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mre - Meal Ready to Eat. Military term. {ED. I'm sure military personnel have other names for MREs, but I don't know what they are.}

e.g., I'm hungry enough I could eat an MRE.

submitted by HD Fowler

mrgle - A handy word to use in conversations when you cannot think of another reply

e.g., "My adorable doggie just had puppies yesterday! Aren't you sooo proud?!" "Mrgle."

submitted by Rebecca - (www)

mrs. happy - The female equivalent of Mr. Happy. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

e.g., Mr. Happy is happiest I suppose when with Mrs. Happy. They make a dandy couple; they are role mates. (ED. Would that be "roll mates" -- as in "roll in the hay"?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mruwf - Used when confused, unsure of what to reply, want attention, or just don't want to reply. When it is used in confusion, a question mark is usually added.

e.g., Kat: Have you ever been to the ancient planet of Magrathea? Lauren: Mruwf?

submitted by Cheddar-Master

msm - Betcha thought it meant mainstream media, didn't you? So did I, until I stumbled across a guest post at It means "men who have sex with men." YMSM: Young Males who have sex with Males.


  • Christopher Taylor Edwards: "Coming from a country with possibly the highest HIV prevalence rate among men who have sex with men (MSM) (32.9%) and which some consider to be the most homophobic place on earth (in one survey 85% of the population self-identified as homophobic) I am hardly surprised that homophobia contributes to HIV. … In 2008, an angry mob converged on a group of MSM at a pharmacy in the capital, Kingston. … Jamaican homophobia drives men to form relationships with women as a cover or "cure" for their sexuality." |

  • "What is FDA's policy on blood donations from men who have sex with other men (MSM)?  
    Men who have had sex with other men, at any time since 1977 (the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the United States) are currently deferred as blood donors. This is because MSM are, as a group, at increased risk for HIV, hepatitis B and certain other infections that can be transmitted by transfusion." |

  • Wikipedia: "Men who have sex with men (abbreviated as MSM, also known as males who have sex with males) are male persons who engage in sexual activity with members of the same sex, regardless of how they identify themselves; many men choose not to (or cannot for other reasons) accept sexual identities of homosexual or bisexual.[1] The term was created in the 1990s by epidemiologists in order to study the spread of disease among men who have sex with men, regardless of identity.[1]" |

  • HIV among Gay and Bisexual Men | "Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)[1] represent approximately 2% of the US population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2009, MSM accounted for 61% of all new HIV infections, and MSM with a history of injection drug use (MSM-IDU) accounted for an additional 3% of new infections. That same year, young MSM accounted for 69% of new HIV infections among persons aged 13-29 and 44% of infections among all MSM. At the end of 2009, an estimated 441,669 (56%) persons living with an HIV diagnosis in the US were MSM or MSM-IDU."

  • Averting HIV and AIDS "In every country of the world there are men who have sex with men (MSM).[1] Globally, they are a very diverse group. Some men who have sex with men label themselves as gay, others as bisexual, while a large number -- particularly outside western countries -- simply see themselves as heterosexual males who just happen to have sex with men. … Although the regions shown on the map below are broad, there are trends in the epidemic among MSM that are particular to certain regions. … It has been suggested that in settings where MSM are a particularly stigmatised group, collaborations between the government and NGOs are the most effective way to overcome government disregard and to reach this population.[28] … MSM are often not aware of the particularly high risk of sex with a person who has recently become infected. The viral load at this point in HIV infection is very high, and a person can be more likely to be unaware of their infection. In London, UK, a study suggested that 27 percent of infections among MSM were from a partner recently infected with HIV.[29] … In countries where sex between men is criminalised, MSM are excluded from sexual health services and may find it hard to access condoms and lubricants to protect themselves from HIV. … MSM are more likely to experience depression due to social isolation and disconnectedness from health systems, which can make it harder to cope with aspects of HIV such as adherence to medication.[34]" |

  • Do you know who Shawty Lo is? Has it ever occurred to you that he's one of the MSM and is using multiple baby mothers as a ruse to hide his real sexuality? |

  • Medscape: "The finding enables the calculation of HIV and syphilis rates for this risk group and suggests that rates of these sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men (MSM) are at least 40 times higher than among other men or women. … "While we've known that MSM make up the majority of the HIV epidemic, the new analysis allows us to put numbers to the disproportionate impact of HIV and syphilis in the gay community," he added. … The CDC estimates that MSM comprise 2.0% (range, 1.4% to 2.7%) of the overall population in the United States aged 13 and older, or 4% of American men (range, 2.8% to 5.3%)." Given this information, wouldn't it seem advisable for only bisexuals and homosexuals to become MSM? |

  • American Psychological Association: "Black men who have sex with men (MSM) suffer from disproportionately higher rates of HIV infection than do MSM of other ethnicities (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2005, 2010). In 2006, Black men accounted for two thirds of new infections (65 percent) among all Blacks. The rate of new HIV infection for Black men was six times as high as that of White men, nearly three times that of Hispanic/Latino men, and twice that of Black women. In 2006, Black MSM represented 63 percent of new infections among all Black men and 35 percent among all MSM. HIV infection rates are higher among Black MSM than among other MSM. More new HIV infections occurred among young Black MSM (ages 13-29) than among any other age and racial group of MSM (CDC, 2010). …  
    The variable receiving the most attention in the discussion in public health journals and the media of HIV among Black MSM is the role of sexual identification. Specifically, coverage of so-called "down low" Black men, or men who have girlfriends or wives but secretly have sex with other men, seems to dominate sensationalistic reports about HIV in the Black community, despite that this is not a new dynamic in sexual networks." |

  • Epidemiologic Reviews: "This scenario-based categorization of HIV epidemics among MSM may assist public health agencies and civil societies to develop and implement better-targeted HIV prevention programs and interventions. " |

  • HIV Transmission Risk: "A recent clinical trial in South Africa demonstrated that circumcision reduced the risk of HIV acquisition by 61% among heterosexual men; and [one] longitudinal US cohort study documented decreased risk of HIV infection among circumcised MSM. We examined the prevalence of circumcision, willingness to be circumcised, and perceived benefits of and concerns about adult circumcision among MSM in the United States. " |

  • HIV Cases Up In Men Who Have Sex With Men: "Men who have sex with men are the largest transmission category in the US and the only one that is showing an increase in the number of new infections. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) commented that the increase in HIV cases among MSM indicates that prevention and testing strategies need to be strengthened and improved especially among MSM and minorities." |

  • Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology: "Background: Men who have sex with men and transgenders are an important risk group for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). They have risky sexual behaviors but low risk perception. Objectives: To assess the sexual behavior, STIs, HIV, and identify factors associated with HIV in men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgenders (TGs) in Mumbai." |

submitted by [Christopher Taylor Edwards] - (www)

msn - Moronic Satanic Network.

e.g., I used to belong to MSN.

submitted by George Washington

msnbolism - When your brain bursts from chatting online too much.

e.g., Don't stay on that computer too long, or you'll have an MSNbolism, Z.

submitted by Zsuszo

mspuckalufs - A word to say if you forget what you're saying.

e.g., Did you see...uh...mmm...ermm... Mspuckalufs, I forgot!

submitted by Pat esaw - (www)

mst - "Pronounced "mist". To insert one's own disparaging comments into a (generally bad) piece of work, be it written or in movie format. Utilizes multiple characters who make the snide comments, often with a mythos unto themselves. Taken from the vast Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanbase."

e.g., 'That self-insertion fic was a piece of utter drivel. It could do with some msting."

submitted by keyla

mstp - Designed to replace the acronym ASAP in an ever more impatient world, MSTP means "Much Sooner than Possible."

e.g., I don't need that ASAP, I actually need it MSTP. You have to get it to me by last Friday.

submitted by Tom Preston

mt. everest - A popular retreat for folks who need to relax.

e.g., Wayne had a very stressful job and his family urged him to book a stay on Mt. Everest where things were ever peaceful and relaxed.

submitted by Wells Martin - (www)

mtness - (n.) (Em-TEE-ness, like "emptiness" but with the accent on the second syllable) 1. The quality of being inaccurate or misleading due to outdatedness. 2. Miseducation that comes from using materials too long without updates. (Etymology: Based on the chemical symbol Mt for Meitnerium. The periodic table I used in university chemistry class had been used in the class since at least 1998, and only went up to element 109 [Meitnerium, symbol Mt]. Because it was so old, it failed to acknowledge the three additional elements that had been discovered after 1998. Also, mtness is a homonym for emptiness.)

