from a generation ago, and am still learning just how [astoundingly] much wo9men have done to keep civilization fed all these years. Oh, I can cook spaghetti noodles, fry or scramble eggs, make cream of wheat, oatmeal, and fake potatoes, prepare french toast (eggy bread), and follow the instructions on a Betty Crocker cake mix; but I am really out of my depth with just about everything else. I usually get pizza or microwave Chef Boyardee or, as my proposed word implies, get something from a fast-food joint: Taco Bell, Arby's, or, of course, McDonald's.

e.g., "Dad, when is Mom home?" "I'm afraid she's got a meeting and then a test down at the college." "Oh, crap: are we eating at McDad's again?" "Well, we're all pizza'd out; how about some hamburgers and fries?" "No. We did that when Mom had that evening final." "Okay, what about Mexican?" "Yeah! I love Mexican ... but you mean Taco Bell or something, right?" "Oh, come on: Taco Bell's good. I love Taco Bell." "Okay, Dad, look: let's have McDad's breakfast buffet: heat the sausages and make some French toast." "Okay. Sounds good." .... "Dad?: why can't we ever eat at McMom's?" "I dunno, hon. I like McMom's better, too."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

mcdeath - Vegetarian nickname for the popular fast food chain. Also refers to the way your intestines feel after eating in said food chain.

e.g., Bert: I feel so gross and bloated right now. Ernie: Well, no wonder, you just ate at McDeath.

submitted by Amanda - (www)

mcdoctor - No-waiting 24hr mini-emergency rooms that have sprung up around malls.

e.g., I can't wait to see my regular MD, so I'll just run over to the McDoctor.

submitted by sigi

mcdogfood - 1. Fast food hamburgers. 2. A generic reference to fast food.

e.g., I worked late so I grabbed some McDogfood on the way home.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack

mcdonald's - An alternative for any foul word.

e.g., 1. Oh, just go to McDonald's. 2. Well, you know you can just stick that in a McDonald's.

submitted by MeMe

mcdonaldize - To make corporate a once small, enjoyable, or private business or institution. To mass market something once endearing.

e.g., A big store chain will McDonaldize our local gift shop; now everything will look like crap from other stores.

submitted by Tara DellaFranzia - (www)

mcdumbass - Dumbass, but slightly more interesting. Especially at or near a McDonald's.

e.g., Nice move, McDumbass.

submitted by Cuggy - (www)

mcflatbread - Name used for McDonald's grilled chicken flatbread sandwich when you can't remember what it's really called.

e.g., I sure wish McDonald's would bring back those McFlatbreads. Those were tight.

submitted by Michael Gelpi

mcfloi - Simply pool, on a pool table, but hard to pronounce from an infant's tounge.

e.g., I want to play McFloi.

submitted by Mark Bell

mcfly - Or Pull a McFly. From Back to the Future. The instance in which you make advances to a relative without knowledge of being related. Occurs commonly at celebrations or holidays.

e.g., At Mark's wedding I thought was goin' good, but it turned out to be terrible. I ran into my Dad's brother from Canada and he had to show how big little cousin Terri had gotten. Terri I had just Mcflyed in the coat room the worst way possible about an hour earlier.

submitted by joey

mcfries - French fries ordered specifically from McDonald's. Other Substitutes: McCoke, McBurger, McCondiments, McGross.

e.g., Gimme two big macs, a quarter pounder with cheese, and a large mcfries. And the geezer discount, if you have one.

submitted by Bob Boarker

mcgarret - An empty parking space found directly in front of the entrance to your destination. After the star of Hawaii 5-0, who could find one anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.

e.g., We would have been late for the show if I hadn't found a mcgarret on the street in front of the theatre.

submitted by Bigwave Dave

mcgee - Expression attached to an adjective (including insulting adjectives) to form a pseudo-proper name.

e.g., "Hurry up now, Speedy McGee." or "You're crazier than Crazy McGee if you think I'm going to do that."