e.g., One of the most famous examples of mtness is found in maps of Canada. Some universities still contain maps from before 1999 which do not include Nunavut, the newest territory.

submitted by Mirakle B.

mtv-zombie - A person who follows the cliche template of Ambercrombie & Fitch clothing, listens to crappy MTV music, uses annoying phrases and acts like an idiot aware only of MTV and pop culture.

e.g., My history class is awful. It's a bunch of MTV-zombies.

submitted by Tom Stylinski - (www)

muaha - The technical term for performing an evil laugh, especially when one has formed a plan (evil or otherwise).

e.g., Mad scientists by definition must make a muaha after thinking up an especially sinister scheme.

submitted by bizarrechild108

mubte - acronym. stands for Most Unquestionably Boring Thing Ever

e.g., Social Studies classes are usually Mubte.

submitted by ryan

much props - "Congratulations" or "Big ups."

e.g., Much props to for the hottest chrome wheel for 2002, the 405 Battle.

submitted by R. de O

much? - Sarcastically used in conjunction with an adjective to imply someone's state of being.

e.g., Jealous much? (from the movie _Heathers_).

submitted by Doug - (www)

muchly - Very much

e.g., Thank you muchly.

submitted by Quinn - (www)

muchtard - An overly generous amount of the spicy condiment derived from the process of grinding the seeds of the mustard plant. Often found at food stands at fairs and carnivals.

e.g., Look! You've got a big, yellow muchstach from too much muchtard on your hot dog!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mucilokums - (pl. n.) (mew-suh-LO-kuhmz) The thick, brown, creamy deposits left on fingertips after consuming a chocolate bar in hot weather. (Etymology: mucilaginous [sticky] + lokum [a type of candy bar])

e.g., Michael placed his fingers in his mouth and licked them. The Kit Kat bar he had finished seconds earlier had left ample mucilokums on his hands.

submitted by Mirakle B. - (www)

mucka nucka - Can be used to make fun of somebody. Just call somebody a mucka nucka to make fun of them.

e.g., Shut up, you mucka nucka!.

submitted by Daniel Baumgart

muckedy muck - An unfair, unreasonable treatment, act or occurrence.

e.g., It's muckedy muck that our plane is delayed for one hour.

submitted by Marnita

muckender - Handkerchief. (Lincolnshire dialect.)

e.g., A' ya seen me new muckender? It's got a picture o' the Queen on it.

submitted by The Great Rangdoor

mucker - A version of the more recognizable "muckraker" -- for a journalist who's in the muck looking for stories. More suitable for namecalling than "muckraker." | A friendly term of address in the United Kingdom, as in "me old mucker." From the 1940s.

e.g., A lot of Washington politicians said they were able to breathe easier now that that mucker Jack Anderson was dead. | "Come on me, old mucker. Call this a cup of tea? You've given me all the nonsense."

submitted by HD Fowler

mucking - To mess about, especially in a sexual context. (Cassel's)

e.g., Quit mucking around and get back to your own rooms.

submitted by Chris Foster

muckle - To bang up, destroy, damage.

e.g., My car really got muckled when that fire hydrant ran into it.

submitted by Dickster

muckle - Scots slang, big.

e.g., Look at that muckle cow.

submitted by Adam Leslie

muckledabber - A very large object.

e.g., John picked up a muckledabber and threw it into the water.

submitted by Peter Horne

mucosity - A combination of mucus and viscosity. Used for a thick phlegmy discharge of the upper respiratory tract.

e.g., Doctor, I seem to be experiencing bronchial distress and excessive mucosity.

submitted by Teddy Paris

mucustrooper - One who insists on attending work while nursing a cold or flu.

e.g., Frank's a real mucustrooper. He should be at home in bed.

submitted by graftman

mud - (v) To play a multi-user online game.

e.g., "My boss fired me because he caught me mudding," choked Arnold, as he broke down in tears.

submitted by Amphibea Teatime - (www)

mudder - To fill gaps with irrelevant information.

e.g., I can't think of anything to back up my essay so I'm going to mudder it.

submitted by Mabel N. - (www)

muddle aged - Describing a period of age in Modern Life between being a Young Dolt and a Senile Citizen.

e.g., Andy realized that he was becoming Muddle Aged when he had a compulsion to wear black shoes and white sox with his bermuda shorts.

submitted by Charlie Lesko

mudflap - A limited time or special offer card designed to be attached to a retail name tag.

e.g., Today we all replaced our "Donate money to cancer" mudflaps for "115% ink guarantee" ones.

submitted by Kid Handsome

mudge - When the covers on your bed become disheveled because of constant turning or tossing or the actions in that bed of another, causing sleep discomfort.

e.g., "Geez, wife, can you lay still? Now the sheets are all mudged!"

submitted by Don Gergely

mudgician - The man you get to sing and do tricks at a kid's birthday party

e.g., This is the best mudgician I've ever seen at a party.

submitted by Lovey - (www)

mudguts - Most likely the younger sister of a skank, a mudguts typically has at least two inches of stomach showing. To be a true mudguts the stomach must also fall two inches beyond the top of her short skirt. A beer gut for young women. Muddy for short.

e.g., For a sixteen year old she must drink a lot of beer. She isn't pregnant, so she must be a mudguts.

submitted by dan clarke

mudle - Combination of "mud" and "puddle."

e.g., I stepped in a mudle.

submitted by Bistra

mudluscious - (adj.) 1. Covered with puddles to splash in and wonderful mud to make mud-pies with and play in when you're a child and it's spring; 2. full of mudpuddles, regardless of whether you want them there or not.

[From e.e. cummings' "in Just-," which also contains the marvelous adjective 'puddle-wonderful.']

e.g., When I was a little boy, I loved rainy days, especially the mudluscious ones, when I could sit down in the lovely muck and make castles and faces and mountains … it's like Play-Doh from Heaven. | Why did they make us park in this mudluscious and puddle-wonderful unpaved lot?!! These are $300 shoes!

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

mudwump - A muddy patch which it is fun to jump up and down in.

e.g., There's a really good mudwump in the garden after that shower. Let's go.

submitted by Andy Macdonald

mues - Expression of the utmost satisfaction, both in greeting and in conversation.

e.g., Last night was mues!

submitted by mike harman

muf - Very nice, good, smooth. Muffi.

e.g., This gives me a muf feeling.

submitted by m - (www)

mufasa - 1. A very inspirational father figure 2. Slang for "Move faster."

e.g., 1. Old Pete has always been my mufasa. 2. My grandmother always tells me to "mufasa" when she's running late.

submitted by Michael - (www)

muffed - To screw something up.

e.g., My cat muffed up the computer when he jumped on the keyboard and knocked over the monitor.

submitted by Jennifer

muffin crust - Slang used to describe a person who has a large midsection that is exposed and hangs over the top of her pants due to the fact that the pants are too small in the waistline. Named due to the fact that the fat hangs over in resemblance to the batter hanging over on a muffin. Also known as muffin top, crust, and just plain fat hanging over. Not to be confused with a midriff baring top that smaller women with a flat midsection wear to show off their abs.

e.g., Eeeewww. Look at the muffin crust on Chris. She needs to lose some weight or buy bigger pants. The must have run out of XXXL.

submitted by Stephanie Comfort

muffin hunting - In reference to the term "muffin-top," a slight roll of belly hanging out over the top of tight-fitting pants. Muffin hunting is an activity where an individual, who is actually attracted to the muffin-top, goes searching for the not-so-elusive muffin-tops. Some guys like muffin-tops. Seeking them out is called muffin hunting. The individual is referred to as the muffin hunter.

e.g., Frick: Whatcha doin' tonight? Frack: I was planning a trip to the mall for some muffin hunting.

submitted by lance lewis - (www)

muffin-top - A person whose belly hangs over the top of [her] pants, like the way the top of a muffin hangs over the paper cup. | Excess belly fat that hangs over the pants. (ED. "Stud-muffin-top" on a male, according to William Safire, who was so informed by Ann Wort.) | Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year 2006 | March 25, 2011. Now added to the Oxford English Dictionary as "A protuberance of flesh above the waistband of a tight pair of trousers."

Good morning, muffin-top. Would you like a donut for breakfast? |
Gene: "Did you lose weight? I can't see your muffin-top anymore."
Jeanne: "No, I just bought bigger jeans." | "Jeanne poured a glass
of water from a carafe on the credenza and swallowed four aspirin
as Edith eased her muffin-top backside into the chair opposite the
desk, pursed her lips, folded her hands, and sat as primly as a
schoolgirl visiting the principal." (Wildwood, by Drusilla Campbell,
published February 2003.)

submitted by DYSKE - (www)

muffintop - The muffintop is that portion of the female anatomy which sits directly atop the waistband of the low-rider jeans or other low-rise skin hugging pants.

e.g., Many of the teenage girls at the party were dressed in the latest designer denim. A few of them seemed to be unaware of the muffintop that their trendy lo-rise jeans created.

submitted by Susanne Strickland - (www)

mufflefuck - What often happens when you drive extremely close to the person in front of you.

e.g., Drew, let off the gas before you mufflefuck that guy.

submitted by Drew

muffler bearing - Any remotely smart person would know that there's no such thing as a muffler bearing, so this term refers to the male genitalia. . . .

e.g., I gotta adjust my muffler bearing before I go nuts.

submitted by Andrew Troupis - (www)

mufflered - The slow but often late realization of innocently agreeing to an expert's opinion to get at least three times more work done than at first asked for.

e.g., I went to the dentist for a cleaning today, and got mufflered with a filling, x-rays, and a root canal.

submitted by Don Chong

mufflers - Mufflers are a pair of particularly hairy legs, often not especially attractive hairy legs.

e.g., Eeeewww, Chris. Get your mufflers off me.

submitted by treena

muffro - Muff + Afro. An overgrown and untrimmed bush.

e.g., Hey, Randi, ever heard of a Brazilian Wax? Your muffro is out of control.

submitted by Jon Go T A - (www)

mug out - To be overly aware of one's own posture, facial expressions, etc. To pose and vogue for a camera.

e.g., Nothing's funnier than watching her mug out when she passes a cute guy; she mugged out in that photo booth at Disneyland.

submitted by Dot - (www)

mug puddle - The water captured on the bottoms of inverted cups located on the top shelf of the dishwasher, used to indicate the dish washing cycle is complete.

e.g., Pearl asked, "Hey, are the dishes clean in the dishwasher?" Earl answered, "I don't know. Are there any mug puddles on the coffee cups? If so, the dishes are clean."

submitted by David Manning - (www)

mugly - Attractive body, ugly face.

e.g., Lenny was in a pleasent haze of lust until his gaze reached her face, then he screamed, "Mugly!" and ran when she smiled.

submitted by Ike

mugpuddle - The water that accumulates on inverted mugs after the dishwasher is run.

e.g., I failed to empty the mugpuddles and got all wet.

submitted by Linda Lu - (www)

mugup - Coffee break.

e.g., Put down that hammer and take a load off, it's mugup time.

submitted by Alexander T. - (www)

mugwhile - The time spent waiting to mug a victim.

e.g., The gang decided to mugwhile until an elderly person approached their car. Turned out the guy they picked was retired special forces ... he beat the crap out of his seven attackers.

submitted by Bart Rothrauff

mugwump - A person who sits on a fence with her mug on one side and her wump on the other. Used for a person who can't (or won't) make up her mind -- once popular for political issues when someone refused to take a stance.

Mark Twain, mugwump I was a mugwump. We, the mugwumps, a little company made up of the unenslaved of both parties, the very best men to be found in the two great parties — that was our idea of it — voted sixty thousand strong for Mr. Cleveland in New York and elected him. Our principles were high, and very definite. We were not a party; we had no candidates; we had no axes to grind. Our vote laid upon the man we cast it for no obligation of any kind. By our rule we could not ask for office; we could not accept office. When voting, it was our duty to vote for the best man, regardless of his party name. We had no other creed. Vote for the best man — that was creed enough.
Mark Twain's Autobiography (North American Review, Dec. 21, 1906)

e.g., With more than 50 congressional representatives having changed their votes between Monday and Friday, you might figure quite a few were mugwumps. Or could it be that they voted in a politically expedient way both times? Hmmm.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

muhaptagree - Shortening of "I'm going to have to agree." Affirmative, indeed, let's do that, etc.

e.g., Tammy said, "Useless is as useless does." To which I replied, "Muhaptagree."

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

muhflubuduh - A word to say when you can't think of the name of something in particular at that moment, similar to thingamajig.

e.g., "Hand me the muhflubuduh over there," Janie said, pointing to the hammer.

submitted by Melissa Thornton

mulah - Money. (Also "moolah.")

e.g., I just got a new job, so I'll soon be rollin' in mulah.

submitted by May Trix

mulakahead - A teenage boy, such as the one who's dating my daughter, who does stupid things that make her and me both mad.

e.g., He spends more time with his buddies than he does you because he's a mulakahead.

submitted by Pat

mulatto - "An offspring of a Black and a White parent" is how this real word is defined in _The MacMillan Dictionary_. I was surprised to find that there was nothing said about the word now being considered to be offensive. Praise God for that. (Ooops, that just slipped in. No way is that politically correct these days. Might offend those who say, "Praise Mxyzptlk.")

e.g., I woke up from my Rip Van Winkle in the back seat of a huge limousine. By back seat, I mean the third tier of seats. Just as I awakened a mulatto dressed in chauffeur's attire -- cap and all -- opened the door and got in. Before I could say anything, she turned the key in the ignition. As she pulled away from the portico at the side of a building, I asked, "Is this the Fisher limousine?" She turned her head to look at me in the mirror, but didn't say a word.

In a matter of seconds we were driving along an expressway -- this certainly wasn't Marshalltown and I hadn't just been picked up at the main office. Including frontage roads, the thruway consisted of no fewer than a dozen lanes. I didn't recognize any of the buildings next to the road. The skyscrapers off to the left in the distance didn't look familiar either.

Was I in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or -- God forbid -- Houston? Was I in Texas, for God's sake? I might as well be in hell. I asked, "What city is this?" No answer. "What part of the world?" No answer again. She started to get off the freeway ... and I knew immediately that I was in another dream. I woke myself up a second time.

I am absolutely convinced that I had been riding in the Limousine to Hell. And that if I hadn't awakened when I did, I'd be dead. (Is it possible that I AM dead and just don't know it?)

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mulberry picker - A person who avoids responsibilities, and is often absent at meetings, lectures, and other such events. Picking mulberries is what a person is said to be doing if absent deliberately.

e.g., That mulberry picker, Dave, didn't show up. He must be off picking mulberries again.

submitted by Abubu

mule - Slovenly, rough, or uncouth. Can refer to a person or to a particular neighbourhood.

e.g., The couple looked very mule. Both were wearing moccasins and sporting mullet hairstyles.

submitted by Jeff Craig - (www)

mule eating briars - A guilty person trying to look not guilty. Also used in hyphenated form.

e.g., Chris did it. See his mule eating briars look.

submitted by Linda S

mule latte - Democrats should love this: it's a mix of half strong black coffee, and half steaming hot milk . . . with a bit of sweetener and allspice, or cinnamon shtick, perhaps.

e.g., Mule Latte, a tasty warming drink, scheduled to be introduced at the inauguration 2009, also has a Republican version, Elephant Latte: it's the same as Mule Latte, but in a very large mug.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

muledickin' - To behave in a way that makes you completely worthless, to make absolutely no use of yourself. Refers to a mule's inability to reproduce

e.g., Hannah, quit muledickin' and stock the shelves in aisle seven.

submitted by Andrew Troupis

muling - Moving slowly, like a mule.

e.g., Brett sure was muling today at work.

submitted by lucidish - (www)

mulk - The dirty snow and ice mixture that collects behind tire and on mudflaps.

e.g., Did you see that mulk? It flew right into my windshield.

submitted by kavash

mull-yay - 1. A way of calling attention to a "mullet" in public without the actual owner and proprietor of said "mullet" knowing that you're talking about her. 2. Possibly the pronunciation of "mullet" by French Canadians.