submitted by i_monk

mcgirl - 1. A cute girl working at a McDonald's. 2. Something to order at the drive-through.

e.g., 1. Did you see the new McGirl at the McDonald's down the street? 2. I'll have a #3 with a Coke, (under your breath) and a McGirl.

submitted by Jim M

mcgoon - A member of a mob team, especially when as to appear similar or identical, or with the intention of a hooligan.

e.g., 1. Agent Harris walked swiftly down the corridor, two McGoons in tow. 2. "Why should we believe the likes of you?" yelled a McGoon from the crowd.

submitted by aceman

mcguffin - Movie term, invented by Hitchcock, to refer to any interchangeable object -- diamonds, secret plans, computer disk, rare animal, etc. -- that is the focus of the action in the plot, but which has no significance to the plot itself. Also Maguffin and MacGuffin. | McGuffin: "A device that helps propel the plot in a story but is of little importance in itself."

e.g., In The Pink Panther, the diamond is the McGuffin. It could have been anything. | "What disrupts all this is a McGuffin so gnarled and elaborate as to throw the novel out of whack, even as it propels the plot."

submitted by Adam Leslie - (www)

mcguffins - Any and all plots, scene settings, love interests and such like that are required in order to get to the exciting bits of a film, like the car chase. Coined by Hitchcock.

e.g., Once it gets past the lesbian McGuffins, Bound is a pretty good thriller.

submitted by Andrew Bell - (www)

mcgyver - To devise a mechanical or chemical solution to a problem utilizing commonly available materials in originally unintended functions.

e.g., This flashlight doesn't work so I will have to mcgyver it with a rubber band and a ballpoint pen spring.

submitted by walt gately

mchollybucks - Generic term for American culture, especially the way in which through US-based global firms it blankets most of the world. Coined by former BBC World Service head, John Tusa.

e.g., The whole world is going McHollybucks.

submitted by Alan Morrison

mchoober - A thingie-like thing. Often used with the word thingie, to wit, thingie-mchoober. McChoober.

e.g., Gimmie the ... what's it called? ... the ... the ... mchoober.

submitted by qnarf

mcjob - To describe the act or working for, or searching for work that is of the McDonald's variety.

e.g., Mom, I think I'm just going to McJob for the summer. I don't want to go through all the work of putting up resumes and finding something real.

submitted by Geo - (www)

mcjumper - The french fries that end up in the bottom of the bag when you go through a drive thru.

e.g., My drive thru bag is full of McJumpers

submitted by Todd Guidi

mckilometers - The distance between McDonald's fast food outlets. Term used as an exaggeration of distance.

e.g., I can hear you five McKilometers away

submitted by kevin - (www)

mcmanager - A step or two up from the lowest McJob -- but still a McJob. The advantage? As a McManager, you get to boss people around.

e.g., I'm not sure, but I think a McManager might get paid about 25 cents an hour more than the rest of the crew.

submitted by HD Fowler

mcmansion - A generic, bland or ugly mass-produced American upper-middle-class house "unit."

e.g., Bob and his family are living a happy life in their new McMansion.

submitted by max

mcmansions - Large, pretentious looking houses that reached their peak of popularity in the mid to late 90s to early noughts. Conflation of the words McDonald's and mansions. Some characteristics of McMansions are: 1. They all generally look alike. 2. They have overblown architectural features -- oversize gothic windows, as an example. They are often sited on postage stamp size lots, so the overall visual effect of a subdevlopment of them can be rather jarring.

e.g., We decided to take a drive through a subdevelopment that was once wooded acreage. Talk about hideous. First the developers scraped away all the trees, then they built these gargantuan McMansions on tiny lots. Is this really what people want in a house?

submitted by Paul

mcmorning - Good morning at McDonald's.

e.g., "McMorning, may I have a Sausage McMuffin, please?"