e.g., Sven, don't look now, but there's a mull-yay at 12 o'clock buying cheese curds.

submitted by SamL

mullahd - Pronounced "moolad." When you start a job or task with good intentions and it just goes to pieces in front of you leaving you with something wrecked--or mullahd.

e.g., I painted a door and while the paint was drying a fly landed in it, so rather than leaving it I tried to get it out and made it worse. One mullahd paint job.

submitted by dan noye - (www)

mullet - Short front and sides, long back hairstyle. Seen commonly on the male of the species in Australian bush towns, demo derbies, and stadium rock concerts.

e.g., Did you see that pearler of a mullet?

submitted by simonv

mullet hunting - To deliberately go out with mates looking for mullets in various locations like suburban shopping centres when bored, sometimes done with a still or video camera to capture the mullet for future reference, or laughs.

e.g., Wanna go mullet hunting today?

submitted by haggis

mullet spotting - n. a recreation sport where a group will attempt to discover the best mullet during an otherwise boring outing

e.g., "Shopping again? Oh well, I might be able to catch up on a bit of mullet spotting"

submitted by simonv

mulletboy - The kid who comes to school with an really phat haircut.

e.g., As mulletboy entered the school, everyone was in silent admiration.

submitted by Kagi Gifford - (www)

mulletlicious - Of poor quality or in bad taste.

e.g., The "Rolex" that Chris bought for five dollars is obviously mulletlicious. That's why he gave it to you.

submitted by The VB

mulletocracy - Any group in which the male haircut of choice is the mullet.

e.g., The worst thing about being a hockey fan is that you're a part of the mulletocracy.

submitted by Phalange Necklace - (www)

mulletude - A state of being used to describe one with a mullet. Similar to the word "attitude."

e.g., Check out the guy with the serious mulletude.

submitted by Kia - (www)

mulley - A person who comes to a public campsite and acts loud, rude, destructive and otherwise inconsiderate. Trouble to staff.

e.g., Can you drive down and clean up the trash around the mulley sites?

submitted by Tyler

mulligan - A do-over.

e.g., It's only a recent phenomenon that corporations get do-overs -- not without declaring themselves bankrupt, at any rate.

submitted by HD Fowler

mullitia - A group or gang of people with mullet hairstyles who are collectively gathered together for a violent, potentially violent or militant purpose.

e.g., The rock concert ended prematurely after several mullitia members broke past security, buzzed on Pabst and looking for a rumble.

submitted by Heidi Groth

mulrooney - An undesirable who refuses to accept that you don't like her.

e.g., Todd wants to hang out today after cheating me in a game of pool yesterday. What a mulrooney!

submitted by mojo

multi - 1. In online strategy games, a player who uses more than one game account (usually against the rules of the game). 2. Being a multi.

e.g., 1. Chris is a blatant multi--he has about 15 accounts. 2. Chris is blatantly multi-ing.

submitted by Corax

multi-culti - Multi-cultural. Most uses found seem to be anti-multi-culti, so the use may be principally derogatory.

e.g., From blog. "And the always quotable T. Hartin then offered this distinction:  

Not to highjack this thread into an immigration flamewar (which, come to think of it, we haven't had for awhile), but this is primarily true with respect to legal immigration only, and even in that arena is less true as the ideal of assimilation into American culture is diluted by multi-culti diversity crackpottery.  

Illegal immigration and unassimilated immigrants (illegals tend not to assimilate) are a potentially major problem for any nation, especially one built primarily on a shared culture rather than a shared ancestry."

submitted by HD Fowler

multi-tsking - Describes the tsk tsk tsk noise a plumber or mechanic makes just before quoting you a month's pay to make a repair.

e.g., After five minutes of multi-tsking the plumber said, "Who did this for you then, pal? Gonna cost you, this is."

submitted by Brave Sir Robin

multicipate - To take part, participate, in many things, share in a variety of activities.

e.g., In school some students hardly have time to study or do their homework if they multicipate more than they ought to.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

multicrasting - Simultaneously delaying action or effort on more than one task.

e.g., Nathaniel completed his college term papers in spite of his multicrasting tendencies.

submitted by Bill Tibbetts - (www)

multicult - Multiculturist -- whatever that is.

e.g., "The self-appointed elitist multicults know that it is absolutely imperative to keep a tight lid on any kind of speech they feel threatens their view of a utopian paradise, because, like all totalitarians, [speech] must be carefully controlled at all times or the entire manufactured scenario will blow up in their faces as it erupts into large scale tribal conflicts."

submitted by HD Fowler

multiculturally illiterate - A term used to describe someone who does not know how to speak, read, or write fluently in any language that is not their her mother tongue.

e.g., I am multiculturally illiterate because I can speak, write, and read fluently only in English. . . . Come to think of it, I'm not so sure about English.

submitted by Laura - (www)

multifluxing - The ability of a worker to carry on different non-productive jobs simultaneously.

e.g., Whoosh, I'm exhausted. I've been multifluxing all morning.

submitted by Don Funk

multifoodinal - Having or preparing a wide diversity of types of food.

e.g., I like to eat at Tammy's Kitchen because it's multifoodinal.

submitted by steve zihlavsky

multifrantic - Unfocused highly excited emotions; rapid and random nervous activity.

e.g., She was so multifrantic you never knew if she'd laugh, cry, or suggest a name for the baby.

submitted by Afront

multilemma - Multilemma is when you are faced with numerous choices, as opposed to a dilemma where you are faced with just two choices.

e.g., I can't decide between the orange top, the fluro pink top, and the bright yellow top. This is a multilemma.

submitted by bridget - (www)

multimanymuch - An extremely large number of or amount of, humongous, lots and lots of, really,really big.

e.g., At the Octonomical Games nex [sic] T'earthday team Red Shocks meet team Blue Blaze to determinate outcomes of longstanding interrivalries between, multimanymuch surgecrowds to be expected at..? [ week 32, 2065 ] p.i.e. 31415 ..

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

multiorama - When someone adds "orama" to the end of, like, a gazillion words in one sentence.

e.g., We were having a conversation and it turned into a multiorama when B said "Paul must dieorama" and we kept adding "orama" to everythingorama.

submitted by Claire

multiposter - Someone who, on discovery of a site for made up words, immediately can think of six to ten words to submit, and is continually coming up with new words.

e.g., I've been a real multiposter lately. I should cool it on the submittals.

submitted by Dragonnas

multisarcasmic - The ability to be sarcastic on many levels at once.

e.g., Scientists currently theorize that multisarcasm is genetic.

submitted by Kim

multisclamation - Multiple exclamation marks.

e.g., Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

submitted by Lus

multislack - To multislack is to goof off in multiple ways simultaneously.

e.g., I talked on the phone as I was surfing the net as I was watching CNN as I was listening to Tom Waits. It occurred to me that I was multislacking.

submitted by Patricia A. McCabe - (www)

multislacking - Slacking off in multiple ways simultaneously.

e.g., Tom was the master of multislacking. He could swap MP3s, cruise eBay, use Google to find the script to Lord of the Rings, and carry on conversations in three different chat rooms, all at the same time.

submitted by Jackie Rosenberger

multitaskal - Able to do a lot of different things at the same time.

e.g., The reason I have so much time to slack is because I'm multitaskal. I can eat lunch, finish my history paper, surf the net, talk on the phone, and do my job all at the same time.

submitted by Sara

multivarious - An extension of "various." Instead of describing several things, it describes an almost infinite number of things. (ED. For the non-mathematicians out there, "almost infinity" can also be considered to be infinity.)

e.g., There are multivarious things we can do tonight: go to the bars, have a party, watch the game. . . .

submitted by Jeremy Hall

multiversics - Scientific study of the multiverse, the multiplicity of parallel worlds, or alternate universes

e.g., The founder of multiversics was Giordano Bruno in his teaching on plurality of worlds (1584). The pioneer of scientific multiversics was Hugh Everett III (1930 – 1982), an American physicist who proposed the many-worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum physics.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

mum - What the word is when you want someone to be quiet.

e.g., Hey look, mum's the word so just try to keep a lid on this. O.K.?

submitted by Brandon Ducharme

mum - Mother. British.

e.g., Bale was mum about what had transpired "after his mum Jenny and sister Sharon accused him of assault."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mum - (n.) A setting or level of any sort as to intensity, flow-rate, luminosity, volume, etc. [From the continuum of "mums" between MAXI-mum and MINI-mum.]