submitted by Maggie McFarland

mcnym - A "word part" used in an eponymous way. Source: "If we don't want to admit such word parts to the class of eponyms, they need a term of their own, and the choice, I think, is obvious: We'll call them McNyms."

e.g., Ed: Chris just goes from one McJob to another. Lasts maybe a week -- if that -- at each. Red: Is "McJob" an eponymous word? Or, if you will, an eponym? Ed: No, it's a McNym. The term doesn't come directly from McDonald's McJobs training program, but it's evocative of the sort of low-paying job that results from that program.

submitted by HD Fowler

mcpig's - McDonald's. Used in early 1980s University of Kings College, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

e.g., Let's go to McPig's for a fat burger.

submitted by Alan McLeod - (www)

mcqueen - An example of incredible coolness, from cool actor Steve McQueen.

e.g., Look at Richie talking to that girl. He's so McQueen right now.

submitted by Beer

mcqueening - To display confidence in a masculine but not ostentatious way (from Steve McQueen).

e.g., Dave conquered his shyness and spent the entire evening McQueening, which impressed most of the girls at the party.

submitted by Deacon

mcsally - The middle finger or corresponding gesture. Thought to be named after an annoying supervisor at a steel plant. Apparently since steel plants are noisy, a kind of informal sign language was evolved. The sign for McSally was the middle finger.

e.g., Some jerk cut me off, so I threw him the McSally.

submitted by Diomedes

mcshortersons - Any article of clothing that is way too short or revealing.

e.g., I can't go out in public in these mcshortersons. Every pervert in town will stare at me.

submitted by newo

mcsite - A website thrown together with all the passion, creativity, and lack of lustre that a McDonald's employee puts into cooking a burger.

e.g., I'll meet you down at the pub as soon as I've finished my new McSite. Ought to take about three minutes.

submitted by Fox - (www)

mcsubstance - Secretly copyrighted and trademarked by the McDonald's Corporation in 1992, McSubstance is rumored to be a mixture of 2 parts asbestos, 1 part grease, 3 parts mayonnaise, and 4 parts unknown; with it, McDonald's are able to whip, cook, or stir the substance into any and all of their burger, ice cream and drink products, as well as their styrofoam containers. Can be used as a derogatory adjective.

e.g., This chicken tastes like a piece of McSubstance.

submitted by TACD

mctishin - Extreme happiness when someone praises you for doing a excellent job.

e.g., I felt very mctishin when my teacher put a GROOVY sticker on my paper.

submitted by Joe Dinkins

mcup - A McDonald's food induced hiccup.

e.g., I ate my Egg McMuffin so fast it made me McUp.

submitted by Chris S.

mcvagiburger - Any burger without cheese.

e.g., I'd like a cheeseburger--no, make that a McVagiBurger.

submitted by who-ha

md - Used in the medical profession to denote how doctor feels about himself. Can mean Minor Deity or Major Deity depending on the specialty of the doctor involved.

e.g., I am an MD!, Your waiting for 4 hours to see me for 3 minutes is an experience you should cherish.

submitted by amos

me dot com - Term used to describe someone who is very self-absorbed.

e.g., Hank is so me dot com these days all he ever talks about is himself.

submitted by Paul

me endering - The period of time when an individual begins to stop engaging in random activities, and starts to contemplate serious, meaningful tasks.

e.g., Summer is over. I've spent enough days running back and forth to Home Depot, having two hour breakfasts with my cronies at McDonald's, sitting in the hammock with a cold brew, and counting the birds as they fly by. Now I'm me endering towards commitments to paint the master bedroom, write my book, exercise every morning, and even help my wife with her fall household cleaning.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

me me page - Website content that's all about the person who puts it up for the world to see.

e.g., Facebook is a prime example of a Me Me page.

submitted by HD Fowler.

me-mail - An e-mail written by someone utterly self-absorbed. She either complains about life or brags about how great she is, never asking how you are.

e.g., All she ever sends me is me-mails. Why am I even friends with her?

submitted by MaryClaire

me-mee - Parents say this when they want their children to sleep so they can have "me" time.

e.g., It's time for me-mee.

submitted by Marisa Q.

me-ow - Used as a response to someone who is acting "catty."

e.g., Burt: I am so sick and tired of you hanging your unmentionables all over the bathroom, if you don't stop it I'm going to bite my pillow. Ernie: Well Meeee OWWWW!