e.g., There are numerous medi-mums between maxi-mum and mini-mum. | "Okay, I've got it in the oven; what's the mum?" "About 350."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mumbuffer - This is a pop, or beer twist off cap that is folded in half, by using your thumb and curled first finger.

e.g., Here, I made a mambuffer for you. It's good luck.

submitted by Stephen

mumbus jumpback - Any spoken nonsense which causes at least a major facial expression change (usually one of question or disgust) and, often, a reply or retort.

e.g., I had to leave the room after listening to that mumbus jumpback, primarily to keep my own integrity.

submitted by steve zihlavsky - (www)

mumfumbling - Fumbling with words.

e.g., A: And then I... er, that thingy, and um, what's-his-face, er... B: Stop that, you're mumfumbling!

submitted by Nicole White

mummies - Those big beige-coloured panties that Bonds make which go straight around the leg and can be pulled up to under the arms.

e.g., "God, that skirt of yours is a bit short." "It's OK. I'm wearing mummy pants."

submitted by Sharyn K

mummy dearest - The name of a scroll found in the tomb of Tutankhamen.

e.g., Howard Carter was the first to lay eyes on the Mummy Dearest scroll--the one where the boy king ranted about how he hated his cruel and over-bearing mother.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

mumor - A man-shaped tumor. A person who decides to attach himself to another person on a crowded dance floor. Usually unprovoked and unwelcome.

e.g., To her dismay, Susie discovered she had developed a persistent mumor named Stan.

submitted by Delilah

mumpie - Middle-aged upwardly mobile professional.

e.g., I became a mumpie when I started graduate school at age 45.

submitted by Linda DO - (www)

mumpkin - Term of endearment used to describe cunning ingeniuty as well as overwhelming cuteness. Derived from monkey and pumpkin.

e.g., Like a good mumpkin, Sandee was able to get out of the dinner obligation with little effort.

submitted by Ronald Abram

mumster - Mom, mother, etc.

e.g., Oh, Mumster, you are the greatest mother to ever walk the planet.

submitted by Joy

munchking around - To do something cute, or to act cute.

e.g., Stop munchking around. We gotta get going soon.

submitted by Cateyes

muncul - a broken pen

e.g., i have a muncul

submitted by josh

mundane - A person outside of the circle of knowledge and understanding. A on-tech, non-gamer, non-Unix, Non-windows, Non-BeOS, non-whatever (depending on your particular point of view). Use confers a guru or mystical status to the group using the term. From the usage common among Wiccan or Pagan groups when referring to a non-pagan.

e.g., "No mundane is going to load UNIX at home." "He's not going to frag us in Quake. Up until last week he was just another mundane."

submitted by Cujo - (www)

mundanity - The quality or state of being mundane or boring. The extreme boredom brought upon a mass of detrainees* by yet another inane and jejune training session. * Detrainees are participants held against their will by mandatory training.

e.g., The stockroom clerk, after sitting through another 3-hour sexual harassment training session exlaimed, "Oh, the mundanity of it all."

submitted by Shawn Scheffler

mundine - To be unable stop talking rubbish.

e.g., That fool was mundine.

submitted by Dan

mundu - very naive, an unmatched simpleton

e.g., Though he appears an intelligent bloke for all practical purposes he is a mundu

submitted by Sathya

mung - "Dirt, grime, and similar substances."

e.g., "I have some sort of Mung on my shoe."

submitted by Sin - (www)

mung - To eat.

e.g., I was munging on a sandwich when the phone rang.

submitted by lish

mung - To work on or tweak something until it breaks.

e.g., While attempting to convert tables to third-normal form, he managed to mung the production database.

submitted by Brad Young

mung - To intentionally foul up a customers' food order in a restaraunt.

e.g., The couple at table two didn't leave a tip. Next time they're in they get munged.

submitted by Alexander T. - (www)

munge - To munge an e-mail address is to break it up in such a way as to make it difficult for it to be picked up and used for junk mail. | E-mail address munging is done by using ASCII, JavaScript, and scrambling of letters in your e-mail address in order to hide your e-mail address from spam bots, spiders. and spoofers. E-mail address munging is also called e-mail address obfuscating. | To moan or grumble at. In the worst cases, lambasting.

e.g., I also noticed that my e-mail address been scraped from the about page and is being used by spammers. I'll have to munge it better to keep that from happening. | She had a right old munge at me when I broke the vase.

submitted by HD Fowler | Tuj

mungry - Proclamation of hunger as a contraction of I'm hungry.

e.g., Mungry. You? Let's bend out of here and get something to eat.

submitted by bristolz - (www)

mungus - A very, very big thing.

e.g., That chocolate candy bar is really mungus. Got one for me?

submitted by Morgan O'Brien

municiparous - (Rhymes with few-miss-ZIPPer-us; adj.) 1. Causing or giving rise to the establishment of cities, towns, or other settlements; 2. inviting long-term settlement: hamlets, villages, or other communities. [From municipal "of or relating to a city or town" + Latin -parous "bearing, producing."]

e.g., Historically, human migration is naturally municiparous. | Any village in a decent location is itself inherently municiparous, leading to additional settlement. | A beautiful, fertile valley, defensible and provided with river access to both the interior and the sea: it is paradigmatically municiparous.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

municrat - A municipal bureaucrat

e.g., The municrats in Tacoma are waging an all-out war on smaller communities in their watershed.

submitted by Stephen Newman

munkerchew - An inside-out chipmunk, or one that's been really mangled.

e.g., After Joe finished mowing the lawn he almost stepped on a munkerchew and then realized that it was his fault anyway.

submitted by keith

munnerrh - Can be used as a verb or a noun, to describe a feeling of disbelief, especially about the conversation of others.

e.g., When I told her I was running for President, she replied "Munnerrh"

submitted by Mark

munsoned - To have a situation under control and then for no reason at all mess it up badly. From the surname Munson, used in the movie Kingpin.

e.g., Johnny was winning the race by a mile, until he munsoned everything up by tripping on his shoelace.

submitted by chuck

munsoned - To have the whole world in the palm of your hands and to blow it. To be up a creek without a paddle.

e.g., Kathy Lee Gifford munsoned herself. The former Live With Regis and Kathie Lee star was at one time sitting on the top of the world. She was the co-host of a show, married to former football great and Monday Night Football commentator Frank Gifford, and had an annoyingly cute son, Cody. Kathie Lee was cruising with the world eating out of her hand -- she even had her own clothing line. Turns out Kathie Lee was abusing more children than a Catholic priest on a cold evening. Kathie Lee’s signature clothing line rivaled Nike in human rights abuses: paid workers 60 cents an hour and imposed a 75-hour work week. When Kathie Lee “discovered” that her factories used sweatshop labor, she fired the entire workforce and moved . . . to another sweatshop factory. What happened next to this skank? She found out her husband was having an affair with a whale of flight attendant, who later made every Playboy "reader" gag when she exposed her fat ass to the magazine. How "nice" can you be if your husband cheats on you with an older, fatter “woman”?

submitted by munson

munsters - Those who lives in a burrow and bathes in filth before entering their place of work, normally customer facing.

e.g., No thank you Munster, I do not wish to partake in your questionnaire about endangered rodents.

submitted by SedGoose - (www)

munt - An alternative spelling of the word month. Also used to describe a random amount of time. | An annoying person, or someone who irritates you greatly. Friendly word, not meant nastily. | Cumbrian (Beatrix Potter/Lake District country ) dialect word meaning "must not."

e.g., Jon: I can't wait for my berfday. Jack: Jon, that was last munt. OR With all the work it takes to build the perpetual motion machine, it will take about a munt to finish. | I would have invited Chris to the auction, but there's no other way for me to characterize the way she had been acting for the last several weeks other than as a munt. | On returning home from scrumping apples, Seth's mother says, "Now Seth, ye munt tek Squire's apples, he'll have thee up in court."

submitted by John Roberts | Caroline Honour | David - (www)

munted - Screwed up, not right, out of sorts, scrumpled.

e.g., My hair's all munted today.

submitted by Lorns

munter - A girl that fails to meet your exacting standards.

e.g., Don't know what I was thinking last night, I pulled a right munter.