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

me-owlet - The "Me-owlet" is a mythical creature -- the actual legendary love-child of the Owl and the Pussycat.

e.g., The Me-owlet looked like a small furry owl with an apathetic aspect - -as though he just didn't give a hoot.

submitted by Dennis R. Ridley

meacock - A meek man who dotes on his wife, or is henpecked. TheFreeDictionary: n. 1. An uxorious, effeminate, or spiritless man.

e.g., Tom Ewell's role in The Seven-Year Itch was that of a meacock at loose ends while his wife vacationed.

submitted by HD Fowler

meadia coverage - Media coverage from the press or talking heads after a couple of hours of indulging in their favorite hobby: drinking.

e.g., Christopher, you don't need another beer. Your drinking has turned your usual sterling political reporting into flak meadia coverage.

submitted by Miss Speller - (www)

meafo - Acronym for My Exams Are F***ing Over.

e.g., Meafo! I deserve a smoothie.

submitted by pharaon siraj

meafordite - some one of the town of Meaford

e.g., "Darn meafordites always trying to tip my cows."

submitted by Phil McCrackin

meagrestore - A sarcastic term for a large retail outlet that proudly proclaims it has a wide range of stock but is actually poorly supplied.

e.g., I went to the meagrestore for my weekly shopping, but they were out of bread, pasta, milk, fruit, vegetables, pizza, soup, liquid detergent, razor blades, beer, and quite a few other items I needed.

submitted by Matthew Pendlebury - (www)

meal - The 4th meal of the day, eaten after dinner, usually around 2am. Very common among college students and bar patrons.

e.g., You wanna go get meal after last call?

submitted by ben

mealies - In South Africa, the word used for what we call corn.

e.g., Green mealies is what we call corn on the cob. | Mealies flour is what we call corn starch, or corn flour.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mean - In addition to it's adjectival meaning of "inferior in grade, quality, or character," idiomatically, it's used to have the sense of "insignificant."

e.g., Whatever else you may say about her performance in Transformers, it was no mean effort.

submitted by HD Fowler

mean as a stripe'ed snake - Hateful, spiteful, malicious, acerbic, scornful, and just generally devilish and the most unpleasant sense of being.

e.g., That little boy who bit your leg is just means as a stripe'ed snake.

submitted by Supa3

mean bean - Someone being nasty.

e.g., Carla: Morris, you smell. Morris: Dont be such a mean bean, C.

submitted by Sokky McSok

meander-thal or slo-magnon - someone (usually a big gump of a person in a mall) who walks slowly and doesnt seem to have any clue what he/she is doing

e.g., ""I'm strolling down the middle of the hallway, and I ran into this huge dope. He was just standing there, what a meander-thal.""

submitted by Angela + Jay

meanderthal - Early morning wanderer (meanderer) about the house, unshaven, scratching where it itches.

e.g., At 5 a.m. he can barely pry open his eyelids as he cruises the house, a true meanderthal.

submitted by sarah

meanderthal - Humanoid primate indigenous to North American retail zones and amusement park areas. Distinguishable by their shambling, dazed gaits. Frequently seen mouth-breathing without discernible cause. Also known as pre-zomboids.

e.g., The thing that worries me most about the presidential election is that the Meanderthal voting bloc may well decide who's POTUS for the next four years. Scary.

submitted by [Scott]

meanderthal - Slow and indecisive driver, or slow and inattentive driver.

e.g., If these meanderthals don't get their act together, we'll never get to the beach.