submitted by andy - (www)

munter hunter - A person who goes for less-than-attractive people (munters).

e.g., Chris is a munter hunter. Did you see what he took home last night?

submitted by Purple Martin

munty - Powerful, impressive.

e.g., Her PC is pretty munty since she got it upgraded.

submitted by John Hunter

mup - MuP. Short for "Multiple Personality." When someone has a infamous screen name on web site boards, then comes back with a few others to post under ... especially after being banned for flames.

e.g., Look, "Dark_Horse4961", you're not fooling anyone. It's obvious that's just a MuP. You used to be "Big_Jake5679242" and before that you were "Studly999830". Bah.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

muplett - A baby muppet, or used as an insult to small children who are not old enough to be called a muppet.

e.g., Paul is a mupplett.

submitted by paul walker

mupoot - A selfish creature with no personality or kindness.

e.g., Madi is a mupoot.

submitted by Madi

mupper - Mupper has come to have a few meanings. It started with a three-year-old saying it to one of us and we say it all the time now. Our aim is to get our entire school saying it by the end of 2002 and to get it in the Collins Dictionary by 2010. A mupper is basically a gom, or an eejit, but it can also mean "the coolest person going." Kind of hard to put into words :o)

e.g., Hey, Ciara, ya mupper. How are you? | You are so mupping cool. | I can't believe you did that. You're such a mupper.

submitted by Debbie, Fiona, Ciara, Laura, Mairead, Ma - (www)

muppet - Person displaying muppet-like or embarrassing behavior, a general idiot. | Mild insult to the mildly dippy. Usually reserved for someone doing something without calling upon common sense in the process.

e.g., You're a muppet, Chris. | "And then the man from the RAC told me my car was not working because I'd run out of petrol." "You're a muppet."

submitted by Kate | Bent Udder - (www)

muppet gang - The group of kids (3 or more) in every school that consists of members who fit at least three of the folling criteria: having unnaturally colored hair; wearing chains; being tatooed; having multiple piercings; and dressing counter to the mainstream.

e.g., Did you see the new addition to the muppet gang? She's the one with the purple mowhawk.

submitted by Malaika

muppet shakespeare - A ridiculous misunderstanding caused by native language differences, such as when a young Russian woman asked the reference librarian for MacBeth Shakespeare, but the librarian heard it as Muppet Shakespeare.

e.g., The librarian made an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat specialist to avoid another Muppet Shakespeare.

submitted by Judy Kamilhor - (www)

muppetine - (Rhymes with DUH-bet-sign; adj.) 1. Of or pertaining to muppets (puppets operated by puppeteers from beneath or even within); 2. Having an enormous mouth that seems to take up the whole head; 3. Portraying glee by opeing the (enormous) mouth and jumping about with the mouth pointed directly upward; 4. of or pertaining to the evolution of a non-human character from (1) stop-motion to (2) go-motion, thence toward muppetinity (followed by CGI).

e.g., "Holy Cow! Did you see Kupe eat that pizza? It only took five bites!" "Yeah, his mouth is muppetine, for sure." | "I kinda liked Jabba and Yoda in the muppetine rather than CGI avatars."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

muppetry - Used to describe the actions of someone who should be acting more maturely.

e.g., John, you should know that answer. The answer you gave was complete muppetry.

submitted by Joe A. McGregor

murble - To murble is to engage in the kind of conversation that is used to politely fill space in order to avoid an awkward silence. (n) Murbling = engaging in such conversation.

e.g., She was unaware that she was murbling until the words, "Nice weather we're having" escaped her lips.

submitted by Joanne Dunster

murdamentalist - Person who uses murder in an attempt to control or force others to conform to herir point of view.

e.g., A murdamentalist (insert religous group here ) group blew up a nursery school today. "The use of colour pencils is an offense to our religous principles," one of the fanatics was heard to say.

submitted by Ruce

murder board - From Wikipedia: "A murder board, also known as a 'scrub-down,' is a committee of questioners set up to critically review a proposal and/or help someone prepare for a difficult oral examination. The term originated in the U.S. military, specifically from the Pentagon, but is also used in academic and government appointment contexts." | "... a murder board is a small group of people who take the role of the meanest, smartest questioners you could face in this situation." |

e.g., "I am not sure how many of us actually can take a purely negative, cut-throat, hard to digest, realistic hard hitting feedback on our work, ideas, personality and life. Believe it or not this is the very theme of any Murder Board. But the objective is very noble and it is to bring out the best in you. The only expectation is you do not crumble under pressure to the direct questions and hard approach this methodology takes." | From William Safire's "On Language" Column, published: October 11, 1987: "Murder board is Pentagonese, though some say the phrase originated in the interrogation methods used by intelligence analysts seeking to establish a defector's bona fides. The original meaning was 'rigorous examination of a proposed program,' more specifically and less bureaucratically, 'a group charged with the responsibility to slam a candidate or proposer of an idea up against the wall with tough questioning.'" | I thought I was flying high until my murder board inqu'sitors grilled me until I melted. Those SOBs put me through the wringer and set my project back six months. Six months of hundred-hour weeks that I'll never get back. | "The nominee has had two "murder board" sessions, panels to grill him to prepare for questions from skeptical -- and hostile -- senators. A source close to the confirmation process said Hagel may squeeze in a third "murder board" session before Thursday."

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

murderlize - "Murdering" someone in the context of someone annoying you. (Used often by Jimmy Durante. Moidlerize, murdlerize.)

e.g., You're getting on my nerves. Don't make me murderlize you.

submitted by DNielle - (www)

murderproof - An individual who is exempt from the consequeneces of murder.

e.g., Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan are the leaders of the murderproof club.

submitted by Steve

murdle - To sit and randomly flick through television channels using the remote control while waiting for something to come on of sufficient interest to watch.

e.g., Ted: What are you watching? Fed: Oh, nothing. Just murdling.

submitted by enso

murdlerlize - Used in old cartoons. A silly way of telling someone you are going to beat her up. Murderlize.

e.g., Put up yer dukes. Puttemup, puttemup. I'll murdlerlize ya.

submitted by Carlos Coutinho

murf - Murf means everything in one. The meaning depends on the tone of voice from the person saying it.

e.g., The pizza at Pete's was... well... murf.

submitted by Ben Jamer

murfle - This is a word I invented several years ago on the bulletin board of author Elizabeth Lowell. Since then it has become popular there and even appeared on the New York Times bestseller list in the dedication of one of her novels.

The original meaning was the happy sound of a pet mole curled up in Ms. Lowell's lap; later it was extended to mean laughter at a joke ("I murfled out loud"), and then to mean the joke itself, as in "Monday morning murfle."

e.g., I murfled aloud at HD's Monday morning murfle.

submitted by Anne Janet Braude

murgle - 1. The unpleasent mixture you get after putting the butter knife in the jam jar. 2. To put the butter knife in.

e.g., Ahhh, you've murgled the marmalade.

submitted by worm_that_turned - (www)

murphed - Messed up, gone wrong, or failed. From Murphy's Law: Everything that can go wrong, will.

e.g., I got all the way to the eight-ball, and then murphed the last shot.

submitted by Aaron Headly

murphict - Perfect, as long as you account for Murphy's Law.

e.g., My day will be murphict. Everything will go murphictly. Murphict, everything is just murphict.

submitted by Lyle

murphy - Very small. This term originated in Florida, but has spread through several communities, particularly in the eastern United States. You might hear people say "Mark Murphy" which means the same thing.

e.g., How did 12 clowns fit in that murphy car?

submitted by Amy Watkins

murphy - Plumber's crack.

e.g., Q. Who's there? A. It's the plumber. I've come to fix the sink. Q. OK. Just don't murphy me.

submitted by ashley

murse - Man purse. A bag carried by a male--use closely resembles that of a woman's purse.

e.g., Hold on while I put my wallet into my murse.

submitted by Mr. Rain

muscrusty - The crust of dried mustard that forms on the tip of the bottle.

e.g., Don't eat the muscrusty. Break it off and throw it away.

submitted by Dave

musculicious - Deliciously muscled, admirable, appealing, exceptional, exciting, sexy.