submitted by Mike MacLeod

meanwhile - a red-alert amongst friends to notice a passerby (usually attractive)

e.g., As the blonde adonis walked by, Mark said, "Meanwhile!" His friends took a look and quickly agreed.

submitted by Matt Cassem - (www)

measureit - to measure something

e.g., give me the spoon to measureit

submitted by Ruby

meat - A play on words -- meeting some and eating out. A combination of meet and eat.

e.g., Lets meat. We meated. He is meating with his friends.

submitted by koon f. wong

meat grinder - Someone who sees innuendo in everything and reports it to everyone.

e.g., Drake, that was gross. I never thought of cat and dog lovers like that. You need to stop being a meat grinder. You also need to stop reading news from Sweden. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

submitted by Ian Faynik

meat piñata - A piñata is a Mexican papier-mache sculpture filled with candy, designed to be bludgeoned by children until the candy tumbles out. A meat piñata is a victim of aggravated assault, a person beaten repeatedly.

e.g., Those Brixton bovver boys made a meat piñata of that East End mod.

submitted by spud ronin - (www)

meat puppet - "A person who publishes comments on blogs, wikis, and other public venues about some phenomenon or product in order to generate public interest and buzz. Using aliases, meat puppets pretend to have experience with the subject or masquerade as an exceptionally satisfied and unbiased user of the merchandise. Cf. astroturfing and sock puppet."

e.g., By the time he reached majority age, he had earned a reputation as a meat puppet extraordinaire.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

meat waffle - A road-killed animal with tyre tread visible in the squished flesh, giving it a waffle-like appearance

e.g., As hedgehogs are being displaced from local farms and as road incursions into rural areas increase, the sides of roads are increasingly littered with spiky little meat waffles.

submitted by spud ronin - (www)

meat-eater - U.S.M.C., Vietnam era. A fearless, aggressive, alpha-male often envied by his peers.

e.g., He decked that gorilla with one punch. He's a real meat-eater.

submitted by Stephen Mize

meatbag - Fool, eejit, idjit, etc.

e.g., Chris is a meatbag.

submitted by Thomas Carroll - (www)

meatball - Short, small, tan girls.

e.g., "Look at those meatballs." "They look good to me."

submitted by Kathryn

meatcentric - A condition in which a person bases most of his or her diet on beef, pork, lamb, or chicken.

e.g., The juice bar patrons gasped when the overbearing meatcentric demanded a steak burger.

submitted by MacKay - (www)

meatgrinder - A female prostitute who uses a variety of moves to make the time she spends with a given customer as short as possible.

e.g., Yes, I broke up with the bitch. I found out she was a meatgrinder, in no way limiting her twerking to me.

submitted by beelzebub

meatgrinder - A female prostitute who uses a variety of moves to make the time she spends with a given customer as short as possible.

e.g., Yes, I broke up with the bitch. I found out she was a meatgrinder, in no way limiting her twerking to me.

submitted by beelzebub - (www)

meathead - Generally: a large man who usually wears a medium t-shirt over huge pecs. Employed at a bar. Drinks heavily, fights frequently, harasses women, eats a lot, and spills it on that size medium t-shirt. Obtrusive, abrasive, and condescending.

e.g., Went to Scores last night. Showed the door guy my I.D. He laughed, tossed it on the ground, and threw me in the street, the meathead.

submitted by John Stewart

meats - A vehicle's tires.

e.g., "Since I've got new meats on my car, I'm no longer afraid to drive in the rain." "Nonetheless, I suggest you take care Thewliss."

submitted by dust

meatshield - Someone whose basic purpose is to catch bullets with her body. Originally coined as a reference to that poor soul that is invariably grabbed and hidden behind during a gunfight it action movies. In combat games, the meatshield is the guy that distracts the defenders while others do the work. It applies to real combat, but is NOT a desired role. Also a slang term for the terrorist tactic of putting civilians around military targets.