e.g., I find that most athletes and body builders and many others are musculicious, a joy to behold. Would that I too had been likewise blessed. At best I'm a moderately tall short-statured man with rather obscured musculature not conducive to admiring stares -- or even glances.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

museme - (myoo-zeem; n.) 1. A leitmotif, theme, riff, intro, or hook that identifies, signals, characterizes, or accompanies a particular idea, emotion, location, or character (in a soundtrack, for instance); 2. Any series of notes sufficient to allow a reasonably well informed listener to recognize a particular song; 3. Any particular note, characterized by its frequency as different from every other note (although only people with perfect pitch or long experience with music seem able to recognize a single note as itself). [from "muse" + "-eme," as in "phoneme.]

e.g., Almost everyone over 20 can recognize the Darth Vader museme (it's the same as that of Chopin's "Funeral March"). Perhaps the most famous museme in Western music is the ..._ which begins Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (although the Mongolian folk tune "Racing Horses" seems ubiquitous on the internet lately---which is good, since I greatly enjoy it). "Name that Tune" is a game of musemes.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth - (www)

museover - A particularly thought-provoking and succinct tip or pop-up that appears when you hover the computer mouse over a word or icon.

e.g., Jed is great at writing pithy text for our website's museovers.

submitted by Paul Gallagher - (www)

mush bucket - A clingy person who hugs you and wants to be kissed and gets all mushy and cute and says cheesy stuff like: "Oooh, I love you so much, do you love me too?" It's an affectionate term, though.

e.g., 1. My little cousins are real mush buckets. 2. When my girlfriend hasn't seen me for a while she can be a real mush bucket.

submitted by Hope

mushroom top - A super-sized muffin top; a person whose belly hangs from all sides, excessively.

e.g., Hey, look at that mushroom top in the corner.

submitted by Simon Zartarian

musical response - A response to a person accidentally saying a phrase from a song by adding on to it.

e.g., Guy: Hey cutie, what's up? Girl: I beg your pardon? Guy: (singing) I never promised you a rose garden.

submitted by Nick Schurk - (www)

musicallucination - Sounds introduced psychoacoustically by the listener's brain that are not present in the actual song.

e.g., I could have sworn that there was a cowbell in this song, but that must have been a musicallucination.

submitted by Justin stouffer

musicker - A person who performs music, but performs it badly. A combination of music and sick.

e.g., The musicker wouldn't stop playing his horrible cover of "Hey Jude" on the guitar.

submitted by JJoash Mencias

musist - Being rude about a person's taste in music.

e.g., Stop being a critic, musist. A lot of tone deaf people enjoy Bluegrass.

submitted by louise

muso - A musician, especially Australians.

e.g., That muso put on a rocking show last night.

submitted by Liam Callaghan

musonaglosis - Breakage of the fingernail(s) as a result of excessive mouse clicking.

e.g., My typing is slow because I'm still recovering from musonaglosis.

submitted by Louise Van Hine - (www)

musquash - An outdoor lawn game played with reinforced beach balls and plastic baseball bats.

e.g., As part of the picnic, the group enjoyed a lively game of musquash.

submitted by John Nowlan

musquirt - The thin juice that separates from the rest of the mustard. | The liquid that first squirts out of a plastic mustard bottle when you first squeeze it that has no mustard in it, just juice.

e.g., Awww. Musquirt all over my kielbasa. | I tried to squirt a little mustard on my hot dog but all I got was some musquirt.

submitted by alan | Bob Brown - (www)

muss - An intimidating person, a bully. Someone with a susceptibility to violence who will often become enraged with little or no provocation. Generally a muss will have a reputation for being one, so the label is earned by reputation rather than self-proclamation. Musses rarely, if ever, take on someone bigger, stronger, or better trained. | Of, or pertaining to the physical, emotional and psychological characteristics of Jake from the New Zealand Maori movie, _Once Were Warriors_.

e.g., Did you see how Chris beat that guy within an inch of his life because he asked for a cigarette? He's a real muss.

submitted by Tass

musstretching - To do stretching exercises while you listen to music

e.g., I didn't hear my coach calling me because I was musstretching

submitted by Schey - (www)

mussy - Religious term.

e.g., Laws a mussy! Despite having been caught prevaricating, he continued to varicate.

submitted by S. Berliner, III - (www)

mustadoodle - The obligatory squiggle made with condiments on a sandwich.

e.g., Did you see that McDonald's changed their mustadoodle from a spiral to an "X"?

submitted by Michael Turniansky - (www)

mustard-snot - The little dried piece of mustard left on the tip of the mustard bottle applicator.

e.g., I am so tired of finding mustard-snot in the kitchen sink.

submitted by Mona Lisa

mustered - To mess up; to misuse a word or phrase.

e.g., I really mustered my date with Judy.

submitted by Nicole

mustication - Anything having to do with a lot of mustard, such as a chicken nugget covered in mustard.

e.g., Share the mustication, there's enough to go around.

submitted by Big Hesse - (www)

musticle - The cuticle that's always covered in mustard whenever you eat something with mustard on.

e.g., I was on a date and I started to make out with her and she noticed my huge musticle. I didn't even eat anything with mustard on it today. How'd it get there?

submitted by Big Hesse - (www)

mute - short for "mutant"

e.g., "hey, remember that time when alan spilt all those drinks on himself? what a mute!"

submitted by Bass24 - (www)

mutt - Police slang: Basic information (name, address, DOB) on criminals is referred to as "pedigree." When referring to unpleasant or unruly criminals, or when the information is unknown or unobtainable, the individual is referred to as a "mutt."

e.g., Sergeant: Do you have the pedigree on the drunk you arrested? Patrolman: Naw, he's out of it. He's a mutt.

submitted by Phil Moore

mutterance - An important statement or admission, made under one's breath; any mumbled exclamation when one is talking to one's self, but accidentally doing so aloud.

e.g., Some of the most dangerous things in a realtionship are the mutterances that escape your lips late at night, when you are talking but are very close to sleeping.

submitted by Dave Cee

muttify - To make a group of some sort into a hybrid or mixed group by introducing foreign genes into the pool or even just having a foreigner join the group. Originally used in a science fiction scenario involving a race obsessed with being pure both in members and in the gene pool. From "mutt" for a mixed-breed dog.

e.g., Rachel: You can't join us. After all, you aren't one of us. Zel: What? I'm not going to muttify your race.

submitted by Colleen

mutton moment - A time in your life when you dress far too hiply for your age and end up looking like a scragend of meat basted up as prime-cut lamb. Think Pamela Anderson.

e.g., In her tiny cut-off shorts and barely-there top, Pamela Anderson was having a definite mutton moment. Not a good look.

submitted by Jason Jones

muttonhead - Dad never cussed or used bad language, but he did sometimes use this word. The way he said it it just meant "guy," but it can also mean jerk or numbskull or blockhead.

e.g., When's the muttonhead coming back with the car?

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mutual muteness - A psychological condition of verbal incompatibility between two or several persons who feel pressed to say something although they have nothing to say to each other; the awkwardness of silence.

Mutually mute – verbally incompatible persons.

e.g., I respect Dr. Higgins, but we are mutually mute. When we happen to meet, we feel forced to squeeze out empty words about weather and sports for which neither of us has the slightest interest.

submitted by Mikhail Epstein - (www)

muwa - Messed Up With Algebra, used during a failed math quiz.

e.g., I am great at biology but I am always MUWA.

submitted by andrew

muwt - Mom U Wouldn't Touch. Reverse form of MILF.

e.g., Check out that old bird. Oooh, yowch, a muwt.

submitted by bob

muzgit - Music, but pronounced "muse" with a more definite "z" sound, combined with a "git" on the end.

e.g., Turn up the muzgit and let's jam.

submitted by Jenn Atkins

muzgo - Food that is on the verge of spoiling. Derivative from "Must go."

e.g., Tonight we are having muzgo for dinner; otherwise, I am going to have to throw it out.

submitted by Jim M.

muzrub - Burzum is a Norwegian black metal band member who is currently serving time in prison for a brutal murder and burning down churches, which is quite evil. However, by backmasking or inverting or reversing his name you get "muzrub," which is even more evil than Burzum.

e.g., Jeffery Dahmer was muzrub. | I shall summon up all the fires of hell and rain pure muzrub upon you.

submitted by Kilar

muzzle cough - It's what you can say in public in NYC and elsewhere to people when you'd like them to cover their mouths so as not to spread their germs.

e.g., To be extra polite when you say "muzzle cough," you might also add "see who play." (Cf. "mazel tov" and "si vous plait.")