e.g., OK. We send these guys in as a meatshield, then. . . .

submitted by BitRaiser

meatspace - The world where people live, the functional opposite of cyberspace.

e.g., They got off llne and decided to get together in meatspace.

submitted by Brian

meatsweats - The condition a person is in after having consumed too much meat.

e.g., After eating the extra sausage and bacon after everyone left the breakfast table, Bill came down with a case of meatsweats.

submitted by Barbara

meatware - The people cost of an IT project.

e.g., Hardware (computers), software (programs), and meatware (IT personnel) complete the IT triangle.

submitted by Lowell Smith

mebbe - Contraction of maybe.

e.g., Mebbe I should get started on that.

submitted by Rebecca

mech - A bipedal military robot loaded with advanced weaponry, usually giant in size.

e.g., I was driving in my car when suddenly a mech destroyed the bridge up ahead.

submitted by Luke McCarthy

mech - 1. To inadvertently screw something up. 2. To engage in sabotage of an amusement park ride or one of those dinky quarter rides outside any grocery store (usually an act of revenge). 3. Sometimes a substitution word for intense expletives (among the elderly, such as a PseudoDictionary editrix extraordinaire.)

e.g., Grandma wouldn't ride the coaster after Grandpa said he meched it up by placing a wooden nickel on the track when a punk and his girlfriend got strapped in.

submitted by Stosh

mech-turking - To manually do a process that either is or should be automated.

e.g., I haven’t had time to launch the new version, so we’re mech-turking the database until tomorrow.

submitted by Garrick Van Buren - (www)

mechanical bull - 1. When a person lies habitually, almost robotically. 2. When the person fixing your car lies to you.

e.g., 1. "Henny sure can spread the mechanical bull, can't he?" "What politician can't?" 2. After bringing my car back for the third time for the same problem, I began to think that maybe I was the unwitting victim of mechanical bull.

submitted by Mitchel Yerzy - (www)

mechanical rooster - The equivalent of a mechanical bull for small primates.

e.g., Amos the Capuchin goes head to head with Tobac the lemur tonight at The Monkey Business Club. I've got $50 on Tobac, he's wild and crazy on the mechanical rooster.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

med - To have power, like a king or Presedent

e.g., Jason has alot of MeD as the chairman of a big company.

submitted by Grant - (www)

med usa - The very, very, very ugly state of medicine in America.

e.g., With overworked, error prone, and uncaring doctors, hospitals, and staff and with the mind-numbing cost of prescriptions, MED USA stalks the neighborhoods of our country and our hearts turn into stone.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

medi ogre - A less than successful mythological character from fable and story.

e.g., Gnarl was the smallest denizen of the nether world but he strove mightily to become the fiercest and most ferocious of all the demons. Daily, he spread wart restorer on his skin, took great numbers of ugly pills, honed his horns and claws to razor sharpness, practiced to improve his roaring ability, and ingested various ill-smelling philters and bad tasting potions from the dark side. Alas -- because of his tiny size and intrinsic "cuteness," Gnarl was doomed to be medi ogre for all his days.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

media imperialism - The concept that a particular country or culture can enforce its ideals, culture, or perspectives of world affairs on another culture, country, or countries.

e.g., The Blair government in England sought to ban FoxNews, because of its media imperialism and its desire to place its own spin on the President's actions.

submitted by adnan - (www)

mediacracy - Government by the media. Think mediocrity.

e.g., This isn't what our forefathers had in mind, but we've earned this government we have, this mediacracy.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

medican usa - Cash-free, instant, soothing, effective. Physical, emotional, mental, and dental care. No muss, no fuss, no cost.

e.g., Canada did it well, now America Can do it better: MediCan USA. Funded not by your taxes, but by the busy, busy printing presses making all the money you'll ever need in Washington, DC.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

medicool - Combination of medical and school, for those in a hurry.

e.g., I finished 6 years of medicool, and then specialized in surgery.