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mwah - On-line or written form of the traditional smacking of a hand to one's lips, in a variation of "blowing a kiss." Usually written with asterisks (*) around it to denote an action.

e.g., I love you, darling. *MWAH*

submitted by mskaos - (www)

mwerr - Onomatopoeia for a groan-like sound, used when one is disgusted, annoyed, or trying to clear one's mind of a strange mental image. (Credit to Cedarwolf22.)

e.g., "So I told him that I'd rather dip him into a boiling pot of baby snot." "Eww, mwerr."

submitted by Aurora

mxs - This abbreviation stands for Miss or Mrs. or Mistress or the former Mrs., etc.

e.g., I'm not sure if Mxs Hufcut is married or not but do send her an invite to the quilting bee.

submitted by Paul Edic - (www)

mxyzptlk - Mix'-plik, according to SB. Collective noun for a group of master criminals.

e.g., I ran into a mxyzptlk of muggers in the park the other night. That's what happens when you're out late and in the wrong part of the metropolis.

submitted by [Sandbox Jim]

my asthma (mi\' asma) - A persistent, chronic health condition that hangs like an unpleasant mental cloud over individuals and sours activities of daily living.

e.g., \"No, I\'m not upset with you. I\'m not mad at the world, either. It\'s just that my arthritic knees are aching like hell, and that \'my asthma\' situation is fogging my mind and making me very irritated.\"

submitted by Charlie Lesko - (www)

my boyfriend - 1. Get lost. 2. Beat it. 3. No thank you. 4. No! Not if you were the last man on earth. 5. The phrase used by a female to thwart a male's advances.

e.g., Boy: Want to see my etchings? Girl: My boyfriend has a collection of WWF action figures.

submitted by Billy Bob Jack - (www)

my controller's broken - A lame shifting of blame when you fail at something. Refers to lame excuse commonly heard while playing video games.

e.g., Rich: So I hear your girlfriend broke up with you. Paul: Yeah, but it wasn't my fault -- my controller was broken.

submitted by Beer

my flight was delayed - Standard excuse for being late for work, esp. as a result of a late night out on the town. Works especially well when mumbled with the words "air traffic control" and "Hong Kong," particularly when the user has never been to Asia.

e.g., "What time do you call this?" "Yeah, well, my flight was delayed."

submitted by Ungentlemanly Conduct

my left foot - A vacuum cleaner.

e.g., Somebody get my left foot; there's dirt all over the floor.

submitted by ditnis

my list - The list of people of people you could happily murder.

e.g., You're going on my list.

submitted by Mark O'Meara - (www)

my opic - A formidable act of deliberate, personal will, concerning items an individual insists on keeping, whether or not the decision for possession is rational or practical.

e.g., Yes, dear, I am fully aware that I have a second and third set of hedge clippers in the garage, and, yes, you're probably right -- it's likely crazy and foolishly short-sighted to do so. Regardless, it's my opic!

submitted by Charlie Lesko

my tool shed - Phrase used when someone suddenly remembers she needs to do something important. Comes from The Simpsons. Grampa says he's going to the out-house. When Homer realizes they don't have an out-house, he says "My Tool Shed!" and hurries outside to stop Grampa.

e.g., Yeah, sure, I'll meet you there in about 20 minu -- my tool shed! -- I'll call you back.

submitted by Phil

mycomache - (n., pronounced my-KO-mu-key) Nuclear war, from the Greek mykos "fungus" + machos "battle": mushroom war.

e.g., The 1962 Cuban Missile Crises (Caribbean Crisis) nearly led to full-blown mycomache.

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

mylar - An acronym for MY Lazy-Ass Roommate, used to describe a particularly sloth-like roommate.

e.g., Mylar watched TV all evening, and didn't bother to do any of her dishes which are piling up in the sink.

submitted by Rebecca

myoclonic jerk - No, it has nothing to do with jerks of the social kind. "A myoclonic jerk is the brief, involuntary twitching of a muscle or group of muscles. It may be caused either by a sudden muscle contraction, or a sudden lapse of contraction. This happens when a person is on the verge of falling asleep, and suddenly [has] a sensation or feeling that [she is] free falling through the air." {ED. Edited to follow Fowler Style and get rid of multiple inconsistencies of number agreement.}

e.g., It doesn't happen nearly as often as it did when I was a child, but I'm still awakened once in a while by a myoclonic jerk.

submitted by [atypical jerk] - (www)

myspacing - A verb used for being online and actively using Myspace.

e.g., I've done loads to my MySpace today. I think that's enough myspacing for today.

submitted by Darren - (www)

myspacism - 1. The doctrine or belief in 2. A body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices native to the domain and characterized by a belief in messaging, groups, comments, and jpegs, by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one social ignorance and stupidity, and by a desire for public isolation. 3. Belief that Tom is a supreme being.

e.g., The lastest Gallup Poll suggests that myspacism is the most practiced religion in the world.

submitted by Karen Brick

mystereality - The part of reality that is impossible to understand, such bizarre coincidences, freak stories of survival amid destruction, déjà vu, and dreams, etc.

e.g., The birds on the wires overhead were positioned to exactly represent the notes of a Mozart opera, which is strange enough, but that piece was playing through an open window. None of the passersby shared my appreciation of the mystereality.

submitted by Imogen

mysteriosity - Mystery for the inarticulate. Actually the word "mysterious" in a noun form, as in curious and curiosity.

e.g., That early scene with the villain completely ruined his mysteriosity.

submitted by Aurora

mysticalism - A mental disorder caused by the game "Myst."

e.g., Frank's mysticalism was painfully revealed at the social gathering.

submitted by flinch0

mysticious - Combination of mysterious and suspicious.

e.g., The green sauce they served at the clam bake left a mysticious feeling in my stomach.

submitted by Tiffany and Bonnie

mystique chicken - Quizno's sandwich, where the meat is blue in its natural state, but can change at will into any other meat. Comes with tomatoes, onions, ranch dressing, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and bacon.

e.g., I want a regular Mystique Chicken with bacon on white bread.

submitted by BigAssFries

mystorical - A mystery that is historical.

e.g., The opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen was a mystorical event.

submitted by Rosanne

myth - The female counterpart of Mr.

e.g., Mr. Jones was enamoured of Myth Riley.

submitted by Wells P. Martin - (www)

myth - Until I went to college, I was taught that a myth was fiction -- untrue, not something that really happened. In college I learned that a myth is "a traditional story accepted as history [and] serves to explain the world view of a people."

e.g., The myth that Edison lost his hearing when a conductor boxed his ears after Edison started a fire in the baggage car is apparently untrue. Edison said the incident never happened. | The myth of the black male's sexual prowess and his ability as a lover has long been perpetuated in rhythm and blues music. | I wonder what the results of a poll of men and women, both black and white, would show about the continuation of the myth of the black male's sexual prowess -- as broken down by age, race, and sex of those polled.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

mythistory - An historical novel could be said to be a mythistory. Myths that are taken to be history; history as myth. (Note: A myth is not necessarily untrue.)

e.g., That's not what happened at all. That's just mythistory.

submitted by HD Fowler - (www)

myturnity - (n.) 1. The seemingly endless period during which somebody asks (begs, pleads, entreats, beseeches, pesters, protests, claims, demands, or throws a fit over the absence of|for their "turn." This same concept applies equally to 2. I-want-it-now Naclitis (q.v.); 3. It's-not-fair-itude; and 4. any other sort of attitude the basis of which is megalomaniacal egoism. [From "my turn" synthesized into "eternity."] Adj. "myturnal"; adv. "myturnally."

e.g., "Hey, Cal, can I try Angry Birds on your tablet, now? Can I? When can I?" "Will you leave me alone? I'm trying to finish my homework." "Can I use it after that, Cal? Can I?" "I can't do my work during this myturnity of whining."

submitted by Scott M. Ellsworth

myxomatose - To flare one's nostils and raise the top lip in the manner of a diseased rabbit, usually to express revulsion.

e.g., I saw the girl spit phlegm on the pavement, and involuntarily myxomatosed at her.

submitted by Miles Gavin

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