submitted by Nancy Materie - (www)

medievil - Just medium evil.

e.g., Chris is probably only medievil, but he's only in his 30s. With seasoning he could get really bad--if he lives long enough.

submitted by Miss Speller

medification - The taking of prescription medications.

e.g., Considering the medification schedule my doctor prescribed, it's no wonder that my mind is foggy.

submitted by James Sandefer - (www)

mediocracy - Rule by the mediocre. A mediocre democratic government. Cf. mediacracy.

e.g., We must abolish absenteeism in the House of Commons. Is this a democracy or a mediocracy?

submitted by velma

mediocum - From mediocre + modicum and it means such a small amount of something that it is not even a modicum of something.

e.g., In the last presidential debate, even the sharpest candidate showed only a mediocum of sense. The town houses in my development have a mediocum of individuality.

submitted by Paul Decelles - (www)

mediorca - The not-so-exact middle of a killer whale.

e.g., Mantuk and Banthar wanted equal pieces of the creature and would not hesitate to slay Ungan if he so much as hitched towards the mediorca.

submitted by Steeve Beaupré

mediots - People stupid enough to be media commentators.

e.g., During the OJ case, it became clear that journalists were extinct, having been replaced by mediots.

submitted by J. Guest

medipendation - The act of changing to fit an environment both mentally and physically; usually performed within large communities when necessary; done to preserve one's body.

e.g., If you feel uncomfortable in an environment, you should try medipendation.

submitted by Anika S.

mediqueval - (meh-dic-EE-vul; adj.) 1. of or pertaining to medieval medicinal practices, especially those barbarities often resorted to in Dark Ages Europe as opposed to the rather more medically enlightened Muslim and Asiatic realms to the south and east. 2. (contemptuous) Any medicinal practice or philosophy believed by the speaker to be benighted barbarity akin to the torture devices of the Spanish Inquisition.

e.g., Mediqueval medicine involved a lot of leaches, bleeding, and saws, at least it seems to have, judging from TV. | Thanks to Dr. Semelweiss, we don't suffer from Mediqueval blindness to germs and infections.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

meditrance - Therapeutic hypnotism, used to control pain, help people stop smoking, cure bad habits and psychological problems, end fears and phobias, deprogram and reprogram illogical thought patterns, and more.

e.g., We recently concluded a series of intensive meditrance sessions and now wouldn't even recognize ourselves.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

medium f - An F in a class between 51-55%, not quite a low F.

e.g., It's not like it's hopeless; it's only a medium F. Unfortunately, Mom doesn't understand that. I'm grounded for the next grade period until I bring my grades up.

submitted by The Mutt

medloid - An alloy consisting primarily of trace extracts from the elements startrekium and marlborolightium. Methods of mining on earth have consistently proved futile. Typically derived only from incoming earthbound projectiles released from the second story of the oortcloud.

e.g., Fixing this lawn mower is really a pain in the neck. Sure wish I had a couple pounds of medloid to boost my octane.

submitted by Harold Grier

medullous - Acting with a minimal amount a thought, as if no nerve impulses terminated past the medulla.

e.g., Chris was driving medullously again Saturday night and ended up running into a turnip scooter.

submitted by Mike Mack - (www)

meeep - Exclamation indiciating shock or surprise.

e.g., You're playing Quake, you turn the corner, and you find 6 bad guys all with BFGs--your only response is "Meeep!"

submitted by svonwolf - (www)

meef - 1. Generic squirrel/rodent sound, origin uncertain. 2. Generic sound used to indicate you are still online. 3. Generic sound of panic in a stressed situation.

e.g., 1. So I was sitting there and the little guy just comes up and meefs at me trying to say hi! 2. I'm meef. 3. Oh meef...!

submitted by Fionacat - (www)

meef - Mystery meat that looks like it could be beef.

e.g., Are they serving meef in the cafeteria again, toady?

submitted by George Edward Purdy

meep - a sound/word you say when poked or otherswise surprised

e.g., She meeps as her friend comes up and pokes her.

submitted by Crystal - (www)

meep - Expression of surprise and more often than not, a delighted surprise. :)

e.g., Your friend gives you a hug when you're feeling blue: "Meep! I wasn't expecting that."

submitted by sahen

meese - Plural of "moose."

e.g., If you're driving in Newfoundland, watch out for meese crossing the road.

submitted by Nathan

meeting with the bobs - From the movie Office Space. One of the characters had to go meet with some company efficiency experts, both of whom were named Bob. Said when you gotta go do something important.

e.g., Gotta go, I have a meeting with the Bobs.

submitted by David Weathers - (www)

meetingcide - death, typically by boredom, due to the frequency of meetings or the length of a single meeting.

e.g., Meetingcide was the clear cause of Rebecca's death due to the ridiculous amount of time she spent in the staff meetings required by the organization.

submitted by Sem & Rel

meetnik - A person who enjoys meetings and all sorts of administrative events and tries to attend as many of them as possible.

e.g., Being socially active is one thing, but meeting for the sake of meeting is another. I try to stay away from meetniks for whom getting together is an end in itself. Meeting without meaning is worse than meaning without meeting.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

meetup - A local gathering of a group of people brought together by a common interest, such as the environment. Real-world, face-to-face, maybe over a coffee or beer. Informal, no leader, peers talking to peers. See following website:

e.g., Though I've been a member for a long time, I never met any of the other members of the cause until I attended a local meetup.

submitted by natalie

meez out - To ease oneself out of a situation fast, to avoid trouble

e.g., Meez out of here, boy, or you be jumpin' for a thumpin'.

submitted by Steve McDonald

meff - a description of somebody who is slightly scruffy

e.g., what are you wearing you look like a meff

submitted by mark

meg atropolis - A large city in which all the women are called a variation of "Margaret."

e.g., I'm here in Meg atopolis and would like a date for the evening. Who should I call? Marge? Midge? Molly? Peggy? Greta? Hmmm... Shirley? No, she lives in another town.

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

mega - Incredible, fantastic. Can be added to words like cool.

e.g., The party on Saturday night was mega.

submitted by Paul

mega nega bar - The little line that you write at the end of your check to keep people from writing "... and a million dollars."

e.g., If it weren't for the mega nega bar my checks would bounce.

submitted by jeff

mega spacanomics - Study of spacial awareness in social settings.

e.g., David was glad he knew how to be sociable with the ladies but still respect their personal space. He had learned this during his mega spacanomics course at university.

submitted by Joe Grice - (www)

mega-ace - A word almost always used in sarcasm to describe something "that bad." Sometimes used in conjunction with hand motions, pointing to a raised thumb.

e.g., After hearing about some guy's new hobby of stamp collecting, "Yeah, mega-ace." Points to raised thumb.

submitted by Joeski - (www)

megaaggression - A logical extension of a new term I haven't quite figured out yet: microagression. I think maybe it goes something like this:

  • "Males have one Y chromosome and one X chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes."
  • If you refer to a person who has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome as a boy or a man, you've committed a microaggression.
  • So it must follow that if you refer to a person who has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome and self-identifies as being female as being a boy or a man (say Bruce aka Caitlyn Jenner), you've committed a megaagression. ... Or something.

I was surprised to find that the term has been around since 2004, recorded by Grant Barrett: microaggression n. subtle forms of racism or bias. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

e.g., "He quickly goes to work slapping people with detentions for every triggering and microaggression he hears about, and it’s not long before even Cartman has decided to back down. It was actually kind of strange to have Kyle be the one who tries to hold out until the end rather than Cartman, but clearly they wanted a reason to make some Brady/DeflateGate jokes and that gave them an excuse." | I think it's become a megaagression to refer to the NFL team in Washington as the Redskins.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

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